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Anything that is really good la the
leather line costs, but, considering the
wear and tear that one gets out of It, the
money value seems but very little, espe
cially with these new chain affairs that
rave not only money, but time, patience
and good humor.
slightest will have no trouble makxn» *
•mart pouch.
Of cours<% the purse on the chala Is not
going to drive out the combination card
case and money holder. These will al
ways be used to a certain extent, al
though they are not overly popular just
at present. They come In any number
of sizes, fashions and styles and are as
plain or as fancy as one desires.
The silver filigree trlmminr that has
long been so popular la somewhat on the
wane, as lace gowns axe worn so much
and the two always fail to agree. Jew
el* are frequently Inserted, amethysts
especially, as they are dainty and not out
of every one's reach.
The finger purse is quite as much pur
chased as any, but really they come tinder
the chained affair. Those with the mon
ograms are particularly fetching. Most
of them are large enough to carry cards
and unless one has half a dozen silver
dollars and some small change they serve
admirably, besides being exceedingly
smart looking. One of the big dealers has
Ftild that they are used more on acount
of the initial than for anything else, as
pickpockets are not anxious to be labeled
end if they see the purse first It not in
frequently makes a decided difference.
The three Initials were used, but now
only the one of the last same is fashion
able In silver or gold and fastened en
with tiny clasps of the earns metal
The small ones of metal are pretty, bnt
they are as expensive in proportion as
are the larger ones, and a cheap one Is an
abomination forever, besides changing
one's appearance very much to the bad.
The gun metal ones are swagger, as well
as quaint looking, but they remind one
of mourning, as they are worn mainly tor
that reason.
A small money holder Is made of carved
leather and is in circular form. Not ever
two inches in diameter at the mmt There
Is one circle within another, and some
where in the inner one Is an opening
something like a little door. When you
want to get in, turn the leather until the
combination is reached and there you are.
But. If by any chance the door opens of
its own accord, the bank Is very apt to be
ten when the conductor comes along
everything else is in evidence but the
thing most needed.
These purses, by the way. have a safe
ty clasp. The steel piece which slips over
the belt has a claw-shaped piece which
can be fastened into the band, and unless
the cloth is torn into strips no one can
possibly get It off and it' is absolutely
Safe, although all "you have to do is' to
stop on any corner and listen to* the pri
vate opinion of one man telling apother
how absurd it. is for women to' invite
pickpockets in such a reckless fashion.
'A - purse for general hard wear !* ' of
carved Mexican 1 leather. The leather, a
tan or brown, colors prettily with usage.
Never. buy a carved purse, in any other
color, for they are never. half as good on
account of the dye, and again, they al
ways look like a cheap, imitation. Most
of the Mexicans are long and : narrow,, so
there Is ample [room for decoration, and
many times: they are carved to suit the
buyer's fancy.'
Of all chatelaines the silver and gold
nets are by . far the ewellest and most
costly. They are: made In a number of
ways and "in a variety of patterns, but
the most common is a sort of fish ecate
which glistens and flashes in the sun and
which 'has all the bending qualities of the
snake. The clasp is of the same material
and may be plain or highly embossed,
but the daintiest of all la what Is known
as the Martha Washington pattern. .
The bead purses,, by the way, are very
much used, more so than the gold ones,
as they arc not so difficult to make. The
eilk ' comes by the spool and the beads
by the string.' The only trick of the thing
ia to hold the eilk tight and to - be sure
and* get f the design correct Naturally
the silk must not be broken and the beads
Bre slipped In as many here or there as
the pattern calls for. All. are : crocheted
in; first one bead,. then. two, silk stitches
and then the beads again -accordingly.
Burned > work Is popular and Is | the
cheapest of any, leather. Opera bags are
frequently made of this material, and
right swell they are, too.
, Buy a skin for ; 75 cents or $1. Select
one "that will not ¦ fight with every frock
you^possess or ever expect to havf. Cut
it ahv .'size.' you please, but s the i smaller
the better, as they are generally a recep
tacle: for' a- little of everything. If you
like trace a pattern on at home, or bet
ter still take it to 'a dealer, in' such things
and he will ;pnt it on- for a' mere song.
The burning itself is Bimple and any one
who - understands pyrography ; in ' the
It Is rather large and Is generally divid
ed Into two parts, one for mon^y and
the laxrer one for any of the numerous
little odds and ends that, one needs for
a short trip. The outside pocket Is a fit
and fine place for tickets, a6 they are
easily got at, and nine times out of
. The regulation traveling bag is one of
the most serviceable of the chain purses,
end it Is beautifully neat as well, which
counts for so much these days. Besides
all that, it kills two birds with one stone,
as It serves as a handbag and a purse all
In one.
£~|N HE purse has become all lmpor-
I tart. Without it every voman
I feels lost, and of a. truth she Is
j rather helpless and forlorn.
The belted affair that comes and
roe* with one Without calling Is the most
used of ail now. And what a blessing: it
Is! The busy woman who rushes down
town end who carries away fully helf the
ctore— or as much as she can inconven
iently n.ove about — always manages to
forget the most Important of all— her
puree. Sometimes she l:r.ds It out, but
many times somebody else has found it
f.rst, and then there Is nothing to do but
v. a'.k home muttering all- kinds of things
about people being stupid and foollbh.
Woman is a strange personage and she
Is very apt to carry her valuables In a
peculiar place, to say the least. It is no
or.ce-a-year tight to see a woman mov
ing about in a mysterious fashion, and if
you are one of the initiated you know
that her little horde is securely fastened
with a huge pin at the top of her hosiery.
Unless she is careful you might see a
powder puff and an extra handkerchief,
for that is the one place where every
thing and anything may be carried with
ell possible safety. Or again, she may
carry a chamois skin fastened to the lop
of her corset, another 6ecure place, but
me that is rather difficult to get at in a
crowded shop.
Trouble, trouble! There has always
been plenty of it and there always will
¦be just as long as women try to shop or
travel with something that lies in the
palm of their hands and that may be put
down and forgotten.

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