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Cutting remarks prove that the pen
is mightier than the sword.
Will Observe Anniversary.
A meeting of the board of managers
of the California Society of the Sons
of the American Revolution was held
last evenlnK at 411^ California street.
Colonel A. D. Cutler, the president of
the society, in the chair. Arrange
ments were made for an informal din
ner ip occur June 17. the anniversary
of the battle of Bunker HUL
OAKLAND, May 25.— The following
marriage licenses were., issued by the
County Clerk to-day: Harold H. Har
vey, 27. and Edith Goodfellow, 24, both
of Oakland; Petrus Lundstedt, 21, and
Edith Larson. 19. both of Oakland;
John Storry. 54, and Catherine Murray,
27, both of San Francisco; Eugene Q.
Dannenbaum. 29, Vallejo, and Mary L.
PollifA, 20, Oakland; John J. Sllva, 21,
and Virginia Jacinto, 19, both of Hay
wards; Tom N. Way. 54, and Augusta
Grange. 52, both of London. Ontario.
Marriage Licenses.
OAKLAND. May 25.— Police Judge
Mortimer Smith to-day accompanied a
flne of $10 he imposed upon Mrs. Lucy E.
Moore for using vulgar language in
presence of Miss May Morrlssey, a tel
ephone girl, with a warning that fur
ther difficulties might involve impris
onment. '-'- •¦.- ¦
Adds . Warning to Sentence.
OAKLAND. May 25.— Mendelssohn's
oratorio. "Elijah," will be sung Thurs
day evening at St. Paul's Episcopal
Church By a vested choir of eighty
voices, under direction of Edwin Duh
bar Crandall. ' The soloists will be
Lowell Redfleld. Mrs. Carrie Brown
Dexter, Mrs. Mollie Melvin Dewing,
Miss Mary Chester Williams, Miss
Minnie O. Smith, Mrs. A. E. Nas.h, Mrs.
George Lowell, Mrs. Blanche Youtog.
J. F. VeacO, Ernest H. McCandllsh and
C. E Lloyd Jr., with Arthur Ficken
echer organist. No admission fee will
be charged.
Will Sing in Oratorio.
OAKLAND. May 25.— H. turn Suden of
East Oakland has sworn to a complaint
before Police Judge Samuels charging
Former Constable Sd Weidler with the
embezrlement of $150. Weidler, it Is
said, has gone to British Columbia,
OAKLAND. May 25. — While leading
a cow to pasture Mrs. A; Furtardo, of
251 Louise street, fell and the rope
•winding about her thumb tore It off at
the knuckle. She was taken to the
Receiving Hospital, where her hand
was dressed by Dr. Stratton.
Accu.«e«« "Former Constable.
Thumb Torn Off.
OAKLAND, May 25. — Nicholas
HIrsch. a waiter, member of the Walt
ers' Alliance of San Francisco, dropped
dead this afternoon at Orange and Per
ry streets. Coroner Mehrmann took
charge of the body. Hirsch's mother
resides at 91S Sixteenth street.
Waiter Drops Dead.
It was shown that Ennis had deeded
about $10,000 worth of property to
Joseph Bettencourt. For property
valued at about $S000 Ennis was given
a "back deed," which he could place
on file at any time. The piece valued
at about $2000; however, Ennis says
he thought was also included in the
"back deed." Bettencourt on the
other hand claimed that this was given
him and his wife for care they gave
Ennis during a long illness.
OAKLAND. May 25. — The gift of a
$2000 home to Joseph Bettencourt in
West Berkeley by George Ehnis was
confirmed by Judge Ellsworth to-day,
and the suit brought by Ennis to get
back property he had given away was
denied, and he was ordered to pay the
costs of court.
Judse Decides Property Given Him By
George Ennis Was Bona
Fide Gift.
ALAMEDA, May 25. — Fred Clark,
an expressman, had his left leg badly
crushed last evening between the tall
board of a wagon and a flat car at
the Park-street station of the south
side railroad. He was sitting on the
rear end of the vehicle when the team
backed the wagon against the car.
The injured man was conveyed to the
home of William Patton for treatment.
Expressman's Lee Crashed.
OAKLAND. May 25. — Suit for the
annulment of marriape brought by
Alice C. Maurer agninst James M.
Maurer was decided in her favor to
day by Judge Ogden. She married
Maurer in Pennsylvania in 1902 and
he already had a wife living- in New
York. There was no appearance
made bv the defendant.
Marrinje Annulled.
The Knights of the Maccabees ani
the Ladies of the Maccabees of San
Francisco, together with the Fir*t
Battalion, Thirteenth Regiment of th*
Uniform Rank of the order, tendered
a reception last night in the assembly
hall of the Pioneer building: to Ed
ward Young, great record keeper of
the Great Tent of Ohio, and Rev. E.
T. Hegermnn, MaccabVan lecturer
for that State. J. C. Sharp of Gold
en West Tent presided and introduced
Great Commander S. W. Hall of thia
State, who welcomed the sruesta.
Maccabee Chief* Received.
BERKELEY, . May 25. — Funeral
services were held this afternoon over
the remains of Colonel John M. Math
eny, an ex-Federal soldier and resident
for many years of Berkeley. The
obsequies were attended by the entire
membership of Lookout Mountain
Post and the local Relief Corps. Ser
vices were held at both the residence,
1924 Berkeley way, and Mountain
View Cemetery. •
Veterans Conduct 3Iatheny Funeral.
Florence Belle Porter has institut
ed divorce proceedings against Charles
E. Porter on the ground of extreme
cruelty. Fhe also.a^ks for a division
of the community property.
OAKLAND. May 25. — Marie A. Fox
has brought an action for divorce
agair.st Alymer H. Fox on the ground
of desertion. They were married in
Martinez in IS 95 and have a little
girl seven years of age.
I'nhappy Wives
In a postmortem examination yes
terday by the surgeon it was discov
ered that Professor Spinello had no
chance for recovery. Besides the loss
of his. legs he sustained a fracture of
the skull and internal injuries. Mrs.
Spinello will send the body East for
interment. No funeral services will
be held in Berkeley.
BERKELEY, May 25. — The French
department of the University of Cali
fornia is crippled by the death of two
of its foremost instructors, Professor
Fellcien Paget, who died suddenly last
December, and Mariu's Spinello, who
died yesterday afternoon as the result
of having his legs crushed* off by the
electric ferry train. The death of
Professor Spinello will necessitate a
change in the summer school schedule
of studies, in which he was to have
conducted courses in both French and
Dentil of Marius Spinello, Following
That of I»rofessor Pajjet,, Is Great
Loss to State University.
ALAMEDA. May 25.— George Gib
son and his wife. Nanette Gibson. whr»
were arrested on complaint of ' the
woman's father. Fred Woolf. »ml
charged with battery, were dismissed
when their cases were tried before
Justice of the Peace F. S. Cone to-daS'.
for lack of evidence.. Woolf had al
leged that his daughter and son-in-law
had thrown him over a banister and
beaten him while he lay prostrate.
Fails to Prove Battery
ALAMEDA, May 25. — Principal
William W. Kemp of the Longfellow
School will not teach in the locals de
partment next year. He will be grant
ed a year's leave of absence, during
which time he will study in the East
and at Stanford University. Horatio
Cogswell, instructor in Latin at the
Alameda High School, will resign to
enter Columbia College, and Professor
Arthur Ellis, teacher of history in the
Alameda High School, will take up
the practice of law in Los Angeles.
The annual election for teachers and
principals will be held by the Board
of Education Friday, June 3.
Alameda Teachers to Leave.
Judge Henry A. Melvin responded to
the toast "Social Influence in the
Growth of Oakland," saying, "Adopt
the motto of Dumas' three guardsmen,
'One for all and all for one,' and you
make for development."
C. R. Smith extended Alameda's con
John A. Britton talked about the In
dustrial future of Oakland, declaring
he was glad that the-sptrlt of "knock
ing^ every corporation that had in-
We want men who will welcome every new
enterprise, who will see to It that every dol
lar Invested In Oakland ts protected, for where
graft crows cities rot. I We want men who
will build our sea basins, our factories and
docks; men who will rejoice In the prosperity
of their neighbors, - who - will not sneer or
belittle him who , Invests . a dollar.
"The Civic Pride of the Clergy of
Oakland" was responded to by ReV.
William Carson Shaw, rector of the
Church of the Advent.
'Dr. Shaw was felicitous and witty in
his address, making pleasant reference
to the place of the clergyman in the
civic life, and declaring strongly his
own personal views of what a citizen
of Oakland should be proud. He said
scenic beauty, climate and schools ap
pealed to him strongly. He urged bonds
for public improvements and concluded:
"What we need in the city. State and
nation is the loyalty of the citizen."
To the toast "Greater Oakland" Har
mon Bell responded, saying:
At that meeting I heard John . B. Ki-lton.
magnificent orator that he. was, predict that
Oakland would have 75.000 people In her midst
within the lifetime of some of those who
heard him speak. Oakland. Indeed, fulfilled
the eloquent prophecy of that matchless orator.
Pl»e hos thrown off her swaddling clothes and
has grown far beyond th« limit of that ut
terance of thirty-six years ago. To-day along
the eastern shtfres of the bay there are nearer
i.*«),000 people than the 75,000 which were
pix-dlcted. .
•'Oakland a Necessity to the State" was
the subject assigned to me. Oakland has given
many things to California. Her homes, her
schools, her churches, are' Items In a long list.
There, is not a loyal Californian that does not
Five to Oakland the mred of praise that is
hera, Oakland commands the situation. She
lms -within her crasp the possibilities of the
future. The State of California looks 'With
lovicg eye upon this fair city, and In the name
of the people of California I bear to you the
best wishes of the State. •
Governor George C. Pardee was in
troduced, being welcomed with much
cheering. The Governor, at the outset,
reverted to a mass meeting he, as a boy
in 1S68, had attended in Oakland, then
a town of only 3000 population. He said:
The national Government by wise and lib
eral appropriation is imikliyr a great harbor
for the city of Oakland. In helping to make
Oakland a great commercial port, remember
that the bay of San Francisco Is the best
fortified port In the United States. New York
not exceptf-d. Our fortincetions are perfect,
and this its the way to insure peace — to be
forMfled against war. Oakland, .with her best
of schools, best homes, churches and libraries,
with a flne harbor, has a magnificent future.
spoke to the theme "The Interest of
the National Government in Oakland."
Senator Perkins said:"
I /eel elated that I am privileged to be a
member of the Oakland Board of Trade, be.
cause it is an organisation that is working
for Oakland. Oakland is eharlng In that which
the national Government Is doing for the whole
Pacific Coast. Our shores are the great right
hand of the nation. The great motto of Cali
fornia. "FJurcka," should be the sign manual
of Oakland.. Alameda County has 740 squate
miles. All of Rhode Island- has only 1250
square miles, yet there are more possibilities
of wealth a. id development in Alameda County
alone than in all of Rhode Island. And when
we think of California with 13«,000 square
miles we cannot conceive what is our heritage.
The other speakers and toasts were:
"The Best Government for Oakland,"
City Councilman A. H. Elliott; "The
Relation of the Press to Greater Oak
land." Joseph E. Baker; "The Interest
of the Merchants' Exchange in Oak
land," A. Jonas; '"Is There a Place for
Knoekt-rs in Oakland?" Dr. H. B.
The banquet was handled by a com
mittee, composed of Charles E. Snook,
chairman, E. P. Vandercook. Frank K.
Mott, Emil Lehnhardt, Charles J.
vested money in Oakland to her indus
trial advancement had ceased.
OAKLAND. May 85. — Echoes* of the
fistic encounter between City Engi
neer F. C. Turner and City Councilman
G. E. Aitken rumbled over the heads
of the Twenty-third Avenue Improve
ment Association members at their
meeting last night in East Oakland.
Both of the principals in last Satur
day night's encounter were present.
Whiie no open hostilities resulted.
there was the atmosphere of sup
pressed ill feeling.
Turner offered to apologize for 1j!p
#hare in the fight, but Chairman T.
W. Jeffress suggested that such a
course was not necessary. Aitken was
not in an apologetic mood.
The projected storm drainage sewer,
which caused the trouble, was dis
cussed by the association. Resolutions
•were adopted urging: the carrying out
of the scheme as rapidly as possible.
Club, but Are Not Hostile.
City Engineer Turner and Councilman
Aitken Apjtcar Kef ore Improvement
former beijjgi:ri:xts
meet peacefclly
Toastmaster Snook presented United
States Senator George C Perkins, who
We have a Governor of the State and a United
States Senator on our membership rolls, and
If these centlemen can a£foni to enroll them
selves In our work there are many more who
should join hands with them and us in this
great movement.
A city prosptra to the extent that her cm
sens are willing to bear their share of the
burden. Any man who falls to associate him
self with such an institution as this Board
of Trade falls to display those qualities of
good citizenship that make for- advancement.
What the Merchants' Association of San Fran
cisco Is doing lor San Francisco, what the
California Promotion Committee and the State
Board of Trade are doing for California, that
we. the Oakland Board of Trade, can da and
have been doing for Oakland.
The Baard of Trade has outgrown itself. It
reeds new members to carry out the projects
v.hlch It has In hand for the growth and de
velopment of Oakland's splendid resources. Al
though w; have grown and never have been.
rocr« united or determined, we want still to
ircrw.se. We are \jeyond the one-man propo
sition. '. ; -i' -.•¦:¦
The only absentee in the list of in
vited guests was Thomas Rickard,
Mayor of Berkeley, whose regrets an
nounced an illness which prevented
his attendance. Two interesting in
terpolations to the lengthy programme
lent pleasant color to the unusually
successful gathering. First was the
presentation of a chest of'magnificent
table silver to Edwin Stearns, the in
defatigable secretary of the Board of
Trade; second was the launching of a
$500,000 tourist hotel project by C. H.
King, the East Oakland capitalist. He
announced that the hotel committee
of the Board of Trade had secured an
option on the block of land bounded
by Jackson, Madison, Twelfth and
Thirteenth streets and he started the
subscription list for stock with $10,000.
following with the names of Frank M:
Smith. Dr. E. H. Woolsey, William G."
Henshaw and the Realty Syndicate for
$10,000 each. Additional subscribers
at the banquet were E. Lehnhardt,
$1000; Henry Butters, $2500, and the
Laymance Real Estate Company,
$2500.. ,
In his welcome to the 300 guests at
the table President Capwell presented
Toastmaster Snook, who said the feast
was strictly an Oakland affair. Fol
lowing canie President Capwell, who
gave eloquent expression to the pur
poses of the Board of Trade, saying:
OAKLAND, May 25.— Oakland,
spelled In capitals, was the keynote
to-night of a splendid outpouring of
men distinguished in national, State
and municipal affairs, who gathered at
the annual banquet of the Oakland
Board of Trade in Maple Hall. In
point of numbers and enthusiastic in
terest it was one of the most notable
assemblages that has ever been re
corded in the civic history of Oak
Leaders in political life met in touch
with captains of industry, with mer
chants, bankers and capitalists, with
professional men, all imbued with a
hearty, whole-souled desire to ad
vance the interests of the city.
Speeches glowed with a prophecy of
great things for the future and the
efforts of those who have started the
new era along the eastern shores of
the bay were not forgotten. Peculiar
ly noteworthy was the fact that at'the
guest table sat Governor George C.
Pardee, an Oaklander, and United
States Senator George C. Perkins, an
Oaklander. With them were the
president of the Board of Trade, H. C.
Capwell; Charles E. Snook, the toast
master of the evening; the Rev. Wil
liam Carson Shaw, Harmon Bell,
Judge Henry A. Melvin, C. R. Smith,
representing the sister city of Ala
meda; John A. Britton. general man
ager of the California Gas and Elec
tric Corporation; City Councilman A.
H. Elliott, Joseph E. Baker, A. Jonas,
president of the Merchants' Exchange:
Dr. H. B. Mehrmann, N. P. Chipman
and Arthur R. Briggs of the Califor
nia State Board of Trade.
OAKLAND, May 25. — Suits that
have littered the court calendars for
a quarter of a century were dismissed
by Judge Ogden to-day for want of
prosecution. They were over the title
to water front property, but their is
sues had been determined by deci
sions in other cases. The suits dis
missed were: John Caperton vs.
Charles Lefever, J. P. Dameron vs. W.
H. Glascock. John Caperton vs. John
Holding, Oakland Gas, Light and Heat
Company vs. John Holding. Edson F.
Adams vs. D. Xearny et al., the people
vs. Oakland "Water Front Company,
Doane vs. Dameron et al.
Old Actions Dismissed.
OAKLAND, 'May 23.— An effort to ar
rive at a compromise In the suit of
Florence Richards against Harry Rich
ards, the basso and actor, caused the
postponement of the further trial of
the case until next week.
It Is claimed for Richards that he
has such proof of his wife's infidelity
that he can defeat her suit, but that
he does not wish to bring it to light
unless compelled to do so. With this
in view there was a consultation be
tween the attorneys to-day and an ad
journment was then asked for until
next Tuesday. In the mean time it is
believed that a separation without a
divorce will be agreed upon.
Adjournment of the Case Taken Until
N'ext Week to Permit a
The pupils cf Mrs. E. W. Prentiss will give
a recital at Reed Hall .td-morrow evening, as
sisted by Mrs. Louise Rugg. soprano. The pro
gramme is a promising one and among those
whi will i^artlclpnte are Mls« Leura Prentiss.
Miss Rcse Strauch. Miss Jennie Morgan, Miss
Vera Campbell. M!fs Hazel Johnson and Mr.
Halph McFadyen.
OAKLAND. May Co.— Joseph Rosborough Is
plr.nr.lrg a delightful affair for next Saturday
.-.::< r--i r. that \vi!l have all the pleasant fea
tures oi" a musicale anU also of a garden party.
His mother's home in Baft Oakland will be
the *c«>3e of the r r °P«se<l entertainment. «nd
Mrs. Boaboraocti wi " assist In receiving the
firiy cr n<crp society folk who will be, her
s«.in'e pue^tr-.
At thi; lime of year the gardens of East
Oakiar.d i'rfs.-nt a very tempting appearance.
and jr. invitation to *nend an afternoon out
of doori, ?njo>ing the fraprance of flowers and
ii^enfag to ?ood music, is not to be lightly
(.¦<>nFi<5»re<l. 'J.i: ;• of thore invited for Saturday
will be Mr. KosbonjuKh's guests at the new
limcku^y Hctel. oa Uake Tah • . during the
«-«rly dayi of Jure. His hou«e party will in
clude about thirty ladles and gentlemen and,
tearing nere next 'Wednesday, for two weeks
thry Trill "own" the. beautiful new resort,
until the foimiil opening: about the middle
of the menth.
Among th<«-<» who will enjoy the hospitality
oi the Ro»b<>ruugh homo next Saturday are:
Dr. H. J. Miss Frances Stewart, Mies
Grue liailry..Mi5y Kl*io Maxwell. Mrs. Wads
worth, Mis* Voorman. M;?s Ida Voorman,
EciTvard I"J*vis, Louis Allen. Philip Pasch«l,
Walter I>arton. Arch!« Artlcues, Arthur
Tashclra. Mr:-. George Carr, the Masses Sheri
dau. Mrs. Bates. Miss Bates and Mts* Dean.
! all of i>«n Franrisco. Quota from this side
will lncluJi l>r. and Mrs. Tai-heira, Mrs. F. I.
Ken«la!lj Miss U-al>ell«- Kendall. Mrs. Henry
Wruth^rtx-.-. Mrs. K. B. Miss Laura
Sariborn. ilr?. Louis Meade. Mrs. Jane Ev*rt»,
Mrs. Garrett L&nring and Miss Dolly Tarpey.
m • •
Mrc. Jtssie E'Jridge Pouthwlck. reader, fur
nithe..! enttrtair.ment for the ladies of Ebell
|Tt> tmimy- Hailir.s from Boston and the much
talked about Emerson Collefre. a great deal
was expected of tfc- lady, and if she fell a
little rhert el expectation* it may not be her
fault — perhaps we. in our wild. Western wooli
n«r*. Jiave ovtrtstimated the advantages of a
i- •:'• n tralniiig;. In some things Mrs. South
wick va« very good. Tjut lrequently a poor
enunclatinn and an inclination to rant marred
th«- otherwise artistic performance. Her natural
voi'.-e ;s unurui?lly melcdlou? and she is a
woman of pl-asing pt-rwonalitv.
Mrs. n A. Klue^e: was jr»sidine hostess yes
terday assisted i/» Mrs. F. A. Hackett. Mrs.
Frederick Page Cutting. Mrs. E. L. IX)W, Mrs.
\V. K. Miles. Mrs W. E Millwain. Mr? F. F.
McHenry. Mrt S. C. Titus. Mrs. A. C Schlc-s
finger Mr>. Fred A. AUardt, Mm. A. G. Da
vis Mis* Irene Rutherford. Mrs. Wlckham
Havens. Mrs. Francis R. Muss*r. Mrs. T. C.
Ooc«an and tho Missen Huff of San Leandro.
• • *
One of East Oakland's youne business men.
R. O. Eubank, is going to claim a. Modesto
girl for his bride June 14. She is Miss
Grace Thompson, and the wedding will take
plate a; the heme of the brMe"«i parents, who
are well-known citizens of that part of the
country. Mr. Eubank has built a pretty lit
tle home on Fifty-ninth street, and it will be
ready for occupancy by the time they return
from their honeymoon.
Another wedding cf interest to East Oak
lar.ders will take place June 4. when Miss
Edith "Davis will become the bride of Wil
liam Wtntford Saint, at her parents' home
on Eart Twenty-ninth street. She i!» a daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. William Davis.
• • •
Mr». Pauline Powell Burns, one of Metcalf's
clfverest pupils, will give a recital at Maple
Hall on Tuesday evening. June ".. She will
be assisted by Mrs. W. W. Purnell of Chi
cago, who is^ald to possess a very fine mexzo
poprano. £he studied with Tomlins and waa
a member of hli» famous Apollo Club. Splen
did things are heard of Mrs. Burns' playing,
so the concert premises to be a musical treat.
IJy Zoo Green Riulcliffe.
Is trial of the case St was shown that
Mrs. Dove had home-steaded the place
and that under the law as it existed at
that time at the death of the husband
the property vested absolutely in the
. The suit ffa.« based upo:i the fact
that Dovt*. the original owner of the
land. <lied. aad his wife sold the prop
erty wtthoot having it probated. There
Vere several children whose interests
were overlooked, and one of these
Williani Dpve nas brought forth b>
Kel!y as a claimant to the land.
OAKLAND. May 25.— Martin Kelly.
the San Francisco j->olitician. lost his
suit against the Blake and Mottitt es
tate in this city to-day. The action in
volved a riece of real estate valued at
XoO.000. located at Broadway and Tenth
rtreet. The realty has been a valuable
asset cf the estate for a quarter of a
century, but lately the title craa at
tacked, by Keily. representing William
Ij>ove. whose fatntr owned the land in
I^roiH^rty. 1'an of lilakc and
Moflitt Fstatc*.
Action In\olv«^ $50.<H>0 l^t^or of Keal
Hannah Lope* t? Margaret T. L«ndr»5an
(wife o* J. T.). lot 16, b!.x-k B. Rocney Tract.
BtTkelay; «10
H. E. and Alta Lcnsenecker to Jc*n J.
¦end Ausust^ 1- Stan?-. lot on X lire of Berke-
Icv way. ICO W of Grovp street. TV ,V» by X
12S. portion rar.ire I, map Hartv Tract, B-jrk"
\ty *l.>.
State Savings Bank to Claude and XTirv
B-"uve. lot en V lln a mt Stuart street. 40 K
of Grant. E 40 by X 11O. portion lot* 23. •"¦'?
cnu 31. block 2. map Grove Street Line Trap?,
Berkeley; S10.
Harry and Sarah Ann Chapman to Xil«
Xclson <sing!t»>. let on XE corner cf Di.ver
ar.d Fifty-seventh streets. E 125 by X 94.
lots 1 and 2. block E. resubdivUloa tpap of
pi rtion Erumagim Tract W cf Shattuck ave
nue. Oakland; trrant.
Catherine and Dantel McGIll to Emm*
Schulzc iwif» of Fred». lot pc E line nf Kirk
ham street. IIS X or West Tenth. X ¦".* by K
115. lot 25. block 5tX\ map blocks 56O, 5*>I. etc..
Oakland: $10.
ManuH Marshall cr Mar.uel Machada Sllv?n;»
or Manuel Silveria Machado to Antonio Leo
nardo (undivided >?), Ar.tonio and Delia Fer
n-irdes C-i each) lot on E line of Wood street.
J0:7i; S of AtUr.tlc. S 25 by E S0:7S. lot
l'J block 2S. lard en Oakland Point Railroa.l
Ferry Lan.i'nz Trart 40«. Oakland; also lnt
en E line of Maiden Lan« (Maple street'.
11*7:4 S cf Taylcr street. S $4 by E 7.">. !<x
lo and portion lot 11. map survey 1549 ftr
Jt-hn Ziegenbicn. etc., Oakland; also lot on E
line of Henry street. 1X3 S of West Fifth.
S S5 by E 12.". lot 21. block F. Bay Vie*
Homestead and adjoining property north. Oak
land: ~rant.
Frank Kane to l«>uisa Kane, lot on SW cor
ner of Grove and Elm ter Twenty-fourth*
streets, "\V hjO by N' 70. portion of lota 17 anj
16. block N, K-lsey Tract. Oakland: gift.
James P. Taylor (single) to W. A. Smith,
lot on E lin* of Webster street, 5»-6O 8 of
Hay i-lace, S Jrt by E 123i lots 17 and 18. block
A, map subdivision of Webster, Twent>
fourth and Valdei street property, Oakland;
Paul C. and Annie Ghld to Alb-rt L. Krep
per (single), lot on E line of Franklin street.
M N* of Fifth. N 25 by E 75, lot 3, block 5<i.
Kellersberger's map. Oakland: $10.
Charles J. Bower, et als. (by J. B. Lank
tree. Commissioner) to German Savings and
Loan Society, lots on X corner of Seventeenth
avenue and East Twenty-first street. NW 4!T.
NE i!)4. NE 13. SE 513, SW 2SK>. lot* 1 to •*<).
block 70. map Northern Addition to Brooklyn.
East Oakland, excepting land on B Ur.e of
Twenty-second street, 50 by S ICO. conveyed
by. Charles S Melvln, 432 D. 147. also except-
In? lot on NE line of East Twenty-first itreet.
8S4.t» XW of Seventeenth avenue NW 113.61.
NE 147.95 NW 58. SO. NE 7.15. SE 193.21. SW
4S.23. SW 3&U, SW 35 22. SW 40.96 to b«
glnning; S5C0O.
Georsre L. and Mary A. Voice to G. X. Sim
mens < married), lot on X line of Forty-first
street. ltS.SO E cf Adeline. E TIM by N" 1O>.
being portion of lot 17. map H. C. Dohr
Homestead, Emeryville ar.d Oakland. Oakland:
Elma Bre»ee <w\it> of Ernest H.) to Rebecca
Re->d (widow}, lot 12 block 4. map Grave* ar.d
Tarlor Tract. Berkeley: gift.
Arianna and Jchn H. Whi.ham tr> Affnes
Ti'chter (wife of Charles), lot en TV line o*
Fifth street. 101 X of Virginia. X 50:S by TV
250. block G. Tract B. Berkeley I-ar '. ard Town
Improvement Association, Berkeley: $H>.
Etta H. and George C. Edward? to. Miry M.
Haekett (wife *f D. II). K>t. en S :ne of
Tw>nty-secor.ii street. 275 E of Webster. E 5«>
by S 13|. lot 8. map portion of property of
Harmon estate. Oakland; $10.
Lulu Kan- (widow) to Central Bank, same
deed given as security for any advances mado
or to be made to Lulu Kane or J. J. Hanlfln
& Co. by said Centr«I Bank. Oakland: $10-
J. E. and Elsie Ann MoElrath to George a.
Maekinnon, lot 17. Map McElrath Tract, re
corded May 24. 1904, Oakland; (10.
Jennie Uyrnes ti> Paul V. Garin, undivided
one-half of lot on XE, corner of Market and
Thirtieth streets. N 40 by E 115. lot 23, block
2>>33, map Rowland Tract, recorded May 24.
1 ..">», Oakland: |10.
Katie 1-. and G. L. Fitz (husband and a
attorney) to Hedwig Falkenau <wife of Lculs).
tide land bounded N* by high land of AJarodda.
E by land now or formerly of R Haley. S by
land now or formerly of Pacific Land Invest
ment Company, and \V by land now or former
ly of A. Mayrisch. recorded May 24, 11)04.
quitclaim deed, Alameda; fl.
H. B. and Susie L. Beld?n to The Belden
liuildlng and Investment Company, lot on -S
line of Sycamore street, 5CW:S \V of Telegraph
avenue. W a3:4 by S 100. Oakland; $10.
Central Bank to Lulu Kane, lot on XW cor
ner of Twenty-fourth ar.d Grove streets, N ~<)
by W loO. quitclaim deed, Oakland; Jlu.
Alamedu Connty.
According to the story told by Ben
ton, the woman fell on his doorstep
yesterday aft'ernoon while asking for
money to get to the city. He took her
into his home and sent In a call for
the police patrol. After she had gone
he missed 90 cents he had left on a
mantel and immediately came to the
conclusion she had taken it. The wom
an was searched by the matron when
taken into the hospital, but nothin?
v.-as found in her clothes ana further
search was denied unless he swore to
a warrant charging her with larceny.
She was sent to the County Infirmary
to-day, as she ha? an internal disease
that will probably cause her death.
For SO cents F. Benton to-day would
have had Mrs. Gertrude Howell ar
rested, although she was lying nearly
dead in the Receiving Hospital. He
accused her of\ stealing this amount
from his home at 1053 Fifth avenue
yesterday afternoon and came to the
hospital to-day to demand his jnoney.
There was no evidence that she had
taken the money and his request t.i
have her searched met with a refusal
at the hands of Steward Borchert.
Oakland Office San Francisco Call,
1118 Broadway, May 25.
Hampton admits to the police that
he was drunk at the time the affair
took place, but denies having taken
any rart in the assault with which he
i> charged.
Marshal Kerns is positive in his
statement that Hampton is the thug
who cruelly beat Mrs. Curtis in front
of her own gate. C. R. Maguile is one
of the men who will be summoned as a
witness against Hampton. The assault
was witnessed by several persons who
were passing the Curtis residence at
the time and the peace officers have
now enough evidence, they think, to
secure the conviction of Hampton. Mrs.
Curtis his not yet recovered from the
kicking and pummeling the drunken
brute administered to her.
In Charles W. Hampton the police
think they have the man that brutally
attacked aged Mrs. Mary Curtis in
front of her home at 1123 University
avenue on Sunday evening. Deputy
Marshal Carey arrested Hamp
ton yesterday for drunkenness and to
day Marshal Kerns placed an addition
al "charge of battery against him be
cause he is believed to be Mrs. Curtis 1
assailant. Hampton is an old offender
and has been twice before arrested for
battery and once for failing to provide
for his wife and little child.
Berkeley Office San Francisco Call
214S Center Street, May 25.
Charles Hampton Is Ar
raigned on the Charge of
Drunkenness and Battery
Gertrude Howell Falls at
His Doorstep and Is Then
Taken Into His House
Berkeley Police Think They
Have Caught the Thug
AVho Attacked Mrs. Curtis
F. Bent on Claims That He
Was Bobbed of Ninety
Cents by Hospital Patient
Distinguished Guests, Among Whom Are Governor Pardee and Sen
ator Perkins, Predict Great Future for the City of Commercial
Possibilities, With Beautiful Homes and Commodious Harbor
Hamann entered the Altenheim- in
ISM. paying $t>V>0 for hi* care duriusr
life. He was 73 years old and a native
cf Germany. •
Hamann had been brooding over Ma
lii>fricai condition for some tan*. His
health h*J been rapidly falling anl
vi:h it a'.l came the increasing Orv.id
? !-at he woulu lose his fight.
The old n:an went to San Leandro
yesterday and 1**1 ail of his personal
effect* with Johr Bchrmann. a friend
of long: years' standing. Haraana
talked in a despondent mood and tolJ
Behrmann his days were numbeivJ.
Several months ago Hamann cave
Henry Kvcrs, an undertaker. $30 to
fay- for cremation when he should die
' Fearing blindness, Martin Hama nn.
sn aged inmate of the German Alteu
heim at Cpper Fruit vale, committed
suicide early this morning by taking
strychnine in a clan of rort vine. The
deS£O&dc&t man's boa;* was f^und at
7 o'clock this morning: by L. M.
l"»ruhe. a companion, to whom Hamann
Lad said he intended to end his own
Oakland Office San Francisco Call,
ins Broadway, May 23.
Martin Hajnann Ends Exist
ence After Much Worry
Over His Impending Fate
— : — »
Aged Inmate of the German
Old People's Home Takes
a Draught of Strychnine
Water Ordinance Xot Ready.
OAKLAND. May 25.— The City Coun- |
cil met In' executive session for the '
purpose of fixing the water rates for]
the ensuing year. Nothing definite was ;
arrived at and it was announced that!
the ordinance would not <>e rendy f orj
to-morrow night's • meeting. ]
On Jane 1st the Oakland
agency and news headquarters
of this paper will be removed
from 1118 Broadway to 1018
Broadway, Oakland, Cal.
1118 Broadway.
Telephone Main 1083.
2148 Center Street.
Telephone North 7T.
1435 Park Street.
Telephone Alameda 4592.
Don't attempt to cure it with any of
the so-called toothache cures. Better let
Examine the tooth, locate the trouble
and remove the cause.
rxAxcurxTzoxra made riis.
All our work is high grade. The teeth
made In our laboratory arc perfect in
appearance and action.
Flaws, rull Set, $3. Bridge Work, $5.
post-graduatTdental college
•73 WagMnrton st, Oakland.
B*o Jcae, •5f\i*W # *-~« Sacruseato.
I E2£a Glass m n aj
L3 £2f^A*aF» \ jjji

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