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. NEW YOhK, AprH.a. — Jolin II. Cuth!«rt. a
• «> • '. . V":i«' »5 oil mer-nant, died to-<3<iy of Can
'**i of the fScm&ch. .:"';.:
Captain Richmond Pearson Hobson,
about whom so much has been written in
the magazines and dally papers, will lec
ture in San Francisco next Monday even
ing on the "United States as a World
Power." The lecture will be hf>ld In the
Young Men's Christian Association Audit
Hobson to Lecture Here.
. Ifrtpctivea. . Ryan and Taylor arrested
? J^.-orce 'Smi.tii and John Kine t two sus
piciau* characters, on Mission 'street la>t
•-yonlng and .found a stolen mariner's
<<itrij>ai% tti their possession. A third crook
'^'•jiped, ami -Kine was taken only after
a V hase that lasted- three blocks. Smith
• riff. Kine were placed In the "tanks" at
I » '**• ntraL'sttttion, pending investigation.
Detectives Arrest Crooks.
The Central Trust Company was ap
pointed guardian of the estate of Mrs.
Dora Harris yesterday, and hfr daughter,
Mrs. Augusta Gans, was appointed guar
dian of her person. This action is the
result of the petition of Sigmund Harris,
her son, who claimed that his mother's
estate was being frittered away.
Will Care for Her Estate.
¦ F-iv«.. ; i!Tipa".'r)e.longing to as- many Ko
renns..*re.re detained ' by -the customs au
thorities, '.yesterday pending investigation.
The/«rip» contained ginseng from Korea,
<-n which there'is -a beavy. duty. The Ko*
r«-ans .arrived- from Port Townsend on the
''ity- o'f. PUfcbla and .stated that they had
pafd .the d.uty at that port, "but th*y had
no.- receipt* "or other papers to corroborate
• r.t-ir. statement. • -''
Imported Ginseng Held.
Mrs." Crouch hurried to the Kmergency
Hespital with the little one, where her
rounds were dressed by Dr. Millar. She
was suffering intense pain and was al
most ino spasms over her frightful ex
perience.- ' Serious results are not feared
unless blood poisoning sets In.
The child .sleeps in a cot in the same
room as her mother and about 3 o'clock
yesterday morning the mother was awak
ened by the agonizing screams of her
daughter 1 . She at once lighted a lamp and
¦went to the bedside of the child.
As ehe approached two immense rats
jumped from the cot and disappeared into
a "hole. In the°floor. Mrs. Crouch made an
examination of the little one and found
that "she was bleeding profusely from
st-yeral big gashes in her right hand,
where- the rats had sunk their teeth In
aniendeavor to suck the life-blood of the
¦ iJt'ti^ Annie Lee Crouch, the 3-year-old
t*augbter of Mrs. Annie Crouch, residing
at lO. Stockton street, went through the
agony of* an attack by two large rats
early yesterday • morning. The little one
was bitten in a frightful manner about
the right hand and had not her mother
ccme to her rescue, in the nick of time
the unfortunate child might have been
fatally, bitten, or at least disfigured for
Annie Crouch, & Three-Year-Old Girl,
Has Awful Experience, Which
Nearly Proves Fatal.
i " . e " s " BY VORACIOUS RATS
. Marip Merrill began suit to-day for di
vorce against A. "W. Merrill on the ground
of cruelty. They were married In 1896.
¦ Manuel Med<*rio brought suit against
Antoiiia "Mederlo on the ground of de
. - ' Oakland Office San Francisco Call,
1118 Broadway, April 2.
LiKe Enoch Arden, Frank S. Kennedy
returned to the wife of his youth, Mrs.
Helen P. Kennedy, after deserting her
seventeen years ago in New York City,
b'ut a cordial welcome was withheld from
him.' According to the story told by the
complaint for divorce filed by the wife
to-day,- he came richly endowed with
worldly goods, but his forsaken spouse
could not forget how she was deserted
with a babe in arms and left to fight her
own way In life. She refused to listen
to hfs pleading and immediately began
suit for divorce. She asks that her hus
band be compelled to pay her $100 a month
alimony and that the courts restrain him
from -disposing of mining interests in Ari
zona. ¦•" v "*¦'"
Kennedy Is Coolly Re
ceived as Modern
Enoch Arden.
Oakland Offitr' Sa.rr Rrascteco Call,
: ':\ '¦' '• .- ". .¦-lUi- 0foa.dwa j; AsrH j.
Based .upon- a" casua*!. Tec-ojnmendation
by cbe. 'Jelly-, 'expert 'an. effort has- beep
R-s(i»,:o flrcfw'rthat a proper .colleVtion of
. :•> . lkbnscs has.riqt 'been rhiid-e -by Tax
Collector .arnd- Treasurer': Felt on Taylor.
The. total. aTnqunt. . iiivoivc-l; is very small,
;• ¦«" Than -ise^," apd" the. faijure to collect
• •.:< is idue -rnorel to': the 'lack of ;method
• >l forcin'e pa.ymeii't. ih . ihe -laws irnpos
•::g the Ueenses tfca.n..t<i :a '.lack of effofct
ijpoo UxS.'p&rt ef,6fficiah<L \.As>. a." '.matter
< rut •;',. the.Ucefrse'coI'.ebtlons. of t,he city
n ¦.•»-'. .krf,- larger tftah e.yer before. ..Tay
lor has pe&t.-ihe -fellbwiiig: sfaterriept to
: TbiC£$i "•;.-•": •¦'¦'. !••/„-:-," ' Y.-,."T.
In shit triornlag's.iPfiie ot;tfce Examiner ap
l'«ff.«a -account jof- the wirart qi tti.e Jetty ex
! I . <;h«rr^ E; Cornel I. .topelf.er with- all'ga-
li -.- wh'^h Vo»pin xo-.r^fl'.'ct u^cn' th?. conduct of'
rr.y ortJre.'.and-i bf K .thj Ubexfr.vt ymir- columns
: : he purpose. 'of- ajrtwerfng- the .e»ra*:- ' . -
It-.- rcjtiird to'thp Ftat^jiient. : :'t'here S.ar- been*
'faiinrc'4* -cbUcrt m'lafct ainount .oT quarterly
|x-«-rses..'* I ''desire to saylthat the b-xiks (if Xhl*
Office fchr>' tfc'at thfrV : tas.be»-n S.C, 000. more
¦ ' '.>;teii {rVftg . thaf 5'ourr» : tfu^i?s ; '• the two
\'a-« that 1 hl>.e*beld •oi£cs\ than- durlsj the
j T-\-.ciif two'-' yrarss .«'.;'
As to the tt.ainient-thst-tfce- ".Oatiajid TrarssU
< : ctr.p«n: hay not-'piid.lt'« prrc-er.xag* of 'fun
irg» *r!nce Mafo.h 2. i&<2,-' t,he .Okklarkl ¦ Transit
TcTrparyneycT did •piZifc icy. jjayrnent to the
•. ,ty.un;:!.-i t'obk office^ ara.< although the traa
vhiWdid-. r.o* make' it 'the icty of tbe'Tax «"ol»
!^<ior •to", vocyjel. paj-sn^nt. a.* • mocn as I canie
intrf-ofSt'e'I a-.ade It rpy. bujiness to call upon
•>,<• i lir.panjs. axtJ dWprevall vp5n them to payi
•mid. Mr...rYost' informed 'tcel-a. month ago that
•{;• <¦«•*¦ Cfciiriiic It .and would : j*ay the secoaj
y»t'r *h;:-rt!y. : '1 £ua.d tip power- to. compel paj--'
.ra-c't. ¦'¦¦.•'•¦¦ '• .'.;-. • ..' • : : . " ..' t> ¦ . .. -
¦ Mr.".rorreir was "expert -iiM^r' fonriw adiniTi
i<tralieris it.nl. n.evfr.'. sJ» far ig'.I know, reported
.tt-*t -the c.'dn'trpi ¦Ccvj.a- Water: "C<imp«ny . and
rli<- .iheatefe jiid- links and various others
failH-to pay' - th«fr Hcpnfe tax. "Why Uid he not
#o" -report?-:- "Th« <rut& cf-the natter wu that
\ro.-Q.ne--e<«al'd-"%teir.t>>- 'the books Uept at tfcat
y.rr.f; Vh.»'- wa,* : 'iVr .arrears;. Why. d».J- nat the
<"-"V ."'ip* > r» i T'-'~on-:triend-..-a ET.rt»m of I»c>ok.-ee9r
:r,r 'nafwoUld wtteffwifth matters at a. Klatnc*?'
; ilt-rcmalned'.-tor rn<? wfc«s- inductad into of
f 3riau>rufate a.. i"T».rtiral. syete^n. of keep-:
S g ifie.'city'-s"-acceuritf.. wbich permits the <x
.'; • rt. or-'ary. one to «oe at' a 'plance'.who are In
hTf-ors.- - Ja.tMfr. c^aa^rUon I might say that
thf • banfcs.'...thea 1 ters.Tnd water company • r»
>rt«o'-*5-have'-pa"i$.'their Jioense taxes dnrlng
r.'-v-'irSi-uiJieatjv. .In. my catpacity as Tax Col
l«Ctor:X.'4UD f-ufnlshed with men." to • stand at
'the .counter -aSid take in money that is ofTer*A
i ;arh' -not-.f-umi^lTf-d' -with- m*n -.to go cut and
force.. pBJrsieBt,-. it- is troe '.that ths ordinance;
r-^yrldinn' for .tfcs' appoint ment :by .the *li|j«>r
o'.a 'Hbei:sV**iiBJ>ertor. provides tijat'«ncti In
•per-tor «hall ..lie unijer the fiiTeciioa of the Tax.
- ¦¦ .'.~-ii-ir •. lrat--I have, found that when a man
¦ • aptxripted'.-br the Hiinr be la not to
mj jftireir-Uori as. a. matter of prKCt'oe. In cer
tain icairs,: .-wijere 1 hmre' jefirrn orders to an
Inspector to. fdllow .'»" oerlaJn course in the col
1»rxlor ">ii lioeriaea.-' the Mayor haa jriven con
•t'l.ry. Jn'strucUcps. .and hi» order* prevailed. It
-Iv rWJieolTtJ* to -.provide • for inapertors tp be
e^b.'*cfito one .officer and. receive appoSntrtK-nt
»t t- K .'e-' slQa*a» • 6f •. another. - Un«ier the new
pdmt-niBtration. ' however, such qa*stioos are
pet ..ilab'e-trv .arise, es all departments' will no
/!tn:bt •w'ork "in ianpoajr,-Tbi! increase of (.72.000
¦in ..-^IiecUoaa. during, the last- two -yecrf Is a
very koofl -Bhowiar,. sri (hi present licease la
-. ¦••-"•> a> ":.:;'*. all be coujd do and has per
•f "rrne & .h'ik 'f\}1l duty. Recently he was unfor
.'ijnate-- .enough .-t;j' break '&:¦ lea;, jlnce which
accident ah - assistant' -.<as appointed, who has
prrfpnneo'. hi* work until very recently. Toun
truly. •-..¦¦.' . •¦»•*¦¦ KEiLTON TATLOR.
Tax •"Collector and TreasMrer of the City 'of
: O*k5An<t". ; * ' ".' -.
Tax Collector Supplies
ttie Txue-. figures t>n •
: .'LicepseMipney;; :
; HI< "AGO. April 2.— \Y. N. Castleman,
fffanlzer' of the c ,lntc.njatinnal Sheet
>• •. ' Workers' Union, was 'shot and
r -'.isbiy mortally "wounded to-n'-sht .while
: * TYiwiInir of. a grievance 'commit toe of
be dtfeajto I'Vderatiqn ofl^abor. He was
-'•ioi -three times.
<"as;leman came to Chicago three
r^nihs apo and organized a local coun
;i -of ; the International Sheet Metal
Workers' t'tnon.- There hns been a union
• f. she^t ' metal workers in Chicago for
rnore than twenty years. There has been
trouble between the two unioiw; ever
since ' Cattleman organized the new branch
and the meeting called far to-night was
tjs decide which of the union? woul.d be
t. cognized *y% the Chicago Federation of
l.=bor. ' . ,'c '"-. -
Who shot Caytlrman ha? not been as
i rrtained. . ' ' - ;
R?r v'iver". Is Used at Meeting,
but by Whom Remains
a Mystery. .
Disput 3. Between Rival
Unions Leads to
NEW YORK, April 2.— About 800 laborers on
the Long Island Railroad went on strike to-day
for $1 &0 a day instead of $1 20.
WASHINGTON. April 2.— As a result of a
long crusade the Beard of Commissioners of the
District of Columbia to-day adopted a regula
tion forbidding expectorating on the sidewalk?'
making a violation thereof subiect to a tine
of $1. ¦ . , ¦
Daniel P. Armas, a Bollcltor, was ar
rested on Sixth street last evening by
Detective Bailey and Sheriff Langf ord of
San Jose. Armas is wanted in San Jose,
where, it is said, he robbed an Insurance
company of ?75.
Solicitor Arrested.
Acting Customs Collector Hamilton said
yesterday that he would not make any ap^*
pOjnfment of laborers in the Custom
house under the .new arrangement making
the position permanent. 'He preferred that
Collector Stratton should himself make
the appointments on his r.eturn from his
present trip to China and Japan. Mr,
Stratton is expected here about May 7.
No Appointments Made.
•3>etail3 of the "Wounding of Russian
" : : '.- ' ..-Consul at Mitrovitza.
.> '¦ CONSTANTINOPLE, April 2.-Detalls
'cjf ihe" attack on M. Stcherbina, the Rus
¦si-an Consul at' Mitrovitza, show that it
j^wjas .made *t>y an •Albanian soldier, one of
whose relaflves had been killed in the
/igh-ting; at Mitrovitza. The Consul, who
/Was .-accompanied by a Turkish escort.
; .was .oh' his: way to inspect the batteries
iwhifch finally; repulsed the Albanians who
i attacked. .'Mttrovitza, .when a sentry at
' the pp.w-der."m'agazine deliberately shot M.
' Stcher.bina' In the; back, the bullet travers
:ipg ?he^renal region and Inflicting a se
•nop.s wound.. The sentry also fired at th»
military coarier, but missed
'him. ' Th*. other, soldiers of the guard
•tijen". hurried, up and shot the Albanian
:s*ntr"y, inflicting" mortal wounds. ¦ . .
. % s AMSTERDAM. N. T.. April 2.— la a 1 collision
between- a mixed -passenger and milk and a
L freight -train: on the New York Central near
•her* to-<Jay Conductor Henry Cook of Syracuse
received .Injuries from the effects of which h«
died later. '> . . • •-.••• .
Sneakthieves at Work.
E. Baron reported to the police yester
day that his overcoat, valued at $60,, was
stolen Wednesday r.lght from the hallway
of the Miramar Hotel, 703 Geary street.
The Union Special Delivery Company re
ported that two packages, containing 730
cigars, wefe stolen from one of its
wagons on Bansome street Wednesday
"Buncoed." or "The Artist's Revenge." a
one-act sketch by William II. Clifford
(flrat representation). Cast of char
. actera:
Gerald Mortimer Lieut. Harry S. Howland
James Maloney Mr. W. P. Buckingham
The Footman Capt. A. R. Kerwln
Mme. Driscoll .-...Mrs. R. I>. Bush
Terressa Mr«. A. K. Kerwin
Dance, "La Boheme" Ul*s Jean Logan
Papyrus <*lub Quartet: Miss Millie Flynn.
Mrs. W. W. Briggs. Miss Klta V. Mc-
Clo«ky. Miss Gertrude Wheeler. Ac
companist, Mrs. Helen Karl Sutherland.
Statue scene from "Winter* Tale"
Mrs. W. P. Buckingham. Paulina and
Leontes; Mrs. R. L. Bush. Hermione;
MIsb May Kthelyn Bourne, 1-Vrdtta.
The Montgomery" — Edouard, Edna and Queen
(Mra. Charles Stewart) in selections.
Dance Japanese Miss Jean Logan
German comic character sketches
..- Mlas Blanche Cameron
Dance, the mlnuat
By lady members and army officer*
Tickets procurable from members and
at the hall on the evening of the enter
1 tainraent.
Licensed to Marry.
OAKLAND, April 2— The following
marriage licenses were Issued to-day:
Oscar Mauser, aged 32, San Francisco,
and Margaret F. Robinson, SI, Berkeley;
John V. Baird, 32, and Grace C. Hay, 26.
both of Alameda; Lulgi Glaccone, 21, and
Louisa Dusio, 16, both of Oakland; Fred
erick Brown, 2S, and Isabella Miller, 26,
both, of San Francisco; Herman Block,
25, San Francisco, and Katie Gilburt, 22,
Alameda; William J. Emille, 20, and Cath
erine Sanderson, 20, both of Oakland;
Ambrose Padovan. 26, and Yaka Farcet,
24, both of Oakland. . : ".
SPRINGFIELD. 111.. April 2.— Th« House to
day passed th« convict labor bill. It prohibits
the employment of the convicts on contracts.
Klondikers Make Merry.
There was a happy gathering of return
ed Klonrlikers and members of both
sexes who never traveled to the far north
at the "first annual stampede and sour
Cough social" at 116 Turk street last
evening. The affair wa» given by Dell
Clark and G. W. Meyer, who styled them
selves "Umaluctucs." There was flanc
ing and lots of refreshments. The rooms
were prettily Qecorated for the occasion.
The reception committee consisted of H.
E. Pratt. Judge J. H. Tamm, E. O. Llnd-
Lloom, Gordon .Hall, William Chenoweth,
J. 8. Copley, Samuel Dannenbaum, Dr. F.
Gatehouse, Captain O. Hansen, J. Mur
phy) Ed Welsh, Charles Kimball, John
Donnelly, J. O. Malley and R. Dawson.
Elder D. K. Lindsay of Ohio preached
to-nrght on the theme, "From Paradise
lx)st to Paradise Regained."
Reports were presented touching the
government of the denominational Insti
tutions and recommending that they be
placed, under certain conditions, in con
trol of a conference trust association.
This will be a special order of business
for to-morrow morning's session.
A resolution from H. W. Cottrell to re
move the general conference offices from
Battle Creek to a point on the Atlantic
eeaboard favorable to the work provoked
much inquiry. Delegates de$ired to know
whether that means New York or Lon
don for the conference headquarters.
Klder Cottrell was not sure on that point,
and the conference laid the matter over
until the committee shall have completed
Its report on that subject.
Elder W. T. Knox was the presiding of
ficer to-day. At the morning session a re
port was read urging systemateic ram
paigns of evangelizing In foreign field*.
asking appropriation of funds from local
conference treasuries and inviting a tith
ing fund of 10 cents a week from mem
bers of the church to forward the work.
"The bonds cover the main sanitarium
ground**, including the main building, the
dormitories, power, electric light, cold
storage and laundry plants and a number
of cottages. The total cost of the build
ings and grounds value Is between $600,000
and $700,000.
"With relation to Dr. Kellogg, who has
been accused of having ulterior designs in
some of the provisions of the trust deed,
I desire to emphasize that he does not
now know, in my opinion, what are the
provisions of the deed, because I do not
believe he scrutinized it with that close
attention necessary to remember in de
tail. The deed was drawn by myself and
was amended after numerous examina
tions by the trust company's attorneys
and officials. Unless It had been a trans
action, legal and in good faith, the trust
company would not have touched it."
After he had finished his speech, Judge
Arthur replied to a categorical bombard
ment from Elder Parsons, who explained
that he desired only to insure a full flood
of light on questions in doubt.
"The proceedings were conducted wilh
every regard for the interests of the bond
holders, who were protected by every
safeguard known to the. large and respon
sible institution which accepted the trust.
Leonard Young Loring, late major of
Ihe United States army medical depart
ment, died hi this city on Wednesday
at the age of fifty years*. Major LorintJ
leaves a widow, Mrs. Sophie Chauteau
Loring, and daughter, Mrs. Adelaide L.
Wright, and one son, Lieutenant S. C.
Loring, of the Twenty-seventh Infantry,
United States army. Major Loring was a
native of St. Louis, Mo. The funeral ser
vice will be held at the undertaking es
tablishment of Craig, Cochran & Co., 429
Oolden Gate avenue, at 2 o'clock this al
ti-rnoon, after which the cortege will pio
ceed to the Presidio, 1 where the remains
will ho met by military escort. Interment
will bf in the National Cemetery.
Death of Major Loring.
Judge Arthur said:
"After the fire that destroyed the sani
tarium, the question was how to get
means to rebuild. At the time of the
fire the sanitarium owed $230,000 or $240,
000, due principally to members of the
Seventh Day Adventists' denomination.
It was Impossible to get. more money on
the personal obligations of the trustees.
he only feasible way open was to create
a mortgage debt to secure bonds to raise
the money.
"After much investigation I reported to
the board that the plan was a legal one,
and the Central Trust. Company at
Chicago was selected as trustee. The
vnlue of the property, after the build
ings were completed was to exceed
That there has been widespread dls
satlsfuction in the church throughout the
United States because of that financial
move was made manifest this afternoon
when delegates requested thai those who
had handled the deal for the sanitarium
make explanations. It appeared that
much of the criticism had been born of a
complete misunderstanding and that Dr.
John H. Kellogg, the head of the sani
tarium, had come in for a large share of
the unfavorable comment within the
Upon invitation of the conference.
Judge Jesse Arthur of Battle Creek, the
general conference attorney, gave at
length a history of the bond issue, and
the preceding transactions./ He declared
that Dr. Kellogg "was In no ' way con
cerned: that all of the business was
transacted by himself and the repre
sentatives of the Central Trust Company
of Illinois, and that the Issue was legal
and for the best interests of the sani
Day Adventists was 'the strong
feeling that has existed in the denomina
tion over the action of the trustees of
tho • great Battle Creek, Mich., sani
tarium, an institution of worldwide note,
in placing a mortgage debt upon its en
ormous property to cover a bond issue
by which the money v/as raised to re
build the Institution aftc-r a great fire a
year or more ago.
OAKLAND, April 2.— Cropping out
of the discussion to-day during
the afternoon session of the gen
eral conference of the Seventh
Matter Which Has Aroused Ire of
Delegates Is Explained.
A "classical vaudeville entertainment"
will be given on the-evenlng of April 13 at
Golden Gate Hall under the auspices of
the Papyrus Club. The* following pro
gramme will be rendered:
Overture By Kramer's Orchestra
Mrs. L. II. Jacobi, president; Mrs. XV. J.
Gunn, Mra. G. K. Fitch, vice presidents: Miss
H. AV. Pendleton, recording • secretary and
treasurer; Mra. Bertha Coulter,' corresponding
tt>cretary; board of dlrector«-VMrs. W. J.
Gunn, Mrs. George K. Fitch, E. M. Wil
son, Mrs. C. B. Cheek, Mrs. B. Coulter, Mrs.
D. J. Walker, Mrs. L. II. Jacobi, Mrs. F. A.
Olllcy. Mrs. 11. W. Pendleten, Miss Eunice
Jeffcrs and Dr. Su3an J. Fenton. ¦• .w-..«
Tandem — Miss Bertie Bruce, Rempo, Pea
eock: MIsh Florence T. Callaghan. Kleber,
Fox; Miss Olive M. Holbrook, Imp, Castor;
Miss Lucle King, Colonel. Prince.
Double tandem — MiM Mabel Hogs, Castor,
Baby and Polo.
The officers of the worthy institution
for which the benefit was given Include:
l'rlnce, Mrs. Winslow Anderson: Ben, Mi»g
Hertle Bruce; Imp, .Miss Elizabeth BUsinger;
liaby, Miss Florence T. Callaghan; Castor,
Miss Edith Currey: Bonnie, John Flournoy:
XU'bln. Mrs. John Flournoy; Fox, Dr. Arnold
Genthe: Trilby, Miss Amy E. Gunn: Kirk.
Rev. \\\ K. Guthrie: Hutu*, Julien Hart; Polo,
Miss Mabel Hojcg; Kleber. Charles II. Ken
yon;' Veta, Albert L. Kenyon; Ginger, Mls«
Lucie King; Rampo, Lieutenant Victor C.
Lewis; Frank, A. L. Langerman; Ladysmlth.
Miss Burney Owens; Peacock, K. W. Runjon;
Frank, 1 -nil's T. Samuels; Colonel Stone, Alls-?
Louise Gould.
A special feature was the splendid drill
by a detachment of the Third Squadron
of the Ninth Cavalry, under the manage
ment of lieutenant .B. R. Camp, with
Sergeant Brice drillmaster. A score of
these famous San Juan Hill Rough Rid
erfc entertained the onlookers with a nla
toon drill, sabre exercises, a sham battle,
unsaddling of horses, bareback riding,
throwing- of horses to the ground by rid
ders, resaddling and skillful Cossack rid
Mr. and Mrs. John Flournoy, with their
well trained horses, gave good exhibitions
of pen jumping.
Tandems were driven by Miss Bertie
Bruce, Ml.ss Florence T. Callughan, Miss
Lucie King and Mis3 Mabel Hogg, each
mounted "on one horse, while driving the
one ahead. Miss Holbrook, who was to
have been among the tandems, was un
able to be present and was replaced by
Miss Hogg, who managed the horses of
the former with great skill.
The clever horses and their respective
riders were:
The programme opened with a grand
march of twenty equestriennes, who rode
about the ring in their smartest attire,
under a fire of good natured comment and
enthusiastic applause from the boxes.
Athletic features cleverly done by mem
bers Of the Olympic Club came next and
brought forth many exclamations of
The Jeu de Barre contest by Dr. Arnold
Genthe A. L. Yangerman and John
Flournoy proved of thrilling interest. It
was the purpose of two riders to quickly
snatch a rosette from the shoulder of the
third by reaching from the opposite side
at any moment when it was possible to
approach the adroit wearer of the ribbon.
Mr. Flournoy was the final winner.
Miss Mabel Hogg's double tandem driv
ing was especially line. Mounted upon
one horse she drove two ahead with un
usual grace 'and skill, which won much
The charity ride given by the San Fran
cisco Riding Club last evening was a de
cided success and a number of society
devotees distinguished themselves by un
usually fine horsemanship.
Four hundred tickets were sold and the
seating capacity was taxed to the utmost
with spectators who showed enthusiastic
appreciation of the feats In the club ring.
There was not an accident from start to
finish and tjie tact, skill and hard work
done by John Flournoy and Edward S.
Jones, riding master, were responsible for
the success of the novel entertainment'of
fered. Miss Mabel Gunn was the first to
arouse Interest in the affair,* and as a
result the California Girls' Training Home
is about JOOO nearer the liquidation of Its
J. L. Mitchel, the father of the young
lady, and agent for the Southern Pacific
Company at Llvermor.e, isays the "proof is,
absolute and beyond disbelief that his
daughter's affianced, his brother and his
father secretly boarded the. Stockton
train in the Livermore railroad yardsj
dodging through- lumber piles to escape'
unobserved by people at. the depot. The
Mltchel family is saying little to-day oth
er than to reiterate their position toward
the opposing Mclvers.
Since publicity was given tb* Mclver'a*
flight there has .been'." a sudden ¦ and
Sphinx-like sUence spread, over ttie Mc
lver household. *lt is with-'much.'strenu
ous denial that t-he family put *f orth> "their
statements that they knew not w.Herethe
fleeing youth had wln'ged his flight. But
twenty-four- hours have passed- since the
townspeople became generally apprised of
the situation, and now 'thfe MclvVrs .'de
clare the incident closed so far a's they are*
concerned. Rumor has it that the' young
man has been taken In hand by his broth,
e'r, Gilbert Mclver, a San Francisco com
mercial traveler, and qulbtly . hidden lh
some remote country town until {he at
mosphere shall have cleared, 'at Liver
more. . •" •
It has : been abundantly, proven^ to Ith'e
satisfaction of th"e young -lady's family at
least, that th«j.xelatives of*Qeorge-;William
Mclver had fufl'knowledge of -and .con-'
nived at" the young man's secret flight
•from Llverxnore Tuesday* night,, leaving-
Miss Alice Mau<$ MltcHer, whom -"he. was
to wed on April 15, forsaken an4 -aban-r
doned in the -midst" of : her wedding prep-,
arations. * • "'• " .-':'•
Such is the position tb/e • deserted bride
prospective'a parents h^Ve assumed, and.
they declare that the maixiager, tor whl6h
elaborate arra»gements 'were In progress,
would have taken place -had not -Mr., and.
Mrs. John Mclver made a. successful .'bat
tle and persuaded their, son to. surrepti
tiously decampr rather than to continue to
withstand the parental, objections^, that
had been raised -to ther match. . ", . .
Not "a word has the "deserted brldei-erecf
.heard from, the runaway. She has de-'
clared that the ..troth she plighted,, with
young Mclver shall not. be broKeri u'ntil
he shall have made' known his Intentions.
Miss Mltchel sp.ya the situation is ; sujch
that she is entitled to the consideration ot
a formal message at least from th'e" -ab-.
sentee, aad.itis her purpose* to. insist that
such a communication shall, be.forthcom
ing .before, announcement made, of* a
broken engagement. • "' . . '.
Miss MitcheJ says she* does- nojt " desire I
] Mr. Mclver' s relatives "to.; make an-; vica-* i
[ rious declarations in the matter, fihe'.m'ust
ftiave he'r word first hand: '• •'
Oakland Office San Francisco 'Call,
• . ' 1118 . Broadway, April 2:
Deserted &hrl;:Waits.in/
Vain for Word Froin.- .
Affianced. -•. "v.V; .
¦ ; Eddy : .attributes the activity of the
•Maceddnlan insurgents to • the fact that
the- ransom for Jthe release of the Boston
'jhis?i_o.nary, Miss 1 -. Stone, enabled them to
.purchase a- largo quantity of arms.
5 At .the State Department it was learned
iUpoh;hi&h. authority to-day that the note
is not iri <he; nature of an ultimatum, but
• that -it . is • expected to materially con
.tribjite. _tp the- adjustment of pending dif
:fpren.ces."The leading one of these ques*
•.'tjons' is- the," refusal of Turkey to recog
nize citizens Armenians who
have .; been "¦ naturalized in the United
! States, and -returned to their native land
; f pr.'biisiness -purposes. .'
¦; .Spenfcer Eddy, 'secretary of the legation
l-6't Constantinople, .who is In this country
| : oti leave'j. called -on Secretary Hay at the
' State. Department to-day. Eddy regards
Minister' iieJsTiman's inability thus far to
-.reach:: the Sultan personally, as due to th»
. fact that' the Sultan limits personal audl
;.eTice*.t6'dipJomatsof the rank of Embas
¦Jiadorji.-.w.ho' exe personal representatives
I 'of their sovereign, • •/•-• ', ',.
.WASHINGTON. April 2. — Secretary
JHay ha? sent -to the Sultan of Turkey a
ritjte .expressing the views of the United
5$lartes Government on the disputed rjues
.tfons; b^twteh' American missionary in
terests-: and -tile Turkish Government. It
la jfor the". purpose, of delivering this note
si'nd obtainlKi? an answer thereto that the
fJnltecJ. States ¦Minister. LJeshman, has so
•persistently: '.but .thus; far unsuccessfully
•sought 'n. -pe'raonai' aud'ence with .-Abdul
Hamfd/'V.. r '<"- ¦ ¦<¦ '• -•'• ¦ ." - i '"
Minister Irishman.
Still Refuses to Grant Audience to
\ Another official dispatch announces that
Russia has given Bulgaria a definite and
emphatic notification that in case the re
sistance of the Bulgarian settlers in Tur
key to -the Sultan's reforms brings, on a
Turkish-Bulgarian conflict, Bulgaria must
not count on any support, moral or ma
terial,: from Russia* This is considered
further evidence of the purpose of the
powers not tQ interfere with the Sultan's
plans so. long as he is carrying out in good
faith the powers* project for reforms.
PARIS, April 2.— The French Foreign
Office has been officially advised that th«
Sultan of T*rkey has ordered a division
of troops to the scene of the recent out
breaks of Albanians.
Official advices also con flrra. the reports
dt the wounding of the Russian Consul at
Mitrovitza daring the unsuccessful attack
which the Albanians made on that town.
The attacking party numbered 3000 men.
representing the element opposing th«
plan of reforms which the powers jointly
formulated < and which Turkey accepted.
The officials here consider that the Al
b&hian opposition to the reforms creates
a serious complication and they accept
the Sultan's action in dispatching lars ¦
reinforcements to Albania as evidence i,f
the,. Turkish Government's Intention ti#
cdrry out the reforms project.
Bulgaria Is Warned That She
% Need Not Count Upon
.- ® :
Will; Not Oppose Mili
tary Operations in
:. :'-M Balkans.
'¦:-.;__ • •. • . j aDVEHTISEMENTS.
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