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Leaves Saturday. July 23; $28 60 round
trip. In one way and out another, around
the famous "double loop." Passes direct
ly through two groves of giant sequoias.
Special care for women and children.
You will get the best of everything on
the Santa Fe. A rare chance to visit the
famous valley. Inquire at 641 Market
street, Santa Fe office. •
Grand Personally Conducted Excur
Ye Oldc English Inn,
144 Mason st.' Just one trial' at Babs &
Jules'. That's all. •
E. Rodgers,, 2642 McAllister street,
reported to the police yesterday . that
his tools, valued. 'at, $10 76, had been
stolen. He is engaged in doing the
plastering work in a building at .Tay
lor and Turk streets and locked the
tools in .a room on Saturday night.
When he went . to work on Monday
morning the tools had disappeared. .
Plasterer's Tools Stolen.
Mexican Celebration.
Several hundred membersof the lo
cal Mexican colony met last night -at
Apollo Hall to^ make arrangements, to
celebrate the ninety-fourth anniver
sary "of the* national independence of
Mexico. The following were appointed
to take charge of the affair: A. Bete
tai • president; G. D. Katta, vice j presi
dent; A. de la Torre Jr., secretary; M.
Tellez Sil, assistant secretary; M; Es
querro, treasurer; executive'., commit
tee, Roman Silva, A. Barraza, , C. . F.
Jiminez, J- de la Fuente, P. M. Mendo
za.'F. Olmedo, R. Pineda,* A. Gonzalez,
F. v Carranza, E. Siordla, M. Argiiijo; S.
Zamoreu; S.* B. Pena, J. Meneses »and
E." Navarrete. ' , ,
By Sally Sharp.
" Last night Miss Ethel Shorb, daugh
ter of Mrs. J. de Barth Shorb, became
the bride of James King Steele of Sac
ramento. The ceremony was performed
at the home of the bride on Gough
street by Archbishop Montgomery, an
old family friend. Forty guests — all
relatives. or old % friends — were bidden to
witness the interesting ceremony.
The bride, who is a winsome maiden,
.wore a. dainty gown of white Jusi with
rare Valenciennes, a soft veil falling
about. her. She was attended by. Miss
Margaret Eastman, smartly frocked in
blue.Varid by Ynez and Ruth, the two
dainty little daughters of Mrs. Ynez
Shorb White, the sister of the bonny
bride. -
"* The groom was attended by Camp
bell Shorb.
• After the service a reception was
¦held, when the young people were pro
fusely toasted.
• The'nuptial trip to the south will fill
¦|th'e coming fortnight, after which the
happy pair will make their home in
-To-night at 9 o'clock Miss Eleanor
Warner will be ; wedded to Stuart
>Rawlings of Mexico.
,. The Rev. Dr. Hemphlll of Calvary
Presbyterian Church will perform the
service at the home of the bride, 2323
Franklin street. . v
A charming bride will be Miss War
ner—likewise will she be surrounded
by a bevy of pretty maids-r-Miss Helen
Davis officiating as honor maid and
Miss Jano Rawlings and lisa Alysse
Warner; as bridesmaids.
A reception will follow the wedding
NEW YORK, July 1».— The follow
ing Californians arejn New York:
From San Francisco — Mrs. L. Blanco,
at the Murray Hill; S. T. Britton, at
the Astor; Mrs. A. H. Brouck, at the
Park Avenue; A. G. Clark, at the Ev
erett; J. Duane, at the Grand Union;
J. R. Forrest, at the Wellington; F.
A. Kenny, at the St. George; A. C.
King, at the Murray Hill; C. J.
Strouse, at the Continental; G. O.
Watson, at the Everett; Mrs. Crich
ton, at the Victoria; F. Freudenthal,
at the JIarlborough; J..C. Muesedorf
fer Jr., at the Imperial; J. Muller, at
the Marlborough; O. G. -Myers, at the
Broadway Central; A. R. Reynolds, at
the Gilsey; Dr. T. I. Shiels and wife,
at the Murray. Hill; J. W. Van Praag,
at the Bartholdl; S. Breyer, L, Es
chen, at the Herald Square;; A. G.
George, at the Marlborough; Mrs. F.
J. Williams, at the Herald Square.
From San Rafael — T. • T. Williams,
at the Hoffman.
From San Jose — L. R. Hicks, at the
From Los Angeles — M. Olson, at the
Normandie; F. A. Hlnes, at the Im
perial; C. H. Selby, at the Bartholdi;
R. M. Walker, at the Wellington; Mrs.
J. Fletcher, W. Kleckner, at the Her
ald Square; E. Lawrence, at the Marl
borough; M. Slegel and wife, at the
Herald Square.
Calirorninns in New York.
Mateo Free Kindergarten.
It is to be a garden party of many
It is to have booths, wherein good
things will be exchanged for nimble
. These booths will be presided over by
Mrs. A. M. Easton, Mrs. Henry T.
Scott, Mrs. Charles E. Green," Mrs. J.
H. P. Howard, Mrs. W. P. Fuller and
J. McWatt, through his mother.
Margaret McWatt, yesterday brought
suit for $5000 damages . against , tha
Pacific Trunk and Bag Company. Tha
boy is 13. years old and was working
for the concern in November 29. 194)3.
He was carrying out water from tha
basement and by reason of his Inex
perience his foot was crushed whlls
operating the sidewalk elevator. , H
Boy AVants $5000 Damages. « r
On. Saturday the smart set of San
Mateo and Burlingame will betake it
self into the lovely gardens of Mrs. A.
B. Ford of San Mateo, whereat it will
lend its endeavors to lift a load of
trouble from the shoulders of the San
• :;¦•¦-¦•
ceremony, to which 100 guests have
been invited.
The fair maids who will assist In th»
good work are Miss Jennie Crocker,
Miss Margaret Newhall, Miss Eliza
beth Newhall, Miss Gertrude Hy<Je-
Smith. Miss Margaret Hyde-Smith.
Miss Laura Bates and Miss Florence
Mrs. Daniel Drysdale.
It has been definitely arranged that
the tour of'the Ben Greet company of
London players, ! under the manage
ment of Charles Frohman, will 'begin
In California, the entire organization
coming here direct from London, open
ing at the Greek Theater of the Univer
sity of California on Saturday after
noon, October 1, with a splendid pro
duction of "Hamlet."
The season . In San Francisco will
open Monday, October 3, at Lyric Hall,
where the success of last year, "Every
man," will] be given for one week, a
second week being devoted to Eliza
bethan productions or Shakespeare's
masterpieces. The company will then
tour Southern California and include
performances at Stanford University
and open-air performances in Los An
geles, returning to San Francisco for
the first production in California of the
beautiful miracle play, "The Star of
Bethlehem," by Professor Gayley of
the State University and perhaps one
or two big, new productions.' Then the
tour will be continued East via the
Northwest and British Columbia.
The entire coast tour will be under
the direction of Will L. Greenbaum,
who is rapidly coming to the front as
apurv«yor of the highest class'of
amusement attractions.
Schools, colleges, seminaries and
other institutions of learning in all
parts of the country ' can arrange
special rates - for the students and
teachers by applying to Mr. Green
baum, Lyric Hall, San Francisco. .-¦-¦
W. C. Francis of Buffalo, a former
student of Stanford University, who Is
studying architectural art 'at Colum
bia College, New York, is here on a
pleasure trip with his mother and sis
ter and is staying at the St. Francis.
J. C. Stubbs, traffic director of the
Harrlman lines, accompanied by his
secretary, R. J. Nicholson, arrived
from Chicago yesterday and is stay
ing at the St. Francis. He is making
his customary business trip to the
coast. • ' ' -«
Richmond Pearson Hobson, former
constructor in the navy, who, was a
delegate to the recent Democratic con
vention in St. Louis from Greensboro,
Ala., arriv|d in this city last evening
and is registered at the Palace.
Thomas Schumacher, traffic man
ager of the Oregon Short Line, arrived
from Salt Lake yesterday and is stay
ing at the Occidental. •¦
Herbert E. Law, the well-known
capitalist, who has been abroad for
several months studying various meth
ods in vogue in Europe for the im
provement of municipalities, has re
turned home.
Jay W. Adams, Pacific Coast gen
eral .agent of the Nicker Plate line, is
at the Occidental. . , .
Selwyn Eddy of Bay City and F. U.
Dorr of Saginaw, wealthy lumbermen
of Michigan, are registered at the Pal
Rudolph" Scherer," a" railroad man of
New York, is at the Palace.
J. W. Walker, division superintend
ent of the Santa Fe- road at Fresno,
is at the Palace.
Mrs. Oddie was formerly Clare Bell
iicDonald, wife of Richard McDonald
of San Francisco, whose connection
with the sensational failure of the Pa
cific Bank several years ago led to his
arrest and long detention In the County
Jail in that city. She also gafned con
siderable notoriety through her elope
ment with Seneca Swalm, who after
ward was sentenced to imprisonment In
San Quentin. For a number of years
after this notoriety Mrs. McDonald re
mained in retirement, from which she
emerged to marry Oddie. Their nup
tials were celebrated in Carson City
on December 2 last and the wedding
created surprise among Oddie's friends
in Nevada, who are legion. It was
feared by his acquaintances that the
union would not be a happy one. It
seems that these apprehensions were
well founded.
The first intimation that Oddie and
his wife had quarreled was received
here yesterday, when it became known
that the popular mine manager had
left Tonopah hurriedly for San Fran
cisco. He had barely passed through
Reno on his way to the bay before It
was learned that Mrs. Oddie was in hot
pursuit of her husband. Unfortunately
for her plans, however, the train bear
ing her from Tonopah was derailed out
on the desert, where ; she and other
passengers were delayed for nearly
thirty hours. The wife finally reached
Reno, . where she was met by friends
of her husband, who, it is said per
suaded her to abandon her trip to San
Francisco and 6he reluctantly returned
to Tonopah. To-night it was common
talk on the street that Oddie's friends
here were endeavoring to reach' him by
wire in San Francisco with a view of
establishing a truce between him and
his wife, but had not met with much
success. One of these friends is re
ported to have left for San Francisco
to-day to confer with Oddie regarding
his troubles, and news as ' to, the re
sults of his efforts are anxiously await
ed here. ; ....
According to the report here Oddie
is in San Francisco conferring with
his lawyers and is expected to insti
tute proceedings there or in this town
in a few days. The ground upon which
his suit will be based is said to be
incompatibility of temper, although
gossip has it that the couple have sep
arated for more serious reasons.
RENO, Nev., July 19.— Society of
Reno was startled to-day by a story
from Tonopah to the effect that Tasker
L. Oddie, general manager of the Ton
opah Mining Company and one of the
wealthiest men in the new mining dis
trict, had engaged attorneys with a
view of filing a suit for divorce against
his wife, from whom he separated sev
eral days ago.
Delays Wife of Millionaire
Oddie.Who Was Following
Him in Hot Haste to City
former califorman who has
arrived at new york from
Europe critically ill.
Sentenced for Burglary.
Joseph Mallon, who pleaded guilty
in Judge Dunne's court to a charge of
burglary, was sentenced to serve three
years in San Quentin. On the night
of April 6 he broke into a building in
rear of G. G. Gillispie's house, 915 Fell
street, and stole a quantity of tools
and other articles.
NEW YORK. July 19.— Somewhat im
proved hi health, Mrs. George Crocker,
who has been very ill In Paris, arrived
to-day on the Kronprinz Wilhelm from
Cherbourg with Mr. Crocker and her
daughters, Mrs. Phillip Keartiy and
Miss Alice Rutherford, and her son,
Alexander H. Rutherford.
Mrs. Crocker benefited rather than
suffered from the ocean voyage and to
morrow, with her family, she will go
to Newport on their steam yacht and
occupy their villa, Nethercliff. The
party are occupying a suite at the Wal
dorf Astoria.
Dr. Morris Herzstein of San Fran
cisco accompanied Mrs. Crocker from
France, having been summoned to
Paris to attend her when her Illness
became critical.
After the family are settled in their
Newport house Mrs. Crocker will be
under the care of Dr. William T. Bull.
It is said she will be able to attend to
the details of the wedding . of her
daughter, Miss Alice H.. Rutherford,
whose marriage to J. Langdon Erving
will take place- in Newport some time
next month, i ...
Social D'.epatch to The Call,
Senator Perkins delivered yesterday
a very interesting address before the
members of the Chamber of Com
merce at the quarterly meeting. He
briefly reviewed what had been ac-
Scomplished in behalf of California at
the last session of Congress and con
gratulated his hearers on the gener
ally ploasant outlook for the State.
He paid tribute to the v.-isdom of the
chamber in maintaining a representa
tive at the national capital and spoke
hiphly of the services rendered by
William Bunker. His remarks were
received with great favor by the as
pembl^d business men.
Secretary E. Scott presented an in
teresting array of statistics, which
showed how greatly Pan Francisco
has increased in prosperity since last
yea r.
A Wt<>r was received from Briga
dier General C. A. Wodruff, who ad
vires that the chamber send a repre
sentative to the Orient to look after
the port's interests in that part of the
world. General Woodruff says he
would be pleased to accept the posi
tion if the commercial men should so
William Bunker, the chamber's rep
resentative at Washington, then spoke
of th" advantages gained by San
Francisco in the growth of Pacific
trade. He paid particular attention.to
the subject of establishing a military
depot at San Francisco. In conclu
sion h" urged that trade with China
be increased. The chamber adopted
the following resolution:
"That we hereby respectfully re
quest the members of the Senate and
House of Representatives from Cal
ifornia to co-operate with the War De
partment in any efforts made to se
cure appropriations from the national
Coneress for the erection in San Fran
cisco of a military depot for quarter
master's stores and the construction
of docks for the army transport ser
During the afternoon a proposition
was presented for consideration look
ing to the amalgamation of the Can
adian order , known as "the Sons of
England" with the Sons of St. George.
This called forth opinions from the"
great majority of the delegates and
when the hour for adjournment was
reached all had not spoken on the
subject. Hence it was laid over until
Clarence W. Riffee was appointed
press committee.
The election of grand officers will be
held to-morrow. W. G. Johnson of
this city, the vice" president, is the
logical candidate .for the office ;of
grand president, but yesterday it was
rumored that there might be an op
ponent at the time, nominations were
declared- in- order. — ¦- ¦•
, Last. evening the. grand officers and
delegates were the^guests of; Albion
Lodge, - Oakland, . when -there • was an
entertainment and a collation.'
On Thursday night a banquet will
be given to the grand officers and'dele
gates by the -local lodges of the order,
Pickwick and Burnaby. . - >.
The' royal standard floated yester
day from the mast over the Red Men's
building on Post street to indicate that
it was the place where was being held
the thirteenth annual . session of the
Grand Lodge of the Sons of St.
George. . .
The grand body was called to order
by Worthy , Grand President J. H.
Cocking of Is'anaimo, assisted by the
following grand officers: W. G. John
son, San Francisco, vice president;
Thomas Poser, San Francisco, secre
tary; William Meek, Los Angeles,
messenger; William H. Price, Vic
toria, B. C*. assistant messenger; John
Stevenson, Nevada City, chaplain; E.
T. Joost,. Oakland, inside sentinel; F.
R. Pulford, Sacraniento, outside sen
tinel; G. B. Rosewell, Samuel Creba
and W. H. Noy, trustees, and . W. H.
Fuller, past grand president.
The annual report of the retiring
worthy grand president was read. It
proved a very interesting document
and was supplemented by a talk upon
the growth of the order during the
last year.
The report of the grand secretary
showed a satisfactory increase in
membership for the year in the four
teen subordinate lodges of the juris
diction. It also showed a flattering
financial growth.
F. D. Brandon of San Francisco
presented a new constitution for the
government of the Grand Lodge and
one for the subordinate lodges; also
a set of bylaws for each. These were
received and laid over for considera
tion at a future time during the ses
Proposed Amalgamation of
the Sons of England With
the Sons of St; George
Wash ington Representative
Explains Advantage of
Enlarging Pacific Trade
California Senator Speaks
at Quarterly Meeting of
the Chamber of Commerce
Sjitisf actory Showing in the
Grand Lodge as to Mem
bership : and / Finances
— i <
Invalid Is Benefited by the Ocean Voyage and the Party
Are Planning to Take Up Residence at Newport Pre
paratory to Wedding of the Daughter, Miss Rutherford
MPlMllOT^ISMKMiWliiMiilK to 1 Next Sunday's Call
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a Dr. Gibbon's Dispensary,
<>'2'.i |{i:.ilt.\V ST. Established
lit !%54 fortlip trcatniMit ol Private
Ui<wasc<>. Ixmt M»nb(KXl. Debility or
<iix ;i«'- ¦rCarfafoa hod? anil mine! and
SUin Oii«e:i«e». The Doctorciire* when
others lui'. Try him. ('hat-gen low.
« Mr«-« c<«««-.-»»il«-«-d. Call or write.
»r. J. *". <i I nno> , Kan Francisco. CaL
f± m n Eg p* Outfits Gum, Ammunl-
I 1 It nnll tlon < Fining and Outint
P IB GUI HP Uoorts. Tents and run* to
WIIbIIi fhreve & barker co..
739 Market et.,
B21 Kcarnr at.. S. F.
¦ \ : .
- Eotary Public and Attorney-at-£aw.
Tenth Fleer, Room 1013. Claus Spreckeli bid*.
Telephone Main 983.
Residence. 1802 McAllister *L
' Residence Telephone Page S641.
'Catalogue and Price Lists Mailed
on Application.
II? RflYFS & CO sht PP«n«f Butcher*. 108
«'A>. DUlfcJ O. \AJ. ei ay . Tel. Main 12M.
418 rront St.. B. F. Phone Main 171».
I.I. ULUQEJf 611 S&nsome rt.. S. F.

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