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Steamer. - From. Due.
M. Dollar Kobe . .' June 24
Argo Eel River Ports June 24
City'Panama. New York via Panama. June 25
Coo* Bay San Pedro & Way Pts. June 25
City Puebla.. Puget Sound Ports..... June 25
Eureka. Humboldt June 25
Pomona Humboldt June 25
San Pedro Humboldt June 25
Coronado..... Grays Harbor . /. June 25
Arcata Coos Bay & Pt. Orford. June 25
Clilco • Portland & Astoria. ... Juno 25
J. S. Higglns. ,San Pedro June 25
Mariposa Tahiti June 26
Breakwater.. Coca Bay June 26
Arctic Humboldt June 26
.Klerra Sydney &'Way Ports. . June 27
St. Paul Nome ft St. Michael. . Juno 27
State of Cat.. San Diego & Way Pts. June 27
Clichalls. San Pedro June 27
Curacao Mexican Ports June 2S
Costa Rica... Portland * Astoria June 2S
Porno'. Point Arena & Albion. June 28
Corona ". • Humboldt June 2S
Elizabeth Coqullle River ..June 28
Acapulco... ."• New York via Panama. June 29
Jennie... Seattle & Tacoraa . . . . June 29
Bonita Newport &.Way Ports. June 29
Korea........ China & Japan June 30
Umatllla. Puget Sound Ports June 30
Point Arena., llendoolno & Pt. Ar*na June ."0
Santa Rosa... San Diego & Way Pts. June 30
Oaf-llc •••• China & Japan July 2
North Fork... Humboldt July 2
Columbia Portland & Astoria.... July 3"'
Queen Puget Sound Ports [July 5:
"" ' TO SAIL. " ">
Steamer. ." Destination. Salls.l Pier.
June 34.
Corona Humboldt 1:30 p Pier 9
Bonita..... Newport & Way... 9 am Pier 11
Queen .Puget Sound Ports. 11 am Pier 9
Centennial.. Seattle & Tacoma. 5 pm Pier 20
South Bay. . Los Angeles Ports. 4 pm Pier 2
Sequoia.... Wlllapa Harbor.... 12 m Pier 20
Jane 25.
Pt. Arena.. Point- Arena ...... 4 pm Pier 2
Alameda... Honolulu .:..... 11 am Pier 7
Rainier....- Seattle & Bllngham 4 pm Pier 10
Aurella....- Astoria & Portland 4 pm Pier 27
tian Pedro.. Ix>a Angeles Ports. 4. pm Pier 2
Redondo.... Astoria & Portland 6 pm Pier 2
Argo Eel River Ports... 4 pm|Pler 2
June 28. ' |
North Fork. Humboldt 5 pmlPler 20
Columbia... Astoria *. Portland 11 am Pier 24
g. Roaa.... San Diego & Way. 9 am Pier 11
June 37. I .
Pomona.... Humboldt ¦- l:30p|P!er »
Eureka Humboldt .12 m Pier 13
Ban Jose... N. Y. via Panama. 12 m Pier 40
Newburg... Grays Harbor .... 4 pm Pier 10
Chehalls.... Grays Harbor 3 pm Pier 2
June 28. I |
Coos Bay... San Pedro & Way. I 9 amlPler 11
Arcata..... Coos B. Sc F,t. Orfd 10 amlPler 13
June 29. • I
Nevadan... Honolulu & Kahnlui 3 pmlPler 25
City Puebla Puget Sound Ports. 11 am PUr 9
Breakwater. Coos Bay direct.... 5 pm Pier 8
Arctic. Humbolilt Pier —
June 30.
; Coronado. . . Grays Harbor .... 4 pm Pier 10
Pomo;v. ...¦ Pt. Arena & Albion 6 pm Pier 2
State of Cal San Diego & Way. 9 am Pier 11
Elizabeth... Coquille River.... Pier —
¦. • . July L . . :- | ¦
Costa Rica. Astoria & Portland 11 am Pier 24 I
¦ -- i - . ¦:- July «. • ¦ ¦ ¦ |
Marlpots... Tahltrvdlreet 11 are Pier 7
City Panam N. T. via Panama. 12 m Pier 40
Jeanle Seattle & Tacoma. 6 pmlPler 20
July S. • I
Umatllla... I Putet Sound Ports iFler —
Thursday. June Zf.
V S 'etmr Daniel Manning*. Cantwell, from
cruise in search of bark Holliswood.
Stmr Nevadan, Greene, 17 days from Hono
lulu, via Kahulul 8',s clays.
.Stmr' Centralla, Erickson, 69 hours from
Grays Harbor: bound south: put In to land
passengers. t
Stmr V A Kilburn, Jahnsen, 7 hours from
Port Rodcsm.
Stmr Point Arena, Miller, 14 hours from
Mendoclno, via Point Arena 12 hours.
5 Stmr Arrow. Black, 60 hours from Seattle,
via Eureka 1C hours. ¦
titmr Greenwood, Walvlr, 14 hours from
Mendocino. \ .
Stmr Pasadena. Henricksen. 28 hours from
Eureka; bound eouth; put in for fuel.
Stmr Ncwburg. ¦ AnBndsen, 63 hours from
Grays Harhor. , • .
Stmr South Coast. Olsen, 15 houro from
Caspar. ¦ ¦
¦ Stmr Gipsy, Letand, 20 hours from Monterey
and way ports.
Stmr Santa Roaa, Alexander, 41 hours from
Ban Diego.
Stmr Gualala, Panzer, 17 hours from West
Stmr Gir>sy. Leland, 20 hours from Mon
terey. ¦ ¦ , ' ¦
Stmr Santa Monica, Olseo, 48 hours from
San Pedro.
Stmr Despatch, Levison, 49 hours from
Slmr Phoenix, Odland, 26 hours from Eureka.
Bark W B Flint, Johnson, 19 days from
Makawell. i ' "
Bktn Quickstep, Johnson, 7 days from Port
Bktn Amelia, Wilier. 28 hours from Eureka.
* - Schr Mahukona, Masters, 6U - days from
Port Ludlow. .
Schr Besale K, Etaric, 13 hours from San
Vicente Landing.
- Schr Newark, Uelncrtsen, 16 hours from
"Schr Ida A, Campbell, 4 hours from Point
Reyc». t aE«aaMfi^w;iPjiMwBfraa^^
' r Thursday," June 23.
8tmr Bonita. Preble. San Pedro; Pacific
Coast Steamship Company.
Shipping Intelligence.
United States Coast and Geodetic Purvey —
Time and Height of High and Low Waters
at Fort Point, entrance to San Francisco
Bay. Published by official authority of the
NOTE^ — The high and -low waters occur at
the city front (Mlaslon-Ptreet wharf) about 25
minute* later than at Fort Point; tbe height
of tide Is the same at both places.
Sun rises 4:48
Sun sets 7:33
Moon acts 2:23 «. m.
O iTtme ¦ iTlme • ITlme! iTlmel
V I Ft./ Ft./ Ft. | 1 Ft.
i? |L W| |H W |L W| |H W|
24 2:54 0.019:40 4.212:22 2.GI 8:49 «t.O
25 3:42—0.4110:40 4.5 3:10 2.9 9:Sl 6.0
26 4:28—0.7111:30 4.«J 3:56 2.9 10:18 5 »
27 5:11 — 0.8!l2:lS 4.fi' 4:42 2.0 10:57 5.S
2S 6:52— 0.S 1:00 4.7 5:22 3.llll:36 5.5
20 6:30-0.6 1 '.44 4.8 6:12 3.2|
H \V L W ' H W |L W
30 0:15 5.2| 7:07 -0.3 2:25) 4.8| 7:02} ».3
NOTE— In tbe above exposition of the tides
the early morning tides are gtven In the left
hand column and the successive tides of th«
day In the order of occurrence as to time; the
fourth time column gives the last tide of the
day. except when there are but thre» tides aa
sometimes occurs. The heights given are* in
addition to the soundings of the United States
Coast Survey Charts, except when a minus (— )
sign precedes the height, and then the number
given is subtracted from the depth given by
the- charts. The plane of reference Is the mean
o f tn«» lower low waters.
Time Ball.
Branch Hydrographlc Offlce. V. B. X., Mer
chants Exchange. San Francisco. Cal..
June 23. 1904.
The Time Ball on thr tower of the Ferry.
building w aa dropped exactly at noon to-day —
I. e., at* noon of the 120th .meridian or at S
p. m. Greenwich time. ' J. C. BURNETT v
Lieutenant, U.S. N.. la chart*.
Sun, Moon and Tide.
6teamer. i , . Sails. J Sails.
Al-KI Skar^ay & Way Ports. 'June 21
Santa Clara'. . Valdex & Seward June 24
Oregon Nome & St. Michael.. June 25
Victoria Nome & Way Ports June-25
City Seattle.. Skagnay & Way Ports. June 25
Cottage City. • Skagway & Way Ports. June 27
Farallon 4 Skagway & Way Ports. June 23 .
cantile Trust Company, as special adminis
trator of the estate of James B. Randol. de
ceased, yesterday filed a report showing cash
receipts of $22,950 82 and a balance on hand
of $20,691 54.
were begun yesterday In Judge Coffey's court
upon the application of the heirs of Adolph
Sutro for a partial distribution of the estate.
The validity of the trust clauce in the will
la involved and the question has been raised
as to whether or not Judge Coffey has jurisdic
tion In that feature of the case. Inasmuch)
as Jildge Troutt has already decided tfiat the
clause Is not valid.
In addition to the cargo previously reported
the steamer Coptic, which railed on Wednes
day for Hongkong via Honolulu and Tokohama,
carried merchandise for Japan valued at |14.
183. and several small shipments consigned to
Cliinese ports valued at $332V. The additional
cargo Included the following shipments: '.
To Japan— 200 bales cotton. 30 bbls beer, S3
pkss bicycles and parts, 85 pkgs photographic
supplies, 4 cs dry goods, 3 cs canned good;,
0 pkgs furniture. 17 pkgs hardware.
To China — 1!> pkgs furniture. 6 cs canned'
goods, 4 pkgs groceries and provisions, 34 pkgs
hardware, 3 eg paints, 14 cs glassware, 21
pkgs dry goods. 5 pkgs crockery. 2 pkgs ma
chinery. 8 cs lamp goods, 1 cs firearms. r
The latest lumber charters reported are:
Barkentine Amazon, from Tacoma to Sydney
at 30s; German ship Schurbek, from Puget
Sound to Cork, United Kingdom, at f>5s;
schooner Solano, fronr Grays Harbor to Syd
ney, at ,"5s, with option! of Melbourne at 41s,
chartered prior to arrival.
Additional Cargo.
Matters of 'Interest to Mariners and
Shipping Merchants.
Chartered for Ivuniber.
There was a large attendance at the
ninth commencement exercises of the
California College of Osteopathy, held
at Steinway Hall last night. The ad
dress was delivered by the Rev. H. J.
Vosburgrh, D. D., and Dr. B. P. Shep
herd, president of the college, con
ferred the degrees. Those who com
pose the graduating class are Lelia
Belle Butcher, Sarshel de Pew Cooper,
Sally Jewell Davis, Mary Olive Green
well, Catherine Lloyd Oliver, Kate
Crowhurst Slaughter. :*•->
Osteopathists Given Diploma-;.
The rate of reinsurance on the Parknook
took another Jump yesterday and the overdue
bark Is now quoted at 20 per cent. 'The Laura
remains at 90 per cent and the Wynford at 15.
The Juteopolls. Queen Elizabeth. La Roche
foucald. Largo Law and Willy Rlckmers are
quoted at 7 per cent.
The Reinsurance Market.
The missionary schooner Carrie and Annie
went over to Hay & Wright's shipbuilding yard
yesterday to have her deck* calked and to
undergo extensive repairs. When ready for
sea Ehe will return to the Caroline Islands with
a cargo of supplies for the missionary stations.
Will Be Overhauled.
zer. as guardian of the estate of Sarah F.
Swett. an incompetent, yesterday petitioned
the Superior Court for permission to sell her
real estate, valued at about $7500. Her entire
estate is stated by the guardian to be worth,
The steamer M. S. Dollar, which arrived
Wednesday night from the Orient, was re
leased from ' quarantine late yesterday after
noon. She brought 5500 tons of cargo. Mod
erate northwesterly winds and -fine weather
prevailed throughout the trip until June 21.
when the steamer encountered a heavy norther,
which lasted for two days and was accompanied
by high seas. The Dollar left Hongkong May
2'- and Kobe June 1. •
Released Front Quarantine.
Costello. 1701 Harrison street, secured a war
rant from Potlce Judge Mogan yesterday for
the arrest of. John Solicit on a charso of grand
larceny. Costello claims that he and Stltlck
had a horse .trade on Tuesday and that th»
latter got the best of it by felonious methods.
NEW YORK, June 23. — The follow
ing Calif ornans are In New > York:
From San Francisco — D. H. Ankele,
at the Normandie; J. Baer and wife,
at the Herald Square; <T. Barnett, at
the Broadway Central; Mrs. W. B.
Bourne, at the Netherlands; J. M.
Lane and wife, at the Astor; A. Mc-
Kay and wife, at the Grand; Mrs. J.
P. Prior, at the St. Denis; C. S. How
alden, at the Imperial; Miss Jacobs,
at the Broadway Central; Mrs. M. J.
Kemble. at the New Amsterdam; J.
B. Levison, at the Holland; A. L>
Mace, at the Herald Square; Miss N.
O'Loughlln, at the Broadway Central;
J. A. Young, at the Grand Union; Mrs.
K. Wills, at the St. Denis.
From Santa Barbara — S. G. Drey
fus, at the Imperial.
From Los Angeles — Dr. M. Johnson,
at the Murray Hill; L. Lindsay and
wife, at the Savoy, and Miss F. Mead
ows, at the Grand Union.
Californlans In New York.
A pretty wedding: took place yester
day evening at All Saints Chapel. An
drew S. Johnston, a popular young
insurance man. was united in mar
riage to Miss Sadie Burke, a favorite
in the Western Addition. The young
couple left shortly after the ceremony
for Monterey, where the honeymoon
will be spent.
Wedded at All Salnta.
The tug Sea Rover, which left here Satur
day in search of the missing bark Hollis
wood.' left Port Harford yesterday for San
Francisco. Captain Thompson having been un
able to find the elusive windjammer. The con
dition of the Holliswood Is not thought to be
at all serious, for Captain Knight could have
run In shore anywhere along the southern
coast and anchored. It Is th.ought that since
speaking the schooner Transit the Holliswood
has stood off shore, seeking a slant of wind
that would bring her within tbe vicinity of
this port.
Tug Sea RoTer Returning.
The berkentine Amelia, which arrived yes
terday from Eureka, made the run In twenty
eight hours, only half a day longer than It
took the Arrow to. cover the distance.
The 190-ton steamer Arrow, Captain Black,
which was bought on Puget Pound by a local
firm, arrived here yesterday, sixty hours from
Seattle and sixteen hours from Eureka, at
which port *h* called to replenish her supply
of coal and water. The Arrow will be con
verted into an oil burner and will be . placed
on the run between here and Vallejo. She Is
Kaid to be speedy and gave some evidence of
her fleetnes* on the run from Puget Sound.
The Arrow was built at Portland. Or.. In 1903.
She le 147 feet long, 22. R feet beam and 9.2
feet deep. .
Arrow Arrives From Seattle.
The Society 'for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Children has determined to
take charge of a little boy nam"4
George Burns, whose alleged uncle,
J. H. Johnson, has apparently left
him to be cared for by the public.
Johnson placed the youngster with
Mrs. AVilliam Conley of 306 iShbtWeH
street several week? ago and depart
ed with the promise that he would
send money for all necessary expeftsca.
The Conleys have not heard from him
since that time. The Children's Po
cjety was notified and will send the
boy to some institution.
Will Care for Homeless Boy.
•John J. Sweeney (owner) with M. P."Kemp
ton (contractor). architect — All work for
a two-story frame building on 8 line of Cle
ment Mrcet. 82:6 W of Second avenue,' 25 by
100; $3200. .
Prager Company (owner) with Otl« Elevator
Company (contractors).' architect Reid Brothers
— Three passenger elevators foe Murphy build
ing, junction Market, • Jones and' McAllister
streets; $9450. )
Margarita B. May (owner) with Hinson'and
Joneti (contractors), architect Maxwell G.-Bug
bee — All work except plumbing, sewers, shades
and gas fixtures for a two-story residence with
attic and basement on W line of Larkln street.
07:6 N of Union. N 17, W. 61:3, N 3. W..61:3
S 20. E 122:6; $4400. - r . *
Badg« J". Wyman (wife of J. F.) and Caro
lyn V. Mosher (wife of F. W.) (owners) with
John Stierjen (contractor). architect— All
work for two . three-story and basement
frame buildings on N line- of Carl ' street,
17r>:7^ W of Cole, W 50 by N 137:6; ?14.3»O.
F Arata and M. Tette (owners) with Dal
gero and Caranza (contractors). architect
— All work except excavation, concrete, shades
and ess fixture!* for a three-etory and base
ment frame building on ' the ' NW, corner of
VaUeJo. San Antonio and Sonoma street, and
137:6 W of Kearny. W 19:6 by N 57:6; $3755.
Harriet H. «nd L. H. More* ' to Joseph P.
and Mary J. O'Ryan. lot on S line of Seven
teenth street. 5R6 W of Clar* avenue, W 25,
S 60. E 25. N 75, lot IS, block W, Park Lane
Truot 2; $10.
Estate cf Ludwlg AHschul (by Richard Alt
»?hul. execntor) to August Welhe. lot on NI5
corner of Union avenue and D« Kalb street,
N 200, E 70, S to San Brun?> avenue, SW to
Union street. W to beginning, lots 1415. 1447
to 5450. gift map 2; $335.
Nettie E. Ambrose to James Ambrose, lots
1R» to 101. block B. Fairmount I^nd Associa
tion; al?o lot on SE line of I street. 50 SW of
Twenty- fourth nvenue. SW,60 by SE 75. lot S.
block 465. Bay View Homestead; al!«> lots 6 to
8, I lock 5f>. City Land Association; $10.
Robert J. and Agnes Barth, Carl P. or P.
Carl Kleebauer to Angela Savanella (wife of
Carlo) lots IS and 19. block 5, Garden Tract
Homesttad Association: $10.
Thomas M. Matthews, Sarah M. Handy and
Katherlne M. McClellan to Robert D. Connolly,
lot on E line of Andover street, lno S of Jeffer
son, S 25 by E 70. lot 23, gift map 3: $10.
W. W. and Katherlne G. Wilson to Joseph
B. Coryell. lot on — line of Evatt street. 183 S
of Vlsltaclcn avenue, S 63 by E 68: $10.
Estate of Mary G. Robertson (by William
A. Robertson, administrator) to W. W. Wil-
Bon. Same; $1SOO.
Michael and Catherine A. McCann to Eliza
beth Rothermel. lot en E line of Vernon "treet,
250 S of Garfield. S 125 by E 100, lots 14 to 18,
block 23, City Land Association; $10.
Builders' Contract*.
R. F. and Hattie F.. Wells, D. E. and Rose
C. Saunders and J. J. Mazza to Joseph Nash,
lot on S line of Lake street. 55 E of Second
ave-iue. E 25 by S 102:P£; $10.
Joseph and Caroline F. Nash to Phebe J.
Shattuck. tame, installment*; ?I0.
John H. Edwards to I-ewis B. Haseltlne.
lot on SW corner of Twentieth avenue and
Luke street. S 104 by W 107:6; $10.
Mary. A. Farren to Harriet R. Vint x (wife
of James) lot on W line of Seventh avenue,
119 N of C street. N 25 by W 120»$10.
Bernhard and Ros» Getz to Edward L.
Landeeren, lot on E line of Forty-eighth ave
nue. 150 S ot K street, S 25 by" E 100; $10.
Same to Katherine Miller, lot on E line of
Forty-second avenue, lOOfS of O street, S
60 by E 120; $10.
Olive H. Grace to C.' II. Morrell, lot on NW
corner of Forty-seventh avenue and O street,
W -10 by N 100; $10. •
George W. H. Patterson to Helen 'M. Pat
terson, lot on N line of Pine street, 60 W
of Taylor, W 25 by N 75; $10.
Roy A. #nd Fannie J. Danleh to George
W. H. PatWyon. lot -on N line of Pine street,
112:6. W of Taylor. W 25 by N 75: $10.
Eleanor M. Vullcevlch to Elizabeth* Schoer
lin. lot on NE line of Langton Ftreet, 217
SE of Bryant. SE 24 by NE 80; $10.
Frank and Eugenie Labory to Andrew O.
CarlRon. lot on S line of Twenty-first street,
305 E of Castro, B 25 by S 114; $3.
City and County of- San Francisco to Jamra
Malone and Kobfrt Richards (executors estate
of John Malone), lot on N line of Twenty
fourth street, 60 E of Bryant, E 25 by N
104; $ . . . • ,
William Edc Company to Elizabeth P. Sonn
tag lot on S line of Seventeenth street. 235:3
E of £anch»z. E 25 by S 100; $4500.
Lincoln Sonntag to same, same, quitclaim
deed; $10.
Marcus and Sarah Glazier to Belle H. Plum
irer Tot on W line of Baker street, 25:10 S
of Pacific. S 101:5?; W 137:6. N 14:"4, NE
1C2:6; 510.
California Safe Deposit and Trust Company
to John J. Darrcll and Edward Salomon, lot
on S line of Page street, 60 W of Lyon, W
25 by S 110; $10.
Robert A. and Josephine Cranston to Andrew
J Donovan, lot on W line of Masonic avenue,
69:»; N of Waller street. N 25 by W 100:3; $10.
John Center to City Street Improvement
Company, lot on W line of Division street.
22:11 N of Eighteenth. N 28, W 7, S 27, to
beginning: $10.
Helen M. Patterson to George W. H. Pat
terson, lot on W line of Guerrero street, 1S3
S of Twenty-first. S 93 by W 117:6; $10.
Annie White to Henry Becker, lot on W
line or Dolores street, 2H9 N of Fifteenth, N
30 by W 125; $10.
Ambrose J. Kuckley to Lillian Church, lot
on N line of Fu'.ton street. 87:6' E of Brod
er!ck. E 25 by N 115; $10.
Same to Sue Ella Bradshaw, lot on S lin*
or Sacramento street, 110 W of Scott, W 27:6
by S 127:8>i: $10.
P. is. Cornwall to Claus Relmere, lot on S
line of Fulto;, street. 137:6 E of Fillmore. E
27:6 by S 137:6: *10.
Claus and Gretjen Reimers to Edward H.
Stearns, same; $10.
Thoman ami Julia Moore to the First Church
oT Christ Scientist, lot on S line of Sacra
mento street. 87:6 W of Scott. W 22:6 by S
127 :SU; *10. . '
Elian Cohn to T. C. Tocr.azzlnl. lot on S
line of Hayes street 165 W of Webster, W
24:10 by S 137:9: Sin
William B. Shuraan to Josephine Roman,
lot on N line of Sutter street, 137 ;C E of
Bur-hanan. E 63:9 by N 137:6; $10.
Charles G. and May C Hooker to Louts
Heckenroth and Richard Keller, lot on W line
of Polk strtet. 100 N of Filbert. N 25 by W
S7:H; J10.
- Ellen A. Pringle to Annie I* Roeesner and
William F. Stirling, lot on S line of Hayes
5tre?t, 137:6 \V of Octavia, W 55 by S 120;
also lot en N • line of Oak street, 165 W of
Bu<hannn. V»' 27:6 by N 120; also lot on N
ci.rnpr of Harrison and Twelfth streets. SB
f.0:9, NW 100, S\V 67:4. SE 100. and property
out of county; cift.
10CO Con Imperial. 01 1 200 Ophlr 3 (3
10O Crown Point. 121 JCW Sieira Nev .. *«
2CO Exchequer ... StH 500 Union Con .. 40
10U Gould & Cur. 2O|
Afternoon Session.
100 Caledonia ... «:| WK) Justice Id
BOO Con C & Va.l 13i 100 Mexican I !i>
200 Crown Point. IS S00 Utah u
1C0 Gould Sc Cur. l>0|
Following- were the sales on tho PacISe
Stock Exchange yesterday:
Morning Session.
1 00 Bullion V»i 200 Overman 23
500 Challenge Con 14; 1C0 Scorpion 15
4C0 Crown Point. Ill 200 Sierra Nev .. ilft
10O Gould & Cur. 211 2CO Union Con .. 4*>
100 Ophlr 3 701 200 Utah 14
Afternoon Session.
100 Caledonia ... 62| :.tf> Justice If
100 Con C & Va.l 10| TCO Mexican ...1 02'5
10O Con C &. V.I 07^1 »<><» Ophlr o 7i>
100 Crown Fb'.nt. 12| JA' Overman -2
Following were the sales en the San Fran
; Cisco and Tonopah Mining Exchange yesterday:
Morning Session.
: 5200 Esperanza ... 03! IJ5CO Rescue 10
' 80O Gold Anchor. 'Mi 500 Ton Bclmont.. 7H
1000 MacNamara . B5| «0O Ton Belmont. . 73
«3<jO MacNamara . 51 1 ftoo Ton Gold M. IS
500 MacNamara . Sii\ 132."» Ton Midway.. U
100 Mont Ton..2 42H| 2W Ton Midway.. T>i
1500 Ray & O'Brien Oil TOO Ton Midway.. BO
Afternoon Session.
600 Esperanza ... 03 800 Ton Belmont.. '75
1000 MacNamara . Cl 300 Ton Belmcnt.. S3
6500 MacNamara . C2 500 Ton Belmont.. s_
2000 MacNamara . 63 6C0 Ton Belmont.. 77
1CC0 MacNamara . «l 500 Ton Belmont.. 7«
400 Mont Ton..2 42H 5CO Ton Gold M. I •*
650 Mont Ton ...2 43| 600 Ton Midway.. S3
9550 Kay & O'Brien OTi 1160 Ton Midway., n
15C0 Rescu* 10| 50 Ton of Nev.7 87 S
THURSDAY. Juae 23—4 p. m.
Bld.Ask. BM.Ajk.
Alpha 09 11 Justic* 1« 17
Alta 04 06 Kentuck 03 04
And 11 12IKeyes Graes.. — I 2rt
Belcher 22 24jLady Wash .. — C<»
Best & Belch. I 15 1 251 Mexican 1 CO 1 05
Bullion 17 18 Occidental ... 79 81
Caledonia ... 62 64! Ophlr 3 55 3 >>0
Challenge Con 14 161 Overman 21 -I
Chollar 10 12| Potosi P9 li>
Confidence ... 90 t 05! Scorpion 15 17
Con C & Va.l 05 1 lOISavage 1« IS
Con Imperial. 01 021 8eg Belcher .. ,07 ¦•»
Con NY 03 041 Sierra NeT ..' 35 ."«
Crown Point. 11 12! Sliver Hill ..63 i>l
East Sierra N 06 — 1st Louis .... — Oft
Eureka Con.. — P0I Syndicate .... 03 04
Kxchequ-r ... S« 30l Union Con .. ST 3»
Gould & Cur. 20 21 j Utah 13 IS
Hale & Norc. 67 70! Yellow Jacket. 20 21
JuJia 07 CO!
.Bid. Ask. I BMAsk.
Colehan — C5| Rescue 10 —
Eaperanaa ... 02 03! Ten Belmont.. 74 7<
Gold Anchor. 2S SOlTon * Cal .. — 15
Gold M Con. 01 —I Ton Exten.... »« I W
Hannapah M. 25 — I Ton & G "W. — OH
Jim Butler.:. 70 —I Ton Gold M. IT 13
Little Ton .. 52 60! Ton Midway.. 31 ?2
Lucky Tom.. — f>2lTon of Nev.7 87 H 8 «0
MacNamara . 63 55' Ton N Star.. 33 .".*
Mont Ton. ..2 42>-i 2 45lTon * Salt L — 75
Paymaster .. 06 071 Ton Union... 10 — ¦
Ray Cxten .. — 091 United Ton . . ©« io
Ray ft O'Brien 07 —I West End. ..20 23
Ray Ton — 171
George Kingsbury, manager of the
Lick, and his wife, who have been
making a tour of the East, during
which they visited the St. Louis Expo
sition, returned to this city last even
F. SI. Clough. general manager,
and J. B. Robinson, chief engineer of
the Diamond Match Company's inter
ests at Sterling and Chico, are regis
tered at the Palace."
J. V. Coleman, the well known cap
italist, who left here two weeks ago
on his yacht for the southern part of
the State, returned yesterday and is
registered at* the St. Francis.
J: Ross Clark, vice president, and T.
E. Gibbon, auditor of the Salt Lake
Railroad, arrived from Los Angeles
yesterday and are ( registered at the
Arthur Gourley, the shingle magnate
of Chicago, who owns a large shingle
mill In Northern California, is a guest
at the Palace.
Gus Holmes, who recently disposed
of his Interest In the Hotel Angelus in
Los Angeles, arrived here yesterday
and is at the Palace.
Thomas J. Kirk, State Superintendent
of Public Instruction. Is at the Califor
H. A. Smith, a prominent young
mining engineer of Bisbee, Ariz., is at
the Grand.
C. H. Pope, a prominent manufac
turer of Moline, 111.. Is at the St. Fran
cis. ¦ •
Dr. Judson Ldftchild of Covelo la at
the Occidental.
Dr. Robertson and family of Liver
more are at the California-
Railroad Commissioner A. C. Irwln
of Marysvllle Is at the Lick.
Frank Sandelin. proprietor of a hotel
at Ukiah. is at the St. Francis.
J. J. McSorney, a mining man of Cal
averas County, is at the California.
L-. H. Taylor of the United States
Geological Survey Is at the Palace.
• Former State Senator A. F. Jones of
Oroville and wife are at the Palace.
Electra, Nicholas Thayer, Will W.
Case, Skagit, Premier, '. Prosper. Kol
chak, Nushajak. President, Kadiak,
Thistle, Gertie Storey. Alex Gibson,
Charles F. Moody. Tacoma, Sintram,
Bohemia. Star of France. Eclipse,
Santa Clara, Hecla. Indiana, Colum
bia, Isaac Reed, Palmyra, Euterpe,
Fresno, Himalaya and Coalinga.
The big. windjammers are being
towed about from wharf ¦¦ to wharf,
some discharging the cannery sup
plies they carried from here and Puget
Sound, and others filling their holds
with the. clean, new cases, tightly
packed with freshly canned salmon. The
steamers, Kvichak, Nushagak, Naknek,
President, Kadiak, Thistle and Gertie
Storey are working overtime as tow
boats, and ashore and afloat all hands
are hustling hard to make up for the
time lost through the unwonted linger
inp in those latitudes of Jack Frost.
The ice this year acquired a greater
thickness than jisual and was provok
ingly slow in taking its departure.
Most of the steamers are of small
tonnage and the presence of the ice
has added heavily to the labor of
towing the sailing vessels to where
they discharge or load. On account of
the lateness of the Ice it is feared that
the Alaska red salmon pack for this
season will fall short.
The following vessels had arrived at
Bristol Bay, June 10: *
Bristol Bay at present is .probably
the busiest haibor on the Pacific. Th*
water is crowded with vessels kJL all
rigs and sizes, and the shore is black
with - an army of fishermen, cannery
hands, laborers, tally clerks and bosses
of -high and low degree. The remote
Alaska povt is therefore fairly hum
ming with Yankee activity in full
The ships Alex Gibson. Hecla an'd
Eclipse and the bark Nicholas Thayer
were, on June 10, the only vessels of
the Alaska salmon fleet not safely an
chored at "their destinations. This
quartet was then in sight, outside," and
by this time the tardy four undoubted
ly have Joined, the others at the can
nery anchorages.
fl^; * SAILED.
w Thursday, June 23.
Stmr .Lakme. Cbristensen. Eureka.
Stmr F A Kilburn, Jahnsen. Port Rodgera.
Stmr Maggie, Corning. Halfmoon Bay.
. Stmr Iaqua. Jorge nson. Eureka.
Stmr State of California, Nicolson. San Di
ego and way ports.
Stmr Centralla. Erickson, San Pedro.
Stmr Pasadina. Hendrlckson, San Diego.
StmiC Argyll. Gilboy, Honolulu.
Stmr G C Llndauer. Allen, Grays Harbor. "
* Stmr Del Norte. Payne. Crescent City.
8tmr Scotia. Johnson, Bowens Landing.
Ger etmr Luxor, Behrman, Seattle, via Van
Stmr Alliance, Hardwlck, Eureka, Coo# Bay
and Portland.
Stmr Porno. Jacobs, Albion Paver.
Schr Ida McKay/ Lethola, Eureka.
Schr Mary Etta. Small. Siuslaw River. .
Schr Conflanza. Johnson. Notleys Landing.
POINT LOBOS, June 23. 10 p m— Weather
hazy; wind NW; velocity 20 miles per hour.
ABERDEEN — Arrived June 22 — Tut: Dirtaj.
SEATTLE— Arrived Jun« 22— Stmr City of
Seattle, from Skac-way.
Sailed Jun« 23— U S stmr Dolphin, tor
BRISTOL BAY— Arrived prior to June 10^-
Shlp Alex Gibson, hence April 20; ship Chas
E Moody, hence March 18. from Anacortes
April 16; ship Tacoma. hence April 14; ship
Slntram hence April 15; ship Bohemia, hence
April 10; ehlD Star of France, from Lady
smith; ship Eclipse, from Semlahmoo; ship
Santa Clara, hence April 10; ship Hecla, from
Lady3mith; ship Indiana, hence April 10; ship
Columbia, hence April 12: bark Isaac Reed,
hence April 15; Bark Palmyra, from Anacortes;
bark Eaterpe. hence April 13; bark Fresno,
from Belnngham; bark Himalaya, hence April
14; bark Coaltnsa, hence April 18; bark Elec
tra. hence Anril 11; bark Nicholas Thayer,
hence April 14; bark Will W Case, hence
April 11; bktn Skagit. hence April 7; schr
Premier, from Port Gamble: schr Prospei-,
from Port Gamble: stmr Kvlchak. hence May
1; stmr Nushasak, from Alltak: stmr Presi
dent, hence April 27; stmr Kadlak, from Kar
luk: stmr Thistle, hence April 23; stmr Gertie
Storey, from Semiahmoo.
SOUTH BEND— Sailed June 23— Schr Alum
na, for Chile.
ASTORIA— Sailed ¦ April 23— Bktn Geo C
Perkins, for San Pedro.
POINT REYES— Pawed June 23, 9:10 a in—
Bktn Amelia, from Eureka, for San Francisco;
schr Newark, from Stewarts Point, for San
Francisco, and a three-masted bark, bound
COOS BAT— Arrived June 23— Stmr Arcata,
hence June 19.
TATOOSH — Passed Jn June 23 — Stmr Sena
tor, f/om Nome, for Seattle.
Passed In June 23 — Br stmr Wyefield, h»nc«
June IS for Nanalmo: Nor stmr TerJ* Viken.
from Port Los Angeles.
.PORT HARFORD— Sailed June. 23— Tug Bea
Rover, for San Francisco.
PORT GAMBLE— Sailed June 23— Bktn
Klikltat. for San Pedro.
GRAYS HARBOR— Arrived June 23— Stmr
Santa Barbara, hence June 19.
Sailed June 23 — Stmr Coronado, and schr W
F Jewett, for San Francisco; schr C S Holmes,
for Guaymas.
PORT LOS ANGELES— Arrived June 23— Br
stmr Tottenham, 'from Mojl. . /
Sailed June 23 — Stmr J S Hlggtns, for San
UEDON'DO— Sailed June- 23— Stmr Asuncion,
for Ventura.
PORT TOWNSEND— Arrived June 23— Schr
Forester, from Kohe. *
Paw»ed In June 23 — Briz Geneva, hence June
7 for Port Blakeley.
SAN PEDRO— Arrived June 23— Stmr Coos
Bay. hence June 20; stmr Chehalis. hence Juno
20. via Santa Barbara.
Sailed June 23 — Stmr James S Higgins, for
San Francisco: schr Ethel Zane, for Port
Townsend; stmr Coos Bay. for San Francisco.
WESTPORT— Arrive* June 23— Stmr Na
varro. -hence June 22.
EUREKA— Arrived June 23— Stmr Mandalay,
hence June 21. r
HONOLULU— Arrived June 23— U S sUnr
Thetis, from cruise.
SatlAd June 23 — Schr W H Mariton, for San.
Sailed June 23— Schr India, for Portland.
Arrived June 23— Stmr Korea, from China
and Janan.
MANILA— Arrived June 21— Span stmr Ali
cante, from Liverpool. Prior to June 23 — Br
stmr Sikh, from New York.
Sailed June 21 — U S stmr Wisconsin, for
Shanghai. •
ILOILO — Arrived June ,22 — Br stmr Indra
pura, from Hongkong.
PHILADELPHIA— Cleared June 22— Br ship
Leicester Castle, for Nagasaki.
VICTORIA— Sailed June 22— Stmr City of
Puebla, for San Francisco.
ADEN— Sailed June 22— Br stmr Indravelll,
for New York.
FA LMOUTH— Sailed June 22— Br bark East
African, from Dublin.
HAMBURG — Sailed June 19 — Ger ship AJster.
for Santa Rosalia.
HONGKONG— Sailed 1 June 22— Br stmr Em
preys of India, for Vancouver.
• MOJ I— Sailed Jun« 13 — Br stmr Quito, for
Nome, via Nanalmo.
NEWCASTLE, AUS— Sailed June 22— Echr
Marconi, for Honolulu.
LIVERPOOL, — Arrived June 23— Span stmr
Antonio Ixirez, from Manila.
SINGAPORE — Arrived prior to June 23 — Br
stmr Knight Commander", from New York.
GENOA — Arrived June 20 — Span stmr Isla
de Luzon, from Manila. •
ST VINCENT— Arrived prior to June 23—
Ger stmr Memphis, hence Feb 27 for Hamburg.
NEW YORK — Arrived June 23 — Stmr Aura
nla, from Liverpool.
QUEENSTOWN— Arrived June 23— Stmr
Belgenland. from Philadelphia; Btmr Carpa
fhia. from New York.
HAMBURC- Arrived June 23— Stmr Graf
Walderaee. from New York.
Movement^ of Steamers.
Bristol Bay Is Crowded With Vessels
of Many Rigs and Sizes— Owing to Late
Ice the Season's Pack . May Fall Short
Mrs. Ella E. Caminetti, grand pres
ident, of Jackson, attended the meet
ing and while she listened to the pro
test of the regular practitioners she
was unable to give an opinion one
way or the other, since she was not
aware of the exact wording of the res
olution in question.
Those opposed to the resolution de
cided to draw up a formal protest,
which will be submitted to the grand
president In regular form.
Dr. B. P. Shepherd, dean and pro
fessor of osteopathlc theiry and prac
tice and clinics of the California Col
lege ot Osteopathy, said last night
that his school was Just as capable to
make an examination and diagnosis
as the regular medical doctor.
A number of women medical prac
titioners met last night 'at 1201 Sut
ter street for the purpose of protest
ing against a resolution offered by
California Parlor No. 7, Sacramento,
and supported by Past Gmnd 1 Presi
dent Gett- of that parlor and passed,
to allow osteopathists to be examin
ing physicians for subordinate par
lors of the Native Daughters of the
Golden West. •
ters of the Golden West.
Protest Against Osteopathist Exam
ers of Candidates for Native Daugh-
Continued From Pasc 15.
S Steamer* leave Broadway
n'lmrei, piers 8 and 11
San Francisco:
For Ketchikan. Wrang;!,
Juncau, Halnes. Skagway,
etc.. • Alaska— 11 a. m. Juna
19. 24. 29. July 3. Chang? t»
Company's steamers at Se-
attle. V -.» ¦*..:
For VlctorU. Vancouver.
Port Townsend. Seattle. Tacoma. Everett.
Belllngham — 11 a. m.. June 19. 2J. July S.
Chanle at Seattle to this CSouipany's- steamer"
for- Alaska an<l G. N. Ky. ; at Seattle err Ta-
coma to N. P. Rt.: at Vancouver to C. P. Ry.
For Eureka (Hdmboldt Boy) — Pomona, 1:30
p. m.. June 21. 27. July Z. Corona, 1:30 p. m..
June 1$. 2* 30. July 6.
For Lcs Angeles tvio Port Loa Anceles an*
Bedondo). San Dl?go and Santa Barbara —
Santa Rosa. Sundays. 9 a. m.
State of California. Thursdays. 9 a. m.
For Los Angejes tvia San Pedro and East
San' Pedro). Santa Barbara, Santa Crus. Mon-
terey San Simeon, Cayucos. Port Harford tSaa
Louis Oblspo). Ventura snd Huen»me\
Bonita. 0 a.' m.. June 16. 24. July 2.
Coos Bay. 9 a. m.. June 2<>. 2S. July 9.
For Ensenada. Magdalcna Bay. San Jo«» del
Cabo, Maxat'.an. Aitata. La Pai. Santa Hn~
salla, Guaymas <Mex.>. • \i* . m.. 7th each mo.
palatial excurston steamship Srokana will
feav e Taccma. Seattle and Victoria July 5, 19.
Aug ", 18-
For further information obtain foM«»r. Right
Is reserved to chance steamer" or sailing date*. ¦
TICKET OrXICXSS — i New Montirom-
ery st 4PaIacp Hotel >. 10 Market s>t.. and Broad-
way wharves. Preijrtit Offlce. 10 Market yt.
C D DUNNAN, General "Passenger Agent,
* * 10 Market St.. San Francisco.
o, /?- <& /v. co.
COLUMBIA sails June 18. 26. July «, IS anil
•6 GEO. W. ELDER sails June 21. July I.
ll" 21 and 31. Only steamship line to PORT-
LAND OR., and short rail llne^rom Portland
to all potnta East. Through tickets to all
points. Steamer tickets include berth and
rn»als. Steamer sails foct of Spear st. at II
am S. K. BOOTH. Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept.. I
Montgomery bU; C. CLIFFORD. Gen. Agent
Freight P»pt.. 3 Montgomery st.
S S. ALAMEDA. for Honolulu. June 23. 11 am.
a.S. MARIPOSA. for Tahiti. July 2. 11 a-.m.
6. 8. SIERRA, for Honolulu, s?amoa. Auck-
land and Sydney. Thursday. July 7. 2 p. m.
I.D.SPRECHLS k BEQi Ca.Alti.TlClJl 022 511 ill-
iei FrsizHt oacjiomriuit.. rt-irf.iY.it: .:.
Sailing every Thursday Instead of <JT jt-j-jj
gaturday. at 10 a. m., from Pier 42. ¦«*<'4 > 3Ls >
North River, foot of. Morton st.
First class to Havre, $70 and \lpward. Second
cla«s to Ifcvre. $45 and upward. GEN-
CANADA^ 32 Broadway (Hudson building*.
New York. J. F. FUGAZ1 * CO.. Pacific Coast
Aeentf. 3 Montgomery avenue, San Francisco.
Tickets sold l:y all Railroad Ticket Agents.
To TJ. 8. Navy Tard And Vallejo.
ARROW— 9:45 A. M.. 12:30 noon, 3:15 P.
M.. 6:00 P. SI- 8i3O P. M. «es. Sunday);
Sundays 9:43 A. M.. 8:30 P. 11. Leave Val-
lejo 7:00 A. M.. 9:00 A. M.. 12:3O NOON.
8:15 P. M., C:0O P. M. (ex. Sunday); Sun-
days 7:00 A. M.. 4:15 P. M. Landing and.
office. Pier 2. foot Mission st. l'honj Mam
To U. S. Xavy Yard ami Vallejtx
Etmr. II. J. Corcoran — Leaves 6. F.. foot ot
Clay st.. north end of ferry bldg. — Wtek days.
9U» A. M.. 3 and *S P. M.; Sumlaya. »:.ia
A. M., 8 P. M. Leave Valtejo — Week days
6:50 A. »!., 12:20 and 5:00 P. M.; Sundays &
P. M. Fare. 25c each way. Excursion rates.
Sundars to Vallejo. Glen Corp and Martinez
60o roend trip. PIPER. ADEN GOODAXjl
CO , pfcona Mala «U. »Satttrday except«4.
DIvTd^ND^NOTICF:— han Francisco and Fub-
-.:rtan Home BalMtat Society, fifth r i
Mutucl favlcga Bank building. 708 Market
rt.. opposite Third— Far the half year rnd-
Ptng Jur.c 80. 13f4. n dividend >:a* been <Je-
< - »-e<J at the r«t* 7>er annum of ten »10) !*-r I
• er.t on <aj,i:s.l t-took nr.d participating cer- |
tiflcav* free Trcm taxes', payable on an-i .
a!:er Friday. July 1. 1904.
HUGH CitUti. Secretary and Cashier. j
DIX'IDEVD JCotloe: California Safe Deposit j
and Trcrt Company, corner CaUfornla and j
Mortsonioy tt*.— For the fix months ending j
June UO I'.KH <Jivi'!ends have been declared j
e.n deposit* l»*tbe B&rlagi department of this .
roBiparv ::s follow?: <Jn term deposits, at i
the rf.tfC' "• (i-i'J per r"" r annum, and on
ordinary dements ct the rate of 3 per cent
1>ct snnutr.. to* of :5xe? and payable on and ¦
after Frldry. .luly 1. iMi. ¦¦ • '.-:
J. n.VL^nr.L BROWN. Manager..
Tin; Continental Buildirs and Loan Aaaocia- |
tlon. corner cf CaMfornia and Battery streets,
tan Ftsuclsco. has declared a dividend of j
s per Tt.t i«-r acr.um on Cla*s "A" and
*"F" »tock. 0 per crent on term deposits and-
5 per crnt on ordinary deposits, for the sir*
months ending Jun*- 30. 19M.
WILLIAM < OIOJIN. Sec. & O>n. Mgr.
riVTDEND Notice: San Francisco Ravings
I'nton f?2 California St.. corner Webb. —
For th» hclf ftax en<lir!g wltii the 3"th of
Jen* 1901. a <iivi»5"Tid has been declared at
the rate per aaama cf three snd one-half j
«;;»4> per cent en term deposits and thre« (3) |
P*r c*nt on or<Hnar< dTosit*. fre» of taxes, j
•ivti.f on and aft^r J-jly 1. 1904. !
LOVCX.L WHITE. Cashier. \
DIVIDEND Notice: The German Savings and
I>car. Society, f.26 Calircrnla st.— For the half
year rndivig June CO. I3G4. a dividend has
b»en declared at t!-.e rate of three and one-
quarter '.¦>!») per cent per annum on all cp-
I>o«!ts free of taxes payable on and after
Friday. July 1. 1904.
DIvrDEND Notice: Mechanics' Savings B&nS.
¦ecUnract corner Bush and Montgomery sts.
— For the half year ending v.ith June 30.
:!>04. * (JIvlder.d 1'as bcrn declared at the
ritt'of three and one-nuarter (.T,i) Ptt cent
|.>»r annum on cli deposits, free of taxe*. pay-
able oa end after Friday July 1. 19(H.
VQXWBSB KOTTCE: Mutual Pavings Bank
of han Francisco, 710 Market St. — For the
half .»enr 'mJing June 30. 1904. a dividend
"-.as b<-en d?olared at the rate of three and
r.«-qu»rter i."'«t r>-r cent f*r annum on all
-i*poi!ts. free of tuxes, payable on and after
Friday. July I. lftf*.-
GEO. A. STORY. Cashier. '
DIXTDEJCD Notice: Humboldt Psvlnjrs Bank.
!»> Geary st. — For the half year ending June
:<*» a dividend on deposits has b*cn declared |
;.i the rate of .{'4 per e-ent per annual, free j
et taxes, payable on and arter July 1. 1904.
W. F.. PALMER. Cashier.
¦DIVIDEND Not i<-e- -Savings and Loan Society.
101 Montgomery st.. corner Sutter. has d*-
.-'ar^J u <J!vid*nd far tlj" term ending Jane 1
Sit. IPO*, at the rate of three and one-quarter j
. ;%t per cent per annum on all deposits, free j
o? t«\cs trd pavable "n snd aft«»r July 1,
1J»<>4. CYBL'S W. CARMAN'r. Cashier. \
PROPO5ALE for clothing and equipage. Depot I
Quartern. aster's office. ::6 New Montgomery j
•t., fan Francisco. California. June 13. 1904 ]
— tealcd projjv^iale. in triplicate, will be re- |
ifi.nj at this <J, r fi<re until 10 o'clock a. m..
Xoodar. June 27. 1901. Pacirie Standard Tin-.o.
pn4 '.ii*-u opene.1 fnr furnishing at either the
I'Vilad«-lphia. Boston. Chicago cr Fan Fran- I
1 :5'^> depots: Pajamas. Buckskin Gauntlets", ]
«:iian;bray Shirts. Mattresses. Pillows. Pil-
'ow Cases. BedsheetF. Mosquito Bars and
Trumpets. AH to conform to standards and ;
i-petifl'-atlons. Quantities to !>•> subject to an i
increase of If* per cent, if desired by the de-
partment. Preference will be given to srtl- ,
etes of domestic production and manufacture, j
conditions of price and quality being equal ,
till' iti'lini. in tlie price ot loreign production |
and nianufa<*tur* the duty th»reon). and sueh ;
prefereiic will be given to articles of Amer- [
i-a'i production and manufacture produced '
en the Pacific Coatt U> the extent of the con-
fi]'?ipiica required by the public serxice there. .
The United reserves the tight to ac- i
ixpt or reject any cr all proposals or any I
P«n ;h<-re«.(. Information «'id lilarsks for '¦
p cpo^als will be furtiiahed on application. I
l-"n - - »'."r*s containing proposals will be in- ;
dr>rsed "Pror^sals No. 4»K)5. for Clothing and j
Kauipage." and addre*-s»<i t« Major C. A. !
DEVOL. Quartermaster. U. t;. Army, Depot i
Qu« rtUTJiaster.
pnOFO£AL8 for Ste*m Pump. etc. — Offlce ,
Depot Quartermaster. 36 New Montgomery 1
street, tan Francisco, June 15th. 1804. i
Sealed proposp.16. in trlplictte. subject to |
usual comliticns, will be received here until i
11 o'clock a. m. Satuniaj'. June 25th. laOl, i
snd then opened, for furnishing 1 Steam i
Futap. Pipe cr.d Fittiocs. for Camp Downes '
snd Camp Overton. V. I. Preference will
be -given to articles of domestic production !
and manufacture, condition cf price and ;
quality being equal (including in the price j
of foreign production the duty thereon). The i
U. 6. reserves right to accept or reject j
any or all proposals or any part thereof.
Information and blank proposals furnished '
on application. Envelopes containing pro- j
l-usa'.s to be market "Proposals for Pipe
and Fittings No. 4C50." and addressed to !
Major C. A. Devol. Qr. Mr.. U. S. A.
Dep< •. Quartermaster.
PROPOSALS for Steam Pumpi etc. — Of flee
Depot Quartermaster, 36 New Montgomery i
street. San Francisco. Cal.. June 15th. 1304.
Scaled proposals. In triplicate, subject to
;:?ual conditions, will be received here until
11 o'clock, a. m.. Saturday. June 25th. 1904 j
and then opened, for furnishing 1 Steam 1
Pump. Pipe and Fittings for Lucena, P. I. !
Preference will be given for articles of do- *
tnestic production an>] manufacture, condi- I
tlons cf price and quality being equal (in- i
eluding In the price cf foreign production
*ihe duty thereon.) The U. S. reserves right
to accept any or all proposals or any part i
thereof. Information and blank proposals
furnished on application. Envelopes con- !
<«inlng proposals to be marked "Proposals ¦
for Steam Tump. etc.. No. 4C51." and ad- i
<Jreseed to Major C. A. Devol. Qr. Mr.. U. '
6. A.. Depot Quartermaster. / * j
RATXOJCS for United States Marine Corps.—
Headquarters U. S. Marine Corps, Quarter-
* master's Office. Washington. D. C. June 11
1»W.— .Scaled proposals, in duplicate, will be !
rwrlved in this office until noon on July 11 j
irf4. and then be publicly opened, for fur-
ni>-h!ng rations at San Francisco, Cal., Mare 1
Island. CaL, and Bremerton, Wash., during |
the fiscal year ending June SO, 1905. Pro- !
posal blanks and other Information can be j
obtained upon application to this offlce. "the i
assistant quartermaster, U. S. Marine Corps. !
Rlaito building. San Francisco, Cal.. or the j
comnvandtng offirers of the barracks at the i
rtations named. This office reserves the right i
to reject any or all bids and to waive in- I
forms llties. Bids from regular dealers enly
will be oon?;dtr»d. F. L. DENNY. Colonel,
QuartTtr.aster. V. S. Marine Corps.
MOTHERS' and daughters' home treatment;
booklet mailed free; correspondence Invited.
X'lAVI CO.. ZX4 Van Ness ave.
pssltlvely cured; new methods; 1 week's treat-
•r«~nl free. Dr. CottlnRham. 2W Sutter et.
AT Melbourne Institute. Van Ness. & Market
i» taught celebrated Mflbourne syEtem- only
Melbourre in U. 8.: private; established 3
>earr in E. F. Tel. Mint 2628 from 1 to g p.m.
Tbe following marriage licenses were Issued
; - ei,lerday:
Frederick Anderson. 47. 699 Harrison street,
and I>ila For*. 32. 638 Harrison stre*t
Oorgc D»<-lier. «7. Ashland, Ore., and Mary
J. Parker. •"?. £i»won.
• Karl htarck, 2». city, and Ina F. Wilson
Ti. city.
Ernest'* Cararra, 23. 423 Broadway, and
Olestlca PfKlesta. 20. 23 Scott place.
Godfrey j. Custafson, 24, Sacramento and
J'nct Johnson. 24. 2S15 Brodertek street
UwaJ T. Joslln. 21. city, and Mae Maylott.
J T a " Jh .f^T 0^' ~" 2206 Mission street,
tnd Oabrl'-lle J. Manciet, 22, «11 Stockton
Philip I'hillFPa. -«. 2630 Port etreet and
Li Hie Hertir.s, IK, 2.".70 Georj' Etreet
MkhaM Meade. 2J. S8 Chenery street, and
ril-.-«ia brliaefcr. IS. lQir7 York etrcet.
r.irth. marriage and death notices tent by
mail will not be inrtrted. They must be handed '
in at ettw of the publication ofnees and be
Indorsed with the name and residence of per-
rc.*»s> authorizeyl to have the name published
¦Cdlces re«trl<ted fcimply 1* the announcement
of th» ev^ent me publitrbed once In this column
tr*-c of crarge.
SULLIVAN— In this city. June 23. 1904. to the
~\Ue of Eugene J. h'ullivan, a daughter. '
WII^ON— In Alamtda, June 1». I9O1. to the I
v.-lfe of A. D Wilson, a daucnter. ' 1
RA6CH— LKVY— In this city. June I, 1904, by
the Rev. Dr. Isldor: Myers, B. A.. Joseph
l^tsch «nd Marian Alice Levy, tfoth of this
Bi:iiR— BRODERICK— In this city. June 21,
1904 bv ¦ Justle* of the Peace Alfred n.
Jjiwtfcn.' Paul E. Burr and Cornelia Erod-
nr<'KEH— PAFIKER— In this city. June S3,
ivfAbr the Rev." Dr. • John A. B. WIImii,
George DecV-^r of Ashlsnd, Or*., and Mary
.T. Pork»-r of £lf«on. Cal.
fCKGLANDER— HTMAN— In this cits". June 6,
MOfc fc7 **e Kev. Dr. Isidore Myers, B. A.. !
Harry Enelander and Sarah Hyman, both
of this city.
FREED— HARVIE— In Alameda. June 22.
''JC4, ».y tho Rev. Dr. K. Nelander of. San
Francisco, Clarence Marshall Freed and
n tsic J*an Ilarvle. both of this city.
GILLK'PTi:— GlLLtCTTE— In Alameda. May
! J:*>4. l-y the Rev. William Urandes,
pestor of Chrifct Lutheran -<:hurrh, Charles
; U Oillftte and Cynthes J. Gillette.
; KAHX— MENDELSON— In this city. June 12,
; ?:«U4. by the- Rev. Dr. Isidore Myers, B. A..
1 Kmil Kahn and HarrM Mendelson. both ot
: this cltj-. ¦
KLEIN— PECHNER— In this city, June 19,
1904. by the R«v. Dr. Isidore Myers. B. A..
Henry Klein of I>is Ant-eles end Cecilia
How Pechnrn of this city.
j LEVY— CARILLON— In this city. June IK,
• 1904. by the Hev. Dr. Isidore Myers, B. A.,
I Julius Levy and Clara Carillon, both- of this
! city.
HOSES— FLLISHER— Ip thl.x rity. May 15,
V.hm. by the Rev. Dr. I.«idcre Myers,. B. A..
I/"iii.-- Moses and Kanny Fieista-r, both of
| this citj-.
ROTHCHILD— EICHHORX— In thin city. June
! 14. 19O4, by the Rev. Isidore Myers. B. A..
Adolph Rothchlld and Nelle Elchhorn. both .
of this city.
THACKP.AY— WOBBER—In this city, June
18. J'.*04. by the Kev. William Brandes, pas-
tor nf Christ Lutheran Church, Alameda.
Edwin A. Thaelcray ami Mamie G. Wobber. ,
TROILI— LEE— In this city. June 20, 190», by
the Kev. Mr. B. Xfiandtr, pastor of the First
English Lutheran Church. Uno S. Trolll of ,
ATiUieda and Hepsle Ida Lee of this city. |
Yui;X<;— PRESLEY— In this city. June 22,
U>04. at th? MIznah Presbyterian Church.
by the Rpv. Fr dericU A. Doane, John Young
Riid Lydia J. Presley, both of this city.
__ __
Bates, George Ray, Ida May
. Brennan, Mary Reed. Harold ii.
Deraond. Samuel Reed. Jennie Faith '
I E»tey, Thomas H. Rowley, Henry A.
Free, Elizabeth Schisler, John
Gorman. Richard F. Sehabiague, Mrs. J.
Green. Jacob JShaney. I-aurence
Johnson. Albert Shaw. Alice F.
Kallstrom. Rosanna Smith. Frank M.
Ixjoiiey, Cornelius Smith. Leonard F.
Murphy, Eleanor G. Sweeney, Mary
O'Neil. Capt. Thot. Wagner. Julius
Patton. Edward L. Williams. Lilly May
Pence. Etta C. • Yogis, John -
BATES— In Santa Cruz, June 21, 1904, George
Bates, M. A.\ Cambridge University. Eng-
»f.nd. founder of University School, 2310
• Clay street. San Francisco, and late of the
Berkeley Gymi:a.'ium.
Cfr'iiends and acquaintances are respect- i
fully invited to attend the funeral services ]
. Friday. June 24, at 2 o'clock, at the chapel |
of the Cr»n:atorinTn. Odd Fellows' Cemetery, j
Kan Francisco. j
BRENNAN— In this city. June 22, 19CM, Mary,
lelovtd wife of Joi>n Bvennen. and mother
of Marr. LJzzle, Thomas, Michael. Edwar.l \
and the late William Brennan, a native of j
Ireland, ajtr'-d S3 years. ;
Et7"Frio:id« and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend, tlie funeral to-day |
• Friday*, at 8:00 o'clock, from her late resi-
dence. 211 Fillmore street, thence to Sacred j
• Ifart Church, where e. reo.ui"m mops will ;
be celebrated for the 1 repore of her soul, com-
mencing at 9 o'clock. Interment Holy Cross
Ot reeUry. • j
DEMOND-In tli- City and County Hospital,
June 23. I9O4. Pamuel Dcmond. a native of
Italy, aged 5:. years.
ESTEY— In Petaluma. Cal., June 23. 1904,
Thomas Hinklev Kstey, a native of Sharon,
Mas;., aged 77 years.
Cv" Funeral e-er vices at Odd Fellows' Hall,
Fan Rafael, Saturday, 2Mh Inst., at 11
FHEK-In this city, June 22. 1904. Elizabeth,
wife of William S. Free, and mother of Mrs.
John Mi-T..-«.n and Albert R. IMce. a native
cf niizabethtown. Hardln County, Kentucky,
aged 7i» years 7 months and 25 days.
ILyServiofs will be held to-day (.Fri-
day). June J4, at 1 :.X0 o'clock, at her late
residence. 7M Uak street, between Fillmore
and tiKiiier. Interment private. I
GORMAN- In this oil;., June 22. 1004. Richard j
I". Gorrr.an. brlo\ed eon of Margaret Gor- !
man. btloved husband of th» late Margaret
<;->rrnsn, father of David A. Gorman, and
brother of M. J.. Elizabeth A.. Cetherlne
TV and D. J. Gorman, a native of Boston, i
C7"The fun»ral will tak» place Friday i
morning, Jun» 24. at 9 o'clock, from his late j
r»F|.5enc^. S^l Grove street, thence to Sraored •
H*art Church, whrre a requiem high mass :
will b- celebrated for the repose of his eoul j
at 9-jm o'clock. Interment private. Kindly j
omit Bowers
GREEN— In this city. June 23, 1WM. Jacob. I
b-lovcd husband of Marlauna Gr«"»n, and :
father of David 15. and Simon Green, a na- j
ti\e of Pliusk, Hussia, aged 74 years 11 j
months and '-7 days. I
ICTFri'ndts and acquaintances are respect- !
fully invited to attend the funeral this ds>' t
(Friday/. June 24. at 10 o'clock, from his
late residence, 736 Franklin etreet, between
Golden Gate avenue and Turk street, thence
by 11:30 o'clock train to New Salem Ceme- j
Ury for Interment.
JOHNSON— In Alameda. June 23. 1904. Albert !
Johnson, beloved husband of Mary A. John- i
son. and father of May Johnuon, and step- j
fath?r of Annie Mullen, a native of Sweden,
aged 02 years. . j
C7Friendn and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral services
Bundajr, June 26, at 1 o'clock at his late
residence, 1431 Sherman etreet, under the aus- I
pices of West End Lodee No. 175, A. O. !
L\ W. Interment Mountain View Cemetery. |
KALLSTROM— In "this city. June 21. 1904,
Hosanna. <Jearlv "beloved widow of the late :
Captain Herman Kallstrom, and beloved
mother of Cautuln Charles Ii. Kallstrom of
Seattle. Herman F., George W.. E. Ben,
Frank F. and Hattle Kallstrom. Mrs. Louise '
Eckhardt and Mrs. Liilie Meyers, and sister
of Kate English of Stockton, and the late .
Mary Olson and Margaret O'Conncll, a na- .
live of Dundalk. County Louth. Ireland, aged ,
C6 years. (Seattle papers please copy.) ,
CTFriends and acquaintance* are respect- i
fully lnvUed to attend th» funeral Sunday, [
June 26. at I o'clock, from her late residence,
1715 Jones .Etreet, thence to St. Brlgld'e
Church for ¦ services, commencini at 1:00
o'clock. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. A
reuiem hi«h mass will b<; celebrated for the |
ropes- of her soul at St. Brlgid'B Church :
Monday. June 27, at*9_o'clock. Friond3 and
acquaintances arc reitJcctfully invited.
LOONEY— In this city, June 23. 1904. Corne-
itu» Looncy, loving son of Jeremiah and :
Julia Lconey, and devoted brother of John, i
J«-re and Mary Looney and Mrs. R. O'Con- I
nor. a native of Smartsville, Cal.
G7 Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Saturday*, at 9:15 o'clock, from th» resi- I
j denoe of his parents. r»C2 Minna street, thence |
to St. Patrick's Church, where a. requiem
high mas3 will be celebrated for th» repose of i
hlb roul. commencing at 9:45 o'clock'. In-
terment Holy Cross Cemetery.
| MURPHY— In this city, .lunc 23. 1904, Eleanor I
i Gertrude Murphy, daughter of Michael and I
Emma Murphy, a native of San Francisco, |
j aged 11 months. - - j
j B^Tho funeral will take- place- to-day i
from 782 Stevenson street. Interment Holy
Crons Cemetery.
O'NEIL— In this tlty. June 21. 1904. Captain !
Thomas O'Neil. loving father of Mrs. J. H.
Coutln*. Mrs. W. F. Hogan and Peter and
Thomas O'Neil, and brother of Edw. O'Neil,
a native of Ireland, aged 75 years. A mem- j
bcrtif Kxempt Firemen.
CTThe funeral will "lake- place to-day
(Friday), at 10 o'clock.- from the funeral
parlors of James McGinn & Co.. 214 Eddy
street, thence to Holy Cross Cemetery for
interment, via electric car from Eighteenth
and Guerrero streets.
PATTON— In this city. June 23, 1904, Edward
I-rfiur'-iicc, beloved son of John and the late
Jorephine M. 1'atton. and grandson of Mrs.
<*hrifrtine Anderson and Mrs. Margaret
Fatton. a native of San Francisco, aged 2
months and 9 ilayn.
PKXCE— In thi« i-lty. June 23. 1904, Etta C,
beloved wife of Omrr M. Pence, and mother
cf On.er A. Pence, and daughter of Augustus
and Catherine Williams, a native of San
Francisco, aged 1*2 y*>ars*2 months and 8
trXFriends and acquaintances exe respect-
fully invited to attend th<» funeral to-morrow
(Saturday). June 25. at 10:30 o'clock, from
the uarlom of II. K. Suhr & Co.. 1137 Mis-
sion strert. Ivtwewi Seventh and Eighth, j
Interment Mount Ollv-ft Cemetery. -
RAT— In this city. Jun» 2"., 1904, Ida May,
dearly beloved wife* of Samuel A. Ray. arid
daughter of Nancy Olive. Lynn, a native of
California, aged ,T3 rears 4 months and l
days. '
REEIV- In this city. June 23, 1904, cf diph-
theria. Harold M. t beloved Bon of Harold C.
end Maren D. Reed, and brother of Jomont
• G. and Myrtle J. Reed, a native of Na-
naimo. B. C. aged 5 years arW 4 months.
KKED- In Oakland. June 23. 1904, Jennie
Faith Reed, beloved daughter of A. P. and
Aria M. Heed, and sister of Grace. Mary
and* Anna Reed, a native of Ohio, aared 1;J
yearn 7 months and 6 days.
ItOWLET— In Paeheco. Contra Costa County.
Judo 23, 1904. Henry A. Rowley, heloved
husband of Helen Rowley, and brother cf
I-Yank A. Rowley, and father of Mrs. W.
Oorham of Sacramento, Jessie Rowley of
Paohc-o. Frank II. Rowley of Sacramento
and Mrs. T. Frankland of Sacramento, a
native of Xew York, aged 71 years.
E7"Th'» funeral will take place Saturday,
June 25. at 2 o'clock, from the family r*«l-
dencc. Paeheco. under the auspices of Pa-
eheco Lodge No. 117, I. O. O. F. . Interment
Paeheco Cemetery.
SCHISLER— In this city. June" 22. 1904. John
Schlslcr. a native of Austria. A member of
the Barbers' Protective Union.
CT Remains at the funeral parlors of th?
II. K. Maaa* Company, 917 Mission street.
SEHABIAGUE— In this city. June 23. 1904,
I J.-mephlne. beloved molhfr of Michel ¦ He ha-
blague, -¦ and ' mother of Marie. Hehabiasue.
(Successors to Flannagan & Gallagher. '
£0 Fifth tu, opposite Lincoln School.
Telephone South 80.
——Funeral Directors and Embalmers — ¦— .
Formerly In Metropolitan Temple.
NOW at 8W5 MISSION. Tel. South 167.
Between Fourth and Fifth, near Fifth St.
Finest Equipments at Moderate rates.
and sister of Franceses. Leon, Pablo and
Francesco Yparragulrre. and slsUr-in-law of
Mrs. Francisco Mrs. Leon. Mrs. Francisco
Yparragulrre. Mr. and Mra J. Rey.-Mr. and
Mrs. A. Sehablafrue. Thomas Sehabiague and
Mr. nnd Mrs. Pallalt, a native of Spain,.
a»?ed 34 rears.
ICTFrlends and acquaintance* are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral Sunday,
June 1'li, at 12 o'clock, from her late real-
. tlence, 1703 Hyde street, corner Broadway,
I tlienec to th<? French Church for services,
mmmeni-lng ot 1 o'clock. Interment Holy
'"ross" Cemetery. m
SHANEY— In this city. June 22. 1904, Law-
renoi? Sl-.anev. a native of Ire-land, aced 70
years. A member of Riggers' ftpd Steve-
dores' Union, Local No. U22. —
E7Not!ce of funeral hereafter. Remains
j at narlors of Pacific Undertakers, 777 Mls-
' sion etreet.
SHAW— In this 'city. June 23. 1904, Alice F.,
i beloved v,-|fe of Lee W. Shaw, and mother of
Raymond S. Shar.% and daughter of Mr. aiid
Mrs. C. W. Rust, and loving sister »f Joseph
Rust. Mrs. E. Urcnt and Mrs. F. Woods, a
I native of Kansas. .
SMITH— In Honolulu. June 9. 1904. Vrank M.,
| beloved husband of Mrs. F. M. Smith, and
father of Alice and Krank Smith of Fifth
avenue, this city, agtd 45 years.
' CyFr'ends and acquaintances are Invited
I to attend the funeral services at Odd .Fel-
i lows' Cemetery, on Friday, June 24. at 3
i o'clock.
j SMITH— In this city. June 22. 1901. Leonard
I J-\, beloved husband of Maria D. Smith, a
native of Pennsylvania, oged SI years) 1
month and 10 days. (Honolulu papers please
EJ'Frlends and acquaintances and mem-
bers of James A. GarfielU Post. G. A. R..
CSarfleld Relief Corns No. 21. Lincoln Relict
Corps No. 3 and Seven Pines Circle No. 3.
Ladies of the G. A. R. are respectfully In-
vited to attend the funeral services Sunday,
June 26, at 1:SO o'clock, at Alcazar building,
114 O'Farr;ll etreet. Interment National ',
s Cemetsry, Presidio. Please omit flowers.
fiWEENEX— In this city. June 22. 1904/ Mary !
Sweeney, beloved daughter of Annie and Cor- i
nelluu Sweeney and sister of Leon Sweeney, I
and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. John j
Hurscn, a native of San Francisco, aeed 1 !
year 7 months and 1 day. |
E7"Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day '
(Friday), at 11 o'clock, from her late rest-
dence, St-'1O Buchanan street, between Lom-» I
bard end Greenwich. Interment Holy Cross
WAGNER— In this city. June 23, 1904, Julius
AVagner. beloved husband of Bertha Wagner. !
a native of Brandenburg, Germany, aged 44 j
¦ years 1 month and 10 days. :
¦WILLIAMS— In' this city. June 21. 1904, Lilly !
May Williams, beloved daughter .of Henry '
L. and Katie Williams, and beloved sister of !
Gecrp^ Warren . and Dean Williams, and !
Mrs. Lnn Moore and Mrs. Walt Eddy of Eu- ]
gfn». Ore., a native of California, aged 18
years 4 mouths and 18 days.
FTTriends acJ acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day ;
(Friday). June 24. at 1:15 o'clock, from the :
parlors of Gantner Bros.. 1209 Mission street, i
between Eighth and Ninth, thence to the i
Mertiodl?t Episcopal Church South, on Bush i
street, between Gongh and Octavia, for
services, commencing at 2 o'clock. Inter-
ment Cycress Lawn Cemetery.
YOGIS— In the City find County Hcspltal,
Tone 22, 1904.. John Yogis, a native of New-
York, aged IS years.
To our many friends, whose sympathy and
klnrtnfM were ours In our recent bereave-
ment, we extend our heartfelt thanks.
Mrs. Fritz Elsele wishes to express her
many thanks to her many friends for kind-
ness durinc her recent bereavement.

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