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CIRCLEVILLE. Ohio, April 15. — The Grand
Jury to-day returned three indictments against
O. C. Baer, the alleged . defaulting building
and loan association officer, who disappeared. -
At the annual meeting of the trustees
of the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion Tuesday night Edward Coleman was
elected chairman of the board of trus
tees to succeed the late A. B. Forbes, who
for more than eighteen years held this
position; C. W. Pike. Thomas G. Croth
ers and William H. Crocker were elected
members of the board of trustees; Thom
as Hodge and L.. H. Cary were elected
to fill two vacancies existing in the board
of directors; .Howard M. Strlckler of
Troy, New York, was chosen physical di
rector to Eucceed Matthew C/ O'Brien, re
eigned". The canvassing committee on the
building indebtedness reported that its
T7ork was progressing fairly well.
Elects New Trustees.
EVANSVILLE, Ind.,; 1 April 15.— The United
States monitor Arkansas arrived here to-day.
Her comlnjr was followed; by a 'treat demon
stration. , /
GOLDEN, Colo., April 13.— All but one of
fifteen members of the faculty, of the State
School of Mines have presented their resigna
tions, to take effect next September, in> con
sequence of friction between the faculty and
President Charles 8. Palmer.
When Officer Wahmuth entered the
room where Miller was Tie discovered the
latter lying on a bed, bespattered with
blood and exhausted from the exertion
put forth - In wielding the knife on his
wife. Miller stated to the policeman
that his wife had spent his last dime for
liquor and that when he upbraided her
for doing so and for staying out late, she
retorted that she would leave him in
the morning. This assertion. Miller said,
eo enraged him that he reached for his
pocket-knife on~a table near the bedside
and stabbed his wife until she broke irom
his gracp. Miller told the officer that he
did not know what he was doing at the
time and regretted if he had injured his
wife. Dr. L. W. Stidham was summoned
and he dressed Mrs. Miller's wounds.
Miller Is a painter and has resided nere
for several months. His wife Is a comely
woman about 28 years of age. For the
last three weeks Miller has been confined
to his bed by rheumatism. 'i'."- "*'
It was nearly midnight when Police Of
ficer William. Wahmuth was detailed .to
investigate a reported stabbing affray at
the Alameda Hotel. When the patrolman
arrived there he found Mrs. Miller in the
kitchen of the establishment, attired in
her night dress and endeavoring with a
handkerchief to stay the flow of blood
from two long, deep gashes In her fore
head. She was also bleeding from four
other cuts about the eyes and ears. She
informed the officer in reply to a ques
tion that her husband had Inflicted the
wounds and that the cause was c row
that concerned nobody else. Mrs. Miller
said that she would make' no complaint
against her spouse and that she would
not prosecute him. „ ,
i; ALAMEDA. April 15.— Although crip
pled with rheumatism and bedridden,
Reuben G. Miller, in a jealous frenzy,
succeeded In slashing his wife six times
with a pocket-knife in their room at the
Alamrda Hotel on Park street last night.
Had the enraged invalid been physically
able to accomplish it, murder might have
been done. It was only after a desperate
struggle that the woman escaped from
the knife and clutches of her maddened
spouse. As a result of the bloody en
counter she will be disfigured for life.
Thus far Mrs. Miller has refused to swear
to any charge against her husband, but
he is under police surveillance. '
George D. Collins, who appeared for
the prisoner, argued that his client un
der the "evidence 'could not be guilty of
embezzlement. I because ' the money paid
on his order by the other sub-postmasters
had never been In his possession. Judge
de Haven Instructed the jury, practically
to bring In a verdict of guilty, which
they did In short order. Royer was or
dered to appear on Saturday for sen
tence. Mr. Collins Intends to appeal on
the ground that it is Impossible for a
person to embezzle money that has never
l)ten entrusted into his possession.
Royer took the witness stand in his own
behalf and testified that he had issued
the orders for the purposes specified, but
that it had been his Intention to replace
the money in the money order fund. A
dispute had arisen, however, between
himself and the postal authorities regard-
Ing his cash account and he had declined
to pay the demands until an agreement
had been arrived at.
Postofnce Inspector James O'Connell,
who originally discovered Royer's pecula
tions, was the principal witness for the
Government in the trial. He produced
documentary evidence and the statement
of Royer himself after bis arrest to prove
that Royer, having become involved
financially, paid bills to the amount of
$1200 by giving his creditors postal money
orders, which they cash<#i at other post
office money order stations.
"Women and Indulgence Jn stupefying
irugs have proved the downfall of
Charles H. Royer, a young man who
kept a drug store and postoffice sub-sta
tion at the corner of Washington and
Mason streets. He was convicted by a
Jury yesterday in the United States Dis
trict Court on the first and second counts
of an indictment charging him with the
embezzlement of postal order funds to
the amount of $1200.
FRESNO. April 15.— Tho teachers of
the- Hawthorne school In this city are
much disturbed by the discovery of a
wholesale theft of firearms, from local
nrms perpetrated by five boys attending
the school. The boys are not more than
VZ years, of age and all belong to prom
inent families. On account of their
youth the District Atorney declined to
prosecute them and refuses ' to divulge
their names.
Schoolboys Steal Firearms.
with "Cy Prue" and his "Jay family"
and in crowds stood admiringly around
the coffee booth presided over by Ara
bian beauties and sipped refreshing oolong
provided by the sprightly geisha girls at
the Japanese tea garden.
To-night is to be a big affair at the
poster carnival, for members of the Olym
pic Club have promised to attend and
go through acts of athleticism, including
sword exercises and gymnastics.
- This afternoon tho scholars of all the
parochial schools are to attend from 2
until 5 o'clock, and in this connection Rev.
Father Philip O'Ryan announces that
every afternoon during the carnival pu
pils in charge of their teachers will be
admitted free to the festival of fun. New
features are added daily to the carnival
WASHINGTON. April 15.— The wedding
of Miss Edith Newlands, daughter • of
Senator Newlands of Nevada, to Charles
H. L. Johnston of Southborn,' Mass.,
which occurred here yesterday at."Wood
ley," was .followed to-day by , the - an
nouncement of the engagement of. Sena
tor Newlands* second • daughter, Miss
Janet, to tho groom's brother,' .Dr. AV11-;
Ham Johnston.^son of the late Dr. W. Ai
Johnston of this city. Like his brother.
Dr. Johnston is a graduate of Harvard:
Newlands' Second Daughter Engaged.
In "the evening 1 there. was a large and
merry throng which danced to the waltzes
and two-steps and took in the court pro
ceedings, rode around carnival town In
a handsome and swift automobile in Jo
vial parties, played good natured pranks
Two thousand school children visited
the poster carnival at the Mechanics'
Pavilion yesterday afternoon, took all
there was to take from the candy stores,
rode the merry-go-round until the mech
anism creaked with fatigue, danced to
the strains of the League of the Cross
band and reveled in the work of the Juve
nile artists who have so admirably and
skilfully drawn and painted the posters
which to old and young prove a worthy
Manager Meyerfeld of the Orpheum de
nies the rumor that has been spread
around to the effect that the Orpheum
people had purchased the Dewey Theater
in Oakland and intended to turn it into a
vaudeville house. Mr. Meyerfeld says
that he never had any intention of tak
ing this step and opened no negotiatiens
with the Oakland theater proprietors.
Meyerf eld Denies Rumor.
Royal Worcester Corsets, style 440, at 75c.
Chester F. Wright, 6 Geary st., upstairs. •
Ann Mahoney, aunt of the late Thomas
M&hor.ey, and several cousins of the de
ceased, filed a contest to her nephew's
will yesterday. They claim that Maho
ney, who died in February, 1901, leaving
an estate valued at $30,000 to Frank Conk
lin, a friend, was the dupe of Conklin and
his associates. The will has already- been
admitted to probate despite opposition by
relatives other than the plaintiffs in yes
terday's proceedings.
Auat Contests Nephew's Will.
Adams' Sarsaparilla Pills.
Chocolate Coated.
Cure Constipation. Biliousness. Sick Head
aches, Dyspepsia. lCc. "Jac. Druggists. •
Miss Etta Kammis Has
Both Legs Broken in
an Accident.
Through the collision between a north
bound electric car of the Post and Tenth
streets line and a west-bound car of the
Geary-street railway, which occurred last
evening a£ 8 o'clock at the corner of
Geary and Leavenworth streets. Miss
Etta Kammls suffered fractures of both
legs below the knees, In addition to sev
eral superficial cuts and brQlses.
The unfortunate young lady, who re
sides at 865 Geary street, was returning
to her home and occupied a seat on the
dummy of the cable car.
From all that can be learned, the blame
for the accident seems to rest on P. E.
Kisner. the motorman of the electric car.
The electric cars in approaching Geary
street aecend quite an incline and move
but slowly. The cable cars have the right
of way at the crossing and it appears
to have been the failure to remember
Vhis fact on the part of Kisner that was
responsible for the accident.
The Geary-street car was crossing
Leavenworth street at a slow rate of
speed when the electric car, without
warning, crashed into the dummy. The
motorman applied his brakes and re
versed the current, but could not avert
the collision.
Miss Kammia was struck by the front
of the Post-street car and hurled to the
pavement. A physician was called zrA
upon examination it was found that botn
legs had been broken and blood was
flowing from several cuts. She was re
moved to her home and later to a sani
tarium, where she now lies In a critical
condition as a result of the shock.
"Motorman Kisner was arrested by Pa
trolman McManus and booked at the City
Prison on a charge of battery. He was
immediately released on bail and ad
mitted that he was responsible for the
collision. William Hopkln3 was the con
ductor in charge of the Post-street car,
No. 702, and A. Cox was the grlpman on
the Geary-street car, No. 363.
Do Not Miss the Chance.
The "Lyceum" Is selling ladles' and
men's $3 50 shoes f or *1 63 a pair at the
shoe sale, 915 Market St.. opp. Mason. •
iA-wrcnce Sellenger Produces the
Ctold and Lawyer Mowry Pays
It Into Court.
The treasury of the National Govern
ment was enriched yesterday by the re
ceipt of 1713 which was collected by
United States District Attorney "Wood
worth on an old judgment obtained in
September, 1803, against the bondsmen of
Goey On & Co.
A quantity of cigarettes on which the
Internal revenue tax had not been paid
was seized by revenue officers In the
possession of the company named, and
the goods were released on the filing of
a bond by the company for the valuo. of
the goods. A decree of condemnation was
issued and suit was Instituted on the
bend. It was hung up In the pigeonholes
and would have remained there indefinite
ly had not Mr. "Woodworth unearthed the
papers and collected the amount of the
bond. . ••_^-''
The money was paid by Lyman I. Mow
ry yesterday, acting for Lawrence Sel
lenger. the principal surety.
Dentist's Office Bobbed.
Dr. F. H. Bruna, a dentist at 933 Market
street, reported to the police yesterday
that his office had been entered by thieves
on Tuesday night by means of a skeleton
key. They stole about $13 worth of gold
for bridse work and nine pairs of for
Take PIso'b Cure for Consumption. It will
cure your cough. 25c By all drurelju.
SATS HE "WAS "DOPED.--M. MulllzM waa
found In front of his residence, 1419 p Os t street
yesterday afternoon by Policeman Lambe-t and
taken to the Emergency Hospital in an un
conscious condition. Mullins claims that he
received knockout dross from two. men In a
saloon near his residence.' .-.-:, . •
No headache, no gastritis, follows the nso of
'Mease Moore" pure whisky. It does on* good.
There la none other to equal It. •
ihrco notes, one in English and two in
German, were ' the • messages Gutmayer
left for the living. The notes in German
v/ere ready for mailing to his uncle in
Austria ana the Austro-Hungarian Con
sul in San Francisco, and could not be
opened. The one in English reads:
"These two letters have to be sent
away if I am dead; not earlier. Good-by
to #11, air. Cox. Apology for all this trou
ble. I am the cause. To the Anglo-Amer
ican Bank, San Francisco, $200. My too
delicate health does not . permit me to
reach my goal in my studies. Without
that angel' who lives in England, who is
my heaven with her beautiful eyes, this
life is worthless. Desire to live was
strong, but 1 am no coward."
Mr. Cox Is the landlord of the house
where Gutmayer died. He says the young
man was always peculiar. Gutmayer had
a high-strung temperament and always
brooded over fancied . wrongs. He chal
lenged William Allen, a local newspaper
man, to a duel a while ago for mentlo'tt
lng his name in connection with an order
from the Austrian Government recalling
all army officers on leave.
Gutmaycr was 26 years old and a grad
uate of the University of Leipzig, and
came here in January to take graduate
work In the college of agriculture.
Gutmayer went at his plans for self-de
struction deliberately. He placed a mir
ror before him on a table and then sat
down and steadied his hand on the arm
of the chair. The bullet did its work well, I
lor it went through his head and a pat.e j
of glass and stopped in a post. None of j
Gutmaycr's fellow students heard the
shot. I
Making sure his aim with a mirror, Hans
Gutmayer, a graduate student in the col
lege of agriculture at the University of
California, pointed a pistol at his head
last night and fired It with\deadly effect.
His body was foun 1 this morning by a
chambermaid in the place he lived, laoa^
University " avenue. Despondency over ;
unrequited love and failure on account of j
ill health to get along fast enough in his j
studies are the cause of the suicide.
Berkeley Office San Francisco Call,
2148 Center Street, April 13.
University Student Kilh
Himself When Burdens
Seem Great.
H. -Gutmayer Executes
Deliberate Plans for
Entertainment at Poster Carnival Receives the
Cordial Approval of City's Juvenile Scholars,
While Adults Meet to Revel in Fun and Frolic
j^y^TL Tp^\ t*& f9ik
is '
Absolutely Pur®,
: > ' ':rtlr ,; r ',-, ADVERTISEMENTS.
Itching, Burning, Scaly Eczema, Psoriasis,
Tetter, Ringxyprmv Instantly
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The agonizing itching and burning * Complete i local and constitutional
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scaling, as in psoriasis ;the loss of hair skin, scalp, and blood, with loss of
and crastlngof the scalp, as in scallcd hair, may now be had for one dollar,
head; the facial . disfigurement, as in Bathe freely with hot water and Cutl-
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salt rheum,— all demand a remedy of . rubbing, and apply Cutlcura Ointment
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CDTICURA REMEDIES are Hold throughout thai civilized world. PRICES' Cutlcura Rewl-
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Hide's. 't^
The postoffice in the store is
a great convenience for shop-
So is the public telephone.
And the rest-rooms.
And the hairdressing parlors.
These Dinner Dishes
10c apiece.
— worth 15c and 20c.
That popular English semi-
porcelain, decorated. Even
some of it with colored bor-
ders. Quite a little of it is the
flown-blue goods.
Pie Plates, Tea Bowls.
Dinner Plates,/' Oyster Bowls,
' Soup Plates, Oatmeal Bowls,
Salad Bowls. Cream Pitchers,
TeacUps and Sau- Tea Tiles,
5c and ioc saved on each if
you buy to-day.
Muslin Underclothes
Sale prices,
but not
. Sale garments.
A Hale sale. - 1 -. ,;
Quality is as biff a part of the bar-
gain as the price. And the price was
never so important.
33c gowns.
Who has heard of that latelv?
Look at the muslin, at the trimminsr.
at the work, and then think how high
prevailing prices are. Also
14c drawers.
44c skirts.
23c chemise.
Those are just the startine ooints
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Handkerchiefs, 3Mc, 5c.
Some of them have a loose thread:
some a pin-hole; some uneven stitch-
ing — little faults, so little we know
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If they were finished, .i^c ones
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Sc ones would be as hieh as 25c.
l_ Haiej. j
Sale Brushes and
Combs o-Day
("With Bay Rum footnote.)
Prices sometimes half.
Sometimes quarter.
In every case less than regu-
We are closing out a man's
samples. You may have to hunt
for just what you want, but it's
interesting when there's a half
price ahead.
2.1c — Bristle hair brushes. bath
brushes; naul and hand brushes and
cloth brushes.
50c— Bristle hair brushes: solid
9c— Rubber combs, 8-inch ones, jren-
' uine rubber.
15o — Fine combs.
Bay Bum at 13c is a fine quality.
imported. . # v v
Fancy Dress Swiss
Now 150^
Reduced from coc.
"For a flyer." says the wash-
goods man. It'll fairly fly when the
women see it.'
White ground with white woven
zigzag stripes and colored flowers and
green leaves sprinkled over it all.
Pretty material for summer frocks.
N Maybe it's a waisting you
Madras, 32 inches wide, 15c
quality, I2j/ 2 c yd.
25c Window Shades
Good opaque ones, full size. 1 feet by
36 Inches; complete with brackets, cord,
nickel pullrins and slats.
No off colors. Nothing but
what we know you want.
Reds, tans, greens, even light
And worth 30c and 35c.
An even iooo to sell now at
Her Ladyship Corset
The particular corset for par-
ticular women.
k'carnj and Satter Sts. C^S^gg^jJ
Wash Fabrics of Every Kind
Our Wash Goods Department is now fairly overflowing with
immense assortments of the newest and choicest of materials
for the summer Season. Here are two exceedingly attractive
values for to-day :
WHITE OXFORD — 32 inches ENGLISH MADRAS — in light
wide, .in the very latest weave— one colored grounds with prettv stripes
of the seasons most desirable fabrics in mercerized effects; a superior qual-
for ladies waists and suits' /»fv itv, 32 incheswide, at per -3^^
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Fashionable Dress Trimmings
It is altogether impossible to appreciate our Trimming stock
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1 — - . . ¦ i
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Ladies' Divided Skirts of Covert Cloth, for Bicycling or
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special at ip«3« /5
Stamped Renaissance Patterns I
Just received, newest designs in Stamped Renaissance Pat-
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E9 sM wjfli^^^^s^^ss^T^^y^n ¦ I
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Thursday, Friday and Saturday
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Inner Seal.
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with care.
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* A. VIGNIEB. CO.; San Francisco.
AndSaveYoirr Hardwood Floors
o o
American and European plan: 400 rooms:
suites with baths; newly fitted throughout.
All modern convenience*. Up-to-dato head-
quarters for mining and commercial men.
Army and navy headquarter*. Sample
rooms. Music at dinner hour. Located tn
center of city. Convenient to all car line*
CHAS. NEWMAN CO.. prop., formerly pro-
prietor of Richelieu Cafe. Montgomery.
Bush A Pine sts.; telephone In every room.
j o
,gii. Blindness is often caused by n»-
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**5?*f~!?S- EL painful, sore, watery or Injure ]
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&ns£mpH man Eyewater instantly relieve
all eye troubles; priae BOc. US''.
Hayerle, German Optician lest.. 1071 &Urkst*t>
B%.f0^ person
;ffi Marks j
\J \J \m ¦
Bxactly 'as pictured. Pretty Blues
nnd Reds, in "White Stripe and Check
Designs. Lined to waist, flounced
and effectively trimmed with fancy
wash braid. All sizes.
They're made of Marks Bros.'
Good-Wear Calico, that gives
goo<L wear In the washtnb as well '
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Marks Bros.' factory, consequent-
ly made rlsrht and sewed with
good, strong 1 thread that'll hold
them together until they're ripped
by the buyer.
All sizes. Flounced, lined to waist
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wash braid.
Dainty pinks and blues, cheerful
reds and neat black and white stripes
and flsures. Lined to waist and
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down collar, pointed girdle. Narrow
ruffles . cive bolero effect front and
back. Neat trimming of fancy braid.
All sizes.
0y fin —Sale Price To-Day of
O/.ZU $f50 Percale Wrappers.
Q4 /p — Sale Price To-Day of
y I MO- jus Percale Wrappers.
The priae of every dainty, feminine
heart. Beautiful designs, exquisite
' colors, trimming of fine Val. lace. All
Our elegant line" of Laces
and Embroideries can't be beat.
neither can the little prices at
which we sell them.
Send for our Spring Cata-
logues. '
1 220-22-24 MARKET STREET, \
Between Taylor and Jones.
— — —^ — — — — i
— — - aBH ¦ i

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