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aOOI-S AgD BO-BD — C<ratla-e_.
HXB3XOXKS. ~£1> — Firrt-rh.ss room an.i Iraaru:
!arpe bt:nrty r^oin. puiisbl** for — . vl-».
KA&BXEON. r,T(V— Lar?" Zur.ry front room;
wntfr; parlor, plane, l_ th; with-without brd.
ECJCKT fan-six- roon:s. with or without
lnjard; roa»c_aW«. Call 1 to S, -TW) Tehama.
_AUOr: r\±?.ny fr^nt rr.o— i ar.d ridf room; run-
ning watnr; with lioard. 1212 Geary Et.
. — —
CT'AT.r. T^—Hcard «n* room in a private
Janrfly; r?g£onal>>; r.lso rooms.
PO5TT. 7S?1 Finest table board; good Ferrice;
reason* Lie; references. ■
ROOM and board. T7T0 OTarrell St.
gfXXy furnished rooma to let with board.
ir.42 Clcy kt^
EHPV. *M> — Board and rooms; first class;
TREilONT, Sl€— Room and board: reasonable.
E— LI-* 453 — Splendid single rooir.s. with b*st
n* French table board; reasonable.
GOlTr>_N GATE. l<W_The Marchioness —
Rooms to let. with board.
CALIFORNIA. 807— I>?t rooms, table and ser-
vice in the citr fcr the least money.
HOOM and beard. 1724 I_i(!TJna st.
BOOTY single newly furn^ room, with gocd
board. Df1v_t«> fFmily. 777 Pine Pt.
LARGE. r*ai:tifu'., sunny double rooms, with
bourd: r»se.; run. water. 306 Ijeavnworth.
V." ANTED — 2 cr S nicely furnished rooms, with
bath and exa: eunny end connectins; by-
couple ■« i;h baby: rent net over ?20. Box
_7f-C. CeM office.
WANTED — Tr.-o furnished rooms, with steam
r;e_t. within ten or fifteen minutes' walk to
Th» Call building. Address, vrith term?, hox
21TC. Can office.
BUXXV furnished room for light housekeep-
ing for single roan: b»t. Howard and Bryant
and 2d and <t*\ sir. Box 2559. Call office.
WANTED — By refined couple, rooms with
kitrhen privileges or housckeepin_ rooms;
state r>«riJculars. Box 2246. Call.
WAN'TED— Kitchen, dining-room and bedroom;
$12 to $15; furnisiud or unfurnished. Box
2ST1. C__
WANTED— Thre» unfurnished rooms; etate
rect. Box 273<>. «^3li.
The Vlavl system of treatmtnt cures by ab-
sorption anl elimination.
That is. the treatment being predicx«ti-d. \%
readily tbsjrbed into th«- system and by feed-
ing the nerves and tissues through the cfrcula-
ti<>n so strengthen* them that it enables the
organs of elimination to throw out the dis-
eased matter that has accumulated.
In its healthy condition the body is con- I
st_nt!y thrcwing off wefIp matter.
If feme of :hi? «a«:c matter remains, disease \
rwuhs — generally in the weakest part of the ,
bo<jy. !
The Viavi pystem of treatment assists nature '
to eliminate all of this waste.
In other words, the Viavl ("yst^m of treat- '
ir.tr.t Itfitta nature to do what it is all the
time trying u> <1<j and knows ought to be done !
That ]c Hit- wnc'.e secret.
Viavi has been curing mothers and daughter*
for fifteen veers.
Hooktet free. Call or write for it. ;
VIAVI COMPANY. 2304 Van Xess ave.. S. F.
DXTXD-ND Notice— California Safe Deposit '
and Trust <^om_8Tiy, corner California and j
Montgomery Ft?. — For the six months ending
December SI. !9C*. dividends have been de-
t'larui «<n the deposits in the savings depart- ■
tnent of this comrany as follows: On term j
deposits, at the rate of II «j-l(> per cent per !
annum, and en ordinary depceiis at the rate ;
of :', r-er <-ent per annum, free of taxes. an<i |
l.a.\abie .in and after Tuesday, January 3,
1:kj5. J. DALZELL, BROWX. Manager. j
DIVIDEND Notice — San Francisco and Subur- •
dan Home Building Society. 5th floor. Mutual i
Savings Hank buildinc. 70S Market St., op- j
posite Third Ft.— For the half-year ending
December 31, 1901, a dividend ha? been de- j
• lared at the rate j>er annum of ten (l«») per .
tent <>n capital Mock and partici:>ating cer- '
tifk-ates. free from taxes, payable on and
after Monday Januarv 'J 1HU5
J. M. DUKK. Secretary.
DIVIDEND Notice — San Francisco Savings
l.'nion, :>„ California st.. cor. Webb — For the
half-year «-n<1inr with the 31st of December,
15*01, a dividend has been declared at the
late .er annum cf three and one-half (3%)
l*r cent en term de:>ofits, and three (.") per
trnt on ordinary deposits, free of taxef, |
payable en and after Tuesday. January 3 j
l'*^>. LOVE——. WHITE. Cashier.
DIVIDEND Notice — The German Savings and i
Loan Scciet;-. 52U California wt. — For the i
hall -year ending December 31. 1304, a divi-
dend has been declared at the rate of three
and one-quarter (Jfc) per cent per annum
en all depcs!ts. trem of taxes, payable on
end aft*r Tuesday. January X IJWjS
GEORGE TOL'RXY. Secretarj'.
THE J V* la r' ni l. on i. 011 Com P*ny's regular month-!
I- dividend. No. 7. payable January 1 i:*>5
amounting to $1500. equal to lc prr share en '
its iwued capital stock, will b« paid on De-
SSrtSm?- 1! J^ 4 - a ' comMn >''» otac*. room
.31. Mills building. San Francisco. (This U
fiot an extra dividend.) Transfer books clo«
Saturday. I>,f.mber 17. 15*04 at 1 n _l >
GKO. J. REMINGTON. Secretary.
EagR-xsidi; _df usLaocasns ~sch66Ls^ I
Dowcto»-n. 521 Franklin, near McAllister. 8
Ml 12 .^pen-air school. 810 Diamond st.: teL
Capp SI. 3; 1 to 6 p. m. Details at either.
Weather Report.
(120th Meridian— Pacific Time.)
BAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 17—5 p. m.
The following maximum and minimum tem-
peratures *re reported for the previous day:
rinclnnati 32-10 Philadelphia .. 3tt-2o
Kotlun .14-1*; Washington 3K-I6
Jacksonville :.4-44 N-w York 3'-lS
Ft. t»ui£ M_O Pittsburg . " " :{2-10
•' hl »-» Honolulu. H. I . . 74-6'i
Nex Orleans 66-42: • y . .
The following are the seasonal rainfalls to
_ate as compared with those of Bame date last
reason and rainfall in Ian twenty-four hours-
«... " "Last This Last
fetations. 24 h.urs. Season. Season
Kureka O.OO ji 5- in V!
nonius 0.00 u.ei lo.iS
Eacramcnto o.OO 7.00 4 44
S*n Francisco o.ix» - 'j (n» k'ii"
fT" 1 "' 0 ■* "- 00 bIot ;«
Irdependence 0.00 45 42
Kan Luis Obispo o.OO 471 ' >Z
Lc« Angela 0.W i*4s *«
g-n Diego o.OO !_} '.40
g 8 E O 2 «
I ;*S2_S3 *£ I
.3 3s 22 S 2 2* .g-
ETATIOX8. . I |||| |f |° 1
: if:: ?
*?** er S0.3S 22 18 NW Rain Tr"
'Jareon So..i(J .'.4 14 XE Pi Cldy (K)
Iguaa. .W.32 54 42 N Clear ■ m
r 1^" 1 ?, •-••••-'«•■»« 40 30 NW noudy 'oo
H.B. Fan-(i-e30.S3 M 4'J « 'aim Clear '«
lc R^« «O.3<> 50 32 N clear" W
Inder^nd^nc-c ..t(..3« 5»; . . KE C car in
\sn Angles .So.OS h_ 64 \V ' Cllll ' «
Mt. Tamalpals.10.24 r,2 r.I NW c ear "J«
North Head ..:JO.32 50 42 E noudy '_?
Pbocn x 30.12 74 •« \v V- , ay "—
pi. R.yes :r.S:» _i il x c\li r T ■'&
P<»rtland 3O.GO r.2 1«. nw Pain £*
R«,eburg ....3O..-U 54 34 N Cloudy (%
fcacramento ..?,o.2.S 44 34 fiv/ noudy «S
PaltLeke .... .-.<>.:« 42 22 NW Clear " "
B. Francisco.. SO.l'ft C4 41 KW netr "n»
6. L. ObiPno..30.12 70 40 NW Clear "nTi
fan Diego ....3<).O4 78 54 X Clear UO
Rattle 30.34 54 ?.4 .S Cto^Jy "no
:«>._« 44 X2 t=W Cloudy "oo
Tstot-Eh 3t>.2S 50 .. R Cloudy 'on
Watla Walla.. 3(K_« «{ 3S y ciSJdy 'm
Wlr.nemucca .30.4U 4« 16 S Cloudy *or>
Y""» S0-» SO 44 S Cloudy ipp
There lias been but little change In pressure
In California during the pan twenty-four
Fair weather prevails throughout California
with some tag In the valleys.
I'oreftJit made et San Francisco for thirty
hours ending midnight, December 18, 1904:
California, north of Tehachapi — Fair £undav
lM.ocmins cloudy at night; warmer at Sacra-
irento; ii^ht northeast winds.
California, south of Tehachapi — Fair Sun-
<l_y; light northeast wind.
Ncvada-^-Cloudy; warmer Sunday.
San Francisco and vicinity — Fair Sunday
bpcominsr cloudy at night; light east - wind. '
Loss Angeles and vicinity — Fair Sunday, be-
coming cloudy at night; light northeast winds
changing to wrottTly. H
Sacramento— Fair, warmer Sunday; light
north wlnos.
Fresno — Fair, warmer Sunday; light north
A. G. McADIE. District Forecaster.
Auditor Baehr lias consented to have the sai-
ary demands of teachers and Janitors ready lor
delivciy on Wc-dnesday next, bo the employes
ot tte 'school I>partmtnt will have money. be-
fore U3iriKm__
Marriage licenses were issued yesterday as
Giambatista Bottinl. 'JO. 710 Brannan street,
and Maria Devincenzl, 21, city.
Joseph Radon!, 2.'5, 1C2K Kearay etreet, and
Perry Soldavinl. 19. 14 Pollard place.
Clarence D. Mowers, 21. 1_IN Harrison street,
and Nellie K. Becker. l'J. 450 Jessie etrect.
Clark C. Bradford. 21, 417 Lyon street, and
Sarah B. Woods. 21. 4231 Twenty-sixth 3treet.
Gllccrio Depolo, :;."!, Oil Green street, and
Olrra Cucasna, 20, C41 Green street, v
KiRzurhl Doi. 23, Sacramento, and Shlnajo
Makisato, 20. Sacramento.
William G. Noakee. SO, 1122B Harrison
Etreet. and Anna Meininjcr. 21. Fresno.
Jose Machado, 2C. 01 Jackson street, and
Jennie Gomez. 16. «:l Jackson street.
Fred W. Ayiott. 28. 410 Minna street, and
Margaret Hcaley, _7. 270 Langton street.
Jacob Holmlund. 32, 442 Guerrero Etrect, and
Carrie Andet-on, 20, city.
John P. Walsh. 24, 181 Duboce avenue, and
Hortense _. Whitney, 24 1S.W Market street.
William H. I'rmy, 23 1U29 Mission Btreet,
and Edna A. Watkins. l'J, MO Valencia street.
Vlttorio Garibaldi, 23. Woolsey street, and
Marparet Volponc. 17. 24 Cran« street.
Marehall B. Whisler, 21. Oakland, and
Frances E. Soule. 18. Oakland.
Bernard A. Kirsch, 20, :t!2 Hayes street, and
Ivy C. Hall. _«, Seattle, Wash.
John C. Larsen. :;t*, 1712 Fell J«treet. and
Isabella E. von Kapff 25. 1714 Fell etreet.
Lcvi W. Grivg, 27, PresiJio, and Mary Ben-
I nett, ?S. Prtrt&lo.
John R. Lewfs, 25, city, and Evangeline F.
Linde— :an, _:{, city.
John G. AttrldKC. 21. 2005 Leavenworth st.,
and Sadie F. Boyd. IS. 1404 Hyde street.
John C. Tensfeldt. 21. 223 Ivy avenue, and
Clara S. Braun, IS. 721 Brannan street.
AKred R. E. Groener. 34, city, and Maria
S. L. Frey burger 21. city.
George Chinman, Tcsla, and Mabel A. Burge,
27 Ptanley place.
James Shanks, 3fi, Stockton, and Alice I.
j Myers, 211. 1313A Hayes etreet.
i Birth, marriage and death notices sent by
; mail will not be Inserted. They must be handed
; in at either of the publication offlces and be
I indorsed with the name and residence of per-
1 nons authorized to have the same published. :
: Notices restricted 6imply to the announcement
of the event are published once in this column
tree of charce.
BARBIEKI— In this city. December fl, 1904,
to the wife of S?. Barbieri. a daughter.
BARNVM— In thin city. December 6. 1904. to
the wife of Albert G. Burnuin. a daughter.
BLAIR — In this city. November 25. 1004, to the
wife of Frank Post Blair, a daughter.
BROWXPTOXE— In • this city. December 1G.
l'JC4. to the wifa of L. H. Brownstcne, a
COXXELI — In this city. December 13, 1904,
to the wife of T. J. Connell, iwins^ — a son
and a daughter.
CIRR1VAN— In this city, December 15, 1904.
to the wife of J. A. Currivan (nee Manning),
a son.
D1NN— In this city. December 5. 1904, to the
wife of William H. Dunn, a son.
KKXXETT— In this city. December 14 1904,
to the wife of Fred W. Kennett inee Tapley),
a daughter. \
KI"HRT— In this city, Xovember 20, 1904, to
the wife of John Kuhrt, a son. !
KYLE— In this city, December 11, 1904, to'
the wife of Charles Kyle, a son. ■
MOWATT— In this city, December 13, 1904,
to the wife of Francis Mowatt, a daughter.
NATHAN- In this city. December 15. 1004
to the wife of B. Nathan, a son.
SLEV1X— In this city. December 1, 1901 to
the wife of Thomas B. Slevin, a son.
LARSEN— VON KAPFF— In this city. De-
cember 17. 1!K>4, by Justice Daniells. John |
J-s irsen and Isabel von Kapff, both of this !
city. i
MITCHELL— KELLY— In this city. December
15. 1JW4, by the Rev. Edwin F. Brown, John '
Mitchell of Xew York and Emma Kelly of I
Toledo. Ohio.
WARREN— TAYLOR— In this city. Decem-
ber. 17. 1904, by the Rev. George W. White,
pastor Central M. E. Church. Charles T.
Warren and Minnie Taylor, both of San
Berre. Thurien— 72 (Madden. Catherine— 65 !
Boyter, Katherine E. — McDermott, Annie F. j
39. Meesringer, John P. — 19
Chester. Frederick — 61 Meyer, John C
Cole, John A. — 73 O'Donnell. Thos. — G6
Cole. Albert R. — 37 Ortega. Antonio M. — OS
De Landre*se,L.M. — 33 ! Rae, Joseph — 24
Ficken. Henry — «2 jgaxtorph, Henry — C3
Goldstein. Margaret Seeger. Maria — 11
Homager, £arah A. Slattery, M. F. — 46
Hughes. Leon — 5 mo» Stine. Dr. David L. — 36
Keller. Frank A. E. Williams. Carollne^ — *7
Knapp. Robert I.— 73 Wolters, John B. — 29
Lindstrom, John — 53
EERRE — In this city. December 15, 1904, I
Thoricn, dearly beloved husband of Eli.«a
Berre. and beloved father of I»uls Berre,
a native of France, a_ed 72 years.
C— r Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral Sunday,
December IS. at 1 o'clock, from his late
residence, 1408 Mason street, between Broad-
way and PaciSo, thence to French Ch#rch
♦ Notre D_me des Victoir««), Bush street,
where services will be said for the repose of
his soul at 1 :30 ». m. Interment Holy
CroF* Cemetery.
BOYTER — In Alameda. Cal., Dpcember 17
I»t4, Katherine E. Boyter. beloved wife of
John A. Boyter, a native of California, aged
'•in years 5 months and <> days.
CHESTER— In .Oakland. December 16, 1004
Frederick Chester, beloved husband of Jessie
Kelsey Chester, and brother of Mrs. Rebecca
Turner and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Turner of
Oakland, a native of Buffalo. X. Y., aged
. <il years J» month? and ltt days. (Buffalo,
X. Y.. papers plea?e copy.)
I_~Fri^nds and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Monday), at 11 o'clock a. m., from his late
residence. Pierce Btreet. San Francisco.
Interment private. I
COLE — Xear Vallicita, Calaveras County, Cal., I
John A Cole, beloved brother of Mra John
Collins, and uncle of Charles E. Montgom- \
«ry. - native of Thomaston, Maine, aged 75 j
years 1 month and 29 days. I
C7Fricnds and acquaintances are respect- •
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrovr
(Monday), at- 9 a. m.. from the funeral par-
lors of Bunker & Lunt. 2C6« Mission street
(Mission Masonic Temple), between Twenty-
second and Twenty-third etreets. Interment
COLE — In this city. December 15, 1904, Albert
R. Cole, beloved husband of Carrie Cole (nee
Crocker), and beloved father of Florence,
Alice. Louts and Walter Cole, a native of
Oswego. X. Y., aged 37 years 5 months and
20 days. (Xew York papers please copy.)
t^Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral aervices
Sunday, December 18. at 10 a. ! m., at the
mortuary chapel of Julius S. Godeau. 305
Montgomery avenue. Interment Mount
Olivet Cemetery.
DE LAXDRESSE— In Bakc-rsfield, Cal., De-
c-ember 17, 1904, Louis M., beloved son of
H. C. and the late Marie de Landresse, and
brother of Charles P.. Adele and the late
Henry de Landresse, a native of San Fran-
cisco, aeed 33 years. j
(C7"Remalns at the parlors of H. P. Suhr ■
& Co., li:S7 Mission street, between Sev- I
tnth and Kichth. :
FICKEN — In this city, December 1C, 1904 '
Henry, beloved husband of Maria Ficken!
and father of Mabel, Alfred and Frank
Ficken. Mrs. B. Jennings. Mrs. W. Phillips '
and Lewis and Harry Ficken. a native of
Hanover, Germany, aged .02 years 1 month
and 16 day* A member of Harmony Lodge
J\o 9 t A. O. i_». W« !
B_»"rhe funeral will take place to-day
(Sunday), at 1 p. m.. from the undertaking
parlors of Theodor Dierks, 957 Mission street
between Fifth and Sixth. Interment Xa-
UomU Cemetery- Funeral strictly private.
Harmony Lodge Xo. 9, A, O. U. W.
Members, take notice to attend the funeral
of our late brother, H. Ficken from the un-
dertaking parlors of T. Dierks, 957 Mission
meet, at 1 o'clock p. m.
I J. J. LANG. M. W.
C. R. STEVENSON, Recorder.
COLDSTEIX— "Margaret, beloved wife of Si-
raon Goldstein, and mother of Robert and
Louis Goldstein.
(_TFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to atlend the placing of the
remains in tht^Goldstcin vault to-day (Sun-
day), at 2:30 p. m.. at Eternal Home Ceme-
HOMAGER— In Oakland. Cal.. December 1C
I l'JOi, Sarah A., wife of the late Henry Hdm-
actr. a native of Pennsylvania.
tt-'Frksnds and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services
to-morrow (Monday) morning, at 10:30
c clock, at the A. M. E. Church, on Fifteenth
Jtrett. between West and Market. Oakland.
Interment Mountain View Cemetery. ■
HITGHES— In this city. December 17, 1904
Leon, dearly beloved son of William and
Lorena Hughes, and brother of Margaret
Virginia. Emily. Bessie. William. Maud!
Alice and the late Lawrence Hughes, a na-
tive of Kan Francisco, Cal, aged 0 months
. anil 11- daye.^
(_~ Friends and acquaintances are respect-
■ fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Monday), at 2 p. m.. from the family resi-
dence. 2H> Chrnery street, near Fatrmount
street. Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery.
KELLER — In , Alameda, Cal., December 15
1904. Frank A. E. Keller, beloved eon of
Mrs. Caroline and the late John G. Keller
and brother of John R., Herman, Carrie and
the late Fred Keller, a native of San Fran-
cisco.- Cal. (Newark, N. J., papers pleate
tC/Frk-nds and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Sunday), at 2 o'clock p. m.', from his late
reeidence. 2113 Clement avenue. Alameda
Take broad-gauge to Willow-street Station'
Incineration Oakland. .
KXAl'P — In Halfmoon Bay, San Matoo County
December 15, 19U4. Robert Israel Knapp!
' beloved ; hust>and of Lizzie Knapp, and
I -lather . of - Mrs.- John > Perry. ■ Mra, •-.- George
1 Sbaeffer. Horace Knapp, Charley Knapp
' and Mrs. Grcjjory, aired 73 years.
C—Triends and. acquaintances are. invited
to attend the funeral services Sunday, De-
cember 18, at Halfmo<* Bay M. K. Church.
«t 12:."0 p. m.
LINDSTROM— In this city. December 13, 1901,
John- Lindstrom. a native of IJorsrunda,
Sweden, aeed K! years.
C_fKri<'ni!« and nc-;ua!ii itCAcea ar? ttBTKtt-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Sunday). December IS. at 10 a. m.. from
the parlors of the Western Addition Funeral
I Directors. 17_4 Devisadero street, between
I Sutter ar.d Bush under the auspices of Ara-
1 pahoe Tribe No. 7<5. Imp. O. H. M. Inter-
ment Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland.
MADDEN— In this city. December 17, 1904,
Catherine, beloved wife of the late John
Madden, beloved 'mother of Edw. Ferguson,
and 3istcr of Mrs. R. A. Frost, a native of
County Cavan, Ireland, aged C5 years. ,
ICTFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Monday), at H:'M a. in., from her late resi-
dence. 2419 Harrison street, thence to St.
Peter's Church, Alabama «reet, near Twen-
ty-fourth, where a requiem high mass will
be celebrated for the rei>osrc of her soul.
Interment Koly Crow Cemetery.
McDERMOTT— In this city. December 17.
l!»04. Annie F. McDermott. beloved sister
of Mrs. M. Morrlsry.
ICThe funeral will take place to-morrow
(Monday), at S:4"» a. m., from her late resi-
dence. 724. Fell street, thence to Sacred Heart
Church, where a solemn requiem high mass
■will be celebrated for the repose of her soul,-
commencing at !» o'clock a m. Interment
Holy CYofs Cemetery.
MEFSINGER— In this city. December 17, 1004,
John P. Messingcr, a native of New York,
a;ed -13 years.
CTFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Monday), at !i a. in., from the Chapel of
the 1 _:^ion attached to St. Mary's Hospital,
corner of Firtt and Bryant strci'tE, where a
requiem hijjh mass will be celebrated for
the repose of his soul, commencing at 7 a.,
m. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.
MUTER— In this city, December 16. l»04,
John C. Meyer, a native of Hamburg, Ger-
O'Frlend? and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Sunday), at 1 p. m., from Eagles' Hall,
731 Market street, where services will be held
under the auspices of Golden "Jate Aerie No.
61, F. O. E. Interment Odd Fellows* Ceme-
tery. Remains ot the parlors of the Henry
. J. Gallagher Undertaking Company. "0 Fifth
: street.
I O'DONNELL— In Hollister, December 16. 1804,
Thomas O'Donnell, husband of Sarah O'Don-
nell, and father of Joseph M., P. E., Mary,
Frank, Frederick and Loretta O'Donnell, a
native of Ireland, aged 06 years.
(ETFuneral at Hollister, Sunday, Decem-
ber IS. at 10-30 a. m.
ORTEGA— In this city, December id. 1904,
Antonio M., beloved husband of Catherine
Ortega, and son of M_ry and the late Jose
A. Ortega, and brother of Domingo, Manuel.
Nash and Vina Ortega, a native of Santa
Barbara, aged ."S years. A member of the
Barberb' Protective Association and Court
Golden (Jate No. 0, F. of A. (Texas papers
please copy.)
E_* Friend* and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral Sunday,
December 18, at 1 :45 p. m.. from his late
residence, JJ27B Howard street, thence to St.
Patrick's Church for services. Interment
Holy Cross Cemetery.
N. B. — To the officers and members/ of
Court Golden Gate No. 0. F. of A. : You
are respectfully requested to attend the
funeral of our late brother, Antonio M.
Ortega, from his late residence, 027B Howard
street, Sunday, December 18 at 1 :45 p. m.
By order 'Of J. CALMAN. Secretary.
RAE — In Phoenix. Ariz., December 15. 1904,
Joseph, dearly beloved son of Robert and
Margery Rae. and beloved brother'of Mrs.
F. Thain, Mrs. J. C. Besley. Mrs. F_ E.
AVare and Robert and Alexander Rae, a na-
tive of San Francisco, aged 24 years.
(CTNotice of funeral hereafter.
SAXTORPH— In Oakland, Cal.. December 10.
1904, Henry, beloved husband of Ludavica
Saxtorph, and father of Mrs. Augustus Ab-
bott, _ native of Copenhagen, Denmark, aged
UJ years 9 months and '! days.
in?" Friends and acquaintances are -respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services
to-day (Sunday), at 2 a m., at his late resi-
dence. 14til Eighth avekjue. East Oakland.
Cremation private.
SEEGER— At the Fish Ranch Contra Costa
County Cal.. December 16. 1904, Maria, be-
loved wife of Max Seeger. and mother ot
Edna, Irma and Rudolf Seeger. a native of
Germany, aged 41 years 2 months and 26
BLATTER Y — In this city, December 15 1904
Michael F., beloved husband of Fiorence I
Slattery, son of the late Dennis and Johanna
Slattery. and father of Gertrude, Bessie
Tessie, Roy, Mildred and May Slattery and
brother of Thomas F. Slattery and Mra
Henry Gleeson, a native- of Massachusetts'
a?ed 46 years. .
E7"The funeral will take place to-day
(Sunday), at 12 o'clocjc. from his late resi-
dence. 3.si£ Twenty-eighth street, thence to
St. Paul's Church for services, commencing
at 12:*;o p. m. Interment Holy Cross Ceme-
STINE— In Indianapolis, Ind.. December 7
l!Wi4. Dr. David Lesley Stine, beloved hus-
band of Stella Keyes Stine, aged 30 years.
WILLIAMS— At her residence, 146 Silver
street, in this city, December 15, 1904,
Caroline, beloved wife of John Francis Wil-
liams, and mother of John F., George A.,
William Henry. Edmond N., William C. R ,
Percy E-, Frederick A. and Harold M. Wil-
liams and Mrs. James Watson, a native of
Melbourne. Australia, aged 47 years and 3
B_ r 'Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the runeral Sunday,
December 18, at 1:30 p. m., from the
Mlzpah Presbyterian Church. Harrison
street, near Fifth. Interment Cypress Lawn
Cemetery, by carriage.
"WOLTERS— In this city, December 16 1004
John Blsmark, dearly beloved husband of
Millie Wolters, father of Emma L. Woltere
*on of John D. and Kate Wolters and
brother of Emma Wolters, a native of Cal-
ifornia, aged 29 years 8 months and 27 days
t-Triends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Sunday), at 1:30 p. m.. from his late resi-
dence. 2702 Twenty-first street. Interment
. Mount Olivet Cemetery, by carriage.
The Borrowing children of the late Fm«t
Lillenthal herewith desire to thank the
many kind friends and acquaintances who
gave so many, evidences of their heartfelt
and comforting; sympathy and beautiful flora-
offerings during the sad hours of their be*
reavement of a loving father.
(Successors to Flancagan & Gallagher)
20 Fifth st.. opposite Lincoln School *
Telephone South 80.
• Funeral Directors and Embalmen
Formerly in Metropolitan Temple,
NOW at 806 MISSION. Tel. South 107.
Between Fourth and Fifth, near Fifth •_
Finest Equipments at Moderate Rate*.
F. J. Monahan. Manager. Tel. Mission 31.
S33U-2341 Mission St.. near Nineteenth.'
ban Francisco.
James McGinn. Henry Hansen.
Formerly W4th McGinn Bros.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers
214 Eddy st. Tel. East 8B.
I _____
Death Ends Labors of Late Pontiff's
ROME, Dec. 17. — Pio Contral, the
faithful attendant of the late Pope
Leo, died to-day of appoplexy. Con-
tral, who was one of the most pictu-
resque figures of the late Pontificate,
lived entirely for Pope Leo, sleeping
practically in the same room and en-
1 joying the entire confidence of the
! late Pope. \
Do you want a certain cure, painless, safe, and with-
out loss of time? Would you prefer not to pay until
1 cured, so as to, be certain ? We have the cure, and
you need not pay until any physician you mav choose
pronounces you cured*
IT COSTS NOTFUNG to come and see us abodt it. We
may save your life, and are sure to save you years of
FideKty Rupture Cure
1344 Market St., San Francisco.
/ J»E$rY Ever y woman admires a strong man. t_ very man admires a
<fev /^^^^k. strong weman. Health, strength and happiness! They
f^^^^^^^^. are the J°y of Hvins. If you are a weak man or a weak
( W^^^^^^^^0 woman I can ?dve them to you.
- 1 i1|t ' WILL PAY
v liftM $1,000 FORFEIT
V \^ v| ~ For a case of Nervous Debility, Varkocele, "Rheumatism^ Lame Back," Lumbago. Sciatica, anyesae of
A. \ \_ Kidnfy Disease (that has not gone as far as Bright's Disease), Indigestion, Constipation, Female
/S|K. , V^** \^! We'ak_ess, or any weakness of man or woman, which I cannot cure with my new improved Electric
£oS|V \Vo"] Belt, the marvel of electricians, the most wonderful curative device that has ever been introduced.
_^lisiy_ v vvvi vc me a man broken down from dissipation, hard work or worry, from any cause which has
/*\sv«is R T * sapped his vitality. Let him follow my advice for three months and I will make him as vigorous in
r $ « 'Vl ' V I every respect as any man of his age.
' M $ » 08 t vV \i I will not promise to make a Hercules of a man who was never intended by nature to be
f $ » _« //_$• Wwf strong and vigorous. Even that man I can make better than he is; but the man who has been
M § W><WV^ vwl strong and has lost his strength I can make as good as he ever was.
_f " nS v tSiSw v^ Wj * can ve a 9^ . to any man what he has lost by violation of the laws of nature. I can stojv all
* jy S' \ wiSf drains upon his vitality in ten days.
•« 'vfc wjk w 'nnnwSi nian who •* S nerv °u s » whose brain and body are weak, who sleeps badly, awakes more tired than
«T vc^ • V* ww v\ vkKmi when he went to bed, who is easily discouraged, inclined to brood over imaginary troubles, who has
i_S* \§i \S\\N anKm lost ambition and energy to tackle hard problems, lacks the animal electricity which the Dr. Mc-
M H H <§* m Yell Laughlin Electric Belt supplies.
/» \\v v*\V Ywl * can take any woman who is nervous, sleepless, who has bearing-down pams, periodical dis-
/ 1 \SK v A\\ Vvvl tress, dizzy and fainting spells, loss of appetite _nd a generally haggard and old feeling and make
/ / < \v& wl her feel likc a girl . again-
1 / ( V \v \y V\Xm Mrs - s - c - Babcock; Bruceville, Cal., sayi : "Tour belt is doing m« a great deal of rood, for X am better t_a_. I __r»
* "■-' ' \N. V 1 Vy0\1 been for years." i
v^ vvm The wtiole force of vitality in your body is dependent upon your animal electricity. When yon
S>< \ \V^* lose that by draining the system in any manner, my Belt will replace it and cure you.
Mr. Harry U. Jackson, Valleton, Cal., write*: "Although you are a stranger to me, my heart warms toward you as a great benefactor and friend, and I cm mat* t_aa
grateful to you. Already I f«el the vigor of new life in my body; no aches and no pains. I wish you every success in your work."
Letters like that tell a story which means a great deal to a sufferer. They are a beacon hight to the man who has become discouraged from
useless doctoring. I get such letters every day.
My Belt has & wonderful influence upon tired, weak nerves. It braces and invigorates them, and stirs up a great force of energy.
Louise King. Commercial Hotel, San Francisco, says: "I take pleasure in. dropping you a few lints to let you know how greatly improved I am sines I got your Belt. Mjr
headaches have left me and I am galnln_ in weight. I feel like a different woman, and ajn very grateful to you for all ths good your Belt has done me."
I make tlie best electrical body appliance in the world, having devoted twenty years to perfecting it. I know my trade. ]^Iy cures after
everything else has failed are my best arguments.
.. Mr. Roy Burk. McKlttrick. Cal., writes: "Krom the first night I wore the belt I felt new Ufa in every part of my body. Tbe weakness was checked immediately, and I _m
now able to do heavy work without tiring. I am glad I thought of the belt, for in no other way could the money bring me so much pleasure."
Give me a man with pains in his back, a dull ache in his muscles or joints, "come-and-go" pains in his shoulders, chest or side, Sciatica in
his hip, Lumbago, Rheumatism', or any ache or pain, and my Belt will pour the oil of life into his aching body and drive out every sign of pain.
No pain can exist where my Belt is worn.
Mr. J. L. Baird of Orland, Cal., writes: . "My back is entirely well, and I would not take 11GO for my belt if I could not get another. It U the best thing on earth for a
lame back." . . '
And these "old" men, these men who have burned the candle at both ends — or evep if they haven't — these men who for one reason or another
feel that life has lost its'spice, that they arc getting old too fast, I can make them feel the sparkle and fire of youth again. . \
I'll never forget when Mr. A. Crawford of Pokegama, Oregon, an old man of seventy, wrote to me and said: "When I wrote to you last I
told you to send me a Belt to make an old man young, and you did. I am s-venty years old, and since I have worn the Belt I feel as strong as I
did at thirty-five, and can do as good a day's work as I could at that age." It was two years ago that Mr. Crawford wrote me that letter. Here is
one I just got from him: 4
"In reply to your letter I am glad to say that I am Just as much in favor of your Belt as I ever was. for it has been a remarkable help to me. I am seventy-two years old b-j«
I do not look any more than fifty. Am enjoying perfect health, and will continue to recommend the Belt, as I have been doing right along, as I realize tha: but for it I should have
been dead and buried by this time."
They come every day from everywhere. There is not a town or hamlet in the country which has not cures by Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt.
Men and women who had tried their home doctors and every known medicine have come to me and been cured.
•v _ „& T * u Ta ? e 7, hl> I 21 Hal * ht gt - San Francisco. Ca!., says: "No words can express my feeling of gratitude to you. When I received your marvelous Belt I was in a very
bad condition physically. I was nervous, -weak, digestion was poor. I couldn't sleep but two or three hours in the night, my mental power was weak thon_h I had be?n nauiral'v
very strong, and all these symptoms were the result of a sexual weakness. Now I am well, and I am glad to have this opportunity to recommend the Br!t to those who suffer from
zuch troubles as mine, for they will be restored to perfect health by_your Belt." . I
Now. what does this mean to you, dear reader? If you are not what you ought to be. can you ask any better proof to make you try it? Is there a rem-
edy which Is as simple, as easy to use. as sure to cure and as cheap as Dr. JklcLaughlin's Electric Belt? I have not seen one. You must try it. In justice to
yourself, and to those who look to you for their future happiness, try it now. Act this minute. Such a matter ought not be delayed.
Its as good for women as for men. Worn while you sleep, it causes no trouble. You feel the gentle glowing heat from it constantly, but no sting, no
burning, as in old-style, belts.
Come and see me- if you can. I have a private consulting room in which I will explain my method of treatment, and, perhaps, give you the names of
some of your friends whom I have cured. „
Send for my beautiful book, full of things a man likes to read if he wants to be a strong man. I send It. sealed, free. If you are a weak woman send
lor my book. Maiden, Wife and Mother," which shows the road to health and happiness for weak woman. Cut out and send this ad.
Dr. M. C. McLaughJin, 906 Market _a.,s__SS!£.
Office Hours: 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Sundays, 10 to 1. Seattle Office, 105 Columbia Street. _.os Anreles. 131 South Sprinsr St.
Continued From Page 38.
New York Grain and Produce.
NEW YORK. Dec. 17.— FLOUR— Receipts,
17,600 barrels. Exports, 7500 barrels. Quieter;
not quotably lower. Minnesota patents, $5 [email protected]
6 10; Minnesota bakers'. $4 4(k'J4 75; winter
parents. $5 [email protected] 85; winter straights. (5 25®
5 40; winter extras. $3 [email protected] 30; winter low
grades, $3 [email protected] 10.
WHEAT— Receipts. 15,000 bushels. Spot,
easy; No.' 2 red, nominal elevator and (116%
f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 Northern Duluth, fl 22V4
f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 hard Manitoba, nominal
f. o. b. afloat. A sharp break occurred In
wheat to-day, resulting from liberal Northwest
receipts, poor cables, weak outside' markets
and good snows in the West. The - market
closed %@-J-i,c net lower. May, $1 12 ~&; July,
?1 02%; December, $1 12 „.
HOPS — Quiet. State common to choice, 1904
crop 2!»ca37c: 1903, [email protected]; olds, 14c; Pacific
Coast. 1904 crop, 29t_3Uc; 190J crop, [email protected];
olds, [email protected]
HIDES— Quiet. Galveston. 18c; California,
21 to 25 pounds 19c; Texas dry. 24%c.
WOOL— Firm. Domestic fleece. [email protected]«5c.
COFFE13 — Important support was still evi
dent in the market for coffee futures, which
closed firm at a net gain of [email protected] points. Sales
were reported o f 138,0<J0 bags, including: Janu
ary. [email protected]; March. 7.([email protected]; May, 7.95®
8c; July, 8.05<38.15c; September, [email protected];
October, 8.35c; November. 8.4Cc. Spot Rio,
steady; No. 7 invoice. 8-!4c; mild, firm; Cor
dova. [email protected]
SUGAK — Raw, firm; fair refining. 4%c; -cen
trifugal. 90 test, 4%c; molasses sugar. 4^c;
refined, firm; No. 6. 5.05c: No. 7, 5c; No. 8.
4.00c: No. !t, 4.S5c; No. 10. 4.80c; No. 11. 4.7Oc;
No. 12. 4.65c; No. 13 4.55c; No. 14. 4.50c; con.
lectioners' A. 5.50c; mold A, «o: cut loaf, <;.:*5.-;
crushed. 0,35c; powdered, 5.75c; granulated,
5.C5c; cube3, 5.70c.
BUTTER — Weak. Street prices: Extra
creamery. aott^U'/jc. Official prices: Cream
ery, common to extra, 12iftlCc; held, commen
to extra. 10024c; State daily • common to ex
tra. [email protected]
CHEESE — Unchanged. ■
EGGS— Weak. Weatern firsts, 3l!§32c; West
ern average best. 29<?i30c.
- EVAPORATED APPLES— The market con
tinues quiet. Common are quoted at 3y>W4%c;
prime, 4%_4%c; choice, 5t_5«/.g; fancy, [email protected]
PRUNES— Show no change cither as to gen
eral condition or In point of quotations,- which
rango from 2c to 0c for California grades, with
Orfgon varieties ranging up to 074c for the
large sizes.
PEACHES— Quiet, with choice at 9%c; ex
tra choice, 10'-4®llc: fancy • 11 '/.<ftl2c. •
APRICOTS— Are firm on smill offerings.
Choice. 10c; extra choice. 10'[email protected]; fancy,
New York Bonds.
U S ref 2s. reg. ..104i,!_ _ N unified 49..103&
Do coupon 104->s|Man con gold 4s..lW->4
Do Cs. reg lO4»4|Mexican Cen 4s.. 7tt
Do coupon 104»,ii Do 1st lnc 23»/£
Do new 4s, reg. 130»i| Minn _ St L 4s..:9tf'/t
Do coupon 131 j Mo. Kan _ T -t.UOOVi
Do old 4s. reg. 103*41 Do 2ds 1 85%
Do coupon l0G-% N'tl R Mex con 4s. Sl'/i
Atchlson gen 4s.lO2%|X Y Cen gen a'is.lOlH
Do adj 4a 04% \S J Cen gen 6s.. 136
Atlantic C L 4s.. 99!i|Northern Pac -i.s. .K'5<4
Bait _ Ohio 4s...lO3i>,| Do 3fe 7ZVi
Do '2_s........ 96% K _ W con 4s ICOTi
Central of Ga 5s. Ill OSL 4s and partic.lO3?i
Do 1st lnc 91 1 ,4|Penn conv 3ii«-.102%
Clics & Ohio 4iAs.lO"Kj|Readlng gen 4a.. 102%
Chi & Alton 3>:..s. 82 StL & IM con 5.i..lH'i-i
C. B & Q new 4s.lC0UlStL & SF fg 43.. S9V 4
C,M_St P gen 4s.llO%!St L S W lsts... 97%
C & N W con 7s.l29 (Seaboard A L -Is.. S5
C.R I &P RR 4s. 81 I Southern Pac 4s.. 93%
Do col 5s 83%|Southern Ry «">*.. U!)<i
CCC & SL gen 4s.l01»/ R | Texas _ Pac lsts-.ll!>',,
Chicago Term 4s. 84 IT. St L & W 4s.. 8:{
Con Tobacco 4s.. 77^ Union Pacific 4s..lG6-%
Colo & South 4s.. 90 I Do conv 4s 110-J4
CP_Iconta..M.US Steel _d 5s.. D2V4
Den & Rio G 4s. .102tt!Wabash lets 117^4
Erie prior lien is. 101 Vjj Do deb Bs €8
Do gen 4a 91% Wheel & L E 4a. 93>4
Ft W & D C lsts.107% Wisconsin Cen 4s. 92J4
Hocking Val 4 \ is. Ill
New York*' Mining* Stocks.
Adams Con 20 Little Chief C3
Alice COOntario 3 50
Breece 16 Ophir 3 20
Brunswick Con.... 12 Phoenix 08
Comstock Tunnel.. 08Potosi ; 14
Con Cal & Va 1 60!Savage 22
Horn Silver 1 55' Sierra Nevada ' 42
Iron Silver..... ...1 90|SmaIl Hopes 26
Leadville Con C2; Standard 1 CO
Boston Stocks and Bonds.
Money— tU S Steel 29%
Call loans Sl2®4%| Do pfd 92%
Time loans... .4 @5 . I West' house Com.. UO
Bonds — ( Mining —
Atchlson adj 4s.. 9.1"-! I Adventure ........ 5?J
Do-4a lOUilAUci'ez 13
Mexican Con 4s.. 75 .Amalgamate. .... 6H%
Railroads — I American Zinc... 12' 3
Atchison S4Ts Atlantic 16li
Do pfd 103 |j?|ngham 34%
Boston & Albany. 232 ICalumet & Hecla.015
Boston &Malne..l"5 (Centennial ... 25'^
" Fitchburg pfd l-Wi'Copper Range B«»4
Mexican Cen 21>,i!Daly West 12
N Y. N H & H..lJ»7%;Domln!on Coal 66
Pere Marquette.. 79 iFranklln 11
Union Pacific... .109% Granby 5 l-l«
Miscellaneous — lisle Royale.. 2Vi
Am»Arge Chem.. _l%|Maas Mining 8%
Do -pfd.... 80 I Michigan 9
Am Pneu Tube... 5^!Mohawk -50^5
Amer Sugar 14n-Ji:Mont Coal _ Coke.' 4%
Do pfd ..138 |Old Dominion 25%
Am Tel & .Tel...l45tt:Osceola 92^
Amer Woolen 21 J Parrot* 96%
Do pfd 92%|Quincy 105
Dominion I'& S.. 18% Shannon ■.:; 6*4
Ed Elec Ilium... 252 Tamarack 118
Mass Electric 14 Trinity 10%
Do pfd '60 ITT S Mining 24^
Mass «as. ....... 37%!Utah... 42V t
United Fruit 105m Victoria *\' A
United Shoe Maeh oKi^jWinona 12'A
Do pfd 31 (Wolverine 103
. London Closing Stocks.
Cons for money.. 88% I New. York Cen 142%
Con* for account.* 88% (Norfolk & West. S0%
Anaconda - 5?»| Do pfd »5 •
Atchlson ........ 87Ti!Ontario & West. 43%
j Do pfd. .103 \i, I Pennsylvania .... 76
Canadian Paciflc. 134% | Rand Mines. 11H
Chea & Ohio: 49'/4 Reading ......... 40%
Chi Great West . . 23 ",; I Do 1st pfd 45U
C. M & St P.I. .174 | Do 2d pfd.....>41%
De Beers. . ..... . . 18 "Southern Ry. ..... 3«
Den & Rio G....; Sl%| Do pfd.......... tiSV,
Do pfd......... 90 | Southern Pacific. «4*K
Erie .*wm Union Pacific 113%
Do 1st pfd..... 77 I Do pfd 97V,
IDo 2d nfd... ...."■.■'% iU S Steel R0H
Illinois Central... ISSC, Do pfd..' B4ii
Louis & Na.«h....l4.'tViiW-:bajn T2K
Mo; Kan & Tex. 32 I : Do pfd. .. :. . 45"
, Bar silver— Steady 28 1-lttd per ounce.
- Money — 2tf?2W per" cent.
- The rate of discount in the open market for
ehort bills is 2% per- cent and . for three
months' bills 2%-per cent.
Northern Wheat Market.
► PORTLAND. Dec. 17.— WHEAT— For ex
port, -Walla ' Walla. 81c: blue stem. S5c. East,
Walla Walla, 83(&85c: blue stem, SOc.
' TACOMA. Dec. 17.— WH12AT— Blue stem,
,88c;\club. Me. .* _' - ' -" ■ . _.- / _
Churches Are Overcrowded and Peo
ple Gather in Streets and
3lu>ic Halls.
LONDON, Dec. 17.— There has been
a remarkable spread in the religious
revivals which were started at Boul
ton, Lancashire, on September 6_ of
this year 'by Rev. Reuben A. Tofrey
and Captain Charles Alexander, both
of whom are from Chicago. At the
first the movement was considered to
be only one of the periodical outbursts
which happen throughout England
and Scotland, but the proportions it
now has assumed attracts general at
Wales, which is largely non-con
formist, is ringing with revivals and
the churches are overcrowded on week
days and on Sundays. Some of the
places of worship will not accommo-
i 1 n t^ (a o t^ t\
■• 1111 CTT \_1 CjL I 1 U
mounted with the best brass trim-
mings, good value v at $8.00.
_£6 50 or this splendid sole leather suit case;
<pvr.<-*vr i e^ther lined, best brass trimmings,
extra heavy rivets and cornerpieces and strong
A r smith nn ||6 ellis st.,
ni fell y»» ■ II UUl) NEAR POWELL
date those who wish to attend and
people gather in halls and in the open
streets. All classes are affected. No
such movement has been known in
Wales during the past half century,
but the leaders of the revivals, noting
this fact, point out that similar re
ligious demonstrations have occurred
at regular intervals of fifty years and
cite as instances the years 1750, 1800
and 1850. '""*
Christmas Pictures.
Our new pictures have the little effects
that the lover of artistic things desire*.
We have just received large shipments
of the most beautiful pictures. TTi»
prices? illustrate the fact that good taste
can do as much as an abund_nc© of
money in making: the home beautiful
Sanborn. Vail & Co.. 741 Market street. •
Coburn has petitioned th« Supervisors for the
return of $736 81 taxes alleged to hav« been
illesally collected by the city on bond Interest
and redemption fund.

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