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Alcazar — "Monbar*."
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Columbia — "Wizard of Oz."
Fischer's — "Mlta Mazuma."
Grand— "Princess 7an Tan.**
Majestic— "The Altar of friend
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Weather "Sharps" l in : Convention.
PEORIA.' 111.. Sept. 20.— The first
day's session-" of -the- convention "of
United- States weather observers'open
ed, in Bradle" Institute this morning,
with Professor Willis L. Moore." chief
of the United States -.weather' bureau,
in -the chair. ¦•¦ Papers were read ; on
laboratory ¦work "by Professor ?A- ? G.'
McAdie of San Francisco andProfes
sor.'H. S. BIgelow of -Washington, D. C
BOSTON, Sept. 20. — Masons from
all of the Northern States who have
attained the highest rank, the thirty
third.'degree, gathered at Masonic
Temple to-day for the ninety-second
annual meeting of the Supreme Coun
cil, Ancient Accepted^ Scottish Rite;
for the Northern Masonic jurisdiction
of the United States of America.
Henry L. -Palmer of Milwaukee, the
sovereign .grand commander, presided.
The visitors included Right Hon.
the Earl of Euston, Sir Fitzgerald Ma
tier. Sir Abraham /WOodiwins. ¦ Sir
Thomas P. Sipps Dorman, .Rev. -Sir
Charles E. L. Wright, Sir Thomas
Freaser 'and "Sir Alfred- James
Thomas, all prominent in British Ma
sonry. •.*-._ _' -
tion were in order Representative' Tan
tis of Illinois sprang to his feet and in
a short, incisive speech nominated E. S.
Conway of Chicago. 111. Hardly had
the applause subsided when Repre
sentative Case of Tennessee placed
in nomination J. ¦ L. Nolan of Ten
nessee. During the applause sev
eral representatives sprang to their
feet to second the nominations and
name other candidates. Rapidly follow
ing each other in short seconding
speeches came Representatives- Brown
of Kansas and Leuders of Washington
on behalf of Conway, while Repre
sentatives Davis of Connecticut, Vin
cent of West Virginia and Page of New
Hampshire seconded the nomination of
Nolan. Following this came the nom
ination cf W. L. Kuykendall of Wyo
ming by Representative Hughes of,
Ohio. Scarcely had the applause died
away when Representative Randall of
Nebraska nominated G. S. Hoagland of
Nebraska. Following these nomina
tions came seconding speeches from
representatives of Arizona, Georgia, In
dian Territory, South Carolina, Mis
souri. New Mexico, Wisconsin, Texas
and Oklahoma. J
After the four nominations had been
made the small slips of paper that were
to decide the election of the deputy
were distributed. The result of the vot
ing gave Conway SS votes, Nolan 59.
Kuykendall 3S and Hoagland 6.
This result necessitated the taking of
a second ballot, as the number neces
sary to elect an officer is set bv the
constitution at ninety-six votes. Upon
the announcement of the result of the
flrst ballot Kuykendall of Wyoming
withdrew from the race, followed by
Hoagland of Nebraska. This threw
forty : four votes upon the other two
candidates, and the balloting began.
After a few minutes of silence It was
announced that E. S. Conway of Illi
nois had received 102 votes, while his
opponent. J. L.. .Nolan, received 89.
Conway was declared elected deputy
grand sire amid rounds of applause.
Xext came the election of the grand
secretary, and Representative Gaunt of
Kentucky nominated J. Frank Grant,
the present grand secretary. One ballot
was taken and he was re-elected, this
being the fourth time he has been se
lected for the office." Representative
Thomas of .Utah placed the present
grand treasurer, M. R. Muckle. for re
election to the post of grand treasurer.
On the first, ballot he was re-elected,
this being the fifth time he has served
the order, in that capacity.
On Saturday will take place the in-
stallation of the newly elected officers
with the exception of Grand Sire-elect
Robert E. TV'right, and then will come
the filling of the appointive offices.
These are assistant grand secretary,
grand j chaplain, grand marshal, grand
guardian and grand messenger.
. By this time 2 o'clock had arrived
and the representatives . were fatigued
with the excitement and suspense. After
appointing that thev selection of the
next meeting place of the session shall
be decided to-day, the session ad
journed until 9 o'clock this morning.
¦ The rood work - done by former grand pa
triarchs, the enthuslam that has .prevailed
through the Jurisdiction f or- the last few
years, and the coming session of the Sover
eign'Grand Lodge in our midst, have resulted
in my being able to present to you the greatest
gains - In our history.' The Increase for the
year 1903 has been equaled but twice, namely
In 1S72 and ' 1876. and the numerical strength
of the Patriarchs to-day is double -the record
of these ' years, and * this is not all. for I am
Informed by the" grand ' scribe ' that the In
crease for the first fix months of 1904 will b«
almost as much as the splendid pain for 1903.
I*anr«ure-tbat this will be gratifying to you;
it Is -to j me and I am , very , grateful for the
' -To the extent of my. ability and opportunity
I have labored for the -best, interests of the
order and while circumstances have .prevented
me* from doing all that I had hoped, yet I do
feel that the labors performed and . the visits
made have (been for good and the benefit 'of the
order.' * \ ' ¦¦> . •' -* " -
s Wherever we have met the Patriarchs. | in
their halls.- at their business, or on- the street,
true ', patriarchal welcome has been extended,
the . memory . of which wuT : be cherished . for
iif«...- :;., •¦••¦-:• - -¦ ¦-¦ ':•¦. -¦ , ;
••¦a5 Frank, district- deputy, grand -patriarch
of District No. S7, having resigned.^ai my ra-
- In his report the grand patriarch
•¦•The f r fiftieth annual session, of the
Grand' ..Encampment of the Odd Fel-'
lows of California convened in " Odd.
Fellows'- - Hall yesterday morning.
Grand Patriarch W. H. Woodbridge^
presided at session, and Grand
Scribe H. Barnes occupied
the secretary's desk. 'The chief busi
ness of the morning was the reading
of reports of grand officers, the selec
tion' of-; a place of meeting : for next
year and* the conferring of the -grand
encampment . degree upon 102 candi
dates. This and the reading of the
reports evoked much enthusiasm from
the assembled delegates.
. By a unanimous vote San Diego was
chosen "as the next meeting-place.
¦At the afternoon sessions officers
were nominated for the ensuing year.
The .'only contest is for the office of,
grand junior warden. Grand Patriarch
Woodbridge will be elected grand
representative for a period of two
years; Stanley A. Smith of Downie
ville will succeed him as grand' pa
triarch; George Jesson of Watson
ville will succeed Smith as grand high
priest; C. H. Burden, of Sonora will
be the next grand senior warden; Wil
liam H. Barnes will retain the office of
grand secretary, and C. E. Benedict
that of grand treasurer. The grand
trustees will be F. A. Week. E. Flan
ders and M. P. Forbes. The candidates
for grand junior warden are H. W.
Osthoff of San Francisco. H. F. G.
Wulff of Sacramento, Fred E. Pierce
of Los Angeles. Captain Chappell of
Vallejo. F. E. Colley of San Jose and
y. L. Turoin of San Francisco.
The report of Grand Scribe William
H. Barnes shows some interesting fig
ures. The year 1903 was prosperous,
but the twelve months ending June 30.
1904. break the record. The grand
scribe says:
The golden Jubilee anniversary of th* Grand
Encampment of California is held under most
auspicious surroundings and circumstances:
1901 Is a re4 letter year on th* Pacific Coast
for fraternity for many reasons, and espe
cially is It a marked event for American
Odd Fellowship from the fact that the
Sovereign Grand Lodge is in session In this
city at this time .and that the membership
of the Golden State have the pleasure of meet
ing and greeting the veterans and eminent men
from all parts of the national jurisdiction —
those who have devoted their lives, talsnts
acd energies to the onward progress of the
mightiest fraternity the world has ever
known— the Independent OrCer of Odd Fellows
And while they come to this - land of the
Pacific, we of "this Grand ' Encampment, for
ourselves and our subordinate bodies', not only
welcome them, but we present the banner
year of Increase and show a loyal
and patriotic hc5t of those -who dwell in tents
and extend hospitality to the stranger.
The patriarchal branch " of the order Is be
coming known in California. Our sessions at
different .' points in the Jurisdiction and the
events that -have 'been made attractive at those
sessions have resulted in applications for mexn
bershfp and rood work.
- -The public installations,' tue* seml-publlc and
public gatherings in the name of the patriar
chal branch, have been *of immense oeneflt.
and having personally had the pleasure of be
inc present at -a -number of these, notably at
¦ Alaroeda. , Newman. Sacramento, San Jose.
Placerville. Orovllle. Los Angeles, Long Beach
The report also includes a list of
visitations made by the grand pa
triarch, and brief messages from the
district deputies, all of which are
very encouraging-. The work of the
district deputies is praised, the grand
patriarch saying that he feels the or
der owes them a debt of gratitude, as
good deputies result in good districts.
Those who accept the position and do
but little for the order are few and
far between.
E. G. Eh<>re. district deputy rrand patri
arch of District No. 45, resigned. O. G. Pen
nell cf No. 7S. Fresno, was tendered and ac
cepted th« office.
• John Woe*?ner. district deputy grand pa
triarch of District No. 43. resigned. Vlciniiu
UDc<ison of So. fc. - Downievllie. was appointed
I to fill -the vacancy.
. George ,W. Halstead". district deputy grand
patriarch of ' District ¦ Js*o. '3S. resigned. That
ever willing worker. James Leonard, accepted
the dntte* or the-ofSce and as usual has ful
filled them.
- ' S. P. Grant, district deputy prand pa
triarch or District No. I. resigned. C. L.
Z*i*ler of San Francisco, the former efficient
deputy, was appointed and kindly accepted
the same. . • .
qufst that faithful vet-ran. Mos»» Stlnch
fleld of Collece City, accepted the position and
has satisfactorily discharged its duties and
has at the present time a new encampment
almost ready fcr Institution at Williams.
9 a., m.— Steamer excursion
on the San Francisco Bay.
rive at starting point at 4
p. * m.
• 10 a. m.— SIrtlnjr of Sover
eign Grand Lod^e * In Native
Sons' Hall".
2 P:*|ni.- — Competitive drills
by Cantons* of "Patriarchs* Mill-*
tant« Mechanics' Pavilion. - -
7:30 p. in.— Dress* -parade.
Patriarchs; Militant, Mechan
ics' Pnvlllon.
8 p. m. — Decoration of Chiv
alry, Mechanics' Pavilion.
9 p. m. — Concert. Mechanics*
Pavilion. ' «¦ *
To-Day's Program me
California Encampment Nominates
Chiefs for Ensuing Year.
Race for Second Place on Ticket
Awakens Intense Interest.
t-ticr.a! provision requiring that the
grand sire be installed by the electing
body during the encampment at
which the election is made.
Th» Grand Lodge, however, adopted
a special enabling clause permitting
the installation of the newly elected
prar.d sire at his home. The action
cf the grand body is approved by all
Odd Fellows, for the fullest eonfi-
Aeaoe is reposed in Mr. Wright by the
order and he has its warmest sympa
thy in the aff.iction which prevented
bit attendance at the encampment.
Th«> f.ght that was waged for the
offic of deputy grand sire, which was
vacated by Mr. Wright, resulted in a
victory for E. S. Conway of Illinois.
J<".hn J- Nolan of Tennessee. W. L-
Kuykendall of Wyoming and G. S.
Hoagland of Nebraska, his most for
midable opponents, made hard fights
-i»i th* tAjcp. but Kuykendali--an4-
Huapland finally admitted defeat and
withdrew. Conway was elected on the
record ballot.
J. Frank Grant was re-elected
prand secretary and M. Richards
Muckle was re-elected grand treas
urer. This completed the list of elec
tive officers, though several appointive
offices must be filled. It was an
nounced that this will be done next
The Grand Encampment of Califor
nia also held an important meeting
yesterday. Nominations for officers
for the coming term were made by th«
encampment. The encampment will
hold another ineeting to-morrow at
Odd FeJlows* Ha!l and the names *•¦?
lert^d yesterday will be balloted upon.
Whil* the Odd Fellows were busy
with th^rir a flairs of business yesterday
the Rebekahs were enjoying them
selves at Mechanics' Pavilion. A mu-
Fical programme was rendered in the
annex, and in the main hall a prom
enade concert was held. Both affairs
proved most attractive and were well
patronized. Last night the Rebekahs
g-ave a concert and exhibition drill at
Mechanics' Pavilion. It was largely at
tended and proved a most enjoyable
A reception tendered Past Grand Sire
Goodwin and Mrs. Goodwin in the
Marble and Maj-le rooms of the Palace
Hotel laet evening was a striking af
fair. Patriarchs Militant in full dress,
•with their wives and daughters, and
Odd Fellows in evening dress crowded
the handsome suite to pay their re
epecis to the man that has just relin
quished the leadership of the order.
Other distinguished Odd Fellows were
guests at the function, which was the
most formal affair given since the
opening of the encampment."
To-day will be jriven over to business,
pleasure and display. An excursion
around the bar on the steamer Berke
ley promises to draw a large number
of pleasure seekers, though the cvn
petitlve drills at Mechanics' Pavilion
and the conferring: of the decoration
of chivalry will be the most largely at
tended features.
Great throngs of strangers are gath
ering in the city to witness the
parade Friday morning. Market street
was crowded yesterday afternoon and
evening by visitors that have come to
enjoy the remaining days of the en
campment. Appreciation of the wel
come extended them is everywhere ex
Editors of Odd Fellow Journals Hold
Annual Session at Native Sons'
WhJle the Odd Fellows are holding
forth at Native Sons' Hall on Mason
street the members of the Interna
tional Press Association of the Odd
Fellows are in convention to nominate
and «lect their officers for the next
year. The first meeting of the asso
ciation was held last night, when
many members met at the hall to
transact the business of the organiza
President C. H. Lyman of Columbus
Ohio, occupied the chair during last
right's session. The other ofllcers
present were Vice President A. B
Parker of Watertown. X. Y.. and Sec
retary J- W. White of Jacksonville I
Fla. Mr. White is also treasurer of '
the organization.
. The association, which numbers
over sixty editors of Odd Fellow
Journals throughout the country, holds
annual meetings at the places where
the sessions of the Sovereign Grand
Lodpe are held.
The business transacted last night
was routine and consisted of hearing
the minutes of last rear's meeting at
Baltimore and answering communica
tions. The place of next year's meet
ing has not yet been designated bj*
the Sovereign Grand Lodge. The of
ficers will be elected at later meetings
this week. •
At 9 o'clock yesterday morning the
second day's session was called to or
der with all the representatives in their
places. The first business of the meet
ing was the hearing of the reports
from the jurisdiction?. This was done
by calling the roll of the States and
the Provinces of Canada. As each
name was called the representatives
made his report to the session. Al
though this took some time, nothing of
especial interest was developed in the
As the end of the list of jurisdictions
approached, excitement began to per
vade the ha!l. The long awaited time
for the election of the presiding ofn
cers of the order for the next two
years was approaching. Very soon
after each jurisdiction had made its re
port the representatives would gather
In Fmall groups and discuss, the
chances -of their particular candidate.
At a few minutes past 10 the last of the
jurisdictions was reported on, and the
business of electing the high officers
was reached.
The name of the candidate to suc
ceed Grand Sire John B. Goodwin
prominently before the session during
its» sojourn in this city has been that
of Deputy Grand Sire Robert E.
Wright of Allentov.n, Pa. There was
practically no opponent with him in
the race for the leadership. The ques
tion of his succession to the post of
grand sire hinged on the validity of
electing an officer who was not present
at the session.
After much debate on the question
it was decided to proceed with the
election in the regular form, as if the
officer were present, and upon the flrst
ballot Robert E. Wright was elected
grand sire of the organization. The
ceremony of installation must be per
formed within the week of the session
by order of the constitution, therefore
the session sent a telegram to Past
Grand Sire T. C. Campbell of. London.
Ontario, telling him to proceed to Al
lentown and install the newly elected
grand sire. Until this Is done .Grand
Sire John B.- Goodwin will remain* at
the head of the organization and, will
direct the session throughout the week.
The election , of Grand Sire-elect
Robert E. Wright is unique, as it is
the first time In the history of the
organization that the 'office has, been
filled during the absence of the candi
The excitement over the election of
the leader was merely a preliminary
warming up compared with- the fight
for the office of deputy/grand sire. Im
mediately after the rap of the gavel an
nouncing that' motions for the nomina-
Mrs. Caroline A- Hoxett of Gilroy
read an original poem dedicated to the
Rebekahs. and in the meanwhile the
officers of the day were busy preparing
the guests for the surprise of the even
ing—the- drill of the San Francisco
Drill Corps, consisting of twenty-five
uniformed ladies. The officers of the
day were Mrs. Flora Bergman. Mrs.
Mary E. Donoho. Mrs. E. M. Cyrus and
Mrs. Bessie D. Moore.
Captain Allie Parker certainly had
reason to be proud of her trim looking
squad of cadets. The corps entered
upon the main floor in column of three,
and after passing once around the
building formed company front at the
grand stand, where they executed the
manual of arms, or swords, for the edi
fication and amusement of Past Grand
Sire Goodwin and his attendants. The
ladies of the corps were dressed In
short blue dresses trimmed with white
braid. Their cadet caps were of white
and their high-top shoes were laced
with white laces. The effect was very
P Everf movement was executed with
precision, and the breaking of the com
pany from column of threes into col
umn of sixes and back again to column
of threes was particularly well done.
"Right by files" and "by the right and
left flank" into company front brought
forth great applause, but the prettiest
movements were those of the fancy
drill, when the corps showed what it
could do in forming crosses, wheeling
about their right guide and executing
reversing circles.
The drill corps held the attention of
the audience for more than half an
hour. To-night the Washington and
Sacramento cantons will give exhibition
drills, and judgment may be passed on
Past Grand Sire Gardner was Intro
duced after Mrs. Gardner had finished
her address and he played the gallant
very successfully with the ladies.
Some wholesome words of advice with
a little well-handled flattery won many
a feminine nod of approval for the
portly gentleman from Atlanta. Past
Grand Sire Goodwin spoke of the co
operation of the women of Odd Fellow
ism, their untiring efforts to assist in
promulgating the sentiment that has
made Odd Fellowship a permanency
among fraternal societies.
Fifty-three years of co-operation
have won a distinctive place in the or
der for the women members, the Re
bekahs. Purity of purpose and ef
fective legislation have been the out
come of the assistance of the hand that
rocks the cradle and rules the world.
The speaker referred to California
and praised San Francisco and the
State for their generosity. He spoke
of the splendid reception accorded
members of the Sovereign Grand Lodge
by the people of the city and said that
he had heard that San Francisco never
did anything half-way, and now ha
was convinced of the absolute truth of
the statement.
Mrs. Gardner spoke of the beneficiary
system inaugurated by the order, of
the protection afforded the widows anci
orphans and the maintenance of th*
home of the order at Gilroy.
Twenty- five thousand sisters were
enrolled on the lodge books and in ten
years this number will have been in
creased two fold. It has been demon
strated in late years that the Rebekahs
have been growing at a much greater
ratio than in the early periods of their
Sure enough, it was warm and stifling
in the galleries. Several ladies grew
weak from the effects of the oppressive
atmosphere. and there was more than
one who had to leave the building. But
there is nothing that succeeds like suc
cess, and faint-hearted men and light
headed women did not militate in the
least against the one result to be de
sired, viz.. a splendid record for the
women of Odd Fellowship.
The evening'*! entertainment was
opened. .WU1» a musical selection by th»»
orcnestrir. aftc*r which President W. \*.
Watson. P. G. M.. and past grand rep
resentative, called the Rebekahs to or
der with a few appropriate remarks
about women as a factor in promoting
just such big events as were transpir
ing. President Watson introduced
State President Mrs. Gardner, who then
addressed the audience and told them
something of the success of the Order
of Rebekahs. their mission in life and
the good that they have accomplished,
individually and collectively.
Mschanics'. Pavilion was crowded t»
its utmost capacity last night during
the reception tendered by the officers
of Rebekah day. So great did the audi
ence become that at 9 o'clock the police
were obliged to issue orders that no
more persons be allowed in the gal
leries. At that hour there were at least
7000 persons in the galleries and 5000
more on the main floor.
Past Grand Sire Goodwin, who ar
rived early and watched the rapidly
growing crowds with intense interest,
remarked that •'California always doe3
things on a large scale, and this at
tendance proves it." Mrs. Dora Gard
ner. State president of the Rebekah
Assembly, was more than satisfied with
the result of the efforts of the ladies of
the order to make Rebekah day a grand
success. Mrs. Gardner said that she
knew that there would be a large at
tendance, but she did not expect to
have "this big building crowded to suf
Robert E. Wright cf AJlentown, Ps
vas elected grand sire of the Sover
eign Grand Lodge of the Independent
Order of Odd Fe!!ovrs yesterday. His
election settled a Question that has
caused much discussion throughout
the order and the Sovereign Grand
Lodge is now in a position to proceed
more raridly with its work.
Many of the oncers of the grand
body were uncertain as to Its author
ity to elevate Mr. Wright to the high
o.f.ce of grand sire, in view of the
fact that he is not in the city to per
mit of the observance of the consti-
E. S. Conway Wins
His Fight for
Uniformed Ladies
Apt Students
of Tactics.
Robert E. Wright
Named by His
F raters.
Drill Corps Makes
a S p I e n d i d
rorecast made at San ¦ rnn
dsco for thirty hoars esdissr
nidnlirht. September SI:
San Francisco and vicinity—
Partly cloudy Wednesday; fresh
west wind.
Local Fosecastex,
Temporarily in Charge.
The San Francisco Call.

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