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SANTA CRUZ. April 2. — Wallace Reynolds
Post. G. A. R.. was visited this evening by
Department Commander Hawley of San Jose.
Adjutant General John H. Roberts of San
Francisco and J. O. Glestlng of San Francisco.
There was a dinner after the meeting.
PHILADELPHIA. April 2.— On the testi
mony of ¦ Ina Thomas of • New York, a member
of the theatrical company playing "McFad
d^n's Row of Klat»" at the People's Theater
here,' Thomas Ijaughlin was to-day held in
$1200 ball for trial, charged with assault and
battery. Laughlln, with sixteen, associates,
wan arrested on Monday night for assailing the
jtcrformers with eggs, bricks and vegetables.
Stmr Robert Dollar, Johnson, 54 hours from
San Pedro.
Schr Ida A, Campbell, 5 hours from Point
Schr Orient, Sanders. 5 days from Coos Bay.
Thursday. April 2.
Stmr Albion River, Bash, Point Arena an«I
TACOMA— Sailed April 2— Schr Expansion,
for San Pedro.
HONOLULU— Arrived April 2— Schr W H
Marston, hence March 8; Jap . stmr America
Maru, hence March 27.
VICTORIA. B C— Arrived April 2— Qer stmr
Theben. hence March 30, for Vancouver; Br
ship William Mitchell, hence March 25, (or
Vancouver, B C.
Late Shipping Intelligence.
• arrived.
Thursday. April 2
Homeier Wants His Music Back.
Louis Homeier, leader of the orchestra in
the Central Theater, secured a search
warrant from Police Judge Cabaniss yes
terday to regain possession of manuscript
music of his own composition which he al
leges was stolen by P. Engel, a former
member of the orchestra. The music, he
said, disappeared at the time Engel was
A suit for maintenance was filed yes
terday by Marie Lavigne against her hus
band, Joseph Lavigne. She alleges that
in January of this year she was com
pelled to leave her home with her child,
<i boy of 18 months, because of Lavigne'a
cruelty, and that since that time she has
been compelled to subsist upon the char
, ity of friends.
Sues Husband for Support.
The jury in the case of Low Kim Sing,
charged, with the murder of Chuck Shut
at 31 Ross alley on the morning of Novem
ber 24, after being out all day yesterday
failed to agree upon a verdict and Judge
Cook discharged them. The trial has
lasted over a week. The defendant was a
member of the Suey Dong tons, which
was at war at the time with the Ping
Kong tong, of which the murdered man
was a member.
Jury Fails to Agree.
When the case of Albert S. Ross, exten
sion shoe manufacturer, charged with
grand larceny, was called in Police Judge
Cabaniss* court yesterday John C. Wes
ley.Sthe complaining witness, said that
Rosi was his friend and he believed Ross
had acted in good faith. He swore to the
vcomplalnt because he thought Ross had. to
be arrested along with the other two men
who swindled him. The case was dis
missed. Wesley was induced to play faro
with $500, his savings of years, on the ar
rangement that the dealer was to signal
him when it was safe to bet. He got the
signal, but he bet and lost.
Wesley Does Not Blame Boss.
H A Unruh to Preston & McKinnon (cor
poration), lot on S line of Oak street, 100 E
of Flllmore. E 40 by S 120; $5.
Melinda \Vcodard or Woodward to Timothy
J Harrington, lot on W line of Webster street,
102:8Vi S of Washington, S 25 by W tiS.U; $10.
Henry J. *uid Bessie G. Curtaz to Fannie
Armuth, lot on N line of Fulton street, 112 :<i
W of Broderick. W 25 by N 137:0; $10.
City and County of San Francisco to Mar
garet J. Morffew. lot on E line of Valencia
street 207:« 1 ,i BW of Brady. S XSaiVj, S K2,
SE tii NE to point -1)3:3^ SW of Brady,
NW 124; $— .
August Krltz to Elizabeth Haskell, undivided
V, of lot on SE line of Howard street, 1100
SW of Twelfth. SW 25 by SE 137:0; $10.
Marian A. Fllnn to Joseph F. and Annte
Lycette lot on S line of Seventeenth street,
<J5 W of Howard. W 25 by S 100; $10.
John W. Welch to Rfginald D. Bray, lot on
S line of Twenty-flrst street, 203:8 E of San
chez, E 50:11 by S 114; $10.
l'aul and Anna Barbleri to John J. Schoen,
lot on NE corner of Twenty-sixth and Fol
som streets. N 24 :t). E 78:2. N 24:«. E 34:4.
8 49 W 112:0; $10.
Marie L. de L. Murphy (formerly Marie L.
de l^abrousee) to John E. Carter, lot on SU
corner of Clipper and Sanchez streets, S iS
by E SO; $10.
Adah B. Holmes to Elizabeth B. Cummlngr,
lot on N line of Clipper street, 139 W of
Castro, W 101. N 22S, E SO, S 114, E 21. S
114- $10
Mary Coleman to J. Carroll, lot on E line
of Diamond street. 75 N ot Eighteenth, S
125 by N 25; $10.
Annie Coleman to same, same; $10.
Estate of Michael Coleman (by F. A. Meyp|3,
administrator) to same, same; $1100. f
A P. Hotallng & Co. (corporation) to Italian.
Swiss Colony (corporation), lot on SE corner
of Sansome and Greenwich Btreets, E 275 by
S 137:6; $10. .
Suzanne, George C. and Henry Alferitz to
Francesco Cava, lot on S line of Green street,
30:3 W of Dupont, W 32:6 by S 39; $10.
Frank R. and Sophie Grannls to Frederick
K Houston, lot on S line of Pine street,
171 :10'^ E of Stockton, E 34:4% by S 137:0;
Frederick K. and Mary F. Houston to Louise
S. Bofie, sama; $10.
Salomon and Dore Schloss to Frances G.
Drathman lot on SE line of Folsom street, 475
SW of Fifth. SW 25 by SE 100; $10.
James and Sarah Elliott to Alexander Ols
son lot on S line ot Lake street, 57:8 W of
Fourth avenue, W 25 by S 100; $10.
Edward Supple to James M. Gloan, lot on E
line of Twelfth avenue, 173 N of A street, N 25
bJ James 'u. 5loan to Gustavus W. Wickliffe,
same; $675.
Solomon and Dora Gets to Francisco P. da S.
Neves lot on SE corner of Fourteenth avenue
and C street. E 32:tf by S 100: $10.
Same to Burrell O. White lot on N line of L
street, 32:6 E of Twenty-eighth avenue, E 75
by N 100; $10.
Estate of Emily E. Barstow (by George P.
Thurston and Warren Olney, executors) to Ja
cob Goldberg, outside land, block 033; $8100.
John Nightingale to same, same, quitclaim
6 M ' A. Meier to Edward A. Fotheringham,
lots 2 and 9. block, 188.. lots S and 9. block 231,
lots 2 and 15, block 365, South San Francisco
Homestead Railroad Association; grant.
City an2 county of San Francisco to Mary I.
Crocker and Kate M. Dillon, Potrero Nuevo
blockB S8 and 90. except portions laid out for
streets; also commencing center line of origi
nal main track of Southern Pacific Railway
Company Where center line crosses the W line,
of block 08. 242.00 N from NW corner of block
08, a 30.2. E 200, N 42.7, W 200. S 12:5, except
ing commencing at point in center line of origi
nal main track of Southern Pacific Railway,
where said center line crosses the W boundary
of block 99, 246.42 N from SW corner of block
00 S 30.2. E parallel with following curvature
(being «0 to left with radius of 955.04) to E
boundary line of said block 227.26, N 46.2, W
to boundary line of said block, S 12.6.
SANTA ROSA. .*pril 2. — An action ha* been
commenced in the Superior Court to have an
Indian camp declared a nuisance. The plain
tiKs are Charles B. Harwood and his wife.
Martha Harwood. They reside near Clover
dale and conduct a summer resort. They al-.
lege that by reason of the unsanitary condition
of the camp the resort has suffered and that
the chance of obtaining: summer, boarders 19,
future Is greatly diminished.
SAN JUAN, P. R.. . April 2.— Second
Lieutenant Alonzo C. Baker. U. S. M. C,
died of typhoid fever here to-day. Lieu
tenant Baker was attached to the bat
tleship Maine. He was a native of Illi
nois and was appointed from the ranks.
Alonzo C. Baker.
Divorces were granted to Mary Thomp
son from George Thompson for neglect,
Stanley Bomblnski from Mary Bombinski
for desertion, Joseph D. Samuelson from
Leale Samuelson for neglect, Ida Lyons
from B. M. Lyons for desertion, Catherine
Healy from Michael Healy for cruelty and
Minnie Bauman from John D. -Bauman
for desertion.
Suits for divorce were filed by Henry
G. Bullwinkel against Christina Bull
winkel and Charles C. Meier against Au
gusta J. Meier for desertion.
Judge Murasky, however, made an or
der directing Samuels to pay his wife
$70 a month for the support of herself
and three children.
Mrs. Catherine Samuels", wife of "Walde
F. Samuels, a Fourth-street hotel keeper,
was refused a divorce by Judge Murasky
yesterday. She failed to prove that her
husband had treated her in a cruel and
inhuman manner, as she charged in her
Judge Murasky Refuses to Grant
Divorce to Mrs. Catherine
Wabash Trouble May Be Adjusted
ST. LOUIS. April 2. —Every thing seetna
to point to an amicable adjustment within
a very short time of the differences
existing between the Wabash Railroad
Company and its employes. During the
day attorneys for parties to the contro
versy held several conferences. Many ot
the minor differences were disposed of
and the field cleared for the discussion of
the main differences.
The boxing bouts at the Bay City Ath
letic Club this evening should prove pxcit
ing, as such amateur fighters as Billy Mc-
Donald, Joe Carroll. Joe Retlly and
Charles "Weber are entered. The boxit be^
tween Carroll and Jim Kane should be a
hard-fought affair, as will the one be
tween Tommy Riiey and Ted Wolffe. The
bouts will bo held in the club ruoma at
1131 Market street. Harry Maginnls will
Amateur Boxers in Competition
BERKELEY, April 2.— Orval Overall,
the crack pitcher of the State University
baseball team, has turned down all the in
ducements offered to him to join the pro
fessional ranks. He proposes to remain
an amateur at least until he has finisher!
Overall Declines All Offers.
Among the clergymen present were the
Rev. D. C. Gardner, chaplain of Stanford
University; Dean Shaw, Oakland, and the
Rev. Clifton Macon.
The Rev. Frederick TV. Clampett, D. P.,
delivered a lecture last night before a
gathering that filled every part of Trinity
Church, his subject being "Phillips
Brooks, the Man, the Leader, the Preach
er." Dr. Clampett told of his first hear
ing of the great clergyman and the pro
found impression he made upon him. lie
spoke of his splendid conversatism and
how the gentle Influence of a sweet
mother was perceptible in everything un
dertaker, by Brooks. His early training,
his life at the seminary in Virginia, to
gether with maternal influence, formed
the foundation of the greatness of his
manhood, aaid the doctor, and he was
even in his youth beloved by all.
Dr. Clampett then described Phillips
Brooks as a "leader," and in this connec
tion described the power Brooks exhibited
when in the troublous slavery days he
stood upon the platform, a tall, masdive
young man, amazing his audience with
his eloquence and the power of his appeal
for humanity. So strong, so forcible wtre
his arguments and pleas for the abolition
of slavery that white-haired men declared
that never before in their lives had they
heard anything so comprehensive and
convincing. Brooks, said Dr. Clampett.
though standing six feet four, was but 27
years of age, looked a mere boy, and his
youthful appearance made his eloquence
seem all the more remarkable. His speech,
while forcible, was graceful and so rapid
as to baffle the most expert stenograph
ers. Men of all denominations regarded
him, said Dr. Clampett, for his loyalty,
obedience and fealty to Christ. He could
no more be held to dogmatic teachings
than one could hold an eagle in its flight.
"With Brooks it was not a question of rit
ual, color, church or ecclesiasticism. His
large heart was aflow with love for his
fellow men. As a preacher Phillips
Brooks broke all rules of oratory and
sometimes his peroration would be in the
very middle of his sermon. He would
have so great an effect upon an assembly
that all men would grasp him by his
hands and business men would seek till
counsel. The memory of such a man,
said Dr. Clampett, was owned by all.
The full choir of Trinity Church, under
the direction of Louis Eaton, the organ
ist, rendered several favorite hymns of
Phillips*^Brooks, the solo parts being in.
trusted to Mlsa Millie Flynn. Mls3 Fair
weather and Harry Barnhart. A mag
nificent rendering of "King All Glorious"
by the choir followed Dr. Clampetfs lec
Makes Feeling Allusions
to World-Renowned
"Phillips Brooks" Sub
ject of Lecture by
Rev. Dr. Clamp ett.
Trainer Christy is getting the Junior
track men in shape for their battle with
the Ukiah High School athletes on the
university cinder path. The men practice
daily 'and . when the time for. compe
tition arrives they will be" fit to go to the
limit to win. Interest in the field day cen
ters principally in the trial of speed be
tween the two crack 100-yard men— Abadie
of Berkeley and Hagens, the schoolboy
wonder of Ukiah. Each has covered the
"hundred" in ten seconds and it will takts
a race to determine which is the faster.
Berkeley will have one or more repre
sentatives in the other events on the card.
The list of entries is as follows: One hun
dred yard and 240-yard dashes, Abadie
and Snedeker; quarter and half mile run.
Clifford; mile and two-mile runs, Tibblts;
hurdles, Hannigan; pole vault. Wileax
and Symnes; broad jump, Snedeker and
Minor; high jump, Cooley; ' hammer
throwing, Heartline.
The line-up of the team will be aa it has
been all season, although Christy says he
may make some changes before the teams
line up. The men will play as follows;
Hendricks, first base; Bliss, second base:
Adams, shortstop; Causley. third; Hatch,
catcher; Overall and Hanson, pitchers;
Kennedy, . left field; Heitmuller. center
field; McKeown, right field. .
"Berkeley leads in battinp and fleldlnjr.**
said Trainer Christy to-day, "while Stan
ford, from what I have seen, is a littla
better in base running and team work.
Overall, of course, will be the mainstay of
the Berkeley team and I look to him to
hold the opposing batsmen down to few
hits. He is- pretty" fast for anything out
side of professional ranks and I would not
be surprised if Stanford was not able to
touch him at all."
BERKELEY, April * 2.— The University
of California baseball players are putting
in all their spare time getting Into trim
for. the first same of the intercollegiate
series with Stanford on Saturday on the
Berkeley campus. Trainer Christy is not
sanguine as to the outcome. He -wishes
the men were in a little better condition.
Still, he thinks the team ha3 recovered
somewhat from the slump it had a whlU
ago and that with proper nursing -it will
carry, away the honors. . "... ".'
Giant Pitcher Will Be the Mainstay
of Berkeley Team.
- ¦¦:¦¦ ¦••.-¦¦¦".¦ -: '',-¦:¦:': ..¦-¦-••-•¦ • - . ¦ ¦ - ¦ \ •
77nVf^r* forlht ' wfel£ - 1 Dunham $47-
I Emerson, $^: 1 Knabe. M5; 1 Weber. $75 :
1 oWck*rto*. . WO «na $2*0; 2 Steinway'
i-< RTvi f3"0: 2. Urine. $230 and $3!»5
¦ ¦• Ni: PIANO CO.: 235-237 Geary sL Three
k : kei cf ?'w P'.ayers. $125 to $275.
I V Ue--$n;S: t>r!»»r upright; good as new :
k • . k- e«!-h offer. 2-< J.Geary st.
" r I'isno sola by ia*' taken back any time
.v., n t«o years and full purchase price al-
1 on » ne*r peerless K_b« at regular
<:s you poly 20c a day to buy a
r.-:i SL: established 1S50.
• . -i :>¦ »fr.ird to pay $25 fo r a piano
• «*- us as. we have at all prices
r-j-T^rUs. \ large scsortinent of fin«
I < O.. 763 Market «t-
I piano. almoFt new. great bar.
; £k- < »sh off«r. 24-*>*, Trhamt tt.
I . JSCK Bcle nprirMs. $75 up: 91 month-
' '"_____• 5* Po « t rt -
:. liy-ron M_zy pianos CeciUan p'.ano
BYRON MAUZY. 308 312 Post st_
T choaper than firewood; gtorace pianos
ri-.ur*. Whitchead'g Storage. 1636 Mkt
•vntlcc piano? in city for $3 p<>r month,
¦ TCl'RTAZ PIAXO CO.. 660 Hayes st.
:riCE— Elogant 3-jWal upright- c»sh or
r.'.ir.ents. Schtr.itz & Co., 16 McAllister.
[LET B. ALLEN CO.. 931 Market et.—
;. Everett, LuSwig and other good pianos
itlOR violins, zithers. ol3 and new. H.
T_Ett. maker, repairer. 2 Latham plae».
for sale; entire stock of parlor and
c«rdea plant* must be Eold by July 1. 500
[latsM rt.
ITAL wanted to develop ell land; analy-
r showing a high grade of oil. Eox 4S8,
V.I oface.
j: JEROME FO<=HLLI~PCir^tifle paJrnlrtT^Ss
Taylor ft., n. ar Oeary. Phone Black SfcT.
V.--.e. NevrgT— 'd rciaovcJ to 1000 Putter: hours
1 to 4; eve.. Sun. by appt.:Tel. Po'.k 25C4.
V1IE. GERMAINE. the 'palc_tTat _» Turk
It. : rround floor.
V.U'AME MORTON. 'scierit!«c palmist. 5«
Taylor, r^-ar Goary Ft.; phono Rod 2041.
KII;:?T-CLASS work at reasonable nites. J. C.
' BOMAlXE. 04v Golden Gate ave.; teL Polk
V.'ALLPAPER. sll pricts; interior decorating,
i-.r.ting. ptlnttcr: imitation ftaine<! glass. C.
\Y. '"LARK & CO.. 304 Poet su ; wL Mam 715
BOQSLS papt-r*-d $:t 50 up; tinting, painting.
Hkranana Palst Co.. 319 r>d; tel. R*d Si2L
JOHNSON'S Non-Toxic Hair FU-Ftorer is corn-
; "sfii tr.tirvly ot hygienic heros arid contains
DO potMtootts Fubnanoe whatever, nor oil or
Klfcerme; will restore rolcr to pray hair Itf a
• ¦ v. d£>6 more natural than «r..v dye without
frtsinirig the scalp: eradicates dandruff and
ftimuiat**: the prowth of new hair. On sale
fit HALE' EROS.', Ean Francisco, and
HYDK'S, 2:ith and Warhl-.rton st*-. Oakland.
The fSra Hair RemeAy restores gray hair, im-
proves- it* grow-.h. step* Jailing, cures dandruff
¦ r.d [ <tcbiac toa'.p; r.o Main or stickiness;
<l<>iiaf>«' scalp: at drurrirts', hairdressers' ; «c-
a; r Tjo substitute- Star Remedy Co.. 3S5 Geary.
Vi'IDCW, .rr.iddle-ag-ed. pood housekepeer.
. wart«. to b- niarried at?a:n to man who will
f.i\e good home; net younger than 40 years.
Hov O6. , Call office. j
tiO7 t.r>xL -ch<-.ap. but how pood, is the motto
c: the iranufacturers of the Rapid Rotary
t-'tar.^.ard. the sewing machine of to-day. J.
W. EVAICB. a«er.t. 1021 Market Bt. ,,
ELECTRIC lijrht in every room — Winchester ;
.44 Third Ft., near Market; 7W rooms.
rr.. to fl 50 per night; $1 DO to $C per week;
boa and baggage to and from the ferry.
1 i:Vri''iAX. 1j years' experience, cure* per-
- ¦• • tiy murphine, coraine habit- Call or
tr*M Central Pharmacy, 1£1 Grant ave.,
- Sutter ex.; fee moderate.
: . -". 1!O< iii:S Stientifle Hair Restorer: &
f • . : ! positive cure for ail diseases of the j
'. iure that and you ire pure of a grrowth
• ,.': eend for circular. 322. O'Farrell tt.
) :.\NT tuit? on eas=>' installments; JX> cents j
; ;>er m<-ek. LEON LEMOS, 1IU7 Mar- |
ket-Ei :¦• t. Seventh and Eighth. j
AT !*« thtti cost, uncalled fur suits, overcoats ;
Tl'l -Market ft. ]
/ HIGHEST pii>~e« paid for gents* cast-o^t i
MUSLN". Z-VJi 4th rt.; tel. Green 140.
/ •-: prices for gents' cast-off clothing, \
. 1 e- id, etc. 671 Hou-EXd Et. ; tel. John 25SU.
;;;"i.T"(?fS hair and rcoies removed br
r.^etfle. L>r.&Mrfc.TrBverFe,1170Market.
; on-*'ea*y .installments. LEON LE- \
r - :v.-: Market- rt^, between 7th and 8th.
1 ' PQUERADCmostBtocs, play books, wiirs;
war)' crtoTL OOLPgTEIN & CO.. 733 Mkt. :
TAU> •:: MAL'E su!r*v*7 - Vl ; (irws pants. $2 5'J.
MleCt dctixng Parlor, cor. Bu* h and Dupoct. '¦
> ' MS EjrypU"! Henna restores gray
'- :j-.:aral color; $1; at all drujrgists. j
} ¦; l"c arid IV; sll dr-Jirfrifts.
¦ - *¦'¦ '.T-rti fiif; 25c: all druggists.
C OTKDNNELL — Office and rWider.ce.
"-ri<: (ti.. N-t. Sixih and Seventh.
• DH. AVONG HIM. herb doctor;
<^.seaj=e» of the human liody; for
)~«_a at liTi-117 Mason; now lo-
. i-aTj- t-t.. r.ear Leavenworth.
Eidn and rental disease*, a rpcdaltj.
.. l<r*Z% Market st. T
¦ I -ho famous herb doctor— All dis-
¦'¦¦* ¦'- ¦Ui-'-'J by Chinese herbs. 740-C Clay gl
* ; ' ' • ';ead, 1 lain-finich oak, guaranteed:
,*1 • quarter-— wed. beauty; all standard
•' - ! hand, box top. $0 to $15; some:
•¦«; *:<i days exchange agreement.'!
?. M. Exchange. «33 Market, bet. 5th
: rh"n«; South *:'~); take elevator.
'".* . ; 'T' 'M AT!<"' and other makeg at cut rates;
: ¦••¦?) on r«nt« and repairs; bought and
« •^iced. Phoar- Jessie 31.'M. 145 Sixth st.
ALL k.: - boujrM. sold, rented, exchanged; re-
¦ . np.;;-|»yw»Ki rate*. Tel. Green 144. 2<>5 4th.
A EMPORIUM Storage &. Van Co.; furniture,
¦ufhold gooos stored. mo\ - ed, shipped. 7115-
''. Hjward. near Third; phene Grunt 10L
Wl CTi-BODOLPU Storage & Moving Co.. of-
fice I'oft and Puwell stB. ; tel. Prlv. Ex. 571.
GOLDEN WeFt Storage; advances made: M0
MiwlcR St.; tel. Howard 941. K. W. Zehfuss.
PACIFIC Storage and Furniture Moving Com-
Tjany; Z '"M rillraore st. ; phone Jackson 2S1.
IJKKINS Van a n-1 Storage Co., 11 Montgomery
n !»-!¦ Main IMft. Shipping at cut rates.
- sell tM-uer marines for less money than any
home ir. ihe c;ty; rentals $3. The Typewriter
Exchange,.'x>q California; telephone Main. 2G6.
FOR typewriters, L. & U. ALEXANDER, 110
M->ntr' ni< ry tt. ; t-x'-luslve dealers Smith Pre-
; mier Typewriter*: supplies for all machines;
partly used machines told &. new <;nes rented.
2D-HAXS typewriter* sold, rented, repaired.
Wr-bfU-r Typewriter lr.Ki.ep. Co.. 2O9 Sansome.
JCOT1CE of Assessment — Cactus Oil" Co. ; piin^
t'pui place of business, _a Francinco, Cali-
fornia; location of works, Carriso Creek San
.Diego County, California. Notice u hereby
Civen that at a meeting of the board of di-
rectors, beid on the 21st day of February,
IS.-Oa, an ttSfte»srcent of 2c a chare was levied
u;>on the capital stock of the cori»oraUon.
?ayabie immediately at the office of «ud cotn-
paliy, room 41, No. 230 Montgomery »t., Kan
Franolscc, California. Any stock upon which
the assK > »^m»'nt remains unpaid on the 17tn
day cf March. 15KI3, will be delinquent and
advertised fur sale at public auction, and un-
less payment Is made before will be aold on
2d day of April. 11*03. to pay the delinquent
BMCMBKOt, together with costs of advertis-
ing and expenses of sale. IJy order of board
of directors. FRANK BANETT. President;
K. W. BHOWN. Secretary Cactua Oil Co.
The time for paying assessment on Cactus
Oil Company stock has been postponed until
April 17th. and <!at« of sale of delinquent
stock until May 2d. 1903. K. XV. BROWN.
Secretary: FRANK BANETT. President.
iilVlDEND Notice — The Giant Powder Com-
pany Con. — A dividend. No. £2. of fifty oenta
<50c) per share on the issued capital stock of
t;ie company, has been declared payable at
the office of the company, room* 202-C04-206
Haywara building. San Francisco, on April
10 "l903. Transfer books close April 3, 11*03,
•u'noon. J. U. LEAVELL. Secretary.
eSteamem leav» San Fran-
cisco as follows:
For Ketchikan. Juneau,
Ekagway, etc.. Alaska — 11 a.
m.. Apr. 1. 6. 11. 16. 21. 2a.
May 1. Change to company's
steamers ar Seattle.
For Victoria, Vancouver.
Port Townsend, Seattle. Ta-
coma. Everett, Whatcora — 11
a. m.. April 1. 6. 11. 16. 21. 26. May 1. Chan;s
at Seattle to this company's steamers for Alas-
ka and G. N. Ry. : at Seattle for Tacoma to N.
P. Ry. : at Vancouver to C. P. Ry.
For Eureka (Humboldt Bay) — Pomona. 1:30
p. m.. April 4, 10. 16, 22, 28. May 4; Corona.
1:30 p. m.. Apr. 1. 7. 13, 19. 23. May 1.
For Los Angeles (via Port Los Angelei and
Redondc), San Diego and Santa Barbara —
Santa Rosa, Sundays, 9 a. m.
State cf California. Thursdays. 0 a. m.
For Los Anceles (via San Pedro and East
San Pedro). Santa Barbara.. Santa Cruz. Mon-
terey, San Simeon, Cayuecs, Port Harford
(San Luis Obispo). Ventura and Hueneme.
Coos Bay, 9 a. m., Apr. 3. 11. VJ.-2T. May 3.
For Ensenada. Masdalena Bay. San Jose dal
Cabo, Altata, La I'az. Santa ¦ Rosalia, Guay->
mas iJlex.i, 10 a. m.. 7th of each month.
For further information obtain folder. t . *'
Right reserved to change steamers or sailing
TICKET OFFICE—* New Montgomery
st. (Palace Hotel).
Freight office. 10 Market st.
C. D. DUNANN. General Passenger Agt..
10 Market st.. San Francisc*. !
O. /?. & N. COs:
"Columbia" sails Mar— 24. April 3. 13. 23.
May 8. 13. 23.
'.'George W. Elder" ¦•— March 29. April X
18, 28. May S. 18. 23.
Only Steamship Lta« to PORTLAND. OR.,
•nd then rail line from Portland to all potat*
East. Through tickets to all points, all rail or
steamship and rail at LOWEST RATES.
Eteamer tickets Include berth and meals.
Steamer sails foot of Spear st.. at 11 a. m. - "
Gen. Act Pass. Dept. Gen. Agt. Fit. Dept.
1 Montgomery rt. »
Steamers will leave wharf, corner First and
Brannan street*, at I p. m.. for YOKOHAMA
•nd IIONGKONO. calling at Kobe (HiosoK
Nagasaki and Shanghai, and connecting at
Hongkong with steamers for India, etc. N"j
cargo received on board on day of sailing.
S. S. HONGKONG MARU. .Wed., Apr. 22. 130«
8. S. NIPPON MARU.. Saturday. May 1ft 1903
S. S. AMERICA MARU (call log at Manila)...
Thursday. June 11. 1903
Via Honolulu. Round trip tickets at reduced
rates. For freight and passage, apply at Com-
pany's office. 421 Market street, corner First. .
XV. H. AVERT. General Agont .
SS. AI-AMEDA. for Honolulu. April 11. 2 p. m.
ES. SIERRA, for Honolulu. Samoa. Auckland
and Sydney Thuri.. Apr. Z1. 10 s ra.
SS. MARIPOSA for Tahiti. April 29. 10 a ra.
JJ.SPHECKLS4 B;GS.C3., Agfc..ticktCfl!8.643 ifirbtg
fm'sbtQffin.329 larJutSL.ferb. 7.Faa.1c SL
6«lllrg every Thursday. Instead of <3jV3C^k
Saturday, at 10 a. m.. from Pier 42. ~*a»*Ca*
Nor:h River, foot of Morton street.
Flrst-class to Havre. $70 and upward. See.
end-class to Havre.$45 and upward. GENERA!.
ADA 32 Broadway (Hudson building). New
York! J. F. FUGAZI & CO.. Pacific Coast
Agents. 5 Montgomery avenue. San Francisco.
Ticket* »old t>y >H Railroad Ticket Ag»nt».
9:43 «. m.. 3:13 and 8:30 p. m.. except Sao.
day. Sunday. 9:43 a. m.. 8:30 p. m. Leave*
Vallejo. 1 a. m.. 12 :30 coon. S p. _ . except
Eunday. Sunday, 7 a. n>.. 4:13 p. m. Far*. 3'>
cents. Telephone Main 1508. landing and of.
flee, pier 2, _ ulon-*trt«t 4ock. -. HATCH
1 *
SEND for catalogue of over 100 places; choice
Santa Clara County property. WILLIAM P.
WRIGHT, Mountain View. Santa Clara Co.,
Cal. •¦
Mill Valley Advertiseinepts.
Large new subdivision at, the station of Mill
Valley; 40 acres large lots In the very center
oi 1 the valley, none of which are less than 50x :
120; prices ranping from $350 to $600 and" sold
on terms of $25 cash, balance $10 monthly;
grand homo sites amidst pleasant surroundings;
beautiful views of mountains and the bay;
tho climate unequaled: splendid opportunity
for an investment; land values bound to in-
crease as Mill Valley is rapidly coming to the
front; the new electric road which will soon
go into effect, will shorten the time to 40
minutes from the city, and bring many new
settlers; Mill Valley has all the conveniences
of a city; a fine supply of pure mountain wa- j
ter, good eewerage and drainage, electric lights,
utores. churches and schools, and In fact, al!
conveniences; send for our new illustrated book
descriptive of Mill Valley.
Agents on the ground Sunday.
116 Montgomery St.
A— MAYFLOWER, 308 3d— Suites & rms.; $6
to $15; night,23c to $l;mod., clean, quiet.bath.
ALCALDE Apartments, 725 O'Farrell Bt.;
phone Private 700 — Elegant suites; now open.
BOWHS ave.. 8A. off Eleventh at. — Sunny
furnished. $4 50; use of kitchen, $6; call
after 6 p. m. .
EDDY, (>04 — 2 sunny furnished rooms; gas
range; complete for housekeeping.
FELL. 120— Sunny furnished housekeeping
rooms, witn gas.
FIFTH. 35:?— 3 housekeeping, 2 beds, $20; also
3, $15, 2 beds; single, $5 to $7.
FOLSOM. 1293, cor. Ninth — Two large sunny
furnished housekeeping rooms to let.
FOURTH, 225 — A large furnished room for
light housekeeping.
HERBERT (The) — Sunny apartments for
housekeeping; gas ranges; just newly fur-
nished. 15.J0 Polk st.
I HOWARD. 1003 — 2 sunny connecting complete-
ly furnished bay-window housekeeping
rooms; range; electric lights; others.
NINTH. 113 — 2 sunny furnished rooms; gas
stove- bath.
j NO1", 347 — 3 sunny furnished rooms for house-
keeping; no children; private house.
OAK, 117 — Sunny suites, sink, gas range,
laundry. $15-$10; large housekeeping room,
$0; adults.
OCTAVIA. 1531, near Sutter — Very sunny,
single or en suite with kitchen; gas range;
porcelain bath; newly furnished; private and
quiet; moderate terms; references exchanged;
phone Geary 1442.
O'FARRELL, 140S— Sunny front and back par-
• lor; kitchen; coal and gas range; laundry;
A BRANCH office, for Call advertisements and
subscriptions, has been established at 109U
Valencia ft. •
HOOMS TO LET — Purn. and Unfurn.
ARGYLE Hotel. 234 McAllister— New, elegant,
sunny: 75c day upward; McAllister cars to
door; handsomest grill room In California.
A— BRUNSWICK House. 148 Sixth— Rooms
25c to $1 per night; $1 25 to $5 per week, and
light housekeeping rooms; open all night.
AT "The Almonte," 873 Market st. (or No. 1
Fifth et.)— Rooms 25c, 50c, $1, $1 50 night;
fl 50 to $10 per .week; house open all night.
BURNETT. 1426 Market (old No. 1364)— Fur-
nished rooms, suites, single; also unfurnished.
BUSH. SG3— Pleasant front single room, with
or without board; private family.
CLIFFORD. 204 Ellis, cor. Mason— Elegantly
furnished sunny rooms; prices reasonable.
ELEGANTLY furnished rooms, en suite or sin-
gle; new flat; furniture put in last Monday;
sunshine in every ro\mi; grand marine view;
board if desired. Call for terms and Inspect,
173S Larkin St.. near Jackson, or Equity Of-
KLL1S, 321 (Mozart) — nicely furn. rooms 35c,
SI 50 night; SI 50, $6 week; open all night.
GEARY. 564 (The Berlin)— Elegantly furnished
suits and single rms;modern;phoneLarkln 4941
GEARY, R«2 — One single furnished room.
Grand Southern, 7th and Mission — Rooms SOc to
$1 50 night; $2 to $6 week; reading-room.
HOTEL La Normandle, 326 Eddy — Sunny
rooms; flrst-class table; terms reasonable.
HOWARD. 715. nr. Third (St. David's)— Sunny
furnished rooms en suite or single; clean
. beds: $1 50 to $5 per week; reading-room.
LEAVENWORTH. 1521— Two or three rooms,
• furnished or unfurnished; cheap.
MAYBELLE (apartments). 202 Grove St., cor-
ner Van Ne?s ave. — .'{-room sunny suites,
furnished and unfurnished.
O'FARRELL, 20— Sunny furnished rooms and
offices; elevator; elec. lights; day, week, mo.
RAUSCH. 85 — Sunny front room for 1 or 2
ROYAL House, 120 Ellis — Incandescent light,
reading-room, smoking-room and ladles' par-
lor; rooms per night, 35c to $1 50; week, $2
to $8; month, $8 to $30; elevator on ground
floor; rooms with hot and cold water; baths.
SIXTEENTH. 3662. bet. Market and Castro-pA
large sunny furnished room, with bath and
gas; rent $6.
SUTTER. 622 — Front suite; also single rooms;
clean, comfortable, hot and cold water; bath.
THE HARVARD, 271 O'Farrell— Suites and
single rooms with gas and electric light; gas
k grates; all modern conveniences; newly
remodeled throughout the entire building.
TURK. 543 — Large front room complete for
housekeeping, $12; also single room. • $5.
TWENTY-FIRST, 2920— Upper part of house
for rent; 4 or 5 rooms; every modern conven-
ience; furniture for sale.
CLASSIFIED advertisements and subscriptions
received at Call branch office. 2200 Flllmore.
A BRANCH office for Call advertisements and '
KUh)«criptions has been established at 1096
Valencia st.
OLD Stevenson Mansion, opp. Grace Church,
with annex. 807 California st. — Attractive In-
terior; exceptional table; freo billiard room.
LAMBOURNE, 420 Eddy— High-class house;
furnished suites or single; steam heat.
O'FARRELL. 1389— Room and board In pri-
vate family; new flat; terms reasonable.
POST. 1230 — Elegant sunny front alcove room
with board.
POSITIVELY curei at Melbourne School, Van
Ness & Mrkt; good Improvement In 1 week.
SAN FRANCISCoTcal. March 6^ lOoJ^sTaled
proposals, in triplicate, will be received here
until 11 o'clock a. m.. April 6. 1903. and
then opened, for construction of two store-
houses at the Presidio of San Francisco, Cal.
Government reserves right to reject or ac-
cept any or all bids In whole or in part. In-
formation furnished on application to C. P.
MILLER,.' Deputy Quartermaster General
Chief Q. M.
CONWAY, alao known as MARY F. CON-
AVAY, decease! — Notice is hereby given by
the Undersigned, JOHN FAUNIIAM, admin-
istrator of the estate of Mary Conway, also
known an Mary F. Conway, deceased, to the
creditors of and all persons having claims
against the said deceased, to exhibit them
with the necessary vouchers, within four
months after the first publication of this no-
tice, to the said administrator at room 79,
Chronicle building, the same being his place
for the transaction of the business of the
said estate in the city and county of San
Francisco, State of California.
Administrator of the estate of MARY CON-
WAY, also known as MARY F. CON-
WAY, deceased. FRANK McGOWAN at-
torney for Administrator, rooms 75 79 and
80, Chronicle building-.
Dated at San Francisco, April 3, 1903.
NOTICE t6~"cREDITORS— Estate of RU-
DOLPH GOETZ. deceased — Notice Is hereby
given by the undersigned,, JOHN FARN-
HAM. Administrator of the estate of RU-
DOLPH GOETZ. deceased, to the creditors
of and all persons having claims against the
eald deceased, to exhibit them with the
necessary vouchers, within four months after
the first publication' of this notice, to the
cald Administrator at room 79, Chronicle
building, the same being his place for the
transaction of the business of the said on.
tate in the city and county of San Fran-
cisco, Btate of California. . ,
Administrator of the estate of RUDOLPH
attorney for Administrator, rooms 73, 79
and 80, Chronicle building.
Dated at San Francisco. April 3. 1903.- '
KRAGMORE, also known as MRS. SERINA
KRAGMORE, deceased. Notice is hereby
given by the undersigned, JOHN FARNHAM,
administrator of the estate of SERINA
KRAGMORE. also known as MRS. SERINA
KRAGMORE, deceased, to the creditors of
and all persons having claims against the
said deceased, to exhibit them with the neces-
sary vouchers within four months after the
first publication of this notice to the said
administrator at. room 79 Chronicle building,
corner of Kearny, Geary and Market streets,
San Francisco, California, the same being his
placft for the transaction of the business of
the said estate in the city and county of San
Francisco, Stale of California. JOHN FARN-
HAM, administrator of the estate of SERINA
• KRAGMORE, also known as MRS. SERINA
GREENE, attorney for administrator, rooms
73, 76 and 79 Chronicle building. Dated at
San Francisco, March 27, 1903. !
NOTICE to creditors— Estate of JAMES M.
SMALL. -deceased — Notice is hereby given by
the undersigned. JOHN FARNHAM, Admin-
istrator, with the will annexed, of the estate
of JAMES M. SMALL,, deceased, to the cred-
itors of 1 and all persons having claims
against the said deceased, to exhibit them
with the necessary vouchers, within four
months after the first publication of this no-
tice," to the said administrator with the will
annexed, at room 79, Chronicle building, cor-
ner of Kearny, Geary and Market sts., San
Francisco, California, the same being his
place for the transaction of the business of
the said estate In the City and County of San
Francisco, State of California. JOHN FARN-
HAM, administrator with the will annexed
of the estate of JAMES M. SMALL, de-
ceased. FRANK McGOWAN. attorney for
Administrator, rooms 76, 79 and 80, Chronicle
building. Dated at San Francisco. March.
13, 1903. I _'
NOTICE to creditors— Estate of BRIDGET DE-
VINE, also known as BRIDGET LONG, de-
ceased — Notice is hereby given by the under-
signed. JOHN FARNHAM. administrator of
the estate of BRIDGET DEVINE, also
known as BRIDGET LONG, deceased, to the
creditors of and all persons having claims
against the said deceased, to exhibit them
with the necessary vouchers, within four
months after the first publication of this no-
tice, to the said administrator at room 79,
Chronicle building, corner of Kearny, Geary
and Market sts., San Francisco, California,
the same being his place for the transaction
of the business of the said estate In the City
and County of San Francisco. State of Cali-
fornia. JOHN FARNHAM, administrator of
the estate of BRIDGET DEVINE, also known
W. GREENE, attorney for admlnstrator,
rooms 73, 76 and 79, Chronicle building.
Dated at San Francisco. March 13. 1903.
The following marriage licenses were issued
James H. Gordon, 21, city, and Anna B.
Jenne. 21, city.
Frank S. Oliver, 3- r >. city, and Estelle L." Cur-
tice, 2S, Lincoln, Nebr.
Walter S. Urann, 33, 1201 Taylor street, and
Jessie B. Hatheway, 30, 1201 Taylor street.
Cassius E. Culbertion, 27, 510 Powell street,
and I'atience V. Cook-, 25, 1907 Larkin street.
Andrew O. Benson, 32, 26 'Turk street, and
Christine Nilson, 31, Denver, Colo.
James A. McSwegan, 39, city, and Addlo
Feickert, 81; Chelan, Wash.
Frederick W. Swan, 01, 428 Twenty-fourth
avenue, and Ellen Swan, 50, 42S Twenty-fourth
George Ruff. 24. San Jose, and Elizabeth I.
Theilig, 17, San Jose.
Jean Nouzellles, 28, 36 Fourth street, and
Elizabeth Carrey, 25, 36 Fourth street.
Joseph Ciaccio, 25, 05 Tehama street, and
Lucy Leutza, 27. 74 Tehama street. .
Louie Gregoire, 22, city, and Katie M.
Philips. 16. city.
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by
mail will not be inserted. They must be handed
In at either of the publication offices and be
Indorsed with the name and residence of per-
sons authorized to have the same published.
SKILLMAN— In this city, March 81. 1903, to
the wife of Edward A. Skillman, a son.
VINING— In this city, April 1. 19ft 1 ?, to the
wife of Frank L. Vlning, a daughter.
LEVY — CROOKEK— In this city, March 25.
190.1. by the Rev. Dr. J. Nieto, Sylvian M.
Levy and Grace E. Crooker.
: McSWEOAN— FEICKERT— In this city, April
2, l!Ki;i, by the Rev. F. M. Larkin, James
A. McSwegan of San Francisco and Addio
Feickert of Cholan, Wash.
ROSENBERG— NEWMAN— In this city, March
21», 1903, by the Rev. Dr. J. Nleto, Joseph
Rosenberg and Alma Newman.
SCHARLIN— IIIRSCH— In this city. March 22.
1903, by the Rev. l»r. J. Nieto, Jacob Schar-
lln and Lucy Hlracty -•¦¦
Baddeley, Margaret Loring:. Leonard ¦ Y.
Bateman. Minnie E. McNeill. James
Berry, John ' Michaels, Leo
Brigaerts, Joseph H. Morrison, Anna
Carter, Elizabeth R. Ohnimus. Louia J.
Coleman, Thomas Pecht, Richard
Gaffney, Marj' Petersen, Leae M.
GUI, Catharine Peterson, Mary
Gillen, Charles J. Re-Dell. Lou E.
Jennlngu, Pauline Smith, James
King. Johanna Tully, Annie
Knight, 'Sarah J. Ware, Harriet P.
Leddy, Ellen W'aUon, Joseph
Letsche, Wilhelm E.
BADDELEY— In this city, April 2, 1903, Mar-
garet, dearly beloved wife of Henry J. Bad-
tfeley, devoted mother of James, Benjamin,
Alfred, Charles and Llllie Baddeley, Mrs.
W. O. Reed and the late Reuben and Henry
Baddeley. and loving grandmother of Helen
and Margie Baddeley, a native of Gippsland,
Australia, aged 60 years 3 months and 1
BATEMAN— In Ogden, Utah. March 27, 1903.
at 4:05 p. in., Minnie E., beloved wife of
Charles E. Bateman, and mother of Helen
E., Esther R. and Charles W. Bateman, a
native of Millvllle, Shasta County, Cal.,
aged 32 years 4 months and 3 days. ¦ ¦
' BERRY— In this city. April 2. 1903. John
Berry, a native of Boston, Mass., aged t;2
years. A member of Unity Lodge No. Cl»
Knlxhts of Pythias/
(t?"Frlends and acquaintances are- respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral Sunday,
April 5, 1903, at 10 o'clock, from the mortu-
ary chapel of the Golden Gate Undertaking
Company, 2-175 Mission street, near Twenty -
first. Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery, by
electric funeral car from corner Eighteenth
and Guerre.ru streets, at 10:30 o'clock.
BRIGAERTS— In this city, April 1, 1003, Jo-
seph, H., beloved husband of Anastatla Brlg-
aertH, and brother of Gerard Brlgaerts, a
native of Beigium, aged 50 years 5 months
and 8 days.
ir7"The funeral will take place, to-day
(Friday), at 0 o'clock. fut>m his late resi-
dence, 32 Bourblh place/ thence to Holy
Cross Church, where a solemn requiem mass
will be celebrated for the repose of his houl,
commencing at 9:30 o'clock.' Interment Holy
Crons Cemetery.
CARTER— In this city, April 2, 1903, Eliza-
beth Regina, beloved wife of S. M. Carter,
and daughter of the late Dr. W. N. Hardin,
a native of Virginia, ag«d 42 years.
COLEMAN— In this city, March 30, 1003,
Thomau Coleman, dVearly beloved husband tf
the late Annie Coleman, a native of Ire-
land, aged 45 years.
GAPFNEY-yn this city, April 2, 1903. Mary,
dearly beloved mother of Joseph, Robert and
Thomas Gaffney; a' native of County ' An-
trim, Ireland, aged 68 years. (Philadelphia
and -Chicago papers please copy.)
£j? Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Saturday), at 8:30 o" clock, from her late
residence, 2013 Polk street, thence to St.
Brigid's Church, where a requiem low mass
will be celebrated for.the repose of her soul,
commencing at 9 o'clock. Interment Holy
Cross Cemetery.
GILL — In thia city, March 31, 1903, Catharine
Gill, dearly beloved wife of the late William
Gill, and dearly beloved mother of Frank,
Fannie, Kate, Rosle and the late William
Jr. and James Gill, a native of County Lei-
trim, Ireland, aged 50 years 11 months and
22 days. (Providence, H. I., papers please
(CTFrlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend ' the funeral to-day
(Friday), at 9 o'clock, from her late resi-
dence, 1108 P street, between Twelfth and
Thirteenth avenues south, thence to All
Hallows Church, where a requiem high mass
will be celebrated for the repose of her soul,
commencing at 9:30 o'clock. Interment Holy
Cross Cemetery.
GILLEN— In this city, April 1, 1003, Charlea
J. , Gillen, a native of New York, aged 63
„ years. , * .
[C^Friends are respectfully Invited to at-
tend the funeral to-day (Friday), from St
Peter's Church. Alabama street, near Twen-
ty-fourth, where a requiem mass will bs
celebrated for the repose of his soul, com-
menclng at 0 o'clock. Interment private.
|~ NEAREST t |}'e' CITY'' 1
(Successor to Flannagan & Gallagher).
20 Fifth st., oppoaij" Ltncoln School.
Telephone South 80.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
1 Formerly In Metropolitan Temple.
Now at 860 MISSION. Tel South 167.
Between Fourth and Fifth, Itfear Fifth st.
Finest euulpraents at Moderate "Rates.
C67 Market St., opp. Kearny.
Real Estate Agenta and Rent Collectors.
$160,000— Downtown corner; stores; 100 rooms;
hrlck structure; new improvements; rent
•i*« • 10 y**™!" secured lease.
*ieo.0(X» — Corner; 60 feet frontage; close to Or-
rheum Theater; a rare investment; 8100
square feet.
?137,500 — Corner; Union square; opposite new
St. Francis Hotel; 114 ft. frontage on 2
streets; no choicer Investment; if Improved
will easily lea.se for $2000 per month.
flo5.000— New brick structure; 46x137:6; down-
town; -leaded for 5 yeara at $825 per month.
*!x>.500— Larkin-st. corner; stores and lodging-
house; rents $2C40 yearly.
$40.000 — Close to Howard and Fourth sts.; 08:9
xlUO feet; two fronts; rents $240; pays 6
i>er c«nt net.
$^S.O00— Key lot; Howard St., near Third; 60x
...V^L rentln * wel1 -
XoO.OOO — Choice corner; Eddy St.; 100 feet
frontage; rents $202 60.
*_S.Oi>o — Iiush-st. Investment; near Grant ave.;
4. r »xl20: 2 frontages; splendid building site.
fl9.G00— New sunny Sutter-st. flats: inside;
rents $lS00 per annum; lot 27:6x112:6 feet.
$17,500— Saneome-st. business corner: rent
$1590; can be increased; make offer.
$17. W0— Post Bt.; 3 new flats; rent $lS00 year-
¦* 1> : lot 2<;xl20; 2 fronts.
$16.600 — Paclflc-ave. flats; rents $135; glorious
marine view.
$15,000— Vicinity Third and Mission sta.; 60
feet frontage; rent $92; want offer.
$15.000 — Close to Howard and Fourth sts.; busi-
ness property; rents $102 50; mortgage $90U0
German Bank can remain at 6 per cent.
$14,5u0— Two fronts: 30 feet frontage; cloee to
Ellis and Polk: rent $92.
913.500 — Van Ness ave. flats; strictly modern;
rent $1300 yearly.
. $13.500 — 3 elegant new fiats; select neighbor-
hood; rents $135 per month.
$10,000—6 fiats; Harrison St., near 10th; rent
• i $V'O.
I I $S75O— Swell park home; 16 rooms; renting now
t for $70 oer month.
I $7500 — i flat« rear G. G. Park; rents $9S0;
! mortgage $4000.
$67r>0— 2 splendid new flats; vicinity Pina and
Devisadero: 31 :Cxl(>0; rents $00.
$0500— Two flats; rent $600; near Ellis and
• Webster sts.
$6000— Vicinity Post and Taylor; key lot; 2-
, ft or}" improvements; pays 8 per cent.
' I $<5W0 — 7 flate: lot 5<"ixS0; rent $60; vicinity of
SMXih and Harrison Bts.
j $4350 — Mission- business property; store and
¦ flat above; lot 25x9:>:«i; rent 1-45.
! $4250 — Devipadem. close to Ellis; mortgage
' j $1Mh) can remain; 25x90; improved.
$3300 — Close to Fourth and Harrison : rents $22.
SPECK & CO., 6ti7 Market St.
I i W. J. GUNN.
(Savings Union Building:.)
The thoiceFt in San Francisco, having the
greatest extent of marine view that any other
property has; elevated and sitely and all sunny;
' clo«e to the comer of Green an*! Devi.«adero; all
' sizes; solid eround, not filled in; stone pave-
, ments. basalt blocks.
¦ $250ii each — Sunny side Union; 25x110; near
$1750 each — Sunny side Union; 25x100; near
$2CHiO— Webster and Filbert; 23x100.
' i $35.OOf> — Hroadway corner; 08:9x137:0.
gSQOO — NW. cor Union; 137:6x137:6.
$44:10 — xew residence, just built, 10th ave.,
321. near Clement: 7 rooms, bathroom, recep-
• I tion hall, basement, nice mantels, tile work,
rooms tinted, well-built house; will be open
on Sunday afternoon for inspection from 1
1 to T>; take Sutter st. cars and transfer; only
'j a few steps from electric cars; easy pay-
• $10(10 — NW. cor. in Richmond, to make im-
mediate fale'U offered at this price; worth
easily ?25iX). , '
$5<fl lot on 21st ave.. near Point Lobos ave.;
ready for building; payable in installments;
very cheap.
$4'\i lot on A eL, near ISth ave., in install-
{ $65f>0 — Choice northeast corner on Lake st.
and 11th ave.; lars* lot. 106:6x72; fronting
on Mountain Lake Park; 5n ideal lot to
build on; will subdivide in 35-foot lots: brick
sewer in and ready for building: the choicest
lets in Richmond and on sunny side.
! Only $.")75 for 2 lots in Richmond.
j Some fine investments north of the park; blocks
and lots.
i Or.ly $:{i»o0 — Pierce Ft.: new cottage residence,
4 rooms, bathroom, basement ; • easy pay-
I75UO— New residence. Western Addition, 10
rooms bathroom, basement,- attic; 35x100;
grand' marine view; easy payments.
W. J. GUNN. 630 California st.
! LYON & HOAG. 110 Montgomery st.
i fioo — Easy terms; cheapest lot in the best part
of the Potrcro district* east «=ide of Missouri
St.. bet.' l^th an<l l!tth; street cars on ISth st.
$11.750 — Elegant corner residence with marine
view; l» room."?, finished basement; modern
and finely finished; the residence is for sate.
as the lady who owns it has moved East: key
at our office; see it and make us an offer;
stylish neighborhood.
' $3u<>0 — New 2-story house: near Castro and 23d
ets.; lanre lot; terms $7.V> cash, balance same
as rent; this Is an opportunity to own a new
• home of your own.
; $2600 — Pretty bay-window cottage on Castro St.,
rear 25th; 5 rooms and bath; must have per- 1
mit from our office to inspect, aa owner does
not live there.
; $.*,'»(¦ — Two fine flats nearlToward and 21st sts.;
each 5 rooms and bath; lot 27x122:6; cheapest
flats in Mission warm belt.
$1300 — Easy term*; a 4 -room cottagre on Elsie
St.; clos-e to Mission and 29th-st. carhouse.
LYON & HOAG. 116 Montgomery st.
PERMANENT inve-tment or I314 per cent on
$12.ttx.>; 6 new flats of 4 and 5 r. and b. ; near
2!tth and Mission Bts.: always rented at $129
per month. D. COFFIN, 3303 Mission st.
i OCEAN View land for sale; lots 14, 15,
13, 17, JK, 19, 20. Scars subdivision; block ti.
West End map No. 2. Inquire R. S.
THORNTON. Hears: bldg.. room 4161
Loans on real estate; also for the full cost
of improvement and part cost of lot; houses
built on term? to suit; plans free; interest
?3 per cent. 107-10S Crocker building.
i NEARLY new cottage. 5 rooms; one of 2 rooms
stable; chicken houses; lot .".0x150. 402 Doug-
las?, near 21st; Castro cars; call after 2 p. m.
i HOUSES and lots in great variety for sale and
rent. WILLIAM M. DEWOLF. 323 Clement
Bt.; Richmond is my specialty.
FOR SALE — 1149 and 1151 Valencia; lot V7:6x
125 feet; each housa 7 rooms bath. VON
RHEIN R. E. CO.. 513 California st.
RICHMOND~Olstrict real estate Is my special,
ty. WILLIAM M. DEWOLF, ."23 Clement st.
HOME lots, r.ear Mission St.; $550: easy pay-
roerit?. no Interest. Owner, r. 1. C3tt Clay st.
j CHEAPEST and best in America — The Weekly
Call, 16 pages, sent to any address in the
United States or Canada one year for $1.
; , - ~=
I A GOOD ranch of 4S0 acreu; all clear, well im-
proved; a 7-room house. 4 barns, chicken
house* tankhouse and windmill; a running
ttream of water all year around and a nat-
ural spring; can be used for stock or general
larmir.g; will eell all or IfiO acres, with im-
provements. FRED ZIMMERMAN,
Midway Station. Alameda Co., Cjtl.
A LARGE list of choice country lands In all
sections of California. Land Department
K20-1-2-3 Hayward building.
SEND for new catalogue o? Mountain View.
Stanford University and Santa Clara Valley
Jands. Walter A. Clark, Mountain View, Cal.
FOR cash or share rent; fine fruit and grain
ranch; near city. Box 211, Call office.
FREE booklet and poultry folder. San Benlto
County Improvement Club. Hollister. Cal.
CHEAPEST and best in America— The Weekly
Call, 16 page;, sent to any address in the
United States or Canada one year for $1.
TO exchange — For unimproved city or country
property, a desirable 9-room modern resi-
dence, with stable and chicken house, in
Berkeley: convenient to trains and electrto
car lines. Address Owner, box 308. CalL
/ .
MAKE an offer — To cloue «state; elegant home
of 13 rooms and bath; gas and electricity;
coach house and stable; lot 75x183; cost
$25,000; now only $15,000; elegant corner lot.
1500 Park St.. Alameda.
$3500 — A VERY fine modern 2-story house of S
rooms, bath and all the latest conveniences;
this hotiRe is built on corner lot, 39x100, in
a tirnt-clars location; terms can be arranged;
must be sold at once as owner must leave
1172 Broadway. Oakland.
$1800 WILL buy a fine G-room cottage in up-
per Frultvale; corner. 60x120. Apply P. C.
LASSEN & CO.. 460 Tenth St.. Oakland.
SUNNY furnished rooma~ln pri vat«~famllyr
with or without board. 871 Adeline Bt.,
I corner Eighth.; one block from station.
FURNITURE good and cheap this month. 11.
BCIIELLHAAS. 40s Eleventh st.. Oakland.
JENNINGS— In this city, April 1, 1003. Pau-
line Jennings, a native of New York.
KING — In this city, March 31, 1903, Johanna,
beloved wife of Timothy J. King, dearly be-
loved mother of May and Josephine Kinz.
and slater of Peter Dunworth, a native ot
'- Ireland, aged CO years. .
CFriends and acquaintances are respect-
: fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Friday), at 0:30 o'clock, from her late resi-
dence, 12 Ringold street, thence to St. Jo-
seph's Church, where a requiem high mass
yrtvill be celebrated for the repose of her soul,
commencing at 10 o'clock. Interment Holy
Cross Cemetery,
KNIGHT— In this city, April 2, 1903, Sarah
Jane, beloved wife of Samuel P. Knight,
aged 64 years 10 months and 12 days. A
member of Appomattox Relief Corps No. S,
Oakland Rebekah Lodge No. 16 and the Vet-
eran Rebekahs' Association.
LEDDY — A month's! mind requiem mass will
be celebrated in St. Brigid's Church on Sat-
urday, April 4, at 9 o'clock, for the repose of
the soul of" the late Ellen Leddy. Friends
are requested to attend.
LETSCHE— In this city, April 2. 1903, Wllhelm
E. J., youngest and dearly beloved son of
¦ Wllhelm and Johanna Letsche and brother of
Henry Letsche, a native of San Francisco,
aged 5 months and 13 days.
(CXFrienda and acquaintances are respect-
fully »lnvited to attend the funeral to-day
(Friday) at 1:30 o'clock, from the residence
of his parents, 60 McLea court, off Ninth
street, between Harrison and Bryant. Inter-
ment Laurel Hill Cemetery.
LORING— In this city. April 1. 1903, Leonard
Young "Loring, late major of United States
Army, Medical Department, beloved husj
band of Sophie Chauteau Loring, and father
of Lieutenant S. C. Loring of Twenty-seventh
Infantry, United States Army, and Adelaide
L. Wright, a native of St. Louis, Mo., aged
59 years and 2 months.
(£7Frlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services
Friday. April 3, 1003, at 2 o'clock, at the
parlors of Craig, Cochran & Co., 429 Golden
Gate avenue, thence to Presidio, where Ihe
remains will be met by military escort. In-
terment National Cemetery.
McNEILL— In this city, April 1. 1903, James
McNeill, beloved husband of Isabelle Mc-
Neill, loving father of Ruth, Bernice and
Norwood McNeill, and brother of Charlea
and Frank McNeill, a native of Ohio, aged
36 years.
CTFriends are respectfully Invited to at-
tend the funeral to-day (Friday), at 8:30
o'clock, from his late residence, 818 Eliza-
beth street, near Douglass, thence to SjJ
James Church, where a requiem high mass
will be celebrated for the repose of his soul
at 9 o'clock. Interment at Sausallto, by 11
o'clock boat.
MICHAELS— In this city, April 1. 1903, Leo
Michaels, beloved son of Gerson Michaels,
and brother of Mrs. Max Abrama, Mrs. H.
Abrams, Mrs. H. Appleton, Mrs. H. Blum
and Ray Michaels, a native of San Fran-
cisco, aged 19, years 10 months and 24 days.
(ETFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Friday), at 10 o'clock, from the parlors of
Theodor Dierks. undertaker, 957 Mission
street, between Fifth and Sixth, thence by
11:30 o'clock train to Hills of Eternity
Cemetery, for interment.
MORRISON— In this city, April 2, 1903, Anna,
beloved wife of the late Hector Morrison,
and sister of Allan and Joh/i McLean, a na-
tive of Isle of Coll, Scotland, aged 75 years.
OHNIMUS— In this city, April 2, 1903, Louis
J. Ohnimus, beloved huaband of Grace D.
Pierce Ohnimus, father of Everett, Jennie
and Arthur Ohnimus, and son of Elizabeth
and the late Louis Ohnimus, a native of
Scranton, Pa., aged 45 years 5 months and
ti days.
ICTNotlee of funeral hereafter.
PECHT— In this city, April 2, 1903, entered
into rest. .Richard, dearly beloved husband
of Louisa : R. Pecht, and devoted father of
George H. and the late William R. Pecht, a
native of Oldenburg, Germany, aged 57
years 4 months and 17 days.
PETERSEN— In Oakland, April 1, 1903, Lese
Marie, beloved daughter of Peter and Jetta
Petersen, and loving sister of Adolph and
Annie Petereen. a native cf San Francisco,
aged 19 years 10 months and 11 days.
in^Frlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services
Friday, April 3, 1903, at 2 o'clock, at th»
residence of her parents, 116 Ettie street.
North Oakland. Interment Mountain View
PETERSON— In this city, March 30. 1903,
Mary Peterson, a native of Wales, aged 65
GTRemains at the parlors of J. C. O'Con-
nor & Co., 767 Mission street. Notice of
funeral hereafter.
KE-DELL— In this city. April 2, 1003, Lou E.
Re-Dell, beloved mother of Emma, Henry.
Daniel and George Whalen, a native of Mis-
souri, aged 37 years.
E3 r Notice of funeral hereafter. Remains
at the parlors of J. C. O'Connor & Co., 707
M fusion street.
SMITH— In this city, April 2, 1903. James,
beloved husband of liary Smith, a native of
Dublin, Ireland, aged 72 years and 11
CCTFrlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Saturday), from St. Ignatius Church, wheru
a requiem high mass will be celebrated for
the repose of his soul, commencing at 0
o'clock. Interment private, Holy Cross
TULLY— In this city, April 1. 1903, Annie
Tully, beloved mother of Frank E.. Julia
and Florence Tully and Mra. L. J. Adams, a
native of Chicago, 111., aged 46 years and 10
WARE— In this city, v AprlI 1, 1903, Harriet P.
Ware, beloved mother of Mrs. Alice A.
Doane, and grandmother of Blanche M.
Doane, a native of Ohio, aged 74 years 11
months and 16 days.
C^Friends are respectfully invited to at-
tend the funeral to-day (Friday), at 2:30
o'clock, from her late residence, 29 Hill
. street, between Valencia and Guerrero. In-
terment private.
WATSON— In this city, April 2. 1903, Jo«eph
Watson, a native of Pennsylvania, aged 54

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