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Warehouse Is Burned at Center City.
Mrs. R. F. Myers and Mrs. William
Jones of Jefferson, Or., Are Found
'\u25a0-'-.:-': - Dead In Their Room.
;.. PORTLAND, . : June : 28.— Mrs. R. F.
Myers and Mrs. William Jones, who
came to this city to visit the Lewis and
Clark Centennial Exposition from Jef
ferson, , Or., were found dead to-day in
their apartments at 256 Eleventh street.
It 'is supposed that tha : women retired
for 'the night,'; leaving a small Jet ; of
gas burning, -which a rush of air ex
tinguished, . releasing . the deadly gas,
which suffocated them. .
Stranger Believed to Be A. Knudsosj
Is Run Dovrn While Attempting
to Cross the Tracks.
LOS ANGELES, June 25.-A Knud
son,* believed to be a contractor, whose
place of residence is unknown, was
killed by a Pacific electric car on the
San: Gabriel l lne near Rose Hlll.Sta-.
tion to-day. He was run down while
attempting to cross the tracks.
REDDING. June 23.— While soaping
albeit In L. C. Reynolds' sawmill, four
teen "miles east of Shlngletown. this
morning Burleigh Cummings. a youns
man, was caught on the pulley arvl
whirled arousd at frightful speed. .His
body struck the floor each revolution
of the pulley and he was so badly in
jured that he died a few minutes later.
His parents reside in Maine.
Ins Pulley and Ills Body Is
Dashed Against ' the' Floor.
Clothlne Catches In a Rapidly RevolT*
fc SANTA - CRUZ, June j 28.— Tfie Ocean
Shore Railway Is : establishing its con
struction camp for the first division at
Wilder's L ranchj three miles up the
coast. A big force of men will com
mence the] work' of grading and con
struction within the next few days. The
work of grading is being rapidly
pushed forward at the Santa Cruz end.
; Mlss Ruby Ord way and M. J. Blrk
land have conveyed their property In
the Gharky; Addition to the company
and Mr. - Bloom .has also conveyed all
the; water of "Little \u0084 Creek, .which
empties into * Bcotts Creek, Just below
the Peter, Sonogininl place on the Aqua
Puerca . y Las \ Francas Rancho.
Work of Gradlnjr and Building* the
: First Division Will Commence In
' the Next Few Days.
,-\ MADRID, June 28.—^Accordinglto.the
Heraldo.l Sarioii : de r Herrera, r , charged
.with n conspiracy: against^. :Brazll,':.,han
been: condornned: by ithel special^ Grand
Jury : f or contumacy/ and n warrant ; has
been^issiied i fofi his "arrest. ; "-He", is be-;
lieved to be in England: . *^^^^
Consplrnior to Be Arrested.
- Special rates to Denver and return, rood for
return ;,y!s/-; Yellowstone Park ; and ' Portland, lon
sale June 30 .and July.'l."^ Ask about It. ; iT. K.^
Stateler,* General Agent, N.: P. By./ 647. Market
street, : San Francisco.;-^ v •
Special Ra<e* Denver and Return.
; EMPORIUM, «JPa., June 28.— Nine "men
were killed and- from twelve ;to fifteen
othej-s were injured^by an explosion of
a-tonr of dynamite i to-day i at the plant
of • i. the .; Emporium V Powder * Company,
three ; miles : west iof ;.this '\ place. ;• The"
men -were alii' employed 'at; the <> works/
Several : were .wrecked. : ': j Al
though- pome rof \ the \ injured were ae
rlouslyrhurt, all: are expected -to re
cover.' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ; -..-..; .- -,"'. : - !''•\u25a0. ;• •'\u25a0"'\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0
Terrible Accident . nt \ the \u25a0 Plant of . the
\u25a0 Emporium Potrder Company In
\u25a0--'\u25a0;;-.'\u25a0,' l : : Pennsiylvania. : .
) The i man , who ;is v ; lynched without- a
trial is given r about ithe \u25a0 same ' show for
his \u25a0\u25a0life as 'an' article" that< is boycotteu
without a hearing. "\u25a0\u25a0? This is why the
"Rainier" boycott is- unjust.'*' \u25a0 •
" WASHINGTON, June 28.— 1n a ' : peti
tion filed to-day' witlrx the Interstate
Commerce Commission by; the Gulf Re
fining Company rof Port' Arthur, Texas,
the Illinois Central. • Louisville y arid
Nashville," Cincinnati;: NeWyOrleans? a.n-1
Texas ' Pacific, Alabama Gr'eatSouthorn
and New- Orleans' and Northeastern
railroad companies : , are \u25a0' charged * with
haying; entered, in to a "combination with
the | Standard Oil • Company, / by wnteh
that' company ;is given; a- monopoly \u25a0 of
business . through dlscriminatinsr rates
that are prohibitive to the products of
the plaintiff company. • \u25a0 •
Texas Refining: Concern Files a Formal
' Complaint With the Interstate
; , , Commerce Bonrd. \u25a0':-'.
We will -' be v glad 'to -'tell you about ' an . easy
way to go at 653 Mark'-t \u25a0 street. Santa 'Fe
office. The : best \u25a0- fishing la '• California Is '• In
Hetch .Hetchy- Valley.-.. . •
•.For the summer vacation why not send your
family and .children to ;/.Yosemlte g£ National
Park ? , -\u25a0;. The Santa "\ Fe § offers j extremely » low
rates . and . will be. glad \u25a0 td help . with sugges
tions for camping. It is Just as easy for you
to : spend : your \u25a0 vacation -In - this grandest spot
in the world \u25a0 enjoying the most beautiful of all
scenery as to waste It In one of the 'worn-out
places where everybody goes and-, which. costs
just as much. - - \u25a0
Hctch Hetchyr
Why "Sot Goto Yoaemlte Valley and the
June 28.— Two army.; officers, are to be
court-martialed at Vancouver Barracks-
Captain C. . F. Hartmann of -the Signal
Corps, and Lieutenant 3. C. Wilson, Third
Infantry. Captain Hartmann is alleged to
have i violated the. canteen law while at
Benicia Barracks, Cal., " and Lieutenant
Wilson is accused of having duplicated
his nay accounts -while ; in Alaska: "
Captain Hartmann was stopped at Van
.couver Barracks while en route to Alaska
and is ; here awaiting, the result : of his
trial, v Just what: his defense- will be? is
not known, .but; aY strong case; iSi being
prepared. The canteen law is disliked by
both officers " and men in \ the l army and .
has. caused no end : of trouble to officers
in the; matter ; of maintaining discipline
in their., commands. Lieutenant -Wilson's
defense will be based on his Vanity. His
friends say he is. subject . to i insane per
iods and, believe his present trouble 1 Is
due to that cause. . • \u25a0.•'\u25a0\u25a0. .':;<":
Special Dispatch. to The CalL
PORTLAND, June ; 28.— The case of
United | States Senator : Mitchell will not
go toV the jury' before' to-morrow night
at^the and probably not; until
some time Friday.: " V > , ' . :\u25a0 ;
'. District Attorney" -Heney : finished his
argument for the prosecution to-day and
when he had, completed : lt J : court adjourn
ed | until to-morrow. -" Judge Bennett will
commence -to speak In behalf •of Senator
Mitchell 'to-morrow- morning } and will"; be
followed by.; Senator } ; * Thurs'ton.' • Heney
will' thea. make) his" final « argument." % If
time remains Judge de Haven will then
give his charge/; = This,-; however,; seems
very unlikely unless \ the i lawyers for - the
defense: consume much less time than
it. is believed they will.' "
: Heney in his' argument traced the
transactions': of the" firm in relation to
land matters from the time ' the Senator
asked for a copy of the firm's books,'cov
ering the period | from November, 1901,
until June, 1902. • His j arraignment of the
defendant,"; whom. he' charged with having
been the cause \u25a0of the perjury, of 'Judge
Tanner and . his son and whom "he
charged with attempting to suborn his
private | secretary,, Harry Robertson,-'-- to
testify,; In accordance with the false de
fense outlined, .was ' merciless and caused
the face [of j the defendant to " flame and
pale with passion. ;, ':''"/" ;-,---"
Denunciation of Defendant
Causes His Face to Pale
land Flame With Passion
District Attorney Heney
Completes Opening Argu
ment for the Prosecution
a ! long-lost friend yesterday; Dr.' S.« Ambrosewf
embraced '- him • so " strongly that a . lancet . : In
the i doctor's \u25a0 vest . pocket was : driven I into I his
(the doctor's) :> chest, y The ? wound , bled pro
fusely.-but Is not dangerous. \u25a0 -
CARSON CITY, Nev., r June 28.— Several
ago 'the? State of : ; Nevada V com
menced y, boring an ; artesian s well in \ the
: Capitol ; square.'; A depth of , more than ' 200
feet has been'attalned,\and'to-day a min
ing locationlwas! filed on * the grounds,- as
gold? has-been* found in^ the sands'* that
are ' being > raised with . the * machinery. ' i : 7
Dljp ' for : Water and Strike : Gold.
i \u25a0 "Financing ; a* : home" lis : too \u25a0 big a : task
for. "the average \u25a0 man. unless . the 'wife
buys, always, '; in ;< the ; light ' the ', adver
tisements give her. . t ~:' : .''''
DUBUQUE, .lowa, (June 28.— D. B,
Henderson; ..former Speaker, .of tne
House of Representatives, is confined to
his apartments suffering from a slight
stroke of . paralysis. His ;. right' side ;la
affected, i. /Although :he• is improving, ; It
is said that his condition Is serious. : ''A'
report that Mr. Henderson had suffered
a second stroke is denied by relatives.
Which Has Atfccted His
V ':. .;. Right Side.
Suffers From a Stroke of Paralysis,
WASHINGTON, June ; 28.— Upon mo
tion of District Attorney Beach the
cases against James T. Metcalf, Harry
C. Hallenbeck and Norma R." Metcalf,
indicted;for conspiracy to defraud i ho'
Government in connection with the con
tract for \u25a0 money • 'order 'blanks, \u25a0 were
nolle brovsed in the Criminal Court ; to
day.^; Beactv" announced, after | a careful
investigation of the evidence,^ that he
had (decided ;to "take ' no t urther.^steps
looking to the trial of these persons
"andj'asked; that:the Indictments be dis
missed. • : . ,
Hallenbeck and Xormn Metcalf
Dropped In Wn*hluKton.
Cnaes ABalnstJameiT.; Met calf, Harry
SAN JOSE, June .28.— -San Jose has
another airship. G. E. Heaton, a local
machinist and inventor, -now putting
together a machine x at Agricultural
Park with which he will give exhibi
tions* on next Sunday. ' Monday and
Tuesday. The^machihe Is fashioned af
ter the Santos Dumont and Baldwin
airships with a large gas bag to sus
tain it in the air. Heaton is an in
ventor of, a gasoline- engine that: is to
furnish the motor, which he claims will
drive the machine against the wind at(a
rate of twenty miles an hour. The'en
gine Is of ' twenty-four Indicated horse
power and- only .weighs '-fifty-five
pounds. '\u25a0 It has two 4x4 cycle cylinders
rotating against a stationary crank. In
stead \u25a0of / the piston rotating a cranlc
asin'the ordinary, engines it drives the
cylinders "with a- rotary .motion at [a
-Bpeed ranging; as high as 2000 revolu
tlons a minute.. To each of these re
volving cylinders a flange" of a pro
peller is fastened. When , running the
vibration. is so slight as to be scarcely
perceptible. The engine and propeller
are attached to a , bamboo frameworks,
which is suspended from a cylindrical
balloon fourteen feet in diameter arid
seventy-five feet in : height. The whole
apparatus weighs about 400 pounds..' A
well known California aeronaut has of
fered Heaton . $2000 for one of these
Bpecls.l Di*patcbi to Tb* CalL
provisions of. the - law relating -to • primary
elections and ' of ; this \u25a0 call. '.».' -\u25a0«.-,
- - • CHAS., SftNNTAQ.C ,
Chairman - of-- the Republican - ; County I Commit-*
tee \u25a0of \u25a0 the City,, and ' County of - Sanl Fran-'
Cisco. State of California. \u25a0'"
... , \ •: T.vE.> ATKINSON. /?'\u25a0
Secretary : of ', the <\u25a0 Republican \ County \u25a0\u25a0 Commit
tee of" the s s City ' and '\u25a0 County 'of . San ' Fran
cisco. State of s California. - -\u25a0 . . . - .
- Dated , at San ! Francisco; . Cal.', V Jane 28. ~\ 1905.'
. .The "committee \\6t fthe ; Fortieth 'district?
under; the j auspices j of ; the 1 - San? Francisco
Republican '% League."!, met *i last % night gat
2100 ; Bush street i and ; effected ,'a 1 permanent ;
organization.^; H. • F. ? Peart was . elected itb"
the \ and \u25a0 \u25a0; E.'7 J. * Casev * was
named as secretary :'/\u25a0'• -"'\u25a0:. H;;- 1*:1 *:
Dies aft' Sea.
Mrs. Lucy. C. ; Cooper, a passenger on
the steamship 'Columbia; died at . sea on
June 26, \u25a0\u25a0_ presumably *of j heart '," disease."
The Coroner will. hold \u25a0 an, inquest. 1 . .
David Banf ord, a;> baker, of Alameda,
filed a : petition rin insolvency ; yesterday
in the United States I District Court. \u25a0 He
owes $3061 and has $170 assets. " \u25a0\u25a0_\u25a0
Bankrupt ; Baker.
Charles , Benninger, a 6-year-old
youngster, living with; his parents at
1631 Fillmore; street, .was run; over "by
an automobile' driven; by, C. "W/.Rice: of
1708 ' Fell street ] last "evening. The* boy
was attempting^ to v cross; the street iat
the corner. V of )-" Fillmore \:i street f and
Golden Gate avenue -and j he evidently
did not T : see % the machine^' approaching:
At 'the Emergency,. Hospital the' doctors
expressed 'the fear^that 's he V had" sus
tained a fracture of the skull.'. '
Run Over by Automobile.
Mr. Merrill and his family are at
present traveling in Europe. The
house was in charge of a butler, who'
was absent last night ' on , a visit with
relatives. The mansion contained none
save the . two : Japanese, who retired
early in the eveninsr. v \u25a0 M
James and Ralph Merrill, sons of the
owner of the house, said they visited
the place shortly after *8- o'clock last
evening: and that everything ,wa« in
perfect order at that time. / They esti
mate the loss at $50.000. ;;\u25a0•'
The Merrill home was one of most
beautiful of the older residences of the
city. It contained a' very valuable art
collection and assortment of ; . bric-a
brac, together with furnishings v that
cost a fortune. Nearly the-entlre fit
tings of the house were ". damaged more
or less by either fire or water. ' The
loss will run .Into .'the thousands,
though It. is thought to be fully cov
ered by insurance. '
Patrolman .Lantze saw. flames shoot
ing from the roof of the mansion. He
turned in an alarm, and when the dis
trict chief arrived another was sent in.
Tho firemen worked valiantly and suc-1
ceeded in keeping the flames from
spreading to the adjoining mansions,
though for a time it was feared many
of them would be damaged.
Three Japanese servants,' who were
sleeping in the 'basement of the house,
heard a sharp explosion just before the
fire was discovered -by, Lantze. They,
rushed out only to! find the mansion on
flre. The Japanese could not throw any,
light on the cause, but \u25a0 from the • fact
that they heard the explosion it is sur
mised that an accumulation of the
deadly monoxide paused (the blaze. ;
Fire broke out shortly after \u25a0 mid
night this morning in the palatial resi
dence of John F. Merrill at: the cornel
of Van Ness avenue and .Washington
street, and before the flames were ex
tinguished the upper floor, of the mans
ion was badly gutted. ' The Merrills are
away in Europe and the house was inj
charge of servants. The flre started. in
a dumb waiter on the third . floor and
is supposed to \u25a0 have been caused by an
explosion of gas.
Vnder his guidance as chairman of the
Republican County* Committee for many years
much of the success and many of the victo
ries of • hla • party are directly -attributable to
tils wisdom and foresight. During these years
In whlci. he filled the honorable position he
devoted himself to its arduous and absorb
ing duties with unfaltering purpose and tire-
".A resolution Introduced by Mr. Ach
requesting county committeemen of
raeh Assembly district to recommend
within five days to the Election Commis
sioners suitable' and efficient officers for
the primary election on August S was
adopted by unanimous vote.
- The. following resolution by R. W. Den
nis, relating to the chairmanship of the
commjtt.ee, way adopted:
'-'Resolved', That First Vice Chairman
Charles Sonntag be and is hereby desig
nated as acting chairman of this body,
and the meting chairnmn is hereby au
thorized and empowered to discharge and
perform each .and every, all and singular,
the duties imposed by. or required of.
the chairman of* this body, by statute In
such cases made and provided."
The \ tallowing tribute' of respect to the
memory or the' late .chairman, Thomas
D. RJordah. was offered by R. L. Ha
thonrand. ademed:
Thtimax Daniel Rlordan departed this life
on the 17th day of June. 19C5. in the city and
f*unty of ! San; Francisco, the place of hie
"birth. Possessed «»f remarkable natural abil
ity And having: had an excellent f-ducatinn.
ht- at ence stecped'to the front ranks of his
'chosen rirofesFion — that of the law. A born
Jpader of wen. conscious of his duties as a
citizen to the commonwealth in which he
lived, .moved by the elncerept and most pat
rjotic Impulses,, ardent In his belief in the
.princii'n&s of . the - Republican party, it whs
but netura! that he gave much, of his extra
ordinary energy and ability to the great Re
publican party to which- he belonged. In per
sonality genial, open-hearted, generous and
magnetic. * inspiring those with whom he came
In contact to follow him as their leader, sound
and troadminded in his judgment, liberal in
h»« view*., he had the capacity to unify con
flicting interests and bring, about harmony in
matters politic where theretofore had pre
vailed differences. .
: No Teply was made to Ach's remarks,
but he was interrupted once on a point
of -order. A roll call was demanded
and the resolution was defeated. The
vote was announced as ayes, 19. noes
4j. Ruef did not vo^e.
.The Twenty-eighth District delega
tion misunderstood "Ruef's signal and
all the members, excepting Miller,
voted " "no," much to the chagrin of
Ruef and Acn, who expected the sup
port of the. Twenty-eighthJ \u25a0 >'
..'The- Republican -County . Committee
met last nigrlit at B. B. Hall and by an
o»erv»liHi:tin» vote .rejected the scheme
Of A, Huef and Henry Ach to organise
'Assembly, district clubs in opposition
'.to the forces of the San Francisco Re
puUiciß l.racruo. .
:\u25a0 'T.he. ; Ach resolution was as follows:
* :."Bo it resolved that the County Com-
: m'ltteemen of. each Assembly district be
.-'instructed to take charge of all mat
ters relating to the ensuing primary
ejection In tbelr respective Assembly
districts, and that a committee of five
h« appointed by the chair to prepare a
cnJform plan of organization and cam
paign In «ach district." l
";A. JRuef came In shortly be/ore the
\u25a0members -of the committee were called
to. order, and exchanged views with Ach.
presumably .on- the resolution Ach
supported tho ' scheme with, an argu
ment to the effect that' the County
Committee was the governing body and
the. only accredited agent of the party
la San Francisco. He had no objection
.to outside aid from a league or from
an Individual, but he contended that
party affairs should be managed by the
committee. '-•>''
TbV chairman- and secretary of this Repub
lican •• County. Committee. '• or s: In :-• the *' absence
of either of ' them ;. then the <\u25a0 vies chairman
or assistant secretary of this -body: shall » have
the \u25a0 authority ,i U* \u25a0 make ; any - clerical I correct
tlons cr supply; omissions which, may; be; found
to occur -in . this call .'. as this day : adopted > and
\u2666 ~ t*V* all Ti»r#««»rv .«t»Tm;itni,carrv} nut's th«
That -all of the delegates to said - Repub
lican local convention shall be elected at a
primary election to be held in the city and
county of San Francisco," State of California,
on Tuesday, the Bth day of August, 1906;
which primary election shall be conducted in
accordance with the provisions of the Political
Code of the State of California, and also ! the
provision* of the \u25a0 Penal Code of the I State of
California, relating to primary elections; and
at which elections all Republicans legally
registered shall ha\'e an opportunity to vote. \u25a0•*
- That" notice' of contest must be filed-, with
the chairman of the Republican County Com
mittee on or : before the ICth day of Septem
ber, 1805.
1 hat the temporary • roll of delegates to
said Republican local convention shall be made
up by. the chairman and : secretary of the Re
publican County Committee from the list of
delegates \u25a0 declared to have - been elected at
the primary election, held In said city and
county State . aforesaid, on- Tuesday. .August
S, . 1905. as shown . by. the . official , canvass •' of
the Board of Election Commissioners and cer
tified to by the Registrar, of .Voters of said
City and county, \u25a0- State . aforesaid. . -\u0084 *
That the chairman and , secretary of this
Republican County Committee. In and \u25a0 for the
city and county. State ' aforesaid, are hereby
authorized and empowered to make, authenti
cate and verify all necessary; petitions • re
quired by the laws of the State of California
and to file the . same with the ! officers desig
nated by law to receive the , came.
That in the event of the ' chairman or - sec
retary of this Republican County Committee,'
or either^ of them, falling \u25a0to make. . authen
ticate and verify the < necessary petitions \u25a0 and
t» file the same • with \u25a0 the : officer ; designated
by law. then the i vice - chairman of : this Re
publican County Committee ; and the assistant
secretary of the Republican : County ' Commit
tee, be and . they are hereby : designated gov
erning officers of this i body. _ and , they are
hereby - authorized .: and ;: empowered -. to -, make,
authenticate and verify; the necessary petitions
and - to 111? : the tame with the officers deelg
nated by • law to : receive the ! same." v • . ~\rs
\u25a0 Twenty-eighth, fifteen delegates; Twenty
ninth, sixteen delegates; Thirtieth, seventeen
delegate*; Thlrty-nrst.' seventeen delegats;
Thlrty-eecona. twenty delegates; Thirty-third,
fourteen delegates; Thirty-fourth), twenty- three
delegates; Thirty- fifth, twenty-four delegate! ;
Thirty-Blxth. twenty-one delegates; Thirty
seventh, thirty -one delegate! ;, Thirty-eighth,
thirty-one delegates; Thirty-ninth, twenty-four
delegates; Fortieth, - twenty-four delegate*;
Forty-first, twenty-two delegates ; Forty-second,
twenty-eight delegates; Forty-third, twenty
seven delegates: Forty-fourth, twenty-six dele
gate*; Forty-fifth, nineteen delegates; total,
899 delerates. "
From each of the Assembly districts within
said city and county. State aforesaid, as now
constituted, there shall be elected. to said con
vention one delegate for each one hundred
votes cast in said Assembly district for William
S. Wood. Republican nominee for elector of
President and Vice President of the United
States of America (Presidential Elector) at
the general election held in said city and
county. State aforesaid, on Tuesday, the Bth
day of November, 1004. that j being the last
general \u25a0 election held therein, and one dele
gate for a majority fraction thereof.
That the apportionment of delgates In detail,
to each Assembly district, is as follows:
The basis of apportionment of delegates to
said Republican convention shall be as fol
lows: \u25a0 .
That the delegates chosen as hereinafter
provided shall constitute the said Republican
local convention, which convention shall have
the exclusive power to pass upon the election
and qualification of Its members. .
That said. Republican local convention shall
consist on«i be composed of three hundred and
ninety-nine cxiy) delgates who shall be ap
portioned umong and elected from the respec
tive Assembly districts within said city and
county. State aforesaid, wherein they reside.
The delegates must be elected at large from
each Assembly district, and .every- delegate
must be a registered voter in the Assembly
district from which he is elected. -
That the said Republican local convention
shall meet in the city and county of San
Francisco, State of California, on Tuesday,
the 19th day of September, 1905. at the place
which shall be designated. by the chairman of
this Republican County Committee at least
five days prior to the date fixed for the 'meet
ing of said convention; and that the chairman
of said county committee shall call the conven
tion to order; and that a printed notice shall
be mailed to the address of each person elected
as a delesate to said convention, and certified
to by the Registrar of Voters of the city and
county of San Francisco. State aforesaid.
That the said Republican local convention
shtll. in addition to the nomination of candi
dates lor. public oftlcea as hereinbefore men
tioned and the transaction of such other busi
ness as may come before such convention, also
be empowered and authorized to appoint or
elect a governing committee, to be known and
designated as the Republican County Commit
tee ol the city and county of San Francisco, lo
represent the Republican party in and for said
city and county. Stati aforesaid.
The said Republican local .convention Fhall
nominate and select candidates for a Mayor
eisrhtrcn Supervisors, an Auditor, a Treasurer,
a Tax Collector, a Recorder, a. City Attorney,
a District Attorn»j% a Public Administrator, a
County Clerk, a Sheriff, a Coroner, two Po
life Judges and such other city and county and
local officers whose election may be provid
ed for by general laws or by the charter of
the city and county of San Francisco, State of
The Republican County Committee of the
city and county of San Francisco. State of
California, the governing body of the Repub
lican party of the city and county and State
aforesaid, a political organization which at
ths last general election held on the Bth day
of November. 1004. in said city and county
and State atcresald, polled more than 3 per
cent of the. total vote in said city and county
and State aforesaid and in each political sub
division thereof, in meeting assembled on this
2St»i day of June. 1905, at the city and county
end State aforesaid, hereby adapts the fol
lowing call for, a Republican local convention
for the purpose of nominating candidates for
public office to be voted for in said city
and county and State aforesaid at the next
local election to b? held In said city and
county. State aforesaid, on the first Tuesday
after the tirst Monday of November next ensu-
InR:. viz: on Tuesday, November 7 1905 or
at any special election within the sams ter
ritory which may be called within two years
after the primary election Jo be held on Tues
day. August S. 1905. for the purpose of filling
any vacancy in any public office for which
said convention Is entitled to make nomina
tions. ' , #
On motion of John S. Partridge, the
chair appointed a committee of three to
draft the usual petition for a place on the
ballot, and to submit in proper form a
cali for a nominating convention. The
chair named Mr. Partridge, C. C. Morris
and- Leon Samuels as the committee.
After a recess of ten minutes the sub
committee . reported . the following call
providing for a convention of 399 dele
gates to meet on September 19, 1905. and
the full committee adopted it:
Resolved, That we place upon our records
tm 8 expression of our sorrow and feeble testi
mony to the memory of our departed friend
and leader, and that enshrined in the history
of our civic and political itruggle for better
government the name of Thomas Daniel Rior
aan shall be ever recalled with love and
gratitude as passing time shall more fully
estimate his worth. '\u25a0\u25a0 .
Resolved. That the Republican County Com
mittee of the city and county of San Fran
cisco, voicing the sentiment of all Republi
can voters, as well 86 of all citizens of this
community, deeply deplore the untimely tak
ing off of Thomas Daniel Rlordan In the full
ness oi his powers and the ripeness of his in
tellect, and at a time of life when the vista
before him was one of friendships, ' love and
honor. \u25a0 ' ..»-.-
less energy. A patriot who loved and wor
shiped the American flag, who firmly, and
"tanchly believed that it was ever safe under
the guiding principles of the great Republi
can party, Mas Thomas Daniel Hiordan. Many
yearn will pass before the Republican party
can replace this indefatigable worker and un
selfish Uader both in local and .State affairs,
liis achievements make his memory imper
ishable, and it is the universal conviction
among all citizens that not only has the city
an <J county of San Francisco but the State
or California sustained, an loss by
the demise of its distinguished citizen, Thomas
Daniel Riordan. Therefore, be it
.C. D. Staples, former policeman, testi
fied for the defense, to having arrested
Wilson V Gray, father of Mrs. Adams'
child, for disturbing the peace and said
that when he searched' Gray he found
an unloaded revolver in his pocket. "/' He
later found several cartridges on the
mantel shelf in the house occupied by,
Gray and the defendant. It was then
the defendant was called. She testified
that Gray had threatened to blow her
brains out and just before the ' police
arrived she had taken the cartridges
out of the revolver and placed them on
the mantel shelf. Sergeant J.T. Dono
van' also testified to having seen the
furniture in the house of the defendant
and Gray broken up. j
Several character witnesses were
called and they all testified that the
defendant was kind to the boy. John
H. Tyrrell, a brother of the defendant,
testified that he was in the house on
the night of March 12 and the defend
ant was there all the. time till he went
to bed at 9:30 o'clock. She never wore
a cape of the kind described by Herlihy
and Cox, he said,, and other relatives
testified to the same effect.
The defense will make the most ; of
the discrepancy, 'for it wishes to show
that it was not Mrs. Adams who bought
theacid. If it can do so the charge
that sho forced her- two-year-old boy
to drink the poison and thus caused
his death on -March 13. 1899. will be
materially weakened.
The prosecution rested Its case with
Cox's testimony and Mrs. Adams was
called to the stand for a few minutes
by Judge Dibble to corroborate a state
ment made by one of the witnesses.
To-day she will give her entire version
of the boy's death. : ";/'
Oliver Thomas Cox, a gripman on the
Geary-street road, yesterday ; corrobor
ated the testimony of Police Corporal
Herllhy, who said. he saw ' Mrs." Minnie
Adams come from a drug store at
Devisadero and Geary.- streets on .the
night of March 12, 1899, and board a
Geary-street car. Cox's testimony
placed the time of her boarding the car
at about seventeen minutes later than
the time mentioned by Herlihy, v/ho
said he reached the corner at exactly
8:35, saw the woman come from the
store, tear the label off a bottle of car
bolic acid she had purchased and then
get on the car. all this taking from
four to ten minutes. Cox says his car
left Kearny street at 8:48 and that the
running time to Devisadero street was
fourteen minutes.
Minnie Adams' Lawyers Try
ing to Trove That She Did
Not Purchase Death Agent
His Scheme to Organize District Clubs in
; Opposition to League Is Defeated,
Republican Call Is Issued for Delegates to
'•• ; . ' Assemble and Nominate Candidates.
•\e\ \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 '
Vote of Presidential Election of 1904 Is Taken
as Basis of Representation.
TONOPAH. Xev., June 28.— Fire in
the Lothrop-Davls warehouse at Center.
City this morning caused a loss of
$7000. The corrugated Iron roof on the
building and the prompt action of the
hose companies, coupled, with good
water pressure, saved the business sec
tion from destruction. -
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avoid unnecessary labor and annoyance is not*
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