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GeoW.Gray, S Diego. C.B Boardman, SLoul.
L Doinder, Presidio J K Campbell Chicain
J V Vaughan, Modoc K Uorn, Chicago
A Beck, Vallejo J D Kp»arman N v
H J Man «k fm. S Barb R E Ellis. NY
R AV Hack, Chlcaso M Timothy & vrt SJYm
O Hameister, Chicago Miss Hamilton S Joaa
L K Stewart&fm.Utah MIbb Graham. S S Joan
IV J Splnnetti, TJtah J Simmons. Lo* Oatn«
8 K Bradford, P Alto 'WE Brown. Gllroy
J Griffith & tvf. Eurek Thomas Ellis. Gllroy
Alec Griffith. Eureka IChas Balrd, Watsonvll
Geo Thresh, Sacto ! Chas Ward, Calistoea
JH Blmmon*. Lob Ang Geo Reid, Calietoea
R D Pottkrr, Sacto I.Tas Reilly, pt nW'hm'd
Miss <J Slmmonds.Htkn W Tampbell. Los Gate-,
Hiss K Goodwin. PAlt B Wallace. Ix>s Oatos
J O Hamilton, Watsonv Geo Walker, Lob Gatos
S D Hooper, Watsonvl Alec Meyer, Los GatOs
Mrs E Campbell & da, i Geo Peterson, Sausalito
- Tree Pinos . IS Iverson, Oakland
MIbsL ' Cunningham. TI* I Miss Peterson. Berkely
Samuel James, S Louis' Miss L Iloblneoii, Brky
Albert and Malvina Gallatln to Margaret
Cantpbcll, lot oa XK ccrncr of Green and Pierce
JulU Leopold to Roee C. C. Williams (wife
of J. H.i, lot on NW corner of Waller and
WebRter Rtrceta. N .'«:6 by -W- 100; f!0.- •••
John II. AVIlllams to same, game; gift.
l-'rederlrh Kronenb<;r_- to Hannah McRelth
lot on N line of Post street, 115:3 W of Web
eter. W 22:3 Ly N 137:8; $10. . . .
i;mr.u O.. Butler and estate of Horatio S.
Gates to Margaret O'DoBd (wife' of John), lot
on- N lirv? of Post street, 127:8 W of Fill
uiorc, W 27:0 by N 137 :«; $10. i
John O'Dowd to Fame, same; gift.
John 1). and Esther M. Wilson to Philip
Flatow. lot on S line of Pine Etreet, 100 W of
Franklin, W 2." by S 120; $10.
Karae to Israel Flatow. lot on S lln» -of Pire
fcttT«?t, 125 W of Franklin, W 25 by S ]20; »]ii
.lullus and Ida Oollobcr (o Charles B. C.
Bronn, lot on NW corner of Geary and Laguna.
•trmU. TV 27:6 by N 87:6; ?10. r %
Otto F. and Matilda von Rheln to same lot
on N line of Geary street, 27:0 XV of Lacuna
W 27:ti by N 87:6; $10. I
S?ame to same, lot on S line of California
ftreet. 40:11 1* W of Dramm, w 4l"4 .S
12b:2'i, Nli 67:2^, N to iK-glnnlng; also' lot
on NW line of Market etreet and L" line of
Front X 118:10. B 47:.;. S 67:6. SW
beRinnlng; also lot on NW corner of Pine an.l
Battery Htreota. W 137:_ by N 45:10; alt-o lot
on W line of Front street. 91:8 S of Pine S
65:10 by W 137:0; also lot un B line of Bat
tery street. 85:1) S of California. B 70 -6»; S
2:««t. B 2:2?i. S l.'.:S. K 0:6. S 0:2 E V S
7:8. W 2:5'.i. S 1*:S. E 2:4. S'0:8>_. E 24* S
lK:9ii. E 6:1. S 2:6«J. E 5:9. S 30. W 119* X
101:9: also lot on W line of Front etreet 147 •«
S of Pin?, S 35:10 by W 137:6; also lot' on W
line, of Front street. IS."? 8 of Pin<?, S 12 : /4
Inrhes by W i::7:6: also wall rights In 1S11 D
«2>>; also 1142 M. 114. made by Daniel L Han
ilolph February 25. 189fi. for ?50.CO0. lot on XV
lin«s of I'cwell street, 57 S of Poat, 8 SO'O XV
1.17 :«. N 70:t!. n Cji.9, N 4, K &3:9; also 114.-J
51. 4. mads by Gertrude 6. Bowers February
2<n 1SJ»«. for $10<>,000, lot on SW corner of
California and Uattery Btrepts, S S9 by XV
l&i:fi l i. trust deed confirming deed of April
27. 1M>S, above, recorded February 12, 1003;
Alexander Royd to Jean McGregor Boj'd
(wife), undivided ',4 of following: 1142 M. 1U,
made by Daniel L. Randolph Frbruary 23.
18:»fi. for $50,000, W line of Powell street, 57
S of Post. S 80:6, W 137:6, N 76:C. E 68:9,
N 4. E 68:9; alfeo 102O M. 102. ma»le by
Adolphus H. and Madeline H. Lissak. Augn«t
», 1S9_. for ?.«».C00. N line or Turk street.
jn_:6 W of Taylor. W S3 by N 137:_ (released)';
also 1001 M. 2U5. made by Isabella Van Winkle!
February 3. 1VJ2, for $90,000, SB corner of
Fulton and Ooush streets. K 137:6, S 20t}-.'{ AV
27:0, S t>N:9, W 27:6. N «$:!>. W b2:« X _ob'3
also lot on NE line of Bealt> street 137:8 N'W
°\ MI ,^ n ;r N . V ;U: , 8 by - NE m:6> 'releaa'ed);
also 1H.T M. 4. made by Gertrude S. Bower«
February lSf«5. for $1OO.«X«O. SW corner of
Calir<-rnia and Itattory streetK S tSU by AV
lO-i-.H'^: also im M. 119, made by Odd Fr\
lmvs' Hall Afsoriation, Februao' 27, ISM for
$J.*0,f)OO. fi corner of Market and Seventh
¦treeta, sw ISO. SE 105, NE 75. N\v _:, xtr
T.%. NW HO <rcloa:..-d); also mortsaifos on'pron-
Tty in Alameda County; also undivided >i of
lot on S corner of Second and Folsom atreetK
.SW 137:0 by SE 275; also undivided "i oTlot
on .SK i-ornrr of Hutter and Kearny «trwt«. S
122:« by K 07:0. and all interest In Vcr Mehr
pla<-r; also undivided ''- of lot on S line of
California ntre<n, 4«:10<i W of Drumn w
44 :*!.. S 236:2H. NE to'a point N to Califo^
nla street and place to beginnlnir; also un
divided > a of lot on NW line "of Market street
and K line of Front. N 113:10 K 47-rt «ir
«7:«. RW to berlnnlnfr; also undivided >. of lot
on N"V\' corner of Hattery and PIn» street* W
Iu7:(i by N 45:10; aleo undivided >i of lot on
E line of Battery street. .':.-,:9 | of California
i: 7G:6-y 4 . 8 2:6'i. E 2:2'i, S 15:8 . B e Is
9:2. E 5, S 7:«. W 2:BH? E S 14« # E i 2 : 4 «
:H\,. E 24. K 1S:9^. E 6:1 S 2:«Vi E V-9 3
3 ?- rT* J 1 .' £ 1 V 1:!( =- ls o *» Property or n'ni
of Boyd & Davis; also property of Jacob 7
IJavts (deceased), recorded February 12, loa:';
Stocks— Bid. Asked.
Abby Land _.- Improvement.. .... 1 _5
AUmeda Sugar 27 W 35 0l>
American BUcult 95 CO
American District Tel 10 00
Bay Counties Power 73 00 BO 00
Cal Central Gas & Elec 53 00 80 00
Cal Cotton-Mllln SO 00
Cal Jockey Club 105 00 ....
Cal Powder ....»
Cal Phlppins; Co 20 00 33 00
Cal Title Ins & Trust 102 0'J
Central Bank of Oakland ... 60 00
Chutes Company 7CO S50
City and County Bank ...... .-.-.. ....
Cypress Lawn Imp Co 6 87}J • tt 50
Kastern Dynamite • ....
Kwa Sunrar Plantation ....
K.jultablc (Pool) Gas a 90
Four Oil BO
Gas Consumers' Assn 22 00 '....
Hanford Oil 135 00 150 00
Home Oil 3 2.-. 3 30
Honolulu Sugar _U W „ . .
N C P C Ss. — 103 S V tt'at 6..110 —
N P R Rs — — Do 4s 2dm. — —
O G L&H fisli:? — Do 4s :'KlmlO2 10C>i
Oak T Ci> fis.125 123 Stkn G*EBs.lO3 —
Do 5s ....U4V;H4Vj U G &. E 3s.lO5TslO6'i
Do con J>slO6 1W7U'
Contra Costa 6-Vi — I Port Co?ta.. 64 firt'i
Mniin Co .. — . — ISprlnsr Val.. S7 S7'.i
Cent L &. P. — 3 s i Sac E G _ R 3$?; —
Eqt a L. Co. 3«» 3'.4 S V O & K. 43 43'i
Mutual E U — 7 S F O L Co. 44 5
a G I. & II. 73 — Stkn G i K. 8 —
Pac G Impt.. 34 33 V G & IS Co. 34 '£ —
Tac LCo .. 54 Vi —
Firem's Fnd.310 — /
Anslo-Cal . . W — i r^in P & A.167 170
Bank of Cal.4S7 — Merch Ex .. 4i> — ;,
Cal S&f« Dp.l37ii — S P Nationl — —
First NationI — —
Ger S _ L.21&O — Sav A Loan. — jr»5
Humboldt . . — — .Security Bav.SGS 305
Mutual SO — L'nlon Trst.21&0 —
S F Sav Co. GOG —
California ..196 — Presidio .... 40 —
Geary — W>
Giant «4 — iVlgortt ..... 2% 8
Hana * 4U|Mak*well .. 28i; __
Hawaiian .. 44ii 45 Onomea .... 20 23
Hutchlnson . 14 14'i Paauhau .... 16'i —
Kilauea S — !
Alaska. Pack.ir.5 lTift JjOrvanlc S Co — l«
Cal Fruit Co. — P6 f.Puc A F A.. 8!i 34
Cal "Wine AslOO — I Tac C Dorx. 165 —
Morning Session.
Board— > . »
SO Alaska Packers' As*n 1S5 «V>
50 Alaska I'ockerB Assn ...153 25
d Contra Co5ta Water 6» 00
35 Giant Powder Con, * 00 K\ :',7«4
70 Olant Powder Con ftT 50'
_R Giant Powder Con ..". 64 2S
BO Giant Powder Con 64 OO
25 Olant Powder Con, a 8 63 .10
25 Olant Powder Con 6.T 00
10O Giant Powder Con. * SO (Kl 00
10 Giant Powder Con 63 25
10 Giant Powder Con. b 5 63 50
CM} Giant Powder Con 63 «2«j
85 Giant Powder Con. ¦ 00 63 23
30 (Jiartt Powder Con 63 371 j
60 Olant Powder Con. s 30 63 50
75 Hutchlnson S P Co : 15 50
10 Sacramento Klec Gas A Ry 3H _.'
15 Sacramento Klec Gas & Ry 30 OO
1C0 6 V \S"ater, » . 10 S7 7.">
45 3 V Water 87 75
10 S F Gas & Klettric Co 42 S7V_
(ir. S F Gas & Electric Co 43 im
$10,000 Pacific Electric Ry fts 112 SO
Street — -\
$3000 S P of Arizona (lt»00) Ill 00
$!)000 S V 4s <2d mtge) 102 00
Afternoon Session.
Hoard —
r.O Alaska Packers' Assn 155 f.0
20 Giant Powder Con ;. 03 75
25 Giant Powder Con CAW
M Giant Powder Con fit 23
50 Hawaiian Com'l St Sugar 44 M
•_5 Paauhau S P Co 10 _3
10 Sarraincnto Klec Gas & Ry ns> OO
50 S F Gas & F.lectrtc Co 43 50
50 9 F Gas & Electric Co 4:{ 7,',
RO S V Gas & Vriectrlc Co 44 00
50 S F'CJos <t Electric Co 4.1 37»4
33 K V Water *7 23'
(5000 North Shore os 101 ,V>
5l000 S P of Arizona (1910) m s;tj
FRIDAY. Feb. 13—4 p. m.
Bid. Ask. | Bid. Ask
Alpha 09 10 Julia OH (•*
Alta 10 12) Justice Vf ij
Andes 1H 17 Kentuck »« t>7
Belcher " 65 07 Mexican 170 1 73
Best & B 3 00 3 ID Occidental ... 4S M
Bullion 10 12 Ophlr 2 B5 2 «0
Caledonia ...2 18 2 20 Overman .... «i« 67
Chal Con .... «2 63; Potosi SO r.O
Chollar 42 4:« Savai;- 44 45
Ponfldence ...1 SO t S»0 Scorpion or. _.
O C & Va ..2 20 2 2.V Seg Belcher.. .".0 S2
Con Imp 05 (W sierra Nev...l 10 1 15
Con NY 07 08 Silver Hill .. 67 it*
Crown Point. 42 44i St Louis .... IS _f»
Kureka Con . 23 — ' Syndicate ... — 07
Exchequer ... 00 07| TJnion Con ..1 W 1 fiO
fk)uld & C .. 79 SO; I'tah 40 .".<)
Hale & Nor .1 30 1 35 1 Yellow J ... 66 67
Lady Wash . . 05 —1
Continued From Page Eight.
NAPLES— Arrived Feb 13— Stmr Latin, from
New York, via Gibraltar, for Genoa, and pro
LIVERPOOL— Sailed Feb 13— Stmr Rhyn
land, for Philadelphia.
VICTORIA, B C— Arrived Feb 13— Jap stmr
Tosa Maru. from Yokohama; *tmr Cottage
City, from Skajway.
ABERDEEN— Sailed Feb 13— Schr Henry
Wilson, for San Francisco.
ASTORIA— Arrived Feb 13— Stmr Fulton,
from San Francisco.
Sailed Feb 13 — Stmr Desaix. for Cape Town:
Fr bark Mnrtha Roux. for Queenstown.
COOS BAY— Sailed Fob 13— Schr Repeat, for
San Francisco.
PORT BLAKELEY— Arrived Feb II— Schr
Robert Pearler, from Seattle.
TATOOSH — Passed outward Feb 13 — Br ship
Dunbrltton, from Port Blakeley, for Fremantle.
Friday, February 13.
Stmr National City, Miller, Fort Bragg.
Bark Diamond Head.
Late Shipping Intelligence.
•iRniVr n •
i — Friday. February 13.
Strar Melville Dollar. Ellefsen. 51 hours
from San Vedro.
Stmr Doric, from I Hongkong:, Yokohama ard
way ports.
Schr G W Watson, Marsters, 22 days from
r 0^ nde « • • „ 1". 20<) Kentuck 07
2°<J **Z n ,\ on lOll 20u Overman «5
£*> h °' la / • 42] 10O CKerman *7
i% n Z t I* •- J5i 10 ° Overman .... ft
10O C C & Va . .U 20 3C0 Savage ... . 43
!£0 Cbn N Y .... 05' 200 Savafe ..;:.; 44
£** P 4O 100 Sea- Belcher. . 29
20O Grown P 4l! lOOSes Belcher 3<>
«W w " P .... 42 200 Sierra Xev.l 07N
r^ £K>™ P .... 43 200 Sierra Xev...l 10
JOOKxch-quer .. 07 200 Yellow J .... »;»
10O Hale t Xor...l 25 200 Yellow J .... K5
Afternoon Session.
500 Andes 1C> 4<K> Mexican ... 1 TO
400 Andes 17i 20W Mexican .... 1 75
200 Belcher G-i| 200 Occidental . . 62
150 Best & B ...3 O0j «0t> Overman . fts
30<> Challenge Con 63 200 Overman .... M
a» Chollar 45 I4tX> PotosI Ut
700 C C & Va . .2 20 50O PotcsJ . . . ?:.•
200 C C & V.a.2 22Vi 1100 Savage 45
550 OCt Va ...2 251 200 Sierra Nev.t 12'.
500 Con NY.... <)M 100 Union Con .1 47«i
»KtO Crown P 4r»' 600 Union Con.. I 52iJ
.".00 Ciown P .... 4G', 500 irnlon Con 1 5i
3fX) Crown P 44- 5OO Utah '. Wi
700 Gould & C .. 83! SOU Utah \ (,*
200 Hale & Nor..l i0. 200 Yellow J 7.1
10(1 Hale & iVcT.l ?.2'i 200 Yellow J .... «sj
200 Justice Ill
<?.T h if ' olI ° wln « w ere the Mlea in the Pacific
fatoek Exchange yesterday:
Mornlns Session.
Afternoon Session.
£°* Andes 17 2«o Gould & C .. 80
«^°gecher d> GOO Potosi 58
-*' Belcher 5o 3«JO PotosI w»
400 Best L B 3 0i) 100 Sava°-e 45
J^ Ca'edonla ....2 13 6(10 Sesr Belcher V. SO
o^ le ,? onia ••••-' 20 yierr » - N * ev --1 10
•^w! "jallenge ... 6T> »K) Union Con ..15.'.
VJX ££ a »* nse •" Kl 200 Vnion Con ..1 8O
I™ 43 500 Utah vt
\ a . ...2 25 200 Yellow J «7
M0 C C & Va ...2 20 100 Yellow J .... eii
&00 Crown P 4^!
The followinr were the sales In the San,
Stock ani Exchange Board yester-
Morning Session.
r'Y. S e J°L lcr 5l f 400 Mexican I .Vi
•.{'"Belcher so 3uo Occidental ... 50
iJS £ e f '.. & . B • - 3 M \ 4W °P hir - 4 "
Jw Caledonia ....2 is! 200 Overman Kl
600 Challenge ... 56, SCO Potosi ?•;
i£i S nollar 41 20 ° Potosi 55
r , ~ U & Va • - 2 1G ::o ° **S Belcher .. 2X
trj£ £ C t & Va "-- 2 2° 100 Seg Belcher .. 27
1W0 Con. Imp .... i»5 300 Sierra Nev ..1 or,
J^? nN Y — °* 100 Silver Hill .. M
Br^ £ rown JJ 41 200 St Louis IS
i?2 u°V ld £ *L ¦ ¦ 7S * -9 Union Cons .14.-.
J£> H^e * N8r..l 25 406 Utah 49
100 Justice 10 100 Yellow J . . . . 0.5
In the amended document Butcher
charges that on January 5 of this year
the bricklayers in his employ demanded
that he pay them $6 a day or they would
order a strike. lie refused and as a mem
ber of the Master Masons' Association be
came a member of a committee appointed
to, arbitrate the question of wage with
a committee from the Building Trades
Council. The committee failed to agree
on the question and since then, alleges
Butcher, a conspiracy has been formed by
the tradesmen to compel him to agree to
their terms. He allege3 that unless they
are restrained from boycotting him, as he
charges they are now doing-, he will suffer
great pecuniary loss. He claims that in
order to coerce^ him into yielding to their
demands they maliciously and with in
tent to injure him are endeavoring to
compel the other tradesmen in his employ
to quit work. He mentions in particular
the men employed on his building as car
penters, elevator builders, painters,
plumbers and metal workers.
According to the complaint Butcher has
leased the entire building to various
parties, who want to enter the premises
by a certain date. Unless the council is
restrained, alleges the contractor, from
further interference with him he will be
unable to have the building completed and
will suffer a loss of $10,000.
Contractor T. \V. Butcher, who recent
ly filed a .suit for an injunction against
the San Francisco Building Trades Coun
cil, restraining the members of that body
from interfering with him In his work of
constructing a six-story building at U27
Sutter street, tiled an amended complaint
yesterday, charging conspiracy. He al
leges that the council has entered into a
conspiracy to compel him to accede to the
demands of the Bricklayers' Association
for a per diem wage for bricklayers ot $C.
Mercantile Trust Company (owner) with
California Artistic Metal and Wire Company
(contractor), architect Albert Pissls— Metal
grills, screens, elevator cage, front entrance
and window frames and Iron ntalrs for bank
tmllfllnK on N llrie of California street. 55-3
W of I,eide?<lorfT. W 30 by N 114:3%: $11,225.
Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco
(owner) with KeatlflgB & Leonard (contract
ors), architect Charles J. I. Devlin — Grading,
artificial stone work, etc.. In connection with
Kt. Patrick's rectory, on NW line of Mlsplon
street, 3SC SW of Third. SAV 13t by NW loo
Eujcftne Machol (owner) with Val Franz
(contractor), Architects Salfleld & Kohlber*
AH work except plumblntr, siisflttlnp and s«w
erinff for three-story frame building with
brick foundation on N lini> of Post etreet, 137 "C
E of Polk. B 24:4<4 by N 120; $«7ia.
Same owner with IckelhVlmer Urns, (con
tractors), architect same — Plumblnir. easfit
/ting and sewering for same on fame; $157.">
Little Bisters' Infant Shelter (owners) with
James F. I^ogan (contractor), architect Oliver
Kverett— Excavating, pumping, concrete an.l
apphitltum work for building on 8W corner of
Cleveland and Sherman streets, S 73 by W 100;
Same owner with Shepard Bros, fcontract
or»). architect i»mo — Plumblnpr. jrasflttlng and
gev.-erinB for same on same; $1445.
Harry T. Blaekwood (own»r) with C. P.
Moore '(contractor), architects MeDousall Bros.
— Carpenter, brick and Iron wottc for three
story frame bulldimr. with partial basement
<three flats), en N line of Clay street. 137:0
W of Walnut. /W S4:4«A by N 127:3V4. Western
Artditlon bloclf 814; RO.
Builders' Contracts.
William and Aivnf's G. Mann to F. F. How
man ' lot on NW Una of Venilta nv*nu<>. 100
SW of York street, SW 00 by NW 150, P. V.
lot 22«; $10.
S&ino to Ircaneuw A. Pullivan. lot on XTV
ltn« of Peralta avenu*. 1C0 SAV of Torts street
HW SO by NW 150, pame; $10.
Sam<» to Lynn F. and Mary K. Ingrim lot
on NW line of Peralta avenue. 220 SW of York
street. SW 30 by XW 150. P. V. lot 223: $10.
Husk Krichenbach to Thoman Oarrett lot
on XK corner of Seventeenth avenue and \V
street. E 32:0 by N 100; $350.
John J. Mitchell to Annie J. Brennan undi
vided 3-30 of lots 3 and 4. block 21. Excelsior
Homestead; also undivided 3-30 of lot L'7, West
End Homestead Association; $130.
Albert and Annia Thompson to Bella H.
Ad jims. lot on X line of Rutiedge street 10.1
E of Alabama; E 25 by X ICO. P. V. lots 20*
and 205; $10.
Oscar Heyman to Joseph anil Jacob Welas
beln. lot on W line of Thirteenth avenue "CO
S of J street. S 11. S\V 90:5 SE 171 tlO* SW
48:Si-i. N ll»4, K 120; also lot on S line 'of A
street. Si :fl B of Nineteenth avenue K 10O S
100. W 37:0. S 25. W 120. X 25. E 87:0 X 100
*w. . . ¦ '
Mario A. D. Narjot (Dray) to TX \V Coates
lot on SW corner of Forty-third avenue and R
street. S 25 by W 120: $10.
Charlotte Lacey to George A. Turner. lot on
K line of Korty-flfth avenue 175 S of U "treet
S 25 by E 120; $10.
HlberrUa Savings and Loan Society to T.
H. ilasklns. lot on K lin« of Scotland street.
112:6 N of Filbert. N 25 by E f>7:H; $1000.
Julius ana Catherine Fuendellng to W B.
Favklle, lot on S lin« of Bush «tre«t M« W
of Powell. W SO by S 112:0; $100.
R-»nho!d K. and L. il. Bau.'ke to Joseph an.l
Anna AfToItpr. lnt on E corner of Third and
Minna streets. SE ."0 by XE 77:H; $10.
Monarch Mutual Bulldinp and Loan Asso-la
tion to Patrtck Doran. lot on X line c f Point
I>ol>os avenue, 82 :G K of Sixth avenue F "3 bv
>.* 100; $1.
Kstat- or Xoah J. Franklin (by Moses J.,
Max J. and H:>nrifltte Franklin, executors) to
tame, same: $.*.G.(X)0.
Walton C. and Grace S. Webb to American
Sugar Keflning Company, lot on NE corner of
Union and Sansome streets, N 137:6 by E
lo7:C; $10.
llenriette, Hlsle. George. Martin and Mabel
Franklin to John J. Mahon. lot on W Una of
• Jrant avenue. 0S:C X of Pest etreet, N 24 liy
W 4;!:10?i; $r»(J,OOO.
John I. and Delia Peterson to John H. P«ln
lot on W line of Photwell street. 1S3 .N of
Twenty- first. N 43 by W 12r:6; $10.
Oscar Heyman to Joseph and Jacob Weiss
hein. lots 0. 7. 25. 29. 31. 34, 3«. 87. 40, 41, 44.
49. 75. 82. M). ill. 131. IK. 151 159 161: 17«. 179
to 1S1. 216. 1!H». 220, 233. 235. U4O. 253. 254. 257.
267. 894. 1T07. 208. 301. 302. .".05 and 300. Iley
mar. Tract; aiso lof on' SE line of Market
street, 100 NT; of Sixteenth, XE 115:8. SE 10;5
W 23:'J, NW S5:0?«: also, lot on E line of
Fourteenth avenue, 1T75 S of J street. B 120kby
S r.O; $10.
W. J. and Mary Pattoslen to Pattosien Com
pany (corporation >, lot on XW corner of Harri
son and Sixteenth streets, W 375. NE 54, NB
S4. NH 43. H 16S; $10.
street*. X 27:6 by E 103:6; «!»o, lot on E line
of Pierce street, 55 N of Green, X 27. 0 by E
103:6; 510.
B. H. Xielsen to Leon A. Maison. lot on S
lino of McAllister street. 137:6 W or Pierce, "W
i~i by S 187:8; $10.
K. L., Kitty Q. and M. H. Foster to Edwin
Goodall. lot on S Una of Waller etreet. 412:0 W
or Devii-adero. W i!S:0. S 124:5. N 86 degrees 50
minutes E TO. N 131:0; $10.
Victor 1\ Hoelscfcer to William Hoelscher &.
Co. (corporation), lot on E line of Pearl street,
210 N of Thirteenth, N 25 by E SO, quitclaim
deer'.: $1.
William Hoel5cher & Co. (corporation) to
JIuty K. Moock, same: $10.
By the falling of a brick wall which
workmen were tearins down on the Ba
con property at Twelfth and Washington
streets five persons were cut and bruised
this morning by flying bricks, broken
glass and other debris. Three of the in
jured were women passengers on a
Twelfth-street, electric car, which was
passing as the wall collapsed, sending a
shower of brick over the car, shattering
glass windows.
One of the" three passengers was Mrs.
Hettie Dahl, residing at 1009 Cypress
street. She was on the cheek by
Frank McShane, a retired prizefighter,
who was standing near the wall, was
struck on the head with a brick that
laid his scalp open. Frank Leppold, a
laborer, was slightly cut and bruised.
The accident occurred at 10 o'clock. The
wall, a one-brick affair, hail faced the
east end of the lot. Workmen had .loos
ened all of the braces and were standing
on a one-story building on Twelfth street
with timbers to shove the brick work, to
the ground. As the signal was given the
electric car hove in sight. Before warn
ing- could be given the wall started and
with the crash went a cloud of mortar
dust intermingled with flying debris. The
carmen ran the vehicle through the mass,
and as soon as it was out of harm's way
made a stop to survey the situation.
Luckily no one had suffered more than
superficial injury.
The work of clearing the ruins from
the" Bacon block firo has progressed rap
idly, the debris being hauled away as
rapidly as old bricks', lumber and other
building material can be segregated. F.
S. Page, agent for the property, says the
Kleventh-street produce commission build
ing will be leveled ns soon as the pres
ent occupants can be installed in the
building F. M. Smith will erect on the-
Twelfth and Webster streets block. The
old Mills Tabernacle and its additions
that stood there have been razed and the
block ia being rapidly cleared for the new
building operations.
Oakland Office San Francisco Call,
111S Broadway, Feb. 13.
Contractor Claims He "Will
Be Heavily Damaged Un
less Protected.
Passing Electric Car Runs
Into Shower of Debris
at Bacon Block.
Charges Building Trades
With Conspiring
Against Him.
Five Persons Are Hurt
by the Falling of
Fire Ruins.
Afternoon Sesulon.
SOOO Oil City Petroleum SO
15U0 Oil City Petroleum 31
UK) Monarch OU . __.
7MO Lion Oil \ «>
TO Sterling Oil ....... _
4oo sterling on r.:rlT^v;vIM:;KM s 10
SOW Independence OH LI
10O Twenty-Klgiit Oil S 23
•-'IpO Twenty-Kight Oil 3 33
100 Twenty-Eight Oil 3 40
500 faovereign OU .... 41
$;iOOO AJameda Artesian Cs ....'. 100 23
I-JW0 Oakland Water 5s Mo 25
Street —
4 "00 In lepender.re Oil "12
StiOO independence Oil b JK> 13
100 Sterling- Oil 3 15
B0 Sterling Oil :: u>
2<jO Northern Cal Power i> 3o
Imperial Oil 20 00
Kern OH 5 3«"!j
London and S F Bank (Ld) '
Monte Cristo OU 1 35 1 40
Mercantile Trust .
Northern CaJ Power 9 25
Nevada National Bank 225 CO
North Shore Hailroad 10 00 13 00
Oil City Tetroleum 20 32
Orpheum Company 14 r.n ....
Peerless Oil It TO
Pacific States Tel & Tel ....
Paraffine Paint ....
Postal Device & Imp IC*
Rwd Crude Oil 3:1
S F Drjdock 7.". C:0
Han Joaquin Oil 7 7,"> 8 So
Saujaiito Lar..1 & Ferry .... 15 25 ....
fpcrfy Klour Company ..... 29 00 "G 00
Standard Electric 20 00
Sterling Oil 3 10 " IS
Thirty-Three Oil S 25 10 00
Twenty-Eight Oil 8 S3 "> 40
Truckee Electric 14 50 15 25
Union Oil e» 50 72 CO
Tnlon Sugar 17 5<) 20 CO
United 1'etroleum 117 OO ....
United Gas & Electric 31 50 ....
Western Fish Co
West Shore Oil 5 00
Morning Session.
200 Stirling Oil 3 15
-00 Sterling Oil 3 10
100 Twenty-Eight Oil. b 30 3 OB
121 Twenty-EiRht Oil 8 Oil
MO Twenty.-Eight Oil 3 05
100 Twenty-Eight Oil 3 10
KM) Twenty-Eight Oil 3 IS
100 Twenty-Eight Oil 3 25
_1OO Monarch Oil 2t
50O Caribou Oil s0 _ 80
100 Home Oil' 3 ?.n
.'~VX» Mon Oil 09
2200 OU City Petroleum 2»
iilo Peerless Oil 15 00
. Tlbnron Kerry. Foot of Market St.
WEEK DAYS— 7:20. 9:C0, 11:00 a. m.; 12:33.
3:_0. 5:10. 6:30 p. m. Thursdays — Extra trip
at ll:S0 p. m. Saturdays — Kxtr- trips at
1:50 and 11::>O p. m.
SUNDAYS — 8:00, 0:30, 11:00 a. m.; 1:30. 3:30,
G:00 and 6:20 p. m.
WEEK DATS— 6:06. 7:35, 7:50. 9:20. 11:19
a. ni. : 12:20. 3:40. 5:00. 5:-t> p. tn. Eatur-
days— Extra trip* at 2:03 and tt:35 p. m.
SUNDAYS— 8:00. 0:40. 11:15 a. m.; 1:40. 3:<0.
4:55. 5:05. 0:_5 p. m.
Leave I In Effect I Arrive
San Francisco. ( May 4, 1002. [San Francisco.
Week 1 Sun- I DesUna- J Bun- I Week
Days. 1 days. | tlon. | days. | Days.
>7:30a| 9:00a Ignaclo 0:10a 8:40 a
3:30 pa :30 a and 10:40 a S:4O_
r.:l0i>i S:0Op Korato 6:0R p •>:_<! I-
I 7:35 r
7:30a! 8:00 si I'eUluma 10:40 a! 8:40a
3:30 p 9:30a and 6:05 p!10:2l) a
6:10 p! 5:00 pi E.anta Rosa 7:35 pi 6:20 t>
Fulton I
7:30 a Windsor • • * |10:_0 a
5:00 p Healdiburc 10:40 a
3:30 p S':00 a Cloverdale 7:35 p 6:20 D
7:30 a 8:00 al llopland |10:40 a|10:20 a
3:30p r.:COp| Ukiah | 7:3.' p! 6:20 p
7:30a|8:0Oa| Willlta |7:35p|6:_Op
7:.10 a! 8:00 al Ouernevllle I 7:35 pilO:2O a
S:aOp| 5:C0p| ' |10:40a[ 6:20 p
7:30 a| 8:0*) al Sonoma I 0:10 a| 8:40 a
5:10 p| 5:00 p| Olen Ellen i 0:0.1 n «i:_0 p
7:30 ai 8:00 »l Scbastopol |lO:40 a|10:'_0 a
3:30 pj r.:OOp| | 7:35 pj «:_<) p
Stages connect at Santa Roe& fcr Mark West
Epringa and White Sulphur Springs: at Kulton
ior Altruria: at Uylton for Lytton Springs: at
ti«->servl!li) for Sk.igKs Springs: at Cloverdale
(or the Geysers and Boonevtlie; at llopland for
Duncan Springs, Highland Pprlnrp, Kelseyvllle,
Carlsbad Springs. Soda Bay. Lakeport and
Bartlett Springs; at Ukiah for Vichy Springs,
FaratOKa Springs. B!u- I_»kes Laurel D«;l
l>ake. Witter Sprtnss. Upper Lake. Pomo. Pot-
ter Valley,' John Day'*, niverstd*. L.ierley*s,
Buckneil's. Sanhedrln Height., Hullvllle, Orrs
Hot SprliiR-. Half-T.ay House. Comptche, Cam?
Stevens. Hopkins, Mendoclno City. Kort Brace.
Westport. U»al; at Wllllts for Sherwood. Cahto,
Co%clo Laytonville. Cummings. Bell** Springs.
Harris. Olsen's, Dyer, Pepperwood, Ecotl* and
Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at r»-
duced rates.
On Sundays — Round-trip tTckets to all points
beyond Ban Rafael at half rates.
Ticket office, 650 Market St., Chronlcl*
bl H. cf WHITING. R. X. RTAN.
Gen. Manager. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Leave Via Sausalito Ferry Arrive
San Fran. Foot of Market St. San Fran.
Week Sun- -_, MI ,. _.,_,„ ,^ w Suu- Week
P_y_. __*___. -t««. 7r___. day9 r- __5ffi
M5a. 8:C0a. « u ,- MO - 1 s.si-T«»«Ta> 12:00m. 9:1_a.
1:«P. ,»;00a. "-..mtW-, U -.1.,-WJ l?50 T. S^TOr
6:15p. 10:00a. .. ,., WMk j,.,, „.,. S:30 p. 5_50p.
:.:::::: _1» p.' -tmm » nmrnr .^ I: :::r;
_:S5r. Qr«-'tt»yt»f-a»4. 3 :00 p
UIlffllATJ OUT >->'• Tom *» » -^?» Su »r-*_«» 11 *> * ~"
licit! US— •, «1 KAB-XI fiT-UI ul S-V5--U0 ,»___».
*°chicago Dai| y
i^__S_g^____i] or Vjse Wh°
Leave __arketstreet Ferry Dep*t.
* ~~ I Local Llm'd Local OY*rlM
I Dally Dally Daily Dally
Lv San Fran... -I 8:wO » 9:30 a 4:0O p »:W> i>
Ar Stockton 11 :H» a(!2:CM p( 7:lOp 11:15 t»
"Merced 1 :Li) p 1 :40 p! L* : ??*
"Fresno «:2O p( 'J:i)0 pj....... ' 3:15 *
"Hanford 8:tWp 3:5t p(. i : ?J?*
"Visalla 10:2Sp 4:4Hpf. 5:W) »
•• Bak^r.field .. I:lOp »:6» p 7:^3*
" Kansas City 2: ' 5 3» 2 : ??*
"Chicago 2:15 p ( S.AJ »
a f"r raorning. p for sfternocn.
8:00 m. n_ l>_Uy i» Ba!»er«_eld Local, stop-
ping at all potr.ts in Saa Jn_<ium Valley. Cor-
responding train arrlv?a at 7:W> am. dally.
j/fsn a. m. Dally 11 the CAT/I* Oil _>» TA
LIM-TED. carrylne 1'alace Sleeping C*r*
arid Dinine Car* thrjush to Chicago. Ch*:r
Car runt to Hakernft-.-ld for accommodation cf
local nr?t-cla»» paaaenicers. No •-von<i-cJa»»
tickets are honcreil on thla train. Correspond-.
Ins train arrives at 11:10 p. m. rally.
4:0) p. m. Is Stockton Local. Corrt-pondlnj
train arrives at 11:19 a. m. Dally.
8:00 p.- — 1. is the OveHs»n«r Express, wit!!
tlirouch Palaca and Tourist Sleepers and Fre»
Recllnlns Chair Cars to Chlcaso; also Palac*
Sleeper, which cuts out at Fresno. CorreiponcS-
lng train arrives at C:0«) p. m. Dally.
Offices— 641 Mark* ftreet and la Ferry Da-
pot. San Francisco: 1112 T-roadway. Oakland.
: 11 rtri_^iu;s
415 t3:15. •t;:I3. «** 9. lt:»3 P. m. 1 . *
7:45 a. in. train neelt days does not run U
ts 1^9 flO. 11. tll'.W a. tn.. U2S0. f"»-*.'
_:5o. *J:W. 5. ». 7:3<). 9. 11:45 p. m. .
Trains marked t») run to San Quentin. Thf\ii
ma'ked it> to Fairfax, except 3:15 p. m. B_:-
urdayx. On Saturdays the a:15 p. m. tr»m
-Week dijs-S:?-,. l'!:_5. J:4O 8:13. »«i
11:05 a. m.. l_:30. 2:20. ta.iS. 4:60. a:^>.
tf'4.1. 10:_<> p. m.
111:15 a. tr... V_:5«>. _:_'.>. 4:40. J5:_o.
«•». 7:33. 10:_i> p. m.
Trains marked tj) start from 'San Quentin.
CISCO — Week days— «:»*. «:IO. 7:45. vH:25.
»:45. 11:10 a. m.. l_!:10. 2:15, 4:15. 5:10. • :OJ.
10 SUNDAY_-- C:_T.. 7:Z3. I<>. 11:10 a. m.. l-:<n.
1 05. Z:V). 3 *">. -*:K. 6:C.\ 7:lt>. 10:40 p.m.
7:45 _. m., week days — C__adero and way
* 0:15 p. m- week days (Saturdays e_cept-d>—
Tomales and way stations.
0:15 p. ni.. taturdiys — Cazadcro and way
stations. ' *
Sundays and Legal Holidays- -S a. mu. C«u-
dero and way stations.
Sundays and Legal Holidays— 10 a. m.. Potat
Reyes and way stations.
TICKET OFFICIi— «r_'i Market st.
ruiaiv— t\ut cf Market at.
__n g pt "cti.-ekre^ingj-ooma»: open all night.
A Ku'tT't. In "' nte -" W»I>'*rketi_t^t_*t : Jfo.'-l
g»t «) to llO.per^ygexThoua, open aI , li; | ht ;
I^ADWAr, UJi b*t. Polk _n-lV«arKeM-^
B ;^ TT . 1C0 Market (.ld;No.11-64>-rur-
C V. ! ,^°h R^ 204 KUi * »r.%____«_^IS!«-__t_U*
— 1 _I!__hea_jiunny_r«Hjm»2JPr!ce, reasonable.
F^h 1 . 5l ' {> — One large, sunny furnished treat
p^ ra A i°l rcnt: opposite Panhandle; ph-.-ne
<-«>< ; private family; references.
E-vKu^ 3 21 (Mozart)— Nicely turn. room:. 35:.
— — _°lj_;f fc j_:_* 1 50. *U -.-eclt; cpea all n'sht.
FOl -KT1I SI— Sur.ny rooir.s, newly furnished;
for gentlemen on!y.
— ___
___^__H__^__z_ N<c * hunn ?' front room - i
FHANKMN. Jfi2«> — 1,'nfurnlshe.l suite: suitable
for doctor'a office or studio; 1 furnished roo:;i
for geiuUniHn: hath; (.hene.
Grand Bo-thereCTtfl and Mission— Rooms 50c to
'1 "V Bight; J2 to $<5 week: reading room.
HAWTHORICE. IS— Lar«;e. nicely furnished
rooms, $L _5 and $1 Z>i> per week.
HOWARD, 71.1. r.r. Third (St. David's;— gunny
furni.hed room* en suite or tlnsle; cl<?-aa ;
beds; $1 r>0 to per wetk: reading room.
IIOV.'AP.D. ft?!» (The Planpt)— Nice bay-window
rooms; rooms, 20c to 50o a, night: $1 _3 to
12 CO a week; transient. I
MINNA, _<;_; nr 4th— Kurnif hed fr>nt roorn;
sunny; private fam.: :: nentlpmen: rent $11. |
_ ______ . ,
MINX A. 2H<^-Front furnished room.
j OTARllELL. _0— Sacny furnished rooms and
of Sees: elevator, elec. lights: day, week. mo.
O'FAUKKLL,. T41 —^unny front room to l*t;
finely fumlsbed; top Hat.
POST. .'!", and Kearny, 31 — Office or sunny
furnish'. d rooms; *ti ?uite or single.
ROYAL House, 3-6 Kllis— IiK-andtsoent light.
readme room, smoking room anil ladies' par- i
lor: rooms per night. :iT»c to $1 50: week. S'J
10 $S; month. $S to elevator on ground
f.cor; rooms with hot and cold water: baths.
CLASSIFIED advertisements and subscription*
received at Call branch office. __00 FlUmore. i
A BRAXCH office for Call advertisr-mems an.i
subacripUoaa has been established at lm>o
V^l»nri.-i st.
OLD Stt-venson mansion, oi-p. Grace Church,
with annrx. SOT California st. ; attractive tal
terior; e-coptional table: fre» l.iiiiard roaas.
BUSH, -lltl— Sur.ny rooms; private boar_:_ij-
bouse; excei!i?nt board; references.
LAMBULHNE. 420 Eddy— Hl^h-class house;
turRi'h^d t-uiteg or single: steam heat.
KTAMMKRING cured by celebrated Melbourne
metho__at Van Ness &. Mkt; best local refs.
The folio— 'ins rr -.arrlage licenses were issuod
Frederick G. Troy. 28, Berlin, Nev., and
Lillian H. Conahan, St, _3 Baker street.
James K. M. Innea. 4s. Paisley. Or., and Lil-
lian Sherlock, 3t>, 2u_4 Gutter street.
Hd-aard IJob^rts. 372 Firi«t street, and
Aifc« M. Murray. _¦»;, Toronto. Canada.
Thomas E. McCarthy, 27, 903 Vest ftreet,
and Joserhlne Breen, ittJ. Cleveland, Ohio
Moses Schubener. :«{. Andrews, Or., and
Cecelia Samuels, __, city.
Cres;>ino Daniel U. S3. Duncans Mills, and
ilarr.ie Caseri. 17. Duwcans Mills.
Tietro Frediani. 20, 517 IJroadway, and Pom-
plU Bid, 20. l»SC Jackson street.
Birth, rcarrlaee and death notices sent by
mall will not be Inserted. They must be handed
in at either or the publication offices and b«
Sndort«l with tfce nam- and residence of per-
sons authorized to have the tame jiubllshed. ¦
NIELSEN— DAY— In this city, by th» Rev. W.
M. Bours, Captain Thomas A. Nielsen of
Haywards, Cal;, and Mrs. l'anni* S. Tay of
*un Francisco.
PHILLIPI— HANDY— In this city. February
1". 1WKJ. «t Um home of the bride, by the
Kov. H. H. Bell. Waiter __ I'hllllpi and
Jr»si«? M. Handy, both of 5a n Francisco.
Abramp. James M. Kutter. Carl E.
Albrecht. Jos-ej.h l__reniaii. Frank
Babcock, Albert H. Levy, Itaffael
iiarlc-r, Frank LonV. James II.
Bruculerc. Grace ¦ McAvoy. Marjraret
j Cal nan; .lulia MeEleamey. .lam-a
j «'oon-y. Ellen McMahon. Joseph
<'rei?don. William NorrU, James H.
I->ancoeur, David T. OUey, Kmrni
<Jisi, En-.il Padek. Mary
Harrison. H_rry iv>»oli, Cecilia
Jacob-. l J auline He»-d. Julia
1 Johca-n. W. E. RnU-rtj>. Ctaarlea M.
: KIuetEth, Christian ffal ( li, Ellen
J AHHAMS— In this city. February' 1_, \M2,
.lames Madison A bra m* in ex-Union aoldiei,
a native of West Virp. -la. .._. i 64 > ears :J
tnontha and 13 d_y>. iChico, Iiutte Count}.
r"l*i6 |»l»>ase copy.)
C7"Frlends and acquaintances and com-
rades of the G. A. R. and n^mbfrs of Seven
I'ines Cinle Xo. .'5. Ladles of the G. A. JC,
are respect fully Incited to attend the funeral
Ju-d_y <S.turua.vi, at o'clock, from th<
parlors of A. W. Martin _: <'o.. :il» O'Farrell
street. Interment National Cemetery, Fre-
ALBRKCHT-In I_oe 4neelef. February _.
1003, Joecztb, beloved son of Kllen and the
late Joseph Albrucht. and brother of Jam-*
Albrecht and Mrs. Kuseell McKlnnoti. a na-
tiv-»» ct Kan Francisco, aged 45 years. A
riifmtx-r of Olympic Club.
CTFriends arid acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
'Saturday*, ul 8 :.To o'clock, from the parlor*
of Mc-Kaddei., llclirearty & Oreen, 1171 Mis-
sion htm-t, between Seventh and Eight. 1 !,
liitnce Ul fc't. Patrick's Church, where a re-
quiem high _____ will be celebrated for the
lopose of hi* *r, u l at 0 o'clock. Interment
Huly Cross Cemetery.
BADCOCK— In W-tBonrille, Februarj' 10, liXXi,
AllK-rt H. Babcock, aged 42 years.
IT^Fripnds and acquaintances and mem-
l.'rs of Carpentera* Vr.lon No. 4H:S are re-
epectfulljr larlted to attend tlv fuir-ral to-
morrow (Sunday); at 1 -:W o'clock, from the
r-arlors of Haisted & Co., 'J4<! Misflun ftreet.
Interment I. o. o. V. Cemetery.
BABKER— In this <iiy. February 11, IWK,
Frank, beljv-'d liushand of the late Sarau
M. ISarker, and brother of th»? late Henry
!£.- ISaikT, a native of Carabridcc, Maes..
aged 70 yr-ar* J month and _7 days. A mcin-
bT ol Carpfnter.s' L'nlon No. 21'.
CyNotire of funeral Jioreafter. Remains
_t the parlors of th<? Western Addition Fu-
neral l)iref-torp. 1721 D^vlsadero etreet.
BBUGUIERE— In Manila, February 2, 1!»<W.
t<"irac*. wile of. Camillc J. Rniguiere, and
daughter <jf P. ?. Rose of Honolulu.
CALNAN— In tbf* <ity, February 13. 1003. at
I. or r' s--id*-nce, 7_.JJ<j Xtt'jma etreot. Julia.
Wovf-d daughter of the la,tc XJanlel ui..l
Julia* c.ijnan. and sister of John Calnan and
Airs. Henry Collins, a native of Kan Fran-
c-isoo. A monjber of the Young Ladies' In-
etHute No. 1.
C_TNotice cf funeral hereafter.
COONEY — Ei!tere«l Into eternal rept- at her
residence, lew Ptott ftroct, February 13, l&ni,
Kllen Cooney, dearly beloved aunt of John
A.. Kll»-n A. and the late Alice Cooney, a
native of Ireland.
(CTNctke of funeral herenft«-r.
CREEI>ON- In this city. February j_, lOOli.
William Creedon. a nativu of Ireland, aged
6* yea ip.
FRANCOKL'R— In tbia city. February 12, 1003
Uavid T.. beloved husband of Kmily Fran-
cix-ur, father of Raymond and Irma Fran-
tcur, and »n of QerauUn and Maria Frar-
cc*ur, a native of New York City, aged 4_
jtars. ' **..
E_rFTlecaii are respectfully Invited to at-
tend the funeral to-day (.Saturday), at 10
o'clock, from his Jate residence, 1KJ4 Guer-
rrro Ftr*<>t, near Twenty-^lphth. Interment
»"ypt-e-5 Ij»wn CemetTj, l»y funeral car from
Thirtieth and Guerrero streets.
CISI— In thi> ilty. February 10. lOO!. Kmtl
GIbU a native of Switzerland, aged 40 years
and 10 days.
t_TFrIen(Js and acquaintances and mem-
bers of Local 1<H. Amalgamated Hli»et Metal
¦Worker** International Association ere re-
fpectfully Invited to attend the funeral Sun-
day at I<1 o'clock, from the funeral parlors
nf "McGinn Bro«.. 224-SSS McAllister street.
Intern;ent I.aurcl Hill Cemetery.
HARRISON — In th!.-» rity. February la, 10OJ
IUrrj'. beloved .«<->n <.f Fanny Harrison, and
brother of Mr-. 1). I-:. Stewart.
JA»'OIW— In this rity, February 13, 130.7,
Pauline, lelov^d wife of the late Isidor .Ih-
cobs, dearly b«J_*ed OaottrtT of Mrs. A. Ket-
j I ¦¦ . _¦ r l__lli um iriT-JJ «¦ I. "U__J __m _M_L_P __g_________i J
Formerly with McGinn Bros., has opened
Dnr Funeral Parlors at 214 Eddy t-t., bet.
Taylor and Jones. Telephone South 67G.
' yu\T. E * >TAT £^Hr iTV S.VLE.
' - 1 UUNTVOMCBf t^T.
• ' S.'rill ¦¦: MAKKICT ST. BUTE, _
j;.; .-.i>.. :.;i-. m. cr.. •Htr.T'.t; 2-story frame bid
. . s-'»i»(«..U! ft .. 4<!xi::7:«;; lar?» 2-rtorj- brU-.k
• '::¦!::):. •Itli 1* r.wiiris and l«*)«crn<.Tt. Hy
. " f'/vcini ir : '.¦viiii-uts iocome tau be ina-
. fwv>.i -^.' ¦-. rcr., 70 ft. front by 00 ft. deep;
.iraj-.-t ¦ rner In thiJ section.
• . .*s'r.'>> i: ,: s f'V. .Vi tuna, st.; 40x74; good
J7i«> -i r.i .::t ft.: lot 2J-S0. to rear street.
.-' -«:'••• l. ntt Juti; Kol^oia ft., one block from
$.ir.««T — 3- t*',f rt.. ti^ar Ufa; _-">x70; rents $;0.
. .Thu I I • aneota with Mission t-t. Irontase.-
S",i/v> . ;;•¦-•!•.> $52 &U; Hampton place, rear
. $<* "j'»- Harrikon-_t.*bor.; 00 ft. frcnta_<; very
j^Tci-. -..¦•.. f..,' -.. month; Silter «t., neat
.S27O0 Refit* $29; Xato-Qa rt.. near 14th;
28x«<\ r -. ¦¦¦-.:> frame; only 2 tenant*.
Onlj- $20<i0.
27 :t. 5 In. from on Montgomery ave.
17 ft. front on another main etreet.
50x12*— On "octavla rt.
Store, basement ar.d 2 upper fl<x>r?.
N«w 5-etory and bawm^nt brick build '.ne.
Kntire liuU_!ne, eiore, lofts or ba«*m»'m.
<-nory Aiid baj»ement brlrk building:.
- Over _»».0»» square feet. JCew electric ele-
<strtr installed.
H HI l<*a>*> for 5 years at $400 a montb. .
i.- Tecanl i an ha\ - e roar entrance and iht
'buiutinc • n Jessie at. at additional rental.
' . . ' .V;0 CALIFORNIA ST.
¦ Pavfnes I'r.ion Buildinr)
•;(?.0OO — Full .'.O-vara; 137:«_lS7:fi; N^SV". corner
on Union et. ; cheap. -
IIP.OOO— Bro_enck-6t. corner; 2 new flats; 10
» and fe rooms; rent? $V5 monthly.
•r-if.Ot'O— Vallftjo et.; NW. comer; very choice;
T " 501X100.
¦12. too «-»ch — Z lotE: Union St.: funny tide:
. . 5-xllO; \fry c*>tirab!e; best part of
Ftrwt: caty r?->rn B r.ts.
$_.5 fi 0 — c;icrr.ent-!>t. corner; 30x100; very cheap.
•>3.000 - Powell et.; :»-5tory building: near new
hotel; ha* rear entrance: cheap.
S:."O0 — i:l«ntfnt-5t. corner; 50x105; fine lot for
fiati- or two residence?.
fSfiQQ — <.'ot:ap(» r^sidonce: new; en Pierce St.;
easy iaiymer.ts to fuit buyer.
ti.lSft — New oottace residence; a lovely home
-. . in Richmond: built by daj's work:
"• . everjrtlitnK fir»--t .lass: fine marine
: . view; easy payrn«-nts to suit: a jxjsl-
' ' tive Ur??jr,.
¦f.3.T00t—Kev residence in Richmond: just fin-
ished; easy payments to suit; built by
««>¦» work; ver>- desirable.
_> -:s :n rtichmnnd on all the avenues from f:>K>
to »:•-¦•
: %;,Ui<ti— Cheap ••crner. 25x100. en Webster ft.
. JM.700— NE. sunny ccmer; close to Van X«^"
ave.: _Oxl30; cheapest corner In the.
'- • Western Addition; grand lot to im-
prove witto flats: ba>alt blocks stone
'^ pavement on Ijoth ttjett?; a tine bay. j
fX)Tl BALES — A nic* home, beautifully situatel
'.-'end very boinp-Iike. with handsome garden:
• '^tiaK" huilt 'J y»arr: 5 nxiniFibalh and cci-
. ' isr: l.rjr- !ot. 3O-15O; prtce »U'X»o cash or
»_wy p*yiriTAF: very cheap, but mutt be
-old. Apply en premises. 140 Peralta ave .
• n* blwk. from Army and York ft?., or to
•' v.n^r. CHABLC- H. .T. THCMAN. 1»U8
Miygton el. : you will like it when you fte It.
Ixsanf on real estate, alro for the full cott
el icpruvemfcts and rart cott ot lot; housei
built en terms '.o eu!t: plans free; Interest [
«j per cert. 107-10S Crocker buildlnr. !
IOR **)« — House of 8 rooms; sunny eide 19th j
• «t.. bet. V_l<ncla _nd Mission. Apply PTE- !
• • PHEXS & CO.. 14 and 16 Union Square Mar- j
• k»t. Powell and O'F&rrell tts.
A Vl-;:i:K'S ii«>w_ for 5 cents— The Weekly Call |
IS rmrr?. ir wrtp;<r. for mailing, tl it year. |
HI" Al, ESTATE — Country — For Sale. '
trr.M.l tnctf. $CO to *30 per acre, on Rancbo i
v - rotati. Snnomi Co.; future va'u«» assured, as I
" £•- Francisco is rrowing r_pidly; location
¦ r.ett fcr poultry and general farming. Appiy
, '¦'<> Tl;e Cirtetl Co.. 302 Calitorn!a ct.. for
paThl»t ara infortn*tio«.
A LARGE Itet of choice country lands la all
'. tm'.ons cf California. Land D-partmeat
F2O-1.2-3 H-yward bulidint.
¦A WEEK'S new* for 3 cents— The "Weekly Call.
_ 1C pace-. In «TRcrtr. tcr mailing, tl per year.
fcti; our beautiful homes for sale.
Ideal .¦ ,:¦¦¦' -.:. Great bareaia.
l.V>r. rark ?t.. Alameia. !
m:i(hi:i.i;Y iical estate.
." f 3000— xnxv~?Trocin neVTlbi
•laticn; very convenient; a tar__;_.
K500— N>tr hcufe cf 8 rocnii an, bath; let
,. 6Pxlt-9:6; fine view.
(0500 — XIcusb of 8 rooms asd bath, 2n tit* very
beet part of .own.
|«.O0— House cf £> rooms end bttb; lot ?0_135;
«tre*t wcrJt all dene.
RraJ Ebtate. Berkeley Ptarlon.
A i-IVJOii h<-.i;:-*r$loHoT«~5-rc»om house $11.'.3
'. •rid a *-rr»o:ri house, now. 'f'HW, ?•afy term*.
Apply at l: C. LAfSEN & Co.. 4tW Tenth St..
. .TV.ki.vi-: arr*«; beautiful villa, between Oak-
!and _nd Berkeley; houw. barn, fine fprini?.
;•• .: or,:!!. i;,nk ; barg-in; terms. Partlcu-
'^-t n- llorre Equity <Vj.. 10.^0 Market tit.
IotK_.A.M> FLIlXITflli; FOn SALE.
1 i'HXITIRK pood and cheap this month. H.
• S4'Jini.LiiAAf=. *<* Elevmth >t.. Oakland.
>_;SOXIA APARTMENT»^2. 3, 4 and 5 room
• hottfekeeplr.c r-ites; prlv_i«? baths, electric
. ' t:e\-a.tcr and llrht: all eunny rooinit; open
• bout February 15; n_k* reservations now;
manager on premise* 10 to 4 dally; location
• be»t In city. EtockUin et.. bet. Sutter & Iiu_h.
FOLSOM, «r.l-n_y-T.-ln.ow and kitchen; one
»ingle furni;h<d room; t^r--r>te or tocether.
t_*.6KIE. 2T. bet. Sth and Hth. opp. Mission—
» «unny furn. rm. fcr hkps. ; rent $12.
ItAKTIIA \Au>t, 4. oT Ceary *t.. near ll_».n—
S »umy houwkerplnn room?.
•MOt'EL I^ou^e. I_W etorkt.'ui rt — Newlv furl !
' Ptohed liouyekpR rmu.; jr.. ti2 : f rw . gas ; tath j
. .MNTH. 113— Nicely furnished rocnTs~fUr !
• phone; bath: quiet. . ,
ET. JAMES. McAllister anil La^jna— F_7T '<
. ¦ nlrhed sunry suites, at] complete for ho-..--- '
keepinc; a quiet, a pleasant boa—; rent r^-*. !
¦rivENTy- THIRD. 372«. Beer i Dolo«__=^2 .__n^ !
vy bay-window rooaie: tiife; mat: »finnlete •
<^1ASS1F1BI> 'adv»-rtlfcemerit* ar.J -u!j«rrij.::ori*
-• • <-ce!v*<S at Call fcraru:-h office, __0u Fill-r.cre.
' £¦ liHANCII olSve ior Call aivcrl!sen-.e_u otd
•ubrcrtptions b-* beco «£tabl_ebed at IV39
: v_i«ti-i« »t. t
1 rain* lwive and am tine to arrive at
<M»ln Line, foot of Market 8 tree; >
l_a-_ — FkumT-xvaht 13. 1*kS. — inni
~7l)b- B enltla. SuUua. E'.uilra and Sacra-
mento 7-25*
700* Vncsville. Winter*, Kunuer 7-6a^
7-30* M«rt!ne-. Sao K*_un. Vallejo,
Napa, C»!!»co:ji». S*ata llonn 6 25f
7.33* Nile!. Lathro?. s:oc_:oa, _nd from
S»a J.>»e ; 7-23?
8-00 a Da vis. Woodland. Kn!s_ts Laudtnfr,
M_rysTllle. Urovlllo 7.5a»
8 034 Atlsatic E-press-Ogdea < ad Ks»t. 10-2.A
1.00a Por: Cost*. Martinez. Antloch.
Tracy. Stockton.
Lo« Banaa. Mendota. ll-Qforl.
VU-tta, PcrteTTUls "»4.25»
(.00a Port OoatO, >t_rt!nez. I.siSrop, M>>-
de»lo. Merced. JFre»aj, Go»_e_ '
Junction. Baltersfl^'d 5 _5»
•.30a Sh««* Exrrets— D_vl«. Wim*m»
(for n.rtleit Springs), Willows,
Red niaff. PortUnd 7 S3»
S.30a Xties, Sa_ Jo»e. Liverr.icre, Stoc3;«
•'"m.loiK", 5_c-n.ento. r.«cerr|i:e,
U-r-rrtlle. C-Ico, Ued Bluff 423f
8 30* OaU'i.ii >. Cillnose. J«:aescow_. So-
nors, Tuulimine and AngeU 4. 25*
9 00a Vallc.'o, Mari'nei -Qd Wa> Stations 8 b: r
10.00a Vallejo_ \2lr
<I10 0w«. Cresoeat Ci*» S^nres*— Msrtlno-,
Tracy, rathrop.SWc-ton.Merce-t.
UujTinonU. Fre*ao, Ii*^i.tj_c1(1.
Lot Anzc!c* aad New i)r:-in«... ti 1-55*
10.0a The Overiacd Ll:;i!tea — OgUea.
L'enrer. Om__a. I'hlcaco. 8.25*
1200m Haywire!. Nllesaad '.Vay Station*. 3.25^
tl 03i» Sacrameato Ulver Steamer* I11O_!"
530p Bcn!c!»%. Winters. 6aej_naent!>.
Woodland. Williams. C0IUW.WU- * '
lows. Knlchis Lifldtag. Mary*-
Tire. Ororillo 10 55a
3Z0t irayvrard.N'tle-.nnd Wsy S:nt:on».. 755'
4. OOP M*i't:ne_,Sa:) i;ai:;-n. v.»;u j. ;,:... ;-¦_,
(¦;.i!«HM.Hll'ai:.(J 9 2§A
400p Martinez. Tracy. L-uhrup.ScocStoa. 10 25a
400r Xi!e». Llvemiore. StiH:klon. Lodl.. 4.25^
4.30P UayvrarO. KU*-, lrrias:nn, s.m I, *85o»
Joar, ||rm_fi i t11.5 r >_
5 OOF The Owl f.'inlte.l— Fresno. Tnlare,
UakenSe;d, Sausus fur Snou
Barbara, La* Au_eie». (Guideu
State LlraUed Mlecper carried oa '
. Owl Tra'a for Chlcn.o) t Sj»
6 00i» Port Cost*. Tracy, »:oc_toa, Los
Banos 1-2SP
t530r Xllei.Loi»l 7 2s»
6. 00p Hayward. Ni;esaod S.ia Jo*«. 7o>
tS.OOp Vallejo 1125a
6.C3p Oriental Mall — Ogdea. l>«u»er.
M:nab_. St. Lou!». C-lragu 4 25i"
c7'G0r Bua*o: Ll.ntted — New Yort. New
Orleans Lo* Angi-le», Fr^tao.
Menilcta. Maft:a«— Wc»tbound.. w 825*
7.00P 9an PaMu, Port Costa, Marti.es
and Wa; -cation*. 11.25a
Vallejo 7 &5>
• OSp Oregon <k Ca'.tfoni?* E_pvris— S»c-
ramento, M-ryiTlUe, Kc.tdlue.
Portland. Paset Souud sad Ettt. 8 55*
13-ICp Ilayvrard. Xlles Local t1l.5_»
11.251" Fort Cosut. Tracy, Lathrop. Modes-
to, Merced. Tresno. Haafcrd. Vi-
talia. lU-emfleM 1.25»
COAST LINE Uwrtw Cwst).
(foot of M»r'»et Street.)
' S.15a New«r_. Oentervllle. »i«_ Jo««,
¦ Fettnn* Boalder Cree_. S»ar»
Cruz and Way Sut'.o&n 6 SO*
t_ 15r Xewarlc, Centervillt. San Jott.
New Ahnaden Felton. Bouider
Creek. i^anta Croa and Principal
TVay Stations tl(J50*
4.16P Jtewar_,9aB Join, U.»G»tot \ .^§ gg*
-3.30? Hunter's Traln-Sia Jo*e tad Wa- * ;7.20p
Leave* Los fiato< 4.S5TM Monday _
rrotn iAN fl:A> CISCO. Foot of M.irlt«t SU <S!!p O
— 17: 15 9:00 11:CUaJI. ICO 3 00 5A5r.it.
From OAKLAVD. Foot of P.roslw«- -i<:uO *r.t»
t3:05 10:00 a.m. 1 2 C3 200 4 00 p.m.
COAST LINE <Uroa.l «anne).
( r_lr.i ana Townsei'l Srreen.)
S-1fJi Ssn •Icse tad Way Stallone T3Sr
7 00a San Jose and War Statluua. 6 30?
/700a Xew Almaden /4.1.P
¦ .00- Coast Line Limited — San Join.
Obl»i>o. Santa Barbar-, Los Aoga-
les and Principal lcterinedlatt
Station! 10-43P
wiOOO-Pacl-e Coatt Express— N«~- Or
leans. Lc* Angeles. an>1 Fut .... 11.33a
• 00a San Jo*-. Tres Plnos. C-P^o!-,
Ma Lais ObUpo and Prlacl;al
lntfirned!»te Station* 4.10*
1030a San Jote and Way Stations 130'
11.30- 6aaJo»a and Way Station* ........ S.30*
• 130r San Jose and Way Stations. ..._,_.. *7.00r
200r San Jose and Way Stations ... ....113.09a
ti.O0P THl Monte Kiprei*— San Jot e. Oil-
rov. Holliitrr. 8anu Cruz. Del
Monte. Monterey. Pacific Gro? e,
Sanaa* aadVPrlncipal Stat!oo*. .. 12-1S*
I 33f Borl!ag_tne. *',n M^teo, K*<lwoo<t,
MenluPark. Palo Alco Mayneld. '
Mountain View. Lawrence, &aai»
CUra and San Jose >.3S-
t4.30r 6an Jote.Oilroy and Wit Stst:Dntt19-45A
tS.OQp Saa Jote. Lu» (iatos aad Priaclp-1
Way Stations »945Oa
15-39P 8anJ«*eanflPrt-«tpalWmyRtat!nB3 t3.00»
16-15!* SaaiUteo. Ucl:nont,Bere»ford.3a_ - .
Carlos, F5ed>-ood. F«Jr Oa_a.
MenloPark. Pali Alto t8.«8A
8.30P Pan Joss and Way SUtloa*. S 3S»
7-OOp Sunset I.ti_lted. Ea*t!>oun<t — Saa
Lul« Obtapo. Sants Barl>ar_> T^>«
Anzeles, Demtng-. El Paso* New
OrJeani, Kew YorJt wS 25a
«11.45pPa!o Alto.ad Way St»t!oni.._,.... 19.45*
• 11.45P San Jo«e and Way Station* t345*_
A for Morn ins. P for AfteraoQO.
X Saturday and Sunday only.
I Stops at all atattona on Sunday. - - ¦»" .,
tSnndar excepted. t Sunday only.
• 8atnrd«y only. *._'•!•
d Connect* at Gonben Jc. with tra!nt for Banfor4
Vlsaiia. At Freiao. for VbaUa rls 5»o;«r.
c Via Coast Lla«».
/¦Taenday and Trldaj.
m Arrive ?!» Xflet.
n Hally exrf pt Satardi*. if*
w Via 8an Joa<;ntn Vai!ef.
\ Stow Santa Clara soo-.a loail Trcm TT«!"'»t_»
•nd 9»:in>ia n>cne«ts Suni.'-" onlr north bon__,
7.(\ snd Jake JacobF. ar.d nlrre of Mrs. It.
Itos-'-nthal, a native of Crarnakau. Germany.
urM *Xi jeara 7 month* and 10 days.
JOHNSON — In tlie City and County Hospital,
IVbruary 12. 1UU3, W. E. Johnson.
KI.rKTSCH — In tho City and County Hospi-
tal. February i:t, V.KK. CbrlSltan Kluctsch, a
native or Germany, aj?od 50 years.
Kl'TTKK— In this cltjr; February 12. 190."?. Carl
K'iv.ard Kutter, l*»love«l husband of TbCrC-A
Kutter, tatliei cf Henry, Edward. Charlea
and William Kutter. Mrs. M. D. I'asf-y, MraJ
• I. T. Llftle ,in.l Mrs. F. Hurradine, and
brother of Mrs. V. Rohde. a native of Gcr-
rrany. nsed W years 8 jnonthe and 21> days.
A member of «'oncordla Lodge No. 122, I. O.
O. V ., and Friendship Lodge No. 170, A. O.
U. W. V " ,
CTFrienris and acquaintances ar« respect- :
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
•Sunday), from I. O. O. F. Hall, corner
Market and Seventh streets, where funeral
services will be held undor the auspices of
Coneordia Lodge No. 1__. I. O. O. F., com-
rr.fnclr.g at 1 o'clock. Interment. I. O. O. K.
• Vmolfry. Piea?e omit flower*. Remains at
the parlors of H. F. Snhr A <'o.. 1137 Mle-
firn ftrect, between Seventh and Eighth.
L.AHEMAN — In this city. B'ebruarv 12. 100.J.
Prank Lareman, a native of Belcium, aged
71 years.
LEVY— In this city. February 13. 1903. at the
Pacific Hebrew Home, F.sUTael Levy, hus-
ba:!-! cf Charlotte Levy, and father of Win-
n!» Lev>-. a native of Alsace, Germany, aged
77 years.
LONG— In thi« city, February 13, 1900, Jam^s i
H. Lone, beloved son of Catherine ar.d the
lale .'amps Long, anj brother of G<°orge H.
ar..l William P. Lontr. E. J. Hartley. Mrs.
ICl!a iJrodt and the late Jchn 1>. and Mamlo
Long, a native of. San Francisco, aged GS
!t3'Fri<»r.Js and acquaintances ar* reepect- '
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
• Sunday;, at 10 o'clock, from the funeral
l'arlors of McGinn Bros., 226 McAllister
street, an.i thence to Mary's Cathedral
for services. Interment Holy Cross ceme-
1 ery.
McAVOT — .\l San Pablo Ranch. Contra Costa.
County. IVbruary 13. 190T,, Margaret Me-
Avpy, beloved .«i.sttr of Mrs. John Fay or
San Francisco. Mrs. G. Peladeau, Mrs. A.
!>>hars;e. Henry J.. Hu_h B. and Joseph C.
M.-Avoy an.l the late Mrs. L. -M. Beuudry. a
native of County Ijonegal, Ireland, ap?d C'J |
yesra (• tnontha and 22 days.
Cy Friends and acquaintunre.o are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral Monday,
February Hi. ut l» o'clock, from her late resl-
dence. thence to St. Joseph's church. Berke-
ley, where a solemn requiem hifch mars will
be celebrated for the repose of her soul.
<-.<-nn><rnr!nic at i<> o'clock. Iniernieut fc't.
Mary's Cemetery. Oakland.
UcELBARNET — In this city. February 12.
1903, Jam*-, beloved husband of Rose Me-
Elearney. fatli»t of Sister Mary Remigius.
Margaret. Hug... Katlo. John. Annie, James
and Alice McKUarnoy and the late Hose
:<nii Francis McKlearney, and brother -if
Mrs. Mc-Kfnm and the late Hugh McKlear-
ney. a native of County Monaghan, Ireland,
ased . r >r> y-'.-irs a montl.s and 27 days.
£7"f!ie lunenil -uill take place to-day
i Saturday), at ;>:yo o'clock, from his late
residence. LSU3 Harrison street, thence to
f;t. Joseph'- Churcb, where a solemn ry-
<iuifin huh na.<s will be relebrated for the
repose of his soul, commencing at 10 o'clock.
Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.
McMAHON — In this city. February 12, ltlOn.
Joseph McMahon. beloved brother of James
McMahon, a native of Longford, County W«at-
ltieatli, Ireland, aged 04 year?. A member of
A. O. II.. Dlrsioo No. l, B. of E.
icyFrienda and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the t'unera] to-morrow
(Sunday), at 11 ::4O o'clock, from the parlors
of James McMenomey & Son. 1057 Mission
street, opposite new postoffice. Interment
Holy Cro?s Cemetery.
NORRIS — In this city. February 13, 1003,
-Tames H. Norris, beloved husband of Loul.a
Norris. ?
OLLHY— In Elmhurst, February 12. 1903.
Knima Olley, beloved wife of William Olley.
and mother of Joseph Olley, a native of
Honolulu, aged 47 years 1 montb and 1U
ICTTriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services
Saturday. February 14. at 2:30 o'clock, at
her late residence, Elmhunst. Interment pri-
PADEK— In this city, February 10. 1003, Mar/
Padek, beloved wife of Harry Padek, mother
ot John Bush, and beloved sister of John
and Lenard Stearns, a native of San Fran-
dsco. aged 35 years.
(CyRemaini. at the funeral parlors of
.Tames McGinn & Co., 214 Eddy street. Fu-
neral strictly private.
PESOLI— In Alameda, February 12. 100.}. (,>-
<-iiia Pesoli. wife of E. A. "Pesoli. French
Consul at Philadelphia, and beloved mother
of Charles E. Pesoli. a native of Swede:..
aged «;0 years 3 months and 18 days.
C-TFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral services
Saturday. February 14, at 1 o'clock, at her
late residence. 2150 Clinton avenue, Ala-,
ineda. Cremation Oakland Crematory.
RKED— In this city. February 13. ll>03. Julia,
boloved wife of Joe Reed, a native of Ger-
many, aged r>5 years.
ROBERTS— In this city. February 12. 13O;.
Charles March Roberts, beloved husband or
Anita .Pacheo Robert?, a native of Gra.s
Valley, c_l., aged 40 years 8 months and ,6
£_T Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral Saturday.
§ February 14. 190a. at 2 o'clock, from Masonic
Temple, corner Post and Montgomery utrects,
under the auspices of Occidental Lodje Xo.
22. F. and A. M. Remains at the mortuary
chapel of the Golden Gale Undertaking Com-
pany, 2475 Mission street, near Twenty-first.
Interment _t Concord. Cal.
WALSH— In this city. February 10. 1903, Ellen
Walsh, beloved wife of the late Daniel
WaL?h. clFter of Mis. Cartal, and aunt of
Mr?. M. Tlckner, a native of Ireland. A
member of the Third Ord~r of St. Francis.
CL7" Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
Saturday), at R:30 o'clock, from her late
residence, 1524 Mission street, thence to St.
Joseph's Church. Tenth street, near Howard.
v»h«ro a inaes will be celebrated for the re-
Ikjsc of her *oul. commencing at 9 o'clock
Interment Holy Cross Cemetery, by 10:.»0
oYloek train from Third and Townsend

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