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NEW YORK, June L-Sttiti<rtlcs com
piled by an insurance journal here
show that' the American people are
taking out. life policies at the rate of
$6,000,000 a day. .*
Life Insurance Increases.
* HARBIN, Manchuria. June 1. —
There are persisterrt rlim*ors of a ri3- .
ing in Mongolia. Japanese, spies^ and
emissarie's are busy in; the Russian >
rear. .
War News Cotlnued on Page X- " j
Rumors of Chinese "Outbreak. .
CHEFU, "June ,2.— Chinese . arriving
from Takushan ,say that a Japanese
force estimated' at' from' 6000 'to 10,000,
\vhich landed at Takushan last 'month,
has] proceeded ' to . Fengwan g'cheng. j Re
inforcements, it is reported, have been
sent from other points.
Reinforcements for Kurpkl.
ARLINGTON, Ga., June 1.— Arthur
Thompson,. a negro, shot and killed M.
L.-iDudley, a young white man, last
night. A crowd of men captured the
negro, lynched him and riddled the
body with bullets before midnlgttt.
Dudley was manager of the city electric
lighting plant, and Thompson was a
fireman at the same .plant.
.BERLINS June I. — All Xouri Pasha,
the. Turkish reformer, contributes an
a'rtlcle to the Volks Zeitung," in which
-he states that Jhe Sultan of Turkey; i«
planning a great and final massacre
<Jl Armenians, the result .of which
¦will be the* total annihilation of the
Armenians in the Ottoman empire.
Thifc, says *A11 Nouri. has been *he
Su'tan's lifelong ambition, and he ba-
Ueves; a suitable time for the per
fbrmance of the deed has arrived.
LEBANON., Pa., June 1.— Ten thou
sand .". dollars damages are asked- by
Miss Mary J. Seltzer of this city in
a" suit for. breach of promise of mar
riage against Charles S. Mark of San
Diego, California. Miss Seltzer alleges
that, although engaged to marry, her,
Mark wedded another. She to-day se
cured an attachment, against a $4000
legacy icoming. to him, from the estate
of his mother, who died here recently.
Pennsylvania Girl Sues San DIegoan
for $10,000 for Brc;uh of
Russians Discouraged by the News* of
Kinchou nefeat.
TIENTSIN. June 1^-A courier wh»
has arrived hera from Jfewchwang
says: ' .'-'."
."While it is known that the Rus
sians received reports from Mukden
last night l^ylhg Jthe losses sustained
by them during the fighting at Kin
chou and - Nanshan Hill and the condi
tions prevailing. they.wiJ.1 npt talk on
the subject. The officers are desper
ately gloomy. Six hundred Junk loads
of supplies.* mostly beans «-\nd grain',
purchased at Newchw:ing, were ship
ped to Liaoyang yesterday."
In this union, which Professor Beau
lieu'thought was sure to come about,
though possibly not in ! the twentieth
century, three nations, he said, would
not be included: England, because it
would combine instead with the United
States; -Russia, because It-would form
a- great independent nation by itself,
and Turkey, because Jt would be ab
sorbed by the. coalition and lose its
identity. The union" would be a neces
sity, the speaker said, to resist Ameri
can asreression and the "Yellow Peril."
pHICAGO, June J.— A union of the
majority of the nations .of Europe into
a' great federation haa been predicted
by Matole Leroy-Beaulleu, the French
economist and sociologist, in a lecture
on, "The United States of Europe,"
given under the auspices of the Alli
ance Francalse.
French Writer Says Means Must Be
to Resist American Aggres T
• sion and "Yellow. Peril."
' The confirmation service began at
9 a'clock and lasted till a late hour
thi* afternoon. Special trains were
run from several points to witness the
unusual spectacle of. such a large
number being admitted to the church
anfl the services were most impres
sive. • .
- GALVESTON. Tex., June 1.— As
the result of an extraordinarily suc
cessful and. enthusiastic campmeeting
held at San Angelo nearly half the
female adult population of that town
has been converted to the Roman
Catholic religion, and the converts
•were to-day, confirmed ' by Bishop J.
A. Forrest of San Antonio.
Texas Town Change Faith at
• ' "' . Campniccting. . .
"Nearly Half of Female' Population in
OTTUMWA, Iowa, June 1.— Stricken
by remorse and threatening to end his
life, Albert Greenwood of Palestine,
Texas, Assistant Attorney General of
that State. Is being guarded In a hotel
in this city by a brother and friends of
the girl who yesterday afternoon re
fused to marry him.
Last evening at 8 o'clock Greenwood
was to have married Miss Maude
Utecht, a most estimable" and popular
young woman of thi3 city. He Imbibed
too freely, however, and fell down two
flights of stairs at the Wapeilo County
Courthouse, where he went to get the
marriage license.
When* Miss Utecht heard. of the es
capade she flatly refused to marry him.
Byeclal Dispatch to The CalL
Mra. Walker gave him the moriey."
Her husband, who came h'ome just as
the man was leaving the house, thought
she had been bilked and forced the re
turn of the money. The man made no
objection, assenting politely.
After he had- gone Walker thought
the stranger might be the demented
Kingsley, .who is supposed to be wan
dering somewhere in Colorado or Utah.
The police were notified.
The man is described as small, with
a gray mustache, an elderly appear
ance and. polished manners. He wore a
good suit of grray clothing, a-soft hat,
yellow gloves and tan shoes.
SALT LAKE, June 1.— A man. be
lieved to be Henry Baxter Klngsley,
the wealthy New Yorker, who is-iniss
ing and for whom a reward of $10,000
has been offered by relatives, appeared
this evening In Salt Lake. He called
at - the • home of Charles A. ' Walker,
general agent of the Chicago and
Northwestern Railroad. He Informed
Mrs. Walker that his name was W. G.
Wallace, that he came from. New Yprk
and was well acquainted with the New
York officials of the Northwestern, of
whom he spoke familiarly. He further
said that he was a holder of the road's
bonds, but declared he was accident
ally out of funds and asked for the
loan of a dollar.
NEW YORK, June 1.— To help clear
the mystery of a long-missing ship, the
aid of the Navy, Department has . been
invoked by the New York Maritime
Exchange, which has sent an appeal to
the Secretary of the Navy askingthat
some vessel from the South Atlantic
fleet be detailed to search for the Con
emaugh. The latter vessel sailed from
Coronel, Chile, for this port on Febru
ary 23 and has "not been heard from
since. It Is probable that a warship
will be detailed.
The Conemaugh Is a vessel belonging
to the International Mercantile Marine.
With a crew of forty all told, mostly
Americans, she started on her long
Journey from Honolulu for j Philadel
phia on January 26. She stopped at
Coronel, Chile, for coal, leaving that
port on February 28. Her master was
directed to round Cape Horn rather
than proceed through the straits of Ma
gellan, and to call at St. Lucia, West
Indies, for coal if necessary. • Nothing
has been heard of "the Conema"ugh
since she sailed from Coronel.
Special Dispatch to The Call.
"One hundred dollars will be paid
to any man who will' tell me where
there is a healthy and attractive girl
two or three years old that I can adopt.
This child, must have refined. features,
with no indication of foreign parentage.
Address Mr. Bidwell, room 58, Cosmo
politan Hotel, or call any morning be
tween 7 and 9"o'clock."
Bidwell said to-night that he regret
ted the adventure. He admitted he
wented a girl baby; so j did his wife.
Since the publication of the advertise 7
ment there has been an extra clerk at
the hotel to assort the mall. Men with
furtive eyes have wandered about the
corridor before approaching the clerks
with a whisper. Bidwell has taken his
mail quietly to his room. Still 'he can
not escape the persons who call with a
view to' telling him' where he can get
an infant such as he desires.. ' : :
"I did see, a baby girl this afternoon
that I liked very much,' and I am going
to see her again ; to-morrow. She meets
the requirements as far as I can'tell,"
said. Bidwell. >
' Bidwell* fears -the .newspaper reports
of " his advertisement ' reach his
friends in Hawaii. ..;
NEW YORK, June 1.— Unhappy is
Daniel'Bidwell of Hllb, Hawaii, a man
of education and refinement. He in
serted an advertisement in a local pa
per as follows: ~*
Special Dispatch to The Call.
An examination into Rosencrahz's
possessions was made by the university
authorities and revealed that he has
stolen constantly just for the love- of
stealing. He never attempted .to sell
anything that he stele so far as , Is
known. Rosencranz received plenty of
mor.ey from his family in- San Diego,
Cal., and had no necessity for stealing
for gain, lie is the only son of a wid
owed mother, who win 'very poor
health, and these reasons are assigned
for the lenient action taken by univer-
Bity authoritiec. •
Ever since fashionable Hitchcock
Hall was opened students who live
there have been pestered by thievery,
and although detectives we're employed
lo catch the thief he # had never been
Rosencranz had lived In the hall for
two years and it is now believed that
many of the robberies might.be traced
to him. He was caught stealing books
by a fellow member of the ,hall. He
entered the room of this member, tak
ing $14 worth of books. "When accused
of the theft Rosencranz at first denied
it, but later he broke down and con
fessed his guilt.
CHICAGO, June 1.— Herbert A. Ros
encranz, a sophomore, has been ad-
Judged a kleptomaniac by the ofllcials
of the University of. Chicago and has
been quietly -"let out" of college. The
university authorities believe Rosen
cranz is the person who has for the
last two years worried residents of
Hitchcock Hall with all kinds of thiev
ery. .
Special DUpatch to Tb« Call.
- .•"-• * •¦¦• . ' '¦¦>:
Japanese 'Movements . Only "Feints ' to
Screen Port Arthur Operations.* •
' ST. PETERSBURG, June l-^-Th^
War Office has received reports ahow- '
"ing that the "Japanese -are fatllnjr back .
from Sluyen; southaast «f. Ttngmnx- \
chen?. and fn th\s "taeanwhll? advanc
ing on' Salmatzsa, almost due north of
Fengwangcheng. Both movements are
taken, to indicate t the ccmtlnued de
sire of the Japanese' to screen'the bp
erations before Port Arthur/.'"^. -.
As regards the operations nortji ot
Fengwangcheng'the Cossacks have re
tired froa gaimatzsa with the addi
tional loss of 'two officers and- sev«n
men wounded. Saimatzsa Is now be
ing held by a strong Japanese* garrl
.son. • ".***•• .
San Diego Youth Ex
pelled From a i
• University, -¦¦ ! 'S
Stranger Believed: to
Be Missing New'
Yorker. ;•'•
Bride-to-Be Spurns
Her Intoxicated
Wealthy Hawaiian
Besieged Wit
War Vessel to Aift
in a Search
at Sea.
• The -Indiafts belonged to a band of
raiders 'who escaped to Mexico in
IS 86, when their chief was captured;
.and..: have* since resided near Chihua
hua. Recently their land was cdnfls;
cated and through the instrumentality
of Father Mfgon. who labored among
them, ...the United State* Government
decided to rescue them! They were
In a starving. condition, the skin be
ing shrunken, over their bones in num
erous Instances, and many of the
squaws mere too weak to even carry
their •• papooses.
GALVESTON. Tex.. June 1. — A
tarty of 1000. Apaches, former mem
bers of -Gerohimo's" band,- arrived over
the Mexican Central to-day en route
id the reservation of . thei)-- tribe in
New Mexico; where they wi]l become
the wards of the- United States Gov
ernment. • . _'•
Har\in; Redtncn atc Taken Away
Iron. Chihuahua, Mexico*,: and
¦ Given New Uoines. •
ST. PETERSBURG..* June 1.— The
first official resort of the engagement
at Vagenfuchu,. between Cossacks 'and
a column of cavalry and infantry frora
General Kuroki's army, was received
to-night. . It indicates that the Jap
anese rout was complete.
General. Sakharoff" telegraphed* "as
follows,, under to-day's* date, to the
general" staff: \.-v
••According to reports the Japanese
commander in -the action of May 30 •
near Vagenfuchu had three battalions
of infantry In reserve. Our losses
were seventeen 'men killed and_ twenty-
three men ."wounded* "and J Lleutenantf
Meyer arid ""an'other officer, whose
name has ". not . been 'ascertained,
•wounded. •• * . ' -" 7;. -
"The -Japanese losses were Very con
siderable. One sanadron-of the Thir
teenth Japanese- Cavalry was an
nihilated In a hand-to-ha-nd encpunter,
and another squadron; which cams to
its assistance, suffered 'great. loss of
life from the '.fire of- ¦ our frontier
guards and riflemen'. We captured
nineteen horses." • . ' .*.'/"
. "News of the yagenfuchuvietcrry was •
.received here with 'rejoicing. It has
been the contention of rnflttary •xperts
•that Japanese cavalry could rtat with
stand a charge by Coss«ck riders, ind"
•the cr'ess'ar'counts:of the combat are
regarded as bearing put •this -theory.
For the ' first time; sl-nce this war
*begari.* Japanese soldiers have turned
in flight. An Associated Press corre-*
spondent "says that -the Infantrymen
threw away their shoe's, to -facilitate '
"their escape. • / . : : 5-i^^
Special Dispatch to Th« Call.
Another- Force Sent to its
•Assistance -Suffers |
• Heavy Losses.., *. : •
The claim on which the. case is
brought is that the owners of the land
in the various eubdivisions concerned
platted Stewart avenue and deeded it to
the city of Chicago for use as a higto
vay. It is contended that the city had
no right to . permit the Pennsylvania
Railroad to- use the street, and that
•when Stewart avenue was vacated by
a. city ordinance it reverted 'to • the
heirs of the original owners. - "
The family, of President Roosevelt is
represented among the plaintiffs, and
bo are the heirs- of the late Mrs.Sanger,
mother of .Mrs. George M. Pullman.
The descendant* j of many prominent
pioneers of Chicago also ..are parties to
the suit. * '_-'-¦'¦' .
CHICAGO,- "June L— Five hundred
heirs of the original owners-'.of land
row occupied by the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company's ¦ right of j way in
Stewart avenue brought suit tp-day in
the -United. States- Circuit. Court, claim
ing owners-nip" of the land. Th.e suit is
one of the largest ever begun in Cook
County. It involves $3',50O.O0O. An in
junction is aiked for to. prevent the
Pennsylvania Company from operating
trains in Stewart avenue and to re
strain it from elevating, its tracks. The
V anal" trustees. ' representing -the State'
of. Illinois, are' the largest claimants.
They want about SJ.,000,000 for their in
terest in Stewart avenue.
Special Dispatch to T*« C*H-
One Squadron of the
Foe's Cavalry An*-^
Prtsitoi EooseTelfs Family -Reprer
.seated Among Those- Who Lay ¦
Claim to; the Thoroughfare. . ¦
;Olgect to ."Council's Action
In Snrrenflering Avenue
¦ ": to a Railroad.-:
SakharoH Tells.
;; iiiiili
Mye Hundred ,CM
cagoaHs Are the
v PlalntiHSv
CHEFU, June 2— Fighting has commenced almost within rifleshot of Port Arthur. Thus far- it has been confined to continued skirmishing, the Japanese .awaiting reinforce
irients for- the final assault. Six lines of intrenchments must be carried successively, by the besiegers. The Russians have mounted on shore the heavy guns from their warships. .
Alcazar — "Toll Oats 19a-" Kat
.lne* To-Day.
California — "Jairice • MereSiti."
' Matinee To-Day.
Central— -" A Celebrated "Case."
Cnntes — Vaudeville.
Columbia — "The Little Min
TiRcher's — "U.S." •?•* .
Grand — ¦"Gismonda." • '; ..'*-M>
Orphenoi — VauievlUe. . Mattie«
To-Day. * % ¦'. .
Tivoll — 'The Toy M»ker."
* ¦• p I TtLk} WEATHia. »
'"" » Voracact mod* at §aa I*ran
•cisto for* thirty hours .csdiag at
"atfdaUrbtjjfana $, i^f:
Ss,ji . Prancl*co , aal vicinity—
Cloudy, naaxttlcd weather Tliurs-
C*Tl . pe'ssthly lljf tt ' stoxrera ;
Xresh ¦ontieijy: Triads.
• ' • A. O. SCc&SXS,
District "Forecaster.
The San Francisco Call

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