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stones will be whizzinsr as the unfortu
nate mortal gets ready for the fray.'
Thif housewife will get into training with
the shears and the saucepan, so that she
will be capable d givlne her lord and
master a trimming when his wool gets
too long. Meanwhile the unspeakable bar
ber will have to take hia chances with
magnates and the millionaires, and if he
happens to ">ro broke" for want of the
common people's trade he will have to
hunt a new town.
Economical Working the Purpose.
LIVERPOOL, Sept. 13.— It appears that
there is n5 foundation for the rumor that
the White Star line will soon cease to be
a part, of the International Mercantile
Marine Company. The absorption of the
White <$tar line by the Dominion line
aims at more economical working of the
two lints. WBUBMBOMKBhal
TOMBSTONE,. Ariz., Sept 13.-Cochise
County officers and Territorial rangers are
In pursuit of Sheriff Denham cf Brown
County, Texas, armed with a warrant for
his arrest on the charge of kidnaping.
Some time ago Joseph Hughes of Bisbee,
Ariz., was arrested under the name of
Joseph Humphreys and charged with hav
ing stolen cattle In Brown County, Texas,
six years ago. Sheriff Dcnharn came af
ter'Hughes armed with requisition papers,
which Governor Brodie honored.
In the meantime Hughes' attorney at
tempted to have his client released on
a writ of habeas corpus. Hugrhes was re
arrested on some other charge under the
Territorial law, but his hearins has not
yet been had. Sheriff Denham started
with his prisoner overland toward the
New Mexico line,
A warrant was issued for the arrest of
Denham on the ground that he secured
the honoring of requisition papers through
a forged telegram to Governor Brodie ad
visitg him that the Territorial case
against Hughes had been settled.
Texas Official Leaves
Arizona Without
Nevada County Fires
Continue to Menace
the Towns.
NEVADA CITY, Sept. 13.-The stiff
breeze vrhich came up yesterday sped the
forest fires to-day and the sky Is clouded
with smoke from flames around this city.
Near King & Wolford's sawmill, on the
other side of You Bet, a big fire is rag
ing and eating Its way in the direction of
Bear Valley. Considerable damage has
been reported and much wood land has
been devastated. The flames were plainly
seen from You Bet last night.
A new blaze started at Fall Creek yes
terday and is burning toward Bowman's
Dam. The wind fanned the flames and
they spread with great rapidity over val
uable timber land. Thera are •. several
miners' cabins in that section, but so far
none has been reported consumed.
The fire which threatened the town of
Washington last week and which burned
down to the edge of town is again burn-
Ing. It was nearly out, but the wind
kindled It anew. Last night it was roar-
Ing toward the Giant King mine. Men
are giving battle to the flre in order to
prevent it destroying buildings.
"Will Welcome Return of Governor.
SAN JUAN, Porto Rico, Sept. 13.-A
popular demonstration Is being organized
in honor of Governor Hunt, who will re
turn here October 4. Some of the Fed
eral leaders refuse to co-operate . In the
affair for political reasons, otherwise the
Indications are that the Governor will re
ceive an exceptionally warm welcome.
THE time when the ordinary citizen
could look upon the barber as a
common mortal has passed. No
more can the man who earns
his daily bread by the sweat
of his brow order the tonsorlal artist
about and give him the word of com
mand. All these palmy days have now
passed, and from this time on none save
the millionaire cr the man who is there
with an extraordinary pull will have a
chance to lord it over the razor # wielders.
These eentlemen In the immaculate
white coats and the beaming grin have
suddenly risen to a dizzy height. And
why? Because they have added a little
more tariff to their ' fees and thev are
now in the trust class. He is a lucky man
who can now afford to sit in a barber's
chair and enjoy the things that are now
What an edifying sight it will be to
watch the anxious citizen as he quickly
wends his way down the stret and un
consciously looks up as he passes the
place where once it was his luck to drop
in and set a shave. . .
Imagine when you go Into a shop in the"
future how it will feel. You will prob
ably ask for a shave, then if you think
you are strong enough a hair cut might
The colored gentlemen who are wont to
indulge in razor parades at swell hops
won't be the only ones who will be recog
nized in a class by themselves with the
sharp instrument. The common citizen
is sure to have his inning at that little
game now, and every morning the grlnd-
look good. The barber will lord over you
in the meanwhile and perhaps curl your
mustache or use a clean towel on your
face or comb your hair. If he does you
will hr.ve to stand for the raise.
Each of these little things that used to
come natural will now be charged up
against you. 'Twill be bad enough when
you are handed the check for 25 cents for
the shave and 35 more for the hair cut, but
when that barber slips you one amounting
to about 50 cents more for washing your
face, combing your hair and turning the
chair around it will look to be about the
limit and will fix you forever with barber
The bald-headed man who has worn a
beard all his life will now become a much
envied person. The styles threaten to
change. Oom Paul whiskers and Joaquin
Miller locks will soon be the proper caper.
This mav not sound good to the young
lady who is fortunate enough" to have a
steady admirer, but she will huve to
adapt herself to circumstances and it Is
only a question of time when she will be
come used to this sort of whiskers.
The Southern Pacific excursion to Tosemlte
Valley September 17 goes in \>y Inspiration
Point and out by Glacier Point. One day at
Wawona and the famous grove of Big Trees.
The rate. $48 50. is for five days' trip and in
cludes railroad and sleeping-car fare both ways,
stage fare, hotels, carriage in valley, horses,
guides and all necessary expenses. Personally
conducted. Itinerary at Information Bureau,
613 Market street. ~ > • • .
The Only Route Via Wawona end
Mariposa Big Trees.
NEVADA CITY, Sept. 13.— C. W. Con
stable, an aged patient of the County
Hospital, committed suicide there by
hanging himself to'a treo. Constable had
beei^ missins for four days and his body
was? discovered yesterday.
He was a prosperous miner In early
days and made' plenty . of money manu
facturing hose for hydraulic mining be
fore monitors came Into use. He had been
a sailor and. learned the art of rope mak
ing, which stood him in hand for suicide.
He spent weeks making a rope from
leather straps with which he banged him
self. He had a hallucination that people
wanted to poison him.
Former Prosperous Miner in Nevada
County Hangs Himself to a
Apprentice Selfert died in .the Marine
hospital late to-night. He will be given a
military burial.
Yerke's body will be shipped to Phlla-'
delphla for burial.
¦ ¦ ? t
The entire crew of the Olympla wera return
ing aboard after forty-eight hours' ahoro lib
erty. _ when a tive-gallon water breaker full of
alcohol ,wai discovered In th« forward turret.
The executive officer, at once ordered a thor
ough search of the ship and the yard In her
vicinity to find any. other spirits that might
have - been emuggled. As the cruiser Is In
drydock. all her small- boats are 'lined in rows
along the wharf near th« drydock. Between
two of these boats two men were discovered.
One of them escaped In , the- darkness; The
other Was placed under arrest. Where the men
were hiding was found a full barrel of alcohol,
which had been broached. ' It was by- order
carried aboard the Olympla to be emptied into
the alcohol tank on the after deck. This tank
being full, the barrel was carried forward by
Corporal Yerkes, Selfert. Shavey and Caster.
In the meantime the crew was called to quar
ters and every man accounted for.
While the men were in lines answering the
roll the detachment with the barrel J began
pouring its contents into a tank on the port
side of the forward turret. They had scarcely
begun work when, in a manner yet to be ascer
tained, the fumes of. the spirits became ignited
and exploded with terrific ' force. B Both ends
of the barrel wera blown out, followed by a
torrent of burning alcohol that spread in a
flood of flame over the forward deck. Terkes
was struck In the head by a stave from the
barrel and fell into the burning mass. He was
roasted to death. The other three men also
were struck by flying fragments of the barrel,
but were knocked away from tne center 'of the
flre and thus two. of them escaped fatal injury,
but Belfert was horribly burned.
It was at first thought a tank of smokeless
powder had exploded and the crew for a mo
ment broke ranks, but In a second recovered
from the suddenness of the shock and turned
to with a- will to save the injured and extin
guish the flre, which already was gaining head
way on the cruiser's deck. This done, the In
jured men were hurried to the Marine Hospi
tal. ' . .
NORFOLK, Va., Sept 13.-Lieutenant
Commander Van Dezer, executive officer
of the cruiser Olympla, : to-day gave out
an official statement of the facts attend
ing the explosion of a barrel of alcohol
on the. cruiser's deck last night, causing
the deaths of Marine Corporal Terkes of
Philadelphia and* Apprentice Selfert
and the serious Injury . of • Third-
Class Master-at-Arms Caster and Ap
prentice , Shavey, In addition to the
burning: of the cruiser's forward awnings
and awnlnjr supports. The explosion re
sulted Indirectly from the smuRJdinsc of
alcohol into the navy yard by. members
of the cruiser's crew. The statement of
Lieutenant . Commander Van Dezer says:
When Utica was reached Sir Thomas
was in violent pain and a physician was
summoned at once.
I am authorized to say that if the Seawan
! ..I. i Yacht Club extended an invitation to Sir
Thomas to attend the banquet mentioned he
has not received the Invitation. I am sure he
would have felt honored by such an invitation,
an'l yet I know that Sir Thomas would not
!...¦¦ i caused the President the anticipated an
noysnet Fhould the report be true, for he ex
f-ects to be in Chicago on September 18, thi»
dut«» named. Pre?ldc?nt Roosevelt, has always
rxljjJ.ltcd cordial friendliness toward him. ani
Thorns* t>ayn he really cannot Bee why h<!
should take each a Murvi. In fact. Sir Thomas
r»-fUKps to believe the President made the re
quest. _ ¦ , .
It was said to-night that President
Roosevelt had indicated quite clearly his
opinion of and regard for Sir Thomas
Upton by Inviting him to the White
House and subsequently by entertaining
liim on board the cruiser Mayflower.
UTICA. N. Y.. Sept. 13.— Sir . Thomas
Lipton arrived in Utica to-night so ill
that his contemplated Journey to Chi
cago has been temporarily abandoned. On
the arrivai of the train a correspondent
stepped aboard to interview the yachts
man on the alleged snub reported to have
been dealt him by President Roosevelt in
requesting a revocation of the invitation
extended Sir Thomas to banquet with the
Seawanhaka-Corinthians. The illness of
Sir Thomas prevented a personal talk.
but his private secretary. John West
v.ood. consulted the baronet and then
said: » '
*'l am responsible for the Incident," eaid
Ix»ob. "I want to 6ay that in the begin
ning Mr. Colgate Hoyt came over tc see
the President on last Thursday after
noon. - lie went to Sagamore Hill and
while there invited the President to at
tend a dinner of the Ohio Society in New
York this fall. He also invited Mr.
Roosevelt to the banquet of the Seawan
haka Yacht Club, asking the President
to name any date convenient to himself.
The President named the ISth of this
month and Hoyt went away, after assur
ing the President that the banquet was
to be merely a neighborly affair, and
would not be the object of much public
attention. That was the last we heard
of thfe matter until it came out In exag
gerated form in print this morning."
It was rumored to-night that the dinner
might be called off altogether. That could
not be verified, but a member of the club
said that it was being considered.
To-day, at the clubhouse of the Sea
wanhaka Association on Center Island,
President Frank Scott of New Yofk felt
compelled to assume a part of the blame
for the unpleasantness which, has devel
oped. He said that at the New York
Yacht Club a few nights ago he had
asked Sir Thomas Liptcn if he had an
engagement for the ISth inst. Being as
sured that he had not, he requested Sir
Thomas to hold that date open in order
that he might attend the Seawanhaka
dinner. He pointed out that a rule of the
club permitted a member to Invite a
guest to attend the club dinners. His In
vitation to Sir Thomas was extended as
a member and not on behalf of the £lub.
OYSTER BAY. M. T.. Sept. 13.— The re
port that President Roosevelt has ob
jected to the presence of Sir Thomas Lip
ton at a banquet which the President
himself was 10 attend at the Seawanhaka-
Cortnthlan Yacht Club house on Center
Island en September 18 is explained by
the statement to-day that the President,
when he accepted the invitation to the
banquet, did so with this understanding
that It was to be a. mere neighborly af
fair, and that there would be no outside
guests present. It is said, further, that
Mr. Roosevelt had already entertained Sir
Thomas- Lipton at luncheon in Washing
ton and had him on the Mayflower, and
did not, under the circumstances, think it
would be advisable to give the impression
that he was overdoing the matter by ap
pearing at the Yacht Club dinner with
him at Oyster Bay.
Secretary lx>eb went out to see the
President early this afternoon.
Special Dispatch to The CalL
Says Mr. Roosevelt Accepted
Dinner Invitation Under
Crew Shows Heroism in Ex
- tinguishing the Fire and
Rescuing Injured.
Victims of Cruiser Oly m
pia Disaster Horri
bly Burned.
Slight to Lipton Is Ex
plained* by the Presi
dent's Secretary.
Luxury of a Shave or a Hair Cut From Now On Can
Be Enjoyed by the Man/ of Means Only, as Prices
Are Beyond the Means of the Ordinary Citizen
Trains leave mid »re du« to arriv* »t
(Mala Lino. Foot of Market Street > "**
UiTI — F»»M S»PT«MB«a t. ?JQ3. - AK»tT»
7.00* Beoicla, 3uUua, Elmtras.ua 3acr>
mento 7.25f
7.00a VacaTlllo, Winters. Ramsey - 7 25»>
• 7.30* Msrtluez. Saa Ramon. Vallejo,
Kap*. CatUtOfC*. 8«ot» Rom. 825^
7.30a XUes. LlTermore, Latbrop. S:ocK-
:on 7.25i»
8.00a Darts. WoodJand. Knlehts LunJins;,
MarVsTllle. OrovlUe. (connects
at liarYivlUa for Grtdley, Ul^gs
andCtalco) 7.5jp
8 00a AUsntlc Express— OgUenund Emi. 1Q^£a
8.00a Port Costa. Martinez. Antioch. Ey-
Los Bsnos. Mendota, Haor<>rd,
VIsallm Porterrlllo ...: 4 95,
8 OO-i Fort Costa, Uarttnei, Tracy. Lath-
roj>, Modesto, Merced, Fresno,
Oosoen Junction, Hanford. VI-
. sat!*, nakersne'.d .... 5.25p
8.30a Snasta Express — Pavls, wmiams
(for Bartlett Springs). Willow*.
tFruto. Ked BlulT, Portland 7-5SP
8 JOa NUej. San Jose, Livermore. Stock-
MarysTtlle. Chico. Red III u it 4,23?
8 SOa Oskd»le. Chinese. Jamestown, 80-
nor*. Tuolumne snd Angels 42Sr
9C0a Martlnes and War Stations. 8 55p
1000a Vallejo.. 12.2Sr
' 10 00a El Paso Passenger. Eastbonnd.—
Pwt Costa, MarUnei, Byron,
Tr*cy, Latnrop. Stockton,
Merced. n»ymond. Fresno, Hsa-
t ford. Visalla, Ilakersfleld, Loa
1 Augeles and El Psso. (WesV
bound arrlTes Tla Coast Line)... «1.30?
' 1000a The Orerland Limited — Vgden.
. iu.i.u De oTer. Omaha, CntoaRO. 8 25?
' H200> Hsyward. Nllesand Way Stations. 3 25p
1 11. 00p Sscrsmento River Steamers f 11. OOr
3.30f Benlela. Winter*. Baeraznento.
Woodland. Williams, Colusa.WU-
lows. Knights Landing-. Marys-
Tllle. OtotTii« snd wajr stations.. 10 55*
3.30P Hayward.NIlesand W»y Stations.. 7-65p t
4 OOr Uartlnez,SanIUmon.Valle]o,Nspa,
Callstoga. EanuRosa ... .J-25*
4-OOp Martinez, Traey.Lathrop.Stocktoa. 10 25a
4 00f Nllea. LlTermore. Stockton. Lodl.. 4.25r
4407 Bayward. Nlles. Irtlngton, Saa I \ 8.55*
Jose. Ltvermortt f til. 55a
6 COr The Owl Limited— Fresno. Tnlare,
Bakersfleld. Los Angeles t 35a
6 OOr Port Costa, Tracy, Stockton, Lo* „_„.
Banos 12-25*
t8 30p Hayward, Nile* and San Jose 725*
8.00P Hayward. Kllei and San Jose 10 25*
6-GOr Oriental Mall — Ottden. Denrer,
Omaha, St. Louis. Chtcaga and .
East. Port Costa, Benlela, Sal-
sun. Elmlra, Davlm Sacramento.
Rocklln. Auburn. Colfax.
Trnckee, Boca, h*ao. Wads*
worth, Wlnnemacca, Battle
Mountain, EIko .... 4 25r
>.. Beno, Trockee. Sacramtnto. D»t1s,
Sulsnn, Benlela, Port CosU 7-ISa
8. OOr Vallejo, dally, except Sunday.... I 7 »,
7.0Or Vallejo. Sunday only f «•»«¦
7.00* Saa Pablo. Port CosU, Martins*
and Way Buttons 11 21*
808p Oregon A California Express— Sao-
! .ramento, MarysTlIle, Betiding-,
Portland, Pnget Soncd and East. 855a
9.1 Or Hayward, Kile* and Saa Jose (Saa-
day only) 1165*
11.2Sr Port Costa, Tracy, Lathrop, Mo-
desto, Slerced. Kaymond (to Yo-
•emlte), Fresno, Hmford, VI-
salla. Bakersfleld 12-2S*
COAST LINE (Harrow ««ogt).
(Foot of Market Street.)
7.46a Santa Cruz Excursion 'Sunday
only) 8-10»
8-1 Sa Newark. Centerrllle. San Jose,
Felton, Bonlaer Creek, SanU
Crni and Wsy Station* 8 25*
I2.15P Newark, Ceatenrllle, 8an Joie,
New Almaden. Los Oa:o*. Fe[ tua.
Bonlder Creek, Santa Cms aad
Principal W«y Stations 13-53A
4.15r Newark. Saa Jose, Los Oatos and
way stations (on Saturday sad
Sunday runs through to Santa
Crni; Monday only from SanU
Cruz). Connects at Feltoa to "
and from Bonlder Creek t8.65a>
From SAN FKANCISCO. Foot of Market St. (31!p*>
— 17:13 »:00 11:00 a.m. 1.00 300 5.15 r.Jf
From OAKLAND. Foot of Broadway — tS:0O ti:00
t8:05 10:00a.m. 1200 2 00 4CQr.it.
COAST LINE <Uroad U»a,r).
IV (third and Toarngcnd Streets.)
8.10a San Jose ant^Vay Stations 8 30»
t7 00 a San Jose and Way Stations 5 33r
7.16a Monterey and Sanu Crux Excur-
sion (Sunday uuly) 8-30p
8.00a Kew Almaden (Taes.. Frid.. on!y), 4.18*
8 -00a Coast Line Limited— Stops only San
Jose, Gilroy (connection for Hoi-
lister), Pajaro. CastroTllle. Sa-
linas. San Ardo. Paso Kobles, - -
SanUMargarlta,San Luis Oblnpo,
Gnsdalupe. Surf (connection for
Lompoc), Sanu Barbara, Saagas
and Los Angeles. Connection at
CastroTllle to and from Monterey
and Pacific Grove 10-45*
I. 00 a San Jose. Tre* Plnos, Capitol a, '-
SanuCrsz.PaciacGroTe.Sallnas. W"
San Luis Ohtapo and Principal
Intermediate Stations 4.10'
tO. 30a San Jose and .Vay Stations 1.20*
11.00a Cemetery Passenger — South Saa -
Francisco. San Bruno ............ - 1.C5»
11. 30 a Santa Clara, £an Jo«e. Los Gato*
and Way Stations 7. it}?
•1 -30r San Jose and Way SUtlons x7 OOr
2. OOr San Jose and Way SUtlons 59 40a
2.S0p Cemetery Passenger — South San
Francisco, San Bruno 435r
T3X0r Del Monte Express— fianta Clara.
Ean Jote. Del Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove (connects at Santa
Clara for SanU Crni. Boulder
Creek and Narrow Gauge PolnU) ?12-1S»
S JC» Psciac Grove and Way Stations—
Mnrllnisme.SQn Mateo.Hed wood, - ¦ „ ¦ ¦-
Menlo Park. Palo Alto, Mayfleld,
Monnuln View. Lawrence, Santa
Clara, Ssn Jose, (Gilroy. lloiiis-
ter, Tres Plnos), Pajaro, Watson-
Tille. Capitols, SanU Crux, Cas-
troTllle. Salinas 10 45a
4-30r 8an Jose and Way Sutlons 8-38a
b OOr San Jose, (ria Saou Clara) Los
tiatos, Wright and Principal Wsy
Stations (except Sunday) 900a
J530r Ssa Jose and Principal Wsy Stations fS.OO*
tS-16r Ean Mateo, Beresford.Belmoat. Saa
Carlos. Redwood. Fair Oaks,
Menlo Park. Palo Alto 19-45*
6.20? Ban Jose snd Way SUtlons. 6. 33a
7 COr Sunset Limited. Eastbonnd.— Saa
Luis Oblspo. Sanu Barbara. Los
Angeles, Denting. El Paso. Sew
Orleans, New York. {Westbound
arrives TlaS»nJoaqula Valley)... w8.23a
8.80P Palo Alto and Way Stations 10-1Sa
11. Mp South San Francisco. Mlllbrae.
Burlingame, Saa Msteo. Bel-
mont, San Carlos, Redwood, , o .-«
Fair Oaks. Menlo Park. Palo ¦ I21?t
Alto,MayHeld,MounUlnVte*r, «*«f
Sunnyvale, Lawrence, SasU
Clara and San Jose J ¦
A for Morning. P for Afternoon.
X Saturday and Sunday only. j Sunday only.
{ Stops at all stations on Sunday,
t Snnday excepted. a Saturday only.
« V la Coast Line. w VI a Saa Joaqoln V tile j.
6 Reno train east&onad discontinued.
OF" Only trains stopping at Valencia St. southbound
axe 8:10a.m.. t7:0OA.*..ll:M> a.m.. 2:S0r.K. sod «:30r.«.
via Sausallto Terry
7-« T -I m. train week day. doea not run to
_£^%iEsaiW'a. i *«;
EISES?_#p m 5g^
JX-05 «. m . 12:30^2:20. J3:43. -.:5O. 5:30, 6.U.
l °SUNDAYS-«:13. 7:33. tS:10, »:40. t^-Xi,
J1W3 V^ inTl2:50. 2:S0. »:23. *A% J3.5O.
e-M. 7:35. 10:20 v. m.
Trains marked (t> start from San Quentln.
CISCO— Week days— 5:4*. 6:40. 7:45. 8:23.
tt:4B, U:10 a. m.. 12:10. 2:45, 4:13. 6:10. 7:05.
l °SUNDAYS- 6:35. 7:53. 10. 11:10 a. m.. 12:05.
1C3 2iO 3:43. 4:53. -8:05. 7:10^ 10:40 p. -m.
7:45 a. m., week days — Casadero and way
stations. '
6:15 p. m.. week days (Saturdays excepted) —
Tomalea and way stations.
3:13 p. in.. Saturday*— Cazadero *nd way
Sundays and Lefcal Holidays— S a. m.. Caz.a.
aero and way stations. -
Sundays and Legal Holidays— 10 a. m.. Point
Reyes and way stations.
FERRY— Foot of Market at.
Leave Ha Sjimlu* Fwry Arrivs
9s» Fran. fMt sfsrts* >A Saa Vraa.
Week I Sun- Sun- IVVwh'
Day*- d-*r» Jfc^mlK .°*^.
»T45l 8:OOa £*<*<£_» V4.QQ* STiTZ
l:45r 9:00a iSwSs^rar 13:SOr3:3Gp
•:15rlO:OOx 3:3Of S:SOr
j_tr*ayinlT. nan Ttrtn T wiSOy.irriTtiy. ll;3oy
nCUI I &» Masuct St., (North Shore RatlroadU
iniSB I aad SaosaUTO Pcutv Foot Marts* St.
jftt$f9^_§ MENANDV/OMEfl.
<^g^£fXCKE9^^j C«e Big G for unnatural
/G«y la 1 to i d«j».%i di^cUarses.in flaniaiiitinat.
DtSS Ooaraaued V| irtititloQS or nlrfraticni
JFtHsW nott» itriowr*. of mncons niamLTanea.
Fi ¦»«¦*» C— i«r<—. JfainUss, and not astria-
K^lTHEETlWSCHtWJCAtCa. gont or voiiunons. ¦
VCTV CIXClK»AT1.0.g*;*j3 Sold by DmitliU,
iffnm. sJ&HBl by express, prepaid, for
»!.00. or 3 bottle* 12.75.
P ClxcuUr isLt m reo.aeit.
As prescribed by a law
enacted by the last Legislature
the State Board of Commis-
sioners in Optometry has is-
sued certificates to the under-
signed firms, entitling them
and their employes to practice
the fitting of spectacles and
eyeglasses :
211 Post St.
7 Kearny St.
317 Kearay St.
16 Xeamy St.
S43 Grant Are.
991 Market St.
207 Kearny St.
301 Kearay St.
(The Ceolarlnm),
643 Market St.
f) visit DR. JORDAN'S grcat^
• 6^ lS£lstABTirET.brt.6:t*7at.3.r.CtL A
Q /<»V& Wotid. \VuknesMs cr u,j coctt»cted A
L SS &H <J:«*i* p»»t«l»Hy r«r«4 by the o!d«t f
\ ffiSif^it CoD«u1»tioo free and «rict1r prime. \
fS I J>Vr 11 Trei:m«it p«T»cn«!iy nr br Inter. A 0
\ I W «J| ¦ *—*— Ctar« in ererj cut usdertaken. \
« F II H_* w ri«for Book. rUII.GiturnT.f A
A (1 U- **'«»W« bock for irrr.) \
'/ OK. JOBDOA CO.. 105t Market St.. S. P. 9
unrivaled before the public for r>u years as a
1'Min Remedy. It issUtntly relieves and quickly
cures ail Colds, Sore Throats, Influenza, liron-
cbitls, PnvumoDia, IUjeumatism, Nturalfia,
Headache, Toothache and all pain. Internally
(or Hslaria and 4.11 Dowel Pains. All dnJsfftsU.
In Book Form
£nK^^m W7 flSf^^S©^ vJN Taf
Guaranteed Pure,
None So G&otJ*
Sold EDeryvfom '
- — Pacific Coast Agents.
®Vim, Vigor, Vitality for Men.
have been in use over fifty
years by the leaders of the
Mormon Church and their
followers. Positively euro the
worst case* In old and yours
arising from effects tot seK-
abuse, dissipation, excesses or
cigarette errckins. Cure Lost
Manhood, Impot-:ncy. Lost
Power, Night Losses Insom-
nia, Palua lu Back, Evil Desires, Lama Back.
Nervous Debility, Hradache. Unfitnesa to Mar-
ry, Loss of Semen. *—» Varlcocele or Con- ,
atlpatioa Stop Ner ™1 II vous Twitching of
Eyelids. Effects are JTZ m^TL Immediate. Impart
vigor and potencyCEHTS to every function.
Don't get despondent, a cure Is at hand.- Re-
store email, undeveloped organs. Stimulate
the brain and nerve centers; 60o a box; « for
$2 SO by mall. A written guarantee to cure cr
money refunded with 6 boxes. Circulars free.
Addrens BISHOP REMEDY CO.. 40 Ellis st..
Ean Francisco. Cal. GRANT DRUG CO.. 3S
and «O Third at. ' ¦ i
Titanron Parry, foot or Market St.
WEEK DAYS — 7:30. 8:00, 9:00. 11:00 a. m. ;
12:35, 2:30, 3:40. 5:10, 6:50, 6:30 and 11:30
p. m.
Saturdays — Extra trip at 1:30 p. m.
SUNDAYS— 7:30. 8:00, 9:30. 11:00 a. m.; 1:30.
2:30. 3:40. 5:10. 8:SO. 11:30 p. m.
WEEK DAYS— 6:05. 6:5O. 7:35, 7: BO, 8:20.
11:15 a. m.; 12:50. »2:00, 3:40. 5:00. 5:20.
6:25 p. m.
Saturdays — Extra trip at 1:45 p. m.
SUNDAYS— 6:60. 7:35. 9:20. 11:15 a. m.: 1:43,
3:40, 4:50. 6:00. 6:20. 6:10. 6:25 p. m.
'¦_ 'Except Saturdays.
Leave I In Effect J Arrive
San Francisco.! May 3. 1003. [San Francisco.
Week I Bun- I Destlna- I Sun- I Week
Days. I days.f tlon. | days. ( Days.
7:30a 7:45 a 7:45 a
7:30 aj 8:00 a 8:40 a 8:40 a
8:00a 9:30a Ignacio. 10:20a 10:20a
2:30 p 2:30 p 6:00 p 6:20 p
5:10p 5:10p 6:20p 7:25p
j 7:25 p
7:30 a 7:30a 7:45 a 7:45 a
8:00 a 8:00 a Novato. 10:20 a 10:20 a
2:30 p 9:30 a Petaluma, 6:20 p 6:20 p
5:10 p 2:30 p and 7:25 p 7:25 p
5:10 p Santa Rosa, f
7:80 a 7:30a 10:20 a 10:20 a
8:00 a 8:00 a Fulton. 7:25 p 6:20 p
2:S0p 2:30 p f . 7:23 p
I j Windsor. j j "
7:30 a| 7:30 a| Healdsburg. 110:20 a 10:20 a
(| Lytton. |
2:30 p| Geyservtile, J7:25p 7:25 p
I Clovcrdale. f |
7:30 al 7:30 al Hopland 110:20 a[10:20 a
2:30 p| 2:30 p| and Uklah. | 7:25 p| 7:23 p
7:30 a| 7:30 a| Willlta. | 7:25 p| 7:23 p
8:00 al 8:00 al Camp Vacation. 110:20 ajlO:2O a
2:30 p) 2:30 p| Guern*vllle. | 7:25 p| 6:20 p
¦8:Oa|8:00a| Sonoma. ( 8:40a| 8:40 a
5:10 pi 5:10 H Glen Ellen. ) 6:00 p| 6:20 p
7:30al7:30a| 110:20 a|10:20 a
2:30 p| 2:30 p| Sfbastopol. 1 7:25 p| 6:20 p
STAGES connect at Green Brae for San
Quentln: at Santa Rosa for White Sulphur
Springs; at Fulton for Altruria and Mark West
Springs; at Lytton for Lytton Springs; at Gey-
serville for Skaggs Springs; at Cloverdai* for
the Geysers. Booneville and Greenwood: at
Hopland for Duncan Spring*. Highland Springs,
Kelseyvllle. Carlsbad Springs. Soda Bay. Lake-
pert and Bartlett Springs; at Uklah for Vichy
Springs. Saratoga Springs. Blue Lakes. Laurel
Dell Lake, Wltter-Sprlngii. Upper Lake. Porno
Potter Valley. John Day's. Riverside. Llerly's.
Bucknell's, Sanhedrln Heights, Hullvllle. Orr"s
Hot Springs, Halfway House, Comptche. Camp
Stevens, Hopkins. Mendocino City. Fort Bragg
Westport. Usal; at Willits for Fort Bragg.
Westport, Sherwood, Cahto. Covello, Layton-
vllle. Cummlngs. Bell's Springs, Harris. Ol-
aen's. Dyer, Garbervllle, Pepperwood, Scotia
and Eureka.
.Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at
reduced rates.
On Sunday— Round-trip tickets to all points
beyond San Rafael at half rates.
Ticket office. 650 Market street. Chronicle
Gen. Manager. Gen. Paw. Agt.
Mr ___99 _J
if IjSgi \l H
Iff [
tesvts Monday* sod Thundajr* st * JO ».m. ¦
Tbmch tat days with Piasn sad sll tapping). Ij
Oar other mlas go at P|
7:38am 1 (or Stockton, Fresno, . f
•:30am V Bakersfield. Merced. |l
t:OQPMJ Hanford, Visalia, II
' 4:00PM for Stockton. H
8:00pm for Kansas City aod Chicago. ||
Office. 641 Market St., and 1b Ferry I]
# Depot: 1112 Bros«lway.O«IU«nil. ?|
' Train Item* Market Strut F*rry. Ij
Ladies' Tailor=Made Hats
Our stock cf ladies' tailor-made hats in fall styles has lately
been received and we are showing a swell assortment at prices
fully a fourth less than the exclusive milliners ask for hats Of
equal quality.
Description cannot do them justice. You must see the hats
and try them on. The solid colors are white, tan, blue, black,
Urown and dark shades of gray. They also come trimmed in
brown and tan, gray and white, blue and white, black and.white.
There are eighteen different shapes to choose from, and
each one is stylish and becoming.
The' prices are :
$2.50 $3.00 $3.50
Any man who wants a good hat for everyday wear will find
his needs fully satisfied in the hats we sell at $1.95. They com-;
prise all shapes and colors.
Out-of-town orders filled. Write us. .
740 Market Street

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