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Kenilworth Unable to Get a Mark in the Handicap.
Bear Catcher Captures- Another Purse, Ridden by
Tommy Burns— Lansdowne and St. Sever Surprises
ALTHOUGH a keen disappointment
to his admirer* wh'en he- finished
thir.l in the' Defljy,' starting, fa
vorite. Epicure redotfmtd- bTmself
in a way by capturing the $1009
tnil« handicap yesterday at lngleside."
There v>*rt only four starters, and the
1 -arebln three-year-old, \vhlch Pit tsburj?
rhil, the noted Uastern plunger, is
ported to have said is t.he best colt ot
his s>e<> In California, was the.outsder,
Together with leader he was allotted 1W
j.ounds by the h&ndleappcr.
ICenii worth opened favorite In the bet
ting:, but it scarcely looked" a» it the
brown hors=R could negotiate 136 pounds,
rigged as the <juartct- v.'a«. S^ovcrjs bird
receded to 11 in 5 at'ine stage of -the
*l>ecul;iiJnp. Finally he closed ;eQua.l /*i-
rtrite with I>eader. ' Yeljowtail.- jcarry-*ip
«iem Jenkins aj»J .109 pound?, . had .quite
B Mn;i(f of followers. . • • ..
.i»hn:iy Daly, on'- l^eajler. rode one of
Ms stupid ra^es and th«» J«>nni»gV .entr;:
n«ver had a cliauce. Jcnkins.'slipped away
in the lead, followed by Tvinmy/Bu-nis
«-n Konilworth. The're was 11UV> rhiuige
In j»«ipHion^ to the stretch. TiVicre*(.'liavlev
Kelly, astride Kijkure. 'stole in'betweon
the two leaders end: then calu*walkert
h.ime lit I'JSfM-.: Hif.d ridden.- Yicllovitail
took ihf. plate from I>ader by less than
« lenctU. . ¦•'»¦:'•
¦ The occasion marked the closing «*f the
reason at lrglei=ide. track and. the.at
londance w.is large. .Money was. plenti
ful about the ring and -the major *p*jrtlpn
¦ if th«« books cult winner. Sir Hampton
«nd Bear Catcher were tjie_ bnly winning
lavorite?. outsiders a&ain predominatln-T.
Sandy McNaughtcm's mare. AM C * Carey,
looked pounds the best of the starters in
ifv» opening sprint and went to the post
H IS to 30 favorite '•Sleepy'';. Cornell, rode
• rejKjReful port of race and finished thini
l.su'-dwne, piloted by Bouner. the wide
awake" colored 'lad fronj C*hsrley*"McCaf
feityd stable, landed -first .at the wire,
nearly' three lengths ahead, of NellheHaw-.
thorne.- The winner wasf a lS. tp l'-*h'ot in
ihe ring. • " ./ . •
Sir Hampton only breezed aroend *-jr
«h« fevcn-furlong/ 6cllfn>r p-jsse.- The
Purser entry went to the popt an ll-to 10
favorite and scored jtoine: away from c
,\la.!o, a 10 to 1 5hot. David B could.do
no better than run thinj..
-In the kindergarten fpeclaJ Garnet Fer-
Hison's Bear Catcher bojf off the laurels,
'rna.kinfc hip t!iird sueces««ive victory. The
Flasliinff ton of St.: George, with Tommy
Hums in the . saddle, wai an odVJs on
choice and led almost from the* start,
leading " out . Cascine two. and* a hal^,
length? in ":< K H- • Knobhamp'ipn finished
cisrht lengths beh'nd Cas-ine. '¦'•..*• ;
If Ojnnell expects .^to become a rider he'
t-. ill have to put a "little niore vim en ml
jrinfrc-r into his work or be again relegated
to the ranks of the exercise boy.=. The
McNaughton .jockey. -had. the 'leg up on
Royalty, favorite for the mile and # a quar
ter seliiiig affair, ano" the ride h* put up
was farricsl' fi say '.he lejtstr- "He got the
i-hort-priced favori".e. iway badly and
when flna'ly Resuming the l?ad made no
effort to shake off the fj?l3, »Dagrjar, the
jumper, for^juite a piece. Being; tne run
ner-»r'. In t.hf- stretch he was pasteed by
both Autolight and Expediunt, the latter
setting the <V-cis=ion by a.heag. Bur ( ns out
iinisbing ¦ Birk»nruth. .The winner "•xen».
i" U '•? post at odds ot 41j # »o 1. Royalty
w'astihird. .. .
Onlj four finallj- answ^»*«i post call for
Ahe concluiir.* mile and • seventy- yard
run. : Constf-'lator, "the» T B to ]0 choice,
raced out in the lead, w^ih Antolee and
-the .chances of £a<!h were spoiled. When
noth" had gro«-n tired. Minder, on St.
Berer,' 7 to .1 fh'js:. went, to ttiv fore,
jRinn4n«- hands dowr., ir»l:fe!i-
..- Rating ni'l Lv continued at Oakland to-mor
row. ¦ •• « ¦
i «Th.irl»y Kelly won his last race of th<< F^a
c.n <-.li Epicure.. Tr-.e clever lJphtwelEht left
for Memphis last «vet-".ng to Join the stable of
Jake Marklejn: 0 : ¦*-•_:
As the horses left tre padd^yk for the last
race Me»h*nus Fhowcf} up so* lame that the
judces had the chestnut brought. t«o tlt>,-itand.
Alter ex&mr.iat'bn alj t bets were declared off
i.r.i twenty rriinutes aj'iowed j'cr a new booV.
1 C K -'.'::¦. rldf.~ of Knobhampton, loUgo!
<laim of foul *eainrt Bullman. who rode Cat'
(int. B-Unian In lurr.»claimed that Burn«. tho
l*41ot of Bear Catcher, wa» at fault 'After In
vestigating f 2 :.,.» the oi n<::a!r»(*iij not think the
• rt of Burns intentional and i.o chanje in po
»!tlons was made . f
Worth Jockey Club etak»a clos« Tuesday,
March 3. j •¦¦--:->
New Orleans R&cing.
XEW ORLEANS, Feb. 2S.— Crescent City
nummary: r ".»^
. F*iT»=t t»ce. six furlongs — &i*llie T^won. Mu
•ufal Slipper »econd, ' Katie Gilfoocs third.
.Tim*, i-.ii. • •;.
Second race, on» mile — Star and Carter won.
Fair Lac* second, Brooksfn' third. Time,
1:«7 : ,4. . .;:. •
Third race, handicap, mile And -a sixteenth —
Vlll'ul won. Ben Chance •ecund, Bud Embrey
third. Tlma, l:r3 2-6. . *
Fourth race, . the Bpe^d handicap, alx tur
:¦-.%*— Arr.'.i?p.ria -non. St. Taxrmasy second,
Jcsette third. Time, 1:17.
Fifth race, one mile and & half — Thai.V won t
I-atson «ecot.d, , Oeylon third. Time, 2.'44J-5.
Elxth rac«, cn« nolle — Aiiumada won. Marrhal
Neil eeeond, Fonfpray third. Time, 1:45 2-5.
Lohraan Names His Team.
OAKLAND. Feb. 25.— Peta Lohman,
manager of the Oakland baseball team,'
has made public the names of those who
Will constitute hl« team for the coming
er&son in the Pacific Coast League. The
players an<S their positions are as fol
lows: Norman Brashear, first base; Ai
Johnson, second base; Jack Fillm'an,
frhortrtop: William Devcreaux, third base.
Jn the outneld will be Robert Ganley, Wil
liam O'Hara and Jack Baxter. For pitch
ers lie has George C*ooper, Oscar Graham.
Jack Lee and Edward II err. He will also
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6 O'PARRELL 3T. (Near Mark**.) S.F. j
INGLESIDE RACETRACK. Saturday, Fob. 28.-Weather fine. Track fast.
i.'t72. FIUST HACK— Futurity course; selling;; 3-year-olds and up: value to first, $325.
Indexl I' Horse ftr.d Own- r. |Wt[st. °U . 'Ti «I7~Str. Fin. Jockey. I Op. Cl.
|-^ s«C _ „ [-__' -! ¦
f.'K»4 il^anodowne. 3 (Fitzgerald). .4I1C5I *J ... 4 >i 4 >i ;5 n 1 ZVi Bonncr ...-I 1" \-'
i326 IN. Hawthorne 4 (Magrgnf). . |lt2( « ... SI ft 3 5 •£ - I 1 n Donovan .. 1« -«
4136 |A"ii<e Carey. 3 « JlcXaughton). . |10t| 5 ... :',:: 2J 2 .! :t n Connell 4-5 13-2i»
• 4-62 jljicjy •Gallantry, 3 4McAlester)| 00 1 I ... 2 >i 1 n 1 n 4 Vi |L Wilson.. 8r • 3
4"0t ]MMlove. a tUandall). 0 |116i 4 ... In 3 1«i4n 5 1 Stuart lO.v.JS
4!00 lHoratius, .1 (Chlnn &.Co.)... lttt :f ... .". n ti 'j •> 1 « t Carson « ''
4."5«J (Master. 3 (G. Lanka)t..! 104| 7 ... 8 4 7-1 7 1 7 5 Birkemuth So ¦ R0
i^2 jldaitm. 5 .Mi.-» Kin*) IlKij S ... 7 '.4 8 2 H 2 8 n McKinnon . 10«t L'OK
- ..'.. IMagnft Queen. 4 (Allen) jlli'lO ... lit 10 »h !»- '.i Henderson- SO 'IT,
4.jtiS !Almarlc. 3 (D. McCarthy). . .|10tfj Si ... !t 2 !• n in Jo Minder 20 7j
7"inie — :25. :50. 1:13. At post 2\i minute'. Off at 2:OSVi. KansdoT.-nt'. place, ";-show, 8-5.
. Nellie, place, 7; show, a. Alice, show 1-0. Winner,, b. g. by Russell-Fancy Remnant.
¦•"?; : <Triliie<i by I. p. Kitzgrorald.) Scratched— Honeyruckle, M. K. Tarpry. p4ucate.l Start
good., te'on first three drsvin;. Lanstlownp eseaped e the gueuscra and won going away.
Nellie Hawthorne ran a nice race. -AlU-e Carey must have been rhort. Lady GallBnrry
helped RiHk.- her do It. Horatius ridden the overland. Mafnet Queen something chol.-e
that failed to stand the test.
•^T.'!; SECOND RACK— Seven furlon**; sellir-R: 4-year-olrts and up; value to first. $325.
frdeTj HeW and- Owner. |WtlSt. \i~. \i~. *i. Sftr. Fln.'j JocltQ'I \ Op. Cl.
j M3r:2>'iS!r llasxifton, a (Purser) !lO8i 4 l' 4 ll 12 12 15 IBlrkenruth 1 ll-l"
\WA)\A\*6a 6 (W I,. -Oliver): |KR>| 5 fl n 5 <j 2 1 2 :i 2 2'ilMiniler .... 6 . • 10
43CS JDavId s. 5 <Stanfl^1<i) 1C5| « 2 «i 2 n :i 'i 3 .'I :» 4 IJ. Daly 4 10-fl
43<54 fUielit Ball. 5 «J Curl) jlOr.j 1 :\ 11^4 I«i5 1^4 1'i* * jKnapp 6 , : 10
¦> «43M:) Oriana. a (Camj.bell & Co.).illO; 7 7.4. 7 It 8 2 « I n 1'iiBolaml .... 7 12
43«5 Vambac-Tfi!.. 5 (Colbert) il>^2 .*; 3° 1 H« 1 "n 7 4 «2 |U. Mavkson. 4«) lOO
4.170 (Hutch Miller. 5 <MeAt*ster). . |102 2 4 ",i :! », 4 1 5 n 7 10 jl^wls :?«) 40
¦':7.V1 IThg Hoodoo. 5 (Farmer) [103 1 S R S ' 8 S K [Donovan ..| 40 UiO
Time— :24'-i. :50. 1:154. J:2SU. At j>oft 2!^. minutes. Oft nt 2:S5 l «. Hampton, place,
1-2* nhow. 1-4. Alado.'iilac. 3; show. 6-J. "r>avld. show. 2-.".. Winner, br. h. by Water
cress- IJzzie lifaftipton. (Trained by Ueorne Miller.) Scratched— lrma A. Start good.
Won easily. Second handily. ''Third driving. Winner thirty days the best. Alado ran
. to form and k o did Minder. Light Ball sharply cut oft* .011 far turn. Oriana didn't do
so well. Hutch Miller made a trek to the fear.
43/4. T1IIIU) RACE— Four furlong.*; 2-yeir-old«; value tn flnrt. $600.
'index Horse and "Owner. [Wtfst. \T. V*. «i. Hlr~KTtTn~~Jockey. j Op. 01.
<4332)iBear Catcher (Ferguson) lilBj :i ' Jo 1 :: 1 2% Burns 2-5 7-20
4.*;.Vi |Ca*cine <BurnK & WaternouseMi1. r .| 2 2 1 2 3*^2 8 IBullman .. 5-2 .0-2
(4199)|Knobhamrton <G. B. Morris). [UOi I ' :; :t _J! \C. Kelly...! 4 0
Time— :24. :4S'i. At post <• mlnutfs. Oft Rt .".:05!i- Hear, place,' 1-10. Cascine. p!ac?.
3-5. Winner b r. by St. Ueorge-Fallte -McAllister. (Trainer! by T. O. Ferguson.)
0 Start good. 'Won handrl'J.lenr. Second drivlns hard. There was considerable jockeying
the posti Rear Catcher »ct(d rank, refusing to line up. Three furlongs from hoai>
dinner bore in slightly on Cascine. which colt in turn cut off Knobhampton. Judges
did not think th« foul intentional and no change in positions was made.
4.175. FOURTH RACE — One mile; handicap; O-year-olos *nd up; value to first. $800.
JrTcex] ~j lone / mad ; Owner. °|WtTst. ',i . V^- ?*. Str. Fin. J Jockey! T Op! CL
4S45 jF.picure :\ (*-. IVuhey) lioo] 4 :t 2%3 2',»3 H 1 h 1 3%(C. Kelly...! 5 0-2
4346 lYell-jw Tail. " 6 (Hack'.tt). .. . 103 :t 1 '.i 1 \' x 2 2%2 s 4 |Ienkln« ...| 2 16-5
( 4.140) i^eadtr. '.\ (W. R. Joinings).-. 100] 2 4 4 4 4 ?. 6 [J. Daly 1 a-5 11 5
(4346)|»Onllworth. > r » (Ketcheman). .!12tij 1 2 % 2 1 'o2 "j .'t V, 4 I Burns . i 8-ft 11-6
Time — :24 ":4f» 1:15 1^9*i. At pest 1'j minutes. Off at 3:31. Kplcuro. place, 1; show,
* out.- Tall, place.- 1: show. 3-::. I^ea<irr. show. out. Winner, b. c. by D.irebin-Felukah.
(Trained by C W, Carroll.) Ptart g«;od. AV'on easily. Next two driving. Yellow Tall
•* ; Interfered «vlth at first turn by K.nilworth. Kelly, on Epicure, split Yellow Tall and
Kenilwoith on stretch turn I^caii-s-r went the longest way around. Kenilworth would
have had a chance at elx furlongs.
437'O. FIFTH RA(?E— 1 U miles; selling; 4 year-olds and up; value to* flrnt. $325.
Index! ilorse and Owner. IWtlSt. »i • %~. *i^ fctr. Fin. J Jockey. Op. Cl.
436* I Expedient « (P. K. Smith).. jlCSI 2 3 1>45 4 'i 3 IW '> Burns . 4 9-2
4.T3M Autolight. 5 (K»tchemaii)....illO 1 4 lb-< h 2 '.- 2 »-i 2 % Blrkenrutb. 2 11-B
4."547 iRnyally 4 (H Greeni S7J a 5 1 »i 1 l«il 1 8 l'-j Conneli 6-5 11-10
i-.Xi SDa^mar. a <W. H. White)... 1O.'<| 4 1 2 Mi 2 lVa3 n 4 1^4 4 Donovan .. 100 200
<364*2CoL Ballantyne, D (Robinson) lOOj 52?;4h5 C 5 |Bonner .... 10 12
4a.'« [Duke York II. a (Mor<.housc)]102| * ILewls -60 30
•Time — :25 :6l. 1:17 1:43*4. 2:09. At post *j minute. Oft* at 3:55V4- Expedient, place. 0-5;
thow '2-5.' Autolight. place. 3-5; show. out. Royalty, show. out. Winner, ch. g. by
Tlam'beMu-Experiment. (Trained by P. E. Smith.) Start good for all but Duke of
York, woo nn?t three In a hard drlV*. Cornell rated Royalty, thinking It « six^day
¦walkins match. Burns outftnished Birkenruth. *L«ft.
4377. BIXTH RACE — Mile and 70 yards; selling; 4-ycar-olds and up; value to first, $::25.
index I Horse and~Owner. |Wt!St. V* • V*- lT- Str. FllT Jockey. Op. Cl.
4S57 [st Sever 4 (RowiM) 105 44 3n3 33Sl l^i, Minder ...'. 8 7
4Sj7 Co'nstellator 6 (T. Ryan).... 107 2 Hi 1 n 2 2 2 h 2 ,1>i|Jenkins ... 7-10 7-10
4:<47 'Anto.ee, 5 iHonlg Jr.) 110 121 2 2^1 h lh 55 IBoIand 3 18-5
43(3 Jlllowaho, t (Kctcheman) |107 3 3 \$ 4 4 4 4 IBlrkenruth A 9-2
I Tin.-.'— :24 1 i. i49'-i. 1:!5'4. 1:41. l:45»i. At p«t 1 minute. Oft at 4:44. Sever, place. 8-5;
I show S-3. ConsteUatbr. r'ace. l-«: rhow, out. Antolee. show. out. Winner, ch. g. by
St Carlo-Sunlit. (Trained by H. E. Rowell.) Scratched — Meehanus. Start good. Won
easily after an early drive. Next two driving. Mechanus came out o! paddock very
lame and was ordered scratched by the judges and twenty minutes allowed for a new
l>ook. Race run Just right for winner. Favorite and Antolee raced themselves to a
standstill. Illowaho ran as if short of speed.
try ou* J. Ells, a local player. Behind the
bat-^inl be Pete Lohman and Charles
Clever Performances at Stanford.
The upper classmen defeated the under
classmen in the field day this morning by
the r*;ore of oT^i'to 45'.*. Although no fast
time was made, the meet was interesting.
The best showing was made fcy Cross
man, '04. in the quarr.-r-mile run, which
he won in 52 seconds. Hyde, '04, put the
16-pound shot within One inch of the Stan
ford record of 41 feat 6 inches. Holman.
•04, ran the mi'.e in 4:51, fast time for so
early ,<-i the season. The results:
MUe run— tlCman. '04: Gay. '03, sec
ond; Thomson, 7W, third; tini". 4:.">1. 10O-yard
dash — Turpin, 0<j. won: Lyons, '03, second;
Hawley. "lW. third; time. :10 2-5. 120-yar'l
hurdles — Kuhn; '(B, . won; V'eJler. '06, second;
Oruzan, '00, third; time, :17. Two mile itm —
Lovell, 'CMJ. won; Gundrum, *03, second; FMod
get, '04, third; time. 11:21. . Quarter-mile run —
frossman. 'OJ. won; Dole, 'ti5. • and Hayward.
'cm. tied for secon.'.' place; time. :Z>1. 220-yard
hurdles — Kuhn, '03. won; W tiler, '06, second;
time, :27 1-5. Half-mile run— Swinerton. *W,
won; Moran. '04, second;^ Smith, '05. thirci:
time, 2:10. Half-mile relay — Upper classmen
won U^anagran. '0t; McClelland, '04; Thomson.
'03; Dunn. <* «>4. compored the teaiK£,; time,
1:37 2-5. rttirh Jump — Bell. '05. won; Preston.
'fW. second-; Xorth. '<H. third; height, 5 feet 7
inches. Pole vault — Bell, '05, won; Whltaker.
'04, second: Kinley '06. and Preston, '04, tied
lor third; hWjflit, 10 feet. Hammer throw —
Crawford '03, woni-WoUer. '06, second; C. E.
Hyde. '05. third; distance, 130 feet. Shotput—
O. K. Hyde. '04. won; Crawford. '05, second; C.
E. Hyde, ."05, third; distance, 41 feet 6 Inches.
Philadelphia League Team Sold.
PHILADELPHIA. Feb. . 28.— Th« Phila
delphia National League Baseball Club
was sold by John A. Rogers and A. Ba sen
to a syndicate composed of twenty Phila-
OeiphiEtris, two residents of Cincinnati and
an Indianapolis man. The transfer was'
made direct to James r Potter, who is at
the head of the syndicate. The purchase
price was not announced, but if Is said
to have been about $200,000. : Willlajn J.
Shettsline, manager of the club, has been
retained in the capacity of secretary and
business manager.. •" -V ;y< : ; V i . >
. . ATLANTA. Ga., Feb. 28. — A tornado passed
over the town of Hickory Level last night.
Pour hounes were blown down and five persona
were hurt. . . .
Clever Rodwielders Meet in Friendly
Competition on Stow Lake,
Golden Gate Park.
The members of the San Francisco Fly
casting Club met yesterday at Stow Lake,
Golden Gate Park, in the first of the
season's flycasting contests. W. D. Mans
field and H. C. Golcher, the long-distance
champions, did not compete. T. W. Broth
erton was the only man tb get out more
than 100 feet of line. His distance was
101 feet. The compjete score follows:
D >• Delicacy. \' f 1
CONTESTANTS. :* 5* n g n Q .<? . -g f>.
• • 2. Z r> • : J>
• ;. ¦ : : 3; :
G. C. Edwards.. ' 80JB3.4J93 65 '.189 81.9
A. E. Mocker... »U\. ...(90.4 81.886
T. C Kierulff... «3 78.4 i>l 81.2 ! 87.7 3U.5
T. W; Erotherton 101 87 92.8 80 90.11 85:«'
II. Battu 84 90.8 91- 85 68 69.1
O. W. Lane. 70 80 89 7«. 8 83.10
J. Watt 70 77 8* 77.6 80.9 ...
C. R. KennlfT H780.891 83.4 87.2 97.1
W. li Brooka... U3 89.4 89.4 90 89.8 ....'
C. G. Young 90 88 03 90 91.0 .
A. B. Carr 94.4 91 85 88.4 ....
F. H. Reed ) 00 91 88.4 86.8 ....
Oakland Defeats Lowel
BERKELEY Feb. 2$.-Tha treshmen.of
the -Oakland. High School defeated Uhe
lawer classmen "of the Lowell High Sahool
in a track- meet held this afternoon on
the university cinder path. The score was
64 to 43. The detailed results are aa' fol
60-yard dash— Hall first. Whitman and Sul
livan tied for second; time, :06 1-5. -. 100-yard
dash— Horswell first. Whitman second, Allen
third: time, :11. 220-yard . dash— Sites first.
Robertson prcond: time, :2fi 1-5. 440-yard
dash— Davis first, O"Neill second, Stalder third
time, :K> 2-5. -, 880-yard run— Korbel first, Kel
ley second. Madden thlrtl; time, 2:32. ¦'¦ Mile
run — Maundrell first, ' Ilazzard eeeond, Cauld
well third; time, 5:08 1-5. Two-mile run
Maundrell first/ Cauldwp 11 : second,- Malcolm
third;" time, .. 11:17. "120-yard hurdle — Stalder
flr»t. Grubb second, : McDermptt- third; time,
:17 4-5. High jump— Camp first, Stein second,
OruUo third; height, 4, feet 6 inches. Pole
valut — Stalder first, Grayson pecond, Robinson
third; height,. 8 feet. Broad Jump— Thompson
first, Stein second. -Camp, third;, distance,: 36
fett. • 8hot-put — Wltcher first,. Davis second,
Bennet- third,; distance, . 81 < feet 8. Inches.
California Loses to Independents.
BERKELEY, Feb. 28.— The University
cf California and the Independent nines
played a ragged game of baseball this af
ternoon on the college campus. When the
lwst inning was over the score stood 19
to 11 in favor of the Independents. For
errors and general bad playing the game
exceeded anything that has been played
at Berkeley this term. Overall pitched
three inning* for California and did poor
work. Hcitrauller was then put in to re
lieve him, but he was easily batted by the
rival 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ~JE|[OEI! JiMlilJILtBMHllMLJlUUMM
Santa Clara Defeats Stanford.
The Santa Clara College baseball team
defeated the varsity nine for the second
time,- in the games • this "afternoon. The
score was 3 to 0, the SantX Clarana get
ting three runs through the loose play
ing and errors of the varsity men. Mar
tin, the Santa Clara pitcher, seemed to
have the Stanford batters at his. mercy,
Cowden getting the only hit secured off
hia delivery.
Former Opponents to
-Fight Here This
• Month.
Terrible Terry Forfeits Two
Matches for This
Young Corbett and Terry McGovem are
to mctt in this. city on the last day of
this month in a fight for the feather
weight championship of the world. Ycung
Corbett wen the championship from Mc-
Govem in November, 11)01, . in the second
round of a fight.
Since that day McGovem has been
clamoring for a chance to regain his lost
laurels. As showing his bona fides . on
this occasion he' has forfeited a match
with Bonny Yanger and another with
Ben Jordan, In England,' on May 27, to
take on. Corbett.
The negotiations were conducted by
telegraph, Harris representing MCGovern
in New York. The boxers have agreed
to weigh In at 127 pounds at 4 o'clock on
the day they fight. The affair will be
managed by the. Hayes Valley Athletic-
Club. The boxers will receive CO per cent
of the gate receipts. Of this the winner
will receive 60 per cent and the loser 40
per cent. Heavy forfeits guaranteeing
the appearance of the men in the ring
and at the stipulated weight are to be
posted at once with \V. W. Naughton.
McGovern, who is In condition now.
Judging from" his fight with Maynard
some days since, will start west on Fri
day.^ He has commissioned Morris Levy
to select training quarters for himself
and party.
Corbett will settle down to training
again to-morrow at Sheehan's. He will
have to work faithfully to make the
weight and promises not to spend so
much time on the park benches.
Officer Severely Reprimanded for His
Introduction of Electrical De
vice to Cure "Cribbing."
After a trial which lasted until after
midnight last night the Fire Commission
ers found Captain Daniel R. SeawelJ of
Kngine Company No, SO guilty as charged
on the three charges preferred by Assist
ant Chief Shaughnessy. lie was severely
reprimanded for exceeding his authority
In installing the electrical device to pre
vent the horses "cribbing" and pawing,
but the Commissioners were of the opin
ion that his act wan a mistake In Judg
ment and not done to tease the animals.
The second charge was unjust and un
fair discrimination in the apportionment
of. work in tho' engine house and It was
found that Iloseman Jordan had received
more than his share. The third chargo
was that the captain had given music les
sons to several little girfs In the dormi
tory and the commlsslon\ found that It
had been only a technical violation of rule
13, and thfe .explanation that had been
.made by tho. accused was suflicient. ¦
Commissioner Parry voted against the
resolution and stated in explanation that
he was of the opinion that the electrical
device was cruel and he was not in favor
of a reprimand. Commissioner Watt said
ho did not think the charge of discrimina
tion in apportioning the work had been
Gun Play Over "Man From Nevada."
OAKLAND, Feb. 28.— A squabble over
receipts and salaries at the Dewey Thea
ter to-night precipitated a fist fight and a
little gun play, in which Edward Chap
man, the lessee, and Charles Uhlrich, rep
resenting the actors, were the principals.
Uhlrich attached the receipts in behalf of
the actors and when he thought they were
getting the- worst of it made a peremp
tory demand on Chapman. This resulted
in Chapman's charging on Uhlrich. In
the struggle Chapman tried to draw a
pistol on him. so Uhlrich says. Before
any damage was done, however, the men
were separated. In the meantime the audi
ence had to wait twenty minutes before
the last act of "The Man from Nevada"
went on. There were no arrests.
Young Girl Disappears.
: . Annie Coulthurst» the lG-year-old daugh
ter of Mrs. Coullhiirst, who resides at
2014 Brj'ant street, has been missing from
.her home>ince 6 o'clock Friday evening.
The girl left the store of Robert L. Top
litz'& Co.. the wholesale millinery firm at
549 Market street, where she, works, at that
hour and up to midnight on Saturday her
mother had neither seen her- ; nor heard
from her.' Mrs. Coulthurst has reported
the matter to the police, : who , are work-
I«g on the case. • / ';.^ .'
Often begins "with a cold in the head,
¦but it never stops there. The tendency is
always from bad to /worse. £ The simple
cold becomes a protracted, stubborn one,
'while the discharge from the nose grows
more profuse and offensive. The inflam-
mation extends to the throat and bron-
. chial tubes, causing hoarseness, a tickling
sensation and aa aggravating cough.
The foul matter that is continually drop-
ping back into the throat finds its way
into the stomach, • resulting in a distres-
! sing form of dyspepsia, nausea, and loss
of appetite and, .
stre^th The THE GATEWAY
catarrhal poisons . ;
are absorbed: into' "fQ
the blood, and all - .^.'..¦--«— .,%..
the membranes CONSUMPTION.
or the body be-
come infected, and what was supposed to
"be purely a local disease has become con-
stitutional; deep seated and chronic. /
'• Sprays,' washes, powders, salves and
other external remedies give only tem-
porary relief, and the disappointed and
disgusted patient finally gives up in
despair and declares catarrh incurable.
The only way to get rid of catarrh per-
manently is to treat it through the blood.
The system must be toned up and all im-
purities removed from the blood, and this
S. S. S. does promptly and thoroughly. It
.expels from the circulation everything of
an irritating, poisonous character, allow-
S^ Mi^ ing the inflamed mem-
m^ {^PQ branes to heal when
Tfffc^ m^ tne mucous discharges
J^» cease, and the damage
CTfP fete§f done to the health is
soon repaired. S. S. S.
keeps the blood in such a nealthy, vigor-
ous condition that cold,, damp weather
or sudden changes in the temperature are
not so apt to bring on catarrhal troubles.
S. S. S. is a vegetable medicine unequaled
as a. blood purifier/ and the : best of all
tonics — just the remedy needed to thor-
oughly and effectually cure catarrh.
The Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Passing Away of Noted
Horseman and Book
maker in Asylum.
Special Dispatch to The Call.
STOCKTON. Feb.. 28.-Phll Archi
bald, who a few years ago was
Known on every racetrack in
America as a*wealthy bookmaker,
nervy plunger and the owner of
several crack race horses, died early this
morning in the Stockton State Hospital
for the Insane. ln % which he had been .1
patient for over two years. He had been
a sufferer from paralysis for several
years, but pneumonia was \ the direct
cause of death. Archibald leaves a wife
in San Francisco and a mother in Aus
tralja. where the Archibald family own
a grand old estate.
The deceased's insanity was of a pecu
liar nature. He suffered frequent light
etrokes of paralysis, and when recover
ing from these there would appear in his
befogged mind visions of
wealth and winning equlnes. At these
times he used to ask the attendants to
carry him out to the yard, -where he
could watch for the appearance of the
evening star, which he imagined was a
diamond, his own treasure, and of which
he talked for hours. His last words were
of horses and the track. The body was
shipped to San Francisco this afternoon
for interment.
', "Poor fellow, he's better off, was the
general comment of the former friends of
Phil Archibald when they heard of his
death. It was sad news to them, for nq
was popular In the sporting world, -but
they knew his death was a release.
Archibald was born ir, Sydney, Austra
lia, and was about 42 years of age at the
time of his death. He came to this city
from the antipodes in 1S86. bringing Abe
Willis, the feather-weight fighter, who
subsequently and while under Archibald's
management lost in three rounds to
George Dlxon in this city.
Archibald had charge of the billiard
rooms of the Occidental Hotel for a time
and then went in with Charles Klngsley.
v/ho conducted poolrooms on Leidersdorff
street. He had been interested in this
business in Australia. While with Kings
ley he accumulated about $40,000 and in
1&91 began booking at the Bay District
track. In 1S92 he was ruled off for an al
leged irregularity, but was reinstated in
18S4 through the Influence of James Nell
and went to booking again. He became
ass6clated with Bart Cavanaugh, the well
known sporting man of Sacramento.
Archibald's name was also well known In
Chicago, where he had a representative.
Early In 1E00 the bookmaker began to
show signs gf mental unsoundness and
was confined in a sanitarium. He was
pronounced etired six months later and
released, but took up his old life again,
which brought complete madness.
During the. first, week of January. 1901,
Archibald was taken to the Receiving
Hospital, a raving maniac. It was nee
c-ssary to put him Into a straightjacket
and he tossed and screamed in the delir
ium of madnep?. He imagined he was
on tn* racecourse in the stress and ex
citement of the sport that made him fln
arclally, then ruined him. He presented
a deeply pathetic sight, a sad climax to
a life lii which nerves were strained until
they broke, where mental and physical
natures were taxed by excitement and
dissipation until they collapsed.
The insane bookmaker was committed
to the State Hospital for the Insane at
Stockton on January 5, 1901.
Archibald was married in this city and
his wife, Marjorie Archibald, survives
him, as does a brother. Pat Archibald,
also a resident of San Francisco.
Bart Cavanaugh was appointed guardian
of the insane bookmaker's estate, wortfl
about $15,000 or $20,000, and the income has
gone to Mrs. Archibald.
Hotel Thief Still at Work.
The fire escape burglar who entered the
Palace Hotel and got away with prop
erty of several guests last Saturday night
is still plying his traie with fair success.
Some time Thursday night he gained an
entrance, supposedly by way of a fire es
cape, to the apartment of Captain W. "W.
Greene of the steamer Nippon Marii at
the California Hotel and stole a 'watch
and chain and $35 in coin. Captain Greene
slept soundly, during the burglar's visit
and did not learn of his losses until
aroused next morning. The captain val
ues his watch and chain at $500. In : one
of the Dockets of his coat there was a
wallet containing several hundred dollars
which the burglar overlooked in his hur
ried search. It is believed that the thief
also visited the adjoining rooms occupied
by Charles Elliott, for on the morning
following the robbery Mr. Elliott found
his window open and his clothes scattered
about the room.
Smathera Coming West.
NEW YORK, Feb. 28.— Though sold for
$30,000 to' E. E. . Smathers, • the millionaire
light harness horseman,. McChesney re
mains for the present in charge of Dur
nell &. Herz. Mr. Smathers will leave
shortly for , the Pacific , Coast. He w'll
decide what to do with his purchase be
fore he goes. .
DOVER, De!.. Feb. 28. — ThV thirty-fourth
ballot for - United • States • Senator to-day was
without definite result-
Fifteen Players Appear
in the Qualifying
Course Is in Fine Condition
and Low Scores Are
Handed In.
The beautiful weather and the excel
lent condition of the San Francisco. Go! i
Club course attracted fifteen players to
take part in the qualifying rounds of the
competition for the council's cup for men
yesterday at the Presidio. John Lawson
turned in the best card for the eighteen
holes. 41, 43; total. 84. The full scores of
the contestants are shown in the table:
3 3 C
S. c f • i -;
John Lawson 41 4."5 84
H. C, Golcher 42 41 ffi
J. W. Byrne 43 44 fu
Lieutenant J. a. Oyster. . 4"J 4t »7
I>r. J. R. Clark 45 45 jx>
Dr. T. G. McConkey 4« 45 i »J
S L. A bbott 4<» 4"! I trj
J. II. Mee 45 4S f 9:;
R. G, Hanford 47 47 PI
A. J. Brander 47 51 | fl>*
J. Ulckey Jr 4!» 49 PS
W. E. Lester 47 At 9fl
A. B. Williamson 4S Kt l^t
laptaln E. A. Millar R2 r.2 fv*
J. A. Goodwin 64 R4 J2S
Of the foregoing solfera the eight who
returned the lowest scores will play in the
opening match round of the contest for the
council's cup. They are drawn against
each other a's follows: S. Li. Abbot v*.
J. II. Mee; John Lawson vs. Dr. T. G.
McConkey, Lieutenant J. S. Oyster vs.
Dr. J. R. Clark, H. C. Golcher vs. J. W.
Brother and Sister Are
Experts on Tennis
A large gathering witnessed two' tour
nament matches on tbe Golden Gate Park
tennis courts yesterday afternoon. The
final of the mixed doubles tournament re
sulted in a victory for the Ratcliffes— Miss
Ethel and Walter— of Berkeley. In the
semi-finals of. the men's handicap.tourna
ment Fred Adams, with a handicap of
"fifteen," beat George Janes.
Although the Ratcliffes won three
straight sets the match was close. The
score was 6-2, 9-7, 6-4. Miss Varney and
G. W. Finch received a handicap of "one*
sixth of fifteen." which did not' affect the
match in the least. In the second set
Miss Varney and Finch had a lead of 5-2
and 40-0, but were unable to win the one
pofnt that would have given them the set.
At another time when the score stood 5-4
and 40-30 they needed but one point to
win. The Ratcliffes played a steady game
and were a trifle too strong for their op
ponents. Walter Ratcliffe used fine judg
ment and was particularly strong at the
Fred Adams played a remarkable game
for a beginner. He received a handicap of
"fifteen" from George Janes and won
handily. The score was 6-3, 3-6, 6-3.
Adams has shown the most remarkable
improvement seen in years. He is but a
beginner, but already has a fine style and
good strokes. Janes was at his best, but
did not have a chance with the handicap
he allowed. Adams was allowed the same
handicap in the last tournament and cut
no figure. In this tournament he beat
Dunlap. Griffin and Janes, three of the
best players on the park courts.
In the finals to-day Adams will meet the
winner of the Allen-Hotchkiss match.
Allen will play Hotchkiss and give him
odds of "two-sixths of fifteen and owe
one-half of fifteen."
Lowell High School defeated the Tam
alpais Academy on the California Club
courts yesterday morning. The former
won ,the doubles and one singles match,
while Tamalpals won the other singles
match. Alexander Beyfuss of Lowell beat
W. Alexander of TamalpaJs, 4-6. 6-4, 6-3.
John Cushing of Tamalpais beat Sidney
Smith of Lowell, 6-2, 6-3. In doubles Be?~
fuss and Herbert Long 1 beat Alexander
and Harold Fitch Jr., e-1, 6-3.
RICHMOND. Ind.. Feb. 2S.— Dr. Joseph Mills
has resigned the presidency of Earlham College
and Professor R. Kelley has been chosen as his
§ Health, Fire and
Vim for Men
There is no disease or disorder pecu- j
Iar to men that I cannot cure. I have
permanently cured more men than any »
i other specialist treating: the same dis- {
S eases. Some of the methods I empl y
aro as far tn advance of those in com-
mon use as the ere light Is better than
the tallow dip. That Is why I am able *
to cure tne entire list of men's maladies '
o. c. joslen. m.d. • and wny my cur es are complete and j
The Lcadluc Speclallat. lasting.
I "Will-VVa.it ft>r My Fee Till You Aro
BgJB Our eel.
. If other phyalclans have treated you Every case of contracted dlaease I treat
S^M^'t-.'SSSnV J?U.7,5 "thoroughly S£SS.£3£! £" .
the reason Is very apparent when the no relapses, when I pronounce a caae
. cause of loss of power tn men la under- cured there Is not a particle of Infec-
atooil. "Weakness" isn't a weakness tlon or inflammation remaining, and
at all. but Is merely a symptom of there is. not the slightest danger that
chronic Inflammation In the prostate the disease will return In Its original
gland, brought on by early dissipation form or work Its way Into the general
. or aoma contracted dlaorder. My »y»- , ayctem. . No contracted disorder Is «o ¦
tern of local treatment removes this In- trivial as to warrant uncertain methods
flammntlon. and Is the only treatment of treatment, and I especially solicit
. . that has ever restored or ever can per- those, cases that other doctors hav«
manently restore strength and vigor. been unable to cure.
My office and hospital occupy sixty rooms, and there Is not a like institution J
equal in size or equally equipped In the West My pamphlet. "Llv« All . Your
Years a Man," Is free upen request. Consultation and advice free.
. - ..,.-.,-.. r , . » MfkaM
Dr O C JOSLEN Ccr. Ifarkef and Kearnj Sts. t
VJ ** yJm W * ¦¦; T™*^. ' Opposlt. Call Buildli.
Is Beaten by My Bonnie
King in a Short
Palo Alto a Mild Favorite for
the Special Stake To-
Roman Athlete, the American Waterloo
wjnner. failed his backers yesterday at
Union Courting ParkXjn the nret round of
tho open stake. He was drawn against
Jly Bonnie King and ruled a 1 to ¦* favor
ite in the betting.
My Bonnie King was th« first to Bhow
i:i front, scoring the first turn. The hare
then bcoke back to the King and ho
killed. . winning by a score of 4 to 0. The
Athlete is a slow beginner, and it was all
over before he was fairly in his stride. He
was not the only favorite to disappoint
his backers. Flora McDonald beat Dear
Gaston at 3 to 1; Ray Hughle beat Old
Ironside?. Sofala beat Lady Nellie ami
Lily Wright beat Santonin, each at 2 to 1.
In the special stake, which will bo run
in Us entirety to-day, Palo Alto Is a luke
warm favorite at odds of Hi to.l. Belle
Free is at 3, Liberator 7. Real Article 8
and Red Rock 10.
Vandal Is favorite for the open stake at
odds of 4 to I. White Hat and Flora Bell*
arc- at §, MaryAnn and Ready Address 10.
The detailed results of the running, with
Judge John Grace's official scores, follow:
Open «take. r.tf entrie*— E. Geary's Fair
Oaks beat V. Rosenberg'* My N«ll. 10-8; A.
Vanderwhlte'a Flora McDonaM teat TV. H.
Kocher's Dear Gaston. 6-2; J. Trad«"» B«U»
Rocket beat T. Cox's TVest-rn Watchman.
K>-8; P. Tlernanjt Mary Ann a by«. Crawford
J*ls» withdrawn: H. U Mdi&rry'a Roxana beat
H. II. Gray* Mail Girl. 3-1; K. Oeary's Fenll
beat Chlarint Bro». Bona MagnifVla. 10-1;
F. Jon**' We-lspwood beat M. R. Parkinson'*
• amanrhc R-O ; r. J. Cronin's Vandal beat «;.
Trayers- Mnda Vista. J^rt; J. R^tn'i Flora
Belle beat F. McGuire's Brows mil. liv-0; A.
R. Curtis' Valid beat A. Varni^rwhlte's Hot
tflus*. 15-0: J. J. Manning 1 " TJoreeiv beat K.
Geary's Atvaln Laioa. 12-3; J. W»>nts'» Toronto
beat J. »»5ko's Colma Belle, R-0; . Chiaiin!
Bros.' Hone*t John beat J. Nobl«'» Manhat
tan King. C-0; K. Geary 1 * Roy Hughl* beat
A. R. Curtis' Old Ironsides, 17-8; T. Maher'j
Intnuior beat F. Rosenberg'* L*dy Ohiqutta.
5 0; R. AttrldKP's Sofala beat C. O. Peterson 1 a
i^dy NViiie. 4-": W. Creamer's Lily Wright
beat CMarinl Bron.' Santonin. 12-7; T. Ixigan 1 *
Jltss Grizzle beat J. A. Martin 1 * Emln Bey.
P-6; W. 4*. Clausen 1 * Whits Hat beat K. Ij»*»
well's Olanclnc Pasha. 12-4: P. White's Re-l
V*>pr>er beat J. t>us«an'« California Boy. t-2;
T. Maher's Thetln beat F. Jones 1 Tyron*
Prince. 6-1; »J. McKenna's My Bonnl* Kin*
boat Pasha Kennels 1 Roman Athlet*. 4-0; J.
M. Pet-rson's Cecil M beat J. F. Rogers* Ar
barus, S-2; J. F. Roger* 1 Ertbus beat W. J.
Leonard's Tom Hurl!<*k. T-S: Pagha KenneVii
Uea'lv Address beat W. J. Leonard's Daylight.
4-3; M. c. Delano's Consort beat I>. Beronlo's
Master CUIr.iS-1; Pasha Kennels' Roving Au
thor beat T. J. Cronlns Musket. K-4: t). Chel
la's Klnr Whls beat T. Logan's Krishna, 9-0.
Robbed by a Woman.
Fred de Peek, a guest at the Golden
West Hotel, complained to Policemen
Davids and RIehl early yesterday morn
ing that a woman had robbed him of JIO
in the Bay State restaurant, on Stockton
street. They went to the restaurant, and
De Peck pointed out Mary Adams aa th»
woman, who had robbed him: She wa»
arrested and booked at the City Prlsoix
on charges of grand larceny and vagrancy:
She appeared before* Police Judge Conlan
yesterday and the cases were continued
till to-morrow.
Blacksmiths Entertain.
The members of the Ship and Machine
Blacksmiths* Local Jso. 168 gave their
second annual entertainment and ball last
evening at Elntracht Hall. 237 Twelfth
street. The large crowd present highly
enjoyed the entertaining programme
which was presented.
A series of ten beautiful
art supplements to be given
free with tho Sunday Call:
"Caliph's Daughter," "Th»
Processional," "Great Expec-
tations," "Meditation," "Lis-
ten," "Retrieving," "Persian
Beauty," "The Sheepfold,"
"Three Boatmen of Barce-
lona," "Great Danger." Collect
this beautiful art series.
News in Army Circles.
The military order of Caribaos enjoyed
a banquet at the Bohemian Club last
night. Lieutenant Colonel Van Orsdale,
Seventeenth Infantry, left for Vancouv#r
Barracks yesterday afternoon In compli
ance with orders from the War Depart
ment. . It Is reported at headquarters that
the spring epidemic of desertions from
the Presidio has begun In good earnest.
Little Girl Chokes to Death.
Little Eleanor Van Frank, aged 1 year
and 10 months, choked to death on a
piece of an apple yesterday afternoon at
her home, 160G Sacramento street. Drs.
Wlnslow, Anderson and Klbbey wera
called In* but the child was beyond all
aid. Her father Is Thomas H. Van Fr*nk.
manager for the Brooka-Follls Electric
Company, 527 Mission street.
But one person in eighty of the work
ers of London goes to cnurch.

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