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AT 508 Mason, MRS. " WALSER; tel. Black
• 1633— Governess, refined, and' competent.
! branches, • country. $30; chambermaids,
springs, $20.. $25;. laundress, hotel or ,in-
: stltutlon;. $30. . . : , » , . ' 1
STENOGRAPHER and bookkeeper, capable
and "experienced, desires either; substituting
i or" permanent position; flrst-class references.
Box 3118. Call -office. ¦..'¦-
WANTED— Position as visiting • governess to
. young. children: English and elementary mu-
sic; -would also take them out a» while dur-
ing the day Box 3657. Call office. ..¦" ¦
HOUSEWORK 'wanted in -a small family by
good woman; no objection to cross. the bay.
44.*> First st. ' ' ' '
RESPECTABLE woman - wants situation in
American family; will do light washing; city
¦ or country. ,214 Fifth st. ' - '
A COMPETENT laundress and house-cleaner
wants work at $1 per day; references. Box
3707. Call office. . ; .' . - :
A RELIABLE woman wants a position to do
light .housework; good cook; short distance
- or town; references. ' Call Branch. 300 Hayes.
WANTED — By a young German woman; place
* for housework and cooking; good references;
wagca $25-$30. Box 3708, Call office.
YOUNG 1 woman wants work by day; thor-
oughly understands all domestic work. Ad-
dress box 1140. Call office. Oakland. -
WANTED — A position as working housekeeper
or care of Invalid. 406 Octavla s-
YOUNG Scandinavian lady wants* work; gen-
eral housework. 12 Perry st.
SWEDISH woman wishes position as laundress
and chambermaid. Please call at 245 Steuart.
WANTED— Housework or cooking by reliable
. woman. Call at 1163 Market st.
A HOSPITAL nurse, speaking French and Eng-
llsh,.wlll nurse invalid, attend doctor's of-
fice, travel, or accept other suitable occupa-
tion. Box 3203, Call office. , •
GERMAN girl wants position to assist house-
work in small family; no washing; no chil-
dren; wages $15. Call 242% Twelfth et.
GERMAN weman wants cooking, hot lunch,
or work of any kind by the day. MRS. M.
K., P13 Natoma st., near .Tenth.
REFINED young girl- from the country desires
light housework during the day. Box 3135,
Call office. i ¦ ¦ ¦
YOUNG lady ' wishes position as cashier In
restaurant. Address H. P.. box 1367. Call.
ADVERTISEMENTS, subscriptions received at
Call branch office, cor. Duncan & Church sts.
WANT ads and subscriptions taken for The
Call at Eaton's Bazaar, 633 McAllister st.
YOUNG man, bright, strong and able to per-
form any duties, desires situation as watch-
man, attendant for cigar stand or any kinl
of work; $1 50 a day; bonds and reference*
furnished. Box 3600. Call.
A YOUNG man wants a place to work a few
hours morning and evening for room and
board. J. G. BROW, Waldo House, . Mission
street. * . . . .
GOOD all-around man wants position In pri-
vate place;, understands care of horses, gar-
den; good driver; can milk; good references.
Box 3654, Call office.
POSITION by a flrst-class gardener (single);
competent in all Its branches, and best of
reference; wages expected. 'Address Gardener,
292 Valencia st. . ¦¦
ACTIVE non-union flrst-class carpenter, strict-
ly sober," desires employment with property
owner, firm or contractor; reasonable wagca.
Box 3664. Call. . .
SOBER, reliable young man wants to learn ¦ a
good trade or business; willing to get in and
learn. Box 3661, Call office. • '
At ALL-ROUND bookbinder, finisher and gild-
er wishes steady position for $12 a we«l_
Box 3706. Call. : ...
POSITION wanted; city, or .country;, young
man handy with carpenter tools: can run
gasoline engine; -references. Box .3708, Call.
RELIABLE, handy man wants work In the
forenoon.. Box 3120, Call, office. . - ,,¦-.'
PORTER would like posltton. either hotel or
a wholesale . house. T. W. DAY, 500 -Bush st.
A YOUNG man (33) from the East would like
to ' malw business.- connection ;» experienced'
cprrespondent. office manager;,. can systema-
tize and manage economically; attorney, by
profession; best testimonials as -to character
and ability. Address box 3739, Call office.
i SINGLE, middle-aged ¦ American wants subur-
ban situation as cook and general utility
man, with- small family;: moderate ! wagei»;
good- milker and butter maker; no horsts.
Box 3116. Call of flee.'
MIDDLE-AGED man. thoroughly experienced
In poultry and dairy, conscientious, reliable,
wishes work, private place; references. Box
3099. Call office. : . ' -' ¦¦--
EXPERIENCED accountant desires position ae
head bookeeper or office manager; long ex-
perience 1 as systemizer and auditor;. best ref-
erences. ' Box 3122, Call office. . , ..-. •
ACTIVE,- non-union, first-class- carpenter,
strictly -sober, -' deelres employment .'with
property owner, firm or contractor; reason-
able wages. Box 3664, Call office. .. •
MECHANICAL engineer,' draughtsman, desires
situation and -evening .work- in. any line in,
engineering; competent detaller; many, years'
shop experience. Box 3603, Call office. " • .
FLUMBEK (licensed) wants work from prop-
erty- owner by the day ' or • we«k; - has , all
*. nepessary shop tools; city ¦ or . country. rBox
3726, -Call office. " - j ... ... -..-". - '-
DRAUGHTSMAN, mechanical. - graduate, 7
years' experience; -wants position; also em-
ployment during leisure hours making nice
drawings at reasonable rates. Box 3723, Call.
•WANTED-^Position by a -first-class gardener;
married; competent in all branches, and best
of references. . Address Gardener, box 3134,
Call office. / '
WANTED — Position by all . around printer. ' In
newspaper or Job office, or as reporter or
'pressman; - 25 years' - experience. Address
JOHN YOUNG. Santa Barbara. Cal.
WANTED— Steady position on ranch; 20 yean'
experience with cattle, I horses, farming; am
married. 4 children. who will work. Address
G. H. B..- 2475 Post st.. San Francisco.
SOBER and -reliable young man wants work
°. where there is a chance to* be promoted. Box
\ 3CS6. Call of flee.". - t ¦-•-¦¦ ¦-•.--.-.-- ->-...
A STEADY, sober young man, 23, wishee a po-
sition. In country -store;, references or bond.
H.-E. H.. 1118 Stelner st. . -
CARPENTER, can repair anything;' $2 50 per
day; steady work: good references; store or
hotel. Box 3665, Call office., ' ¦ .
SITUATION wanted ; by a handy man with
:• tools; prefer work In some shop;' sober and
steady. Box 3725, Call office. "¦;
SITUATION • wanted -¦ as .waiter - and tend bar
. or- porter; can ' cook: middle aged; . refer-
ences.' • S. W., Box 3727, Call " of flee. : —
FIRST-CLASS machinist and toolmaker wishes
steady position; good on small work. Box
3734. Call office. " '
EXPERIENCED clerk, best references, wants
any kind o<" office work; $40 to start.' Box
3741, Call office. ..- , .
COACHMAN wants situation: can milk and
take care of garden. Box 3115, Call office.
TWO farmers would like to get work In dty
or country. | Box 1378, Call of3ce.
JAPANESE! couple want a situation, man as
good cook;. wife just from Orient.' Address
' 448 Natoma st. . . . ¦ ;
, FIRST-CLASS Japanese cook desires position"
; private ; family; best recommendations. 443
. Natoma st. ; . .
JAPANESE boy wants a position as house-
worker or schoolboy in family. SASAKI
600 Stockton st. °«.o.n.«a.
YOUNG Japanese wants position as school boy
-S r9 Calf 8 otC nS: S^^' *• *•. *>£
JAPANESE schoolboy, thoroughly reliable
wants place In small ; private family cook
etc. Address box 3736. Call office. *" ¦
CHINESE, first-class- cook, wants position In
boarding-house. AH WONG. .,17Waverly
JAPANESE wants place 6 to 9:30 a: m • anv
- work* Address ; HARRY.- 147 Powell st. \
CHEAPEST place to buy. furniture, stoves and
household goods: .flats bought.' Mission Auc
House. 429-430 Valencia ; tel. Church 3S7»7
"S ABE LEVY. ' ' . • T" .
Salesroom,' 1135 Market at.; ; Tel. Jessie : 7«1
, Don't sell your furniture, carpets* office fur
nlture. etc.. until you get hU^eatimate? ,
CHAS. LEVY & CO. pay highest price for fur^
nlture, carpetc. etc. 782 Mission ;te"; Bush 467*
A - -•" STORRS pays Wghest cash- prices fur : .i"
ture. carpets, etc ; tel. Larkln 3631. t KM Ell'ii.
A..WOLLPERT. r 773 Mission, phone Red 44tf>
.¦i buys, rents. ' repairs, ; packs f urnlture" C _rpet::
B. T. SCHELL 2412 Mission. UeU Church 5570
pa y8 'b e£ t 1 pric e8 ; I or^ n it«re;. c _S 5 eS:
CLAIRVOVANTS— Con tinned. _ _^
A— MME. PORTERTcelebrated clairvoyant me-
* dlum and card reader, born with 'a double
veil and second sight, tells past. 'present and
future; 1. 50c, g. by cards $1;. palmistry and
• clairvoyant sit., $1 60. 312 Mason, nr. Geary.
MRS, VR. E. SANDERS, the- world's greatest
' clairvoyant, ', palmist and, psychic;, teacher of
ranntal suggestion v and new " thought. 310
Ellis St.; phone Hyde 1807; office hours, 11
. a. m. to S v. m. • '•'.'¦',-.
A — Miss M. W'llle, 460 Geary, clairvoyant crys-
tal seer and lifo reader, will tell you exactly
what you called for without • asking a' ques-
tion, names given: special, $1 : houra 10 to 8.
MISS ZEMDAR. young, gifted clair, and palm.;
has second sight: a wonderful: prophrttoiss;
names; 1. 50c. ti. $t. 714 Franklin.i r.'l.G.ave.
Mrs.A.H.Kronenberg.palmist. clairvoyant," card
reader;when others fall try me ;good readings
10c 721 Franklin.nr.G.G.ave.Tel.Larkln 4207;
MISS WARD, clairvoyant, gives namrs, dates
and facts; readings dally.. 017 Market- St. .
MRS. BROWN, clairvoyant, card reader, re-
moved from' 132 -.to' 23 Vi 6th; 1. 25c. J g. 50c.
OLDEST lady palmist and card reader . in city.
1!6',4> Kearny, room 20; ladles 25c:' gents 50c.
MRS. BAUMANN. the well-known fortune-
teller, Is now at 317 Ellis st. ., .' .'--;.
MRS. SHAFER. clairvoyant, card reader, slt-
tlngg daily. 448% Jessie st.. bet. 5th and 6th.
COMPRESSED air and vacuum , system now
universally used !h cleaning -. carpets on
floor; without removal; price moderate. S.
: F.' Compressed Air Cleaning Co., 308 Mar-
ket st. Tel. Main 152, Bush 479.
WHEN you become, disgusted | with your work
send for SPA ULOING'S Pioneer Carpet-beat-
ing Works, 365-357 Tehama st. Tel. South 40.
AT MITCHELL'S. 240 Fourteenth St., clean-
j Ing _ laying done reasonably. Tel.' Mission 74.
WESTERN, Carpet Cleaning Works. 1800 Har-
rison st. ;A1 cleaning; 3c; Tel.. Mission 225.
Ct>NKLIN'S Superior Carpet-Beating Works,
333 Golden Gate ave. Telephone East 126.
HOPKE BROS.; excellent carpet-beating: mat-
- . tressea made over. 1432 Howard ;tel. South 216.
ADVANCE Carpet Cleaning Co.. 402 Sutter st. ;
tel. --Main 394. GEO. WALCOM & CO., Props.
RUDOLPH '&. CO., carpet-be,at!nR works'/prices
reasonable. 1703 Harrison at. ; tel.Mlsslon 263.
TICKET office '"for^ all Lpolnts^irTAla-ska. C .~T.
MOORE, 927 Market • St.. room 309. First
steamer May 21; $75 first class. .
BAD tenants ejected for $4; collections made:
city or country. .. Pacific Collection Co., 415
Montgomery, 'rooms 9-10; tel. Main 5580.
$11. new c. 5 r. ; $S, c. 5 r. ; 17 Roscoe; Miss.
st. car3 to Crescent, on to first st. to right.
FURNISHED cottage. 7 rocms, bath; Fair
Oaks, near Menlo Park. A. ROY HARRI-
SOX. 140 Geary st. . • '
We clothe the. whole family from hat i- to
shoes; everything up to date at cash priaes.
• Credit for all. . 31S Mason st. '
SUITS cleaned and pressed, $1; scouring and
dyeing. Bon Marche, 40 Ellis st.,. room 14;
phone Drumm 44. Call for and deliver free.
WHO?— Hunter, 120G Market st.; $100; rupture
cure for'$10: circular explains; send for one.
DR. GRUSS. 616 Callaghan bldg.. Market and
McAllister sts.. . usea the Basford obtunder;
the only device ever invented for grinding,
drilling and excavating teeth wtthout pain.
Call for demonstration. Tel. Jessie 3606.
DR. LUDLUM HILL. 1443 Market, nr. Eleventh
— No charge for extracting when - plates are
made; old plates mads over like new;, teeth
from $8 per set; extracting 60c; gas given.
A NEW plate — The- Whalebone — cannot break;
warranted 20 yrs.: crown. $3 50; fillings, 50c:
plates. $5; full set; all work painless and
warranted. Chicago Dental Parlors,' 24 Sixth.
Paris Dental Parlors, 235 Kearny, cor. Bush —
Set teeth.- $1 50 up; crowns. $2 up;flHlngs.25c.
ARTHUR CHISHOLM. surgeon-dentlst,r.l4.1st
floor. Phelan bid., 806 Market, cor. O'Farrell.
GOLD fillings. 75c; silver, 35c; crowns. $2; no
pain; open, Sundays. Dr.O.B.Hewltt.204 Suttr.
Accordion, sunburst and knife-plaltlng; .doubls
stamps on dress linings. Stewart's button and
buttonhole factory, 110 .Taylor; tel. Folsom 2121.
McDOWELL Dressmaking it Millinery School —
Patterns cut to measure; eve. class. 1019 Mkt.
AT home in our new quarters, the largest, best
lighted and most delightful place. of- business
study in the entire West. New, -complete,
extensive departments. Thorough. Inspiring
Instruction. 75-page catalogue on: request.
925 Golden Gate ave.
AYRES, the leading business college, 723 Mar-
ket St.; established IS years; the school that
-secures positions for graduates;*- just added 25
, new typewriters: catalogue free.. -, ; ' ¦
F. — Bookkeeping, shorthand, touch typing,
languages, telegraphy, English branches; day
and night sessions; Illustrated catalogue free.
A LARGER and better school than ever; enter
at once if you desire a good position: Gregg
shorthand, Ellis bookkeeping. S. F. Business
College, 1230 Market st. ;*
LEARN SPANISH In two months; classes In
French and Spanish, $5 a month. - •¦ •• ¦
. B. F. AMES, Teacher of Languages,
_ -¦ 26S Golden Gate ave., -cor. , Hyde st.
PRIVATE tuition offered- In common •¦ school
branches to backward and delicate children
by young lady; haw had experience in public
schools: charges moderate., Box 36«52, Call.
HEALD'S School of Mlnes&Electricity. 24 Post
.St., S. F.; a practical school. of engineering;
complete equipment. . Special catalogue free.
ENGINEERING-j-Clvll.. elec, mm.; mech., sur-
vey, assay, cyanide; day, ev.; est. 1864. Van
der N*alHen School, 113 Fulton, nr. City, Hall.
ATTEND Gallagher-Marsh Business College on
advice 'of 'official court reporters and be com-
petent stenographers. 1382 Market; catalog.
WESTERN Business College ;Odd Fellows': bid.;
¦ ' bookkeeping, shorthand, touch typing, arlth.,
spelling, writing, etc.; day, eve.; $4 mo. eve.
FRENCH and German lessons given by. young
gentleman; terms reasonable. Call or write
CHARLES ANDEREGG, 132 Sixth st.,r. 33.
DANCING— Professor Flndlay has reopened his
| juvenile classeR at.Flndlay's Hall, 17th St.:
/ Saturday 2 to 5; private lessons daily.- • -
KENT Law" School, day and night; send for
/. particulars. 536 Parrott building.
G. MANSFIELD, teacher of violin, guitar,
mandolin, banjo. 426 O'Farrell st.' ¦ • t
SPANISH— A practical and progressive method..
RAFAEL SERRANO,: 530 California, r.' «>
GUITAR, mandolin and piano, $3 per rrfo. ;
mandolin club. $1 per mo.: 828 Halght st.'
PARTINGTON'S, 424 Pine St.— Night class.
PIANO lessons, 25c -half hour.: MRS. PECK, j
experienced teacher.' 1013 Mission, nr. Sixth.
GEORGE AOK I, -421, Post St.; tel. Bush 135—
. Japanese-Chinese employment* office; -'¦: fur-
nishes b^st: help: contracts for'farm help; etc.
A— ORPHEUM- Employment Office — Japanrse-
Chinese help. ; 426 Powell st.'Tel.-Maln 6752.
FRITZ'S Emp.- Office; Japanese! and Chinese
help. 415 Stockton st. Tel. Grant 168. '
RELIABLE Japanese-Chinese; Employment Of- '
; ; flce: all kinds help. .-315 Stockton: Main 5188.
CHINESE and' Japanese help; estab. ,20 years. !
Tel. Main 1007. BRADLEY& CO., 640 Clay.
A | POSITION j by I refined young* woman | as as-
• . slstant - In doctor's or j dentist's of flee, » or will
' \ take i charge of * widower" s * home; ; references ;
- v city,- or , country. > Box 3683,; Call ; office..- V:
MARRIED, couple, ;> young," man:: flrst-clasg
< coachman, \ wife ' good •; plain cook or house-
/: 'work; city, or country; city. references. ¦ Box
¦¦ '3718.; Call office. ¦-..:¦', '...-,-'"¦''>. ,.,;¦¦ :¦ -. ';. : 3
FIRST-CLASS j laundress , would like to take
care . of : a family , residence 1 while occupants
., are. absent; small : wages. Box '3721, !CaIL- :
AN experienced ** stenographer;; deslrea * a do!
.»; iltlon. Box? 3136, -Call -of flee,;. ; • . ¦- .
" " Vt.A'TB' TO LET. - ' '.: __
in number: a combined Ust from all *f en f«^
let us give you a list and help you to find a
place; we never fall: se r**?JLl*£i. rn
A— kouSES and flats to let; an Immense list:
service absolutely free; take advantage or
this department: It -. will • save you time ana
trouble. Cordes Furniture Co.. 243-233 Gearr
. et,; on the square.
$27 50— ELEGANT sunny flat; 6 rooms and
I bath; 1704 Washington st.. near Polk. Ap-
ply, to UMBSEX, 2? Montgomery st.
CARL, 212, near Stanyan— Srooms and hath;
large basement and yard; 1 block from park;
rent ¦ $25.- ...... ¦ ' : **"
GRAND flat, 6 large, sunny rooms; all- mod-
ern; rent low to responsible party. 874 Va-
• lencia •_, near Twentieth.
SHARON, 38, bet. 18th and 16th. off Market-
New upper flat. 7 large sunny rooms: mod-
ern Improvements; rent $25. , •¦ . ¦
SEVENTEENTH. 4132, nr. Castro -¦* Modern
eunny upper flat, 7 rooms, bath, basement.
SUNNY upper flat of 7 rooms and bath.. 1442
Devisadero St.. near Geary. ,'
6-ROOM flat, new, sunny, modern, yfcrd; rent
reasonable. 1006 Capp st.. near 23th.
COLE and Carl, corner, south side Panhandle
2 new, sunny, modern 6-room upper flats.
ELEGANT new corner; upper flat; 6 rooms
and bath. 2294 Filbert St.; grand view; rea».
UPPER flat of 4 rooms and bath to let. 838?4
Tehama at. ;
PAGE", 1701 — Sunny middle flat of T roomsand
bath; present tenant will sell all carpets and
• complete kitchen furnishings at a great sac-
. riflce; carpets nearly new; fine neighborhood.
R. D. CRANSTON A SONS. 114 Montgomery.
I - -
FURNISHED flat. 4 rooma. 15* Tehama st.
FLAT of 5 rooms, furnished. 1358 Grove St.;
bath; sunny: modern. \ '•
PART' of house furnished complete, piano. «4T
Folsom st. r. ¦¦*
M'ALLISTER. 38, nr. City Hall— 7 rooms, yard;
can be arranged to flats. 3 and 4 rooms each.
POLK. 1402— Nice sunny flat; bath, gas; salt-
able 4 persons; reasonable; no children/
LOVELY new 6-rm. flat; sun every rm.; fur-
niture almost new: cheap rent; price $250.
Call 19:30 to 3:30 only. 242 Noe. nr. Market.
3 COOKS, city. little wash $30-$35
Cook, small hotel, dishwasher kept $10
Cook, small restaurant, Oakland ..$55
3 waitresses, hotels, city and country. ..425
Chambermaid, country, fare paid $20
4 second girls, dty $-5
Nurse, 2 children, city $•'«>
Housekeeper. 2, men 1 child $23
Nurse, 2 children. Ross Valley $30
Waitress, family resort, short distance... $25
Maid, sleep home $»0
Parlor maid. Menlo Park $25
Chambermaid, private place. 2 In family.. $25
Dishwasher for hospital, sleep home $-3
Woman with a child, ranch .":». ..$20
155 general housework girls, city and country.
$20. $25. $30. Apply to i. F. CROSETT _
CO., 334 Sutter St.
AT 503 Mason. MRS. WALSER; tel. Black
1533— Cook. 3 In family. $30; girl to assist
housework. $15; woman for general house-
- work, $25: glrU for housework and coolt-
lng. $20, $30. '
A COOK and second girt, for Grass Valley.
$35 and $25. fare here; waitress, $30: laun.
dress, $30; cook. $35: hoti»?girl. two In fam-
lly. $30. MRS. NORTON. 313 Suttgr st.
A — WANTED — Girls to Uarn halrdressing.
manicuring, etc.; trade taught from A to Z
in-3 weeks; $5 to those entering now; 3 po-
sitions to fill immediately; positions guaran-
teed at $10 per week up; leading school la
West. 233 Geary St.. room 13.
A — Girls to learn millinery now for spring "sea-
¦ son;. both seasons taught from start to finish
in 1 month for $15: positions as trimmers.
salesladies, etc.. guaranteed at $10 per wk up;
day and evening class. 143 Stockton St.. r. IX
A — LADIES to learn all branches cairdresslng
- trade, manicuring, massage, etc. 1X6 Mar-
ket St.. cor. Jones, room 94: positions secured
at highest wages; day and eve. class; call.
A YOUNG or middle-aged woman wanted to
- take care of baby and do upstairs work; sal-
ary $25. per month to the right party;. must
come well recommended ; state age, expe-
rience and reference*. .Apply box 3606, this
WANTED— By a house of the highest stand-
Ing. 6' or' 6 solicitors (women) to solicit for
a . household commodity; must have pleasing
address; salary $2 6O per day. Box 3703, Call.
A FEW ladles; easy and respectable work;
$1 25 per day and percentage; call after 2.
MRS. AUER, Hotel Rex. 242 Turk st.. r. 400.
YOUNG lady to pack candles! MASKEY'S.
32 Kearny st.
A GIHL for upstairs work and light washing.
434 ¦Flftb-at. -•-.•¦ •-- ,
SEAMSTRESS to work on curtains and dra-
• perles. C. HAYNERT. 40 E41la at., 4th floor.
MIDDLE-AGED Swedish woman as working
housekeeper for man and child. 622 Natoma.
"WANTED — Experienced dry goods saleswo-
men. - Apply between 8 and 11 a. m. at
WANTED— A yonn* woman -who Is an experi-
enced dry goods wrapper. Apply between t
and 11 a. rn. at HALE BROS.*
WANTED — Young girl to assist In family of
3 adults: no washing; references. 762 Church.
st... near Twentieth.
RELIABLE girl, second work and care chil-
dren; wages $20. Apply 2071 Webster at..
Oakland. .
APPRENTICES and first-class makers wasted
In . millinery store. 682 McAllister st.
FIRST-CLASS finisher on coats. ROSENBLUM
6 ABRAHAM, 1103 Market st.
PANTS operators; steady work, rood pay. 245
Seventh st. .
A GOOD, strong. woman to give massage and
baths to Iadi-ss. Box 371S. Call office.
TWO-NEEDLE operator; steady. CARSON
GLOVE CO., 123 Second st.
GOOD hands on vesU; also paid apprentlca.
641 Stevenson st.
ADVERTISEMENTS, subscriptions receiv»d at
Call branch office, cor. Duncan _ Church sts.
.^^J^P WAyTEP--MAl-g.
FARMER and wife, no woman boss, short dis-
tance, $45; buggy-washer. $2 50 a day; 2
door molders, $3 a day; 2 milkers. $35 and
$40; assistant gardener. $25; wagonmaker
for country. $SO and found: 2 stablem;n.
$2 50 a day; carriage blacksmith, country.
$3 to $3 BO a day; carriage painter, country.
$3 50 a day: carpenter for country. $3 SO a
day; farmers, etc. J. F. CROSETT & CO..
628 Sacramento st.
COOK and wife for small country hotel. $60;
cook. city, boarders. $40; 3 cooks for country.
$25 and $40; neat waiter for gentlemen's
club. $45; waiter $3O: kitchen man. $7 a
week. See J. F. CROSETT _ CO., 623
Sacramento st, ¦ •
14 Third »t., near Call bldg: phone Bush 406.
2S teamsters, $67 50 a montn.
15 laborers. $60 a month.
10 drillers, rockmen, hammersmen. $73.
Rock foreman, $65 a montlj and board.
2 sawmillwrlghts. $3 a' day and board.
Edgerman. $75 a month and found.
7 rock foremen. $63 a month and, board..
4 men to cut pine wood. 4 ft.. $1 25 a cori.
05 THIRD ST.. Telephone Main 5521.
Government Work. Eight Hours. Cheap Fare.
Teamsters. $2 25. ¦ Laborers.- $£
Cook on barge, city, ft men, $30 and found.
Stablemen, city, steady work. '$75 '
; Woodchoppers, Sonoma County,- fir and plae.
$1 50 per cord: long Job: fare $2 2S
.Teamsters for El Dorado Co., $2 and $2 23.
: , : 528 Montgomery st. — 528. ¦' . *
¦- . Phone Main llftl — UPSTAIRS.'
- Santa Fe R. R. Co.'» : own work— FEE 91.
¦ 20 laborers — you'll do —FREE FARE —
NEVADA— 8. hours— free fare, if you work
' 4 months; 20 teamstern. $2 25 — fee $1. -
A £R RES °f fl ce.-317 Stockton St.— Ranch cook"
: $30 and found; datr^ncan. private place. $30:
;. waiter. - Institution. £10; pantryman.: $30;
-J& lt f r »;r rench ' r *" taurai «. $35: bark peelers.
. $30 to $35; door, molders, $2 60 to $3 a day,
Lom;i:\<; .n«u:si-:s'. i*<m sai.B— -Con.
A. CAU^ROiT&^CoT^^^^Pi^^S^tiri^O.
.3 Eddyst., cor. : Market and Powell. . <
Headquarters for Rooming-Houses. Hotels and
: All Kinds of Business Chances. ..¦¦;-•
180 -rooms; grand, new.* modern apartment-
house; elegantly furnished and .equipped; cheap
rent; fine lease; paying $500 to $000 per month;
close ln; t full- nice people; bargain if taken at
once; dissolution of # partnership. 5 '¦»'"
138 rooms; downtown 'commercial hotel; 8
years'- lease;- eheaprrent:- elegantly- furnished;
one of . the best J opportunities to secure flrst-
class hotel; - owner , has other business;, part
cash,- balance time. r'. '
9 rooms; sunny flat; rent J50r oak. mahogany
fur. ; obliged to leave city; reduced to $650.
2R rooms; elegantly fur. family hotel on Nob
Hill; doing line .business;, will trade for large
apartmer.t-houseand pay cash difference.
7-room flat; rent *$40; oak furniture; good
carpets; sickness; price $350.
162 rooms; most, elegantly appointed apart-
ment-house in San Francisco; beautiful, mod-
ern building; fine entrance, cheap rent; clear-
ing $400. per month; 5-year lease; part cash,
balance 8 per cent per_ year.
18 rooms; rent $85; north Market; close In;
good money-maker; reduced from $1600 to
$1100. T '
•SO rooms; part offices; elegant new building
and furniture, high-class location; beautiful
halls; everything modern; flrst-class grill 'Jn
connection; best proposition in dty; called East.
24 rooms; rent $145; new and elegantly fur-
nished; oak and - mahogany; fine proposition;
good lease/
128. rooms; cheap rent; long lease; first-das*,
up-to-date downtown house;, well furnished;
clearing $500 to $600 'per month; must sell on,
account -of other business; only with us. .-> .
20 rooms; rest, only $100; all now furniture:
doctor pays $95; clearing over all expense $100;
best street Oakland; will trade for San Fran-
cisco house. ¦ ¦ ¦; • ,\. s .... v ¦ "¦• . '- . • .¦
- ; 14 rooms; rent only $60; oak furniture; good
carpets; part cash, balance time; price $850.
$6 rooms;*'rent . $3 50 per ¦ room; f.rat-class
downtown location; long lease;, thoroughly ren-
ovated and put In, best condition ;: guaranteed
to. clear over $200 per month; fine - opportunity
for good investment; price '. $2500. .- "¦•• /
20 rooms; cheap rent; close In; thoroughly
respectable; all full;. clean $100; part cash.
30 rooms; , rent- only $150; oak and cherry
,fur.; fine carpets; close in; fine 1 money-maker.
¦ 220 rooms:, new -and up-to-date apartment-
houses- luxuriously furnished; 6-year contracts
for cheap lighting; grand new building; clear-
ing $400 to $600 per month; obliged to leave
city. . ,
jr 11 rooms; rent $40; cjose In; oak, cherry fur-
niture. Brussels- carpets: clears $55 over all ex-
penses; $400 cash, balance time; snap; $700.
¦ 40 rooms; elegantly furnished; rent only $250;
o«k and mahogany' furniture; 60 boarders;
clearing $250 per month; close in; fine buy;
price $6000.
108 rooms; cheap rent; new and .elegantly
furnished: up-to-date rooming-house; has fine
bar. can he run in conjunction if desired; rare
chance for right' parties; part cash, balance
can be paid out, of the house; other business In-
terests demand Immediate departure.
- 126 rooms; rent only $4 per room; new and
up-to-date hpuse,' all men; electric elevator,
lights; long lease; clears $400 to $500 per
month; one of the best buys- In the city. .
19 rooms: rent only $100: well furnished; lit-
tle apartment-house; reduced to $1100. '
150 rocms; beautiful corner; 3 and 4 -room
apartments; grand marine view; new and mod-
ern throughout; most elegantly furnished house
in city; call for terms and particulars.
60 rooms; cheap rent; new and beautifully
furnished: modern building; .close, in; : full of
nice people; half cash, balance low Interest.
75 rooms; grand new building; elegantly fur-
nished: cheap rent; 10 years' lease; close in:
clears $400 per month; $4000 down, balance 8
per cent per annum; departure.
8.1 rooms; cheap rent; good lease; beautifully
furnished: new modern building; very central;
all full; little gem of a house; leaving city.
126 rooms; One downtown corner house: pri-
vate baths: beautiful furniture; 2 entrances;
takes in $30 to $40 per day transient, besides
regular roomers; will bear investigation.
21 rooms; corner; rent only $85; oak fur.;
good carpets, housekeeping; all full; clearing
$70 over all expenses; 4 rooms landlady, price
$1000. . ' ,
'50 rooms: new. modern apartment-house: 10-
year-lease; cheap rent; clearing $250 to $300;
very central; flrst-class proposition;
IT rooms; Ellis Bt.; rent $70: oak furniture,
Axminster carpets; fine condition; clears $80;
fine little buy. ¦ " • ' .
For rent— 4-room ' suite.- furnished. In fine
apartment-house. 4 to 6 months: rental $48 per
month ; references ; no small j children.'
8 rooms; fine upper flat; rent only $30; can
be had by. paying $150, down, balance time;
$450. "¦" -^ '¦ - -'. '" '
' sPIKlTUAtlSM. .;¦
"""~" 7 *~ R ETU R N ED. " ""
Clairvoyant, trance business medium and life
reader; also communications from your de-
parted friends. Hotel Netherlands 18 Turk
St., near Market, . room 17. , elevator.
MRP. DR. MARTIN, wonderful spiritual healer
* business' med'm, read dally $1: dev'p'g class
Thura. t. p.m.; tel. Geary 084; 1006B P.P. ave.
A MATERIALIZING seance Friday eve.; isun-
day, 2 and 8 p. m. 328 Ellis st.
EDWARD EARLE,' 1052 -Ellis ¦ St., readings
daily ;. phone Suiter 3394. ,.„: •., . .
PROF. FRED EVANS, noted clairvoyant and
slate-writer. 1112 Eddy st. Phone Scott 887.
Cl-VIR VO Y AKTS. ¦'¦'/.
428 Eddy st. " , ',.
PROF.' LIVINGSTONE'S reading* are like
a living pags of Flammarlon's treatises that
l» so electrifying the world to-day. HE IS
NO IMITATOR. His work is upon original
A test reading Is not a life reading. , When
you call on PROF. LIVINGSTONE he will
give you a full life reading for $1. A test Is
of: little value when the mind is troubled —
you need more substantial, aid and advice.
This is Just what PR0F.< LIVINGSTONE
gives you when you call; on him for. a ' flrst-
class clairvoyant reading. ,- He asks you no
questions, but tells you what" you wish to
know. _ ." ¦ : .[ ¦
He does not mention alt the ills and mis-
fortunes you are heir to. -You are acquainted
with the facts- in your .'case.*; -Let PROF.
LIVINGSTONE analyze the matters that are
troubling you, find the cause of trouble and
suggest the remedy.
Kemember the number — 428 EDDY ST.
, Hours, 10 a. m. . to 8 p. m.
. Call, at once 'and nave; $4. ' : \
His famous $5 reading .this : week for
$1 $1 $1 $1 - $1. $1 $1 $1
:; No charge..- . '*': .... No charge.- ¦'
Unless you obtain the Information for j
which you '-. consult i him.
: -> i>; . • PAUL DESTINE. •
The first registered- trance dalrvoyant and
. - . palmist ever In San' Francisco.
Read carefully. • An honest - proposition.
(You to be" full: judge.) '.- v
Ido hereby solemnly agree, and guarantee to
make no charge if I fall to tell your name, oc-
cupation' and what you called for; I tell you If
husband, j,wlfe.. or . lover, is true « or ", false; I who
and when you will marry; how to gain the love
of the one you desire; "in fact.".; I will tell you
every hope, I fear or . ambition better than you
can tell yourself ; his advice is reliable, his pow-
ers arc wonderful and indisputable; - he-> im-
prove*' your character so : that you will reach
the highest possible development Inmental
vigor, health, happiness and capacity to earn
I wealth: -the controlling :' power implanted .In
'your nature,' so you can change the Intentions,
actions or' habits of any one secretly; '; cures
disease and lost vitality; -gives advice on min-
ing and burled treasures;- gives you ; success in
life; he'- guarantees .: you success : or charges
nothing for his services. '; *•-' %r; . ' ... .
' - 10 a. m to 8 p.V m.; Sundays,- 2 to 6..
: ; . ¦ ,..' 326— O'Farrell street— 326. . i
ISMAR.V the .Egyptian gypsy,. clairvoyant and
palmist, • permanently located , at « 1104 : Market
' : Bt.,' cor.' Turk; : private readings * dally, 1 10 a.
m.-;to 5 p., m.; readings by mall as satisfac-
tory as in person; 3 questions answered, $1;
,. full Hfe,.$5; gend lock of hair, j date of year
j ' of birth ; I don' t send ! currency ;send j powtof flee, '
. , ¦VVells-Fargo money, order or.: : registered letter.
A— MME. BERNARD reads your life, correctly,'
advice given' on all affairs of life; satlsfac-
¦ tion guaranteed; -25c ; up.. ¦> 17 jSd.'x next, Exam.
'A— MME.- RAVENNA reads; life;= business ad-
? . vice; -names given;* 25c up. - 830 Howard st. ]
JOHN D. SZ»S_:CKE-.5. Proprietor.
aiQ_st~rpmB{gtt)B ft i®* ifltinat lung
W. J. MARTIN _tu-inc83_Manager
Notify The Call Office if You Miss
Your l'ni>cr.
Xf tot arT cause TICX3 CALL i» not de-
il-ered rerularly to «ab«crlbers P 1 *" 6
ca.ll ut> "CALI, EXCHAHGE" and notify
EnbBcription Clerk in charsre. Your com-
plaint will receive prompt attention.
A standirsr reward of Ten Dollar*
<S10.C0) is cfiered for the arrest ana
ccavJctioa of any one causrht ¦teaUn*
xm: calx..
A*k for THE CALL. Tbe Operator £»"-
nect You Wit- the Department lou v\i*n.
rutlication Office Market and Third. 8. F.
_ditor;al Room i'17 to 221 6tev*nson st.
D»l!ver»_ by Carriers. 20 Cts. Per -Week. "^
Cts. Per Month. Bingle Copies U«ti.
Term* by M»ll, Including Postage tCaah wun
Order) : «c n«
DAILY CALL Or.clud. Sunday). 1 y*" x -" i °^
PAJLY CALL (includ. Sunday). 6 mos vw
DAILY CALL— By Single Month •<«
WHKKLY CALL. 1 TEAR....-.---"-- 1*
s-miF-icv I Daily... $8.M Per Year Extra
r OHEIGN \ Pun( j av- 415 per Year Extra
POSTAGE. { weekly. 100 Per Year Extra
Carapif Copies will b«> forwarded when re-
Mall r-jtweribers 1r. ordering change of aa-
_r»R6 fhculd be particular to give both NEW
AND OLD ADL'KEPS In order to insure a
prompt and correct compliance with their re-
quest. "
lil» Breae:--a> Telerhor.e Main 10S3
21*? Center street Telephone North «7
_Onj£L IV. WALL Hotel Barton
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel; A." Brer.tano, SI
Un:cn Syuarf; Murray Hill Hotel; Fifth-ave-
nue H<u«i and HcfTman House.
. Sherman House; P. O. News Co.; Great
Northern Hotel; Tremont House; Auditorium
Hotel; Pa'mer House.
C. GEORGE KROGNESS..Marquette Building
. (Lonp Distance Telephone, "Central _619.">
STEPHEN B. SMITH SO Tribune Building
C. C CARLTON Herald Square
BUSINESS OFFICE cf the San Francisco
Call, rorner Market and Third streets: open
until 12 o'clock every night In the year.
|O08 Market strtet, opposite Fifth; open until
11 p. _. . —
CiT Montgomery etreet, corner Clay; open
until 9:50 p. m.
."< <• Hayes etreet; open until 9:30 p..m.
t.r» McAllister street; open until $>:30 p. m.
<;i:. l-Mkin street; open until S:30 p. m.
lv* < Mission strett; open until 10 p. m.
Z2-U Market Etreet, corner Sixteenth; open
until 9 p. xn.
1<*J Eipventh street: open until 9 p. m.
LOSS Val»ncia street; open until 9 p. m.
Northeast corner Church and Duncan streets;
cper. unt:i 9 p. m.
Northwest corner of Twenty-second and Ken-
tu'eky «tre<?te; cpen until 9 p. m.
„:<.»> Fillmore street: open until 8 p. m.
CALL subscribers contemplatlnr a
chancre of residence during- the summer
months can have their paper forwarded
fay mail to their sew address by notify*
ing THE CALL Business Office. This
rtpcr will also be on sale at all summer
resorts and is represente'd by a local
cerent In all towns on the coast.
CALIFORNIA Commandery No. 1. K.T. _ ?_
Regulai assembly Tins EVENING TSB'P
et 7:30: Ordtr of Temple. All f raters fc3
•courteously invited.
THOMAS Hi BnOWNE.Commander.
• T. L. HENDERSON. Recorder.
TACIFIC Lodge No. 136. F. and A. M.. >J\f
»HI meet THIS EVENING. 7 o'clock.
CALIFORNIA Lodre No. I. K. cf P.. -<»5 •
m'ets THIS FRIDAY at 8 o'clock. VJwK</
Pioneer building. 24 Fourth r.t. >>^
Enquire rank Visitors invited. I/^C
F. O. MOLL, C. C. r^-
R. N. McLENNAN. K. of R. and S.
SAN FRAN'ISCO Te*\t No. 1 K . y^S^XK
• FRIDAY) EVENING, at 8 P&$~15&&
nVlork. Pioneer Hall, 21 VV} \ * Mjl
Ur i«. b'. RICHARDS.
Record Keeper.
ET. ANDREW'S Society — Annual v C? v.
Eincnic to Fairfax Park en SATUR- S, fj} u/2
UAY May 7. Boats will leave ferry >^X£t
M » and 10 a. m. and at 1:45 p. m. "*e^^fc
returning train leaves Fairfax at
!>:30 p. m. Tickets for round trip. Including
«-lmi«loa to the park, adults 60c. children
25c?. can be obtained from Messrs. John
Reid A Son. 7s Geary et., and from John M.
Duncan. ll."56 Mission st.
J. BLACK. Secretary.
THE Austrian Military and Benevolent v*JW,
Af*oclation will hold th*>ir twenty- 'AnfSM
vxih ar.r.usl exrurrlon and picnic at i^K^
I .Oak Park. Stockton. SUNDAY. May •TSBw
1. 1904. The Committee desires to state that
thi* will be one of the best excursions ever
held by this association. A tombola of over
100 prizes will be given at the grounds at &
p. m.. sharp. Music will he furnished by
the famous Austrian Military Band. The
REECciation will leave on the 8:30 boat, Santa
Fe depot, foot of Market et. ; tickets also good
, n the ?:3O boat. Adult round trip tickets,
SI 25: chlldr*n under 12 years. 65c
OFFICERS and members of Court Live Oak
No 67, F. of A., are requested to attend
ih» funeral of our late brother. THOMAS
roLEY. THIS DAY (FRIDAY) at 8:30 a. m.
from the parlors of McFadden. McBrearty
* «Jr<?en. 1171 Mission *t. By order of
'¦_ .,»: PETER JACOBSON. Chief Ranger.
GRAND picnic of S. P. F. Parlor No. 167. N.
». O. W., to Sunset Park SUNDAY. May 1.
Trains will stop at C5th and Valencia sts. In
*-vent of street -car strike — not otherwise.
THE California Debris Commission, having re-
ceived applications to mine by hydraulic pro-
rrtp from Kidney G. Fturman in Gravel Hill
mine, near G«org»-town. El Dorado County.
Cal.. draining Into Jrr,*» Creek. which
loaches Middle Fork. American River, and
Jruiu Syndicate Mining Company in Syndi-
cate mine, near PlacervlUe, El Dorado Coun-
ty, Cal.. draining Into Hangtown Creek,
¦which reaches South Fork. American River.
Civ«>* notice that meeting will be held at
mm I»6 Flood building. San FTandBco. Cal
May 9. 1904. at 1:30 p. m.
ANNUAL MEETING— The annual meeting of
the stockholders' of the El Rico Mining com-
r*ny will be held on MONDAY, the 2d dty
< f May. 3804. at the hour of 2 o'clock In the
afternoon, at th« offices of the said company,
?29 Crocker building, city and county of S^n
Francisco, fltate of California. S. D. WOODS.
F*c»-tary. Eatetj April 18. 1804.
S GENTS wanted who own a horse and buggy
to tell an article that Is used by »•»*-*• man
wh» owns a horse: <~an muke from $10 to S20
URING CO.. 1373 Broadway. Oakland. CaL
VST—ING men. $50 guarantees yoa a position
for 10 year*, either in California, Oregon or
Washington; can make $200 per month U.
K. BURNETT. rhllUns Hotel. 117 Sixth et.
HAVING recently acquired through exchange
••f property three $40 scholarships In the best
College of Advertising In the United State*.
1 will w!l them at 25 per cent discount for
mib: the college teaches advertising wj^t.
§ing by correspondence and assists Its grad-
uates to secure positions: cata]oiru«s fur-
olehed on application. Address box 3026. Call.
¦¦'¦¦'¦ '¦!¦¦'¦' ' ",""• """ ¦ '.'""I ¦ " '" ' m
tlXOND-HAND automobiles In first-class
rb«p« for tale cheap.- Inquire at SO Golden
Gat* ave.: phone Howard 871.
WANTED — To buy an automobile 2 seats. Ad-
dress box 4167. Call office. ,
A WHITE f.team automobile for cale. Box
HOI. Call office.
¦ FREEt •
Columbian Law & Coll. Agry.. r. 85, 010
Market: phone John ti22C: open evenings;
transacts at most. reasonable rates all legit-
imate law buvlnese: bonds furnished In crim-
inal and civil cases; small collections taken.
A, PRIVATE, quick divorce for small fee.'
See me and save money: no pay In advance
Fstabllshed 22 yrs.;'rms. 1. 2. 3, 4 _ 5. 1st 1. '
" 11^2 Market' «.. between Mason and Taylor. i
jr Advice f re* all matters. Detectives employed. '
R. W. KING, Attorney-at-I.aw, Exam. bldK..
6th floor, entrance -room «ill; established 20
y»«r»; all casrs, genera! court and office prac- |
tlce: no f*e in advance or for consultation;
evenings by appointment. Tel. Red 3601.
DIVORCE cheap, Greedily, nuletly; call On us
'«re going elsewhere. Phone James 0221;
room 41, 910 Market st.. opposite Emporium.
DIVORCE law a ppeolalty; no publicity: advice
free; costs $12. Ad. B.A.S.. P.O.box 21P9. P. F.
DIVORCE— Cost $12: lecal advice free; costs
advanced; open evening. TK»7 Market, r. 212.
ADVICE free, divorce*, all law oas«s, cods ad-
vanced. S19 Market *t.. room 31.
DIVORCE — Costs. $12: quick. «iulet; advice
free; ope" evenings. 027 Market st... rm. 301.
L. 6. CLARK. 927 Market st.: consultation
free: no fees In advance; cpen evenings.
BASKETS made of every description. Frledl
Batimr and Ba*k»t Factory. 1272 Fol»om at.
BICYCLES— For Sale or Bxcbanare*
I HAVE for «ala a $50 -Meade Sentinel Cycle
for the male members of the human race
which I will sell cheap to the earliest caller;
a snap for messenger boys. W. BURNLAN.
528 Kearny «t.. Tremont House.
WANTED — Infant to raise; mother's care;
references. 21- Seventh st.
A^$500oi HARDWARE store; specialties,
locksmith, electric bells, model-making, ma-
chin- work etc.; estab. 20 years; located
Sixth st:: large stock. Se| R. G. WILKE,
20 \t Kearny st.'
A— $1000; RESTAURANT in Ean Rafael: dally
receipts $25; rent $30; must be sold at one*;
good piece. See R. G. WILKE. 26V& Kearny.
A— $1000; DAIRY produce and delicatessen
store; clofce to Market St.; dally receipts
about $40: rent $45; good business; value in
sight. R. G. WILKE. 26% Kearny st.
A — $550; OYSTER and chop house; close to
Ellis and Mason ets. ; rent $35; worth at
least $900; rare opening. See R. G.
WILKE. 2t>U Kearny ft. .
A— $5000; CORNER grocery and bar; cash
business; store receipts about $60 per day;
bar receipts about $20; owner will sell for
cash or trade for property at the actual
value of $5000. Call R. G. WILKE. 28H
Kearny st.
A— $2600; CORNER grocery and bar. on Powell
St.; 6 years' lease; rent $40; business estab.
years and first-class paying; value in sight.
Call B, G. WILKE. 26H Kearny st.
A — $5000; THE leading saloon In manufacturing
town of at<out 6O0O inhabitants; 5 .years'
lease; rent fSO; full value in sight; first-class
paying business; about L* miles from S. F.
Call R. G. WILKE. 26^i Kearny st.
A— $2200- DAIRY produce and delicatessen
#tore; established years; rent $55; monthly
sales about $1500; a flrst-class paying busi-
ness. See R. O. WILKE. 26K Kearny st.
A— $750; CIGAR stand on Market st.; rent $«0;
one of the best- located stands and a business
where fullest Investigation is solicited; ¦ a
bargain. Call B, G. WILKE. 26fr Kearny.
A— *S000; CORNER grocery and -bar with 5
years', lease; rent $75; 2 horses; 2 wagens;
average cash store trade $2500 per month;
daily bar receipts $25; full value In sight;
location the best In the city. Call R. G.
WILKE. 26% Kearny at.
A— $450; PLUMBING and ga slitting shop on
Fillmore et.; rent $26; owners must sell at
once ac they are engaged In. another buel*
ness. Call R. G. WILKE. 26% Kearny sC
A— $3000; GROCERY store; established many
years and doing a large cash business:
located close to Market and Sixth sts.; a
good paying business; investigate and you
find a very rare bueiness opening. Call R.
G. WILKE. 26% Kearny st.
A— $750; SALOON on * Montgomery St.; place
established years; owner clearing about $125
per month: Investigate; a bargain. Call H.
G. WILKE. 26% Kearny st.
A— $3000: CORNER saloon: close to Call bldg.:
S years' lease; net rent $120; this is one of
tbe beet saloon locations in this city, and
a live man can clear $500. per month. Call
R. O. WILKE. 26% Kearny st.
A— $1100; SALOON, with 3 rooms'; close to
Kearny and Bush sts.; rent $75; lease; place
easily clears $200- per month; nice fixtures,
choicest ctock of liquors. All particulars of
R. Q. WILKE. 26% Kearny st.
A— $12C0: .COFFEE saloon and bakery in
choicest location; rent $S0; dally receipts
about $70; a good business. - but sickness of
owner compels him to retire. Particulars R.
G. WILKE. 26% Kearny st. .
A — CAMERON & CO. Pbone South 1050.
3 Eddy st. ..cor. Market and Powell.
Headquarters lor all kinds of business chances.
Oyster and chop houses $350 to $1000
Candy arid icecream parlors $200 to $2500
Barber shops $500 to $2500
Cigar stands $350 to J2000
Groceries and bars $500 to $5000
Saloons $300 to $10,000
Restaurants .-. $350 to $20, OCX)
Fruit and vegetable stores $300 to $1000
Drue stores.....;...... $2000 to $0000
Delicatessen stores J250 to $4500
Wood and coal -yards...... ..-. .$250 to $1000
"For sale — Flrst-daes legitimate mining
propositions that will, bear strict Investiga-
BEAUTIFULLY located summer resort: fine
groves; 36-room hotel; all furnished and
equipped for business; 20 acres land goes
with lease; raise own hay, vegetables; all
kinds of fruit; rent $500 per year; equity in
this $2S00: death in family cause of sale.
FOR sale — One of the best restaurants in city;
cheap rent; receipts $75 to $100 day; will
bear investigation; price $1500. CAMERON
_; Ca. 3 £ddy st. •. .
FOR sale — Electrical and locksmith buslneia;
central location: established 9 years; rent $30;
clears $(K> to $100 per month; price $500;
must sell ' on account of other business.
CAMERON _ CO.. 3 Eddy st.
FOR sale — Bakery and delicacy etore; rent $20;
& living rooms; established 8 years; must
leave ciiy; price to close $250. CAMERON
_ CO.. 3 Eddy s_.
FOR sale or trade — Quartz mine; fine prospect;
located In Cal.; assays $40 to $70 ton; trade
for rmg.-huee or business. Cameron. 3 Eddy.
FOR sale— Well-located bazaar and furnishing
goods business; cheap rent;,6H years' lease;
one of the best transfer corners In city; do-
ing fine business; other Interest cause of sale;
price $5000. See CAMERON & CO.. 3 Eddy.
FOR sale — Well located and equipped family
liquor store; rent only $35; fixtures $200;
stock will Invoice between $400 and $500;
must be sold by 1st; other bueiness. CAM-
ERON _ CO.. 3 Eddy st.
FOR Sale— A good paying saloon In Vlsalla,
Cal.; stock on hand valued at from $1500 to
$2000; fixtures worth $3200; license worth
» 2000; takes In . $40 per day over the bar;
clears the owner $500 per month; price,
everything complete, $6000, half cash. Golden
West Company, Vlsalla, Cal.
FOUNDRY, well established In dty;
good paying business; brass and iron;
rent only $30; clearing $400 monthly;
great opportunity; plant-worth $4300:
buyer can secure control for only $1500.
MUTUAL INVESTMENT CO.. 467 Parrott bldg.
$350 SECURES Interest In light office work,
where party can easily clear $125 monthly;
references exchanged; experience not neces-
sary; live man wanted; bona fide proposition.
Particulars 1007% Market St.. room 1.
LIST of fir-t-class saloons, groceries, restau-
rants, coffee taieons. cigar stands country
merchandise ctores. hotels, etc., for sale or
exchange. EITEL &. CARROLL 212 Kearny
at., phone Red 6692.
GARDENER and florist (45. single) wants
partner . with some money to build trade in
any branches of florist and gardening. : Ad-
dresg Gardener. 1340 Lombard St.. B. F.
A $600 FLORIST business;- in One location;
must b* sold on account of illness; a bar-
pain : no agents. Address box 3710, Call.
TTANTED— A partner to help Increase the
business of- _n established manufacturing gas
cpginc. company.' Apply 219 Main st. •
FOR sale — Cigar store and billiard • hall, cash
register and alot machine*; a bargain; offer
wanted. 155 Seventh st. »
BUTCHER shop and fixtures complete, with ' 1
room, or suitable for branch store; rent $15.
For keys, S506 MiEslon el .
$125— FINE -corner cigar stand: fine- etock;
good trade; see owner. . US Third- st.
HOME bakery. fcr sale; very reasonable. Cal]
. at 15&0 Church tu V ¦ .
_— _ iL* 1 -? ' K * s CH AJICK!*— -Cwntl»«e>jl r _ M
Are you ' rooking for a safe and profitable
business opening in San Francisco'/ If so.
we can ofter you any number requiring ¦ an
Investment from $10o to $50,000; every busi-
ness opportunity that passes through- our of-
fice must stand the closest investigation, and
we can place you in a store, factory, hotel,
mill, office, or, in fact, any business you
may prefer. - -
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., »27 Market st.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.-.- VS! Market 8t. -
For a young man who can invest $300 in a
hlgh-claes.real estate 'office and flu position
of cashier; experience not necessary; invest-
ment secured and $'20 weekly guaranteed.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.. 027 Market st.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market st.
A business man who can invest- $5000 cash,
with services, can secure good opening with
high-class company in this city.
GBRMANIA INVEST. CO., »27 Market st.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.,- 927 Market st.
A— HOTEL FOR BALE. ,.'¦¦_•
New and modern; 80 rooms; richly furnished,
complete and ready for occupancy: large din-
ing-room with 16 tables and imported Vienna
chairs: the best carpets money can buy
throughout; finest linen and beet silver serv-
ice; 10 years' lease; $10,000; easy terms.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.. 827 Market st.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.. 027 Market st.
A— $100 REWAJRD ~~~~
W T iH be paid for legal - proof showing that
any person ever lost a dollar who Invested
any money In or through our company.
Incorporated under the laws of California.
Capital stock. $50,000.
927 Market St.. rooms 321, 822, 823, 324. ,
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market st.
On Investments of $100 and upward; no "get-
rlch-quick" swindle or gambling scheme, but
a reputable business estal). 3 years in S. F.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.. 827 Market st.
A— WE refer to 10,000 successful clients.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market st.
$1000 cash and services secure interest and
office of treasurer in an incorporated realty
and investment company; $150 monthly as-
sured; highest references priven and required.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 827 Market at.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market st.
Do you wish to enlarge your business, or do
you desire additional capital? If so. we can
furnish you with an active or silent partner
who will invest . from $100 to $50,000; we
have a large number of desirable applicants
on our books seeking good business openings.
_GERMANIA INVEST. <X>., 927 Market st.
A— Largest brokerage-company on Pacific Coast.
GERMANIA INVEST. CO., 927 Market st.
100 shares of gold stock of the Norton Bay
Co.. $25; will be worth $200 by August. 1004
GERMANIA INVEST. CO.. 027 Market St.
T. J. DUNN A CO.. Phone Howard 346S.
Business Bales Acenti,
Suite 203. 1312 Market st.
Callaghan bulldlnz.
We are rapidly collecting a new and desir-
able list of all kinds of business places fcr
sale. Come hav e a talk %vlth us. We can
please you.
MILLINERY store, commercial center of city;
old established, exquisite stock, select pa-
trons; 5-year lease: easy .rent; near Kearny:
price $2250. Including fixtures; reason for
selling, made enough to retire. Exclusively
with DUNN. ¦
SALOON— Splendid place on Third st.; 1'4
blocks from Market; $2200. DUNN.
CIGAR store at invoice; wholesale district;
full investigation solicited; $S50. DUNN.
SALOON and cigar store; Third st.: exchange
for lodging-house; $700. See DUNN.
GROCERY and bar; north Market; old estab-
lished: 4-year lease; $1600. See DUNN.
HOTELS. lodging-houses, cigar, candy, gro-
cery, delicacy, millinery, book and notion
stores too numerous to mention. Come and
see us.
' T. J. DUNN & CO.
GENERAL merchandise store for sale In a
growing country town or will take a partner
at a Kmnl! per centage over Invoice. Box
1404. Call.
HAY and grain business for sale: horses and
wagona; well established; $1650. Address
box 254G. Call.
A— $600 BUYS best paying corner cigar stand:
Market st.; rent $50; lease. 917 Market St., r.l.
GERMAN or American can invest $1000;
make $2000 year round. Box -5117. Call.
FURNITURE and upholstering business cheap.
1714 Polk. . .
FINE newspaper route for sale. Inquire at
this office.
EALCOy fcr sale on account of sickness; good
business. 31 J.-ukf-on st j
PARTNER for prospecting In gold mine In
California; have ore to show. Box 3738, Call.
WANTED — To buy a'dellcacy store; give loca-
tion and Drlce. Box 3026, Call.
ADVERTISEMENTS, subscriptions received at
Cali branch office, cor. Duncan & Church ats .
406 Hearst building, over Examiner entrance.
Modern business methods In fine front offices.
Phone Black 3607. or take elevator to 4th
floor. Up-to-date title abstract free with
every sale. We sell any house on our In-
stallment plan. ' -
37-ROOM apartment-house; north of Market;
corner; most elegantly furnished In golden
oak and blrdseye maple; heavy velvet car-
pets: 6-year-Iease; easy terms. For permit
to s»c_it see MARION GRIFFIN.
18 ROOMS on Van Ness ave.; make offer; rent
$60; profit $100 monthly; suitable for refined
lady; a swell location. MARION GRIFFIN.
quiei; respectable; full; big snap..
40 ROOMS; building and furniture new 1 year
ago; owner sick; 4 blocks of Market; inveati-
gate and make offer to MARION GRIFFIN.
29 ROOMS; new house; new furniture; lease
- if desired; price $1500. See MARION GRIF-
FIN. ' ... -¦¦ -
60 ROOMS furnished most beautifully; electric
elevator; electric lights; exact book accounts
show $287 profit in March; nicely located;
thoroughly respectable; roomers are business
24 ROOMS: new and modern and extra well
furnished; a beautiful house inside and out:
large rooms: private baths: sunny corner: we
guarantee this house will fascinate any lady
r.f refinement. MARION GRIFFIN.
SPLENDIDLY furnished house of 14 rooms, on
sunny side of street, near Post and Leaven-
worth; newly furnished in March, 1903; be* t
of oak and mahogany; heavy Brussels car-
pets; only cause Is sickness: the owner must
leav e the city; no reasonable offer will be
refused; landlady occupies 2 nice rooms and
receives $56 over rent MARION GRIFFIN
406 • Examiner building. , . ,. , ¦
1— An" honest. -reliable hotel " ' .
2— For sale by my agent. MARION GRIFFIN
3 — Roam 406 Examiner building; - ..
4 — Has SO large, airy rooms;. always full-
6— Estab. 8 years; never, has changed hands*
6— Guaranteed to be clearing $200 per month-
7— Cause of sale Is dissolution of partnership'
R— Price, only $6500 (about % of real value)
10 — Livery stable for $3250 — almost a gift; * '
11 — Place well established — pays well; -. ,:-«¦- :*,~
12 — Beautiful young horses — 20 head;
13 — Double and single harness for all;
14_Two fine. carriages — fine buggies, etc.;
16 — Low rent; big .opening, for tight man.
14. r.: beautifully furnished; rare .'. $1250
23 r. : take flat in exchange ..$1750
8 r. ; rent $30; California st. .$425
7-r. flat: elegant: only.v ."........'.$ IOQ
11 r.; Third St.: clears $40... ...v.v. ...,$2ro
' Auction prices, see KREDO & . CO.
100 ROOMS; sunny corner: rent $125.... $4500
112 room3; clears $350;, low rent.'.. .'..... .$1500
80 rooms ; furniture • nearly - new ..... •. . , . s;{£00
15 rooms: fine location," north ' of Market. .$900
• 4fi rooms: in Oakland; new; rent $60..". .$"500
12 rooms; half cash; cheap rent.... .. ; ...$600
Money to loan . on -. furniture. EITEL _
CARROLL. 212 Kearny st. . ¦ . - t ™
$700 WILL buy nice lodging-house, 16 rooms
803% Washington St., Oakland. . y; ; ,;.-.
A BARGAIN; 8 rooms; cheap; must be sold on
account of sickness.: 212 ¦ Fifth st. , - .-.T-. l»
WANTED — Lodging housp,*^not'over ; 25 rooms,
? and well furnished. Address box 3536.; Call.

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