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.—». — » >«\u25a0.. . . . ... ...
.-.-,!• \u0084v., / .*•,.
ALCAZAR— "VIYtan't Pasas."
"ALHAMBRA— Ts«"ye. ; ~ : . , .
CALIFORNIA-^-"Th'« .Crusader and the
Saracen.*.* ._' ' \
*CKNTRAL^-!*A Haosan ' Sla.v«." -
CHtITES^-VaudivUle. -Matinee.
COl*UMBlA^"T»rence." .
GRAND— 7 "The" Creole." > •. .
OnPHEUM-^VaudevlUel'- • '. "
TIV OLI— Comic Opera. ..
j s'' 'SITS PINKERTON DETECTIVE* COWARDEN i OF -ST. -LOUIS. ,- : ;"sfr. : '^ *l !
*; BOSTON;- May- 14.-rThe ; .flight /; from
Boston f of; a .woman * who has ' been" op-.
Crating ;^ here; for* eight i yeajrs T has » re- x
ycaied xone ?, of ~" the .v. most
"swindles; 'ever r perpetrated 'in:>this |city. :
1 ; Professing^toibje"Ca>lbtta)itheV*ridbw
bfj)Emperor? Maximilian "of a
brother.' of/ present"'^ Emperorl;Francis
•Joseph's, of Austria,; this * woman - per
suadedj.'somejJ Boston -j Italians r that "r if
theyj raised •Yunds'she 1 could
the^v present^Austrian Emperor ;.' and
.would herself. be; cror«rned" Empress.-: By
this^.i 'm'terestlngf^ representation . - - th«
.woman,' 4 , with ; an : accomplice,' >ho.' rep
resented '; himself as j Crown -Prince . Ru^
dolph, . has got away with about $40,000
advahced'fofj hefj scheme./*;* ;:«"•/
&-\An •-"Austrian warship • visited » Boston
several '; months J ago. r -^ She^ made aup*" a
party and ' went out - to . the , warship lat
r ight-'J SheT carefully i timed % her Ivisit < so
.that : her \u25a0: approach to \u25a0 the . vessel would
'coincide "with the \ firing of a : salute , to
the ICharlestown ; Navy, Tard. b She ; told
her I visitors * that J she; would |be recog
nised by. those on the. 'Austrian warship.
As her- boat \u25a0 neared I the -vessel v : guns
boomed and \u25a0 the ! Italian ' money ; lenders
were "convinced-" ' \u25a0"*"" *"-."" ~ " *"' : •.™~-*-r. v -.*;
ConUnuej on . Paee » 2, ; ; Column ' 4.
Continued' on ;P»£e » 2, • Column \u25a01.
if such ; prove to be > the case,: 1 1 *is poa
sibler that] the^honoTwin'be 1 . bestowed
upon; him: and. th« usual officials sent,
after % the consistory, ' to ; take! to \u25a0 him
the insignia of offlce, , .-\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0;<-'-,
we Vwere '-;\u25a0\u25a0: he\v Pulled * 'out i his
clothes [and j showed ; me i how] they vhung
on>him,iloose as a"rag.|Hefsaidlthat:he
had lost flf ty-flve i pounds ;ln • twb^weeks/
To i me 1 he] looked ito tbe) on \ thelyerge 'of
'alcollapse^As fhe) gets i near; home * and
realizes i what Ihe *has fto I face 4 it| takes
the s heart I right fof * hlm^When | we
iwere ; talking J, he I was .shaky - and j trem
bllng^-almost;; hysterical. f; : The\man ; Is*
a complete wreck.\ He's pitiable."
ROME. May. •14 .—Positive • orders
have Abeeri^ issued'^ by.:' Plua^X ', f or. Jlhe
hqldinig^of some
time next?- month Kand it. la \ asserted
en f g^bd^authbrlty{rthat^seyeral J car^
dinalstare v t6tbe rribmiMtedJomthls'oc
casion: i\ It); ial saidlthat-'at rleast r f our
new,' cardinals {will- 1 be ," nominated, >as
through 'the ; recent j death Cardinal
AJuti i the number-Vofj vacancies \ in the
Sacred >Cdllejge f : at -present -is; ten. • • ; ;
;A At the : request '-of ,»thej Brazilian '..Goy-;
e*rnmeht,^it: is" said, \ Pius]xl has; deter-^
nilned". tot give" Sojuth f Amer|ca|its : first
cardinal •; injthe| person fof^f MbrTslgn.br;
Br^ga;^faxillan bishop rbf#Petropolisr
who- probablyjwiiurbe;. added Jto; the
Metropolitan . See;? lf * negotiations ; now
pending retfchVa' successful tissue.*; ?^7s
"As ? to V.the'4 nomination '- of : ~ another
cardinal' in\the^United; States . the time
seems \to ' have] arrived ; when ; such > pro-"
motion 1 wlli:ibe s ,made.' '> > , :: J •/.';*, :. -,i.<;
:In- accordance fewith^ the #. wishes y of ,
the I Pope," the .American i Archbishops
at Uhelr^rftcent" meeting; in
tontwerelto^haye'agreedlupon?a v -can^
didate and<subrr.itted his : name to the
Pope^'thrpugh^Mon^gnor^Kenn^efcr, 1
rector? of j the | American ; College. r .w mo
is I uoonito I leave the United States , on
hlssretumltolßoma;.;;^ ;^:;;\' --
?%$ It 1 1» 1 »aM*ithat % th« American j arch
bishop*] have agreed that\the ..nomlna-*
tioni of /Archbishop .Ryan jjf. Philadel
phia twill \be 3 acceptable i, to % all v mem-:
bers tot i the American hierarchy,:' and;
May c ;^Hen- i4
rletta\ Robinson, -who,;, many years ago,
acquired Vthe* .title ; of the "veiied/rmuri
deress,V ; died , to-day; in- the Matteawan
State "j Hospital criminal 'insane.'
Thie hospital records say'that'the^vom-;
aniwas; years -/Old.vbut
she always claimed to be older/; and on
Wednesday -last ';•* she >rsaid v>s fle was
eighty-nine 'years: of; age. , .W V V • ;
y^The^ name - Henrietta ; Robinson i was ,
assumed and ; >heri real name was < never ;
disclosed. ,. - She Lwas rconvicte"d of 1 the
murder Jof iTimbthy < Lonegan 5 and : his
slster r ln-law,*s^ Catherline v Lubea, V# in
Troy, "in 18 53/ 'It was; then hinted' that!
she r: came fof -.a : ; noble r English ; family,'
and*" since ; then, -'in 4 - a .moment \ of s for-'
getf ulness,'* she %\u25a0 had said > royal iblood
was j in'; her} veins. A She was j frequently j
urged-; to* tell \ her;; identity J: i but '; always
refused, .saying ;ihat» she: had kept i the
Secret •: so \u25a0 long that '-.. lt \ might \u25a0as "well
dielwith ? h'er/ J ;:. ', - :.: \u25a0-\u25a0:/- ':- . ,\\y
i: It!iwas i during i; her i. trial that she
gained % \ the name ' of ; -the \. \u25a0•\u25a0 Vyelled
murderess." 2 v She ".? had % gone {. toi Troy
with.t he 1 idea" of ; getting a situation 1 as
a "; teacher,'; but s entered .upon >.*lI life ; of
dissipation. s >>SShe;metft^Lonegan|and
Miss i Lubeefi through > dealing xl In i the
f ormer's i store. X^Qoing ; there f one day,
she; ordered drinks: and poisoned the
couple^' .'••'\u25a0; ~ : i^"-~- : ' 'Z'A^'"; '-\'- : t.-'' :^ ;. r v v^;«
v :'-' AI local . paper 1 claims : that -. the 5 real
namet'of 'the ."veiled^murderess" -was
Lady iWilliam ;F. Elliott'/* and \ that ', she
.was 7a "i schoolmate ; T of Mrs. Russeli
Commander.. Bva. Booth' Collapses.-;
V ; CHIC AGO^Mayj 14.7^Commarider^ Eva
BoothTof I the >\ Salvation ; f Anh*y7collapsed
toinlght|iwhile' -she ; was preparing^ to"
address \an raudie'nee \u25a0 in ; OrchiestraiHallr
Her a trouble|was % due \\.o- an ulcerated
tooth,l? whlch;| has -" caused ; her f intense
palnVfor? several Xdays.* ;. •'; ,\u25a0•> 'J; '%
Special Dispatch to' Th» C*l\.
, Andrews Isald that he -found ; Smith iii
air greaUy^ reaaced?fcondltion^pVT»Ue
VI can't tell you < any thing about what
Smith told^ me •, in \ Needles," was | the i re
ply*7^"He -.was * in \ tht \ sweat t box 1 there:
What * he j told | me | is | part | of ithe^ testi
mony {that I must ? go j before | the ,i Gran
Jury^-part {of »- ouri case." ?? *"' * "
\u25a0' "Would ; }your S> company "J- consent * to
make terms '.with' Smith ?"iwaa ' asked.
rf VMost> assuredlyinotjShe's'grotHo-gb
to prison," 'replied Smith*; T *". ' . \u25a0.. r
x^What i has * this (trip yat ; yours -to I Lob
Angeles to do with Smith's confession
to I you ' in! Needles ?" .was > asked : of j-'An
drews. ' .. . -.:^ :\u25a0:\u25a0 . . .. ,
jy "No, ' the ;; people; of San " Francisco
would never. consentUo anyisuch* thing:
Thlsfsnot going,to;be any.TomlHayes
case.",,,!' -v"-" :- - ." " - ' :
\u25a0 ''Where / would i'we i get c off?" - put'; in
Mr. > Smith \of the r surety. company."
_"Is it;true^that you were ; trying ito
make a deal with '• Smith ito produce the
stolen ; money and :-'-<: -'-< go \u25a0 ; free ?" 'he %. wan
asked. \u25a0•"\u25a0'•' ;\u25a0 ' '\u25a0. ' '. 'r- V, -:/ v - '.'.•'. \u25a0"^\u25a0\u25a0\- : ' :
i "How;; could ;;we ; do - that ?" was the
counter j query, "'"-. . ',"' \u25a0, ' .\\^, /,v
iyoui accept any such : overtures
from" his: friepds?" " i / :"-'"\u25a0'-. ; , ' /
v.\"l. couldn't' if I wanted to';; it's". beyond
my i province." •% I : \u25a0 am foreman ' of ,• the
Grand r Jury. -;;That s would •be up Ito \ the
District 'Attorney .'of ; San ? Frahciseo."^ '
, ".Will the Dlst jlct Attorney offer him
immunity?" ;v ,-4; \u25a0 V"-".*.' -\u25a0;./'\u25a0 -VT-'^^-' •\u25a0'-•\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0
:, \u25a0 ••-- •:'- -: - ,\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 -:: .'..-\u25a0\u25a0< / • - ---_>-/\u25a0
LOS ANGELES,; May; 14.— 1f former
Tax I Collector '\u25a0 Smith' of i San ; Francisco
"planted" any iof the * money ' he , is v " al-;
leged to ;have J'; stolen^*,those who; are
now l ; engaged' ;In7 making up a ; case
against him 5 have been^ unable to find
it. ~: They . thought' Smith must have left
several thousand 'dollars In a safety
deposit In Los- Angeles; and to
find'^thls ; money.; Foreman' Andrews .of
the "San _; Francisco ; Grand f Jury came
here' to^day^ after a dramatic all-day
sweating otl Smlth> at > Needles^whlch
did. hot 'turn out as he had? expected-
Smith Vdeclared^he v hads spent ! all ;the
money] in\|Wall street { speculation; and
that ?he has \ not v a cent; ; butl' Andrews
was !not satisfied. He reached 'i here "at
11 ; o'clock this '; morning, :: accompanied
by Vice President; Smith of the -surety
company which is on the Tax Collect
or's ' bond." Their quest .was futile, 5 how
ever, \u25a0»" and;, at ; 3•] o'clock • \u25a0 they
for .the -, north: /, While \u25a0';\u25a0 here " they -en
gaged l private I detectives %to V look into
some, matters about .which' they refused
to -, talk,£saying,£that A to g make , them
public would be to ruin". their case: 'An
drews v admitted g that; he,^had expected 8
to* find |42,000 • ori thereabouts, and ", that
he ; stil 1 > has I hopes iof t finding^: some 'H of
Bmith's money- somewhere/;- He j talked
f reelyiabout 1 the 1 case, ! i except f.whent it
came to telling -what 1 confession Smith
had -\u25a0 made. "r;. And '\u25a0 In '3 response / to i \u25a0 ' : - some
straight - "~ questions :<: < he • gave straight :
answers, r , ".\u25a0\u25a0•"'..?\u25a0'\u25a0._ \u25a0;;: ;.:.;'•'' . /': .:;'\u25a0"• -:r.
"Yes, I left with Leona Brooks.
What . *of ' it ? But ,; I'm not going '• to
talk about. her. I didn't spend much on
her. She, told the truth."
The fact that Smith left with the
Brooks woman was first told- in .The
CalL It gave ' a i clew to the where
abouts of the defaulter that led to his
capture. , -'\ "~* \. ' -. . . ;' -
Smith insists -that all- the money he
took has been ? gambled away.: The
Pinkerton; detectives and ' Foreman An-
"I won't talk until I see my attor
ney," Smith declares. "I never said
that I got the <:heck for $15,000. I never
admitted anything. I won't admit
The fellow's attitude on the whole
trip has been a mixture of bravado
and whine. Sometimes he tried to
laugh, but the laugh was pitifuL . VI
want my rights," he would assert. Al
most in the same moment hi would
begin to tremble.
"Cheer up," Detective Wren would
say. •
"You b* ," Smith Enarled In
reply. s
**I won't say anything," declared
Smith. "1 want to see my attorney.
The papers have been saying I spent
all the money on women. I'm not
euch a — — — fooL I lost it in stocks."
And Smith, who disgraced. his na
tive city, broke his wife's heart" and
betrayed all his friends, feels more
hurt from injured vanity than" from
a realization of his guilt. He , wants
to he regarded as a financier, not : as
an ordinary crook, as the world re
gards him.
When the train stopped at takers
field Smith was given an opportunity
to escape If he had cared to make the
attempt- Detective Wren and Detective
Cowarden, the last named of the Pin
kertons, left the train to get lunch.
Smith was left alone" in the car. The
•window was open and no one- was
\u25a0watching. The criminal must -have
meditated making a dash for it. \ He
put his hands on the window ledge and
looked out on the open country. Some
women happened to pass and Smith
ducked into a corner of r his room.
Had the man the desire or the cour
age to end his life he had plenty of op
portunity then. But he cowered back
into his berth, and when the detectives
came back he querrelously complained
because his meal was not brought to
him sooner.
Gaunt and haggard, a pitiful wreck
of what he used to be, Edward Smith,
the defaulting Tax Collector, arrived
in this city early this morning. During
the Journey from Needles he refused
to leave the drawing-room section of
the Pullman.
Soon aY spectacled "and - bewhiskered
man rushed up and greeted'the,'prison
er, with whom he conversed { for a r few.
minutes.'; Smith told the detectives that
the visitor was. his: lawyer.^ but the lat
ter declined .to I either/ affirm - or? deny
this statement or to give his name:'"- ;^
At the foot ; of i Market % street T there
was no one ; to <\u25a0 mcct \ either? detective*
or: their.-; man." Pew.', of \u25a0< those \ gathered
at the seemed do knowi that ;the
tall," \u25a0 gloved man ; who walked \ between
two t others;was:the;defehdant'm faVcel
ebrated \ case, 4 or . ; In'- any - case,v or * that
thevmen who; walked : with hi him had
brought \u25a0' him '\u25a0< a> human ? wreck * t o "\u25a0% the
city -that 5 had honored him in *hls"lprlme."
Hack number ' 55 ;- was * hurriedly
After a: hurried walk to the boat he
was seated downstairs and .'surrounded
by a hundred: curious 1 strangers— men,
women and children— who - sought a
peep at the prisoner. t Here; many flash
light photographs were . taken. . each;"re
port of ", the .powder; increasing Uhe
crowd that -surrounded', the,; I ; broken^
spirited raaniiOnce or, twice he showed
resentment by his glance., clench ing: his
teeth as tif t he ; - would*-' defend \u25a0 himself
against Intrusion.; . » . . . . ,;
He . was * the * last passengeri to alight
from the last car of the long. train, -and
he came forth , like hunted/,- quarry
scourged from its lair.' When he pulled
up the high collar of his long overcoat
and sought with trembling -hands: to
cover his haggard features from \\ the
view of a hundred strangers he was the
picture of despair.
Biff ! Bang! Bang! went : the 'flash
lights of newspaper^ photographrs, but
the face caught by the lenses was one
covered by the i prisoner's hands, for
he shrank from publicity at every step
from, train to boat. : ; ;.>'_ • \u0084 s .
_When the belated Santa Fe Ovrlaned
reached Point ' Richmond -shortly," after
11 . o'clock last night Edward" J. Smith,
San Francisco's defaulting, Tax Colfec
_tor n was: led; from his Mlrawlng-room
prison. Detective _ Ed . Wren of the San
Francisco police force and 'Detective
Cowarden of the ' Pinkertons -guarded
hinv* ' " ,~ ;. ,'
'Haggard, trembling, pale, greatly, re
duced In weight, : uncertain of . step and
gaze, he came - forth to meet the stare
of his fellow passengers,: all strange.es.
There was not a -friendly word or
handclasp to greet the return of .the
fallen . native.' ,NO;One shook, him by
the hand, , none : drew near, and • not a
kind glance fell upon the worn and
broken prisoner. - , - -
All day, through the heat and dust of
the' * desert; >he had hid . in his stuffy
drawing-room,* to which his \u25a0 meals had
been brought. As the whistle blew for
Point Richmond he grew! nervous,
pulled on ; his overcoat- and tried to be
cheerful, but . his .voice sank ,in I his
throat. . . ' , . /, • ;\u25a0; " ; :•.
graph wires." . .';
j.\Tw*o\Pullman , sleepers on '
the {.tracks, ' The ; passengers ,were asleep
when] the r wreck occurred \u25a0. and became
greatly ' excited, : : - but soon formed a
wrecking, crew , and' went to the relief
of I the* men ; in"- the overturned baggage
car. -5 A i.wlndow - was broken • and of
seven i men ; in the } car, six were f cmnd
Injured."; -were made from
car^ doors • and ; the injured were . carried
to -fas near-by field, where a hospital
was ' imoro vised."" An . hour ; after * . tho
wreck ?a< relief train arrived from Em
porla and the*,' injured were) taken jto'
EAporia.; A hundred workmen
put at ". work on the " track • and' It -iwas
cleared j for I uste again this afternoon; :: •
*% There is fno clew to the \u25a0!» ; wreciers.
Three \u25a0 nien ; were seen ; last « night < near
the Howard branch' secticn-house. 1 This
morning ;< a * track i wrench I and -'claw bar
w«e?missln* and : they i were i found iin
a 800 l of water near the wreck to-day.
' 'Nate " Hendricks,^oswell^N/.M., catf
tleman ',; back jand i hips * spralned.'.lo'ns
cut : across -forehead and : scalp wound.
Condition "serious.- - ' ii ' r - : ' • ' :
A ! J; ; , I*.jjCoopef, v ; Splckards,.- Mo.^.faHn*
"ir;,; hands'cut,^elboWj fractured. " '•*,* \
i** E. "AllTaylor, ,'Kansas City," Mo.,; eont
ductor^'deep*cutslon. scaip.7four /.teeth
knocked 1 .- o«v; contusion on" : right/ leg,*
iboth^hands' 'cut.' s "',;; t V V '^ -.*..'
; -«-Pf *A}*;- :f Grov^r,v,*.firemanj t ,' t Topeka;
- cab ~ arid* back and*shoul- "
*ders; Injured.* '^v^fcT, ' -; . ;- V
J *' This; ;was\the if crurth I attempt- In ;the
last jfour •* months'Ua* wreck 7 passenger
.trains :ln \u25a0 the»same: place!'^ Previous' at-"
tempts^ were-. -made* by .? piling ~Hte? on
the track and were without .serious re- ;
suits.' The 'wreck' to-day was ' caused
by "removing the spikes and fish plates
of /two rails on the'^ inside of a curve.'
The engine passed over the. loose rails
safely,' but ?the mail car>left; the .track
and > was - dragged ' 100 ' yards along:" the
embankment' - before .; the train ' was
''The" next five cars— the express and
baggage \u25a0• cars, ;\u25a0„ the smoker \u25a0„ and two
coaches— went into the ditch. - - The end •
of^ the I baggage car>went up into th»^
air-« high* enough -; to [ ground the tal«- ':
VrEMPORIA?; Kahs., May.,l4^Santa^F»
passengef ' tra,in "Nc>. \u25a0" IT." was; ditched j by.
'.Jrainwr^ectersTailmlle' .east »pf -town'- at
2 :.3o^o'qlock thisjnprnins. t , Six . passen
jgera*-. were .injtired and .two* probably
wlUrdie.> The mjured : L- -n- i -;. >> «^S9j^
"A Jajdja • Eager,- 79 years f old;, of * the
} S6ldiers'\Home ,;at \ Learenworth :: fa
tally. 'Injufedl^rlght*. arm'^ fractured*. In \u25a0
two." places^, head "and", hands :" cutVand.
back"i injured^' v". \u0084*-.... '-j. »-; .<•
' ! . J. O.* Rlce.t Santa ; Fe; car repairer.^ on
way 'from 1 Topeka". hospital* to- Shawnee..
O?« T.;**t badly *|bruised; l left .ear;. partly
torn off.' ;; ' * . •. " r ."",'-•'". \u25a0'-' T**?/'
Search in Los Angeles
by Grand Juryman
fl r mi
Proves Futile,
pita Fe Ixpress
Trembling and Worn
He Returns Like
Hunted fluarru.
::-;J... :...; £$?:{'< r
Denounces Foreman of
Grand Jury and the
Edward J. Smith, the defaulting .Tax Collector, arrived* in* San -Francisco .at iaV m. to-day ~
on the belated Santa Fe. Detective, Ed Wren, of the San Francisco police force and /Detective C6\v
arden of the Pinkertons guarded him closely.; The journey Avas uneventful. : ; .;.; ;.'*' ' :
No friends met the prisoner or theparty at Point. Riclimond/ on the- boat or: in* this city.
Smith made himself a prisoner in his stateroom the moment he. boarded the train at The Needles. He
is enraged at.Foreman Andrews because of the inquisition there. , - ,
The prisoner was reluctant to talk to reporters. \ When he a lighted from the; train a hundred",
or more curious passengers stared at him." Flashlight photographs oi him . were i taken- as he stepped
from the car and later on the boat. Arriving, in this city- the party was atonce driven to" the Hall of
Justice and Smith was placed in a cell:---- ' - : : «'. \u0084. ; v .
After Arrival at Ferry Embezzler Is Driven
Hurriedly to Hall of Justice to^Be
Interviewed by Chief;
Locks Himself in Stateroom, Hurries From
Train to Boat and Hides His Face
From Photographers.
aMorjyervous f He^ is \ A/of MefA^ywrnre:^ ct tnenct
The San Francisco Call.
JJ-1E <5/HJ^ P^llJf^^lfE'yEU/S T7W P0 P/^P E R P^BlJ^Steft^Q^ pI^OS^O
Forecast made at Ban FrtadKso tor
thirty hours, endlnjr midnisht. 'May 15:
San FrancUco and vicinity— l*lr
Monday; continued warm; lljbt north
west wind*. '. . "*~ "'
G. H. WILL6ON, . .

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