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LA Elec 5a. — — SPofACa
L A Ry 5s.lU 114?i (1900) 1O7T410SH
i L A L C 6s. — — (1910) — —
Do gtd 6s. — — S P of C 6s
Do gtd 5s. — — (19C5)Sr A. — —
LAP lem 5s. — — (19C5)3r B. — —
Mkt-st C 0s. — — (1906).. :.. 107 —
Do lem 5s.ll7% — . (1912) — —
NRCfof Otis. — 107% S P C leg 3s — —
NRC(of O5s — 119 Do stmpd.lO7»4 —
1 NPCRR 58.108 108% S P B R «s. — —
.' N C P C 5s.. — — S V Wat 6s.lO« —
! N C R 5s — — Do 4s 2dm. 99^4100
iNSRBn 95 100 Do 4s 3dm. 99% —
' O O L H h. - — Stkn G&E Cs — —
,.O T CO to... — 122% U G & B 5s. — —
I Contra Costa — CO IPort Costa.. — —
! Warln Co ... — — iFprina; Val.. 85 85H
: Tent L t P.. 4 ¦ 4*i P P O 4 E. M —
! Eqult Gas . . — — S F Gas ... — —
! Mutual E L. 13% 14 tUkn G A E. — — >
I }'ac O Imp.. 50 ol% V G & E — . —
Bac E G & R — —
S F G & E. 64 — J
Flrem's Fnd. — • — ¦ |
Am Natl Bk. — 135 L P & A .. — —
Anglo-Cal . . — — *Ier Trust . .200 230
f»ank of CM. — — Merch Ex . . — —
Cal Safe D. — — 8 F Natlonl. — —
. first Nationl — - —
Cer 8 A L»: — — |Pav & L So. 05 —
Hum S & L. — — Sav Bk.. — —
Mutual Sav. — — Union T. Co. — —
8 F Say U. — — J
California .. — — I Presidio .... 85 45
Deary — — I
Giant 67 68 iVigorlt — 8*4
Hana T Co.. 50c- — Kllauea S C. — —
Hawaiian C. 43«* — Makawell C. 21% 24
Honokaa S C 13 Onomea S C. 24 —
Hutch S P C 13% 14 Paauhau S C 14\ 15%
Alaska Pack. — 150 jOceanlc 8 Co 7 —
Cal Fruit As 89 91 Pac A F A.. — —
Cal Wine As 98% — I Pac C Borx. — —
Morning Session.
Board —
10 Hawaiian Commercial A Sugar 43 50
25 8 V Water 85 12%
50 S V Water Si 25
• . Street —
40 California-street R R 200 00
50 Honokaa S Co 13 00
- Afternoon Session. ' ¦ -
Board —
5 Giant Powder Con ............ «7 50
10O Honokaa 13 U>
110,000 Sierra Ry of Cal 6s 112 00
S10.UOO S P of C 6s (190C) 107 00
20 S V Water 83 23
10 Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar 43 50
• 350 Mutual Electric Light 13 50
100 Oceanic S S Co 7 25
California Stock and Oil Exchange
Oil Stock— Bid. Asked.
Cariboo Oil Co T5 80
Four Oil
Hanford Oil ..,..133 00 130 00
Home Oil 115 120
Imperial Oil • . 19 00
Independence Oil 17 18
Junction Oil 20 21
Kern OH ....»«.. 5 00 5 50.
Lion Oil :....... 0.1 .04
Monte Crlsto Oil 65 70
Monarch Oil 53 54
Oil City Petroleum 29 30
Peerless Oil .........:. 1350 1400
Reed Crude Oil 41
Pan Joaquln Oil "5 50 * ....
Sterling Oil 2 90 3 00
Thirty-Three Oil 8 00
Twenty-Eight Oil , 3 50 4 23
Union Oil 68 00
United Petroleum :.'..' .... * Us 00
Went Shore Oil 300 325
Miscellaneous^ — . .
Abby Land and Impt 123 150
Alameda Sugar . . . .- 29 CO
American Biscuit 8800 9300
American' District Tel .... ....
Bay Counties Power .,,.. ....
Cal Central Gas and Electric ....
Cal Cotton Mills ..85 00 ....
Cat Jockey Club .... 105 00
Cal Powder ....
Cal Shipping Co , 23 00
Cal Title Ins- and Trust 130 00 140 00
Central Bank of Oakland.... «0 00 ¦ «... -
Chutes Company .......:... .... 8 50
City and County Bank . ....
Cypress Lawn Imp Co .... 0 50
Eastern Dynamite .......'. ....
Rwa Sugar Plantation ....
Gas Consumers' Association . . . , ' 22 50
Honolulu Sugar ./., IS 00
London and 8 F Bank (Ltd) .*... ....
Mercantile Trust ....
Northern Cal Power OJO
Nevada National Bank ..... - ¦ ' ....
North Shore Railroad 10 00 . ...
Orphcum Comnany . . : - 13 00
racMc States Tel and Tel. ..... 122 50
Continued From Page Eleven.
E. R. Sellon to Joyce Sellon, lot on K Una
of nush street. 175 W of Franklin, AV 30 by
N CO; gift. • . !
Albert B. Poppenberg to Amelia C. Poppen
berg. lot on N line of Page street. 116 E of,
Octavia. 21:0 N 120. W 21:6, 8 120; S 10.
Harry H COsgriff to Rudolph Spreckete. lot
on N line of Pacific avenue, 173:6 W of G«ugh,
W 34, N 133 W 12, N 12:2Vi. E 42 S 51
B 4, S 01 ; ?10.
Germania Building and Loan Association to
A Le Jeune lot on N Una of Hermann street, J
112:6 E of Webster. E 25 by N 137:6; $10. !
i "Rupert and Ida Wannenmacher to Adam M. i
and .Matilda --Brutscher. lot on N line of Oak |
street, 227:6 W of Flllmore. W 35:6 by N j
137 :«; quitclaim deed", $5.
Honora A. and Elizabeth A. Buckley to ;
Clark A. Burnham lot on W line of Devisadero
street 77 N Of Turk t N 70:5. W 123. S 9:11. AV
12:6. S 60:6. E 137:6; $10.
Thomas -McGorey to Susan McGorey, lot on
SE corner Of Turk and Broderick streets, be-^
j-ing 50-vara lot 4; quitclaim deed; *1.
Moses and Sarah R. Samuel to Annlq. ana
Stella Hartman lot on W line of Baker street.
37:6 N of McAllister. N 25" by W 96:10^: $10.
Same to Alfred D. Cheshire, lot on W line
of Baker street 62:6 N of McAllister. N 25 by
w ec:io%; $io. I
James K and Isabella Fraser to Marie L. de
L. Murphy (wife of Joseph P.). lot on W line
of Shrader street. 30 S of Waller. S 30 by W
100:3- quitclaim .deed; $10.
• Mary E Maxwell to Vercln Eintracht. lot on
I NE line of Twelfth street. 137:6 NW of Fol
som NW SO by NE 75; $5.
Vereln Eintracht (an unincorporated a*socl- ;
! atlon) (by trustees, etc.) to Vereln Eintracht ,
I (corporation), lot Qn NE line of Twelfth street, ,
127-6 NW of Folsom, NW 30 by NE 7i>: also
! lot on SE line of Kissllng street, 255:11 SW !
! of Eleventh. SW 21:3 0-16. BE 80. NW 80; also
lot commencing 60:11% NW of Folsom. street ;
and 71:5 NE of Twelfth, said, point bfing on a
straight line which makes an angle of 9o de- |
grees 48 minutes with chord - connecting last ,
point on FoUom street with point on Folsom j
distant 171:9% NE from NW corner of Fol- :
so-n and TWelfth Ktreets^ NE 120:9%. NW j
lralTW ™s\v 154:11. SE 161:6%; quitclaim j
de john"J7"and Rosa Carr to William J. Carr, i
lot on W line of Shotwell street. 220 N of
Fifteenth N 25 by W 120; $10.
- William J. Carr to John J. and Rosa Carr,
""Beslrt^F? ONEUHly to William F. Sawyer
lot on E line of Church street 94:0- N of
Sixteenth. N 25 by E 125; also- all rights as
widow of Patrick J. O Rellly. deceased; $10.
WlUlam F. Sawyer to Mary K. Caldwell,
"jaines F. Lawler to Henry H. Pnulsen. lot
on SE corner of Nineteenth and Eanches
streets E 103 by S 57; $650.
Frances J. and Julia C. Griffin to Paula E.
Oden lot on 8 line Of Twentieth street, 431
E of "Castro E 25 by S 114; $10.
William G. and May H. Wheeloek to Clar
ence B Sloan lot on W line of Hyde street,
04-2 S or Chestnut. S 36:8 by W 110; $10. i
Ugo Wzil to Teresa- BlMl, Jot On W line
of Hyde street. 112:6 N of Jackson, N 32:6 by
W 137:6; gift. ' '¦ •
George and Kate Ryan to Frank A. Schaum
leffel, lot 'on E line of Condon strtet, 49 N
of Peralta avenue. N 25. by E 70: $10.
Union Trust Company of BanTionclsco to
George H. Bean, lot on W line of Twenty
seventh avenue, 125 N of California street,
N 25 by W 120; ?10. - p
City and County of San Francisco to W. V.
Huntington, lot on SE Corner of B street and ,
Tenth avenue. E 240, S 10:4, W 242:1%; $- .
Hannah P. Stearns to Carlton W. Greene
and Rose C. Smith, lot on N line cf L street,
S2:G AV of Twenty-seventh avenue, W 60 by
N 100; $10. •
Union Park Land Company to Edwin
Schwab lot on NE corner of Diamond and
Wilder streets. E 50. N 57.42, SW 53:0. S
40:11. lots 1 and 2, block 2, Falrmount Exten
sion Homestead Association: also lot on-E line
of Diamond street, 40:11 N of Wilder, NE
53:6, N 53:02, SW 63:6, 8 53:02, portion block
'2 same to maintain electric road on latter;
|1 1 x- - . ,
Mary C. Button to Mary C. Sutton, lot on •
HK line of Laldley street. 1SS SW of Roanoke.
SW 25 by SE 100, lot 2«, block 3, Mission
and Thirtieth Streets Homestead: sift.
Amelia A., Edson AV. A. and Seymour
AVattrhmise and Nelly A." Dorn to Ftd^ral Se
cunty Company, lot In Masonic Cemetery; $10.
Builders' Contracts. <
Loufs Knutsen (owner) with Fred.. Hauser
(contractor), achitect All work for & two
story and basementJ frame building on lot on '
B line of Liberty etreet. 223 E of Guerrero E
25 by S 115. Mission block 73; total $6300.
AV. li. GUdden (owner) with J. C. Bateman
(contractor), architects Bliss & Faville — All
work for a three-story office building on corner
of Second and Mission streets; total, ,$030o.
E.R. Dimond (owner) with R. C. Stiller
(contractor), architects Henry H. Meyers and
C.- R. Ward— Alterations and additions to a ;
frame residence at 2204 Pacific avenue; total, i
«1450. H • j
' x . Alameda County. '
Mary D- Murphy to Minnie H.,Bayley (wife ;
of Alfred), lot on E line of Walsworth avenue, !
125 N of Santa Clara (Moss) avenue, N 30 by .
E 126.25, lot 5, block H. ingp or resubdl vision ,
of blocks G and H, Flint T"ract, portion of ,
Oakland Heights v (recorded August 24, 1903). ;
Oakland; $10. > .
Philip and Belle Aspinwall Or Aspeawall
(wife), to Rosa E. White, lot on NW line of .
Oakland avenue. 010 H of its Intersection with '
SE line of Walsworth avenue, NW 90. NE 60, •
SE 84.91 8 W 50, block B, map of lands of •
Oakland View Homestead Association, Oakland; •
$10.-; ':*'- ¦ ' ¦ '- - ' " •¦¦••¦'..¦¦¦ . . . . - ¦ - .- I
Sarah H. McMahon (Smith) to John William <
Gaunt,'- lot beginning 100' SW from of '
Durant- street and Broadway, said pptnt being <
mnrk dividing lln« between lots 3 and 4, thence <
NE 25, AV 181:5, S 25:11. E 174:8; being s <
25 feet Of lot 4, block A, Fountain place. Oak- <
land; $10. " * .<
C. O. and Maria M. E. Rode (wife) to J. M. «
Bartlert, lot on I SE corner ! of Temescal - and <
Telegraph avenues (since widening). 1 S 73 by <
E 95, portion of lots 5 and 6, Temescal Park, 1
Oakland; $10. / ; -.•.- ]
Eduard Neucbaumer to Anne . Neuebaumer, (
lot 4. block B, map of Major Given Tract, Oak- 1
land; $5.- -.'• ' 1
Andrew K. Weir (single), to Abraham Smith. I
lot on NW corner of Brush and Second streets J
N 25 by AV 85,. block 101. Kellersberger's Map, I
Oakland: $10. V ~ f- ¦•- > I
Howard L.j and Elsie K. Osgrood to A'lctoririi* (
T. Anthony (widow), »11 Interest In lot on S I
Paraffin* Paint .'..«.'»•«••«« S3 CO ...a
Postal Davic* and Imp.,,.... .... ....
Ban Francisco Dry Dock.... 47 00 .... '
Sauaallo Land irui Ferry.... 13 00 ....
Sperry Flour Company ..... 27 60 SO 00
Standard Electric ... ....„« .... 13 CO
Truckee Electric ............. 13 23 13 GO
Union Sugar 22 5O ...»
United Gas and Electric... 34 50 ....
Western Fish Co..... « .... ....
Morning; Session.
Board —
60 North Shore- Railway 10 0©
95O Oil City Petroleum 29
100 Home ...._.........,._.. 1 15 '
800 Home 1 mj
100 Home .......«•. 120
¦ 100 Independence ....1....... 17
200 Monarch ."::
1000 Lion ................ ............ ii. ;
100 Monte Crlato 65
Street — ' -
100 Home, s 90 M ~ MMMMMM 1 10
100 Home, a 30 1 1O
600 Horn* m. ] 12U
1100 Occidental ~... 13
Afternoon Session.
1 Hanford .........................131 00
6 Hanford .*,... ............ .......13.", no
350 Homo 1 IT'
200 Home ,...,..._ 120
100 Home, s 90 1 17Va
300 Chicago Cruda 19
100O Reed Crude; 41
200 Tolteo 20
600 Superior ......................... OS
f Street —
000 Home- «... , 1 13
Mining Stocks.
Following win* th« sales on the San Fran
cisco Stock and Exchange board yesterday:
Morning Session.
300 Belcher SlilOO 8aras» 2«
400 Con Cal ft Va.l 55: 200 Sierra NVrada. OT
100 Imperial O4J10O Utah ......... 23
100 Mexican 1 10,100 Tallow Jacket. 54
100 Overman 2?l
Afternoon Session.
100 Con Cal A Va.1 50 400 Utah ......... 20
lOQ Savaga 2« 1 00 Union „—..„ es
COO Tallow Jacket. 67 100 Caledonia .... 87
200 Utah 21 100 Silver Hill..- H
Following were th» sales on th» Pactflo Stock
Exchange yesterday:
Morning Session.
300 Belcher 81) S00 Oreraaa .... 2T
200 Con Cal & V.I sol 300 Beg Belcher.. 11
800 Crown Point. 13 200 Segr Belcher.. 10
200 Gould & Cur. 32 200 Sierra Xev... «M
100 Mexican ...1 07^ 100 Union Con... K*
. 100 Ophlr 1 62H I 800 Tel Jacket.... ST
Afternoon Session.
200 Andes 16 300 Sa-rag» ...... ' 25
100 Caledonia ....- 0« 200 Sierra Ner..,- CJ»
100 Con C & V.I 62 »4 200 Union Con... 67
300 Gould & Cur. 82 300 Utah ........ 21
300 Potosl It). 200 Tel Jacket.... 67
Following- were the sales on th» San Fran
cisco and Tonopah Mining Exchangs yesterday:
Morning Session. .
600 Reacn* 10/
¦'-'.//I* Afternoon Session.
T00O Esperaaza ... 03 200 Rssons ...... It
100 Gipsy Queen.. S6 100 Toa & CaJ... 33
100 Pin* Grovo... 64
TUESDAY. Aug. 23 — 4 p. m.
Bld.Ask. Bid. Ask.
Alpha. _.,... 07 00 Imperial __. 03 04
Alta M 05 07 Julia ...7.... — 02
Andes 15 171 Justice 10 14
Belcher 30 32- Kentuclt C2 0.1
Best & Belch. 1 70 1 7.V Mexican 1 03 1 10
Bullion — 04; Occidental ... 41 43
Caledonia .... 06 1 ©O Ophlr \1 Ml "D
Challeng* .... 20 20. 1 Overman .... 26 28
Chollar 18 18! Potosl 16 1»
Con Cal A Va.1 60 1 55, Savage 24 2.1
Confidence ... 03 1 05 Beg Belcher ..09 11
Crown Point.. 15 16 Sierra Nevada M «V
Exchequer ... ©5 ©flj PUver Hill ..71 72
Gould & Cur. 32 34' Yellow Jacket 6S CO
'Hale & Norcs 43 45 Union t>7 C8
Bld.Ask. Bld.Ask.
Esperansa ... 03 04iTon A Cal... 30 3.t
Gipsy Queen.. 26 27 j Ton Fraction. — 7?i
MacN'amara . 15 20iTon £ Gt W. — 10
Mlzpah Ex .. — C3lTon Of N*v..« 00 7 2T>
Mont Ton ...1 C3 1 10 Ton N Star.. 41 *<:
Paymaster ... — 23, Ton Midway. — SO
Pine Grove... — io Ton A S Laka — 25
Rescue 00 Ton... 13 —
Ton Belmont.1 75 1 901
line of Central avenue (Twelfth street). 180 "W
1 of West ¦treet, S ICO. W 25, N 4:«tf, W 73:1*4.
N 110:3%, E 110:8. block 151, him map, Oak
land; front.
i Mary F. McSorley or McSorly t© Theodora
* Barnewltz. lot on B lla» ot Claremoat avenua
(Telegraph), 260.50 S of Clifton. S BO. 8E
i 298.81. NE 62.57. NW 282.56. lot 19. block H.
map of subdivision of portions ot block* H and
I. Vernon Park Tract 1889, Oakland; $30.
Frederlke Schlund (widow) to Frank W.
Leavltt, lot on E line- of Linden stwet, 270 N
of Eighth, N 39:8 by B 128, block J, Market
street Tract. Oakland: $10.
George H. and Katberlne Maxwell (wife) to
i Frances A. "Weidler, wlf« of Charles I_. lot on
! NW 'corner of ChaHnlnr way and Warrins
street. N 150 by W 50, lot 36, map.Benton
property, Berkeley; $100. _ .
John and Alfaretta Stono (wife) and John
H. and Etema Helwig (wife) to Otto Waalanfl,
, lot on W line of Sixth street. 100 N of Bristol.
N 33 by \V 131, block 75. Tract B. Berkeley
Land and Town Improvement .Association,
Berkeley; $10.
8. F. and Ellen Sinclair (wife) to California
Bank, lot of SW corner of Lawrenc* and Hep
burn streets, S 150 by W 100. lot 14. Ghlrar
delll Tract, near Fruit-ale. Brooklyn Township,
quitclaim deed; $15.-
Joseph "Westall (widower) to Charles B. Sne
ereen. lota 21 to 23. block A. Laurel Grove
Park. Brooklyn Townab.Jp: $10.
David Pulhamus t» Hannah H. Pulbatons,
lot on N line of Pacific a-enue. 60 W of Oak.
W 50 by N 150:2, lot 8. block 39. lots adjacent
to Enclnal, Alameda; gift.
Thomas B. Morgan to Mary B. Morsan
(wife) lot on 8 lln* of Callan avenue. 100 E of
Pelton. NE 100 by 8E 115. San Lcandro, Eden
Township; also lot on S line of Callan avenue,
158:9 W from W line of alleyway separating
land formerly of S. Huff, from land purchased
by Alexander Edward from J. B. Ward et al,
W 45:9 by 9 150, San Leandro, Eden.Town-
Webber to O. C. Miller lot on N lm.
of W Fifth street, 414 E of Adeline. E 89 by
N 102, Oakland: $10. ,, v v*.» T -n-
Hush and Lucy V. Crummey (wife) to Julius
A. Crist, lot on S line of Central avenue. 275
E of Hiith. E 60 by S 123:6, lot 39, Hawley
Tract. Alaroeda; $10. •
Same to same, lota 30 and 31. J> lock .^maP
Snyder and Montgomery subdivision or portion
of Temescal Park, Oakland; $10. -
F A and Mae O. Losh (wife) to same, lot
on NE line of Olive avenue. 150 SB ol If 1 **
avenue. SE 60 by NE 100, 16ts 83 and 84. block
C, map'Sather Tract. Oakland Township: $10.
F. X. Olanle to Eugenia Olanie (daughter),
lot on N corner of Twentieth avenue and E
Sixteenth. NW 60 by NE 140, lots 11 and I 12.
block 83. San Antonio. Kast Oakland; gift.
Stephen D. Harris (widower) to Michael A.
Mclnnls. lot on W comer of B Sixteenth street
and Eighth avenue. NW 100 by BW 60. block
71. Clinton. East Oakland: $10.
i John Tuohy to A. J. Mervy lots 12 and 16.
block F. map Tuohy's Second Addition to *>er_e
ley, Oakland Township; $10. k >j^ !
Anna C. and R. B. Kachleln (husband) to
Frank E. Wyse. lot on W line of Trement
street. 84.22 S of Woolsey. S 42. W 112. N
30 62 E 112.57. lot 1. block 3. map blocks 3
and 4. Berkeley Park, portion plats 01, etc.,
B j rk p e3 and Mary E. McMullen (wife) to Gert
rudeBrown (wife of Elmer), lot 44, block 2,
map Grove Street Line Tract, Berkeley; $10.
Mary H. Buck (wife of J. J.) to Mary F-
Rice (wife of Richard J.), lot 41. block 2.
map ssme, Berkeley: $10.
Myer E. and Adele S. Jaffa, (wife) to Sigma
Chi Hall (corporation), lot on NE corner of
Bowdltch and Haste streets, N 60 by B 125.
and Improvements, Berkeley; $10.
Mary E. Raymond (widow) and AUc« U
and Frederick H. Clark to Jerome C. Fort,
lot on E line of Piedmont avenue. 240 N of
Derby street. N 70 by E 135. portion lot 5.
block 6. map property of John Kearney, etc..
Berkeley; $10. •
C. E. or Charles E. Brakenrtdge and Laura
E. Brakenbridge (wife) to L. C. Brakenrtdg*
(widow) lots 6 7 and S 20 feet of lot 3, In
block 3, Graves and Taylor Tract, Berkeley;
Kate M. Perrln (widow) and Anita. D. Perrln
(single) to James R. Little, lots 17 to 23 and
25 to 32. block 1. map property and location
Spaulding Tract. Berkeley; $100.
Lena and Edward H. James to Dennis Mc-
Carthy, lot on W line of Frnltrale avenue,
181.30 S of Huff avenu* or county road, 1540
S. 160 NW, 440 to center Bausal Creek, thence
up center said creek, following; meandering*,
to point from which line drawn SE and pro
duced E to W line of Frnltvale avenue would
intersect same at beginning, thence SE 430 to
beginning. Brooklyn Township; $10.
George H. and Nancy E. Lee (wife) to Char
lotte E. Bullard, lot on 8E line of Peralta
avenue, 110 NE of Jones street. NE 105 by
SE 115. lots 16 to 18. Gallndo Tract, Brooklyn
Township; $10.
Samuel A. and Carra Byrne (wife) to George
H. Lee. lot on E line of Merrill avenue. 125
B from S Una of county road, Oakland to
ban Leandro, S 37 :C by E 125. .lot 32 and
portion 31 block 6, map subdivision of portion
of block 6, Father Tract. Frultvale, Brooklyn
Township: $10.
601-<i02-t>03 Examiner building.
Quick settlements; no disappointment.
Save expenses by dealing directly.
Estates, second mortgages, undivided lnter-
«?t£. aselrnsients of rents, property in trust,
etc; legacies, life rotates and undivided in-
terests in property purchased.
Courteous treatment. Strictly confidential.
When You Need Money
HIGHLY respectable private place to obtain
liberal advancer on diamonds Jewelry, at
lowest rates. Baldwin Jewelry Store. 846
Market et.; teL Main 1644. Branch. 19 Third.
MONEY loaned to salaried people, retail mer-
chants, te_raFters. boarding-house*, without
fcecuritv; easy j-ayments;- largest buslntss la
46 principal cities. Tolman. S53 Parrott bldg.
A — 1 per cent on furniture or plano:no rerapval;
no commission ; no publicity; $25 up: quick,
quiet, confidential. _<> Montgomery St.. r. 7.
LOANS FROM fl TO f 10,000.
AT cut calec on real estate, furniture or pls.no;
no commission. E. \V LI«"K. 1«-KW Mutual
Sav. Bk. bid., 7C8 Market; phone Main Sift. !
S. T. DISCOUNT AGENCY— Loans to Marled
people on their note.
THE TOUgLEY CO 143 Phflan Blflg-
MONEY to loan on low interest: gold, silver,
diamond*, pearls and precious Ktones bougbt
at W. J. HESTHAL'S. lO^ixthjst;
MONEY loaned to F£larled employes. O. W.
MILLER, room 74. f.fth floor. Chronicle blCg. I
ONE per c«nt on furniture: $r. s month on each ¦
flOOO; any tecurUy. Ml Montson-.ery. ~>- * 6 - |
S% ON furniture Z pianos : '$ir. up; no removal; j
V. -REMAIN, room »1. *> Eddy «*-. noor *-
ALL loans on diamond* an(S Jewelry 2 t* r ct *} \
K-.O. P. F. Collateral l»an Bar.k. MS Kes.rn>. j
STAR I^vk-. Co of Wyoming loans money to ;
Mlarl^mp^y^^»LMBtual S> v. Bk. bid.
CASH leaned salaried r*r. r !e on not-s ~"hout
lndorser. MOHHKL1,. <X^ Examiner bldg.
" MtSICA-, J^^^\ lliSTS ' ______
3 c_ck-rian * lj0 - * 185 ' *?£ !
l FU-btr; upright ¦?«* j
1 je-»eu: ni»ho_an> ; -tew .••¦;.'» J
1 hc'jsatfer; m_h. eany; new V • "." «.,?! i
2 e_— *— «»• f"?i
2 Stein way V«£- . ' i«V-
3 Heine «-"> to $^» I
_5 •quara * 15 t0 f i-t
7 organs «10 to $75 j
P.er.ts (2 up allowed on purchase; install- j
mer.ts *4 up; piano player* from $»<J up: |
new pianos from $117 up. HEINE PIANO
CO.. 135-237 Oeary **¦• agents for the Gab- I
ler. Krcll, Steerr. et-.
A SMALL walnut Emrrscn upright, absolutely
'Ike new, J1S5. 2-7 G^ary et^ '
STEIXWAY uprlf ht. left by private party,
$ 165; a great bargain. 237 Gear?- st.
A FEW upright h&r*r_ins from $70 up, compris-
ing each makes a* Cblckerir.g. Jaectescn. j
• Vow. Sterling. Knabe. Fischer. Schwechten.
Wescr, Schuman and other*; eaey payments.!
BENJ. CURTAZ & SON. 16 O'Farrcll Et. ; no
branches in Kan Francisco^
WE have a few snaps this week that are
very teciptlnr and we can eave you big
money on a good piano; tome early. THE j
BAND in*trun-.entf ; F. Besson. Paris, maker, j
Gus Maiwald. Ajrt. Pac. Coast. _7S OFarre'.l; ,
skillful repairing; 1'd-hand instruments sold, j
BARGAIN— Star.^ar.i make upright; good con- ,
dltion. SCHMIT2 & CO- 10 McAllister St. ;
Unredeemed storate pianos and furniture dirt [
cheap. Whitehead'e Storage, 1G36 Market.
BEAUTIFIL S-pedal Pteinway upright piano; (
perfect order: sacrifice. Keeffe'i-.-SS OFarrell. !
BUY direct from the factory and save 50 per j
cent. HORNUNG. _1C McAliiFter ft. (
KOHLER & CHAPE, !V> OTarrcll st.; largest J
and oM^t riar.o house. '•
BEST renting- ~?:ano in city for J3 per tnoath. j
• PCOTT-CURTAZ PIANO CO.. t«53 Hayesjst. j
SOHMER, Fyrcn Mauzy pianos, Cecilian piano i
flayer. BYRON MAUZY. 308-312 Post gt.
tVPERIOR vioMna, «ither«. oli and new. H.
MT'LLER. rr.skfr. repairer. S Latham place.
EMMA S-PRECKEL6 building, 027 Market et—
Office to let; rent $15; light, heat. Janftor and
telephone. ASHTQN & GARDINER:
¦ Wrl-kie*, yeilow and Cabby skin, birthmarks,
Erc-Hfox piuinfs and scars scientifically re-
moved without cutting, m_ffmge. electricity or
zne£iei_es; spec— it demonstrations this week.
Call or write CR. L. WILLIAMS, 571 Gear}-.
THE Star lialr U*ir.efiy restores gray hair. Im-
prove* it* growth .stops falilng;cures danii _n
ar.3 Itching tcalp; no stain or stickiness;
cleanses ecalp:sit druggists', hairdressers' ;ac-
cept no substitute. Star Rem*KiyCo.,C»>5C»eary.
WANTED— 777 Udles with scalp diseases; loss
o* hair end prematurt graynets prevented.
(Can treat by tr.ail. Blankn lor rtarap.) Con-
pultatlon free, fc:30 to 0; Sundays. 10 to 12.
Prof. "GEO. A. CABLOW. Specialist, room
21J\ 937 Market *t."
TO whom It n_ty concern — I will not be re-
epontlble for any debts contracted by my
Mrtfis ironi this date, August 22. 1003. ED-
NOT hew cheap, but how grxxl, is the motto of
the manufacturers K of the Rspld Rotary
Htar.ditriS. the Bewing-tnachlne cf to-day. J.
W. EVAKS. -Kent, 1C_1 Market st.
PHYSICIAN, 15 years' experience, cures per-
manently morphine, or^aine habit. Call or
sddrew Central Pharmacy, 201 Grant ave.,
corner Sutter «.. ; fee moderate.
DRINK Cof-farin, the best cereal coffee on
earth, rich la flavor, abeo'u'.ely pure and
nourishing; «j_i{.csed entirely of superior
grains and figs.
£>ANCINQ Tuesday. Thursday, Saturday and
-^undty evenincs at Teutor.Ia Hall. Howard
St.. near Ninth; asnagctnpnt Prof. Foster.
AT Ions than cox, uncalled fcr suits, overcoats
«nd trouper*, at CHAIiLES LYONS', L.r.doa
Taller, 721 Market Ft.
THE hie-best price paid for ladles' cr gents'
cart-off clothing and all articles of value at
WEINHERG'S, 114A Ellis St.
ELEGANT suite on ea*>- installmentf; 00 cents
and up per week. LEON LEMOS. 11_7 Mar- j
$500 to f 1200— Only' graded lots fronting
boalevard, ocean and park. Unobstructed
%-iew fronr every lot. Fronting electric cars.
Don't miss this opportunity. Easy terms.
$60 to $250 — Near ocean and park — (5 monthly.
Oceanslde branch office on 49th ave. and K st.
f500 to $1000 — New lots In Sunset District.
Graded and sewered, near cars, $10 monthly.
Sunset branch office on 9th ave., near H st.
fl50 to f200 — Level Excelsior Homestead lots
near Mlssion-st. electric cars — f 3 monthly.
Choice Richmond District lots. $10 monthly.
11000 to $3500—4, S and 6 room modern cot-
tage*. Sunset, Richmond and Excelsior
Homestead. All bargains!
Easy terms!
iEOL GETZ & SON, owners and dealers.
RoonrM, Chronicle building.
! '
PRICE.. .$4200.
VERT (rood 2-story and basement residence,
containing C rooms and bath artn 2 rooms In
basement for servants; concrete coping In j
front of house and concrete stairs leading to
front door; solid oak vestibule and oak doors;
fine gas fixtures; good hardware; good plumb,
ing; an especially well built and arranged
house, with fine southern and sunny expos-
ure; basement is plastered and floored; fine
wir.ny yard; in a coming residence location;
convenient to 3 car Unes; artificial stone
sidewalk laid. Mortgage of $2500 for 2 years
at C per c*nt can remain on this property;
therefore this place can be bought to-day for
only fl700 cash. •„ • •
Real Estate Agents,
6 Montgomery.
JOSEPH 8TRAUB. C30 Market St
(3000—2 flats, 9 rooms, basement; rear bouse
4 rooms; basement of 2 rooms; Mason and Fil-
bert us.
$8500— Goofl Income property; nice locality;
• bay- window flats; basement; sun all day;
pays over II cer cent.
Nice level lots on Eighteenth and Nineteenth
aves.; easy installment or cash; south of park;
itarlne view. ¦
$200 — Choice level lots, ready t« build on:
Excelsior Homestead; Mission; Installment.
______________ .
$100 down. bal. $20 per month; cottage 5 r.
asS b., on 2Cth st.. half block Castro-st. cars.
$250 down, bal. $20 per month; ccttage 5 r.
and b., Eanchei st. Office open on .-Sunday.
D. COFFIN & CO., 3303 Mission st.
LOT 25x114; 184 CLIPPER ST. SEE
¦ nm
$2250— MODERN 4-room cottac*. bath and
floored basement; large lot; cost $2850; must
be sold at once. 508 Jersey St.. one block
west of Castro; owner on premises; terms.
PACIFIC Heljrhts lots; marine view; SW. cor.
Scott and Filbert sts. THE MCCARTHY
CO., C4G Market st.
BEAUTIFUL 8-rootn modern residence; large
lawn- best part Pacific Heights. THE Me-
CARTHY CO.. Ct6 Market st.
NEAT and attractive Western Addition cot-
tape $4500; terms If desired. THE MC-
CARTHY CO.. «C Market st
FOR eale — House 8 rms.: high basement; sunny
side 19th. bet. Valencia and Mission; no reas.
offer refused. Stephens & Co.. Unlon-sq. Mkt.
WATER front lots and bargains: all tracti;
map*, photo*, etc. BELL. 417 Parrott bld<-
REAL' ESTATE — Country — For Sale.
— |
ALFALFA lands, stock ranches, orchards, I
vineyards; Inspected' bargains: monthly cata- .
loroes sent free. C. M. WOOSTER CO.. 64S i
Market st. j
$2500 BUYS 120-acre ranch, near Yountvllle;
house, barn, good water; SO acres vines.
Apply or address Owner, 916 Second St.,
Surrounded by flowers and fruit trees; near
train and schools; only $2-S5O; lot 75x125.
Nice 5-room cottage and bath.
Tel. Or. rtd 1461. 15QO Park St.." Alameda.
AN opportunity seldom met with; I have a
n«w 2-gtory 7-rootn house. 4 bedrooms, ;
equipped with all modern conveniences, gas, I
electric lights, etc.. on an Improved street, !
only 2 blocks from the station, which I will i
cell to a reliable party on the following j
terms: flOO cash and the balance In month-
ly installments; whole price f3500.
JOSEPH J. MASON. Real Estate.
Cor. Shattuck ave. and Center. Berkeley.
FINE. new. handsome cottages; up to date; all
conveniences ; close to can; large lots; JliJu
to * l'WO; only f200 cash, balance HO 60 per
W. C. MORAN. Lorln station, or
C. C. EMSLIE. Afhby rtatlon.
FOR rent — On Maud ave., San Leandro; 2-story
«-room house, partly furnished, with 2 acres
land In fruit; barn and well; f200 rent per
year, payable In advance. Apply E. GRANT.
-121 Shattuck ave.. Berkeley.
COTTAGE. 3 rooms, furnished for housekeep-
ing; half block from cars and train. Inquire
cor. Rose st. and Shattuck ave.. Berkeley.
FELL, 228 — Elegant eulte, furnished for house-
keeplng; $14; bath, gas range; adults.
HERBERT (The) — Sunny apartments •¦ for
housekeeping; gas ranges; Just newly fur-
nished. 1S3Q Polk st.
JESSIE, 333 — Bunny room; running water; gas
range; furnished housekeeping; $10. ' t .
KEARNY, 104— Sunny front suite; unfur-
nlshed; newly papered; no children; refs.
MCALLISTER, 533 — Nicely furnished suite: gas
ranre. hot bath, laundry; adults; $7 to f 14.
MCALLISTER, C06 — 2 or 3 completely fur-
nished fine large sunny rooms; gas range;
reasonable. -.
MISSION, 1063— Front suite. complete for
housekeeping; other rooms $1 60 up week.
SOUTH PARK, 84 — Ono or two rooms, nicely
- furnished for housekeeping.
CLASSIFIED advertisements and subscriptions
received at Call branch otZct. 2200 Flllmor*.
A BRANCH office for Call advertisements and
subscriptions has been established at I 1098
Valencia at. ' '
~""t^e*1princet6~n7*~ "'¦¦¦'"¦-¦-"'¦
(european plan.) .
Superbly furnished and the only high-gradt
residence hotel In the city which is operated
on the Euiowan blan. Located at No. 710
and reached by three street car lines. One
hundred rooms, mostly arranged en suite,
with bath. Electric lights, steam heat, Ions
distance telephone In every suite; bllllnrd
and smoking rooms and a magnificent grlll-
_room. Rates are very reasonable.
"EL MONTEREY." the city's newest apart-
ment hotel, located on the north «lde of
Pine St., between Hyde and Leavenworth; a
superb brick building ot Spanish architec-
ture; all the comforts of housekeeping com-
bined with the conveniences of hotel life; for
$30 per month you can secure here an unfur-
nished S-room apartment, consisting Of larse
. living-room with gas grate and mantel, bed-
room with bay-window and closet; kitchen
equipped with gas range, built-in ¦ china
closet and hot and cold water; bathroom
with toilet and porcelain tub (hot and cold
water); this price also includes janitor Ser-
vice night and day and night and day ele-
vator service; only ten minutes 1 walk from
Powell and Market; see these apartments
to-day. .' - ¦ -
ROOMS TO LET— Fnrn. and I'nforn.
AA — City Room Renting Agency.
1104 Market St., cor. Turk and Market sts..
Rooms 3 and 4. Phone Jessie 4471. '
We locate you free of charge
In Rooms with or without board,
Housekeeping Rooms or Hotels.
A— BRUNSWICK House. 146 Sixths-Rooms
25c to f l_per night, $1 25 to $5 per week and ;
light housekeeping rooms; open all night.
AT "The Almonte." S7S Market st. (or No. 1
Fifth st.)— Rooms. 25c. 5Oc, fl, fl 00 night;
fl 50 to $10 week; house open all night.
ANTLERS, 415 Turk st.— Strictly modern; 4-6
room apartments; fur. or unfur. for hskpg.
BURNETT, 1420 Market— (old No. 1364)— Fur-
nished rooms, suites, single; also unfurnished.
CLIFFORD, 204 Ellis, cor.. Mason — Elegantly
furnished sunny rooms; prices reasonable.
ELLIS. li*09. near Scott — Large furnished room
for gentlemen. $8. • .
FOLSOM. 77CH — Neatly furnished room, suit-
able for 1 or 2 gentlemen; rtnt reasonable.
GRAND Southern. 7th and Mission — Rooms 5Oo
to $150 night; $2 to $3 week; reading-room.
GUERRERO, 1203. near Twenty-fourth— Four
u nfurnlahed rooms; $lft.
66 Geary st. ; phone Bush SSO.
Centrally located fireproof hotel; elegantly
furnished sullen, with baths and singles.
JESSIE. 350 — Nicely furnished front room for
gentleman; IT; gas, phone.
MASON, 217— Sunny rooms; quiet, itspectable
house; board optional; phone Howard 2Cno.
O'FARRELL. 20 — Sunny furnished ' rooms and
Offices; elevator; fllec. lights; day. week, mo.
SEVENTEENTH, 3.724. near Mission— To let,
3 furnished housekeeping rooms; adults; ref-
erences exchanged. '
UNITED STATES. 123 Eddy St.. near Market—
400 single and family rooms; 35c to fl night;
tl 75 to ?fi week; elevator; electric lights;
reading-room; free bus and baggage.
WINCHESTER Hotel, 44 3d st.; near Marketj-
Moit convenient ani re*pectable; 700 rooms;
85c to |1 50 night; $2 to fS. week; elevator;
elec. lights; reading-room; free bus; bapgage.
CLASSIFIED advertisements and subscriptions
received at Call branch office. 2200 Fillmore.
A BRANCH office for Call advertisements and
subscriptions has been established at 1096
Valencia Bt.
Strictly first-class family hotel; sunny rooms,
culte or single; billiards: steam he.-it.
STEVENSON Mansion, $07 California st. — At-
tractlve and sightly rooms; best table and
service; lowest rates.
TWENTY-FIRST. 3375. near Guerrero — Fur-
nished rooms, with board; also dcuble par-
lors; home cooking.
HAYES. . 671 — Nice front room, with board,
for gentleman; private family; reasonable.
NEWLY furnished rooms with board; low rate.
S27 Mission st. ¦
$30 TABLE board for f20; only, first-class ho-
tels; no fake. Box 2420. Call office.
positively cured; new method: 1 week's treat-
ment free. Dr. Cottlntcham. 204 Sutter it.
MELBOURNE System School, Van Ness and
Market: positive cure for all. Don't delay.
eell better machines for lens money than any
house In the city: rentals fcl.-Th* Typewriter
lilUNO your gcode: will mbke tailored shirt
waitt. ll. The Fa»hlon, 112:» Market, bet.7_£
MRS. RUMPLE will be pie*»ed to meet old end
new irlende at her millinery pexlors._l Geary
El'ITS to ordrr on Installment*, fl per week.
N°uriau« & Pp.. merch. tallorf.727-729 Market,
ALL styles haSrtlreCTirg, 2.V; hair good*; mani-
curing. 25c. O. LEDERER. 123 Stockton «t.
TAILOR-MADE suit $7 50; dres» pants |2 50.
Mlcfit Clothing Parlor, cor. Buch and Dupont.
SUPERFLUOUS hair and moles removed by
*lectr»c needle. Dr.AMr».TTaverse,1170 Market
MASQUERADE CCTtumn, play bocks. wiirs»
country ortjerm. GOLDSTEIN & CO.. 733 Mkt
ALFREDUM'S Egyptian Henna restores gray
hair to Its natural color; fl; at all druggists'.
Fcperfluous hair and moles removed with elec-
tric needle. Mrs. & Miss Eaton. 1119 Suiter.
MY offer to answer 8 questions closes Sept. 1;
fuJl reading- f 1. MME. DEVAE. 139 Post St..
10 to 12. 1 to C; Tues. evg.; Sun by app't.
___. ZILLAH, »cSentl_c palmist and card
reader; 25 years' experience; late of New
_«alasd and Australia. &25A Post st.
H JEROME FOEELLI. scientific palmist. 513
Taylor 1. near Geary. Phone Black 661.
ROOMS papered. 13 £0 up; tinting, painting.
Hartcann Paint Co.. 31ft 3a St.; tel .Main 413.
vu VS ? C A AAS •— vp . SUB< f E ?-? 8 :
DR C C. O'DONNELL — Office and residtnee,
1C21H Market et_ bet. EUth and Seventh.
BLOOD, rkin and rectal diseases a epeclalty.
tiR. BALL. 1073 H Market St.
REMOVED— DR. WONO HIM. herb doctor:
treats -11 -iaeases of the human body: fcr
past four years at 115-117 Mason; now lo-
cated at <5O"7 Geary *U. near Lcavenwort—
UP.. TONG PO CHY. eueee*«>r to Dr. Ll Po
Tal. herb doctor; cures all diseases of human
by u*e of herbs and teas. 727 Washington st.
V'ONO WOO. the famous herb doctor— All -Is.
*>ae» cured by Chinese herbs. 740-8 Clay et,
i~ , ... ;
A— EMPORIUM Storage & Van Co.; furniture,
household roods stored, moved, shipped. 725-
'11 Howard «t.. near Third; phone Grant 16L
PIERCE-RUDOLPH Storage &. Moving Co.. of-
fcce Port and Powell tti. ; tel. Priv. Ex. 571.
CON-KLIN'S storage— Furniture and merchan-
<?:se. SS3 Golgen Gate ave.; phone East 128.
COLOEN West Storage; advances made; 840
_KlCTion st.; tel. Howard Ml. F. W. Zehfuss.
PACIFIC Storar* and 5urn;ture Moving Com-
P«f.y. 232O FUlmo-e g_; phone Jackson 281.
BEKixs Van and Storage Co., 11 Montgomery
et.; to. Mala 1640. Chipping at cut rates.
Positively the most elegant Improved grounds
in Alameda County; fine 9-room residence
and barn: lot 90x150; on the west side of
Telegraph ave.
A 4-room cottage on a large lot, 80x160. This
is a snai> at $1250. -
M. L. WURTS 17th st. and Broadway.
f 275 CASH. *8 60 ! monthly; new cottage, 4
rooms, bath, pantry, closets, etc.; modern;
soil and location unsurpassed;' adjoining East
Oakland: lot 35x1 3S; more land can be hsd;
price in all, f 1250. Call or send for circu-
lar. 455 Seventh et., opp. Broadway station,
Oakland. Carriage free. H. Z. JONES,
Look AT THIS— $2650 only for a fine home of.
7 rooms and bath; better than new; lot .'Ox
127; all street work done and cement walk
' around the house, etc. Apply to P. C./ LAS-
SEN * CO.. 4'ji 10th st., Oakland. Cal.
BARGAIN— Only $1000 for a fine 6-room cot-
tage is East Oakland. P. C. LASSEN & CO..
46K Tenth St.. Oakland.- ' .- .*
COMPLETELY furnished flat, and lower flat
partly furnished, for adults. 541 19th at..
Oakland. ' .
TO-MORROW the day for bargain* in fuml-
ture. H. S?hellhaai». 11th Et..cor. stdre.Oaklnd
BAN FRANCISCO, Cal., August 28, 15KB.—
j Sealed proposal*. In triplicate, will be re-
ceived here until 12 o'clock, noon, September
10. 1803, and then opened, for- furnuhing at
San Francisco, CaL, Portland, Or., or Seat-
tle or Tacoma. Wash., for shipment to Ma-
nila. P. I.. 7.800,000 pounds of hay and 7.400,-
000 pounds oats. Government reserves right
to reject or accent ahv or all bias In whole
or In part. Information furnished on applica-
tion to C. A. DEVOL. Quartermaster, Chief
Q. M.
8AN FRANCISCO. Cal.. August 22 1003.—
Sealed proposals. In triplicate- will be re-
ceive, here until 11 o'clock a. m., September
_. 1M3. and then opened for furnishing and
erecting a £0.000 gallon tank on 50-foot tres-
tle, and for removing and re-ercctlng a
30.000 callon tank, at Benicia Barracks.
Cal. Government reserves right to -reject
or accept any or all bids In whole or in
part. Information furnished on application
to C. A. DEVOL. Quartermaster. Chief Q. M.
U. S. ENGINEER Office, Flood building. San
Francisco, Cal.. Aug. 26, 1003. — Sealed pro-
posals for repairing V. B. snagboat Seller
will lw» received here until noon. September
' 26, 1903. Information on application; W/ H
HEUKR. Lleuuaant Colonel of Engineers
Exchange. 536 California; telephone Main 26(5.
A FEW good typewriters at $30 each: get par-
ticulars. L. * M. ALEXANDER. 110 Mont-
gomery Bt.
*2D-HAND typewriters sold, rented, repaired^
Webster Typewriter Inspec. Co.. 209 Sangome.
The following marriage licenses were Issued
yesterday: ¦
Charles G. Hardy. 42, Oakland, and Mary J.
HethertnRton, 2tt. Colusa.
Gion AV. GlWon. 21. Williams, and Jessica
M. Lonjrmire, 21. Colusa. "
Isak I»ak3on, 35. 900 Filbert street, and
Anna FJallBtrom, 22, 22<5 Chattflnoosa street.
James Darwin, 43, 031 Sacramento street,
and Rebecca Garner, 42. 229 Greenwich street.
Hllmar A. Elchorn. 33, 784 Dolores street,'
and Frieda M. Marquard. 20, 1704 Waller Rt.
Norman J. Dies. 21, Berkeley, and Edith
Atthowe. 20, Berkeley.
George McC. Oswlll. 23, 470 Frederick street,
and Edna P. Matheson, 22, 470 Frederick *l.
George H. Linn, 22, 621 San Jose avenue,
and Annie F. Kogarty. 20, 310 Lanpton street.
Hugh W. Burke, 38, city, and Loerna K.
Smith. 32, city.
Jefferson Bcgrs, 21, city, and Birdie Morris,
16, city.
Elle, Ethler. 34. 1« Dehon street, and Cella
McFadden. 31>. 2023 Ellis street.
Arthur J. Holmes, 25, city, and Maggie E.
Conboy, 22, «Mty.
Giuseppe Baldlno. 60. 1103 Sutter street, and
Concatta Caruso. 2$. 1103 Sutter street.
Leu Tom. 2S. 1024 Dupont etreet. and Ah
*Gim. 23, 1024 Dupont street.
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by
mall will not be inserted. They must be handed
in at either cf tin"" iir.blU-ntmn ofllccs and be
Indorsed with the name and residence Of per-
eons authorised to have the same' published.
ADAMS — KINN1B — In this city. August 24.
1903, by the Rev. John Stephens, Merrltt O.
Adams of Petaittma, Cal., and Lena Kiruiie
of Red Bluff. Cal.
EICHORN— MARQUARD— In this city.' Au-
. gust ; 25. 1903. by the Rev. J. Fuendeling.
Hlltnar A. Eichorn and Frieda Marguerite
• Marquard. ,
FEYLING — SWANSON— In I this city. Aumitt
• 22, 1903, by the Rev. E. M. Stensrud, Thomas
* Feyllng and Ida Cecelia , Swan_on, both of .
San Francisco. •
GOTTE: — BLAKER — In this city, August 24,
1903, by the Rev. J. Fuendeling, John Henry !
Gotte and Jennie E. Blaker, both of Oak-
' land.
HACKETT— ANDREW— In this city. August .
15. 1003. by tbe Rev.- Edward P. F. Dear-
born. Arthur E. Hackett, D.D.8.. and Ethel
8. Andrew.. ' - . •
HILDEBRANDT— BLOHME— In this city, Au-
gust 23, 19C3, by the Rev. Hermann Gehrcke,
Ludwlg Hildebrandt and Meta Blohme, both
of San Francisco. ...... .j
KINZEL— BOYSEN— In this city, August 20
1903, by the ' Rev. J. Fuendeling, Charles
Kinzel and Joeie A. Boysen.' ' .
McGRATH— LIEBE—In thU city, Aurust 21, |
>^\C^^. Steamers Ieava San Fran-
— *^««Si dsco as follow*: ¦
fyrx_ . x_\ For Ketchikan. ' Juneau.
/li/^gS*tel \<A\ Halnes, S&a*~ay. etc.. Aln*-
I I VBm?_A I I ka — 11 a - m - > August 2!>,
\ \ ynpiya/ .1 Sept 3. Char.z?> to company's
W\ W Jffy steamers at Seattle.
\Q_fi__*^&y Fcr Victoria. Vancouver,
Port Townsend. Seattle. Ta-
coma. Everett. Whatcom- -
II a. m. August 29. Sept. 3. Change at Seat-
tle to this company's steamers for Alaska and
O. N. Ry.: at Seattle for Tacoma to N. P.
Ry. ; at Vancouver to C. P. Ry.
For Eureka (Hutnboldt Bay) — Pomona. 1:30
p m.. August 26k Sept. 1; Corona. 1:30 p. m..
August 29. Sept. 4.
For Los Angeles (via Port Lo» Angelea- and
Redondo). San Diego and Santa Barbara —
Santa Rona. Sundays. !) a. m. ¦ ¦ -t
State of California. Thursdays. 9 a. m.
For Los Angeles (via San Pedro and Ea*t
San Pedro), Santa Barbara. Santa Cttm: Mon-
terey San Simeon. Cayucos. Port' Iiarfonl
(San 'Luis Obispo), Ventura and Hueneme.' .
Coob Bay. 9 a. m.. August 29. Sept. 8.
Bonlta. 0 a. m.. Sept. 2.
For Ensenada. Magdalena Bay. San Jos* <J«1
Cabo Matatlan, Altata. La Paz. Santa Ro-
salia.' Guaymas (Mex.). 19 a. m., Tth of each
For further Information obtain folder.
Right Is reserved to change steamers or sail-
ln TICK_T OFFICES-* New Montgom-
ery street (Palace Hotel). 10 Marfeet stmt-ana
Broadway Wharf.
Freight office 10 Market street. — ;•
C. D. DUNANT* General Passenger Agent,
10 Market st.. San Francisco.
O. /?• <£ /V. CO.
"Columbia" sails An*. 31. "Georg» V?.
Elder" sails Aug. 2$. Only steamship line to
PORTLAND OR., and short rail line from
Portland to "all points East. Through tickets
to all points all rail or steamship and rail, at
LOWEST RATES. Steamer tickets include
sn^a^'s FS&g^A&SSZ
Dept 1 Montgomery st.: C. CLIFFORD, Cen.
Agt. Frt. Dept.. 3 Montgomery st. .
Steamers wilt leave wharf, corner First and
Brann_n " reet, at 1 p. m. for TOKOH AM A
and HONGKONG, calling at Kobe <Hlogo>.
Nagasaki afcd Shanghai, and connecting at
Hongkong with steamers for India, etc. No
cargo received on board ion day of sailing.
Wednesday. August 2fi. 1903
S S." HONGKONG MARU (calling at Ma- •
nila) ../..Saturday, September 10; 1903
s. s. nippon ;^^: 19M
Via Honolulu. Round-trip ticket* at reduced
rates. For fretscht and passage, apply at Com-
pany's office. 421 Market street, corner. First.
W. H. AVERT. General Agent.
AAAonfAC f_ I* A "***". Una, ant
S s SIERRA, for Honolulu. Samoa. Auck-
land and Sydney. Thursday. Aug. 27, 2 p. m.
R 8 ALAMEDA-for Honolulu. Sept. 5, 11 a.m.
S 8 MARIPOSA, for Tahiti. Sept. 20. 11 a. m.
Frusbtl.Sca.3Xa Sorts! JL. Par Is. I.TasifciL
Palllnff even- Thursday in«pad of **KilCE>&
Saturday, at 10 a. m.. from Pier 42, » — ¦¦*-»
North River, foot of Morton street.
First-class to Havre. *70 and upward. Sec-
ond-class to Havre. $45 and upward". GEN-
CANADA, 32 Broadway (Hudson* Building).
New York. J. F. FUGAZI & CQ.. Pacific Coast
Agents. 5 Montgomery avenue.- San Francisco.
Tickets sold by all Railroad Ticket Agents.
Max* Island and Vallejo Utcamars.
9:45 a. m., 4:15 ariil 8:Ht) p. m., except Sunday. '
Sunday, 9:45 a. m.. 8;3l> p. m.~ Leave Vallejo.
7 a. m., 12:30 noon, 6 p. m.. ex. Sunday. Sun-
day. 7 a. m., 4:15 p. m. Fare. 5O centa Tei.
Main 150S. Pier 2. Misslon-st. dock. HATCH
Will dose on September 24,
1003, and all holders of Atlas
Coupons are requested to pre-
sent them immediately, as this
great opportunity to secure one
of these splendid Atlases at The
Call's premium rates will be
brought to a close on Septem-
ber 24. ¦ • • -
1903, by the Rev. J. Fuendeling, Peter James
McGrath of San Francisco and Emily Llebe
of Portland, Or., •
RAD-LLr— VON • STADEN— In this city, Au-
gust 22. l»03. by. the Rev. J.- Fuendeling,
; Frank Radell and Freda von Staden." ' .-
~~ v DIED. -———-——-
Avery. Russell Koster, Henry
Bailey, Sarah A. Lloyd. Charles, r.
¦ J Berglund. Nlles"'- McMillan; Angus
Bowers, Martin L, , Mprteneen, Emma A.
; Brennan, Hanora - Newman, Joseph
' CAllaghan, Michael Oliphant, Erwln H.
Draper, Margaret Reid. Bro. Dominic
Dupas, Matilda ' Smith, Maria W.
" : Dyar, John O. • . Sproul, Andrew
' EschenburR, Herman Ktuordtmann. Julius
Fahey. William Treacy, Mary L.
Gasper, George F. Treacy, .Anna R.
Hnblch. Esperance Turel, Jean
Hahn. Arthur Watson. Annie J. ,
r Hammerschmldt. Cart ¦ AMllmott, Samuel C.
Kerrigan, Eli— beth
AVERY— In this city, August 25," 1903 Rus-
sell ¦'•Avery, eon of Francis Avery of Sausa-
I [ET Funeral and Interment Drlvate.
BAILEY— In this city, August 25, 1903, at her
! -¦ residence, 1127 Silver avenue, Sarah Ann
BERQLUND— In tills city,' August^ 25, 190S,
Nlles Berglund, beloved husband of Marie
Berelund, and father of Charles, Henry,
i William and Walter Berglund and the late
I ¦ John Ber»tlund and Amelia, Alma and Jen-
> nette BerglUnd. a native of Sweden, aged
«3 yearn 8 months and 7 days. (New York
, and Seattle . papers please copy.) •
(_7"Frienrts and acquaintances are respect-
fully InvJted to attend the funeral services
Friday, August 28, l»03,. al 10 o'clock, at
. the mortuary chapel of the Golden Gate
Undertaking Company. 2475 Mission' street,
I n«ar Twenty-first. Interment Cypress Lawn
. BOWERS— In this city, August 25. 1003. Mar-
tin Luther Bowers, beloved husband of Mar-
tha Bowers, and brother of Harry Bowers,
a native of Pennsylvania, aged 43 yeans and
25 day p.
BRENNAN— In' this city, August 25, l»03.
Hanora Brennan, dearly beloved sister of
Mrs. M. Franks and Mrs. H. Barry, a na-
tive of Ireland.
O*Frlend« and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral Thursday,
A us uk t 27, 1903, at 9 o'clock, from the resi-
dence of her sister, Mrs. M. Franks, 08 Fill-
more street, thence to Sacred Heart Church,
where a requiem high mass will' be cele-
brated for the repese ot her soul, commenc-
ing at 9:30 o'clock.- Interment private. Holy
. Cross Cemetery. Kindly omit flowers.
CALLAGHAN— In this city, August 25, 1903,
Mlchaei, beloved husband of Ellen Cal-
laghan, father of James, Thomas. and Mar-
tin Canadian. Mrs. E. O'Connor, Mrs. J.
Sweeney and Mrs. M. Galvln, and uncle of
John F. and Michael J. Brown, C. Shea, !
Mrs. M. J. Brown *nd Mrs. William Mur-
ray, 1 a native of Tralee, County Kerry, Ire-
land, aged 77 years.
£X Friends are » respectfully invited to at-
tend the funeral to-morrow (Thursday), at 9
o'clock,, from bis late residence, 281 Thir-
teenth street, -corner of Mission, thence to
¦ St. Charles Borromeo's Church, where a re-
quiem high mass will be celebrated for the
repose of his soul at 9:30 o'clock. Inter-
ment Holy Cross Cemetery. No flowers.
DRAPER--lh this elty, August 23. 1903, Mar-
garet Draper, dearly beloved wife of T. . B.
Draper, loving mother of Joseph Draper, and
sinter of Mrs. Hannah Bagley and T. J.
Crowley, a native of County Cork, Ireland,
aged 53 years 1 month and 19 days.
ICT Friends and acquaintances are respect-
• fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Thursday), at 9 o'clock, from the residence
or her sister, Mrs. Hannah Bagley, 13:10
Folsom street. betw%en NlntM and Tenth,
thence to All Hallows Church, corner N
street and Sixteenth avenue south. South
San Francisco, where a requiem high mass
will be celebrated for the repose of her soul,
commencing at 10 o'clock. Interment Holy
Cross - Cemetery.
DUPAS— In this city. August 25, 19«4, Ma-
tilda Dupas, beloved wife of John Dupas,
beloved mother of Alice Dupas, sister of
Pierre Ducheln. elster-In-law or Mrs. P.
Ducheln, and aunt of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
Gassmon, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bouyssou, Eu-
gene Cerceat and Eueene Ducheln, a native
. of France, aged 45 years.
Cy Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral Thursday,
August 27, l»03, at 1 o'clock, from, her late
restdence,. 7T4 Broadway, thence to French
Church of Notre Dame dea Vlctolres, where
services will be held, commencing at 1:30
o'clock. Interment Holy Crons Cemetery.
DYAR— In San Rafael, August 24, 1903, John
Ongood, beloved husband of Marietta Dyar,
and brother cf P. M. Dyar of Ontario, Cal.,
Mrs. J. E. Turner and Mrs. E. Stockbrldge
of Massachusetts, a native of Phillips, Me.,
aged 58 yearn.
CTFrlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral Thursday,
August 27, at 1 o'clock, from his late resi-
dence, 220 E Street. San Rafael, thence to
First M. E. Church for services by the Rev. j
Dr. Oxnard. Interment Mount Tatnalpais i
. Cemetery,. San Rafael, Cal. Please omft'-l
flowers. . .
ESCHENBURG— In tillroy, August 20. 190.1,
Herman Rodney, belcved husband of Georglc
Eschenburr, father of Rodney Eachenburg.
son cf Rodney and Louise Fschenburg, and
brother of Mra. Matthew McOurrie, a native
ot Gtlroj-, Cal., aged. SI years.
FAHEY— In this cfty, AUguM 25. 1WW. Wil-
liam Fahey, beloved husband of Delia Fa-
hey. and loving father of William T.. Mary
W.. .Arthur E... Katherihe E.. Sarah A..
Theresa ' M., Francis J., Albert. Herbert. I
. Evelyn and the late James F. Fahey. and j
brother of Mrs. John *McDonou_h, a native j
of the parish .of Balllnakili, County Galway,
Ireland, aged 5<l years and 5 months. •
t_TThe funeral will take place to-morrow |
(Thursday), at 3:45 o'clock, from the parlors I
of J. C. O'Connor & Co., 767 Mission street,
thence to St. Patrick's. Church, where a re-
quiem masa will be. celebrated for the repose
of his soul at 9 o'clock. Interment Holy
Cross Cemetery.
GASPER— in this city, August 24, 1903. George
Frnncln, beloved husband of the late Lucy
G.---T, fattier of Lulu, Ida, Frank, Jessie
n- :va Gasper, and brother of William,
li. .- and Charles Gasper and the late Mrs.
B. Cildey and Mrs. H. Belton. a native of
San Francisco, aged 45 years. (Blsbee, Art*.,
and Sacramento papers please copy.)
E7"FrlendH and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Wednesday), at 2 o'clock, from the parlors
of the United Undertakers, SOU Mission
street, between Fourth and Fifth, where
services wilt be held. Interment Laurel Hill
HABICH— In this city, August 24, 1903, Es-
perance, beloved wife of the late Charles M.
Hnblch, a native of Paris, France, aged 06
ICTFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services
Friday, August 28. 1903, at 2 o'clock, at the
mortuary chaoel of J. S. Godeau, 305 Mont-
gomery avenue. Interment Laurel Hill
HAHN— In this city, August 25, 1003. Arthur.
Hahn, infant son of Felix and Anna Hahn
of Mill Valley, a. native of San Francisco,
aged 21 days. . .
HAMMERSCHMIDT— In this city, August 25.
1903. Carl H. F., beloved Son of Anna M.
and the late Ferdinand Hammenschmidt, and
brother of Willie HamrnerschmWt, a native
of San Francisco, aged 25, years 2 months
and 10 days. A member of the Teamsters'
Union. ¦ • ¦ /
C7Frlends and acquaintances and mem-
bers of the Teamsters' Union are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Thursday), at 2 o'clock, from the funeral
parlors of McGinn Bros., 224-226 McAllister
utrcet. Interment Laurel Hill Cemetery. -
KERRIGAN— In this city, August 23. 1903.
Elizabeth KerrlKan, • beloved sister of Kate
Kerrigan and Mrs. Mary Leahey, a native
of County Wenttneath, Ireland, aged U4 years.
(New Orleans and Alexandria, La., papers
plt-ase copy.)
(ET Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited ! to a"ttend the funeral to-day
(Wednesday).' at 8:15 o'clock, from the par-
lore of Theo. Dlerks, 957 Mission ntreet,
thence to St. Peter's Church, where a solemn
| requiem muss will, be celebrated for the re-
pose of her soul, commencing at 9 o'clock.
Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.
KOSTER— In (his city, August 24. 1003 at
his residence, C07 Powell street, Henry, be-
loved husband of Lena Kosler, father of
Anna M.. Frances. M. and Irma F. Koster,
. and brother of Herman Ko«ter and Albert
Koder of New York, a native of Germany,
aged Mi years 10 months and 1 day.
[uT'Friends and acquaintances arc respect-
fully - Invited to -attend the funeral to-day
(Wednesday), at 2 o'clock, from I. O. O. }r.
Hftll, corner Seventh and Market streets, un-
der the auspices or Harmony Lodge No. 13,
I. O. O. F. Interment Cypress. Lawn Ceme-
teryr-by electric car from Eighteenth and
: Guerrero. streets.
LLOYD — At *ea, *,Aunuit 67 1903. on board
sttatttFhlp Korea, Charles Rees Lloyd, aged
68 years.
(L^Funeral services Wednesday, August
2(5, 1903. at » o'clock", at St. Mark's Church,
Berkelty.; liUerment - private.
MCMILLAN— In this city, August 24. 1903, An-
gus McMillan, a native of ¦ Scotland, aged
74 years. ' ;
MORTENSEN— In Oakland, August 24, 1003
Emma A., beloved wife of J. T. Mortensen'
mother of Elitabelh Mortenaen, and- grand-
daughter of Mr. M. II. Schramm, a native of
(Successors to Flannagah - _ Gallagher >
20 Flftb St., opposite Lincoln School.
, . . • ... Telephone South 80.
'Director* and Embalmera _.
Formerly in * Metropolitan Temple.
. Now.ni 8W MISSION. Tel. South 167.
Between Fourth and Fifth. Near Fifth St.-
¦ Finest Equipments at • Moderate Rates.
. - ¦ . _»" vi .' '
I James McUlnn. Henry H__sen~ I
• JAMES McGINN- & : CO., - I
Formerly With McGinn Bros.. I
- — Funeral Directors ' and Embalmers I
214 Eddy St. ; Tel.; South 570. ; I
San Francisco, aged 25 years 8 months and
' 20 days. * ' •¦
py Friends and acquaintances are 'respect-
• fully Invited to attend the funeral services
to-morrow (Thursday), at 2 o'clock, at her
, late residence. 801 East Twenty-first street.
Kast Oakland. Interment • Mountain View
: C«metery- J '
NEWMAN— In this city, August 25, 1903, Jo-
seph Newman, beloved son of Max and the
late Yetta Newman, and brother of Harry,
David, Lena, Esther, Llllie. Tienie and Ida
Newman, a native of Washington. D. C.
aged 20 years 10 months and 19 days. A
member of Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local
NO. 85. and Oihonee Tribe No. 78. I. O. R. M.
¦ C7Friend8 and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
i (Thursday), at 10 o'clock, from his late resi-
dence, 28 Morris avenue, between Harrison
and Bryant, and thence by carriage to New
Salem Cemetery for Interment.
OLIPHANT — In ' Berkeley. August 25. 1W3.
Erwln H. Ollphant, beloved son of Elliabeth
and the late James Ollphant. and brother of
Joseph Ollphant. Mrs. M. Behrman and Mar-
lon W. Ollphant. a native of Illinois, a«ed
21 vears 7 months and 28 days.
REID— In this city, August 25, 1908. at St.
Jessph's Home, Brother Dominic Reid, O. F.
M., a native of London. Canada, aced 61
years 4 months and 18 days. - -
SMITH— In this city, August* 25. 1903. Mart*
W. Bmlth, beloved wife of the late William
Smith, a native of England, aged 59 years.
lETFrientls and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services
Friday, August 28, 1003, at 10:30 o'clock, at
her late residence, 22_ Jackson street, cor-
ner of Battery. Interment Cypress Lawn
SPROUL— In Oakland, August 25, 1603, An-
drew, beloved husband of- Rebecca C. Sproul,
. and fat!ier of Mrs. J. P. Garllck and Mrs.
Edward M. Walsh, a native of Washington,
Me., aged 80 years and 5 months. A mem-
ber of Yerba Buena Lodge No. 15. I. O. O.
F. . of San Francisco.
E7Fiienda and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral service-
Thursday, August 27, 1908. at 2 o'clock.' at
the residence of J. P. Garllck, 649 Oakland
avenue, Oakland.
8TU0RDTMANN— In this clty, N August 25,
1903, Julius Stuordtmann, a native of Ger-
many, aged . 48 years.
TREACY — In thin city, August 25, 1003, Mary j
L. and Anna R., beloved twin 'daughters of
; Thomas and Catherine A. Treacy, natives of
San FrancutCo, aged 2 months and 4 days.
TUREL— In San Jose, August 25, 1903, Jean
Turel, beloved husband of Jeanne' Turel, and .
father of August M., Edmund F.," George L.
and Alice Turel, a native of Freterieve. De-
partment of Savole, France, . aged 00 years 5
months and 6 days. - .
E7FuneraI will be held from the family
residence, 160 Orchard street, San Jose, at |
10 o'clock\ Thursday morning. Services at
«^St. 3 Joseph s Church. Interment Calvary
Cemetery. • • -
WATSON— In this city. August 25. 1903, Annl<s
J. WatRon. beloved wife of Edgar D. Wat-
aon, daughter of Margaret' Sheehan, and 1
slater of John and Mary Sheehan, a native
of California, aged 20 years 9 months and 21
days, i
CTFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Thursday), at 8:30 o'clock, from her late
residence, 2 Railway avenue, thence to Mi»- .
slon Dolores Church, masa to commence at
9 o'clock, for the repose of her soul. Inter-
ment Holy Cross Cemetery.
WILLMOTT— In this city, August" 21, 1003.
Samuel C, beloved son of Charles and Mary
Willmott, and brother of Hawley. Horace,
Arthur and Ethel Willmott. Mrs. P. F. ,
Kohnke, Mrs. E. W. - HUI, Mra. Frank
Fletcher and Mrs. Otto Brown, a native of
California, aged 40 years 1 month and 2
days. "
(CTFrlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral services
Wednesday, August 20. 1003, at 10 o'clock,
at his late \ residence. 739 Guerrero street.
• Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery.

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