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No Strike in Borne.
ROME, May 1.— The Socialist manifesto,
asking the people. to leave their work to
day, was generally - disregarded. There
wag no disorder.,
SANTA ROSA, May 1.— William Welch
was arrested to-day on suspicion of hav
lr*g held up the Callstoga stage last Mon
day. . He was taken into custody by a
Grand Valley rancher, who turned . him
over to Sheriff Grace. In some particu
lars the description of the stage robber
fits the prisoner, who admits having been
In the vicinity of the hold-up. He strong
ly denies any knowledge of the crime.
He will be turned over to the ofS*""*- «f
ice. Da County.
BANTA CLARA, May 1.— Thomas Tler
ney,' -who disappeared from his home In
Ban Francisco April 11, was found work
ing to-day, In a lumber yard here. Tier
ney's wife came here from San Jose In
torch of him and enlisted the aid of the
City Marshal. The Marshal was not long
in discovering his man and inviting him
to the railroad depot on the pretense that
a telegram was awaiting him there. Mrs.
Tlerney was In the depot and after a
brief talk with her husband left with him
en the* northbound , train. No cause is
known for Tierney's disappearance.
Missing San Franciscan Is round.
Overland Train la Wrecked.
(jROSEBTJRG. Or,, May I.— North-bound
.overland tralrf'No. 16 on the Southern Pa
cific was wrecked in Cow Creek Canyon,
Ssouth of this place, to-night. The acci
dent occurred near West FoYk. Engineer
E. -I*' Gray and Firenian Arthur Strader
were* slightly injured. None of the pas
sengers were Injured.
8POKANE. Wash., May 1.— A strike
has been declared by the Mill Workers'
Union in alt the lumber mills of the city,
owing to the refusal of the mill owners
to grant an eight-hour day. ' All the
shingle mills will close to-morrow on ac
count of a demand for higher wages.
.The moRJers employed in three large iron
works quit work also, on account of the
refusal of the employers to raise the
wages from $3 50 to $4 per day.
. -JOll Hands Quit Workwo
DOS. ANGEa-ES^ May^l.— Bpes Rar£
dolph*and'*j\ A.eMulr, general managers 0
respectively* of the Pacific Electric
Lo» Angeles*. railways^ 1 to-day announced,
with the «apprQva^ of, o *President H.® BL
Hunting-ton, a substantial increase in the
p^a^ echedulo' of *ihe carmen on the two
roadf£wh$refused toss\rlke last Wed/ies
day.. Bulletin^ were posted to-day a*^ the
headquarters of each company announce
ing° that all those tfho "remained at their
posts in the discharge of their duties, not-.
withstanding th<c pressure brought to'
-bear upon them by apitator'if -to desert
tho company," were advanced two years
upon the service list in recognition of
thejrsloyali^. According to^a statement
made by Huntington, the ne^ schedule
will affect from date more than half of
the trainmen employed by the two com
panies. The present scchdule of wages
ranges from' 22 cents per hour - to 25%
cents, according to the length of service.
Galloway was a man of family and had
lived In this county twenty years.* He
was a son of J. D. Galloway, a prominent
pclitician and deputy County Recorder.
IN •A;.*BT7NA"v7AY->CCIDEN"7',
Prominent* Citizen},- of *FreBhq',* p l3
iJraggeg. Q*aarter"of a ( Mile.**Jn« *. . '
.**. - # *.\der Horse's s... '. 'Jl. .' t
•FRESNO. May 1.— Frajpk"*. Galloway*,
manager ..of. the Oleander packing house,
and'.one of the be'st krpwn cltizerjs of -Jtrila
county,*. met ajfrightful death nea'r Mal
aga this morning. He hatiVdriven to *th*e.
home of his jsrother-in^aW/HJngsley vori*
Loo, and waa unhitfhingr hls^borse, when >
the animal suddenry r.took^" fright ? aljd'
started* wildly down the r.oad. „ Xan Loo;
whei was standing £ear |jy, nb.ticed Oal-.
loway keeping pace with the horse and
cried ; -4or' him to 'releaa© *hi« bSild^'I
can't,", was th'r* reply t ,v^ #1 ' *• _
The next**moment Mr. Gallo.yay fsll.and*
for- a Quarter of a mile * was . dragged,
through the* dust under tlfs horse's hoofs."
The animal * finally*; stopped from sheer
exhaustion. When Van *£<oo reac|hed^hla
relative's side the # latter *wai Btili alive,
but he lived only, a moment. It was found
that the halter rope had formea" a noose
about Galloway's h'and, so that he .was
unable to free himself. The horse's* hoofs,
had horribly mangled Galloway's.* f ace and
head. * * "
Complain3 Bitterly of
Their Treatment of;. : ..
Inquiry. : ' ¦' 1
Governor 'Budd has grown to be a ralh
«r familiar figure in and around the Wal
dorf-Astoria corridors, as he has made
*«*veral visits East recenily in the inter
est of Mr. Hearst.
Little or no interest is fieingr taken "in
the Investigation and beyond the earning
of some handsome attorneys' fees . noth
ing tangible will result." *; ; -
Governor Budd came on at the request
of Mr. Hearst and represents him inde
pendently of the counsel employed 'by
other interests. He will remain at the
Waldorf-Astoria until the investigation is
ended. * • .
NEW YORK. May 1.— Ex-Governor"
Budd of California, who Is counsel for
\V. R. Hearst in the coal trust hearing be
fore the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion, enlivened the rather tedious pro
ceedings to-day by entering a protest
against the evasions of the witnesses for
the railroads. Ke and hi? associate courf
sel. Mr. Shearn, made emphatic protest
against what they termed the contemptu"-.
ous treatment of the inquiry by these
witnesses. ¦%
Special Dispatch to The CalL
XEW.:.YpRK, Ma*r-."l.^J.ohn/D.. -Rocke
feller •Jr. : Kufferedl sl .pap'er 1]pza of "$3,500P""
000 i*nVW r all str&.t .to-dary^.thus.'destroying'.
the.traditlbh that the-raagi<j* name* wan'
"'invincible in financial .bat'tl*es.".""The "son*
of. t*he .Sta.n"dard. Oiiiklngr. was # attempting
to force tnlteil States Leathe'r* to Daf sod
the traders who. w.enS .".shprt Jiave beerr
greatly alaryied lest He- should .accorr.iJVlsli*
his 'purpose.'* . * *' *.<*•/ " \."..\ ,?V»". ' •
• Even tKe «Roc*ke*feller^F>s$ige'" # an<i'luc*fc
were unable.s howev.?r, to/stP.mUhe "d&wn
•ward tfde and the : JUnior r bearei; of^the*
narae 'was* corapflledV'-t'o" instru*5t" % 'hls
b'roters toilet, gro-.at. Jeas"l"-a- > i»art. of'thef
.15CT.O00 ahafesf tfia^t '.h^d' teen*, thy.-basig:
of his * stupendous . carapa*igh."- "-Young 1
Rockefellei»*.ij: was # disclosed to-aajr./had a
Standing *order.- wl't.b bi3*brjjkers. > 3:bv..wll"
the entire 150,000'ehares'at' $14.*o'r";tJetter %
This meant a 'loss. of, la.SOO.OOO. 1 costing.
Interest. The «laje»U popf .in :th«? Bt'ock jen- #
countered this. glga/iCic 4 der"an.d'
the Western er«*.whA> Were;i.h jthe«'po.ql have,
retired from t*ie" - market frf'disordei;^*. 1,*^!
• ;: v.$3,5C)&,'0D6. in Wail K~j
' . ' v ii- ;s treat: BeaLiy h'Zz
. #; - _ »v. ...... • • .
.?..Filipino Fanatic Captured.
MANILA. Maxv>-"rGov,ernor Caiyes of
*La Junta- Province »an.d a^>arty«o{ volun-*
teersryeste.rday" cap.turedjRigs; the fanati
cal Filipino leader in thtet'pitrt of the Isl
and of* Luzon. . "- ..**".•* * .
last count to be made In the con
test for street fair queen until the
final count to-morrow night- 'was
made yesterday, and Miss Wini
fred Coy, the Woodmen's candidate, was*
found to be in the lead with a total pf
7415 votes. The vote of the other candi
date* follows: Miss Nellie Drown 6145,
Mies Matilda 'Wolff 54S3; Miss Marion Ken-
dalr 314C.*Mlss Jielen Knapp 2705. Miss'Eva^
Oldajcer 955,* Miss Edna Lee*950,Miss 2<ottie |
Frith POO. Miss Edith Qufnn 73o. Miss Jes? 0
,'eie Weimar 560.-^1188 Maud Graham 465. 1
The vote cast up & ; Th^f Bday morning I
amounted to 29./35 # and*ft Is expected, that I
the total willjrun as high as 150*000 «ou-J
pons. r.From riow.on It will be a»fight*in1
the dark, as.thV counting committee has
So* divulge not.hing* until othe^
final count Is made. _ ••** •• • * • a \ ,*
OF SAN BERNARDINO. ¦:*.¦¦; .« •." riiCS> ¦;- -^ ¦ & ?
° • 6.
• . * * 'i
After running them inside, the church
,the mob padlocked the evangelists on the
inside and refused to let come out
for. o a long*, time. Evangelist' St? Clair,
'who isj, ih charga of the band, is known
as the '^Georgia Cyclone," and he has
declared his purpose of making It inter
l tsting.for. the instigators of the mischief.
As a'.rt'Milt, It is expected that & number
of arrests .jwill /follow. " The citizens
claftn that the Holiness band has made it
self off enslv.e and look, upon" the threats*
• ot the leader lightly.. ' ? • o
'» -** ; "* ' , # . o .
Residents of Healdsburg Object to
Remarks Hade by Members
0 V of Holiness Band.. ~*'
, SANTA ROSA, May l.-Aoband of Ho
liness people have been given nightly ser
mons in Healdsburg for a number of
weeks past, and during this time they have
been subjected to many annoyances from
the juvenile element of o that place. After
being taunted for some time, the members
*f the Holiness band became violent and
/somewhat personal in their remarks con
cerning Healdsburg and its inhabitants.
Thursday evening a small sized mob fol
lowed the evangelists to their church and
pelted them with rotten eggs and overripe
vegeVables. '' »
5'he two tick&ts \gll*be mailed. to all
raembers^of "the association and voted on
by mall, the ballot to be*mnounced at. the
'anhual 9 meetlng to be held early In Juno.
(ftlmmedlatSly- jvfter adjournment of the
Gored Frj^lf Association the growers held
ja meeting, at which. W. P. l«y«n presided.
*A* discussion of the i affalrseof the associa
tion was had. <?The o^-ganlzatlon c jsj)rac^
tlcally dead dnd^ the officers® are "& still
larfte Ealaries. plan to cut
off thjs compensation was broached. An
pamendrrient to the<Sjy-laws was adonted
[ makin*e»* the section read that the officers
! shall receive no compensation. (i) '
work.^ ''. • *
i PHILADELPHIA, May' 1.— More lhan :
7000 mm in the building trades At uck \»J- ;
day for an increase °ln wages. Th^s ac*
tion directly affects 1000 addltiona> o work»
men, and should the strike conjinue a
week building operations will cease and
over 40,000 men wlll.be rendered idle.^ i .
i BLOOMIJSTGTON. 411., Mar«i 1.—Blootn
inKton^wltfiessed the most extensive strike
lanipng trades unidfcs to-da^ that has been
inaugurated. ln*rnany%ears. Every Tnem
ber of the C*arpenters*» Union, the Hofse- [
shoers' Union and several other minor or- '
•ganizati6"hs o 01ald down'stheir tools ihls [
morning t> the bosses.*efuse*d .to* "sign I
the newfcale.o{ wages.* 1 . "* . * m * .. i
• CHICAGQ, Ma}* l.- i Twenty-frV*e # .Kyricfred |
members'of the Laundry "Workers:* Urtion j
quit.work to-da>*j dj There^ire 500Q pt thc^e !
wofkerij* includfng laundry wagorf "driv
ers. and°iess than one-flfth ofjthe number
arg mfK..*. Chinese laundries,* ofr 'which* it I
*J3 #stima.te*d thej;e areaieaflj* 1000'ih Qhl- i
ca£o, ar'e'to be.ftivolved in thi?3 war? The
'employers^iqve* Issued a^calf for'a.meet-
Jng* of 'every ..laurtdry > prpprietor. fn .^tya
ci ty and . suburbs r .thls .*af ternoort, v ; aTid vt
•torta are -being made" to. InduVe the.Mpn
jgoya'n" washermen, tb .8t£jjjd**by Laun->
•drjjmen's. 'Association -"ia.. its' effor.ts* tb
¦'withstand 'the. deAands # bf« the jXrork'er?.*
•The strfkess .are asking Taji advance ranjr
ins fy-om :10* to.«5p/per* cett, aiji "the pro ?
•prif to'rs^ saV tKe'y cannot afjford^to. pay .tfiS.
.^advance* •. _*% 4. " ',*.. ' *, - *•.•
".08MAHA, .May *1.— Eighteen hundjed
"meh, Jnclu'dfiiff teamstersj hotel* and ' res
taujrant^eHtptoVes .-and jhpmtiGrs <}f» life.
building "ftrades, ¦• went -on 'strikjSj.'tctTflay.. j
Sympathetic* strikes tire ahtlcipafed which i
.wilj bring.'th'e .number,, on." strike t,o» 3000.*
<Thfi cky "presented ja.' Sunday ap'p.earancd.
"to-day! . Hiardly. a" wagon was t5 Ve.'seerj
.lojf . the *stre^ts 4 "all/ the \ large re'stau rajti ts*
were-Clo^d'.'and 1 the ,stood- on*,'-the
•¦corners quktfy dlscu'ssfn'g. the situation.
,ThS" # ho\e"s < . > are»not, direcUjfJaTTectedJ ,but'
"maVbe <3rawii 'ip'tp. the "trpirble.""The,hotel'
ana lnestauran't. epip^oyes 'demand a v 3ix«.
•dag. w.e"e*k/ and "..;othejr "of .ih»
l^bbrys. demand; an <npre.ase In.
'.wages s pf.frorrj,5*tq;,10uer cent, r'" V ¦.••'':. •*
'"•COtLINSVILLE, M^V J.^rTh'i -flsheVnie'rv
f»pm Rio» Vista to.. Vallej'd-h'dVe 'gong- on'i
a strike •on*accotlni«.of a .re^iietfbn,'in. thp.
prlCe of 8almo'n % by # *thlv •annolesfand d^- I
clare^that th*3y* wlrt. never jrive'.in.* They |
aret Holding qut for 4.%'cents "a-JpounOj'butt*;
"th'e "canneriesare jjot*"willlng to» gJve'jnore'l
than '.3 •enO»- > ..The •rfien.'claim'.that'./ljej
pr.ice. is so c -iov**t nat tne y caSnot^ make, a"
(U'kig,^ There" >i? som*; talk^'of the fisher"*
• men stap-tlng a ycannery-Jn., opposition Vo
.the 9 present canneries. ••*? fc . * • < T. % . .*•"'
• of boats and.nfeti**and men,
,are^ Idle on account of»> the s"trik # e. ( ,Man'y<
of the*men*have^ami)le's dependeflt'y'porf
'.thV/jm for a flying^ |ind'they nav£ \\p ofber
.wa*f of .supporting th*emselves,tJ?hose who
are willing to for the pric* offcrcjQ*
by the*feinneries are noUaJlowed t\ dr» ho*
*byothe o *greats majority, *wM> are »det«r—
mined .t£at.the«* canneries shalK?co!ne to
their*, terms. • Aftneetingwas held In Blfftk"
Diamond for Jne purpjpse of adjusting, the*
differences,, but, nothing was accomplished.
'Actor FollTPfan-. Benefit
: % for Popular .
y- •/'.'. .Keirns!' ' •:':••;
•.** * -y — *r^~'*v. * .'••
p-rp^ft'OMASjIJEIRNS, the one-time
I* popular comedian of the Central*
I Th'eater, will be* tendered. fc. mon
***» 8t£r benefit*' at? 'the •? showhouao
I * . '•?where he waV for p. .long time.
' 'K* 'star next Frlday^evening'.'/The ben- j
ItVflt.'is* arrange* -by all Jthe .actojr folk
r'in«*tb.e*£ijy and as* they are all # lntere§ted
•in it h?art and soul it'promises/Jt&* Ve a
I b.ig. succe??. *•... ~ .j '» .- *
f .ICeUn* lias, foi; sometime past Been at-^
fiicted'with'a fatal m^lady'apd^is at pre"s-
Lonf s b sick man |ind* without funds'.-
his . f rie.ndi& of^ the colony
heard of \i\%f condition theyi ded^led
once to tenddr him a,Jbeneflt. , s *
"Tommy" Keirni, as he was popularly
known,- swaa fine of. the mbstipopular a/5-,
\orsf, Vho* J ever^appear^d. at g the Central*
'Theater and wa&iknown all over tne courf
"try. as a*ff<5od fellow* and a clever^ per-t
.former.' He has hbsr^of friends in"*thJ8 # '
"cif^-and it is thelp in'tentiorf to c sentlhim
i/t'o Colorado if he is^bje to 4 stand the \riP-?
/ Talent Hrojn «the yieaters in the city wlfl
.aRp'ear^at. the*benent -Wnlfit pporKises to.
be" ttie- s'ucqbss. .of-'th^eVseason. Tickets,
"can'be'ha'd a^.tttfe^ box offices of th« Al- 4
••¦cakar -^Lnd'Ctihtrar-Ttheaters or
< o'f. *Qie" ajjtbrs ln v tovt*h'^ .. '§ -.-..V'^
•fbjj-it . gb0.wehs > meet '. > .
- -:.>.•£¦¦. Vi^^A^Val* 'session;
Two-Tickets "Are" -Nojninatqdg _ piie 'of
-.: v -.Cw^ich Favora* Wssoriution. «••*';&?
•¦•*• : ¦ .. *« • ¦**- i »s • *• • * »••¦*• ' ¦ - •*
'. : .*• V ":' : V-. -/ * "ili?5^s^ocia]fcioii.-. < :.-. •-*;¦-; •.<•> .
¦; ';SAN/JOSE*, .May. •i--^About . sixty* .rn\m : '.
ISera "of -*ihe; gacUforrfla/Cured- Frurt.'Afeso-*
jgfation..^ere pr/sent at- tnp*ahnual 'norn.^
'inati'on" convention of Jlthe » a/5sqcld.tto*n,Mn'
' Turfi '.Vere.in* Hall '.'this morning.] '.W **!"•
d.en^"l\y<joa pres\ded*/'Th¥r«f .w^'but. Ut-.
'tife^djppUBslpnl:.' **A.ttorh«jy \-i.' w -BJ' Wel^hr
wno-"j;epresent'5,2G00 «nawers"lA the matter
•6f? .the.*dissolutidn pf'tji'a ass'ocia*}lon,:pfg-
."sented the following ticket 'that/ls* in; fa-.
vW cJi liquidation ,ar»&*.th1» Swlntllitg.*up
'<ot {the "affair* of_ the.* association.: * .'; . . . *
«"*Ia*. jit/Wbltton" director .and preBidejiti^TT
Kirk, ••director andnvlce president;. R.THauvals,
•CValpey* H. 8. 'McClay, \V.' 8. 'Clayton, <J. ,
¦*V*«nVder ' U**Barnhifcel,^D. -O. Kent,«H.* J.
¦^Jall/and J.«*T. .Hlf hards; dlr^ciwy. j-^ V., ' ."
*S. &f Coulter* o*f" Sahia* RoBa*'no.miifated
the. p'r^gent*. officers for thV ensuing* year. %
!The*tick^t,M3«a s:fol t> wa: ..** * : ; .* ...
J* F. N, Woods, "president tftid^dtreotor; A. *B«r
Flettber. <-ice president and director; H.'^'G/'
JJomd, J..Bf de.Jarnftt,'AV: B. ¦\yoolsey. W. P.
*Cralrgtn. L-F.i Graham, C. Forman; 'Thomas
¦Jacob* and II. # w. # Me«kf director!. tf « *
T,heV« ip a«yactfhcy on 'the Hoard of di
rectdrji in* thtl spconda tlckpt. and it wlll.be
i" filled by. the, directors.* * ..* *• •* *
NEW YORK, May 1.— The strikes of
mechanics and laborers which had been
looked for to-day did not materialize to
the extent that had been anticipated, al- I
though a great many men, including 30,000 ;
Italian excavators, are . on strike. The j
agreement reached last. night by the raU- I
read officials and the marine engineers to j
submit their differences to arbitration put j
a stop to the general tie-up of all freight!
steamers in this vicinity. Freight con- ;
tinues to move as usual, but the demands |.
of the engineers have temporarily demor- ]
alized the movement of craft which, de- |
pend on tugboats. A number of owners t
of tugboats decided to resist the demands
of the engineers and tied their boats up, j
while in others the engineers left their j
posts. Some of the companies were suS- •.
ceesful in securing non-union men to take
charge of their engine-rooms. The situa
tion is not nearly so serious as had beer. {
looked for. The only serious aspects are
in connection with the movement of.
barges which brine New York's ice sup- j
ply and thS docking and taking to sea of j
the big oAan liners. ,o I
The strike ordered by the Teamsters j
Union last night ha? o not as yet reached j
eny proportions. The orders were issued ;
to 4000 members, but • not one-fourth of !
these quit work. j
a Some 30,000 Italian excavators, and rock ,
men engaged on the subway answered tho
call for a strike by their leader to-day, j
They ask $2 a day for all men.oexpe-j
.rienced and inexperienced, while the con- !
tractors say they can pay thisoto expo- (o
rienced men only. The strikers paraded
the -streets, each paving an American
.fltfgv' This&strike practically put a stop
'to work on the subway, and alsi? on ex- ¦
cavations for new, buildings.
•The strike of the-builermakers was sefe- ;
tied last night, and the c 8hlpyards to-day
are operating with full forces. Another j
strike 'settled to-day was that on try* j.
*Muscoot dam, the 300 men returning? to j
? NEW YORK. May 1.— With his skull
crushed in and the marks of a. cleaver on
his neck and shoulders. James Edward
McMahon, aged 37. brother of former Po
lice Justice Daniel F. McMahon, was
found murdered early to-day in the ves
tibule of the flat house in West Fifty
third street, where he lived.
In the pools of blood that were all
around the body were the footprints of
one or two men. The body was found
by Matthew McArdle, 14 years old, who
lives on the top floor. The boy ran to a
partolman, notifying him of the murder.
"McMahon lived with his brother-in-law
and'an unmarried sister. The family gave
the police little Information which threw
any light on the murder. George Mlschke,
who occupies an apartment on the ground
floor, said he -and his family had been
awakened atftut 3 o'clock by hearing: a
pounding noise in the hallway. | Mischke
said he thought there were at least three
men in the hallway. He said he heard
the struggling from one end of the hall
to the other, was afraid to look out
Finally he heard ttys door slam, he says,
and heard men walking away. ®.
MgMahon, "it is learned,, left his broth
er-in-law's ' apartments at 5 o'clock last
evening, saying he would return in a
short time. The police say that between
midnight and°l o'clock this morning Mc-
Mahon was 1J a hotel in Harlem. "They
think that perhaps he was followed by
rough characters, and after being mur-/
dered was robbed.
Police Believe That the Crime
Was Committed by
Building Trades in Philadel
phia May Be Tied Up
MutilatecL Body of a
J4an Is Found in a
Thirty Thousand Italians
Demand Increase
of Wages.
Count of the Ballots Thus Far Cast for Queen of the San
Bernardino Street Fair Shows That Miss : Winifred-Coy
Has Gained a Slight Advantage Over Her .Competitors
OUT MAY 3, 1903.
BE ISSUED ON MAY 10, 1903,
DAY; MAY 3; /'.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Tak,« Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets."- All
druggists refund the money if it . fails to curs.
E. W. Grove's signature Is on each box. 25c. •
. . . ,. . . - - . .... . . -. - . . ...
Social progress has done away with a
treat many forms of punishment once
Kdmisistered under the laws of enlight-
ened people. But nature never changes
cr modifies her penalties. She still has
— - . the same punish-
«. ment for the man
jff\ * who neglects or
-/^V- -/^i-yv abuses his stomach
fifty C^/PlfJ as she had in tho
•5* O&Sr far off da vs n ¦when
Kjr Adam delTed and
A^j^SdL Eve span." ,
ff&sfl&Ssk e phj & ieal dis-
•*y/*9j fef% ccaifort, dullness,
ilk #)m elug^ishness", irri-
\.\ 9 tabOity, nervous-
|«tej r«rt ness an(^ eleepleas-
fl vV V / ness which are
Mv (j / visited upon the
»SA \f man irho eats care-
rar si lessly or irregularly
l^j t hare been from the
Vp B beginning the evi-
n dences of disease of
/ .JPt- PI j ¦! % the stomach and its
/ '^ytl j^j \ \ associated organs of
/ !^^^J- I \ \ digestion and nu-
(j»(M(*««p^ i ~^ tntion.
mmr Dr. Pierce's Gold-
en Medical Discovery cures the diseased
6toffl*cfr and enables the perfect digestion
and assimilation of food, so that the
eluggishness, irritability, nervousness and
sleeplessness which result from innutri-
tion are cured also.
«I was taken eick nine year* afo'with ferer.»
writes Mr. M. M. Wardwell. of Un wood. Leaven-
wonh Co.. Kansas. "Had the doctor aad he
broke up the ferer all ri*rbt, but I took diar-
rhoea rig-ht away: he couldn't cure it and it
beesune chronic and then he rave up the case.
I rot so weak with it aad bad piles so badly I
couldn't lie down, nor hardly sit up. Was
that way two or three months : thought I would
' never be well a^ain,' but picked up one of Dr.
Pierce's Memorandum Books one day and saw
rour description of eaUrrh of the rtowach. I
thournt it hit mv ease. "We had a bottle of Dr.
PiercVs Golden Idedical Discovery tn the house
that was arot fcr mother. You recommend «t for
»tarrfa of the stomach, so I went to takingit.
1 he one bottle nearly cured me. I «<* two bot-
tle* nert time and took • n «« n £« Be^f,J f J??°
wac well I haTtn't been botkertd with diar-
Dr. Pierce's PcllcU cure buiouaness.
® A Guaranteed Cur© for JPlles.
pitching, BHm, Bleeding or Protrudinfir'PlIee.
.Vour druggist^rill refund your money If PAZO
OINTMENT falls to cure you.) 50 cents. • .
° To CHICAGO Defy,,
Seek' the " Best:
o SANTA FE 'TBAINS. *.' ./
° Leave Market-strjet Terry l5«pot. t*' •
• a . * '. f Local I Llro'cl I IjoqaI iCfv'rra*
° I Dally I Daily f Daily |* Dally
LV San Fran.... S:0Oa 0:30a 4:00'pT 8:*0O p
Ar Stockton .... 11:10 a 12:08 p 7:10 p 11:15 p,
"Merced l:20p 1 :-»0 p ........ "f a
J* Fresno / 3:20p 3:0Op...«.. 3:1.'. *i
.'•Hanford 5:0j)p 3:51 p ....'... TrW**'
'."VlsaUa ...... lOtZSp 4:48 p ..'..^r. *6:00a'
'* Bakersfleld .. 7:10 p 6:60 p .. .J..*. ,7:3tfa*
" Kansas City.. .,'. 2 :35 a . . .„*•. • , .7 :2O«a
i "Chicago •-.*•••. >2 :y p ¦ »¦..;/! -8:47 p'
,' a* for morning, p for afternoon. .*.» * -
8:00 % m. Daily is DakprsReld Local, stop-
ping at all points. In San Joaqnln V alley. Core
responding train arrivra at. 7:.V> a. m. dally.
**9:30 a. m. Daily la the. CAZO7OK2rZA
LIMITED, carrying Palace Sle<*ptn*a; Cars
and Dining Cars through to Chicago.^ .Chair
Car runs to Bakersfleld for accommodation of
lecal flrst-class passengers. Xo.secon'd-elass
tickets are honored. on tnis* train, Correspbnd,-
ifig train arrives at 11 :10 p. *xn. "daily. . » . •
4:00 p. m. 1«. Stockton iocal. -Corfespontllng .
train 'arrive* at •"ll:105a.^m:«daJly. . # *. *-' v*
8:t» p. m.« Is ftie » Overland.' Express, '.with .
through Palace •and Toifiist SJffpVra and Ft?';
.Recllnins; Chair 'Cars <to «?hlcago;* also .'Palace
# fy»pe»r. which cuts 'out at Frfsno. Corresncnd--
¦ Ing train arrives a{.*6:00.p< vn. dally. * •
•. Personally • conducted parties -for JCanVas,
City. Clflcago and.'East Jeave San Francslco
every • Jd(pnday, *"TjJur«da^ r and . Sa^ilrday . aU »
rrk '.. # .•* . . •«* f' ' - ' . I ..;
• Offices— tUVMarkej -street "and Nn, ferry De*-
pot. Sag.FrarfMspo; J112 Broadway ;a "<7akland. *
.••¦•.*•» bail Wat ? compaht. *"-••«*
••..vTibuWniTfjrry^Pootrof Market St.*. • ;
WEEK, D'AyS— 7.:80. {T:0O, 11:00 a; *rrL.: : 12:3?.'
. "3:30, B:10,1J:30 p. .m.*. Thursday s — Extra trip'
• .at n%30-j>. m. Saturdays-;Extra> .trips m.C
• j*l:60.*and .•1.1:30 p**mt • ..• . • *.\ V"
•SV.VDAYS— 8:00;*9:30, ll!00 a. rh; 1^30. '3:30,
"•'6:00 andVfr-.2O d.'ttv "%•.•*• ;. .'*'.\*:
'SAif" BAFJ[EX.'?O SAJr".*rrA3CCISCd..
WEEK •DAi'S-'&:0S. .7.-33." \< 50, •'9:20, 41'il3
• 'a/rfiN KihO.:3:4(i .O-.Tn)- 6».2O p.* mt •SatuV-
• »• dayv— Extra, trips aC 2:05 and'*3:35 i>." mT. •• •
SUN1MI8-8 :00 J» -*HV ll.*:15.a. m*. ; 1 :40,. 3 :4O,.
•'*.4-:aS'.**:05. 6:2ij.D>m. » . .•'.'.'• •? .', Tt
x r.*«. t , « : i-, • *\ • . .• ••'• •.
. ."Leave* "'.I* •.*hi*>:ffee^. '[. **Arrlva -..'
SaiyFtancl»co.[». j Ma^ 4. 1902.'. | San EranefUeo.
• Week (• 8u/»-.'!."-* rvrtlna- , 'I'-gun* J.Weelt •
• Days.'-I.days. |_. 'tlon.' % x « '(.days. | Days..
» 7:30 ai 8 :OO aj f^Jjrpacio *. O:JO'a| ».:*<>"»'
t3:3O pT*':3*ra] j^^iixT *. 10:40 *a| 8:40 a'
• 5:10 j)| «3:00*p| : ».* C:OG^i «;20 p
7:30 at8:00.aL. PetSlunia V 10:40 arl «:-lrt a*
..*i:3«>*t>|. n :RC*» , *. on* '» .J .6:05 dJ10:20 a.
• 6*10. p| 6:<.»0 rf Santa Rosa- 7:2tt pl'g^Uj. p
. «• ~ **. "Fulton **.• . w ~* • I ' I
:7:30 a •• . " rf •..Windsor* • ••10:20 a*
. *. • " •fl:00»p Heal'diburir • 10:4O a *• '.*•
• .. o . * . 'Lyttort •••••*
**•¦ • . *. Geyservill*.. % *• . . ••
»:S0 p 8:00^ t C^verdalc . 7:35 pi. 8:20»p
7:30 al 8:00 aj . Hopland- IN>:40 a|10:20 a*
3::t0 < j»l j 6:00 p|* UkUh , 1 7:35 g| p
7:a(T ar8:OO.a| *WUUta *.| 7:33 p|' 0:20 *p
7:30 al 8:00 al Guernevllle I 7:A p|10:20»a
,8:30 p| 5:0Q»p1 *\ |1(P.4/)<b| 8:20 p
7^0 arl .SiOO,!! . . Sonoma * •! 9:10*a| 8:40 a'.
• SflO pi r>:00 p| * Glen Ellen pj «:2». p-
7«0 al 8:00 al ''Sebaatopol .110:40 <1O:2O a
3p> P| 6:0»p| # .. »; yj 7:35 gj. 6:20 p.
Stages conntct at Santa Rosa for Mark Weet
Strings and White Sulphur Springs: at Fulton
for Altruria.; at Lytton for Lytton.3prinr»: at
G«yiervlll»-for Skaspi Springs; at aoverdalo
for the Geysers and Booneville; at Hopland for
Duncan Springs, Highland Springs. Melseyvllle
Carlsbad Springs. Soda Bay. . Lakeport »nd
BartUtt Springs; at Uklah for Vichv Springs.
Saratoga Springs, Blue Lakes. Laurel Dell
Lake, Witter Springs. Upper Lake. Pomo Pot-
ter . Valles. John Day's, Riverside. Llerley's,
Huekneirs.oFanhedrln Heights. HullvlKe, Orr's
Hot Sprtngn, Half-way House. Corjjptehe, Camp
Stevena, Hopkins. Mend%clno.»Clty. Fort Brae?
Wes'port, Usal: at Wllllts for Sherwood, Cahto'
Covelo, Laytonvllle, Cummings Bell's Sprlnas'
Harris. Olsen's, Dyer, Pepperwood. Scotia and
Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at re-
duced rates. i
On Sundays^Round-trtp tickets to all points
beyond San Rafael at half rates.
Ticket office, 660 Market it.. Chronicle
General Manager. ' Gen. Paaa. Agt.
Leave ' Via Sausalito Ferry Arrive
San Fran. Foot ofMatVet St. San Fran.
K da^ n-M'"***!.- 3 ua ' Week
J«y* *±T±_ Days.
l-nl' 10-en a" *-«-."*«mU«».*»-W» W^J'. |:Wr. j
~I~Z. liSE "TWiiiiFTmiFiir s:*!'"- —
V....... l.lSr.] oya^'^j^moi. . j:Jj,"T —
"UTU8UIS B»L!-l«n Tuira !:18 j. imn SiJTfWllJjr
Weak Men and Women
t, r*n,ra w^"'^;^: &%U£
Trains leave and sredne to arrive at
(Ms'b Una, foot of Market Strset )
L»at« — F»om Ar»lL 5. 1903. — iimi
7. 00* Benlcla. Sulsnn, Zlmlra aad Sacra-
mento 7-25*
700a VscaTtUe. Winters. Rumsey. 7-2$r
7.30a Msrtlnex, San IJacion. Valltjo.
Nap*. Calistogs, Santa, Rosa—..,. 8.25f
. 7.30a JJlles. Lat&rop. s;ock:on 7.25f
8. 00* D»»H. Woodland. Knlehta Landing;
liarrsTille. Orovllle. (connect*
at Msry ivKIe for Gtidley. BlgZ*
andChleo) 7-55f
8 00* Atltstlc Express— OzdeasndBasi. 10 25*
8-00* Port Costs, Martinez. Aatlooh.
g>_ . Tracy. Stockton, Sacramento^
Los Banos. Mendota, Uanford.
Vltallv Portervlllo m4.25»
B-00* Port Costa, Martinez. Latarop. Mo
* detto, Merced. Trtsno, Cosben
Junction. Bakenfleld ".'...... 62Sf
8- 30* Shaata Express— Davis. 'Viiuams '
¦ .¦ ¦ (for Bartlett 8prln»»). "Willows.
• tPruto, Red Bluff, Portland 7-55r
' X30* Nllen, Han Jom, Llvermore, Stori-
••,i <s\ ton.Ione.Sacramento.FUeerrUlsi,
Marj»Tll!e. Cnlco. Ked Bluff 4 25*
8-30* O.«kdale. Cninese, Jsmeitown. 3o- •
. • nora. Taulumne snd Anceis ..... 4 25i"
.0.00* Martinez and Way Stations. 6 S5i»
1000* Vall«Jo_.^...-. 12.2S*>
diOOO' CrenrrntCltT Express. Eaxtbotind.
* •.. • —Port Coata. Xrary, Latbrap,
. V Stockton. Merced. Rsfmoad.
s '£) Fresoo, Bakersfleld, Los Angeles
¦ V - aad New Orleans. (Wp«tbouB4
":.,,'' arrtTes as Pactnc Coast" Cxpresa.
•• * 41a Co«rc Line) «1.30t
10 03* Thn Orerland Limited'— Ogdea,
• • ¦ Denyer, Omaha, Chicago. 6 25?
•.1200* 'Uywirrt. .Nl!r» and Way Station*. 3 25»
- tiOOr Saeramento l!lver Steamers... .....tii.OOy
• 3 JOr Benlcla, < Winter*. &aerai*enra\
" *. • Woodland, Wllilamit Colaia.JTU- •
laws, KnlKht* L.sadini. Marys'
' ¦ trne,OroTille...; TAuXZJ 10:58*
3 30p ,H«f war J. Nlles aad Way lMtlno«» 7.55 •
4 00j* Martlnrz.SanlUmoii.Vallejo.Xa^a,
• v Csllctotfa, Unufto....,.'... ... •) ?5*
4-00r Martlaez. Tracy. Lathrop.S^>ektoa. 1025a
-*C0p Nlles, LlTermore. S'-ockton. tod!., A.ZSr
••430r Uaywtrd. Nllea. IrrlnKtoa. S«n ( *8 55*
¦ jj Joat, LlTermoro.. ........... — ( tli.55*
• 6 00p Tbe Owl Limited— Fresno. Tular* . -
• *. ' JJaksraaeld.LosAngsl**; eonneo- .
' . x - ¦ tUm.*8aa?u* for bantk Barbara. . '
,.' - carrie* Golden "tate Ltmlted
.• Sleeper Sunday* and Wednes-
.r •' daj».nntll Aprliao. ;.. 888a
. 6..00F Port Costa, Tracy. Stocitoa. Lo*
.• Banoa ...,:....7I..... 1225*
• tS-30r Nlles, San Jose Locs4 7.25*
. 8-OOr lliyward. Nile* and Sao Joi*. «, 1025*
. 800J". Oriental Mall— Ogden, DeaTer.
•' ,. Omaba. St. Looi* , Cblcago. , <N* .' *> '¦
* \ * d«y coacne* run on thl« trala
M ~ , m ' " Ktweea Baa FrancUco aad •
• #7 .00*; -Boniet Limited* (learn Tla Cout
.-•.._•• Llnej Eaatbonad). - New York.
•.:•.' New Orleans. Lm Aagelea. * *
£*.• . .* Fre«no, Bcrenda, Rarmond. Mar- I
•••:'. m >. .tln«z. (AniveaTla Sap Joaaota
¦' + Valley WeitUaond) *82tA
' • 7 00p. Ban Pablo, Fort Costa, Marlines •
'.'. v . .ntwij butlon*. .....11.23*
•t700».yallejo 768*
¦ 7.00r Sacramento, Track**. Beno and
. *• * * Intermediate Station! 7-85*
f'l.OBr Oregon * California Express— 8«o>
'.-, , •• ramento. Uaryirille, Bedding;
' • *- Portland. Puget Sound and East. 859*
XBAQr Bayward, NUu and San Joae (6oa-
• day only)., a '.. t11.88a>
•*11.2o> Port Costa, *Trscy, Latb-op. Mo-
. * . detto, MerccJd.KaymonC. Fresno*. 12 23f
?-. .*. * Haaford. VUalta. Bakenfleld...... t.2J>'
• • * T*oot of Market Street.) •
'" J7^4S* Santa ' Crux Excursion (Sanday
.-*• only).. v a j805»
*.8-15* Kewark. Centerrllle. San Jc^e,
• . * . ., Felton. Bonlaer Creek, Santa
•* *.* Cni and War Stations 6-BOr '
t2-15r Kewark, CenterrUle, . 8aa Jose.
. . *• .* 'New Altnadea.Loj Gatos. Felton.
*•** * . 7 Boulder Creek, banu Crus vxC
, Principal War Buttons! 10 50a
i" .4.15r Tfewark. Baa Jose, Los Gates (nn
.«*. - . Saturday and Sunday rnns
.*• * throng h to Santa Cms. connects V-«.
• at ."V'e.ion for Bonldf.r Creek.
** * Mfgdsy only from Santa Crox).. t9-80*
rrom SAM r iCANCISCO. foot of Market St. (SltpS)
• • r-nn* »:C0 11:00 iJU 1.00 3 00 8.18 •>.*
From OAKLAND. Foot of Broadway — ti>:ix> tJ:O#
*<:(» 10:00 am. 1 2 Ofj 2 00 4 00 ru,
/ CdAST LIN E* <Broad tiaaa;.}.
< Tnlrd and Towntend Streeta.j
6-10* Ban Jose and WayOtations 7J0f
• t/ 00* 8aa Joie and Way Stations. < '.S.30r
•/7.00* Ksw Almadea.. ...*....* /410*
17.15* Monterey and Santa Crax Excur
" *t;>n (Sunday only) ,' 18.38V
140a Coa«t Una Llmltci— Stop* (-jlySaa
• * m » Joae. Gilroy. HotilaMr. Pajaro," - * '
** • . CattroTllle,' Sallnaa. San Ardo,
* Paso Boblea. Santa Margarita,
** San Luis Ubispnt, vSusdalapa, • ' .
* * Su»f, Lorapoc. ianta Barbara, . - '
• . * • San Boenarentara, Santa Paul*. • '
. * B»nrjJ», Loj Attifi'les. (Conneo- •
* * S tlorvrrotc 3an*% Cru tad Moa- * •
1 » •. • terey) ..:.«........ ,..._i 10«5»
•flOOOt Pacinc Coast Express Heares Tta
• *• San Joaqnln Valley, feutbound.
• . » as Crescent City Expret*).— New *
-» Orieaa*. Los Armeies. 8anta Bar»
• * Yi •bars. Paclfle Grove. Del Monte.
- (Arrtres tU Coast Llaa Wsst- '. .
•*.. bound)..... ¦ • I.J5,
• IOC* Ban Jose. Tres Pinos, Capttola.
BantaCrnx.Pael flc Orove.Silinaa.
San Luis Oblspo and Prlncloal
*I___ _ Intermediate BtaUoos .......... 4.19F
395S A S' a Joto ¦*"* w »» Stations .. t.20»
11.30* San Jose, Los Gatoa and Way Sta-
tions 6 30r
•H?/ 2" n J . Oie tnd w *y Stations'.i'llir.". x 7X0»
Jill* SL* n Jote • nd WtT Sutlons 11000*
W.00i> IM Mont. Expre»*-9.nta CTant.
8*n Jo«e,0!lroy. Ilnlllster.Santi . -
Crux, Del Monte, Monterey. Par
eJneeroTe, Salinas and Principal
Station* l?.1Sr
M0* Bnrllagame. San MatVo" Red" w«^Y.
Menlo Park. Palo Alto Mayflsld,
Mountain View. Lawrence, Santa
„ __ " ' Clara aad San Jose.. 8. 3 ".*
Klnt -¦ aJ ,'» < »'OI!roysndWay StaUoa«t104S*
t54)0P Ban Jose, Los Oatos aad Principal
..... .WayBUMoas, t900*
gf.' 2»»JoseandPrtae1palWayStaHons tS.OO*
t».1 6> San M ateo. Belmonu Bere»f ord.San
Carlos, Redwood, Fair Oaks.-
?»_ Menlo Park. Palo Alto....'. .' t8 48*
¦JOp ffka Joae and Way Buttons. 834U
4J0» Bonset Limited. Eaatbound.— Saa
Lais Oblspo, Santa Barbara. Los
Anar-le*. Demlag. SI Paso. Now
Orleans. New Trrfc. {Westbouad
.««'<. _.»niTesTl»SanJo»«iutnVaUey)... rf 2"»
r!Ml p ?'"° Alto and Way Stations.. 1Q4Se
• 11.46f>BaaJo»« and Way Suttona ta^Sy
, A for Mornlns. P for Afteraoon.
,' X . f »t«Tday and Sanday only.
I Stops at all autloas on Sunday.
•Sunday excepted. : Sunday only. .. .
« Saturday onlV. - •
4 Conneeti at Ooshen Jo. wits trains for Htr.forJ,
_ Vl sails. At Fresno, tor VUaila Tta Saat«*>
•Tla Coast Lrae. /
/Taeadayaad Friday.
•» ArrlTe Tla Nllea.
a Dally except Saturday.
•"¦Via San Joaqnln Valley. _ _^_
T Btopa Santa Clara south bound only. Conaaow
txccDt 3uad»». tor aU polnu Narrow Oaaca.
Weekly Ci $1.00 n I»
•?>"/• • .**' •.'ADVEBTISEMENTS0.V% . •'
H6$d\s % Sd£sqparitla
Ulas..\vo'r>^su J ccc^9; far^cyond-tKe' effect
" r Q{j'adv > ertising_prlljl.^ *>. "r\.* •' .;.'!'./' Ji.
' *Its wo"n i der.f\ih*pojp\ilarit^'is explained
by its {unapproachable* «r<»r/f.-;'V- •'|. # ' '.:
' Ba^d* -tippn" •* a i' -ivrebcription * l t y?hich
r cuj*ed : people* considered incurable, r *j
¦Hood's $dfk*tpdrilla ;
•MJnijc/.*the Jbe.stiknowh" .v-eKetab]e^r.emy
m» s'uch" ff-^a'jr'^is *to..1iave •cura.^jvc
' ppwjf r T ' pecul{aV to" itsjlf. " • \- v . V.VJ ." . '
'^•Iji*"cure% 61 sjfroTula.'ecze'fnaJvpsori-
:'_a?is,-and*every""kind of-humot, as'.weff*as*
*caf a^iK 'and jdieumaJism-r-TJr'.cCve' *.»" ."'* •*•
: S',Sdfsapg:f:ilta r
'^herb'est^blojpdjjurificr, ever, produced./ -:'
?".^ts-,cures. pKdy^pe^ia^ los's •^{•'appeV*
'litVahd-tliat.tirVd. feel'injr\;*ffl^k*s'' it»*h'e.
'greatest* s{pnijach.*tph*ic .ajid rei*
* s]f or or the Avorld'h'aV «*ver. kn v owri:«v"/* '„'•
* Begin ,ta*ra^e'' it TO-UAX^'". V*' :'
T^ ~T * -•-'• • . V •• . o
". ~\ • .* * " • '"' • •
f A CURE IN J»8 HOUR&, , ***
'® ® _®_ BAILWAY TB^AVEIJ. ,. '
hto san rar&el,
san quentin,*
mill valley;
cazadero, etc.
via Sausalito Ferry
, WEEK DAYS (Holiday*, exceptect— 6:45,
t»7:45. 8:45. 8:45, 11 a. m.. 12:20. »1:45, 3:15.
4-15.t3:l">. *8:15. «:45. 9. 11:45 p. m.
7:45 a. m. train week days Uoeu hot run to
Mill Valley. (*>
t8 +*9 t'10. «. -tll:80 a. m., U2:30, t*l:30.
2:!l5. ?3:60. B. 6. 7:30. 0. 11:45 p. m. .
lYalns mark«d(») run to San Quentln. Those
marked (t) to Fairfax, except i5:15 pr ra. Sat-
urdays. On Saturdays the 3:15 p. m. train
runs to Fairfax. ••
—Week days— 6:28. t«:2.\ 7:40. 8:15. $0:35.
11:05 a. m.. 12:30. /2:20, J3:W. 4:00, 6:30.
6:45, 10:20 p. m. -
SUNDAYS— 6:15, 7:35. J8:10, 9:40. J10:55.
111:45 a. m.. 12:50. 2:30. J3:25. 4:40, J5:5O,
6:65. 7:35. 10:20 p. m.
Trains marked <t) start from San Quentln.
CISCO — Week days— 5:46. 6:40. 7:45. 8:25.
9:45 11:10 a. m., 12:40, 2:45, 6:15, 6:10. 7:05,
10:40 p. m.
SUNDAYS— 6:35. 7:55. 10, 11:10 a. m.. !
12:06, 1:05, 2:40. 3:45. 4:55, 6:05, T:10, 10:40
7:45 a. m., week days— Cazadero and way
stations.. - •-¦ ' \
. 6:16 p. m., week days (Saturd&ys exoepted)—
Tomales and way stations.
8:15 o. in., Saturdays — Casadero and way
station) 1 . - :, ' . " '•• •-¦¦;;:'
.Sundays and Legal Holiday*)— 8 a. rn., Caza-
dero an J way stations. -
Sundays and Legal Holidays— 10 a.' in., Point
Reyes and way stations.
-TICKET OFFICE— 626 Market st /
i FERRY— Foot of. Market at, " • V
, - ADVEmSEMENTS. '_.;.'
¦ His aim was not surer than that of A
j Hood's Sarsaparilla, which always H
a hits the disease.' \ \
£1 ¦ t^ j j 1 \ .^*s^sTt^^^TL^l^* ' vTsl ¦
jf Be sure to take •Cj^'^g-^1. A
Hood'i %MJ
1 This Spring — it will rid: you qI that humor that I
1 makes you break out, "that takes away your appe- I
1 tite and strength and makes you feel v sick. 2
A Take Hood's Pills, also, if you are bilious or I
p constipated. m
I • E. S. Bertachie, Hannibal, Ohio, lays: V I took Hood'a |j
H Saraaparilla in the spring and it purified my blood and ||
¦ gave me a good appetite, and made me feel much better.'* -,~ S
B Maggie Perkins, Yale, Ilia., tays: "We have used ||
9 Hood's Saraaparilla In our family for years and have always o
m found it as represented, a good spring medicine." I]
W ' Ralph Rust, Willis, Mich.j says: "This spring pimplea ||
3 oovered my face and troubled me very much about shav- |]
I ing. I took a bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla and the pirn- P
ij plea are all gone." ? tj
| Mrs. William Howell, Quogue, N. Y., says: " I have \\
y been UBtng Hood's Sarsaparilla in my family for years as t ]
1 a spring medicine. Have found none equal to it." ||
ft Accept no Substitutes for Hood's Sarsaparilla and Pills. ' a

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