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Novel - Rules .in . Trottlnc, Race.
NEW . YORK;;' April. 26.—Nomina
tions "to .the; early 'closing of, the races
of the Grand Circuit ¦meet; to be held
at Charter^ Oak Park, .Hartford. Sep
tember c 5 to * 9, ; .wilircloselon April 28.
The" events are: '.The Charter Oak, for
2 : 09, trotters, $10,000 ; s the! Capital City,
for 2:20 * pacers! / $ 2 5 0 0. ~ Each • heat of
the Char ter^Oak wil 1 c bns ti tii t e a rac e,
with[$ 2^)00 to the i winner, and $800 to
the second- hors» '• •'" ~~~^'
California!!* In Washington.
•WASHINGTON, April 26.— The fol
lowing Californians . are registered
here: •'> At \ the New Willard— W. F.
Batsford and e, from; Los /Angeles;
Mrs. W. M. and -Miss Draper, from
San Francisco. . '. -
Californians in New York.
NEW YORK, April 26. — The fol
lowing . Californians are registered
here: From San Francisco— F. N.
Greeley, at the Grand Union; Miss
M. Noeschen, at the Ashland; C. H.
Shiels and wife, at the Murray Hill;
Mrs. Livingston, at the Herald Square;
H. P. Allen, at the Normandle.
From Los Angeles — Miss Alburtus,
at the Ashland; Mrs. A. M. Alburtus,
at the Ashland; C. P. Lynch, at the
Cosmopolitan; P..-W. Rising, at the
Herald Square.
Hantlngton and Other California Cap
. ltalists Propose to Build an
Electric Line.
. RENO, Xev., April 26.— S. N. Grif
fith, who with Huntingdon and other
Californians is interested in .the Wa
shoe County Traction Company of this
city, to-night announced that he and
his associates intend building an elec
tric railroad from Reno to Lake Ta
hoe and that " work will begin next
month^or just as soon as the snow is
sufficiently cleared to allow surveyors
to go into the hills. The line will be
operated for tourist traffic in the sum
mer, and during the winter freight
and . passengers will be hauled as far
as the snow line.
Heitmuller Made Baseball Captain.
BERKELEY, April 26. — William F.
Heitmuller, known to all as "Heine,"
was elected captain of the University
of California baseball team to-day by
the unanimous vote of the men. Heit
muller was the : logical man for the
place, not only because he. will be the
only senior on the team next year, but
because it was his heavy hitting that
won J the -college championship for
California this year. In the " three
games against -Stanford It was v his
stickwork that brought in the runs.
He ; pitched two^of these games and
performed creditably , each time.
Heitmuller is a; junior in; the Col
lege , of Mechanics and hails from i San
Francisco.' " His career as an athlete
since his coming to college - has been
marked by .' a- series of specactular
plays. He has been tackle on the var r
sity eleven the past two years and in
the last game saved his team from de
feat by breaking, through the Stanford
lineataTcritical moment and scoring
a touchdown. ' . ''
NEW TORK. April 26. — As the
ferry-boat America, after leaving tha
foot of Grand street, Manhattan, to-^
night, was nearing Its slip at the foot
of Broadway, Brooklyn, with 600 pas
sengers on board. Charles Kelly, the
engineer, fell dead of apoplexy. The
boat crashed into the bulkhead, -which
tore away the rail of the starboard
side of the boat and wrecked the la
dies' cabin.
Then it careened to the other side
of the slip and the rail and cabin on
the men's side were wrecked. There
was great excitement on board and
several passengers were Injured, none
seriously. The. steam was not shut off
until after the landing bridge had been
Kelly was found lying on the floor
dead, his hand still grasping the lever.
Mary A. Russell to Edward T. and Cath-
erlne T. Russell, lot on W line of Polk street,
¦ 35 N of Fell. N 30 by W 100; $10.
City and County of San Francisco to Arthur
II. Barendt, lot on £} line of Oough street,
23 S of Green, S 27 by E 100; $ .
John C. and Kate Llnne to Charles Roths
child, lot on S line of Union street. 110 IS of
Fillmore. E SO by S 100; $10.
Jeremiah T. and Elizabeth K. Burke to
Minnie H. Brown (wife of M. D.), lot on NW
corner of Union and Broderlck streets, N 44
by W 103: $10. •
' Balrd Estate (corporation) to Bell* Bwasey,
lot on S line of Halght street, 50 IS of Ash
bury. E 75 by S 100; $10.
Charles B. and Emma 8. Perkins to Charles
and Jessie Patton, lot on W line of Ashbury
street, 82:6 N of Halght, N 25 by W 100; $10.
John and Luna Stlerlen to Alfred J. Fair
weather, lot on E 11ns of Clayton street,
M0:ti!i S of Frederick. 8 26:1% by B 101:3;
Pacific Improvement Company to Robert H.'
Wetmore. lot on W line of Clayton street. 50
S of Frederick. 8 25 by W 100; $10.
Charles N. Felton to Frttza Coney, lot on
E line of Stanyan street, 25 N of Carl, N ,50
by E 125; $10.
Grace M. and F. J. Toung to Walter W.
Kaufman, lot on E line of Locust street,
102:8U S of Washington, S 25 by E 137:6; $10.
James C. Jordan to Elizabeth Vorrath, lot
on E line of Michigan avenue, 300 N of Rich
mond avenue, N 33:4 by E 120; $10.
Michael J. and Nellie Guerin to Rountree
Home Building Company, lot on W line of
Shrader street, 125 S of Carl. S 25 by W 100;
also lot on W line of Shrader street, 175 S of
Carl. S 75 by W 100; $10.
City and County of San Francisco to Simon
,Vock, lot on N.line of Clinton Park, 2C7 W
of Guerrero street, W 25 by N 75: $ .
Anna G. -Uarratt to Amelia G. Morgan (wife
.of F. C). lot on W line of Howard etreet. 120
N of Nineteenth. N 40 bv W- 122:6; $10.
Amelia G. Morgan (Allen) (wife of F. C.) to
Henry Brunner. same; $10.
Josephine Manders ct a*, to Carmella Moss
(formerly Elchholzer, or Eicholzer) and Fran
cis J. Moss, lot on N line of Valley street
150 W of Dolores. W 25 by N 114; $10.
George Batchelder to Hannah Batchelder. lot
on E line of Church street, 49 S of Twentv
thlrd. S 32:6 by B 100; gift.
Richard and Eliza Herring to Frank M. .and
Mamie King, lot on N. line of Twenty-fifth
street. 240 W of Castro, W 25 by N 114: $10.
John J. Ring to Annie Ring, lot on W-ltne
of Eureka street, 204 N of Ocean road, N- 60
by W' 130; gift.
Agnes M. Bourn (wife of W*. B.) to Nannte
A. Meyerfeld (wife of M.), lot on SW corner
of East Btreet," -t»i:S NW of Mission, NW 45-10
by SW 137:6; gift.
Fillppo Caldarella' to Antonio . Caldarella lot
on NW line of Bryant street, 175 NE of Fourth
NE CO by NW 60: gift. ,
• Frank - J. - and Victoria A. Meyers to John
and Annie Burke, lot on SE line of 'Harrison
street, 90 SW of : Sixth. SW 25 by.SE 73; $10.
John and Thomas Brown- to Mark* Brown"
lot on EW line of Gilbert etreet, 125 SE of
Bryant. PE 25 by. SW 73; $10>— - -.Vs r,l
Mark Brown to John and - Thomas ' Brown,
lot on NE line of Gilbert i>tr«et, SO SE of Bry
ant. SE 22:« by NE SO; $10. ¦
Mary J. Kaen to Herman Hermansen, lot en
Man at the Lever Falls
Dead as a New York Fer
ry Is Entering. Its. Slip
R. D. Hatch, a dairyman of Nova
to, is at the Lick. ;
Bishop Earl Cranston of Sacramento
is at the Occidental.
E. C. Johnson, a rancher of Stock
ton, is at the Palace.
A. T. Reynolds, a fruit man of Wal
nut Grove, is at the Lick. !' v"
William L. Brown, a capitalist of
Chicago, la at the St. Francis.
Judge Erskine M. Ross and wife of
Los Angeles are at the Palace. :*i'j
N. F. Sargent, manager of one of
the prominent clubs of Portland, is at
the Palace.
I C. E. Gonzalez and F. Garcia, min
ing men of Chihuahua, Mexico, are at
the. Occidental.
S. To'rnudd of Finland, who is mak
ing a tour^of the world studying so
ciological conditions, is at the Palace.
L. M. Allen; general passenger agent
of the Rock Island road, who came
West to attend the Transcontinental
Passenger Association's meeting ~in
Santa Barbara, ' arrived here yesterday
and is registered at the Palace.
William K. Vanderbilt Jr., accom
panied by Frederick Eddy and Rob
ert Walker of New York, arrived from
the East on the late train last night
and ; registered at the St Francis,
where Mrs. Vanderbilt has been await
ing the -coming of her husband for
several days.
Philadelphia Team Makes but Two
Hits and Is Beaten.
BOSTON, April 26. — Wilhelm was effective
to-day, holding Philadelphia down to two hits.
Sharb fleldlnir by both sides was the feature.
Attendance, 1050. Score:
r*; ;v ,' r. h. e.
Boston ' 3 6 0
Philadelphia 1 2 c.
Batteries — Wilhelm and Moran: Frazer and
Dooln. Umpires — Moran and Zlmmer.
NEW YORK. April 26. — Brooklyn won its
first game of the season from New York to-^
day. It waa a close game and sharp fielding
by Brooklyn kept New York from scoring
when men were, on bases. Attendance, 3C0O.
SC ° re: R.- H. E.
New York 2 6 2
Brooklyn 4 10 2
Batteries — Taylor and Bowerman; Jones and
Bereen. Umpire — Eraslle.
! CHICAGO, April 20.— Cincinnati-Chicago
game postponed; cold weather.
DETROIT, April 20. — A great batting rally
In the ninth gave to-day's 'game to St. Louts
after It looked secure for Detroit. With two
runs needed and two on bases, Wallace hit
for a home run and won the. game. Attend
ance, 1200. Score: r v- . .--
'iV-.-'R. H. E.
Detroit "/. 5 0 2:
St. Louts ......;.. .../. 6 11 2
Batteries— Stovall and Woods; Pelty and
Sugden. !
PHILADELPHIA, April 26.— Bases on balls
In the first and sixth Innings,' followed by
Ions hits, won the came ¦ to-day for Boston.
A double and a wild pitch gav« the locals
their only score. The last five innings were
played in a drizzling rain. ] Attendance. 2000.
, - --. J» TT JT
Philadelphia .../ l' 4* O
Boston .* 2 7 '1
• Batteries— Henley and Schreck; Gibson end
TUESDAY. April 20—4 p. m.
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Alpha 0»5 «»7 Justice 12 13
Alt* 07 09 Kentuck 03 04
Andes 30 31 Keyes Graes.. — »O
Belcher 31 32; Lady Wash .. — Ofl
B"st & Belch. 1 S5 1 ftOI Mexican 2 20 2 25
Erllion OB lljOccldental ... 82 83
Caledonia ... 72 73IOphir 6 60 6 624
Challenge Con 23 2.1! Overman 37 81»
C!iollar 22 23|Potosl 18 20
Confidence .. .1 OO 1 0T.| Scorpion 22 25
Con C & Va.l 70 1 731 Savage 39 40
Con Imperial. 02 0.1 1 Seg Belcher .. 15 IC
Con NY 02 01 j Sierra Nev .. 68 59
Crown Point.. 23 24|Silver Hill .. r.9 61
East Sierra N 06 — St Louis 09 10
Eureka Con.. — M> Syndicate .... 04 00
Exchequer .. 29 S0| Union Con .. 82 S3
Gould & Cur. 27 28IUtah 12 IS
Hale & Norc. - "5 801 Yellow Jacket. 22 23
Julia 00 08)
Bld.Ask.l Bid. Ask.
Colehan 01 071 Ray & OBrien 02 04
Esperanra ... — OlfRescue 06 08
Gipsy Queen. — 30]Ton Belmont.. Cfl 71
Gold Anchor.. 16 25)Ton & Cal .. 10 —
Gold M Con. — 10' Ton Bxten ... 85 —
Hannapah ... 10 — ITon Fraction.. — 80
Hannapah M. 10 — ITon N Star.. 28 • 82
Little Ton .. 20 40iTon Midway.. 38 40
MacNamara . 18 191Ton & Salt L. 20 —
Mont Ton..l 47',4 1 MITon Superior.. — 10
Paymaster .. — 10) United Ton .. 10 —
Ray Ton ... 10 —[West End ... — 22
SE line of Harrison street. 61:9 NE of Eighth,
NE 33:3 by SE 25; $10.
Martin and Annie A. King to Benjamin M.
Gunn, lot on SE lino of RIngold street, ¦ 250
NE of Ninth, NE 25 by SE 75; $10.
Johanna Baronn to Leonce Grothwell. j lot
on SW corner or Plumas and York streets, S
174 :f>H, NW 26»>:6, N 7:6^,' E 200. lots lv to
13, block G4G; $10.-,
Antolne and Grade Borel to Carl A. Jensen,
lot on E lino or Thirty-first avenue, 225 S of
Clement street, S 25 by E 120; $10.
Jane and Anna Gilmore to Thomas A. Doug
lass, let on W line of Twenty-firth avenue, 200
N or A street, N 25 by W 120: $400.
Lydia B. and Arthur G. Fisk and Flora E.
Werthelmer to Albert Dmcker, lot on E line
of Twenty-flret avenue, 277:9 N of B street,
N 22:3, E 120, S 8, SW 120:9; $10.
Hannah Mullen (Nolte) to J. H. D. Feld
busch Jr., lot on AV line of Forty-eighth ave
nue. 250 N of J street. N 25 by W 120; $10.
J. P. Smith to Solomon Getr, lot on E line
of Twenty-seventh avenue, 100 N of S street,
N 25 by K 120; $10.
Solomon and Dora Gets to Catharine A,
RHey, same, quitclaim deed; $5.
William and C. T. Nlcol to Julia Dolllver,
lots L'S9. 291, 293. gift map 1; $10.
Julia Dolllver to Oscar Herman, same; $10.
Niels Raamussen to Mary C. Boes. lots 7,
10 and 11. block 5, Garden Tract Homestead
Association: $10.
F. I* A. Pioche and Ix L«. Robinson to
i Marcus Marks, lot on W line or Florence
1 street, 125 S of Randolph. S 25 by W 100.
lot 34, block 41, City Land Association: $90.
Lovell and Laura L. White to Helen C.
Magee, lot on W line- of Potrero street, 325
N of Thornton avenue, W 200 by N 150, lots
27 to 38, block P, Sliver Terrace; also lot com
mencing at point of departure as' hereinafter
determined. SE 160, NE to Potrero avenue,
N 125, SW to point of departure, lots 40, 43,
45, 47. and 49. block P (point of departure is
determined as follo.ws: B line of San Bruno
road, bearing SE 1«4:6 from granite monu
ment marked R. H. S.. NE 100); also lot com
mencing at point bearing NE 179 from monu
ment R. H. S., NF. 100, S 125, W 100, N 125,
lots CO to 64, block P. same: $10.
Same, to William A. Magee and Thomas Ma
gee Jr. (and as trustees of estate of Thomas
Magea Sr.) Frederic E. and Walter Magee.
lot on NW corner of Latona and Thornton
streets, W 200. N 250 E 100. S 60. E 100. 3
200. lots 29, 31. 33 35 to 48. block B, Silver
Terrace; also lot on E Una of Pomona street,
400 N of Thornton avenue. N 100 by E 100.
lots 9. 11. IS and 15, block B, same; also lot
on NW corner of Thornton avenue and Flora
etreet. W 12.1 NE 600 E 117, S 600, block D:
also lot on W line of Railroad avenue. 352:4 S
of Thornton avenue, W to Lucy street. N ISO,
E 220, S to beginning, lots 9 to 20. block E;
also lot on SW corner of Thornton avenue and
Neptune 'street. W 200 by 8 450, block J; also
lot on NW corner of Thornton avenue and Utah
street; N 600. SW. 19. NW to Potrero, 8 to
Thornton. E to beginning, jblock O; also lot
on SB corner of Venus street and Williams
avenue. W 32, S 10. -E 264, N 10. W 232; $J0.
Joel B. and Caroline A. Vosburgh to Joseph
T. and Julia A. Roberts, lots 70 and 71. Ben
Franklin Homestead Association ; $10.
William and C. T. Nlcol to same, lot on SW
corner of Sllllman and Bowdoin streets. W 65
by S 100. lots 18 and 19, block 52, Railroad
Avenue Homestead Association; $10.
Mary L. Swain to Bemhard Gets, lot on 8
lino of Minerva street, 180 W of Capitol. W
76 by S 123, block O. Railroad Homestead No.
2; $10.
Bnllders' Contracts.
Maria . Arata . and Adalglsa A. Grondona
(owners) with P. A. Antonelll (contractor),
architect J. A. Porporato — All work except ex
cavation, concrete and cement work, marble
and mosaic finish, hardware, painting, iron
plumbing, shades and chandeliers • for a two
etory, attic and basement frame residence en
NW corner of. Union and Larkln streets. N
72-0 by W 93:4; $7800. ,
Same owners with N. Forni (contractor), ar
chitect same — Excavation, concrete walls, ce
ment floors and walks plastering and copings
for same on same; $1000.
Luigl Torre (owner) with G. Capelll (con
tractor), architect: J. A. Porporato — All work
except painting, \ plumbing, - shades and chan
deliers for a two-story lrame building (flats)
on N line of Lombard street, 165 W of La
guna, W 27:6 by N 120; $2805. :
Olga O.' E. M. Ungermann (owner), with Mal
lory & Swenson (contractors), architect E. A.
Hermann — All Work - except mantels, . grates,
tiling, gas and electrical fixtures and painting
for a two-story,": attic and- basement^ frame
building .(flats) on NB corner, of Church- and
Liberty streets.- E 65 by N. 114; $7700. .V
• Walter A.', Green (owner) , with-G.'. P." W.
Jensen (contractor), architects Salfleld & Kohl
borg — All work except gas fitting, plumbing
and electrical work for a threerstory. and attic
frame building on lot on : SE: comer"; of Geary
and Buchanan streets, E 62 by S 96; $26,000.
Same owner with ,M. » Levy Company . (con
tractors), architects same— Gas fitting, s plumb
ing and electric work for same on same; $1770
Dr. G. F. Hanson (owner) with Alfred : Lc
gault (contractor), . architect Albert Schroepfer
— All work except' plumbing, 2 painting, heating,
shades, gas logs and gas fixtures for a three-
Btcry and part basement , rrame< building.' on'
lot en W line of : Fillmore street, C5 S of Feil '
S 30. by W 100; $7539. > . \
. Same owner with Albert Dayton (fontractor),
architect ' same — Plumbing, gas . fitting, tiling
etc., for same on same; $715.
Tacoma Game Is Postponed.
TACOMA, Wash., April 6. — The Ta
coma-Oakland game was postponed,
the team not arriving in time.
Sptcial Dispatch to The Call.
FRESNO, April 26.— John Brotherson
and Albert "Warner, small boys who
are suspected of burglary, broke jail at
Madera last night. They were held as
witnesses in a case that happened at
Berenda some time, ago and are now
thought to have been connected with
the plot. They have been in jail thirty
seven days.
Being allowed the freedom of the
outside corridor, they wrejiched a
bar off the window and slipped out
and started to walk to Fresno. Thp
authorities here were notified of the
whereabouts of the escaping young
sters and this morning Constable Pul
cston found them in an old tank house
tbout two miles east of town. He at
tempted to catch them, but the boys
dodged him in a field of tall rice. Pul
eston telephoned to the Sheriff's office
for help and a posse was dispatched
to the scene. After a long chase, dur
ing which the officers fired several
shots at the fugitives, they were
caught and taken to jail.
Two Youngsters Leave the
Madera Jail at NigHt and
Are Caught Near Fresno
LOS ANGELES, April 26.— Sheriffs
and County Supervisors from every sec
tion^ of California assembled. to-day at
the Chamber of Commerce in the ninth
annual convention of the Supervisors
of the State. According to programme
the entire week, will 1 be given to the
entertainment of) the visiting officials,
and to the discussions scheduled for
the several sessions. There is contem
plated the 'creation of a sentiment cal
culated to result in a unanimity of ac
tion in county government and sec
tional development. ' - •
The first session of the convention
was held at 2 p. m. to-day, when Mayor
Snyder extended the city's welcome.
The Mayor turned the city over to the
guests of the week and assured them
freedom from police interference.
H. S. McKee. .president o"f the Los
Angeles Chamber of Commerce, urged
the visitors to accept the freedom of
the chamber and gave assurance of the
cordial co-operation of his organization
in every good work calculated to place
California In a favorable light in the
sisterhood of States.
" In temporary organization O. W.
Longden of Los Angeles was chosen
chairman and John O. Lowe as secre
tary. Committees were appointed and
a recess taken until evening.
Supervisors of Many Coun
ties Gather at Los Angeles
for Annual Convention
Stanford Crews Are Chosen.
26. — The two crews that will represent
Stanford in the intercollegiate re
gatta on the Oakland estuary next
Saturday have been chosen. .
The varsity crew will be composed
of the following oarsmen: W. H. Dole,
'05, of Riverside; H. G. Butterfield,
'04, of Mountain View; A. B. Cheadle,
'06, of Ottumwa. Iowa, and B. Bryan,
'06, of Washington, D. C.
The freshman crew is considered a
strong aggregation of oarsmen — al
most the equal of the varsity. Those
who will occupy the freshman boat
are: C. E. Bee and F. Zimmerman,
former members of the Portland
Rowing Club; G. E. Dole of Riverside,
half-back on the '07 freshman eleven;
N. P. Bryan of Washington, D. C,
and A. llosenfeld of Portland, who
will act as coxswain.
Mining Stocks.
Following were the sales on the San Fran
clsco Stock and Exchange Board yesterday:
Morning Session
100 Andes 32 1 200 Seg Belcher .. 1«
<00 Con C & Va.l 75| 200 Sierra r»ev .. S3
100 Con C & Va.l 70| 200 Sierra Nev .. <H
100 Crown Point. 23 '400 Union Con .. S«
400 Kentiick 04 100 Yellow Jacket. 23
100 Mexican 2 25 100 Yellow Jacket. 22
200 Ophlr B 62%|
Afternoon Session.
100 Best & Belch. 1 90; 200 Ophlr 5 73
300 Chollar 2X1 J 00 Savage 40
100 Con C & Va.l 70! 600 Scorpion ...... 21
200 Crown Point. 22t 200 Seg Belcher .. 15
JOO Gould & Cur. 29| 100 Sierra Nev .. C2
700 Mexican 2 30J 400 Silver Hill .. CO
200 Occidental ... S2I 200 Yellow Jacket. 22
Following were the salea on the Pacific
Stock Exchange yesterday:
Morning Session.
800 Alpha 071 2Ot) Overman 39
800 Caledonia ... 74| 20O Savage 42
300 Con C & Va.l 75! 100 Sierra Nev .. 64
1«» Mexican 2 351 100 Silver Hill .. CO
200 Mexican ...2 32HI 300 Silver Hill .. KI
300 Mexican 2 30| 200 Union Con .. 86
100 Mexican ...2 27*i| 200 Union Con .. KS
800 Ophlr 5 62*4l 500 Union Con .. . 85
Afternoon Session.
COO Andes 30 100 Sierra Nev . . 60
100 Caledonia ... 74 10O Sierra Nev .. 61
300 Caledonia ... 72 MO Union Con .. 85
BOO Con C & Va.l 70 200 Union Con .. S3
BOO Con Imperial. 02| 100 Union Con .. 82
200 Crown Point.. 22| 300 Utah 13
200 Mexican 2 25| S00 Yellow Jacket. 22
200 Seg Belcher.. 151
Following were the sales on the San Fran
cisco and Tonopah Mining Exchange yesterday:
Morning Session.
6C00 MacNamara . 20f 500 Ton Midway.. 39
1000 MacNamara . 13! 500 Ton Midway.. 40
1000 Mont Ton. .1 4.7*41 175 Ton of Nev.9 62^
200 Ton Belmont. 72|
Afternoon Session,
60O MacNamara . 20; 200 Ton Belmont. . 71
2500 JlacXamara . 19; 100 Ton of Nev. .9 5O
300 Mont Ton ...1 50|
Civil War General Dead.
WASHINGTON, April 26.—Briga
dier General- Joseph Dickinson, the
last of the adjutant generals of the
Army of the Potomas and chief ' of
staff under Generals Hooker . and
Meade during the Civil War, died to
day flfter an illness of three months,
ag*ed 73 years. . ;
Alameda County Deaths.
OAKLAND, April 26.— Leroy D.
Fletcher, a retired master mariner,
aged 60 years, died last night at his
home in East Oakland/leaving a wife,
Mary E. Fletcher, and one son, Al
bert E. Fletcher. The deceased was
a member of Brooklyn Lodge of Ma
sons. Mrs. Alice Brlggy, aged 80 years,
died yesterday at her home, 137 Shat
ter avenue, Alden.
Special Dispatch to The Call.
PORTLAND, Ore., April 26.— A few
hours after her * expulsion from the
Portland. High School a young' girl,
whose name has not been made
known, attempted to leap to death In
the Willamette River this afternoon
from the Morrison-street bridge. The
bridge is undergoing repairs and is
closed to team and passenger traffic.
Watching her opportunity, the girl
slipped by the watchman at the gate
and climbed the rail for the plunge.
Bystanders suspected the girl's mo
tive and the officer was warned. He
ran forward and grasped her skirts
just in time. The girl told enough of
her story to Induce the kindhearted
custodian to release her on promise
that she would return to her home.
Special Dispatch to Th» Catt
CHICAGO. April 26.— As the result
of a crusade against gamblers and
gambling in Chicago the Washington
Park race track, time honored by the
American Derby, will never reopen
again. When the gates were closed at
the end of last season the race horse*
and. the motley following, of the race
course turned from the track for the
last time.
This is the prophecy of those who
stand close to Assistant Superintend
ent of Police Scheuttler at the City
HalL He has firmly declared that
gamblers, great and small, most go,
and Washington Park will not be
"My orders will be carried out," he
said, simply. "I have been ordered. to
stop gambling In Chicago, and I will
do it"
Secret preparations are on foot for
the" drafting of an entirely nevr detail
of detectives to cope with the Wash
ington Park proposition. Racing men
stand aghast and the society woman,
who has long looked upon Derby day
as the great summer clothes show, Is
hopeless. -V-'V
Scheuttler will not swerve from his
purpose. Not only Is it declared that
races will not be run at the park this
summer, but that they will never be
run there in the future.
Special Dispatch to Til* Can.
SAN JOSE* April 26.— Unless some
thing unforeseen happens an electric
railway will soon connect 8an Jose
with San Francisco. The promoters of
the electric railways for the town of
Santa Clara have been figuring on a
road from that place to Palo Alto, and
word comes from Palo Alto that .within
a short time the San Mateo line will
be extended from that place" to Palo
Alto. From Palo Alto to Santa Clara
is only about twenty miles, and as the
country is level it is Baid the road
could be built for $8000 a mile.
Just who the persons are who are
willing .to build the electric roads at
Santa Clara Is not known, although
the petition for a franchise has been
made in the name of a number of well
known capitalists of that place.
Anyhow the projectors of the road
have been figuring on running to
Mountain View and then to Palo Alto.
George W. Elder, who built the San
Jose-Los Gatos Electric Railway, which
Is said to be the best constructed road
in this part of the State, has been taken
over the road with the parties interest
ed in the matter. He has been figuring
on the cost of the road. It Is said that
this line will go out Fremont avenue
after leaving Santa Clara and then cut
across to Mountain View. This is neces
sary to get around a franchise granted
to George T. Dunlap by, the Board of
Supervisors several years ago. At that
time Dunlap was granted several fran
chises about the county. He never
made any pretense to build roads, but
the franchises have been the means of
blocking several projected roads. Elder
is now figuring on the cost of such a
What has also caused a flurry In
electric railway circles is the appear
ance here numerous times recent
ly of G. A. Batchelder, the San
Francisco representative of E. H. Rol
lins & Son, the Boston bond brokers.
Three times during the past week
Batchelder is said to have made trips
over proposed roads of this valley.
Sunday he Inspected the line from Palo
Alto to San Jose, and then from this
city to Los Gatos, making the trip In
his automobile. Rollins & Son are the
largest electric railway bondholders on
the coast, and the presence of their
representative here has led to the re
port that they are to finance the road.
F." S. Granger, the railroad promoter,
is rapidly getting things In 'shape for
his electric lines to Los Gatos by % way
of Campbell and Berryessa. The* sur
veys are about -< completed. Private
rights of way will be secured for the
line to Los Gatos by way of Campbell,
and it is said that parties in that sec
tion have already given him rights of
way for five or six miles. This road
will be built for speed, and will be fine
ly equipped. Granger has the capital
in sight for building the road, and it
will be commenced just as soon as a
franchise can be secured.
Another electric railway that Is in
process of organization is the Alviso
electric railway. A franchise has al
ready been secured for the road from
this city to Alviso and from there to
Palo Alto, and Milpitas. Never before
has been such a railroad building boom
in San Jose, and Eastern capital seems
anxious to take hold of any such In
vestment here.
Franchise Is Obtained for
Construction for a Branch
From Garden City to Alviso
Assistant Superintendent of
Police Scheuttler Says the
Law Will Be Enforced
Despondent Pupil Climbs a
Bridge Bail and Prepares
to Leap Into Willamette
Girl Expelled From the Port
land High School At
tempts to Commit Suicide
Motor-Car Bail way Between
San Francisco and San Jose
Is Planned by Capitalists
Washington Park. Chicago's
Great Eace Course, Doomed
by Anti-Gambling Crusade
SANTA CRUZ, April \ 26.— Mrs. \ Jarie
Potter Webster Washburn, a cousin of
Daniel Webster, died last night after
a lingering illness. She was 83 years
of age and a native of Bhode Island.
She wa« a pioneer in California, hav
ing come to ,the State with her hus
band, John H. Washburn. In 1849. . ¦¦
Washburn named the town of Marys
vllle. While sitting in .a, tent there one
evening it was proposed that a , name
be given to the camp. Washburn pro
posed calling it Marysville in, honor of
Mary Cavela, the only white woman
there at the time. . ,
Before coming to Santa Cruz in 1875
Mrs. Washburn had lived at Gold Run,
In Nevada County. She leaves five
daughters— Mrs. Mary Knee of -'Iowa!
Mrs. Maria McKee of Santa Cruz, Mrs.
Ella Blxby of Rhode Island, Mrs. Flor
ence Byrne of . Santa Cruz and Mrs.
Rose Turner of Astoria.
Ala S Co... 24 — |Mat Nav Co. — »0
Cal Cot Mils 80 — iNev Nat Bk. — 200
Cal G&ECor. 35 |N S? It It Co.; 9}i — ¦
C Jockey C1.12t» 150 IN Cal P Co. 11 11J4
Cal Powder. 125 — I Oak Bk Sav.ll2'.4 —
Cal Ship Co. — 27"4|Oak T Con.. 75 —
Cal T I & T — 135 1 1OOF Hall A 6 —
Con Bk. Oak 64 C8 lOrpheum Co.. 12J5 16*4
Chutes Co .. — 7»4|Pac C Cas..ll9 —
City & C Bk — 112 |Pac S Tel...l0Q 102
Cyp L Imp.. 6 — |Paraf Paint. PA —
! East Dynm.. — 250 S P Drydock CO —
DpntPwd pfd — 90 JRF&SJ Coal. — 30
Do com .. — 60 |S J Wat Co. — IOC
FN Bk. Oak.120 — |SO & MTgbt.125 —
Fischer Thtr — l'ilRwiss-A Bk.llS —
Frnch-A Bk.105 — |Truck Elect.. 10 —
! Gas Con A.. — 22 |UR InC pM. 42. —
Hon P Co.. 13 15 | Do com .. 9
Lon& SF Bk — CO 1
California Stock and Oil Exchange
OH Stock*— • Bid. Asked.
Alma .....'. .... 1 2B
Apollo 46 .
Associated Trust Cert...^.i... 19 20
Chicago Crude j... 20 21
Claremont I ¦ 61
Esperanza 125 ....
Four 61 .....
Fulton S 75
Hanford ISO 00
Home 150 1 62*4
Independence 23 2t
Kern River 12 00
I Monarch of Arizona ...<.'... 40 ....
I Monte Crist o : 67 70
Occidental of W Va 10
Oil City Petroleum 40 44
Perries* 14 00
Pittsburg 15 20
Reed Crude 1 50 .... ,
j S F & McKlttrlck 8 00
Senator 66 70
Sovereign 42- 43
Sterling 2 70
I Superior 01 •••-.
Thirty-three 8 23
Toltee 19
Twenty-eight 7 00 8 00
I W«t Shore 2 00 ....
j Associated Bonds <»
i Miscellaneous —
1 Abby Land & Improvement.. 1 25 1 CO
Cal Gaa & Electric Corp .14 00
California Jockey Club 107 50 ....
California Shipping Co 15 00 30 00
I Fischer's Theater 75 1 12V4
; Northern Cal. Power U 00 11 25
! Sanitarv .Reduction Works "00
Northern Cal Powt-r 5i 100 00 ....
I Morning Session,
I 500 Independence t> 24
200 Claremont «K> •
' Afternoon Session
200 Four Oil f 2
996 Associated 19
Continued From Page Fifteen.
night * of . comedy, I composed of J three one-act
farces, ¦ followed by, a" dance,-' wan Riven in Na
tive Eons' Hall last night by the .Willing Work
ers of * the Blsh-street Synagogue. Tbe'affalr
was greatly enjoyed. ' , '• ¦> • y
Kohn, the theatrical man who is being sued
for maintenance by Evtelta Kohn. his wife
filed notice in the Superior" Court yesterday
that he would ¦ demand that the : place of trial
of,' the suit he changed from this to Mann
County. He is a resident of that county and
has - pending In > the court* . there ¦ a ault for
divorce, . ,' — ¦¦¦-•¦— -. .
Late Shipping Intelligence.
, ' :' Tuesday. April 26.
Stmr Maggie. Corning. 3** hours from Half
moon Bay.
_. •¦'-.' • Tuesday. April 28.
Stmr Aberdeen. Daniels. San Ted ro.
_ HONOLULU— Arrived Apr 2t5— Bark George
Curtis, - hence Apr. 11. "•
KOOMS TO LET— Fnrn. tnd Pnfnrn,
HANDSOME, sunny room, suitable 2; bath,
water, clothes closet: MO. 515B Taylor et.
• t Ei — — ¦ '
jjyui: 1O— Nicely furnlFhed- tunny front room
for .one or two gentlemen. "
MARIC-ET 1C22— 2 rooms, with gas and coal
etove; $12.
MONTGOMERY. 131— Large well -furnished
. euhcy rooms; $0 to $10 per month.
* NINETEENTH. 4060. near Castro— Newly fur.
nlfhed euniiy room, bath and gas, $7.
POST. CCS— Kocm*.' $S up: room, private bath,
gas range; rates to tourists.
ROYAL House. I'M EKIb— Incandescent lights,
reading-room, emoktng-room and ladles* par-
Jor: :«onii per night. 35e to *1 50; week, $2
.to ti: month, SS to $30; elevator on ground
floor; rooms with hot and cold water; baths.
SIXTEENTH. 303S. flat 8— Single room; newl>
furnished; gents only. ;
ffHE ST. KATHRYN. N.E. con Leavenworth
and Ellis — Sunniest rooms In the city; new
¦friotel; Just furnished Ire*h and clean: hair
. mattrerses In every room; also hot and cold
• water, bathe, etc.; eteam heat throughout;
* *lev.ator service end every modern conveni-
ence; rooms from $3 per week up^
IITE NIARA 015 Taylor st.— Sur.ny suites ard
• olngle rooms with boarJ; prices reasonable,
fhone Sutter 143C.
JLNITED STATES, 123 Eddy, near Market— 400
rooms. G5c to Jl night. Jl 76 to $6 week; eleo-
. trie light* (no gas), running water In every
room; elevator,read.-room; free bus; baggage.
UNFURNISHED rooms, suitable for drews-
tr.aklng ladles' tailor or light manufacturing.
Apply A. ROY HARRISON. 1*0 Geary st.
VALENcTa, 6S0 bet. Sixteenth and Seven-
teenth — 3 elegantly furnished bay-window
»*>oms: new flat; marble stairs and hallways;
eu'.tafcle for doctor or dentist.
VAN NESS ave.. 519— Elegant front parlor*
and adjoining suite for otnee or club.
WINCHESTER Hotel. 44 3d tt.. near Market—
ilcft convenient and respectable: 700 rooms:
S»e to $1 50 night; $2 to $8 week; elevator;
*lec. lights; reading -room; free bu»; baggage.
SVOLF House, 2C2 £Isth— Electric light In every
room; 16c to $1 a olEht; 75c to 15 a week;
'open »H night; convergent to all cars.
' ilDVnnTIfEMEN'TS, subscriptions received at
Cafl branch office, cor. Duncan «.- Church st«.
H BRANCH office of The Call for the reception
• ©f advertisements and subscriptions has been
opened at 1008 Market et.. opposite FKth.
©pen until 11 n. m.
• • n - n - r -"-"-"¦"¦'' HOTEL,
IT31 Bush st.. above Powell; select flrrt-
clut residential hotel; elegantly rurnlsheJ
•u:d table unsurpassed; electric light; steam
heated end rrnate exchange telephones in
«very room; terms reasonable.
B. DU CARPE, Proo.
GOLDEN* GATE ave.. 1224— Elcg ant large
front alcove rootn. gas. bath, running watrr,
with board; .-:.::ai>V for two; private family.
HOWARD. MIA — Fin=t-cla5K board with room.
tingle or double. $5-$C, week: American fam-
ily: horn? cooking; home comforts; piano.
HOTEL ELSMETRE. 41S Sutter— Sunny *u!t«?s.
flr^le rms.: excellent table; moderate prices.
4 WEEK'S news for & cents— The Weekly Call.
16 p»c*s. in wrapper, for matlinr. $1 per year.
JlT half or one-third price yoj can buy a new
White sewing machine that is slightly shop
worn, at our city offices. 30<t Post »t., 1841
Ifillmore and 70S Valenc;a st.
JRENT the host; we have 100 tipw White sew-
ing machinal! Jor rent at $J per month.
•t.; telephone Black 1106.
DOMESTIC — The machine for family t:«»:
best Is cheapest: Fecond-hatd all makes at
any price; all kind? rer.ted lowest rates.
Domestic office, 1(C1 Market, near Sixth.
J>*EW HOME— See our rew triple-feed ma-
chines; slightly used: $10 $15. $20: second-
hand. $3 $5 ?S: a'.l *tyl»*: gruaranteed.^-New
Home Sewing Machine Co.. 1051 Market «t.
£lot machines $25; punchers $25; lifters, card
rr.achir.es. $2<>. W.A.Bradford Co.. 11S5 Market.
MELBOURNE Institute. Van Ness *- Market,
promises cure If in fair health; hours 1 to 5.
AN exceptionally good No. 2 Remington. No. 1
Smith Premier $^5; other typewriters at
M^her and lower prices; rentals $2 50. The
Typewriting Exchange. 536 California et.
A FEW good typewriters at $3Orach; ret par-
ticulars of L. & M. ALEXANDER. 110 Mont-
gomery Et.
2D-HAND typewriters sold, rented, repaired.
Wehrter Typewriter Inspec. Co.. 5CS Market.
The following marriage licenses were issued
yesterday :
La's Ludlr-rron, C4, 327 Connecticut street.
Bn<l Lona Ilaimussen. 27, "27 Connecticut st.
Timothy Carmody. 27, SCi Elizabeth etreet.
¦uid Bridget Guerin. '2~. 2756 Twenty-third St.
Philip J. Cramer, 13«, <:*.7 Harrison street,
and Pearl K. Jones, 15 Broderlck street.
Dave L. Aronson. 21, Pacrainento, and Anna
1>. Sellon, JK, Sacramento.
Wiliiam V. lacker, 28, 3957 Twenty-fifth
«t.. and Carolyn R. Armstrong, 21, 7S1 Sutter.
Fred A. Tilton. 24, 12 LaKkle street, and
Ajm»>s M. Simpson. IS, 3O4Vj Guerrero street.
Georpe J. Springer, 21. 736 Geary street, and
Mary F. Nettervlllp. ]«. 1725 Scott street.
James W. Ellis. 41*. Pacific Grove, and Mary-
Heady. 3S. Pacific Grove.
Davide Ceccarf'.li, 30, 702 Front street, and
Lhla Ltfzzereschi, 2*_\ 7C2 Front etreet.
Frederic I3oegle Jr.. :». Occidental Hotel,
And Mabel E. Yost. 31, 2515 Laguna street.
Edmund A. Maddock. 2S. Berkeley, and Anna
A. Johnson. 30. £GS t?hotwell street.
Marhcas J. Connolly, 34, 335 Tenth street,
and Mary G. Connolly.- 29. 214 Pore street.
Birth, marriage and death notices eent by
tnall will not be inserted. They must be handed
jn at either of the publication offices and bo
Indorsed with the name and residence of per-
sons authorized to have the came published.
*S'ctlces restricted simply to the announcement
of the event are published once in this column
Tree of charre.
MAIIKS— In Portland, Ore., April £3,' 1904, to
c the wife of Meyer Marlts (nee Harrte), a son.
JWOOD— In this city. April 14, 1904, to the
wife cf J. F. Wood, a daughter.
EtJUCX— -CRAIG— In this city. April 25, IBM,
by the Rev. William C. Pond, Richard
Gavin E-lrlck and Mabel! e E. Craig, both of
this city.
StEID— STEIL— In San Rafael. Cal., by the
Rer. William H. Atkinson, John W. Reid
cf London and Lillian M. Stell of San Fran-
• EHERWOOD— STROMBERG— In this e!ty.
April 24. 1004, by the Rev. I,. C. Sanford,
Clarence G. Sherwood and Sirs. Annie Strom-
BHREVE— MILLER— In thi* city. April 24.
1JKH. by the Rev. John Phillips. Harry E.
Ehrere and Minnie P. Miller, both of this
Alexar-der. Vary Logemann. William
Cook. John T. Nagle. David
Cosgrove, Rose Nelson, Alvln B.
Dougherty. Patrick Scaparone, Aurclia
ixtwney, Mrs. Mary Fharkcy. Sarah
Dugan, John J. Htepanoff. Nicholas
, Knos, Heienae A. Htevens, Henry
Feely. Daniel Stromberg, II. F.
Kraser, Jatncn K. Sullivan. Bridget A.
Gogan, John J. Tobln. John
Keegan. James Whorff, Fanny M.
Kelly. Edward Wilson, Jeannette S.
Lane, Mn.ha.l
ALEXANDER— In this city. April 25. 1904,
Alary, beloved wife of James A. Alexander,
mother of Angela A. Alexander, daughter
of the late Patrick and Bridget O'Reilly, and
sister of Nicholas and Henry O'Reilly, a na-
tive of California, aged 20 yeans and 13 days.
IC7"Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
• Thursday), at 8:30 o'clock, from her late
residence, 4172 Twenty-fifth street, thence
to St. Paul's Church, corner of Church and
Twenty-ninth streets, where a requiem high
macs will be celebrated for the renoae of
tier foul, at V o'clock. Interment Holy Cross
COOK— In Sacramento. Cal., April 25. 1904,
John T., beloved husband of Kate Cook, and
rtepfath*»r of John J. and Mae Ralph, a na-
tive of New Tork, ag*d 52 years. A member
Af I. L. Ji. and T. A.. Local 222. cf San
Francisco. (New York and Oakland papers
pl*a»e copy.)
C7"The funeral will take place to-day
(Wednesday), at 2 o'clock, at Sacramento.
COSGROVE— In this city. April 26. l!>04. Rose,
b*lo\ed wife of the late Patrick Cosgrove,
and mother of Joseph Coegrove and the late
Ktnllic and Charles Cosgrove, a native of
I g7Keai&i&» at the funeral parlors o!
i McFadden. MeBrearty & Creen. 1171 Mission
; street, between Seventh and Eighth. Please
' omit flowers.
¦ DOUGHERTY— In this city, April 24, 1004.
Patrick, beloved husband of tlie late Katie
Dougherty, and father of Mary C. Dough-
erty, a native of County Dor.exa!. Ireland,
and 00 year*. A member of Riggers' and
j Stevedores' Union. Local No. 222. I. L. M.
! and T. A.
C7The funeral will take place to-day
CWednesday), at 1 o'clock, rrom the parlors
of . the V'r.Ited Undertake™?. 800 Mission
street, between Fourth and Fifth. In-
, terrcent Holy Cross Cemetery.
DOWNEY— In thl» city, April 26. 1904, at
1S29 Ellis *treet, Mary, beloved wife of Den-
nis Dowr-ey. and mother of John. Julia and
Nar.a Downey. Mrs. Anna O'Brien and Mrs. j
F. G. McCacn, a native of Ireland, aged 70
¦ years.
ty Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Thursday), from the Catholic Church. St.
Helerfa. \vbere_3 requiem high mass will be I
celebrated for the repose of her eoul. com-
mencing at 11 o'clock. P.ematns to be for-
•wnrded by 7:30 a. m. train from San Fran-
cisco. Interment St. Helena.
DUGAN— In Lo« Angeles. Cal., April 24, 1901.
John J.. beloved son of the late William and
Elizabeth Dugan. and brother of William F.
Duitan, a native of New York.
CT'KemalnK st the funeral parlor* o:
McFadden, McBrearty & Green. 1171 Mission
ENOS— Entered Into rest. In this city. April 28.
1SK»4. llelenae A., dearly beloved wife of
Frank A. Eno«. and daugrhler of Catherine
and the late Mariln Mulcrevy, a native of
Dsrlinchurst, N. S. W.
K?"Funeral and Interment private. Please
omit flowers.
I FKEL.Y— In this city. April 26. 1904. Daniel
Feely. husband of the late Margaret Feei>. .
! a native of County Kerry. Ireland, aged 42
: yeai*. A member of Hirrens' and Stevedores'
Union. Local 222. 1. L. M. and T. A.
E^Triend* and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the runeral to-morrow
(Thursdayr. at »:S0 o'clock, from the par- i
Jors of the United Undertakers, thence to
St. Patrick's Church, where services will
be held, commencing at 10 o'clock. Inter-
ment. Holy Croes Cemetery- j
FltASCR— In thie city, April 26. 1904, at the
parent*' residence, 011 Frederick street, j
James IC. son of J. K. and Belle Fraser. ,
and brother or Willie Fraser. a native of San !
Francisco, aeed 15 years and 6 days. (
GOGAN— In this city, April 25. 1904. John J. {
Gogan. beloved eon of the late Elizabeth Go- |
Kan. brother of the late Kichard and Wil- I
liam Gopan. and uncle of Josephine Gogan, a j
native of New Orleans. La., aged 42 yeare. j
A member of Monadnock Tribe No. Hit*. 1.
O. It.
JCTFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow |
(Thursday), at 8 o'clock, from the parlors j
of McFadden. McBrearty & Green. 1171 MIs-
»ion street, betwetn Seventh and Kighth, I
thenre to St. Patrick's Church, where ser-
; vires will be held at »:30 o'clock. Inter-
• ment Holy Cross Cemetery.
KEEGAX— In this city, April 25. 1904, James
Keegan, beloved father of Austin, Lldwlna,
Alban and Anrelm Keegan, Mrs. F. W. Ker-
rigan and Mrs. J. P. McCormack. a native j
of Ireland, aged 66 years. ¦
IcyFrientis anj acquaintances are respect- >
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
? Wednesday), at 8:.'!0 o'clock, from hia late ¦
residence, 149 Juniper avenue, between Tenth
1 and Eleventh. Bryant and Harrison streets, t
thence to St.- Joseph'* Church, where-J
a requiem high mats will be celebrated for j
the repose of hlf soul, commencing at 9 j
o'clock. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. ;
KELLY— In this city. April 20. 1904. Kdward i
Kelly, beloved husband of Jane Kelly, and
father of Elliott. Edward and Robert Kelly, I
and Mrs. J. Bazo and Mrs. J. E. Graves, ,
a r.ativf? of Ireland, aged 73 years.
LANE— In this city, April 25, 1904. Michael,
beloved father of D. J., J. T.. George and
Lulu Lane, and Mrs. G. Singewald. Mrs. F.
Hein* and the late C. E. and M. W. Lane,
a native of Ireland, aged 75 years.
tCTThe funeral will take place to-*ay
(Wednesday), at 8:.10 o'clock, from his late i
residence, SOS Hill street, thence to St. |
James Church, when? a solemn requiem j
msFi will be celebrated for th* repose of his ',
¦ottl. commencing at » o'clock. Interment j
Holy Cross Cemetery. \
LOGEMANN— In thi« city, April 26, 1904, I
William, beloved husband of Mary Lose-
mann. and father of Henry W., Clara A..
Florence M., William E. and Robert J.
Logernann. a native of Germany, aged US
years 2 months and 21 days.
ICTFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Thursday), at " o'clock, from the mortu- j
n.ry chapel of the Golden Gate Undertaking j
Company. 247.1 Mission street, near Twenty-
flrFt. Interment Cypress Lawn Cemetery, by
NAGLE— In this city. April 25, 1904, David
Nagle, beloved husband of Annie. Nagle, a
native of Ireland, aged 77 years.
f£7Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral on Thurs-
day, April 28, at U:3u o'clock, from the par-
lors of Carew & English, 29 Van Ness ave-
r.ue. thence to St. Mary's Cathedral, Van |
New avenue, . where a requiem high mass I
will be celebrated for the repose of his soul, j
commencing at 10 o'clock. Interment Holy ¦
Cross. Cemetery, by funeral car from |
Kightepnth and Guerrero streets. ,
NELSON— In thle city. April 26. 1904. Al- j
vln Barnhard. beloved son of John and Mary
Nr Ian, end grandson of C. J. and Mathilda
Johnson, a native of San Francisco, aged •!
months and 28 days. * i
SCAPARONE— In this city. April 26. 1904, Au-
relia. dearly beloved wife of Dr. Carlo Scap- J
arone. beloved daughter of G. B. and Rosa I
Levaggi. rleter of Mre. Linda Cadenasso, and !
niece of B. Levaggi of Plymouth, Cal.. and j
Mrs. I>oul5M. D*-lfino of San Francisco, a na- !
tive of San Francisco, aged 25 years and 5
E7"rhe funeral will take place to-morrow
(Thursday), at 1 o'clock, from her parents'
residence. 1925 Jones street, by way of
Green street, thence by electric car at
Eighteenth and Guerrero streets, at 2;30
o'clock, for Italian Cemetery. Please omit
flowers. Funeral private.
SHARKEY— In this city. April 25, 1904. Sarah,
belovrd wife of the late James Sharkey,
mother of Grace F. and Sarah A. 'Sharkey,
and sister cf Edward Whariskey, a native
of County Donegal. Ireland.
STEPANOFF— In this city. April 25, 1904.
Nicholas Stepanoff, a native of Russia, aged
27 "years and 11 months.
CTTriend* and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral rervlces
to-day (Wednesday), at 9 o'clock, at the
Russian Church. 1715 Powell street. Inter-
ment Servian Cemetery-
STEVENS— In this city. April 25. 1904, Henry,
beloved husband of Cella Stevens, a native
of England, aged 42 years.
CTFrlcnds and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Thursday), at 10 o'clock, from the funeral
parlors of the Pacific Undertakers, 777 Mis-
sion etreet. Interment Mount Olivet Ceme-
STP.OMBERG — In Oakland, Cal., April 24.
**J»04. Herman F. Stromberg, beloved son of
J. F. and the late Ida Stromberg, and
brother of Joseph F., Henry A., John F.,
Richard F. and Elizabeth J. Stromberg and •
Mrs. Bertha Carey, a native of San Fran-
cisco, aged 15 3-ears 7 months and 4 days.
C7Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Wednesday), at 1 o'clock, from 837 Isabella
street, Oakland. Interment Mountain View
BULLIVAN— In Alannda, Cal., April 26. 1904.
Bridget A., relict of the* late John Sullivan,
and beloved mother of John T. Sullivan and
Mrs. Joseph J. Tompkinson. a • native of
County Kerry. Ireland, aged 65 years and
2 months. A member of the Third Order of
Bt. Francis.
CTNotice of funeral hereafter.
TOBIN— In thl» city, April 26. 10M, John To-
bln, beloved brother of Mrs. M. Ahern and
Patrick J. and William J. Tobln, a native ,
of Waterfcrd, Ireland, aged 88 years.
E7Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Thursday), at 9 o'clock, from the parlors
of J McManus. Seventh and Castro streets.
Oakland, thence to Et. Mary's Church of the
Immaculate Conception, where a requiem
mass will be offered for his soul. Interment
St. Mary's Cemetery-
WHORFF— In this city. April 26. 1904, Fannr
McClure, beloved wife of Fred E. Whorff,
mother of Frederick E. Whorff, and daugh-
ter of Mre. E. L. and the late Hon. R. A.
McClure of Mission San Jose, Cal., a native
or California. s
C7"Frlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral .services
to-morrow (Thursday), at 2:30 o'clock, at
the Crematory Chapel at Odd Fellows' Cem-
etery, y
W1LSON— In this city. April 25, 1904. Jean-'
nette. Scott, dearly beloved daughter of Is-
rael and Rosabelle Wilson, and loving- cister
of Marguerite. James and William Wilson,
a native or San Francisco, Cal., aged 15
- years 10 months and 5 days.
CTFrlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Thursday), at 12:30 o'clock, from her late
residence. 1511 Stockton etreet. thence to-St
Poter'« Episcopal Church, corner of Stockton
and Filbert streets, for services at 1 o'clock.
Interment Cypress Lawn Cemetery.
We wish to extend our thanks to the many
friends who so kindly assisted in our late
bereavement. P. F. RAMM and Family. «
iSuccecsors to Flannagan & Gallagher )
20 Fifth st.. opposite Lincoln School. '
Telephone Soath 80.
Funeral ' Directors and Embalmers —
Formerly In Metropolitan Temple,
; NOW st 8S8 MISSION. Tel. South 1«7. . .
. Between Fourth, and -Fifth, near FKth si
Finest Equipments at Moderate Rates. ,

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