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Continued on Pago TwcIts*
Receipts. 10,000; slow. 10c lower; native
steers, ?4e6: native cows and heifers, $1 75a
5: stockers and feeders. • $2 5rt*»4 50; bulls
(2 25^:3 75; calves, $2 oO@5: We-itern steers'
$3 7505 50; Western- cows. *1 75©3 60.
¦ - HOGS — Receipts, . . 11,000 head ; ' market 6c
lower; bulk . of sales, (5 05@5 15; heavy, }o©
Kansas City.
CHICAGO. Aug. 2.— CATTLE— Receipts,
3000 head; market dull to lower; good to prime
steers, $5<S0 25; poor to medium, $4@4 90;
stockers and feeders, $283 73; cows,' $1 so«3
4 25; heifers, $2®4 75: canners, $1 5002 B0
bulls. $2@4; calves, $2®6; Texas fed steers
$3®4 50. .
HOGS-^-Receipts to-day, 16,000; to-morrow
20.000; market dull. 5@10c lower; mixed and
butchers, $5 20@5 45; good to choice heavy
J5 25@5 40; rough heavy, $4 80©5 10; light!
$3 15«5 45; bulk of sales. |3 20©5 35.
SHEEP— Receipts, 14,000 head; market
steady, good to choice wethers, $3 75@4 25
fair to ' choice. mixed. $363 73; Western sheep.'
t-i 75Q4 40: natrve lambs. $4@7; Western
lambs; $4 75@6 85.
RAI3INS — Association f. o. b. prices Fresno
(subject to change without notice) are as fol
lows: 50- lb boxes — Loose Muscatels. 3 -crown.
3c; 2-crown. 2%c; Malaga, loose. 3-crown. !
2%c; 2-crown. 2Uc; seedless Sultanas, 3c:
seedless Muscatels. 2Uc; Seeded Raisins. IS-03
cartons, fancy. 4%c; choice. 4c; 12-02 cartons
fancy. .1?4c: choice. S%c per lb.
I NUTS— Walnuts. No. 1 softahell. 13U©14c;
No. :2. ll%612c; No. 1 hardshell. 13®13%c;
No. 2, U8H73C; Almonds, 13$l3ftc tor sew*
FRUITS — New crop — Apricots. 7%©9%c;
Peaches, 59i@7i5C per lb; Pears, 8@9%c; Figs,
2-crown bricks. 52%c; 3-crown. 53c; 4-crown,
We: 8-crown. 75c; bulk white. 3*;<g3--Ae: black* :
4c. Old crop— Evaporated Apples, 6%g7%c per
pound. ¦ , • . ' 1
PRUNES— 1903 crop. l«i©2Kc for the four |
sizes. :^i«mhH|ipmMm
Fruits remain as before quoted. Prunes are
weak, wUh a large carry-over, but everything
else in the fruit line Is cleaned up. aa already
mentioned, and the feeling Is steady all along
the line. Nut* and Honey are as before stated. -
the former being firm and in good demand •
and the latter dull. {
The Raisin Association has fallen to pieces,
not being able to secure the necessary member
ship cf growers to carry it on another year.
and hereafter each grower will handle his crop
himself. The association will, however, re
main together until the old crop Is worked off.
and has named the lower prices quoted below
to this end.
Dried Fruits.Nuts,RaisinsJioney.
CHICAGO, Aug. 2.— On the Produce Ex
change tb-day the butter market was steady;
creamery. 134$17c; dairy, 12®15c; eggs. firm.
12%@16%c: cheese, steady. 7%©8Hc
Butter, Cheese and Eggs.
There la nothing new to report, trade b*1n«
still quiet and featureless. The Chicago wires
of R. Brent Mitchell yesterday said: "Price*
are a shade easier. There is so little doing,
however that there Is nothing to comment
upon. Shipments of meats and lard arc less
than last year. Th» packers claim the strik«
Is practically broken, but th» speculative fra- j
ternity is yet disposed to wait for further de
CURED MEATS — Bacon. lOo per lb for >*
heavy, 10%c for light medium, 12%o for light.
13 %c for extra light and iec for sugar-cared;
Eastern sugar-cured Hams. 13%c: California
Hams. 12%c; Mess Beef, HO-ftlOSO per bbl:
extra Mess. JUS11 50; Family. $12512 50;
prime Mfw Perk. $14 50: extra clear. $21;
Mess. $17 50: Dry Salted Pork. Olie: Pig Pork.
$24; Pigs' Feet. $3: Smoked Beef. 14c p«r.lb-
LARD — Tierces quoted at 6<t?6%c F»r lb for
common and 9c for pure; ba!f-barr«ls. pure.
9%c; 10- lb tins, 9*ic; 5-lb tins. 9'4c; 3-lb ttns.
COTTOLENE— Ona half barrels. 8«4«: threw
half barrels. $\c; on« tleroo, 8%c; two tierce*.
8c; flv« tierces. 7%c per lb.
Hides, Tallow, Wool and Hops.
Hides rule firm and the market !» bar«,
having been cleaned up by the demand follow
ing the decrease in supplies in the Weat, ow
ing to th* packing-house strike. Prices show
no further advance, however.
The Wool market continues as befor« quoted.
Th; quotations below are nominal. •¦ th« -
srrlng clip Is practically cleaned up and th«
fall clip has not yet begun to arrive in volum*.
The situation In Hops remains unchanged. .
The market Is steadily held by growers, and
buyers evidently want the goods, for they arc
bidding full figures for 1901 contracts.
HIDES AND SKINS— Culls and brands sell
about %31c und«r quotations. Heavy salted
steers, luc; medium. 9c; light. 8%c; Cotr
Hides, S^SUc for h»avy and SgS%c for light;
Ftags. 6c: "Talted Kip. 9c; Salted Veal. 10c;
Salted Calf, lie: dry Hides. l«c; dry Kip. 13c;
dry Calf. ISc: Sheepskins, sh<>arllngs. 23$40c
each; short Wool. 40QC5o each: medium, 75^9 '
9Co: long Wocl. $1«1 50: Horse Hides, salt.
$2 75 for large and *21?2 50 for medium, $1 23
61 75 for small and 50c ff>r Colts; Horse Htdttv."
dry $1 75 for ianre and $1 SO for medium. $19
1 23 tcr small and 50e for Colts. Buck Sklas —
Pry Mexican. 30c; dry salted Mexican. 23c; dry
Central American. OOlfOTHc. Goat Skins —
Prime Acfforas. 75c; extra large- do, $1 25;
large and smooth. 50c; medium. 35c; small.
TALLOW— No. 1 rendered. 4ff*i;o per lb;.
No. 2. :.%c; grease 2%tf.1c.
WOOL— Spring Clip— Humbolrlt and Mendo
cino. 17 CIS-; San Joaqutn and Southern, 12
months'. 10<S12c; do 7 months'. 9911c per lb:
Middle Counties. 13317c for tree and 12315c
fcr defective: Northern. ICSJISc for free- and
1431Cc for defective; Nevada. 13316c. accord
ing to condition.
HOPS— Nominal at 25-«27%e per lb fcr Cali
fornia. 1900. Contracts for 1004 crop are quoted
at 17g2Oc.
Meat Market.
Everything now is in good supply and ex
pected to continue so until winter sets ln>.
Sheep and Lambs ccntlnue to arrive freely
from Nevada, and California sources are send-.
Ing In ample supplies cf Beef. Quotations for.
Veal are slightly lower, as the market Is lib
erally stocked with this description. The situ
ation in Hcgs remains as stated for a week
past, the demand and supply about balancing.
Wholesale rates from slaughterers to dealers
are as follows:
BEEF— 5©6%c for Steers ar.d 4f 3 ; ic per ID
for Cows.
VEAL— Large. 5g7c: small. 7tT?e per lb.
MUTTON — Wethers. 7%fJ3c; Ewes, "o per lb.
LAMB — !VgO%c per lb.
PORK— Dreswed Hoc. «%«S%c per lb.
The following quotations are for good, sound
Livestock delivered in San Francisco, less 50
per cent shrinkage for Cattle:
CATTLE — Steers. 7%«?7%e: Cows and
Heifers 5U©*5>!.c: thin Cows. 4©3e per lb.
CALVES— 4(jr4%c per lb (gross weight).
SHEEP— Wethers. 3%@3?ic; Ewes, 3®3H<s
per lb .'gross weighty.
LAMIJS— $2 5<>f;2 75 per head.
HOOS— Live Hogs. 140 to 2C«> lbs. 4%W±s;
200 to 25O lbs. 4%c: l.*M> lbs and under. 4%e;
over 250 lbs. 4t-Jc: soft H<tcs. nominal; 8ow».-
SO per cent off; Boars. 5O per cent off. and
Stags. 40. per cent off from above quotations.
General Merchandise.
BAGS — The State Prison Directors are offer
ing l.OCO.OCO San viuentin grain bags at $t 7S.
Other bags are %-cak at 5V»c. Wool Bags, 30^
32c; Fleece Twine. 7%c; Fruit Bags, 6%£7'io
for white and 7e for brown Juts.
CANNED FRUIT — The California Fruit Caa
ners' Association quotes Use following,' prices
fcr O"f l*>04 pack: ¦•,-*¦"- .'
~ ~~ ~ . ?» 1 a o» ti
*-. is** ff . S
* 5 3 I !
FRUITS. H g" 3. ."
* ¦* • •
Mm! 5
Apple* |$l 63;$1 3O$l 2O *l 19
Apricots J 1 25) 1 13 103
Do peeled 1 90{ 1 esf
Do sliced 1 90 I €3 v ..
Blackberries 1 60 1 35 123 115
Cherries. Royal Anne... 2 lOf 1 80 1 tt&\ 1 33
Do white 2 004 163 1501
Do black 1 8Ot 1 es 1 SOI 1 3O
Grapes. Muscat .» 1 23} 1 10 1 OOt 3O
Nectarines 1 50 1 251 1 15 1 05
Peaches, Yellow 173 133 123 115
Do. Lemon Cling 1 80 1 40
Do. L. C. sliced 1 80l
Do. White Heath 1 30
Do. W. H.. sliced 1 43 1 3O
Pears. Bartlett 190 160 140 123
Plums. Green Gage 1 33 1 10' 1 COj 00
Do. Eg? 1 35 1 10) 1 COt 9*>
Do. Golden Drop 1 33 1 101 X CO( 90
Do. Damson 1 40 1 15 1 03. 1 OO
Raspberries 2 SOI 2 23 1 OOf 1 90
Strawberries 2 OOl 1 75| 1 60t 1 40
CANNED VEGETABLES — Tomatoes. 2%-lb
standards. 67%Q70c; gallon standards. $2 03t&
2 10; 3-lb solid pack. 87%890e; Green P«as —
Baby petits rois. $1 50; .petit.* pels. $1 33: ex
tra sifted, fl 15: standard sifted. $1; standards.
Sic: Marrowfats. 82%c; gallon sifted. $4 23;
gallon standard. $3 73 f. o. b. Saa Franctscot.
COAL— WeUingtcn, $3 per ton; New Welling
ton. IS: Peattle. $6 50; Bryant. $6 50: Be*ver
Hill. $5 !U>; Standard. $7; Roslyn. $7: Coos
Bay. S3 50: Greta. $7: Wallsend. $7: Richmond
$7 50; Cumberland. $13 In bulk and $14 23 in
t<aeks>; Pennsylvania Anthracite Egg, $14;
Welsh Anthracite Eg*, $13: Welsh Ltrcnp.
$11 50; Cannel. $3 50 per ten: Coke. $11 30013
per ton In bulk and $15 in sacks; Rocky Moun
tain descriptions. $11 43 per 2C0O lbs and $12 SO
per long ton. according to brand.
PACIFIC CODFISH — Bundles, per Tb, 4%c;
eases, regular. S3 35: cases, extra large. 6*%c:
Eastern style. 6%c; boneless. «V4c: "Norway."
e\ic. "Narrow Gauge." «*i.c; "Silver Kin*."
T?4c: blocks. "Oriental." «%c; blocks^ "8«s
brisht," 7c; tablets. Hie; middles. 78O»4c:
fancy boneless. 9'-,nD*-;c: pickled Cod. bbls.
$S: pickled Cod. half bbls. $4 73.
CORDAGE— The local company quotes as fol
lows. 60 days or % per cent discount for cash,
no sales under 10,000 lbs.: Manila, 14 %c: Sisal.
lOUc; Duplex. 9%e: Bale Rope. llViSU*»J
per Yb.
COFFEE— -Ccsta Rica— UQlWc for strictly
prime to fancy washed; 12%013%c for prime
washed; 10%&12%c for good washed: Il%ei3o
for good to prime washed peaberry; 10911o
for good to crime pcaberry; Iiai2%c for good
to pruae; 0$10%c for fair; 7%83%o for com
mon to ordinary.
Salvador— 13014c for fancy washed; 12«12?io
for strictly prime washed: 10HGH%e for good
to prime washed; 9®10Uo for fair washed;
10<812c for fair to prime washed peaberry: 10©
10%c fcr good to prime aeml-waahed: 9li30*ia
for Burvertor no washed: 9c for good greea un
washed; 94 8I0c for good to superior no
washed pea berry; "t?Sc for Inferior to ordinary.
CHICAGO. Aug. 2. — Cash quotations were as
follows: Flour, firm; No. 2 spring wheat, 90c
@n. No. 3, 90097c; No. 2 reJ. 93<g95ttc; No.
2 corn 53%c; No. 2 yellow, 54%c: No. 2 oats,
new, 34%®35c: No. 2 white, 35%@35%c; No. 8
white. 35®37c; No. 2 rye. 62c; good feeding
barley, 35c; fair to choice malting, .42©45c;
No. 1 flaxsecd. $1 17; No. 1 Northwestern.
51 24%; prime timothy seed. $2 05; mess pork.
per bbl, $12 80; lard, per 100 lbs, »6 82%©
<i 87%; short ribs sides (loose), $7 8007 62%:
whisky, basis of high wines, $1 2S; clover, con
tract grade $11 25.
Articles—' • Receipts. Shipments.
Flour barrels • 12,800 7,700
Wheat, bushels 174.OUO 31,600
Corn, bushels 287,100 270.70U
Oats bushels 208,700 113,100
Rye, bushels 0.000
Barley, bushels 12,900 8,500
Cash Grain and Provisions.
Weather Report.
<129tfc Kerldian — Pacific Time )
• . • BAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 2—5 p m
The foUowlcr maximum anl minimum tern-
P«rattsres are reported for the preced'.nr <lav
Bos*». % 90-€S]New Orleans ..'.SS-7*
• Cincinnati SS-6<S Philadelphia 8«-7-»
" -Jacksonvlllt, S6-7*j l: .Va*hln<rton 86-70
Et. -Louis S4-O?New York 64-70
' o 2 2 0 » g
/ STATIONS. I ||p|I p I
m . 9 A # * m
' Es.ker 23. OS S8 66 6 P.aln .04
C*rsoh ........ 28. S3 N« « KW Clear 00
Ky.refca ". 30.00 5S M w Cloudy ]oo
>re«io .3>..S 100 60 NW Clear .00
F E. Fiir=.IIon.i3.07 S« 52 NW Cloudy .00
r.igstaiT 2V.R* 76 4S # EE Cloudy .W
IVcate.io 2».*2 68 60 SW Clear 00
lr. dependence .2V.S2 1K> «2 gw Pt ddy 00
. Iv>s Angeles ..29.S4 82 XA W Clear "CO
Mr. Tair.nlrais.29. 03 7/j Vt VT Clear .00
Ncrth Head ..30.0S M 53 xw Cloudy 00
Phi*Elx 29.70 1(12 78 W Cloudy • *00
I'oint Heyes ..2S.33 53 50 NW Cloudy 00
r-.rtUnd ».»6 SO 54 NTV Clear 00
RetS Uluff ...2S.80 'jH W £E Clear 00
Rosefcurg ".23.90 90 64 N • Clear •: CO
Hr.erarjcr.to . .29.R4 80 54 S Clfar 'OO
. Salt Lake ...23.S4 88 00 NW C ear 00
£*-n Fr»nciseo.29.0« BO 52 W C'ear *00
S L. Obirpo.. 29.5*2 70 48 W Clear CO
Kan Dleco ...23.KS 72 <2 V." Clear *OO
B-»tt> 30.04 70 £O W Clear "oS
Spokane 23-S4 90 52 W Clear 00
Tatccsb SO.CS S4 50 SW Cloudy *00
Walla WaUa. .2*.). 82 »i C2 SW Clear "oO
Winnemucc* -29.88 00 W SW Clear 'oo
Yuraa 23.70 104 76 SW Rain x.
• There has been but Uttle change In the
weather during th« pest twenty-hour hou's
on the Pacific Coast. Thunder storms coa
tinue In the Sierras and in the mountains a*
Southern California and Arizona. Rain fs re
PcrtVd at El Paso, with strong loortheast
w lncs.
It is somewhat warmer la tfte foothills and
mountain* of California ww«m« ua
Forecast made at Saa Francisco tor thirty
hours ending midnicht, August 3- "- lr *y
NcrtJaeni California— Tilt VTeSaeafiar, ex-
New York Stock Market.
NEW YORK. Aug. 2.— Dull and apathetic
tradins marked the Stock Exchange session
to-day and the movement of prices was so
«lu«lsh as to be of little Importance. The
gutter of prices was Intermittently upward
and downward and was part of the time above
*nd part of the time below last night's closing
level. The resumption of business in the Lon
don stock market after a three days' holiday
bad little effect in reviving the influence of
the international political friction in Europe.
In fact, buying for London account was a fac
tor in the first hour here and helied to absorb
the light profit taking. Foreign markets them
selves seemed little aiTected by political j or
military events. In spite of the importance of
the harpenings In the Far Eart. A sharp re
action in Metropolitan Street Railway follow
ing yesterday's strength was the early feature
here and was easily traceable to th6 de
nial fcy President B-Mmoni of the ru
mor that Interborough capital was seeking the
control of tee Metropolitan system. Southern
Pacific seemed to enjoy a belated advantage
from to-day's report of large steel rail pur
chases for ta« Harrlraan system, while Union
Pacific was subjected to profit taking. Penn
sylvania made no response to the June earn
ings statement, which showed the continued
fail in gross earnings at last overcome by the
drastic retrenchments put . in force ¦ by . the
company. The extent of these retrenchments
offer a further formidable prospect to other
railroads, which eee in that . process the . only
method cf conservinx net" earnings, but which
may be r.ot so well equipped for reducing op
erating expenses. The day's discussion of crop
proepects was against the stock* marker. • The
deterioration in spring wheat reported by. the
Weather Bureau was more emphasized in the
estimates of some private authorities who have
following! in the speculative market.
The cotton market also reflected some anx
iety over the condition of that crop. The sus-
T-ense of the decision as to a strike of the an
thracite miners -was a repressive Influence on
th«. coalers, but the prevailing sentiment was
hopeful of avoiding a strike. >The unrest of
lsbor va> held before the public attention by
the tel'Krsphers' troubles on the Kansas and
Texas Railway. The market shewed decreas
ing resistance to the weight upon it ' and
clewed eaFy at about the lowest of the day.
Bonds were dull and Irregular. Total sales,
par value. Sl^W.OOO.
United States bonds were uneh.mir.-rl on ealL
Stocks— Sales. High. Low. Close.
Atchlson 17.100 75*% 77% 77%
Atchison 1 pfd 400 »C% 96' 05%
Bait & Ohio 3,000 84% 8iK 84%
Bait & Ohio pfd... .... .. * i-i 7 "
Canadian Pacific... 200 125* 123U 125*4
Central of N J.... 100 163 1C3 1C2
Cbesap ft Ohio ' •}•••£
Chi & Alton 1,400 40% 39U* 40%
Chi & Alton pfd ™™ gj
Chi ft G Western.. IOO lit; ijti 14
Chi tc Northwejttn. 500 180% 177% 177 U
aiSff^srSk"^? "!r: "«* \?4
Chi Term ft Tran 51?
Chi Term & T pfd. .*¦* 13 »?
C C C & Et Louis .... 73S
Colo Southern ** j«i?
Colo South 1st pfd **!! 48
Cclo South 2d pfd •••.
Dei & Hua>on_.... 100 100% 160% 15»U
Del Lock & West 2<wv
Denver & R G '//. %l2
Denver ft R G pfd. * 7?'*
Erie BOO 24% 24% 244
Erie 1st pfd ...... 400 61 60% C0U
Erl* 2d pfd ...... 100 36% 3c£ SS
Hiking Valley ... „ .... 63U
Hocking Val pfd.. .... 791?
Illinois Central .; 600. 133% 133Vi 132%
Icwa Central '....'' ijjiZ
Iowa Central. nfd.. . 200. .33% .35 S3^
K C Southern 21
K C Btutth—n/al&i 100 42 42 42£
MELONS — Cantaloupes. $1 2301 75 per crate;
Nutmeg Melons from the river, 60t?S5c per box;
Watermelons. $163 per dozen.
GRAPES — Seedless. 50>@73c per box or crate;
Fontainebleau. 40(rtS5c: other variedes. TScfiSl
CITRUS FRUITS— Oranges. SI 50@2 50 per
box for Valenciaa and SI 236 1 50 for Mediter
ranean Sweets; Lemons, $2 239*. 75 for fancy,
SI 50® 1 75 for choice and $lttl 25 for stand
ard: Grape Fruit. $1@1 50; Mexican Limes.
S4&4 60 per case; Bananas, 11 50$3 per bunch
for Central American and 7Sc@*l 50 for Ha
waiian; Pineapples. $1 50<g2 50 per dozen.
FIGS— SI 23 per box,
Trade In deciduous fruits was quite active,
both on kral and shipping account, and top
quality offerings cleaned up pretty well at good
prices. Peaches led In point of demand, and.
although there was an abundance of low
grade fruit on hand, good stock was easily dis
posed of. some fancy lots in regular boxes
selling as high as €Cc per box. Large open
boxes did better, as the market had previously
been pretty well cleaned up. The top quotation
was obtained only for one line of exceptionally
fine fruit from Sonoma County, SI being about
the top for the general market. The cancers
were purchasing freely cf Green Gage Plums
and Bartlett Pears, but were not handling other
fruits. Apricots in bulk were easier, owing to
the lack of demand for canning purposes, and
the top quotation was obtained enly for Bmall
parcels of the very best stock. Plums. Prunes
and Apples had little change and the last
mentioned descriptions were very weak, with
supplies excessive. Seedless and Fontalaebleau
Grapes were very dull at the quoted rates,
while the Black and Muscat varieties were in
good request at firmer prices. There was no
change in Melons, the demand for good stock
being briak. Blackberries were weak at a
lower range of prices, under heavy receipts
from Sebastopol, while all ether berries were
firm. Citrus and Tropical 'fruits were quiet
and featureless.
STRAWBERRIES— $5@7 per chest for Long
worths, $38« for Alviso Berries and S3J?4 50
for the larger varieties
LOGANBERRIES — S6®7 per cheat.
BLACKBERRIES— $1 50®3 per chest.
RASPP^RRIES— J6®9 per chest.
HUCKLEBERRIES— 10c per lb.
APRICOTS — Small boxes. 40g50c; crates 65
®75c: in bulk. 1-4©2%c per lb.
APPLES— Slfcl 25 per box fcr fancy. 6SCS5o
for choice and 35@50c for common; Crab Ap
ples. 50-fiCOe for_small boxes.
PEAKS— Bartlett. 73c@Sl per box for
wrapped stock: in open boxes, S30 per ton for
No. 1 and 40@50c per box for No. 2.
PEACHES— Small boxes, 3O$50c; open boxes
and carriers &06<2c; lug boxes, 73c 13.
basket*. 30@40c.
PLUMS. AND PRUNES— Plums. G0@60c t>«t
crata and 80940c per small box: In hulk. S2O
per ton for canning varieties. Prunes, eoi@TSo
per box or "crate.
NECTARINES— 73c£Sl per crate.
Deciduous and Citrus Fruits.
NEW YORK. Aug. 2. — Money on call was
very easy at %Ql per cent; closing bid. %
per cent; offered at 1 per ceat. Time loans
were easy and dull, with sixty and ninety day
loans at 2&2% per rent and six months at
3 •*(&.¦$ "4 per cent. Prime mercantile paper.
3^04^4 per cent. Sterling exchange was firm,
with actual business In bankers' bills at
S1.VT80 for demand and at $4.Sf«Q5 for sixty
day bills. Posted rates, S4 o5%@4 86 and
$1 88@4 8S%. Commercial bills. $4 83%. Bar
silver. 5S%c. Mexican dollars 45%e. Bonds —
Governments. Eteady; railroads. Irregular.
Nezv York Monev Market.
Exchange and Bullion.
Sterling Exchange, sixty days.... — $4 S5*«
Sterling Exchange, sight — 4 8SV4
Eterlin? Exchange, cables — 4 S&U
New York Exchange, sight — 10
New York Exchange, telegraphic. — 12%
Silver, per ounce — 5S%
Mexican Dollars 46 Q 40%
New York on Mexico 2.15
Berlin on London 2O.4S
Paris on London 25.25
iVhcat and Other Grains.
WHEAT FREIGHTS — Continue largely nom
inal, with no rpot business of any consequence.
at 17s tid'g'JOs. usual European options. The
chartered Wheat Beet in port has a registered
tonnage of 77CO, against 32.155 tons on the
same date last year; dUengaged. IH.S90 tons,
against 79,2iX>; on the way to this port, 229,300
tons, against 374.CO0.
WHEAT— Foreign markets were firm, with
higher flguresi
Chicago nas excited and 2%c higher, chiefly
owing to the issuance of an estimate by Jones
of the Commercial West, who reduced his fig
ures on the crop to 530,000,000 bushels. This
is a marked falling off from preceding esti
mates. The volume of business was large.
Another source cf strength was the continu
ance of bad reports of the grain crop from the
Northwest, much of the Wheat in North Da
koti being reported dead frcm rust.
The Chicago wires of R. Brent Mitchell said:
"Liverpool closely followed the advance here
since last Friday and continental markets were
sharply higher and somewhat excited. The
broadening speculation U coming on the in
creasing crop damage complaints from the
Northwest. Theae are being confirmed from
all sources. The large receipts at primary
markets are to-day meeting with a Rood de
mand and prices are higher. There has been
free liquidation by the liberal short Interest
and a good deal of profit-taking by profession
al holders. The market, however, holds tha
advance well and reactions are very slight.
We regard the conditions, nowever, as bullish
and aavlse buying Wheat on fair recessions.' 1
This market was very firm, and sellers asked
higher prices for both California and Northern
Club, but buyers were unwilling to pay the
advance. Trading In futures was excited and
heavy, about 15,000 tons selling on the morning
session. The advance was due to the. Chicago
rl9e and covering by shorts, and amounted to
California Club, $1 37%@l 42%; California
White Australian. $1 55^1 67%; Northern Club
$137%ei42%; Northern Bluestem, $1 52%@
1 55 per ctl.
Session 9 to 11 :30 a. m.
Open. High. Low. Close.
December ..$1 44 $1 47 $1 44 |1 46%
2 p. m. Session.
Open. High. Low. Close.
December ..$1 46% $1 4ti% SI 46 $1 46
i BARLEY — Feed moved up a fraction again,
and futures also ruled firm, with fair trading
in both. There is a good demand for old Brew
ing, but there is not enough left for a quota
; tton. There is little call s for new Brewing.
The shippers are fair buyers of Chevalier In
the country.
Feed. $1 O6H©1 08«i; new Brewing and Ship
ping, $1 10@l 15; Chevalier, $1 17 Hit 1 30 per
Session 9 to 11 :30 a. m.
t\- Open. High. Low. Close.
December *.?1 08% *1 t/»% U 07% SI 08%
; 2 p. m. Session. .
Open. High. Low. Close.
December ..$1 03% $1 0s% $1 07% SI 08
OATS — Continue firmly held, with a fair lo
cal jobbing: demand for feed and milling, and
a speculative movement ' In seed . lots. Prices
remain as before.
Red, $1 27%@1 32% for feed and SI 3Ofi
1 37% for seed; Black, $1 25 for feed and |l 30
@1 35 for seed.
CORN — Receipts are moderate, stocks are
light and the market is firmly held, but quiet
and featureless. The Chicago wires of R.
Brent Mitchell yesterday said: "It was active
and strong from opening to the close. Cables
were up sharply and European advices gener
ally were bullish. . There were indications of
a large cash business here. Broomhall cables
that the shortage in the Danubian corn crop and
the general shortage in the fodder crop of
Europe is making a strong situation. These
were the incentives in to-day's advance. The
weather Is fairly favorable. The recent devel
opment of an export demand has -materially
changed the conditions and outlook. It acts
like a bull market and we would buy on its
Western sacked. $1 47%®1 55 for Yellow and
White and 1145^150 for Mixed; California
large Yellow. $1 50@l 57%; small round do,
Jl 55©1 60; White, nominal; Egyptian, $130®
135 for White and SI 25® 1 3O for Brawn.
RYE: — Steadily held, but quiet at $1 25#1 30
lor new.
BUCKWHEAT— Nominal at $1 75®2 p«r ctl.
Flaur and Millstuffs.
There Is no further change to report. Busi
ness is fair at previous quotations.
FLOUR — California Family Extras. $ t 60-3
4 90, usual terms; Bakers' Extras. S4 60©4 80;
Oregon and Washington, Jobbing at S3&5@4 25
per bbl.
y MILLSTUFFS — Prices In packages ara as
follows: Graham Flour, S3 50 per 100 lbs;
Rye Flour S3 50: Rye Meal. S3 25; Rice Flour,
$7: Corn Meal. S3 50: extra cream do. S4 25;
Oat Groats. *4 50; Hominy. »4©4 25; Buck
wheat Flour. S4 60tf4V75: Cracked Wheat. $4;
Farina, $4 60; Whole Wheat Flour, $3 75;
Rolled Oats, bbls, $7 25@S 60; in sacks, $6 75^
8 10; ' Pea.rl Barley. S8; Split Peas, boxes, S7;
Green Peas. $5 50 per 100 lbs.
Hay and Feedstuffs.
VThe ; weakness . In Hay continues. The re
ceipts are not so excessive as they were a few
BUTTER — Creamery at first hands, 21'622c
for extras and 2Cc for firsts; dairy, 171119c:
store Butter, 14Sfl6c; Eastern creamery. li)%9
20c: Eastern ladie-packed. 14^l3%c per lb.
CHEESE— !*§9%c for choice mild new and
SQ'>%c for lower grades; Young Americas 11®
ll%c: Eastern. 104H3c: Utah. 12c per lb.
EGGS— Ranch. 22%<82tc for fair and 236260
for choice; store. 19Q21c; Eastern, 20©22%c
for firsts and lS%f?19c for seconds.
Butter, Cheese and Eggs.
The Butter market is working into better
condition, and the finest creameries are qucte<5 '
•till higher, with lighter stocks. Most dealers '
now report their supplies of choice goods light. I
though there Is no scarcity ia the general mar- S
ket, as the medium and lower grades are still
abundant and not firm. Receipts continue to '
run over 1O0O cases a day. as will be seen, and ;
the reduction in stock* Is attributed to the In- i
creased consumption due to th« return of peo- \
pie from their summer vacations In the coun
Cheese continues in free supply and on- }
changed. The market Is dull. ;
Eggs are still easy, with 25c the ruling fig
ure for ranch, anything over this figure being
extra fine. Receipts are free and stocks are
ample for all current needs, while the demand
is nothing extra.
Receipts were 119,100 lbs Butter, 13S3 cases
Eg$3 and 15,300 lbs Cheese.
cept thunderstorms In the mountains; light
southerly winds, changing to brisk westerly.
Southern California— Fair Wednesday, ex
cept thunder storms in the mountains; fresh
westerly winds.
Nevada — Thunder storms Wednesday in th*
mcuntalns; fair elsewhere.
San Francisco and vicinity — Fair Wednesday.
¦with fog In th« afternoon; fresh westerly
winds. A. O. McADIE.
District Forecaster.
Fruit and Wheat Bulletin.
Fcr the twenty-four hours ending 5 p. mu,
120th meridian time. Ban Francisco, Aug. 2:
' ~ ~S S 3 2 ' X
•^g -33 2 m m *.
«» S «• — I "f Sa
3g2B i • *;
nn 1 -
STATIONS • * o 4 °a
c s -» • "
¦• t * a * 9
? 7 £ 5 5; 2.
lip? ?«
Colusa 92 62 Clear !ob
Eureka 58 52 W Cloudy .00
Fresno loo 60 NW Clear .00
Hollister S4 4S W Clear .00
Independence OO 62 SW Pt.CIdy .00
Kinjc City , $7 40 N Clear- .00
Llvermore si 50 .... Clear .00
Los Angeles £2 18 W Clear .00
Merced 99 *A .... Clear .00
Napa 79 47 S Clear' .00
Newman 9$ 55 .... Clear .00
Palermo 09 fit Clear .00
Porten!;!« OS 61 W Clear .00
Red Bluff OS 01 se Clear .00
Riverside 9S Kl Clear .On
Sccxamento Mi 54 P Clear .00
San Diego 72 62 W Clear .00
Fan Francisco 60 52 W Clear ,0<)
San Jo«e 73 B2 .... Clear .00
Fan Luis Obispo TO ' 48 W Clear .00
Santa Maria 72 M Clear OO
Santa Rosa 74 51 Clear .00
Stockton S4 53 Clear .00
Willows 0<i €0 S Clear .00
• Colasa — Crop conditions unchanged.
Willows — All crops continue In good condi
Ltvermore — Headlnr all finished.
HoIIister — Apricot drying nearly completed
crop tetter than estimated.
Stockton — Cool weather unfavorable for
San Jos» — Garden seed estimated at 50 cars.
Santa Maria — Grain thrashing still con
t'r.ues: 150, 0<V> sacks thrashed already.
Newman — Conditions the same.
Palermo— Heavy thunder clouds over moun
tains; Mulr reaches ripe.
Napa — Morning high fog; warmer weather
needed for crapes.
Two ears of Western Poultry, one of which
went direct to a retailer, were marketed and !
met with a brisk demand at good prices. Trade
In domestic stock was quiet, but prices wer«
upheld, as dealers were firm in their views and
not Inclined to force sales. Two more ears of
Western stock are said to be rolling this way, «
and It la thought that cne of them will be de- j
layed by the recent washout In Arizona.
POULTRY— Live Turkeys. 1&817C per lb for
Gobblers and 14f|15c for Hens; Geese, per pair,
$1 25^1 SO; Gosltng-i. }1 5081 75; Ducks $4^
4 50 per doien for old and $4 50^5 far young;
Hens. $5 50^6 fcr large and $4 G<>cj5 for small;
young Roosters. $7^7 50: old Roosters. J4 6O®
5; Fryers $4 50t?r» 50: Broilers.- f 303 50 for
large and $2 I *>S3 for small: Pigeons. It 50 per
dozen for old and $1 25 'a I 50 for Squabs.
GAME— Wild Doves. 6O@75c per dozen; Hare.
11 23@1 50 per dozen; Cottontail Rabbits, U 75
per dozen. .
Poultry and Game.
CHICAGO, Aug. 2.— Wheat for September
delivery sold on the Board of Trade to-day for
9414c an advance of 2%&2%c, compared with
Saturday's closing- figures. The sharp upturn
was duo to alarming reports of rust damage to
spring wheat in the Northwest and to almost
equally i>eEslmisUc advices from foreign coun
tries. The market closed at the high point of
the day. Other trains were influenced by the
strength of wheat. Septemtx-r corn closing with
a gain of 2%®2Vic. Oats are up 1%^1%C.
Provisions are unchanred.
From start to finish the wheat market was
an exceptionally strong affair. An eslmate
made by a Minneajwlis crop report that the
total winter and opting wheat crop of the
United States would not be to exceed 350,000,-
COO bushels caused active covering by shorts
at the opening. As a result Initial quotations
on September were up H'S'Vsc to H^f«c at
Another factor of almost equal Importance
that contributed to the early bullishness was
the strength of all foreign grain market*. Liv
erpool being up from l?&d. compared with Fri
day's close. The price of wheat at Budapest
was reported to be from 7c to tsc higher than
Saturday's final nzures, ar*4 this added zest
to the buying. Many traders discredited these
figures, but when confirmation was forthcom
ing skeptical ones quickly Joined the bull ele
ment. Crop advices from the Northwest con
tinued to dilate on enormous damage by rust in
the spring wheat fields. Damage reports were
partly substantiated by the weekly Weather
Bureau bulletin. About P*.e only news ol a
bearish character was a decrease of 314.000
liu.-th.--lj- in the world's visible supply, as against
a decrease of l,«5n.W>0 bushels last year. The
rruirkt . receivrd the support of an active gen
eral demand throughout the entire day, buying
by Ncrthwest houa*s beinc especially heavy.
Foreigners also bought more freely in this mar
ket to-day than for several we-.ks pact.
With the exception of a slight recession so«n
after the oieiiicg, when September touched
M%e, prices moved steadily upward, the close
being practically at the top. Final quotations
on September were at »4 1 »©'>1Uc, after the
price had reached 94 Uc Clearances of wheat
mi! flour were t^ua! to De.Sco bushels. Pri
mary Tf i •::¦!» -»era 723.CW bushels, against
S37,iuO bu*hels a year ago. Minneapolis, Du
luth and Chicago reported receipts at 46^ curs,
compared with 400 can last week and £32 cars
a year ago.
In th- corn market a burst of bull enthu
siasm at the opening was followed by a rather
easy tone, there being Influential selling by a
broker supposed to be acting for a leading
ele\ator concern. The market closed near the
highest point of the day. September opened
>,c to %c higher «t 51US 51%c. sold between
51c and WUc and closed at B3H93314& Local
receipts were 269 cars, wltli lti of contract
More than usual interest was taken in the
oats market. The market closed strong and at
th" top. September opened a shade lower to
a shade higher at 33ftfi33%c. sold up to 34Tic,
where it closed. Local receipts were 2S0 cars.
Notwithstanding the strength of grains the
provision market remained quiet and easy. A
decline of 10c In the orlce or hoes was the
principal bear influence. September pork
closed 21 %c lower. Lard was off 2%@5c. Ribs
were unchanged.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles— Open. High. Low. Close.
Wheat. No. 2 — .
September, old. 93% 03% 93% 05%
September, new 92U 04% 92% 9H 4
December .. 9H4 W% »1% 04
May 93% 06% 83% 86U
Corn. No. 2 —
August 50H 62% 60% 62%
September 51% *>3* 61 My*
December 47% 43Vi 47U . 4»Vi
Oats No. 2 —
September 33% 34% 33% 34T;
December 34 V 4 35% 34 33%
May ' 35% 37% 35% 35%
•Mees Pork, per bbl —
September 12 b7% 12 90 12 80 12 87%
October 12 97% 12 57% 12 85 12 &2%
Lard, per 1C0 lbs —
September 6 «7% 6 97% 6 90 6 95
October 7 02% 7 02% 7 00 7 02%
Short Ribs. Der 100 lbs—
September 7 65 7 65 7 67% 7 55
October 7 63 7 <57% 7*62% 7 67%
Future Grain and Provisions.
Chicago Board of Trade. |
*if S - ANOELES SUMMARY.— Peaches and
* prlcots . are light crops ; the latter nearly
cteaswd cp. Pranet. are light. Oranges and
¦walnut* .promise- l**s than usual on account
wea^he" 111 *' <i '** Z '' tr rood - F*vcrabie bean
EUREKAEUMMAKY.^The bulk of the hay
crop ;s etorea. vl onr.s are doing cccsiderab'e
Carnage to corn on Arcata bottom lands Kvvlem
*r« rlpesisg rapidly; yield far -below last year
»» a^" wa,,!^ e.r.4 generally clear during the week.
¦wifh fegs alcr.g.the coast. Heavy rain fell
In the.mo-jr.ta:n districts, amounting to three
lnch*^ ia-eome places, and was accompanied
ry tevere thunderrtonns in which two lives
*«*re lost. Grspes cor,t.:n\:e in g-x>d condition
«rd the vineyard* in irrigated districts appear
to b* racre" thritty than elsewhere: lar^e crop*
»re expected in all eecr.ons. Apricot drying i«
•rearly completed: the crop- U light Peaches
ana othej- deciduous fruit* wi:i yield light
crops. Citrus fru'.ts and walnuts are making
£?"« procrees. Beans are blooming and pod
' ciTie^I MrA**™ b * * UrSC Cr ° P m '"¦•*
'• Ct>AFT AND BAY SECTIONS.— The weather
'«»* CTO*r*Jly clear and »:rm daring t^e
y.'ty1n. with o<5c*— jcnal foc« alecs r the coast.
Grain harvest* is progress>r:g rapilly and the
" &*&& ariii qtfallty are reported very good. Corn,
' fc.-fe.si*. *n-J 'w^etable* are doibg well. Bean
h»Tvej>t ha* cocim»-nce'l in Lake County. There
are about 1500 acre* : In Sug^r bet-ts in the
Vitaf&r.r-xi district: the crop is In good condi
tion; tout will be' late. Heps are making ex
¦J ctllem'srowih ar.d in «5gme sections the crcp
.'¦will be the* t#m for several years. Apricots in
Eaa B«r.ito County are yielding a better crop
•tfcaa exr*cted- -Prunes are ripening rapidly
ard aril] be a rood crcp in some sections. Bart
. It-tt r*ars will yield 'about the same as last
2"t*r. '5rap*-s are in excellent condition and
rlr<TiinE; tie crei> will be heavy in nearly all
jMctioae. r ' * ' .^'.
EAN, JOAQUEC VALLEY.— Clear and warm
weather ;reviiled during the past week and
•»«* favcrabie tor all crops. Grain harvest
?;as beer, oompletefl in seme Fectlons and is
progrfcae-.T.sr • rapidly la others: .the crop i»
light- Airalfa is. making good growth and
the third crop is being cut in some districts.
The deciducus iruit crop Is -ripening rapidly
-end dryers and canneries are In full operation.
Large i-r.ipments cf peachy, plums and Bart-
J«*tt shears to local and liastem markets con
tirue. Watermelons are .plentiful and are be
lti.- Hdrped in ;arsre quantitieii. Sorchum ar.d
corn *re making" rapid growth. The prur,e
crcp is gooa. «ir&->«-i! are making good, progr-ehs
and a lcrtr+ crop will b*? harvested. Early table
frrapes are being marketed. The citrus fruit
crop is -nakir.g pood rrc-frress. Water is get
ting low. • frtock *re healthy and in good con
el t ion.
SACRAMENT* "> .VALLEY. — Clear, warm
¦ ;»'eazher cor.tir.ued during the week. Grain
hurve-s* progressed rapidly and Is nearly coro
fi«ne<5" The crcj> is very light in most section*
• nd t£e quality Inferior, live hay crop, now
i*>ar!y disposed of. is heavy and cf excellent
quality* Hep* art making pood growth and
the crop will probably be fully average. Grapes
Innflniit in Srpt-class condition, very little
«.-•..-• having been dotie by heat thus far,
¦ntl the outlook t* good for an unusually heavy
Vleld. . The 'prune- crop la Yolo, Colusa and
<jlenn coar.tiee Is reported large and cf goo-1
•quality. Pears . are yielding a good crop ex
cept in the foothill districts and heavy ship
rr.e r.ts ' we being cade. Peaches are light in
£noFS »*ctlvjs. Fie» are oranges are in good
Warta *nd generally clear weather prevailed
4uring the" week, with occasional foga In the
-coast districts. Severe thur.demerir.s and
r^vy rains ocecrred In the xnouatalns cf
F ;utfcem California ar.i at least two lives were
hart by Urr-tniag. On July 25 a quarter of an
Inch of • rain f ell at Rivcranle.
Grain harvesting a-.i thrashing are nearlng
cotnpietSon and hay baling 1« proKTtsslng rap
, Idly. The rraln crcr 1» much below th« a\-er
* - - In yield and quality, though a fair crcp
fc&5 been gathered la portions of the coast
section. Kay ha* yielded one cf the largest
crt>r» 'or several years, except In the South.
*ad the-' quajity is exceUer.t. Hops are making
good tT-vtfc and In *onic sections will yield
more than the average. Bean harvest has
.Cfur.mer.cfd in Lake County. The bean crop
In Southern California Is doing well, especially
en irrigated lande. Sugar beeta are in good
condition and the crcp will be about average.
Cora and vegetables are thrifty. Dry feed \»
«tffl' plentiful In kes section*.
•Grajw* have not been materially injured by
t-.tf.t ET-.4 • cr>ntinue rvmarkably thrifty in all
**<rtior-*. with indications of one of the largest
crop* for D^veral ye«.r». Apricots and prunes
In. soTrve s«tior.e are •yleWing better crepe than
«r*et<><I a few weeks ago. an<l pears are prov
ing a Jeir crcp In some places. Peaches and
sj^ifs are generally light. Fits, cranges. wal
nuts and sJaionds are making satisfactory
%. rogres* 1 -nn< 'good crcr* are probable.
The we«k!y report of A- G. McAd!*, section
director cf the clirsate ar.d cror> servi;* ef
tfce Weather Bureau. Is &s follows :
The. Weather and Crops.
Nonpareil* 12©12%c for I X L. 12^12%c for
Ne Plus Ultra; Peanuts. 6<37c for Eastern; Pe
ca:r. llS13c; Cocoanuts. |4 50®3.
HONEY — Comb. M%@13* for whits and 10»»
lie for amber; water whita extracted. 5.@«c;
light amber extracted. 4%t?3c; dark. 3%e4 l ic.
BEESWAX— 27©29c per lb. T-T?
ONIONS— Sllversklns. $1 25©1 40 per ctL |
VEGETABLES — Green Corn. $1©1 50 per I
crate and 75c3$l 25 per aack; Green Peas. 1% I
62%c per lb; String Beans. 162c per lb; Wax
Beans. l§0c per lb; Lima Beans. 3©4c per lb; ,
Tomatoes, In small boxes, nominal; large ot>en '
boxes. 2Ot?C5c: Summer Squash, 20©30c per '¦
box; Cabbage $1 per ctl; Carrots. $1 per sock;
Cucumbers. 25®40c par box: Pickle Cucumbers,
nominal; Garlic. 3©4c per lb; Egg Plant. 40^
60c per bcx; Dried Peppers, nominal: Green
Okra. 50@75c per box: Green Peppersi. 40-gttOc
per box for Bell and 25#40c for Chile; Marrow
fat Squash. $15@20 per ton.
POTATOES— New Burbanks from the river. I
S5c@$l 20 per ctl in eacka and $1@1 40 per j
ctl in boxes; Salinas Burbanks, $1 50SI 75 per
ctl; Watsonvllle Burbanks. $1 25®1 60; Early :
Rose, 85c&$l; Garnet Chiles, 90c©$l; old Po
tatoes, nominal.
The market for new white Potatoes devel- I
oped a stronger tone under decreased receipts !
and a brisk demand for local consumption, and •
prices of the best stock ranged higher. Low
grade offerings, particularly those In sacks.
were plentiful and hard to eeil. and some
very poor lots were offered below tha quota
tions, but found no buyers. Onions continue
to weaken and stocks are steadily accumulat
Tomatoes were Inclined' to firmness during
the early hours, as one of the river boats was
delayed and did not arrive In time for tha
regular trade. The market weakened again, i
however, upon the arrival of the belated boat. I
and as usual there was a heavy surplus un- !
sold at the close. Fresh arrivals of Egg Plant
and Green Peppers did better, but old stock,
which was abundant, continued to drag at ir
regular prices. The other vegetables wer«
generally weak, and prices had but slight va
Potatoes, Onions and Vegetables.
Foreign Futures.
Wheat — . ¦ . 1 • Sept. D*c
Opening 6 9% « 9%
Closing 6 9% 6 10%
Wheat — Auy. Nov. -Feb.
Opening 21 55 22 S3
Clcsing 2190 22 80
Flour- —
Opening 29 80 30 13
Closing 29 70 SO 05
Boston Wool Market. (
BOSTON, Aug. 2. — The wool market her*
is quiet this week, most manufacturers having
freely stocked up during the early part of
the summer. Dealers have sold enough of
their new wools to make them feel Inde
pendent for some time and a firm, tone pre
vails. Future prices depend to some extent
on the state of the goods market, which has
not been as active as the manufacturers would
like. Fleeces and territory wools are firm and
the present demand for fleece wools Is largely
for the medium grades. . -
Territory and Idaho— Fine. 17©lSc; heavy,
fine. 14@15c; fine, medium. 17g"lSc.
j Wyoming — Fine, 16@17c; fin*. medium.
Utah and Nevada— Fine. 16tfO17%o; fine,
medium. 17S18c. , .
Montana— Fin«, choice. 20@21o; fine, aver
age. 19Q20c; fine, medium choice. 20921c;
'average, 19@20c.
St. Louis Wool Market.
ST. LOUIS, Aug. i.— Wool firm; medium
grades, combing and clothing, 20325c; light.
fine, 16@2Oc; heavy, fine. 12® 16c; tub washed,
, Northern Business.
SEATTLE. Aug. 2.— Clearings, $724,124;
balances. $190,596.
TACOMA. Aug. 2.— Clearings, $296,927; j
balances, $45,393.
PORTLAND, Aug. 2. — Clearing*, $621,629;
balances, ? 132, 172.
SPOKANE. Aug. 2. — Clearings. $334,718;
balances, $61,622.
Northern Wheat Market.
PORTLAND, Aug. 2. — Wheat — Walla Walla,
68c; bluestem. 76c; valley, 77@78c
TACOMA. Aug. 2. — Wheat, unchanged;
bluestem. 75o; club, 70c.' T?v .¦>¦'".
Lima Bean* > are quoted still higher, with
buyers in the south eager for supplies, and tha
growers declining to sell. The other descrip
tions continue firm, with not much demand.
Pinks and Blackeyes being especially strong.
There Is nothing new In Seeds. Canary and
Mustard continue very firm, with light stocks.
BEANS — Bayos. $2 4C<&2 55; Pea. J2 tt>83 10;
Butters, $3 25; small White, $2 9<>®3 10; large
White. $2 40g2 55: Pink. $3 60^3 75; Red. $4 25
64 50; Lima. $3 50^3 60; Red Kidneys^ $4 50;
Blackeyes, $2 20®2 30 per ctl; Horse Beans,
$175<32. > " w *~
SEEDS — Brown Mustard, none here; Yellow
Mustard. *3 25: Flax. $1 90®2 25: Canary. 6%«
7c: Alfalfa, 15©15%c; Rape. 1%92%c; Timo
thy. 5%c: Hemp. 3%93%c per lb; Millet. 2%
G3%c: Bfoom Corn Seed. $20®21 per ten.
DRIED PEAS— Green Peas, $3 per ctl.
Beans and Seeds.
AVti* York stocks easier on reduced Wheat crop reports.
Slight changes in Silver and Excliange rates.
Local stocks and bonds quiet and featureless.
Wheat higher and stiff, with active trading.
BdrTc*> f.rm at a 'further advance. Oats firmly held.
Corn strong at an advance in Chicago. Rye steady,
flour and Millsiuffs in average -movement.
Br-dn and other Feedstuff s firm. Hay still weak.
& cans generally firm, zuith Lim as still higher.
•Potatoes firmer under decreased receipts. Onions xvea%*
Vegetable market liberally supplied and weak.
Poultry in brisk demand at steady prices.
A'ctrve inquiry for good shipping Fruits.
Butter doing better under decreasing stocks.
Cheese cnid Eggs as prrjiously quoted.
•Raisin Association names lower prices to close out stocks.
/Provisions continue to drag in all positions.
Wool, Hops and Hides as before quoted.
Beef, Mutton and Poik in ample supply. Veal lower.
'San QtUtitin Grain Bags offered at S4 75.
Louis & Nash .... 1.400 115*4 114% 114%*
Manhattan L 9uO 151 150 149%
Metropolitan Secu.. 2.700 80?4 8SU 8S
Metropolitan St Ry. 26,200 119% 11SH 11S&
Minn & fit Louis 45
Miseouri Pacific 200 92«. 02 9* 1
Mo Kan & Texas 1714
*?° K * tt * Tex P f d- 400 40% 39% 39V*
N R R of Mex pfd .... .. 36%
£ T Central 600 11914 '118*4 118%
Norfolk & Western. 200 608i 60% 60%
Norfolk & W pfd .'. .... 90
Ontario & Western. 6,500 31% 30% 30*1
pntsT^ « l: 180 : 800 «»»¦"»* SS8
Reading 2.400 62%. 62- {>2%
Reading 1st pfd... 100 S3 S3 62
Reading 2d pfd.... 200 70 70 68
Rock Island Co.... 2,100 22% 22 224
Rock Island Co pfd 500 64% 64 % 64 :
Et L 4 3 P 2d pfO. 300 62*1 62% B2
6t Louis S W 100 13% 13% 13%
£t Louis S W pfd. 400 84 33% 83%
Southern Pacific .. 51.600 60% 49% 49&£
Southern Railway.. 2.200 24% 23% 23?i
Southern Ry pfd.. 100 8S% SS% 88V*
Texas & Pacific... 200 24*4 24*4 24 U
Tol 8t L & West.. 400 . 25*i 25?i 25 U
Tol St L & W pfd. 200 3SVi ' &SVt 88 U
Union Pacific 27.000 969, 95^, 95^a
Union Pacific pfd.. 100 »3H 93Vi 93
Wabash 100 16% 16% 17
W abash pfd 600 35% S5Vs S3
W 4 Like Erie »i;
Wisconsin Central.. 800 17% 17 17
Wiscon Cent pfd.. 200 38'/i 3S% 3S "
Mexican Central .. ¦ 9%
Express Companies —
Adams .' 4 223
American 195
United States 104
Wells-Fargo 204
Miscellaneous —
Amalgam Copper . 2.200 62% 61% 61%
Am Car & Fdy 1SV*
Am Car & Fdy pfd 77
Am Cotton Oil 26
Am Cotton Oil pfd *£9
American Ice 300 7 6% *Ts
American Ice pfd.. 300 27** 27 Vi 27ij
Am Linseed Oil 8U
Am Lin Oil pfd 100 27% 27% 26
Am Locomotive .. 100 21 21 21%
Am Locomo pfd... 200 88 SS 87
Am Smelt St Rfg.. 1,300 57^ 57% 57
Am Sm &. Rfg pM. 1.700 99% 99\* 99
Am Sugar Rfg 300 I2914 12SH 12S%
Anaconda Min Co. 100 72 72 71^4
Brook Rap Tran... 23,000 52% 61H 61%
Colo Fuel & Iron.. 1.000 37 S6% 36%
Consolidated Gas . 4,100 195% 103% 194
Corn Products ... 100 12% 12% 12%
Corn Products pfd OS
Distil Securities 21%
General Electric .. 200 163 162*, 162%
Internatl Paper .'. 13%
Int Paper pfd 400 70% 70Vi 70%
Internatl Pump 30%
Int Pump pfd ! 70
National Lead 1,400 20% 20% 20%
North American .. 100 88 66 S7
Pacific Mail 26
People's Gas 2.900 loos: 100 looij
Pressed Steel Car. 400 33*1 53% 33
Pressed St Oar pfd 75
Pullman Pal Car 217
Republic Steel ... 100 7% 7% -7%
Republic Steel pfd. 400 45 44% 44%
Rubber Goods 19
Rubber Goods pfd 78
Tenn Coal and Iron 9.000 46Vi 44% 44%
V B Leather 200 7 - 7 7
U S Leather pfd P2«i
O S Realty 46
US Rubber 200 19% 19% 19%
IT S Rubber pfd 74
IT S Steel S.700 12% 12 12
TT s steel pfd 36.600 61% 60% «n%
WestinKhouae Elec 156
Western Union ... 100 S8% 88% 6S%
Total sales 3."2.600 share?.
NEW YORK, Aug. 2. — Bond transactions
United Railroads of San Francisco. 120.000 at
! $54; $10,1)00 at $£4 25: $12,000 at $S4 50.
Common, bid 4^4, asked 4%; preferred, bid
.41. asked 41%.
U S ref 2s r«g..l04%|U & N unified 4s. 100%
Do coupon 104*fe|Man con gold 43.105%
LK> 3s res 104% I Mex Central 4s... ȣ!%
Do coupon 105 Do 1st lnc 13%
Do new 4s reg.131 (Minn & St L 4s.. 94i 4
Do coupon 131%|M K & Texas 4s. 9D%
Do old 4s reg.lutsm Do 2ds 77%
Do coupon HkJ%|NR of Mex con 4s 75%
Atch gen 4s 103V*|N Y C gen 3%s.. l»9%
Do adj 4s 05 N J C gen 54 1321*
Atlantic C L 4s. US |Nor I'ac 4* 105'
Bait & Ohio 4s...li.»3 I Do 3s 74
• Do 3%s .- M T 4tNor & W con 4s.lUl%
Central of Ga 5s.llOV*|OSL 4s & panic. 95%
Do 1st lnc 60 I Fa conv 3%s.... 97%
Ches & Ohio 4%s.lO«% I Heading gen 4s... 98%
Chi & Alton 3%s. 78 IS L & I M con 5s.llti%
C. B &. Q new 4s. 97 j ri L & S F f g 4s. 61 4a
C.M & SP gn 4».10»%|St L<ouis S\V lsts. J»6U
C A NW con 7i.l2SH!SeaDoerd A L 4a. 70%
C. R I &. Pac 4s. 71%ISo Pacific 4s 113%
Do col 5s Sl%|So Railway 5s...in%
C.C.C & SLgn 4s.l01%|Tex A Pac lsts..us%
Chi Term 4s 73 Tol. St L & W. 72%
Cons Tobacco 4s.. 62%) Union Pacific 4s. 105 U
I Colo & So 4s S2%| Do conv 4s 101%
I C F & I con 5s. 72 |U S Steel 2d 5s.. 7s%
Den & Rio G 4s. 100 iWabash lsts 117U
Erie prior lien 4s. 99% 1 Do deb B 53%
Do gen 4s S4%jW & L Erie 4s... 9tu
F W * D C lsts.lO.;%i\Vls Central 4s... 90
Hock Val 4%s...lC8%!
Adams Con 251 Little Chief 05
Alice 20;Ontario 3 50
Brwe lOOpnir 2 1(#
Bruns Con O-SiFhoenlx 07
Com Tunnel <M|Potosi 13
Con Cal & Va... 1 05! Savage •»>
Horn Sliver 1 60| Sierra Nevada •>!»
Iron Silver 1 TO Small Hopes Ja i
LeadviSle Ccn ... 02; Standard 2 00
Boston Stocks and Bonds.
Money — |U S Steel 12
Call loans 2 ®. - 5%| Do pfd 6OU
Time Loans . . .3%@4%| Westing Common. 78
Bonds— j Mining—
Atchlson 4s 101%) Adventure .... 7V;
Do adj 4s 0*%|Alloutz s
Mex Central 4s ... tS2%!Amal Copper 51 «
Railroads —^ jAme.r Zinc ... S'i
Atchison 77%!Bin(fham - 4 i?
Do pfd .... «j j Calumet & Hecla!4S0
Boeton & Albany. 250 I Centennial 24M
Boston & Maine.. 1C1 I Copper Range " 541
Boston Elev 149 (Daly West " 13
Fitchburg pfd.... 138 I Dom Coal .... ** 4TS£
Mex Central 0%jFranklln '.'. 7
N Y. NH & H..1S9 IGrancy A 7 /
Pere Marquette. . . 74 lisle Royale ' 10U
Union Pacific 95%IMaa* Mining ... 4
Miscellaneousr- iMienigan 4 .
Amer Arge Chetn. 14 I Mohawk 42%
Do pfd 75 (Mont Coal & Coke .1%
Amer Prieu Tube. 4 |Old Dominion ... 12%
Amer/ Sugai* 120%!Osceola ci
Amer Tel &. Tel.l3.T (Parrot 24'i
Amer Woolen ... ll%|Qutncy (u
Do pfd 77 I Shannon 5%
Dom Iron & S... 8%lTamarack ...: gsil
Ed Elect Ilium. ..243 ITrlnity 7«
Gen Electric lfil%IL T S Mining 21 £
Mass Electric... 17%IU S Oil jou
Do pfd «)%IUtah 37.-.J
Mass Gas 39 (Victoria 2X4
United Fruit 1^5 IWlnona ;i/
Unl Shoe Mach... SOUIWolverine 78
Do pfd 30%i .
London Closing Stocks.
Cons money ..87 13-16f n Y Central... l"**
Do acct 8S 1-161 Nor & Western.!! 6*»
Anaconda 3% I Do pfd 00V4
Atchlron ?0%|Ont & Western... 32%
Do pfd 9S% I Pennsylvania 61%
Bait & Ohio 86% I Rand Mines OTt
Can Pacific 12S»glReading 27
Ches & Ohio 34 V, Do 1st pfd.. 4'>U
Chi Great West.. 14% Do 2d pfd 3S
Chi. Mil & St P.151 So Railway ! 24%
De Beers lS^ Do pfd J»0%
Den & Rio G 22% Po Pacific 5l3
Do Pfd 73 Union Pacific ns%
Erie 25% Do pfd ..., 9«
Do In pfd 62% u g Steel. i"u
Do 2d pfd 37% Do pfd 61
111 Central 13fi% Wabanh ¦ 17U
Louis & Nash 117%i Do pfd ' 36iZ
M. K & Texas... 18% I Spanish 4s ..!!!.! 85$
Bar silver— Firm. 26 15-16d.per ounce
Money — 2%62% per cent
The rate of discount tn the open mtTiitt f
short /bllU la 2%©2T, per cent and for three
months' bills 2% per cent. •
Condition of the Treasury.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 2.— To-day's state
ment of the treasury show 8 available cash bal
ances, $153,790,607; gold. $44,216,316.
Nczv York Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. Aug. 2.— Cotton futures opened
steady; August, 10.27c: September. 10.07c-
October. 9.83c; November. 9.86c; December'
9.87c; January, 9.89c: March. 9.04c.
Futures closed barely steady; August, 9 08c-
September, 9.77c; October, 9.66c; November.'
9.57c; 'December, 9.61c; January, 9.62c Feb
ruary, 9.64c; March, O.OCc.
Spot . cotton closed quiet. 20 points lower
Middling uplands, 10.50c; middling gulf, 10.75c
Sales. 301 bales. : /
Netv York Grain and Produce.
NEW YORK, Aug. 2.— FLOUR—Receipts.
20.600 barrels; exports, SCOO .bushels; market
quiet but firm and held higher on some grades-
Minnesota patents. $0 10@5 60; . Minnesota
bakers', £3 ?5@4 10; : winter patents. $4 859
& 20. ' ¦ ¦ . ' ¦ •
WHEAT — Receipts, 26,000 bushels; spot
sirens; No.- 2 red, nominal el«-ator and $1 00 ~
Miscellaneous Markets.
OMAHA, Nebr.. Aug. 2.— CATTLE— Re
ceipts, 1200; market slow; native steers, $49
6 80; cows and heifers. $3@4 40; Western
steers, $3 2504 65; Texas steers. $2 75g3 50;
range cows and heifers, J2-S3 60.; canners,
fl 50@2 65; stockers and feeders. $2 5OS4;
calves. $3@5 25; bulls. $2$4.
HOGS — Receipts, 5200 head; market BfflOo
lower; heavy, J4 80@4 05: Mixed. $4 85©4 9O;
light. $4 90@5; Plea. $4 60©4 75; bulk of sales,
$4 90@4 95.
SHEEP— Receipts, 2500 head; market 10315a
lower: Western yearllnps, $3 70©4 20; wethers,
$3 40U4; ewes, $3® 3 60; common and stock
ers, $2 25©3 30; lambs, $4 7566.
5 15; packers, $5 05g5 20; pigs and lights,
$4 75«5 20.
SHEEP— Receipts, 1000 head;- market
strong: muttons, $3 25@4 75; lambs. *4@6;
rango wethers. $3 7504 75; ewes, $3©3 75.
. .Omaha.
t. o. b. afloat; No. 1 Northern Duluth, $1 15% ¦
f. o b- afloat. Options continued their up
ward trend all day with occasional brief set
backs under realizing sales. Besides further
bullish spring wheat news, the market was In
fluenced by higher cables and a big demand
from shorts, foreign buying and the corn
strensth. The close showed 2%©3c net ad
vance. May. 96%®99%c. closed at 99%c;
September. 9<$7-ltt<&i»*aC. closed at 99tfc; De
cember, 05 ll-ie@98Vic closed 98&C
HOPS— Steady. ,. .
HIDES— Firm.
WOOL — Firm.
COFFEE — The market for coffee futures
closed steady at a net decline of 5010 points.
Total sales, " 55,500 bags, including: Septem
ber, [email protected]; December, 6.30©6.35c; March,
.6:60c: April. 6:70c; May, 6.80c; July, 6.flO@7c;
spot Rio. steady; No. 7 invoice, 7 7-16c; mild,
steady; Cordova. 9%S13c. .. ;
SUGAR — Raw and refined, firm.
mains quiet, with final prices firmly held, ow
lns to light stocks; common are quoted at
4'a5%c; prime, 5?4©6c; choice. 6ii@o%c and
fancy at 7©7Hc
PRUNES— There has been no change In con
dition In the market for prunes. Demand
continues light, but prices , show steadiness,
particularly on small sizes, which are pretty
•well cleaned up. Quotations range from 2c to
6^4c according to grade.
APRICOTS-J-Contlnue quiet. Choice ars
held at 9%@10c; extra choice at 10%@10>ac
and fancy at Ilffl3c
PEACHES — Also are quiet. Choice are
qucted at 7@7i£e: extra choice at 7%§8c and
fancy at 9%~®10c. ¦ • ¦t' —
New York Metal Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 2. — Tin continues to
show firmness. In London spot was a little
higher, closing at £123 5s. while futures were
unchanged at £123 10s. Locally the outside
price was a little higher, the range being
|27@27 28.
Copper was lower in London, closing at £57
for both spot and futures. Locally prices re
maiaed unchanged, with lake quoted at
$12 62% ©12 17*6; electrolytic, $12 C2%®12 75;
casting, $12 37%£12 50.
Lead was unchanzed at $4 20@4 25 In tha
local market and at £11 13s 9d In London.
Spelter also was unchanged in the New
York market, where it is quoted at $1 S5@
4 95. —-.-.; .--•-
In London spelter was a little lower at
£22 2s 6d. C -' '
iron remains quiet. The Glasgow market
closed at 51s 9d and in Mlddleaboro at 42s
10%d. Locally prices are unchanged.
Available Grain Supply.
NEW TORK, Aug. 2. — Special cable and
telegraphic communications received by Brad
streets show the following changes in available
supplies as compared with the previous ac
counts :
Wheat. United States and Canada, east of
the Rockies, increase, 1.1S6.000 bushels. Afloat
for tad In Europe, decrease^l,500,000 bushels.
Total supply^ decrease, 314.000 bushels.
Corn. United States and Canada, east of
the Rockies, decrease, 76,000 bushels.
Oats, United States and Canada, east of the
Rockies decrease, 566,000 bushels.
days ago, and In this respect the market Is la
better condition, but there la still a large accu
mulation In the railroad yards to be worked
off before the market can be grot back Into Its
normal condition. Prices show no change.
All Feedstuffs rule 0nn la sympathy with
the raw grain, but quotations show no further
BRAN— $21®22 per ton.
MIDDLINGS— $24g29 per ton.
SHORTS— $21@22 per ton
FEEDSTUFFS— Rolled Barley. $22 50023 50
per ton; Oilcake Meal at the mill. $31 50®U2 50;
Jobbing. $33; Cocoanut Cake, 122023: Cora
Meal. $30 5O©31 50; Cracked Corn. $31632:
Mixed F«ed. $22©22 50; Horse Beans. $30040
per ton; Broom Corn Feed. 90c per ctl.
HAT— Wheat $9©11. with $12013 50 for ex
tra fine; Wheat and Oat. $S@11; Oat. $7 50©
11; Barley and Oat. $7®0 50; Volunteer Wild
Oat, $7CK>; stable. $7©0 50; stock. $6 50fl7 30;
Clover, $7 50@9 50; Alfalfa. $7@10 60 per ton.
STRAW— SO@70c per bale.
At 11 o'clock at
Corner Twelfth and Harrison eta.
I will eel' 60 bead of well-broken hones.
This will be a grand opportunity fcr contract-
ors or any one having heavy hauling, as thers
are teams included in this saie that weigh
3300 and over. This stock Is In fiae condition
and ready to go right to work, and must aa-i
will be sold.
N. B-— If you want good, reliable draft horses
be sure asd wait for this sals.
8. WATKIX8. Aactlomwr. .
DAY, August 3, at 11 a. m. — By order of the
California Freight and Transfer Company,
I will »ell a lot of condemned horse*. Them
horses range In weight from 1200 to 1800
pounds, and 7 to 10 year* old: all good work-
ers; have been working In the tracks and
wagons of tae company until Saturday, July
SO. Also 10 good all purpose* horse* asd mares.
two light wagons, five sets of harness. Hcrses
on exhibition until day of sale.
JOHN J. DOYLE. Auctioneer.
£=* CHEAP £*
Consignment of broken and unbroken bones;
also a number of broken saddle horses from
Churchill Company's ranches, at* CHASS'3.
1732 Market st.

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