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y S the evening of the 24th of
/rr*\\ Febriury there was an unusu-
A \\ X) ally large and attractive irceU
\\\\y Ing la the hall of Mor;iin:j
.Star Chapter, O. E. S., in
iit- hall In Pelaluma. when
f.,ur <andida:es-LiIlie Uelle Wobc.
llattic Olive Phelps, Maude H. Frastr an-1
Henry P. Urainerd— weie admitt«rt by ini
tiation. Thtrc were present members of
Valley of the Moon Chapter of Sonoma.
MiRu.iito Chapter *f I-ompoc and Gol ]
IiiJ^e Chapter of St'bustopol. The hall
v, a s beautifully J«*id «rtfsUcaI1y decoratvl
in hoi.or uf U r «»bfaatOO*S birthday. The
ceremony was well it-i'dered. and at the
close thereof there was an adjournment
to the bancoet room, which "was also
prettily arranged: the tables being decor
au>.i with rate gi>od taste. At each plate
Hurt was a i>a!«r hatchet having on one
side of the blade a >k>i trait of the Father
-ji his COUI try ana on the other the names
of the new number?, together with those
of L:!y Caroline Byc-e. the worthy ma
tron, and Peter Joseph Blun. the worthy
jiatron. Thus far this term the chapter
has added to its membersbip roll tifieen
ixw i.anii-f.
On the evening of the 27th of February
Worthy Grand Patron Lyman C Byce,
aocotnpanicd b> Mrs. Byce. worthy ma
tion o« Mailing frtar Chapter No. 61. vis
ited Beperanza Chapter of Los Angeles
and \»»:re accorded a most cordial wel
c-nino. There was a large attendance, and
amonfi those present. w< r«- Grand Secre
tary Kate J. Willats. Grand Conductress
Martha Ann Scriver and Grand Chaplain
Caroline Mary Musaus. The meeting
proved t«i be a very instructive and inter
esting one.
At A o'clock on the afternoon of the
jm!i of February the grand patron Insti
tuted the new chapter of Hollywood in
the Masonic Temple at Los Angeles with
twenty charter members. Among tho?-e
who were presect and witnessed and as-
Bifsted in the institution were Worthy
lirand Matron Mabel Boyd Seymour, the
.rrand secretary, srand conductress, grand
rhaplala. District Deputy Grand Matron
L-abd L.ouise Vawt«r and Past <Jrand l u- J
iion Charlea Edward Mitchell. In the
ivenijig of that day the grand patron paid
a visit to Pacific Chapter, Past Grand Pa
li*. i; Mitchell and the grand secretary be-
Ins present on that occasion.
At all of these intetings Mrs. L. C.
Byce, who is the representative of the
Brand Cf::ipttr of Nebraska to. the Grand-
Chapter of California, was received with
the ceremonies due her rank.
t'aHfornla Chapter on the evening of
March 5 had a business meeting, and un-
J.-r good of the order decided to give an
entertainment and dance on the evening
of the 22d of April. A committee was ap
pointed to arrange the programme for .
Lhai :.ight.
San Francisco Chapter initiated two
candidates at its meeting March IS, aftt;r
which there was a banquet and a so
cial hour. This was in the meeting
place in Klks* Hall.
Ivy Chapter was paid an official visit
on the evening nf thu 10th inst. by* Dis
trict Deputy Grand Matron Mrs. Wood.
On the evening of :he 2Sth of February
the grand patron was present at an en
tertainment that was given by Henry J.
Lloyd of Ix-s Anseles to the Court of the
Royal nnd Exalted Degree of the Ama
ranth of tliat -place, of which he is the
royal patron. The entertainment was fol
lowed by a banquet.
On the Cd of March Worthy Grand Pa
tron Byce was present at Santa Monica
Chapter on th« occasion of the official
visit of the worthy grand matron. On
the 3<J he was with South Gate Chapter
of Los Angeles, at which there were pres
ent a number of the prand officers. On
the 4th the srand patron visited Copa de
Oro Chapter of Redlands. being accom
panied by the worthy grand matron, the
grand secretary, the grand conductress
and Mrs. Byce, representative of the
(Irani! Chapter of Nebraska. On the Dth
ul\ the grand officers of the Grand Chap
ter In Los Anpeles were the guests of
the chapters of that city at a theater
On the Cth of March Los Angeles Chap
ter celebrated its fourth anniversary, at
which there was a large attendance.
Among the notables were Grand Patron
Byce. Grand Matron Mrs. Seymour,
Grand Secretary Mrs. WilJats. Grand Con
ductress Mrs. Mausans. Grand Chaplain
Mrs. Vawater, Mrs. Polhcmus. district
deputy grand matron for the Ix>s Angeles
district: Mrs*. Marie A. Brown, past as
sociate grand matron; Charles K. Mitch
ell, past grand patron: Mrs. L. C. Byce.
Krand representative of Nebraska: Mrs.
Laowery. grand representative of 'Illinois,
nnd M. Hind, past grand patron of Ne
braska. A very pleasant evening was
On the 7th of March, in the afternoon,
the prand patron instituted Palestine
Chapter in Los Angeles with m. good char
ier list, and In the evening he visited
Acacia Chapter, at which there was a
larfe-«* attendance and a great deal of en
thusiasm was manifested. A number of
the grand officers were present.
On the return from Los Angeles the
pratid patron visited Corona Chapter of
San IvjIs Obispo. bein^ accompanied by
Mr-s Byce and the worthy grand ma
tron. Mrs Seymour. This chapter, a small
one, is very prosperous and the members
very enthusiastic.
On the 10th of the month the grand pa
tron was with his home chapter. Morning
Siar ofl Ivtaluma. again, after an ab-
Bencc of thirteen days, during which he
visited eleven chapters or the south, one
per night, not Including the two Sundays
tliat ihtervened. He reports the chapters
In that part of the State In good condl-
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Astfs famous picture "Persian fieayty," free with next Sunday's Call
tion and is delightea with the receptiot.
he received at every place. He is of the
opinion that .much good is being accom
plished for the Eastern Star and that Its
benefits are being materially* extended.
The thirty-seventh anniversary ball that
was given in Golden Gate Hall by Apollo
Lodge f of the Odd Fellows was what can
be termed a grand success. The attend
ance Was large, the decorations were
beautiful, the dance programme well ar
ranged and the several committees at
tentive to duty. Then in addition to the
regular dance "programme there was a
surprise in the shape of specialties be
tween dance numbers and thtse were: Vo
cal selections £>y Mrs. FranK Van .Ness
Cox, specialties by Maudie Sharp and
Queenie TUton, vocal selections by the
Knickerbocker quartet and specialties by
Elton Lambert. The affair was under the
direction of the followlne; named;
Committee of arrangements — \V. C Johnson,
P. G. : Harry W Patrick P. G. ; Luu.s Ham
mersmith. P. G. : AV. H. Gib?on. P. G. ; N. D.
Sickels. P. G.
Keception committee — Louis Hammersmith,
P G. : H. D. Savill-, P G.; William McCol
lister P. G.; Daniel Norc-ro!rS.' P. G. R.; .
Charles E. Ferry. P. G ; IV. A. LimbauRh. P.
G. ; Dr Francis Williams. Sol F. Hlsgtns. John
R. Ailken. P. O. : IV. l-\ KoteroM. P. G. : V.c
tor C Poet. P. G. ; J. J. Appligate. P. G. ;
Dr. Charles H. Wai worth. Itoy A. Daniels, F.
R/ Dtreraer.
Floor committee — X. U Kickels. P. G.; IZ.
M. Coffin. T. K. Monroe. Arthur C-hrend. Dr.
George E. Daniels. C. M. Irwln, Frank O.
Unity Lodge after the close of business
at its stated meeting on the 3d of March
enjoyed a progressive game of whist.
The next anniversary of Yerba LJuena
Lodge will be celebrated on the 7th of
July by a grand ball and luncheon In Na
tive Sons' Hall.
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows
will thib year hold its session of the Grand
Kodge In B'nai B'rith Hall, on Eddy
street, instead cTT'in the Assembly Hall of
the Odd Fellows' building, on Seventh
street, where the grand body has met for
ever BO many year?. The reason for this
is that the Hall Association rented the
Assembly Hall for a term of years. The
meeting will be on tin- 12th of May.
The grand master paid official visits as
follows: March 10. Caliilan Lodge No.
S72. Gonzales: lltti, Alisal Lodge No. 163,
Saiinas<: 12th. Fraternal Lodge No. 276, Sa
linas; 13th, Monterey I odge No. 1SU, Pa
cific Grove: 14th, San Bcrnabe Lodge No.
Si8. King City.
Golden Ftule Knrampment celebrated its
thirty-third anniversary last week and as
usual had for guests the 'membership of
Unity Encampment. This la-st named or
ganization was present at the institution
of Golden Rule and has been its guest
every year since.
In the latter p;irt of February -Samuel
J. Platt, a member of Porter Lodge of
Oakland, celebrated the lir.st anniversary
eff his initiation into that subordinate by
presenting to it a life-'pized portrait of
W. H. Barnes, past grand master, past
grand patriarch and past grand represen
tative, whom he recognizes as one of the
most prominent active Odd Fellows of the
tlmes. % The presentation, in the presence
of a large number of the members of the
order, was by the donor and the accept
ance, by Past Grand Charles N. Fox,
trustee and charter member of the lodge.
This was followed by an appropriate reci
tation by W K. Snow, past grand of En
terprise Lodge: an address by W. I. Bro
btck. past grand of Farns worth Lodge,
and one by the original of the portrait.
In the latter part of February the Clara
Mathers company gave a theatrical
! '' A Group of Well-Known Fra
ternal Women.
performance at Oroville, two and
a half miles . from the Odd Fel
lows' Home in Thermally. The
manager of the company, who ft an Odd
I e"ow, and his wife, who is a Rebekah,
extended a'n invitation to the occupants of
the home to be his guests one evening
and enjoy the performance. Two buses
filled with Odd Fellows in advanced age
were .taken to Oroville and sat through
the performance. The following night L.
J. Piatt of Porter Lodge of Oakland en
gaged the Oroville Brass Band, took it
to the home and had it give a concert for
the occupants of the home. Both of the
kindnesses were highly appreciated.
Golden Era Circle gave a social in
the assembly hall of the Alcazar build
ing on March 17 and on the 19th of that
month James *G. Blaine Circle gave one
in the same hall.
Marguerite Circle of Woodland had a
most enjoyable masquerade in new Ar
mory Hall In ' that place recently.
There were eighty-four . couples in
the grand march, which was led by A.
JL and Mrs. Powers. "The attendance."
¦ays a local paper, "was a record-break
er." The function was under the direc
tion Of Mrs. A- A- Powers. Mrs. R. Alge
and H. Hachmann. A number of prizes
were awarded.
The following is a -list of. the official
visits that have been and are to be made
by the grand chief companion during th«
current month and. April: March 13 to
Verbano Circle: 31st, to Inter Nos Circle:
April 2. to Golden Era Circle: 7th. to Ex
celsior Circle: 16th, to San Francisco Cir
cle; 23d, to James G. Blalne Circle, and
2Sth, to Hamlet Circle, Alameda.
Richmond Circle, which for a long time
met 'in Franklin. Hair, on Fillmore street,
has moved to the lodge hall on Polk
street, near Sacramento.
Contra Costa Circle, organized by Su
preme Sub-chief Companion Mrs. Lizzie
Atwood.- was recently instituted in An
tloch by the grand chief companion, as
sisted by several of the grand officers and
JJrs. J. J. Cordy.
In the early part of March another cir
cle named San Benito, also organized by
the supreme sub-chief companion, was in
stituted in Holllster by the grand chief
companion with a good membership.
The official visit to Golden Gate Circle
was attended by a number of the grand
officers and visitors. It was purely a
business meeting. There were addresses
by the grand chief companion, supreme
sub-chief companion, grand treasurer and
Diana Circle will give a social on
April 22.
On April 13 there will be a contest that
will determine who Is the most popular
companion In San Francisco, as Court
Zenith will on that night hold a social, on
which occasion a vote will be taken to
settle the question.
A new circle named EschsehoKzla was
Instituted by the grand chief companion
at Red Bluff with tlfty-two charter mem
bers on March 13.
Martha Washington Circle at its last
held meeting entertained Its members and
visiting companions at a fine luncheon
after the meeting.
Court de France, Foresters of America,
appointed Jules J. Thlriom, S. Carrois.
and Leon Coblentz a committee to ar
range for a banquet given in one of
the downtown rotisseries on the evening
of March 19. *J**£.
Court El Dorado will give a social In
the assembly hall of the Alcazar 'building
on the night of April 13
Court Columbia, of the Foresters of
America gave a pleasant social in the
assembly hall of the Alcazar building on
the night of March 6. There was a good
attendance and a well-arranged pro
gramme of modern dances. This event
was. under the direction of J. G. Chase
Jr., J. T. Hayes. George Stanlsh, J. C.
Nolan, William Wagner and Thomas F.
Tully, who was the floor manager.
Court Stockton has arranged for a
grand ball on the night of April 20. The
courts of Stockton and the circles of that
city will give a Joint picnic in the plcnlo
The dance that was given by Court
Stanford on March 12 was well attended
and proved a very enjoyable affair.
Two trees secured from Sherwood For
est in England have been' planted in
Golden Gate Park near the site of the
bearplt that was in the Midwinter Fair.
On March 24 Court Robin Hood No. 1
will hold appropriate ceremonies at
the site in commemoration of the plant-
Golden Gate Council of the National
Union at its meeting on the 10th of Mareii
had a good attendance and after the ini
tiation of several candidates there wus a
social hour, during which the members
arid many visitors from other councils
were delightfully entertained by the coun
cil's quartet and short talks by several
Pacific Council at its meeting on the
13th of March initiated several candidates
.and after the close of the business for
the evening there was a progressive game
of whist, when the stalwarts of the coun
cil displayed their knowledge of the
San Francisco Council at its meeting
ors the 14th of March admitted one mem
ber of the order by transfer from Arl-
7-ona. and decided to have a Cirae of pro
gressive whist at -Uhe A-..ril meeting,
which will be on the second Saturday or
that month. *
Deputy J. N. Bunting will in the ne:ir
future pay a fraternal visit to the coun
cil in San Jose and while there will talk
to the members for the purpose of en
thusing them.
The council at Sacramento is progress-
Ing very nicely At every session there
Is work in the initiatory degree ami much
of the progress thai this council U mak
ing Is due to the efforts of one of its very
active members. Frank Harkness.
Pacific Counci) has appointed a com
mittee to arrnnse for a ladies' night to
be given during the month of April, possi
bly on the ISth. ; V
President M. G. Jerrls .of the Senate
will pay California an official visit this
year. He has. be«*n rfiiuesteU by the Cab
inet of this city to come during the
month of October.
The all absorbing topic with the Ir.dy
pendejh Foresters of the various courts
of this city, at this time, is the class Ini
tiation that Is to be held In Golden Gata
Hall on the' evening of the SOth'of March
under the auspices of the Board of San
Francisco Deputies. That body at Ita
meeting on the 13th of the month com
pleted all the details for that event. In
addition to the Initiation, which will b«
witnessed by High Chief Ranger C». a.
Cooper and a number of the officers of the
High Court. Including. It is thought. Past
High Chief Hanger McElfresh and dele
gations from the courts located at-Stock
ton. Brentwood, San Jose. Oakland. Ala
meda. San Rafael and other points in th«
northern part of the State In addition to
the membership In this city, there wilt
be a social evening in the ladies" parlor
of the hall while the ceremony Is going
on. At the close thereof there will be a
ball for the members and their friends.
It Is expected that about COO candidates
will receive the degree In the- amplified
form, and In a manner that has never be
fore been given In thts city.
During the past week nearly every
court In this city has received the appli
cation of a number of Individuals who
ar* to come In "with the push" on th»
night of March 30.
Chairman Stewart. Secretary Brown
and members of the Board of Deputies
during the week pa)d a number of visits
to the courts to enthuse the members
In the work that la going on.
After the initiation Is over It Is the pur
pose of the Board of Deputies, with the
sanction of the hish chief ranger, to hav» 4
a school of Instruction In this city for
the benefit of the court deputies for the
purpose of teaching them the exact man
ner in which the work of the order should
be done, to the end that that work sha.ll
be performed alike in every court.
An effort Is being made to revive tho
encampment of Royal Foresters which
was In existence In this city a few years
The initiations thai have taken place in
the Ancient Order of Foresters during the
past few months have rijjjre than replaced
the loss the order sustain5il some time a«o
by the withdrawal of some of the courts
in Colorado, such withdrawal being oc
casioned by the act of the authorities east
of the Rockies forcing those courts out of
the jurisdiction of California, the officers
of which had instituted them. The Col
orado courts not appreciating that kinJ
of treatment joined another organization.
Court Washington at Tacoma has htn
having a marked increase in membership
through the efforts of Deputy lligjj Chief
Ranger W. F. Taylor.
The returns for the quarter ending wttti
the close of the year ir<02 show a note
worthy Increase In membership and funtls
In 130 courts and In twenty a loss by sus.
pension of members, but gain in funds.
The Past Chief Companions' Association
has been rehabilitated for the purpose of
promoting the social feature of the order
of Companions of the Forest, and also to
lend Its Influence to advance it In every
possible way.
On the evenlnsr of March 13 Court Gar
field was consolidated with Court Star of
the West.
Washington Circle of the Companions
of the Forest at a recent meeting Initiat
ed three strangers.
Past Supreme^, Chief Companion M.
Boehm, In company of Supreme Chief
Companion Mrs/ Boehm, paid a visit re
cently to Columbia Circle In Sacramento.
Mrs. -M. Cassell, grand Inner guard, was
recently In this city. She reports Valley
Circle of Stockton, her home circle, In a
splendid condition.
Court Menlo Park In the early part of
the month lost all its effects which were
in the meeting place by a fire that de
stroyed the building.
Court Star of the "West and Sherwood
Circle have Joined forces and have de
cided to give a masquerade ball in Mission
Turn Verein Halle* on the evening of
April IS.
Juvenile Court Star of the West save *
high jinks In the A. O. F. building on th«
13th of March. There was a very large
attendance and the members of the ju
venile band played several selections.
Among the well known members of th«
order present were Past High Chief Ran
ger Boehm, Captain I* T. Stephenson.
Captain J. Martin. Professor Koenig and
Permanent Secretary Falconer. After the
entertainment refreshments were served
by the young hosts.
The plcn'c association gave a delightful
party in A. O. F. buijding on March 21.
On the 28th the association will be vis
ited by the boys' band, which will play
several selections.

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