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Miss Fischer swore to a warrant next
day for "Alvarado's arrest and he. : left
the city. He returned about a month
ago and as he promised to be good she
wanted the warrant withdrawn, but' the
Judge refused. Alvarado has since. been
pesterlns her and Friday night he forced
his way intCher house. • She called a
policeman and had him arrested.
Alvarado had been paying attention to
Annie Fischer, a young woman living at
574 Howard street and employed In the
factory of Levl Strauss & Co. She had
told Alvarado. to cease visiting her and
on the evening of January 2, while she
was on her way home from the factory,
Alvarado sprang upon her at the corner
of Ecker and Second streets, knocked her
down^and cut her on the head four times
with ya knife. Two girls who were with
Miss/Fischer screamed and Alvarado ran
Jasper Alvarado appeared before Police
Judge Mogan yesterday on a charge of
assault to murder and after belne in
structed and arraigned the case was con
tinued till Tuesday.
Jasper Alvarado Arrested on an Old
Charge of Asaault to
Mr. Mitchell, in referring to the present
prosperous condition of the country, said
the greatest fear entertained by him is
the possibility of over-speculation.' "It
mey not be amiss," said he, "to sound a
note of warning. I believe that Is the
province of the bankers of. the country;
tlie promoters get' people to assume great
obligations and the bankers have to find
the coin with which to meet them. Bo
cause the last five years have been ex
ceptionally prosperous, many people are
inclined to believe that the conditions
v/ill last forever. In the East we are a<l
viflng people to prepare for a reaction;
nothing calamitous, but Just a sort of
breathing spell. There is a possibility of
a falling off of business for a time and
If there should be. It might prove hard for
those who have been speculating entirely
on paper."
"In Chicago," said Mr. Mitchell, "wo
have nearly as many franchises in op
eration as we have streets and the unfor
tunate feature is that they have been
granted without any idea of uniformity.
For instance, some have been granted
for ninety-nine years and others, if their
wording was given a literal construction,
would run on forever. The whole matter
is in such a shape that 1 would not dar<9
to even make a guess as to what the out
come will be. If you would not leave a
legacy of travail to your children and
your children's children, Jook out for your
street railway franchises. Adopt some
definite plan for the granting of them and
make sure that all grants are uniform."
John J. Mitchell, president of the Illi
tiois Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago,
and who was appointed some months ago
a member of the committee of ten to
straighten out the entanglements Involv
ing the street railway franchises of the
Windy City, arrived here yesterday with
the members of his family and ls^regls
ttred at the Palace. Mr. Mitchell has
b€tn spending a fortnight In Southern
California and Is much enraptured with
what he has seen of the State. He is
greatly interested in the street railways
of this city and especially in the proposi
tion of franchises.
The demurrer interposed by the Police
Commissioners to the petition of C. E.
Ritter, a Presidio saloon-keeper, for a
writ of review of the proceedings of the
board which resulted in the loss of Ids
liquor license was sustajj»ed by Judge
SI08S yesterday and the petition was d'ss
Review Denied Hitter.
Rev. Alexis Stein, Called
to St. Pau'l, Is on
the Ground.
The " pulpit 6f St. Paul's, the leading
Episcopal church of Oakland, will be
filled to-day by Rev. Alexis Stein, of Lake
Placid, N. Y., who has come to the coast
to look over the field, preparatory to giv
ing his answer to the urgent offer which
has been made him by the vestry of that
parish to fill the vacancy, left by the
death of Rev. Robert Ritchie last No
vember. The reverend gentleman will
spend two weeks in Oakland before his
return to the East.
Since the rectorship of St. Paul's has
been" vacant, after an incumbency of
eleven years by the former rector, it hag
been a cynosure toward which many of
the Episcopal ministers of the coast have
been turning their. eyes. It is generally
understood that several aspirants from
the local field have submitted their names
to the vestry without success. A man
from the East has been the desire of the
congregation, and Rev. Mr. Stein has
been selected as the pastor desired, under
the strong personal recommendation ot
Bishop William F. Nichols.
As pastor of the parish at Lake Placid,
in ! the Adirondacks, one of the popular
New York summer resorts, Mr. Stein has
acquired a . reputation throughout the
East as a' forceful preacher and an Inde
fatlguable worker. Both at Lake Placid
and at St. George's Church, New York,
where he is preaching assistant durins
the winter months, he has had congrega
tions composed ot the aristocracy of the
metropolis. He was at one time asso
ciated with Rev. Frederick Clampett, now
rector of Trinity parish, in this city.
Should Dr. Stein decide to accept the
call to Oakland, he will be in possession
of a parish which is considered one of
the best in the diocese of Northern Cali
fornia." "A building fund, established by
the last rector, has advanced to promis
ing proportions, and the parish list- of
five hundred contains the names of some
of the wealthiest of Oakland's society
folk. " . 7
Smuggled Silks Seized.
Customs Inspector Bennington seized on
the steamer San Juan yesterday two en
velopes in the local mall bag. each o*
which ..contained three- valuable silk
sashes, manufactured in Guatemala.
They were sealed in the envelopes, which
were addressed "Charles E.-Pesoll, chief
clerk of the P. M. S. S. Co. .for W. . R.
Kelly." The sashes were not on the
ship's manifest and -were confiscated as
smuggled goods. Kelly was a passenger.
Banker John J. Mitchell
Sounds a Note of
XT T • ' ( ¦ i
Whisky struck down Mary "A. Ward
yesterday as she was sitting on the steps
of the Hall of Justice. She was .placed
In a police ambulance for removal to the
Harbor Emergency Hospital, but died be
fore reaching that institution. The body
was afterward identified at the morgue
by Mrs. Fabian, matron at the City
Prison. Mrs. Ward was arrested on Fri
day night on Sixth street by Policeman
Kelly for drunkenness, and spent the
night in jail. After being discharged in
the morning, with other drunks, she sat
on the steps of the Hall of Justice' and
became unconscious." When in the prison
she said that she lived at Thirty-first and
Mission streets.
Whisky Kills Mary Ward.
Glendon Free to Play Ball
Martin Olendon is free to pitch for the
San Francisco Vaseball team of the I'a
<".Jic National League if he so fleets a*icl
¦as he has contracted to do. Judge Mvi
rasky granted yesterday the motion to
dissolve the injunction preventing Git-n-
VJon from pitching 'with the local tea:n
and Issued on complaint of Manager
Michael Fisher of the Sacramento club of
the old league.
Suguka Pleads Guilty.
R. Suguka pleaded guilty in the United
States District Court yesterday to an m
dictmejit charging him with having smug
gled four doten silk handkerchiefs. He
will' be sentenced to-morrow.
Fclectlon, "Tannhauter" " .*. .-...'... Wagner
Overture, "Mtrelle" .'.'-... Oouno-.l
A novelette. "In a Cozy Corner" .rttratton
"My Old Kentucky Home," with varia
tions for all Instruments Dalbey
"Mosaic." from "Martha" Flotov,-
Grand selection, "Lea Cloches des Corne
vlllc" .' I*lanqu»tte
March, "Dreamy Eyes" Lampe
Overture, ••Stradclla". . . . y Flotow
¦\Valtz. "Morning Journal". Straucs
Solo for euphonium, "FantaBla Bohemian
Girl" - Balfe
W. H. Colverd.
Music Programme at the Park.
The following music programme "will be
rendered at Golden Gate Park this after-
If you are not satisfied with your shoe
dealer, call at 539 Eleventh street, Oak
land, and see our special shoe sale.
Men's working shoes $1.00 a pair; ladles'
ties 25c a pair. 'A great chance for you.
Make the most of it. ¦»
You will, save at least 25 per ceht on
your shoe account and still have the
beet of wear.
The upshot of the whole thing will prob
ably be a distribution to Lane's heirs-at
law of lais estate. No one seems to know
of their whereabouts, but it is expected
that some live attorney for "absent heirs"
will find. thorn a-plenty. Thus it is that
Collins, through his stupidity and Ignor
ance, loses a paying business. In expla
nation of the remarkable state of affairs
h« has given ( out that the wills were
drafts, one of which the testator was to
copy and thus make a valid document.
Will number three was essayed while
the ink on number two was still wet. In
it Lane bequeathed all his estate to Col
lins and his wife, and named Collins as
executor, to serve without bonds. The
third will is a fitting tinale to the comedy
0/ errors played by the dying man and
Collins, for it- was signed by Collins, just
a«j if the property was already his and
the will was his last testament.
So much for will number one. Number
two also purported to be a holographic
will. In -it Lane left his saloon business
to Collins and made several cash bequests
t^friends. This document, like the first,
also contained corrections made by a
strange hand, and In addition bears no
signature, and so, like the first, is value
Whether either of the threes wills left
by the late John Lane, the well-known
proprietor of the saloon at 202 McAllister
street, is a valid document Is a question
that is bothering the legal luminaries, and
also the devisees under the wills.
Lane died April 28. A few days before
his death he determined to make hl3
will. Thereupon he called to his aid
Michael Collins, his bartender. Lane
wrote what he thought was a holographic
will, and which really was one and a per
fectly valid document until Collins took
a hand in the will-making. Lane desired
that his property should go to Collins'
wife, Enita, and so devised. He left out
a few unimportant words, however, and
Collins, in his Ignorance, wrq(e # them .in.
By doing so he practically destroyed" the
validity of the will, for the law provides
that a holographic will should be "whol
ly" written, signed and dated by the tes
tator. •
Sixteen men were discharged from the
battalion on account of removal during
April and one for good of the service.
Colonel Hayes, Major Poulterer and
Major Smith of the Fifth Infantry paid
a visit to the company at Santa Rosa last
week and found it In excellent condition.
Lieutenant Claypole, who for a year was
in command of the company, declined to
accept a renomlnatlon for captain on the
ground that business does not permit him
to attend to the duties of'comp&ny com
mander, so O. L. Houtz, a prominent real
estate man of the city named, was elected
to fill the vacancy. Lieutenant Colonel
Juilliard presiding at the election. '
Colonel Hayes and Major Smith also
visited Company G at Alameda alrid Com
pany A af Oakland. At each place the
colonel gave the company some good ad
Sergeant George W. Kuehn of Battery
D has been appointed quartermaster ser
geant. * —
The muster and inspection will be in un
dress blue uniform with cap, white collar
of regulation height, white gloveB and
black shoes, neatly polished. .
The following appointments and promo
tions have been made upon recommenda
tions of the regimental examining board:
Private Aloysius R. Dunnigan, A, to be
corporal, 90 per cent; Private Theodore L.
Kremmer, A, to be corporal, 89 per cent;
Private William Herbat, A, to be cor
poral, 85 per. cent; Corporal Edward
Knottner, B, to be sergeant, 85 per cent;
Corporal A. Wagner, B, to be sergeant, S3
per cent: Private E. Sturgess, B, to be
corporal, 88 per cent; Private John Fitz
patrick, B. to be corporal, 86 per cent;
Private William Keenan," B, to be cor
poral, 84 per cent; Private Joseph A. Nod
der', D, to be corporal. 82 per cent; Private
Algeron C. Swedser, D, to be corporal, SO
per cent; Corporal Frank E. Tully, E, to
be sergeant, 85 per cent; Private Louis M.
Isaacs, G, to be corporal, 90 per cent.
The appointment by his company com
mander of Sergeant Frajik C. Bordenave
to be quartermaster sergeant of Company
B, vice Fischer, has been approved.
Seventeen men were discharged from
the First Infantry during April, eleven on
account of removal, three at expiration of
term of service, two by death and one for
the good of the service.
The staff, non-commissioned staff and
batteries of the First Battalion of Ar
tillery, X. G. C. will report at the EUIS
street armory to-morrow night for annual
Inspection and muster.
The inspections yill be held at the regi
mental armory, corner of Page and Gough
streets. The field, staff, hon-commia
sioned staff, band, sanitary corps and th«
First battalion, Companies F, E, H and A,
will report for inspection and muster on
Tuesday, May 5, and the second battalion,
Companies C.\ D, B and G, will report
Wednesday, May 6.
The annual inspection and muster of th«
First Regiment. Infantry', N. G. C, will be
held under the supervision of the division
inspector, Lieutenant Colonel John' A.
Examining Board Reports
List of Appointments and
Bartender Aids in Making
Testaments and Renders
Them Illegal!
John Lane's Efforts to
; Dispose of Estate
Guardsmen to ShowBest
Front Before Colonel
John A. Koster.
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I i tor -n.*K... :.::. .....,..........«?»»•**' 51.40 3>I.i:> IM' 34 inchegWv \ downtown q
I ¦ trice ' $1.35 TAPESTRY BRUSSELS - Bright ?i.5O Cane-S*at Chair #1.1.1 •
9 ' i lil^ t spring colors and designs. In a large *i'.75 Box-Heat Chair *'2.2?L 9
> R1GET>O\V AND IX>WLLL AX- variety. Installment houses On. #2.50 Leather-Scat Chair /-...K1.7O Q
I MINSTERS— The repular 52.00 value, get 90c and 51.00 for it OV/C $4.00 Mahogany Chair 93.00 S
I in a great variety of de- fl* f C/\ DOUBLE WIDTH VELVET— For *«5.00 Imposing Sideboard «4N.<M> 2
I signs * ltJW livlnR-room. hall and stairs, beauti- »*«•«« K laWately built Sideboara.JtaH.O(> g
s 1NGRAINS-A superior article that ful floral designs. Downtown $3.50. .^'plStsw^SS.Sl 1?'! ! «
5 ecus at downtowp Install- CQr Our price, the running $2 # 7Q Ex?e^ion Tabi;:::!^]'^! S
J ment housw at .«c yard «**•*•• w J4O Highly KlnUhed Round Table.?ai».O<> Z
Hihor rntirflPC * 12 Neat Square Table *X.OO 2
1 rt,, r ,^^ rv,i, .. iifo»,«^o^., 7 UlDCr VUUtUCS. $7 Round Breakfast Table $4.01» •
i -«=r*=C*w Quart ried Oak or Mahogany. 1 c ,. _.„_ ia.»<v %¦•¦: io ( -hin» i'in*Pt mirmr *iw-' £»
{ S.«f°coJci : 8ai Buffets from $13.50 to $105 *
\ TS&SfiSS&^Si SK $22'.5O" Couch *.::... JIW.D-PIECE SUIT, eicgant.ma- «
; 81 l.T.U hopany frame, finest silk tapestry O
* N2-^£c5'^5S5V-r-:fc3s^ £zI : 3t+*'>4*-+* -~^cvO*-i vivv -v^Lj I"0 Couch .. " r imported damask tovcr-»ffQC O
3 *' .ai:j RO >"<? v"J Q
5 .^^Q^T^-G^^Sxtr^^r^S^^ $15 Couch • •• m0 5 - piECB SU1T - mahogany Q
> tT^wM vgyiLf 810. J5O frame, pretty bipcuit tufted back. «
I ' W7/ Ci^ fret Inntr TH In? U/lHo sST »3 Coucti Best springs and upholstery, ffoe Z
» /H~f 0'" Ibcl lUttHa 0U Illii WiQo 5JL SlU.ho Choice of coverings «POJ »
! *l3^ „. , °, **^ J35 Couch ........ $20 3-PIECE- S.U IT, hand polisheJ 2
? S High graoe steel spring work. ....SHO mahogany finish frame. Spring •
' v seat. Upholstering, velours or silk ©
1 1 tapestry covering C* 1 r OK 9
9 ¦» n at warn a tf\ m tm R I 0*k #* PRETTY 3 - PIECE PARLOR a
I Any Car Is a Car Q A TTllP I CM pij SIXTEENTH AND tSS^So^^^f^iS^bSt^. g
} : ; §
cloak ' $35.00
oiiit jrWm LdQlCbOmib
tl W 'i 4jMskd*£jM- \ fashionable mesh
// It \ materials ~ etaiTlines '
>t^^i\ i blouse jackets,
x W^im^T H\ n ° sro^ es » embel-
-^*j^S|l|i IWWl ' lished w ! th braiding
§$m W mvi - and applique work
fHii 1% v(4% • anci ouis jackets
jfillS |\ \\u|\ silk lined. Skirts with
:- : ... in— i*i , 1 9» m price:: $25
For a great many women there is no more becom-
ing style than this season's short jaunty top coat or
jacket.; Here's a sale of them made of tan and castor;
coverts, black cheviots and broadcloths, satin lined,
straight frdrit dip. Habit and corset shape models;
seams .stitched and with straps of material. t/}A AA
Regular price $25.00. "Sale. .....:..... ... «P Ay* V v ;
738 Market Street.

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