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COOK, institution fJ2
5 cooks $30 and $.15
ti small hotel cooks $30 and $10
4 second girls $25 and $30
3 kitchen helpers *20 and $23
3 chambermaids 520
2 nurse girls $20 and $30
2 housekeepers 515
Chambermaid, in hospital • • • $25
Infant's nurse $30
V. aitret-s. Ross Valley $30
Han and wife, on ranch $"0
Cook for S people, Pinole 530.
Second eirl, for Ventura S25
3 women cooks, on ranches $20 and $23
Nurse girl, for Marysville 520
Laundresfi, for Santa Barbara $30
Ard 40 girls for housework, city and coun-
try, $20 and $30.
Apply to J. F. CROSETT & CO., 334 Sutter.
219 KEARNY ST. PHONE Black 2446.
Lady retoucher. $50.
Exprrienced manicurist and hair dresser. $50.
BooUi(«f>per and stoncsrapher. $40 to start.
On-s bonbon dir>ptr. $ij week to start.
Two wrhpricra and packers. $0 week.
4 lady solicitors. $2 50 day.
Oi>en evenings, 7 to 9.
Bookkeeper, $35 to start, easy position,
knowledge of stenography.
Glov e ealesladles, $8 per week.
Retoucher, Sacramento. $12 per week.
Notion salesladies, $8 per week.
509 Hearst building.
WANTED — 5 good cooks, small wash. $30;
. Infant's nurse, $30; first-cls.es Gemu-u cook,
I $35; 5 second girls, $25 and $20; 20 house-
work girls, $25 and $20. Apply MISS
PLUNKETT, 425 Sutter st.
A — HELP of all nationalities to fill various po-
sltlons. MRS. LAMBERT. 418 Powell at.
A — WANTED — Girls to learn hairdresslng,
manicuring, etc.; trade tauzht from A to Z
in 2 weeks; tuition $5 to those entering cow;
three positions to fill Immediately; positions
guaranteed at $10 per week up; leading
school in West. 233 Geary St., room 13.
WANTED — Girls to learn millinery now for
fall season; both seasons taught from start
to finish in cue month for $5; ' positions as
trimmers, salesladies, makers, guaranteed
at $10 per wk. up; 7 positions to be filled
Immediately. Parlors 143 Stockton et.. r. 13.
A— PACIFIC College teaches halrdreaslng.
manicuring, electric massage, etc.; six hours'
practice a day; guarantee positions; only
recognized college of Its kind on coast; day
and evening classes; all parlor work at re-
duced prices. 133 Powell st.
WAi^TED — Experienced art goods saleswoman;
one who is thoroughly posted In lace and
embroidery materials; state age, experience
and salary expected. Apply box 1SS0, Call.
GIRL to do general housework and cooking;
(rood wages; call to-day (Wednesday). C08
Oak st., between 10 and 12 a. m.
WANTED— Experienced lady bookkeeper and
cashier; Oakland. Box 1409, Call office, Oak-
LADIES' experienced skirt finisher. A. KALM,
142 Goary st.
WANTED — Girl to do housework In small
family. 1526 Taylor st.
APPRENTICES and first-class makers wanted
In millinery store. C92 McAllister st.
YOUNG girl for light housework; call morning.
2172 Green St.
WANTED — Experienced waitress. Olympic
restaurant. 555 Post st. ; •
OPERATORS on butcher gowns, aprons and
bar coats; power. 2O4>4 Turk st.
WANTED— First-class coat finisher. 520
Kearny St.. first floor, room 1.
GIRL for general housework; must be good
cook. 2544 Mission et.
WANTED — Girls to work In factory. Apply
Trunk Factory, 18th and Folsom sts.
GIRL for downstairs work and cooking: 1 to
4. 1230 Ellis et.
EXPERIENCED tewing machine operators on
overalls, coats and Jumpers; steady work
LEVI STRAUSS & CO., 32^ Fremont Bt.
Apply to Mr. Davis.
GIRL wanted to assist In light housework;
good home; waces $15. 2271 California st.
WANTED— Sleeve maker and waist improvers.
MRS. E. M. SOLLEY, 1812 Sutter st.
YOUNG girl for light housework; assist in
cooking. 2S11 Buchanan st.. near Vallejo.
CLOAK and skirt finishers at E. ME5-
_5AGER'S. 145 Pest Bt.
GIRL to work In confectionery; must have
experience. Box 1869, Call.
TALENTED amateur performers. Apply at
Chutes, C p. m. Wednesday; salary no object.
FIRST-CLASS waist, skirt and coat hands
Apply to J. BAER. 1200 Geary Bt.
help wanted — male.
aaa^ e^^l^y^r^r^gister^coT"^'
219 KEARNY ST. PHONE Black 244C.
Al stenographer, must speak Spanish, $100.
Delicatessen man, country. $80.
Drug clerk, registered, $75.
3 delicatessen men, $15 week.
Al man to take charge of corset.
Ladies' and children's Underwear Dept.; ex-
perienced; Al salary.
15 stove plate mold-ers, $3.50 day.
2 upholsterers, $3 50 day.
Experienced traveling agent, $75 and ex-
Al gardener. $40 and found.
Assistant window trimmer, $7 week.
3 errand boys. $4 to $6.
Open evenings, 7 to 9.
2 LUMBER pliers. f::5 and board; coachman,
$30 and found; shop butcher and driver. $12
to $15 week: saw flier and mill man: screw
turner. $50 and* found; 7 carpenters, $4 00
day; 2 woodchoppers, $1 75 cord; farmer,
$30 and found; miner, $3,00 day; laborers
for mine, $2 50 day; teanisters, $2 50 day;
cabinet maker. $3 00 day; 2 lroners, coun-
try laundry: laborers, $1 75 day; black-
smith's helpers, cooks, waiters and others.
J. F. CROSETT & CO., 62-5 Sacramento st.
Contractors' Agents. 95 Third tt.
Stableman, city. $45 and found.
Solicitor, acquainted with city grocery* trade,
f 2 50. .
Man to carry banner, $1.
Ironer. near city, $35 and found.
Bench hand, cabinet-maker, $3 60.
I-iborers, $2 25; teamsters, $2 25; fare $3 60.
Laborers, $2, fare $1 60, year's work.
! Teamsters, SI 23 and fd., fare $2 65.
042 Commercial »t., near Kearny. *
Phone Bush 833. JOHN L. DRECHSLER.
Man to run gasoline launch on river, north,
very easy Job, $40 fd. . .
6 carpenters, north, $97 50.
5 carpenters, gold dredgers, $S0 fd.
2 rough carpenters, city, few tools necessary,
$2 50 to $3; 5 slaughter butchers; 125 la-
borers, $2 to $2 60 day; 15 boys, box factory.
70 placer miners, average depth 14 feet, 80c
r bucket: $30 per day earned; call at office
or write.
Fancy goods manager. Oakland. $100 to $150.
15 single miners. $3 per day, adjoining State.
Salesman, gilt edge stock.
Many hlgh-cla*s positions.
Call at office. 1
GOVERNMENT positions — Call at 025 Golden I
Gate ave., room 7, for free information aa
to positions, salaries, age limits, etc.; day
or evenings. ¦ ._
ONE or two men to learn a frood trade; steady
work; no night or. Sunday work; $25 security
required. Apply 310% Folsom st., upstairs.
BARBER wanted for Wednesday evening, Sat-
urday afternoon and Sunday. 2952 Twenty-
fourth st.
FOR »ale — Barber shop and bath; clearing $35
to $40 weekly; in prosperous town of 23oO
Address box 1SS4. Call.
BARBER wanted. 291 Seventh st.
GOOD barber, Wednesday evening, Saturday
and Sunday. 615 Hayes Bt.
ERRAND boy wanted.; MUTUAL L. & L. CO.,
Second and Bryant. ¦ Artist room.
ACTIVE young man, with small amount
money, for steady position. 247 Fifth st.
WANTED^-A porter. 24 Sixth st.
WANTED— An errand boy. 21*0 Stevenson st.,
room 5.
Wiff Produce Twefve Pounds of Deficious Food— With Want Ads— FREE
A— MURRAY & KEADY. ttsTanXSe^Clay^
Phone Main 5848.
Leading Employment and Labor Agents.
We epeak the German, French. Italian.
.Scandinavian, Greek, Spanish, Slavonian and
Danish languages. • ¦
1903 We Gave 1904 We Hope to
60,000 Men Work. Increase 60,000.
25 carpenters, steady Jobs, fare $1, $3 50 day.
Carpenter, stock ranch, 75c fare, $50 fd.
Upholsterer, $2 50 day.
15 carpenters, 50c fare, $3 day.
3 shinslers, 50c fare, $lper M.
5 carpenters, ranch, fare $1 25, ?40 fd.
' 5 carpenters, factory, 30c fare, $3 day.
5 woodworkers, $00; 5 bench hands, $90.
¦» Table-makers; 3 brushmakers; band sawyer,
12 PLASTERERS, $4 50 day.
12 plumbers, "no union," $¦* day.
Pattern-maker for mine, $4 50 day.
Rough painter. $2 day: painter, city, $3 day.
Ship calker; slack coopers; 3 varnish fin-
Ganz trimmerman, fare ?2 60. $50 fd.
Well digger, understands »ras engine, $40 fd.
6 blacksmiths and horseshoers. $3, $3 50 to
f 4 day.
Leverman. gasoline engine dredger, $75.
Quarryman. handle powder, sharpen drills,
Young man drive delivery wagon, carry
U. S. Mail. $25 to $30- found.
Baker, bread and cake, fare 40c, $55 found.
Helper, cake bakery, $11 week and room.
.Man drive wagon and handle trunks, city,
$2 day.
MURRAY & READY. 634-636 Clay Bt.
25 laborers, work on railroad, $60.
MURRAY & READY, 634-636 Clay st.
25 laborers, fare 51 30. $60.
• > MURRAY i READY. 634-636 Clay ¦-
25 laborers, railroad company's own. work,.
$1 75 day.
-MURRAY & READY, 634-636 Clay Bt.
General Manager gold quarts mine.
- - . : OUR OFFICE.
12 machine miners, $90.
6 laborers, $67 50.
• 16 single and double band miners, $75 to
$82 50.
6 chuck tenders, $75.
\ MURRAY & READY, 634-636 Clay st.
155 woodchoppers.
25 teamsters, special Job, $67 50.
Where man can work every day at $00
' 165 teamsters wanted, S60 month. .
' Ship by Santa Fe. $4 60. '
.. MURRAY & READY, 634-636 Clay »t.
12 boiler-makers. 12 boiler-makers.
"32tec to 36c hour. 32%c to 36^c hour.
FREE tare — Manager at our office — FREE fare
rtovs — BOYS — BOYS.
25 boys -or youn_ men, box factory, $35 fd.
14 choremen. boys, see us, $15, $20. $30 fd.
26 general farm -hands, steady Jobs, $30 fd.
12 milkers, various places, $30, $35 found.
. Foreman cake baker. S25 week. , •
5 helpers, different bakeries, $20, $25, $35 fd.
Experienced drapery salesman, city.
6 whoep butchers, $80.
9 butchers, different places, $30, $40, $50, $60
and found. • - • . ¦ . 1
4 knife men. $2 75. 3 sausage makers. $14.
3 porters, hotels and saloons, $20, $25,> $30
¦ and found. • •¦
12 waiters, different places, $25, $30, $35 fd.
• Cook $40; dishwasher. $15, hotel, mine dl»t.
18 cooks, different places, $30, $40. $50, $70
and found.- ¦
9 dishwashers, different places, $20, $30 fd.
* i_*yA'9RY - ,,
2 starch lroners, $T2 t» $16 week. •' .
Polisher, ironer, starcher. fare $1 60, $2 50.
Farmer and wife, man tcam6ter, wife cook;
dairy. $55 and found.
Farmer and wife, stock ranch, no woman
there, $40 and found.
Farmpr and wife. 25 cows, wife cook, 3
men. $40 and found.
Married farmer, southern town, $30 and fd.
Farmer and wife, fare $1 30, extra good Job,
$50 and found.
MURRAY & READY, 634 nnd 630 Clay Bt.
YOUNG man who is an experienced floor man-
ager wanted, one familiar with the dry goods
business preferred. Apply between 9 and
11 a. m. at HALE BROS.'
WANTED — Experienced domestic salesman.
Apply between 9 and 11 a. m., at HALE
EXPERIENCED dishwasher for small restau-
rant. 2SS5 Market St.. ntar Sixteenth.
SHOEMAKERS — 2 men on repairing and
"seconds"; good wages. 756 Howard st.
WANTED — An elevator boy. 29 Stockton St.,
BARBER. 3-chalr shop, at bargain; don't miss
it. 1090 Valencia st.
MEN to learn barber trade; only eight weeks
required; constant practice and expert in-
struction; positions secured; special Induce-
ments this month; catalogue mailed free.
Moler System College. 635 Clay Bt.
ALL unemployed clerks, bookkeepers, mechan-
ics, skilled and unskilled laborers, are invited
to register with us free of charge HORD
& SMITH, 95 Third St., S. F.
WANTED — Men and boys to learn plumbing
trade; Coyne Bros. Co. School of Practical
Plumbing; eend for catalogue. Address 4973-5
Easton eve.. St. Louis, Mo.
WANTED — Men and women to prepare for
Government positions. Apply for free cata-
logue giving particulars. Pacific Correspond-
ence Institute, Grant bldg., 1095 Market st.
WANTED — Laborers arid mechanics to know
that Ed Rolktn. Reno House proprietor, has
added 100 new rooms to the Denver House,
217 Third st.; 250 rooms; 25c to 60c per night.
EXPERIENCED salesman for boys' clothing
wanted. Apply* superintendent's office The
BOYS wanted — Good wages; steady employ-
ment; for American District Messenger Ser-
vice. Apply at 607 Market st. '
BUYER and manager for a large grocery
wanted. Apply, stating all particulars, ref-
erences, salary, etc., box 1861, Call office.
FIRST-CLASS cutter of good appearance;
Fteady position to right party. Apply S. N.
WOOD & CO.. 140 Market st.
FOR sale — Flrst-claBS 2-chalr barber shop;
good business; $S rent; good laundry trade;
living rooms, furniture; $150. 1119 Folsom.
! TRY our men's shoes, union made; $1 & $1 50 |
pair; foot-form shoes. $2 60: we pay express'
charges. 11 3d St.. Exm. bid. :open till 9 p. m.
MEN and women learn the barber trado; wages
paid while learning. Haight's,>J47 Commercial. I
2 young men to learn the barber trade; a good
chance. For particulars call at 751 Mission st
CANDY-MAKERS wanted. Apply at F. H.
Bruning's. C21 Seventh St., Oakland.
WANTED — Man to do Janitor work for his
tuition In S.F. Barber College, 741A Howard.
HUSTLING man of good address. 121 Geary
St.. room 629. between I and 4 p. m.
GOOD barber ehepior sale. Inquire at 326
Montgomery ave.
WANTED — Young man with $76 for good pay-
Ing, business. Address box 1590, Call office.
WANTED — 1-chalr barber shop; city or coun-
. try; state price. Box 1864, Call office.
WANTED — Non-union . sailmakers. Apply 14
Spear st., top floor.
EXPERIENCED boy to drive butcher wagon.
2S53 Mission st. -.-„•,:
BOY about 15 for men'i furnishing store. 424
Kearny at.
BARBER shop for sale; 2 chairs steady; owner
goln? to Europe. Inquire at Call office.
TWO-CHAIR barber shop for sale; half price;
$35: owner, will leave town.' Apply Call office.
BARBERS— Good paying 2 -chair shop for sale
cheap; must aell this week. .1103 Howard st.
SAILORS and ordinary seamen for all parts of
the world at HERMAN'S. 2fi Steuart st.
FOR sale — 2-chalr. barber ;, shop and 2 house-
' keeping rooms ' furnished. Inquire Call office.
MEN wanted at 137 3d St.. where shoes are re-
paired by machinery , sewed soles 10 min., 75c
LABOR debts collected: suits, attachments.
Law and Adjustment Co.,~82S Montgy..r.41i ,
ECELP^rAMrTED— MjMyn— rVmtfcme^-
WANTED — A competent cellar man who un-
derstands rectifying, blending- of liquors and
handling of wines for a wholesale liquor
house; must come well recommended. Apply
box 1S59, Call office.
SAILORS and young men (green hands) for
ships. HALLBERT, 517 Jackson st. .' : •-
PENSION Atty.. E.A.Bullls.r.40,Phelan bldg.
Past Com. Oeo. H. Thomas Post. G. A. R.
WINCHESTER Hotel. 44 Third St., near Mar-
ket — 700 rooms; 35c night; reading rooms;
free 'bus and baggage to and from ferry.
A BRANCH office of The Call for the reception,
of advertisements and subscriptions has been
¦ opened at 1008 Market St., opposite Fifth.
Open until 11 p. m.
ADVERTISEMENTS, subscriptions received at
Call branch office, cor. Duncan & Church sta.
ALL sizes men's shoes, slightly damaged, half
price. 563 Mission St., bet. 1st and 2d sts.
GET j-our shoes half-soled while waiting; 25c
to r>0c. Sea Mlslon st.. bet. 1st and 2d 6ta.
FOR sale — A brood mare, color black; also a
nice . sorrel . mare. 322S Folsom St., corner
; Preclta ave! . '
FINE river bottom pasturage; green feed year
round; near Black Diamond, Contra Costa
County. Nucleus Stables, 100 Stevenson, S.F.
FOR sale — Young, gentle saddle horse; goes
single or double. Inquire 212' Eighth st.
WANTED — To .buy good delivery horse; state
lowest cash price. Box 900, Call office.
HORSE, harness and wagon for sale; $15. Box
1154. Call office.
GOING out of business; new and second-hand
wagona sold cheap. 16S0. Mission St., nr. 13th.
LIGHT wagon, Al condition; cheap. Apply
BAKER & SON, 37 Second st.
AUCTION sale of horses, wagons and harness
every Wednesday at 11 a. m. 327 Sixth st.
WAGONETTES, surreys, buggies, wagons, har-
ness, work and driving horses. 15th- Valencia.
/ WEEK'S news for 5 cents — The Weekly Call.
16 pages. In wrapper, for mailing. SI per year
A— PRINTED list of houses to let; send for cir-
cular. G. H. UMBSEN & CO., 20 Montgomery.
TO let — House of 10 rooms - on California St.;
rent $40. Inquire at N. W. cor. Mission
• and Tenth. Cal. Housewreckicg Co. "-,
TO let, from Sept. 25— Modern 6-room house,
fully furnished, for 8 months; rent reason-
able - to responsible party. Call at 767
Castro st.
BUSH. SS3 — For sale; furnished house, 10
rooms; large sunny yard; call between 1 and
o. Ask for landlady.
FURNITURE of 13 rooms arranged In house-
' keeping apartments; bargain. Call at 220
Halght st.
TO be sold at once; furniture 3 rooms and
piano. 228 Oak st.
SOLD, rented, exchanged; manufacturers of
Eamea. tricycle chair 2018 Mkt.: tel. Park 775.
LOST — A passbook with the Hibernla Sav-
ings and Loan - Society of San Francisco in
the name of ROY J: HANCOCK. No. 274-340.
..The finder will please return to bank.
LOST-— All of our competitors; reduction In
. prices and quality of stock did it. SHIBELEY
. THE FLORIST. 311 Sutter St.. phone Grant
197; 1204 Sutter St., phone East 817.
LOST — Strand gold beads with locket attached;
initials K. I. S. ;' liberal reward. Return 542
- Sutter «t.- r -•-• ¦'.",• ".
LOST — In Jefferson Square Monday, Sept. 19.
- silver watch; owner's name on back of case;
valued as keepsake. P26 Eddy st. ; reward.
$5 'REWARD— Lost, water spaniel; all brown,
cut on left foreleg. Return F. W. BELL.
570 Sixty-third st.. Oakland. ¦ .
LOST — BIub Dane dog; collar; license on; re-
ward. 3371 Twenty-first st.
C. A. McNEILL LAUNCH CO., foot of Clay
Bt.; for pleasure and business; tel. Bush 534.
J. MIchaelts Launch Co., Union-st. Wharf ; boat-
ing & excursions. 5 Steuart st. ;tel. John 2686.
TO order; renovated, disinfected (formaldehyde
process); excellent carpet cleaning. HOPKE
BROS.. 1432-34 Howard Bt.; phone South 210.
LADIES desiring cafe, sure and quick relief
from irregularities consult me; my methods
are painless and reliable: no failures; no ex-
orbitant fee3 CONSULTATION AND AD-
VICE FREE; 17 years' experience In all fe-
male disorders; call or write. DR. WHITE,
702 Market st., rooms 7 and 8.
LADIES — If you are In trouble, confide In me.
Relief for Irregularities. Help for the un-
fortunate. My time is devoted exclusively to
these conditions. I'm the only GRADUATE
physician here who can say this. Call or
write. Confidential. Est. 14 years. DR. R.
H. WESTON. office 305 KEARNY ST.
MRS. DR WYETH. specialist for all female
complaints and irregularities; instant relief
guaranteed; 30 years' experience. 826 Post st.
MRS. DR. KOHL, reliable specialist for all fe-
male troubles and Irregularities; instant re-
lief guaranteed. lOOSVa Market st.. opp. 5th.
MRS. DR. GOODWIN, ladles' specialist, now
visiting the leading sanitariums and mater-
nity homes of Europe, will return to San-
Francisco on or about October 10 and will be
permanently located at 412 Taylor st.
DR. G. W.' O'DONNELL — All who are sick or
In trouble consult this specialist on female
complaints: positively corrected; the unfortu-
nate helped; the most difficult cases treated;
advice free. Office 1018 Market st.
LADIES, our regulator never fails: a protec-
tion without internal medicine; price $2 per
box. FROST'S Chemical Agency, 1104 Mar*
ket st., San Francisco.
MRS. BERNARD, 17 Fourth ft., room 9, pos-
itively cures rheumatism; magnetic vapor &
steam baths. Office hours 10 a. m. to 7 p. m.
MRS. THIESSEN, graduate German midwife;
20 years' experience: home in \ confinement;
best care. 49 Perry, c. Third. Tel. Red 51i2.
original method ot. treatment. 1126 Market.
LADIES, call at MRS. BROWN'S for medical
advice. 1279 Union st: 9-2.
MRS. DR. GWYER, 511 A Leavcnworth St., be-
tween Geary and O'Farrell.
LADIES— Kumround ; safe, sure, never falls;
$2. Gleason-Ruggles Drug Co., Kearny & Clay.
DR. ROSEN, residence 2095 Foliiom St., corner
26th; ladles, relief or -no fee; C10-
PRIVATE lessons given day and evening;
t*rms reasonr-.ble. 24 Ninth St.
mines A^n^Mnsrxwa.^
OPMENT CO., room 13, 330 Pine st.. will in-
corporate and finance propositions of merit;
tiuyB. sells, develops and operates mlnea.
2D-HAND machinery, engines, boilers, purapa,
pulleys, shafting, etc., etc.. bought, .Bold,
rented and exchanged; see Sunday papers.
H. S. WHITE MCHY. CO.. 130-132 Beale at.
BOILERS engines. 2d-hand machinery. McIN-
TOSH & WOLPMAN. 195-197 Fremont st.
ATTENTION, Odd Fallows" — Full dress' suits
for the *rrand ball; Tuxedos and Prince Al-
berts for other functions; suits delivered
aud called for. J. COOPER, rental parlora.
21 Stockton St., nr. Market: second floor.
FOR stle^ — New and second-hand billiard and
pool tables; easy payments: we rent tables
with privilege of buying; modern bar fixtures;
cheap prices. BRUNSWICK-BALKE-COL-
LENDER. 1 652 Mission st.
'. ¦ Repair It with elaterite. in rolls easy to lay;
needi no painting or coating; good over old
- Iron, tin or shingles; best for new roofs.
SAFES and DESKS — As we are going to move
to New Montgomery St., and to avoid moving
stock, will sell at big cut In prices. RICH-'
ARDSON BROS.. 1S16 Market et. -.,•-, > ¦
A— BUYS, sells or rents I gear machinery, en-
gines, boilers.- water, pipe, shafting, pulley*,
eto. ...WHITELAW. 253-255 Spear st. •
rr-PIiOT-IEITT -WAHr/TED — rem_le~Con
STI1ONG. wi'.ling. competent American woman,
temptratr. booestj war.ts llpht sweeping mi
ua&hir.c bjT the day; Sr.e iaunJres-'S; guaran-
tw kaiii-faction; $1 25 and carzare. 1S9
I'ourth *t.. first flipfct, room 24.
SCXtSSTKEES wishes engage— '.ente by day;
$' .".it. 1*34 fcixn Jess ave. Phon* Church
[IXPEEIEXCED Dan M wishes confinements.
" ••: r:.. ch&rcb 2250.
'U* ANTED — -V petition a> hairdresser. « Rca-
<".* ft.
\ njjAX wants work by the day; washing.
we<ir.!r«_. etc. 3-1 Valencia st.
a GOOD ¦«— «r would like to go cut by the
U_y at btfptr for dressmaker. Box 1S15. Call.
-. \"\'TK1> — Copytec cr typewriting at home
% 14»>. cail office.
.'.::•— Plain s^wiriE by the day. Address
- . ¦.:•..¦' v- >'S. C'4-J ¦!«-«m» »t.
v. iNTCD. by a respectable wo— tan. washing
Y»\t day. Cail C2T5 Harrison at.
ri'.IAN «irl warts position; h: use or
cfcaraber «crk. S017 Twentieth st.
IPANESE woman desires position at houne-
. r.r kitcJicn help. K. 1MAI. 1230 Ca'.l-
:¦¦-•••¦¦* *'-¦
MPAMfE wemar. wants position as plain
"V end housework ir. the city. Address
MKs?. .NOBl!, 4 C_rloe place.
JAPANESE rlrl wants position as cook and
- r. lusem-ork. K. F.. 633 Stevenson st.
A -vOrjS ws-ted for 3 Ft ench, 2 Italian. 4
A-rman chefs.
3 .rrtric*n waiters and wl\-es, waitresses.
I G»rtr.an bakers and rastry cook.
1 hotel porters. 7 barkeepers.
10 bell and elevator beys.
S ftrfiEers and wives: 3 farmers and wive*.
M waitress's. 20 chambermaids
Afrply C. R HAXSEX & CO.. 423 Bush St.
r;R5T-CLAES barkeeper, experienced In hotel
ex ssi'oon, also his wife, as waitress and
¦hamberrr raid, tvis-h tituatione; would ro
w-pa.ra.te or together; first-class people. See
J. F. CROSETT &. CO.. 334 Sutter «t.
A MAN of Z>. who has learned the tailor trade
in r>er.mark. bat has not worked at It for
f.™ i!m<". would like to have work as helper
or as prerser in the city. Box 1S79. Cail.
AN' expert raisins manager of .considerable ex-
I-erienee in America, New Zealand and Aus-
tralia, vishea engagement; excellent testi-
raoni-is: elate salary. Box LSS7. Call.
DRUGGIST; 5 years" experience, wants posi-
tion rn retail drug rtore: graduate in
r-harmaey; single. Box 1407, Call office, Oak-
AN exfpricroed hardware man wants poslMcm
in retail hardware store; single: wages
reasonable. Box 140S. Call office. Oakland.
GARDENER and man about place; country
experience: references; wages $30. Box 18s2.
Ca!i office.
JANITOR or porter work wanted by an ex-
perienced married man; handy with tools;
city references. Cox lt*>3. Call.
WANTED— Position by nrst-claes tinner and
p:urrl>er in same shop; can furnish good
of toclf. Address box 177, St. Helena. Cal.
('ARPESTER, non-union, can plan building:
wants work. Box Ib^l. Call office.
A POSITION wanted by 'American. 37 years of
see, as cuachman or man about country
place; thorough horseman; understands care
cf cows, lawns, etc.: handy with tools;
strictly temperate; best of references. Box
1520 Call oftice.
YOUNG man. 20 years eld, 4 years' experience,
flrst-c!ay£ hotels, knowledge German, Eng-
lish French. want6 office position in hotel.
Jaciifcn et.
MINING man, thoroughly reliable and compe-
tent, cgc- -&J jea;s. strictly non-union, wishes
to have charge of work in or about Goldfteld,
Nev. ; \~rst r.t references. Room 47, Win-
chester Hotel.
tITL'ATJON wanted by 3"oung man. honest
sad reliable, in jjheto gallery; 3 years' expe-
rience: developing and retouching specialty.
Box 1U8, Call office.
A SITUATION wanted to take care of private
rise? by a reliable man; understand* garden-
ing:, car*- cf horses' and milking; good refer-
ences. Box lCSfi. Call efflce.
A GROCERY clerk and bartender. German,
mW(!Ie-ag«i and single, wishes a situation:
flrbt-claM references. W. BOHLING. 417
Kr-ar-y et.
ETSADT. reliable young man. 23. experienced
J«>ikkfreper. cttiree position as bookkeeper or
assistant; Al references; your interest is my
interest; wages low to begin. Box 1519. Call.
M'RPE (male), graduate training school.
wishes mental or other cawe; nine yars'
experience firs t-c!a£S hospital: best of refer-
»ncer; willing to travel. Box 1713, Call.
MAN and wife want places on ranch or pri-
vate place; foo4 all-round man; understands
<-ar«> <">f hor*e«; —rife good plain cook. L.
THOMPSON. 162 Fourth st.
COLLECTOR — Situation wanted by a man of
Bt~ mj years' experience; best of reference
ar.d bond furnished if necetsary. Box 100S.
Call eftic*.
A FIRST-CLAFS sober painter, paperhanger,
Ueter and gralner wishes a fteady position
!n t large building or for an ?¦stats; state
*ap^s and particulars. Box 1855, Call.
BTCADTi reliable young man, 23. experienced
rockkTer. drsires position as bookkeeper or
*»sistant: Al ref*r>»nce*; your Interest Is my
int-rwt; -.••*** low to begin. Box 1519. Call.
GLRMAX wine— ieker wants to get a place Ir
the city or country as cellar master or assist-
ant; has 15 years' California experience; can
gite good re?erere*s. 1074 Howard St.. r. 14.
YOUNG man. 28. steady and willing to wc»k,
would l;ke position with gasoline engine firm
with a view to help him 1 in his etudies. Box
__742. 100% Market et.
WaNTEL — Situation, by an engineer and ma-
<-r.!ni*t, with » years' experience; also un-
derstands electrical itenerators, motors, ice
making, firing with oiL Box 1245. Call.
MIDDLE-AGED gardenrr wants eteady poel-
tlon; sober and induistrioua; references.
Gardener. 631 Sacramento et., city; room 42.
YOUNG man sneaking German. Ftenoh, Eng-
lish and gpanlth wants position. Box I£t6,
Call office.
•JOMPETTJNT foreman for vineyard and cellar,
also exr-*ri»'no«»d in orchard, wishes position.
1 • ««¦ epply 630 Sacramento st.
RELIABLE rteady, sober man wants position
a» day or night watchman; city or country.
M3 Eacra-jecto et.. Overland House.
WANTED— A position by a first-class Chinese
cook; fsmfly or bo«rding-house. LIEN
YL'EN. 1113 C!ay et.. tel. 3C58.
YOUNG man, 22 years eld. writing a good
hand. -:.:.•* pcrltirtn In office; quick at fig-
ures. Addrect box 1CC3, Call office. '
FRENCH ratry cook, uswj to first-class hotel;
-••»•:" up in puddings pies, souffles. Icec.
6CH*NTA_U_L. <K5 Eddy et.
COACHMAN and sanlf-r.er. thoroughly under-
fttnn<;» care et private place, wishes pcti-
ticn; references. Bex i£23. Call office.
GiJJKMAN. middle-aced, etrady. sober, wants
bUnatioa of i«>rt<-r and lunch man; can cook.
L"ck ::•:.:. Call office .
V F!rtS7-OLARS r_Ve and brrad baker d»-
*<.t+* m Eltuatloln In the country or city;
*!?!' *"****• BoT 1732 c * 11 -
DRUGGIST S years' experience In East, wants
jre-uion; fir- 1 •<¦:!.-«¦ references. Address box
J."il7.- Can.
*:.'LE nurse and masseur would like private
ra»e. mental or Imiild; best of references.
O: W.. J27O Eliis Et.
CHOUEMAN -ants r'-eitlon on private place;
institution or Hsrulie— ¦; refer'-ncts: wages
5K* e month ervl found. Box 1&.7. Call.
WATCHMAN. BtUTM -j«rt, « e ei JJ, desires
b. iteady posl'i.-n: first-class references. Ad-
6^ru hOK JG;T. <.'3!l ffflcc.
'»c?"7liFr5Tof£e nU t}t: *^ " bntIer '
XV^7'M.r^V". k ro i;n, an i0? Per>eilCC<l <^~ tl ~-
EA6T£I_V gtnUraan. flrst-rlass eal"Brn_n~-
whfct have ycu to offer. Box 1133. Call offlc*.'
COOt> barber wants Rteady wcrk. Address box
1714. Cell cfllre. •
cnADUATi: nias-im v.=nts pi*frnf- or etcadv
position. Addrei-k Box 14SS. Call office.
YOUNG mnn wants position as hat presser
1?22 Howard Et.
WANTEIj— A poeitlon as night watshman
Address T. C. 76& UUsion st.
PEBSO~fAXg.^^ _-^ru-
! A — CALL and see our demonstrations, with one-
hilf of face treated: 1 guarantee to remove
permanently wrinkles, freckles.
Smalliox pittings, etc:
Restore lest contour.
If you desire a fresh, young face, eall or
write. MME. GILLINGHAM. 13: Powell st.
DR. ROWELL' S Fire of Life, a sure cur* for
rheumatism, paralysis, neuralgia, pneumonia,
sore threat, etc. Sold by all Uru«xists tor
over 20 years; price Me. Manufactured solely
by ROWELL & BROWN. 32 Turk st.. S. F.
THE Star Hair Remedy restores gray hair. Im-
proves its growth, stops tailing, cures dandruff
and itching scalp: no stain or stickiness;
cleanses scalp; at druggists', hairdressers' ;ac-
cept no substitute. Star Remedy co.,13CS Polk.
Cancerous lumps, sores. Impure blood (affecting'
skin, mouth, bones, eto speedily cured by
skilled specialist from Europe. Apply Centrai
Pharmacy. 32S Grant ave. Worst cases cured. -
, WANTED — The address of the heirs of PAT-
RICK B. O'CONNOR, who came to Texas
about 1S33. Address T. L. WREN. Austin.
YACHTSMEN an.l business men-All kinds
of drawing and tracing win te dt>ne cheap
; and exactly. Uox 171s. Call.
Market st. : phone Red 6871; consultation
free; confidential.
On thw worst ba!<1 head. Call or writ*.
DR. G. S. MOORE. 332 O'Farrell st.
AT leas than cost: uncalled for fults.' overcoats
and trousers at CHARLES LYONS'. London
Tailor. 721 Market st.
YOU can buy $75 worth of furniture for $7 5*
down and $1 50 per week. T. BRILLIANT
FURNITURE CO.. 340 Post St.. near Powell.
DEAD — Trance medium; genuine, unique, suc-
cessful. 325 Ellis st.
EYES examined free. THOS. HOUSEWORTH.
' optician. 158t Market st.. rm. 207; est. 1»1.
Superfluous hair removed ; electric needle. Mr*.
Eaton. 360 Stitter. Miss Eaton. 233 Geary.r.SS.
SUPERFLUOUS hair & moles removed by elec-
tric needle. LOI3 A. GRAY. 1170 Market at.
ELEGANT suits to order, extra pants or fancy
vests for $14 75. Fred Wagnes. S5O Market.
LADIES and gentlemen, you will find best hair
tonic in the world at ISirt Sutter st.
ELEGANT suit to order * 1 ex. pair pants. $15.
LEON LEMOS. 1127 Mkt. St.. bet. 7th & 8th.
MAGNIFICENT diamond ring, nearly 3 carats.
. $250. GARIN, 138 Montgomery St.
TAILOR-MADE suit $7 50; dress pants $2 50.
Misfit clothing Parlor, cor. Bush and Dupont.
MASQUERADE costumes, p!ay books, wigs;
country orders. GOLDSTEIN A CO.. 733 Mkt.
ALFREDT'M'S Egyptian Henna restores <r«y
hair to its natural col<-ir: St : at a!l drucsrtsts'
A PARTNER with $C0O : 100 per cent guar-
teed within eo day?: this Is no fake; better
Investigate. • Call from 11 to 12 a. m.. rxira
19. 25 Third »t.
DR C C. O'DONNELL— Office and resMence.
1021 Market st.. bet. t>th and 7th: particu-
lar attention paid to diseases of women.
BLOOD sk!r» and rectal diseases a specialty.
DR. BALL. 1073 H Market at.
REMOVED- VU. WONG HIM. herb doctor,
treats all diseases of the human body; for
past four years at 115-117 Mason st.. now lo-
cated at €07 Geary st.. near Leaven worth.
WONG WOO. the famous h«rb doctor — All dis-
eases cureil ty Chinese herbs. 746-8 Clay st.
PATENTS. _____*
INVENTIONS patent»d. F. P. MEDINA, at-
torne y-at-law. tt Hobart bldg.. £32 Market »t.
CLARA E. JEWETT. purchasing agent: coun-
try orders a specialty: correspondence solirlt-
ed 3568 17th Bt.. San FrancUco.Tel.Capp S3&.
Notice to Contractors. Uuilders and Material
Men — Notice is hereby given that sealed bid*
are solicited for performing the labor anil
furnishing the materials for the stalrwork.
and also (this bid to be separate from th»
foregoing) for the roofing and sheet metal
work for California Hall, on the grounds of
the University of California, at Berkeley.
California, and said bids, oa either one or
on both undertakings, will be received at th«
office of the Regents. South Hall. Berkeley,
at cr before 12 m. of September 21, l&O—
No bids will be considered unless accom-
panied by a certified check or bond of bidder,
in favor of the Regents of the University of
California, equal to ten (10) per cent of his
bid with sufficient sureti-s. conditioned that
If said bid be accepted, the bidder will duly
enter into a proper contract and give bond to
perform faithfully the duty and obligations in
accordance with said bid and with the plans
and specifications which are hereby required
to be a part of such contract. The right to
reject any or all bids Is hereby reserved.
By order of the Committee on Grounds and
Bulldlnjrs of the Board of Regents.
V. H. HENDERSON. Acting Secretary.
Notice to Contractors. Builders and Material
Hen — Notice is hereby given that sealed bids
are solicited for performing the labor and
fur-ishing the materials for th# fireproof;
floors and roof and the framing for skylight
of California Hall, on the grounds of th«
University of California, at Berkeley. Cali-
fornia; and said bids will be received at th«
office of the Regents, South Hall. Berkeley.
ret or before 5 r. m. of September 20. 1004.
No bids will be considered unless accom-
panied by a certified check or bond of bid-
der In favor of the Regents of the University
of California, equal to ten (10) per cent of
his bid, with sufficient sureties, conditioned
that if «ald bid be accepted the bidder will
duly enter Into proper contract and giv«
bond to faithfully perform the duty and ob-
ligations in accordance with said bid . andl
with the plans and specifications which an*
hereby required to be a part of such contract.
By order of the Committee on Grounds an*
Buildin-s of th- Board of Regents.
V. H. HENDERSON. Acting Secretary.
PROPOSALS for Subsistence Supplies. Office
Purchasing Commissary. San Francisco. Cal..
September 7. 1904. — Sealed proposals for fur-
nishing and delivering of such quantities of
subsistence supplies, delivered at such —-barf
or wharves or such warehouses In Saa
Francisco. Cal.. as per circular to be seen
at this office, will be received her* until 11
o'clock a. m.. Wednesday. September. 21.
1901, and opened Immediately thereafter, i»
presence of Bidder*. Specifications, general
instructions to bidders and blank forms of
proposals will be furnished to established
dealers on application to DOUGLAS SET-
TLE. Captain Comsy.
MANUFACTURING clothmff— Depot Quarter-
roaster's Office. 39 New Montgomery St., Saa
Francisco, Cal.. Sept. 12. 1904. — Sealed pro-
posals. In triplicate, will be received here- un-
til 10 a. m.. October 12. 1004. for n laa-fae-
turing and delivering to this department 340*
dress coats, new pattern as per standard
specifications) and sample to be seen at this
depot. Information and blank proposals will
be furnished on application. Proposals must
be slamed by bidder, enclosed In sealed en-
velopes and addressed to the undersigned,
marked "Proposals for clothing, to be opened
October 12. 1904." C. A. DEVOL. Major and
Quartermaster, Depot Quartermaster.
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. Sept. IT. 190*.—
Sealed proposals. In triplicate, wilt b« re-
ceived here until It o'clock a. m., October 17.
1904. and then cpened. for the construction of
a brick hospital steward's quarters, at Fort
Mason. California, including plumbing and
wiring. .Government reserve* th« right t»
reject cr accept any or all bids In whole- or
In part. Information furnished on applica-
tion to WILLIAM S. PATTEN.. Assistant
Quartermaster Genera!. Chief .Quarter— ia~ tar.
A dividend of 2Vi P« cent ha- this day been
declared upon the preferred stock of this
company, payable on October 1. 19O4. to
stockholders of record at the close of bust-
ness September 21. 1904. The transfer book*
will be closed as to the preferred stock from
September 22 to October 1. bota tnclusl-«.
Checks will be mailed. _
R. H. ISMON. Secretary.
geotember 13. 1004. ________
DIVIDEND Notice — Mercantile Trust Company
of San Francisco. Dividend No. 4 of thr»«
dollars per share will be payable at the of-
fice of the corporation. 464 California St.. Saa
Francisco, October 1, 1304. Transfer books
will close September 23. 1904.
JOHN D. McKEE. Secretary.
'r~*VKRI?PT~SALE— -Lumber mill at Marsh-
flpld Oregon, with complets outfit, and &40
acr»s of fine Umber land, at public auction
October I 1»<:4. at Co<iuille City. For particu-
lars "apply JOSEPH KIRK, Attorney Board
of Trade. 2ftl Market st.. nt FRANK A
MANSFIELD. 20ti Sansome st^ ,
1 11 WE Durchased the saloon business* for-
merlv conducted by A. A. LONG, known as
the White House, at Colma. All outstanding
account* must be Presented £r payment
within -5 days. ____W__P : _SPE£<CKR : __ ,
Continued on Page Twelto, ____;
fob^ai;e— c<m.
100 TONS steam and blacksmiths' coal: $2 50
per long ton. cash: ex-yard corner Howard
and Spear sta.: call at once; one ton lots
or over.
DIAMONDS and Jewelry on small weekly or
monthly payments. DEREMER'S. 137 Mont-
gomery St.. room 12, upstairs. f
J. COOPER.' gents* full-dress rental parlors,
moved from Palace Hotel to 21 Stockton *t..
TRY our men's shoes at $1 and $1 50 pair:
foot-form shoes at $2 50: we pay express
charges. 11 Sd at.. Exam, bid.; catalog free.
OIL— 60 bbls Fuller's best linseed. 4S®50c by
bbl; less 50c and 52c delivered around the
bay. G. N. SIMMONS. 440 3Sth »t.. Oakland.
MOTOR bicycle 2 horse-power; good as new.
Call 123 Eddy at., 7 p.m.; bargain. ; -
FINE diamond sunburst; 7 large stones; a
bargain. $350. 10 Sixth st.
GROCERY store fixtures and 21-foot bar;
cheap. 217 Mason at.
ROOMS papered; $4 up: tinting, painting.
Hartmann Paint Co., 319 Third: tel.Maln 413.
I'D- HAND bldg. material; lumber, door. sash,
plumb, material. The Dolan Co.. 1607 Mkt.
A FINE lorgnette chain with 12 diamonds; a
bargain. 10 Sixth st.
DESKS bought, sold and exchanged. T. D.
McCarthy Co.. 807 Mission tt. ; tel. South Sit.
BEAUTIFUL 1 -karat diamond rtng $80; worth
$100. GARIN. 133 Montgomery st.
FOR sale — First-class new bricks. Apply DR.
C. C. O'DONNELL. 1021% Market st.
SAFES and cash registers, new and second-
hand. I. FREEMAN, 1329 Market st
MOVING pictures, magic lanterns, gale, rental;
bargains. Bullard & Greek. 131 Post st.
SOME gocd 2d-hand gasoline engines. 1 to 12
h. p.. cheap K. B. BECK A CO.. 122 Mkt. !
SAFES— New and second-hand. THE HER-
MANN SAFE CO.. 307 Battery st.
GASOLINE engines, automobiles and launches;
all slz*s. J. E. DOAK. 46 Fremont st.
BIG prices paid for old Sold, sealskins, dia-
monds, gents' full dress suits, etc.; send
postal card. LICHTENSTEIN BROS.. 23
Plockton tt.
WANTED — 18 to 20 pound rails: give location,
amount and lowest cash price. Box 1S7S,
Call office.
HIGHEST prices paid; gents' cast-off clothing
and shoes. Tel. Red 1344. 615 Washington st.
BICYCLE for 10- year-old boy; must be good as
new; state price. Box 1S63, Call office.
A BIG price for ladles' and gents' castoff
clothing. 922 Foleom st. Tel. Folsom 3522.
TILTON wants good second-hand clothing and
theatrical goods. 154 9th st.; tel. Jessie 2851.
HIGHEST prices for ladl»s', cent's castoff c!oth-
Ing. etc. Tel. Davis 825; t>50 8acra— lento it.
INTEREST 5^4 and 6 per cent
..Apply direct, saving time and expense..
City. Oakland, town and country property.
Second mortgages, life insurance policies,
estates In probate, undivided Interests In
property, probate realty loans, stocks and
bonds, legacies and 'undivided interests in
property purchased.
Suite 107-108 Crocker bldg.; phone Main 5024.
601-602-603 Examiner building.
Quick settlements; no disappointments.
Eave exDenses by dealing directly.
Estate, second mortgages, undivided Inter-
ests, assignments of rents, property in trust,
etc.; legacies, life estates and undivided In-
terests in property purchased.
Courteous treatment. Strictly confidential.
When You Need Money.
A reasonable amount on
1st, 2d or 3d
Mortgage, on real estate or
Chattels, In city, town
or country.
Low rate of interest.
Give full particulars
ot property or chattels.
Box 490. Call Office.
Money loaned salaried people without secur-
ity or indorsement, knowledge of employer or
any one: confidential and courteous treatment;
call and get terms. Drake, 453 Parrott bldg.
A — ON rurnlture or pianos at lowest rates; no
removal; no publicity; also on real estate;
1st or 2d mortgages or on any security; any
amount. O. W. BECKER. 38 Geary, room 36.
HIGHLY respectable private olace to obtain
liberal advances on diamonds. Jewelry, at 2
per cent Interest. Baldwin Jewelry Store,
846 Market: tel. Main 1644. Branch 19 Third.
MONEY loaned to salaried people, retail mer-
chants, teamsters, boarding-houses, without
security; easy payments; large business In 4«
principal cities. Tolman. &53 Parrott bldg.
PRIVATE — Money loaned on salaries without
security; diamonds or chattels: no fee; no
com. : cut rate. Cal Loan Co.. 526 Parrott bdg
. LOANS FROM $1 TO $10,000.
1 PER cent on furniture or pianos; no removal;
no commission: no publicity; $25 up; quick,
quiet, confidential. 26 Montgomery st., rm. 2L
CRESCENT Loan Co. loans to salaried people
Just on their note; eaay payments. 500 Rlal-
to bldg.. New Montgomery and Mission sts.
MONEY loaned on salaries, chattel mortgages,
life Insurance policies, etc. United Loan and
Trust Co.. 21 Stockton at.
TO salaried people without security; on furni-
ture. Indorsed notes and other security. S.
F. Discount Agency. 143 Phelan bldg.
MONEY to loan at low Interest; gold, silver.
diamonds, pearls and precious utonea bought
at W. J. HESTHAL'S. 10 Sixth St..
DON'T borrow money on salary until you see
us. Hut'ton Credit Co.. 912 Mutual Bank bldg.
STAR Loan Co. of Wyoming loans to salaried
employes. Room 311. Mutual Sav. Bk. bldg.
ON real estate and chattels. E. W. LICK,
1003 Mutual Sav. Bank bldg.. 70S Market st.
ALL loans on diamonds and Jewelry 2 per cent
mo. S. F. Collatera! Loan Bank, 53S Kearny
3% ON furniture & pianos; $15 up: no removal;
no com. V. TREMAIN. room 81. 6 Eddy st.
CASH loaned salaried people on notes • without
Indorser. MORRELL. 609 Examiner building.
mtjsxcai. rwygmiM *¦— ¦¦•«.
HEADQUARTERS for renting planos^ — Little
pianos for small rooms, medium six* for
average rooms, big pianos for large parlors,
halls, etc.; pianos for rent at $1 per month,
some at $2. a large number of good ones at
$2 50 per mo.: our own make pianos at $3
per mo. (the best instrument offered for the
money in S. F. ); a fine line of elegant large
pianos for $4 and $5 per mo.; over 150 In-
struments to select from, all of them good
bargains to buy as well as rent; one year's
rental allowed off purchase price. 9COTT-
CURTAZ PIANO CO., 660-64 Hayes st.
Erard, splendid for practice $40
Sherman, Hyde *: Co.. splendid order. ...$125
Grovesteen A Fuller, a bargain $145
Also Chickering, Weber, Stelnway, Vose.
Steck. Sterling and others at low prices
BENJ. CURTAZ & SON. IB O'Farrell tt.
AT $2 per month up, rent or purchase; lowest
terms, lowest prices and greatest variety of
new pianos; all make* In used instruments
HEINE PIANO CO.. 233-237 Geary st.; Oak-
land. 1252 Broadway: largest exclusive piano
hotfVe and only manufacturers here.
PIANO for sate at sacrifice; owner anxious to
sell; good toned: been welj cared for. For
particulars address box 1862. Call office.
Talking mactilnes. guitars, etc; easy payments-
month's piano rent free. Bruenn, 225 Sutter.'
A.George Steck upright grand; elegant ma-
hogany case; cheap. Hornung. 216 McAllister.
: - 766 Mifwlon st. ¦
A PRIVATE party left Fischer upright to be
sold: $135. 237 Geary Bt.
A FISCHER upright piano for sale; as good as
new; $135. 237 Geary Bt.
SOHMER. Byron Mauzy pianos. Cecallan piano
player. BYRON MAUZY. 3CS-312 Post st.
NEW upright pianos sold on $5 monthly pay-
ments. SCHMITZ & CO.. 16 McAllister st.
S- PEDAL. Etelnway up; Chlekerfng baby grand-
Shonlnger. little u«e<1. K*eff»'g. 2S.'. O'Farrell.
AN- elegant store for rent: suitable for barber
shop, tailor or haberdasher. Inquire at
Temple Bar Saloon. 700 Grant ave.
FOR rent— Section of large loft: light and airy.
L. MINK. 100 New Montgomery st., 7tta floor
H??^®^™? 1 W -*J*TED— Kale Ccn.
™^ t r^ u &w k Vcrr !te
*-••« CCOtt Et.
WA^ TED ~ Position to run elevator. 233 Third
JOl*w" nud for a bey. 16. in store for errands.
AdCrfs-. E CASK. 544 Jessie st.
V.ANTtTD — Pc-ition bk errand boy. Dox 1819.
<-all office. .,
BOOKKEEPER wants position with mercan-
«le house; experience and references. Box
14fio. Call office.
A! COLLECTOR; can furnish bond. Box 1466,
Call office.
PORTER wants situation. Addrees box 1470.
Call office.
FIHST-CLASS engineer and machinist wants
position. Box 1GG5. Call office.
WANTED— A poftlttoa as bartender. Address
ho.\ lC5a. Cai! tfflce.
WANT v.oik on small crntrafts and Jobbing In
carpenter work. A. M.. .'1475 Nineteenth ft.
BOOKKEEPER, experienced, wants small ret
of books to keep. Box 1495. Call.
A CHINESE first-class cook desires situation.
Address JUNG GONG. 27 Waverly place.
GOOD Chinese, fine coolc. wants position In
private family; wages $35 month up. LEU
SING. 717 Commercial st.
JAPANESE, very fine, honest boy, wants a
position as a school boy or half day work
in city: ims'.l wages; experienced. SATO,
&T'7 Dupont »t.
A JAPANESE (24), who Is a graduate of medi-
cal college in Jaran. wants a position as
assistant or office boy. Sll Stockton St.,
P. I. W.
A YOUNG Japanese boy wants a position to
fn housework or housework and help In cook-
ing. F. W.. 1040 McAllister St.; Tel. Fell
A JAPANESE young man wishes to work for
two or throe hours In the morning: store or
family: eat meals at room. S. SOYJIMA.
.163 Goary st. Phone Press 2.
A YOUNG Japanese couple, the man first-
class cock, wife excellent waitress, want sit-
uation? in city or country; best references.
B. I.. 435 DtilKmt st.
A JAPANESE boy wants position as school
boy: epeaks English well. K. GEORGE. 929
Sacramento st.
JAPANESE boy wants position as waiter In
hotel: good experience; has reference; in city.
H. Y. D.. 606 Stockton st.
A JAPANESE wants position as school boy In
a fine family. K. HOSHI. care 1040 Mc-
Allister st.; telephone Fell 7131.
JAPANESE couple want situations In a fam-
ily: man as cook, wife as waitress: wa»?ep $50
up. F. I.. 423 Stevenson st.. San Francisco.
JAPANESE, first-class cook, wants position,
private family; has good reference. ENO-
MALD. 703 Lerkln St.; tel. Polk 37S2.
A YOUNG Japanese boy wants position in
F-r.all. nice family, near Fprlng Valley school.
Address K. K., 1ST>S Polk St.
AN intelligent Japanese wants a position as
a school boy. M. YAMADA. 512 Bush St.;
I'hr>pe John 2516.
HONEST Japanese wants a position to do
housework; who understands thoroughly;
city or country. Address GEORGE. 502
Dupont st.
JAPANESE boy wants position to do saloon
acd ptore cleaning, morning time. S. G.,
1504 Folsom st.; phone Folsom 33S5.
A JAPANESE, good cock, wants a position,
city or country: wajres $7 up: or schoolboy
In city. FRANK, 931 Sacramento st.
A JAPANESE boy wants position; good family
cook; also all kind of work. Box 1S72. Call.
AV experienced Japanese wishes position as
school boy. G. TAGI. 1336 California st.
JAPANESE flrst.cIaKS cook for roan and wife
cr for hotel. S. SOI. 415 7th St.. Oaklad. Cal.
-T-ft.TS TO LET. .
HOUSES and flats to let; an Immense list:
e— i rvlce absolutely free; take advantage of
this department: it will save you time and
trcuble. Cordes Furniture Co., 245-253 Geary
et.. on the square.
1 ______Z_I_________________________.
— O let — Just completed; 3 beautiful flats. 7
and 6 rooms; rent $50 and $60: 1304-1306-1308
McAllister St., N. W. corner of Stelner;
must be seen to be appreciated; open from
9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
BRODERICK and Sutter. S. W. corner: de-
sirable middle 7 r. and b. ; also upper 7 r.
and b. ; rent reasonable; suitable for phy-
f-ician'v office or dwelling.
BRYANT. 2362-2372. nr. Twenty-second— Six
nvimi and bath: large back yard; new ex-
cellent accom.: $25 to right party; water free.
FOR rent — Oak St.; elegant new flats: 6 and 7
7 rooms and bath: rent reduced: facing Pan-
handle. 102m Market; phone South 622.
GREEN. 2132. nr. Webster — Most elegant new
10-room upper flat, with attic; eun all day;
euperb. unobstructed marine view; $70.
LARGEST list of houses and flata to let. Call
on LYON A HOAG, 116 Montgomery st.
CALIFORNIA. 1251, Nob Hill— Flat to let;
present tenant will sell furniture at bargain;
no dealeis.
FLAT. 5 rooms, bath, stable. Inquire 338
Thirtieth Bt.
PAGE. 805 — 5-room flat, with flne bath; well
ELIZABETH, 707— Modern new flat, 7 rooms
and bath: rent $20.
FREDERICK. 4«4A — That new. elegantly deco-
rated 7-r. flat;2 toilets: mod.plumblng;$27 50.
MCALLISTER. 1.153. bet. Stelner and Plerc<! —
Elegant sunny middle flat. 7 rooms and bath.
NATOMA, 714, near Ninth— Upper flat; 4
sunny rooms; large porch; rent $14.
NEW upper flat. 7 rooms: every convenience.
050 Preclta ave.; rent $22 50. * -"¦-
NEW lowei flat. 5 rooms: every convenience;
$20. Cor- Preclta and Treat aves.
TO LET Partly furnished middle flat of five
rooms and bath; rent reasonable. Apply
dally between 1:30 and 5 p. m., 79 South
Park. ,
FURNISHED flat of six outside sunny rooms;
reference*. Call 1500 Union St., cor. Van
Ness av. ; 10 to 4. ¦ ')¦'¦ '.'.¦\-
EDCY, 753 — Beautiful flat of 4 rooms, bath,
laundry, very sunny, for $45. ¦.--•¦.
A BARGAIN— New. artistic upper flat of 7 or
S rooms. $35; furniture only $475; Ellls-st.
cars pass the door; pleasant location. 1471
Oak tt.
PAGE 1S24. near Park — Sunny furnished flat,
7 rcoms, bath; bargain; rent ?28; also piano.
SACRIFICE — Flat of 8 rooms, bath, laundry,
yard; newly furnished. 753 Eddy st.
?350 FLAT cf 9 rooms. S52 Stanyan St., op-
posite park; Income $20 clear of expenses.
FLFGANTLY furnished .0-room modern flat:
shown from 11 to. 1 dally. E24 Geary bL
MCALLISTER 1343 — Elegantly furnished 7-
roctn flat. Apply mornings.
WANTED by family (3 adultsV careful ten-
ants new upper flat cr hou^e 7 ~v>rr.s. Oak-
fand'. Berkeley. Alameda. Box 1S57. Call.
FOK sale^To-room flat and bath. 81 6B Lar-
kln et.
FIKN'ITL'RE. stoves, bought, sold, exchanged.
Barger. 4S8 Valencia,nr.iath.Tel.Church 3870.
ii urTCK £ Co pay highest price for fur-
nuur? car P«uCrte "tS2 Mlssion:tel.Bu«h 813.
CON'TFNTS cf a 7-room flat for saie, as a
whole or separate___151C^_ValleJo j»t.
r7B WORTH ut furniture for $7 50 down, $1 00
per week T. Brilliant's Fur. Co.. 340 Post at.
~~ r ~~ ABELEVY.
Salesroom. 1135 Market «t. T*l. Jes«le <61
Jjon'» stll your furniture, carpets, office :ur-
niture, etc. until you get his estimate.^ .,

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