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STRONG. p willing American woman wants
. sweeping, . cleaning and laundry., work; flan-
nels a specialty; $125 and car fare. 648A
Jessie st., between Seventh and Eighth,
T downstairs.
SITUATION wanted by an Eastern lady as
second matron or housekeeper In an institu-
'-,¦ tlon, or would teach children housework and
sewing. Box 15'J6, Call offlce.
WANTED — Mending; keep ladlesV muslin un-
derwear In repair; stockings darned; reason-
able; references. Address MRS. C, 593
_O'Farrell at.
EDUCATED, refined,- respectable lady wishes
position as housekeeper - In widower's fam-
Uy; $2o, ».;o. Box 35:a. Call office.
STENOGRAPHER, expert operator; accurate
and reliable; law and general work; city
references. Box 3318.. Call offlce.
SCANDINAVIAN girl, with flrst-class refer-
ences,- wishes position to do general house-
work. Box 1C80, Call offlce." .
WANTED — Work by a competent woman with
a daughter who can work for her board.
'Call at 11C3 Market st. . j
A RELIABLE young girl would like to car*
for child or be cashier; wagea $20; refer-
ences. L. R., 213H Mason st.
A COMPETENT laundress and house-cleaner
wants work at $1 per day; references. Box
15S4, Call offlce. . /
EXPERIENCED lady would like position as
saleslady In bakery, or cashier. Box 1569,
Call offlce.
ADVERTISEMENTS, subscriptions received at
Call branch offlce, cor: Duncan & Church sts.
"WANT ads and subscriptions taken for The
Call at Eaton' a Bazaar, 633 McAllister st.
YOUNG man from the East would like a situa-
tion as salesman; good experience in dry
goods also the jewelry business. Box 15S5,
Call offlce. CM^
A SOBER.; mlddlo-aged man wants steady em-
. ployment of some kind; good worker; small
wages. Box 151)2, Call. -'¦¦
SWEDISH man wants position of any kind;
city or country; can milk and care for
horses. Address B. N., 220 Third st.
A COACHMAN, gardener, butter-maker . and
milker; raising of chickens; willing and
obliging. C. K., 5C0 Washington st. .
HOTEL, store o: large building -'carpenter;
handy mechanic; reasonable: good refer-
ences, etc. Box 1590, Call offlce. -
WANTED — A man with over 20 years' ex-
perience in logging, railroad construction
and timber estimating would like a position
as traveling agent to look up timber land or
take charge of extensive logging operations;
references. Address C, box 1187. Call offlce.
MAN and wife would like situation on private
place where woman could wait on table or
take care of children; would go to summer
resort: references. Address JOHN BAKErl.
O."8 Mission st.
WANTED — Position by respectable, mlddla-
aged, educated man. strictly temperate,
good penman and correspondent, with several
years' experience in the general grocery
business. Box 15S6. Call. '
WELL educated middle-aged man, - speaks
and writes English, French, German fluently,
general business experience, seeks work
(clerical) about place; care Invalid; anything;
•mall wages. Box 1572. Call offlce. -
AN artist understanding the business would
like to renew. old paintings; can patch' up
cracks and holes and make It look like new.
Telephone Howard 3034.
YOUNG man wants position as drapery sales-
man; 3 years' experience; willing to work at
moderate salary to commence; can do out-
side work; best references. Box 1568, Call.
BAKER'S helper, clean, sober, Industr.ous
young nan, best references, experienced
helper and driver, wishes to finish trade; $25
to $30 and found. Box 1242. Call offlce.
BOOKKEEPER, first class, having leisure
time, woul-'l like one or more sets of books to
keep: competent to handle all classes of ac-
counts. Box 3557, Call offlce. •
COACHMAN (English), competent, reliable
man, excellent references, reeks position. Box
1582, Call offlce. 7 "I".:
EXPERIENCED and ; reliable grocery clerk
and bartender, married man, desires posi-
tion in country. Address -box 3017, Call.
A PAINTER, paperhanger and tlnter wants
- work; rates reasonable, or by the day.
Painter. 737 Harrison St.; basement.
YOUNG man (20' years of age) desires a posi-
tion as .stenographer; good references. 972
Chester st.. Oakland.
WANTED — By young man (22 years of age)
• position as stenographer; best of references.
P72 Chester St., Oakland. .
GARDENER, -good horseman and -driver,
wishes position; best ref. Box 1575, Call.
: JAPANESE boy wants situation to do cook-
Ing, small washing and windows; $6 week.
C. I. TANAKA. 1410 Pine st. ;
JAPANESE couple want . position; man is
cook and wife for general housework. Ad-
dress A. FUJII. IIS Eddy st.
YOUNG Chinese, flrst-class cook, wants po-
' sttlon in private family; wages $35. AH
SING. 815 Dupont st.
FIRST-class Chinese cook wants situation. AH
SING. 902 Clay St. - - ,.
A BRANCH offlce for Call advertisements and
subscriptions has been established at 1096
..Valencia st. : -
CLASSIFIED advertisements and subscriptions
received at Call branch offlce. 2200 Fillmore.
—^— — —^ — — — —^— — — —
All desirable vacant houses and flats are list-
ed in our free renting department: over 1000
in number; a combined list from all agencies;
let us give you a list and help you' to find a
place; we never fall; service free.
- 1039 MARKET ST..
"-".;r.> .-;,.; OPPOSITE MCALLISTER.
A— HOUSES and flate to let; an Immense list:
service-' absolutely free: take ; advantage of
this department: If will save you time and
trouble. Cordes Furniture Co., 245-259 Geary
St., on the square.'
EIGHTEENTH, near Valencia — New flat. 5
rooms and bath; all modern, improvements;
$27 50. s ¦¦¦.-¦¦
Sixth, near ' Bryant — Two flats of 4 - rooms
each: $7 CO each. Apply to G. A. LEROUX.
" 29/ New Montgomery st. - ~ . -
DOWNTOWN • upper flat;' Bun all day;, marine
view; 6 rooms; bath; $35. 70ti}£ Pine st.
RAUSCH,' 82A — Three ¦ sunny rooms; large
yards. . - - . ' ;
HAYES,- 957 — 4 rooms, bath, water, garbage.
Janitor; hall lights free; see to-day; moderate.
A BRANCH offlce of The Call for the reception
of advertisements and subscriptions ' has been
opened at 1008 Market St.. opposite Fifth.
¦ ; Open until 11 p.'. m. .. ¦ -, .
FURNISHED flat for sale or rent. 3& Mon-
roe st.. off Bush, above Stockton. . .
CAPP.. 614— Desirable, 5-room": flat; "piano;
• coal and gas ' range; call between" 11 and -4.
WASHINGTON. '.. 2833— Beantifully furnished
sunny .. flat, .' 7 ¦ rooms; piano; garden. .
NEW carpets and furnishings of 7-room flat for
sale. at great bargain; flat' rents for. $37 50
per month; lease indefinite. ' Inquire* at 770
Cole st. :'-•;. .. - ; - ,->' • \ <.~.
FOR sale— Furniture of 7 rooms ¦ and ' bath;
dealers or any one. with spot cash; call after
6 p.' m. HOB Hayes st.j :
LOVELY' new flat; sun in every room; f urn. al-
most new: cheaa rent: $285. ' Call 10 to 3.
242 Noe St., near Market. •':
CHEAPEST, place to buy furniture, stoves and
1 household goods; flats bought. Mission Auc
'.'-¦ House, 429-439 . Valencia; ¦ tel.~ • Church " 387o!

. Salesroom, lip Market st. Tel. ; Jessie 761
Don't sell your furniture, carpets,; offlce fur-
> nlture. = etc., • until you get , his estimate.. -
WANTED— -A box : couch ; not over 5 feet long
¦ and.'2 ! ' feet~wlde:^state price asked. Box
V 2759. . Call office.. > - X
CHAS.' LEVY & CO.' pay highest price "for fur-
•;. niture, carpets, etc. 782 Mission; tel. Bush 4C7.
A.'L/:STORRS pays highest cash prices. furnl-
'-'.- tnre, carpets, etc. Mel. Larkln 3631. 634 EUla.
A. WOLLPERT. ,773 M !sslon~ phone' Red 446~
,.:,¦ buys.* rents.' repairs, packs furniture." carpets!
B. T.' SCHELL. 2412 Mission, tel.' Church 5370.
• pays best ' prices ; for • furniture, * carpets.-, etc.
HIGHEST prices for iurniture and mdse. L H
BURD. auctioneer. ISIS Mkt. ;tel. Howard 2758!
l.ODGT\Q nnilSKO FO1I !B\T.Ig C.n-n.
A. CAMERON & CO. ' phone South 1050.
- S 3 Eddy st.. cor." Market and Powell.
Headquarters for Rooming-Houses, Hotels and
, All Kinds of Business Chances.
190 • moms; new and elegantly appointed
apartm»nt-house; swell -location; long lease:
cheap rent: . cart cash -balance made out of
house without interest. .
10 rooms; Ellis; newly furnished; rent $40;
apartments; $200 down, balance $20 per month,
no interest: must be. sold on account other
business; price $725."
/5 rooms; new, modern building: elegant fur-
nishings; cheap rent: close-in; will clear- $4CO
per month; $5000 down balance can be paid
out of house; see. this. '
17 rooms; rent only $70; oak furniture; Ax-
minster carpets; fine location; -clears $t>0; fine
buy. " . . ' - ¦ ¦ . • ¦ ¦ • . '
29 rooms; central; cheap rent: well fur.: some
housekeeping; full; will take flat In exchange.
126 rooms; fine downtown corner house; pri-
vate baths; beautiful furniture; 2 entrances;
takes in $30 to $40 per day transient, besides
regular roomers; will bear investigation. ...
21 rooms; corner; rent only $85; oak fur.;
good carpets: housekeeping; all full; clearing
$i0 over all expenses;- 4 ' rooms landlady,
price $1600. ' " -^'^"u't
t>0 rooms; new; modern apartment-house: 10-
ycar lease; cheap rent; clearing $250 to $300.
very central; flrst-class proposition.
11 -rooms; Ellis st : close in; oak furniture;
moquet carpets; part cash, balance time; price
108 rooms: eheap rent; new and elegantly
furnished: up-to-date rooming-house; has fine
bar; can ba run in conjunction if desired: rare
chanco for right parties; part cash, balance
can be paid out of house- other business inter-
ests demand Immediate departure.
126 rooms; rent only $4 per room; new and
up-to-date house; all men: ' electric elevator,
lights; long lease; clears $400 to $500 per
m-mth; one of the best buys in the city.
19 rooir.s; rent only $100; well furnished; lit-
tle apartment-house; reduced to $1100.
20 rooms; cheap rent; close tn; thoroughly
respectable; all full; clears $100; part cash.
30 rooms; rent only $150; oak and cherry
fur.; fine carpets* close In; flne money-maker.
220 rooms; new and up-to-date apartment-
house; luxuriously furnished; B-year contracts
for cheap lighting; grand new building; clear-
• Ing $400 to $000 per month; obliged to leave
11 rooms; rent $40; close in; oak. cherry fur-
niture; Brussels carpets: clears $55 over all
expenses; $4U0 cash, balance time; snap; $i00.
46 rooms; rent only $65;' well located hotel,
south of Market: fine bar; well stocked: brick
building; *lectric lights; everything good con-
dition; part cash, balance time; price ,$2500;
will exchange this with good real estate for
large downtown house. •
40 rooms: eltgantly furnished; rent only $250;
oak and mahogany furniture; 60 boarders;
clearing $250 Der month; close in; fine buy;
price $0000.
9' rooms; sunny flat; rent $50; oak. mahog-
any fur.; obliged to leave city; reduced to $650.
28 rooms: elegantly fur. family hotel on Nob
Hill; doing fine business; will trade for large
apartment-house and pay cash difference.
18 rooms; rent $S5; well furnished; all n*w;
8000 down, balance IX, per cent; fine buy; only
25 rooms; rent only $60; north Market: all
full: clears $100 per month; price $1800; will
exchange for small chicken ranch.
106 rooms; new; most elegantly appointed
family hotel In city; all full and clearing $400
to $6C0 per month; books.open for Inspection;
obliged to leave city.
7-room flat: rent $40; oak furniture; good
carpete; sickness: price $350.
162 rooms; most elegantly appointed apart-
ment house in San Francisco: beautiful, .mod-
em building; flne entrance; cheap rent; clear-
ing $400 D«r month: B-year lease; part cash,
balance 8 per cent per year.
S rooms; flne upper flat: rent only $30; can
be had by paying $150 down, balance time;
* 45C - <!— "•* ¦ '
18 rooms; rent $S5? north Market: close In;
good money-maker; reduced from $1600 to $1100.
, »0 rooms; part of flees; elegant new building
and furniture; high-class location; beautiful
halls; everything modern: first-class grill In
connection; best proposition in city; called East.
24 rooms; rent $145; new and elegantly fur-
nished; oak and mahogany; . flne proposition;
good lease.
23 rooms; well furnished; flrst-class tran-
sient house; 2 blocks off Market; 5-year lease;
clearing over $100; good buy for some one.
31 rooms; rent $110; all light rooms; clear-
ing over $100 per mo.; regular snap; only $S00
to get In; must leave city at once; price $1300.
!2S raoms; cheap rent; long lease: flrst-
class upHo-date downtown hotel; well fur-
nished; clearing $5t'O to $600 per month; must
sell on account of. other business; only, with us.
Mrs. Dr. Martin, wonderful spiritual healer and
business medium; readings dally, $1; develop-
ing class Thurs. ,8 p.m. 100SB GoldcnGate ave.
C V. MILLER'S etherlalizlng and materializing
feance to-night, 8 o'clock, . $1. 10S4 Bush.
MME. YOUNG'S genuine spirit messages to-
nlght; 10c;. 619 McAllister; come, skeptics.
ALMEK'S spe. life readings absolutely free un-
less correcf.mediumsqulckly develop.457t:ddy
MRS. LESTER'S test circle 8 p. m., 10c; read-
Ings daily, 25c and 60c. 122 Taylor at.
EDWARD EARLE, 1052 Ellis, readings daily,
9:30 to 4; seances Sunday and Thursday.
PROF. FRED EVANS, noted clairvoyant and
slate-writer. 1112 Eddy st. Phone Scott 8557.
423 Eddy st.
I PROF. LIVINGSTONE'S readings are like
a living page of Fiammarlon's treatises that
is so electrifying the world to-day. HE IS
NO IMITATOR. His work Is upon original
A test reading is not a life reading. When
you call on PROF. LIVINGSTONE he will
give you a full life reading for $1. A test is
of little value when the. mind is troubled—
you need more • substantial aid and advice.
' This - Is Just what PROF, f LIVINGSTONE
gives you when you call 0$ him for. a flrst-
class clairvoyant reading. ' (He asks you no
questions, but tells you what you wish to
know. ¦ ¦ . ¦,'¦¦
- He does not mention all the ills and mis-
fortunes you are heir to. You are acquainted
with the facts in >. your case. Let PROF. •
LIVINGSTONE analyze the -matters that are
troubling you, find the cause of trouble and
suggest the remedv. ' ¦ " '-¦¦:
. Remember the number — 428 EDDY ST. "
Hours, 10 a. m. to 8 p. ro.
. . . -Call at once and save $4.- ¦
His famous $5 reading this week for ,
$1 $i :-$l $1 $1 - $1 $1 *1
No, charge • . , . ; No charge
; Unless you obtain, the information for .'
which you consult him..
The first registered Atrance ? clairvoyant and
palmist evw In San Francisco.
Read carefully. .An honest proposition.
(You to be full Judge.) ..
I do hereby solemnly agree and guarantee to
make no charge if I fall to tell your name; oc-
cupation and what you called for; I tell you If
husband, wife or lover Is tmc or false; who
and, when you will marry; how to gain the love
of. the one you desire; .Vln'fltcC'-: I will tell vou
every hope, fear, or. ambition than you
can tell yourself; his advice is reliable, his pow-
ers are wonderful . and -indisputable;' he 'im-
proves your character, so that • you • will : reach
the highest possible " development sin mental,
vigor, health, happiness and capacity to ¦ earn '
wealth;- the controlling * power implanted z. in
your nature, so ycu can change. the- intentions,
actions ¦; or ' habits of • any. one -secretly; > cures
disease and lost: vitality;, gives advice ' on .min-
ing and, burled treasures;: gives you success in
life; ¦ he guarantees ¦ you- success', or charges
nothing for his services. •'- ..;,. - .-,- ;. <¦¦ > Vy -'
10 a. m. to s p. :m.; Sundays. 2 to 6.
¦ 326 — O'Farrell street — 326. / ¦••_..
A— Miss M.' Wille, 460 Geary," clairvoyant co's-]
tal seer and life reader, : will tell you exactly
.what ' you . called ¦ for . without asking; a ¦ ques- ;
*•• t^on; names given; special; $1; hours 10 to 1 8"
A — MME. BERNARD reads your. life correctly,
' advice given on a.11 affairn of life; satist'ac-
tlon guaranteed; 25c up..;, 17 3d, next . Exam.
MISS . ZEMDAR, young, gifted clair. and palm.; ;
has second sight; < a wonderful ¦; prophetess; 1
names; 1. 50c, g, $L" l 714 Franklln'nr.G.G.ave.
! • - CLAIRVOVANTS— Cnnt'nnfrt.
ISMAR, - the Egyptian gypsy, clairvoyant and
palmist, permanently located at 1101 -Market
St.. cor. Turk; private readings dally, ; 10 a.
m. to 5 d. m.; readings by mall as satisfac-
tory as in oeraon; ."{ questions answered, $1;
full life, $5; Fend, lock of hair, date of year
of birth: don't send currency; send postofHce,
Wells- Fargo money order or registered letter.
Mrs.A.H.Krcnenbergr.paJmist, clairvoyant, card
reader;when others fail try me: good readings
10c. 721 Franklln.nr.G.Giave.Tel.Larkln 4207.
A— MME. RAVENNA reads life; business ad-
vice; • names given; 25c up. 835 j Howard st.
MISS WARD gives names, dates and facts;
readings daily; not open Sunday. 917 Market. ,
MRS. BROWN, clairvoyant, card reader, re-
moved from 132 to 23'4 tith;:l. 25c k. 30c.
OLDEST lady palmist and card reader In city.
20& Kearny, room 20; ladles. 25c; gents, 50c.
MRS. BAUMANN, the well-known fortune-
teller, is now at 317 Ellis st.
MRS. SHAFER, clairvoyant, card reader, s!t-
tlngs daily. 44S^ Jessie St.. bet. 5th and 6th.
COMPRESSED air and vacum system ! now
universally used in cleaning carpets on
floor; without removal; price moderate; S.
F. Compressed -Air Cleaning. Co., 308 Mar-
ket st.;' tel. Main 152, Bush 470.
WHEN you become disgusted " with you work
send for SPAULDING'S Pioneer Carpet-beat-
ing Works. 355-S57 Tehama st. ; tel. South 40.
AT MITCHELL'S. 240 Fourteenth St., clean-
Ing & laying done reasonably. Tel. Mission 74.
WESTERN Carpet Cleaning Works/1809 Har-
rlson St.; Al cleaning; 3c. Tel. Mission 225.
CONKLIN'S Superior Carpet-Beating Works,
333 Golden Gate ave. ; - telephone East 126.
, HOPKE BROS. ; excellent carpet beating; mat-
tresses made over. .1432 Howard ;tel. South 216.
ADVANCE Carpet Cleaning Co.. 402 Sutter St.;
tel. Main 334. GEO. WALCOM & CO.. Props.
RUDOLPH & CO., carpet-beatlng works; prices
reasonable. 1703 Harrison st.: tel.Misslon 263.
'-^C^in. 95&£$5^*P]£J93i£iSFS^^J^
BAD tenants ejected for $4; collections made;
city cr country. Pacific - Collection Co., 415
Montgomery, rooms 0-10; tel. .Main 6680.
SUITS cleaned and pressed, $1;, scouring and
dyeing. Bon Jiarche, 40 Ellis Et.. room 14;
phone Drumm 44. Call for and deliver free.
WHO?— Hunter, 1206 Market st.: $100; rupture
cure for $10: circular explains: send for one.
' DR?~GRUSS, 510 Callaghan bldg.. Market and
McAllister sts., uses the Basford obtunder;
the only device ever invented for grinding,
drilling and excavating teeth without palu.
Call for demonstration. Tel. Jessie 3606.
DR. LUDLUM HILL. 1443 Market, nr Eleventh
— No charge for extracting when plates are
made; old plates made over like new; teeth
lrom $8 per bet: extracting 50c: gas given.
A NEW plate — The , Whalebone — cannot break;
warranted 20 yrs; crown. $3 50: fillings, 00c;
plates. $5: full set; all work painless and
warranted. .Chicago Dental Parlors. 24 Sixth.
EASTERN Expert Dental Co. will do your work
by the year and give you 12 months' credit.
10 Turk St., over Burnett's Drug Store.
ELITE Dental Parlors. 838* Market st.; best
and cheapest offlce for all dental operations.
Paris Dental Parlors, 235 Kearny. cor. Bush —
Set teeth. $1 SO up; crowns. $2 up: fllllnga,2oc
ARTHUR CHISHOLM, surgeon-dentlst,r.l4.1st
floor. Phelan bid.. 806 Market, cor. O'Farrell.
DR. H. G. YOUNG— .Bridges and teeth with-
out plates sp«clalty. 1841 Polk* st.
GOLD fillings 76c; sliver. 35c: crowns. $2: no
pain: open Sundays. Dr.O.B.Hewltt.204 Sutter.
Accordion, sunburst and knife-plaiting; double
1 stamps on dress HnlngB. Stewart's button and
bu t tonhole factory, 110 Taylor; tel. Folsom 2121.
MCDOWELL Dressmaking & Millinery School —
! Patterns cut to measure; eve. class. 1019 Mkt.
AT home In our new quarters, the largest, best
lighted and most delightful place of business
study in the entire West. New, complete,
extensive departments. Thorough, inspiring
Instruction. 75-page catalogue on request.
925 Golden Gate ave. ¦ ¦
THE Lyceum, an accredited preparatory school
for the university, law and medical colleges;
ref. President Jordan or any Stanford profes-
sor; day and evening sessions. Phelan bldg.
AYRES, the leading business college, 723 Mar-
ket st.; established 18 years; the school that
secure* positions for graduates; Just added 20
new typewriters; catalogue free. -
F. — Bookkeeping, shorthand, touch typing,
lpnguages, telegraphy. English branches: day
and night sessions; Illustrated catalogue free.
A LARGER and better school than ever; enter
at once if you 'desire a good position: Gregg
shorthand Ellis bookkeeping. S. F. Business
College. 1230 Market St.
LEARN SPANISH in 2 months; classes in
¦ French and Spanish $5 a month.
B F. AMES Teacher of Languages,
268 Golden Gate ave.. cor. Hyde st.
ENGINEERING— Civil, elec, min., mech., eUr-
vey assay, cyanide: day, ev. ; est. 1804. Van
der'Naillen School, 113 Fulton, nr. City Hall.
SOCIAL dances Wed.. Thurs., Sat. and Sun. ;
classes Mondays. Fridays.. Louise Foster's
School of Dancing, 1556 Market, nr. Larkin.
ATTEND Gallagher-Marsh Business College on
advice of official court reporters and be com-
petent stenographers. 13S2 Market; catalog.
WESTERN Business College;Odd Fellows' bid.;
bookkeeping, shorthand, touch typing, arlth..
spelling, writing, etc.; day. eve. ;.$4 mo. eve.
HEALD'S School of Mines&Electricity. 24 Post
St.. S. F. ;.a practical school of engineering;
- complete equipment. Special catalogue free.
SPANISH— A practical and progressive meth-
od. RAFAEL SERRANO; 530 California,. r.4.
GUITAR, mandolin and piano. $3 ¦ per mo.;
mandolin club. $1 per mo. ¦ 828 Haight et. j
PARTINGTON'S. 424 Pine St.— Night class.
PIANO lessons. 25c half hour. MRS. PECK*
experienced teacher. 1013 Mission.. nr. Sixth.
Japanese-Chinese employment offlce ; r fur-
nishes best help; contracts for farm help, eta.
A— ORPHEUM Employment Offlce— Japanese-
Chlneso help. 420 Powell st. Tel. Main 5752.
FRITZ'S Emo. . Offlce: Japanese and Chinese
.- help. 415 Stockton st. Tel. Grant 168. .
RELIABLE -1 Japanese-Chinese Employment Of-
flce; all kinds help. 315 Stockton: Main 5188.
CHINESE and Japanese help: estab. 20 years.
Tel. Main 1997. BRADLEY & CO.. 640. Clay.
AT 508 Mason st., MRS. WALSER; phone
Black 1533 — Governess, elocution, music and
painting, ref.,' $33; young- lady as -cashier,-
ref., $50; young lady as bookkeeper, double
entry, $15 week; competent German house-
keeper; take full charge; 4 experienced cham-
bermaids, hotel, country pref. ; : young". lady
as cashier,' references.- $40.
A YOUNG girl, 'good' cook, : wants a situation
for general work In the country; expects $30;
has best of . references. ; Call at MISS
PLUNKETTS. 425 Sutter st.. , near Powell.
A GERMAN girl. seeks employment with small
family; plain .cooking and housework; no
washing. Address C20 Commercial st. 1 , Swiss
.. Hotel. 1 -: ..:.. •'¦'¦: ¦ ¦;• '¦• / • / ¦: ;¦ ¦ v '¦ - ./ ;-:^. ;
BY a reliable girl, a situation for light house-
, ¦': work and plain cooking- for 2ror 3 adults;
wages $25. Inquire 210 r Seventh St.- .-; ' .
REFINED girl would - like : a : position to assist
' with \ light i work V In " San • Rafael ; . good , sewer.
.Box /15S7,' Call:' - ;-: \. *: V .'-.:'Y_ ¦...': - ..:
¦fA': WOMAN wants a' place to do housework and
cooking; . will £ do small" washing. Apply 112
Tehama ' sjt.', -; off - ; Second. • - "/, ./
YOUNG lady • would like ¦ to ; do washing and
housecleaningby the day. - K. ¦ BODN1OKA,'
t- 321 Ellis r st._ . -. ..-.. : ¦ . : : -;\-j. -.
DRESSMAKER — The . very ; best; -wants 'en-
gagements; high-class. .Address Artistic, box
''• ', 1593, / Call. : .-- ... ¦ :'.,'.. \ ¦'-¦ -r ;• -- ¦{- .-.".,. ¦-,-; '¦:
MOTHER and son wish situations; mother as
cook ; ; son •¦ 30 * years," is an all-round '. ranch
hand." 217; Minna st.':; ¦ r V >/' V,
NEAT : girl : desires employment; wants * pay ¦ by
"; the week 'and go i home nights." Box-72, 1008
Market st. ' . .¦¦•.¦>•"¦ ,.-'\-^'. ¦ .. -.'¦ ¦;¦ ' .¦ ..
WOMAN,*; good cook, .would , like apposition, in
Sj,' small .family;: city or ; country. '•¦ 312 "Jessie st.
MIDDLE-AGED ?v lady '¦ wishes '¦ a J position" as
- * housekeeper. 303 Third ' st.;: room 18. / • -
[ TimIMH sW.JI ill ¦>» iWI'l m\ inf I m IIJTi « niSfi~ln f.-^-r .Xi-^frttr^-' — i 1 w^_;j . ¦ . ' - '.
JOHN P. SPBECggI.S. JProprtetor. _
Team c^c]utzriBJolgi_lfcyi'usnT. Kanagsr
¦\V. J. MARTIN Business Manager
Ask for THE CALL. The Operator Will Con-
nect You. With the Department lou V» isa.
Publication Offlce Market and Third. S. F.
Editorial Room 217 to 221 Stevenson «t.
Delivered by Carriers"^) Ctv Per Weds. 75
Cts. Per Month. Single Copies SJ-^nts-
Terme by Mail. Including Postage (Cash «»"»
Order) : - fi nn
DAILY CALL C.nclud. Sunday). 1 yar. - .5-^
DAILY CALL (induct. Sunday) «. mos. . . - * ¦ «
DAILY CAL1>— By Single Montft
8VXDAV CALL 1 Tf-ar ,-qq
WEEKLY CALL, Year . „ - - — j, xtra
TOREIGN j '* Vd«v 4 15 Per Year F.xtrm
POSTAGE. \ SSSjrt Ixo Per Year Extra
eemple Copies will be forwarded when re-
1 quested. .
Mall subscribers in ordering change of^ a<l-
rfress should be particular to give both M>w
AND OLD ADDRESS in order to insure a
rronspt and correct compliance with their r«-
1118 Broafiwaj Telephone Main 1083
2H8 Center Street Telephone I^orth 77
SAMUEL W. WALL Hotel Barton
WaJdorf -Astoria Hotel; A. Brentano. 81
rnlcn Square; Murray Hill Hotel; Fifth-ar«-
Bue Hotel and Hoffman House.
Sherman House: P. O. News Co.; Great
Northern Hotel: Treiront House; Auditorium
Hotel; Palmer Houst.
C GEORGE KROGNESS..Marquette Buildln*
(Long Distance Telephone, "Central 2619. ')
STEPHEN B. SMITH 30 Tribune Building
C. C. CARLTON Herald Squar* ;
BUSINESS OFFICE cf the San Francisco
Oj»!1. corner Market and Third streets; open
until 12 o'clock every night in the year.
10OS Market tstreet. opposite Fifth: open until
C2T ?.for.tgomery street, corner Clay; open
ur'.'.l P:30 p m.
300 Hayes street; open until Sr30 p. m.
«\'S» McAllister ftreet; open until 9:C0 p. ra.
015 Larkln street; open until 0:30 p. m.
l'.t-Sl Mis-sion street: open until 10 p. m.
E36I Market Bvreet. corner Sixteenth; opea
until » p. m-
lmi eleventh street; open unti! 9 p. m.
1036 Valencia street; open until 3 p. m.
Northeast corner Church and Duncan 6trcets;
t;pen until 9 p. tn.
NurthweK corner of Twenty-second and Ken-
tucky streets; open until 9 p. m.
~jiKi Fillmore street; open until 0 p. m.
MISSION Chapter No. 73. R. A. M— «
Bprclal mretinjf THIS (THURSDAY) VSf
j:\EXING. 7:30 o'clock. Rpyal Arch /V\
degree. By order of the II. 1 P.
JNO. R. HILLMAN: Secretary-
CALIFORNIA Lodg* No. 1. F. and A. «
It.: will meet THIS (THURSDAY) "VVf
KVENING at 7:30 o'clock. First de- /V\
FRANKLIN H. DAY, Secretary.
FIDELITY Lodge No. 120. F. and A. «
M.— Special meeting THIS (THURS- "VV"
IUT) EVENING at 7:30 o'clock. /V\
Third degree. Master Maions cor-
dially invited. By order of the W. M.
SOUTH San Francisco Lodge No. 212, «
F. and A. M.. meets THIS (THURS- >fy
DAY) EVENING at 7:30 oclock. /V\
First degree. By order of the Master.
E. C. HARE. Secretary-
DO RIO Ledge No. 21 fi F. and A. M. — t«
Third degree THIS (THURSDAY) W
EVENING. 7:30 o'clock. By order /V\
of the Master.
J. R. GOLDSMITH. Secretary.
ETARR King Lodge No. 344. F. &n<i~X. a
M.. 317 Devisartero et. — Third tfegrteVTr'
7 30 o'clock. Master Masons are cor-
dially invited. By order of the W M.
A. A. ANDERSON. Secretary.
YERBA Ruena Lodge No. 15 I. O. ,.—^,.
O. F-— Initiation THIH fTHURS-^^Hwgfe
DAY) EVENING. April 14. Vis--— «?^<«^«J
it:ng brothers cordially Invited. *^SSwf^*^
By order WM. R. DORR N. G.
THE Pan Francisco Scottish Thistle . «7 »-
O!ub meets THIS (THURSDAV) A Ql(J
EVENING in Fraternity Hall. 32 "^vYts^
OTarr< 11 Ft., at >» o clock. Action < *^ < *
on by-lav.-*. Tickets for "Tattle and Finnan
Haddic" supper will be distributed to mem-
bers. GEO. \V. PATERSON Royal Chief.
A. E. CARLISLE. Recorder.
MKMBERS or Clan Frasef No. 78, r«3a '
O. S. C, are requested to attend CJSOJI
'. h< funeral <~r our laie brother , J7*f*f*V
clansman, JOHN M. McLELLAN. V>,
from the funeral i«rlori> of Porter _Ar^
A- White, 423 Golden Gate ave., "'. 3
en FRIDAY, April 15. at 10 a. m.
T. A. MUSKO, Chief.
A. KING. Secretary.
THE Knights of Tara will hold their tenth
gram! annual excursion at Fernbrook Park,
Nlles Canyon, on NEXT SUNDAY. April 17.
A pleasant outing is assured to all who may
attend. Trains leave- fogt of Market st. at
«:30 a. m. and 12:30 p. m. Tickets for «ale
at ferry. JNO. O'KAXE, Chairman.
J. P. HARE. Secretary.
NOTICE of annual meeting of Mercantile Trust
Company of San Franch«"o — The regular an-
nual meeting of the Stockholders of the
Mercantile Trurt Company of San Francisco
will be h*ld on WEDNESDAY. April 27.
1804, at 12 o'clock noon, at the offlce of
the company. 4>A California Ftreet. San
Kraneiscc. California, for the purpone of
electing a Board of Directors to i=erve for the
ensuing year, and for the transaction or such
other business as may come before the meet-
Ir*. . -
Transfer books will close on Saturday.
April 16. 1904. at 12 o'clock noon
Dated ADrll II. 1904.
_ JOHN P. McKEE. Secretary.
THE annual meeting of the shareholders of
the San Francisco Gas and Electric Com-
pany for the election of directors and the
transactien of such other business as may
,, comt before it will be held at the offlce of
the company. 415 Post st.. in the city of San
Francisco, Cal., at 1:30 o'clock p. m.. April
28. 1JWJ4 The transfer boots of the com-
pany will be closed from April 10 to and In-
cluding April 26. J!K>4.
(Signed) CHAS. L. BARRETT, Sec
Dated San Francisco. April 12, 1304.
AGENTS — An agency for a proposition that is
a decided improvement on building and loan
Is worth having. Great Western Improve-
ment Company, Parrott building.
AxnrxBTXssasxifT Trmrnro.
HAVING recently acquired through Exchange
cf property three *40 FChclanships in th» best
College of AdvertiFlnn in the Vnlted Ktates
I will sell th«-m at "Z r>er cent discount for
cs»Fh: the college teaefce? advertising writ-
ing by correspondence end aFMsts its grad-
uate* to fcecure positions; catalogues fur-
ntefc'-d on application. Address box 3C2«i, Call.
~~ Pi ADVICE FREE ~. ~
Columbian Law & Coll. Agcy., r. 85 910
Market; phone John 022C; open evenings;
transacts at most reasonable rates all legit-'
imate law business; bonuc furnished In
criminal and civil case*; attachments; large
and Fins II collections taken.
A PRIVATE, quick divorce for small fee.
Kee me and save money: no pay In advance.
Established 22 yrs. : -rras. 1. 2. 3. 4 & 5. 1st fl
1122 Market st. between Mason and Taylor!
Advice free all matters. Detectives employed!
It.. W. KING. Attorney-at-Law. Exam. bldg..
Oth floor, entrance room fill; established 2u
jrcara; all cases, prenera! court and office prac-
tice; no fee In advance or for consultation;
evenines by ert!»lntment. Tel. R'd 30G1.
DIVORCE law a *peoia!ty: no publicity; advice
free; costs $12. Address B.A.S.. P.O.box 2199.
DIVORCE — Costs. $12: quick, quiet; advice
free; open evenings. 027 Market et.. rm. 301.
L. S. CLARK. 927 Market rt.; consultation
free; no feey In advance; op«»n evenings.
C K. ADAMS~CO~" .! ' rr
We clothe the whole fntn!ly from hats to
rlioes; everything up to date at cash prices.
Credit for all. SIS Mason st
j A^?05C0~*"GRILl. *nj barroom, with 8-year
leo^-e; rent *fto: tb; leading, business of its
kind In manufacturing town about CO mil-:*
from >\ F. ; a rate ihanct? for any live man
who wishes tn nalce money; value in sight.
Call B, G. WILKE. 2'J'j Kearny st.
A — $450- DELICATESSEN and pork store;
ab.iut 1 block : ..,u:li of Market: sa'.es sverag.^
?55O iier month: owner has another business
and must sacrifice. Call It. G. WILKE, 20«4
Kearny st. '
NOTICE, hotel men, notice — Furnished hotel.
24 beds, with bar; mining town; give 3-year
leas*; rent $50. G. A. SPARKS. Redding, Cal. j
A — $1250: CORNER grocery store on Kearny 1
st.; full value in sight:, a splendid chanc« I
ior an Iia-tau. Call 1J. G. WILKE, 2t»H
Kearny et.
. a — 575U; SALOON* en Montgomery St.: place
established years; owner clearing about $12u
per month; Investigate: a bargain. Call R.
G. WILKE. 2«»i Kearny et.
A— $750; CORNER talocn on Howard St.: safe,
ccsh register, pool taliie,- ttc; rent $30; i
rooms; position of $-*0u per month accepted
by owner cause of eale. R. G. WILKE,
2(iV» Kearny st.
A — $3000; CAFK and grill room in one of the
hrtt located hotels of this city; rent $100; a
cplendid chance for an active young man
knowing his business; lease; liberal terms
given. Call R. G. WILKE, 26^i Kearny tt.
A— 150t»; saloon, close to Mason and Market;
rent $110; a place established years and doing
a flrst -clasb paying business; value in sight.
fcee R. G. WILKE, 26'A Kearny.
A — fU250; comer saloon on watar front; rent
Jso; good lease; place ectablUhed ytars; in
large brick building and doing an Al busi-
ness; disagreement of partners only cause of
•ale. R. G. WILKE, 2tifr Kearny st.
A $2000 DRUSTORE close to Call building;
Htib. IS years; well paying; value in stocK;
a \ery tare chance for good druggist. Se«
R. G. WILKE. -titt Kearny «t.
A — $3000 — CORNER saloon; close to Call bldg;
3 years' lease; net rent $120; this is one of
the best saloon locations in this city, and
a live man can clear $500 per month. Call
R. G. WILKE. 2t>i* Kearny st.
A — tl0l«'; SALOON and liquor store on Sixth
et. : rent $50; business O K. but owner is en-
gaged In other business; must sell at once.
R. G. WILKE. 26^ Kearny st.
A— $4500; COFFEE, tea and crockery store; one
of the leading businesses of this kind and ia
choicest location in this city; rent $65; all
cash tri«.<ie; ttock will invoice $i'«W; a ver/
rare chance. Particulars R, G. WILKE. 2tf*4
i Keaxny st.
A— $1SOC — COKNEK cigar stand en Kearny;
rent Jio. lease; a good business; come and
investigate. K. O. WILKE. 2UV» Kearny el
Al BLOCK of land, 300x300. in San Lcandro
with bouse of 4 rooms; income $400 per
year lrom fruit; will exchange for dairy
ranch. Ca.ll R. G. WILKK. 2t»Vj Keamy st.
A— 9MUB — CUKNER grocery and bar on Larkin
tt., doing a fine cash business; value in
eight; fresh rtock: no better location in this
city. See R. G. WILKE. 26% Kearny «L
A— $20CO — COFFEE saloon and restaurant on
waterfront, close tr Market Et. ; place estab-
lished years and well paying; dally receipts
about SCO Cell R. G. WILKE. 26 U, Kearny.
A— J110O— EaLOON. with 3 rooms; close to
Kearcy and Buth ets; rent $73; lease; place
easily clears $20u per month: nice tixtures.
choicest sto:k of liquors. All particulars of
R. Q. WLLKE. 26H Kearny st.
K— $1750 — CORNER grocery and bar on
OTarrell St.; place kept by present owners
F years and doing a good paying cash busi-
aiti; (rtah rtock; value In sight. R. G.
WILKE, 2ti% Kearny st.
A— $050- CORNER bakery, with 4 living
roomf; about 2 blocks north of Market st.;
will be sacrificed If sold at once; owners to
leave city. Call R. G. WILKE. 26^ Kearny.
A — $750 — CANDY store and Jce cream parlors,
with ztutionery. etc.. on Devisadero St.; 3
living rooms; a splendid location and good
business, gee R. G. WILKE. 26% Kearny.
A— $3000: COAL, hay and grain yard; on Geary
ft.; rent $4O. lease; 3 horses, 6 wagons: bust-
cess estab. jears; Investigate at once; a rare
chance. Call R. G. WILKE. 26»4 Kearny st.
A — $1200: COFFEE saloon and bak-rr in
choicest location; r*nt ISO; dally receipts
about $70; a gb«d business, but sickness of
onutr compels him to retire. Particulars R.
G. WILKE. 26% Kearny st.
A. CAMERON 4c O3 Phone South 1050
3 Eddy St.. cor. Market and Powell. I
Headquarters for all kinds of business chances.
Oyster and chop houses $350 to $1000 ,
Candy and Icecream parlors $200 to $2500'
Barber shops $500 to $2500
Cigar stands $350 to 52000
Groceries and bars ...$500 to $5000
Saloons ..$300 to $10,000
Restaurants $3r>0 to $20,000
Fruit snd vegetable stores $r.00 to $1000
Drug stores : $2000 to $6000
Delicatessen. stores $230 to $45C0
Wood and coal yards $250 to $1000
A FIRST-CLASS opportunity for. druggist or
doctor; fine location for drugstore; good fix-
tures, counters and showcase; rent only $00;
business already established: with 6 rooms
end bath in rear; elegantly furnished
throughout; everything complete for house-
keeping of . the best quality; ¦ price $1800.
CAMERON, & CO.. 3 Eddy Et.
FOR t=ale or trade — Quartz mines: fine prospect;
located in Cal.; assays $40 to $70 ton; trade
for rmg.-house or business. Cameron, 3 Eddy.
BEAUTIFULLY located summer resort: fine
groves: 36-room hotel; all furnished and
equipped for bUFln^Fs; 20 acres land goes
with lease; raise own hay, vegetables; all
kinds fruit; rent $600 per year: equity In
this $250(1; > death in family cause of ' sale.
FOR sale — One of the best restaurants in city;
cheap rent; receipts $75 to $100 day: will
bear Investigation; price $1500. CAMERON
& CO,. 3 Eddy et.
FOR sale — Ladies' furnishing and fancy goods
business; cheap rent; well located; estab-
lished 12 years: will Invoice $S0Ou; sickness.
FOR sale — Half interest in good paying, swell
little restaurant: obliged to leave city; a
enap at $275. CAMERON & CO.
T. J. DUNN tt CO., 1312 Market rt. - ' v '
Business Sales Agents. Suite 203 Callaghan
bldg: phone Howard 3468.
We are established about two weeks.
We lock before we advertise.
We let you look afterward.
Just as advertised, that you will find; if
we can afford to advertise, you can Rfford
to look; costs you nothing; cigar stand,
centrally located: invoice $400: rent $50; two-
ye*r lease; price $400. DUNN & CO.
ROOMING-hoase. close in; 14 rooms; rent $60;
$700; part cash, part mortgage. DUNN&CO.
BUSINESS, sales and - commission office;, half
lnteroFt for sale; established 15 years; only
little, money required; youth, activity es-
sential. DUNN & CO.
WE have, customer who wants dairy ranch,
stocked and furnished, with milk route In
near-by country town. Write or phone
$330 SECURES Interest in light office work
whereby party can easily dear $90 monthly;
ref erences * exchanged : experience not neces-
sary; live man wanted; bona fide proposition.
Particulars 10C7% Market St.. room 1.
$123 — PARTNER wanted in broker's and in-
surance offlce; experience not necessary;
must heve wmc references; good opening.
1007% Market st., room 1.
BUSINESS chance that will stand investiga-
tion: barber shop, cigar stand and bootblack
stand for- eale; one of the finest furnished
shops in San Francisco; cigar stand -well
stocked: 7 living rooms upstairs; sublet 4;
clears over $200 mo.; price $2200 cash. Ad-
dress box 13»1. Call. . ..
A — OYSTER and chop house; 14 tables; private
rooms, connected on eecond floor; elegant bar-
gait»: paying business; must be sold; good
locality; established 20 years. H. DOYLE.
:C2.t Market St.; above Slarth. ¦ ¦
GRASP this opportunity — Livery and boarding-
stable, doing a flourishing business, clearing
$40<> monthly; thorough investigation; books
open for Inspection : amazingly low price,
* >.i500. IIINKLEY. 1020 Market st.
MILK men., attention — 30 milking cows, .with
or without pasture, dairy outfit complete; get
a move on if you want them. Apply SIS
Grove, bet. iWebrter and Fillmore, morning.
A SNAP— For sale, the well-known little Del
Monte eoff'-e, San Mateo; established 3 years;
large dining-room: living rooms attached;
reasons, retiring from business.
FOR sals — Paper rente of 800 ¦ papers dally.
' in connection ' with stationery and large list
of periodical subscribers; best cash town on
. ccast. Address box 3040. Call office. .
FOR sale — Finst-clars water front saloon; near
Market: good reasons for selling. ' Inquire
at 6G8 Mission n'.
, LIKE to invest from $200 to $800. besides my
services, tn respectable business. Box 3344,
Call of fire. _ .
OLD established downtown #a loon; best loca-
tion; cause, sickness; no agents. Box 1558,
Call offlce.
WANTED— To buy a half Unterest - or the
whole of a good paying business: state
amount required. Box 3049. Call offlce.
$173; FINE corner cigar stand; fine stock;
1 Cood trade; eee owner. IIS Third «t.
help w " AXT^"r~^ E^l A i^~ w -.
COOtC7or~AUs)ia. see lady here \ $40
»-2 cooks, small hospitals *- -*" "fjn
Cook. liosa valley •'•• •* ™
3 cooks, little washing, city {".**» *~>
Parlor maid. Buriinsam& Vh."!--
3 second girls.' city *- a '» ?-•*
Cook it adults, no washing, city j»-J
Chambermaid, city • *"™
• Woman, with a child for ranch .....»-t/
Cook, * men. country ••""¦;.-,-
Maid and seamstress, sleep home »— >
Housework 2 lamlly. Cheyenne. "V\yo.. iare
paM fz
Nurse, child 14 months old J"V
Nursegirl lor Vailejo **"-"*iiSj
Chambermaid and waiting •?-"
44 general housework giris. city and country.
$20, $25. ?:sc. Apply to J. K. CKOSi.iT u
CO., 331 Sutter st. ' '
WANTED— :50 waitresses and chambermaids
for springs and resorts to call and register at
ouce. J. F. CROSETT & CO.. •?'?4 Sutter st.
A FIRST-CLASS cook for private family ta
country, $5O; a waitress and second girl for
small family in city. $.«); a parlor maid,
maid and waitress, also a chambermaid who
.car. mend a little, for small family la San
Mateo, $25 each; nurse for an. infant, coun-
try, $25; a cook for small institution la city.
$30; a cook for bcarding-house in city. $35.
Call at MISS PLUXKETTS, 425 Sutter St..
near Powell. • » a
A WOMAN with a little girl as working house-
keeper on ranch. $20. Call at MISS PLUNK-
ETTS. 425 Sutter st.. near Powell.
A WORKING housekeeper for gentleman's
household: no cooking; $25: see party her*
at 9:30 this morning. MISS PLUNKETTa.
425 Sutter St.. near Powll. _
A CHAMBERMAID, also waitress, same house.
$23 each, see party here, 11 o'clock; a nurse.
$25; second girl $25; a cook, Berkeley, $^>:
a woman to cook for 8 men. $30; housegiri.
San Rafael. $30; a Swedish girl to take car«
of house, family absent, $30; housegiri. fJo:
2 housegirls $30 each; housegiri. $25. 2 In
family, . light place. MRS. NORTON, 313
Sutter »t. . ¦¦ '
A CHAMBERMAID to wait, $25, and laun-
dress same country hotel. $25: fares refund-
jed._C. R. HANSEN A CO., 429 Bush st.
WORKING housekeeper; very light place;
country hotel: $25. C R. HANSEN * CO.,
429 Bush st. - ___
A FIRST-CLASS head waitress; reaort; $40.
C. R. HANSEN & CO.. 429 Bush »C
AT 503 Mason St.. Mrs. Walser. phone Black
1533— German cook for farm. $25; nursegirl
for child 15 months old, full charge.
A-WANTED — Girls to learn halrdresilng.
manicuring, etc.: trade taught from A to Z
In 2 weeks; $5 to those entering now; 3 po-
iltions to flll immediately: posttions guaran-
teed at $10 per week up: leading school ta
West. 233 Geary St.. room 13.
A — Girls to learn, millinery now for spring sea-
son; both seasons taught from start to flslstt
In 1 month for $15; posttions as trimmers.
. salesladies, etc.. guaranteed at $10 per wk up;
day and evening class. 143 Stockton st.. r. 13.
A — LADIES to learn all branches halrdresstng
trade, manicuring, massage, etc 123U Mar-
ket st.. cor. Jones room 94: positions secured
at highest wages; day end eve, clasa: call.
A — OPERATORS wanted on ladles' under-
wear: good pay and- steady position. 65«
Mission st.
A— OPERATORS on ladles' wash skirts; good
pay and steady position. 65tt Mission st.
A — OPERATORS en ladies' waists; good pay.
6uU Mission st.
LADIES wanted everywhe»e copying letters at
, home, spare time, and return them to us; no
mailing or canvassing; good pay; no ma-
terials to buy; send reply envelope for par-
ticulars and' wages we pay. Guarantee Cora-
pany. Dept. W 4. Philadelphia. Pa.
WANTED — Pants finishers. Apply S. N. WOOD
& CO.. 27 Geary st.
MACHINE girls wanted to make linings and
breast pockets in coats. S. N. WOOD &
CO.. 27 Geary st.
WANTED — Bright girl for office; no experience
necessary: wages $20. Apply MARKS BKOi'..,
1220 Market st. -.
WANTED— Cigar box paster; paper box work-
er would/ do; also an apprentice. Apply
ELLIS &.GANTADINE. 22g Fremont st.;
WANTED — A young girl for second I work.
1827 California st.
GIRLS wantid for folding and binding.
UPTON BROS.. 17 Frem&nt st. . , , 1
GIRL 15 or 16 to help with light housework
and tend baby. . 477 Shotwell ot.
EXPERIENCED • makers and apprentices
wanted In millinery store. 692 McAllister st.
WANTED— Waist, skirt and sleeve hands at
MME. GREENE'S. 331 CFarreU st. ¦¦.;..¦
FIRST-CLASS millinery saleswoman and trim-
mer. 72 Geary st.' .
GIRLS wanted who are experienced in wrap-
ping; good wages and steady position; apply
between 9 and 10 a. tn.. or 12 and 1. L
MAGNIN & CO.. 43-33 Ellis St.
LADIES who are competent fitters; apply be-
tween 0 and 10 a. m. I. MAGNIN & CO..
43-53 Ellis st.
EXPERIENCED Jacket and skirt makers for
ladies' suit department; apply between J» and
10 a. m. I. MAGNIN & Co.. 43-53 Ellis st.
WANTED— Experienced ribbon girl to go t»
Stockton. - Apply between 9 and 11 a- m. at
A YOUNG girl, care of children and do light
upstairs work,. $12 to $15. Apply 233 Third
ave.; Sutter and Sutro cars.
WANTED — Young girl for general housework;
need not cook. 1S31 Eddy st.
GIRL to assist with baby and light housework.
Apply .afternoon -at 2971 California st.
EXPERIENCED shirt waist maker wanted.
GLUCK, 13S3 Geary «t.
ADVERTISEMENTS, subscriptions received at
Call branch offlce. cor. Duncan & Church sts.
A BRANCH offlce of The Call, tor the reception
of advertisements and subscriptions has been
opened at 1008 Market st., opposite Fifth.
Open ¦ until' H- p. m.
A^pXi^HTC^EMl'LO^ ~
526 — Montgomery st. — 528.
;¦•.'. Phone Marln 1191 — Upstairs.
10 carpenters, new work, long Job, call early
good wages— carpenters. - .
20 laborers, you'll suit, long Job, free. Are.
near city, $2. -
Blacksmith, small country shop; -bellboy;
country hotel. - $20 and found, free fare; 2
men. dig postholes and fix fences, ranch $3O
and found; 5 ranch, hands, $28 to • $30 * and
found; handy man, ranch, boss here. $30 and
found; waiter, city hotel. $30 and found -
laundryman. S33 and found; 100 other posi-
tions. Call and see us..
14 Third st. : phone Bush 405.
«••"» NEVADA.
Teamsters, laborers and drillers. $2 to $2 30
a day; ship daily; fare refunded; 2 years*
4 ranch ¦ hands, Sonoma County, ' $2(5 and • fd.
6 ranch hands, $32 50 a month and board.
: 4 'men tor rock quarry. $60 a month.
2 . ranch , teamsters, $:15 and . board.
Still man, oil refinery. $00 a month.
Mixer or : hodcarrier, $.t a day.
Carpenter, near city. 8 ' hours. $3 50 a day
10 men to cut .wood. pine. 4 feet. $1 2* a
cord, tools land cabin furnished.' .
GARDENER, $TO and found; teamster $2 50
day; man . and wife. t pri vat* family *50- ::
farmers and wives. $40, *43 and $50 and
found;: bootblack, $10 week; Jobbing black-
smith. $3 day; carrlagesmith, $.'! day 2
wagonmakers, country. ?5O and found- lau-i
dryman, $33 and found: farmers $25 and $ »
and found; milkers, ?^0 and $35 and found •
stable boy, private family, «20 and found-
fry cook, $14 week: potwasher. ?:$0 : di.«n-
washers. $20 ¦. and' $25 and found; kitchen
. man. baker's helper and others. J F
CROSETT & CO..' 628 Sacramento si
03 THIRD ST.- Telephone Main 5321
Man and wife at dairy, near city. $C0 and
/board: sectlcn foreman. , near city '$«>• 3
laborers a for road-making. California. $2*CO.
Teamsters for Nevada..;. '.'.. ¦*-» «3
Laborers for Nevada ..... • '"-' -in
¦.t:a*: ¦¦¦¦¦••- ¦ hord & smith." * ":*"--"
A • SCANDINAVIAN or German man and wife
private family. • city, $3O. MRS. NORTON*
H13 Sutter st. •
A ~ M°!^ L Tp A !ziTTE. 26~M<inTiomery. r. vL
Third ; cook. $50 ; nlgjh^ej^r_maj;.ssa. "
YOUNG 'man about 20 years of age for~^ffl7e
work; experience necessary: high, school
?^o at f™ r)^ forrwL A »P«y at I. MAGNIN it
»-(J. s, 42 Ellis st.. 9 ; a. Lm.
WANTED— One flm-class carriage blacksmith:
steady employment at $3 to $1 50 per day of
0 _hours. r Apply; to A. MEISTKR , & . SONN3
..'; CO.. : Sacrarr.cnto. ' Cal.
A NUMBER of positions open In the Emporium
tend*™rV'bffl Kht " n€at b ° 1 '*" Appl7 « 1J P«» n -
nr«5INESf» CUANCES — CoBtlaoed.
Are ytu looking for a safe and profitable
i-i'slness onenlrg In San Francisco? If so.
we can offer jou any number requiring an
investment frcm ?100 to $50,000; every busi-
ness b|.|.ottunity that passes through our of-
fice must iiAntl the closest investigation, and
we oan pl;ice you In a store, factory, hotel,
mill, offlce, or. In fact, any business you
»i3«y . prefer. ... ... . .
_GERMAV;a INVEST. CO.. 927 Market ft.
OERMANIA INVEST. CO.. 027 Market tst.
For a young man \\i\o can invest $500 in .a
high-class real estate rffice and fill position
of cacliler; experience not necessary; inveat-
m<-rjt Pccuicd t t.c $20 weekly, guaranteed.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.. 927 Market st.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.. 927 Market st.
A business man who can invest $5000 cash,
with services, can secure good opening wiin
h'gh-claFs company in this city.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market st^
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.. 027 Market st.
New and modern; SO rooms; richly furnished,
complete and ready for occupancy; large din-
ing-room with 16 tables and Imported Vienna
chairs; the best carpets money can ouy
throughout; finest linen and best silver ser-
%-ice; 10 years' lease: $10,000; easy terms.'
_GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market st.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.. 927 Market »t.
A— $100 REWARD • . ..-
Will be paid f cr legal • proof showing ibat
any person ever lost a dollar, who lnvoued
any money In or through our company.
Incorporated under the Jaws of California. .
Capital stock. $50,000.
P27 Market rt.. rooms 321. 322. 323. 324.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.. 927 Market it.
On investments of $100 and upward; no "get-
rich-quick" swindle or gambling -scheme, but
a reputable business estab. 3 years in S. F.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 027 Market st.
A — ICVe refer to 10000 successful clients.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 027 Market st.
$1000 cash and services secure interest and
office of treasurer in an incorporated realty
and Investment company; $150 monthly as-
sured; highest references given and required.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market St.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market at.
Do you wish to enlarge your business, or do
you desire additional capital? If so. we can
furnish you with an active or silent partner
who will Invest from $100 to $50,000; we
have a large number of desirable applicants
on our books seeking good business openings.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market St.
A — Largest brokerage company on Pacific Coast
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market St.
a^ theTIbest investment.
100 shares of gold stock of the Northern Bay
Co.. $25; will be worth $200 by August, 1904.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market st.
FOR sale — Very reasonable; Marln County
right to sell the Kincaid Ideal Washing Ma-
chine; a good opportunity for the right
man. Address box 1506, Call offlce.
FOR SALE— A small hotel. furnished, on
Beach Hill, Santa Cruz; also furnished cot-
l tase for rent. Addrees "J. S.," G<J Wash-
\ lngton st. ,
FOR sale — Stock of poultry and fruit ranch;
17 acres,- JO acres fruit; cheap rent. F.
LEITHMAN. Lincoln ave.. Dimond.
FOR SALE — A general merchandlFe store tn
a good business town In San Joaquln County.
Full particulars box 3637. Call offlce.
GENERAL merchandise store in a growing
town in this State; will Eell whole or half
interest. Box 35SS. Call offlce.
GENERAL merchandise and feed store on N.
P. C. R. R. for sale; will either sell prop-
erty or rent same. Address box 3532. Call.
FURNITURE and hardware store In a live
city in California for sale. Address box
4120. Call office.
CIGAR stand for sale In a good location on
Kearny st. ; stock and cash register; good
cause for selling. Box 4210, Call offlce.
HARDWARE and plumbing business for sale
on cccount of going out of business. Apply
1454 Seventh St., Oakland.
$500^ — FOR sale; bargain; saloon on Sixth St.,
near Folsom. 112 Ellis st., bst 12 & 1. o'clock.
$10,000 CASH only: sawmill in good locality
for sale. Box 158S. Call.
WANTED — Gcod carpenter as partner In Job
shop. 3373 Eighteenth st.
WILL sell paint shop; established trade; free
rent. 1934 Market st. 1
HALF interest old established real estate office
. in Berkeley. P. O. box 162, Oakland.
WANTED— Men with some capital to' take
positions in new company. Box 3503. Call.
GROCERY with bar wanted. Address with
lowest price, box 4232. Call offlce. .-
FOR SALE — Restaurant: good location. Box
3111. -Call offlce. -
DELICATESSEN store for sale; good location
In the MUtslon. . Box. 3014. Call offlce. 5
GROCERY store in East "Oakland for sale;
low rent; stable and yard. Box 3098, Call.
A FIRST-CLASS massage parlor, doing good
bdstnes<:, /or sale cheap. Apply "IS Larkln st.
A BRANCH offlc» of The Call for tbe reception
cf advertisements and subscriDtlons has been
opened at 1008 Market st.. opposite Fifth.
Open until il p. m. .
\ 400 Hearst building, over Examiner entrance.
Modern business methods in fine front of flees.
Phone 'Black 3607. or take elevator to 4th floor.
Uj.-to-da.te title abstract free with every sale.
APARTMENTJJOUSE of 37 rooms; beautifully
ufrnisbed W velvet and blrdseye maple; new
January, 1904; easy terms if requested.
Rooming-house; roomers select business men
who require, quiet and refined surroundings;
<;0 rooms, splendidly furnished; electric ele-
vator, electric lights; a widely known house;
price $5C00; half cash and monthly install-
ments to suit buyer; long lease; the manager
' will-show his books and make sworn state-
ment, that $2S7 was cleared last month.'
MARION GRIFFIN, rm. 406 Examiner bldg.
" " perfect! ~~ ;
PERFECT bandbox of a house; clearing. $143;
24 rooms on Sutter st.; swell: and full of
steady roomers. See MARION GRIFFIN.
rooms; beautifully furnished and full of nice
people; long lease; exact book accounts show
$4<;s profit . monthly. Get full particular* of
SUPERABUNDANTLY furnished Jan., 1904.
31 large sunny rooms — new building — straight
rooming-house.' see? Fine location, near
Geary and Jones; eminently respectable; make
offer to . MARION GRIFFIN.
I -" ~~ SPECIAL, 40. ~~~ r
A 2-story house of 40 rooms; good furnish-
ings; all men roomers; rent $110; clears $156
monthly; reduced to $3000.
RECOMMENDED. 17-room house on Van Ness
ave. for $1500; rent $00; very, little work for
landlady: fine appearing house, inside . and
out; exquisitely furnished in elegant oak and
mahogany; ¦ rich Brussels carpets.
Exclusively with MARION GRIFFIN.
MITCHELL & CO ......... Phone Jessie 29SI
1206 Market st., opposite Sixth. -
• 16 rooms; neat, sunny, two-floor house; rent
$40; sell or exchange: price $650.
20 rm».; choice corner rooming-house; .unex-
celled for transient as well as steady roomera /
25 rooms: well-appointed , housekeeping*
suites; landlady must sell; make offer. .
MITCHELL & CO.. 120(i Market st.
100 ROOMS; tunny corner; rent $125. ...$4500
112 rooms; cUars $350; low rent........ $4500
80 rooms: furniture nearly new.......... $3800
15 rooms;. fine location., north of Market .$900
40 rooms; In Oakland: new; rent $UO...$2oOO
12 rooms; V, cash: cheap rent $000
. Money to loan on furniture. EITEL &
CARROLL. 212 Kearny st. -.."¦-.
10 ROOMS and 2 baths; nicely furnished; rent
$50; clears $40; rents well; leaving city and
must sell. .1126 ¦ Howard st.
SMALL Jodglng-house. 7 rooms and bath; nice-
ly furnished: $250; call afternoons. 230A'
Third st. -
7 ROOMS and bath; clean, desirable home;
$275. COS Taylor Bt.,' near. Post. "-.-.
1»J' ROOMS; rent $S0; water? tree: 2V4-year
lease; 'furnished new; make offer." 323 Taylor.

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