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Panama Company Ex
' tends Tenure of
Removes the Danger of a
• Further Hitch in the
Agreement Shuts Out All Pros
pective Purchasers Other
, . Than the United
* * • States. .
. ' Social Dispatch t« The Call.
W'.. WASHINGTON".. MatLh 3— After
making many statements that it had
rrher puchaeera than the United States
. in view, and causing to b« spread broad
cast stories that a German syndicate was
libout to build a canal, if the Senate did
r.ot "at once ratify the treaty, the Pana
lr.a. Ca'cal Company came down out of
'the tree to-day 3n<J signe<l «:i agreement
TvlUi Attorney General Knox, which
out all purchasers except the
I'nited States.
l"nder the off«r of the Panama Com
jjarry; made In January. VKB. th« United
j^-Ates was to have un option on the prop
erty until March 4, 1901
When the company begun to give it out
that It could get other purchasers for its
property, the President, on February 1«,
.i-aufed Attorney G^n^ral Knox to cable
Cb .President Bo, in Paris, an acceptance
•>f the offer made a year ago. subject to
ratification of the ponding treaty by both
ihe- United States and Colombia. At
torney General Knox's cable concluded:
"The President desires that tho pro
ceedings nece«Fary to a transfer of title
«ind possession cf property be forwarded
a? much as possible, to the end that
m-hen the pending treaty is ratified and
coo* into effect, nothing will remain to
be done but to consummate the transsac
t ion by the delivering of possession and
iho payment of the consideration. "
President Bo eaid in reply that the
'•whole matter was In the hands of Wil
liam Nelson Cromwell, the attorney fnr
ih« company in this country. Cromwell
herded to Mr. Knox this memoranda to-
•'Pursuant to the authority upon me
c<?nf*;rred by the president of the New
Panama Canal Company, I beg leave to
*taJ». that the acceptance made by the
President of the United States, through
jour cablegram of the 17th ultima, of
the offer of the company, as contained
Jn its cablegrams of January 9 and 11.1902,
addressed to the president of the Isth
• m&n can3l commission, is hereby ac
•r«»pted as being in conformity with said
¦This tnear.s that the Panama Canal
.Company and the United States are tied
fcsrii and fast. The United States is
bound to take the Panama property for
5O.00WKK) when the Treaty has been rat!
fT<ad by the Senate of the United States
and by the government of Colombia.
The Panama Company is under obliga
tions to *oU to no other government, per
prvv or syndicate, eo long as this treaty
is pending.
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toll, again in a few days, but I haven't
t»«ri him since."
McNaughton refused at first .to talk
• bout the case, caylng. his attorney
T.ould cpeak for him, but when asked
•whether he had anything to conceal he
consented to make a statement. .
. •'Bailey Induced me to buy the lots from
Fisher." said McNaughton. '"He tojd me
they were cheap and that teyh adjoined
,hl« .property. Fisher seemed in a great
hurrj* to carry cut the deal. I never saw
the 'dummy.' I paid xny money to the
Title ¦ Insurance Company and . got the
'^eed. 'The company paid It all back to
mo with Interest when the imposition be
can?« known."
"I never met Fisher In my life till thli
deal • .--rr.e up," declared Bailey. "lie
wrote me a letter flr/t. telling me he had
found the owner of the lots adjoining
mine and that he would sell them cheap.
1 tiid not answer the letter and he called
in person. He eaid Luke McCarty was
a convict, who had just been liberated
from Ban Quentin. I advised Mr. Mc
.Naughton to buy the lots, as I did net
have the meney to spare and I wanted a
friend to town them, as my eewer runs
¦ cross them. I didn't see the alleged Luke
McCmrty, tjut another man -stopped me
on the street one day and said he had In
troduced th<9 Impostor to Fisher and that
If he didn't; get a "piece" out of the trans
action prrtty eoon there would be trouble.
I would k.tiow this man If I should set*
him acaizv"
Fisher "could not be found last night.
Holland Smith, the notary. Is dead.
- Albert T. Spotts, manager of the Cali
fornia, Title Insurance and Trust Compa
ny.'declared that the deed on which the
*are of the property was made to Thomas
M cN&ughton - was . a f orgery- Ho ex
pressed the hope that the forger and all
parties Involved in the conspiracy, if one
i *xlsted.' would be arrested and • punished.
In reference to the transaction he made
tbe following statement: "Jn the latter
part of. January or early in. February
«'harlea C. Fisher of the firm of Joost.
* Co. came to our office and ap
plied for title Insurance on the property
which McNaughton was negotiating for.
We turned the deed over to our law de-
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•~\ -. . ' i • • .
1 61.O rr . cr ,Mrfi, vrvrvonn
Federal Judge Issues Injunction Restraining Union
Leaders From Calling Out Men on Wabash Rail
road—Colorado Soldiers Guard Smelter Property
ST. LOUIS, March S.— An injunction
granted by Judge Adams of the
United States District Court pre
vented the culmination to-day of
the threatened strike of the 1100
firemen and trainmen of the Wabash rail
road for higher wages. As the result of
the poll during the past week among the
employes over the question of striking in
case President Ramsey refused to grant
the demanded wage concessions on the
Wabash cast of the Mississippi River, the
engineers and conductors refused to par
ticipate in a Ptrlke, but the firemen and
the trainmen favored it emphatically.
Their committees yesterday notified Pres
ident Ramsey that he would be given un
til to-day to grant their demands.
This afternoon President Ramsey re
quested a little more time and the two
committees granted him until 5 o'clock to
make a final reply. Before the allotted
time had expired President Ramsey had
obtained a restraining . order from the
court and It had been served on all the
officials of all the orders and the members
of the grievance committees. The injunc
tion was a most sweeping Instrument and
effectually blocked any strike proceed
ings. In part it reads:
We, ' therefore. ' do strictly command you.
until further order of the court, absolutely to
drsist and refrain from In any -way or man-
partment for Investigation. Our attorney
searched the records and ascertained that
the three lots in questfbn were in the
name of Luke McCarty. The deed pre
sented us by Mr. Fisher had been ac
knowledged before Holland Smith, a no
tary public, who has since died, by some
one representing himself as being Luke
McCarty. Of course we had no knowledge
that the real Luke McCarty had died In
the month of July, 11*1, and could not pos
sibly have executed the deed. There were
no recor<1<« In .the local probate court to
show that McCarty's estate was in pro
bate ?n another county. „ •
"When our attorney, after searching the
record, reported that the deed was record
ed In the name of Luke McCarty and was
apparently all right we insured the. title.
Mr. Fisher deposited the deed with us
and was given a receipt for It. Mr. Me-
Naughton paid us the purchase price and
was given the deed to the property. The
purchase price, which was in the neigh
borhood of $500. was turned over to
Fisher, Joost &MTo. for the man whom we
supposed to be Luke McCarty.
"I did not learn that" there was any
thing wrong In the transaction^ until J. J.
Clarke came to me in regard to the mat
ter. He produced the original deed for
the property and also some old tax re
ceipts. I Immediately saw that' the deed
which had been presented to U3 by Mr.
Fisher was fraudulent. I sent a man
down to Mountain View and learned the
particulars . regarding Luke McCarty's
death. Our firm then at once returned to
Mr." McNaughtpn the amount that he had
paid for' the property. The California
Title Insurance Company Is the sole loser
because of the fraud. The McCarty estate
will lose nothing."
Says He Murdered a Girl in Missouri
and Narrowly Escaped Be
ing Lynched.
; HAMILTON. Ohio, March JL-While
tRlklnff ebp&t.the flpdlng-.of :the body of
Hannah Godflard to-day Strangler Knapp
confessed. a' number of -other, crimes. He
sai<3:he was tiip x man -who-in: the summer
of" 1SS6 attacked a -girl in New Madrid,
Mo., and was^ chased by. a mob bent on
bnchirtg him. •; After* holding the crowd at
bay with ary Winchester^ rifle ~ he finally
succeeded * in' saving, hist life by flight,
making his way across the river. Knapp
then' : told cf other assaults from which
be had narrow escapes.
Knapp said he "was hoboing In Missouri
in the summer of ISSS/when.he- stopped at
a farmhouse, and a 16-year-old ¦ girl gave
him bread and milk. When he found she
was alone he attacked her.. «As he .was
leaving the room he saw a loaded Win
chester and seized it Boon afterward he
was pursued . by sixteen armed men,
whom he : hcld at bay and/finally escaped
t<> the river, where, at. the point of his
Winchester, he : made a man take him
across in a skiff. After emptying "the
Winchester he gave the rifle to the man
with the skiff and then escaped as rapidly
as possible through another State.
ner ordering. co«rcln£. persuading and Induc
ing or otherwise caueinr. directly or Indirectly,
the employes of the said Wabaah Railroad
Company to strike or to quit the service of
eaid company.
The injunction Is temporary and the
wrlt3 are not made returnable. The per
sons against whom the injunction Is is
sued may appear In court at any time and
present a plea to have the injunction dis
solved, or if.no one asks that it be dis
solved it may be made permanent. .
After President Ramsey learned . that
the Injunction had been served he said:
We will go on deallrnr with our own em
ployes the same as usual. This order will not
affect them at all. If a strike takes place It
¦will be due to outside, interference. The or
der Is meant to restrain others on the out
side from Interfering: with our employes or
from ordering a strike.
Meantime the grievance committee had
prepared and submitted to President
•Bamsey a letter setting forth the in
creased concessions -they desired. It was
soon afterMhe delivery of this letter to
President Ramsey that the injunction
was served. Shortly after 5 o'clock.^ two
hours after the Injunction proceedings',
President Ramsey sent to the grievance
committee his refply to their letter, prac
tically rejecting all their demands. Be
fore leaving his office to go home he said
that he did not believe a strike would be
brought about. The committees of fire
men and trainmen met and talked over
the situation this evening and then dis
persed for the night.
Grand Master Morrlssey of the Brother
hood of Railway Trainmen said after the
meeting to-hlght: .
We have decided to make no mo\-e until after
a consultation with our attorneys. This will
be held to-morrow morning:.
Morrissey in a signed statement eaid
that nothing would be done In violation
of the injunction and .that the dissatisfied
employes would bow In submission" to- the
law. ;'"•>': - ¦
j& Anheuser-Busch
covers i2S acres—
60 city blocks.
Brew House— 6,000 Barrels Daily. -
Bottling Works— 700,000 Bottles Daily
[ce& Refrigerating Plants— 3,300 Tons Daily.
Malt Houses— 5,000 Bushels Daily,
Storage Elevators— 1,250,000 Bushels.
Stock Houses-^425,000 Barrels,
Steam Power Plant— 7,750 Horse Power
Electric Light & Power Plant— 4,000 Horse Power;
Employs 5,000 People. __ :
Largest BreweiyintlieW
All ordem pronii>\l]r filled by '
£> G> LY0NS & RAAS CO., Wholesale Dealers, San Francisco, Cal.
March 3.— Companies D and I,
which comprise the local battal
ion of the Colorado National
• " Guard, surrounded the mills at
Colorado City early this evening and were
later strengthened by the arrival' of four
companies and a battery from Denver,
Everything is quiet to-night.
DENVER. Colo., March 8.— At tha re
quest of Sheriff Gilbert of El Paso County
and the. United States Reduction Com
pany, operating at Colorado City. Gover
nor Peabody at noon to-day called out
State troopa to proceed to Colorado City
and protect the reduction company's plant
from strikers. '
Battery A, Companies A, B and K of
the First Infantry and Troop O of the
First Squadron of Cavalry, all of thin
city, and Companies D and I of the Sec
ond Infantry of Colorado Springs, about
500 men In all, were sent to Colorado" City
this ' afternoon. Quiet prevailed , to-day
and no serious disturbance has occurred
since the strike began two weeks ago.
Secretary W. D. Haywood of the West
ern Federation of Miners expressed him
self freely in regard to the calling out of
the State troops.
"There wag positively no reason for the
action of Governor Peabody," said Hay
wood. "There has been no overt act com
mitted; no destruction of property, nor
danger of life. There has been not even
an act of violence; at most a few petty
quarrels. Governor Peabody is but car
rying out the Dlan determined upon in
advance, which has for ' its end the de
ptructlon of the mill workers' and smel
ter men's unions. I am confident that
the people of Colorado will semi up! a
unanimous protest against the, action of
Governor Peabody, who is usurping the
rights of civil authority In calling out
the military force of the State in a time
of peace." '¦:-,
Orowninshield Asks to
Be Retired From
the Navy.
Angered Because He Is Not
Allowed to Choose
His Flagship.
WASHINGTON. March 3.-Two Inter
esting and significant communications
were received to-day at the Navy De
i partmen't from the European staion. One
was from Rear Admiral A. S. Crownin
shield. commanding- the European squad
ron, asking to be placed on the retired
list of the navy, under the provisions of
the personnel law. The ether was from
'Lieutenant Henry H. "Ward, naval sec
retary to Admiral Crownlnshleld, resign
ing his commission in the navy. Secre
tary Moody cabled a prompt acceptance
to both. It was decided to relieve Crown
lnshield from active duty at once. In or
der that he might come home or visit
.European capitals, whichever should be
his desire.
Rear Admiral Charles S. Cotton, com
mandant of the navy-yard at Norfolk.
Va., was assigned to the command of
the European squadron and will relin
quish his present duty at once and start
for Europe as soon as he can arrange
his official and private affairs. The Eu
ropean squadron is composed of the cruis
er Chicago (flagship), the protected cruis
ers Albany and Cincinnati, the cruiser
Raleigh and the gunboat Machias. •'
The Navy Department contented itself
at first with the brief statement of the
admiral's application for retirement wlth
.out explanation of the- reason therefor.
It is known, however, that the officer was
dissatisfied with the rearrangement of the
armored squadrons, following the Carib
bean maneuvers la'st winter, which de
prived him of the further use of the Illi
nois as a flagship.
It Is expected that the admiral will
haul down his flag about March 30. He
will not return to the United States on
a naval vessel and probably will spend
some time in Europe before coming home.
Admiral Cotton was Instructed to go to
the squadron # at the earliest -moment.
Admiral Crownlnshield's retirement, In
the ordinary course, will promote Cap
tains Cook and Harrington to be rear ad
Chief Ordnance Officer Will Furnish
Them With Muskets of the
Regular Service.
WASHINGTON. March 3.-General Cro
zier, chief of the Ordnance Department,
has made preliminary arrangements for
arming the entire organized militia of the
United States with the Krag-Jorgensen
musket of the regular service, In accord
ance with provisions of the new
militia law. lie already had col
lected about 60.000 of these arms at the
Government arsenals at Augusta, Ga., Be
nicia, Cal., Rock Island, 111., and San An
tonio, Tex., and more will be Bhipped to
these points from the armory at Spring
iield, Mass., as needed. . . ,. . -
These arms will replace the Springfield
muskets, which are to be returned to the
Government. •
V ~C 1 mBSHBassCaBasBSBlW f^ I ¦
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Disordered Stomach
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sicians In every part *f tbe globe
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The only HUNYADI V.ter that is
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U W I m %Jf siiheve & barber co..
¦ m -^-. 739 Market at.. and 511.
¦>-%¦¦:••¦¦••.'¦¦» ¦ ' f ¦- • Kearny st.
al via Sausalito Perry
4-10 t5-15 •8:15 6:48. 8, 11-A& P. m.
"is a. in. train week days does not rua to
«. t^. t"™ llTtll:30 a. m. tl2:30. fl.-SO,
2:80 •S-.bO. 5. 6. 7:30. 0, 11:45 p. m.
Trains marked (•) run to San Quentin. Thoia
marked .(t> to Fairfax, except 5:15 p. m. Sat-
urdays. On Saturdays the 3:15 p. m. train
— VV>ek days— 8:28. $6:28. 7:40. 8:18.^9:38.
11:05 a. m.. 12:30, 2:2p. J3:45. 4:80. 8:301
6-45 '10:20 P m.
STJNDAYS^-6:15, 7:35. J8:10 9:40 J10:Ba.
11145 » m " 12:5 °- 2:S0 - t3:2S - 4: *°. J3:00;
6-65 7:35.10:20p.m.. - -,.-.
Trains marked (t) start from San Quentin.
CISCO^ — Week days — 5:48. 8:40. 7:48, 8:25
»:43T lT:10 a. m.. 12:40. 2:45. 4:15. 5:10. ljx\
10 6^N P DAYS— 6:85. 7:55. 10, 11:10 a. m
12:05. 1:05. 3:40. 3:45. 4:55. Q:05. 7:10, io™o
P - ?vj THROUGH TRAINS. \Z %';?J :
7:45 a. m.. week days — Cazadero and way
stations. ••¦,„/.. " '
6:X5 p. m.. week days {Saturdays excebtedt
— Tomales and way stations.
3:15 p. rn.. Saturdays— Cazadero and way
stations. ¦ - • . .
Sundays and Legal Holidays — 8 a. m. * Cara-
dero and way stations..
Sundays and Legal Holidays — 10 a, m.. Point
Reyes and way station*. t
T1CKKT OFFICE— «26 Market et. vt|«Bl
yERRY— Foot of Market st. <-•-. • ' -" t,'™^B
DOAN'S KIDNEY Jggg-; " _ n^ r
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, B sitting at your desk all day long, from sticking right to it.
Q no matter what your daily task maybe. You go home
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¦ pains in the loins. The Kidneys rebel at overwork and the
n . Jfi0*%*>$*. many aches and pains tell
URN Kidney Pills i
B I 1 |1 mi George Tauscher. stationary ea- I
K3 I 1 1... I I H I irineer. 16 Jackaon street, says: |
rj i M \ tii fV "From childhood. I might say. I j
«5 I 1 I A have had more or less kidney com- ¦
1 S f 11 HB ! »? . plaint, but for the last fifteen years j
" J .£. I I fil ¦ • u was more pronounced. .My back: j
E3 4*^ -a>.l UH ¦ ck. ached more painfully and when 1 «
¦ *' V?" I f«f ?%Sk caught cold the aching was greatly J
Q ?LV when the kidneys were not per- j
m I Al formlngr their functions properly. 1
i= . • ; ' extra work was placed on other •
~ . .-. . ,: ¦ ¦ V orpans of the body and my stomach J
rf gave trouble. Going to a drug store for Doan's Kidney Pills, I took a j
¦j course of treatment. - » J
¦ All Druggists, 50 Cents. Foster-Milbarn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. i
g~\ *m g- ' as 7
[y^^^^^ n '^ ea^ Train
Seek the Best.
Leav» Market-street Farry Depot.
I Local I Llm'd I Local [OvTl'd
' ) Dally I Daily I DaMy I I>ally
Lv Ban Fran../.! 8:00 a 9:30* 4:00 p[ 8:00 p
Ar Stockton .... 11:10 a 12:08 p 7:10pill:13v
• Merced l:20p l:40p | 1:28*
" Fresno .......| 3:20pl 3:00p| - 3:«a
"Hanford 8:0up 3:51p 1 I : rS *
" Vlsalla ....*. 10:25 p 4:4Sp J5 : "J m
" BakersHeld .. 7:10p 6:&0p I : S*
•• Kfcniiaii City 2:S5» j J=2O*
. " Chicago 2:15 p [ 8:47 p
a for morning, p for afternoon.
'8:00 a. m. Daily Is Bakersfleld Local, stop-
ping at all points in Sanr Joaquln Valley. Cor-
responding train arVives at 7:50 a. rn. dally.
0:30 a. m. Daily is the CALIFORNIA
LIMITED* carrying Palace Sleeping Cars
and Dining Cars through to Chicago. Chair
Car runs to Bakersfl«Id for accommodation of
local nrst-class passengers. No second*c!a«s
tickets are honored on this train. CcrrespoaJ-
lng train arrives at 11:10 p. m. Daily.
4.00 p. m. is Stockton Local. Corresponding
train arrives at 11:10 a. m. Daily.
8:00 p. m. is the Overland Express, with
through Palace and Tourist Sleepers and Fre»
Reclining Chair Cars to Chicago; also Palaco
Sleeper, which cuts out at Fresno. Correspond-
ing train arrives at 6:00 p. m. daily.
Offlces — «41 Market street and in Ferry De-
pot, Ban Francisco: 1112 Broadway, Oakland.
Tiburon T erxy, root of Market St.
WEEK DAtB-~7:30. 8:00, 11:00 •» :m.; 12:33,
¦ 3:80 5:10, 6:30 p.m. Thursdays — Ezra trip
at 11:30 p. tn. - Saturdays— Extra, trips at
.; 1:50 and 11:30 p. rn. - . »
SUNDAYS — 8:00. 8:30. 11:00 a. m.; 1:30, 3:30,
. 0:00 and 6:20 p. rn.
WEEK DATS— 6:05. 7:85, 7:50. 0:20.-11:15
• a» m.; ¦12:60, -3:40, -6:00. 5:20 p. m. Satur-
¦ days — Extra trips at 2:05 and 8:33 p. m.
SUNDAYS— 8:00, 9:40. 11:15 a. m.; 1:40, 3:40^
. 4:55.5:05.6:25 p.m. ' -
Leave j In Effect j Arrir«
San Francisco. | May 4. 1902. | San Francisco.
AVeck I Sun- I Destlna- I Sun- I Week -
, Days. I days. | tlon. | daya. j Days.
7 -30 a 8:00 a Ignacio 0:10 a 8:40 a
3:30 p 9:30a and 10:40 a 8:40 a
'6:10p 6:00 p Novato 6:03 p 6:20 p
[_ 7:35 p[
7-30 a 8:0Oa .Petaluma 10:40a 8:4Oa
3:30 p 9:30 a and 6:05 p 10:20 a
5:10 p 5:00 P Santa Rosa 7:35 p 6:20 p
~" ! Fulton \ "
. 7-30 a ' "Windsor . 10:20 a
6 : CO p Healdaburg 10 : 40 a
* • Lytton
3:30 p 8:00 a Cloverdale 7:35 p 8:20 p
7-30 al 8:00 al Hopland 110:40 a|10:2O a
.3:30 p| 5:00 p| | 7:35 p| 6:20 p
7:30 a| 8:00 a| "\VtlUU | 7:35 p| 6:20 p
7:30 al 8:00 al Guernevllla 1 7:35 pi 10 :20 a
3:30 p| 5:00 p| 110:40 a| 6:20 p
7:30 a! 8:00 al Sonoma I 8:10 al 8:40 a
5:10p| S.OQpl " Glen Ellen | 6:05 p| C:20_p
7:30 al 8:00 al Sebastopol 110:40 aJ10:20 a
3:30 p) 5:00 p| | 7:33 p| 6:20 p
Stages connect at Santa Rosa for Mark West
Springs and White Sulphur Springs; at Pulton
for Altrurla; at Lytton for Lytton Springs; at
Ueyserville for Skaggs Springs; at CloverdaU
: for the Geysers and Bconeville; at Hopland for
Duncan Springs, Highland Springs, Kelserville.
Carlsbad Springs. Soda Bay. Lakeport and
Bartlett Springs: at Vkiah for Vichy Springs,
Saratoga Springs. Blue Lakes. Laurel Dell
Lake, Witter Springs, Upper Lake. Porno, Pot-
ter Valley, John Day'n. Riverside. Uerl-y's.
Bucknell's, Sanhedrin Heights. Hull vllle, Orr*s
Hot Springs, Half-way House, Comptche, Camp
Stevens. Hopkins. Mendocino City, Fort Bragg,
Westport. Usal: at Wtllits for Sherwood. Canto,
Covelo, Laytonville, Cummings. Bell's Springs.
Harris, OlsenU, Dyer, Pepperwood, Scotia and
Eureka.' . .
Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at r«-
duced rates.
On Sundays — Round-trip tickets to all points
beyond San Rafael at half rates.
Ticket office. 650 Market St.. ChronlcU
Gen. Manager. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Leave Via Sausalito Ferry Arrive
.San Fran. Foot of Market St. San Fran.
1:45p. 8:80a. r^.J^i^-IS «*«'• 3=30p.
f :15 '- :C 3 O oa-- : — -^- iisr:" 0 .. 1 :-
..!.!"".! i : 30p "Tinnonmipw g^p ;;
? ......... J.35P. Otn tilth, jmrmmi. g.QQ P
UTUIIM SHI-Lnii Tirtra 1 3» p. irrin Saa frudjol FmTT
TICIIT i 626 Market St.. (North Shore Railroad)
Of FIC23 j and Sausalito Fekrv, Foot Market St.
Trains leave and ar« due to arrive mt
(Main Line. Foot of Market 3trf«t >
m»i — Fbom FsbsuaBT at. H»08. — a»rit«
7. 00a Benlcia. Sulsna. Elmlra aad Sacra-
memo... 7-25p
7.00a Vacaville, Winter*, Ranuer 7-2Sr
7.30a Martinez, San Ramon. Vailejo.
- JJapa, Callttoe*. 8anta Kosa 6 25r-
7.50a 5Ue». Lathrop. atoekton 7.25r
8.00a DaTla,WooU)an<l, Knights Landing;
Marysville, OroTlIle 755r
8.00a Atlantic Express— O&den and Ea»t. 10.25*
8.00a Fort Costa. Martlnrx. Anttoch.
Tracy. Btockton. Sacramento,
Loa Banoa. Mcn.iota, Uan{urd,
VUalla. Porterrllle n»4.25*
8.00a Port Coats. Martin"*. Lathrop. Mo-
deato, Merced. Freano, Gosbea
Junction, Bakertfleld 625r
8.30a Shaita Expresa— Darla. Wililama
(for Bartlett Springs). TVtilowa,
tFrnto. Hed Bluff. Portland 7.55c
8-30a "S'.len. San .Tom, Llvennore. Sturlc-
f on. lone. Sacramento. Placervllle.
MarrsTllle-. Chloo. Red BloiT. 4 25f
8.30a OaJcdale. Cbineae. Jamestown. So-
nor». Tuolumn? »nrf Ad«iM» 4.23^
9.00a "Vallejo. Martinez and Way Station* 6 5S>-
1000a Vallejo 125?
410.00a Creicent City Express, Caatbound.
—Martinez, Tracy, Lathrof,
fStocktoo. Mcrcea, RaymovA,
Fre«no, Baker»flfld,Loa Angelea
aad Sew Orl<*ana. (Wrttbouorl
arrlTea aa Pactac Coaat Exprew.
Tla Coast Line) c11 33 ?
1000a Tba Orerland Limited — Oeden.
DesTer, Omaha, Chicago 6 25"
12 00* Hayward. NIlea and W»y Sutlons. 3 25*
t1 .0Of Sacramento Klrer Steamer* tl 1 .00r
3 30p Benlcla, TTIoter*. SacramrntOb
Woodland. Willlama, Co!ai ». Wi:-
lowa, Kalehta Laadtnf. Marya*
rille. OroTille 1055*
3-30I* ITayward. N*!le« and Way Stations.. 7 55 r
4 COp Marttnez.San Ramon, ValleJo.Napa,
Caltstoga, Santa Boaa ... 9 23*
4. 00p Martlncx, Tracy. Lathrop.Stecktan. 10-SSa
4Q0f NIlea, LlTermore. Stockton. Lodl.. 4 25r
430» Bayward, Nilea. Irrinxton. Saa I 18.66a
iote, LiTermore :. t tii.SSA
BOOr The Owl L!t»!i«d— Fretao. Tular«.
Ba^er*fleld.Lo«Anceiei: eonaee-.
tlon. flanr na for Santa Barbara.
(Goldea Suts Limited 81e«>«r
earrled on Owl Train for Chicai*) I.ISa
6 OOp Port Coata, Tracy, Stockton, Los
Baaoa , 1.S5*
15-30* Nllea,Local * Zl**
t.OOr Hayward, Nllea and Saa Joao ., 763*
IS.OOp Vailejo™ , „.. 1L25a
6. OOP Oriental Mall— Ogden. Dearsr,
Om»a». St. Lou!». Cilc»?o 4-2SF
t7 OOr flanm Limited (i«t« ri» Coast
Line KaitbooBd).— Kair Tori.
Hew Orleaaa, ho* Angeles, ' ' ;
Tretno, Mendoia, Martinss.
( Arrlre* rla 8a* Joaqoln T«:iey
Weitboand) 8.23a
7-OOp San Pablo, Port Coata, MarUass
and Way Station* 1145a
J7.00* Vallejo.... 7ll»
- 8 05p Oregon * California Bx?r«u— Sac-
ramento, MaryvrUle, Beddlaf.
Portland. Pu2<-t Sound and East. 8-5Sa
J310p Hayward, lilies (SnndayoilyVs.. t1165 a
11.2Sp Pott Coata, Tracy. Latar«p, Modea-
to. Merced. Freano..'. ._ 148*
Hanfard. VUalla, Bakaraneld..,.^ JiS*
COAST. LINE (Harrow fiaac^J. -
¦ (Foot of Martet Street.)
8.1Sa Newark, Cantervllla, Saa Joi«, *
, - Felton, Boulder Creek, Siata
• •¦¦ Crnx and Way Station*.. .. v ...... -J SO
tl.16r Newark. Centerrtlle. Saa Joi»..^
New Armadea .Feltoa, Boulder
Creak. Santa Cms an4 Pr!acJ?»l
Way Station*. tiO-foa
4 1 Bp Xewtrlt. Saa Jo»e, Lo* Oato* { t jg fat
«9.30r Heater' » Train— Saa Joae aad W»y
Statioaa (Saturday only) 17 2ar
' Leave* Lo* Gato* 4.53 rx Sanday
From SAN KRAKCISCO. Foot of M»rVet St. (S11»S>
— tT:15 t:0O 11:09 AJf. 100 3 00 5.15 FJf.
From OAKLAND. loot of Bro«dway — +«:0O JS:(»
t8:05 10: 00±J^_JjiOO 2 00 4 00 mi.
COAST LINE (Uroail «»««•).
(Third and Towmand Street*.)
8.10a SanJoie and Way Station* 7-30*
7.00a San Jo*e and Way Station* 8-30*
"/7 00a NewAlmaden /4.10F
8.00a Coaat Lino Limited — Sar» Jo*f.
Gl!roy,HoIllitPr, Salinas. San Lota
Obtspo. S»st» Barbara, Loa Angn-
les and Principal Intermedlato
Stations 10 43*
wiOOOAPaciflc Coast Expr*** (leaTeS via,
San Joaqcla Valley Eaatbonnd
aa Crescent City Expre »sl.— N«ir , j 4
Orlean*. Lo* Angele*. 8anU Bar-
tiara, Pacifla Orov«, Del Montf.
(Arrives vl» Coaat Llna Wen-
" bound) : .... 11.3Sa
9 00* San Jo*e. Trea Pino*. Capltola,
San Lula Obits* and Principal
InttrmedlatA Stations 4.10*
10-30a San Jo»e and Way Sutlons 1.30*
1 1 .30 a San Jo«e and Way Stations S-30*
«1.30p San Joae and Way Stations x/.OOf
2. 00p Saa Jo*e and Way fitatlona 110 00a
tS.OOr Del Monte Rxpreaa— S»nt» Clara,
Ban Jo«e. Gllroy, HolHttrr, 8anta>
Cruz. Del Monte. Monterey, Pa- -'
cine Orore, Sailnaaand Principal
SUtlon* 12-1SF
3 30p Bnrltngame. San Mateo, Redwood.
MenloPark. Palo Alto, Mayfleld.
Mountain View. Lawrence. Santa.
Claraand SanJoie 836*
?4.30p Pan Jote, OUror and Way StaUoa*t10 45*
15-OOr San Juae, Loa Gatoa and Principal
Way Statluas . . »9C0»
JS30p San Joae and Principal Way SUtlons tS.OO*
tS.15F Ban Mat«o,Beltnont,Bere«ford.Saa
Carlos. Redwood, Fair Oaia.
Memo P«tS. Pa'.o Alto f6 48»
8.30p San Joae and Way Sutlons..... ... 8 38*
7.00? Sunset Limited. Eastbonnd.— Saa '
I.ula Obispo. Santa Barbara. Loa
¦— . Angelea, Demlnr. El Paao. New
Orleana. 17«w Vort. (Wettbonad
arrirea ria San .foanuln Valley ) . . . w 3 23 *
n11.45FPalo Altoan>1 Way Sution* t9.45p
*11.45f San .Joae and w» T Station* t9.46>
A for Mornlnir. i p for Afternoon.
X Satorday and Sunday only.
I Stop* at all (Utlon* on Sunday,
t Sunday exempted. t Sunday only,
a Saturday only. •
* Connects at Go»lien Jc. with train* for Hanford,
VUalla. At Fresno, for VUalU via Sanser.
C VU Coaat Line.
/Tuesday and Friday.
to Arrive via Nllra.
n Dally eicept Saturday.
w Via Ban Joaqntn Valley.
- -H Stops Santa Clara aouth Vvrad tbTt- Cra««cta.
except Sunday, for all point* yarrow G»mf» . .

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