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.These are the TWENTY BEAUTIFUL BOOKS from which you may select if you solve all the puz
zles correctly: Treasure ';: Island, by Stevenson; Two Years Before the Mast, by Dana; Samantha at
Saratoga, by Holley;' Tom Brown's School Days, by Hughes; A Christmas Carol, by Dickers; A Dog of
Flanders, >by Ouida; Gulliver's Travels, by Swift; The'Magic Nuts, by Molesvorth; The Little Lama
Prince, by Mulock; The Blithedale Bomanco, by Hawthorne; Kidnaped, by Stevenson; Uncle Tom's
Cabin;' -by SHa"rriet-Beecher:Stowe;^ThWughthe'LookiEV-glas3a'ndVWhat Alice .'ound There, by Carroll;
Vic — The Autobiography of a Fox Terrier, by Marsh; Rip Van Winkle, oy Irvinf ; Rab and His Friends,
by Brown; The Courtship of Miles Standish, by Longfellow; Tha Adventures of a Erownie, by Mulock;
Black Beauty, by Seweh, and La'ddie and Miss Toosey's Mission. »
n XJBBAH! CHILDBEN, 'THIS IS A GALA SUNDAY, which means that there axe all sorts of goo4
V 4--4" things*happening. • -
' *1 ..'¦". I j:: - .. ;First— The names of the clever children who won the special flO and $5 prizes for the
¦^J highest percentage of the whole thirteen weeks of the Fourth Series of llame Puzzles are pub
lished on this page.
Second — These nine American Yacht-Cup Defender Pictures are the most timely ever published.
They are really too easy.
Third (and this is best of all) — The Puzzle Editor has just been informed that a special ship
ment of superfine French Paints — no more toy paints, but the real, professional /sort that the greatest
artists use — ordered some time ago especially to help you to color these Fairy Biddle pictures most artis
tically have been received direct from Paris. Isn't that glorious newsP So, you see, you may now have
your choice of any one of those fine books enumerated below or — and don't foTget this — a box of paints^
Each of the nine pictures in this, the third contest of the FIFTH SERIES of Name Puzzles, rep
resents the name of an American Yacht-Cup Defender. Can you guess them? And that Fairy Biddle — but
there it is in big letters at the top of the picture. Can you solve it? AH! There is rich reward for you if
you can. Now is your chance. Kemember there will be a SFECIAX $5 and $1O PRIZE for the highest
percentage of the whole thirteen weeks of the Fifth Series. 1/
And now listen carefully: THEBE ABE SIXTY PRIZES, and this is what you must do to win
one of them:
v'-'V v. y First— Find the name of an American Yacht-Cup Defender represented in each of the Nine Small
Puzzle Pictures on this page, and write it out in full in the space opposite the proper corresponding num
ber provided for the purpose in the coupon on this page, as per directions; and
' **V 0011 * 1 — Af ter solving the Fairy Biddle printed in big letters at the top of the big picture here
with, find all the objects the answer to the riddle represents;, outline each in pencil or ink, and then
color. -^ith paints, inks, water color or crayons the whole Paint Picture as artistically as you can make it;
nll^in* the coupon with your solution of the Fairy Biddle, your name and address and the prize you do
sire^If .you win— and send the picture, with the coupon attached, to the E1>ITOB OF THE FAIP.Y MID
DLE AND NAME PUZZLE PAGE; Sunday Call, San Francisco. Cal.
jA BEMEMBER— To the FIKST SIXTY BOYS AND GIRLS who not only solve the Nine Name Puz
zles and the Fairy Biddle correctly and find all the objects enumerated in tie riddle, but whose pictures
are the MOST ARTISTICALLY COLORED, one of these SIXTY BEAUTIFUL PBIZES will be awarded.
:^ And don't forget. this next point, because it is very important: ALL ANSWERS MUST BEACH
/THIS OFFICE BY FRIDAY NOON. This gives all tlose in the country an equal chance to cqxnpete.
,'Read everything on thispage, to. be sure that you overlook nothing that will help you to win a prize.
TWO WEiKS FB0M TO-DAY, September 27.
Celia Hulbert, Georgetown, Cal. $5
Now there are two others who niatie very high .percentages, but y
who, unfortunately, did not make them *as early in the series as the'
two winners, but .who nevertheless deserve special vpTizes for • their ex^'
cellent work. They are: Anna Vera Hobro, 734 Washington street, San
Francisco, and Buth Dewey, 718 Petaluma street, San Balaet/; [Soj: if
these young ladies will select any prize they choose from the list on.
this page • and send ; a letter^ to the Sunday Editor, Call, the ¦ prize ~
will be forwarded ixnmcdiately. ' ' . .
\ m . I names of the bright boy and. girl who won the. special highest
•A percentage prizes in the four tli series of name puzzles. As you
can see at a glance, there are 'more' than two names mentioned in this
article, lhere is a special reason fpr'that, os you will soon discover.
Meantime, here are the two lucky * winners: . •>. K
George Howell, Presidio, Cal.. .....*....;.. flO
Scott street, San Francisco; Josie Gilligan, 261 Seventh ' street, San
Francisco; Louise Higel, Valle jo;* Mary Calogrias^.JUSO Silver' street,
San "Francisco; A. Calo^rias, 120 Silver street, San Francisco; Frank Kel
ly,, Vallejo; E» N. Atwood, Santa Cruz; Ge'nevieve Rouan, 8i5 Io^ira
street, San Francisco; George Calo grins, l"26 Silver street, San Fran- .'
cScb;'Chrissie Bradley, Visalia; I. Martin/. Stockton; Ella Levy, 1916
JEllis street, Saii 'JTancisco;^ Willie Asher,' 524 V'Po'st street, San Fran
ciflco. -: •_ , : ~ • }:' -' '¦'.' - --A;C ? '^55^
' "' ' '_'' • _' ¦ *"2 ; v o>- ' • ¦: ¦< ¦:¦ ¦ ' : .. ¦ 1
prize winners ofciqug. ill
BELOW Is given the list of prize winners in the New Fairy Biddle
and Name Puzzle Contest begun on- August 30. This was • the
First Contest of the Fifth Series — the Names of England's Rulers.
See if you are one of the lucky sixty winners: J > /
Frieda Klein, 2206 Polk street, San Francisco.^ . Harold Mosher,
Berkeley; Mary Hughes, 346 Arlington street, San Francisco; Gertrude
Perry, Tiburon; Edith Buslach, Alameda; Maud "'jacks,'** 12 1O Turk
street, San Francisco; Dora Brink, Lakeport; Mildred Nidever? ¦ Preston;
Susie Hooper, 251 San Carlos avenue, San Francisco; Lee Norvall, Val-i
lejo; Elsa Putzman, Alameda; Crystal Hoppe, Sacramento; Claire John-,
son, Hay wards; Irene Bennett, 11 1G Filbert street, San Francisco; Vir
ginia Ford, 161 Hawthorne street, San Francisco; Mary Bates, Rich
mond; Lafe Beadhead, 2919 Laguna street, San Francisco; Lillian
Cooper, Suisun; Irene Woods, Oakland; Gus Lefer, 2940 Fillmore street,
San Francisco; Iona Boyer, Oakland; Elsie Wharton, Oakland; Ethel
McAllister, 2436 Jackson street, San Francisco; Anna Sylvester, Geyser
rill e; Celia Coleman, 524 Post street, San Francisco; Anna Braese,
2622 Folsom street, San Francisco; W. G. Field, 1403^ Lyon street,
San Francisco; Harry B la ten, 1OO1 Pine street, San Francisco; Antoin
ette Xossak, Geyserville; & Lingenfelser, 122 Erie street, San Fran
cisco; Evalyn Louden, San Bafael; May Taylor, 858 Castro street, Oak
l&nd; Harry Marsh, 109 Noe street, San Francisco; F. O. Pendergast,
Vallejo; Audrey Cooper, Suisun; Leonard Coombs, Agnew; Helen
Hoerst, San Leandro; Lavinia Stone, Oakland; Buth Dewey, San Bafael;
Lucile Mosher, Berkeley; Johnnie Feirans, Angels; Dorothy. Bhein,
Lorin; Kenneth Pyle, Gilroy; Helen Breck, Oakland; Howard Duncan,
2721 Sacramento street, San Francisco; Gladys Ackley, Palo Alto;- D.
JTIlkens, 203 Clara street, San Francisco;' Genevieve Martell, 811
Each cp Thes* Nine Pictures Repre
sents an Amsi-Tcan yach*- C^p D«
p^ndei—-susss Thenpr-Th^H S
Solve the Pafyy F^fddT^-
Solve the Puzzles,
Fill Out the Coupon
and Send It to
ihe Fuzzle Editor,
Sunday Call, S. F.
To Puzzle Editor, Sunday Call,
San Francisco:
Below in their proper num-
bers please find my solution of
the names of America.'* Yacht-
Cup Defenders represented in
th<« week's name puzzles:
1 •
8 .. ..............••••••««•«••«
My solution of this week's
Fairy Biddls is
September 13, 1903.
Street or P. a
Zf I win I choost for prize
(8m List of PxiMi.)

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