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Steamer. For. Sal It.
Cottace City. Skaguay A Way Ports. Apr. 28
Dlrlgo Pkacway A Way Ports. Apr. 28
J. Dollar Valdrz A Seward Apr. 2fl
Exctlslcr Valdea & Way Ports.. May 1
Humboldt Skagway & Way Ports. May 1
Alkl Skarway A Way Ports. May 5
Farallon . Ekagway A Way Ports. (May 9
Time Ball.
Branch Hydrocraphlc Office. U. S. N., Mer
ohantf* Exchange, San Francisco. Cal.
April 28. 1904.
The Time Ball on the tower of the Ferry
buildl&K was dropped exactly at noon to-day—
4. e.. at noon of the 120th meridian, or at 8
p. m. Greenwich tine. J. C. BURNETT,
Lieutenant, U. S. N., in charge.
Sun. Moon and Tide.
United SUtes Coast and Geodetic Survey—
i CAI.I. «nb«crlber» : oontemplatlnsr • •
chancre of re«ldence. Axxxiax tb.0 jrosunar
months can . hare their paper forwarded
by mall to their new address by nov'fy
ln«r,;, THE CAl.li : Basinen : - Offlc » . , This
paper will also b« on tal« at all «ummer
resorts and la represented by a local
ajrtnt • In . all towns oa the coast.
from Yokohama, for San Francisco. ... i. .'y'-'
MAKAWELI— Balled Apr. 2«— Hark Edward
May. for Ron Francisco,
MANILA— Sailed Apr 26— U S Blmr Burn
side, for Beattle. . •
C17XHAVEN— Sailed Apr 12— Ger bark
Anna, for J Portia nd. ' - » -.
VENTNOR— Parsed Apr 23— 1-V nhip Made
lalne,.from Po'rt Blakeley, for Queenstown.
WALMER— Arrived Apr 24— Fr bark Charles
Gounod, from Portland. Or.
PANAMA— Arrived Apr 3 — Stmr Peru, hence
Mar 12, to sail Apr 12 for San Francisco.
ANTWERP — Sailed Apr 24— Ur ship Mat
terhorn. for San Francisco.
ALGOA BAY— Sailed Apr 11— Br ehlp Coun
ty of Inverness, for San Francisco, via New
castle. Aus. ...
Sailed Apr 3— Br bark Battle Abbey, for
Newcastle. Aus. i
NANAIMO — Sailed Apr 20 — Nor stmr Ti
tnnia. for San Francisco.
NEWCASTLE, AtJS.— Arrived Apr 26— Fr
bark Notre Dame d'Arvor, from Marltius. :
KILRUSH— Arrived Apr 20— Br ship Mon
barks, henco Dec .28. •¦ ....... . ,.,:
MAZATIiAK— Sailed Apr 23— Stmr Curacao,
for San FrancSeco.
GLASGOW— Arrived Apr 20 — Stmr Furncs
sla. from- New York. ¦ ¦ -¦
ANTWERP— Arrived Apr 20— Stmr Kroon
land. from New , York. .
NEW YORK — Sailed Apr 26— Stmr Noor
dnm. for Rotterdam, via Boulogne; stmr Kai
ser Wilhelm der GroBgc, for Plymouth. Ch^r
imurK and Bremen; stnir Sardlgna, : for Nai
pies and Genoa.
PT. JOHNS, N. F. — Arrlved-Apr 26 — Stmr
Carthapenian, from Liverpool, for Halifax and
Phliadtlr-hla. ! . v
NAPLES— Sailed Apr. 26— Stmr Citti di Mi
lano, for New York; stmr MontBerrat, for New
York. . ¦ '¦ . "¦•¦-•¦.
GENOA— Sailed Apr 23— Stmr Llgua, for
New -York. .-¦• ¦ " ;' : < • - : ': '¦¦' '¦• . ' ... .-..;
LIVERPOOL — Sailed Apr 2rt— Stmr Trltonla.
for St.-. John. -.N. 13. : etmr Ivernia, .for Bos
ton, . via Queenatown. . "v -, ¦ ¦ . i, , <
Arrived - Apr 20^-Stmr " Lake Erie, from St.*
Jobn, N. B. • . .
. PALERMO— Sailed Apr 8— Stmr SIcilla. for
Newt-York.- ;.. : ..'' -.. '-. ! ¦¦;-:-_¦-¦ ,, ... • -,
-. GLASGOW— Arrived Apr 25— Stmr- Onta-'
rian; from -Portland, via Queenstown.
( MANCHESTER— Sailed- Apr h 25— Stmr Bos
tonian, for Boston. \ ' .' ¦ -^ffi^ff^JBSffrnBBBl
Etean-.«r. ] Destination. j Sails, j Pier.
April 37. I |
Empire Coos H. &. Pt. Orfd]12 mlPier 13
Czarina Coos Bay direct. ..( 5 pmjPler 8
Oregon I Astoria & Portlandlll amlPler 24
Aurelia J Astoria & Portland C pm'Pier 2
Argo Eel nivtr Ports... 4 pmjPier 2
San Pedro.. Humboldt 4 pmiPier 2
Arctic Humboldt 9 am | Pier 2
April 28. I
Centralia... Los Anrelec Ports. 10 amlPler 10
Eureka Humboldt 0 am Pier 13
Pomo Pt. Arena ft Albion 6 pmiPier 2
Pomona Humboldt l:80pPler 9
State of Cal San Diego A Way. B amlPier 11
Jeanle Beattle A Tacoma. 5 pmiPier 20
G. Linda ucr Grays Harbor 1 pmiPier —
April 29. /. ¦-'¦ |
North Fork/ Humbcldt 5 pmjPler 20
Nevadan...) Hono. & Kahulul. 5 pmiPier 23
Bonita | Newport A Way.. 9 am Pier 11
April 30.
Elizabeth.. Coquillt PJver ..;. 5 pm Pier 20
Pt. Arena..! Point Arena .., 4 pm Pier 2
City Panair.l N. Y. via Pabama 12 ml Pier 40
City Puebla ¦ Pugrt Sound Ports. 11 am Pier 9
Itainler : Beattle A Whatcom 4 pn> Pier 10
K. Barbara. Sfattle A Olympla. 4 pm Pier 2
Chehalls... Grays Harbor Pier 2
Kay 1.
Fpokane Huraboldt l:30pPler fl
B. Rosa.... San Dlpgo A Way. 0 am Pier 11
May a.
F.H.Lergctl Honolulu direct Pier —
G. W. Elder! Astoria «: Portland 11 am Pier 24
Alliance ; Eureka & Coos B. 5 pmiPier 10
I May 3. I
6. Crux . San Pedro A Way. 0 amlPler 11
Kay 5. I
TJmatllla... Fum Sound Ports. 11 amlPler 8
Sierra gydney. ft Way... 2 pm Pier T
May 7. |
Monrolla... China A Japan I 1 pm Pier 40
Acapulco... N. Y. via Panama. 12 m Pier 40
Curacao Mexican Ports |io amjpjer 11
Justice of the Peace "Daniels yes
terday triea the case of 'Eva Kingman.
who sued Fred Barman, a machinist,
for- $150 wages as housekeeper at 1047
Mission street. The plaintiff averred
that her services for six, weeks were
reasonably worth the amount named,
but Harman testified that he had paid
her enough when he had turned over
his weekly salary to her to pay the
household expenses, Harman said
that he had tired of the agreement,
hut Miss Kingman would not leave un
til she had been reimbursed and he
found it necessary to call in the police
and a patrol wagon • to remove her
from the premises. v Judge Daniels re
served his decision. ;
Housekeeper Sues for Damages.
The rttamer G»c:i^ ratird ymterday for
Hongkong Ma Honolulu and Yokohama with
r sunrrat merchandise rargo valuf-d at $."12.
•93. Mcclusive €if treasure, to be dcstrlbuted as
fi.ilows: Kor Jepan. $1SJS.U*2; Cbtna. (111.US7;
ft ,i:ji;.iiu Ialands. $3131; East Indt«a. $2*1(0;
Korea. f271C; Fort Natal, South Africa. (4500;
Slant. $107. The leading exports were as ful
To .Japan — 431 pkgs electric strict railway
r.sarerls.1 (valued nt $3R.o(Ki), COO bale* cotton.
4(fO rteel rails. MO bbls flour. C720 ct'n bar
;o>-. CS pkc* crr,r'»rl'»s and provisions. «25 lbs
•uttir. li<2 •» canned goods, S-i pkgs tal>!e prep
i>rstiur< ~:i> ?* canned nlmon, :ii*.0.V» lbs 15
. >¦» meals. I23O lb* salt. 000 ibr chocolate, GCQ
' M*. bop*. 10»K) lb» raisins. 1003 lb» Imtter. 15US
»»•? ham and bacon. 40 cs syrup. 10 cs whisky.
&J.."X7 fu1« alcohol, W3 tals wine. ] 05,400 !bi
t.^ntmrk. CSO rolls 12 re leather. W pkjn nail*,
C4 o» rul)b<»T roods. X*0 pl:jrs blcyc>s and sui:
<".r'«»«. H7 pkKtt *!ertrlcal supplies. 27 pkgs car
i.'»t'-"al. 2M en ttnfoil. 7* pkgs marhlnery.»
iJ* r<kp-i> dry 4rnwlp. 20 pltg« drugs and eun
¦''•'*>. . r ". n paints. 19 rktr* plumhins material.
¦>A flnfk« qu1rk»t1ver. 17 o» boots and *hoe*.
.••*>1.«-4S -b> Me i»ad. CT..C5P ibs sh^t lead. 227
I.- * ernp. 500 bxs rand!e«.
To Chins— lOCrn bhls flour. 35.43f! lb« b»an«.
•l.'JW fcWir t**f. :<<xt4 «-s assorti'd canned roods. I
T<t r+r'-erocertri. and pra\lslcns. 51O lbs
hem ez-.<i Kacon. l»M0 lbs rb^e^e. C5 pkgs frenh
f.-u«t*. 123 rkC* table preparat'onr. 2703 lbs j
fuc«r. 31 r» canned ralmon. <B03 Ibn codfish, j
122 pkg» rickled fiFh. 7 rn *yrup. .V*n |hi 7 ci
meal*. 3U4.1 lbF dried fruit. &77.1 lbs dried p<»as, |
:W> lbs ralrlns. 22 cs llquo**. 6 cr champagne. |
?3 <r whisky. SO cs brendy. 5 m wine. ROO I
ll>f- t>*ari barley. C03 Ibs rinreng. 3«1 en roanu- I
fartnird tnbacrn. C*T.x ib« rtar-h 2« pigs
rirucs and sundries. 2r.l7 IVjk drlrd rlsh. 04 rolU
Ipatbe--. IS j>kgi> rubber tfoortn. K0 pkg* mn
cntnery. 15 c* bocts nnd ehoeg, 9 c» arms !
and ammunition. C cs dry goods, TiOfl Ibs but
ter. SS9 lbs nuts.
To l*h ill j>n!r.e Inlands — SO c* wine. U500 Ibs
n&r*.. 1 cs canned poods. 1 cs rubber roods.
2 pkgs eJ«1rical supplies. 3 r% <ir>- eooda, 3
rfcc* rnachlnery. 3 w boots and *hr.*s.
To i:«it Indie*— «28 <•»¦ aiim»rt«>d carimKl good*,'
75 cs canacd salmon, C70 lbs 1 cs dried fruit, j
The Gaelic'^ Carjro.
Th« eteamer S«-nator sailed on Monday for
Victoria with an assorted merchancllne cargo
consigned to the port of destination and the
principal British Columbian ports valued at
S25.U49 and Including the following: 1250 bb!»
beef 1091 pkrs fresh fruits. 12tS pkg* frorh
\eccUtleji. 31.870 lb* dried fruit. 4819 lbs
bc-aiis. 2230 ii.s talRins. 11,435 lbs malt. 200
lbs tioos, 7!Ki |b« chocolate, 7121 lb« coffee,
1725 «» butter. S»O Ibr 2 cs che<»e. 250 ea4r
wine, 20.C00 Ib5 salt. 4600 lbs meals. 254 lbs
bota. <-<¦* lbs glucose. 23 pkgs table prrpara-
Ijcns. 3 pkgs paste. 6 pkgs potatoes. B74 lbs
dried l^h. 5 pkrs groceries and provisions, .>:I5
Ib» tohaccn. K4 pci »teel, 3 pkgs dry goodt.,
474."i lbs bluPFtnnr. <t flasks quicksilver. 25
• f arrur and ammunition. 30 roll* building
paper, H T>k<rs wire. 3 pkgs machinery. 2 cyis
iras. Z bdls iron i>Ipe.
Exports for the Xorth.
The FYeitrh bark Marguerite LVtllfu* (at
Tacoma), which was twice chartered prior tv»
arrival. Is 'ree, having micsed hot canceling
Th* schooner David Evans is chartered for
li-rober from Portland to Shanghai or Kaichou
c ftt 40s^w1th option of Manila at $10 50.
The cark Nuuar.u, now at Honolulu, wlil
lr*d sugar there for Delaware Breakwater or
New*. Terk. snd th* bark \V. B. Flint Will
load ren^ral cargo her<> for Honolulu.
Shipping Mereliants,
Matters of Interest to Mariners and
The schooner Newark, which arrived yester
day, had to come away from Timber Cove
%lth only part, of a cargo, on account of bad
The xteamship Curacao will not get here un
til Saturday. She left Masatlan April 23.
The Japanese steamship America Maru was
docked yesterday at the Pacific Mall wharf,
taking the berth vacated by the Gaelic.
Wnter Front Notes.
Steamer. j From. I Due.
Rainier j Seattle & Whatcom Apr. 27
Elizabeth Coqullle River Apr. 28
Curacao I Mexican Ports Apr. 28
Centralla j Grays Harbor j Apr. 28
Santa Rosa.. J San Diego & Way Pts.jApr. 28
Point Arena .. I Mendocino & Ft. Arena lAcr. 2S
Rival | Kan Pedro [Apr. 28
£pckane ' Humboldt 'Apr. ?»
G. W. Elder..! Portland & 'Astoria |Apr. 29
Tltania. • Nanatmo i Apr. 29
Alliance ' Portland & Way Ports, i Apr. 30
Enterprise . . . Hllo I Apr. 30
Santa Cruz... Han Pedro & Way Pis. I Apr. 20
S. Barbara ... San Pedro ,..!Aor. 30
Chehalis I San Pedro |Arr. 30
T'matilla : Puget Sound Ports ...,May 1
Argo | Eej Riv«x Ports IMay 1
Eureka , Humboldt (May 1
Centennial...] Seattle A Tacoma IMay S
State of Cal. .1 San Diego tc Way Pts.lMay 2
Pomona ¦. Humboldt JMay 2
Acapulco ; New York via Panama. [May 2
China I Ohlna & Japan IMay 3
Pomo .Point Arena & Albion.'May 3
Peru New York via Panama. -May 4
Oregon | Portland &. A«torta IMay 4
Bonita ¦¦ Newport & Vay Ports. May 4
North Fork...: Humbcldt ::!>5ay 5
Newburg. .. . I Orays Harbor (May 0
Coronado ( Orays Harbor May 5
R.Monica I «Irsys Harbor (May 5
Senator i Puget Sound Porte iMay ti
HONOLULU— Arrived Apr 29— Stmr China,
ASTORIA — Arrived Apr 20— Etrnr Nome
City, hence An 23.
Arrived Apr 20 — Schr Virginia, hence Apr 15
Arrived Apr 26 — Br ship Rajore, from
PORT BLAKELEY— Arrived Apr 2fr— Schr
Blakeley, hence Apr 16.
PORT TOWN/SEND— Sailed Apr 26— Br ship
Crompton. for- Port Plrie.
EUREKA- Arrived Apr 28— gtmr tipokane
hence Aj>r 25. . '
PaiUd Apr 26— Etmrs North Fork nnd Eu
reka,'for San Francisco. . \
PORT GAMBLE— Sailed Apr 20— Sslir AlU-e
Cooke, for San Francisco; §chf Gambl'', for
Port I.udlcw.
TATOOSH— Passed out Apr 2G— Nor fitmr Tl
tanla, from Nanalmo, for Ban Francisco -
Passed In Apr 20 — Chil. ship Othello", from
Honolulu. " ;'• ¦¦ :
SAiJ PEDRO— ArrH-ed Apr .26 — Sc'.ir E JJ
Jackson, from Astoria; schr Mabel Gale from
Astoria; schr Novelty, from Grays Harbor
Arrived Apr 20— Bktn George C. Perkins
from Eureka.
Sailed Apr 2C — Schr Dora Bluhm. for Eu
reka: schr Cecelia Sudden, for Willapa Har
bor. - - *
SEATTLE — Sailed Apr 26— SUnr. City of Se
attle, for Skagway.
REDONDO — Arrived Apr 25 — Stmr Chehalls
from Gray* Harbor. ~b <¦",:' •
Arrived Apr 26 — Sttnr Santa Barbara, from
Port Lo» An^flee. .• .
- Sailed Apr 26 — Stmr Francis H. Liggett, for
San Francisco. • .
GRAYS HARBOR— Arrived Apr „. 26 — Sch-
Orient. hence Apr 13. ... . .¦¦.'.
TACOMA — Arrived Apr • 26— Stmr Tremont,
from' Yokohama. ,-" -.. -'-.'i . t .
Sailed Apr 20— Btmr., Edith, for. J»ort Los
Anreles. . ¦ ¦'..¦ . , . . \
PORT LOS ANGELES— Arrived Apr 26— Ger
ehlp Rclnbck, from , San Pedro. , . ¦ , .
Apr 3 — In lat 3 N. long 2S W, Fr bark Mar
echal de Villars, hence Jan 0, for Queenstown.
Apr 20 — In lat 47 N, long -8 W, Fr bark
Anne de Bretagne, from Hamburg, for Santa
Apr 20— In lat 40 X, long 8 W.'Ger baik
PalUx, from Hamburg, for Santa RoKalla.
POINT LOBOS, April 20, 10 p. m.— Weather
cloudy; wind NW, velocity 20 miles per, hour.
Tuesday; April 20.
Br' ftmr Gaelic. Finch. Hongkong.
Stmr Sequoia, McClements. Willapa Harbor.
Stmr Maggie. Corning, Halfmoon Bay.
Stmr "VV. H. Kruger, Bowdich. Kurcka.
fitmr South Coaot. Olsen. Caspar.
Stmr Grace Dollar, OUcn, Grays Harbor,
and not Apr 25 as reported.
Stmr Gl;iey, Lcland, Santa Cruz.
Stmr Santa Monica. Olsen, Grays Harbor.
8tmr Cclla, Nordrtcrg. Albion.
Stmr Westport. Smith, Eureka.
Bark Vldette, Bergman. Fort Bragg.
Schr Dauntless, Smith. Grays Harbor.
Schr C. A. Klooe. Gruggel. Grays Harbor.
Schr Mary Etta, Nyman, Sluslaw River.
Tuesday, April 26.
Br «tmr Gaelic, Finch. Honolulu. Yokohama
acd Hongkehg; O. & O. S. S. Co.
Stmr President, Anderson, Bristol Bay;
Alaska Packers* Association.
Ptmr Oregon, Doran, Astoria; O R & N Co.
Ship Balclutha. Bremer. Lndysmlth; A'aska
Packers' Apeociallon.
Bark Gatherer, Kelly, Alltak; Alaska Pack
ers' Association.
Tuesday, April 26.
Stmr' Pomona. Swansen. 17 hours from Eu
Stmr Shasta, Hansen, 4'i days from Bel
lin~ham Bay.
Stmr Pomo, Ahlln. 12 hours from Albion, via
Point Arena.
Stnir Brunswick, Ellefsen. 14 hours from
Fort BrasB.
Stmr Bee, Wellman, 4 days from Grays Har
Stmr City of Puebla, Jepsen, 63 hours from
Stair Aberdeen, Daniels. W hours from Port
land, bound south, put In to land passengers.
Stmr Bonita, Glelow, 52 hours from San
Peiro and way aorts.
Bktn Makaweli, Nielsen, 12 days from Ts
Fchr W. F. Witremann, Peterson, 10 dbys
from Astoria.
Schr Newark, Reinertson, 12 hours from
Timber Cove.
Schr A. B. Johnson, Segelhorst, 12 days
from Gray* Harbor.
Schr John F. Miller, Hansen. 7 days from
Siurlaw River.
Schr Guide, Olson, 11 days from Grays Har
.Shipping Intelligence.
Movements of Steamers.
13 pkgs groceries and provision*. 20 half bbls
perk. 15 Uegs beef. 125 lbs ra'.sin*, « pkgs
machinery. 14 i>kg? building material.
To Korea — 25 casks bottle beer. 29 pkgs ma
chinery. C cs boots and shoe?. 3 cs electrical
To Tort Natal. South Africa — C pkgs agricul
tural Incitements.
NOTE — In the above exposition of the tld»s
the early morning tides arc given in the left
hand column and the successive tides of the
day in the order of occurrence as to time; the
fourth time column givey the last tide of the
day. except when tture are but three tides, as
sornctimos occurs. Th» heights given are In
addition to the foundings of the United States
Court Surrey charts, except when a minus (— )
sign precedes the height and then the number
given Is Lubtraeted from th? depth given by
th»* charts. The plane of reference is the mean
of the lower low waters.
When the case of William Noon, an
ex-convict, charged with burglary, was
called for trial in Judge Cook's court
yesterday -his 'attorney, utter-, the I in
formation had been read to the jury,
raised the objection that he had not
been furnished with. a correct copy in
accordance with the Penal Code. ,
In the original information the de
fendant had been charged with ¦ six
prior' convictions, but' In the copy
handed to defendant's attorney there
were only five priors charged. When
the defendant was arraigned en March
11 he waived his right to have an exact
copy of the priors, and it was so re
corded, but when the Information was
read yesterday there were only five
priors alleged instead of six.
The Judge said' it was a felony to
tamper with a public document, and
he wanted to know who had done it.
Of course, the rights of the defendant
were not abridged, as he had been
charged with less priors than stood
against his name, but that was not the
Evidence was taken, but nothing was
elicited to show who had made the
alteration, and the trial was proceeded
with and will be resumed this morn
ing. Noon is accused of entering the
room of C. Heuser at 503 Mason street
on January 21.
Information Found to Have .Been
' Tampered With, Which "Judge
Cook Declares a Felony.
. Of the 4500 paper mills in the world.
Asia has but nineteen and Africa but
Sun rises .•*. .*i:lS
Sun eets 6:C»(
Moon sets 3:51 a. m.
C |Tlir.e! ITime! ITimel iTimei
I | j Ft. ! Ft. i 1 Ft. 1 Ft.
• il, wj ;h wi l^_^j 1" w|
o 7 I 3-is! o.S! ¦••:« B-i| :!:22 l-"* fl:51 5 "
2S ' 4:04| O.:{ 10:43 5.2 4:07 l.«ilO:8O 5.!(
29 44:60— O.I 11 :«0 5.2 4:48 1.8!ll:O7 5.8
aO j 6:38— O..V12::52 fi.O 5:30 2.2)11:47 5.8
1 i «:25| — 0.4 1:23! 4.9i «:12 2.6
H W b W II W "L, W
X i 0-25! S 7 7M">!— O-4I 2:17 4.7 fi:57 3.0
3 I 1:C7| 5.4! 8:02—0.2: 3:12 4.C| 7:4C 3.2
Overdue !-;nk Arrives
Tlie French ! a'k Notre Dame d'Arvor. on
which 15 jut cert reinsurance had been paid,
arrived yestrrday at Newcaetle. Australia. 42
«^ays from Xauritiua. Tht Drltinh ehip Englc
l:orn. loaded wtth coal oil. is now out 229 days
ircrci Philadelphia for Fausan and the .under
vriter* art beginning to manifest same anxiety
for hrr safety. Ht rale of reinsurance has
been advanced to lo per cent. The Umona
Is etill on the board, at SO per cent. The L,a
mcrlcicre is quoted at 45 snd the Alba at 10
The OciI3T.tn! ar.d Oriental Steamship Com
5 ary'e lintr Gaelic, Captain William Firch.
ti.i'.f-il yesterday for th«» Orient with passen
»-cm «n*-3M» ion* of carjro, of which 3«00 long
:* lor .1 ., j.r. Th* freight Includes machinery,
iailroi.il iron, lead and barlry. The OkcUe
. arneJ yixfy »Thir.«^e end twenty Japanese pa»
s-vneers. AaicnB her cabin passengers were
lite DDllOWtns name«i:
F-jjs Yr.k.ihame — Mis* E. Franklin.
fhanehai — EL S. Adamr. Mr*. II. S. Adams.
Ho:igkun>; — Tath'-r Agrada. Mins Francs
yrccmen J'au! II. Kicuc. Mrr. 1'aul H. Kins,
\\\ II. Wlckham, Mr*. M. A. Wtlkes.
«aelic Tak«»s Rig Cargo.
• -As reported i:: The Call of April 1L
¦ he Pacific Mail Company's steamship
«'olon .broke her back whfn she was
run ashore at Acajutla. and will prove
a * Via! loss. A dispatch received yes
*i?rday from the Central American port
Ktatts? that <"aptain Irvine has aban
•inneQ hope of K>vinET the vesrel. He
< xjiect's. however, to lar.d all the cargo
and will strip tho wreck of everything
¦ movable that is of value before aban
doning her.
Captain Irvine has made a contract
for the recover;' of the carpo whereby
ihe salverr get one-half of the proceeds
of all th^y save.
Time and Height of High and Low Waters
at' Fort Point, entrance to San Ftanclsco
Bay. Published by official authority of
ih>> Superintendent.
NOTE— The high and low waters occur at
the city front (Mfsslon-ftrept wharf) about 25
mlnuteg later than at Fort Point; the height
of tide is the Fame at both places.
A final request was_ made by Grady
that the witnesses in the case be called
so that he might have an opportunity
of resubpenaing them. .. Their, names
were called but none answered, and at
Grady's request bench warrants were
issued against I. W. Hellman Jr..
Charles J. Deering, Minnie L. Whitney,
Nora Kenealv, Dr. George H. Martin
and Dr. George F. Shiels.
Grady then asked that the trial be
postponed for ninety days and the
Judge promptly denied the request,
continuing the case till Friday morn
ing, and hinting that he might not at
that time accept the interrogatories
for Mrs. Coit. ; '
Grady confessed that he had not and
the Judge warned him to have them
filed with the District Attorney before
Friday morning.
"I want you to be more respectful in
your attitude toward the court," re
torted the Judge sharply. "Have you
the interrogatories ready?"
Attorney W. D. Grady, who repre
sents Alexander B. Garnett. charged
with the murder of Major. J. W. Mc-
Clung, was sharply rebuked by Judge
Lawlor yesterday for his lack of re
spect to the .'" court. ' Grady • wisely
changed his attitude, but the Judge
showed by his manner that he will not
soon forget the attorney's offense. '
The case was on the. calendar yester
day for presentation of the interroga
tories to be submitted, to Mrs. Eliza
beth Hitchcpek-Coit in Paris, France.
When it was called Grady said he
wanted the reporter's notes read as to
the interrogatories presented for .Dr.
A. H. Garnett of Colorado Springs,
which he believed were 'missing.
"The matter before the court," in
terrupted the Judge, "is the presenta
tion of interrogatories for Mrs. Coit.
Confine yourself to that."
"Well," said Grady, as he turned his
back on the Judge, "I have been ac
cused of muzzling: with the papers in
this case and I "want it straightened
"Dis bloke is nifty if he finks I was
a-goin' ter stab him," i said the defend
ant to Judge Cabaniss/ "Wot does he
take me for-r-a daffy dat would kermit
murder T to save a nickel? I pulled out
der knife so dat I could explore de cor
ners ; of de pocket, an* *\de\ blade \waa
open < 'cause' de: spring , was on de.bumi
Dat'srthe troot," Judge." \ >— '
.' ;'I'm inclined to accept your plea, Mr.
Dougherty,'', said the court," - "because
I can hardly believe that; a gentleman
of yourJ, oft-proven ¦-; business acumen
"Happy" Dougherty, newsboy, board
ed, a southbound car on Kearny street
Monday afternoon- and serenely rode
along until he was requested to pay
fare. Then came to his mind recollec
tion of having deposited all his cash
for safekeeping in the hands of a
trusted friend. , yv
"Say," he remarked to the conductor,
"I forgot me cash,' but I guess you
knows dat I'll pay yer when yer sees
me ag*in."
"Pay or get off," was the angrily
delivered, ultimatum.
V "Happy": thrust a hand into a | trou
sers pocket In despairing; hope of find
ing ; a - nickel," but ' instead of a coin it
was a diapidated penknife with open
blade that.he drew out. .Then the con
ductor, summoned a' policerrian and had
"Happy" - arrested .for displaying, a
dangerous weapon * in ;a ' threatening
• • *
The charge against William A. Cleve,
a streetcar conductor whose 1 " vehicle ran
down a wom&n at Market and Powell
streets last Monday,' was also stricken
from the calendar by Judge Mogan, it
being shown that the men commanding
the car were In nowise responsible for
the accident.
"Certainly not," Frank replied.
"Then there is nothing else for me to
do than strike the. case from the
calendar," said his Honor.
"If the police swear to a complaint
will you prosecute?" inquired the
Frank Casement, who was shot in
the groin l»y his brother William about
a couple of weeks ago, appeared before
Judge Mogan and stated that he would
not swear to a complaint charging at
tempt to murder, as he believed the
shooting was accidental.
• • *
It was the quality of the butter
served by A. Pappageorge, a Third
street restaurateur, to Joseph Oleson
and two unknown shipmates that really
started the rumpus, ' although other
viands ordered by the trio were not
approved by them. They grumbled at
cracked crab, but managed to get away
with it, and they commented upon the
resilience of the steak dished up to
each of them, but it was the butter that
prompted the actual revolt.
"Take it away," groaned the sailors
three, each firmly clasping his ndstrils
with one hand and waving the other
deprecatingly toward the- butter. Mr.
Pappageorge, whose wrath had steadily
been accumulating, retorted by telling
them to go away. Then each of them
struck him below the left eye and
haughtily stalked out of the shop. Mr.
Oleson was the only one of them that
the policeman summoned by Mr. Pap
pageorge could catch and he will be
given a hearing by Judge Mogan on
May 2. "
Frederick Day. alias- "Jack" Davis,
was convicted of insulting a little girl,
and Judge Cabaniss sentenced him to
six months' imprisonment. There are
two other ' charges of similar tenor
against the defendant.
Mrs. Cordelia Botkin spent about an
hour of yesterday morning in Judge
Conlan's court awaiting a decision in
the case charging her with having mur
dered Mrs. Ida Henrietta Deane of Del
aware, and after it was announced that
her attorney, Reese Clark, was un
avoidably detained out of town and
could not appear before this morning,
the famous prisoner was returned to
the Branch County Jail.
During her sojourn in court Mrs. Bot
kin saw Fred Tpbelmann, accused of
killing his wife, examined and remand
ed to the Superior Court to answer for
murder. She did not seem at all im
pressed by seeing another placed in a
position similar to that which she has
so long occupied.
• • •
In his sworn complaint Mr. Ososki
accused Mr. Dux of deliberately smit
ing him, and Mr. Dux produced wit
nesses to prove that the blow received
by Mr. Ososki was from the teeth of
Mr. Dux's horse as the animal was
swung suddenly around by Its* rider.
Mr. Ososki could not produce sufficient
evidence to offset the defense, so the
case was dismissed. Then about a
hundred male residents of the San
Bruno district flocked to the corridors
to congratulate Mr. Dux or condole
with Mr. Osogki, as predilection dic
tated. And it Is whispered the end is
not ret.
A horse, a cow and ¦ two men were
involved in the fracas which occurred
in the San Bruno district last Mon
day and engaged Judge Cabaniss' at
tention yesterday morning. Battery
was the charge, with I. Ososki as com
plainant and James Dux as defendant.
- Mr. Dux i3 a vaquero, and was
mounted o'n hi3 most trusty broncho
as he drove an erratic cow along the
San Bruno road. When he stopped to
talk to a friend the cow wandered on
and* drifted into the "truck" garden
owned by Mr. Ososki. where she was
ruthlessly reveling amid the choicest
vegetables when Mr. Ososki perceived
her, deftly roped her and started drag
ging her pcundward. While thus en
gaged he was overtaken by Mr. Dux,
who demanded that his bovine treasure
be released. Mr. Ososki recounted her
adventure in the "truck" garden, ap
praised the vegetables she had eaten
and trampled upon and asked Mr. Dux
if he were ready to pay for the dam
ages. Mr. Dux retorted by grasping
the halter held by Mr. Ososki, who
resolutely refused to release it, and in
the struggle for possession that ensued
the cow was hauled and mauled all
over the road and Mr. Ososki received
a blow on the forehead which retired
him from circulation and settled the
After vainly endeavoring to make his
saloon business profitable, -' . Kifka
Abrams Sold -it to Henry Applebaum,
who immediately began to rake in more
than sufficient cash to cover his ex
penses. -;• Klfka then went to Henry and
proposed that the establishment be re
turned to. him at the same price, he had
accepted for it, but Henry, knowing a
good thing when he had it. respect
fully declined and twitted Kifka on his
lack' of commercial ability. . This . an
gered Klfka. who smote Henry, v for
which he was arrested and charged
with battery. Judge ,Mbgan has the
case scheduled for next Friday.
Judge Fritz sent three defendants to
answer in the Superior Court. Louis
Pacheco, who took his fiancee out shop
ping and then stole a pair. of earrings
valuedat $10, while he had about. $1300
with which to buy betrothal gifts, is
held in $1000 for grand larceny; Jacob
Schubener, for •' conducting a bunko
game on Dupont street, by which Stan
islaus Bochek was swindled out of
about $S00, is held in $3000; Arthur Phil
lips, for robbing, the apartment of a
woman residing on Geary street, is held
in $2000. v^';:.;;-; :
Mr. Johnson bowed in affirmation.
"Then I'll. give each of you six mon —
but, no; the gastronomic, disturbance
created by claret at 5 cents a quart is
sufficient punishment. Begone!" ,
. Three jolly quarrymen— John John
son, Georgp Casey and John Casey —
were found slumbering, side by side,
upon a Sacramento-street sidewalk, be
tween Montgomery and Kearny, at 2:30
o'clock yesterday morning, and when
Policeman McGrane had told Judge Mo
gan of how helplessly drunk they were
Mr. Johnson applied for and was grant
ed permission to speak.
"May it please the court," he began,
"on behalf of the two gentlemen who
were arrested with me I concede that
we had been drinking wine — " <
"White or red?" inquired his Honor.
"Black," was the rejoinder. "If was
claret, and it cost us five a quart."
"Dear me, that must have been great
tipple— imported, of course?" and the
court involuntarily smacked its lips, as
the connoisseur tastes a rich vintage.
"He means 5 cents a quart — not $5,
your Honor," Bailiff Hickey whispered,
making a megaphone of his hand.
"What? Is this true?"
Kate Gallagher, chronic vagrant, al
ternately sobbed and chuckled as she
stood before Judge Fritz for the
'steenth time on the same old charge.
"Kate, your temperament is like this
April weather — smiles and tears," said
his Honor, by way of preface to pro
nouncing a three months' sentence.
• • •"
Louis. Robinson (colored) hobbled on
one leg and a crutch to the bench -of
Judge Mogan, the other neither limb
terminating at the knee. He was
charged with vagrancy and the charge
was fully proved. '^'
"As you have only one leg,", said the
Judge, "I will give you only one day
in Jail. If you had two legs I'd give
you two days.
"Den," said Louis, with a cheerful
grin, "t'ank de Lo'd I ain't a center
pede." -
The boy had been arrested and de
tained on information from Portland
to the effect that . a youth of his de
scription had run away from home and
his parents wanted him back. Police
Officer Flynn, whose complexion and
features are more suggestive of Scan
dinavian ancestry than Celtic nativity,
visited the lad in his cell and endeav
ored to inveigle him into a betrayal of
"Hello, Johnny," was the sleuth's
greeting. "I have been sent from Port
land to get you."
"Aw, you git out," said the "kid,"
shrewdly eying his visitor's blonde
hair and eyebrows.
"It's the truth," said Flynn.
"Wotyer giviniz?" I'm from Portland,
an" I know dey wouldn't have a Swede
cop dere." v
"Now, what th* divil did th' brat
mane?" Flynn inquired, after he had
reported the interview to his sergeant.
Eppinger was originally accused of
assault with; a deadly weapon by
smashing either a bottle or a seltzer
siphon on the head of '.George Greco,
night clerk in the Ellis-street apart
ment house in which the defendant
lived. The charge j was subsequently
reduced to simple battery, , the prose
cution having failed to definitely es
tablish the, kind of weapon with which
the assault was committed. • . •
When, the .case of "Peck" Eppinger,
charged with battery, Twas i 'called fn
Judge Fritz* court there was i no re
sponse from the defendant, > and his
Honor, was ¦ informed that Mr. Eppin
ger had departed for Chicago with his
brother, a race-horse man. A bench
warrant was accordingly issued for his
arrest and his $10 bail declared for
feited. ". : ; ¦'."¦•' ''¦;:¦' " -: . ;
"These teamsters have no means of
knowing, the difference 'between an
open . thoroughfare and a:boulevard."
said his Honor, "and their .plea of ig
norance that they were trespassing
must be accepted. I hope ; the Board
of Works will: pay. some . attention to
this matter and thus prevent, the ar
rest of men. who do not . know they
are breaking' the law." ., ¦'. :
Another group of teamsters who had
been arrested for violating the boule
vard ordinance by steering their horses
over • the South Park Settlement oval
were dismissed by Judge Mogan, who
took occasion to remark that the Board
of Works is really responsible for all
such arrests by neglecting topdst con
spicuous signboards at the^entrance to
the. .boulevards. ¦"•/•• .'. < / ; -
and: notoriously genial; temperament
would willfully invite hanging for the
sake of 5 cents.- You are dismissed."
Witnesses Fail to Appear
and Bench Warrants Are
Issued for Their Arrest
Margaret T. Butler is not entitled to
a decree granting her separate main
tenance from her husband, William A.
Butler of the contracting firm of
Thomas Butler & Son. After they had
quarreled and separated Butler wrote
to his wife and asked her to return
to him. .She paid no attention to his
letters, but filed suit for support, claim
ing that he had deserted her. The fact
of Butler's writing the letters came out
yesterday during the hearing of Mrs.
Butler's suit, and Judge Hebbard, with
out hearing any further evidence, or
dered a dismissal of the action.
• For the second time within two years
has James C. Christensen been denied
a divorce from Emily C. Christensen.
Two years ago he failed to prove that
his wife was guilty of treating him
cruelly, and in the second action, com
menced two months ago; and. which
was heard by Judge Hunt last week,
he again failed to prove that he was
entitled to a decree. A dismissal of the
action was ordered by the Judge.
Judge Graham yesterday annulled the
marriage of John P. Burke to Laura
, Burke. The annulment was granted
because at the time of the marriage
Mrs. Burke had not been divorced from
her first husband, L. H. Bailey, for
the period of one year, as the law re
quires. Burke is a Market street sa
Divorces were granted to Pauline
Hopkins from John L. Hopkins for
cruelty, Jennie A. Gayetty from Ed
ward P. Gayetty for desertion, Annie
K. M. Schwinderlauf from Ccmrad F.
W. Schwinderlauf for cruelty and Eva
S. Rhodes from Alvin W. Rhodes for
Suits for divorce were filed by Laura
B. Worden against Albert N. Worden
for desertion, Edward Iverson' against
Edith Iverson for desertion, Lena Fava
against John J. Fava for cruelty. The
resa B. Netting against George J. Net
ting for intemperance and Mary Ryan
against Joseph P. Ryan for neglect.
Woman Is Refused Separate
Support Because She Over
looked Husband's Appeals
Attorney Told to Be More
Respectful in His Atti
tude Toward, the Court
Judge Hebbard Finds That
the Contractor Did Not
Abandon His Better Half
Animal Slips Away From Vaquero and Is Despoil
ing "Truck" Garden When Captured by Owner
Thereof, and Struggle Ensues for Possession
Dispatch From Scene of Wreck Confirms Report That Pacific Mail Com
' pany's Steamship Broke Her' Back When She Was Driven Ashore.
Caplain Irvine Is Getting Cargo to Land and Expects to Save It All
S Steamers leave Broadway
wharves, piers 9 and 11.
San Francisco.
For Ketchikan. Wrangei.
Juneau. Haines, Skagway.
etc.. Alaska — 11 a. m.. Apr.
25, 30, May 3. Chango to
Company's steamers at Se-
For Victoria, Vancouvsr.
Port Townsend. Seattle, Tacoma, Everett. Bel-
llngbam — 11 a. m.. Apr. 25, 30. May 5.
Change at Seattle to this company's steamers
for Alaska ar.d Q. N. Ry.: at Seattle or Ta-
coma to N. P. Ry.; at Vancouver to C P. Ry.
For Eureka (Humboldt Bay)— Pomona. 1:30
p. m., Apr. 22. 2S. May 4. Spokane. 1:30 p. m..
Apr. 25, May 1.
For Loa AngHes (via Port Los Angeles and
Redondo). San Diego and Santa Barbara —
Santa Rosa. Sundays. 9 a. m.
State of California. Thursdays, 9 a. m.
For Los Angeles (via San Pedro and East
San Pedro), Santa Barbara. Santa Cruz, Mon-
terey, San Simeon, Cayucos. Port Harford (San
Lula Oblsro). Ventura and Hueneme.
Bonita. 9 a. m.. Apr. 29, May 7.
For Enscnada, Magdalcna Bay. San Jose del
Cato. Mazatlan. Altata. La Pax. Santa Ro-
salia. Guaymas <M«x.), 10 a. m., 7th of each
month. For further Information obtain folder.
Right Is reserved to change steamers or sailing
TICKET OrriCES — 4 New Montgom-
ery st (Palace-Hotel). 10 Market st. and Broad-
way wharves. Freight Office, 10 Market st.
C. D. DUNANN, General Passenger Agent.
10 Market st.. Sun Francisco.
The Pacific Transfer Co.. 20 Sutter St.. will
call for And check baggage from hotels and
residences. Telephone Exchange 312. "-
» .^j» C APTA IN *
(Carrying U. "s." Mails.)
MAY :Z1 (estoout)
Takins freight for
For Freight and Passage Apply to
C23 Crossley building, cor. Mission and .\>-»
Montgomery sts.. San Francisco.
Steamers will leave wharf, corner Flrnt arnt
Brannan street*, at I p. m.. for YOKOHAMA
and HONGKONG, calling at Kobe (H!o<o».
Nagasaki and Shanghai, and connecting at
Hongkong with steamers for India, etc. No
' cargo received on board on day of vailing.
Thursday. May 12. ISO*
Via Honolulu. Round-trip ticket* at reduce I
rates. For freight and passage apply at Com-
pany's office. 421 Market street. corn<v Flr*t.
W. H. AVERY. Gereral Agent.
' O, R. & /V, CO,
OREGON sails April 27. May 7. 17. 27. Jun»
0, 10 and 28. GEO. W. ELDER *al!« May 2.
V 22 June 1. 11 and 21. Only steamship tin*
to" PORTLAND. OR., and short rail line from
Portland to all points Ea«t. Through t!-k-t«
to all points. Steamer tiek«ts Include berth
and rc»ftls. Stenmer sail* foot of Spear st. at
11 am B. *F- BOOTH. Gen. Agt. Pan-*.
Dental Montgomery st.: C. CLIFFORD. Oenv
Agent Freight Dept.. 3 Montgomery st. - "
o s SIERRA, for Honolulu. Samoa. Auck-
land and Sydney. Thurs.. May 5, 2 p. m.
B I ALAMEDA. for.HonoluIu.May 14. 11 a.m.
S S MAR1POSA. for TahlU. May 20. 11 a. m.
J D SPEICXELS k BEOS. Ca,lZlS..TiCl[et 0IC8 643 Mir-
k'etSL, rreigm osc3 323 Mini St. Plgr 7. Pica; K.
Sailing every Thursday instead ot ».JB3T>
Saturday, at 10 a. m.. torn Pier 42.
North River, foot of Morton st. ¦
First class to. Havre. $»0 and npward. Sec-
ond class to. Havre. $45 and npward. GEN-
r a VADA. 32' Broadway- (Hudson building).
New York. J. F. FUOAZ1 A CO.. Pacific coast
Aeents 5 Montgomery avenue. San Francisco.
Tickets sold by. all Railroad Ticket Agents. '.
Marc Island and VaUejo Steajnerg. '¦
9.45 a. m. 3:15 and 8:3O p. m.. except Sunday.
Sunday. 9:45 a. m.. 8:30 p. m. Leaves Vallcjo
7 a.m. 12:30 and 6 p. m.. except Sunday."
Sunday. 7 a. m.. 4:15 p. m. •' Fare. 80 cents.
Tel Main- 1508. Pier 2. Mlaslon-st. dock.

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