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Structure Will Be Erected by Stock:
Company and Sold to Guardsmen
. on Easy Terms.
GIL.ROT, I May 21. —An • unknown
tramp, about 60 years old, fell from the
brakebeam of. 'a westbound * freight
train . in [ the yards of the Gliroy depot
at an early hour this morning and was
run over and killed. A companion rid
ing with him reported the matter and
the, body was found : in ; the yard' limits.
The man was stealing a ride.
A*ed Tramp Meets Death While
S t enllnc a { Ride on West- 1
bound Freight.
*.\u25a0 WTLKESBAKRE. ** PaJ, May ; 21.— One
of the most disastrous fires that has oc
curred in this city ' In ' years started
early to-day and ' not until . afternoon
were | the . firemen able \u25a0 to ' control the
flames. ; The loss entailed will reach
$300,000. _;./,.
. -The fire originated in the millinery
department of the Isaac Long dry. goods
house in the Welles building, on the
west side of the j public square, one jof
the handsomest and costliest structures
in Wllkesbarre. TV'hen first discovered
the flames were promptly controlled by
the firemen, but a second fire broke out
in the -basement of. the 'building an
hour after, the first one had been sub
dued. ,
Estimated . That the - Loaa Will . Reneh
am Hi eh as : Three : Hnmdred
Thousand Dollar.. .
20 numbers from 11062 to 11072 lnelnstre,
being 10 ' numbers on each side of > the ' first
capital of . $1200— $2.00.
20 numbers from 196 to 216 Inclusive, being
10 numbers on each side of tha second capital
of $300— ?1.60. -
20 numbers, from. 1440 to 1460 Inclusive, be
ing. 10 numbers on each side of the third capi
tal of $150— #1.00.-
' \u25a0-.>, THRMTNA-a. - :: t '..
120 nombers ending with 62. \u25a0 bedny th# last
two figures of the capital of $1200 — $1.00. -
120 numbers ending. with. 06, b*lng the, last
two figures of the capital of $300— 51.00. "
\u25a0. No. :\u25a0' v. Prem. I No. - '-" ' Prem. ' No. . PrenC
50-.:. 2.5'J 4H00. .. 7.60 8196.-.. -2.50
2O6."Y. 300.00 4716... \u25a0: 5. Ou M12..V. 2.50
-210....: 2.50 4767... 2.5O tS09:... 2.5O
218. ..^-- : 2.50;4823:.. 2.50 8532..;. 2.5U
i 637...; 2.50J5117.V. "2.50 St5O2.... 5.00
i 759... .\u25a0 2.50513S... 75.Cn) S6I0.... 2.50
633;... 25.00:5140.'.. ..2.50 8724.... 5.00
»43.\.V 2.50;52<9.-.. 2.50 8731.... -SlSO
1030.::. 2.50'526»i.'.. '2.50 8742.':.. 7.50
10S3;... 2.50 5S21.. . . 2.50 S912 2.50
1184.... 7.50 1 ; 53S6... . 2.5C 9089 2.50
1277.'.:: '2.50J54K)... 2.50 9153 .2.60
,1302.-... ,7.505531... 5.00 S3C4.... 2J5O
1430.... 2.50;5608... 2.50 9320 5.0l>
1450... 150.00,57(52... 2.50 9306.... 2.50
14«».... 2.505SS0... 2.50 9566.... 2.5O
1556...: • 2.50 9*S6.;.." 2.50
1665. ... 2.505992. .. 2.50 964S 2.50
1826...; 25.00*6025... 2.50 ©702.... 2.50
1851:.-... ;2.50'6450... - 2.50 9S89.... 2.50
1828...;,- 7.50:6454... 2.50 9911 2.50
2038. ...75. 00*6465. ;. 2.5010209.... 2.50
2O86. ... 2.50 6755... 2.50110448. ... 7.50
2091.... 2.60-6778... ft.O0]l(H81 2.50
2103.... 2.50R875... 7.5OUMS8.. .. \u25a0" 2.50
2318.... 2.50 6978... 2.B0il06S3 HJdO
2415.... 6.006925... 7.5O,1O7«>. ... 2.50
2429..... 2.50i6976... i 7.50,10782. ... 5.00
2442.... 2.50 R982:.. 2.50il0T93:... .--2.SO
2548... 7.60 7095..: 2.50 11062. 12OO.v()
2745..;. 2.50 7248..: . 2.5011109.... 2.JW
2S7».'... .2.60 7296... 2.50;illl9 2.50
3085 2.50 7497... 2.6011185...: 6.00
3448.. v. . T.B07590... 2.50!ll214. . .. . 8.00
SSM.... 2.50 7796... " 2.60ill«23.... "2.60
(249.... 5.00S079... 7.50'll77a... . 2.50
MAY 2O. V lOO5.
THE Origin al Weekiv N iaci d nal CbV
- A recent .traveler to -Tahiti remarks: ;\u25a0 For ]a'
', tired-out I business ! man/f a t nervously: exhausted
individual,^ this i is"! the ; Ideal ocean passage,^ ~pos—
sesslng/advantiges s which' probably are ' not •to
i be ; found * in -, any ' other > parts of - the ' world. 'A ;
distinct . change 1 from , the coast i climate : of , Ca li- "
; fornla ito J the | balmy « breexes ! of p the . Southern
ocean i brings to ; the i voyager, a | feeling of rest-
I fulness I and 7 peace iwhieh ; is" unattainable . else
where. ;\u25a0 S." S. Marlpoea sails May 28. j Reduced
rate-- forithls voyage. -, $125. c Send for \u25a0 circular,
653 "Market- street. ;^ ; '.'--;-i-:. :--\u25a0:: .\u25a0; : \u25a0\u25a0--'.•,
;. BUENOS , ATRES, May j 21.— During! a
demonstration\6f^workmen here ! to-day
Socialists ?and> the -police Jcame? in I con
flict : and l during the encbunterjtwoj per
sons' were killed and forty wounded.
Msn, Moon and Tide.
United States Cotst and Geodetic Survey —
Time and liefgtt cf High and Low Waters
at Fort Point, entrance to San Francisco
Bay. Publiih«d by official authority of the
NOT£ — Tee high «n<J !ow waters occur at
the city front 'ilirsi'nj-strett wharf) about 25
icinoies later than at Fort Point: the height
cf tide is the earre at both places.
Sun rises 4:M a. ra.
Sun «e~s - 7:18 p. m.
Moon rises — ................. ....10:51 p. m.
O \Tiznr] tTlmv] JTimel iTiael
» ; _J Ft. j { Ft. 1 i Ft. J j Ft.
9jH W| lL Wt JH W| JL W) -
""* ! 1:«T| 5*J 6:C;;— 0.5! 3:21! i-S: S:li! sTT
"3 1 2:00 B.i'i 8:55!— 0.2i <;25| 4.0J »:2* 3.2
rt ! 3:«'l «-S; : »:**j "-SJ 5:lS] 4.9:10:12 A 2
25 ! 4:**! 4.4j:«^9 \u25a0' O.t{ C:'"?! 5.0i11:57J 2.0
2S •' i:23( AAiilliZZi l.U> ii:?M 3.1|. ...:•;..
' JL W iH Wj iL.WJ |H W| '\u25a0'-
£S j l:50i ;.O: 7:4^j -TO; I:ie; 1.61 S:10j 5.3
XOTX— In * the abox-* exposition of the tide*
the early morsisg tides are given in the left:
band column and the successive tiles of the j
nita, hence , May , IS; \u25a0' echr Ariel, from ' Grays
Harbor; Btmr Bee. from Portland.
Sailed May 21 — Stmr Bonlta, for San Fran
cisco; etmr Francis H Lergett. for San Fran
cisco. r - : \u25a0 ' '\u25a0""/ - ---•'. :\u25a0\u25a0•- \u25a0' \u25a0;-\ ' :.: ;"' . \u25a0 •\u25a0 :
ASTORlA— Arrived May 21— Etmr Asuncion,
hence May 18; stmr PA KJlburn. hence May
18 via Eureka -and Coos Bay.
Sailed May 21— Stmr Roanoke. for San
Francisco, eto. ' : «
- Sailed May 21— Schr A. F. Coatea for-, San
P«Sro. \u25a0 ..\u25a0...'-\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0-- •\u25a0\u25a0--_-\u0084,,. .. .*. t ,
POKT HARFORD—SaIIed May 21, 9 a m—
Stmr Santa. Cruz, for San Francisco. \u25a0- '\u25a0-:
EUREKA— Arrived. May 21— Schr E^a. Trcm
San Pedro: stmr. Corona, her.c* May 20.
HOKOLULU— Arrived < May 21 — G>r bark
Marco Polo, from Bremen. , \u25a0..-\u25a0•\u25a0:
HONOLULU— Arrived May ; 21— U 8 stmr
Warren. ' hence May - 13 for Manila; bktn . Irm
gard, hence May : 10. .! -
* HALIFAX. c N. S.— Arrived May 21— €tinr
Siberian, from Glasgow and Liverpool, via St.'
Johns" N.F.; for Philadelphia. : •\u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0•.
NEW TORK— Arrived- May- 21— Stmr ~ La
Bretagr.e, : from ' Havre: , stmr \u25a0 Numidian.* from
Glasgow; stmr Giula, from ' Trieste. Naples and
Palermo.- '* U!!S^Kif''lf9M9£W»(&|KnMqsi9gHßiaßj
:--- LIVERPOOL— Arrived May 21— Stmr Bo vie.
from New York; stmr Umbria, from New York
via i Queenstown; • Etmr Victorian. , from , Mon
treal,-via-Movllle. "..\u25a0-.. --\u0084.. •-- -.;-•.. .
- HAMBURG— Arrived May 21 — Stmr Saxon ia
from San ' Francisco, : ; via . Valparaiso, Punta
'Arenas • and Teneriffe. —. \u25a0\u25a0•» " : '. . .
» PALERMO— SaiIed 'J May ; 21— Stmr Cretlc,^
from Genoa; for New York, via Naples. •
\u25a0 QUEENSTOWN— SaiIed May 21. 1 :10 a m—
Stmr Campania, from Liverpool." for New York *
v DOVER— Sailed \u25a0. May >.; 21, : 2:10 p m— SMnr
Penrsylvanla, , f rcrn ; Hamburg - for New . York.'
via. Boulcme. ; -' .--' .'•\u25a0- --: - \u25a0 •\u0084.•.,
The Union Oil Company-ft steamer Argyll ar
riveii j-*sterrtay. 10 days* aad 39 hours from
HrnoluJu. She comes in bLll&et.
The Ocearfc SteainFhip Cbmpaay's steamer
Alanieda is sch*da2ed to arrive from Honolulu
Tfce revenue cutter Manning. Captain Fengar,
ras been ordered to Eering Sea.
T2j« revcr.ue cutter Ruch. Captain Tattle,
row en the imnd, ha? been ordered south, and
\u25a0vr'Al co to Bora<> station on the California coast.
The little fte-am schooner Hanalel is being
repaired. rer.craJly overhauled and painted up.
at Oakland. She ie owned Ja the telaadc.
C. M. Green has been ordered to the. revenue
cutter Perrj- as chief engineer. He has until
recently l^en actir.g as assistant to Chief Ea
ein«er Jcbn W. Collins.
Tfce Paciflc Mall Steamship Company's
tte&zr.CT MriFolia. from Ilor.k or.g via Toko
haa-ia tad Hoaolala. is expected to arrive in
«hoat r.oon to-morrow.
; .VIENNA, : May* 21.— Vienna was in
open-air fete* to-day, for. the purpose of
raising funds \ for poor and 'f sick' chil
dren. The ; park-like ; Ring straeseV for
more than i a \ mile was lined on both
sides .withlgayly.r decorated .booths,
where pretty women sold , : all ; manner
of things. . r.Vast crowds .; attended r and
the. financial results were -most satis
factory. '\"\ " -.: ' " v : .. ' '\u25a0'.• '-. \u25a0*\u25a0." ; -i ;
; \u25a0 V .-\u25a0\u25a0.. .. '- \u25a0 : \u25a0 '
Sarcastic Comment. Made on His Send
ing Hl* Embassy Dispatches to .
. . , Berlin for Transmission. ' ,
\u25a0''\u25a0\u25a0 SIC, PETERSBURG. 'May ; 22—-Embas
sador ! Meyer's • institution .' of a special
messengrer; service - to ; {carry ,\u25a0 embassy
dispatches ;to?; to? Berlin^' evokes! sarcastic
comment ; f rom 'i the ; press ;of ; St.'- Peters
burg. TheNovosti : : says; the , nev' Em
bassador:evidently^puts*slight faith Un
the : Government's ! postal' service.'..
Raise Funds for Poor ' and
Sick Children. .\^'.y./ : :.
Pretty Women la Charge ' of Booths to
The Pacific Mail Steamship Company's
steamer City of Para will call for Ancon via
«cu:t«m ports on Thursday at 12 nooa. She
-wT.I go ca the drydeck at Hesters Point to
City of Para to Sail Thursday.
BOSTON,. May 21." — The ftimnal convention
of the Independent Order B'nai - B'rith. Abra
ham began a four daya' session here. The 000
delegates present represented a membership \u25a0In
the order of nearly 80,000. • .
Gl^Rtrcrs. 209 days frcia. San Fraadsco to
Liverpool. 90 per cent; Alcmons. 157 days from
Peru to Ar twerp, 30 per cent: Agnes, 193 days
from Ehields to Valparaiso. »0 per cent; Kin
rcss-eb!re. SO days from Newcastle* Australia,
to Valparaiso, 15 per cent.
\u25a0 Overdoes.
VALLEJO,* Hay . 21.— 1n the . hall •of
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, in Benlcia,
to-morrow night Rev. ; Bishop Moreland
of, the.dioceso of ; Sacramento will un
veil a portrait of Rev. James Cameron,
one of the- first "\u25a0 rectors of the old
Benlcia church. Admiral McCalla and
Mrs. McCalla, the Bishop and a num^
ber of Vallejo people will go over from
this city in one of the navy: yard tugs
to take part In the 'ceremony. Admiral
McCalla will deliver _;a short address
and Mrs. McCalla will exhibit a number
of stereopticon views. "\u25a0 %\
The ercifer Boston Is acheduled to sail north
to Portland on June 5. to take part In the
festivities cf the Lewis ana Clark Exposition.
6be will probably be la tse Willamette River
for about a raonth.
Boston to Go to Portland.
SEATTLE. May. 21.— U S stmr C. P. Patt-r
scn returned to Port Towneend to land scalded
sailor and 'proceeded \u25a0 north. 1 :- . — -.\u25a0;\u25a0
Per stmr , Nevadan.'; from • Kahului May 21—
Had * fresh "to f ; moderate .- winds ,to '\u25a0 lat »\u25a0\u25a0 30 \u25a0 N "
thence to port ' light northerly : to strong north
west ? winds, increasing -.r Saturday f night 'and
Eunday,to fresh gale, with i veryhlgh ! ae«.'*^----
COOS BAT— Arrived May 20-^Schr Jessie
Miacr. from Eureka. May 21— Stmr Alliance,
from Ast'-ria for Eureka - .•, - -
t PORT TO"«*>.-SBND— Arrived May 21— Schr
Willie R. 'Hume. - from Arica .
Mav'-Ul— Br'bxrk Forfarshire' frwa
Saiina Croz: scbr.Willk> R. Hume, from Ari«.
SEATTLI5— Arrival May . 21— Stmr Cottage
Citj'. from . Skagway.
\u25a0j Sailed Msy 20— Stmr Dolphin, for" Skagway. >
Arrived May 21— Stinr Humboldt. from Skig
way. -. \u25a0 \u25a0 " \u25a0 _--.-.: . -- . \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ~7.v
SAN PEDROr-Arrlved May -21— SUnr Bo-
POINT LOBOS. May 21, 10 p.' m.— Weather
hazy; wind NW; \elocity. 18 miles per tour.
Per flmr Argyll, from Honolulu— May 18, lat
30 50 N. long 138 II W, bark Reaper, from
Port BUkeley for Kobe. ' '
. Sunday, May 2L
Stxar Breakwater. Johnson, 32 hours from
Coos Bay.
Eusr- Helen P. -. Drew, • Gundereon, 63 ' hours
from San Pedro, i -
Stmr Prentlcs. Ahlstrom. S3 hours from Re
Stmr Coos Bay. Nlcolson, 72 hours Jrom Sao
Stmr City of Poebla, Jepsoo 65 hoars from'
Victoria, etc - -
Stmr Pomona, Swanacn. 17 hours from
Eureka- -
Stmr Argyll, ilonroe, 10 days aad 19 boars
from Honolulu.
Stmr Chas : Kelaoa. Christensea. 87 hours
from Tacoma! via Seattle 73% hours; bound
south"; put In to land passengers.
Stmr. Northland, Jamleson, Xil hours from
Astoria; bound south; put In to land pas
Stxsr Arctic N>lson. 22 hours from Eureka.
Stmr Brunswick. EUlefsen. 13 hours from
Port Bragrr.'
Stmr Redondo. Ahlln. 61 hoore from Port
land, via Astoria 53 hours.
Stmr Nevadan, , Greene, 7 daya and 20 hours
from Kahului.
Stmr Eureka, Jesisen, 25 hours from. Eureka.
Etmr South Bay, Andreaen. 72 hours from
Portland, via Astoria 60 hours, bound for San
Pedro, out in for. fuel.
Etmr Sea Foam. Miller, 14 hours from Men
doclno, via Point Arena 8 hours.
Stmr Maggie, Whitney, 4 hours from H«lf
siooa Bay. • . •/
Bktn Jans Johnson, Ipsen, 14 days - from
San Pedro. - • -
Schr John A. .Olsen. 36 boars from Eureka.
np river direct.,
Suiday. May 21.
Br stzor Dakotah, Ross, Hankow, via
Shanghai. '\u25a0--:'\u25a0.
Stmr Cestralla, Ericcsos, Grays Harbor.
Stmr CChars r Neteon. Christpnsen. • San Pedro.
Stmr Brooklyn; Carlson.' Mendodno. " ;
Ptmr Santa Rosa, Alexander,' San Dlego.etc.
Stmr Rival.. Buckard. Ventura.
Sunr Northland. Jaciieson. San Pedro.
Ft ship Berengcre, ' Beaudonard. Tehlo, New
i Caledonia. .' • , - - .
Ship Marion Chllcolt. Williams. Monterey
1 and Ucnotclu. in tow of tug Defiance. .
Bark Mohican. Kelly. Honolulu.
Schr Berwick. Jaccbscn. : Rcgue River.
Schr Falcon. Dart. codSshing. • ; ,
Tat; IVfianc*. . Jamrs. Monterey, . with : ship
i Marion Chilcolt in tow.
Special Dispatch to The Call.
Bishop 3loreland to Officiate
at Interesting Ceremony
in Benicla Church.
Tfce reresce cstter McCalloch, which Is now
cb the w^.j-8 at Boole's yard, will finished her
repairs In a \u25a0 few days. Captain Caaiwell ex
pects to rtart north with, her about May 25.
aES ca the way will ran tip to Portland for
a chert ttay at the Lewis and Clark Exposi
McCnlloch to Go North.
.General Gomel has telegraphed to the
Eastern delegates to support !: Jose
Gomez. The "only Mother candidate now
being - considered ?is v Governor ', Nunez.
Jose Gomez's nomination appears to be
certain, ; with Nunez or Senator Seayas
as Vlce'President.' : :
HAVANA; : May V' 2 1. — The • national
convention of the Liberal party adopted
to-day a" few, additions to the platform,
including I propositions | for, establishing
a national militia and changing the pro
visions , covering the .functions of Cabi
net- officers. ; ; At a secret session ;tof
morrow ;; campaign 2 plans .will *. be con
sidered and it : is expected that a PresU
dentlai' candidate will'*be nominated to
morrow. ;*i.ji.&~:: ':• \u25a0 V ...-:\u25a0'\u25a0 ' "' . '
Will Nominate Him as' Their Candidate
' - A gal n st : '. Palms, tke r Present
. \u0084'. Head of the Bepublle.
OcrrCi west cct to visit the warships Chi
cago. L'=bria. and Boston all yesterday after
noon. There were plenty of launches from
Crowley's McNeil's, Johnson's and Peterson's
boathcuses to accommodate tfc» crowds that
went cut.
Crowds VUlt Warships.
Tamalpais at Boole*.
Ti» ferrk"-boet Tam&lp&is. whicli ran Into
her cock at Sausalito on Wednesday aad
caused great consternation to her party cf
picnicker* on board, is now being repaired at
Bocle's Etipyirds In Oakland. The deck.
where ehe struci the wharf with such terrific
force, v tail? best &ad knocked out of Ehape.
Her repairs will probably be completed by
Thursday. U.V;.. -*\u25a0\u25a0 .-•'iX~^.,
VALLEJO, - May ; 21.— District Attor
ney T. T. Gregory *of 'Solano , County
and several Sans Francisco lawyers and
veterinary, surgeons', visited - a .number
of ranches , between"? Yallejo and \ Benicla
yesterday ' and examined \u25a0• a " number lof
horses -and cattle 'that are suffering
from what. Is believed ; to -be ' the " effects
of poisonous . fumes from' the Selby
Smelting ' "Works • at ', Vallejo fi Junc
tion.' - A number iof animals were
examined "and"- the.' respiratory • or
gans of 'five horses that f'had died
within the last few days from a disease
that baffled I the veterinary , surgeons
were taken 'to San Francisco \u25a0 for
Special Dispatch to The Call.
The N-evadtn brines 56.090 boes of sugar.
eur£-r trsn. h:det. An root and «lx tea» of
The American-Hawaiian SteamrMp Com
pany*« steamer Nevaian arrived yesterday.
eeven <iavs and twenty hours from Kahului.
Carton Greene report* that they had fresh to
ccsiersK- trades to GO ncrth. Froni tbat potat
Up to Saturiay they ran Into light northerly
to strong r.orxhwtst winds. On Saturday they
experienced iresh gtles. and frora ttat time
until they reached port they had strong gales
srd hea-vy seas
Nevadan Arrive*.
\u25a0WILLOWS. May 21.— At the prelimi
nary examination olJohn Killings
worth, charged with assault to commit
murder. ' the /complaining witness." M.
Graham, failed to put in an appearance
and upon investigation -it- was ,found
that he has been absent from the ranch
where he had been \u25a0 at work for ten
Last month. Graham and Killings
worth Quarreled in a saloon at Ger
mantown and in the " fight which fol
lowed Killingsworth cut Graham ; with
a dagger and Graham's life was for
some time despaired \u25a0 of. He recovered,
however, and -the District Attorney was
counting upon him as the mainstay. of
the, prosecution/ . .
Justice of the; Peace Harder, held the
defendant over to the Superior Court,
with bonds . fixed at , $4000.
Special Dispatch to Tfce Call.
Believe Smelter Fumes Are
Killing Cattle in Solaho
Fails to Appear at tHe Pre
liminary Hearing of His
John T. Shea. s. vagrant aad hanger-oa
about lt« water front, fell into the bay yes
terday and -was drowned. He was asleep on
a sirvzszr at the end of Mission-street wharf,
and roiled over into the bay. A strong cur
rent na* running at the time, and his body
•res tzozi lost to view. Kis focr companions.
Jc!;r. Wfcit*. Joe Hannigan. W. Duvine and
James \\'ssd..vha were with him at the time,
were trrtstcd and landed up at the Harbor
police ttatioa. They could throw no light en
Th* EUtject. They said all they knew about
h:m tv that fee came from one or the old
ismil'es ia Baltimore. ;-- \u25a0".'
Vagrant Drowned.
Steamer. - Destinations. I Sails.) Pier.'
May 22.
Samoa I/cs Angeles Ports. 10 am Pier 2
South Bay... Los Angeles Ports. 10 axnlPler 27
Columbia... Astoria & Portland 11 ami Pier 24
Argo Eel River Ports. . . 2 pmjPler 2
Coos Bay... J Newport & Way.. 9 am; Pier 11
Csartna Coos Bay 5 pm|Pler 8
Rainier Seattle & Bel'gham 12 miPler 10
M«y 23.
N Fcrk..... Humboldt 5 pm Pier 20
Eureka Humboldt 8 amiPler S
Breakirater. Coos Bay direct — S pmiPier 8
Pomona Humboldt l:3op:Pler 9
May 24. j
laqua Seattle & Hadlock. 4 pm Pier 2
Aorelia Astoria & Portland 2 pm Pier 27
Roanoke Los Angeles Ports. 6 pmjPier . 5
Arctic. .Hnmboldt \u25a0.\u25a0.....'... 8 amjPier 2
SeaFoaxn... Point Arena 4 pmfPler 2
May 25.
Norwood — . Lcs Angeles Ports. 12 miPler 20
City Para. . . N. T. via. Ancon. . 12 m Pier 40
Chehalis Grays Harbor 3 pm Pier 'Z
State of Cal. San Diego &. Way. 0 amtPler 11
City Puebla. Puget Sound Ports. 11 am Pier 9
Centennial..! Seattle &Taconia.. 5 pmlPler 20
Refiondo .Astoria & Portland S pmjPier 2
S. Monica.. (Grays Harbor .... 4 pmiPier 2
May 26. 1
Corona .Humboldt l:3op!Pier »
Mariposa 'Tahiti direct. 11 amJPler 7
Boclta Ean Pedro & Way. 9 amlPier 11
May 2T.
M. F. Plant. Coos Bay 4 pm Pier 27
Pt. Arena... Point Arena ...... 4 pmjPier 2
Porno. .. Pt- Arena & Albion 6pm Pier 2
Siberia...... China & Japan 1 pm'Pler 40 .
Coeta Rica.. Astoria & PorUasdjll am Pier 24
Alameda Honolulu ..|llamPier 7
City Panama N. T. via Ancon... J l2 m Pier 40
I May 2S.
F. KUbsrn.. Portland & Way.. 2 pis Pier 27
May 30.
tfcoatilla.... Puget Sonnd Ports 11 am Pier 9
June 1. ' '
G. linflauer Grays Harbor j 2 pm Pier 2
Nevadan.. .. Hcso. -& Kahului' 3pm Pier 23
Steamer. Destination. I Sails.
Cottage City. . Ekagway & Way Ports. May 22
Santa Clara. . . Valdez & Seward. May 24
Humbciat Skagway & Way Ports. May 24
Bertha Cooks *nlet & Way Pts. May 25
Jefferson Skagway & Way Pens. May 26
Dolphin Skagway & Way Ports. {May SO
The Chinese crew cf the Siberia got :nto a
lively serimni&Ee in their quarters yesterday
moniiEg. They had been playing cards and
* distwte ensued. Those interested in the
gzsse and thes* looking en took part In the
proc*ed:r.£E. They shouted in Chinese and
ewore in UrmUtt. £=d raised such a racket
that it t-rought several of the ship's officers
to tbt sxat. For a. moment pandemonium
scigt«J FCj>reme. The people on the dock
thought the seat of tfce Japanese-Russian war
had beer, transferred to the Siberia's 'tween
decks. The otfic-rs jumped right into the
nMH* of ti»r fray and scattered cards and
aambhng arp-rtenznees right and left, and
tcls summarily put a. etop to the fracas.
Chinese Fisbt Over Cards.
TO ARRIVE. - '\u25a0
Steamer. From. j Due.
Aurelia Portland & Af.cr.x May 22
1 State of Cal.. San Diego & Way Pts.JMay 22
Centennial Seattle & Tacoma |May 22
S.Monica Grays Harbor May "ii
Chehalis Grays Harbor May 23
O. Dollar Grays Harbor 'May 23
' Alaxneda Honolulu May 23
; Bonita San Pedro & Way Pts. May 23
Elizabeth CoquUl- River May 24
laaua j Ean Pedro May 24
Del Xorte ' Crescent City May 24
Mocjclia 1 China & Japan .'. May 24
F. LegpeU... San Pedro May 34
Corona Humboldt May 24
Costa Rica... Portland & Astoria.... May 24
Roanoke -J Portland &. Way Pts... May 24
City Panama. New York via Ancon.. May 24
Norwood Seattle jMay 25
Porno, Point Arena & AJbion.JMay 25
Pi. Arena Mendoclno & Pt. Arena. | May 25
M. F. Plant.. Cocs Bay & It. Orford.lMay 2S
Peru New Tork via Ancon. .(May 28
Santa Rosa. .. San Diego & Way Pts. May 23
Argo Eel River Ports May 28
UmatlUa Puget Sound Ports May 29
Coos Bay Newport i Way Ports. iMay 27
P. Kilburn... j Portland & Way Ports. jMay 27
G. Lludau«r..i Grays Harbor ..'. May 28
Curacao Mexican Ports May 2S
North Fork... Humboldt | May 29
Colasibia Portland & Astoria j May 29
Scnotna Sydney & Way Ports. JMay 29
Hathor Hamburg & Way Ports. |May 30
Queen Pusret Sound Ports. ...IMay 31
San Juan New Tork via Ancon.. iMay 31
Theconstructlon forces of the company
are also working on an order recently Is
sued-for the construction of. 150 tanks of
35,000 barrels capacity each. .
The Standard's pipe line to Whiting
from- its .Sugar Creek" refinery,-' recently
established on the outskirts of Kansas
City, will be completed next Friday, ac
cording to officials who have' fust visited
the local plant. The Whiting line, • the
construction of which was begun* last
September, . is to supply an , outlet for
6,000,000 barrels of oil stored by the com
pany at Humboldt, Caney, Ramona and
Xeodesha, Kans. At Whiting ;. the pipe
line . will connect with p| the company's
lines . to Bayonne, N. J. , . thus completing
a line that will reach half-way across
the continent
When the line fs completed to /Whiting
the Standard will be able to, handle 75,000
barrels of oil a day. Already the : pipe
line superintendents of .the company are
planning new lines In anticipation of the
completion of the" Whiting line." On« of
these lines will run from Paola to Ran
touL . . \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 r.' \'.- : ' . ; • >Vv'
KANSAS CITY. -May. 21.-W. F. Gates
of Independence, Kana., superintendent
of all the pipe .lines ot the " Standard ' Oil
Company in Kansas, Missouri, - Indian
Territory and Oklahoma, said to-day:
We are preparing to take ' car* of all the
oil- produced in the Kansas fields. Tbm Wblt
lngr (Ind.) pipe line will be completed la a few
days, and then w« can handle all th« oil pro
duced west of .the Mississippi River. . \u25a0
Movements «}f Steamers.
Standard Property to Extend
From Kansas to New
day In the order of occurrence as to time: the
fourtli tlree column elves the last tide of the
day. except n-hen there are but three tides, as
tose'.tats occurs. The heights g^ven are Jn
addition to the soundings of the United States
Coast Survey Charts, except -when a minus (—)( — )
tlgn precedes the height, and then the number
given !s subtracted from the depth riven by
the charts. The plane of reference is the mean
of the lower low waters.
The lolaada is ninety tons burden. She
is eight-two feet long, eighteen feet deep
and seven feet in width. She has en
gines of 150 horsepower and is an oll
btraer. She is capable cf steaming twelve
knots an hour. She cost $13,000. It will
require about thrae weeks to put her
engines and machinery In place, after
v.hich she will immediately go into the
regular fishing trade. She is a valuable
acquisition to the fleet.
The launching was graced by the pres
ence of two officers of the Italian man-of
war Urnbria in full dress uniforms. They
Etemed to take a lively interest in the
proceedings, Judging from the expres
sions of their faces and their gesticula
tions. '\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0 vr
Ozl board were her builder and her
owner. I. Paiadini, and a large party of
trieeds. As the boat began to slide down
the ways Paladini stood at the bow and
christened her. at the same time smashing:
the proverbial bottle of champagne. She
took to the watej like a duck. A launch
came alongside and towed her to a nearby
dock. Meanwhile the cheering was kept
up by those on shore and returned by
those on the new boat by waving of hats
and handkerchiefs.
From her masts were flying two im
mense American f.ags. Italy's flag and
a large red, white and blue flag, upon
which was embossed in black letters the
vessel's name.
the little boat gracefully eiid down the
ways ar.d took her maiden dip into the
waters of the Fad£c
The new CEhir.g tug lolanda was
launched yesterday afternoon with fitting
ceremonies from the shipyard of her
builder, S. O. Pas«ju!nucci. " at Xorth
Beach. A crowd of about 2000 persons were
present, who shouted "Viva! Viva!" as
was because he obeyed orders
given by City Attorney Gill contrary to
the instructions of the ; Chief of Police
that Williams was ousted. ; -...
VALLEJO, May 21.— City Attorney
Harry D. Gill, representing E.. A, "Wil
liams, who .was .ousted .from : the Val
lejo -Police Department in* March last
for Insubordination, has filed a long pe
tition . with Attorney General Webb for
permission to begin a sult v to declare
vacant the position now held by George
N. Frazer, who was appointed in : . Wil
liams', stead. >,. „., ' .;. .
The aeroplane Santa Clara was the
first sent up. A great cheer arose as the
bird-like structure was hauled - upward,
but when it had reached 150 feet the rope
attaching it to the balloon parted. The
aeroplane at once started downward,
but aeronaut E>aniel Maloney did not
lose his head and at once began steering
it in a circle. 'It answered his tugs at the
gear, circled a few times -and; finally
landed lightly on the racecourse about
100 yards from where it started. Maloney
skillfully dodged a crowd of spectators.
This illustrated the merits -of the ma
chine better than any test heretofore
made, and showed that it was safe in a
short flight. If It had been a parachute
Maloney would have been killed, as ' it
could not have opened in that distance.
Professor Montgomery announced that
another exhibition 'would be given. A
balloon was secured and the aeroplane
Santa Clara II was prepared for flight.
It was 7 o'clock . when Maloney started
with the second aeroplane. About 1000
feet up it could be seen that two wind
lass ropes connected with the balloon had
not been' dropped and had become tan
gled in the aeroplane. Maloney was un
able to free the machine. He. bad. to be
content to stay with the balloon and was
carried two miles south of the city. He
alighted with the balloon In a grain field.
The aeronaut was' uninjured. ,
The 3500 people present -in. Agricultural
Park were satisfied,, however. Fully!: as
many more spectators were outside the
fence, and thousands, viewed 'the exhibi
tion from their homes. There was a de
lay of nearly three hours, and It . was 5
o'clock when the big hot air balloon
which was to raise the aeroplane was
filled for the exhibition. This is the big
gest balloon of the kind ever construct
ed, being seventy feet high and 150 feet
in circumference.
SAX JOSE, May 2L— Two sensational
flights .of Professor Montgomery's aero
planes were given this afternoon at Agri
cultural Park. Unkind fate hovered over
the exhibitions, for in the first attempt
the aeroplane broke-loose from the bal
loon at a height of 150 feet and dropped
quickly to the ground;. and in the second
flight the ropes became tangled and the
aeroplane could not be loosened and was
carried two miles below the city. The
aeronaut came back to earth when the
balloon had cooled sufficiently to allow
him to descend.
Special Dispatch to The Call.
Special Dispatch to The Call.
Seeks to Oust Officer Who
Took the Place of Patrol
man Dismissed From Force
Guides Bird-Like Structure
Though It Breaks . Loose
150 Feet From the Ground
Accident to Professor 3lont
gomeiy's Aeroplane Shows
tli^ Merits of the Machine
Vallejo's City Attorney
Would Sue f o^vn He.Serves
on Behalf of Ex-Policeman
SAN FIIAKCISCO, May 21—5 p. m.
. Tli« tolloirfng art iht- Beaional ratntalls to
dat* as ccrrpai^d with thct» ot th» same datt
last season, ami th«- rainfall in the last twea
tj -itur houra:
Last This Last
Stations—- 24 Hours. Season. Fiasco.
Eurek* (i(>) .\u25a0[\u25a0> 4:; 04 .M
R«<l Bluff y.(M» :;s. .vj ;:i.52
FacriirH-iiin O.Off 21. 53 10. 57
Han Francisco -...*' 0.00 23.4^ 20.5!»
Fr»to O.tMt 12.<)S 5.04
Ind«"r>pnd»-i<-? oX*> S.w't . 2.r>7
t-'an Luis Obi.ipo... o.OC> 23. .".0 li».f«s
Lac Ang»!es ...... o.Oi» 10. 4rt 5.72
san IMcco ' O.IV, 14.26 4.30
Fair u-eathcr prevails over the southern half
of the I'anflc Slop* aad cJoudy vesth»r over
th* ncrthsni half. Light ran ha* faU?n In
Or^pon, Washington and Idaho.
The t#mr*rature has risen elo-wlv along the
coast and o.rr Oregon ar.d \Ve?t»rn Idaho and
has fallen about twenty djsrrees over the
Hocky Mountain region.
Forecast mad* at Pan Francisco for thirty
hour*, ending rrJdnlsht, May 12:
Fan Francisco and vicinity — Fair Monday;
fr*sh northwfet wluds.
Los Angeles and vicinity — Fair Monday;
light wi«ct winds.. •'/.'\u25a0\u25a0'':
Sacratnento Valley— Fair, warmer Monday;
light north winds.
San Joaquin Valley — Fair, wanner Monday;
light r.orth Tvlnds.
Coast — Fain Monday; fresh northwest winds.
Foothills — Fair, wanner Monday.
Mourttalr.s — Fair, warmer Monday.
Nevada — Fair, warmer Monday. ~J«i":-
G. H. WILLSON, Local Forecaster.
Weather Renorf.
ICCth Mf-rldlan— Pacific Tin*.)
— »—» —
lolanda Cheered as
She Glides Into
the Bay.
Officers of Umbria
Lend Presence
to Scene.
The Hotel El Bcnita at Duncan Mil la. en the
picturesque Russian River, has been completely
renovated. George 4A. Young o? Southern Pa
clflo and North Shore Commissary Department
is the new lessee and manager, and accommo
dations'at this popular place will soon be In
demand. 'Table excellent. Climate unsur
passed.', t Boating, bathing, fishing and trips to
the ocean, etc. Rates S7 per week and upward.
Railroad fares, $3 40 round trip for the season.
Round- trip Sundays and holidays,' $2 50; ; Fr
iday, to Monday. $3. Inquire Nortir Shore Of
fice. .. 650 Market street, or Georgo A. Young.
Duncan ; Mills, Cal. . •
Ideal Summer Resort.
VAL.LEJO, . May 2L— Vacavllle is
planning: to. construct an' armory to
cost:; J7OOO for Company I, . National
Guard ; of \u25a0 Calif ornia. Tb« proposed
armory will be put up by. a stock com
pany and the militia company will pay
for it in-; monthly - installments. Part
of the cost will come from the expense
money" allowed the company by : the
State. The armory will contain a drill
hall, 80x100 feet, and: a large gym
nasium. V •.'"•:.'\u25a0 \u25a0..'\u25a0.•\u25a0\u25a0' v
Western Assnrance
jf .«st day of December, A. D. 1904. and
tSI t * year " luliD S «» that day. as mads tt>
r^n»i, nn * vr * nee Comol»siocer cf the StaU or
tiiU S!?* P"" 1100 ' to the provisions of s»c-
£*L? 10 *** 6U °* Political Code, con-
aeas^d^as per blank furnished , by th« Com-
Loans on Bonda aad Mortgages... 813.0C0 00
Cart Market Value of all Stocks
rA£ i da own «^ 0T Company.. 1.573.943 «•
?^k V* C^npaay** 0ff1ce......... 145 33
Cash ia Banks 87.923 81
Premiums in dre Course cf Col-
tvcxiOT. •••,-«». 3*3__._lOB SS
a . U t fr* I **"*. "noV'iutur^:
taken for Fir» aad ilarlns Risks 20,974 05
Total Assets .81.3a0.49S 4j
*~*»es adjusted and unpaid...... 513.00S 77
Losses In process ot Adjustment or
in Suspense) 88.557 11
Leases resisted. Including expenses «.T33 47
Gross premiums on Fire Risks run-
UJ"". «»• rear or less. 51.C94.-
771 S3.- relnsuraaM 50 p«r cent 5<7,353 9S
Gross premiums on Flr» Risks run-
loa.T» 46; reinsurance pro rata 883.34S TO
Grosa premiums on Marlns and In- \u25a0
land Navigation Risks. 1113.-
93« 74; reinsurance 60 per cent. M.MS 8T
Gross premiums on Marine Tins*
Risks. $69,008 89; reinsurance SO
. per cent 54.901 9*
All other Llabtlltlas ............. S»IM W
Total Uabfliaes .tt.C7.a97 5
Xet cash - aetnany leceHed fcr -
Ftre premiums ................ .J2.178.808 ST
Net caah actually received for
.Martae premlaias 4 52. 333 11
Received •\u25a0 for Interest on Bonds
and Mortgsg*s 755 »
Received for Interest and dividends
on Bonds. Stocks. Loans and
from all other sources 71.373 A
Received from Hams OfSes 100,044 fid
Total IneocM ... .....C&14J21 <ff
Net amount paid for Fir* T mm
(including $25,933 23. losses of
previous years) f1.625.M2 14
Net amount paid for Marine Losses 538.540 31
Paid or allowed for Commission or
Brokerage 133.139 85
Paid for Salaries. Fees and other
charges for officers, clerks, etc. 92.565 •?
Paid for Sut*. National and Local
taxes 71541 9
All other payments and expendi-
tures "..\u25a0 ;... 134.5J1 53
Total Expcf-Utn-ea .t2.553.331 5
Fir*. Marine
Losses tnenrred dur-
Ing t*e year <1.«8J67 99 $337.888 91
Risks and Preras. | Fire Risks. | Premmma,
Net amount of
Risks written
during the year. $239,283.40 $2,981,233 74
Net amoont of
Risks exptred
during. ths year. 265.194.58S 2.737.526 S7
Net • amonat la
fores December
81. 1904 242.740.578 2.801.50131
Risks and Prema. IMarine Risks.' Premiums. .
Ket , amosnt of
Risks written
durlse the year. $83,203,243 $332,532 59
Net . amenst of
- Risks expired
daring the year. e5.710.363 550^306 40
Ket " \u25a0 amount • In
fores December
81. 1904... [ 8.304.561 133.107 SS
J. J. KENNT. Vice Preside--"*
C. C- FOSTER. Secretary.
Subscribed and sworn to before me. this 23d
day of January. 190 S.
JOHN H. HUNTER. Notary PubUa,
319 California Street,
sax frakclsgo.
united states branch.
——Of ths
Blsli America Assurance
* SJst day of December. A. D. 1904, and
fcr th* year ending on that day. as made to
the ' In«arancs Commissioner of the Staxs of .
California, pursuant to the provisions of sec-
tions 610 and 611 of the Political Code, con-
d*c9?d as per H^ nY furnished by ta» Com'- .
sussicner: _____
Cash Market Value of all Stocks '
and Bonds owned by C0mpany.. 51,209,024 OS
Cash In Banks 85.522 91
Interest due and accrued on all
Etocks and Loons .............. 10.308 70
Piemlsms In due Course of Col-
lection U.~ 138.45313
Total assets ..*.....;. ......... JL423. 410 7»
Losses adjuxted and unpaid $13,818 73
Losses ta process of Adjustment or
in Suspense 68.113 81
Loeses resisted, including expenses. 7.99123
Gross premiums ca Fire Risks run-
ning on# Year or less. $1,007.-
393 C 4; reinsurance 50 per cent.. 803.697 83
Gross premioais en Fire Risks run-
ning more than one year. $715.-
864 54: reinsurance pro rata 387.005 S3
Gross premiums en Marine and In-
land Navlsatlon . Risks. $79.-
58 ft 34; reinsurance 50 per cent.. 39.733 IT
Grcs* premiums en Marine Time
Risks. $3,176 01; reinsurance, 100
: per cent 3.178 01
Total CabUltles ........31.038.490 03
Net cash actually received for Firs
premiums .............. ........1X256;399 98
Net cash actually received for Ma-
rine premiums 2-3.823 93 .
Received for Interest and dividends
on Bonds. Stocks. Loans - and
from all other sources SS.94S 38
Received from al' other sources... 24.604 79
TcUJ taeOBM .\u2666X373.583 U .
Net amount paid \u25a0 for Fire Losses
(Including $104,825 71 losses of
previous- years) $S9S.ICB 0>
Net amount paid for Marine Losses 170.371 23
Paid or allowed . for t Commission
or Brokerage 233.31*13
Paid for Salaries Fees, and other
charges for officers, clerks, etc. . 66.315 63
Paid for State. Natloaal and Local \u25a0 \u25a0
taxes 47.133 S3
All other payments and expend!- Sa_-_na*B-|
tores 117.700 97
Total expenditures $1,577,446 97
Fire. Marina.
Losses Incurred . during
the year ........ $886.917 22 $170.003 7?
Risks and Prsms. I . Fire Bisks. . | Premiums.
Net amount of' I
Risks written I
durlcg the year. $120, 407,3+ i $1,690,907 73
K«t amount «f
Risks- expired
daring the year. U4.S«T.t?< 1.535.006 16
Net \u25a0 a m t v n t . In
force December
31. 1904 134.088.547 1.724.280 IS
Risks and Prams. (Marine Risks, f Premiums.
Net inoant of
Risks- written
during the year. $31,375,550 $262£79 63 •
Net amount of
Risks exptred - "
during the year. 32.073.20S 263.343 38
N«t " amoantta •
- \u25a0 force -December
. 31. 1904.;....... 2.737.2521 82.782 35
J. J. KENNT. Vice President. "
• .P. H. SIMS. Secreury.
Subscribed and Kworn to before me. tais 23d
day cf January. 1965. -\u25a0'nmikit pp!.lM!|w»|sa_saM
HARRY G AMBLE. Notary Pub Us.
319 California Street, >
You Are Offered More
.Than a Million Doilars'
Worth of Comforts and
Elegance for ..... . .
Con You Afford to Over-
look Such an Investment?
From l May I, 1505, to Jan.
1, 1906, the rates (AMER-
the famous POTTER HO-
[ . TEL; ; Santa Barbara-by
. the-Sea, will be as follows:
Rooms, : without bath, $\u0084
$3 and $4 each; per day;
with bath, $3, $4 and $5.
-. Special rates by the month. •"
Santa Barbara is the capital of
the New World Riviera— and
The -hotter buUt up its fame;
It would be • extravagance to go
'anywhere else this summer.
What* s Your
'"Anything- We can do for
you? If so, telephone or
'Our. specialty is good
light .and. fuel, both gas
and .'electric.
We've got it, you need
it^ and if it's not what you
expect, * let us ' know ' and
we \vill try and fix it to'
suit * you." ; \u25a0
Phone Exchange* 8."
The GflS Co.
• • \u25a0 .. . .. ". \u0084 . •
\u25a0I_>^ - '\u25a0:\u25a0 JIBS
Tor tha Cos- B <tf £**40-t
flmarlajr of Al-" «L &tl
ccnollsm aad .- I^_^_^^**
th 9 nrusr mmza%. .
Tli«aaan«s^ot'P«o»]«>u«> ltrtar s-smsirs erf
what It. has aooe fsr then. Can or writ* for
ail partleotaw. - v - . "> :
Donoho* Bldr- Cor. _tark«t and I»t1ot.
\u25a0\u25a0>-\u0084- \u25a0 . \u25a0-\u25a0 * t . . -
p t C^a%> _ar
A«i_ir33o MARKET ST.sK^SS^
_*% I 111 #^ Aramunltioa. Hontinc ar.d
lM 111 1 Sporting roods. LarKw:
\u25a0 \u25a0ill HI m. " •tock. Lowea: prices. Ee=a
Bill I\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 fcr catalosu*.
,^ 788 r Market -St.. and 821
.... -'- ; \u25a0 Keaxnjr.it. -
Catalogue and Price Lists Mailed
\u25a0 on Application. "
4JB Front St., S. F. Phone Main ITIB. > 4 ,
PRIXTIXG. " ~~~-
LCHUfiHES. sns-n^TSa.V.
>sirTS>v Steamers' leav» plera 9 and
yf^V-^^Qi^." *!•' Bmn Francisco.
fifjtl^"''-" ' Fcr Ketchikan. Wranjtl.
/ayTMV~te \*\ Juneau. Treadwell. Haincs,
I / \WP\ 1 I Slta§rw*y. etc.. Alaska— ll a.
X \ vmA/ / m.. May S. 10. 15. 20. 23. 30;
\v\ Vk \u25a0\u25a0-- •" nff June '4. * Changv *to Ctasn.
V<r s S__-_»*y pany*s steamers at Seattle. \u25a0
X^*!H*fl>' For Victoria. VaocoaT^r,
Port Townsend. - Seattle.
Anacortea, Tacensa. Everett. South BelUnsham,
Belllngham— ll a." m.,- May 5,1 0. 18. 20, 23. 30;
'June 4. Chanre at Seattle to this ccsapaay'a
tteamers for -Alaska and O. N. Ry.: at Seattle
cr Taccma to N. P. Ry.; at Vancouver ta C P.
Ry. "-,'.- -: f, -.-, , ' . \u25a0
. For Eureka (Hoaboldt Bay)— Pomona, 1:33
p. ra.. May 3. 11.- 17. 23. 29; Juno 4. Corona.
1:30 p. m.. May 2. 8. 14. 20. 29: Jjae L .--
. For Los Angeles (via Port Los Angeles and
Redondo). San ' Diego and Santa Barbara —
Ear.ta Rosa. Sundays, 9 a. ra..
State of California. Thursday i. 9s. m.
For Los 'Angeles (via San Pedro and East
San Pedro), Santa Barbara, Santa Crux. Moa-
t Try, San Simeon. Cayuees. Port Harford (San
Luis Oblspo), Ventura and 'Huenerae — *
Coos Bay. 9 a. in.. May 6, 14, 22. SO; Jaa« T.
Bonita. 9 a. ra.. May 2. 10. IS. 26; Jnn« 8.
i For Ensenada. Magdalena Bay. San Jos* d«l
Cabo. Mazatlan. Altata. La Pas. Santa Rosalia,
-Guaymas (M>x.). 10 a. m.. 7th each month. -
ALASKA EXCURSION'S (Seuon 1903)— Th»
palatial excursion steazasnip Spokane will leav*
Tncoma, Seattle and Victoria. Jun* S, 22; July
6. 20: Au».:3.aT.= •
For further Information obtain folder. Right
is reserved to change steamers or sailing dates.
- . TICKET - OFFICE — 4 New . Montgomery . st.
(Palace— Hotel). 10 Market : st..\ and Broadway
wharves.* i FREIGHT . OFFICE — 10 Market ' st.
, C D." DUKANN, General Passenger Agent.
. /•- .-\u25a0» 10 MarSrst st^ Ban Francisco. * ; .. . • ; -« :
S.'* S. J MAKIPOSA. for Tahiti. May 26, , 11 A.JJ.
6. \u25a0 S.* ALAMEDA. - for Honolulu. May 27. ;11
• », a.' -M. '\u25a0- -.'-;. - \u25a0 -
S. S. BONOM A, for Honolulu, Samoa. Auckland
j and : Sydney, .Thursday. June 8. 2 P.' M. -
; 1 J.SfEICIELS _ BSOi Ca. iZH.fiCJBt Offia 643 VP-
tei IrlzEi CSar 327 lar_3i si. , Pisr /." hinA: iv
DIRECT.: LIKE .TO . HAVRE— Parts. " .-rstm '
Sailing every : Thursday instead ot <miM
> Saturday.', 10 . a.', cv, * from . Pier : 12. •*\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0__»
North, River .'foot of Mcrton rUViBtB
: ' First class ; to : Havre. $70 and . upward. ; Sec-
ond " class ; to ' Havre, ' $45 . and . upward. \u25a0• GEX-
CANADA." r S3 -Broadway (Hudson ; bailding).
New Tork. J.I F. FUGAZI 4 CO.. Paciflc Coast
Agents, 6: Montgomery avenue. San Francisco.
Tickets i soid by . all . Railroad Ticket Ageota.
%r' For TT:S. " Navy Yard "and Vallejo— Stmrs G«n-
eral. Frisbie. "Arrow and - MontJceUo; 8 round
trips DAILY.- 'Leave San Francisco 7:00 a. ra." 1 -
*9:45 a. m.,"" 12:30 noon. 8:18 p. ».. 6:00 p. m.',
8 :30 ; ».'• m- - •Lands ; navy yard \u25a0 direct. - Land>*
lnan "\u25a0 \u25a0nTFrantd«ea T "-|ito-t B.x fact ;<rfi -T*irtl~ a
straet. Meals ala cart*. San Fraaeisea. Bhon*
Main 1508. HATCH BROS.. Oca. Ajrents.
For Infants and Children.
The : Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the /H? \j££sS +-*- "
- 6ignat_re of I*wi&r7% S<6C6*U/l£
Knif c^^^^^
\u25a0; Has three - finely : tempered steel blades."
buckhorn handle, solidly, riveted, plate . for
monogram and is 'of genteel size . and
shape. \u25a0: If you . were to trarel the world
' over < you couldn't beat It for the money.
MY SPECIAL PR1CE. ;............ f1.00
. WANT A RAZOR? ,1 have a fine assort-*
ment, all standard makes. :< Can supply
you with a, good one as. low a5. .... .f1.00
'" '-I » carry ': the celebrated STAR SAFETY.
' RAZOR, - which sells • everywhere : for $1.73
and \u25a0 52.00. ..; I : sell It .for only.-... .; . .$1.23
P.'i'l'- also: carry " the : OrLLEJTTE : SAPETTT
. RAZOR; \u25a0 which requires no honing *or
}«tropplng. . ; Price ;.:......... ; . . .f5.00
v^RAZORS HONED and ground. . Hon-
\iDg, ".'..........:....:..............\u25a0.... 35c
- "Out'of. town orden promptly filled.
,-3 .:' F. i' W. r PITTS. ; the Stationer. :
, 1009 MARKKT > STREET, , oPO- ; Fifth st.
• . '. ". Ban Francisco.
iSvisiTiDR^ORDAWSnuuT i
\ Cfc 1831 11KOI ST. bit 6ti*Us.S.F.C»L 1
W Ogr Tb»Lort««t>e»t«sti_l KawaaitßtSt
A _X_B__. World. WeataeaM* or »»t eo«lr«sted
V \u25a0 -if L9b 6i>?*"> s-«UI»«Ir C_re4 by til* .11m.
A 1881 SpwiaUKantbaCout. Eat-SBy««r_
2 i f__f ft 0R * JWDAH-DJSEASES Qf MEN
\ Inhl . Osoniadoa tnt aad uiietiy prim*
A I ]S^f PJ Trfunneat p*nH>n«lly or by t— v*. A
ill HI Writ* tor Book, PHItS»«P_Y m*
ff I 'lll^BAlimiACK. MAIL-O FBI*. fA
'A'J&liJtf.h »— u»bl* b**kfcc»rm.> _'.;.'-\u25a0\u25a0» ,
f I>B.JOBI»A w «.CO. i .loSlMar.etßt,aP. '
sj_jfl^PuCs_iCß^_H Csaßlgafor.Bßatural
1 ta ( tar-V di«charf is.iofiaßinuHeßa.
MK/bA asaraaw«S ft \u25a0 S Irritstlons or .alcaranoaa
ffSf'«MttNMoi",, : e( nocogi membraßea>
m m\u25a0 Tt 111H Cmf^mm. % : * Pmiaiess. an 4 ast astrtar
aRiraEETUSCKMEUtt. i geat or yeisoaomk. :r^^~ -j
lggA a-BMUTI.eJ—I **** «T Brmniat*.
B.a.JN._jjy \u2666* Mat la plata "**»*«*
aToaur » btSeVitt.Tt.

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