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SAN JOSE. May 23.— The stilt of
Mat Bokanovich in East San Jose has
been seized and the property confiscat
ed because of alleged illegal distilling.
The officers claim to have positive
proof that Bokanovich has been selling
illicit brandy.
Government Officials Seize a Still.
Mission Parlor No. 38,. X. S. G. W.,
held its semi-annual high jinks last
night at Native Sons* Hall. Two hun
dred members and friends enjoyed the
following programme:
¦Selections on the phonograph: songs by
Master Marlow; four-round boxing match be
twVcn Mwsrs. Jack Qulnn and Jim Bams;
Election "In the Clover." by James Temple;
recitation by William Green; vpecialtle* by
Robert C Mitchell: contralto solo. "Always
In the Way." by Miss Llllle Lucas; sklrt
(lancing" by Miss Kittle Healey; "The Little
Boy In Blue," by Al Hlggin?. the one-man
handDlayer: !<ongs by Messrs. ODay. Al
MureUI. 'Old Blllle" Hambergcr. William
Frankel Edward Green and James S*»iger,
storieji by D. K. Cummlngs and Arthur Mnlse.
"America." sung by all present, conclude*
the evening's festivities.
Mission Parlor Entertains.
Morris Levy, who will have the July
permit, has not made a mateh yet. He
is endeavoring to bring Hanlon and
'•Battling" Nelson together.
NEW YORK. May 23. — Terry Mc-
Govern. the pugilist, has begun light
training for his battle with . Eddie
Hanlon, which is scheduled to take
place in San Francisco the latter part
of July. Next week the former cham
pion will go to Mount Clemens. Mich.,
where he will continue his prepara
tions for a timQ.
Terry McGovern In Training.
Fifth race— Five furlongs; three-year-olds
and up; selling.
6785 Adnor 109| 6755 'Keogh . or
6749 Cherries 107| 67»5 Myrtle H *""l07
6802 Hercules 100! &S01 Nellie nawn" 107
6795 Suburb. Queen.107 6705 Cathello 107
6802 'Lady Usk ... 05 6777 Noni* '" v 10?
6791 'Tom Fox ....104 6770 'Hind. Prnccistw
Sixth race— One mile; four-year-olds and up;
•«°£;Lea«h- 1W 6785 Tarragon ....inn
twOO 'Mont. PeeresslOfi (6790)Frank Pearce 11.1
66f>8 'Klckumbob .10« U74R Prestolus 107
Ue 7 J, 4)LoZal I?, •¦•.•• 1U 8733 Theodora LvillCO
6S01 Tom Kingsley.lir, 6704 Judge Voorhlesll4
6704 'Nullah ......108 6705 Lady Kent .."ill
•Apprentice allowance. .
irlongs: three-year-olds
6R03 Blondura .....107
6704 'Bulgarian ...104
•>771 Magnrlone ...I07
6777 •Emathion.....l04
6802 Kaul of Tarsusloo
6801 Pat Morrls«ey.l09
Fourth race — Five fi
and up; selling.
6785 Bee Rosewaterl07
C803 'Carllce 1C2
6701 Alice Carey. .107
6£03 Gladys Bellp. .107
6702 'FlorlanR Bile 05
6778 Royal White.. 104|
irlongs; maiden three
6802 Constanza ....no
VjjTr I-*dy RooseveltUO
6797 "Katanga 105
6753 Stlmy 115
6R0f» War Time, ..no
6805 'Lost Baby .. 107
Third race — Five fu
year olds and up; selll
6777 Potentia 110
6S00 'Brown Fatsy.110
C794 Estraza 110
6783 Conche 110
6800 Vaughan' 112
6769 Maxtrens 105
Second race — Three 1
6708 Leah 100
6706 Abba A 109
6790 'Edith Vice.. .104
67S4 Lady Nlnora..l09
6796 Steel Wire. ...100
lurlongs; two-year-olds;
67S4 Bon Ami 100
67OB Anita Knight. 109
67S4 »Hearthus ....104
67S4 Mary Pepper.. 100
6784 'Iron King... 107
PETALUMA. May 25. — The entries
for to-morrow's races at Kenilworth
Park track are as follows:
First race — Five furlongs; maiden three
year-olds and up; eelllng.
6278 St Tusef ....112 «799 Cracko 112
6780 Sir Appleby..ll5 67S0 'Moynard ....107
67S» *Pachuca ....105 .... Lurayo 115
6701 Light Braid. .110 6790 'Nell Holton..lC3
«778 H'rrah 3 TmesllO 67S3 Vonrollern ...11"
6774 'Esforzado ...107 67S0 Lizzie Ward.. 110
HOT SPRINGS, May 25.— The pool
rooms were unmercifully fleeced to-day
by a clever wire tapping, easily exe
cuted on account of the recent stoppage
of the Western Union service. Four
races were wrongfully reported and
settled for, and as a result the local
poolrooms lost thousands of dollars.
In the first race at St. Louis they
paid on Sylvan Belle to win. which
ran third. In the third race settlement
was made on JIngler to win, which was
not In the money. P. J. Somers. in the
first race at Chicago, was wired a win
ner, when "Watermelon *von, and in the
third race Aunt Katherine was given
as the winner when La Londe came in
Thousands of Dollars Taken Out of
the Hot Springs Betting
Places. '
City and County of San Francisco to P.
Sweed. lot on W line of Polk street, 30 S of
O'Farrell. S 30 by W .97:6; $ .
John F. and Margareta Bruns to John S.
and Eleonora Howell, lot on S line of Union
street, 31 W of Octavla, \V 0:u ] i, S 75 E
0:3«4. N 75; $10.
John S. and Eleonora Howell to John F. and
Manrareta Bruns, lot on S line of Union street,
31 W of Octavla, S 75. W 0:3?,, N 76. E 0:3Vi;
George M. Wagner to Katie Wagner, lot on
R line of Haight street, 100 E of Webster. E
25 by S 120; gift.
Mary L. Mills (Maxwell) to Sophie Braun
(wife of George), lot on S line of, Pine street,
181:3 W of Webster, W 25 by S 127:6; $10.
Sarah Patek to John G. Jury, lot on NEJ
corner of Eddy street and Bourbln place E 28
by N 100; $10. , .
M. H. and Kate I. de Young to Owen.
Moran. lot on E line of Shrader street. 137:6
N of Hayes. N 25 by E 110; $10.
Carrie Driscoll to Albert and Alice Palmer,
lot on B line of Shrader street, 75 N of Beulah,
N 25 by E 110: $10.
Henrietta Slttenfeld to Fred Wagner, lot on
NW corner of Fulton street and Parker avenue,
W 28:10, N 113.85. NE 28.S7, S 113; $10.
Mary Shoolin to James and Johanna Mc-
Donough. lot on N line of Elliot Park, 88 W of
Steiner street, W 22 by N 70 (Hamilton square);
Louise N. Wilkins to Adoiph and Elizabeth
M. Greub. lot on S line of Clinton Park, 205 E
of Dolores street, E 25 by S 7O; $10.
Charles J., Margaret T. and Cecilia McGlynn
to Albert F. Dore, lot on N line of fcJghteenth
street, 127 W of Church. W 27:6. N 128:4%,
SE 28:9^. S n9:9*« ; $10.
William R. Thompson to Belle Z. Thompson,
lot on N line of Hill street, 30 W of Noe, W 25
by N 78. also lot on N line of Hill street, 155
E of Noe, E 25 by N 114; gift.
Rob»rt E. and Frances J. »>platner to Henry
A. Arnke, lot pn W line of Harrison street, 350
S of Twenty-fourth. S 50 by W 112:6; $10.
Marv R. Burmell t Anna Joost, lot - on W
line of Eureka etreet, 200 S of Eighteenth. S
25 by W 125,- quitclaim deed: $1.
Anna .Toost (wife of Behrcnd) to Marten B.
JooBt. same: $10.
William R. Sherwood to Sherwood Estate
Company (corporation), lot on SE corner Pine
and Front streets. S 49:6, E 47:6, SE 67:6. NE
178:2.1. W 225; also lot on S line of California
street. 137:6 W of Taylor, W 137:6 by S 137:6;
James M., Joseph E., Kitty and Loretta
Kelly and Ro»e C. Graves, to Lila G. Provost,
lot on NW corner Eighteenth and ". Alabama
streets, N 100 by W 25, and property out of
county: $1. . ', \
Ro*« C. Graves to A. J. Provost, lot on NW
corner Solano and Columbia streets W 25 by N
100. and property out of county: $10.
William and Jennie Helblng to Mathews
Kanewbke, lot on E line of Vermont street,
30 N of Nineteenth. N 10 by E 100; $10.
Andrea *nd Ida Henrlckson to John and
Hannah Sperrin*. lot on W line of Carolina
street, 100 N of Twenty-third, N 25 by W 100;
Charles W. and Mary A. '» Pope to Martin S.
Show, lot on S line of Clement street, 82:6 W
of Twenty-seventh avenue. W 25 by S 100; $10.
Chester Roweil to Imogene Eldrldsre (Row
ell), lot on SW corner Fourth and Point Lobos
avenutv. W 120 by S 100; $10.
Imogene Kldridrc- (Roweil) to Gustave and
Annie Moeller. same: $10.
City Realty Company (corporation) to W. J.
McLoughlln, lot on E line Second avenue,' 110
N of I street, N 25 by 13 120; $10.
City and County of San Francisco to Her
bert F. Mann, lot on SE corner of Twenty-
PORT GAMBLE— Sailed May 25— Br bark
Ivanhoe. for Port Ludlow.
PORT LUDIX>W— Arrived May 25— Br bark
Ivanhoe. from Port Gamble.
SEATTLE— Arrived May 25— Stmr Robert
Dollar, hence May 1!».
PORT BLAKELET— Sailed May 25— Br bark
Fortvoit. for Australia.
NEW TORK— Arrived May 25— Stmr Sicily,
from Genoa; stmr Prince Oekar, from Naples.
Sailed May 25-^-Stmr Majestic, for I Liver
pool; stmr Paladla. for Hamburg; stmr United
States, for Copenhagen.
LIVERPOOL— failed May 25 — Stmr Teu
tonic, for New York.
Arrived May 25 — Stmr Sardinia, from Mon
BREMEN— Arrived May 25— Stmr Nekar.
from New Vork.
PLYMOUTH— Arrived May 25— Stmr Penn
sylvania, from New York, for Hamburg, and
QUEENSTOWN— Arrived May 25— Stmr
Noordland. from Philadelphia, for Liverpool,
and proceeded.
ANTWERP— Sailed May 25— Stmr Mount
Temple, for Montreal.
CHERBOURG— Arrived May 25— Stmr Penn
sylvania, from New York, for Hamburg, and
Sailed May 25 — Stmr Princess Alice, from
Bremen, for New York.
MOVILLE— Arrived May 25— Stmr An
chorla, from New York, for Glasgow, and
proceeded. *
Late Shipping Intelligence.
.Annie and Jennie 'M. Fleming (owners) with
Magee Bros, (contractors), , architect — All
work except mantels, gan fixtures and
shade* for three three-story frame build
ing (flats) on lot on W line of Pierce street,
27 :C N of Waller, 80x112; $20,450.
Conrad Young (owner) with Caspar Zwier
lein (contractor), , architect — All work for
a three-story, frame building (flats) on lot
commencing at point 91:3 NE of Waller -and
Laguna streets,. E 25 by N 137:6; $5462 50.
Philip Young (owner) with same contractor,
, architect — All. work .for a three-story
frame building (flats) on lot commencing at
point 110:3 NE from corner of Waller and La
r-ma streets, E 25 by N 137:0; $5462 50.
Andrew Wood (owner) with L. T. Fenn (con
tractor and architect) — All work for four Iij
story frame cottages on lot on E line of Forty
ninth avenue. 112:7% N of M street, E 11S:7^,
N 50. W 121:1%, S 60:0%, outside lands 817,
$o214. •
Catherine Shaw (owner) with William Bell
(contractor), architect John Murray — AH work
for additions to a frame building on lot on N
line of Halght street, between Webster and
Fillmore, 450 Halght; $1200. !
Mutual Electric Light Company (owners)
with City Street Improvement Company (con
tractors), architect . . Excavating, grading.
bulkheading and plledrlvlng for building on lot
on NE corner of Spear and F"olsom streets. 86
on Folsom and 137:8 on Spear; $14,000.
Tho Swett Company (owners) with N. An
derson (contractor), architect R. Hainan Jr. —
Brick work tor a four-story and basement
brick btiildlnc on lot on • SE line of Jessie,
street, 200 SW of Fourth, SW 25 by SE 70;
B. Sheldeman (owner) with Dave E. Brown
(contractor), architects Meyer J & O'Brien —
Foundations and area walls for enlarging Cen
tral building for an 8-story building on E line
of Stockton street. 30 S of Sutter, S 20:6% by
E SO: $2300.
Fame owner with Fred C. C. Anderson (con
tractor) architects same — Brickwork, cement
ing and pressed brick for , same, on same;
Same owner with Knowlea & Relchley (con
tractors), architects Fame— Carpenter work,
tinning, roofing, painting, plastering, galvan
ized Iron work, glazing, mosaic stairs, for
same, on same; $13 600.
David Cohen (owner) with J. Koschnltki 4
Bros, (contractors), architect Philip Schwerdt —
Carpenter work, excavating, concrete, brick
work, tinning, glazing, hardware, - plastering
and lathing, wrought Iron work, etc., for two
."5-story frame buildings, with partly finished
baEementa (six flatfO on the N Una of Ellis
street, 32:6 E of Steiner. E 65 by N 87:6;
$12,650. *
isame owner with Irelan & Wood (contract
ors), architect same — Plumbing, gas fitting,
sewering, etc.. for same on same; $1520.
Same owner with R. Zellnsky (contractor),
architect same — Painting, graining, vnrnlthlng,
tinting, etc., for same on same: $1520. •
Melinda A. <ie Witt (owner) with Felix
Marcui>e (contractor), architect . All work
for a two-story frame building on lot on NW
corner of Point Lobos and -Thirty-fourth ave
nues. W 32: (J by N 100; $2080.
Henry A. King (owner) with 'Joel Lund
(contractor), -architect Ralph W. . Hart— All
w6rk except leaded; glass. and gas fixtures for
a two-story frame residence on lot on N line
of Clay street, 68:9 E of Maple. B 28 by N
100, Western Addition 835; $1555.
William Otto (owner) with James A. An
drews, contractor and architect — All work for
a two-story and basement frame building on
lot on W line of Urodcrlck street, 82:6 S of
Eddy, S 27:6 by W 100; $4850.
Ettate of David L. Farnsworth (by Fannie
P. Farnsworth. executrix) to Elizabeth F.
DufTey) lots 9 and 10, block G, Sunset; also
lot on E line of Sunset avenue at NW corner
of lot 11, block G, S 5, E 119.09, N 5. W
119.09. being N 6 feet of lot 11. block G,
s..me; $2200.
S Fannie P. Farnsworth to same, same; also
ots 13 and 14. block F, Sunset Heights, quit
claim deed; 51.
Abraham and Charles Rosensteln to Ernest
A. Wakeley, lot on E line of Glrard street, 148
N of Burrow*. N 50 by E 120, block 3, Uni
versity Mound; ?10.
Dora M. Hamilton to George G. Gere, lot on
W line of Cuvier street. 100 N of Bosworth,
N 25. W 100, N 175, W 100. S 200, E 200, lots
5. 16 to 23. block 3. De Boom Tract; $10.
Joseph. Harriet B, Jacob and Bertha G.
Woissbein to George Atcheson, lots 286 and
287. Heyman Tract: ?10.
WllhHmlne Krlete to Edwin W. Schfader,
lot on W line of Orizaba street, 100 N of Gar
fi«^ld, N r.0 by W 100, lots 43 and 44, block 57,
City Land Association; ?10.
Builders' Contracts.
rirct avenue and C street, E SO, S 100, B 30.
N 100 E 30. S 100, B 30, S 25, W 120, N
125; $ .
Susan. Emma F. and Mary Elliott to Solomon
Getz, lot on E line of Forty-s*venth avenue, 25
N of K street, N 25 iy E 107:6; $10.
J. J. and Pat rick 'A. Mahoney to same, lot
on W Hue of Twenty. second avenue, 175 N
of L street, N 25 by W 120; $10.
S. Ducas Company (corporation) to John
and Catherine A. Taylor, lot on NW line of
California avenue, 85 NE of Coso avenue, NE
25 by NW 120. Precita Valley 103; $10.
The liner Korea, homeward bound, left Hong
kong yesterday, and the Mongolia arrived on
Tuesday at Yokohama.
The Oceanic Steamship Company's liner Ala
raeda left Honolulu yesterday for this port.
The Siberia, which Is bringing many distin
guished passengers from the Orient, !• due
here early to-morrow morning. \
The Pacific Mall Company's liner City of
Peking, for many years on the oriental run.
but for the past few months engaged In code*
tramping along the Central American coast.
is coming home. She left Acapulco Tuesday.
The United States gunboats Concord and
Marblehead arrived yesterday at Honolulu from
Panama. The Wyoming and the destroyers
Prcble and Paul Jones are due here at any
Water Front Xotes.
WEDNESDAY. May 25 — 4 p. m.
Bid.Ask.l Bid. Ask.
Alpha 14 Injustice 12 14
Alta 07 CSlKentuck 04 05
Andes 1£ L'O'Keyes Graes.. — 1 00
Belcher 33 361 Lady Wash .. — OH
Bent & Belch. 1 60 1 60; Mexican 1 70 1 75
Bullion 12 131 Occidental ... 81 83
Caledonia ... 71 74|Ophlr 6 75 5 87>i
•Thallenge Con 22 24 Overman 37 .19
Chollar 19 20jPotosl 17 19
Confidence ...1 10 1 20! Scorpion ...... 14 15
Con C & Va. 1 CTj 1 70 Savage 33 34
Con Imperial. 02 <X! Seg Belcher ..12 13
Con NY 04 05 Sierra Nev . . 43 44
Crown Point. 22 23| Silver Hill ..57 fin
East Sierra N 03 05!St Louis' 09 10
Eureka Con.. — ROjSyndicate .... — 04
Exchequer .. 43 441 Union Con .. 65 fi6
Gould & Cur. 30 31 j Utah 07 08
Hale & Norc. 64 65| Yellow Jacket. 24 26
Julia OS 09|
Bid.Ask.l . Bid. Ask.
Ksperanza ... — 02|nescue 05 06
Gold Anchor. — 80|Ton Belmont.. 65 68
Gold M Con. 01 03 Ton Exten ..1 10 1 IB
Lucky Tom.. — 10 Ton Gold M. — '16
MacNamara . 18 19iTon of Nev.. 7 50 —
Mlzpah Ex .. 10 — |Tot% N Star.. 27 29
Mont Ton.l 57V4 1 62ViTon Midway. 30 37
Paymaster .. — 09|Tdn &• Salt L — 1 00
Ray Ton ... 11 —I United Ton ..13 —
Ray & OBrlen 04 05|
100 Mont Toll ...1 60| 800 Ton Belmont.. 65
500 Ray & OBrlen 06] 200 Ton Belmont.. 66
600 Rescue C6j 100 Ton Exten..l 12 £
200 Ton BeJmont. 63| 800 Ton Midway.. 37
600 Ton Belroont. till /
Afternoon Session.
1000 Esperanza ... 01| 100 Ton Midway.. 36
200 MacNaroara . IS ".'CO Ton Midway.. 37
1600 Rescue 06J
Morning Session.
Following were the salts on the San Fran
cisco and Tonopah Mining Exchange yesterday:
100 Andes 19 100 Crown Point.. 22
100 Con C & Va.l 70 100 Gould & Cur. 30
100 Con C & V.I 67^ 600 Totosi 19
1000 Con NY 04
Afternoon Session
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The Pacific Coast Motorcyclists held
a meeting last night at their head
quarters, 304 McAllister street, and
decided to enter a team in the motor
cycle and bicycle races to be held at
Ingleside on June 6. Several new
members were received into the club
and the treasurer reported a financial
The members of the club are plan
ning a big road run to a nearby town
in the future. A, number of the club
members will hold a run to San Jose
on Sunday, starting on the 9 o'clock
creek route boat. Another meeting
will be held at the headquarters next
Monday evening.
Pacific Motorcyclists Plan to Take
Part in the Meet to Be Held
on Sunday. June 5.
SIXTH RACK — One . mile; three-year-olds
and up; purse:
Betting. Horse. Weight. Jockey. St. •« Fin.
5 to 1— Chickadee. Ill (Tullett)... 5 8 3 In
5 to 1— Huapala, 86 (F.Sulllvan).. 4 2 1 2 3
3 to 1— Anlrad. $6 (Crosswalthe). 3 13 8 3
Time, 1 :i1. Start poor. Won first three
driving. L«ash 102, Possart 116. Petrolia 10S.
David S 108, Natal 93. finished as named.
FIFTH RACE— Five furlongs; three-year
olds and up; selling:
Betting. Horse, Weight, Jockey. St. %. Fin.
» to 5^-Slr Preston.lOS (Croswth) 3 11 11
Even —My Surprise. 110 (G.Bull) 7 3 1&2 2
50 to 1— Urbano, 111 (T. Stewart). I 2 2 3 »J
Time, 1:01 >i. Won In a drive of three. Our
Pride 114. Benlash 106. Lost Baby 96. Aggres
sor 114 finished as named.
FOURTH RACE— One mile; the PeTaluma
stakes; three-year-olds and up; $500 guaran
Betting. Horse. Weight, Jockey. St. »; Fin.
5 to 1— Laocoon. 93 (Fitzpatrick). 6 4 <i 14
8 to 1— For. King. 114 (Gruxvell). 1 5 1 2 1
6 to 1— Col. Van. 104 (Fountain).. 5 2 % 3 14
Time. 1:41 i,i. Start good. Won all driving.
J. V. Klrby 106. Colonel Anderson 113. Heather
Honey. 98, North Weft fcO, finished as named.
THIRD RACE — Six furlongs; selling; three
Betting. Hor»e. Weight. Jockey. St. *; Fin.
S to 1— Red Tip. 124 (Bozeman) 7 1 '% 1 1
8 to 1— Miss Vera, 114 iFrowen).. 4 4 12U
!» to C — Marello, 116 (If. Smith). 6 3 1U3 1
Time, 1 :15tj. Start good. Won first three driv
ing. Effervescer.ee 100. Crigll 10O. Carllee lit.
Blondura 11R, Assessment 121. Mr. Dingle 122
Bassenzo 116. finished as named. Gladys Belle
left at pest.
SECOND RACE— Four furlongs; three-year
olds and up; selling.
Betting. Horse, Weight. Jockey. St. V Fin.
2 to 1— Hercules. 122 (F. Kelly). 5 1111
5 to 1— Nanon. 115 (G. Bullman) 2 2 12 2
30 to 1— M'd Sherw*d.ll" (T.St't) 8 5 H 3 H
Time, :48t$. Start good. Won first three
driving. Lady Usk 100, Virgle D 120. Juan Bel
lardo 119, Montezuma 119, Saul of Tarsus 122.
Targette 100, Constanza 100, finished as
PETALUMA, May 25. — A fast track
and good weather aided in making the
racing to-day the best of the season
at Kenilworth Park. The feature of
the card was the Petaluma stakes.
Mrs. Coffey's colt Laocoon won by a
head, with Forest King and Colonel
Van driving hard a length apart. The
time was the fastest made for the
mile at this meeting. Every race on
the card was hotly contested, except
the first, which Tom Kingsley won
handily. Sir Preston took his second
stake, leading the favorite, My Sur
prise, out a length. Rafour's Chicka
dee, which has been made a favorite
throughout the meet, took her first
race to-day. The summary:
FIRST RACE— Six furlongs; selling; four
year-olds and up.
Betting. Horse, Weight, Jockey. St. % Fin.
8 to 1— Kingsley. 121 fH.Kelly).. 4 4 U l 3
C to 1— Nelll* Bawn. 119 (Ev'an) 6 2 H "1 \%
6 to 2— Headwater. 116 (Ftzptk) 3 53 3U
Time. l:VL%; Start good. Won easily. Sec
ond and third driving. Pat MorrlEsey 121. Sir
Dougal 116, Moor 116, Cazador 119, Thaddeus
119, Alturas 121, St. Rica 121, llnlshed as
The Brown Son of Pontlac Beats
Forest King and Colonel Van
in a Driving Finish.
The other vessels on the reinsurance list ar«
quoted as follows: I-amorna and Conemaugh.
fK> per cent; lima and Leyland Bros., 10 per
cent, and Laura. 15 per cent.
It is feared that disaster has befallen on*
of a number of sailing vessels which left New
Tork or Philadelphia about a month ago, load
ed with case coal oil and bound for an oriental
port. The British steamship Florida, which
arrived at New Tork yesterday from Cal
cutta, reports that May 5. about 100 miles east
of the Nantucket light, she passed a lot of
wreckage, among which were, many cases of
coal oil. A rait and small boat, the latter
upwldedown. were seen among the flotsam. The
day before meeting the wreckage the Florida
experienced a very severe gale. As a result
of this report every Hailing vessel loaded with
coal oil that could have been in the vicinity
of this wreckage was posted for reinsurance.
The wreckage may have come from any of the
following vessels: Brlttsh ship Juteopolls. out
SI days from New Tork for Penang: German
ship Neck, out 21 days from New) Tork for
Yokohama: British bark Wynford. out 28 days
from New Tork for Shanghai: British ship
Queen Elizabeth, out 87 days from New Tork
for Hongkong; French nhtp La Rochecoucauld.
out 34 days from New Tork for Shanghai:
British chip Largo Law. out 31 days from
Philadelphia for Fremantle and the German
ship Willy Rlckmers. out 26 days from Phil
adelphia, for Nagasaki. They are all quoted
at 6 per cent, and the reinsurance speculator
who can Dick the lost vessel will realize big
returns on bis Investment.
Wreckage Tells of Disaster.
Whenever an advertisement is de
clared, to be beyond the pale of Ameri
can law the Paper Publishing Associa
tion will be notified and this associa
tion in turn will notify the papers con
taining the/objectionable matter. Pa
pers not reported in the publishers' as
sociation will be notified by the de
partment directly. Whenever a paper
persists in publishing such advertise
ments after notification, it will bo de
nied the use of the mails. This plan of
procedure was made and announced
at the Postofflce Department to-day.
The Postmaster General has been in
correspondence for a long time with
the publishers' association and with
medical societies and others on this
subject and they have promised thor
ough co-operation.
Mr. Robb, former assistant attorney
general for the 'Postofflce Department,
when the postal scandals were on, went
into the question of patent medicine
advertisements and his work in issu
ing fraud orders has been continued by
Judge Goodwin, his successor, who al
so has taken up the question of other
It %vas announced that there was to
be no general crusade against objec
tionable advertisements in newspapers,
but that each case would be taken up
individually by law officers of the de
partment and whenever a violation of
the law was shown, the newspapers
containing such advertisements would
be prohibited the use of the mails. The
law department of the postofflce will
itself pass on the character of the ad
vertisements and its decision will be
considered final.
WASHINGTON, May 25.— Officials of
the Postoffice Department have decided
to establish a censorship over news
paper advertisements and, with the
avowed intention of improving their
tone, will go into this question with
some thoroughness.
Special Dispatch to The Call.
The movements of the Stewart Fruit
Company, recently organized with a
capital of $100,000, are being watched
with considerable interest by Northern
California fruitmen, for It is generally
understood that the new concern is
part of the Santa Fe Company's
project to compete with the Southern
Pacific Company in securing a big
share of the deciduous fruit shipment
from the Sacramento Valley.
The Santa Fe officials have denied
that their road is backing the'com
pany, but the denial has not satisfied
the public curiosity, especially in view
of the fact that the president of the
Stewart Fruit Company, "W. H. Stew
art, was until recently the Southern
California representative of the Cali
fornia fruit agency, and Its vice pres
ident, R. E. Lyons, was connected with
the distributors' combine, both of
which organizations are closely allied
with the Southern Pacific Company.
Yesterday the distributors' associa
tion, of which Alden Anderson is the
head, held a meeting at the Palace Ho
tel and invited J. S. Leeds, manager of
the Santa Fe's refrigerating car serv
ice, who is completing the plans of that
company for its Northern California
invasion, to be present. Although the
members of the association declined to
give out any details • regarding Just
what took place at the meeting, it was
learned that they closely questioned
Leeds about the new fruit company,
and particularly regarding the reports
that it has the financial backing of the
railroad company.
Leeds, it is said, denied that the
fruit company was being financially
assisted by the Santa Fe, but one
thing he did not deny, and that was
that the company was inspired by the
Santa Fe. According to the best re
ports the Stewart Fruit Company has
extensive plans for establishing agen
cies throughout the Sacramento River
district and will contract to handle all
the fruit it can get over the Santa Fe
line into Chicago. In short, the cre
ation of the company is looked upon
as the fulfillment of the threat recent
ly made by' the Santa Fe that within
a month it would have representation
in ever^ shipping point north of San
President Stewart of the new com
pany is in this city conferring with
Manager Leeds of the Santa Fe car
Another reception was held in the
divinity school this afternoon with
evening prayer conducted by the Bish
op and newly-made deacons. The new^
deacons have been assigned to duty as'
follows: C. M. Marrick, assistant to
the rector of St. Luke's Church, San
Francisco; "W. It. Hodgkin, assistant to
Rev. E. L. Parsons. St. Mark's Church.
Berkeley, and F. U. Bugbee. assistant
to Rev. Mr. Guthrie, rector of Alameda
SAN MATEO. May 25.— The Church
of St. Mathew was crowded beyond its
seating capacity by a fashionable audi
ence this morning to witness the ordi
nation exercises of the divinity school.
Three students were ordained into the
order of deacons— C. M. Marrick, W.
R. Hodgkin and F. U. Bugbee. The
services were conducted by Right Rev.
William Ford Nichols, Bishop of Cali
fornia, assisted by Dean Trew of Los
Angeles, who preached the ordination
Besides the Rev. "W. H. Powell of the
Santa Clara Divinity school and the
local rector. Rev. N. B. W. Gallway,
there were also several visiting clergy
men and a large number of the laity
from other parishes. A special car* was
required to accommodate the visitors
from San Francisco. The procession of
priests, deacons and students, headed
by the choir, from the parish house to
the church, was a most impressive and
interesting spectacle, which became
more dramatic as it proceeded down
the aisle singing the "Processional" to
the accompaniment of the . mighty
music from the grand organ.
Immediately following the solemn
and impressive ceremonies of ordina
tion a "reception was held in the parish
house at which all visitors and parish
ioners were Invited to partake of re
Special Dispatch to The Call
Impressive Services Conduct
ed in the Church of St.
Mathew at San Mateo
Postoffice Department X^n
dertakes to Improve Tone
of Commercial Notices
Stewart Company Strongly
Suspected of Being Tart
of Plan for Competition
" OAK. 117— Extra ?unn.v .;-iix»m »uiir: *20: 'I
io.im» $12: Klnsk- $S: t«s range: adu'lf.
I'SXJLIC ;4tr2— Sunny housekeeping roomi; ga«
• and b»th frr*; reasonable. _
l<Oi-"T B24— Uandsotne parlors, .ilnlng-riwn
and kit.h'ii: S fltiRle rooing; >unny: modem.
1'ost U!«4- Fpackm* cany roam*] housekeep-
ing;' <it!ier room*: Lath. i»)i<-.nr: ief«ren<-c.«.
TCiWTI.l,, 306*— Hauaekeejrf&S room«; rent rca-
t>HOTA\ KLT-. 88— Two sunny rooms for .light
• housrk<"ejiir.K. .-
VAN 1 gfKSS >\r.. 31— Alcove parlor for house-
kecplng: tia." stove; every oonvtnience; *in-
rle» rooms.
- AI'.VEHTIFIJMnNTS. •ubsrrlptlons received ac
* . Call tr-»ri'-h ornce. cor. Dunrun & Church »t».
Heair.ifi'ili l-.Kht and runny: " -3-4 rooms and
liatr each: all unfurnished; $27 60 to $40.
Make reservation* now.
' ST.<"K«;lI-t:. 115 Fell. above Van N«« ave. — Tn»
tiVm«> of Y>Tf<?<-tion In modern, elegantly fur-
rihh<><J .(-room nimrtnienm.with private baths.
• nean". heat. ¦ lectrlc llght.elevator. gas range*:
* . tSO. $;S. $-7. >40. $45. $47 ?iO. $50. $55.
'. FT. LOiri?. 1^7S Jark*on *t. — Modern 3-4-5
j, 4«mf: turn, or unfurn. ; ref». Tel. Kast 1330.
* 4-HOOM apartment wanted, furnished com-
r!*ie for housekeeping. Address box 1«5.
* *_C^I effle*.
""WANTED— An apartmer.t cf 3 Mm!«hV<! rooms
. for H°* '*•*• ( -" >11 ottc*
* 'n<«iM» T«» UKT Kmi-h. And Vntmrm.
House. US Sixth «.— Rocmi
2J.C to (1 per nlfrht. $1 25 to $5 per week and
light housekeeping rootne; cpea all night.
. «\7 ••Tlie Almcr.t'." P73 Market st. <or No. 1
• Fifth «.)— Rooms, 25c. 50c. $1. $1 50 night;
.. . tl ,tK> to $10 week: house open all night.
PCaKPTT, J<2G Market <cld No. 1354)— Fur-
r:»!rcd* room*, suite, wtnrle: ai*o unfurnished. |
"• OUfVoKD, 201 Etlia. cor. Mason— Elegantly j
• ft.irnifhcd ranay rooms: prices reasonable.
EIM'Y. VJ4 — ;: .rwicctirg *unny parlors; will
*«• lilted to mit gmtlftnrn or a professional.
FOIjBOU, ?!." 2 neatly furnished front rooms;
dr^iLl*- End slnsle. ____^___
tjnAXD Sruthern. 7th and Mission — Rooms 35e
•J t<. 51 2S night; (I 50 to S6 wk.: reading-room.
ifAIiJHT. 920 — Handsomely furnished sunny
• alcove front ro>jm.
ffiOTEb DrFKKUIN. 749 EUI-— Elegantly fur-
- • rtifh'd gutter arid tingle rooms.
BOTCARD. 24W. '•orr.er Twentl'-th — Large,
»uruv-. furnfi-hed tx><Jroom: large garden.
MARKKT. 10.T2— A ver>' reasonable price; 2
cr 3 hnusekeeplr-g rofir.y.
McALLISTEK, 511— Sunny furnished rooms:
n»r and running wster.
* MCALLISTCn. 1342— Fult or eingle. breakfast
•? if .desired; bath; phone Page 104. I
MXKSZPN. 2022— Sunny *jn«rle furnished room;
one front.
fOfcT. efc). nesr Hyde— Large furnished front
room; bath; gas; for 1 or 2 ger.te.
ROY.AL House. !2C Ellis— Incandescent lights.
reading-room, f-moklng-room snd ladles' par-
?or> room* per night. SRc to SI 60; wpek, %2
to $S: roonth. 5S to C30; elevator on ground
fi.-nr; room* with hot and ccld water; baths.
TUB i=1. KATIIRTN. NE. cor. Leaven worth
and E'.lls— Sunniest rocms In the city; new
' r-^fl; J'jtt furnished fresh and clean; hair
traitresses in every room; also hot and cold
water" bstfc*. etc.; eteam heat throughout;
elevator service arid every modern conveni-
ent: roorrs frrni $3 per week up. :
TUrT"rALMOt;TJr~lfM9A Market »t.— Purnr !
• ¦ n»mf; hot and cold water: elevator; $2 to $7. I
VStnsb fiTATEg. 123 Eddy, near Market— «00
rocrns. S5c to $1 nlgt-.t. Jl 75 to $6 week; elec-
tri'* llrht* «no gat), running water In every
rofifh; elevator. read. -room: free bus; baggage.
.. TT1NCHEPTER Hotel. 44 3d ft., near Market—
Mcrt conver.iei.t and re?pe<rtable : 700 room*;
. '. SV to SI M nirht: $2 to $S we»k; ele\-ator:
_..• cler. light*; reading-room: free bus: baggage.
Houfe. 202 Firth tt.— Room«i from 15c
to ti per night and from 00c to $5 per week.
ADVERTISEMENTS, subscriptions received at
C5.ll branch office, cor. Duncan & Church sti.
: A tRANCH office of The Call for the reception
r>* advertisement? and eubucrlption* ban been
opened at JfiOS Market «t.. opposite Fifth.
Open until II p. m.
Bir^TCB. «".14— XVestrr.infter— rir«t-c!a«g rooms
asi'<3 hoard; reasonable.
H*nHISON". — Good board and rooms at
. S3 i>0 for girl*: piano: home comforts.
" HOWARD. 841A— First-clefn board and room,
single cr double. $5-*6 wk.; American fair.ily.
HOTEL L'AIGLON. 501 Geary— Family rooms
and board: entirely renovated; reas. prices.
OTARKEI.U 91fV— Sunny rocms, first-claM
" ' *:-.. reasonable.
BOARD and rooms wanted by man and wife In j
bc«r<5ing-licut-e or private; not over 10 min-
vt»s' walk from fall building: references !
, c.*-'-n. Box nr,I. Call. I
GOOD "bcatai and suite of rooms wanted by
marriM couple and one child; give rates.
* * m x 197. Call office.
BOOM and bcarfl, with use of parlor, wanted i
*¦ by maC.lt and daughter; state rates. Box
* ; 170. Call office.
WANTED — Rocm and boari for gentleman In
-. e a >>- v-a Iking <Jtftan<e uf Fourth and Market
. stk. iJBax :in. -all.
.•ff!Ti: r.: rooms and. flrtt-rlass board wanted
; . <<r men *vA wife. Box 1<X. Call office.
. . ] noOMS WANTED.
¦•tlS : f'ER month will be. paid In advance for
t»v» furnished rooms for an rldrrly man and |
p_ In* n-ferenrcs. Address Permanent,
box":**:'. Call office.
' -^ . • PitUl'CIJs.VJ.S.
"ntOI'OSAI.i:— BIDS WANTED— Notice is
• Merebj gi\en that sealed proposals will be
secCived Ly the board cf directors of the
weans' Home of California, at its office,
ivom 1::, .;»••» Hansom<i et., t»n Francisco,
*¦»!.. i;u 1.11 o'clock a. in.. Saturday, June
: *t V.HH, «nd opened immediately thereafter
jn -the presence of bidders, for furnishing
•ahd quartermaster and cummU-
"<> tuf.pilf-K. etc., for the Veterans" Home.
Napa. t ounty. California (railroad etation
* ••£•'"«¦' wile). 1. o b. lor six months, coro-
4r»nr)ng July 1. 1904. and ending December
iil, }JH>4. fcchfduleg with information and In-
btiuctlors for tubmlttliuc bids will be fur-
nlfheJ upon appll<atlon by the undersigned.
.I?i<Mfr5 will carefully follow the condition*
• v't the scheduks, and no bid will be consid-
ered ur.U-s* Ii la In accordance with fuch
?rhrdulet. Hidn on tc». coflee and sugar
;m*-t Le -made on Eamples submitted.
• Ea<h bidder must accompany his bid with a
% . certified cfceok v:;. ,n eome well-known and
lejpof.rible banking house for at least 10 per
•' - «ent of the amount of his bid, payable to C
.^lasor. fc'lnne. treasurer, conditioned that
thw- bidder will enter Into a goud and valid
Vi'HJViict ux>on notice of acceptance, as re-
• -quired by Jaw. Th<i board reserves the right
'to"r*je<-t any or all bids and to order any
.quantity over or und-r the amount of apec-
:nttl. Addresa John K. £heehan. Becretary of
the. Board of Dlt*ctors of the Veterans'
Uome t/t California, room 13, 320 San?om<t
et., Han Francisco. Cal. By order of the
- bu*"rd at directors. JOHN F. KHEEHAN,
. Kecietary.
• flli^I'viEALS lor mineral oil — Office Depot
VJuartrrir.atter. 36 New Montgomery st fean
.t IVarJcleco. Cal.. May li |»«4. Sealed pro-
IlxraU. In triplicate, eubject to usual con-
driiout. will be received here until 11 o'clock
a. m.. -Friday. May 27. 1WM. and then opened
• f^r furnishing and storing or 200.000 gallons
ir.ineral oil. 13.". degree fla*h test, in cases of
five g» lion* each. Preference will be given
to artirlss of domestic production and manu-
facture, condition of price and quality being
e.-)ua! (including in the price of foreign pro-
duction the «3nty thereon), and euch prefer-
erce" given t > articles of American production
and mwriufaeture product^ on th« Pacific
Coast tu the extent of the consumption re-
nufr^d by the ruWc service there. The
•tiniitd. State* reserve* right to accept or re- i
fret any ot- all proposals or any part thereof.
Information and blank proposals furnished
on /lpplic^tion. Envelopes containing pro-
ppralf to be marked "Proposal for Mineral
Oil No. iS03." and addressed to MAJOR C. A.
DEVOL. Q. M.. V. S. Army, Depot Quarter-
6AN rilANClSCO. Cal.. May 14. 1904.— Sealed
propoMils, In triplicate, will be received here
mull II oVlock o. m.. May 28. 1904. and,
then opened, for furnishing A cavalry horces
«t Old Barracks. Monterey. Cal., and 1»> cav-
«"lr>' «n<1 11 artillery horses at the Presidio
t .fSir. FranrlHco. Government reserves light
t\i r^"'/! or acrtpt any or all bids, or any
tiart thereof. Bids will be ccnsldered for a
! -...iiurr.b'-r of borcea than that stated. Pref-
• icncc e1>en t« articles of domestic produc-
tion; condition* of price and quality (includ-
ing in the price of foreign productions the
duty thereon) being rqual, and such prefer-
ence f-vr,i to articles of American produc-
tion produrrd on the Pacific Const, to extent
of i-on*.u million required by the public ?erv-
u-e there. I nfru niatlon furnished on applica-
tion to AVM. S. TATTEN, AuUUnt Q. M-
GectrsO. Chief Q. M.
New Tork. on the 31st day of December,
A. D. 190,1. and for the year ending on that
dav. as made M the Insurance Commissioner
of the State of California, pursuant to th" pro-
vis-ons of sections 610 and nit of the Political
C'TJe. condensed as per blank furnished by th:
Commissioner :
Amount of Capital Stock, paid up
In cash $500,000 Co
R»al Estate own?d by Company... J.'JO«,27!V **>
Loans r>n Bonds and Mortgages.... 573,288 l.i
Cash Market Value of all Stocks
. and Bonds owned by Company... 941.514 75
Amount of Loans secured by pledge
of Bonds Stocks, and other mar-
ketable securities as collateral... 44.1. 2U 64
Cach In Company's Office 5.9.M :fl
Cash in Hanks 133.33S 3»
Interest due and accrued on all
Stocks and Loans 17.600 87
Interest due and accrued on Bonds
and Mortgages 12,265 57
Premiums In due Coars« of Col-
lection 134.094 K>
Due from other Companies for Re-
insurance on losses already paid. 1,010 29
Total Asstts .S2.«e8.353 21
Losses adjusted and unpaid $26,963 53
Losses In process of Adjustment
or In Suspense Sf).54t 5rt
Lostes resisted. Including expenses. 15.632 OO
Gross premiums on Fire Risks run-
ning one year or less. $91.3,623 00;
reinsurance 60 per cent 456. 112 50
Gross premiums on Fire Rinks run-
ning more than one year. $1,613,-
PC9 00: reinsurance pro rata 840,820 (VJ
Commission and Brokerage due and
to become due 6O.799 4 A
All other Liabilities.. 6.3S3 52
Total Liabilities ._$1. 436,958 63
Net cash actually received for Fire ,„«..., .
Premiums $1,210,343 4*
Received for interest on Bonds and
Mortgages ....».*.. 29,830 17
Re -eived for mt«re«t and dividends
on Bonds. Stocks. Loans, and
from all other sources 69.231 0«
Received fcr Rents <312 41
Total lncoms $1,312.017 12
Net amount paid for Fire Losses
(including $98,711 49. losses of.
ptevious yean) $372.0*3 9 1
Dividends to Stockholders 50,000 00
Paid or allowed for Commission or
Brokerage I'L' 2M ' <HT **
Paid for Salaries. Fees, and otB«r
charges for officers, clerks, stc. . . 85, 7M 63
raid for State. National and Local
taxes 49,190 3S
All other payments and expendi-
tures 80.03193
Total Expenditures .jt 1 . 1 15. 133 1 o
Losses Incurred during ths year. . . $381. 209 0O
Risks and Premiums. ( Flr« Rlifcs. ( Premiums.
Net amount of Risks!
y^r" n ... <1 . Urtn .*.. th ' $l«=.«9.700 S1.TSS.M9
Net amount of nisksl
ye.^...^. 1 ! 1 :..: 11 :! 133.1W.700 l.«*7.Dll
* December SIMmS?!?! 231.372.200 2.857, m
"" A. IT. SAWYER. President.
W. II. STEVENS. Secretary.
Subscribed and sworn to before m», this 21st
day of January. 19O4.
L. B. COOKE. Notary Public
411 and 413 California St.
Pennsylvania, on the 31st day of Decetnb«r.
A. D. 1903. and for the year ending on that
day. as mads to the Insurance Commissioner of
th* State of California pursuant to th« pro-
visions of sections 610 and 811 of the Political
Code, condensed as per blank furnished by ta»
Amount of Capital Stock, paid up
ASSETS. ———---
Real Estate owned by Company $338.0*0 «l
Loans on Bonds and Mort«a*es 761.212 40
Cash Market Value of all Stocks
and Bonds owned by Company... 1.1S7.«74 9<l
Amount of Loans secured by pledire
of Bonds. Stocks, and other mar-
k-table *ecurltles as collateral.. 130.219 W
Cash in Company's Office 8.217 21
Cash In Banks 97,223 00
Interest due and accrued on Bonds
and Mortgages 11.S06 87
Premiums In due Course of Collec-
tion 22* K9 SI
Rents due and accrued 2.139 29
Interest and rents due 2.08121
Ground rents .»,. 19.000 0O
Total Asset* „ $2,883,304 41
losses adjusted and unpaid $32,283 23
Losses In process of Adjustment or
In Suspense #9.138 At
Lcsses resisted. Including expens#s. 10.2S3 3»
Gross premiums on Fire Risks run-
ning one year or less. $1,174.-
003 80: reinsurance 60 per cent... 537.001 OS
Gross premiums on V\r* Risks run-
ning more than on« year. $1,156.-
686 36; reinsurance pro rata 634.073 08
Amounts reclaimable by the In-
sured on perpetual fire Insurant
policies 871.009 03
Commissions and Brokerage dn»
and to become due 32.664 09
Total Inabilities $2,011,479 6S
¦ *"- ¦ INCOME.
Net cash actually received for Fire
premiums $1,677,238 91
Received for Interest en Bonds and
Mortgages 38.81124
, Received for Interest and dividends
on Bonds. Stock*. Loans, and
from all other sources 34.23S 53
Received for rents ».J><v>*4
Profit on sale of Ledger Ansets 9. Vid 7*
Income from all ether sources 2.533 7,1
Total Income $1,731,060 07
'expenditures. • ~
Net amount paid for Fir? Lessen
(Including $144,352 82. losses of
previous years) $779,112 27
Dividends to St jckholdera 30.000 00
Paid or allowed for Commission or
Brokerage 373.08191
Paid for Salarl-s. Fees and other
charges for officers, clerks, etc... 127.778 D3
Paid for State-. National and Local
taxes 40,136 1«
All other payments and expendi-
tures 92.4S0S8
Total Expenditures .^1.442. 3ftTu
LOSSES Incurred during the year. ..$777.2*3 34
Risks and Premiums. Fir* Risks. | Premiums.
Net amount of Risks
written during the
year $130,803,983 $2,033,439 O
Net amount of Risk* j
expired during the j
year 142.213^04! 1.878,371 So
Net ' amount In force j
December 31. 1903.. 1 97. 55«. 258 [ 2.330.630 2«
JOHN H. PACKARD Jr.. Secretary.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, thi»29th
day of January 19O4.
¦ JOHN STOCKBURGER. Notary Public.
411 and 413 California St.
215 SANSOME ST., S. r, CAL.
I rnOPOSALS — ConUnoea.
! NOTICE to bidder* — Sealed proposals will b?
received until June 21. 1SHM. at 7:30 o'clock
p. m.. by the Council of tlie City of Eureka
lor fiooo 4-- i>er i-ect Fortst Park Improve-
ment bonds; *luO.ttM» 4"/i per cent City Hall
bond*: ?15,oOti 4<4 per cent lire apparatus
purchase bonds, and $35,OCO iVt ptr cent
I sewer completion bonds, .etaed by ths city
of Eureka under the act of the Legislature
of the State cf California of February 25.
i'JOl Statutes 1901. page 27). They will be in
denomination as follows: Forest Park im-
provement b» nd*. $125; City Hall bonds,
j *rAO; fire apparatus purchase bonds. $375,
, and sewer completion bonds. $875; said bonds
wiil be dated on or after July 1. 11)04. Prin-
cipal and interen payable at the office of
the Cuy Treasurer of the city of Eureka.
Interest payable seml-annually. one-fortieth
Iof principal payable annually, all in l.'nlt.J
states gold coin. All bids must be accompa-
nied by a certified check for 5 per cent of
j the bid payable to the Mayor of the city of
, Kurcka. Slate of California. The city of
I Kurcka contains a population of 11,000. as-
sessed valuation $5,600,000. with present
landed indebtedness of $109.2.*>0. Incurred In
1902. J. V. WUNDERLICH. City Clerk.
j —^^— — —— .— — - — — — —^
• DOMESTIC— The mschine for family use; best
I 1a chraiieFt; Kfcond-hand all makes at any
I price: ail kinds rented lowest rates. Domes-
; tic office. 1021 Market »t.. near Sixth.
NEW HOME — See our new triple-feed ma-
chines; slightly used; $10. Sift. $20; second-
hand, $X (5 $8; nil styles; guaranteed. New
Home Sewing Machine Co.. 1051 Market st.
A WKEK*S news for 6 cents— The Woskly Call.
16 pares. In wrapper, for mailing. SI per year.
Ladlec! Cblchetter's English Pennyroyal Pills
sre best: *afe. reliable; take no other. Send 4e
: stamps for particulars. "Relief for Ladles"
tn le'.ter by return mall. Aak your druggist.
Chl;he*ter Chemical Co.. Philadelphia. Pa.
positively cured; new methods; 1 week's treat- (
ir.ent free. Dr. Cottlngham, 204 Sutt<— st.
ktcttkhikg am> stamjikhi.vc.
MELBOURNE Institute. Van Ness A Market,
promises cure If in fair health; hours 1 to 6.
Lot and 4-story warehouse, 42:10x120;
short block from S\ P. freight shed*: apply
on premlt.es. 13 Bluxome st.. bet. 4th and 5th.
The following marriage licenses were Issued
yeeterday :
Arthur B. I^urilliard, 22, 725 O'Farrell
street, and Flcr*nce Blowfeld. 18. city.
Merritt A. Cutten. 21. 2550 Facramento
street, and Madeleine A. Hoey. IS, 1315 De-
visadero street.
Stephen I>. Cronln. 29. Oakland, and Mamie
Cronln, 18. city.
John W. MRlicry. 27. Presidio, and Aline
M. fnhir.altz. ID. 1216 Golden Gate avenue.
Carl V. I'enther. 40, 1141 Market street, and
Alice Fish. 29, Alameda.
Antone Cabral, 44. 119 Trenton street, and
Ro?a Marina. 4. r ». 11» Trenton street.
Otto J. Mouron, 24, Sonora, and Edith De-
lary. 2f\ Sonora.
William R. Sander*. 45, 742 Howard street,
and Ellen Miller. 46. 742 Howard street:
Henry E. Dickinson, 24. Flortston, and Har-
riet E. Klelnschmldt. 24, 990 Page street.
William E. .Smith. 29, city, and Eveleen A.
Dolan. 2S. city.
Patrick V. Casey. 33. 465 Stevenson street.
and Honora G. Wynne. S2. 465 Stevent»on.
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by
mall wiil not be Inserted. They must be handed
la at either of the publication offices and be
indorsed with the name and residence of per-
eons authorized to have the came published
Notices restricted simply to the announcement
of the event are published once In this column
free of charge.
MANN— "In this city. May 21. 1904, to the wife
cf I/eo* Mann, a daughter.
KAMPS— SPENCER— In Kan' Rafael, May 21,
1904. by Judge Murry, Edward Kamps and
Louise S£>encer.
MORDECAI— LOBREE— In this city, May 11,
lOol, by Jud«e Muraskey. Frank Mordecai
and Eva Lobree.
Andereon, Arthur Johnson. Nicholas B.
Beebe. ZeMa Kammerer, Fred G.
t'atazza, Charles Killeen. Martin
Creutziger, Emilie i Vtvj. Emma Rossln
Cull. Patrick Lyons. Patrick
Decker, Christian Margot Jean
Fucik. Paul O'Brien, Beeaie
Hamann. Martin O'Donnell, Edward
ICarroa. Ralph A. Ryan, Capt Thomas
Hatch, Sophia A. Sweeney Edward .1.
Hatch. William Tiret. John Battiste
ANDERSON— In this city. May 25. 1904. at
tho residence of her s^n. Arthur Anderson.
412 Dolores street, between Seventeenth and !
Eighteenth. Hannah, bcloxed wife of the late |
Magnus Anderson, and mother of Andrew |
.and Arthur Anderson, a native of North
Veil, tieotland. aged 71 years 10 months and
1 3 days.
E7 Funeral and interment private.
BKEBK— In this city. May 25. 190}. Zelda
Rarnael Be»b>. beloved daughter of Smith
and Allie Bcebe. a native of Kan Francisco,
aged 1 year i menths and 4 days.
CASAZZA— In Oakland. May 25, 19fV». Charles,
beloved son of Vlurent and Rose C&sazza,
»nd brother of Mrs. B. Deluchl. Mrs. J.
Traverso, Mr?. F. Galmarino and Minnie
fasszze. « native or Italy, aged 22 years
. and 10 monthc.
CRKITTZIGER— In this Hty. May 24, 1904,
Entitle, beloved wife of the late Hugo Creut-
ziger. and mother of Mathilda Julie, Louis.
Minnie. Annie. Henuine. Iluco, Albert.
• .'liarlle and Bertha Creutziger, a native of
Berlin. Germany, aired 74 years.
C7"Friends and acquaintances are respect- '
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
i Friday). May 27, at 10 o'clock, from the
parlors of Theodor Dlerks, 957 Mission
street, between Fifth and Sixth. Interment
tVld Fellow*' Cemetery.
CULL— In this city. May 24, 1904, Patrick, he-
loved husband of the late Susie Cull, loving
father of Katherlne. Edward, Loretta and
Aloyslus Cull, and brother of Thomas Cull.
«. native of County Lcltrlm, Ireland, aged
4S >vars.
IC7FrIends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Thursday), nt 9 o'clock, from his late resi_
denoe. 559 Grove street, thence to Sacred
H'>art Church, where a solemn requiem mats
will be celebrated for the repose of his soul,
commencing at 9:30 o'clock. Interment Holy
1 Cross Cemetery.
DECKER— In this city. May 25, 1904, Chris-
tian Iici-kcr. beloved husband of the late>
Mary Dicker, a native of Germany, aged 76
year* 3 months and 22 days.
CyFrlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Friday), at 7:3<> o'Hock. from the parlors
of Gantner Bros., 1209 Mission street, be-
tween Eighth and Ninth, thence to St. Bon-
iface's Church. Golden Gate avenue, between
Jon»« and I^eavenworth streetn. where a
requiem higli mass will be celebrated for
the reix>s» of his pouI. mmmencinsr at 8
o'clock. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.
j FIJCIK— In this city. May 25. 1904, Paul
I Fuclk. a native of Austria, aged 57 years.
CTUemain.-" at mortuary chapel of J. S.
God»au. S05 Montgomery avenu<\ Notice of
funeral hereafter.
HAMANN— In Fruitvale, at th*« German AI-
tenhelm. May 25. 1{H>4. Martin Hamann. a
native of Germany, aged 72 years 9 months
I and6 days.
Cr Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend th» funeral services
to-morrow (Friday), at 1 :30 o'clock, at the
parlors of Henry Evers, 865 Washington
street, Oakland. Cremation at the Oakland
HARRON— In Rossland, n. C. May 16. 1904
<of brart disease), Ralph A. Harron. son of
Mrs. M. E. Harron. husband of Elsie A.
Harron. and brother of Howard and John O.
Harron and Mrs. Minnie L. Burtl.
E7" Funeral «ervlcfs will be held to-day
(Thursday), at the mortuary chapel In Odd
Fellows' Cemetery, at 3 o'clock.
HATCH— In Ean Mateo. May 25. 1904, Sophia
Adelaide Hatch, beloved daughter of C. J.
and Carrie Hatch, aged 15 years and 10 days.
CTNcrtle* of funeral hereafter.
HATVH— In the City and County Hospital,
May 25. 1R04, William Hatch.
JOHNSON— In thl» city. May 24, 1904,
Nicholas B.. beloved husband of Georgia
Johnson, a native of St. Andrews. N. B.,
aged 62 vears. A member of Grand Frater-
nity. UnlUd Moderns, and a member of
Fortune Lodge No. 221. I. O. O. F.. of
Eureka. (New Brunswick and Massachu-
setts paper* please copy.)
C7 Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services
Friday. -May 27. at 1 o'clock, at the raortu-
Singers supplied for funeral services. Either
solo, duet or male quartet furnished at short
notice. Had much experience. Address Di-
rector. D. M. LAWRENCE. 641 Turk street.
Phone Eaat 1079.
James McGinn. Henry Hansen.
Formerly With McGinn Bros..
Funeral Directors and Erabalmers—
214 Eddy tt:_Tei._South 576.
F. J. Mnnahan, Manager. Tel. Mission 31.
'2339-2311 Mission tV, near Nineteenth,
£an Francisco.
E7"Friendg and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral on Thurs-
day. May 26. at 12:30 o'clock, fiym his late
residence, Cl»>i4 Filbert street.
(ETThe funeral will take place to-day
(Thursday), at 10:30 o'clock, from the resl-
of her parents. 727 Cole street. Interment
ODONNELL— In this city. May 25, 1904, at
the on rents' residence. 63 Ivy avenue. Ed-
ward TcnaMus. beloved son of Mary and the
late John F. O'Donnell, and brother of May,
Frank and Raymond O'Donnell, and grand-
eon of John Dolan, a native of San Fran-
cisco, agpd 3 years 9 months and -0 day«.
RYAN— In this city. May 24. 1904. Captain
Thomas, beloved husband of the late Mar-
garet Ryan, and loving father of J. U., Kate
and Thomas Ryan and the late J. W. Ryan,
a native of Sydney, Nova Scotia. Canada,
aged 73 years 7 months and 18 days.
C7Friends and acquaintances and mem-
bers of St. Dominic's Sodality of the Holy
Name are respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral to-day (Thursday), at S:3<)
o'clock, from his late residence, 2754 Bush
etreet, thence to St. Dominic'e Church,
where a solemn requiem high mass will be
celebrated for the repose of his soul, at 9
o'clock. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery, by-
electric car from Eighteenth and Guerrero
SWEENEY— In this city. May 24, 1004, Ed-
ward J. Sweeney, a native of New Tork,
aged 50 years.
(E7"The funeral will take place to-day
(Thursday), May 2C. at 9:30 o'clock, from
hU late residence. S00 North Point street,
near Hyde, thence to St. Brigld's Church for
services at 10 o'clock. Interment private.
Holy Crnes Cemetery, by 11:30 o'clock train
from Third and Townsend streets.
TIRET— In this city. May 24, 1904, John Bat-
tiste, beloved husband of Catherine Tlret,
and father of Eugene, Peter and Bernard
Tiret. Mrs. Marie Iyaerange, Mrs Josephine
Groth and Mrs. Alice Fabrls, a native of
liaise Ptfreenee. France, aged 62 years 6
months and 1 day.
(C7"FrIends and acaualntances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Thursday), at 12:15 o'clock, from the par-
lors of Gantner Bros.. 11:00 Mission street,
thence to Ued Men's Hall, 320 Post street,
where funeral s*>rvlce« will he hold under the
auspices of Manzanita Tribe No. 4. Imp.
O. R. M. Interment Cypress Lawn Ceme-
KILLEEN— In Madtra. Cal., May 24, 1&04.
Martin Kllleon, aged t;0 years.
LKVV — In this city. May 24, lom, Emma
Ilossin. lieloved wife of Max Levy, and
mother of Alice R. and Margareth Levy, and
FUter of Mr*. Rosalie Hyams and Morrln
- and Alfred Rossln of New York, a native, or
Toronto. Canada, aged .IS years S months
and II iUsr. (New York papers please copy.)
ETFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invlt.il to attend th<» funeral services
to-day (Thursday), at ft:SO o'clock, at her
late residence, 1721 Jackson street. Inter-
ment Hoirie of Peace Cemetery, by special
train Having Third and Townsend streets at
11 o'clock.
LYONS— In this city. May 23, 1904, Patrick,
beloved husband of Emma Lyons, father of
William. Mary. Thomas and Annio Lyons,
and brother of Mr*. Ellen Gilhooly, Hanna
and Annie Lyons, and the late Mrs. Bridget
Frawley and Thomas Lyons, a native of
Creggne, County Galway, Ireland, aged 48
years and 15 days.
IT-STrlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Thursday), at 0:30 o'clock, from his late
residence. 13 Deeatur street, thence to St.
Joseph's Church, where a requiem high maws
will be celebrated for the repose of his soul,
commencing at 10 o'clock. Interment Holy
Cross Cemetery.
MARGOT— In this city. May 25, 1904, Jean
Margot, a native of France, acd 74 year*.
O'BRIKN— In this city. May 24, 1004. Bessie,
dearly beloved daughter of John J. and Cath-
erine K. O'Brien, a native of San Francisco,
aged 12 years 11 months and 16 dirys.
ary chactl of the Golden rGate Undertaking
Company. 2175 Miscion street, near Twenty-
tirst. Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery.
KAMRIKnEK— In this city. May 23, l!>04, Fred
G. Kammerer, b»lovej fathor of FrPd Kam-
merer Jr., son of George F. and the late
Mamie Kammerer. and brother of Mrs. L.
O. Luchessl and Gustave Kammerer. h native
of Baltimore, Md. A member of Manzanlta
Tribe No. 4. Imp. O. R. M.

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