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The raotlv© for. the crime* is involved in
mystery. The authorities appear to be
satisfied that Kuhnle waa not killed for
the money he had In his pocket when he
was rfdlng to his home with his wife. It
is true that his purse was taken from
him, but the Sheriff is inclined to be
lieve that this was done merely for the
Constables are searching the hills in
every direction. The Sheriff and his as
sistants are directing: the vigorous man
hunt and there seems no possible chance
that the murderer can very long eludo
his • numerous pursuers. It is reported
that bloodhounds, may be used to track
the fugitive If they can be obtained la
The men now in chase of the manslayer
are Sheriff Ivins of San Lois Oblspo
County, Deputy Sheriff McFadd«n, Con-
Stable Gano of Paso Robles and Marshal
Pierce of Paso Robles. When the news
of the murder reached San Luis Oblspo
the Sheriff hurried to the scene with hia
deputy. He made a careful investigation
of everything connected with the mysteri
ous crime and then set out in the direction
of a point where, according to reports, he
entertained a hope of Intercepting tho
last night has aroused tho
populace to a pitch of excitement and
the authorities to a degree of activity
scarcely ever paralleled In San Luis
Obis po County.
IT Vi ASO ROBIjES - SePt- 13.— The
U Wi assassination of Charles P.
a _£" Kuhnle, a wealthy - German
M fanner, on the road about
seven miles from this town
Special Dispatch to The Call.
Motive More
Than Mere
County Astir
Over Night
Deep Mystery
PARIS. Sept. 13.— On the occasion of the
unveiling: of a memorial to Ernest Renan,
the historian, at his native town of Tre
guier, Brittany, to-day, some demonstra
tions were made against Premier Combes
in the villages through wnich his car
riage passed on the way to Tregulr from
Portreaux. Shouts of "A bas Combes!"
and "Vive la Llberte!" were raised by
the peasants- At the ceremony, at which
cpeeches were delivered bv Anatole
France and . others. Premier Combes, in
expressing his thanks for the excellent
reception given him at the function said:
"I heard a few hisses. Let m« compare
them to the melodies played on the flute
behind the conqueror's chariot Jn olden
times to remind them that, raised by the
people, they must govern by the people."
During the delivery of the speeches the
antagonists of Premier Combes because so
threatening, trying to force the barrier
and shouting denunciations of the Mayor
of Tregulr, that the police -and authori
ties being unable to restore order, a de
tachment of troops whs ordered out.- The
soldiers forced the hostile crowd back and
restored quiet.
The Premier was accompanied by Sena
tor Chaumie. Minister of Public Instruc
tion, who delivered a eulogy of Renan,
many Republican Deputies for Brittany
and other personages. The memorial took
the form of a ,bronze statue representing
t Renan seated, in a. characteristic- attitude.
"while behind stands a golden figure of
Minerva holding- up a sprigr of laurel.
Among the decorations around the statue
were ornamental mottoes Inscribed "Vive
Renan," "Long live free thought," etc.,
which particularly incensed the Catholics.
The latter arranged for an expiatory ser
vice in Treguier Cathedral to take place
at the same hour as the unveiling of the
statue, with the participation of Abbe
Gayraud and other Clerical Deputies.
The Clerical party had thoroughly or
ganized its demonstration and the peas
ants from the surrounding villages as
sembled at Treguier, armed with cudgels
and accompanied by their women folk,
clad in the picturesque costumes of Brit
tany. Seme of the bands were headed by
the parish priests. The Republican vil
lagers also gathered at Treguier and along
the route taken by the Premier, and the
two hostile parties raised cries and coun
ter cries. During the ceremony of the
unveiling the Clericals did their best to
drown the voices of the speakers with
shouts of "Down with Renan." "Down
with Combes," etc., to which the Repub
licans replied with equally noisy vocifera
The presence of a strong force of troops
prevented a free fight between the rival
Another demonstration and counter
demonstration took place when Premier
Combes visited the house in which Renan
was born, and during the disorder Baron
ess Kerpodson was hustled by the crowd.
An anti-Clerical who drew his revolver
was arrested and the husband of the Bar
oness was roughly handled.
A bancuet of 2000 "Blues," as the Re
publicans are called in Brittany, followed
the unveiling exercises, at which Premier
Combes, in the course of a long speech,
predicted that the time was not distant
when the peasants of Brittany would
j-hakt: off the yoke of the clergy. He de
fended the policy of the Government, say
ing he had only to repeat the history of
the last few months in order to demon
strate that the clergy had persistently
violated the law, supported the un
authorized congregations In their rebellion
against thn civil authorities and stirred
up the population to a religious war.
Snow in Yellowstone Park.
—Six inches of snow on the level has
fallen throughout Yellowstone Park dur
ing the last forty-eight hours.
"An unofficial communication will be
made to the powers along these lines, and
forthwith the necessary measures will be
taken, and countermanded only If the
powers immediately intervene. This is
Bulgaria's last word. The moral responsi
bility will fall upon Christian Europe,
even if the material consequences have to
be endured by Bulgaria."
A dispatch from Constantinople to the
Stanuaru says large forces are being col
lected to the north and northwest of Con
stantinople, where, in the event of war,
the first fighting Is expected to occur, and
although allusions to any plan of cam
pa ipm is strictly censured, it may be as-
Fumed that German advice during recent
years has not left . Turkey unprepared.
From Vienna comes the semi-official
Etatement that Austria has again pro
posed to the powers to admonish Bul
garia, but that so far nothlr.j has come
of the proposition. The Ncusc Pester
Journal, often well informed, accuses
Russia of openly assisting the Macedon
ian revolutionists, even sending them
arms, her object being ..gradually to ex
clude Austria form influence In Balkan af
fairs. The paper even alleges that the
Austrian Government has asked Count
Lamsdorff. the Russian Foreign Minister,
to explain this ambiguous dealing, f -
The Morning PoSt 'correspondent, who Is
"Bulgaria has displayed " unexampled
moderation. Her last urgent request to
the powers was that they should compel
Turkey to suppress the rising by legiti
mate methods of warfare, but to spare
women and children from Indignities and
"But even this Christian Europe has re
fused, and now Prince Ferdinand's gov
ernment, having carefully considered the
question and being aware of the disas
trous consequences with which the pow
ers threaten Bulgaria if she intervenes,
has decided that she can no longer neglect
her sacred duty to prevent the Christian
people being done to death. In a couple
of days more the die will be cast and Bul
garia will do her duty.
LONDON, Sept. U.— Rumor, from Vien
ra and elsewhere, Is very busy this morn.
Ing regarding the Balkan crisis, and while
it is impossible to confirm the more sen
sational statements there .is an accumu
lation of evidence that some violent solu
tion cannot long be delayed.
The Sotla correspondent of the Daily
Telegraph sends under Sunday's date an
other dispatch warmly defending Bulga
ria's patient and Quixotic attitude of
loyalty toward tho Porte and the powers
and denouncing Europe's Indifference to
the wiping out of a large Christian com
munity. He says:
Bulgaria May Have S«rvia's Aid in
Fighting Turkey. •
SOFIA. Sept. 13.— The Albanian and
tttxrkisn troops in the vilayet of Adriano
ple appear to be pursuing their usual tac
tics of burning and plundering the vil
lages and killing .the peasants, instead of
pairing an attempt to break up the in
eurg«it bands. Very little news Is filter-
Ing through from. Monastir. but all re
ports agree that the position of the
Christians Is desperate. The Turks are
Baking a clean sweep of the whole Bul
garian element.
The Albanian soldiers In the vilayet of
ACrlaaopJ* are said to be entirely beyond
controL At Kostursco liie Influential
beys complained to tho officers of the ex
eessem committed by the troops. The of
ficers resented the criticism and told the
soldiers that the beys were friends of the
revolutionaries, whereupon the soldiers
burned the beyn* farms.
The Turks have burned the villages of
Alm&glk and Orikler. In the district of
Losengrad. They beheaded twenty-two
Bulgarians at Almaglk In the presence of
t^eir families.
Twelve thousand troops are assembled
around Malkotonovi and are engaged In
pillaging and burning the villages. The
population everywhere Is fleeing to the
forests and mountains. All the Turkish
population in the district of Loser.grad
plundered the villages en route, robbed
the churches and burned the village j of
Another body of Albanians going to
Vaslllko, on the Black Sea, was attacked
by a Uand ' and *C reported' to have suf
fered a loss of 100 men.
A band led by the insurgent chief
Atamsoff was surrounded by Turkish
troops at Kokusho. After six hours'
fighting the Insurgents cut their way
through the soldiers by throwing bombs.
The Turks lost twenty men.
The final arrangements for a revolu
tionary outbreak in Eastern Macedonia
have been completed, but for some inex
plicable reason the rising hang's flre.
The whole district is divided into six
sections, the insurgents being under the
following leaders: General Zontcheff,
Colonel Yankoff, Captain Jordan Stoya
r.ofl" and Lieutenants Stoyantcheff, Dar
vingoff and AtamsoJt.
Head of Ministry in His Ad
dress Bitterly Assails
the Clergy.
Sultan's Bulldogs Seem Bent
Upon Exterminating the
.. Bulgarian Element. \
Demonstration at Un
veiling of Renan
Entire Christian Popu
lation of Monastir
May Perish.
Fiendish Soldiers
Are Beyond All
French Peasants
Show a Dislike
for Combes.
J OMDON, Sept. 14.—
*~* Jin unconfirmed
rumor is current that
a transport carrying a
British regiment to In*
dia foundered in a gale
which swept the British
coast last Thursday.
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. Sept:. 13.— A tor-
Dedo-fhaDC(i. airship about • \ thirty • feet
Several Hundred
Sober Citizens
as Vouchers. ¦
NEWBERG, N. C, Sept. 13.— V. C. Sim
mons, father of United States Senator F.
M. Simmons, was killed yesterday on his
plantation a "few miles from Pottersville,
Jones County. He had been massing since
yesterday morning. Simmons had been
shot several times with a shortgun.
Bruises about the head indicated that he
had been clubbed also. A negro named
Daniels has been arrested.
Pather of United States Senator Sim
mons Meets Violent Death in
North Carolina.
,, PORT OF. SPAIN, Island, of Trinidad,
Sept. 13.— British Government officials who
have returned- here from Caracas report
that* 'the*; Venezuelan 'Government has re
fused to now. pay its share, of the, fees of
the . foreign umpires in ; the matter of the
claims -against -Venezuela, amounting to
$5000 and', their 'expenses.- The conduct of
President Castro in such circumstances is
inexplicable. ' It is understood that several
of 'the foreign umpires have referred the
matter; to ' their ; governments. jSuggesting
that" Washington should Interfere as, be-,
their view, morally responsible : for
the Venezuelan Government. ;
H WILLEMSTAD, ,, Island , of Curacao,
Sept. 1Z.— From every section of Venezuela
troops were sent : last week in thedirec-
Castro's Quest Ex
tends in Many
ing is known of' it here. ; . . *
EdgarA: Perkins,, president of the State
Federation of Labor,; who lives in Irving
ton, a suburb ' of •Indianapolis,* says he
watched the machine for ten ' or j fifteen
minutes and that- it appeared to the eye
to be twenty or thirty feet long; that it
made a half . circle c over,, Irvington and
then went east , in a straight . line. He
says' he distinctly saw two figures, one of
them a man. with a' iiark hat; on,' .who
sat in the center 1 : of- the car under a can
opy^ and was apparently working the ma
chinery. . . ~, '
James' Agriew, ;a resident of Irvington, :
gives the same Informafcon. Inquiries of
a.- dozen towns east' of "Indianapolis .have
failed to • find r any < person who saw the
machine. • - ; ..
- .Except- by those who claim , to have
seen the machine the subject has not been
taken seriously..'
long and containing two men passed over
thiB ; city this afternoon^ It came from
the northwest,' circled 'over the southern
part of thecity at a height of 700, feet
and disappeared^' in an easterly direction.
Several hundred persons watched . it,
many of them- with field glasses. Noth-
The people here are very much excited
over the assassination and axe convinced
that It was not the work of the common
place road agent. Threats to lynch the
assassin if he be captured are being made
by some Indignant citlzeaa.
"Then my husband got out of the bug
gy," she said, "and the stranger told him
to walk to. the rear. lie didn't obey, but
tried to make his way to the front. Soon
I heard a shot, and then two more."
Mrs. Kuhnle said to-night that when the
assassin stepped out of the brush and
ordered her husband to alight from the
buggy his voice was husky and his enun
ciation so indistinct that she thought tho
command was addressed to her. She
started to leave the vehicle, but was told
by the desperado that the man. and not
the woman, was the person wanted.
Shortly before 12 o'clock to-night Sheriff
Ivlns reported that a number of valuable
clews had been found, but that the as
sassin had not yet been located. One of
the members of the posse Is on the way
back to town from the mountains, and
it is hoped that he may bring with him
news of the capture or the surrounding:
of the? murderer.
It is believed here that some former
employe on the Kuhnle property who had
been discharged allowed his resentment to
get the better of his reason and satisfied
his desire for revenge by playing success
fully the role of the midnight assassin.
This, however, is not much more than
conjecture, but in the light of distress
ingly inadequate developments it serves
the purpose of the hour.
purpose of disconcerting the authorities
as to the nature of the assassin's real
motive. According to Mrs. Kuhnle's
statement the conduct of the assassin
w~.s not that which might be expected
from a bandit intent solely on robbery.
Uon of the Colombian frontier and toward
Maracaibo. Mauser rifles, artillery and
ammunition in great quantities have been
stored at Maracaibo and seven new
bridges have been built near San Cristo
bal, near the frontier of Colombia, to al
low of the- rapid concentration of troops.
President Castro has asked the President
of each Sta,te In Venezuela to send two
battalions withlh two weeks.
A leading Venezuelan citizen, who Is
now here,' in an interview regarding these
military movements In Venezuela, said he
believed these were only precautionary
measures regarding Colombia, which, now
the country Is free from revolution, has
reinforced recently its army on the Ven
ezuelan frontier near Cucuta. Other Ven
ezuelans say a Venezuelan war with Co
lombia is inevitable in the near future,
as a consequence of the sympathy Presi
dent Castro extended to the Colombian
rebels during the recent rebellion, and also
because of the question of navigation on
the " Orinoco. ' President Castro's great
idea, they say, is a war with Colombia.
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