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w»r» dainty taurj ta French nouveau arc
BesJde* tn« hcnor«d.j:u**t.- Mrs. Metralf. thew
wer» rw»«a; Mrs. Pailij> K. Bowl*. Mrs.
Owes* W. McXear Jr.. Mr*. Cdson Adam*.
Mrs- G«crtc« Ure^cwtwd. Mrst C&art«s Minor
Oocdalt. ilrs. C&art«s Miser Coopwr. M!.«» El-
I«a Cfcaboc. Ml«» Aanie iriU«c. Miss Etlset
Maor«. Ml»a J»oaI» St?e« ot San Fraacisccv
Ma ETvwts asd Miss Efjwa^
>lr^ F. L Kendall «r.tertala?«2 at tuactt«oa
to-<Uy fc*r dasixhter'* bridal party and It was
as difiutitful aa a.Titr a» on« would wish t»
see. 31U* Keadair* w«.ldl«ar takes pUce a«it
Tb« Itacti«oa. t»bl« to-dar was a £r«aia ta
picX tul!e and rose*. Frora the o*ertsa.aji2«
cJuail#U«r a Cupid was suspended la to* mldn
Ql ptok tuUe atnajmn tha.: utecded to ttx«
»ld«» of the ctmtral taM« mirror, oa w&lca re
5o»«d a bowl of Owcil EruB*r ronea. Tha
nara« ca.ni.< ww» ttajr alipp«r» fill«d wlta
oraz^gv Xsloaaom* aad th» «ouv«Blra — ta* brid«**
sttt* to b«r ntaWs — w«r» too* xrU ptas. caca
otrrylas a tcoocsrvjs Inscribed' «oid baXL la
th* hraet««ii party ww» Mls» Xc*U» d» GoUa.
Mi.** Ruth Kal<M. Miss IJlUaa Imack Miss
Myrtl* ?tta» of Bwrkeiey. ill** Mirtoa Wilsa.
Ml«» Anita OUv«r. Mls« tititla Baxry. Mlsa
KaadaU and Mra, KtadaTU
Aged Man Found Deod-
OAKLAND. Nov. 9, —^The body of
an ased man was found this morning
la «» room at 405 Ninth street, which
he had rented two clays ago from Mrs.
S. Stahlbecker. the landlady- He had
been ilL The Coroner holds the body
awaiting identification.
"Too didn't ret manr orders."* said
the ireneral manager to tne ce^r
traveling salessran on his return Crons
a tri? through a new terrttcry
"No."' said the ne-sr sa^essaua. *T>«
I mads a gcod. # irstffressloa.**
The new salesman receired a note
etatins that his services were co
longer" re^titred. aad the n«xt ma^
sent £ato" th* territory yet all the
orders .that resalt*d frcna tJte £m
ata'a ?ood tai;r«saloa. — So2t£sior*
Wwiaeadar. Xor. 9.
Btrar Xawport. CCralaff. K*l?sscoa Eay.
Stxcr Enterrrtse. Toua*r?«n. HUtv
Star CDreca. Q'«Io». Eter«ka»
POKT TOWXS : ENt> — Sailed Xo«r 9 — Scir
Atlmiroi. far San. Dle«p».
Arrtv«il Sec* 9 — Br baric Strathdco. i«c:*
Ort 31.
VICTORIA— gfcUM Not »— Stsa- CsatEXa.
tor Saa Fr*actsctt».
CRSI2COCK — Arrr««d Xov ¦ 3 — Stair HI>«r
»»faiw from X<rw York. Sor ClasssTw.
COPSNHAOEN — Arrtr»<i Xar S» — Stair Hett
gotxr^ rr-jca Naw'Tork. Tta. OfcrarhnTiinrti isasr
H«W.i, from X«-» Tcrk. Tt» CliristJaBa.
UtVERPCO"^— Sall-«i Not 9>— Stsar >U;<wtic.
for H*w Torft. Tl* Q«««n3t«JTr2. .
- SOCTHAMPTOX — 9*H<Ht Xi?» 9— Starr
Kaioar WlUialni >%9t Gross**, Crocs. Sr*=<4n, I^r
K*« Terk. vi* CTiJi Nmi'4. .
BOY lYlSa.PPEAR*— Oak.l*nd, N>». ».—
William t*. R.*«. l^ year* cij. rw*i\lia» at *."i?
:.¦•«» mtr»et, ba» dl«UT««r«d. Tfe« iv-: 1 .--
Tne Board of Supervisors adopted a
resolution allowing parties In outside
preclncts $» to bring ia the return*
and a man could have bought a ticket
from Irvtngtoa and return for $3 and
made 13 wages and; still saved th*
county something over m. County
Clerk Cook said taat if all the Rrecinct
officers had done the same thine it
would hav« put tae countr into insol
OAKLAND. Nov. s.—lt c<wt
meda County SI* «» postage for a
package of vote« from Irviagton to
day and it nearly broke County Clerk
took s heart to pay the bill, Thomas
Tierney mailed hb package of ballot*
a». Irvtagton Instead of sending them
by express or messenger and the con
sequence was the dtJTerenc* in the
Mils, which t»j at least $16. By ex
press the package w«uid have cost
about 50 cents.
Cierk Send* Votes by Letter Post
and Government's BUI for Cax
rlaxe L* $10 60.
OAKLAND, Nov. 9. — The following
marriage licenses were issued by the
County Clerk to-day: Theodore
Schieve, over 21, and Mabel Himmel
mann. over IS, both of San Francisco:
Orrin W. Jackson, 47. and Wilhelmma
Harmon. 4J, both of Santa' Crua; John
Sherman McDowell, over 51, and Myra
Loralne Frierson, over IS, both of
Oakland; George W. Muther. tl, Ala
meda, and Ruby Marlon Tripp. 27,
Oakland; Bertie Barrett, over 21. Ma
nila, and Clara Otelia Becker, over IS.
San Francisco: Walter A. Edwards. 23,
Oakland, and Helen W. Noack, 21.
Marrktctr Licenses.
To-raorroir evening Mr. Knowtind
wUI b« one of the speakers at a rat
ification and reception to be held ta
the West End Wlynraa under tnrj di
rection off the West End ImproTametit
Speaking of the result of the elec
tion Mr. Knowland said: * I am nat
urally highly gratified at the splendid
manner b: which the voters of the
Third Congressional District indorsed
my candidacy- It "will be my ambition
tn ray new political field to prov* to
mv constituents that their confidence
Is appreciated and that they isiU
never have cause to regret their de
ALAMEDA. Nov. 9» — Conaiiessraaa-
Elect Joseph R. Knowlanl oi th*
Third District was the recipient to
day of numerous telegrams and lst
ters of congratulatioa apoa h's fwreep
ing victory. Accordingr to figures he
received" to- night his total plurality is
17.405. In Contra Costa County his
plurality Is 14 S3 and la Solaco Coun
ty 1670.
Mr. Kno-arland spent the gTearsr
part of the day at his home on Ever
ett street. Whea he appeared on the
streets he was cordially j^reeted and
congratulated by his friends, many of
whom nave known him *inoe boyhood.
Plurality Is Record Breaker tn Com
plete Returns for District-
Tibet has a rerslar postal s*«9in
ef a kind. The *tara? oa Utters !a
merely a caUv« citxracwr fca;Nr**s«d
In red sealing wax. Whea ©r» wa»ts
to post a letter ta Ttb«t c» o&ss tt
to Use nearest pO3to£5c» ast£ pay* t^i
amount du* t or -ro«t3MC». Ttwa C*«
letter has ta» .Ocv* ta#ntloa«<5 swal
placed upon It aad ta© Met*] author-
Ities take charr* c? tt.
Tibet's Pctttal Sj-sscbx.
OAKLAND. Nov. 9. — Mrs. Matilda
Remlllard. widow of the late Joseph
P. Kemlllard. died to-day at her resi
dence, 101 S Washington street, after
a lingering illness. She leave* a
daughter, Miss Marie Remiliard. Mrs.
Remillard's husband was one ot th©
members of the pioneer Remiliard
family of Alameda Counter.
Mrs. Matilda Hemlllard Dies.
OAKLAND. Nov. 9. — George B. M.
Gray was convicted to-day in the
police court on a charge of maintain
ing a nuisance in the shar»e of a well
pump that emits strange sounds
through the still hours of the night.
The pump was operated In connec
tion with a water supply Gray had
developed at Twelfth and Harrison
streets, near his dace of business In
the Produce Exchange building. A
dozen residents in that vicinity swore
to-day that the pump had nearly dis
tracted them with its wheexinc and
groaning at night. They had de
manded an abatement of the dis
turbance, but had failed. Gray was
arrested, and in addition the neigh
bors began injunction proceedings in
the Superior . Court. Gray was di
rected to appear for sentence to-mor
row morning. Gray will remedy the
Will Stop Pump's Groans.
Tn<glKri Gtzis Smo&lss ta PniCc
It is ¦. regrettable but c«rta£nly tra
<i»-laM* fact that »nokt;< arr.or.*
¦women, and especially »»-}r>~y ywssx
girls. Is becomii^- tscreastey!y com
mon. Thoajh !t ha* b«ea r«cor*ii**<S
as a practica ta prirat© 1U» for sea*
time past, to snoke openly la restau
rants and other public placeo *¦¦ not
be«n looked upon as Quit* eoasa tl
faur. but fixir'.r.* the but s#a_sc=. er two
It has yro^a i=or« general ax rest&o
rasta. This year a funier st&g« T^ft
beta reached, aad at Goodness- rr>«~y
Quite young girls wer« to b* «e«a
smoking in the luncheon partUoa. At
a large east coast hotel th» sa=s- stghc
is to be ae«n ta de loui:s» after din
ner, and one trusts it may aot b* cea
sldered old-fashioned to express th»
opir-ior. that tJ <lo<s cot add to- the at
tractiveness cf ths English girl to se»
her thus eciras**!- — LadieV Ptctortai.
OAKLAND. Nov. 9. — Mrs. Opolonia
Ott, mother of Charles F. Ott. Super
intendent of Streets, died suddenly
last^night at her residence. 718 Third
street, from heart disease. Mrs. Ott
had been uptown shopping during
the afternoon and there was no warn
ing of her death.
Mrs. Ott had been a resident of
Oakland for many years. She was
born in Germany in 1SS5. and came
to California when she was 30 years
old. The funeral will be held from St.
John's Episcopal Church Friday af
ternoon at 1:30 o'clock.
Mother of Charlea F. Ott Passes
• Awwy Without Premonitory
. S > mptoni*.
liiri: of old resident
HERKEI£Y. Nov. ».— "Give 'em the
ax. the ax, the ax!" yelled a mlghty
band of California "rooters" In chorus
this afternoon as they serpentined
through the university campus bran
dishing aloft the famous ax captured
from Stanfurd years ago.
Hundreds of spectators watched the
unlQUr procession as It wound through
the grounds, starting at the gymnas
ium steps and ending at the old foot
ball field, wher* the annual ax rally
>*a» held.
Kach year the California men mak»
merry over the capture by them of
Stanford's ax. th© event being one of
the notable feature* of the football
season, always preceding By a few
days the annual football jrarne with
Stanford. Always the California men
are abte to evoke tremendous 'enthusi
asm by displaying their trophy, and
to-day there was no lack of outward
aud visible signs of triumph in their
demonstration. Under the leadership
of "Heinle" Heltmuller. custodian of
the ax. acd Lew Bulkeiey. yell leader,
the "rooters." SCO strong, marched in
serpentine formation behind the ax.
>\ lib a brass bar.d accompanying them.
At the fwtball field a crvwj of sev
eral thousand spectators awaited them.
The story of the captutv was told In
graphic style by Everett Brown, *oo.
now Deputy District Attornev of Ala
meda County. aj\d A. J. Cloud. *00, a
well-known alumnus.
The appointment of Joseph Bliss as
custodian of the ax for th* coming
year concluded the rally. Bliss is a
baseball man. and the innovation of
appointing other than a football man
vxsrasioned some comment.
Heitrauller appointed his own suc
Former Stanford Mascot Is
Displayed in Triumph by
the Students at Berkeley
BERKELEY. Nov. 9. — Dr. Archi
bald R. Ward, head of the department
of veterinary science and bacteriology
at the State University, haa been ap
pealed to. by dairymen of Berkeley to
Investigate for them the problem of
"ropey" milk which' has worried them
for several weeks.
In some of the dairies the milk dis
pensed would form into strings or
ropes within a few hours after the
cows were milked. The milk was not
made sour nor unpleasant to the taste,
but the strings were objected to by
customers and so the dairymen sought
Dr. Wawl's advice. He tested the milk
and informed the dairymen that un
sanitary conditions in their barns and
sheds were responsible for the objec
tionable features of their dairy pro
duet. Dr. Ward has given the dairy
men advice in detail as to what meas
ures should be taken to keep the milk
in normal .condition and no more
trouble is expected.
University Professor Called Upon to
Explain l*uzzllnx Phenomena
In l»roduct.
ALJUilEDA. Nov. 9. — The Jury in the
case of Mrs. Lena Matheson. who died
feem Injuries resulting from her being
struck by a train of the Southern Pa
cific service in Alameda, to-nlarht re
turned a verdict- exonerating tho com
pany and Its employes. Mrs. Mathe
son was with Mrs. M. B. Eltten at En
clnal Park station. on the. South Side
line last Sunday evening, when the ac
cident occurred. The verdict in the
case ot Mrs. Eltten was practically the
same as that in the case ot Mrs.
¦- Engineer Dan J! Quill and his fire
man. W. A. Hookendyke, of the loco
motive that struck the women, testi
fied that they did not observe the pair
until they were fifteen feet from the
engine. According to their testimony
the women walked directly from the
sidewalk onto the track, appearing to
te entirely oblivious to any danger.
Hookendyke was the first to observe
them and exclaimed "Whoa!" to En
gineer Quill, who immediately applied
the air brakes. The train was stopped
before it had traveled three car
Among other witnesses who testi
fied at the inquests were: TV. B.
Cooper. I>r. J. A. Colllnge. Mrs. J. A.
Collinue, Dr. E. M. Keys. Dr. W. Tap
pan Lum, Mrs. Delia, Rockel, Miss
Bessie Yierla, August Rettig. Thomas
Dunlap. Miss Grace Reals. W. J. and J.
a Fielding.
Jury Exonerates Elneineep Quill In tho
Cbses of >Irs. Matheson and
co^rt to chang* its nftn^ ta that of th*
Standard Savisgs and Lcaa Assoclatioa. has
fousd that It traiaxressed a rsle oJ the Far*
Exainlaers la tie use of th* ward ••savtsrs*"
aad this morals* asked far aa crd«r v*c*rla«
tha oc* oais ca Saturday. No- corporation Is
allowed to use th» word "savtajrs"* aaleea «b
cag«<i la a general baxikia^ txxslaeaau
MUST CHANGE NAME. — Oakland. Nov. 9.
— Th* Standard Bulldlas and t,<>«^ Associa
tion, that last Saturday secured aa or£«r of
FILE DINNEEN WILL.— Oakland. Xot. 9.
Th- will of the lat» Michael Dtaneen was filed
to-dsy. The estate is value-* at upward of
SIO.iXO. He bequeaths his Barbie buslaess
at TIT Seventh street to his son. Edward J.
Dlareen. It does not, however, lncluds th*
real estate upon which th» business is located.
That, with the rest of the estate, is left to
Sarah A. Dinaeea. the widow who, howetw.
Is to care for it for the chuirta.
STRUCK BT LOCAI*— Oakland. Xov. ».—
R. 3. Wil'.iaias. a caryeater. livlay at Dtrsocd.
was struck by the 3 ©"dock local at Seventh
aad Brcadway this afternoon, bat e*cap«i
with a few minor Injuries. Th* ec*ia« threw
him to on« sid« «-¦! h« ;-:! Inta the- straet.
He was resioved to th* Recaivtzg Hcvpi^I.
but It was fotiad that h# needed little atten
tion. He was d#*f sad did not h**r th* train
comter- H* just rerAned yesterday frcai a
vUit U» his cativ* place la Wale*.
SUES FOR COMMI3SIOX. — Oakland. Kerr.
0. — 5uit to «<>n«ct a ocxnxalsston on a real ••-
tats transactlca was b«run to-dajr by Walter
K. U-bi" against 3. C McMuIUn for I10CO,
which he alieges Is dn« for efTectiag th« pur
chas* of the present stt» of the State Savin*?
Baak at the corner of Fraaklia ar.i Thirteenth
streets for $42,000. He says be waa given the
commission to- buy the property, bat haa re
ceived nothing for tt.
0. — Frank Ecos. a Portuguese!, fell from a
ladder upon which he was pruning trees at
Piedmont to-day and the shears fell en htm
and cut his head, which bled profus*ly. He
went to the Receiving Hospital, wher* h* was
treated, aad was afterward removed to his
home at 672 Thirty-elghta street. T%* cut
may prove fatal.
LEAVES NO WILL. — Oakland. Nor. ». — Pe
tition for letter* of administration on the es
tate* of the late Firman D. Hinds, farmer
County Recorder, was filed with the County
Clerk to-day by th* widow, Emma L. Hlads.
She states that after dllietnt search sh« was
unable to find a will. Th* property Is valued
at about SCO.OCO. Th* heirs are herself and
two children. ;¦ . ¦ .
9. — The prisoners at th* County JaU wer*
made a present of seventy, teal duck shot by
Deputy Sheriff FrasX Adams at Los Bteaos
yesterday and a holiday repast was the result.
Every prisoner had a bird and the dlaaar was
voted the beet they had *v«r eaten. "* • '
9. — William E. Ellis, a carpenter, forfeiud
S50 ball In th* Polio* Court to-day rather
than fac* a charge of atealln* doors and fix
tures from a bulldiog la E&st Oakland.
land. N'ov. 9.— The Board of Public Works has
begun preliminaries for the construction of aa
Intercepting drainage sewer along Third street
from Center to Peralta to relieve the urgent
needs of a lanr* territory.
Ta« l«ac**?« «+v«a rw Mr*. Vtet«- K- Met*
e&K tals atterwfo* by MTw« nortaa* Brwwat
was oa* c* ta* w*ek's chaxmter aTatrs. V
•!!v»t lortes; « ? . at}«4 -wxtit ptak »-ta<iiolas
occai»l*<l th* e*at*e «t tt» tabK ta the isMst
of a wi^ata of violets. Oura gn**t wc«tv«4 a
curvax* bvuai-n of Ttolwts a»t O» aasw ca^i*
Ta* brW* is a dseuater of th* tats- Captain
a»J Mr*. John R. FH«^«i of Ea*t OakJ.%atL
aad. th* r>.vra Is ta* gealsi 5a*ls»*3 i&aaac«r
cf ta* OaXlaa<l Tm>u3*.
Ta* brU#> brother, R. TT. Frtersoo. s»t»
her awajr aaj the aurtfcjj Icact was tte<i by
K»v. WUHam Csx»>a Shaw. Ta* Elks* Quar
tet saag- a wthMia* -ayraa aad MLas. A tic* MUr
rwy wn« "CsOt M» Thte« Om" *ttrta» ta*
c«r«noojr. A small reception followed »• th*
aouw. Mr asd Mrs. <VIcIX»w«-U oav* r?a*
Ea^t tr» the TfcrttTs Fltr.
Two Itttl* Bow«r gtrts» Fun!i-r!» Stowr aaii
MaN»t Lewis. w«r* ta wa!t» aad carried bas
k»t* cf ©Ink rose lre.T«», -,,.
Mtss Ruta m«r»o«. also ta wblt*. was mai«2
of hoacr. Two of ta» brtdesasald*. Mtss AUc*
M?tVw«U aa4 Mls» Kata«rta« Uoy<t. www
daJaty gowas of 4eOc»t» rr»«a» aa<l ta* other
twow Mtss Sail* MeXVwetl aa«i Miss .Tttii*
Harrt«jit<?ii. wore rtnk frcclw ot p*l» ails, or
<n,r».3!». AU ceuitea plaX rceaa.
Toe- wedding o* Mlse Myr» I<orab39 Ft+srsoa
asd J. Shwnisa Mc£>uw«a*was an tat«reatla«
E«u9t Oaklaad *v«et this evealajr. Tb« Clsurx-a
of ta* Adveat was the sceao cf ta* ceremonY
&ad t» t-ti It aad a«r &tt«cdiata. in ttalr
gowes q! wMt» and plain sa<j gr«ea. blead^
ia a caarmla* pieCir*. The brtde's gown^was
cf pal* erMim, crape d».«Ma* ov»r t3L2«ta» th.»
tucke<i bodlc* b*lajf oraasa^ated wttl* penrt
•o»broi\Jwre<i chtSoa rcwes. Tb» tnlZej veil was
b«ld to place wtta Ult<» of th« va!2«y aad th«
saa>e Sower"*, with. Brtd* rosee. f&naed Ui«
shower bjetKiaet. , -
The reoelvla* party was a lars* oae. la
chiUiniic Mrs- C'harlea Exbert. Mrs. Oscar Lua
in*-, Mrs. Ada Vaa I'eH. Mrs. Meary Taylor
c; IVrkelay. Mrs. Edw-jird Remlllard. Mr*
Robert -IXia^a. Mr*. A. R. Dabney. Mrs. R.
McCaeaney. Mrs..^ A. O^XeUl, Mn. Stsphea
Triyp, Mrs. Joan Cbaaors. Mrs. CHwrs* P»r
ktas* Jr.. Mrs. Alexander Mttcaell cf Vallejo.
Mrs. Joseph Matth«w». Mw. Jaroes Caaipb*!!
of San Je»e. Mr». George Fisber, Mrs C- T.
itU!». Mrs. Reetl Caabot. Mlsw Sally Worley.
MUs Aoit» ThoBopsca. Miss Mauri* Eaglish cf
VaJLtejcs Ml»s J*8£d« lAthroOk il!«* Ia«*
Hoy ce. MIsm Abaa Seveaiag of Alanietfa. Miss
(."fearlotti* Et»«y. Mtss J*a3»y Verity Mtss
May l*»rkias. Mis» Clara Dafcaey. Miss llaviij
fatmpbelC Miss Irea* t>iciyb«U. Miss Msxxaret
Ouna. MUs Altc« Brtttca. MUses Gu*»i« »a<l
Waa M»lba&a aad Mi tt Alt • » rabaey^
Mr*. Gilbm Curtlss— who. by th» way. it
extremely pr-->ud cf her n«w title sine* llttl«
l\irt!»s Nelsi* Adas?.* m*de her a grand
mother*— iook»l even youajcer s.nd prettier than
ever la a white- (town aad hat aad a gorgeous
rrtntne collar. Mrs. 'Wfctraton. another proud
tcrtitvJuK'ther. who rivals Mr». OUrtlss In youth
aad beauty. w«.uma» the call«r». In a gown
of the pale gray that U *> becoralag to her.
Miss Charlotte Elwy. always stuanlaxty
gewaed. wor« a caic creation of stoa« blu»
silk. Mm. wmtara ShJels was also a caller
weartag a lw.< white coat wita Perslaa cloth
trtaimiac that wu both pretty and feeeeaila?.
Acaocs wme of th« others who wore notice
ably pretty sown* w»n» Mrs. C^iarl«A Eptwrt.
Mrs. LuBlr.it. Mr*. Mehrtaaaa. Mr*. Asa M»a
cL«ahaH. Mrs. Brataober. Mrs. P»rcy Claj
lUsuk, Mrs. W. T. Veltch. an<l Miss Eva
And the handsome gowns! There were
dosrr.s of them. Th» hoetess her»«lf wor* an
•xquulte combination of vtotat tulle, chiffon,
and s:l*. and Mlu Kleeman's gown was an
ln:v^rted rob* of white tmtToidetrd liberty
chlftan. Miss Maud C^raplvll— aa attractive
ttirl of a r«*l Carmene»u.ue type^ — wore a be.au*
tlful gown of white chiffon and lace.
One of the handsomest gown* in the roosn
waa that worn by Mrs. Robert Duncan. Of
rich violet silk brocade, it w»* Quaintly mad*
tn ISSO style— full, round skirt and low, pointed
K-dto*. The skirt opened in front ovw a
janel of white chiffon. Itare Uce formed th*
>ok* aad all eyea were attracted by the *x-
Qul»tte old necklace of amethysts sh» wor*.
Mrs. Egbert. Mrs. McChesnty aad Mrs.
O'NelU were alsa hand»om«ly gowned and
Mr». \V. W. Standeford wore a beautiful pearl
Kiay gown, the bodice trimmings N»lng some
rare M»vU-»a lace that waa Uk» C2«ulsit» eob
web» of thread.
Tha spacioua dramtnr-rooms of the Klee
man residence were tax«d yesterday afternoon
to acoommmiate the fashionable throag that
attended tha at horae siven by Mrs. XT. N.
Kleen-.iin and her dau«htar. Ml»s ETstelle Klee
m»n. Th« opirit of ho«p4taltty reigned and
those who called with nivwt formal intentions
remained Ion* after tha few minute* d*cr««d
by fashion. Klow«r« and greens everywhere
a delicious punch in a convenient corner an
orchestra di*cu»*tng *w«?t««t music and s
number of attentive and charming maid* serv-
Icf rare connections— how oculi ont he!p for
getting to be modlsaly brief T
Among those who contributed to the day's
»ucte»a by assisting, the chief hostess were:
Mm. Wallace Evertoa. Mrs, Krne#t J. Otton.
Mm, Charles Dukes, Mrs. Alfred Eastland.
Mrs. Helen CourtraJn Mra. Uillian lirown
Kverta. Mrs. J. F. Dlll». Mn». Edgar U Dow,
Mra. U. T. Curtln. Mrs. A. K. Crawford. Mr*.
t.wonte E. de Oolla, Mrs Richard t>»rby, Mn.
William H. Cre^l. Mrs. Thomas H. Orellln.
Miss Mona Crellin. Mrs. Merrttt Day Mrs
James u OrtttemVn, Mr*. J^hn D, Eby. Mr*.
A. W. Esterlie. Mr». Gilbert Curtlss. Mrs D
C. Dick. Mrs. J. K. Karroll and Mm. W D
Mrs. Kate Uulkley. a fotmer president of
i:bell. anj Mr*. Lynch, president of the Town
and liown Club of Herkeley were amonc the
dlstinculsh«»d sueats yesterday and occupied
honored »eats near Ebeil's president. Mrs. J.
II. Hum*.
TIi* K«m of tha aft«rnoon — though It would
hur» been lietter reserved for some other
ocoa*li>n— was tho p«;>er r»-a4 by Ml»s Carlln
vt Krrkrlry. >Vlth the tna«lo of graphlo and
weli.chosrn ESiiflish Miss Otrlln transported
l-.rr modern audience back to medieval days
and through her eyes we witnessed the quaint
old rlay of Uothembunr. In Germany — the play
that :.- glvrn thrre annually and in which th»
whole town participate. To uJd tt> tha unique
'.mrif.-i of Ml»» Carltn's narrative, tt was
illustrated with soniu of tha Incidental muslo
Of tha play. «ung by Mr». J. M. Pierce Of
Berkeley anj Barone»a von Veldie.
Kirut on tho day's programme vu the Cbell
lu:u-!ir-o:i. and the clubrooms. as one has
lesjDtj to expect on these occasions, wns
vrowd<-d from the flower- bednoked platform to
iho rnuuu.-o Mrs. William It. UatU was
l>re*Mliia" oftUor and the nuulcal programme
wan In ohars« of Mrs. EL 1^ LK>w. Miss
1-lt-uiKT L>ru»del and Mra. li. K. Welh«». with
a I'luu duo. a violin solo by Miss Isabel Seal
and l«o delUhtful vocal numbers by Hubert
Olyilo Uusoott were the blta of harmony rn-
Joyed ly the lunvh.n-a yucata. Miss BttUlle
Druntmoud acooiupanled Mlsa Seal and Mrs.
OAKI»AND. Nor. 0. — The onward course of
h.k'U! events ha* not been Interrupted tor a
moment by tlio national agitation, which this
year arema to hare been little more than a
ripple, of excltem«nt. While their husbands
anil brothers were tiring thero»elv«e out doing
)>ol)tlcH., the society women ot Oakland were
Involved In a dUsy whirl ot social "stunts,"
(or yesterday km cartalnly a strenuous day
for fa«iiluu'a devotee*.
Hy Zoo Orecn ltmlellffe.
OAKLAND. Nov. 9. — Motion for a
non-suit was argued - to-day before
Judge Melvln In the case of Mary Ken
nedy ajralnst the Oakland Traction
Company for $86,000 for having sus
tained Injuries in a. car accident
which necessitated the amputation of
her leg. : g
This ls'the second trial of the suit.
Attorney Bell for Ihe company having
been successful in asking, for a non
suit at the former trial on the ground
of contributory negligence of the girl
herself. She was riding on a load of
hay, which was struck by the car
and her leg mangled. . The company
held that she could not ba seen by. the
motorraan and that he 'was not respon-.
sible for her injuries, as he did not
know she was on the hay.
The stiima points are being made
this time, but on the other hand At
torney M. C. Chapman for his olient
has framed the case differently and ex-,
pecta that a different result will ba
reached by the time h« finishes his
argument to-morrow.
Oakland Traction. Company ' Making
Strcnnous Kfforts Not to Jdlow Kcn
n*\ly Cuae to Go to Jury.
contained kerosene, which the girls
h*«l dropped In their lllght. ,.
Policeman Hynes took charge of the
evidence. Detectives were ordered to
make a careful inquiry. Svenaon de
olared he would demand the arrest of
tho girls.
Ruth Helander lives* with her
mother, Mrs. Hannah Helander, at 1330
Kirkham Btreet. The girl said to-day
that bhe, the MeDermott girl and Lar
ry Dalton, a boy, had procured the
matches and oil' to start a bonfire in
celebration of Roosevelt's election, but
before they had lighted it the Dalton
boy refused to allow the girls to flre
the pile of rubbish they had collected.
The girl denied they Had tried to set
the barn afire. Dunn was positive as
to what he declares he saw. II* Bald
the, attempt was so deliberate ha could
not overlook It. ' • .
OAKLAND, Nov. 9.— Ruth Helandor,
14 years old, and Lilly McDormott, her
chum, the same age, tried to set lire
to a barn in the rear of W. R. Dunn's
premises at 1223 Fourteenth street last
nlRht by saturating the runway with
keruHeue oil and Igniting the fluid with
matches. Such Is thf complaint that
has bven filed with the Chief of Police
by P. Svenson, 1221 Fourteenth street,
owner ot the property.
According to stutements made by
Dunn aud Svenoon, the first named
Raw the girls last evening as they
wnro lighting mutches In the barn.
Dunn said he had stepped out on tho
back porch and surprised the girls,
who run away. Ho pursued, but failed
to oatch the mlschief-mukers. Investi
gation disclosed tho burnt matches, the
Hiituiaii-d planks and a bottle that had
Dorothea M. C- Xltm (aiTnlnUtratrix rsta?«
Theodora Meets'* tr» N 1 . C. Hawks and H- O.
Mehrtei:*. all rsterwt ta tollc-ring: Ixx» T
acd ?. naip portion Meets property. AlasecU:
also let on 8S cerrser (rf RiRrosv* aresu» ani
Sixth str««t. E 131 by 3 133, Alassda; slso
lot on ? !•:-.» of Ra!?r?«i3 ' STeac*. 831:4 E ot
Sixth street. E 73:4, by 3 140. Ala=a«!a; t4SK.
Henry a=4 Lroniasv M!c&ae!a t-» VrarA arj
Aselii Kays«r (wt?e>. !c«t on SW «5rn«r ot
Taylor avwvaa and Carrtftee street. W 120 br
8 42.*1. lot 1. and N « feet y h: !, saaa
portion origt=a: V1sc!i<?t Tract. Aiaae<*a: fix
Wni'sia T. aa<S Easy* S. A(!a!T to RasSsC^b
Oraiea. let on SE corner ei P^-at ms.£ Mjl'i*-^\
streets. 8 33:4 try E 100^ lot 14. blaek to.
Alarceda. sr i la&ds adjafeat. a;«?w^« <: %•¦*
Louisa 0"Toole (wUIaw* to i BL Ci*«*
fwid-rw). lot on D l.'ne of Shattack a-?<r3ti'»
ICO S of Eu=ic« (Durant> street. 8 lf» by B
1S3. portion lot 3. b'.ock 12. property B*r**!#y
Vllta Association. Berkeley; flO.
Sarah B. Ch«*k (wldow> to H. C. HaH. lot
en E lise of Shatnicic awsae. UO S ot £>ic'.-%
street, S 30 by E 13*. portioa !ot 3, block 12,
sar:e. BerkeUy; J1C0.
Mary L.. and William A. Douglass T-> Roy
H. Douglass, let 4, block 12. map r*rab<lrr!s'.oa
block 12. McG«* Tract. Berkeley *10.
deed and arrreraeT*
Sarah A. McKe« (widow, by S. B. MsXs*.
attorney) to John OL'Iacn as*T Harry W xi«-t
lnt 22. block 5. map Santa F» Tract 3 Berks-
Katie L* and G. U. Fits (.husband an4 *•
attorney) to Peter Haasen Ui&rle). 87 feet oa
Chrlstiaala street by 100). beiag lot 23 and
B H lot 24. block T. asissded ntap ChristUala
Tract. Oakla&d Township; $3.
Oliver M. Jone» (widower) ta Morris a and
Mary F. Locta (Joint tenancy with rlgat of
survivorship), lot on NE corner of Vina and
Ixm'.sa streets. X»>. E43.822.W4.8Sji
W 45. portion lot 1». blocJc 8. Grav«s A Tay
lor Tract, Berkeley; $ia
Loizl and Mar!a Demsodo to Mary L*agtry
• wife of RJchard). let on ?? Un« of B«v«xi;\
street. 73 E of Harrison. E 23 by i* 100. lot
24, block 8CK Keilcrsbergtr's map. Oakland
Roger Johnson (single) to K E Cross, lot
on N line of East •jrwenty-slxta street. »3:«
of Twenty-first avenue, W 273 by N 230.
block 89. Highland Park Tract, also known as
lots 9 to 19 and 36 to 40. block 80. NorCbara
Addition to Brooklyn. Eaat Oakland; II Ql
Sarah H. Mcilahon (Hmithj to •vr««-{>m a.
Watts (wife of William A.) lot 12. bloc* 8.
Case Tract, fronting 4o feet oa Eddy street,
Berkeley; |1(X
Martha A. Watts (wtTe of William A.) ta
May F. and William C. Watts (both slnxl*).
same, Berkeley; *ia
Gilbert Simpaon to Charlotte H. Blsipaon
(.wife.), lot ra £ line of Sixth street. 893.M 3
of Channtng way, E 120, 9 38.68, W 120, N
63.13. lots 13 and 20, block 134. Avery Tract.
Berkeley; gift.
H. and M. B. Kohler (wife) to a X Boott
snd F. W. Bartlett. lots 12 and 13. block C.
map Xoi 2. Bateman Tract. Berkeley: $10.
Berry- Bangs L*nd Company (corporation) to
Oscar E. and- Bell* J. Mack, lot on SB conn
of Benvenae avenue and Russell street. N
63.66. E 148. S 30.2* W 143.33. lot 11. block
J. Berry-Bangs Traot. map 2. deed and agr«e
c«nt. Berkeley; fia
Joseph T. Hlnch and E. J. Sbepardsca to
Alfred W. Cooper, lot on *T lino of Felton
street, 370 B of Occidental. 13 S3 toy N 131.
Berkeley; 410.
Aurust H. and Kalaarlaa Bormana (w!fe>
to Haaslr.e C Hansra, let on E Use ot Ellis
•treet. 223:9 S of Prtae*. E 120 by 8 43. por
tion lot 118, R«gant-stre«t Homestead AasocU
ticn. Berkeley; 310.
Edward and Elizabeth d'AskqulCx to Htrwmrl
Himei lot on £ line of Occidental street. 1»>
S of Marlposa, S 83. E 13ft. 45 to land of Jame*
>v. Davis, thence N to point thereon that
would be Intersected by line drawn from point
beginning parallel with S line of Martpoaa
street. W iBO.Ji to beginning, portion lots U
and 13. block X. corrected map block X and
portion block Q, Paradise Park Traet. Oak
land; f 10.
Julia Magner (wife of John) to Edward and
Bridget Fenntiiy, lot on E Una of Willow
street. 108 N of Seward. N 27 by E W. lot 6,
block B. ToUnd Tract. OsJUaad; S10.
F. F. and Alma M. Porter to J. T. Robin
son, lot on S line of Kighta street. 637:8 B
from W line of Center, B 30, S 11*0, W S3. 3
61, W i5. \ W. E 30. N 120. bloc* 602. Boaxd
man'i map; 120. ¦
Charlotte L. CUrk (wife of HorseeJ to
Horace Clark, lot en N line of Sixth street, 123
W of Brush. W 2» by N 100, lot 23 and portion
lot 24. block 87. Kalierafcerrar'a map, Oak
land; gift.
F. (X and Heater XL Brewtter to Amaricaa
Mutual Investment Company <* corporation^
lot on NE line of Santa. Clara, avenue, 2&l.d7
NW of Vernoa, etc.. SB ML 48, thence aloof
NE boundary lint of lot 11 30.&3 f«.» to most
northerly corner thereof, thence SW 33 to as.
angle therein, theno* along NW boundary Un»
of said lot tJO.ty to ne line of Santa CSars,
avenue. S3 40 to beginning- lot 11 map Santa
Clsra-aveaue property, oiklind, quitolalxa>
deed; $1.
Alameda County.
i Dear Sir: We. the undersigned, members
cf a cominltteo appointed by the men of the
senior class of the university to cdtnmunlcate
to you the sentiment of the men of the clasa
ccccernlnjr the orders that members of the
class In military "A must line up an the
roadway la front of North Hail before pro
ceeding to the classroom, would respectfully
call your attention to the following facts:
• 1. That the members of the class In mil
itary ' 2A . did not understand the reasons or
Joseph Loeb ! and Eugene Hallett,
prominent classmen, waited upon Cap
tain-Nance during the afternoon and
asked for a reply to their letter which
was sent the captain two. days .ago.
Captain Nance ignored the letter and
the seniors wanted to know what his
reason was for doing bo.
Loeb and Hallett stated tha seniors*
case at length, and Captain Nance
heard them through. They reiterated
the arguments made in their formal
'letter to the military instructor, and
.when they finished. Captain Nance is
sued the following ultimatum, sayincr:
"After hearing you. I will Inform you
that I am now preparing a letter to
ithe senior class, which you will re
ceive soon. I do not tell you now what
that letter will contain, but I do say
that if, after you have received my
written statement, you then desire to
talk further or go further in this mat
ter, I will hear you, or read your state
ments. That Is all."
The ultimatum concluded the inter
view. .The seniors now have to specu
late upon the character of the com
munication which Nance says he is pre
paring for their perusal.
The following is the communication
filed with Captain Nance two days aco
by the seniors, who appointed the com
mittee of three, consisting of Joseph
Loeb, Gustav "White and John S. Ed
wards, to .prepare and present it:
BERKELEY, Nov.. 9.— Oaptain J. T.
Nance, military Instructor at the uni
versity,, whose ortiers to,the senior class
to preserve . order when enterins: the
classroom caused trouble for him and
the faculty, met a deputation of seniors
to-day and with them discussed the
For the?e reasons the men of the senloi
cl&ss. of whom the class In military 2A largely
consists, are opposed to the order requiring
the m«n taking this course to line tip on the
roadway In front of North Hall and march
in line to the lecture-room and do respect
fully request that hereafter the members of
the course In military 2A be allowed to enter
the lecture-room - In the same manner that
they enter any other lecture-room la the uni
versity and that the roll be taken In the
room and discipline b« maintained there tn
any w»y the Instructor may direct. Respect
fully. JOSEPH P. LOEB, »
Committee from the Men of the Senior CIsss,
University of California.
7. That these seniors also believe that say
such disturbance, may be easily avoided, dis
cipline more effectually maintained and the
class seated In th« lecture room more quickly
and quietly If they b« not required to form
Into line In the roadway and march Into
North Hall and upstairs.
B. But that th« disturbance brought about
on Wednesday. November 2. by the attempt
to form the members of the clasa tn military
2A In line according to order wu caused for
th« most part by the members of the thre«
lower classes, who rushed and scattered the
sections whenever the section marchers at
tempted to fail In.
6. That the senior men who ar« registered
for the course In military 2A believe that any
attempt to form such a line In the roadway
In front of North Hall offers great temptation
and Is practically an Invitation to ail other
students to rush the men who are. attempting
to fall Into line.
3. That the members of the lower classes
In tha university interpreted these order* and
their execution to be a humiliation of the
men of the senior class, which sentiment Is
hurtful to the proper exercise of the senior
control advocated by faculty and students.
4. That the men of the class tn military
3A made a mistake In not taking concerted
action and protesting these orders to ths
proper authorities before trouble ensued.
motives for these orders. No other cla*a.
however large or unruly, has ever been forced
to enter a classroom In this manrter. No at
tempt whs made In this casft to explain the
reason for this departure from, the traditional
manner of aanembltng Into classrooms In tha
University of California.
2. That this misunderstanding led to re
bellious feelings on the part of the members
of the class In military 2A- They felt that,
on the part of the faculty members Issuing
them, these orders showed a lack of regard
and consideration for the customary methods
of instruction In this university and for the
tlm«-honored privilege of students to assemble
from their previous recitation In a manner
most convenient to them.
Opposition Parties Wiped From Political Map
A Kmibaheil »a» dtvpped into th*
l*oilc« l>e^artmeut to-night when Joha
u McKirwy. ;-:r»:.l^i'.i of the i: -a:a of
1'olioe and Fine v % oiut:iifc»iuiiet s. \\a*
tiL>tlIled bV Chlet ol i\>.:.y H>,Uai::>
that a -<.:^v..:.t of ;-.-l.«.-r and three
patrolmen had siniultaueou*l> i»it;»eiu
rd their rt;»i^iatioi\s. The men are:
tierfceant of i'v>lu"« v'hdile» EL Clark.
I +:". .:¦...: -.i. John !•' Stahl. Lee K. Au
dntws and Chartea \V. ilauivrion. iho
leaignauoaa. aocvrUiuic to 1'ivsident
McKlix>y. ar« tu the hands of Chief
llodskma. They came as a surprise to
rrt-r'.vii McKlroy. \%ho was not ad
vised concerning ihe sudden move on
i he i>art of ths tiut""tet until late to-
Heads of ths department refuse to
ta!k. at>c>ut thf resignations. On the
street n»-B!tht it was ruraotrrd that th«
i etiiv ir.ent ol the men was not volun
tary, . although suttU'ient re asons for
withdrawal from i>o!k'e work have t»een
(i\tn t>y them. All four have ranked
us ttr*t-clas» elBcer*. They have never
t«e«n under invesiiK&tlon. IVesident
Mc.Klrv>y explained th«t each man had
oCered thfc Jcason that ht> had prlv»t«
t'uametis tmerests to takd his attention,
ftahl ha* already left th« city, havlne
gene to l*ortland. Ore., where his father
died yesterday. For Stahl. it is *a.id
he intends to take chars** of his de
erased father's business*. Hamerton.
according to President McEirov. is eo
lag Into business for htmself . w hUe An
drew s and Clark are said to be inter
ested tn a mining venture together.
The rrslgnatlons mill go before the
CeaOBtata&tn Friday at their regular
l*rt»Kter.t McElroy said: *The BoanS
of JVUee and Flr« Commissioners will
hold a regular meeting next Friday,
and I am toid that the resignations of
the oiScvrs will be presented at that
meeting. At that time the board wtu
consider the resignations of the offleer»
*nd ¦will take such action as Is deemed
necessary. Whether or not the cause
of the resignations will be investigat
ed by th» t»oarvi 1 do not know. I can
say nothing more at present**
Oakland Offlw San Francisco CalL
101« Uivadway. Kov. ».
— +-
Oakland Blueeoats Surprise
Commissioners by Handing
In Their Resignations
4 ,. •
mrtilf. majortti*!* wen- retrtsteivd for
the ooarta of nj^peal, eiemption of
Academy of Scir-nivn from taxation,
t-xetnixiiui of JlDO valuation from taxa
tion av.A ni(!i.'i!'!::i; code ohanKea. The
\ ote nap at;ainitt ext-mi>tlot> of Khii>-
I'inK ':::: '. . \.t! l.'li and fXtellMJOU of
legthhitlve fi'saioim.
FtRurt-* on the vote In the county
ujj all candidates follow:
lt^J.| »•••«.. t!» 0M»
l>emiwiatlo 4. 3}>&
S»ctali»t 4.131
J'roititiith'a , 5«I
:...:••!. rlut.lUy, 14.CS3
(\i\'am» man.
fVll T*-rm.
KnoltnA. « IS.SI
MdiXe. 1> 4.SS4
• --»- S 2.631
Kn^wland'a r'uralttr. 14 S»T.
Jl'BTli'B s l . l'K'.M ;. COURT.
l..«ri««M. K 1J.415
l*H>Uttg, 0 4.8OT
\Va!k«T, R 3.0TH
i:i»nctiard. Y itts
!»»¦¦• i . im'i'*. ixwyi
n,Ai.i.AM\ Nov. ».— OoniDlHo rc
turi^a for Alnm«1i» County awll the
):« i««!-:i. nu innJorUliti uiiil i>lui-alitl<*»
«l>uv« the unpreo«*l«-iitn<l fluure* that
w*t« InJiotiiird by j..«ru;«J r«*jMirt«.
l.\ri> K.-jrij! ,:i, nil o;iii<l)>ljtti-. K.ulli-Ial.
lr£l»latjvr> u«..l tuli.-l \ l-'ii lul. Xiiui l»-'«:ii
•-:«*. Ii-<1 H> rul..-tuiillai ttlid tn IIWHl
• *u««-» reot»rJ-l>if*KlnK voim th«* IVinti
¦ .-fcii. . :«.H-ifci'.r-ti.- aud \'iilon l^ttmr rep
r«ni.-iitaHvta» h«iv«* tH^iii vrlpod on" iha
polim-Al ::.jp Tl»r | .>>J II 1. J.U..H ttl ¦•
... :.^.-.i hi Jim it:turiui. Tht« unki* of
\ :. i<ii _> htia U-<-ji aut'h a \ i-i t'.aliU- ti«lul
i ..»<-i> that id«- t»|>i»ualtJon i.»b been left
> .b.nii a sirawr .«( nomfurt.
.i.»iitvia «\>unty in round numben
ti\t-» liit.«N>ti-lt ;..<kji plurality. U
t:iv«« Jim«-vt> H. Kiiowland. the lc.-pul»-
Mraa «\»ivsretcj:ianf Ic5«'i frutn thf Third
lM»trU-t. a ira»d **t 14.2i2 \ oif A i»v«?r H. t\
Mel'lkft. thr l»ein.»cral. Kmnxlatid'H
1'iuraiitj la iht- Third DUtrtct >» I7.4ua.
Utfi h«-avl«-fi «if nw-urd in th<- tlislrti-t,
lt»»o«r\«-lt h»t» a eli-uM nmiorita 1 o(
3">tS aver l*aikt-i and l»f U.-v. The
) •eiiKHiatu- iloUim j.iiii-i 43:t& \olc» ua
, >¦ ••!.:! Iht* :- « .r. M : ! ' r. f!l.'«IHf. Of IUL
Ju nut a f«*u x»rreinrt» th<* rta<*iaJiuls
j..iJl«»l a iMXgex \»>tc; limn the lV-mo
natf. Any duuln (hat might have ex
i-ti*it .i.- tt> thf r*»- eleotiuu of Johu
Mluhrll as Su^rvJaur from the KJfth
lMstrn-t nu quli'Kly dlni»<»llM as soon
it thr c*>nijiWe fiirures froin his dlstrlrt
\\er«- ¦ J :..i..ii.-.1 The foutlne* trtve
Mlli-hrll a vJunJlty of td over Klt»
»..elaJO. the lllilcj»flldeilt CalltHtlate.
Theit- was at no time- a Question of
«t.mt>t conivrnlng the election of any
«ther of the ]tej»ulillcan nomlnn**.
Alanseita t*ounty voted heavily In fa
\i>r of the Sait >Yaiu'lsi-o seawall bond
!»ii aot »•«! the »-i«u?tltutli>njU ainend-
Young Women Deny Crave Accusation
T^lriM-nUi UUtrlot.
M.tlu.. H 2.R5S
-S.. . | ;¦¦ In lil
l\ii rtcenth lMirtrtct ¦ Mjn«iptred t«rn».)
Umpwa, n 3 "™
Millor, S ...'. 70S
.Sliiipttun'M m*Jorli>, -sol.
Hlirrnili iMalrl. I.
l.ukrns. II 0.529
]1»w. 1> .. «.«>*
Ixruon. fl. »«1
i.uhpiii." plurality. i"U
Korty-slith i'U.tii.-t.
Hi r.»br».l«^ H 2.W7
J.» r \>K U l>*°»
'Mh-iiiiiUo't majority, rwrt.
Korty'SBveutb IMatrlct.
tUtM. H.. 3.|7S
IVnid D 3l8
iv»»]l. 9 j •* l>1
lUt<-»" UuniHty. 1KT1.
Furtj-eUMh lM»trlet.
\Vnl.h. R '».»»«
K-it>t»ilw l» 41H
o»b.«ru«. S <«*
oiineii. u U : 4i °
w.i-h'. plurality. 1W«.
*>>i(y-iiliiih Pli.trl.-t.
HurVe, II «•««
M!i«y. 1».-U. L. Ml
i Vdirvr^n, fl **{j
t\<iiKhltn, Uid s;w *
ivhk.1- cluratltr. 1*71.
HVtlnth IHalriet.
ltlles. ll.-l.\ I* 3.KH
KukiiiA a <**
lUian' majority. 2710.
Klfu-flrst IMatrtoC
K«i*y. » 2S - :i
: «'..fl':lrr. 1) '¦ |0
Klettker, B ' *33
J>ycy a pluraltty. 1VO.
Kitty -second I>latrtct,
Waiite. R S.3:lS
|\»»eil U. K-l> 7tl4
J'Mlbriok. 8 MT
NVa»ie'a plurality. ?37«.
BtrrER visors.
Ftmt UUtrtrt.
ll<irner. It l.MS
ltec*. H I. ISO
Hunter*- -lajorlty. 453.
Kourth IMntrict.
lluw*. U ».»W
UitTkO, 1> !>**
AiKtrwwr, d 413
Kin« «»
K ,.«.• ¦ plurality. *J>hw
KJfth IMatrtet.
Mitchell, tt S.l'ttS
mnrrruM. 1 8.«V<2
Mit'arre.n. 9 712
m»>*«. u. v n>a
Miti-lirll'a plurality, 2«M.
s«*wall «wt- Kur W.iMi a««lnat US*. M«-
Ji>rlty tor. 12.W7.
:.f!'.n • auu«UtutlonaJ amendment Niv 2, r«*
Utluc to Uio null, lai > aii.1 r»l»WI»til!ij »\ nils
i»t Ai>;>c«J— tVr K17O, a<»iuat 5i73. M».i »m>
Ai:;«ti,!iv.riil for Aoadamy of «Jol»no«»— SVr
eTld. Hfaliut 6«VkS. Majority fur. 04.
Kxeuti>ttn< t.:ui'j<int ftvm t»x»tl\«» — For
r.-'.ril. «*»in*l T'.V.. Majority <tc»ln»t. tiU«.
Uetatmg tf» lenjeth of li-*w!«tn c «?»alon*—
J'.r .'.*.•;. a«ainat tVMs Majority a««lnn. TK2.
KnlatUiK to ifimun atul ta\atU«u ¦ t\'r 6640.
against ,vm Majority for i*tn».
ICelaUnx U> exxi* uj-.u lulsarui — Kor &$73.
¦L^aiaat t^tu». Majority tor. l»s.
Will Make- Reply in Due Season
to Glass, Not Committee.
W. R. Dunn Charges They
Set Fire to Barn.
Captain J\[ance Not Ready
Knowiand's Vote Greatest
Known in History.
UATWARDS, Nov. 9. — The Board
of Free Library Trustees to-day
adopted S?tone A Smith's pi.i.Tv« and
spevlttcations for the new Carnesi*
Library. The board will receive 'bids
until Saturday. November 28. Plans
wiU be on exhibition at Haywards and
at the architect'* cfiice* ta Saa Fraa-
Adopt New library Vfattt*.
I % I PoiitlTelr cured by
PA DTTD 0 lhr " e little riii».
Vr/A l\ I L i\0 --'-' r«-«*« w>
mBl ITTLE CaawsSca a^ii Tw Hearty
tl 1 \ / C* D Battsg. A pertxt n.a-
y I V th «^rt?rrtetoe8S,S»39ea>
%4 PILLS. Pro^sttesa. Bad Tssfie
g| gq la tio M-«u'J5. Ci-atod
¦CTIBITfEa Tees^M. IVj la tie
C^DTfoc] Cl'KE SICK ELUl^Olii.
GtrruE Geawns M.-si Sear
I IVER Fao^icad Signafjft
n INLLS. s? Jlr -
'1018 Broadway.
Telephone Main 108.1.
2S4S Center Street.
Telephone Xorth 7".
1435 Park Street.
Telephone Alameda 559.
Your Choice of
— Or—
Both desirable articles and ca-
usaally big values.
¦ Free With Every Small Ad
Se« Small Ad Page for Turth«r
St. Louis
Grand Prize.
1»»* been granted
to \
Honyadi Janos
Natural Laxative
Because It Is

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