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Read Louis J. Stellmann's Sacramento letter
In to-day's issue of the Ean Francisco Xewa
Utter. •
Feb. IS.— Governor Pardee haa made an Inde
pendent Investigation Into the condition of
North Hall at the University of California, and
hu received a report from Architect Howard
to the effect thxt the building Is uncafe. It Is
believed that he will eign Waste's bill 427, ap
propriating $220,000 for a building to replace
North Hall. The Ways and Means Committee
has recommended the appropriation. The Ala
nieda delegation has agreed to forego all other
special npproprlutlons for this one.
North Hall.Ileported Unsafe.
Me denounced tha Building and L<oan Com
missioner* as an Impotent body and said that
two servant girls In his county who had de
poeited $378 In a I>os Angeles concern drew
out only *474 02 at the end of two years.
Copus said tbat h« also had been robbed.
The amendment -&»* defeated and the bill,
together with Nos. 1!9 ami 120 on th* same
subject, were adopted. These bills had been
Introduced at the requeet of the Leasrue of
Building and I^ian Associations.
Feb. 13. — Building and loan associations were
hotly denounced tonight in the Assembly by
Prescott of Redlanda on the third reading of
Waste's bill. No. 184. governing building and
loan associations. Transue moved to exempt
from the operation of the act societies doing
a strictly co-operative business. Prescott
charged that Tianuue was trying to fix lb«
bill so that "any band of robbers under tiie
griis* of bulMiDK and loan aasoclatlc/os may
be authorized to take . the roof off a poor
pan's hand and the last cent ot tba wag«a
of a servant girl and give nothing In return."
Prescott ajid Copus Utter Sharp
Words in the Assembly.
Crew of Boat Are Browned.
WASHINGTON, N. C. Feb. 13.-Durln«
the heavy sale of Thursday night the
Manco was capsized in Swan Quarter
liay. Captain Robert Westcott. master,
and two white men were drowned. Re
ports i are conflicting, but one rumor la
that five negro*s. also of the boat's crew,
¦were drowned.
Feb. lo.— The proposed constitutional amand
ruent by Luraley providing for the exemption
from taxation of personal property to a certain
amount, which waa defeated In the Assembly
several days ago and subsequently reconsidered,
waj finally passed by that body to-day. Ai
first Introduced it provide that personal prop
erty to th* amount o* (30O should be exempt,
but a majority of the member* thought that
exemption too high and voted the measure
.lown. On reconsideration Lumley changed the
amount to $200. and In that form It was
adopted and aent to the Senate.
Measure Relating to Taxation la Re
vised, and Passes Assembly.
stltute conclusive evidence that the •trait
jacket is an iniiuman and cruel instrument >>t
punishment. Whether or not the Assembly
accepts the "recommendation to appoint a spe
cial committee to make a more thorough in
vestigation In this matter, we would respect
fully and most earnestly recommend that the
use of the straltjaciiet a.« a means of punish
ment in ull penal Institutions of this State Ls
prohibited by statute.
Brown of San Mateo. who Is a member
of the Assembly Committee on State
Prisons and Reformatory Institutions, in
troduced a bill this morning: which, if
passed, ' will render impossible future
scandals like those discovered as a re
sult of the Investigations made by the
committee at the San Quentln and Fol
som penitent larle*. The bill provides that
It shall be. unlawful for any official, em
ploye or other person in authority at any
of the penal institutions of the State to
use cruel and inhuman punishments upon
those under their, charge and control.
The use of the straitjaeket. thumbscrew
or shower bath as a means of punishment
ls prohibited and it is also declared to bo
unlawful to trice up prisoners In any
If The Call falls to prove Its charges
then its proprietor should be punished
for holding lightly the reputations of these
officials of the State, as they should be
punished If the charges against them, are
based on fact and their truth duly estab
If these charges are not proven by The
Call it realizes that Its offense is as great
as those with which it charges mem
bers of the Pilot Commission— bribery and
corruption in public office, with having
violated the laws of the State, wiih hav
ing proven false to the trust reposed In
them by the people and with having taken
unlawfully the earnings of ship masters,
whom they forced to purchase positions
which are open without price under the
statutes to men competent and anxious
or even willing to nil them.
the board now In office. These are the
charges of The Call and in making them
The Call flops so with a full sense of the
rt-.oponsibility it assumes.
The members of the committee are
agreed that If the' charges are proven
they will see that a full measure of pun
ishment Is meted out to tha guilty and
they are equally positive In their asser
tion that If they are not proven those
who have been charred with .corruption
arid bribers- will be exonerated by the
committee ax[d It will go upon record that
they were falsely accused. As to what
actuated Aaaeaiblyman Rolley's charge
they are in Ignorance; as to the falsity
of his alleged source o* information they
are positive. They are here In the inter
ests of no one but the State— the people
0.00 their verdlcf-win.be a verdict of
truth, based upon the truth as they find
It In the testimony and other evidence
which *vill b« laid before thsm.
Eut In this connection The Call reiter
ates its* charge that gold was paid di
rectly into the' hands of members of
the Pllct Commission In return -for. ap
pointments as pilots for this, the port of
San Francisco. The Call further charges
that corruption and bribery have not
marked isolated cases, but have been a
preliminary necessity through demand of
members of the Board of Pilot Com
missioners to many- appointments to
positions ae pilots that have been made by
INVESTIGATION Into the charge^
made by The Call that bribery and
corruption mark from beginning; to
end the record of the present Board
of Pfh>t Commissioners 'for the port
of San Francisco; that positions as
pilots have been bartered for- g'old an<!
the spoils of these tainted political Jobs
divided among their promoters, 'will begin
this morning before the Senate* commit
tee appointed by resolution to probe the
scandal to the bottom. A majority of
the members of the committee, which is
composed of Senators Welch, Shortridge,
Knowland, French, Williams, Byrnes,
Ward, Bunkers, Plunkett. and Emrnons,
arrived in the city last evening:. All arc
expected to be present when the investi
gation formally opens In th© rooms of the
Police Commission. Hall of Justice.
Senators Welch, Emmons, Knowland
and Ward openly and emphatically con
demned as without basis the Inference
cast by Assemblyman Rolley of. Humboldt
to the effect that It was Being whispered
on the Btreets that the Senate committee
had been "fixed," his inference being: that
L-r.lcss the Assembly participated in the
Investigation It would prove farclcaJ and
v.ithout result.
Law Is Asked For to
Shield the Con
Members Assert if Allegations Are Proven
Guilty Will Be Punished; if Not,
Accused Will Be Cleared.
In th« caae of James Dear* -w«« learned that
he waa found dead In his coll within twenty
four hour* after being released from the strait-
Jaclcet. From the evidence taken by your
committee It Is not prepared to report that
death resulted from injuries received by the
use or the straltjacket, but such Is the opin
ion of. those conversant with all the facts in
this cass.
Owing to ths limited time at the disposal of
your .committee, it was. unable to make the
thorough Investigation the subject warrants,
therefor* your committee recommends that a
special cerr.mitiee bs appointed with full power
to summon and sv.ear witnesses, take testi
mony and thoroughly Inquire into and Investi
gate the. management of said prisons.
It has been turther ascertained by your com
mittee that the Stats Hoard of Prison Direc
tors, ha* not held a meeting for some months.
It Is the opinion of your committee that, a
separate -board o* directors . for each prison
would insure better results and t>» the means
cf bringing, about much needed reforms.
Fact* In rossesslon of your committee cca-
At tan Quentin we examined numerous wit
nessec. Including officers and oonvict-, and
obtained conclusive evidence to the efiVct that
the straitjaeket has been u«e,l during the en
tlre term of the present Y/urdPn and Is now b«
lnx usfd as a means of punishment. It was
also used to a limited extent under th* ad
ministration of Warden Hale during tha latter
part of his term of office. -Its use was ad
mitted and is upheld by Warden ARiilrre and by
other oiflccis of the institution. We find that
In over 300 instances the straitjaeket has been
applied as a punishment tinder tiie present
Warden: The v.»» of, v the straitjaeket was pro
<Jread»a by all prisoners. Th» only other mode
of punishment was i-onflni'mtnt iu a dungeon
on a diet of bread and water.
We nnd that prisoners have been confined In
the straitjaeket for very slight causes, some
times continuously ae long an forty-eight hour?,
nn.l that as the result of such confinement
some of the prisoners were permanently in
jured. ¦ In the cases of Kvve Thompson an-J
Jaoit Shaughnessy we find that they are. us
a result, of tha injury received from being
confined in the straltjacket. badly crippled,
having lost the use of th«*!r hands. The offence
for which these two prisoners were punished
was that of fighting.
jAt Folsom your committee found that the
¦traltjacket had never been in use until about
thre« years ago. It was in use for about two
yean. Warden Wilkinson deciding to discon
tinue it about one year ago. During the time
that the atraltjacket was In use tre found
one Robert Smith had been permanently crip
pled in his right arm and hand and sustained
other Injuries. In the ease ot Morris Weiss,
alias Wcitz, who was a tailor by trad* and
worked at the same up to tha time be was put
In the straltjacket. he mistained such injuries
to his hands and arms as the result of said
punishment that In all probability he will
never be able to work at his trade again.
by com* of the m»n who have had to undergo
As originally drafted and sanctioned re
luctantly by Chairman Olmsted, who
had hoped to make it stronger, the re
port follows:
Mr. Speaker: Your Committee on State
Prisons and Reformatory Institutions visited
.San Quentln i'rlson February 1 and Folsom
Prison February 11 and 12. and after inspect
ing the various departments of each institu
tion as to tlielr- wantn and need<, proceeded to
the investigation ad directed by the following
resolution, adopted by the Assembly January
Jl, 11MXJ:
•'Resolved; That the Committee on State
Prisons and Reformatory Institutions is here
by Instructed and empowered to inquire
whether prisoners) confined In San Quentln anU
Fol.-'ora State prisons me now or have been
within the last year subjected to cruel and un
usual punishments, und ea|»»<'tally to what ex
tent the straitjaek*t Is being u«ed at sahl
prisons upon said prisoners confined in said
prisons for the purpose of discipline or pun
ishment; that said committee make this In
quiry during their visit to said prison which
they have been .lirecteJ to mala; by this As
sembly, and sairt committee I3 hereby directed
to. report to the Assembly In writing the re
sutt of their investigation as soon as practi
i It li not a. question of xyhtu men of. u«
think, but one of getting the other members
of the committee to «lgn lome kind of a report
and thus avoid friction. We all know the
facts and what has been published about them
!ias be*n only part of tha truth. We know that
the s li alt jacket is a crual and Inhuman instru
ment of torture, but with tome of. the member*
of this committee— at least two of them — It is
a Quettion ot whitewashing Agulrre and giving
Wilkinson th« worst cf.lt. We do not con
elder Aeuirrs a fit man to be at the haad of
any prison, and I think. w« should «ay bo, but
there are others who think It unnecessary to go
Into that matter and rrho advise that we deal
moderately with the question. There are mem
bers of thla committee who want to ret
Agulrre remain where he !¦ and to see Wil
kinson fired, thus doing what a number of
Wilkinson's •ubordlnatea havs been treacher
ously trying' to do for iom« time. The result
I* that v.-*» have only : made a general state
ment in this report and have told -next to
nothing of the horrors which were itated to u*
Olmsted finally won over the others
with the exception of Carter and had In
serted In the report a description of the
straltjacket and a statement of the effects
of using it, and in that form the report
was presented. Carter, however, refused
to sign It and declared that he would file
a minority report and for the purpose oi
giving him an opportunity to do so the
Assembly postponed action on the matter
until Monday.
Far into the wee small hours and in
executive session the committee labored,
trying: to find the middle ground which
would give, to the several . factions full
opportunity to express wnat they thlnk
and know. The reports of cruel and in
human punishment of prisoners In the
penitentiaries have In no wine been mag
nified or exaggerated. In private conver
sation the members of the committee, or
some of them, assert that the- whole truth
has not been told; that if the general pub.
lie knew all that was revealed to the
committee there would b» a wave of In
dignation which would result in an al
most clean sweep of the officials of the
penitentiaries from office.
Men. it Is reported, have been killed in
the prisons as a result of the- punishment
Inflicted and many other convicts must
go through life permanently crippled by
reason of having been made the victims
of barbaric treatment, excused under the
pretense that such treatment was neces
sary to the proper discipline of the in
stitution. This is what one of the mem
bers of the committee said this morning
after first exacting a promise that his
name was not to be used:
The report was not satisfactory to
Chairman Ulmsted for the reason thai
he desired to make It mucii stronger. On
the other haml Assemblyman Carter was;
not satisfied because it wat>, In his opin
ion, too strong, and there was a third
element in the committee which desired to
take a middle ground.
the investigation at the peniten
tiaries at San Quentin and Folsom the
Assembly Committee on State Prisons
and Reformatory Institutions completed
a statement of findings at 4 o'clock thl
SACRAMENTO. Dec. 13.-After
having spent practically a whole
night In the consideration of the
kind of a report they would make
upon -what they observed during
Specl.il Dispatch to The Call
Torture Inflicted by
Use of the Strait
LAPAZ. Bolivia. Feb. 13.— The Bolivian
Government yesterday afternoon deliv
ered Its reply to the ultimatum sent
by the Brazilian Minister. Bolivia grant*
unconditionally, but under protest, all the
Brazilian demands. The Uolivtan troops
are commanded by General Pando. They
will not cross latitude 10 decree 20 min
utea, the southern boundary of tha con
tested territory. Therefore it Is most im
probable* that any trouble between th*
Bolivian and Brazilian forces will occur.
it is generally supposed here that the
Acre revolutionists will surrender their
arms to the Brazilian troops immediately.
Gives a Favorable Reply to the Ulti
matum Presented by the Bra
zilian Minister.
Assembly Members
Report Upon
WASHINGTON'. Feb. 13.-The Senate
Committee on Fostofflees and Postroads
to-day decided to amend the postofllce ap
propriation bill by adding as an amend
ment the omnibus statehood bill. The vote
on the motion to amend was 8 to Z. Tb«
members who voted for the proposition
were Elklns, Mitchell and Penrose. Re
publicans, and Clay. Culbertson, Dubola,
Simmons and Taliaferro, Democrats.
Those who voted in the negative were
Beveridge. Deboe. Dolliver. Lodge and
Proctor, all Republicans'. Senator Mason,
chairman of the committee, presided and
did not vote.
Will Offer It as an Amendment to
the Fostoffice Appropriation
Orertaa toir 1 . how Lawlor and J. A. Srjook
•feme to the BaTlaga 13anU of Santa Ro»a with
two checks drawn in favor of S:>ook and told
« '¦¦ crton t!ut '<ovtrncr Oage and Kevmne had
ri.r<"<ted t!>e trustees <;f the heme to nay the
money out of the Jenyjp fund. The oomrriltt*«
havinr recfiv»fj this inrormation, adjournrd to
meet nest Wedneiday right, vbea th»y expect
to hear t!ie tcatiaosf of Trjs:»e« Gou'.d. Lc
land arid I>vi|far..
&.sscsibly Committee Heais Testi
mony About the Jessup Fund.
Teb. 13.— IJer.ry T. Csrr, whlie Covernor of
Califerr-la. and L>ar.l^l Kevan-. while ticrr
tary of the Ptaie lie a id cf Exunfaers, are tai<l
to have advb>e<l the trustees of the Hosr.e fcr
Ke~b'.e-ir.inded Children at OJe.n Kllen (a us
the Jcssup treat fund in violation cf law and
exj-rid the money U\ paying cUixoa against the
Institution, t^nch v.at, the testimony giwn b<—
fere the Aj-sembir i:iv«»*tjgatinif oou>n;:ttf— this
•.fterjiocn by John I*. Overtoil, treasuiet of
tiie home. u« corroi:K)raied in every particu
lar the testimony of I»r. V.'SUiam M. Lawlor
given before the cominittee on Thursday night
• nJ added delu'.ls whioh the doctor, tl:roug!i
d'Mcafy. supiire««»4.
Union Labor Members* Measure to Be
Aerain Amended.
I?ACRAS1EXTO. Feb. I".— !n having been
pucceacfu] m Etrikinc teem tlirir pet m«<fui»',
EbC ant!-injun<-tlon USj tbe »ord "intimi.ia
i on." the ITnimi 1^s;*xj:- tnenitwri? in the A««-
f ¦ !r,b!y won un!y a ebort-Oved victory. To
iiny ;i<e A."=5en;bly majcriiy detiUed that it
would pra.etieaU>' rescind it* former action,
mtf. alihi-uch ".he *\-crd so Hrenuously opposoil
will not be ir.t-rteJ. th« bill w-il! be so ani<?nJ
• 1 thst la the form in w isieh li will uitinistfly
I'dfs it r.i'i be in eomf- netpecu not bo desira
i » ! to iis frampm as :t uoultt have bpen had
Ibe word "intimJdaUon" 1*mi lefi in it.
After th* l.itt.r ront-M of !a>t v.eejc the
tr!»a! i ui<» was con?ia»!-cd In a Hfi>ul.!ican r*iu< \ir
which decided to appoint a fct^erinf <-onimltt«f
t'. consider all Uw :i!<iustrial bills now before
!he 1;»t Kourc f.ui to pass upen tliera a* »au
< >:r nnsMMurer. "}l'-e purp<js<» of this was u
nuUtm :•)• ;>a:tj shjujo-r tiie responiribiiity for
lii^ ruiur» and t^u6 re!ieve the lnciixlciual
imaitel iror.i t'.-.e tiippjfcasur* of the prwo-
BCKli of the b:;;. Tui* stpeiir.g committee
<*m« to an aprpc-mrnt lart nig:ht. and when
the fc'.U c«.tnc u;> for final j»a£>^ige tnit mota*
ir.e Juhnson moved to have its coiieideration
tnwtpourd until the aftrtaoon. Th<re mm m.
vigorous oppo?'ticn to thi!>. and on botr.; a^Lei
•rfcjr ba wished to Ue!ay the matter, he admit
i-i that it was titt defdra ot the pembera to
<aucu* on il. Aeoordtacty ¦*¦ caucus oS th« n»
rub'.iciiu v.-as callofl d-jrirg the noon recess.
M:i<i :or n-.ore thau an hour the bill was rtfu
lussed b-.!ijn<l clopp.l <Jooii!. The proposition
was ma'i? tc 2<Mns-e.rt the word "inumidatlon"
in the h.il. bui tiiii^ cauhtU a bolt, and Stanton
John. LVjrsf.v. Hisrgir,« an-i Walsh tvithdrevv
irom any reifpor:si!>il!ty to fur>ixirt the meafcur*
thus in-ommfndfj. Brown alto took that
¦tand, but did net lea.re the caucus. The de
- tiiesi ot U ¦«• caucus was that the tollowinjr t*
Inactted in the h:il: 'Trcvlded that nothing in
tin* act shall be cor.B'Jer-d u» authorizing 'Ate
Uf- or force. V'f>!»nce oi threats thereof.'"
\Nlit.ii th* bi!l ¦uss tak^n uj» liOm afternoon
Johnson pr>-»c:it.«-d the <-auf-iis an.cndment anu
moied its adoption. Thea c\,put. the Union
J^abor rf:e^-.ber, vmnted time n> <.on«laer It. At
hi? euggertion the n/jl>r ,\as i«om posed until
Tifscny mcrninK at II <]".'•:.!-
8AN* MATEO, Feb. 53.— Fire destroyed
the Hotel Mateo early this afternoon,
trf using a total Ices o* $"23,000, which was
covered by an Insurance of $15,000. The
property was owned by Mrs. Mary Lee
of this city an-J tvas leaded and managed
by M. B. SpauUUnc. But for a failure la
tiie water wrviee for the first half hour
of the fire the volunteer fir* department
v^sild have succeeded In savins the build
ins, but the streams would not reach to
the windows on the second floor.
'i he fire* original^! in the attic and was
discovered at l^:io o'clock by Siia;ii<img.
Mrs. J-<.e, crlao has be«-n spending several
<!.¦.. ¦ here, loft for the city at 12:39 o'clock.
but did nsj; Lam of the Ore until .«!:<• was
* short distance from ih? Ptaf.tm. She
had the tra^n stopped at lt'.irlir.same ?ta
"tion ars.1 drove back •«. Baa Mat'o. She
was ov-r<-«.rr<- by '. !ie excitement ami was
taken to b< r rcojm In an adjoining cottage.
John L« i\ formerly ot rfai: Francisco.
Ij.iil; the Hotel M*teo twelve >*«*ara ap<>.
• •orcbiniusr Tyler Ila!l of St. Matthews
S. haol w;th a s:.>ii<Ji<i new structure, ai
a !a;o;.> o:- > »-i.<ii:ur« i . Tin* litt.ng? and
furnishings »o.tp •«!! Grst chie* and for a
t.umtKi .-¦ ..a::: .!»• hostelry was «Jie
buxae sCmaisy prominent people.
After ue* \> ucaih the hotel was leaded
and tor th. jiisi iwb years Spauldir.g had
been iho lessee i*u<l ruanaser. The
Kround? ati J shrubbery. which were
HmcnjT tbe S&esl .n the t?tnte. are partia!
.ly roined. To-night a number of the capi
tal tola are considering the advisability of
'forming a stock company fcr the purpose
«'f building: a !arg«- brick hotel to cost not
less than flow. '.«••).
Special ptcpatcb to Th» Call
Never before has there been such an un
ruly crowd to witness a hanging, and
Warden Agulrre and his corps of. guard*
were dumfounded and chagrined at tha
manner in which many persons clamored
for places of vantage in the scaffold
room. Six hundred Invitations had been
sent out, and 553 were taken up at the
main gate.
"I am innocent and should not be killed
just because I saw the other fellow do th«
deed. I was not 19 years old when the
crime was committed, and was drunk and
did not realize what was being done. I
kr.pw I was In bad company, but that
ought not to cause me to die.. It was th«
first time I was ever in any trouble. I
know within a few minutes I will die. but
as there is a God above me I ana inno
cent ot any crime. I will go on the scaf
fold and my last words shall be 'I am In
nocent." "
It was 10:45 o'clock when the Warden,
folfowed by Cota and Gonzales and th«
assistants, walked upon the scaffold, and
at 1«>:!<5 the strings were cut. Cota was
pronounced «lr.ul in seven minutes, and
four minutes later Gonzales was pro
nounced dead.
Young Cofa protested until the last mo
ment that he was Innocent. He said to
the Warden before the execution:
Cota was unlllte Uonzale* In that re
spect. Last night he was unshaken and
seemed to care little for what was In
store for him to-day, but when he stepped
upon the sallows his knees shook.
large crowd visited San Qucntln this fore
noon to witness the hanging of Jose Cot*
and Juan Gonzales. who murdered and
robbed Ruiz at the New Idrla Quicksilver
nines, In San Benito County, April li.
1901. Arbogast, at one time, the hangman
at San Quentln but now a special police
man in San Francisco, was th» hangman
tc-day, and was asjiBted by Connell. Ben
Iterritt and F. S. Crandall were on tha
death watch.
Last night Gonzalez broke down, and it
required considerable doctoring to
strengthen him, but to-day he walked to
the scaffold and stepped upon the trap
with remarkable nerve.
Murderers From San Benito
County Pay Penalty for
Cota and Gonzales Are
Hanged at San Quen
tin Prison.
oWner ci' Property Returns
While the Building Is
Hotel Mateo Furnishes
Fuel for a Lively
morning at IO o'clock the members of the Sen'
1 ate Committee appointed to investigate the charges of
The Call that bribery and corruption mark the record of
the State Board of Pilot Commissioners for this port— that po*
sitions as pilots have been bartered for gold — will formally
open the hearing in the rooms of the Police Commission, Hall
of Justice. The members of the committee are agreed that
if the charges of The Call are proven they will see that full
punishment is meted out to the guilty, and assert that if they
are not proven they will put on record that members of the
Pilot Commission have been falsely accused.
4-t ff ? ? + ?
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+ on its quillty. a £ c, parity, ±
+ flavor, a!! 23 cr.c in its
? ¦?•
-?• :;j-2K» Market £t.,fr«r) »"ra.nclscc,C*I. "**
? TeJephece Eich-Lge 313. i
Now In Its 60th Thousand'.
"The who/esomest, helpfulest, jolliest boon of the year and a
tonic for any mood."
There's nothing in this talk that two can five cheaper than one.
A good wife doubles a man's expenses and doubles his happiness,
and that's a pretty good investment if a fellow's got the money to
invest. I have mst woman who had cut their husbands' expenses in
half, but they needed the money because they had doubled th?ir own.,
I might add, too, that t'vo met a good many husbands who had
cut their wives' expenses in half, and they fit naturally into any
discussion of our business because they are hojs.

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