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¦?':'• .-'St^y-EY- TO LOW — Continued. j
; / — r— r-« ' j
; EuPTIXQ, tilti Examiner big., loans on pianos,
: - - tutnlture. etc.. at 2 per cent without removal.
."' aY,L loans en diamond* *nd Jewelry 2 per cent
• " . tno. S. F. Collateral Loan Uank. 53S Kearny.
¦'-"3% ON furniture & pianos. $15 up; no removal;
..- j)hoce Black 17ito; room M. t; Eddy, floor 4.
*" CASH loaned >:.'¦¦.::¦¦'. people on notes without
;¦• in-.3ori»r,. MORRKLL. Qtm Examiner bldg.
• ,$»"jhii> WANTED in an established business;
.-. ih'j money will more than double In one
• • vear; inwstisatf and you will take it. Ad-
. dreae beat 4.V<S.* Call. .-<- .
A KEW : spr, ial bafcains: 1 Fischer, upright,
*11S; 1 Steir-way upright $185; 1 Chickerlng
; uprigl.t. $1<->J>: 1 H< ine upricht. $2*5; Mason
* Tlamlin oipan. f^7. and over 50 other piano
• • Ixirsains. _Vhy sirt save $100 on a new
, .mi Wt> gcii from factory to confum»r
.:«¦•: Price for one piano the same as for
• . l<"0; f2 50 this month only; largert stock in
•t*sm I-'ranolsco; our output Is double that of
¦any olh*r hou*r. that's why. HEINE
riANO CO.. hall 2»-2S7 Geary at.. Playano.
v. piano player scents. k *,"-e5*5>t
: - One French piano; good order $ 85
. . On*. Roenisot-, : fin« order 113
. One Sherwoo-J : walnut case '163
..'. />n# IVu^-liei : mahogany case ' 185
v . one Mcnd«»M<eh!i ; os k case \1 9.1
. ". i^Tie Mayton; walnut case 220
i'h» lisii.ct: walnut case 223
- .. The**- piam« »r# 1:1 fine condition, fully
"." ' su'p r»nt«-<J: ?•old on easy payments.
" liKN.T. ';niTAZ & SON. l«-2(> o Karrell st.
8 sj'iiif ii«nos st Each* $£n
.1 N#» nnjrland upright J125
.I' j I>rapor^uprisht $\'>n
.1 fiamiltftt upright f.$l.Vt
-.1 I^ytJr m^ri^it. f2.MI
•• I B;-r..n Mauzy upriaht $.'t'K)
*J __*¦ .* HVR<JN MAUZr. 310 Pos>t et.
¦W* "SI HI >— To know the adnress of li. Ksuf-
¦hyrn* r.i«n.i turner. BVROX MAUZY. 310
T* 1 !*^! tt •
; i
¦ AN V: pis no. fold by us ta^en hack any time
; ' ? Tthl.n two ar.d full purchase price al-
:~i lowed .Qn a new rx^erlera Knab« at regular
f>rlc«>: cc*ts>- %-o'u only 2(V a day to buv &
• r :anr. from' u*. • KOHLER & CHASE 30
. yO'TjuUJ} it.: estaMUhed 1S5O.
:> . VTIEPVGR. Pawmfister. Hfl-r Brt*.. Pchubrrt j
j • /ft Pt r^'i\rd firt good rnouph p.i*no!i for any 1
. • v nff rrircs Ion ; terms roaponahle. THE
rEyo WAUVAIfi HUBIC; C<>.. ¦;*& Market ht. |
. . T< '»!"'* piatio 1-nn h« made new for one-quarter
¦"'»b* <-o«t if hijjine: Fend for booklet. Plerce's
-. • .^srrn VB'tory. # M*irk«*. l"4th and Church Fts.
, " V_* \\rt H BAill, musicians' fsvorit* piano;
. t jci< '•• rrf-.pknr.ou solicited. Sole Bjtcncy,
-., : r-i;i *:nn*. SOS Po^t «. ..,: J :.:. "
• pnHME/S Rjron Masxy pt»noi>. Ceclllan piano
plSyrr. • DtUON HAf7.V.*:;0f>-312 Pott et.
X 'tJtT KN A fii; "ria.no in Bnrt -class oondMion;
•'. ••\r*r4 ihrenin. '£?>l Geary st.
• ['Oljlsai* /»t fS7. .EtiT»rfon upright; good as
/•rf*«r. make c£th offer. i'<7 Geary et.
. .''pi:*-'/ tenting pi*»t!o» in city for $-1 per month.
¦ -t-v-oTT <'URTAZ PIANO CO.. !WW Hayes at.
>' f A^jTlFj-.T— CiecaiA 3-p«*<!Vl upright: cash or
i> . irwh'im'-nlF. fitfhmitz S.J>'n.. 16 MrAlliyter.
¦T>liii V*"Il.r;T B. ALLTZN OO . S*l Market St.—
. ". ¦FW'-ck/'Ever^t, Liidwig and other good pianos
: " Rfc'frERIOH rtcilns. r.ith«-rs. old and new. H.
; ; -MfUXR mskT. i^rairer. 2 I^ttham plarg.
i Pi— L^TRCflE stor*; .". rocnit; euitable for any
.-\ i.-iyin'«*--' 2T?i Fe!l M.
"• ¥«^s;k f>r.. jiTiF.. sutmy corner, for doctor
.-. "•' V-; -J'/i''j*.' SB', cor. Stockton and Kllbeit.
.--TKjEt£E ?t res. »lt!i liasenients. btlow Kearny
.. *-¦;»;¦•:»":.•¦-. !s.S.U>. H". t>;?.. n.xniN. 413 Kearny.
. < .^. .i. -•.",^-»-. — .^^i. , _^^^-^^^-^
¦ •,'<-»Jr-JN < j •• the great number cf so-called palm-
." - Tfxs t*!^i have* heaitofcre been la our city, I
• ¦ .--. -a;i glid to llZtrodaee tu >au Pruf. L. K. La
" .•k!htt..!fcfe ot Chicago, who. ts Mark Twain
• - ; i?ys. la »\.h$w!ins tuccess "n his Jin*, bring-
. .• V-K *uccet-» er.d .¦ ¦¦;¦'• :...-!¦ to all' wbo come tn
•;¦ '. c^ntjK.* « Jth h«B.
Dc»j-fa(l to «e« him. for your future de-
-. • i*ni£ on if-
;*••' • -" * 1228 Market et.. rcotr.s 3 and 4.
¦'. A. free •te'k 20 vrs." -«»iperlerice in N. T. ; let me
¦ - r*n<t.y~.w hand; satisfaction or no pay. MKS.
¦ ¦¦.".^EL^royXfill yurk:I to S pm.Tel.Hyde 156.
•¦-.'ilM\>. GERyAIXE, the business palmist; re-
-..- • .Jrrroi-e<? 10 IS Turb st. ; hours ]O to 5; con-
"••' 'tu)t- l.er: resrar^ini; all bue.'n^ss affairs.
'li *vM2Rfci*£: FOSSELLI. Eclentiflj palmist. 513
*. ' # T?>l*r.ft., »noar Geary, .phene Ulack 561.
' -^Xtz*. JCe^rgaard removed to 1000 Sutter; hours '
¦; 1*«o_*-; "ve.. Hun, by apyt.: tel. Polk 25»t.
' '\'_At'X.U. il-l.\t»l.>^. f/UkTUkti. KTC.
•^-'XtAJ-dUlTBB, alfjTi.fs: interior decorating,
tint^nr, ;raU.r*r.p; Imitation ttained glaes. O.
•¦'¦•'>¦'• r plUK 4 ¦.".. m<-4 Post gt.; t»l. Main 715.
•'¦"' '•'.' •* ; _r rABT&KItS ~ \V ASTED,
V^JPAUTJJGJl wmntcd; a \i\f<y and reliable man
.*•.'': f.ith"Frt:all capital wanted In real eFtat"
- • '. "i^i»«»ies.«- Addrew box 3U14. Call office. Oak-
•" ' " lir ''^'--'
. '.; *'.' " . * Pa>R5OyALS.
i'Tiirva.iuld fike to put a c<jiy of The Advertis-
. • -^lng Worli! j:ito the hands of every person who
.•kecpfi •&{:>' s Mnd <>' a store; every .newspaper
.mm. /'*erf ad\*-rti«ing v. - ntfr. era/ r>frson
",* inter^ied in t>usln<-^s of ar;y kind; we send
.. .. •iurir*'*'- copies fre« •••u -Inquest. j«nd the pi(>^r
l •••li«aaIJy ruaCes riiesds for lt*eU^«t iirst sfght.
.lr-i.yi t made to \»jpnttr> but to l>e. helpful—
: ••• snd tl*> cirt-ulstins of 23,<KM tbiggeet of Its
; "• VIkss in tlj* world) shows ttisf it is helpful.
•,M*y •.'.¦•¦. your address? The Advertising
..-. -AVctld. ..'olumbug. Ohio. . ,
.-.'.'JOHNfON'S Koo-ToSie liair Restorer Is com-
.•" -jlosr-d entirely of hycienlc herb« and contains
'./. -rih polMSUms sub^tan'-p whatever, nor oil or j
V iij»frtn; vii] restosr <-olur to grey hair in a|
.-.,•¦¦ *iw jji.ys more nataraj than any dye. without
-.'• .rfalpiiig t»w> ecalp; eradicates dandruff and
• ¦". >t.jrnu:»tts lh«> growtb of new hair. On tale
".-"".:.¦< HALE* BROS.. Han Francisco, and
>¦•.. tlVDE'S. l.'Jtli and Washington Bts., Oakland.
: ..- : ETR:" 1 G. •£. MOORE'S scientific h«lr restorer Is
*.;¦!¦::.¦*•..::«- for all diseases cf the scalp
¦¦.•"." ","«itd « guaranteed. to eto;> hair from falling
¦ • eh - d"T»ill positively produce hair on the wor»t
'. ' •<¦? bald head?. He challenges the world to
-* •' equal this remedy. A certain cure for eczema
•'¦•- 'arid ehould be used Mi childfen'* heads when
'- ¦ <?JiPiiSfd end hair thin. Remedy tent to, all
"rtfvts tt'the world. Send for circulars. 3^2
'P'Fer^ell st.. i?. F. Cal.: phone Dlack &40.
•'.'¦• TO whom" it may concern— I wish to state that
t . a number o( peofMe in this city claiming to
" • have stttUied under me. *tnd are- using my
" . .3>rer*araUoti« **re fraud*, excepting >IIStS
: MABEL MARLIN arid the store !WO Geary
'••• M- nil. *C. E. JJcLEAN. Hair Physician,
. «Cafl Udg.
V. WiPERIAIVRESTORATIVE. a vital tonic and
• • rosltively .the most effective 'remedy in all
.::'cl«es of nervous exhaustion, debility, <Jy»-
; '^pepsia, headache, palpitation,. ovaritis, pros-
•;. ..-. .*.«-. eperfriatorrhca, leucorrhe.a and all un-
" 'I natural drains, fcura ar.y cause; fl bottle, 6
. - b/jttle«. $5- Imperial ife<l, Co., 1073>i Market.
•l-AOIES, c%fl CSO-Market an4 see the wonderful
• z. ' eopssfr. ore from Utah; remember the wealth-
l€st ladles in Salt Lake are those who have
k* .rqade taeir monry in' mines; rut this, out;
.•„ tnis should Interest you. Electric M. M. Co.
. .?'*«' Star Halt Remedy restores gray hair, loi-
'-. 'rrovee ft» efowtfc, elops falling, cures daridmft
-and ' ltcMtig scalp;" no Etain : or sicknesi;
. "¦ "cleai^Bes ec«Jp;*at drugglntsj', hairdressers'; ac-
¦ ".cept 00 substitute. Star Remedy Co.,3&5 Geary.
..-'¦•MAjatlAGK paper; new Man; prints addresses
¦•• '¦'¦ ' '.¦¦:'.. advertiser*, both ladies and gentlemen;
'¦ '¦ rlghj tOLgff, latert ls<Eue, 10c Magnet Pub.
¦j '¦ Co.. box XV 807. Kansas City, Mo.
JRAG carpets wove to order and. for eale; a!?o
¦ ¦'. chenille -wove" rugs, silk portieres; dealer in
..¦¦ ¦ carpet twine, in hank or chain, at lowest
"; : rates. Geo. Matthews, 709 Fifth st., Oakland.
' NOT "how cheap, but bonr good, is the motto
; , . cf the manufacturers of the Rapid Rotary
Standard, the eewlng Machine of to-day. J.
. \V. EVANS, agent, 1021 Market st.
-•" PHYSICIAN. 15 years' experience, cures per-
manently morphine, cocaine habit. Call or
. aadreeg< Central Pharmacy, 2M Grant ave.,
¦ c * r " Be * r Sutler; fee moderate.
¦M. ELLA HARRIS, complexion specialist; a
• ¦ withered, wrinkled ekln, what can be more
»mbarr».sting? eend 2c for book. U. ELLA
HARRlri. 7M OTarrcll H. near I-arkin.
. IILECTRIC light In every room— Winchester
.Hotel. 44 Third et.. near Market; 700 rooms.
• . S5c to $1 50 per -light; $1 M to $G per week;
! lree bus and baggage to end from the ferry.
ANY style hair dressing, 25c; . manicuring,
• 25c; inassaginpr. 5<jc; rwltche*. wigs and ar-
tistic bair work. G. LEDERER. 123 Stock-
toa, at.
¦ VCUNG healthy woman with fr<Kb breast of
milk will take Infant to nurw- at home; .no
: ether, chi 'dren. Box 4509, Call.
.'ALL scalp, hair, ekln and foot ailments cured:
dandruff, falling IiaJr, pimples, blackheads.
. corns, bunion*. Mrs. K. R. Dunlap. 31 Kearny.
RESPECTABLE younsr man desires to meet
refined young lady; object matrimony. Ad-
. dress Confidentially, box .*552. Call office.
• YOUR fortune told from cradle to grave; rend
dime ?Jid . Blrthdate. PROF. J. MYERS.
• <lrawer 704. Chicago.
AT less than co«t. uncalled for rults, overcoats
• na tr.i'jfrs. at CHARLES LYONS'. London
talUr. "21 Market et. ,
A— *3 fiO DERBY and Fedora hats. $1 75. Pop-
«lar Price Hatten, S30 Kearny St.. nr. Pins.
; risnyoyAi.^ — contiii"ii»<.
I ELEGANT remnants of Imported and domestic
J woolens for suits to order at f 9 75. LEON
LLMOS. Merchant Tailor. 1127 Market st.
A— HIGHEST prices paid for gents' cast-off
clothing. MUS1N. 239 4th St.: tel. Gieen 110.
SUITS to order on Installments, $1 per week.
Neuhaus & Co., merchant tailors. 115 Kearny.
SUPERFLUOUS hair and rooles removed bj
electric needle.Dr.&Mra.Traverse.H70 Market.
SUITS sold on easy Installments. LEON LE-
MOS. 1127 Market st.. between 7th and 8th.
MASQUERADE costumes, play book*, wigs;
ccuntry orders. GOLDSTEIN ft CO., 733 Mkt.
TAILOH-MADK suits. $7 50; dress pants, $2 50.
MUflt Clothing Parlor, cor. Bush and Dupont.
ACTINA restores eyesight, cures deafness and
catarrh. A'Vlda Co.. 763 Valencia, cor. 10th.
ALFREDUMS Egyptian Henna restores gray
hair to Its natural color; $1; at all druggist*.
1 nttantly; 10c and 25c; all druggists. .
the best corn cure; 25c: all druggists.
DR. C. C. O'DON'NELL — Office and residence,
JIC1!4 Market gt.. bet. Sixth and Seventh.
REMOVED — DR. WONG HIM. herb doctor; 1
treatfi ail diseases of the human body; for
I>ast four yparti at 115-117 Mason; now lo-
cated at C67 Geary st.. near Leavenworth.
WONG WOO. the famous herb doctor — All jdis-
<»bsps curfd by Chinese herbs. 746-0 Clay et.
723 O"Karrell »t.
?. 3. 4 and 5 room apartments with bath; fur-
nished cr unfurnished: electric elevator; free
lighting; free telephone; frea water; free
Best neighborhood in the city: ready for ten-
ants 1st of March; prices reasonable; refer-
ences; the best of service guaranteed.
723 O'Farrell St.
ASH ave.. (A — Sunny front room; also one for
housekeeping: also small; l$5.
! 1$KNT<»N, The, ST>5 O.'tavla— Newly furn.; all
modern Improvement*; every room sunny.
I BIRCH ave.. t>15 — (7; 3 unfurnished rooms for
housekeeping. Apply 642 Grove gt.
DEVI8ADERO. R41 — All of well furnished
attic; 4 sunny rooms, gas range, sink, phone.
ELEVENTH, 100— Completely furnished con-
necting rooms for housekeeping.
FOLSOM. C20. bet. 2d and Sd— 2 Iarg« rooms,
1st floor, for family v. ith children; grounds.
FULTON, Wtl — Laige. punnj* bay window par-
,lor & side room: light hkpg.; gss.bath, phone.
HAWTHORNE, IS— 2 larg« connecting house-
keeping room?; fink, bath; $13 per month.
HYDE. 232—2 large back sunny rocms, com-
plete, houpekeefing: coal range, sink, yard.
HYDE. 40-8 — Sunny housekeeping suit". $1*.;
also basement suite, yard, laundry, $14; also
I JESSIE, 333 — 2 sunny rooms, basement, fur-
niched, housekeeping. $12; single room tlO.
JONEB til 4— Sunny ak-ove; light housekeeping!
*unny parlor, with kitchen, gas range.
LAGUNA. fliix near McAllister— 3 elegantly
furnished liousekeeping rooms; sunny.
LANGTON. 15, near Seventh — Thre* neatly
furnished rooms for hcsjsekeeplng; rent rea-
MARKET. 10S5— Nice sunny furnished front
rnnni*: also housekeeping rooms; reasonable.'
MARTHA place. 4. off Geary, near Mason — t
furnUnrd houeekpg rms; responsible parties.
MAS' >N. K>~>. near California — Very de«!rable,
' newly, completely furn. sunny apartments.
MINNA. 2K— Sunny furnished front housekeep-
ing. Finttt** and double rooms: cheap.
MODEL House. 12O* Stockton St. — Newly fur-
nished housekeeping rooms; $3, $12; free
pas. baths.
NINTH, 119— Nicely furnished rooms for
hcu&ekeeping; phone, bath; quiet. .
NINTH.TsO— 2 housekeeping rooms; running
water; $11 month; also small sleeping room,
tl month.
O'KARRKLI* 402. cor. Taylor — 2 furnished
'housekeeping rooms; all conveniences; single
rooms. j-»«i':
O FARRELL. *31— «3nnny »uite; newly fur-
nished room?: housekeeping.
PEARL, .", tor. Market — Two rooms furnished
complete for housekeeping; no children. v -
FINi:. t3M — Three or four light sunny unfur-
nished rooms for housekeeping.
SHOTWKLL. 57 — Large room for gentleman
or man and wife, with housekeeping If de-
plrpd: also sunny single room.
ST. JAMES. McAllister and Laguna— Fur-
nished sunny suites, all complete for house-
keeping; a quiet, a pleasant house; rent rea».
STOCKTON. 317 — Nicely furnished gunny
front room and kitchen; running water com-
THIRD, 143— Sunny housekeeping rooms com-
plete; first floor; chone.
THIRD. SOS— Suites and rms., $0 to $15: mod-
ern, clean, quiet.: wk., $2 to $5: adults; bath.
HOUFEKEEI'INO rooms, furnished, to let.
Apply* at 000 Third st.
VALENCIA. 101—2 well-furniahed rooms, with
gas. ea* stove and bath;. rent $10.
VAN NESS, 43— Furnished housekeeping suites
or rooms; item $15.
VAN NESS Ave., 109— Suite of 3 large, light
rooms; furnished complete; coal and gas
range*: running water; private entrance;
large yard; ?22.
CLASSIFIED edvertlsementfl and subscriptions
received at Call branch office. 2200 Plllmor*.
IIOOMS TO I. ET~-Fb rn. nail V nf n ra.
ARGTLE Hotel. 234 McAllister— New, elegant,
sunny; 75c day upward; McAllister cars to
door; handsomest grill room In California.
A— BRUNSWICK HOUSE. 148 Blxth— Rooms
25c to $1 per night; $1 25 to $5 per week, and
light housekeeping rooms; open all night.
AT "The Almonte," 873 Market st. (or No. 1
Fifth at.)— Rocms 25c. 60c. $1, $1 BO night;
$1 50 to $10 per week: bouse open all night.
ARDELL, 15 Page — Furnished rooms $1. $1 25
and $1 50 weelt; housekeeping suite. $11 mo.
AT the Pierre; new, modern, nicely furnished
rocms. 579 O'Farrell; phone Larkin 1541.
BURNETT, 1428 Market (old No. 1864)— Fur-
nlsfced rooms, suites, single; also unfurnished.
BUSH 645, near Powell — Comfortable corner
bathroom suite; reasonable; everything new;
CLIFFORD 204 Ellis, cor. Mason— Elegantly
furcUhed sunny rooms; prices reasonable.
ELLIS S21 {Mozart) — Nicely furn. rooms 35c
$1 50 night; $1 50. $6 week; open all night.
ELLIS, CS5, cor. Larkin — Furnished room; 1
person $7; 2 persons $0; gentlemen preferred.
FELL 1508 — One large, sunny furnished front
room for rent; opposite Panhandle; phone
Page 4257; private family; references.
£*IFTH. 345 — New bouse; nicely furn. rooms;
run, water, gas grates; $1 50 wk. up to $3.
FILLMORE, 1021— Furnished or unfurnished
room?; single or en suite; gas; electric light;
telephone; bath.
GEART. 635 — Newly furnished rooms to let.
Grand Southern. 7th and Mission — Rooms 50o to
$1 10 night; $2 to $8 week; reading-room.
GUERRERO. 1323— Sunny furnished or unfur-
nished rooms In private house; for gentlemen
only; rates reasonable; suitable physician.
GUERRERO. 1405 — Nicely furnished room,
- with gas. bath; home comforts; reasonable.
GUY place, 29. bet. Folsom and Harrison — 2
large unfurnished rooms; cheap rent.
HARRISON. 784 14, nr 4th— FineljTfurn. sunny
rms; Lath; all ennv; homelike; $1 week up.
HOWARD, 715. nr. Third (St. David's)— Sunny
furnished rooms en. suite or single; clean
teds; $1 50 to $5 per week; reading-room. .
HOWARD 829 (The Planet)— Nice bay-window
rooms; rooms, 25c to 60c a night; $1 28 to
$2 60 a week; transient.
HOWARD. 105S — Furnished rooms; also nice,
sunny, furnlehed room.
JACKSON 1179 — Handsomely furnished ' front
room; large closet, bath; private hou.«e; gen-
tleman. * ____«__ .__!_;
JfESSIE. 812, off Ninth — 2 small unfurnished
rooms; $tf. _J £____,
JONES, b36 — Nicely furnished sunny rooms;
bath; phon«: for gentlemen; reasonable.
LARKIN. 103. opp. City Hall— Lovely, sunny
bay-window rooms; bath; gas; water; reas.
LARKJN. C25H — Two nicely furnished sunny
jiarlors; rent reasonable; modern conven'ces.
LARKIN, R04— Sunny front room, nicely fur-
nished, for 1 or 2 gents, $7; single front, $5. ,
LARKIN, 1309 — Sunny furn. parlors for 2 gen-
tlemen each; gas: bath; reas.; single rooms.
MARTINET. 1101 Geary— Handsome suites,
private baths; also suites of two, or -four
ruoiw, with gas etove; at reduced prices.
ROOMS TO LET — Fnrn. anil On fur*.*
MCALLISTER. 521— Nicely furnished • parlor
suite; light and clean; bath; quiet house.'
MCALLISTER. 726 — Nice sunny room; all con-
veniences; men only; reasonable. .,,„>
MISSION. 925V,, near U. S. mint— Nicely fur-
nished large sunny front room; quiet house.
MINNA. C67, cor. Eighth— Newly furnished
bay-window rooms; $1 per week; transient.
O'FARRELL.. 20 — Sunny furnished rooms and
offices; elevator, elec. lights; day, week. mo.
O'FARRELL. 831— Large, well-furnished front
room; no objection to light housekeeping 1 .
POST, 30, and Kearny, 34— Office or tunny
furnished rooms; en suite or single.
POST. £22 — Large sunny, front room; gas;
grate: bath; phone; new flat; new furniture;
suitable for 2 gentlemen; also 2 other ele-
gant rooms; running water. . > -Tf.
ROYAL House. 126 Ellis— Incandescent light,
reading-room, smoking-room and ladies' par-
lor; rooms per night 35c to 1 1 50; week, $2
to $8; month. |8 to (30; elevator on ground
floor; rooms with hot and cold water: baths.
BUTTER, 102214— Large, sunny, double parlors;
ges grate, electric light; house newly reno-
vated and furnished; euitable for profession-
als or others. ;~ -*".'-*
THE MANSFIELD. 212 Post— Elegantly fur-
nished suites and single rooms', with hot and
cold water; elevator day and night; phone
John 02J0. „¦ , ;
¦'THE RADSTON," 276 Turk St.— Comet and
see our rooms before obtaining others; first-
class, newly furnished; private baths and
'phones; up-to-date in every respect.
TURK, 543 — Single, quiet room for young man,
with both; ?5 month; private.
EDDY, 050, nr. Gough— Large elegantly fur-
nished room, suitable for 2 gentlemen; 'with
or without board; private fain.; phone, bath.
OLD Stevenson mansion, opo. Grace Church,
with annex. 807 California st. ; attractive In-
terior; exceptional table; free billiard room.
LAMb6uRNE~J20 Eddy— High-class house;
furnished suites or single; steam heat.
WANTED — Housekeeping rooms, neighborhood
of Sixteenth and Howard, by joung couple.
Box 4534, Call office. . •' '¦ ¦
NOTICE — To the Holders of Bonds of The Pa-
cific Lumber Company. Notice Is hereby
given that, pursuant to a resolution o! Its
Board of Directors, The Pacific Lumber Com-
pany, a corporation, requires the holders of
all of Its outstanding- bonds bearing date"April
27, 1593. payable April 27, 1903, numbered
consecutively from number one to number
\ five hundred, and each for : one thousand
dollars, to present all of said bonds for re-
demption at the Anglo-Callfornlan Bank
<J~.lmited). situated on the northeast corner
of Sansome and Pine streets, in the City and
County of San Francisco, State of Califor-
nia, on or before the sixth day of April.
A. D. 1003. and to then and there surrender
fald bonds for redemption upon being paid
the principal thereof, with Interest up to
raid date of redemption; and you are no-
tified that all of said bonds will be then and
there so redeemed upon presentation. Tour
attention Is called to the provision In said
bonds contained to the effect that upon fail-
ure to present bonds for redemption under
the present circumstances, then and there-
after said bonds shall not, nor shall the
principal thereof, any longer bear Interest,
and the coupons for all subsequent Interest
•hall be and become null and void. Dated
February 24, 1903. THE PACIFIC LUMBER
COMPANY, by L. L. LONG. Secretary.
LADIES! Chlchester's "English Pennyroyal Pills
are the best. Safe, reliable. Take no other.
Send 4c stamp for particulars. "Relief for
Ladles" in letter by return mall. Ask your
druggist. Chlchester Chera. Co.. Phlla. Pa.
$15.00 — NEW drop heads, lock stitch: hand ma-
chines. $8; new automatics reduced: Zd-hand,
all standard makes, $6 to $15, some nearly
new; exchange agreement good for 60 day*.
Chicago S. M. Exchange, 933 Market, bet.
5th and Oth; phone South 1105; take elevator.
$15.50 BUYS a new Improved 5-drawer, drop-
head sewinif-machlne; $i!0 buys « 4-drawer,
drophead White sewing-machine; all makes of
sewing-machines at cut rates; sewing-ma-
chines rented and repaired; reduced rates.
Phone Jessie 3136. 145 Sixth St.. nr. Howard.
ALL kinds bought, sold, rented, exchanged; re.
pairing; lowest rates. Tel. Green 144. 205 4th.
A— EMPORIUM Storage & Van Co., furniture,
household goods stored, moved, shipped. 723-
731 Howard, near Third; phone Gjrant 1C1.
PIERCE-RODOLPH Storage & Moving Co.. of-
fice Poet and Powell Bts. ; tel. Prlv. Ex. 57L
GOLDEN West Storage: advances made; 840
Mission St.; tel. Howard 941. F; W. Zehfus.i.
PACIFIC Storage and Furniture Moving Com-
pany; 2320 Fillmore St.; phone Jackson 281.
BEKINS Van and Storage Co.. 11 Montgomery
st. ; tel. Main 1S40. Shipping at cut rates.
STAMMERING cured by celebrated Melbourne
mathed at Van Ness & Mkt; beat local refs.
cell better machines for less money than any
house in the city; rentals $3. The Typewriter
Exchange, 536 California; telephone Main 260.
FOR typewriters. L. & M. ALEXANDER, HO
Montgomery et. ; exclusive dealers Smith Pre-
mier Typewriters; supplies for all machines;
partly used machines sold & new ones rented.
2D-HAND typewriters sold, rented, repaired.
Webster Typewriter Inspec. Co.. 200 Sangoma.
DIVIDEND Notice. The Giant Powder Com-
pany, Con.: A dividend. No. 51, of fifty cents
(50c) per share on the Issued capital stock of
the company has been declared payable at the
office of the company, rooms 202-204-206 Hay-
ward bldg., San Francisco, 'on March 10,
1903. Transfer books close March 3, 1003,
at noon. J. R. LEAVELL, Secretary.
DIVIDEND Notice — The Giant Powder Com-
pany, Con.: A dividend. No. 51, of fifty
cents (50c) per share on the issued capital
stock of the company has been declared pay-
able at the office of the company, rooms
202-204-206 Hayward ftuildlng. San Fran-
cisco, on March 10, 1903. Transfer books
close March 3, 1003, at noon. J. R. LEA-
VELL. Secretary. ¦ ¦
The following marriage licenses were Issued
yesterday : •
Agustlna Pa rod I, 42, Greenwich street, <• and
Carlotta Sciuccaluga, SO, Greenwich street.
Charly Bender, 29, 21 White street, and
Emma Bookman, 20, 510 Francisco street.
Morris Carlson, 30, Vallejo, and Amanda A.
Larson, SI, 78U Harrison street.
Samuel Meseth, 32, 985 Union street, and
Lillian McCurdy, 23, 606 Chestnut street.
David O. Michel, 34, 1721 14 Mission street,
and Nellie Thomas, IV, 172l>* Mission street.
Joseph Y. Lummls, 62, 553 Mission street,
and Johanne M. Kim. 69, 553 Mission street.
Holland M. NuckolU, 23, C57 Bush strset,
and Katherine McCann, 26, 326 Ellis street.
Charles S. Orand, 23, 12A Mason street, and
Lena Meyer, 20, Healdsburg.
Axel Ponn, ' 34, 53 Sacramento street, and
Maria Westerlund. 26. 24 Drumm street.
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by
mall will not be inserted. They must be handed
in at either of the publication offices and be
Indorsed with the name and residence of per-
tons authorized to have the same published.
BECKER— In this city, February 23, 1903, to
the wife of Charles A. Becker, a daughter. ,
FRJ2NTRUP— In this city, February 24, 1903.
to the wife of L. A. Frentrup, a daughter.
HARRISON— In this city. January 19, 1903,
to the wife of L.G. Harrison, a son..
KROPP— In . this city, February 6, 1903, to
the wife of W. E. Kropp, a son.
McDONALD— In this city. February 22, 1903,
to the wife of W. J. McDonald, a son.
SANFORD — In this city, -February 26, 1003,
to the wife of W. Laurie Sanford, a son.
TIERNAN— In this city. February 22. 1903, to
the wife of William J. TIernan, a eon.
TRUMAN— In this city, February 26, 1903, to
the wife of Charles H. J. Truman, a son.
VALENTINE— In this city, to the wife, of
William T. Valentine, a daughter.
~ MARRIED. T ~ : W:.
ALIAMUS--O' SULLIVAN— In San Mateo. Feb-
ruary 18, 1903, at St. Matthew's Church,
by the Rev. Father Callaghan, « Reml A.
Aliamus and Bridget I. O'Sulllvan, both of
San Mateo. .
COLLINS— FISHER— In San Rafael, by the
Rev. W. M. Marshall, John William Collins
and Anna Carrie Fisher, both of San Fran-
cisco. . •
RORABECK — FANNING— February- 25,' 1903
by the Rev. Dr. John A. B. Wilson, Frank
C. Rorabeck and Ida 8. Fanning, , both of
Oakland. • . .
_"~_ DIED. ~~"
' Archibald, Philip Malarin. John M.
Barnett, Louise J.' ¦ MsJ testa, Katberine
Burgin. Kate Oswald. Harriet C. .
Burke; John H. ¦ Partridge. • Mabel • *
Callaghan. John H. Perrier, John W. C.
¦ Cooke, James W. . Qulnn, John
Coyne. Mamie Reeves, George A.
* Davalos, Ignacla Rellly, Patrick
Davidson, Louis Rice, George E.
Foppiano, Frank Ricks, John W.
P"owler, George H. Schumacher, Wm. J.
Gleason, Rev. Wm. Smith, Ella R. W.
Glendinning. Lloyd Sprague, Charles A.
Henbach, Mrs. Ellen Stealey, Edwin M.
Hertlng. Henry G. , Stein. Henry C.
Josl in, Bertha C. "- Viano, Giuseppe
Kenney,, Jane Wigfall, Mrs. E. M.
Hnuuen, '.' Sophia C. Wood. Alice M.
Leonard, Margaret_ _Zett, Frederick J.
ARCHIBALD— Entered into rest, February 23,
1903, Philip, dearly beloved husband of Mar-
cella Archibald, a native of Sydney, Aus-
tralia, aged 42 years. ..
(E7"Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-monow
(Monday), at 10 o'clock, from the parlors of
McFaflden, McBrearty & Green, 1171 Mis-
. sion street. Interment Cypress Lawn Ceme-
BARNETT— In Ukiab, "February 27. 1903, Mrs.
Louise J. Karnett, wife of the late J. R. Bar-
nett of Ukiah, and mother of N. A. Barnett
of Potter Valley, H. T. Barnett. Blanche
Barnett, Mr*. H. P. Thomas and Mrs. Bert
Thomas of Ukiah and John F. Barnett of
San Francisco.
BURGIN— In this city, February 28, 1903, at
her residence, 2109 California street, Kate
Burgin, beloved mother of J. F., Eugenia,
Kate and Agnes Burgin.
(C7"The funeral will take place to-morrow
(Monday), at 10:30 o'clock, from St. Mary's
Cathedral, where mass will be celebrated for
the repose of her soul. Interment private.
BURKE — In this city,' February 26, 1903, John
H., beloved husband of Hettle T. Burke, and
father of Mrs. A. L. House, Mrs. W. H.
Meeb*, Mrs. A.-ti Anderson and Hettle A.,
Harry M., Sadie E. and Leland H. Burke,
a native of Brooklyn, N. Y., aged 70 years
and 8 months. (New York and Jackson,
Amador County, papers please copy.)
(CT'iyrlends and acquaintances are respect-
- fully invited to attend the funeral servlcea
to-day (Sunday), at 2:30 o'clock, at the fam-
ily residence, lJJll Masonic avenue. Crema-
tion Odd K-ill3W3' Cemetery. ;.. , '.•^.t '
CALLAGHAN— In this city, February 26,' ls>03,
John H. ; Callaghan, a native of Massachu-
setts, aged 48 years 10 months and 9 days.
(D^Frienda and acquaintances and mem-
bers, of Leatherworkers' Union, Local No. 57,
are respectfully invited to attend the funeral
to-day (Sunday), at 12:15 o'clock, from tho
parlors of tha United Undertakers, stitj Mis-
sion strwt, - thence to St. Patrick's Church
for "services. . Interment Holy Cross Cemc-
COOKE— 1« this city, February 27, 1903, James
Whitney Cooke, beloved and only son of
William E. and Nano G. Cooke, a native of
San Francisco, aged 3 years' 6 months and 21
Ity Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Sunday), at 10: J5 o'clock, .from the resi-
dence of the parents, 773 Folsom street. In-
terment Holy Croea Cemetery, by 11:30
o'clock funeral train from Third and Town-
send .streets. * -S» v Jt'i;'/>
COYNE— In this city, February 27. 1903.
• Mamie, dearly beloved wife of Thomas F.
Coyne, and sister of Mra. E. Z. Carara, Mrs.
J. E. Hoffses and the late Mrs. J. Coefield,
a native of Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland.
(DTrlendB and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral tp-day
(Sunday), at 12 o'clock, from her late\rebl-
dence, ¦ 171 Shipley street, ahenc* to St. Tat-
rlck's Church for services at 12:30 o'clock.
Interment 'Holy Cross Cemetery.
DAVALOS— In this city, February 27, 1903,
Ignacla Davalop, beloved mother of • Mrs.
Ignacla Echevprrla, Mrs. Andrade. Mrs. Mo-
veno and Charles Davaloe. a native of Mex-
ico, aged 69 years 1 month and 16 days.
[CTFrlends and acquaintances are- respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral servlcea
Monday, March 2, 1903. at 9:30 o'clock, at
her late residence, 1122 A Sacramento street.
DAVIDSON— In Mokelumne HllJ. Cal.. Febru-
ary 25, 1903, Louie, beloved husband of Han-
chon Davidson, father of Sam Davidson,
Mrs. Gelia Frank and Mrs. Gusale Sommeri.
and brother of Meyer Davidson, a native of
Germany, aged 74 years.
IE7*Frtends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral servlcea
to-day (Sunday), at 10:15. o'clock, at the
residence of Mr. Meyer Davidson, 1414 Mc-
Allister street. Interment Hills of Eternity
Cemetery, by 11:30 o'clock train from Third
and Towncend streets.
FOPPIANO— In this city, February 27. 1903.
Frank, dearly beloved husband of the late
Teresa Fopplano, beloved father of John F.
and Rlnaldo Fopplano. Mrs. Rose Pucclnt
and Mrs. Celina Golton and the late James
1 Fopplano, and brother of Pietro Fopplano, a
native of Italy, aged 76 years.
CyFrlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Sunday), at 1 o'clock, from tho parlors of
Valente, Marlnl & Co., 1524 Stockton street,
between Green and Union, thence to Bts.
Peter and Paul's Italian Church, where ser-
vices will be held. Interment Holy Cross
Cemetery. 1
FOWLER— In Berkeley, February 13, 1903,
George Henry Fowler,- father of Mrs.- J. -M.
Bonner of Lorin, a native of Boston, aged
73 years. r. 'il.
GLEASON— A month's mind solemn requiem,
high mass will bo celebrated for the repose
of the soul of the late Rev. William Glea-
son at St. Anthony's Church, Monday, Maxell
2," commencing at -10 o'clock.
GLENDINNING— In Berkeley. February 27.
1903, Lloyd, beloved son of Harry and Ethel
Glehdlnnlng, and brother of the late Alden
Glendinning, a native of Ban Francisco, aged
5 years 0 months and 6 days.
C7 Friends. and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral servlcea
Monday morning, March 2. 1903, at 10
o'clock, at th« Episcopal Church, Eleventh
and Market streets. Interment Cypress
Lawn Cemetery.
HENBACH— In this city, February 28, 1903,
Mrs. Ellen Henbacb, beloved wife of the late
Mr. Gils Henbach, a native of County Cavan,
Ireland, aged 75 years. (Portland and Phila-
delphia papers please copy.)
JC7" Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
. (Monday), at 8:30 o'clock, from the parlors
of Carew A English, 29 Van Ness avenue,
thence. to St. Joseph's Church, where a »ol-
emn requiem high mass will be celebrated
at 9 o'clock for the repose of her soul. In-
terment Holy Cross Cemetery.
HBRTING— In this city, . February 28, 1903.
Henry George Hertlng, dearly beloved hus-
band of Mary Hertlng, and beloved father cf
Pauline, Elsie, Lillle, Edward, Henry, Frieda
and th« late Rudolph Hertlng, a native of
Hanover, Germany, ' aged 44 years and 6
months. A member of the Hanover Verela
. and tha San Francisco Turn Verein.
JOSLIN — In -this, city, at her residence, 250
Thrift street. Bertha Canavan. beloved
daughter of Adella Joslln, a native of San
Francisco, aged 26 yeara 1 month and 5
KENNEY— In thia city, February 27, 1903,
Jane, beloved wife of the late Michael Ken-
ney, and mother . of William A. Kenney. a
native of Ireland, aged 77 years 8 months
and 11 days.
ICTFrlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Sunday), At 1:30 o'clock, from the parlors
of H. F. Suhr & Co., 1137 Mission street, be-
tween Seventh and Eighth. Interment Lau-
rel Hill Cenvetery. .-*
KNUTZEN — In Oakland, February 28, 1903
at 568 Twelfth street, Sophia C, beloved wife
of Peter M. Knutien. and mother of Anna
and Katie Knutzen, a native of Denmark,
aged 61 years.
LEONARD — In the City.and County Hospital,
February 28, 1903, Margaret Leonard, a na-
tive of Ireland, aged 60 years.
MALARIN— In this city. February 27, 1903 at
his residence, 1259 Eddy street, ¦ John M.,
beloved husband of Margaret M. Malarin,
son of Urbano Malarin, and brother of Jo-
sephine Malarin, a native of Monterey, Cal.
ty Friends and acquaintances are respect- 1
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day I
(Sunday), at 2 o'clock, from St. Mary's
Cathedral, Van Ness avenue and O'Farrell
street. Interment at Nevada City. Please
- omit flowers.
MALTESTA— In the City and County Hospital
February 27, 1903, Katherine Maltesta, a na-
' tlve of California, aged 26 years.
OSWALD— In this city. \February 26, 1003.
Harriet C, beloved wife of Ignatius D. Os-
wald, loving mother of David I. Oswald,
daughter of Harriet and the late David Reid
and sister of Oeorge, James, Bessie and Isa-
belle Reid, a native of San Francisco, aged
. 23 . years 3 . months and 24 days.
CDTFrlcnds and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to. attend the funeral ''services
Sunday, March 1. 1903, at 1 o'clock, at her
late residence, 1607 Leavenworth street, be-
tween Pacific street and Broadway. Inter-
ment Laurel Hill Cemetery.
PARTRIDGE^-In the City and 'County Hospi-
tal, February 28, 1903, Mabel Partridge, a
native of Maine, aged 23 years.
PERRIER— In Sausallto, February 28, 1903
John Wilson Croker, beloved husband of
' (Successor to Flannagan & ¦ Gallagher).
20 Fifth St., opposite Lincoln School.
Telephone South 80.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
-.Formerly In Metropolitan Temple.
"•¦ -Now at 866 MISSION. Tel South 167
Between ¦ Fourth • and Fifth, Near Fifth st.
Finest equipments at Moderate ; Rates.
FA J.- Monahan, President.
' • (Inc.)
2S39-2341 Mission st. Telephone Mission 31.
Phyless "M. Perrier. a native of Brest.
France, aged 83 years and 10 months.
ETFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral Monday,
March 2, 1903. at 11:30 o'clock, from Christ s
Episcopal Church, Sausallto. Interment pr.-
QUINN— In the City and County Hospital.
February 28, 1903. John Qulnn^a native of
Ireland, aged 55 years.
REEVES— In this cily, February 28, 1903.
, George A. Reeves, only and beloved son of
Margaret and the late J." J. Reeves, and
brother of Mrs. J. C. Stelzner, a native of
¦' San Francisco.
E7"Notlce of funeral hereafter.
REILLY— In this city. February 26, 1903,
Patrick Reilly, beloved brother of Margaret
Schulz, Jane Carney and the late Mary Bige-
low a native of County Kildare, Ireland,
aged U7 years. (Virginia City papers please
v copy.)
(CTTha funeral will take place to-day
(Sunday), at 10:30 o'clock, from the funeral
parlors of McGinn Bros.. 224-228 McAllister
street. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. .
RICE— In this city, February 28. 1003, Georga
E. Rice, beloved husband of Julia Rice, a
"native of San Francisco, aged 34 years 4
months and l> days. A member of the Shin-,
glers' Union, . Local JSo. 1.
ICTFrtends and acquaintances ar* respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral cervices
I Tuesday, March 8, l»03. at 2 o'clock, at the
\ mortuary chapel of Julius S. Godeau, 305
' MontCTDmery avenue. Interment Laurel Hill
RICKS — In this city, February 28, 1003, John
W. Ricks, a. native of Indiana, aged 74
years 4 months and 21 days.
(CT'Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services
Tuesday. March 3, 1003, at 10 o'clock, at
Charles J. B. Metzler's undertaking parlors.
CM) Washington street. Interment National
SCHUMACHER— In this city, February -.8,
11)03, William Joseph, beloved eon of »»-
11am and Martha Schumacher, and brother or
Jennie A. and Alma A. Schumacher, a native
ot San Francisco, aged 1 year and 4 months.
SMITH— In this city, February 27, 1003. Ell*
Roberta Wilson, beloved wlfa of Butler
Smith, and daughter of Mra. E. J. Cham-
berlain, a native of Vallejo, aged <*i years
10 months and 13 clays.
ICFrlends and acquaintances ar© respect- j
fully Invited to attend the funeral from the
residence. 701 Broderkk street, at 2 o clock,
Sunday, March 1.
SPRAGUE— In this city. February 26. 1003,
Charles A., beloved son of George A. and
the. late Nettie Sprague. and brother of Mrs.
Charles Overshiner. a native of Santa Cruz,
aged 32 years 8 months and 4 days.
tCTFrlen(i8 and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral Sunday,
at 10 o'clock, from the funeral parlors of
Porter & White, 122 Eddy street. Funeral
under the auspices of Painters' Union. Local
No. 10. Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery.
STEALEY— In this city,' February 27, 1SKM,
Edwin M. Stealey, husband of Eva Stealey,
eon of Mrs. M. L. Stealey. and brother of
G. W., Thomas S., J. T.. Ida M. and Ethel
Stealey, Mrs. A. J. Ralseh and Mrs. 1 .
Clark, a native of San Francisco, aged Ji
years 8 months and 5 daye. ,
C^Funerai to-morrow (Monday), at 10. .>U
o'clock, from the residence of his mother,
2812 Van N«ks avenue, rhterment private.
STEIN— In San Mateo, February 25, 190L'.
Henry C, beloved husband of Emilia S.
Bteln, father of Lulu L. Stein, and brother
of Mrs, C. Hoff and Mrs. T. Berkham, a na-
tive of Germany, aged 43 yeara 10 months
and 26 days. r-
[ETFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend tha funeral Sunday,
March 1. at 11:30 o'clock, from his late resi-
dence, San Mateo, thence to Cypress Lawn I
Cemetery, by 12:30 o'clock train from San
VIANO— In Alameda, Cal.. February 25. 1003,
Giuseppe, dearly beloved husband of the late
Josephine Vlano, and beloved father of
Domenlco, John. Clotilda and Josephine
Viano and Mrs. Eliza Ferracone, a native
of Italy, aged 67 years 4 months and 8 days.
tCTFrlendu and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend tho funeral to-day
(Sunday), at 2 o'clock, from the hall
of Chrlstofo Colombo Guard of Oakland,
Ninth street and Broadway, where services
will be held under their auspices. Inter-,
ment St. Mary's Cemetery. Oakland.
WIGFALL— In Alameda. February 27, 1903,
at 1729 San Antonio avenue, Mrs. Elizabeth
M. L. Wigfall. beloved mother of Mrs. Henry
Deas, a native of Charleston, S. C, aged 80
yeara . and 6 months.
WOOD— In this city, February 28, 1903. Alice
M.. dearly beloved Infant daughter of James
and Mamie Wood, and loving sister of Ireno
Wood, a native of Ban Francisco, aged 1
year 4 months and 14 days.
ZETT — In this city. February 28, 1003, Fred-
erick J., beloved son of August L. and Alma
Zett, a natlvq of San Francisco, aged 5
months and 16 days. \ i
(£TTho funeral will take place to-day
(Sunday), at 2 o'clock, from the residence of
the grandparents. Mr. and Mra. John Todt.
8024 Twenty-«lxth street, between Church
and Sanchez. Interment Cypress Lawn
"•T~~'- CARD- OF THANKS.* 1 - - -
We desire to extend our thanks for tho
kindness shown by our many friends and
.. societies In our late bereavement.
And Family.
BECKER— We herewith desire to express our
gratitude to the many kind friends, and
. especially the officers and members of Noa
Valley Lodge No. 1S5, A. O. U. W.. and
Select Knights of America, who gave so
many evidences of their heartfelt and com-
forting sympathy and numerous tokens ot
friendship during the sad hours of our be-
reavement of loving father. August Backer.
Mourning Relatives.
Continued From Page Thirty-Five.
Nevada National Bank ..... 225 00
North Shore Railroad ....... 10 00 ....
Oil City Petroleum 31 ....
Orpheum Company 15 00 ....
Peerless Oil 16 00
Pacific States Tel & Tel.... .... ....
Paraf fine Paint ....
Postal Device & Imp 2 25
Reed Crude Oil 32 34
S F Drydock 75 00
San Joaquin OH . ... 7 75 8 25
Eausallto Land & Ferry .... 15 25 ....
S perry Flour Company 32 00
Standard Electric 20 00
Sterling Oil 3 85 3 05
Thirty-Three Oil 8 75 » 50 "
Twenty- El4ht Oil 2 9» SOU
Truckee Electric 14 50 15 25
Union, Oil . 70 00
Union Sugar 18 00 20 00
United Petroleum 117 00
United Gas & Electric 34 50 ....
Western Fish Co ....
West Shore Oil ft 00
Regular —
100 Occidental < 19
500 011 City Petroleum 81
350 Sterling S 65
100 Sterling, s 90 ; S 60
2000 Apcllo ... 31
Informal —
- COO Independence 13
The following were the sales in the San Fran
i clsco Stock and Exchange Board yesterday:
Morning Session. . . .
200 Andes 25 600 Overman 60
100 Bullion W) 500 Potosl 46
500 Caledonia ... .2 25 700 Savage 30
100 Chollar 42 700 Seg Belcher. ... 32
100 Con Cal & Va.2 80 250 Silver Hill 62
300 Gould & Cur.. 66 200 St Louts 19
200 Mexican 1 60 J00 Union Con 1 25
100 Occidental 40 100 Utah S3
200 Ophlr ....2 23 300 Yellow Jacket. 60
The following were the sales In the Paclflo
Stock- Exchange yesterday:
Morning Session. ,
150 Alpha Con. 08* 400 Mexican .. .1 CO
400 Andes 2« 1500 Overman . . 6O
800 Belcher 51 200 Overman .. 6t
200 Belcher .... 50 200 Overman .. 62'
100 Best & Bel. 2 20 200 Potosi 47
600 Caledonia ..2 25 300 Savage .... 32
100 Caledonia ".;2 35 .200 Scorpion .4. 05
200 Caledonia ..2 32% 300 Seg Belch.. 28
200 Chal Con... «0 300 Seg Belch.. 29
BOO Chal Con... 65 600 Union Con.. 1 25
200 Chollar .... 42 200 Union Con..l 27»4
•200 C C & Va..2 30 1200 Utah ...... 39'
210 C C & Va..2 40 600 Utah ...... 88
400 Gould & Cur 66 200 Utah .• 37
200 Hale & Nor. 1 10 200 Yellow Jack 62
SATURDAY, Feb. 25— 12 m.
Bid.Asked. Bld.Aaked.
Alpha 06 08 Julia ...• — 07
Alta ..08 10 Justice ...... 09 10
Andes 25 20 Kentuck ..... 04 06
Belcher ...... 61 C3 Mexican 1 «0 1 63
Best & Belch. 2 30 —Occidental... 62 53
Bullion .; (tf» 10 Dphlr ...2 30 2 33
Paledonla ....2 35 2 iOIOverman 62 «3
Challenge Con 65 CS'Potonl 48 50
Chollar ;..... 43 44 (Savage 32 hii
Confidence ...1 50 1 J>5 Scorpion ..... 05 07
Ton Cal & Va.2 30,2 4O.yeg Belcher.. 33 35
Con Imperial. 04 05'Flerra Novad.1 05 1 10
Con New York 05 OS Silver Hill. ... 62 63
Crown Point. 40 42 St Louis...... 19 20
Eureka Con... — f 25;Byndicate .... — ., 07
Exchequer ... 04 05 Union Con....l 25 1 SO
Oould&Cur.. 69 60 Utah 3S 39
Bale & Norc.l 05 1 10 fellow Jacket. 63 65
Lady Wash ... 05 —
Groundown— It's too bad New Tear's
doesn't come before Christmas.
Groundown— Well, you see, .then we
could ; all resolve not to buy Christmas
presents.— Philadelphia , Press.
Pastor of a Chicago Methodist Church
, Throws Himself in Front of a
CHICAGO. Feb. 28.— Rev. Dr. J. M.
Caldwell, for many years presiding elder
of the Methodist church at Chicago and
now . pastor of the Union-avenue Metho
dist Church, attempted to end his life to
day by throwing- himself in front of a
Grand Trunk train. He was unconscious
when picked up, his leg was broken and
he was internally injured. He was taken
to Wesley Hospital, where it was said
he might recover.
Dr. Caldwell was arrested last night on
a charge of disorderly conduct and re •
leased on bail. He left home this morn
ing to answer these charges In the Police
Court, and instead of going there deliber
ately walked in front of the rapidly
moving train.
Tb« following tables give a comparatlTe
statement for two years of the estimated flow
of certain California rivers In cubio feet per
second, or second feet. on» second foot equal
ing 50 California miner's Inches, or about 40
Colorado miner's inches. Tho figures for the
last year may be revised by later measure
ments. Tho figures are by J. B. Llpplncott.
hydrographer. United States Geological Survey:
Second Feet.
1902. 1903.
February 15 61 163
February 16 61 144
February 17 61 144
February 18 61 144
February 19 M 168
February 20 7» 1B3
, February 21 78 163
Second Feet.
1902. 1903.
February 15 , 400 780
February 16 440 1105
February 17 52O 780
February 18 «7« 78O
February 19 672 78O
February 20 48© 78O
February 21 520 1105
Second Feet. ¦
1902. "TiooT""
February 15 750 1300
February 16.... 1440 1180
February 17 1800 1180
February 18 1130 1180
February 19 „ 1180« 1180
February 20; 1060- | 1300
February 21 | 950 | 130O
~ Second Feet.
February 15.. .777.17....... &3.68O ) 15.030
February 16 80.760 14,340
February 17... ». «.| 84.OHO | 14.000
February 18 ,. I 63,780 I 13.340
February lft 49,450 j 13.O2O
February 20 89,200 13,020
February 21 | 47,170 | 13.020
March, 1003.
8. M. T. \ W. T. ¥1 a Moon's Phases
8 0 10 11 12 13 14 ,O Full Moon.
W Mar. 13.
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 —~1 — — '
ijV- Last Qr.,
22 23 24 25 28 27 28 Mar. 20.
-, 4%. New Moon.
29 SO I 81 f { \9 Mar. 23.
The Call selected the most
costly art supplements ever
used free with a newspaper,
viz., the Sarony art series
(although the others now be-
ing used were submitted) in
the belief that the people
*vanted the best; this belief is
justified in the sales of last
Sunday's Call, as the entire
edition was sold out early.
fy^tel \i n ld ea * Train
lwM Hi*] or Those Who
£rpS~^ S ee^ the Best
Leavt Market-street Ferry Depot.
~~~~ I Local I Llm'd I Local lOrTl'd
I Dally I Pally I Daily | Dally
Lv San Fran 8:00a 9:30a 4:00 p| 8:0Op
Ar Stockton .... 11:10a 12:08 p 7:10 pill:13 u
"Merced l:20p 1:40 p. j 1:28 a
" Fresno | 3:20 p| 3:00 p| 3:15a
"Hanford 5:0Op 3:51 p I : 52*
"Vlsalla 10:25p 4:48p 8:0Oa
"Bakersfield .. 7:10p B:5Op Z : 55*
" Kansas City 2:35a 7:20a
"Chicago 2:15p 8:47p
a for morning, p for afternoon.
8:00 a. m. Dally Is Bakersfield Local, stop-
ping at all points In Saa Joaquin Valley. Cor-
responding train arrives at 7:00 a. m. dally.
9:80 a. m. Daily Is tha CALIFORNIA
LIMITED, carrying Palace Sleeping Cars
and Dining Cars through to Chicago. Cnalt
Car runs to Bakersfield for accommodation of
local first-class passengers. No second-class
tickets are honored on this train. Correspond-
ing train arrives at 11:10 p. m. Daily.
4:00 p. rn. Is Stockton Local. Corresponding
train arrives at 11:10 a. m. Daily.
8:00 p. m. Is the Overland Express, with
through Palace and Tourist Sleepers and Free
Reclining Chair Cars to Chicago; also Palaee
Sleeper, which cuts out at Fresno. Correspond-
ing train arrives at 6:00 p. m. dally.
Offices — 641 Market street and In Ferry De-
pot. San Francisco; 1112 Broadway, Oakland.
via Sausallto Ferry
WEEK DAYS (Holidays exoepted) — 6:43,
t*7:45 8:45 9:43 11 a. rn.. 12:20, »1:45. 3:15.
4:15 t5:15»6:15. 6:45. ». 11:45 p. m.
7:45 a. m. train week days does not no to
Mill Valley
tS. f*». t"10. 1J. Ul:30 a. m.. 112:30, fiatij
2:30. 'a :5O. 5. H. 7:30, 0, 11:45 p. m.
Trains marked (*) run to San Quentln. Those
marked (t) to Fairfax, except 5:15 p. m. Sat-
urdays. On Saturdays tha 3:15 p. m. train
runs to ' Fairfax.
—Week days— 5:25. JS:25. 7:40. 8:15. J9:S5.
11:05 a. m.. 12:30, 2:20. *3:45, 4:50. 5:30.
6-45 '10:20 p m.
SUNDAYS-^6:13. T:33. $8:10. 0:40. J10:53
111:45 a. m., 1X:5O. 2:30. t3:25. 4:10. J5:5Q;
6:55 7:35. 10:20 p. m. . .
Trains marked (t) start from San Quentin.
CISCO— Week days— 5:45, 6:40. 7:43. g;25
9:45. 11:10 a. m.. 12:40. 2:45. 4:15. o:10.-7:<»:
10 SUN^)AYS— «:S5 7:55. 10, 11:10 a. „,.,
12T05| 1:06. 3:40. &:45. 4:55.. 6:05. 7:10. 10:40
7:45 a. m.. week days— Cazadero ana way
''oilo 11 ?. m., week days (Saturdays exceptedJ
—Tomales and way stations. •
3:15 p. m.. Saturdays^ — Cazadero and way
Sundays and Legal Holiday*— a a. m.. Caza-
dero and way stations.
Sundays and Legal Holidays— 10 a. ra.. Point
Reyes and way stations.
- TICKET OFFICE— 626 Market at.
vtcrry— Foot of Market st.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
. (Main Line. Toot of Market Street >
LiATi — Kbox FxaaBAaT 26. 1MB. — amhtF
7.00a BcdIcIa. SuUun, tlinlraand Sacra-
mento 7.25*
7.00* Vacaville, Winters. Rumsey 7-2&P
7J0a Martinez. San Ramoo. Valleja.
Nap*. Calistog*. Santa Rosa 8.25'
7.30a Slle», Luthrop, Stockton 7.2Sr
S.OOaSmyI*, Woodland. K nights Landing,
* Mary«¥llle. Orotllle 7.5B»
8.00a AtlanUc Express— Ogdea snd Eait. 1025a
8.00a Port Costs, Martinez. Antlocb.
-Tracy. Stockton. Sacramento,
Lot Basos. Mcndota, Haaford.
• Vlsalla. Forterrllle »»4.25*
8.00a Fort Cotts, Martinez, Latnrop. Mo
deito, Merced. Fresno, Goshen
Janctton, BskereSeld 5 25*
830* Shasta Expreas— Darin, Williams
(for Bartlett Springs). Willows,
tFroto. Red Blnff, Portland 7-5Jr
8 30 a Xiles. Saa Jose. LWermore, Stock-
Maryivllle. Cblco. Red BlnS 4.2SP
1.30a Oakdale. Chinese, Jameatowa. 80-
nora, Taolnmne and An eels 4 25 r
9.00a ValleJe.Martinex and Way Stations 6 55'
1000a Vallejo 1^i»
410-OOa Crescent City Expreti, EMtbound.
— Martinez, Tracy, Latbrop,
Stockton. Merced. Raymond.
Titsno, BairriCrld, Lo» Angeles
and Kev Orleaaa. (Wettbonnd
arrlTes as FaclSc Coaat Express,
Tla Coast Line) til 33 »
10.00a Tha OverUad Limited — Ogden.
Denrer, Omaba, Chicago 8 23*
12.00m Hayward. Ktlei and Way Station*. J 25*
1 1 -CO p Sacramento Hirer Steamer* til .00*
3- 30* Oenlcls, Winter*, Sacramento,
Woodland. Williams, Colusa.'Wtl- ¦
lows, Kn!?nt* Landing. Marjs> s
Tille. OroTtne 10 55a
3 30* Harward, Nile* and Way Station*.. 7-66'
4. CO* Martlnez,SanRamnn,VaneJo,}Tapa, -
Callitoga. Santa Roia 9-25 a
4 00* Martinez. Tracy. Luthrop.Stockton. 10.26a
4 00* Nile*. LIvermore. Sioekton. Lodl.. 4.25*
430* Hayward. Kile*. IrTlngton, Ban I t8.55*
Joae. LIvermore \ til. 68*
8007 Tho Owl Limited— Frnaao. Talar*.
Baker*neId.Lo*Ange!e*; conneo-
tlon. Saagti* for 8anta Barbara.
(Golden State Limited Sleeper .
carried on Owl Train for Chlcag*) 1.53 a
6 00* Port Costa, Trier, Stocltoi, Lot
Banoa 1 25*
t5J0* 5lle*,Local , 7 J5a
600* Hayward, KUe* and Sin Jote 7 55a
16.00* Vallejo 11.28a
6.00* Oriental Mall— Ogdaa, Denver,
Omana. St. Lout*. Chicago 4 25*
g700* Suaiet Limited (leares tU Co«»I
Ltno £a*t*t>onnd).— Kew Tor*.
Hew Orleans, Lei Anfelet, - ; t
Treino, Mendots, Maxtlaea,
f Arrive* via Saa Joaqala VaUey '
Wectbonnd) tJS*
7 00* San Pablo. For* Costa, Vtrtlaas __
and Way Buttons tuS*
:700* Vallejo «.,.? 7-W
8 05* Oregon * California Ezpre*s— 0a«*
rsmento, Mary*vll!e, Reddbif.
Portland, Puget Soand and Sail. IJS 4
19.187 Harward. Files (3nad»7onl/). .. . . 111 55 a
11.25* Port Co*ta, Tracy, Laihrop, Modes* -
to, Merced, Freano......... • I-f *
Hanford, VUalla, Baker*fleld.... M> t-28 »
COAST LINE (Harrow «aagt).
(Foot of Market Street.)
•.ISa Kewark, Centerrllle, Saa Jo»%
Felton, Boalder Crtei, Baata
Cruz aai Wa/ Station* • iaT
T2.1Br Kewark, CenterrUld. San Jo«%
Kew Ahnadea felton, BonMer
Creek. Santa Cm* and Frlaelpal
Way Buttons ..~lVi 80a
4.18* Newari.Sia Jose, Lo* Gate* | tlOlf»>*t
' «9 30* Hunter'* Train— San Joso sai Waj
Stations (Satarday only) ,.....,. U-SOr
Leave* LoeOato* 4.85m Sunday
From SAN *'KA> iC19CO. Foot of Ilarket St. fSllp J>
— tf.n 9:0O 11:00 A. «. 100 J.N 1.15 7.V.
From OAKLAVD.J'oo: of Broadway — t«:0O tS:O»
ta:08 10:00 A.M. 12-00 200 4.0«*.H.
COAST LINE <Br«ad flaage).
(Third and Town»end 8treet>.)
8.10 a Baa Jo»e and Way Sutlont 7-^9*
7.00a fan Joie and Way Stitioai...,, ... 8 30*
/7 00a KewAlmaden /410*
-8.00a Cout Line Limited — San Jo*o.
eilroy,Holllal«r-,Saltna«,San Lnis
Oblspo, Sa&ta Barbara, Los Ange-
les and Principal Intermediate
Statloas ,. 19.48*
w1000i PtelSc Coaat Expreas (leaves vf»
San Joaquin Valley Eastboand
as Creicent City Express).— New
Orleans. Los Angelas, Santa Bar*
bars. Pacific Grove, Del tfoate.
(Arrive* via Coast Line We«t-
bound) 11.35a
8. 00a Saa Jose, Trea Plnoa, Capitols,
Santa Crnx.Paci Sc Grove, Salinas,
Saa Lnis Oblipo sad Principal
Intermediate Buttons , 4.10*
10.30a Saa Jose and Way Stations......... 1.S0*
11.30a 8an Joae and Way Stations 6 30*
•1.30* Saa Jose and Way Stations M7-00*
2.00* Saa Joie and Way SUtiens H0.QOa
13.00* Del Monte Express— Santa Cl»r».
San Joae. Gllrov, Holliater. Bant*
Cms. Del Monte, Monterey, Pa-
cific Grove, Sallnaa and Principal
Stations 12.15*
330* Bnrllngame. Saa Mateo, Redwood,
MenloPark. Palo Alto. Mayneld,
Monnuln View. Lawrence, Saata
Clara snd San Jose 8.38*.
f4.30* San Jose, Oilror and Way 9tatlons*10.45*
fS.OO* Ban Jote. Los Uatoa and Principal
WaySUtions ff-OOA
1530* San Jose and PrlncipalWay Stations t3-C0*
1S-15* Ssn Mateo, BeImoni.Beresford.Saa
Carlos, Redwood, Fair OaXs,
llenloFart. Palo Alto t8,48«.
8 30* Baa Jose and Way Buttons. 9.38a
7.00* 8nn«et Limited. Eaatboond.— flan , . -
Lola Oblspo. Saau Barbara, Lea
Angeles, Demiar. El Paso. New
Orleans, New York. (Wettnoiin«l
- arrive* via San JosqnfnVaQej)... wS25»
•11.45* Palo Alto and Way Station* r<M5e
• 11-45* 8an Jose and Way Stations..,. t9.45*
A for Morning. P for Afteraooa.
X Satarday and Sunday only.
I Stops at all stations oa Sunday.
t Sunday excepted. t Sunday only.
*t Satarday only.
si Connect* at 6o*b«n Jo. with traia* far Baaftrd)
Vlsalla. At Fresno, for VUalla via Staxtr.
; Via Coast Line. ¦ •-
Tuesday and FrM*7.
tn Arrlrs via Kile*. '
ft Dally except S»tnr4»T.
w Via San Jo»qnln Vtllay, .
V Stops Saau Clara lonth bossd Ml* C«i9eta>
except Sunday, for all point* X arrow ftatgfr
Hbuxoa rorry. Toot ot JKaxSct 8t» 1
SAir rBAjrcisoo to bajt »«\t>titm
WEEK DAT&— 7:30, OiOOUiOO a. m.| 13:33.
8:30 5:10, 6:30 p. m. Tbundaya-^Sxra tria
at 11:30 p. ra. Saturdays— Extra trips al
1:80 and 11:30 Pk m.
SUNDAYS — 8:00. 8:30, 11:00 a. m.1 1)30, 3:30.
6:0O and 6:20 p. m.
WJEEK DATS— «:0o. T:SO» 7:50, »;2Q, U:l»
a. m.; 12:S0. 3:40. 6:00. 6:20 p. m. Batur-
days— Extra trips at 2:08 and 6:33 p. m.
SUNDAYS— 8:00, 9:40, 11:15 a. m.| 1;4», 3:10.
4:M. 0:08, 9:ii P. m.-
t«&v*> la Eff»ot \ Axxtvw
Ban Francisco. May 4. 1903, jSaaTranclaoo.
"Week I Sui^ ' D«stln»- I 8nn- I Week
Days. I days. ? tlon. «ay. \ Pays.
. T:30a 8:00a Snacii""""'" »:10a 8t40s>
3-80 p 9:30 a and 10:40 a 8:40 a.
6:10 p 6:00 s Kotuto . «:06p «:20»
] \ T:3opf
7 :80 a) 8:00 a Pttaluma 10:40 a 8:40 a>
8-SOp 9:30a and «:0opl0:20a
B:10p 6:00 p Santa Rosa {7:33p »:20p
1 -so a Windsor 19:2« aj
5:00 p Bealdsburs 10:40 a
3:30 p 8:00 a Cao-rerdalo T»83p <d>s
7:30 al 8:00 al Hopland 110:40 a 1 10:20 s>
3J30 pI B:0O pi Uklao { 7:38 p( «:20 9
7:30a|8:0Oa| WUUU | 7:33 pf «:20 p"
7-30 al 8:00 al OaemevUlo I 7:33pjl0:20a
3:30 p| 6:00 p| |10:40 a| <:2Op»
7:30 al 8:00 at Sonoma. |9:10a|8:40a
5:10 p| 5:00 PI Glen Ellen | 6:06 p| 8:20 p
7:30 al 8:COal Sebastopol 110:40 a|10:2O a
3:30 p) 6:00 p| | 7:35 p| *):2» 9
Stages connect at Santa Rosa for Mark West
Springs and Whits Sulphur Springs; at Fulton
for Altruria; at Lytton for Lytton Springs; st
Geyserville for Skatrgs Springs; at Cloverdalw
for the Geysers and Bconevtlle; at Hopland for
Duncan Springs. Highland Springs. Kelseyvlll*.
Carlsbad Springs. Soda Bay. Lakeport and
Bartlett Springs; at Vklah for Vichy Springs.
Saratoga Springs, Blue Lakes, Laurel Deil
Lake. Witter Springs. Upper Lake. Pomo. Pot-
ter Valley. John Day's, Riverside. Llerley's.
Hucknell's, Sanhedrin Heights, Hullvllle. Orr*a
Hot Springs, Half-way House. Comptche. Camp
Stevens. Hopkins. Mendocino City. Fort Brags:.
TVestport. Uaal; at Wllllta for Sherwood. Cabto.
Covelo. Laytonvllle. Cummlngs. Bell's Springs.
Harris. Olsen's. Dyer. Pepperwood, ScotU and
Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at re-
duced rates.
On Sundays — Rotmd-tr!j> tickets to all points
beyond San Rafael at half rates.
Ticket office. 650 Markets st.. Chronic!*
- Gen. Manager. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Leave Via Sausalito Ferry Arrive
San Fran. Foot of Market St. San Fran,
££ IK: »— i i±"r= SS E£
u:OTA. -T^njcTuitmr lilsrillZ:
";;„•"; j.ar. o P «.^i*.7««« M <. rea p. ...--.
TSWilM glLt-Uar* Turn !:M 1. irrin to f aieua II.M ».
Dan J «26 Maxket St.. (North Shore Railroad)
OHIOB \ and Sausauto Fekrv, Foot Market St.

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