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Remarkable Battle
for Life Drawing .
to a Close.
PARIS. July G— The condition of ,W. K.'
Vanderbilt Jr., who was injured by un ac
cident in an automobile while out riding
in Paris, is said to be not serious. One of
his eyes Is injured and he la kept : in a
dark room at the hotel.'
Vanderbilt's Condition • Not Serious.
Nixon Will JBairiain-' President.
; : NEW. YORK. July 6.-At the -request of
Receiver I Smith,' '; Lewis y Nixon ';, has 'i. con
sented to remain •' as \ .; president /of , v the
United States ' Shipbuilding - Company.
haps for thy last time, the rays
trie sun."/
It was just a short while after
the Pope came back to conscious
ness from a sleep which " Dr. Lap
ppni had induced by a strong dose
of chloral.. His sleep was so death
likethat artificial respiration was
continued, and Dr. Lapponi 'every
few minutes leaned anxiously over
the couch to observe the illustrious
patient and listen to his hardly
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Extreme Unction Is Administered and
Leo Calmly Jtivaits the End-
JT^OME, July 7, g:aoai m.— The pneumonia from which His
B& Holiness has been 'Suffering^ is now complicated with pleu-
JL risy, and the Pontiff has paralysis of the fingers. Pope Leo
passed a restless,-; sleepless night.
i; j\OME, July 7, . 3 o5 - a> m :
'jLr —-Another morning has
•^ . broken . on the pathetic
scene within the simple " chamber
of the: Vatican,' where Pope Leo
lies dying: ; As thie soft light of
da wn.perietrate~d into' the room the
Pontiff t whispered; to his devoted
physician-that-he desired the shut;
tefs of "the windows to be;'6penecl,
-, "I -wish to see once more, per
Charles E.Magoon, acting, chief of the
Bureau of Insular Affairs, to-day* sent the
first Government commercial message
over the new Paclflccable line to Manila.
It was addressed;to Governor Taft and
informed him. that the quartermaster gen
eral has asked the assistant quartermas
ter, general at Manila to transport ! exhib
its for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition
on the Government transports.
"Through courtesy of Pacific , Commer
cial Cable Company people of station pay
their respects to 'department." ¦'[.* -,..'¦
WASHINGTON. July, 6.— The first cable
gram from Guam was received at the
Navy Department to-day. It was from
Commander Sewall, commandant of the
station there, and is as follows:
Commander Sewall Sends Respects
of Officers at Station to Navy .
STEELVILLE, Mo., July 6.— The street
flght here Saturday night, , which resulted
in the death'of Robert Star ks and the se
rious wounding ¦ of Sheriff Taff and' oth
ers, has been ' followed by \ tho death \ of
Henry I Starks." a"' son 'of " Robert Starks.
Young Starks was % shot through f the* "abl
domen by one, of the Sheriffs posse while
attempting^to arrest him.
"At. the Coroner's Inquest over the body
of the second victim of the tragedy It
came out I In: the; evidence that young
Starks was the of : thie , contro
versy. The • lad. ; who was not more than
20 years old. attacked the Sheriff and two
deputies, as well as two city marshals,
and; succeeded in wounding them before
he was himself shot. •'
, Henry : Starks' re'quested'a" young brother
befoVe he'diedVto avenge his death.'Sher
iff - Taff:' is - in-; a ¦critical V condition "it roni
his wounds. ", .•:"'" //-,,' ;.' ' ' ; '• " ; V n .
Young Starkc Succumbs - to Bullet
Wound Inflicted During Fight
1 With Deputies. . .
Scenes in the Life of Pope Leo.
John Lankershim
of Los Angeles
Is in Jail.
The case has caused a decided sensation
at Fort Leavenworth, where Captain Tag
gart: has been stationed about a year.
Captain Taggart is one of the best known
officers of his rank in the United States
army. He has seen about twenty years
of service. His record in the Philippines
was particularly creditable.
Mystery surrounds the case and the air
at. Fort Leavenworth is filled with ru
mors.' It "is "claimed by- some that Cap
tain Taggart felt a "spell" coming over
him and asked that he be deprived of his
freedom. His wife closed their home i at
the post to-day and left for San Francis
co, where she has relatives. Captain Tag
gart •. is about 45 years of age, while his
wife is yet in the twenties. It is also ru
mored that Captain Taggart might have
been placed under restraint on account
of the, alleged abuse of officers of In
ferior rank.
LEAVENWORTH, Kans., July 6.—Cap
tain E. F. Taggart/ commanding Com
pany A, Sixth United States Infantry.
stationed at Fort Leavenworth, has been
placed in a room in' the post hospital. •'"
Special Dispatch to The Call.
LOS ANGELES, July 6.-John Lanker-
Ehim. whose arrest for the alleged theft
of an automobile is reported from Boston,
is a son of Jamfs B. Lankershim. a well
known Los" Angeles capitalist. The son
has been at Harvard two years and hi»
friends here nay he is Just completing his
cophomore ytar. The family is one of the
best known In this part of the State, the
father being the owner of some of the
finest real estate in thi« city, owning a
business block bearing his name which la
considered one of the finest office build
ings here. Lakershim Is very wealthy
and has only one son and a daughter. He
te now in Europe and is expected home In
two months.
John Lankershim was raised in thin
Lankerehim was arrested in hi3 room 5
Trinity Hall, a fashionable Harvard dor
mitory. When arrested he made
l!«ht of the affair and told the officers
that bis father would pay a thousand
times the value of the automobile if nec
.; The police claim that Lankershim led
•them a merry chase. Ever since the
_; automobile was stolen three detectives,
also in automobiles, have been on the
J trail of Lankershim. who, with a party" of
student friends, was touring New Eng
land in the motor car. The automobile
.was located in Providence yesterlay, but
Lankershim and his friends had desert
. «d it.
Lankerehim is registered in the college
catalogue as living in New York, but the
police Kay that he is a son of a wealthy
Los Angeles man. Lankershim is the
t,hird Harvard student arrested within
two" weeks on charges of burglary. When
;he was arrested he was packing
his trunk preparatory to sailing to Europe
•to-morrow to meet his father, who is now
in Paris. •
BOSTON, aiacs., July 6.— John Lanker-
Bhlm. aged H. a member of the class of
1506 of Harvard University, was arrested
to-day on the charge of breaking into the
.automobile station of Kenneth Skinner, in
Boston, on June 14. and stealing there
from an automobile valued at $350. ,.J1— '.
Ejwdtl Dlepatch to The Call.
; The Simla correspondent of the Dally
Mail telegraphs that Sir Ernest Satow.
British Minister; at jjj Peking, will .' arrive
there July 7 to' confer with Lord'Curzoh,
JViceroy.of India.. The visit Is generally
attributed to the aspect of affairs ft^ Man
churia,' as ; an* Anglo-Russian rupture
would closely affect ' India through Af
ghanistan/ ¦ /
LONDON, July 6.— A dispatch to the
Standard from \ Tientsin says it is ' the
opinion in' Russian circles there that an
outbreak of hostilities In the far East
is inevitable. } It Is reported that Japan is
mobilizing her ..forces. It is -thought in
Tientsin that tho Japanese, in the event
of war, would 1 have everything in their
f a von . They are certainly better prepared
than the Russians. • . - • . " , ." ' ; , ,
Special Dispatch to The Call.
city and has hosts of friends here. He is
regarded as a manly fellow and there has
never been a breath of suspicion as to his
honesty. His friends who have heard of
his arrest attribute it to an escapade of
a college student rather than to" any de
tire to steal. 'Had he wanted, an _ automo
bile there was no necessity for' stealing
one; because he can readily, command suf
licient money to, purchase one. -
Rudolph grasped an electric. light wire
that led to the ground and slid' down fifty
feet, when the wire snapped, precipitating
him to the ground. ' Regaining his feet in
stantly, he ran through Sergeant Daw
son's residence to the street and was
Shortly.. before ,hls .escape to-day. Ru
dolph was let out of his cell'to be shaved.
The exercise corridor at • the time, con
tained about twenty prisoners. - The
guards were engaged In locking" up the
prisoners for. the night, when, -as 'Rudolph
passed through the # east end of the exer
cise corridor, ! a 'fight broke out', among
the prisoners In the west end. The ma-,
Jority of the guards ran to separate the
fighting prisoners and Rudolph 'quickly
ran 4 up three flights of stairs, Jumped to
the top" of the cells and In a flash had
swung himself, by. the aid of an Iron
girder, to the 'skylight and the next mo
ment had forced the skylight open and
was out upon the roof, sixty.' feet from
the ground.'
ST. LOUIS. July 6.— William Rudolph of
Union, Mo., who has been confined in the
city Jail for several months on the charge
of having participated' in the robbery of
the " bank at ' Union last winter, and who
is also charged with the killing of Detec
tive. Schumacher, who was attempting to
arrest him, made a desperate escape from
jail at 4:45 o'clock this afternoon and Is
still at large. ' . . , . -.„-.'!,/•?•-
Special Dispatch to The Call.
Japan Is Said to
* Be Mobilizing
Her Forces.
Mystery Envelops
Case of Captain
Desperate Robber
Risks His Life
to. Escape.
Shortly after 10 o'clock at
night the Pontiff received extreme
unction. At 9 o'clock his condi-
perceptjble breathing. Pope Leo
awoke wet with perspiration,
feeble in the extreme and his voice
hardly audible.
The fits of coughing had
brought pains in his chest and
shoulders, and, thinking, his end
was now near, he said to Dr. Lap
"Tell me when the time really
The doctor assured his Holiness
that he believed the danger of his
immediate passing was averted
for the night and for to-day.
These seemingly last moments
of Pope Leo are full of solemnity.
Perhaps his last hours would be
less melancholy and sad if the
august sufferer were less conscious
of the circumstances and his mind
less clear as to the duration of
time remaining to him before he
enters eternity. Although his
physical powers are at the lowest
ebb and his breathing becomes
more labored, 'the Pope's mind is
clear, as is manifest to all around
him by his bright, expressive
eyes and the few words he
now and then succeeds in
uttering. The scene is so
touching that those present can,
scarce restrain their tears. Count
Camillo Pecci, the Pope's nephew,
whom the dying man kept by his
bedside yesterday, was so ex
hausted last night by his contend
ing emotions that he had to be
taken from his uncle's room, com
pletely worn out. A few moments
before, as he stood bowed beside
the bed. Pope Leo laid his hand
on his head with paternal affec
tion, saying, "Take courage."
The San Francisco Call.

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