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DB. yTT.TCKR'S SWAMP-BOOT. r .^ ,. . . , .
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
: iiK^I ;M Di) Not Even Suspect It.
Do Not Neglect Your Kidneys, Because if 'Kidney Trouble is
Permitted to Continue, Fatal Results Are Sure to Follow.
I: v-ti to he ccryJiered tliAt enly urin- ... . ¦ jg^^^SSs. complexion, makes you feel a^ thouKit
try e^d b:««!<;<?r troubles were to b* 'rae- " i&8& _«w^W?9 • J0U had heart trouble; you may have
e-5 to the kidneys, btfeow modern eol- 5^^*^!^tS^y ' ;• plenty of ambition, but no strength; get
*"..c« proves that -nearly all diseases hav. (jmjj_ ""'"^^ ' " v.eak and waste away,
their fceslBBlng m the disorder of thesa . . ' E^W '' •" Th<? curp *' or th «" troubl « " Dr - ««"
" T " important .crg»n*. . ¦ • »g . mpr - s Swamp-Root, world-famods kid-
?o^e J r, OU^7ee b^o'f^ eC t. e d-^ i m
JufJ * X^, CTK^. %^^ % 1* faU t9 ?? lts - •• 1 ! I H _;/ t.'e aid to .the kidneys that is known to
taking th» great kidney remedy, Di?. KH--- . Jkl U J^JL .' TJIT-Njr| HTTT TTJ"
your k!^-';« urewfll they wiU help .alL • '• >^^jfe^ !¦<! n>^^^^
the oilier; organs to health. A. Vial.wiU V^^^ff^^JISTBWtSSgaggN,. ' '.YOTT NEED SWA MP-UOOT
cenrihee irj- ..cne! ¦• -\ \ ¦.:¦•-¦ :•.;•.,. ;.-••'•¦. J^^^^^^^^^m^^^l^fm ¦• * ' XVW^ X
-, Tr , ¦¦'«V<\r»i " W»VrtV»-r t ¦ ' tfill i ilUSliiHWfflSKa • - If - f . her .* J fl tfnydoubt in your mind as
DID NOT .KNOW: I " .^iflSfi \MSSm «JH tr - ur "ndlilon. take from your urine
' : ¦¦¦¦ -.. - ; ... ¦-.: -.- 'ro|r n ' f '"itMMlmBaiaaam^Wat on . rising, about, .four ounces, place it in'
T7 A Ti ITTTIMTV r T v r>nTT'bT 1? mmmmm^^ m^^ -¦ —"—* \fvd£i a- g'.nss or bottle jind ] e t .'t stand .twerity-
IliilJ i^llJiXril lnUUDlJ£i ra||j UK. KILMER'S IfHli^ •¦ four latrl •** on examination it is milky
_ T -,.^__ ,,, . ¦-„..¦ • w.' • I' *ti #1 our A 71TT\ t\nrtTT il fislra Or cloudy, or if there 1? a brick-di'st set-
«°. 1 SS^$ J*^lr?S^ i SWAMP-ROOT || r | »£. ?™*L<n ;iyj*/olt about ,„
I ru.bli :.->«ve^ ; bea.lwM lfft -^It&iex- " . 'M „,. fI . _, .. 1^0 " J" 01 "- kidneys are Jp need of Immediate.
rruciatji^^ram.in^Vny.futcv,-;; M y: . ««ter «t lm wdney, Liver and Bladder RMM attenVon. •;. f . •
1 tr«» looked • ":~ >rn. ii . jfk* 'e^iTre. -J coull B» CURE. • ' I 'islli ' * r-,-rrr 'tr-r\ r\ r\ m
P«« but.11U.lis at Vtlme. •nd.lhenon'.Ta'.'er' \M m ; "Ir'S SWAMP-ROOT
»ufrer!n»i-«rrit--i>«1iu- 3tfy-.t>hi-«lcaf condition J (9 DIRECTIONS.; • • MlTM # f/ V
• ts »ii<-h. *ha't I .hki.tio-«tn?pKth and w««' «!l | W ' May iske . c=». tro'.or thsr* ]|jrf (3 T ~* uunnT'TT TrnnnminT n
rundown fhi ¦•doctors, e.kld my- kWno* w^re Wi teaspoonfui»!^fo:^or after nietU 'J.?? & • [St rfJKFjh'Y V PjItW 1 AK Ii Hi
rwt affert^a.- ¦*na->hHV I-'dld hrft .knpw T.h^d- uxd^btdtim*.; . }iit H • . ' **¦*'*-* .
ki(ary-trWble J «orr.r)i"ir.<rf u certain- 'that niy fS Cai.'drea 1m» socordlnV to «re. jfM. j|3 . '_'.-. '. n East 120th St ', Now Tork City.
kldn<»>« wi t*e 'cause of "n,»- trouble. .'l prt- i Wo 4f«r<;onim«icf-*lUi»aiVJdoeM If* *« " DEAR SIRS: "I had been imfWins severely
cured t ( -••> -r> -SWam^-RootVand Ir.?'<Je '-of ¦ Jfj and O.-.-I ea«« to full doso «r mr # -«>, I|J8*.SJ from kidney trouble. All symptom* were on
>hre« a«r» "r'*>mrn*ar*>*"4h -r*t T>Me' j : fol- i »V2 at ':h»f*» ¦would i?ep« to require.. J/KjiJ i . hand: niy former strength and poweV had left
,*!£. ,. J ., : r^." # lirW.^ok., and «t th« ¦ M ™» Crett reaed/ cuk. air HlBitB me; I ?ould hardly, drag myself alon*. Even
lowed up i at bottle: srJOi anolhei and at. th« rag Wd .tiaddcr'tad Urtb j'.RlO my rr.ental capacity xvas plvlns out. and often
c ,:-.>:, .- or .u,., en. < .um-J co?sr>tr^r & Acid ?roab^i^d Abord^rt du. hM \ 1 A t0 dle - il was then J ! = aw an ad * er ~
cu'"d. J-T> c-^.r !« \f-o. gra-.i'yingtr rri».. - - , .-. -1--JI »» r.-'d.-.k'.'nm mriiMM'urh !l P*y I i!e*h)ent of yours In. a New York. paper, but
y "&.-¦' : »^-^-' : - •" '¦'Xm ¦VtttmWnXZ' JZ. i ,r.r. MU3 1 would not have paid any attention to It had It
4 24-, fyjfTZUj&v^ ¦ •¦ ffl y™ ir * w.*^" flK9-l- "ot rromi, P d a sworn pitMntet with every
• t u *i..*.t_s - > : /,/lt*S.+ 2,; ... j.|r- dsr, ,-^nb.ro and Er.-hf. Dis- I BS j hottle of your medicine, a.-sertlnp that your
'-:•¦'¦ ": li't Pirh'.'Kock St., ¦I>-nn > .'Mas»:..- • M ease. «bi«..u.ji« wor» rcra ©f I wl 1 Swamp-Root la purely veseUble, and does not
¦..¦¦ •: : ..-':,.»:--"--; .-.-.- '¦-¦. : .;" •• •'"¦¦ -- • • r » '•' ii | ¦¦ J datiss. ;l fcMj J contain any harmful drugs. I am seventy year*
Weak «id unh«althy..'kJdneys-*r« re- . '¦¦ u- It \i vxt&tzt to tjdet* " . IlirSiN Bnd four- months' old. and with a pood con-
,Pons!bi; formior f ;*ick^Wd.saffer^ 5 ;- R ; ?REPARED o NLY „• •WfiOl JS««rJfSS am^~m,»b.™
than er.y other;' <aj?fcase. a" a jt- , n ' ¦ • ffififj« of my family have been using Swamp-Root for'
to cuhti'gue nrucb.SUCffHng'-.^lth.IataJ re--. I •«->"¦ !.»II.IVIfc.R & CO. Kfc|lg * four different klSney diseases, with the «me
»:- 3 re ,urero.f.:ib^. Kidney. tro.u^-;: M\ • /BINCMMTON. N. Y. • lgt| KO f.^ e ,f^ n y thank, to vou. I r'emaln. very
:rrltatea the ne>y«s; .-makes you ydirzy;. & So ld bnllDmUi.t. VfflM truly your., robkrt berjjer."
r*5Ues*: f>pple-s .and-. Irritable: ¦.'. -makes : B l| J *" r ru e»""' WellS * C* 1 - 1Bth < 190? -
5 u ;c-« witer^; often inuring, the d.ay.ajii-' jijff m,., UtsnK^iTiwnwBwmiim^ * No matter how raan y doctors you may
obliges yCto to : «t : >in : .marry -Um.es. d-.irlng : - lK,j!jf-{<iM|i^|'lS!jgli?(»(flaiB'f^f!l'a rave trled^-no maUer how much jnoney
the right. Vr.fcf-altby ¦. ' kidn.eys ¦'. causa Bf ' ' n lL : *~^^^J^JJiBBijj|Biji8 joti'may have- %pent on other medicines,
rheumatism.', srravir.1.- catarrh of the. blAd-' fT'^J*^J?BWHi ¦¦1^^'^IHffflmWHIInB you* really owe it to. yourself <to at least-
<Jer, pfe:rs cr dulK aphaiji th^ bacfc.'3oiri.t« ..' tfjjjjj^p^s^" ~ '=^^^~^^|}^ laMA Rl v « Stv&mp'-Root: a trial. Its stanchest
er muscles; makes -.j-oer head- and- back j^^^^~ ~~-^ * -^^^^i^^s*l .friends to-day ar'e those who had almost
ache, ca'jsf-s lnd?i^«tion, -. Btbin«LcIi;'knd ¦ '**K-^'».»>*tig~-*j":J%J ,Jgy.^. j^^^yr^M . given -up hope of «ver -becoming well
liver trouble, you -get i:-6allow^yeMow-V *.. (Sw^mp-Root Is pleaaant to taki) egaln." . '•.*.' ..'". ]¦
Tb'P^fove-iytSat.Swai^pTRojdt, thg Great Kidney Remedy; Will do for YOU,
Evctrv Reader oi^rrhe CALL". May Have a Sample Bottle FREE, .
EDITORIAL i NOTI^If ¦£««' have-"th» slightest iymptoms of *kldn«y *br Wad«er trouble, or if there Is a trace of it in
your famfl^ hlstprj-, send a,t ottce^to Dr.-Kilmer & Qp., -Blnghamton, N. Y.,*who will gladly fend you by znaii» immediately,
without "co.st to you. i. eampJei>v>tt}e of 'Bwamp-Robt, and a book 'containing many of the thousands upon thousands of tes-
vtmonial J.etters received from men: and wemfti 1 cured by Swamp-Rcot. . In -editing to Dr « Kilmer *: Co., Blrtghamton, ,N.* Y., *
he sure to Bay that. you .read [thijr e'e.nf royr offeij ih the. San SVancisco Sunday Call. V- * •
¦it vou.a-re iircaxJy. .convln.ced : .t-hat;Swan3p-Jtoot. is what you nefed; you can purchase the regular flftyycent and one-,
dollar tlzetipttl*-* at -ihe •dnu'^.E.t'o^ea-. .evf.sywhere. -^on't muke any mistake, but rememBtf Jthe name, Bwamp-Root, Dr.
KUmer's.Swamp-Root. : And:thead..ares?J BinghamtenV^T. Y., on every \>pt tie! •.•••••_-''* . ••
I si a de Luzon IS Floated
HOB1LB. '.Ala,; Feb.' 2£-rrjrpe'. .-CTiiited.
Btaten gunr/pat^Isla.'de Luzo^.'wliLlchvVejrjt
egrround near".JJie ruputhof'tlve'rlyer^late
> «>sterday aftgrnoon- .dur&ag.. a . : .<J.e*ise-\f6g;
floated to^ayl -Eh.e cams t9this.;.clty
und»»r her own*Bteam andl.a[hcbbr.e^'ti- thje
ri'Tr. He$ offlc*ers report-that .no'-'Qama^e'
t-o far. es tHey knp« .•w4s'"Bustained ;Jay
t he vessel, but'' a thorough' ' elimination
•wiTi be madel "*¦*.'. :=.:.¦'. ' r' '::>¦¦'¦.' ''¦-¦ '
J*jM iid jtiserablj. too— Eo;-frust'.ia raige^'e pries of medicines, drugi, * ,w#\
nOnr eto, icati pt\t a success .. . J ° - • w
wv/r •>ihe"0wl'B low prices 4re''lh8* standard, " for. the. gsojle know thej °W lr.
t^Tj can get "the. lowest prices at;iTlie.* OwT-Drttg Stpr.e-*aBd tba rery best of > w
li| quality, too VaoM but the lesfrVf •«frer^"jin^ 1& loli *ft The Owl. * ft |M
¦»•(/ Pcrun3, '11-00 S;Z6 • •• • •:'•••'••,• ••%• •*•*'• • *• • » m % • bOo HH\
jM Brono! Seltzer," 10/) size, 2 for = .. ••• • •••"• • •„• • •. • 15c "^|K
m Wins of Card;d, S1.0D size . .';..; V. .*.>*., .'...• « # .75c V.ffl
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fc Pears' Soap, 25c size .. . 3 . . .®. . . .10c jUj
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polnti within 100 miles of our stores when jjubr
>©j"y . money is ecnt with order. &&r
JK&J* W2* Market Street San Francisco' %i\.
Furmiture Warehouse Burns.
•'..GRiWJD RAPIDS. Mlclt, Feb. 58.— Fire,
> which is 'eusposed ;to have ofiglnatedt
•fron\ a lighted cflgar thrown carelessly.
-Jnto some loose furniture packlsg, . re
sulted this afterno'efti in the loss.of a new*
j ; lPeTe Al*arQ3ette iteel-clad warehouse at
'"Ellsworfh.evenue° and Goodrich .-street.
: The- .house, was filled. "n^th ware^ ready
for fEhfpm^nt and all were * consumed.
, -causing' a «£tal loss estimated "at*$125,000.
THE SAN rBAtfcfeco' CALL, SUNDAY, MARCJH % 1903.
"* "• *vV'» ~ " - * '•'¦*'"'¦'
Young JbhjQ Keefe, Who
. ;WecfcTed an Actress, '.
: * M\i^b Answer. . " '
Special Dispatch to'^The Call. •
SAN RAE»AEi, Fefc. 28.-JoJin H. JCeefe,
son of the late Jfemes Keefe, i a w^altRy.
Sn» Fraf.cisc«.n, was held to answer to
aay. on a charge of perjury. i " : • {
.Iveefe, on the 9th ot, Februarj', was ar
reste<} on complain*: of Mary Maud Clark,
a °yaCdevl!te actfAs, for having sworn
faJSely to a marriage license «ftl January
17. The preliminary hearing just finished
vras a sensational' one. It was charged;
by Aary Maud* Clark that Keefe swore
he was 22 'years "pf^age,. when ho was in :
reality ribt 20 years old, and secured a
license to marrjr her. ® (•
oThe defense* was to Jhe effect-that
young Keefe. was 19^-ears of age, but had
been entrapped by 'Miss Clark and hc*r
slpfer"- a.nd b»ther-ln-law, George W. '!
Ryan; that he. had* been held in an^hitox-
Icated conditiomfor more* than two weeks
and while under this influence, came to
tan Rafael and swore falsely.' ~y *"* ®
The o pros%cution 'had many wl'hesses to
testify at the pjyUminary hearing, but the
attorney* Jor the" # defense had no one to
substantiate' their' assertion*.* claiming
thex-coufd #how conspiracy thoraughjy in
Hie St'perlor'Court. Justice Magcc fixed
Oall at^SOOO, which was Immediately fur
nished, '.'< *' "•!.
Young Woman JFho Posed as God
dess, of Liberty Narrowly Es
'capes Intermentt .
NEW fOHK! Feb. *. -Miss Edith Ciy
zon of "Red Bank, N. J., is- now recover
'inET from pneumonia after • her family
thought h& dead. She posed as the God
dess of Liberty In R«M Bank's Washing
ton'Hi birthday par*3e and caught i cold
which Quickly prostrated her. Yesterday
she died, apparently, and an \Tadertaker
was called >'n. Jts he was about to pre
pare the body for the shroud he was
startled to perceive that the rlghf arm
whfch had lain outsid li the bedspread!
was now drawn' up near the' face Then
he noticed an eyelid twitch. The family
was summon^, work, begun to keep
alight the slight spark of life and after
a time Miss Curzon was able to notice
what was going on. To-day she Is im
proving, with every chance of recovery
A Sevi-nteen-Year-Old,, Stock Driver
Meets Frightful Fate Near
CHICO, Feb. 2S.-lrwin Overton. aged
17. met a violent death last night at Rock"
Creek, iilne miles north of this city. He
had been riding after stock and dis
mounted from .his horse for some nur
pose, tying tho halter rope to hH arm
His saddle horse took fright, raii? ¦ awav
and dragged the helpless boy over a ranee
of rough ground for nearly a mile. When
assistance came the boy was dead His
neck was broken and the body %vas hor
ribly mangled. . • .. — ,
Shipping Men Entertain Doubts.
PORT TOWNSEND. 'Feb.. 28.-Tho fact
that the steamer Cpt&go City, which ar
rived yesterday ..from Juncau, brought no
news of the "aVrival of the overdue Brit
ish bark Duncarn at Sitka has caused
local shipping men to feel skeptical re
garding the report sent out from Sari
Francisco to- the effect that tho 'overduo
collier Juis reached SHka. . -': - -
Continued From Page 17, Column" 7.
after. her, she jostled them into an adjoin
ing room— a .privaU office— and then Into
xhe hallway. Looking back she saw Fritz
take deliberate aim at Miss Yarnell an"&
fire. .-
When the door closed after her she
half-dragged, half-carried .' the babies
along' the marble floor in the direction of
the stairway that leads to the street. As
she passed^along she heard the final
shots. Two reports rang • through \ the
corfidors an.d the isnurderes/ became a
sulcidf. Immediately | afterward, • .an<J
when popple, alarmed* by the shots, ran
from %11 directions, Miss Tfarnell stag
gerefj, into -the corridor and. sajik to the
.floor. ' -ifJi 1 - : ':'£}-,
\ Afte& FritV ha3 shot <he strtiographer
she^ fell frdm her cliair to the
floor. For* a second -he gazed | at her,
then turned his attention to" his* revolver
and examined the* chambers.. Satisfied
that there were more bullets left, he
walked, to a chair beside desk, and.,
seating . himself, placed the weapon
against his temple and ended' his life.
Death must have ,been instantaneous.
His head dropped over on ttoe desk,' his
arms fell to- his sides, in. "which position
he was found when the police entered the
The flr»t bullet fired by Fritz
struck t Morrison's watch and, tear
ing the case and wprks, remained
In it. *A second struck him in the right
leg and a thisd entered the back of his
head, producing instant death. Miss Tar
nell was shot in" the back, -and -was. re
moved to the Central Emergency Hos
pital, where the physicians in attendance
¦ay. that her wound is not serious. Fritz
shot himself just above Xhe right ear.
Detectives Ed Gibson and Tim Bailey,
Chief Coroner's Deputy McCormack and*
Deputy Frank Murphy, answered the offi
cial call and took charge of the bodies.
On the person of Fritz was found-a sealed
letter in Germai* addressed to "The Court
of Justice." It told the story of an 111
venWire and *6f maddenfng. distress. It
bore the date of the tragedy and had evi
dently been prepared during the after
noon. The missive, translated, is as'fol
laws: ( - * * \.-f>- ¦-.• ¦
"SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 28, 1008.
"Dear^ Reader: Excuse me for what I
have done. 1 can't help my$elf. I am
herp in Jhtti firm since November 13, 1902,
as a* partner and j have paid $600 for sT
Half interest.* ¦ Mr. M. J. Morrjson told
me that if I vwuld take o a third interest
I would make $75 to $100 a month; Jjut I
took a half interest to make $75 to $100 a
month sure. 5 Now I am. hero 'for three
months and a haff and Have got only
$42 17 out of it. an*d besides 'this I sent
to my partner $20 for office .expense, so
I did not make more than $22.17 in three
e months and a 'half. .At such" business I
cannof make a living. I- am' per^ctly
•convinced that I # have been alf
around. * . \. ' .
"Mr. M. J. Morrison and his type
writes, L. Yarn'ell* work together. They
make sale.* and don't tell' ma 'anything
about it. He* treats Ime onlyja.s a mes
senger boy. * Whenever* a goad biiyer
camels In h^i Sends me* away, a*nd both of
them make the sale and "jjocket th£"
money. .
' i *
"Mr. Huae of 511 Larkin »ireet bought
of us a candy stows on, February 20. He
told me that be knows of five sales which
were < twad*e 4" the office and *the money
paid. It bs said that one Plftce was sold
for $1600. I know tmly o'f Jwo sales— one
at No. '525 Poet slireet, for $9&0, and the.
candy store at*5ll Larkin. He a*!so gets
a good deal of advertising money of^
which he lets me know nothing.* He only
want* to freeze me out. • *
"I wfeh that this man Morrison would
become a^crlpple for the rest of his life.
Death would" be too good for him. If I
could accomplish ¦ what I expect to do
Advertisements. ¦¦ (S /
.^- And Get W^II Without the
v Risk of; Penny. ' •
/ ..-' ?ou can secure* the utmost that medicine will do by simply
writing a postal card, or sending ma the coupon below.
• : All I ask is your. name and address, and to know the bo^s
you need. I will then mail you 'an order on your druggist for
six bottles Dr. Shoop's Restorative. You may take it a month
on trial. If it succeeds, the cost is $5.50. If it fails. I will pay
the druggist myself. **And the sick one's mere word shall de-
cide it . . ' •
....„¦ . ..YoC.must realize that this offer be impossible If I did
I not know thafmy Restorative will cure., A man 1 doesn't take
a 1 risk involving $5.50, and with hundreds of thousands of people,
without knowing what a remedy will do. '\ ....
I spent a lifetime in perfecting my Restorative before , such
an offer was possible. I tested it. thousands of times, in hospitals
and homc3, in cases as difflcult as physicians ever meet.
i Then I let the world know of iL For twelve years I have
offered it on. terms so fair that no reasonable sick one could
neglect it. About 650,000 people hav» accepted that offer, and
39 out of each 40 have paid for it gladly, because they got well.
"My success comes from strengthening the* inside, nerves. My
Restorative brings back this power which alone operates the
vital organs. '{.[*'¦
The common way Is to doctor the weak organ". itself, and
" many of you know how temporary arc-' h<9 results.. I givo the
weak organ* power to do lta dutj\ and ths jFeauJts! arc not only
, sure but endufirig. .
.¦¦'¦-' ¦^: > In little troubles my Rcstotutivi Vs.the «ju-lcke*£ -ftclp. In 'dif-
ficult troubles id is-usuallr the. only t?«'y tn » svure. -
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1 with him I wduld make ari advertising
picture out of him, bo that every .man
could know him as a miserable swindler.
This M. J; Morrison is one of t-Tae biggest
swindlers in. flan Francisco. If ever he
sells: a place to anybo'dy the Buyer will
never buy anything from him again.
"He sold a man jx rooming house at
?g4 Sixth ¦ street* ¦ The man's name is
The man bought, and then
the rent was raised to $100. Flannelljr lost
in "this house $500 -inside of six days, and
of 'such cases I ' couldj mention several'
more. Another of these is 207 Post street.
I am a^ married man and h£ve a wife and
child, and my wife = is s^pk for the last
three years. I cannot support her .-and
I am willing to d& now.. ,\, cannot Jielp
myself. A1J the^mon^y I Tiad I gave' to.
Morrison.* Now he lets my family and
myself, starve. Everybody will readily see
that he desfryev s nothing better than wh'at
I am going to' do to him. (Signed.) ' .
* ' / "J. R. FRITZ.'* '
Another letter to his wife reads: >;
."Dear Wife and Child: I beg that you
forgive me for' what J have done. You
know yourself how "my partner has treat
ed me.' \Ve were forced to live in pov
erty. It is all the fault of M. J. Morrison;
you know also that I am not a drinker.
But I have never before been lured inlo
cuCh taiischlef. I hope that you and *he
•baby will succeed better in life? than I
have; Be cheerful and God will not for
get you. vGobd-by, my 'dear wife and
baby. I will pray for you In the other
wopld. , >* ;. J. R. FRITZ.
*'And Mr. K. B. Wallace, real estate,
Columbian building, 916 Market etrefet. is
another swindler. He sold me the busi
ness. If I had a chance I would 'get him
out of th«> way, too. Every partner ought
to do as I did, and then^there would not,
be so many swindlers.
"15 Natoma street, City." ._
• Miss Lou Yarnell talked freely concern
ing the affair after she had been removed
to the hospital. She had been In the em
ploy of Morrison for nearly a year, but
could throw little light on Fritz's alleged
grievances, excepting the two disputes
which led up* to the tragedy. She has ,
been in San Francisco for the last four
years and formerly conducted a lodging
house at 936 Van Ness avenue. Her moth,
er and sister resided with her. She gave
this version of the affair to Assistant^
District Attorney Louis TV ar<J: •
"My name is Lou Yarnell. I have lived
in San Francisco about four y*ars. I
have been working in the office of M. J.
Morrison & Co., real estate dealers, until
to-mgtit. J. iK. Fritz, Mr. Morrison's
partner, came in about.6;45 p. m % ami had
a conversation* with Mr. Morrison over
business affairs. V '
had a few words,* th«c Fritz
struck at Morrison. Morrison jumped
him. They scuffled And Mrs. Morrison
Jumped between them. They stopped for
a second, thejj the quarrel was renewed.
Morrison told Fritz to shtet up and Fritz
pulled a revolver and commenced shooting
as fast as be could. He shot Morrison
and Morrison fell. Fritz looked arour.4
and stepped over toward me ant slflot me.
I ftll'on the floor with Fritz over me
with a revolver In his hand. He examin
ed the chamber and pointed* the gun at
his own head, placed It near his temple
and shpt. I know of no season wfiy
Fritz shot moi I think Fritz was crazy.
The sflootlng occurred about 7 o'clock. I
live at 439 Geary street." i.
Mrs. Morrison when Interviewed said
that her husband had always been* hon
est In his business transactions with his.
partner o and that the accusations of the:
latter are false. She does not know the
extent of th««? firm's profits, but* Is sure
that Fritz always got* his Just^tikre. Af
ter the dispute two weeks ago; at which
she And. her children were present,^sho
fconeidered her husband's life In danger
and advised hinV'to seek the protection
of the policy The admonition he laughed
at, saying Ke placed no credence in the
man's threats. (j)
iMorrlson was 40 years of age and was
born in New York. He resided in Chicago
a number of years, where he married.
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Miss' Frances E. Taylor
Lbses Coin and
Jewels. • •
Miss Frances E. Taylor, a stenographer,
who resides at 118 Eddy street, reported
to Captain Martin last night that .her
room had been entered a,nd looted and a
watch, colm and jewels . amounting in
value to $139 taken. ; Vi .
Yesferday afternoon, while Miss Taylor
was at work, two young n*en entered the
house apd with skeleton keys gained en
trance unseen to her room* " While In the
act of ransacking ¦ it the burglars were
frightened away £y soxae - one * coning
down the hall.
Leaving everythUjs in confusion, the
two young thieves hastily left* the rorfm
and sought means of exit in the rear of
the building. The only way 'out was by
means of .a flre escape at the rear end, of
the hall. .While In the act of descending
the ladder they were observed by a Mrs.
Maul tin, who lives next door. She gave
.tin alarm, but before any one responded
th«f thieves had madVgtJod .their escjipe.
The woman was able to give -Captain
Martin a good description .of the bur
glars. - * j~ *•'. ". •
AboQt foyr years ago he came to San.
Francisco and started'an oflice on Mont
gomery street about a year artd a. half
ago. For thef.past fifteen years # h*e hadF
been dealing in business ventures and
ma*de considerableC»inoney in^ advertising
in the East. The family resided at '§Zi
Eddy street. ",^ a'^-'' •J; !^ ; ; * . . .
Fritz entered the v&unteer arr»*y at tlfe
.openingvof the Spanish-American T^af.
He advanced In rank until he be*came a
'"fcorjjoral and wiWi.dlscharged'thxee years
ago. Mrs. P'ritz- says: .'.=.& .-.'
"I did not know that %\y .husband had
any intention of killing Morrison. Whe^*
it came time tq ge^ dinner this evening I
asked hirflfto go *ut and gej'.some meat.
He left, seemingly in his usual frtwne of
mind, rather depressart, but not'appe.arinS
to have any Intention of killing any- onp. .
"I knoT? nothing of the details dt, the
trouble bAwejsn my husband and, Morrl
fon. I knew that troublfe did exist, be
cause my husband had 4old rags that Mor
rison was cheating h#n. Once or twice
when t aAed him for money he* said he
could give me none because he was get
k.ting»none Jfrom fhe firm. *
"The $600 that my husband put into the
rf al estate business was saved, by us out
of a little laundry that -we had in Berke
le'-. and was all we had.""
Fritz c$me to thi3 country from Aus
tria btVfiai yes.rs.ago. His wife's meiden
name was # L*2ontlna Pell. She worked \n
Berkeley,, where Fritz'raet and married
her about threo yea? 3 «go. The result of
the union, is one child, a girl 1« months
Fritz went \p the Thunder Mountain.
Idaho, r^nlng- district last summer and
returned about six months ago, since
which tiitfo the little family has rcsldec
at 15 Natoma street.
Mrs. Fritz has no relatives' -la,, this
country and is left penniless.
J. J. Kinucan, janitor of the building;
was the first to reach the scene of the
tragedy. He was standing in the hallway
and heard four shots fired first, then two
more Immediately aft-rward. "Just as 1
started in," he said, 'Mi3S Lou Yanpeli
ran out and told me she had been) shot.
She then dropped to the floor. I rushed
into the room, found both men dead ar;4
immediately notified the police." %
WASHINGTON, Febi 2$.-Senator Bur
rows, chairman of the Commute^ on Priv
ileges and Elections, to-day presented. to
the Senate the protest of the Interdenom
inational Council of Woropo for Christian
ami Patriotic Service against the seating
of 'Senator-elect Reed Smoot of Utah.
Among other reasons given for the pro
test is ah allegation to the effect that
Smoot is a member of an oath-bound or
ganization, and as such member he has,
taken an oath whereby "he agroea to tor
i'eVt hla life should he divulge the same
or fall to comply with Its terms; that by
said oatii he in (he most solemn manner
CvrpnJ to iivengo upon the Government the
uen'iii cJ. Joseph' and . Hiram Smith, who
Home years apo were killed by 'a mob,
'ant*' fiirt'Acr. Chnt lie ha« sworn to Uke
:T^f3<i sve.7r hl.s children and {rrandchildren
>3<»V(B3f v« rest or ,1lvs up their light for
'itol! vii'n^eancn uptl' 'A should be an ac
complished t?.t-t.V
(3AtVF LAKK, Via h. Feb. 23.— One of the
Eotafela piece* of faiiroad construction in
Iho Wast v*s cp,nipleted to-day when
W Johnson^ contractora of Daven
'yvii, lyws. finished their contract on the
Stockton (Utah) cpt on-th» Oregon Short
•Line|g Leamjngton cut-off. . . Thre* hun
dred men wjfh "a vast amount of machin
ery have been constantly einnloyed on tho
work" for the past year. • . ''.'¦'-.
THe total lengfh of the cut 14 6000 feat'.,
and in its "construction more than -a ml>.
lion and a quarter cubic yards of *majerlal
were moved. Ttiecut is* through a natural
dyke of a past age, .the-former Mm of th»
Great Salt Lake." • - .- • ..
.— ¦¦-- i. .*.
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