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Be explicit In receipts when whiskey
is used— say i"Old J Gilt T Edfe",; and - there'll 1 be
no disappointment.' .< Wholesale at : 29-31 ' Battery
«t.,' S. F. • Wichman," Lutgen &'Co." - - •
BALL GAME : POSTPONED.— The ; baseball
game scheduled to take place at Golden Gatq
Park yesterday; afternoons between -the bellboys
of the St. ' Hotel C and ¦ the bellboys of
the , Lick House ; was postponed until to-morrow
aftvnoon: ,The St., Francis: team said the field'
was too wet:for;playln«r. :- v-> .- ¦ - •,'¦¦¦
- Burnett's Eitract '- of" Vanilla . has
taken gold medals- against air other brands. •
Allen Ferguson was arrested by^ De
tective Braig yesterday and booked at
the City Prison on .two \ warrants
charging, him with misdemeanor em
bezzlement. ¦ The* complaining
is R. , J: Graf, ' manager of -the '"'• Red
Trading -; Stamp - Advertising Company. 1
Graf ; alleges that ; Ferguson had % been
employed 'for the : last; two years as
collector for the company and hadem
bezzled) in • that time between ¦ $600 < and
SSOO in small amounts
Accused of Embezzlement.
Alfrcd Wilkins Is Missing.
Alfred Wilkins of 1632 Fulton street
is - reported by • his wife to have been
missing from his home since last Sat
urday. He left the house for "a ; ; short
walk'and has not appeared since.. The
Associated Charities is aiding. the wife
arid the two . little } daughters. ..* Unless
Wllklns returns soon f the ' little ; girls
will be placed ; In : a chari table insti
tution by the Society for, the "Preven
tion" of Cruelty, to Children/ V
¦Mrs. J. ¦ P. Sharkey " died In St.
Mary's Hospital^ yesterday; from" shock
caused by -burns received from the ex
plosion : of, a .coal 'oil ' lamp a ¦ few days
ago at her residence's 30 Ninth street.
Dies Froni Burns.
Captain Hart's Case Submitted.
* Attorney Wright of the law firm of
Wright & Lukens and Assistant Unit
ed States District Attorney Ben L. Mc-
Kinley consumed the whole of yester
day In arguing before United States
District Judge Ae- Haven the 1 merits
arid demerits of .the case of . the ; United
States vs. , Captain W. W. -Harts, who
was fined by the Collector of Customs
$1971 12 for failing to declare certain
Ja p'ariese gb'o'ds "in ' his ; baggage last
July on his arrival 'from' Man! la on the
United States: transport" 1 Thomas. Mr.
McKinley. quoted authorities to show
t^at intent tot smuggle need not be
shown : so long as I the passenger neg
lected to make the' necessary declara
tion; thatthe goods should;, be confis
cated and the penalty imposed. The
case was ¦ taken under . advisement. ,-'V ;
Erglsh does not like - her name. Sh« prefers
the name of Elsert, the name of her first
husband. In a petition to have her name
changed she filed yesterday - she says that the
acquired the name Engrish by her marriage to
Charles Englsh shortly- after the death of
Elsert. Her second matrimonial venture was
an unhappy one and she got a divorce, neg
lecting at that time to get permission to re
sume the name of Eltert.
William . Logeman, a photographer
residing at 3259 Mission street, died in
St. Luke's Hospital yesterday from
blood poisoning caused' by accidentally
running a rusty nail into his right
hand a few days ago.
Killed by a Rusty Nail.
Three small *>oys . ranging In age
from 9 to 12 years .were arrested last
night by Policemen A. G. Skelly and
E. Ring. The youths, who are Wal
ter Henry. 1131 Mason street, and
Harry and . Joseph Pi nnick, stole a
horse and wagon belonging to Alex
ander Mann Jr., a florist at 1441 Polk
Mann, left his horse standing In
front of 3660 Washington street while
he made a delivery. He was gone but
a few minutes.. When he emerged
from the house his wagon was gone.
The three young -culprits were arrest
ed driving the wagon on Dupont
street, in Chinatown. They will be
sent" before the Juvenile Court. Hen
ry is a young incorrigible. He had
been sent to the Juvenile Court twice
before during the last month j on
charges of burglary. He is but 10
years of age. The ' other two, Harry
and Joseph Pinnick, are 10 and 12
years old respectively.
Walter Henry, Harry and Joseph Pin
nick Rob Florist of His
Conveyance. ,
Beseker. to whom Clotbllde Stohr assigned her
Interest In $4000 worth of Italian- American
Bank stock which Is part o{ the estata of
Clothllde Richardson, yesterday filed a suit to
have the stock declared to be held In trust
for him. The suit is asalsst Frank Stohr
and Clothllde Stohr. respectively executor and
executrix of the estate of Mrs. Richardson.
¦ Forty-fourth — George A. Kelley, James C.
Sires. Thomas J. Pindar, John M. Klein, Wil
liam Pratt, George Spencer, George Dahl
bender, P. J. Walsh, Thomas Chandler.
Forty-fifth— Walter .J.' de . Martini, Thomas
Foley, . George Seekamp, . Thomas Davles, Fred
erick C Boden.. David : C. Capurro. Abraham
B. Glassman, Mario Forno. . ¦'-, .
- - Forty-third— J. E. ; Scully, Curtis Hillyer, L.
Mfthrtens. George J. HagBerty, Fred Fainzen.
Bronte M. Alklns, . J. . R. Prlngle, John J.
Gleason." '. . ' ; » .
Forty-first — Ed Griffin, James W. Reilly,
Peter P. McDonough, F. • F. Lyden, : Stephen
Potter, W. -W. Sanderson. M. T. Bowlor.
Forty-second— R. V. . Whiting. Charles W.
Meehan, Albert P. Wheelan, . Thomas P. Jty
land. William W. Ackerson, Joseph McNa
inara. Joseph Hagan, Alexander Coleman, Wil
llum H. Lowe, John C. Qulnlan.
Thirty-ninth — Donzel Stoney, Richard O'Con
nor, Edward • C. Harrison. J. Leo Park. P. J.
Ryan, Edward A. Kenney. Edward W. Too
mey. ' ,
- Fortieth — Louis T. Samuels.. Thomas E. Shu
mate, A. F. Gost, David Augustus White,-Wil
liam Denman, Sidney M. Van Wyck Jr.
Thirty-second — James J. Donovan, Matthew
Fitzgerald Daniel Williamson, P. J. Flnnegan.
Robert A* Byrne, Joseph Ward, Jeremiah
Twomey, George F. Welch. Joseph A. Ken-;
drick, Thomas Thornton, Daniel Harrington.
Thirty-third — L. J. Dolan, L. Ferrari, Daniel
Ward, M. J. Klernan, R. Shepston, Joseph
Powers. Joseph Fassler, M: Fay.
Thirty-fourth — Fenton Courtney H. D. Fan
ning, J. P. Fennell. Edward I. Coffey. Charles
Tallmadge, W. J. Selbert, Thomas J. Kennedy,
John E. Sullivan; J. Eramett Hayden.
- Thirty-fifth — Frederick A. Grazer. John J.
Moran, Thomas E. Curran Wtlllani A. Kelly.
Frank B. O'Reilly.' Frank Lawlor, William M.
Cannon Peter Clifford, -William H. McCarthy.
Thirty-sixth— T. M. Seary. E. T. Russell, J.
Hare, E. J. Sullivan Isaac Levy, Peter Becker.
J. Murphy. Daniel Callaghan, F. T. Fltzglbbon,
W. H. Williams.
Thirty-seventh — Charles A. SweJgert, Frank
H. Gould, Thomas F. Caeey, John Tracy. J. L.
A. - Jaunet, Hugo K. Asher. William P. Mc-
Laughlln. H. E. F. Williams, John E. Bran
nan. Thomas J. Walsh, i
Thirty-eighth— William J. Ahem. James
Byrne John W. McDonald, I. L. David, Frank
Zacharias / Philip Kennedy. John W. ! Lewis,
S. Daniel* wiscz, Martin O'Brien. R. R. WaU
lace. v
Twenty-eighth— Eugene F. Lacy, Michael
Brown, Michael Ryan, Matthew Lally, Terence
F, O'Brien; A Estelita, M.' Heaney, John Mc-
Carthy, Joseph Monohan. ¦ , : ¦
Twenty-ninth — John J. Sweeney, John Mar
tin,; • F. • T.- Barrls, Frank Shannon, Robert
Gough, Thomaa J. Horan, George A. Lynch, J.
W. Fitzgerald. John Faulkner, James P. Lally,
James P. Creegan, Ben Sells. ,.
Thirtieth — Matthew Toomey. Michael Mor
risey F.' Driscoll, Oscar Hocks, Emmet To
malty, T. J.. Oliver, P. KHkeeny, Thomas V W.
HIckey. Edward Toomey, Edward McEwen. J.
J. Crooks. Charles Holcomb.
Thirty-first — James Derby, Thomas F.
Gavan, David Atkinson. Thomas F. Barry,
Jchn Hoar. James Sullivan, James T. Mooney.
Thomas Floyd. John T. Kane, Mason K. Wil
son. Frank Dougherty. Herman Zimmerman.
Regular Democratic tickets repre
senting' the party organization in each
Assembly district of San Francisco
were filed yesterday in the office of the
Registrar of Voters. The following
names will be voted for next Tuesday
as delegates to the Democratic State
convention, which has been ¦ called to
meet at Santa Cruz on Monday, May
1C: -:]~^ , ' ¦'
Knapp. Henry Gibbons Jr., Frederick Hauser,
Kdward N. Ayres, Jacob Greenebaum. Robert
A. Grler, P. M. Gopchevltch. Herbert Galey.
Forty- third — John B. Kellly, A. A. Guarlni,
Julius Nathan. Thomas K. McCarthy. D. J.
Beban, Robert N. Rlsdon; Melville W. Her
mann, Thomas 3'. Morton William K. White.
Forty-fourth — W. H. Rice, August Johnson.
James D. Shay, G. G. Hellman, Fred Robrecht,
Martin Raggett, Richard Adams, Charles Du
mont. \ ¦*
Forty-fifth— Frank Marlnl, H. P. Demln^.
Peter Johnson, U A. 'Rea. W. F. Fitzgerald,
Joseph Barbetta. ¦ ;
Judge Hunt Administers Punishment
*to Merchant Who Repeatedly
Evades L<esal Service.
Refusal- to pay attention to a sum
mons of court to appear and do duty
as a Juror or to give a reason why
one should not serve is liki-ly to lead
to unpleasant complications, particu
larly if the summons comes from
Judge Hunt. W. Davis of the harness
firm of W. Davis & Son at 11 Front
. street had the temerity to disobey not
only, one but several of Judge Hunt's
'orders, with the result that a deputy
sheriff went to his store yesterday,
•took him Into custody and brought
him before the Judge.
"Your neglect, Mr. Davis," said
.• Judge Hunt to the offender, "will cost
• you Just }20."
"I do not know about that," said
the merchant, getting red in the face.
"I'll see ray attorney."
"Weil," said Judge Hunt, "it is suf
ficient that I should know about it,
and I want to tell you that unless the
fine is paid within twenty-four hours
.I'll send you to jail."
, The fine was paid.
Engagement Reception.
Mr. .and Mrs. B. G«tz will hold a re
ception in honor of the engagement of
their daughter Sylvia to Mr. Philip Gor
don Sunday afternoon. May 1. from 2 to
f> o'clock at the Dartmouth Hotel, 865
Post Btneet. • t . . .
.' Dies in a Saloon.
Daniel ' Fealey, a longshoreman,
died suddenly at noon yesterday while
at the free lunch counter of a saloon
at 68 Bryant street- He was a native
of Ireland, a&ed £6 years, and resided
at 662 Howard street. He was a
heavy drinker. ,
Delegate tickets, as follow, were
filed for the Fourth Congressional Dis
trict Republican convention:
Twenty-eighth — Edward W. Haughy, Wal
ter Larsen, J. A. Barr, George Cooney, . M.
M. Miller.
Twer.ty-nlnth — Ticket not ready.- •-¦«• ¦-„.•-. '*
Thirtieth— T. M. Walsh. R. McCann, L,.
Chaveloux. D. T. Herring, H: B/Engle, James
F. Lawler. ,r
Thirty-rtrst — William Symon, C. M. Erick
spn, Charles J. McDonnel, James Hlgglns, Ed
ward Early. •
Fortieth— Henry Ach, Gustav Hartman.
George F. Mero, Charles H. Stanyan. A. H.
Powers, Maurice L.. Asher, San ford Felgen
baum. Charles E. Bowling.
Forty-first — John C. Currier, H. O.' Beatty,
Frederick Smlthson, Horace J. Perazzl,
Charles C. Hlggtns, William Barton, Charles
I>. Barsotti.
Forty-second — George A. McGowan, E. G.
Thirty-sixth — Frank W. Burnett. Charles -H.'
J Truman. Charles W. Baker, H. N. Beatty;
A. H. Menne. H. J. Alexander. Frank M. Ste
Thirty-seventh — George D. Clarke. John W.
Rogers, William J. Young, Henry Newburgh,
George Morse. William M.- Abbott, F. Boeck
man, Fred Jones. J. I/. Rapheld. •
Thirty-eighth — D. W. Burchard, Samuel H.
Beckett Myrtlle Cerf. J.. B. Carson, A. A.
Freldlcnder. Max Goldberg. Ira B. Dalz'el.
John T. Nourse. W. H. Rlckard, Miles W. Mc-
Thirty-ninth — R. H. Countryman, T. E. At
kinson. E. R, Bryant, J. B. Sykes, John F.
Fortieth — Henry Ach, Marlon D. Conn, W. S.
Wood, Hamilton A. Bauer, Charles G. Clinch,
Thomas Morffew, E. B. Read, Maurice L.
Asher. - . '
Forty-first — John D. Spreckels, George Stone,
A. K. Dagsett. Frederick Blrdsall. David Rich.
Philip Anspacher, Maxwell McNutt.
Forty-second — George B. Keane. Don R. Dun
bar, Jesse H. Hannah, John A. Clover, William
T. Kibbler. 'William A. McGintly, Ransom C.
Van Fleet, Phineas S. Barber. Thomas M.
Gannon. -
Fortyr third — Thomas D. . Rlordan, George A.
Knight, Charles Sonntag, Samuel H. Kent,
Walter S. Brann, Norman H. "Hurd, Charles
Kauffman, William W. Sanderson,- Philip J.
I Forty-fcurth — T. H. Morris, Theodore Lun
stedt. J. W. Boyce. James B. Smith, W. N.
Jackson. Charles Mitchell. A. Grasse, Thomas
J. • Quigley. ¦ • .
Forty-fifth — A. Ruef. Campbell Ford,
Charles H. Sommerlad, ' E. M. Buckley, A.-J.
Gilbart and J. H. Nelson.
The Republican ticket for delegates
to the State convention Is as follows:
Twenty-eighth— William J. Harrington. H.
Peterson. Walter Macauley, C. W. Merrltt, J.
J. Fanning.
Twenty-ninth District — Ticket not yet filed.
Thirtieth— Fred Suhr. P.M. O'Connor. F. E.
Wallace. Isador Erb. Joseph Bertram. J. J.
Thirty- first — John A. Hoey. George W. Wim
mer, George I. Raychester, Michael ¦ Hynes,
Charles F. Walters.
Thirty-second— P. J. Mahoney. F. W. Zim
merman, William E.- McNamara, Frank J.
Kelly William J. Carr.
Thirty-third— L. A. Taylor. Peter Menjou.
Thomas C. Towns.
Thirty - fourth— J. H. Beleer, E. M. Rltter,
Fred Ritchie. A. H. Merrill. J. H. Soper, H.
C. Langrehr.
Thirty- fifth — E. F. Tread well. John D. Daly,
E. R. Pease. R. H. Stafford, E J. Lynch,
John S. Partridge. J. W. King, William MeU
ner. ¦
The regular Republican and Demo
cratic organizations of San .Francisco
yesterday filed in (he office of the
Registrar of Voters lists of proposed
delegates to the respective party con
ventions. The names so filed will be
printed on the tally sheets. The Re
publican tickets were not filed until a
late hour last night. ' The Democratic
tickets were .filed early in the after
noon. Electors may vote for delegates
other than those whose names have
been filed. There are Indications of
a contest in the Republican ranks of
the Thirty-ninth Assembly • District, as
two tickets have been filed by repre
sentatives of the party In that dis
Delegates to the Republican State
Convention from Assembly districts of
the Fifth Congressional District will
also serve as delegates to the Con
gressional district convention, but they
will not nominate a' candidate for Con
gress. Under the call they will select
two delegates and two N alternates from
that district to the Republican National
Convention and will also select a new
Congressional district committee.
The Assembly districts of the Fourth
Congressional District will elect two
sets of delegates— one to the State con
vention and. the other to the Congres-,
slonal district convention.. The latter,
however, will not nominate a candidate
for Congress, but will simply choose
delegates to the Chicago convention
and name a district committee to con
duct the campaign. The primary elec
tion for choosing delegates to the sev
eral conventions will be held next Tues-
But when pretty Mrs. Bates got upon
that platform with her rattling sallies
at^the aforesaid logic, well, now, logic
did begin to look a bit weak, In the
knees. "Why," said the speaker, "it's
the men who are at the bottom of this
extravagance they're talking about.
No husband wants his wife to go out
with him looking like a poor, relation.
And as for the paint and powder the
affirmatives refer to, why, if. -a little
'art' makes one look prettier and
healthier^ why, put It on-rand so with
good clothes. These things make us
generous and kind in our attitudes
toward the world and help to, keep our
husbands— who cheerfully pay for them
—at their own firesides."'
Many other clever things were said
by the contestants, . but men are - so
queer that they mightn't like to have
their wives say right out in meetin*
that "Men's follies , placed beside
women's foibles would make the latter
look like fifteen cents"— and that men
are "prodigal^ and "wasteful, while
women as a class are " frugal and eco
nomical." Here's where discretion
worsts journalism! I'll withhold their
names. - *
Mrs. Orr then put the momentous
question to a vote of the club and the
negatives won. , There'are those, how
ever, who declare the women didn't
vote on the merits of the arguments,!
but on their preconceived opinions.
Now, if that be true, what kind' of
Jurors will we make when we shall have
equal rights— and duties?
)As a special guest of the club, Miss
Welsh of tHe Twentieth Century Club
of Buffalo made an; Interesting^ talk
upon club life Jn her home city. ., The
Twentieth Century holds its Initiation
fee at $100 and its dues at $25 and has
the" distinction of conducting its; cafe at
a gain to the bondholders. 'dis
tinctly clever.
Then on came the debate, with Dr.
Dorothea Moore, Dr. Minora Kibbe,
Miss Kate Atkinson and Mrs. Maddern
on the affirmative side, and Mrs.
George D. Bates, Mrs. Louisa Battles
Cooper, Mrs. George Crawford and
Mrs. Rodney Kendrick lined up for the
negative, with Mrs. J. W. Orr, one of
the aspirants for presidential honors,
holding -the watch. Six minutes wer,e
given to each speaker, with more time
permitted by the courtesy of the club.
These precious six minutes were later
augmented by three-minute summa
ries of their own sides and "knockeries"
of the opposition.
Now the latter inning was where the
fun began. The first arguments were
forceful, staid, historical and more, or
less logical. But the last phase, the
home run, will live for many a day in
the chitchat of clubdom.
For the benefit of the men, who nat
urally figured largely and more or less
complimentarily in the argumentative
battle, and the women who weren't
present, herewith are a few — only a
few excerpts— from the' discussion.
Mrs. Kendrick: "Is it extravagant
for wealthy women to wear rare jew
els? Why, jewels are like 'flowers — of
divine birth. Then, why not enjoy their
beauty? They're God-given." "Take
away the wants of the people, and,you
take away their ideals," was made
much of by Mrs. Kendrick in defense
of the desire of women to wear good
clothes and live In good houses; that a
billionaire is amply justified in build
ing a $10,000,000 house if his taste leads
him to it, for it provides work to hun
dreds and is . industrially propitious.
"Nay," says Dr. Dorothea Moore, who
is skilled in statistics and sociology,
"no man has the moral or social right
to put $10,000,000 into a hous^g for him
self and family. It is opposed socio
logically to the best interests of the
country," and before resting her case
Dr. Moore laid down some pretty stub
born facts for the club's inspection. ,
The expected happened when Mrs.
Louis Hayward . issued from the ranks,
bearing in her arms an exquisite crys
tal and silver vase, and with charming
phrasing and sincerity of manner pre
sented the ornament to the retiring
president on behalf of the club mem
bers. Now, there are various kinds of
surprises, and various degrees. But
this was distinctively the real thing,
and when the applause had died away
after a few words of appreciation and
compliments to the club and to the
board of directors, and more was
asked of her, \ she replied, with the
prettiest flush.* "Ladies, I fain would
say more, but my lips refuse."
When the gracious president, Mrs.
George Law Smith, called the meeting
to order and the prosaic minutes had
been read, a craning of necks told of
a foreshadowed event not down on
the cards, for 'all the world knew
there was to be a debate, and a live
one, on the national issue: "Resolved,
thtit women are largely responsible
for the extravagance of our modern
life." Oh, how unctuously the mar
ried men would have smiled at the ac
cusation! .
From the loads of women, gayly
gowned and bonneted, that board
ed the elevator yesterday afternoon in
the Y. M. C. A. building: there was as
suredly something doing in the Cali
fornia Club, for the ladies all said
"Third, please." And there wasl.When
the lift had left off lifting the club
rooms were filled to overflowing.
By Laura Bride Powers.
Lewis has always been a favorite
in the post. He took an active interest
in every department appertaining to it.
No matter whether it was a matter
of sports, business, athletics or mili
tary tactics, he has always showed a
keen interest. In the social life of San
Francisco he also cut a > conspicuous
figure. ..He and'. Mrs. Lewis were al
ways in attendance at the Ned Green
way ' functions and others of equal
standing in' society's realm.
Among the officers of. the post yes
terday the disappearance of their
brother' officer was the sole topic of
conversation. Conjectures on all sides
failed to throw any light upon the
subject. None of them took any stock
in the suicide theory, but all seemed
to be of the Impression that . he had
left the place and by his own volition,
but as to whys and wherefores they
could offer no suggestions. His quar
ters in the post were practically dis
mantled and nearly all his effects
packed up and ready for -shipment to
Honolulu. Mrs. Lewis closed the house
yesterday and . to-day will go to the
home of Mrs. Handbury to , await de
velopments. It was suggested by some
at> the post that he might possibly
have gone to Canada, while others
thought he may have taken the steam
er San Jose, which left on last Satur
day at noon for Panaml. and inter
vening • points. .
His family are at a loss to account
for his disappearance. His mother,
Mrs. Handbury, wife of Colonel
Thomas H. Handbury, is prostrated by
the blow; and is a double sufferer at
this time, occasioned by the serious
illness of Colonel Handbury, who is in
the General Hospital at the Presidio
awaiting a serious operation. Lewis'
sisters," Miss Virginia Lewis and Miss
Ethelyn Lewis, are entirely in the dark
regarding their brother's actions, and
can only think that he is suffering
from a. temporary aberration' of the
mind. His wife, formerly Miss Amy
Wright of Oregon, is equally in" the
His intimate friends at the post say
that for some time . he seemed to be
brooding over his lack of ability, on
account of age, to reach a high po
sition in army life. About tw<j months
ago by the death of an uncle he in
herited. It Is alleged, about $12,000. This
was a great disappointment to him, as
he felt that he was entitled to a much
larger share of his uncle's. great. estate.
It is reported that he put in an applica
tion for a four months', leave of ab
sence in order to go East and look into
the matter and, ' if necessary, contest
the will.
The request for- the leave was not
granted him, for the - reason : that his
company, the Twenty-eighth Coast Ar
tillery, had been ordered to Honolulu.
Upon the receipt of refusal of his re
quest he appeared to be greatly dis
' The mysterious disappearance of
Lieutenant Victor Courtney Lewis from
the Presidio Is the cause of great won 7
der and surprise not only to his brother
officers at the. post, but also to the
city's social contingent, in which -he
was a prominent factor.
"Wife, 'mother and- sisters are all at
a loss to understand any reason for
his actions. That he has committed
suicide as suggested in the note left
behind him Is not regarded with any
degree of i credence by the people of the
POSt- • •.-'"' .";.',
¦ Why and for what reason he left
his post of duty, his wife, his family
and friends is steeped In mystery. He
had recently come into a handsome in
heritance, and his accounts with the
post exchange are said to be in per
fect shape. . . "
The last seen of him was on Satur
day morning shortly after 11 o'clock,
as he was rushing down Market street
in front of The Call: building. There
he accosted an old friend whom he had
knov.n in Po'rtland, Or. He was ap
parently in great haste, but he stopped
to pass the time of day, and said he
would sail j for Honolulu on Saturday,
April 30. He further admonished his
friend to be sure to come to the trans
port dock on that day to give^himself
and his wife a farewell.
Separate Convention Is to
Assemble in the fourth
Congressional District
No Reason Is Suggested or
Offered by • Friends for
His Sudden Disappearance
Ladies Decide That the
Men Are Real Culprits
in Matters of Lavislmess
Whereabouts •¦ of Lieutenant
Lewis Remains a Mystery
to Comrades and Family
Republicans and Democrats
Prepare for the Primary
Election Next Tuesday
Members of the California
Club Participate in Dis
cussion of Extravagances
- MODESTO, , April . 20.— Joseph : Scharnhorst;
who on January 18 last '• shot and killed , Bar
ney Smith at Oakdale -in this county, w«s io
day I sentenced , to ; life imprisonment.
NEXT to ' good shoes a
good shine— r /;
. Meaning a convenient and
healthy shine.
Ahealthy dressing keeps
the shoes satiny and bright,
yet .doesn't hinder evapora-
tioa , : v ; . ':. ,. : .; ¦
¦ At all Regnl Store*— 25 Cent*.
Cor. Geary and Stockton Sts. " - _
STORE, ]\-[
. Oor.' Geary and Stockton Sts. :
200 Dozen Imported Black. All-Over Lace Lisle HosBj
aenulne Hermsflopf -flue, spliced heels and toes.
Tfoese hose are in 9 different sttjlesj all sizes from
8 to 10.
-*¦¦ Price 35c Pair
Or S4.00 per Dozen. >
Secular V»lu«, ; 50o and 60c Pair.
150 Dozen Ladles 1 - W iilte Usle Thread Vests, high neck
and long or short sleeves, low neck and sleeveless.
We have also drawers to match the aflove in either
knee or ankle length.
Price 50c a Garment
250 Dozsn Ladles' Fine Linen Camhrlc and Sheer Linen
HemstitchBd Handkerchiefs. These are from one of
the hest manufacturers in Ire' and.
Price $1.00 Dozen
ioo Dozen Black Sateen Petticoats, male from an extra
ojualltn of fine mercerized sateen, full size and fast
hiack. Then come In assorted stgles, with accordeon
pleated flounces and hemstitched ruffles.
Price $1.00 Each
12 Dozen Heavn Black Silk Petticoats, made from a
Swiss taffeta. ¦ These are madLe with accordeon
pleated fiounsas and 6 rows of hemstitching.
Price $6.00 Each
l^Tf*\ TP ¥*^ Orders by mall receive prompt attentloa
l^lV-/ 1 JCZy All orders for samples or goods filled
: =. and shipped same day they are received,
(fit 2. "
3, 115, 117, 119, 121 POST STKfiJSr.
'¦¦&% i «i vmolmauc demurs* 1 y ' - ~*
/''«! "m QZ3XUJNG _». fl
'JlitiiJi I °St£i ro you i^N* i
'*'•'' »l? VjS~ JZZK yTT^V 1 n/yn-riTTmO
ftlf m^T^^
W\ \ !p TriC CALL f3^^^Z3 uU * tin Rl
'¦' • 'f """" Jtfbi J3,"a \^'~ "5^~S "^n-
' 'I if &M^ I " ol f( W^*
•_£'__ ' •" '„„',-„„', ',7#J
This is the way Brown Bros.' Concave Shoulders always look —
; • ' they hold their shape to the end.
OUR <j)|4 SUiTS
Are treat big values— Just as good as the best custom-made but we don't
charge as much. Of course, we have others at Item SI 0 to S39.
S!6"518 MABKETST. M AjfeW
"Peewee Junior"
The Companion of the \
1458 A\/\RK.ET ST.,
Opp. Central Theater, and
|"VanVroom w l
. - ¦ .¦ MEDICAL v
I • . — FOR THE •:¦:•¦¦. _
U T3 TT C? II 1? C FOR BxnBERS. ba-
UrllJ^rlillD keni ' bootblacks. oatH-
iyilWoliUU houses, bltllanl tubitn.
brewers, bookbinders, candy maker*. cacn«-«.
dyers. Hour mills, foundries, laundries, paper,
hangers, printers, painters, shoe , factor!;*.
•tablemen, tar-roofers, tanners, tailors, etc
Braih. Manxif actarer*. 609 Sacrmmaato St.
li tUe only cure for Nervous and
; Bronchial ASTHMA.
Xcur Druggist or at SO- 1 * UAlOHTST,
San Francisco. Cal.
Gfl fl A I tf% ¦ • AmnmnlUon. ' Hunting and
1 BKH V Sporting Goods. Largtal
S 1 g 43 »tock. Lowest ; rice*, iten'l
%3 1 « - s C HltE\V& 1< HARBER CO..
- .' '^^ 129 ". Market •. M. ' an4 831
v ' Krarny it.
| $30.00 9x12 Axminstcr Rugs, $19.75. 1
I 18x36 in. Axminstcrs or Smyrnas, 75c. E
W 1000 yds. Linoleum, sq. yd. (not laid) 35c. ||
1* . 500 prs. $1.25 Lace Curtains, per pr. 65c. w
i Our sixteen strong specials continue for the week. Eight d'rilert nt grades |l
I of Lace Curtains, Portirres and Couch Covers at from one-third to one-half fl
i their rrgular values. Tapestry. Brussels (laid) at 70c High-grade Bru sels bl
| (laid) at 93c 'Velvet Carpets the lowest price ever advertised (laid) at M
I 95c. These have been the greatest drawing specials we have ' had in
| months. Get your share o! them. El
I "The Credit House." 233 : 235-237 Post Street 1

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