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• Scenic Park Realty Company (corporation) to
same, lot 16. block 17, Daley's Scenic Park,.
Berkeley, deed and agreement; $10. ¦¦
Bank of Napa to F. W. .and Cora B. Lang
rldge, lot on N line of Sutter street. 87:6 E of
Vincente. E 60 by N 150, block E, VlncentQ,'
Peralta Reservation Tract Temescal. Oakland;
$100. « ....
Henry Selson to F. Kings, lot 66}£ and "W.
8:4 of lot 66, lot 51'^i and E half of lot '51.
amended map of subdivisions of Mosswocd
Tract. Oakland; $10.
S. C. Bigelow, Savings and Loan Society,
Carrie R. and George Sterling (and as attor
ney) to Emma S. Reinhardt (wife of Joseph),
lot on SE Hne of Howe street, 247.5 NE of
Moss avenue, NE 50 by SE 125, lot 27 and SW
20 feet of lot 20, block A, map of Thermal Hill
(formerly Howe) Tract. Oakland; $10. " *• *
Ros« Egan (single) to George K. Rider, lot
en NW corner of Sixth and Castro streets, N
2.1 by W 73, lot 22, block 70. Kellersberger's
Map, Oakland; $10. •
James W. Hlgglns (single) to Sarah A. Hlg
glns. lot.S, block Q. Knowles tk Potter sub
division of Kennedy Tract, East Oakland; $10.
J. or Jeremiah and Margaret E. I Dunn - to
Helen McHugh. lots 5 and 6, block E, Golden
Gate Tract, Oakland;. $10.
Margaret E. Dunn (aa guardian of estate of
Martin McHugh, minor) to Helen Cooks, same;'
$450. :
John and Ada M. Hlnkel to Albert E. Pierce
lot on W line of Harper street, 200, N of Ashby*
avenue, N SO by W 122.3.1. block 0, amended
map and resubdivlsion of Central Park, Berke
lfey; $10.
Albert B. Pierce (single) to Mabel C.
Wheeler (wife of George T.), lot on 'W line or
Harper street. 200 N of Ashby avenue. N 40 by
W 122.33. block 9, same map, Berkelev; $10. •
Marie Hlllegass (widow). to Charles B-, Crane,'
lot 0. block E, map No. 3, Hlllegass Tract,
Berkeley; $10. . * j
Herman and Jenny Llndblad (owners) with
Carl N. P. Ahlgren (contractor), architect
August ' Nordln — All work except mantels,
shades-and gas fixtures for a three-story frame
building on B line of Flllmorfe street. 10O N
of Page. E 100, N 25, W 100, S 23; $7433.
H. D. Hoffmann (owrier) with J. P. Hughes
and W. P. Doertng»(contractors), architect H.
B. Shmuekert — Alterations and additions to a
one-story and basement frame building on N
line of Twenty-fourth street, 60 W of Church,
W 25 by 114; $1472.
Grace Pedler (owner)' with Ira •'W. Coburtj
{contractor), architect T. P. Ross^ — All work for
a three- story frame building on W line of
Averv-' street, 113 N of \Geary, N 35 by W
C»4:6; $0780.
Isaao Upham (owner) with Hetty Bros.
Electrical Works (contractors), architect Na
thaniel Blalsdell — Electrical work for building
on N line of Pine street, 87:0 E of Battery, N
91:8 by W 87:6; $345.
Alameda County.
Builders' Contracts.
Solomon and Dora Getz to Francis B. Shaf
fer, lot on SW line of Forty-fourth avenue and
"N fl street. W 120 by S*2S5; $10. ; *<<•
Heln or Helnrlch Goetjen to Nicholas Jur.<r,
lot on E line of "California' avenue. S0O N Pros
pect place, N 25 by E 80, Preclta Valley lot
119; $10. . ;
S. Ducas Company (corporation) to Nlcholaua
"Wins, lot on S line of SUllman street, 100 W
San Bruno avenue, VT 60 by S 100, block 2,
University Homestead; $10.
Ella J. and J. A. McMillen to Robert and
Signa Cooley, lot on S line of Dwight street. 50
E Yale, 70, W "0. S 100, W 70, N 100, block
S7, University Mound: $10.
San Francisco and San Joaquln Valley RaiN
fray Company to Atchlson, ! Topeka and Santa
Fe Railway Company (corporation) . conveying
franchises to "Q" . street, . Bryant and Illinois
streets; $1: '
Richard and Nora O'Connell to Margaret E.
Crowley, lDt on NW corneyr of St. Roses and
Johnston . streets, N 25 by AV 112:6, lot 19,
block £, Johnston tract; $10.
• George Golder to William Keating;. 10S3 t).
269, ps t ate of Robert P. Keating, 17,020, de
ceased, reconveyance deed: $ —
Antolne and Grade Borel to Conrad Geyer,
lot xm E line of Paris street. 230 N-Persla ave.
nue, N 23 by E 100. block 10. Excelsior Home
stead; $10
. City and County of San Francisco to Han
nah Molloy. lot on W line of Howard street.
127 S. of Thirteenth. S 27 :« by W 87i3>i: $
Katie OPonnell, Julia M. and William
and Thomas Hlckey to John Hlckey, lot on S
line of Eighteenth street, ISO W of Sanchpz,
\V 75 by S 114; also all interest In the estate
of Julia M. Hlckey; J10.
Hibemia Having* and Loan Society to John
H Mahuken, lot on N line of Twenty-first
street, 11O W of Noe, W 25 by N 114; $1000.
Elisabeth Hammersmith to Henrietta Gessner:
lot on SE corner of Pine and Hyde -streets, d
37:6 by-E 82:«; $10.
California Title Insurance and Trust Com
pany to Marie T. Maison, lot on S line of
Bush street. 1.1T:6 W of Leavenworth. W 27:tt
by S 137 :C; $10.
Edward H. and Mary E. Geib to John Dia
mond,' lot on SW line of Sumner street, 200 SU
Howard, SE 25 by SW 58; $10.'
Margaret A. Mee to Union Trust Company of
San Francisco, lot on S corner of Harrison and
Chesley streets. SW 60 by SE 60; $10.
John H. ' and Celina D. Spring to Orel *M.
Goldaracena, lot on NW corner of Sutter and
Larkln (streets, W 01:8 by N 120; $10.
Edgar F. Pre6ton to Geo. H. Shafer, lot on
NE corner of Polk and California streets. N 72
by E 1U0; $10. J
City and County of 9an Francisco to Harry
N. Hlckel and William B. Dowllng. lot on SW
corner of Hermann and Church Btreets, S 110.
\V 7«:9. N 25, E 24:«. N 80:4%, NE S3:6; $
Harriet T. Tompkins to Julia B. Tompklns,
lot on W lfne of Webster street, 31:8}* N Jack
son, N 24 by \V H9; gift.
Harrietts de Witt Kittle to Wm. H. Crocker.
lot en W line of Webster street, 110 N Pacific
avenue. N 41 toy l."7:0; $10. . - ¦ ...
Frank and Mary J. A. Grimes to Wm. and
Helena Schuldt, lot on NE corner of Eddy and
fierce streets, ft 75 by E 30; $10. • - -.
Fred Grimm to Lizzie Grimm, lot on N line
of Greenwich street, 112:6 W Pierce. W 25 by
N luO; gift. Also, lot on N line of Filbert
street, lt>3 W of Fillmore, -W . 26:8 by N
12fH $
OAKLAND, April 15.— Mrs. M. C. Klne
died yesterday evening after, an illness of
two years at the home of her daughter,
lira. ,Harry Borchert, 800 Franklin street..
She was aged 59 years. She had resided in
California for the last thirty-two years.
The remains witr be interred "In Sacra
mento. •
Death of Mrs. Kine.
The lumber gave way suddenly, without
warning, catching Rollins before he could
escape. - Ills fellow workmen had a nar
row escape also from being buried be
neath the lumber:
The Injured man was hurried to the
Receiving Hospital, where he was at
tended by Drs. Hamlin and Kane. One
of the legs was splintered and some doubt
is expressed by the physicians of their
ability to save It.
OAKLAND, April 15.— Two thousand
feet of lumber fell from a car at Long
wjiarf this afternoon, catching A. Rol
lins, i workman residing at 1217 Four
teenth street, beneath It. When Rollins
was extricated from tho mass It .was
lound that both of his legs below the knee
v. f cre broken. :
A. Rollins Narrowly Escapes Being
Killed Through Falling of
Heavy Scaffolding.
WEDNESDAY. April 13— 4 p. m. '--}
, Bid. Ask.' BM.Ask.
Alpha 0.{ OT> Julia; ...,:...• «E I*'.
Alta 07 08 Justice ...... VZ ' }(
Andes .' 10 20 Kentuck .... 02" «,:
Belcher 5.T fir> Mexican .... .1" 1,V I V<»
Best & Belch. 1 7.". 1 SO.OcrMental ... 44 M
Bullion 07 OS Ophtr . . ... ..1 7<> 1 7.">
Caledonia ....2 5<> 2 &> Overman .... «3 »V: -
Challeng* ... 57- .•» Potost " 27 ¦ 'I* ¦
Chollar 20 XO.Favage 2t 25'
Confidence ...1 15 1 .V) Scorpion — . 0;:,
Con Cal & V.I 50 1 5.">|Kefr Belcher.. 20 23 ¦
Con Imperial. 02 ft; sierra N>v... 02 1>V
Con NY 12 14: Silver Hill... 80 S2
Crown Point.. SI 32' St Louis ....-21 25
Eureka' Con,. — 53 ¦ Syndicate .... 0« uT :
HxcB*»jjue'r ..-. 0.1 tu'l'nlDn Con...l 0,1 1 .H>-
Gould •& Cur. 42 i 44 U tah 33- n« '
Hale & Norc. JW 70 Yel Jacket.... 34 S* ¦
Lady Wash . . 05 —
Colehan M Co - :{.', Ray Ex — 20
Hold Mlru.^w 25 . .— Ton N.Star.. .80 .' S$i
Lucky Tom .. 25 — Ton Union ...1 PR
'¦ - Afternoon Session.
200 Andes 20 4PO Overman ../. -HT
300 Belcher tA 20O Overman .... B*
1000 Bullion 07 W*> Overman .... »»'
10O Caledonia ....2 tiO 6<)0 Potosl ....... 27 .
30O Challenge .... 5.">l eo<> Potosi ....... 23
200 Challenge ... is 80O Savage- tfc'
JHOO Con Cal * V.I 55 1.1(10 Savage 2."»
1000 Con Imperial. t)2 20O See Belcher. . '** ¦
10OO Con Imperial. O."5 80«> Sierra N«v. .. BCI*
20O Crown Point.. 31 SCO Union Cqn...l If)
200 Gould .& Cur. 43 200 Union Con ...I 0f> .
300 lould & Cur. 42 500 Yel Jacket.... 21
SCO Mexican 1 13j
Continued From Page Eleven.
It is said the Colllgan wanted to sell
a borax mine to F. M. Smith and that
Ryan reported adversely upon the prop
e'rty and in some way he told this story
as a matter of revenge.
ALAHEDA, April- 15.— After having
gone Into mourning for the death of her
father, John Ryan, and after F. M.
Smith, the borax magnate, had made a :
special trip to his mines In Death Val
ley . to., .investigate -the - supposed .death,
Ml?s Katie Ryan to-night received a dis
patch from the man who was supposed
to be dead stating that the story about
his death was untrue and that he was
alive and: well. Ryan is the confidential
mining expert of F. M. Smith and he has.
been in the borax fields for some months
on expert work. Ten days ago .a man
giving the name of Edward Colllgan
called at the Academy of Notre Dame
and told Miss Katie Ryan a story of how
her father had been killed by Indians.
The daughter went into mourning and her'
aunt came from -the northern country of
Alameda to await more 'definite news.
Tale of How He Was Killed by In
dians Negatived by Message
From Supposed Corpse.
OAKLAND, April 15.— Minnie C.
Kramm, wldo-w of the late Henry F.
Kramm, In . her fight for her husband**
estate, has had her mother-in-law. Mrs.
Augusta Simons, and Frank Sinram cited
to 3how what had been done with SSO.OOO
held In tru3t by them aa executor*, of the
estate of Charles' Kramm. ¦- • " 1 '.
To© widow claims a one-fourth interest
In the 560,000 trust aa the surviving wid
ow of her husband. She was specifically
disinherited by her husband's will, but
won her first victory by securing special
letters of administration over the protest
of her mother-in-law. . ' r '
Minnie Kramm Has Mother-in-Law
Cited to Tell What She Did
* " With Trust Funds.
000 32d st.; No. 1 neighborhood; lot 40x170;
driveway, shrubbery, flowers, etc. ; , house 8
rooms and bath; hot water, furnace, cement
basement; near school, cars and business
center; terms easy and price low. J. S: MY-
ERS. 1002 Broadway. j ;>
1068 7th ave., opposite Clinton Park and 12th-
st. boulevard; 3 blocks to local station; large
lot; new house; open and nickel .plumbing;
decorated ceilings; dining-room 22 feet long,
all paneled; only $500 cash, balance mort-
gage; easy terms; open for Inspection dally:
J. S. MYERS, 1002 Broadway. _•?
ili 27th st., near Telegraph ave. ; new 6-roorti
story and a half house; all the latest and
best of everything; elegant residence- neigh-
borhood; price low and term* easy: serins Is
believing. J. S. MYERS. 1002 ' Broadway.
$1650; cost J27OO; an- ideal cottage; : 6 rooms
and bath; high basement; fine condition and
a fine neighborhood; near schools, cars; etc.*;
only ?400 cash, balance mortgage. J. B. MY-
ERS. 1002 Brcadway. •' : \
$3500 — p. room house, arranged for two fami-
lies; lot SCxl20; very convenient to cars and
business center; fino neighborhood; terms
easy and price exceedingly low. J. S. ¦ MY-
ERS, 1002 Brcadway. . r . •
|7«) CASH, monthly Installments as desired;
well equipped chicken ranch* cottage of 8
rooms;«table, shed, chicken -houses, Al brood-
ltig-houee. brooderies; two tiptop Incubators,
£50 to 300 capacity; all fenced and cross-
fenced; new buggy; use of horse, farming
Implements, etc.; 60 Al laying hens; plenty
of excellent water; about 30 young fruit trees;
flrst-claes sandy loam garden soil; away from
fogs and hareh winds ; ad joining East Oak-
land; near good school and close to main
boulevard; more than a good living is here
right now; call and let us show you this fine
bargain; price In all, 11800; call or Eend for
circular, 455 Seventh St., opposite Broadway
station, Oakland; carriage free. H. Z.
JONES, owner.
A SNAP— Fine lots In East Oakland: very
cheap; good location; street work done. P.
C. LASSEN & CO.. 466 10th St.. Oakland, Cal.
oaicEaxd furnished flats.
NICE sunny corner furnished flat of 5 rooms
and bath. 649 Madison Ft., Oak-st. station;
rent reasonable.
FURNITURE good and cheap this month. H.
SCHELLHAAS. 408 Eleventh St., Oakland.
ALCALDE (The Apartments), 725 O'Farrell —
Elegant apartments, 2. 3 and 5 rooms, con-
necting. Including kitchens; all modern con-
veniences; electric lights, hot and cold water,
electric elevator, telephones in all rooms;
laundry and dryer; dumb waiter service!
thoroughly reliable and respectable place; ref.
A— MAYFLOWER. 308 3d— Suites & rms; $0
to $15; night. 25c to $1 ;mod., clean. qulet.bath.
BRADY, 33, off Market — 2 nice sunny rooms;
0 $5 and $6; private family.
EDDY. 833 — 3 finely furnished rooms; convent-
ences; fine location; no children; references.
FOLSOM, 776^4 — 2 connecting »v*-sekeeping
rooms; rent reasonable.
HERBERT (The) — Sunny ejartir.ents for
housekeeping; gas ranges; Jo-t newly fur-
nished. 1530 Polk st. .
HOWARD, 71»Vi— 3 housekpg rooms, 2 beds;
others; all sunny; respectable ; no transient.
HOWARD, 1063 — 2 sunny connecting com. fur.
bay-window rms; range; elec.- lights; others;
HYDE, 408 — Elegant sunny furnished parlor
suite and kitchen; also large room, $13;
also single.
MISSION. 1514 — T^rg-e sunny front room; large
closet; ?8 month.
NINTH, 150 — 2 connecting front housekeeping
rooms; ca.i etove; running- water.
OAK. 117— Nicely furnished suit. $9; large
room, $«1; gas range; bath; laundry; adults.
PAGE. 1104, near Baker — Two furnished rooms
for housekeeping; $13.
PIERCE, 420 — Sunny furnished and unfurn-
ished rooms; no sign. ?
SOUTH PATiK, SI— 2 sunny front rooms; "fur-
nished for housekeeping.
CLASSIFIED advertisements and subscriptions
received at Call branch office, 2200 Fillmore.
A BRANCH office for Call advertisements and
subscriptions has been established at lOttft Va-
len-Ma «t. .
ROOMS TO LET— Fnrn. and Cnfnrn.
European Plan.
SAN FRANCISCO'S newest, most modern and
most central hotel: just opened; 250 light,
well-ventilated rooms; single or en suite, with
or without private bath; eteam heat; electric
lights and long-distance telephone In every
room; two fast electric elevators; full hotel
service; engage your room-? now.
A— BRUNSWICK House. 148 Sixth — Rooms
25c to ¥1 per night; $1 25 to $5 per week, and
light housekeeping rooms; open all night.
AT "'The Almonte," 873 Market St. (or No. 1
Fifth st.) — Rooms 25c, BOc. $1, $160 night;
$1 50 to flO per week; house open all night.
ALCALDE (The Apartment), 725 O'Flirrell^
Sing. rms. and 2-rm. puites, without kitch»n.
BURNETT, 1426 Market (old No. 13«4)— Fur-
nished rooms, suites, single; also unfurnished.
BUSH, 2311, near Stelner — A fine sunny room;
one block from Fillmore and Sutter st. cars;
suitable for 1 or 2 gentlemen.
CLIFFORD. 204 Ellis, cor. Mason— Elegantly
furnished sunny rooms; prices reasonable.
' EDDY, 4CS — Room, first floor : outside entrance;
suitable for working man; $1 25 per week.
ELEGANTLY furnished rooms, en suite or sin-
gle; new flat; furniture put in last Monday;
sunshine in every room; grand marine view;
board If desired. Call for terms and Inspect,
1738 Larkln st.. near Jackson, or Equity
Office. •¦
GOLDEN GATE ave., 1024— Large furnished
room; large closet; gas; bath; for one or
two gentlemen.
Grand Southern. 7th and Mission* — Rooms BOc to
$160 night; $2 to $0 week; reading-room.
GRANT ave., 7 — Nicely furnished front room,
$.'{ per week; also single rooms.
HARRISON, 1410 — Three rooms to let; rent
JONES. 023 — Beautiful room; large closet; hot
and cold water; sunny; swell flat; cheap.
LARKIN. 103, opp. City Hall— Lovely sunny
front rms.; hkpg. and others; gas; reasonable.
MILLBRAE House, 359 O'Farrell; new man-
agemert; 1st class. J. Collln, late of Avondell
MINNA. 202, nr.-4th — Furn. front parlor; sun-
ny; private family; $10; suitable for 2 gents.
MINNA. 6C7. corner of-Eighth — Nicely furnished
bey-wlndow rooms; $1 per week; transient.
$18 — FINE, sunny, furnished front room; mod-
ern; private; running water, bath, electric
light. 1531 Octavla St., near Sutter; phone
Geary 1442. .- ¦¦¦-.,
O'FARRELL. 20-rSunny furijished rooms and
offices; elevator; elec. lights; day, week, mo.
PINE, 827— Nice, sunny "room; nicely fur-
nished; suitable for gentleman. . .
ROYAL House.. 120 Ellis— Incandescent light,
reading-room, smoking-room and ladles' par.
lor; rooms per night. 35c to $150; week." $2
to $8; month. $8 to $30; elevator on ground
floor; rooms with hot and cold water; baths.
SACRAMENTO. 1042, cor. Polk— 3 furnished
or unfurnished sunny rooms. ' s
SILVER, 05. cor. Third — Furnished sunny
rooms for gentlemen; excellent board; prices
reasonable. < J
SUTTER. 717 — Furnished parlors, suitable for
offices, with running water and bath.
THE HARVARD. 271 O'Farrell — Suites and
single rooms with gas and electric light; gas
grates: all modern conveniences; • newly
remodeled throughout the entire building.
TURK, 130 — A nic.e Irrge sunny front room for
office, or dressmaker; unfurnished.
VAN NESS, 519 — Handsome furnished parlors,
with alcoves; hot &. cold water; other suites.
CLASSIFIED advertisements and subscriptions
received at Call branch offlce, 2200 Fillmore st.
A BRANCH office for Call advertisements and
subscriptions has been established at 1098
Valencia st. '
"~7T?rrr!7??SE\ r ENOAKS HOTEL...
POLK, C20 — Table boarders wanted; first-class
board; home -cooking; .private dining-room;
$15 a month for one person.
HOTEL La Normandle, 326 ' Eddy — Sunny
rooms; first-class table; terms reasonable.:
OLD Stevenson Mansion, opp. Grace Church,
with annex, 807 California st. — Attractive In-
terior; exceptional table; free billiard room.
GOLDEN Gate ave., 1224— Large sunny front
room with board; running water, bath; prl-
vate family; tel. Stelner 3026. ¦.
LAMBOURNE. 420 Eddy— High-class house;
furnished suites or single;. steam heat. »
~~^ i ROOMS WANTED. ,-.
AN elderly man will pay $10 per month In ad-
- vance for a medium size { furnished room
within' 20 mlnutes'^walk of" the Call build-
ing; • references. Address Permanent, Box
SS75.~Call office. ' "
NOTICE Is hereby given that the Maria Kip
Orphanage of 620 Lake at., San Francisco,
has received the following orphans, half
orphans and abandoned girla from January
I- to April 1. 1903: Charlotte F. Reeves, 11
years; Edith j Mackey, 0 years; Dorothy
Campbell, 0 years; Laura Dale Ash, 12 years;
Maria Grunn. 6 years. ¦-¦
LADIES! Chlchesterfu English Pennyroyal Pills
are the best. Safe, reliable. Take no other.
Eend 4c stamp for particulars. "Relief for
Ladies" In letter by return mall. Ask your
' <Jru*srlet. ChleheFtar Chem. Co.. Phila. Pa.
sell better machines for less money than any
house In the city; rentals $3. The Typewriter
Exchange. 530 California; telephone Main 266.
FOR typewriters, L. & M. ALEXANDER, 110
Montgomery st. ; exclusive dealers Smith Pre-
mier Typewriters; supplies for all machines;
partly used machines sold & new ones rented.
2D-HAND typewriters sold, rented, repaired.
Webster Typewriter Inspec. Co.. 209 Sansome.
rr— ** — ~ —^— — ~ *— ¦»————— — —^a
ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE — In the Superior
Court of the City and County of San Fran-
cisco State of Calif mrnla. No. 24,765, De-.
partment 10— In the matter of the estate of
Francesco T. Gulnasso, ' deceased. Order
to show cause why order to mortgage
realty should not be made. Upon -read-
ing and filing the verified petition of David
J GulnaBSO, administrator of the estate of
said deceased, praying an order to mortgage
the realty hereinafter described 1 for the
amount mentioned in said petition herein
and coo* cause appearing therefor, it is
hereby ordered that all persons Interested in
the said estate be and appear before this
court Department 10 thereof, in the court-
room of said court. In the New City Hall
of said City and County of San Francisco,
on Tuesday,, the 12th day of May, 1003, at
10 o'clock a. m. of said day, then and there
to show cause. If any they have, why the
realty described in said petition, namely,
all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land
situate, lying and being in the City and
County of San Francisco, and bounded and
particularly described as follows, to wit:
Commencing- on th8 northeasterly corner, of
Dupont and Vallejo streets, runnlnir thence
easterly along the northerly line of Vallejo
street eighty-three and six-twelfths (83 6-12)
feet to the westerly line of Margaret place;
thence northerly along said line of Margaret
place one hundred and fifty and three-
twelfths (150 3-12) feet; thence at right
angles westerly eighty-three and six-twelfths
(83 0-12) feet to the easterly line of Duponl
street and .thence southerly along the said
line of Dupont street one hundred and fifty
and three-twelfths (150 3-12) feet to the point
of commencement, being portion of 60-vara
lots Nos. 221 and 240, should not be mort-
gaged for the amount mentioned in said
petition, namely, twenty-eight thousand dol-
lars in U. S. gold coin, or such lesser amounf
as to the court or Judge shall seem meet.
Iteference to said petition on file is hereby
made for further particulars. Dated April
•10, 1003. JAS. M. TROUTT, Judge of the
Superior Court. . ......
RIORDAN & LANDE. attorneys for ad-
ministrator, California Safe Deposit bulldlag,
328 Montgomery ft. San Francisco.
BKKAK WATER. MANILA, P. I. — Advertia^
ment. Office of the Engineer In Charge, im-
provement of the Port, Manila, P. I., Febru-
ary lb, 1003.— Sealed propusals for construct-
ing an additional breakwater at Manila, P.
1., will be received at this office until 11
o'clock a. m. June 15th. 1903, and then
publicly opened. Work to be done includes
' about 450.000 tons of 2240 lbs each, of rock
filling, in wtter of approximately 30 fe«t
depth. Bids must be accompanied by a bond
of $00,000 U. S. currency. One contract will
be made for the whole work. Contractor's
tond will be lor 10 per cent of the amount
bid. The right Is reserved to reject any or
al bids. For cpeclficatlons and blank forms
apply at this office; the U. S. Engineer Of-
fice, room "II." Army building. New -om
City. N. Y.; the U. S. Engineer Office. lt«/
Indiana ave. Chicago. 111., or the U. S. En-
biueer Office, room 41, Flood building, San
Francisco. Cal. CLINTON B. SEARS, Ma-
jor, Corps of Engineers, U. 'S. Army, la
charge.. .. .. .... „.,. \
PROPOSALS will be received at the Bureau of
Supplies and Accounts,. Navy. Department,
Washington, D. C, until 12 o'clock noon,
April 29. 1003, and publicly opened Imme-
diately thereafter, to furnish at the Navy
Yard, Mare Island, Cal., and at the Naval
Training Station, San Francisco. Cal., the
daily supply of meats, butter, cheese, vese-
tat>le£. bread, ice and provender for the fiscal
year ending June £!<>. 1904. Blank proposals
will be furnished upon application to the
Bureau,- or« to the Navy Pay . Office, San
Francisco, Cal. A. S. KENNY, Paymaster
General U. S. N. 3-2S-Q3.
PROPOSALS will be received at the Bureau of
Supplies and Accounts, Navy Department,
Washington. D. C, until 12 o'clock noon,
April 2H, 1003, and publicly opened imme-
diately thereafter, to furnish at the Naval
Hospital und the M. & S. Storehouse, Mare
Island, Cal., the dally supply of meats, gro-
ceries, butter, eggs, cheese, Ice, milk, bread,
vegetables and provender for the flHcal year
ending June 30, 1004. Blank proposals will
be furnished upon application to the Naval
Hospital, Mare Island, Cal.. or to the Navy
Pay Oflice, San Francisco, Cal. A. S. KEN-
NY. Paymaster General U. S. N. 3-28-03.
The following marriage licenses were issued
yesterday :
George A. Wright. 2S. 1140 Grove street, and
Ida K. Powers, 2.'!, 1444 a rove street.
James A. Kidward, 39, San Jose, and May
E. Coitle, 32, city. '
Othmar Kehl, 28,-1104% Indiana etreet.
and Katie Uschtlg. 23. 424 Thirteenth street.
James -H. Powers, 43, 1314A Pacific street,
and Martha Bonfettl. 41. 1130 Pierce street.
Charles L. Rendell, 28, 5M O'Farrell street,
and M. Louise Mlramonte, 25, 013 Polk street.
Michael J. Norton, 27, 152 Clara avenue,
and Bridget Kiluufr. 21. city.
Alberto Giacopetti, 20, 421 Vallejo street,
and Ervlra L'uldocchI, 17, 5:15 Vallejo street.
Henry E. Taylor, 29, 106 Natoma street, and
Cordelia Owen, .."0, loti Natoma street.
Clarence Temple, 21, Petaluma, and Mar-
garet S. Du Boae, IK, Danville, Va.
Douglas Cushman,~-35, Mission San Jose, and
Margaret M. Fontana, 21, city.
Robert J. Woodhouse, 31, city, and Eliza-
beth E. Coqk, 30, Philadelphia, Pa.
Gustaf A. Sundlof. 82, 855 Howard street,
and Hilma J. Westerlund. 22. 557A Natoma tt.
Thomas Smith, 21, 892 Lombard street, and
Rose ' Blancha'rd, ' 18, 'Oakland.
Nicholas Maticevich. 'Al; 437 Tenth street,
and Frances Matkovlch; 23, 1031 Clay street.
Eugenlo O. Casasza,' 20, Oakland, and Maria
S. Barbierl, 19, till Florida street.
Birth, -marriage and death notices sent by
mail will not be Inserted. They must be handed
in at either Of the publication offices and ba
indorsed with the name and residence of per-
sons authorized to have the same published.
CROOKHAM— STRONO— In this city, April S,
1903, by the Rev. Frank S. Ford, pastor of
First. Christian Church,' Charles D. Crook-
ham of San Francisco and Jennie Strong of
Woodland, Cal. ,
PUTNAM— CROSBY— In this city, April 0,
1003, • by the Rev. Frank 5. Ford, pastor Cf
the First Christian Church. Frank D. W.
Putnam and Lottie May Crosby, both of San
• Francisco. "
SAWYER— GOODWIN— In this city. April 11,
• 1003, by the Rev. Frank S. Ford, pastor of
the First Christian Church, John F. Saw-
yer and Jennie C. Goodwin, both of San
DIED. — —
Afnott, Le Ella Krausgrlll, Margaret
Benthlen, Henry E. Levy, David
Bryson, Thomas F. S Logan, Elizabeth C.
Crofft, 1 Albert H. y McKenney, Maggie
Deuwel, Julia McKeown, Alice
Dodson, Elizabeth B. Malcolm, Florence,
Frahm, Ernest P. . Paulson, Cecelia
Frey, William Perry, Samuel A.
Giebel, , Bertha \ Quang, Charley
Grimes, Fred C. Sedgwick, 'Mrs. A. C.
Guerln, Stephen Silva, Joseph
Hachmann, Laura V. Solomon, Walter O.
Holdsworth, Henry Steller, Chaa. Le. C.
Kelly,* Alice \ Toplnl, Josephine
ARNOTT— In Oakland, April 14, '¦ 1003, Lee
Ella Arnott, mother of Ora Enid Arnott, and
daughter of Mrs. Betsey Maria Hilton, a na-
tive of Nebraska, aged 32 years 2 months
and 19 days.
BENTHIEN — In this city, April 15, 1003,
Henry Ernest Benthlen, beloved brother • of
Mrs. Fannie C. Newell, a native of Alex-
andria, La.
jCTFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral services
5 Friday, April 17. 1003, at 1 o'clock.' at I. O.
O F. Hall. Seventh and Market , streets.. In-
terment Mount Olivet Cemetery.
BRYSON— In this city, April 14, 1903, Thomas
F., beloved husband, of Rebecca Bryson, and
- father of . Eva. Thomas, Mabel, Rose and
the late Millie Bryjnn. a native of wn
sr»r.cK & co..
667 Market St.. Opp. Kearny.
5137,000— Prominent corner facing Union
square. This would easily rent for
$^5,000 per year If Improved properly.
$60.000— Ellis and Taylor Ms.; swell new
building; 85 looms; renting for $5100
per year.
$C3, 500— Transfer corner downtown; splendid
building; stores and lodging house.
$45,000— Kllis St., close to Taylor; fine build-
ing; :S7 rooms; will easily rent for $3000
per year; gilt-edge Investment.
$42,GO0 -Washington and Sansome sts. ; two
fronts; large lot; Income of $3000 per
year assured; $20,000 German Bank
can remain. s
$25,000 — Grant ave. and Bu»h St.; 2 fronts;
4rixl20; good for speculation.
$22,500— Klllmore and Pine sts.; large lot; 50
feet front; best buslneys block.
$22,500— Large manufacturing site on Sixth
et.; 2 frontages. ..„««
$19,000— Sutter st.; close In; new flats; $1800
yearly; large lot.
$17.G0O— New flats on Post St.; walking dis-
tance; rents $1800 a year; 2 frontages.
$16,000— Pacific ave.; select part; 3 new flats; ;
best marine view; rents $1620 a year.
$15,000—2 magnificent residences: renting for
$1200 yearly; best portion or Paclflo
Heights; large lot alone worth price
$15.000— Van Ness ave. and Clay St.; nearly
5o feet front; same size opposite sold
for $20,000.
$14,500— O'Karrell st.. close to Larkln; same
sire lot was sold for $16,000 close by.
$11,000 — Close to Bush and Hyde sts.; lm- i
popsible to have vacancies; now renting
for ?S<i per month.
$3.2CO— 4 splendid flats: 25x120; close to
Killmore and Haight sts.; rents for $T0
per month; fine Income. -
$7,000 — (.lose to Valencia and 16th sts.; splen-
did business elte; S3 feet front.
$2,100 — Cozy 4 -room cottage; Turk »t., one
Hock from car line.
$57,500 — Prominent Callfornia-st- corner; 115
feet front: Improved would lease from
$1JWO to $2000 per month.
$14,500— Paciflc ave.; fine marina view; 70 feet
$3.5on_2H-t Pt.. near Guerrero; 50x105 feet.
$'j50— Ninth ave., close to park; 25x120;
asking- $1250 adjoining.
SPECK & CO.. 6e7 Market at.
$375 — OLD-ftyle 1^4-story house In Berkeley; B
rooms: tumble-down fences and shed; 3 gums
and tig willow tree; make it nice and com-
fortable and better than Tent; lot 00x133; $25
• down. $10 monthly. B 38.
IDTiOO— Established bakery, with 2 stores. 4
living roome; barn; bake oven; tools; horse;
wagon; on corner lot, 50x100. A 30.
$12'«>— -House 4 rooms; fruit trees, garden; $150
down: lot 50x120. B 30.
$550 — Kln,o corner; 50x100; macadam; $10
month. '
I $250— Ix)t 25x100; $5 monthly. 161.
$700 — Corner let; 50x100; macadamized; $75
down, $10 monthly. 114.
CHARLES A. BAILEY. 221 Sansome st.. San
Francisco; 105G University ave., nr Tenth ft.,
35 by 100.
. $25,000.
SEE this to-day.
No 1M0 Baker ft., between Sutter and Bush
rXs. Cottage. 5 rooms, hath and basement.
In perfect condition; modern plumbing.
Price $3000.
Open for ir.«i>ectlon.
207 Montgomery st
¦WHY put your money In bank at 3H per cent
when you fan buy C new flats corner Twen-
ty-ninth and Mission sts., that rent $129
per month, for $4000? Mortgage of $S000 at 7
per i-ent loaves a profit of 24 7-10 per cent
interest on $4000. D. COFFIN, 3303 Mission.
Loans on real estate; also for the full cost
of improvement and part cost of lot; houses
built on terms to suit;, plans free; Interest
6 per cent. 107-108 Crocker building.
FOR sale at a sacrifice — Three lots. 75x120;
fouth of park; not far from cars; near G. O.
Park. Apply coalyard, 1277 Howard et.
HOUSES just finished, 7 to 8 rooms; on Castro
Ft., near 20th: terms to *ult; houses open.
BOUSES and lot* in great variety for sale and
rent. WILLIAM M. DEWOLF. 323 Clement
et.; Richmond- Is my Fpecialty.
! HOME lot*, near Mirsion Ft.; $#00: easy pay-
ments: nojrtercst. Owner, r. 1. <B6 Clay st.
RICHMOND District real estate fs my speclal-
ty. WILLIAM M. DEWOLF. ."21 Clement st.
STOCK RANCHES for gale by old men who
want to retire; we can suit any one who
¦wants a stock, fruit, alfalfa cr grain ranch;
unusual bargains; booklet Fent free upon ep-
rliration. CHARLKS W COE & CO.. San
Fernando, cor. Priest st., San Jose, Cal.
"A Straight Til'" — For $5750 (half cash would
<!")'I'm off-nng the loveliest home and best
income ra.ich for even half the money in nil
cf the "Lovtly Napa Valley": it's a snap.
N. D. E1CKKLS. The Lard Agent. 8 Geary.
FOR sale— *200; 2 years' xeane, 2 a i acres. Up-
per Fruitvale. Altuneda Co.; almond trees
and Logan berries. L. E. D-, box 520, Sac-
ramento." Cal.
A LARGE list of choice country lands in all
sertions of California. Land Department
• h2«-l-2-.t liayward building.
A SNAP— 2 lirge lots in Colma. 117:6x100;
only 4 block? from cars. Address WM. UM-
LAND. :;il Franklin ft.
RANCH with splendid mineral showing, worth
$50,000. for $2^.000; farm, for hay and fruit
alone worth the money. Box 3S34, Call.
BEND for catalogue of over 1C0 places; choice
Santa Clara Co. property. WM. P. WRIGHT,
Mountain View, Santa Clara Co., Cal.
SEND for new catalogue of MountaJt: W.w,
PtEnford University and Santa Clara Velley
lan'*.r. Walter A. Clark. Mountain View, Cul.
llKAI. KkTA'fK Vt. E\Clf AM»K.
TO exchange — For unimproved «city or country
property, & detlrable it-room modern resi-
dence, with stable and chicken hou«e, in
Berkeley; convenient to trains and electric
car llror. Address Owner, box 308. Call.
WANTED — Desirable building lot In good loca-
tlon; cash; no agents. Box ."JS56, Call.
Modern home of 7 rcoms; near Park-st. sta-
tion; let 6usl40; must be seen to be appreci-
14C0 Webster St.. Alameda.
MAKE an offer— To close estate; elegant home
of 13 rooms and bath; gas and electricity;
coach houre and stable; lot 75x183; cost $25,-
000; now only $15,000: elegant corner lot. .
1500 Park st., Alameda,
II2S0— HOUSE 5 rooms, windmill; $150 down,
$15 monthly. ' B2
$225 — Lot :'..">xl00, near school; $5 month.
$4<M>— Lot SUxHG; f2(» down, $S month. 12S
£2000 — House 5 rooms, well, pump; $100 down.
$750— Little house with large lot 100x123; $73
down, £15 monthly. -. B9
*3*<"0— Established bakery with 2 stores, 4 liv-
ing rooms, bam,. Imke oven, tools, horse,
wagen; on corner; lot 50x100. A30
CHAKLES A. BAILEY, 221 Sansome St.. S.
F., loitj Univ«T5ity ave.. nr 10th St., Berkeley.
A BARGAIN— 5-rocm cottage, bath folding
ooors. mantel; large lot; la good locality;
price $1250; $100 cash, balance $15 per
O. A. RUDOLPH. Lorin Station.
6-rtOOM cottage, bath, pantry, electric light;
street work done: close to station and street
cars; price $2250; $150 cash balance easy
payments. O. A. RUDOLPH. Lorin ftation.
FULLY furnished house of 11 rooms; street
work all done; very convenient to the univer-
sity; onjy $«y>0.
JOSEPH J. MASON, Real Estate.
Corner Center st. and Shattuck ave.. Berkeley.
7-room houss, with all modern conveniences;
large lot; 2 blocks from station and street
car*: etre*t work done; will sell cheap as I
am leaving for the East. 'H, PLODUR 3223
Ellis i.t.. Lorin.
NEW, stylish, modern bouse; 2- story, 8 rooms
bath, pantry, mantels, electric lights; lot 40x
135; close to station: price $2400. $400 cash,
balance $20 per month. O. WERDNA. P. O
Box 112. South Berkeley.
CHEAPEST end beet «n America— The Weenly
Call, lfl pages, sent to any address In the
United Etatet or Canada one year for $1.
iKKKK Ik really no need of any nae now-
easy* buying a ehoddy plsno or buying a
i-iano cf to unreliable or unknown nous*
v 'fcom; guarantee is worthless. The larstet
• nd most renowned music bouse of the West.
KOHLEK Sc CHASE, 2S and 30 OFarrell St..
•ler you «uch bargains on the following.
% wnich are beleoted at random from umonjc
many mere. Any piano will be taken back
witbln 3 years «t full purchase price as p«.rt
rajnsent on a new Fischer or Knabe or
*vvhlrr & Chase square piano (Includes the
Kr.abe. Siclnway. Weber, Fischer, etc.).
'I'erms $2. $2 50 end $3 per month:
Decker Bros.; was $:>00, Is now $1M
McCammon & Co. : was $425. Is now. JC5
Neumann Bros.; was J4(Ht. is now .'. $45
Stelnway & Font; »a* $525, is now $123
W«ber; was $475. is now $15')
Samuel Gilbert: was $350 Is now $23
Decker Bros.; was $500. Is r.ow $10t>
Win. Knabe & Co.; was |t>00, is now $100
Alto new uprights; all woods $123
V.'sed cranes for teachers on very low terms
Uecker Bros grand nrst-claes condition, was
$950. now $473
Good Bechttein grand; was JS50. 5s now.. $273
Weber grand, fine condition; was $S6<),
now $475
Dcn't forget the address, 2S and 30 O'Far-
rell st.. near Stockton.
Hord. for practice $ £0
Valley Gem; rosewood case *„,
Kr-mtne &. Long; good condition *'n-
Boothe Bros.; oak case $1Uj
Maynon: mahopany case *H0
Stanflerd; o&k case •|j- ( »
Singer; oak cas? *}•'"
Btane: «>bcny case ,•? J
And a dozen other*: all guaranteed; fold en
•>a#y uayrr.entb. EEXJ. Cl'RTAZ & SON. ltt
O'Karre'.l xt. N"n branches In fan Francisco.
A FEW mere cheap pianos can be had this
week, J40 and upwaxd; new instruments on
e«y payments.
Behr Eros, and Baumeister ere our best
Ma,-k-t pt.
A nSW pr.tir'* for the we<ek. 1 Dunham. $47;
1 Era^un, $(»; 1 Knabe, $05; 1 Weber. $75; i
2 Cfc Kiel ing. |1<X and t2W: 2 Stelnway.
flW -nd J^;0: 2 Heine. J2.15 and «S5.
HKl.N'E PIANO CO.. 23J-237 Goary st. Three
Irakis of plane vlayers. $125 to J273.
ON ral<« — $11?>; Kisch*>r upripht; good as new;
make <ath effer. 237 Geary st.
$lf.CV— UARGAIN: clpsant high-grade upright.
JOS. OCHilfTZ & C<».. 16 McAllister »t.
WANTF.!>— 3 njuare pianos for country schools.
BTPOX MAUZY. 30$ Pott st.
• T.EA1UNCK *a!e ur-rlphte. $75 ur>: $4 month-
ly uaynwntg. HP.l'EXN. 20S Post ct.
£OHMER." Pyr* n Mauzy r>ianos. Ooilian piano
player. BYKON MAl'ZY, ."0S-:ili Pcet ct. j
ALMOST rf.Mper than itrewcod; Btoragejiianoa
•n4 furr.iruie. Wbltehead's Storage, lOi Mkt
BEST tvntir.r piatsoB in city for $3 r p r month.
BCfTTT-CCBTAZ 1'IANO CO.. r.W> Hayes Ft.
XHB UTOjKT B. ALLEN CO.. S3] Market tt. —
6U"ck. JCvorett. Ludwlg and cthT good pianos
SUPERIOR violins, zithers, old anl new. II
MILLKK. n\aker. repairer. 2 Latham place
FINE larpc ttcr* and basement; 22 Putter frt.
Bl'RXHAJl & MARSH CO., 211 Montgom-
ery «t.
SANSDMK. 712— HandFome large store
able tn suitable tenant.
JST-CLAHS work at reasonable rates. J. C. RO-
MAlN't:. «M0 GoI3rn Gaf av. : tel. Polk 2231.
MApXmE MORTON. *cS«Uiflc palmist". 502
Taylor f-t.. near Geary.
H. JEROME FOSELLI. scientific palmist. 51S
Taylor *t.. near Geary. Phone Black 561.
k?-r> Neersaard removed to I0O9 gutter: hours
I to 4: >v> . Sun by appt. : t*l. Po:k "5^4
WALLPArER. all prices; interior decorating,
tinting, jaictlnr; Imitation stained glass. O.
W. CLARK A CO.. 304 Post 6t. ; tel. Main 713
JuHNSQN'S Ncn-Tcxic Hair Restorer is com-
posed entirely cf hygienic herbs and contains
no poisonous substance whatever, nor oil or
Klyoenne; will restore color to gray hair in a
!«•»• &&ys more natural than any dye without
rtclnlrig the ecalp: eradicates dandruit and
fiimulates tfce growth of new hair. On sale
• t HALE BROS.*. San Francisco, and
UTTHTC. 13th and Washington ste.. Oakland.
ADVERTISER, many years commercial expa- S
riftru**-. wishes communicate manufacturers I
anxious t.» plaoe good* on Australian mar- j
*»;f; Imjt.J fiimlrhrrt £1'«« «r.<J *•• »1* t.ur-
cf.ai-t-d icr cash, or received on o'jnsigTinient:
hi«rh«-st «"red> ruia'.s from' rrineij-al hanks and
merchant*. . Address WOOLLAHRA. car e
Gwd'Mi *t. Got eh. Sydney. Australia. ?
7!;^ r-"t«r Hair Remedy restores gray hair, im-
j Tcvet it* croRth, stops fallinB, cures dandruff ,
fml itching isciilp; n-» . t-taln or stickiness;
clpr.iiff<?a fcalp; at druggistR'. ha:rdre«?erB" ; ac-
ccpt no sulrf-titute. i?t«r licmedj- Co.. as5 Geary.
PUTEICfAK. 35 y«*.r*' exi^ri-ncr. cures per-
manently morphia*, cocaine habit. Call or
address Ctr.tr&l Pharmacy. 251 Grant ave.,
t-oratr Suiter ft.; fee moderat*-.
NOT how cheap, but how good, is the motto of j
the m«nu;acturr-r» tit the I&pid Rotary Stand- ;
114, the s^w;r.g machine of to-day. J. W. j
EVAXS. "g^nt. \<J2l Market tt.
U. ELLA HARRIS, fk!n specialist; special
th> ni-;r.th. tuy bleach paste face astringent
end Jaf.al creams; call end 6«?e derr.cnstra-
tiors. 7S1 O'Karrell tt
KLFCT/<I<.' ufffat la every room — Winchester i
[1 '-.-I. 44 Thinl ft., near Market; 7l*» rooms, j
SSe la >¦; .".'i per niRht; SI j0 to 5'« l>er week; !
iTPf: buf and baggage to and from the ferry, j
HAG carj**» wove to order and for *a!e: also
chem lie- wove rue*, slla" pcrtieres; dealer in !
<irpet twicf. in hank or chain. «t lowest |
rate?. Geo. Uatthewa. 7(-i» Fijth Et., Oakland.
l;i.i:CAM euit* on easy installments: r>0 cents !
and up r*r Meek. LEON LEMOP. 1127 Mar-
ket «.. between Seventh and Eighth.
I>R.-G. fc. MOORE'S Scientific Hair Restorer;
rare an 1 pcaltlvc cure for all diseases of tU< |
tfiilp; frer.-i for circular. 332 O'Farrell Mt.
AT ,•** tlian 'crt, uncalled for Fuits, overcoats !
ar.il trouiwrs. at CHARLES LYONS', London ¦
Tailor. T21 Market ft. I
A— HIGliEST prices paid for gent< cast-o!T !
Hothing. MUSIN. 2.-S9 4th st. ; tel Green 14'J. I
A-rHighe*t prices for gents' cart-off clothing,
Ql3 scid. r-tc. C71 Howard rt.; tel. John 20*0. I
BUPERFLUOUa hair and moles removed by
Moctrtc r.^e.-ile. Dr.4Mr«r.Traverf».117CMarket.
HITS v&i on easy Installments. LEON LK-
MOS. ;i27 Uarket tt.. between 7th and 8th.
MAHQUBJtADK contumes. play books. v.lt;*;
our.try ord«ry. GOLDSTHIN & CO.. 7:'/i Mkt.
TAlL/jR-MAUE suits. $7 SO; dr«-s>8 pants. $2 50.
M.'gflt-Ct-'-thinK Parlor, cor. Bush and Dupont.
ALFREDC3C8 Kgj-plian Henna r*Ftor«-R gray
hn'.r tjits natural color; 11 ; at all druggist:.
HiKtartjyr 10«- and 2.V: all .druggm*.
'"'¦ '"¦'i ruif; e1| <jrugrirts.
DR A» C w 1 O'DONNELI^-OfncTa^r^iiaencr
1C21H Market et.. bet. Slxlh and Seventh. '
REMOVED— ER. WONG HIM. herb doctor;
treat* all •...-¦;-.» o ; the human body for
ran fo-r years E t 115-117 Ma»on : now lo-
ca-ted et 0C< Gvary »t.. ntar I^cavenworth.
BLOOD. *kin atd rect&l dUrase* a specialty
DP. BAU^ Wr.y, Market *L
WONG "WOO. the famous herb doctrr— All dls-
«a-«- rurri »>v Ch\r,r- tr . herb<= T4R-0 Clar «t.
THE Mutual Savings Bar.k^-nrVemove~to~lt«
new offlce In it* own building. 710 Market
bt..- opp. Third, on April 27, JIKKJ. JAMKS
D..PHTCLAN. President.
$13 50; Drop h?ad. plain-Snirh cak, guaranteed;
$19 £0. ¦quarter-sawed, beauty; all standard
makes. 2d hand, box top. >., to $*i; some
r,»«rly new; «*> day* exchange agreement.
<"Mcbeo ». M. Eschansre. 03.1 Market, bet. 6th
.- t.a Ctfr; phone South 433; take elevator.
"AUTOMATIC" and other makes at cut rates;
reduction on rent* and repairs; bought and
exchanged. Phcne Jeyisie .'J13S. 145 Kixth «t.
A— EUI'ORIUM Storage & Van Co.; furniture,
housthnld goods stored, moved, shipped. 723-
• :i Howard, near Third; phone Grant 101.
J'MCItCE-KODOLPH Storage & Moving Co., of-
Kc* Poet and Powell eta. ; tel. Prlv. Ex. £71.
COUDE3I West Storage; advances made; b40
Mifijion st.; tel. Howard 641. F. W. Zehfuss.
PACIFIC Rrrage and Furniture Moving Com-
pany; 2:{2<> Fillmore et.; phone Jackson 28L
KKKINR Van and Storage Co.. 11 Montgomery
**-.: tri. Main 1840. Shipping at cut rates.
DIVIDEND Ka. 211 cf 42 cents per share on
JJ»e capital stock of the Contra Costa
«ater Cotr.peny will be payable at the
£.3ee cf taid company, 'room 30. third
noor Crocker building, on April 15. Transfer
books closed en April 3 at 3 p. m. EDWARD
aicUAliy, Stcretary. .¦. . - •'/,
y<Xr 7p»«v Steamers leave flan Fran-
/WT^ffly . Cisco aa follws:' . .
rT*r* . * >"N F°r Ketchlkan, Juneau,
/k/^?52fel \"*\ Skagway, etc., Alaska— 11 a.
I \\yffic i i '"¦• As ' r - ii; - - i# •''• May *¦
I y XvOk^A/ i ChanKc m mmiiany's steam-
Y*>v \\ S<97 ers * l Seattle. . • • - .
sS^—^ioy For Victoria, Vancouver.
>3£tSj2i5^ Port .Townsend^ Seattle. Ta-
coma, Everett, Whatcom — II
a. m.,- April 16, 21. 26, May 1. Change at Se-
attle to this company's steaftiers ton Alaska
and G. N. Ry. : at Seattle for Tacoma to N:
P. Ry. ; at Vancouver to C. P. Ry.
For Eureka (Humboldt Ea>") — Pomona. '1 :.'tn
p. m.. April 16, :r_\ 2S, May 4; Corona. I :»)
p. m.; April l'J. 20. May 1. : . . *,
For Los Angeles (via Port Los Angeles 'an>T .
Redondo). San Dleso and Santa Barbar.4 — j •
Santa Rosa, Sundays, 0 a. m.
State cf California. Thursdays, "9 a. m.. -.' •
For Los Angele? ivla San Pedro and East
San Pedro>, Santa Barbara. Santa Cruz. Mon-
terey, San Simeon. Cayuoos, Port. . Harf ord
(San Luis Oblspo). Ventura and Hueneme.
. Coos Hay, 9 a, m . April 19. 27. May 5. •
For Ensenada, Magdalena Bay, San Jose del
Cabo, Altata. La Paz, SaiMa Regalia, Guay-
mas- (Mex.). 10 a. m., 7th of each month. . <-. • -
For further information obtain folder. •
. Right is reserved, to change steamers or 'sail-
ing dates.
TICKET OFFICE — * New Montgomery
St. (Palace- Hotel). • . •• . ' .-
Freight office. 10 Market at. ¦ > ¦
C. D. DUNANN. General Passenger Agt..
• . 10 Market st.. San Francisco.
•O. R. & TV. CO,
"Columbia" sails April 23. May 3. 13.- 23. ""¦
June 2. 12. 22. "George W. Elder" .eails April
is, 2S. May >J, 1**. 2*. June 7. »7, 27. Only
steamship lfno to PORTLAND, OR.', 'and "shl»rt v
rail lfne from Portland . to all points East.
Through tickets to all points, ail rail or steam-
ship and rail, at LOWEST RATES* Steamer
tickets include berth and meals. -Steamer sail*
. foot of Spear St.. at 11 a. m. . I>. W. HITCH-
COCK. Gcd. Agt. Pass. Dept.: C. CLIFFORD, ..
Gen. Agt. Frt. Dept.. 1 Montgomery st-
Hew York— Southampton — London.
Phlla...Apr. 22. 10 ami New York.May 6.10 am
St. Paul.Apr. 29. 10 ami Phila... May 13. 10 am
New . Tori—^London Direct.
Minnhaha.Apr.lS.lO amiMinnetonka.May 2.9am
Manltou.Apr. 25. U am;Mln'aplis.May 0.4pm
Hew York— London via Southampton.
MARQUETTE May .22. 9 a. m.
MAN1TOU Junft.A 0 ; a... tr>.
Boston — Qneenstown — Liverpool.
Mayflower (new). Apr 23] Mayflower May 21 '
Commonwealth. Apr. 30 Commonwealth. « June *
New England... May 1*1 New England. .June U
Montreal— Liverpool — Short sea passage.
Canada May 01 Dominion MayT.
Kensington May l(»i South wark ...'.May 30
Boston i MUDITEBBANEAN , Serricu
Azores, Gibraltar, Naples, Genoa. .
Vancouver. .Apr. 22, June ¦«.• July IS. Aug. 2^>
Cambroman..May 2, June 20, Aug. 8, Sept.lD 4
New York — Rotterdam, via Boulogits.
Sailing Wednesday at 10 a. m.
Statendam April 22tNoordam '. ....'.May •«' -
Ryndam ......April 29. Rotterdam .Miy 11'.
' New York— Antwerp— Partf. -' i
Zeeland.Apr. 13,10 amj Vaderld.May 2. 10 am
Finland. Apr. 25. 10 ami Kroonlnd.May 9, 10 am
New York — Qneenstown — Liverpool.
Sailing Wednesdays and Fridays.
•Canadian. Apr 21.1 pm! Celtic ..Apr. 29, T am* -
Germinlc.Apr.22. noon Oceanic. May ft. 2 pm
Cedrlc ..Apr. 24. 3 pm! Cymric. .May 9, 3 pm
•Liverpool direct. $10 & wrvsecond class only. ..
C. D. TAYLOR. Passenger Agent. Pacifla
Coast. 30 Montgomery St.. San- Francisco. •'*
Twin-8«rtw Eiprsii tad Fiuiajsr 8srri:j.
Moltke Apr. 1(1 Bleucher 1 Apr. JO
.Pennsylvania ..Apr. IS Deutschland ...May',-7.
A. Victoria Apr. W Pretoria i.May'9'
Patricia Apr. 23' F. Bismarck.... May 14
S. S. Deutschland,
Record Voyage. 5 days T hours 3S min. /
SAILS MAY 7. JUNE 4. JULY- 2. SEPT. 15.'
HERZOG & CO.. 401 California it.. Gen. Aftt.
Steamers will leave wharf, corner First arid
Brannan streets, at 1 p. in., for YOKOHAMA,
and HONGKONO, tailing at . Kobe (Hlogo.),
Nagasaki and Shanghai, and connecting *t
Hongkong with steamers for India, etc. No
cargo received on board on day of sailing. .
S. S. HONGKONG MARU.. Wed.. Apr ; 22. 19(tt
S. S. NIPPON MARU.. Saturday. May IS. 1903 .
S. S." AMERICA MARU -(calling at Manila);.
Thursday. June 11. 1903
Via Honolulu. Round trip tickets at reduced
rates. For freight and passage, apply at Com- »
pany's office. 421 Market' street, corner First. .
• W. H. AVERY. General Agent. .
AAAOntAC C 4*A "***"• "MO*. DC*
S3. SIERRA, for Honolulu. Samoa. Auckland
and Sydney. Thurs.. Apr. 23.-10 a, m.
SS MARIPOSA, for. Tahiti. April 20. 10 a. m.
S3 ALAMEDA. for Honolulu. May 2, 2 p. m..
U.SPRECKEIS4BMS.C3.. «jtJ..ric!atGffta.!«MjrWS: *
FriiStQtSa.323siTMSi..Pierl3.7.Pacifx$L •
Sailing every Thursday. Instead of .QaCTji),'
Saturday, at 10 a- m., from Pier 42. -RKTVES*
North River, foot of Morton street.
First-class to Havre, $70 and upward. Sec-
ond-class to Havre, |45 and upward. GENERAL
ADA. 32 Broadway (Hudson., building). New
York. J. F. FUOAZI-& CO.. ¦ Pacific Coast
Agents. 5 Montgomery avenue, San Francisco.. .
Tickets sold by all Railroad Ticket Agents. .
Mare Island and Vallejo Steamers. -
!»:45 a. m... 3:15 and 8:00 p. in., e*.' Sunday. "
Sunday, 9:45 a. m., H:'M p. m. .' Leaves Yaltejo.'*
7 a. m., 12:30 noon. 6 p. m.. ex.' Sunday. Sun-
day. 7 a. m.. 4:13 p. m. Fare 6i> cents. Tel. .
Main 1508. Pier 2, Mlsslon-st. dock.' HATCH
&ROS. : . ¦•
E7The funeral will take place to-day
(Thursday), at 9:30 o'clock, from his late
-residence, 107- Fell street, thence to the
Church of the Advent. Eleventh street, near
Market, where services -will be held at 10
• o'clock. Interment private.
TOPINI— In this city, April 14. 1903, Joseph-
ine, dearly beloved wife of Isadore Topini.
a native of Lyons, France, aged 35 years 7
months and 1 day. ' • ¦ ¦" •
CTTrler.ds and acquaintances are- respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-fiay
(Thursday), at 10 o'clock, from th« parlors
of Valente. Marinl & Co.. 1524 Stockton
street, thence to Sts. Peter and Paul's IU1-
ian Church," where a requiem high masa will
be celebrated for the repose of her soul,
commencing at 10:30 - o'clock. Interment
New Italian Cemetery. ' *
Francisco, aged 40 years 5 months and 10
days. A member of the Musicians' Mutual
Protective Union of San Francisco. Local
No. 6. : .¦'.">¦ , .
ETFrlends and acquaintances are respect-.
• fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Friday), at 2 o'clock, from his late resN
dence, 064 Folsom street. Interment Cypress
Lawn Cemetery. . -
CROFFT— In the .City and County Hospital.
April 15. 1003. Albert H. Crofft. a native of
New York, aged 47 years.
DEUWEL (nee - BACIGALUPfi— In- this city.
April 14, 1003. Julia, beloved wife of Joseph
Deuwel, loving daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.
L. BacigalupJ, and sister of Joseph L-. Louis,
John, Eleanor, Ruhy, Violet, Lorenz and
Irene Bacigalupl, Mrs. Charles. Olson and
Millie Silvestri, a native of San Francisco,
aged 23 years. ' . ' "
ET'Frlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Thursday), at 1:30 o'clock, from her parents
residence. 2 Telegraph place, corner Green-
wich and Dupont etreeti. Interment Ntw
Italian Cemetery. -
DODSON— In .'Oakland, April 15. 1903. Eliza-
beth .Belle, beloved wife of S. T. Dodaon.
mother of Nettle Rae Dodson. daughter x>r
William and Elizabeth McLenahan of So-
noma, and eister of Mrir. Harry Platt, aged
2ii years and 8 months.
FRAHM— In this city, April 15, 1903, Ernest
P. Frahm, beloved husband of Minna Frahm,
and father of Arthur Frahm, a native of
Flensburg, Germany, aged 38 years 7 montns
and 3 days.
FREY— In the City and County Hospital, April
15, 1003, William < Frey, a native of Ger-;
many, aged 38 years. . '
GIEBEL— In this city. April, 15, 1003. Bertha, i
beloved .daughter.- of Johanna and Cornelius
Giebel, and sister of Cornelius and Sophie
Glcbel. MrsJ F. Eddelbuttel. Mrs. L. Elliot \
and Mrs. C. Parker, a native' of Loomls,
Placer County, aged 20 years 2 months and
1. day. :
(CFriends and acquaintances are respect-r
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Friday), at 2 o'clock, from her late resi- ;
dence, V\k Lewis street. Interment Laurel
Hill Cemetery. '- • ' \ V|
GRIMES — In • this city, at his residence, 3726
Twentieth street, April 14 • 1903, Fred C, ;
beloved husband of Emma Grimes, father of i
Lizzie and Irene Grimes and. Mrs. Walter II. i
Smith, and son of P. 1). and ' Elizabeth ;
Grimes, a native of Lowell, Mass., aged 53
years H months and 8 days. ¦-
(t^TFrienda and members of Bernal Lodge.
No. 10, A. O. U. W., and Southern Pacific ,
Railroad employes are respectfully invited
to ". attend the funeral services to-day
(Thursday), at 2 o'clock, at the. Odd Fellows'
Hall, corner Seventh and Market streets, un-
der the auspices Of Fidelity Lodge No. 222.
I. O. 0. F. " .-.
GUERIN— In this city. April 15. 1003, Stephen
Gtierin, son ' of ' Patrick and the late Cuth-
erine Guerln, and brother of John, Joseph.
Cornelius, Daniel and Josle Guerin, Mrs. J.
J. Riordan and Mrs. J. N. Hoey, a native of
San Francisco, naoil 36 years.
,£3f Friends are respectfully Invited to at-
tend the funeral -to- mqrmw (Friday), at S:30
o'clock, f from the funeral ' parlors of Jamt3
; ¦ McGinn .fc Co.,- 214 Eddy, street, thence lo
St. Rose's Church, ; j^here, a requiem mass
will be celebrated for .the repose of 1:1s
soul, commencing at 9 o'clock. Interment
Holy Cress Cemetery. . . ¦ :
HACHMANN— In this city. April 14, 1903,
Laura V. Hachmann, beloved wife of JuIIuj
Hachmann, daughter of Charles H. and Ma-
tilda Holling, and sister of Charles H. Hol-
ling and the late Alma Holling, a native of
San Francisco, aged 37 years and 4 daye.
trVFriends and acquaintances are respect- i
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
. (Thursday), at 1 o'clock, from her late ret>i-
dence, 1123 Geary street. Interment Laurel
Hill Cemetery.
IIOLDSWORTH— In this city, April 14, 1903.
Henry Lee, beloved, sen of Bennett and Chris-
tina Holdsworth, and brother of Edward,
George, Jeagle, Oliver and Miles Holds-
worth, a native of Placerville; Cal., aged 38
years 8. months and 24 daye. , ¦
KELLY— In this city, April 15, 1003, Alice
Kelly, a native of Ireland, aged, 50 years.
CirFriends and acquaintances are respect*
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Thursday), at 8:30 o'clock, from her late
residence. 1074 Clay, street, thence to' St.
Mary's Church, California and Dupont
streets, where a BOlemn requiem mats will
be celebrated for the repose of her soul,
commencing at 0 o'clock^ Interment Holy
Crop* Cemetery, by" 10:80 o'clock train from
Third and Townsend streets.
KRAUKORILL— In West Berkeley, April 14,
11103, Margaret Krausgrtll, dearly beloved
wife of Philip Krausgrlll, mother of Carrie.
Louis and Alice Krausgrill, and sister of
Mrs. J. H. Smouse, a native of San Fran-t
Cisco, aged 35 years and 10 months.
jC7"Frlendn and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Thursday), at 10:30 o'clock, from the under-
taking parlors of Iaccherl. Duclos &.C0., 629
Broadway, between Stockton and Dupont
streets. interment Mount Olivet Cemetery,
by 11:30 o'clock train from Third and Town-
pend streets.
LEVT— In this' city, "April lp.7'1003,' David
Levy, nephew of A. • Prombf rgr, ' a native of'
London, England, aged 53 years 0 months
and 7 day*.
LOGAN— In Oakland. April 15* 1003. 'Eliza-
beth.C., belovert-wlfoof Walter McG. Logan,
and mother of Wllllrfm and Janet Logan, a
native of Aberdeen, Scotland,, aged 50 years.
1 month and 0 days.
CT Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services
Friday, April 17, 100.'!, at 2.-. o'clock, at her.
late residence, Uttf) Forty-first street. Oak-
land. Interment Mountain View Cemetery. .
McKENNEV — In this city. April 13, VMS.
Maggie, dearly beloved wife of William Mc-
Kenney, beloved daughter of Mary Ann and
the late John O'Brien, and sister of John.
William, Thomas, James, Richard and Henry
O'Brien, Mrs. Joseph Flynn, Mrs. Albert
Palmer and the late Ella O'Brien, a native
of Oakland, aged 16 years 11 months and 13.
days. ' (Oakland papers please copy.)
A. precious one from us has gone; .her. voica
we loved is stilled; . . ,
A place Ms vacant in. our home which never
can be filled. ' ' . ¦"¦'<
God In his wisdom has. recalled the one his
love has given;
Although the body, molds here, her soul is
safe in heaven!
C7"Frlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
f (Thursday), at 8:30 o'clock, from herlate
residence. 20 Ringold street, between Eighth
and Ninth. Folsom and Harrison, thence to
St. Joseph's Church, Tenth street, between
Howard -and Folsom. where a requiem, high
' mass will be celebrated for the repose of her
* «oul at 9 o'clock. Interment Holy * Cress
Cemetery, by carriage.
McKEOWN— An anniversary requiem high
iiwh will be celebrated for the repess of
the soul of the late 'Alice McKeown Friday
morning, at 8 o'clock, 'at -. St. -Boniface" a
Church, Golden Gate avenue. . - :
MALCOLM— In South Bend, Ind., April 13.
1903, Florence . Amelia Malcolm, youngest
daughter of the late Captain J. Malcolm and
Mrs. Florence Gladson, sister of May Gipsy
Malcolm, and stepdaughter of Oeorge Glad-
son, a native of San Francisco, aged 21
years 5 months and 13 days;
PAULSON— In Berkeley, April 15, 1903, Cece-
lia, beloved wife of Charles J. Paulson, and
mother of Edward T.; John H. and Anna L.
Paulacn. Mrs. Hellena Hartzel, Mrs. Hilda
Stork and Mrs. Amelia Nlckum, a native of
Sweden, aged 07 years 3 months arid 6 days.
* CTFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral services
Saturday afternoon, April 18, 1903, at 2
o'clock, at her late residence, 2015 Center
street, Berkeley. * • . ' ,
PERKY— In this city. April 15, 1903, Samuel
A., beloved husband df . Marie A. Perry,
father of Samuel i A: -Jr. and Arthur VV.
Perry, and brother of -H. I O. and J. W.
lYrr>n a native of Illinois, aged 52 years 8
months and 7 days. ,.
£7Friend8 and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Thursday), at 2 o'clock, from I. O. O. F.
Hall, corner Seventh and Market streets, un-
der the auspices of Apollo Lodge No. 123,
I. O. O. F. Interment Laurel Hill Cemetery.
QUANG — In the City .and County, Hospital,
April 15, 1903, Charley Quang, a native of
China. i
SEDGWICK— In this- city, April 15, 1903, at
her residence, '210 Bennlngton street. Bernal
Heights, Mrs. A. C. McAlpiri Sedgwlck. be-
loved wife of James Sedgwlck, a native of
Liverpool, England, ; aged 4S years. .
[C^Notice of funeral hereafter.
SILVA— In this city, April -12, 1903, Joseph;
beloved husband of Josephine gllva, and son
of Manuel and Adeline: Sllva, , a native 'M
Portugal. • ..* ...» ; , !'..'.
SOLOMON— In this city, April 14,1903, "Walter
Oliver, d«arly beloved son of Margaret and
the late Ulobert . golqmon, and brother of
Searle. and, Sidney Solomon, a native of, San
Francisco, aged . 3 years 0 months and 28
{CyFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Thursday), at 1:30 o'clock, . from the parlois
of H. F. Huhr & Co.. 1137 Mission street, be-
tween Seventh and Eighth. Interment Mount
Olivet Cemetery. '
STELLER— In this city, April 14, 1003,' Charles
Lo C. Steller, beloved son of Louis and Sarah.
, C. Steller, and brother of Louis P. and Ida,
- R. Steller. a native of San Francisco, ,ased
17 years 5 months and 14 days. -.'
If" NE { v "fQ | T _J" E CITY -
[ OFFICE". 916 MARKET ST r j
I James McGinn. Henry Hansen.
. Formerly with McGinn Bros.. Funeral
Directors and Embalmers. 214 Eddy at ¦
tel. South 676.
F. J. Monahan, President. .
233'J-23il Mission St. . ¦ . Telephone Mlsalqa 31.

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