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Chicago was rather higher, but without
feature. This market continued dull.
CURED MEATS— Bacon. llVJe per lb for
heavy, 12c for Usht medium. 14c for light.
14*4c for extra light. :iSc for sugar-cured and
20c for extra sugar-cured: Eastern sugar-cured
H«ms. 14c: California Hams, 13*J<Sl.-.Uc: Mess
Besf. $11 50 per bbl: extra Mess. $12«J12 50;
Family, $13: prime Mess Pork. $17: extra clear,
$24: Mess. $10: Dry Salted Pork.' 12c; Pig Pork.
$2<<: Plirs' Feet, $5 25; Smoked Beer. 15e p»»r lb
LARD — Tierces quoted at 7>ie - psr lb for
compound and 0<* for mir»:- half-barrels, pure.
OVie: 10-lb tins. 0|ic; 5-lb tins. 0T4c; 3-Ib tins
10c. • : ¦¦ ' - - '
COTTOLENE— One h«lf barrel. S^c: three
half barrels, S£e; ore tierce. &%c; two tierces.
8*4c; five tierces. 8?ie.per In.
Hides, Talloiy, Wool and Hops.
HIDES AND SKINS— Culls and brands sell
about : % .h9\c ¦ under quotations. Heavy Salted
Steers, i)c: medium. 80: light,' 7*5c; Cow Hides
7>ic for heavy and TKc for light: Stajrs. 5e:
Salted Klp.-'Pc:' Salted Veal.lOc; Salted Calf,
10*4c; dry Hides, 15©16c: dry Kip. 13c; dry Calf.
ISc: Sheepskins, shearlings. 25© 30c each: *hort
.Wool,; 40000c ; each;; medium, 70®fl0c: lonr
Wool. $1«1 50: • Horse Hides, salt. *2 75 for
large and tZftZ 50 for medium. SI 25fii 75 for
small and 60c for Colts; Horse Hide*, dry'
$1.73 for large and $1 50 for medium. Slgl 25
for small and 60c for ColU. Ruck Skin* — Dry
Mexican, 31c: r dry 'sa!t*d Mexican, 25c: dry
•Central American. 31 e. /Goat Rktns — Prime An",
goras, 75c; large and smooth. 50c; medium. 35c;
small. 20c. •- • , . - • ¦ --.
TALLOW — No.l rendered. 44e per lb: No.
2, 4c:. sT*ase.- 2*»*f3c. - ¦
WOOI^— Fall c!lp — San Joaquln LambV. 93
Following were the .sales on the San Fran
cisco Stock and Exchange Board yesterday:
Morning Session.
1000 Andes 24 40O Ophir 2 75
1<K> Belcher . 25 6CO Overman 24
1200 Chollar 24| 412) Savage 50
100 Con C * Val 25, 3C0 Sierra Ner .. «t»
300 Con N Tf 11 1 200 Union Con .. «2
2<)O Gould * Cur. 43j 100 Utah ¦ It
10<) Mexican 1 4.V 100 Yellow. Jacket 24
4tH) Mexican 1 40 1 V
¦ Afternoon Session.
10O Belcher 2»i MX> Occidental ... Bl
40o Bullion ©» 100 Ophir 2 7ft
:u*\ Challenge Con 21 Inoo Potosl 22
30<> Chollar it* 200 Savage 5<»
500 Con C A Va.1-25; K.m Savan 4J>
2O0O Con Imperial. C4 SOO Sierra N«T .. M
300 Crown Point. 1»| 300 Union Con .. «O
600 Gould & Cur. 33 j 200 Union Con .. 5»
200 Julia OS'
Following were the sales on the Pacific
Stock Exchange yesterday:
Morning Session.
200 Belcher 25j 200 Ophir 2 78
300 Belcher 27 1 20O Opblr 2 87«*
40O Caledonia ... 82 4OO Ophir ...2 M
60O Challenge Con 24- 300 Overman Tt
30O Challenge Con 27; 400 Overman .... 24
l.'iOO Chollar 25 120O Ovarman .... 25
SCO Con C * Va.l 30; 500 Potosl 23
40O Con C & V.I 27 VJ 300 Savage M>
500 Con N T .... 11 SOO Sierra X«v .. «2
"OO Con NY 12 SOO Sierra N«» .. «."!
500 Crown Point. 1» SOO Union Con .. 64
COO Gould & Cur. .43 40O irnlon Con .. «">
200 Hale & Sore. 51 500 Utah 1|
s^o Julia OS 40O Yellow Jacket 29
600 Mexican ... 1 42*4
Afternoon Session.
500 Andes 23' 200 Mexican ...1 32*4
4C0 Belcher 27| 200 Ophir. Z 19
/ 200 Caledonia ... "1 600 Overman .... 24
SCO Challenge Con 211 500 Savage 5A
2<tf> Cbollar 24] 300 Savage - 4S
"00 Con C & V.I 27'nl 300 Scorpion ftS
3»)« Con C * Va.l 20 50O Seg Belcher.. TO
200 Crown Point. 19! 5£!I Sierra. Nev ;. 3«
300 Gould * Cur. 3«; 1(« 1'nion Con . . <R
300 Hale * Norc. R5 : 40O Union Con '. . «t
200 Justice 11 20O> ITnion Con .''. 6O
r,00 Mexican 140 200 Utah 12
300 Mexican 1 35* ., f^i\
Followlns; were the sate* on the San Fran
cisco and Tonopah Mining Exchange yesterday:
Morning Session.
300 Mont Ton.. I 12'i| 700 Ton Midway.. 4f
5<>O Ton Midway.. 44] 2<X> Wild Gooae...2 "M
Afternoon Session.
100 Mont Ton.l 12'4! 200 Ton Midway.. iM "
WEDNESDAY, Dec. 30—4 p. m.
Bld.Atk. Bid. Ask.
Alpha W ».5f Justice It 12
•*! Kt|K«ntuck ' 02 <W
Andes 21 321 Keytsi Oraes. — 1 75
Belcher 2H 27| I.ady Wash.. — 92
B*st & Belch.2 03 2 IStMexlcan . 1 35 1 4r>
I'.ulllon 09 10; Occidental «... 51 S4
Caledonia ... »" 89- Ophir 2 70 2 75
Challenge Con 20 22 Overman ..... » 2*
• '-hollar Tt 24;Potosl 21 Tl
I Confidence ... 7O 80; Savage 4S 5«
Con C tc Va.t'2»» 1 ;'.*»¦ Scorpion Ot .Its
Con imperial. 0.1 04 Sea- Belcher. . to f»
I Con N'Y 10 12 Sierra Nev .. 2M R!»
! Crown Point. IS 10, Silver Hill .. IM «tt
Eureka Con... — Sft.K I-ou!i .... 12 1«
'Exchequer... 17 18 Svndlcat* ... (H PH
! Gould * Cur. 37 "» Union Con .. *O «l
Hale Ml Norc. M ¦ 53 Utah It 11
Julia 04 <W Yellow Jacket 22 24
! Bid. Ask.! Bid. Ask.
• Esperanxa ... — 01 Ton Belmont.. 60 Tl
Gipsy Queen.. — SOjTon A C*J... — 23
Gold Anchor. 12 — Ton of Nev ..8 00 —
MacNamara. 09 14'Ton.N SUr.. 34 X\
Mont Ton...l 12 H 1 1 Si Ton MMway..' « 5A
Pavmaster ... «7 lATort A S Lakt — «C
Ray & OBrien tm » United Ton... — 12
'Rescue ...... 00 07.
Articles— ' Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrel* 58,400 76.2CO
Wheat, bushels 100.700 32.400
Corn, bushels 220.000 7S.000
Oats bushels 2f>l,000 149.500
Rye. bushels.. 19,300 3.5(10
Barley, bushel*... 174,700 . .12.300
O* the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was firm. Creamery. 16fcr23i,4e; dairy.
14fc21c. Eggs, steady, 2D@2Sc. Cheese, steady,
lOfllOVic. "
Foreign Futures.
Wheat—. ¦ March. May.
Opening ....'.; «4*i 0 4 >i
Closins: 64% 6 31,
" Wheat — Dec. Mar. -June.
Opening 21 SO 21 1»O
Closing, 21 65 .21 20
Opening ' 2fi .V> . 2S 40
Closing 28 SO' 28.45
Eastern Livestock Market;-^
CHICAGO. / '. .'/
CHICAGO. Dec. :;0— CATTLE— Receipts,
50,000; steady; good to prime steers/ $4 60S
¦ ¦ -'
Cash quotations were, as follows: Flour.
Ftronger; No. 2 spring wheat. 81 ®S2c; No. .1,
7OQ7Kc- No. 2 red. K3iJtSt;c; No. 2 corn. 42 We;
No 2 yellow, 4-tc: No. 2 oats. 3«»,iGi-':n*4c; No.
:i white. :55V4<fir.7^c: No. 2 rye, 51«5l<ic: Bpod
feeding barley ;:4{i:{7c: fair to choice mnltintr,
4.'5@o.'5c; No. i flaxseed. 01*ic: No. 1 North
wMtern $1 01 !i: prime timothy seed. $2 90;
mess pork, per barrel. $12 50312 02',4: lard,
per 100 pounds. ?R 67 1 ,-i©<5 72Vi: short ribs sides
• locse). $0 25f|<> f>0: short clear sides (boxed),
SO 37)69(1 50; Tt-hfsky, basis of high wines,
$1 27;*clover, contract grade, $11 25. -
The annual meeting of the Alaska Packers'
Association ha* b*«n called for January !'•'-
The annual meeting of the shareholder* of
the M:1I Valley and Mount Tamalpals Scenic
Railway will be held January 21.
The First National Bank of Palo Alto will
open for business January 2. A number of
safe deposit boxes have been installed.
The annual meetlnr of the shareholders of
the Central Trust Company will be held Janu
ary 19.
Stock and Bond Exchange.
WEDNESDAY. Dee. 30—2 p. m.
Rid. Ask. 1 . " Eld. Ask.
4s qr coup. .110 — 4s qr cp newl33>;i34*i
4s qr reg ..109*,U0*i!3* qr coup.. 107 —
Ala A W.Sa. — — ,O T Co es.'.HS'/i —
Bay CPC 5«.10l 102H Do 6s 108«4 —
Cal C G 5s. — 100 ' Do con 6s. — 103
Cal C & E fc Oceanic 8 5a. — 75
m t ct 6s. — 1G«U Om Cable 6s.l2O —
Cal-Et 5s .. — — Pac G Im 4s. f>5 100
C C Wat 5s. — ICO P E Ry 5s. 107 107 U
Ed L & PGs.120 — P & C II Cn. — —
F Jk C H 6a. — 117 *P * O R Cs.ll7T412rt
Ofary-st 5s.. 45*4 W Powell-»t fin.lMVi —
H Ci-9 5Vis.lO4 — SE G&R 5s. 9« 102*4
HCtS 5s. 08<41C0 SF & SJV3*.llH«ill7li
Hon R T e».1O4 10(1 ¦ H R of C er.l\2V, —
L A Elec fts.104 10514 SP of A 6s
L A Ry 5s.lll 113 (1800) ....1074.108
LA L Co C«. — — (1010) ...MCSVi —
Do gtd fis. — — 8 P of C 6s
DO Ktd 5s. — 1C4«-J -<100a>Sr A. 103 101
UP lem 6S.100 102 Monr.iSr B. — jn4»4
Mkt-st C fa.llS*; — <1M>6) 104<4105
Do I cm 53.1 1.". — I 11012) IU\ —
NRR of CG.O0«5f l 107 : VSPe 1 c«r 5s.114 117>4
Do 5s — — i Do stmpd.,107 107*i
NP C R 5s. — 108 ;s P B R 6s. — 132'i
NCR 6s.. — 112 S V W 6s.. IM —
N C P C 5s. — 1C1 Do 4.« 2dm. OOU —
N S R R 5s. — 101 Do 4s 3<lm. 97*4 08%
O G L H 5s.lO7?i — iStkn G&E Cs — lOrt
O'W gtd 5s. — ICO ill G «¦ E 5s. — 105
Contra Conta — 41 (Port Co*ta.. — ¦ —
Marln Co .. fiO 70 IS V \V Co. 3S*i 3S";
Cent LAP.— 4 S F O A E. d< C4Ti
Mutual E L. 8*4 »'.i S F Gas'L. :{<; ::%
Pac O Im.. — — Stkn G A- E. 5 —
Put: L Co... 54% — U G & E.. — 39
Sac E G4R; — — . >
S F G * E. »4 — . I
Flrem'» Fnd325 350 I
Am Ntl Bk.120 130 L P A- A .. — 170
An«lo-Cal ..85 91 Mer Trust ..210 SteV,
Bank of Cal. — 460 Mereh Ex . . — —
Cal Saf* Dp. — 150 9 F Natlonl. — —
First Natlonl — — '
Ger S & L.2235 — Say* L S»o. — IC5
Hum S * L. — — Ke» Sav Bk.400 500
Mutual Sav.ioo HO Union T Co. — ¦•.— , : •;
S F Sav U.60O —
California ..100 2(>5 ¦ I Presidio .... 38 41 '
Geary — ' 80 I
Giant 62 «5 I Vlgorlt ..... — i%
Articles— Open. High. I/Ow. Close.
Dec h ?new)°/. 2 .7 HI 81% SI 81 «
Mav «*VS 84% 83% M'4
July ....... o ..-. T8H 7!>, n% 78%
De«mbH°'.f.T.. 41 14 «H IJ^S'SS
May * 5 4l^ 1 **¦* * n '*
July ...... v ... ¦«»% **'M **Vt <»S
December '.T 35*4 30 34?; 3«
Mav 376; 38*4 37% 3SV»
July '... 34 V, 351, 34* . 35
Mess Pork, per bbl —
January 12 12M, 12 45 12 12% 12 4.',
May 12 45 12 82*i 12 45 12 82*4
l^ird. 1XT 100 lbs—
January « «> « "•» « «50 « T5
May 0 S2*4 « 95 0 SO 6 W2Vi
Short Ribs, per 100 lbs —
January « ::0 fi .15 0 30 6 35
May fi .%.-. 0 «5 (1 T.5 0 C5
"Although shipments of Hay have been un
usually light during the past week, yet they
are heavy enough to supply all -present de
mands. The total for the week ending to-day
amounts to but 1050 tcn«. In comparison with
2250 tons for the preceding week. , Prices are
tinner, although no increase over the list given
last week can be. noted, > nor Is . one expected
until after January l. ; Business, as a rule,
lmproveB after the holidays are over, and now
that the ' Government order for Hay will be
placed here prices should have a strong up
ward tendency. A comparison of the bids sub
mitted here with those of the northern dealers
shows that we are from $4 to $7 per ton -lower
than they are. The bids of the San Francisco
dealers on No. 1 wheat Hay ranged from $17 to
?2l per ton, while those of the northern people
ranged from $21 on Puget Sound Hay to $28
en beet Washington timothy. The prices sub
mitted by the northern people confirm our be
lief that they have none too much Hay on hand
and that they will probably cail upon us again
for Hay, ns they did last season. Taking the
situation In Its entirety, we can see no reason
why Hay sljould net advance to what may be
considered eJitreme figures. ?
"Rain Is needpil In nearly all the Hay sec
tions at present and growers are beginning to
wonder If. we are to have a dry year. Grain
Is In a healthy condition, however, and It is
hoped that the needed showers will 'come soon
"Wheat Hay constitutes the bulk of the presl
ent arrivals, with tamo oat Hay and alfalfa
still in light demand."
Note — The bids for the Government order
mentioned in the above circular, represent
double compressed bales, which adds $3 per ton
to the regular price. . -
BRAN— »lJ»e:20 per ton. • V ,
MIDDLINGS— f£0 50028 50 per ton
SHORTS— $lfi®20 per ton r •
FEEDSTUFFS— Rolled Barley $23©24 per
ton; Oil Cake • Meal at the mill I2702S 80
jobbing.' $28<fr30; CocoanutCake. $21@22: Corn
Meal.- $28 500120 50; Cracked Corn. $20®30-
Mlxtd Feed. $22©23; Horse Beans. $30® 10 per
ton. ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ - ; - ¦ ' ¦¦¦¦¦¦ -¦-....
HAY— Wheat. $13'sn4m : -Wheat and Oat
$13015 60; Oat. $12@14 50; Wild Oat, $11@13-
Barley. 10@13; Stock nominal— none here; Al
falfa. $10(512 per ton. . -
STRAW— 40065c per bal«.
. Beans and Seeds.
".These markets continue .apathetic and un-'
changed. There are no new features to report.
*BEANS— Bayos, $2 30fl2 40; Pea '$3- But
ters. $3 23; small White. $2 85^3; large While.
$2 40<J2 CO:. Plnlt. $2 60®2 80: Red. $3 50:
Lima $3<?3 10: -Red. Kidneys. $4<@4 10: Black
eye. $2§2 15 per et I:- Horse Beans, $1 50j?2.
. SEEDS — Brown Mustard.- *3: -Yellow Mus
tard.- $2H5©2 80;- Flax. $18091 ftO: . Canary,
6g5V4c for Eastern: Alfalfa, ll#14c; Rape,
Dealers are talking of a contemplated ad
vance In Hran immediately after the turn of
the year, as the market Is lightly stocked and
very strong. . Middlings continue firm.
Hay rules firm from causes already' men
tioned. Dry weather Is still a pronounced fac
tor, though a Rocd rain rhlgl.t weaken the situ
ation. The circular of Somers & Co. says: ¦
Hay and Feedstuff s.
FRUIT — Apricots, 7©0c for Royals and 99
lie for Moorparfts: Evaporated Apples, 4'S5Ue*
sun-dried. 3*i<ff4c; Peaches. 4Vj©«*4c; Pears,
BipiOc; Nfftarlnes. 4$SHc: Figs, white. 4#4*ie
ln-boxes; b!ack.-4Vic: Plums, pitted, 6®0c per
pound. -. ¦ .. ¦
PRUNES— 1008 crop. 2V4®2?ic for the four
sizes. 1 >
RAISINS— F. o. b. DrlceF. Fresno, for 1903
crop: 50-lb boxes — r.oo*e Muscatel, 2-crown,
6*4e per lb: 3-crown. 5%c: 4-crown. tJ>$e- Seed-
Iras . Musratels. 4*ic: do. floated, 4*4c; un
bleachrd*Sultanas. 4*4c: Thompson's Seedless,
5*Jc. London Layers — 2-crown.. $1 25; 3-crown.
$1 .".5: 4-crown clusters. S2: 5-crown Dehesas.
$2 50; 6-crown Imperials, $3; Malaga Loose 2
crown. 5c per lb: do 3-crown. 0%c; Valencia
Ctired. 4*4<;; Pacific, do. 3»;e: Oriental do,
2$ie. Seeded RalsJns— Ifi-ox packages, fancy
8c per lb: choice. 7"6e: 12-ox packner-s. fancy!'
6<Kc; choice, C«4c; In bulk, farcy. 7% c- choice
7%c. ¦ ¦ ' - ¦ ¦
NUTS— Walnuts. No. I softshell. 13U©14e-
No. 2, ll»,i«B12c: No. 1 hardshell. 13®13>4c:
No. 2. lipil'ic; Almonds, lie for Nonpareils.
10'Sc-for I X L. 10*;c for N» Plus Ultra and
K'Jie for I^nRuedce: Peanut*. C<fi!7e for Eastern;
Pecans. ll@13c; Cocoanuts, $4 50® 3; Chest
nuts. SiplOc ner lb. , >
HONEY— Ccmb. lOQllJie for white and nV.'H
BV-e for amber: wsti»r white extracted. r>#
O'tc: light amber extracted. 4 *4S4%c; dark,
BEESWAX-27©21)e per lb. - ';
Dried Fruits,Nuts, Raisins, Honey
The Banks of California.
Henry D. Walker, financial writer on the
ComnK rcial Nevs, has compiiM a tabular
•tatement of the condition of the savings,
commercial, private and national backs cf
OaUfcrr.la. as reported to the U^r.k Commls-
Fionen September 1 190-1. It li a complete
directory of all banks existing m the State
on that date and show* even-thing financial
pertain in* to am h liank. As such a directory
it 1* ef groat value to peisans interested In
or doinr business with bank*, especially hs
Mr. Walte cas arranged the various btr.k*
jn aU)*>abetical order and in cla.«— s so thai
each can b» located at a elancf it repre.
•enm a K'»pd .'.. : . 1 o f hard, careful work and
it U a credit H. ita compiler.
11 'cat her Report.
(1SGQ, Verfdian-Vaciflc Time.)
¦ SAN Flt.ANCLSO. Dec. S»-5 p. m. '
The folloAinjr 1 re the *»asoral «-.
<!,t,. as comn-reu * •„„ th^^'he^V S, e
£$£ZjS2i££** rBlafa " la th < '"< *»-
r Last Tili • ...
Station.- 2* l,.; O r». BeSU t£? orx
Eureka 0.00 17 -s r,." 0^
lied Bluff 0.00 hm T?. 1'
*acramentr> n.«m 44-, -I,.;!
Han Francisco «i.n.» ,;',r. <m
FlfJW O.« K > OS J ?•"»
Indejicrdcnce o.«iO 0 42, Y,'Z\
Ban Luif ob!*?o o.oo o'.*c 5 ro
l.«s Anselr* o.<M» "tt.4.1 . 4'$
Pan Dicfj 0.00 0.40 t»!o9
Baker 30.28 32 !2 SE\ Clou<Vy"~00
Careen .30.18 40 lb .<•; Ooudy «<u
• 'resefnt T*.M 4< n* NE Cloudy- "10
Kurcka 2».!»S 5S 3S S Cloudy "«>
>'aral)on ..'«J.<)6 M 52 F Cloudy <K>
rnuno :;f>. CK «O SS. K Cloudy *u6
. Kiasstaff 30.2*1 4<l 4 K Clear •"<>•
I'oint Reyee... 30.02 M 52 S Cloudy 00
Prcatfllo 30.30 :« 2 W Clear !»)0
Jr.dependence.. 30.14 5fl T.l S,E Ctoudv ' (*\
Lot^ Anse.les . .30.06 78 48 W Clear *00
Mt.Tamalpals 30.00 W, 46 PW Foggy *-io
Phoenix 3O.()« 70 3H NW Clear "o«»
* Vcrtland 30.0rt 40 VH NW Cloudy m>
Red UIuJT mt.ilN 60 ; :5«J »» Pl.Cldy *Oit
Ko&r-bura; 20.9S 3R ."2 NE Cloudy 'oO
- Aucj-artM-jto- ..30.10 4S :>4 FE • »?loudy '(K)
ot^ttlt Lake ....30. .tl 34 Jfi NW Clev *0i,
">. Franc1i»fo...30.10 5f. 48 SW <:ioudy 'm
Fan L. ObSspo.30.I6 70 31 NW Pt.Cldy 'oO
P»n Diego 30.(2 72 48 NW Clear "oO
Seattle :«».<iO 42 34 SE Cloudy .'oo
fpekane M.20 2S 24 XR Cloudy .00
Maiia TValla-.nrt.so rM Vi NE Cloudy .00
\\ ,rn«Mr.iicr* .::0.T<5 4«J 12 K «"iouriy .i«i
Tiuzm. S0.04 74 40 N Clesr .00
FLOUR— California Family Extras. $4 GO®
4 85 usual terms: Bakers' Extras. $4 50® 4 «0;
Oregon and Washington, $3 !iO«4 20 per bbl for
Family and $3 no©4 40 for Bakers'.
MILLSTUFFS— Prices in packages are as
follows: Graham Flour. $3 25 per 100 lbs;
Rye Flour $3 25; Rye Meal. $3; Rice Flour.
$7: Com Meal. $3 25: extra cream do. $4; Oat
Groats $4 50;* Hominy. $4<f84 25; Iiuckwhrat
Flour $4 5064 75; Cracked Wheat. $3 75; Fa
rina $1 50; Whole Wheat Flour. $3 50; Rolled
Oat*, bbls $7 250S KO; in eacks. $6 75@8 10;
Pearl Barley. $0; Split Peas, boxes, $7; Green
Peas. $5 50 per 100 lbs.
Flour and Millstuffs.
Mining Stocks.
CHICAGO. Dec. 30.— An easier feeling was
manifested in the wheat pit at the start, owing
to easier cables, large receipts and a general
disposition on the part of local traders to take
profits. Considerable wheat came out the flrst
hour and the maiket became quite weak. May
declining to S3%c after opcnlnK %<HV t c lower
at 84@S4Hc. On rumors that the leading long
was buying freely many of the early eellera
turned buyers, and there were additional pur
chases to even up over the holidays. Sensa
tional war rumors were circulated and prices
advanced rapidly. May sold up to 84%c. A
reaction occurred during the last half hour,
but the close was firm, with May at 84*4c
War news furnished the lever for bulls in
the corn pit to boost prices a little higher. The
feature In trading was the selling of about a
quarter of .-. million buFhels of May by* a
prominent provision houne. Closing prices were
strong. May opened unchanged to %c higher,
closing lie higher at 45>ic.
Onts were easy. May closed a shade lower
at XS'ic.
Larse shipments of lard and meat, together
with the war rumors, were the Incentives that
caused n rood demand for provisions. There
was an unusually good demand for May v pork,
nnd that product led the list In the advance.
The close was strong with May pork showing
a train of 30@37Vic; lard and ribs were each
UP ]2";C.
The leading futures ranired a* follows:
Chicago Grain Market.
The- Columbus Savlr.ss and I-oan Society
has declared a .semi-annual dividend at the
rate of 3 1 ,; per cent per annum on all deposits,
payabi? January 2.
The City and County Rank has declared a
8»ml-annual dividend at the rate of 3 per cent
per annum on all savings deposits, payable
January 2.
Th« Imnerial Oil Company has declar-d a
monthly dividend of 20 cents per share,
amounting to $20,000. payable January (J.
The Thirty-three Oil Company has declared
a monthly dividend of 10 cents per share,
amounting to $10,€00. payable January tt.
The Horn Sliver Mlnlns Company of Utah
has declared a dividend of 5 centa per share,
pavablc December^3l.
The regular ammal meeting of the stock
holders of the Spring Valley Water Company
has been called for January 13.
The Contra Costa County Bank will open
for business at Blark Diamond, in Contra
Costa County, on January 2. The' authorized
capital is $50,000. or which $25,000 has be»n
paid tip. D. A. Bender M president, M. Cody
vice president and O. Todaro secretary and
cashier.' •
There was nothlne new worthy of note en
the stock exchanges, trading being light.
The Hlbernla Savings and Loan Society has
declared a semi-annual dividend at the rate of
3*4 per cent oer annum on all deposits, pay
able January 2.
Cranberries are no. longer worth quoting
being about cleaned up.
Well-colored Navel Oranges continued to
meet with a steady demp.nd and dealers re
ported that such stock was steadily cleaning
up. The steamer Sierra, which sails to-day,
will take out about 1000 boxes for Honolulu
which were purchased In this market. The
same steamer will take several thousand boxes
for the Antipodes, purchased in the growing
sections. Fancy Lemons were firmer under
light supplies and some well-known brands of
extra fancy commanded a small premium over
the quoted rates. Common stock was still
plentiful and continued dull. The other Citrus
fruits were without quotable change and more
or leas weak.- Stocks of Apples were very
heavy and the mnrket was exceedingly dull.
Eometblng unusual for this rime of the year,
when retailers ought to be stocking up for the
ex^ra requirements . on New Year's. Quinces
were offering freely, but were practically un
salable, while Ptars and Persimmons met with
a very light demand.
APPLES— Fancy Splt*enber*rs, $1 75®2 per
box; ether varieties, $1 25® L 50 for fancy. 75<»
MOc for choice and 25950c for common; Christ
mas Apples. $1 G0®2. '
PEARS- -Winter Nellls from cold storage,
$1 *iOC/2 per box. :
QUINCES — 25e40e per box.
PERSIMMONS— 75c@$l per box. "
. CITRUS FRUITS— Navel Oranges. $2©2 50
per box for fancy. $1'23iS1 75 for choice and
75cff$l 25 for standards; Seedlings. 7,V@*1;
Tangerines. $1@1 25 for half boxes and 7.Vg$l
for quarter boxes; Japanese Mandarins. $1®1 50
for half boxes; Lemons, $1<£?2 50 per box; Grape
Fruit, $162: Mexican Limes. $4$M 50: Ha
narnB, t\ft'£ per bunch for Hawaiian and V2tf>
2 50 for Central American; Pineapples, $2fi3
per drzen.
Receipts of Produce.
Flour, qr sks .. lfl.WT| Wool, bales ... M
Wheat ctU 5.2i0i Screenings, sks. 200
Parley' ctlfl ••• 21.OJ0 Hroomcorn bis. 7»
Corn ctl» 975, Wine jrals 3U.C0O
Beans, sks ..... 50; Pelts. No. 4.111
Potatoes sks .. 2.4. r >0| Hides. No. 51S
Onions sks ... .".5.", Quicksilver, flks l.(!35
Bran, sks 2.515 Sugar, ctls 500
Middlings, sks.. SOffHrandy. gala .. 9.9.V)
Hay • tons 2fOJ Leather, rolls.. 17
Hops bates ... 1C4 Tallow, ctls ... 17
Potatoes, sks... 135! Onions, sks ... 3C5
Evaporated Apple* is quiet. Common, 4@5c;
prime. 5*j5 l 4c: choice, S*3$'6*£c; extra choice,
PRUNES— Firm nt 3%6«i>4c.
A PRICOTS— Steady. Choice. 9'.;®f>>4c; ex
tra choice. 9*i®10',ic; fancy, IKgldc.
PEACHES— Steady. Choice. 7',« ( 9"%c; extra
choice, 7»i<S8V;c; fancy, DKQlOHc,
NEW TORK, Dec. 30— FLOUR— Receipts.
17.000 barrels: exports, ti!»00 barrels; market
quiet, but steady.
WHEAT— Receipts, 56,500 bushels; m- Vet
Irregular. No. 'J red. 90c elevator and . '-jc
f. o. h., afloat; N'o. 1 Northern Duluth, Ui>">ic
f. o. b., afloat: No. 1 hard Manitoba, nom
inal, f. o. b., afloat. Options had a steady
opening, but soon declined under heavy North
western receipts, easy cables and room sell-
Ing-. The close was >;c higher on May and
July, v.hlle December closed %c lower. May
cloeed 87 s s c; July closed 83%c; December
clceed Die.
PRTUOLKI'M — Steady.
COFFEE— Spot, quiet; No. 7 Invoice, 7«ic:
mild, firm; Cordova. R'-iiSil.'Jc. Futures closed
steady, 30 to 15 points lower. Sales, 122.OIX)
bags. Including: December. C.75c; January,
«.70<S6.80c; February. C.8C©O.ItOc: March. 7.00®
7.15c; May. 7.30G7-50c; July. 7.55G7.70C i Sep
tember. 7.7ri®7.!»Oc; November, 7.S5^7.U5c.
SUGAR — Raw, nominal. Fair reflnlns. 3c:
centrifugal, IMi test, 3*jc; molasses sugar,
2%c; refined nuiet.
Nezv York Grain and Produce.
Deciduous and Citrus Fruits.
BUTTER-i-Creamery, 25@26c for extras and
2i^J4c for seconds; dairy. 17^23c- store But
ter, nominal; cold storage. 21®22c per lb for
ordinary and 23ff24c for extras.
CHEESE— 12312>4c for the general market.
18c for select mild new and lO^llc for lower
gradt-s; Young Americas, 13014c; Eastern 15V.
@ieV4c: Western. 14fffl5c per lb.
EGGS — Ranch, 34ig:.t6c for choice and 30®
33c for small and mixed colors; store. 27*j{j>
30o: cold storage, 25@27c; Eastern, 25fl27'»,c
for cold storage. .
Eggs are weakening, as receipts for the past
two days have run over 700 casts per day,
which- Is more than the market can absorb at
the present prices. Ranch are asain shaded
and cold storag-. both domestic and Eastern,
are lower. Stocks of fresh are likely to in
crease from now on unless the weather should
be cold, and buyers, knowing this, are allow
ing the market to continue its slow decline.
Dealers complain of slack demand.
Receipts were 25,400 lbs Butter, 734 cases
Ekks and 500O lbs Cheese.
Quotations for fine creamery Butter are
maintained, but dairy goods are lower and
there is more range in cold storage stock.
Supplies continue ample for all needs and the
market is still quiet.
Cheese is stationary, with heavy stocks and
a light demand.
Butter, Cheese and Eggs.
I Open. High. Low. Close.
May *l 04Vi $1 C4>£ $1 O4?4 $1 O4V4
2 p. m. Session.
No sales.
1 OATS — There is nothing new to report, th«
I market being steady and unchanged, with am
i pie offerings.
White. $1 22V6*?1 25 for California and
*1 27*4«T1 35 for Northern: Black. $1 45@1 05:
Red $1 20®l 82% for feed and $1 25©1 35 for
seed: Gray, fl 32*f.
• CORN — Quotations remain as before, with a
quiet market.
u Western «acked. $1 25©1 27*i for Yellow.
i $1 22* > &4rl 25 for White and $1 22*4 for Mixed;
1 California large Yellow. $1 32*i: small round
do *1 10«l 50: White. $1 35 per ctl.
RYE— $1 23ffl 30 per ctl.
BUCKWHEAT—*! 75®2 per ctl.
Session 0 to 11:30 a. m,
WHEAT — Argentine cable* reported that
damage by the recent frost is becoming oppar
! ent and that crop estimates are being reduced.
Otherwise there is nothing new from abroad.
Chicago declined from 84^c to 83%c and
¦ recovered to 84%c. At the opening batter
receipts and dull cables encouraged the bear ,
sentiment and the market weakened, but light
offerings an-1 the report that war between
Russia and Japan was inevitable caused a re
: action. A very small export demand was re
1 ported by New York.
In this market futures were lower, but the
cash grain was steady and unchanged.
California Club. $1 37W£l 40: California
White Australian $1 50@l 52»i; Northern Clut^
$1 40@l 4l>/ 4 ; Northern Bluestem, $1 50©
I 1 51 Oregon Valley, fl 40.
Session 9 to 11:30 a. m.
Open. High. Low. Close.
May ?1 30 $1 'MM, $1 35^/ $1.35*4
December .. 1 3S»4 1 3SV4 1 3S% 1 38%
2 p. m. Session.
Open. High. Low. Close.
May $133% $135U $134% $1.34%
BARLEY — Receipts continue large, as the
Ifialn 13 .fcoing-. -railed- In for delivery on De
cember contracts. Futures are again lower.-
Quotations for cash grain - are unsettled and
largely nominal, as local dealers do not seem
able to locate the market. Some ask $1 15,
others sell at $1 07^. The quotations below
nre about as near the market as can be given.
There Is not .much spot business anyhow.
Feed »l O'liftl 13!?;: Shipping and Brewing.
$1 17<4*ftl 20; Chevalier, $1 2O4J1 45 for fair
to choice.
ll'hcat and Other Grains..
NEW YORK, Dec. 30.— There was a pro
nounced Vspositlon to take profits in to-day"s
sto-'k market, as was rather clearly fore
shadowrd by the action of the late market o.
t yesterday, but there was not lacking a fos
i tering i-arc of the market which held.it in
I ch»ck on th» declines and nursed the recov
j eries. The opinion was thereby caused that
j while ;hc large interests behind the market
were disinclined to continue the advance in the
face of a stiff call money market they were by
; no means willing to relinquish the advanta
[ peous position **cured for lne year-end situa
tion. If it is true, as generally supposed, that
tho great banking groups, with th»lr allied and
complex interests in the great trust companies,
the Insurance companies and in other financial
Institutions, have given a friendly countenance
¦ to the advance In prices to correct the dls
] cre;'anrle? from lrst year's showing In balance
j sheets, investments held, etc.. It would not
I agree witK those purposes to have the advances
I yielded on the very eve of the new year. The
! pinch In the money market was effective In
dislodging some speculative holdings In to
day's market, but the watchful guardianship
j was evidenced by the way in which Influential
I stocks were bid ud to hold prices. The Pa
! ciflcs and the United States steel stocks were
criHFpicuous examples. Some of the less promi
nent stocks which have enjoyed violent ad
...!•.. i s in me last few days were forced back <
with violence tn t^e day's realizing. The
closing was dull and heavy.
Bonds were active and easy. Total sales,
United States bends were weak.
Sales. Hish. Low. Close.
Atchison 1H.15O taia* C8U CSS
Atchison pfd 1.30O JWL. B3 82%
Baltimore & Ohio. 7.500 SOVi 7V% 79"*,
Baltimore & O pfd. 100 !K) u<t 80
Canadian Pacific 700 ll»»i 118 T a 11SH
Central of N J l«l
Ches & Ohio 2.5C0 T!4' 4 Xi% 33 T4
Chicago *; Alton .. JMH» tti\ 34 34UJ
Chicago & A pfd 1.700 75 7:{5» 74»i
I Chicago & G W .. 3,12<> Hi'i l.'.U 15%
Chi * G W B pfd 200 2S 27 T, 2*Vi
! chicaBo *• N W .. 400 l«» 16x% l«l>
I t"hlcago T A- T 2"0 a » 8» 4
Chlcaro T &. T pfd 30 19 l*ii^ ih^,
C C «" & St Louis 7»
Colo Southern 2,3l><» lS^g 154 13Vi
Colo So 1st pfd... 1OO Mi t .Vl^ 53
Colo So 2d pfd 100 23 'i 23 «4 23*4
Deleaware it Hud. 2.S5O lfiS l<j<l IC."*'*
Del, Lack & West 100 2«7 2C7 2«7^
Denver Sc Rio G 21
Denver & Rio G pfd 4<X) 70 70 70
Erie 10.7. r ,0 29»i 231J 2»U 1
Erie 1st pfd 1.125 CSa« «8% U8U
Erie 2d i>fd J«)O 61 % 50»i M%
Great Northern pfd 185
Hocking Valley 73%
Hocking Val pfd ' t&i-,
Illinois Central .... 3.000 131'* 131 131
Iowa Central 20J&
Iowa Central pfd :iH
Kansas City So ]»
Kitns City So pfd.. *M> 35 34 35
I>cuipvill» & Nash. 5.80O 1101^ l«1i; HW'4
Manhattan L 4,200 144' t I43H 143Vi
Mctroptjlltan St Ry 3,100 125 123% 12J> 4
Mlnneap & St L.. 100 04 U4 l«i^
Mlcsouri Pacific ... 43,500 J«5»; H7>\ 05%
Mo. Kans & T .. flOO 1st, 17V 17%
Mo. K & T pfd.. 700 10 Hi 3934 40
National of Mx pfd 36%
N Y Central 3,000 121 Vi VMhi 120i j
Norfolk & Western 1,600 5SU 57T, 57»«
Norfolk fc W pfd 85'
Nor Securities ¦ Xl%
Ontario & Western 4.200 23«* 2*4 'J2\t
Pennsylvania 42.9OO 120 I18S H»
Pittsourg.CC St StL «3
Reading 10,<k>0 u;** 45% 45%
Reading 1st pfd .. 150 77Vj 77'£ 77 ! ,-j j
Reading I'd pfd »W) |
Rock Island Co 14.00D 25 2-1% 23',i
Rock Island Co pfd WW C2 61 'i HUi
Pt L & S K 1st pfd en'
St L & S F 2d pfd l.WtO 42 \ 41 'i 42
St Louis S W .... 200 14 13V, 13
St Louis B W pfd 200 34 34 ff 33% I
St. Paul 2S,»0<> 147% 14t!'i 14<1W
Kt Paul pfd 100 177 177 17«
Southern Paclnc .. 66.100 50»» *U% 41>3;
Bouthern Railway .. 2,5l»0 21 >i 2014 20^
Southern Ry pfd .. 1,000 7S>'4 7h* 4 7K»i
Texas 6z Pacific .. 1,800 26% 2SU 2B
ToI.fitL &. Wen 400 VSft] LT.i^ 28tt
T. St L & West prd l,7O(» 40 ' ' HH% 38^1
Union Pacjne &50 M 7» : ; # K0».
I'nlon Pacific pfd. 200 HS'i K8«i SS -
Wabasli 300 20'i 2(»'4 2<)
Wabash pfd 3.200 38 14 37 'i 37 1-
Wheel & Lake Erie ' 17
Wisconsin Central. . »Xx» 17 16*4 l' !T i«
Wls Cent pfd COO SS'i 3S SS'i
Express Companies —
Adams 221
Amerkan 7C0 2<xi 200 l!«l
United States 110
Weils-FarRO 210
MiBcellaneous —
Amal Coppi-r 4C,SiO"» 61"i fiO'-j 50*; I
Amer Car ft F 1.4U0 20% V*\ 20'i
Amer C.-.r & K pfd. 100 O'J at vs% i
Amer L Oil <>i,
Amer L Oil pfd... UK* »«4 29U £« '"
Aff.er Ixx-o l,10i> IS^i 1K1.4 1S»'»
Amer Loco p,'d «M) 77^ 7«'-j 70',,
Amer S *• Ref 2Oi» W>% fXl'i 50>4
Amer S & R<?f pfd. 20f» JK)S4 iH)-;(, 00 '
Amcr Susar Ref.. U.0GO 127TW 12U-% 127Vi
• Anaconda Mln Co.. 1,000 SOVi 7SH 't~K
Hrcoklyn It Trans. 48,200 63« 51*; 52%
Colo Fuel & Iron.. 5t!0 3\% 2!»tj, 2H*;
Col & Hock Coal... 500 1i% 14>i J4%
Cors Gas 2,000 104 1»3 lOTU
Gen Electric 1,400 177 174 '17515
Inter Paper rioifc
Inter Paper pfd.... 04
Inter Pump 200 art 29
Inter Pump pfd 200 72 7O'» 72
Nat Biscuit : .wi
Nat Lead 200 l.'.Vi liK 15'
North Amer 2.200 " R3 84 S4%
Pacific Mall 800 27'4 2<!U • 20
People's Gas ..'.... 1,700 ttit ft«i(, UH u i
Pressed 8 Car 5CO 31 »i :{ns: 31'
Pressed S Car pfd. 300 70 70 figit
Pullman Pal, Car. . 217V4
Repub'lc Steel 1.3C0 7 '4 7H 71?
Republic Eteel pfd. I. WOO 42"* 41% 4\ia
Rubber Goods jr'
Rubber Goods pfd. 400 77 75 7fi
Tern Coal & Iron.. 6,700 30 3S V RHV,
IT K Leather...... WW 7% 7»i 7*1
IT S Leather pfd... «K> 77 7« 7«i?
U S Rubber 200 12 ' 12 11»;
IT 8 rtubber pfd... loo 41 41 401;
IT S Steel 64.100 12% 11« 1214
IT S Steel pfd 94,000 M»i 56% 57 tJ
Western Union .... GOO S6»4 86^4 S6V4
Shares sold 671,300
NEW TORK. Dec. SO. — Bond transactions of
United Railroads of Ban Francisco: 10,000 at
$75 S7*i.
Nezc York Stock Market.
The Nippon Mani took out for Hongkong a
treasure list of $7700. consisting of *5(i9 in
Mexican dollars and $1930 in gold coin.
Sterling Exchange was slightly lower. Otn
erwlse there, was no change. •
Sterling Exchange, sixty days.... — $•* 81 V4
Sterling Exchange, sight ./ . . — * UjJv?
Sterling Exchange, ¦ cables i — /?
New York Exchange, sight — 0! >
New York Pixchange, telegraphic. — 10
silver, per ounce • • — '^j*
Mexican Dollars, nominal — ** '.
Exchange and Bullion.
local markets:
TACOMA. Dec. 30.— WHEAT— Unchanged;
blue stem, 70c; club. T4c.
PORTLAND. Def. '30.— WHEAT— Walla
Walla. 72c: -blue stem. 77c; valley, :78c. • •
Northern Wheat Market.
"The speculative situation is certainly
bnphter. and a vrry fair rise has he«-n e»
tablisried but the short lnt»-r<^t considerably
diminished, so that while th* i.utlook is prom
ising bujers will soon l^gln to Squire fresh
Ftimulus in the form of new favorable devel
opments. Stocks are now f.ncentrated in
strong hands and evidently held for higher
¦figures, ftandard railroad shares being a pur
chase on all recewslons of Importance. Rumors
of war l^tween Russia and Japan attract at
tention, bet the effect upon this merket ha«
hitherto r«»en slight. Neither • f these powers
Is likely :o borrow here, for the reason that
they can do better In Europe. The probabili
ties of ir outbreak are yet t™ uncertain to
cause seri-ms ut «.-.<•¦. r.. «« : still the contingency
•hould not be overlooked."
¦*Th«- money market is no longer a subject
of rfr.xifty. and the much feared stringency
did not ai'jiear during tlie crop moving reason.
Like r^arly all for*-s«-en disturbances it was
'avarte-j by anticipation. Funds are now re
lurnins morr- :n«!y from the interior: so that,
bnrrinc any flurry incidental to -dividend and
utbfi •:«burwnifnt* January 1. hank averages
ought U rise for ihe next two or thre«- months.
<Ji>ld tmpqrli have also been on a fairly lib
eral * ,iie. and international trade conditions
Irdlcat'- that this movement has not ended,
aUthcurh easier inon'y rates here would «juick
ly ajtop the influx. Our bunk loans continue si
• hiK-'i tigure. this being one of the i*ast *at
iffa^t' -y features of the situation. Hanker*.
however, sbow no uneasiness over the loan
-n, being amply protected by Rood col
la'<rs- . ; No doubt the loan aroount is cor^id
#rab)> e*pan'led by pyndicaie borrowings, sev
eral of the stronger of these organizations
i ¦ b*-en continued beyond their original
time .'or tba purpose of liquidating at more
ftn.i.hie oj>p<>rlunttie*. Weak syndicates.
fco»»-. ¦ i, have hern effectually cloned cut. and
there i* co doubt that borrowings of this
chars trr have bo<-n very laryely diminished
• nd '.hat the monej' market situation is much
•tronter than for t>ne or two years past: the
mnliscttoa of loan* Ix-lne chiefly in the for
rlsn ao.-ount and therefore not appearing in
'he lank r.tatrment. Secretary Shas> lndis
to in* stnm.ll' ofterines tinder circular of Sep
teir.b'r 23. is practical demonstration that
there js now no anxiety rone'rnint; the money
piark't in rith<r official or banking circles.
"One of t!?«? most satisfactory features of
the »wk is the more settled conditions in the
Iron and steel trade. Since the decision of
the tillet pool to maintain prices a distinctly
better tcne has developed, and now that the
I/ro?;iect of a further reduction is removed
ordirs which have been held bark are likely to
be gradually forthcoming. The full 1>enefit
of thin act. will prnbably not aw>rar until the
MW year has fairiy startM. Should n-.pney
n.arkM conditiona favor and lab.«r troubltfe be
•tvoided. we may »t a partial revival of the
tma trade; nol on the feverish scale of 1902-C3.
*iut upon a more nagcnable and btable basis
of rroflt. There Is plenty if work in the Iron
trade to I** done at a price; though such a
rush r> r . orders without rejrard to cost as was
»xj>erieTved last year will not be seen again
for mar:y a day. Many of cur recent difficul
ties cun be traced to the steel boom, a re
turn of which mould not be prosperity but ca
lamity in the end. There le enough business
In sight to keep the mills employed*^" pres
ent prices for months to come.
"The old year closes in. better and sounder
condition than it opened, rallies being upon a
mut h more stable basis than a year ago;
»nl!*» the enormous Io»se« durinc the y»>ar.
unfortunate a* thry have been to many, have
bad the \>-ry <!>-s'.raMe effect of stepping reck
lr*s j.roniidlons and speculation. Propositions
that would have- been eagerly taken up in
bank park»rs twelve months ago could not to
<iay secure even h respectful hearing, and
theie is little prospect, if any; of a lenewa!
cf the daring operations which culminated in
the rich man's panic of 11MV5. We are now un
<!¦ rE'iing: the process of recovery ;rom a sharp
«Msck of Fyndicetitis. one of the modern msi
adies. Improvement is not likely to continue
without interruption: but drastic remedies
have been applied, and as the patlvu's con
stitutional \ir«>r hits not been impaired the re
turn to normal health ought nut to be far
The New York circular of Henry Clews re
flect* the peneml Wall street view of money
mvA trade as follows:
Money and Merchandise Markets
Nozu Considered on a Stable
The injure „ has fallen, rapidly over the
northwestern portion of the country. There has
heen a rauid extension of the cloud area from
Point Conception northward. There are indi
cations that a large disturbance is coming
rapidly (mm the ocean.
tcutheart storm signals are displayed from
San rranrtsro northward.
No rain hat fallen west of the Rocky Moun
There has been but little change in tem
perature rxcept where fog ha» cWlled the air.
Forecast made at Pan Francisco for thirty
hour*, en-iine midnight December 31 :
Northern California — Cloudy, unsettled
weather Thursday, probably rain; fresh south
» ¦•¦: winds.
Southern California— Cloudy Thursday, with
conditions becoming more favorable for rain;
liKht easterly wind*, chcnfring to southerly.
Nevada — Cloudy, warmer Thursday; possibly
light snow.
San Francl«oo and vicinity — Cloudy unset
tled weather Thursday; probably rain; brisk to
high southerly winds.
A. G. McADIE, District Forecaster.
The Poultry market was in good shape and
all descriptions cleaned- up well, with the ex
ception of .. Turkeys, which were inclined to
drag. The fourth cai» of Western for the week
was -marketed .and consisted -chiefly of Hens
nnd Roonters, ; which cleaned up readily at
$ti 50 per dozen. Western Fryers and Broilers
Fold at "the same prices, as quoted below for
Callfornlari> Large domestic* atoek sold rather
slowly, owing to the competition of Western,
but. as receipts « ere light prices were well
maintained. There' was not much doing In
dressed Turkeys and the top quotation was ob
tained only for fancy stock. Second quality, of
ferings were dull, owing to the competition
of Western chilled stock from cold storage,
which was offering freely at 20c per pound.
Receipts of Californlan were about 225 cases.
Live Turkeys were dull at unchanged rates.
Game arrived freely. and several kinds were
quoted lower. The low prices seemed to stimu
late the demapd and the market was well
cleaned up at the close.
POULTRY— Dressed Turkeys. 17@22c per lm;
live Turkeys. lC«?18c per lb; Geese, per pair.
$2(g2 25; Goslings. *2ff2 25; Ducks. $5 60@0
per dozen for old and $8@7 for young; Hen«,
J.» C0@« fcr large and $4 60©5 for small;
young; Roosters. $5©0{ old Roosters -$5@5 50:
fryers. J4 50©5; Broilers Jt«t) Jii for large
and $3 60@4 for small; Pigeons. $1©1 25 per
dozen for old and $2ff2 25 for Squabs.
GAME— Mallard Ducks $:1^3 50 per dozen;
Canvajback. $."]#4; Sprig, '|2®2 60; Teal. $1 50;
Widgeon, $1§1 50; small Ducks. $l@l 25; Gray
Geese, $.t; White Geese, 75c<g$l; Brant. $1 for
ftnall and fl 60 for 'large; Honkers, $4#5 for
large and $3 for small: English Snipe. $3;
common Snipe, $1 75; Wild Doves, $1 25: Rab
bits, $1 75 for Cottontails and $1 25 for Brush;
Hare, *1@1 25.
Poultry and Game.
v SEATTLE. Dec. 30— Clearings, $839,181;
balances. $11)4,717.
TACOMA, Dec. 30.— Clearings, $308. 431,
balances. $V.\037. 2 _„..,„
PORTLAND. Dec. 30.— Clearings, $4i2,l»«;
balances, *47,71S. ..„„„.
SPOKANE Dec. 80.— Clearings, $3 1 0.23b;
balances. $C*J,208. . - .
Northern Business.
ST. LOUIS, Mo.. Dec. .30. — Wool, nominal:
tin ilium grades, combing and clothing. 17®21c;
llKht fine. 16®17Hc; heavy fine, 12@l4!ic; tub
washed. 20@;Uc.
St. Louis WooiMhrket.
Nau-York Cotton Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 30.— The cotton market
closed 3."{ to 4!* points lower: -
Hans. P Co. — 75c Kllauea. 8 C. — —
Hawaiian C 44*« 4S Makawetl C. 23'-i —
Honokaa. S C 12** 13 Onomea 8 C. — 31
: Hutch S P C 8 »U Paauhau 3 C 14 13
Alaaka PA.— 141 I Oceanic S C— 5^
Cil F C A. K'.s »3 Pac Aux FA 5 8%
Cal Wlna A. »1>» ; 92 JPac C Borx.167 —
Morning Sassloa.
Board —
0 Alaska Packers' Aasn 139 79
30 Makawelt » ao
$1,000 Nor Ry Co of Cal 6 per cent. .114 6O
15 Pacific Coast Borax 187 00
$10.0*:u Paclnc Electric Ry 6 per cent. 107 25
6 8 F Gas & Electric Co fr* tC'a
$5,000 3 P C 1st c 0 per ct i»trapd).107 00 '
$1,000 S V tt per cent bonds 106 00
Street —
$1,000 Pacific Elec Ry 5 par ct. caab.107 25
$3.0<K> a V e per cent bonds 106 00
Afternoon Session.
Board —
$3,000 Hawaiian C & 3 Co 5 per cent. 99 00
12 Pacific Coaat Borax 187 00
15 S F Gas A Electric Co tit 62^
Street —
$12,000 S F * S J V bonds 117 Ort .
16 Spring Valley Water Co 38 75
$30,000 S V tt par cent bonds 104 00
California Stock and Oil Exchange
Oil Stock- Bid. Aiked.
Alma 1 4O
Apallo « ....
Associated Trust Certificate*. '18 10
Altec 8»
California Standard l f >
Caribou 1 53V» 1W
Central Point Con •••«
Chicago Cruda 17 ....
Claremcnt 4S •...
Esperanza X SH «...
Four 87 7O
Fulton 4 00
Giant ••••
Hanford 145 W>
Home 1 15 M7S
Imperial •••¦
Independence '-'¦
Junction 17
Kern * 5O 475
Kern River 12 OO ....
Lion °2
Monarch (of Arizona) 40
Monte Cristo 63 •«
Occidental of "W Va M
Oil City Petroleum 24
Peerless 13 75
Plttsburg ••••
Reed Crude (new) 4 60 ....
S F & McKittrlck ....
San Joaqaln O & D ••••
Senator •; ;•••.
Sovereign *• ; s
Sterling 2 *0 2 75
Superior OB _ 0.
Thirty-three 7 .V)
Toltec 19 2"
Twenty-eight * W
West Shore 3 CO
Miscellaneous —
Abby Land & Imp 1 50
Alameda Sugar ••••
American Btscuit 75 00 ....
American District Tel ••••
Cal Gas & Electric Corp ....
i California Cotton Mills S9 OO 95 00
California Jockey Club ....
California Shipping Company .... ....
Cat Title Ins & Trust , ••••
Central Bank of Oakland ....
Chutes Company ••••
Cypres» Lawn Imp Co 8 80 ..^.
Fischer's Theater 2 75
Gas Consumers' Assn ....
Honolulu Sugar ••••
Northern California Power. . 8 «0 ....
North Shore Railroad ....
1 Orpheum Company 1* CO ....
'Pacific States Tel A Tel.. -.-.. ....
I Parafnne Paint S3 <"> ....
' San Francisco Dry Dock ....
I Sanitary Reduction Works.. 1 55 ....
Sausallto Land ft Ferry ....
I Sperry flonr Company
.Standard Electric
I Tesla Coal Company 25 00 3»» CO
: Truckee Electric ....
j 1'nion Sugar ••••
I United Gas & Electric • ••••
Morning Session.
Board —
ICO Horn* Oil 1 2rt
23S Assctd Oil Co Stock. Trust Cert.. - 17
500 Aasctd Oil Co Stock Trust Cert.. 1«
100 Petroleum Center OH 07
20O Petroleum Center. Oil "*»
iflO 2-5 Reed Crude OH 4 60
600 Monarch Oil 4»
Afternoon Session.
Board — ¦•'--¦
10O Chicago Crude Oil 17
500 Home Oil 1 17V&
1 BAGS— Grain Bags, OiffS'ic:* San Quantln.
6.55c; Wool Bags. S2&35c; Fleece Twine, 7HO
COAL-^- Wellington. ' 18 - par ton; N«w Wel
lington. $S; Seattle. $0 60; Bryant. *e 60: Bea
ver Hill, .$5 50; Standard. $7; Koslyn. »7;
Coos Bay, $5 60; Greta. $7; Wallwnd. $7: RJen
mend. $T 50; Cumberland. $13 In bulk and
114 25 in sacks; Pennsylvania Anthracite Egg.
$14: Welsh Anthracite Krk. $13; Welsh Lamp.
$11 60; CanneJ. $8 60 per ton: Coka. $11 60©
13 wr ton in bulk and $15 In sacks; Kocky
Mountain descriptions. $11 45 p*r a)00 lba and
$12 SO per long ton. according to brand.
Harrison's circular says:' "Since the sailing
of the steamship Ventura. December 10, there
have been ths following arrivals of coal from
Australia. vIje. : Ladas. 2200 tons; Kensington.
271'7 tonsi Thistle. 3&40 tons; Zinlta. 84» tons:
total. 5>4ia ton*. There are- seventeen vessels
Under engagement to carry coal from the colo
nies on the way and to lead, with a carrying
capacity of about 4H.00O tons; of. these there
are nine cargoes already afloat and a portipn
of these 'to load' will not leave for several
months yet. The quantity of Australian coal
now h«re is very light, the major portion of
same being Richmond coal.* which Is being re
served for domestic uses only. Th# deliveries
of colonial coals at this port for the present
year will be over 50.000 tons In excess of 1902:
this has been brought about by the remission
of the duty on same of 67 cents per ton; as
the duty will probably b* renewed In 1904 the
outlook for an Increased importation Is dis
couraging and another serious drawback to an
'Increased Importation the coming year will be
a local demand in Australia for carriers to
move the large quantity of wheat just coming
In. If th» colonial colliery proprietors solicit
a portion of the coal trade here they will be
forced to reduce their f. o. b. price at New
castle about one shilling per ton. ¦ This will
be a necessity to men the competition that
will exist between the -British Columbia and
Australian coals In 1004."
. OILS — Quotations are for barrels: for cases,
add fie. Linseed. 45c per gallon for boiled and
43e for raw; Castor Oil. In cases. No. 1. 70c:
Bakers' A A. $1 Wai 12: Lucol. 41c for boiled
and 42c for raw; China Nut. 60@70c per gallon ;
Coroanut Oil. In barrels. 5Sc for Ceylon and 55c
for Australian: extra bleached winter Sperm
OH, SOc: natural winter Sperm OH. 75e: extra
bleached winter Whale OH. 63c: natural Whale
Oil. «0c: extr8 winter strained Lard Oil. S5c:
No. 1 Lard Oil 75c: pure Neatsfoot Oil. 75c:
No. 1 Neatafoot Oil, 65c: light Herring Oil. 45c:
dark Herring Oil. 43c: Salmon Oil. 3Sc: boiled
Fish Oil 40c; raw Fish Oil, 38c; boiled Paint
Oil. 3.V; raw Paint Oil. S3<\
COAL OIL — Water White Coal Oil
In bulk. 15c: Pearl Oil in cases. 21 He; Astral.
21Uc; Star. 21Vic; Extra Star. 2.1' 3 c: Elaine.
27%c: Eocene. 2Mic; dedorized Stove Gasoline.
In bulk. 17c: In cases, 23>,c: Benzine. In bulk.
13c: in cases, 19Vic: 80-desr?e Gasoline, in
bulk. 25c; In rases. 31c.
TURPENTINE— 80c per gallon In cases and
74c in drums and I'on barrels.
7c Der lb: 'White I.ead. 6Vi®7c. according to
SUGAR — The Western Sugar Refining Com
pany quotes as follows, pr lb. in 100-lb bass:
Cubes. A Crushed and Fine Crushed. S.tJAc:
Powdered. 5.50c; Candy Granulated. 5.50c: Dry
Granulated fine. 5.40c; Dry Granulated, coarse.
5 40c; Fruit Granulated. 5.40c: Beet Granu
lated ItCO-lb bags only). 5.20r: Confectioners'
A 5.40e: Magnolia A. 5c; Extra C. 4.00c:
Golden C 4.80o; "P." 4.70c; barrels. 10c more:
half barrels. 25c more: boxes, 5Oc more: fO-lh
bags 10c more for all kinds. Tablets — Half
barrels 5.W)c: boxes. 6.15c; H. A E. Crystal
Pomlnos. S.40c per lb. No orders taken for
less than seventy-five barrels or Its equivalent.
General Merchandise.
Trading light on the local exchanges.
Ji'hcat and Barley fntutxs lower, and cash Barley unsettled.
Oats. Corn and Rye unchanged.
Some talk of an advance in Bran shortly.
Hay z'rry iirvi. zvith general complaints of dry zieather.
Beans and Seeds dull at previous prices.
'Bzgs continue to decline. Butter and Cheese weak.
Provisions higher at Chicago and dull here.
Cattle. Sheep and Hogs unchanged.
Potatoes. Onions and Vegetables about as before quoted.
Turkeys plentiful and dull. Other Poultry cleaning up well.
Game in liberal receipt and hnver.
Cranberries about cleaned out of the market.
Oranges in good demand. Apples plentiful and dull.
'Shipment of S7709 in specie to Hongkong.
Sihrr unchanged. Slight decline in Sterling Exchange.
Well street stocks easy. Another bad break in Cotton.
U S ref 2s reg..lO6 J^ouis & N unl 4s.l00%
Do coup IOC'S . Manhattan c g 4s.l(>2
Do 3s reg 105}; Mexican Cent -4s. 71
Do coup 10«»<i Do 1st ino 15
Do new 4s re K .].ri Minn & St L 4s. 07
Do coup 133'iiMo K. & T 4s ... 87
Do old 4s reg.l07Hi Do 2ds 78Va
• Do coup 108>*JN R K of M c 4s. 74*i
Do 5s reg 101 VN Y Cent g 3Hs. 80^
Do coup 101» 4 jN J Cent g 5s. .130%
Atchison gen in. 0»ii,' Northern Pac 4s. .103
Do adjt 4s S8 Do 3s " (>1 »
Atlantic C L 4s. 93 x or & w con 4s. »«»i
Balto Jt O 4S...100T& o S L 4s * P«r. 8lTti
Do 3»is W> p enn conv 3*4».. 95*i
Cent of Ga 58...1U4 Reading Gen 4*. 97 1 '*
Do 1st inc CS 'st L & I M c 5s.lUH
Ches & O 4>i«...102>i l St LiSF tg it. M'k
Chi & Alton 3V»s. 7<)H!st L S W lsts... 92 T 4
C B & Q new 4s.. 91*4 Seaboard A L 4s. 70*£
C M & S P g 4S.11OM, Southern Pac 4s.. SSH
Chi & N W c 7B.131H southern Ry B«."ill4%
CRI*PIlR4s CR*h Tex & Pac lsts.ll. r >«,;
Do col Cs 75'i Tol St L & W 4s. 70%
C C C & S L g 4s ttOVj Union Pac 4* ion
Chi Term 4? 70>i Do conv 4s ... !>n%
Con Tobacco 4s.. CO** V S Steel 2d 5*.. 70vi
Colo & So 4s .. SO Wabash lsts 114"4
Denver & R G 4*.100 Do Deb B <U»A
Brie prior lien 4s. 98 I Wheel & L E 4r. K«H
Brif> Oen 4« S:i-"i YVis Cent 4s m»i
Ft XV & D C lsts. 102*;! Colo F ft I c 5«. «9
Hocking Val 4^s.1C0hI
Adams Con 10 Little Chief 06
Alice 13 Ontario « 00
Breece 10 Ophir . .-. 2 <J0
Brunswick Con .. <*4 l'hoenix 14
Comstock Tuncel. 06 1^ Potosl 20
Con Cal & Va 1 2O ; Savage 4S
Horn Silver 1 10 Sierra Nevada ... 55
Iron Silver 1 .10 Small Hopes 2i»
Lead vIIIp Con (2 .Standard 1 50
Money — \\>!<tingh Com.'.... 85
Call loans 3U04 | Mining-
Time loans ..3>&fetii£j Adventure 2'4
Bonds — A! Ion. 7. 4H
Atchison 4s 9SVi Amalgamated ... 50*i
Mpx Cent 4s GSVj Daly West S3
Railroads — Bingham 1'2.\
i Atchison CST; Calumet & H«cla.41(»
Do prefd 83 'Centennial 1"
! Bopton & Albany. 244 V4 1 Copper Range ... -4(!*i
Boston & Molne.lOii I Dominion Coal .. 72
Boston L NO Franklin S»s
N V N H & H.. 10.M4 IrIp Koyale «%
Fitohburg pfd ..l.JG Mohawk .17>i
Ijnion Pacific 8<H4 osa Dominion ... inv,
Mexican Central.. O?; Osceola 59'4
MlscPlIaneous — Parrot 21
1 Anier Sugar 12714 Quincy UO
Do preM 12.11-i Santa Fe Copper. 1 V4
Amcr Tel 4- T.-liS*^ Tamarsck »S
Domln I * S,.. »>i Trinity a
<?en E!<>ctilo 174 Tnlted States ... lS<-i
Maps Electric .. 19 Utah 38%
Do prrM 75^ Tnlted States ... IS'j
T'nitfd Fruit lno'i Wlnona 7»/ 4
U S Sioel 12\ Wolverine C8
Do pr«-f<l r>7!i
Consols money. SS 11-IClX Y Central ...124>4
Do account B8>iJN0T & West ... «'0Vi
Auaconda 4 j Do prefd 00
Atchison 71'JiOntario & West.. 2:i%
Do prefd «."?>£ jppnnsylvanla U1 T 4
Balto & Ohio ... SU^IRand Mines U%
Canadian Paciflc.12'5 RpadinR '21
Chrs & Ohio ... 35*4 Do 1«t prrfd... 41
ChicaRo G W ... K>'4| Do 2d prefd ... HI
Chi M & St P.. 1 51 V Sou them Ry 21*;
DeBeery . 20V v ! Do prefd 82'4
I>n\fr & R G... 22>4;Southern Pacl8c. . 51T-i
Do prefd 72'di t'nion Pacific ... 83Mi
Erie SOiii Do nrefd 91^
Do l«t prefd... 70»',JU S Steel 12^
Do 2d pref J .12% i Do prefj Bffl
Illinois Central ..inn ; Wabash 21
Louis A Nash . . 1 1 3 H ' Do prefd 39 •
Mo K,-«n & Tex.. 1S'4 V
Bar Silver— Firm. 2."> 15-16d per ounce.
Money— 3 X^NU per cent.
The rate of discount In the open market for
short bills Is 3H per «nt and for three monttis*
bills :{*s'g3 7-10 per cent. .
The following quotation* are tor good. «o<«d
Livestock, delivered In San Frandaco, 1«m OW
per cent shrinkage for Cattle:
CATTLE— Steers. 8S»e; Cow» and Helfert.
7©Se: thin Cowa. 433c i>«r lb.
CALVES— 4<8i\ ! iC per lb (grow * r « t * ht >; a< , f ,
SHEEP— Wethers. 3«i^4c: Ewe». 3U«3Hc
per lb (grots weight).
I.AMBS— 4H«»c per lb. .,.«„.
HOGS— Live Ilog», 140 to 180 lbs. B>»c: over
18O lbs. ric: »oft Hoei. 4>3®4*»c? »ow». 20 P«r
cent off; Boars. 50 per cent off. and Stagu, 40
p«r cent off from aboy* quotations. .
Wholesale rate* from slaughterers to dealcH
•re as follows:
BEEF — «>iB7iic tor Steert and G&Cc P«r Ib
for Cows.
VEAL- I-Arge. SgOc; small. 0310c p*r Ib.
MUTTON— Wethers. 7H«3^c; Kwm. TO3c
per Ib. •
LAMB— OVi®10c p*r Ib. •
PORK— Drewed Hoci. 7©8Hc per Ib.
Meat Market.
Fine lots of Burbank Potatoes from Salinas
and Oregon continued to move freely ' nd
prices wera * well sustained. . Tha steamer dua
from Oregon to-day will bring about 5500 bags,
but as ' tha cargo brought by the last steamer
is pretty well cleaned out of flrst hands, it Is
not expected that prices will be any lower. Re
ceipts of River Burbank* . were moderate, and the
best «tock moved off well at steady rates. Poor
stock continued dull and supplies were still
Hccumulating. A carload of choice Sweets
came in and was firmly held at an advance,
but -sold slowly, owing to the abundance of
carried over stock, which was offering at easy
rat«s. Onions were firm at the recently ad
vanced quotations. The receipts included a
carload of choice Oregon stock.
Los Angeles vegetables arrived fre«ly and
cholc* lots . of Peas and Summer Squash
brought higher prices. Quotations for Strlog
and Wax Ufa ns had a wide range, as- the of
ferings included much poor stock carried over
from the preceding day. ' Supplies of Tomatoes
were excessive and consisted , largely of old
stock, which was -hard to dispose of " even at
the minimum quotation. Fresh arrivals of
Green Peppers sold fairly at firmer prices, but
poor and old stock, which was still plentiful.
continued to drag- at unsteady rates. - »
POTATOES— Burbanka from ; the river. 60®
SOc per ctl; Salinas Burbanks. $1 25© t 4O.per
ctl; Oregon Burbanks, H5cftl 10 per ctl: River
Reds. 50@ti0c per ctl; Garnet Chile*. $191 10
per ctl; Sweet Potatoes, $1 5»>®1 75 per 1 ctl. '
ONIONS— $1®1 30 per ctl.
VEGETABLE— Green Peas, 6©-7c per lb;
String Beans, 6@10c per lb; Wax. 8®10c; To
matoes from Loa-Anseles, 40675c per. crate;
hummer Squash from Los Angeles, $1©>1 25 per
box; Cabbage. 50c per ctl: Carrots SOc per
sack: Hothouse Cucumbers $1 60^2 per dosen:
J.arllc. C@7c. per lb; Egg Plant. 8@10o per
Jb: Dried Peppers r>@Sc per lb for Stockton
«nd Il@i2iic for southern; Dried Okra. 12? a c
Per lb; Green Peppers, :ig«c per lb: Mush
roomR.2iHr.-J0c per lb; Marrowfat and Hubbard
fc-quasn. $10(6,12 per ton for round lots and
Hfflc per lb for lacked i
Potatoes, Onions and Vegetables.
l%fi2e:T!inothy. e©6He; Hemp, 3*i9S*ie per
lb: Millet. 3©3>-j,c; Broom Corn Seed. $203*23
per ton. ' ¦ '
DRIE'D PEAS— Green. $1 80® 2 per ctl. .
lie: MlddlD County. 11312c; Korth*rn Frea.
ll«12c: Northern Defective, 10511c: Htimboldt
and Mendoclno. 12914c;. Nevada. Kt^lto: Ore
gon fine. 18®lUc: Oregon medium. 17c par lb.
HOPE— 2OC24c per lb for California.
Iron closed at 48s 9d In Glasgow and at 42s
9d in MMdlesboro. Locally iron was un
changed. No.-l foundry. northern. $ir/(ilti; No.
2 foundry northern, $14@15; No. 1 foundry
southern and " No. 1 foundry southern, soft,
$13 50® 14.
NEW YORK, Dec. 30.— London reported a
big- advance In tin. with spot £1 Is «id higher
at £131 17s "(1. and futures £1 higher, at
£132 7s ed. Locally tin was strong, closing
at $2S 00Q28 SO.
Copper was unchanged at £56 17s €d for
epot and £50 10a -for futures In London. •¦ Lo
cally copper was unchanged, with lake at
$12 37\it?12 62*4; electrolytic, $12 25©12 60;
casting. $12 12*4®12 37*i. . -
Lead advanced Is 3d In London to £11 5s,
but remained quiet and unchanged here, with
spot p.t $4 3714. ...
Spelter — Firm. $5 locally., while in London
it advanced Us »M to £21 10s..
New York Metal Market.
5 73; poor to medium. $3 50@4 75: stockers and
feeders. $1 75®4: cows. $1 60tS4 10: heifers, $2
04 65: eanners. $1 5O@2 40; bulls, fl 7504 25:
calvea. $2 60©« 75.
HOGS — Receipt* • to-day. 40,000; to-morrow.
20.000: steady to 5c higher: mixed and butch
ers', |4 70(54 80: good to choice heavy, $4 70@
4 S(»; rough heavy. $4 G0®4 70; light, $4 33®
4 00: bulk of sales. ?4 60(34 75. >
. SHEEP— Receipts, 20,000; sheep and lambs
steady: good to choice wethers, $3 75^4 50;
fair to choice mixed, $3@3 75: Western sheep,
*.'! 25'«4 30] native lambs, $4 25110 10; Western
lambs. (4 00$ 6 10.
P* fe* £*
On MONDAY JanuaVy 4 at 11 o'clock, at
615 and 617 ELLIS ST.. between Hyde and
Larkln. By order of the Hon. E. E. Schmltz.
Mayor. w« will sell a lot of condemned Fire
Department Horse*. We will also sell a tot
Of well broken horses and mares, suitable for
all purposes, consigned to us by L. C Reese
of Mtrced. ¦ .-
B. TVATK1N3 & CO.. Auction— rt.
"Quickest — Tha Highest Amount,"
Is what It means when you Use your business
with me. as I bave advertising space by the
month which costs you nothing UNLESS I
MAKE A SALE, and if by auction you pay
we a per ctnt and I defray all other ex-
panses. Coma and talk It over.
- Anderson, the Auctioneer,
Tel. Main 1852. Correspondence Solicited.

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