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Famous Beinsman Will 'Send
Kinney. ; Lou After . the
Mark Made by Cresceus
Horse Bred by A. B.Spreck
els at Aptos Stock Farm Is
Tear's Fastest New Pacer]
\u25a0 • -\u25a0\u25a0;« ".:. ' o .• I
Budd Doble believes his stallion Kin' i
ney Lou, 2K)7\, is equal to the task of
trotting a mile faster than the one in
2:02',i trotted by Cresceus at Columbus.
Ohio. August 2. 1901. and" has decided ,to
prepare the son of MeKlnnt>y to make
the effort next year. He has ° already
commenced giving: Kinney Lou slow work,
which will be continued with occasional
biushes during the fall and early 0 winter.
By March nbxt he will have him ready,
to begin giving him regular work. Ivln
ney Lou has all his spe< d. A week ago
Mr. Doble let him step 'an eighth of a.
mile in la.A seconds, a 2:04 xllp. "Kinney
Lou is such a perfectly galted horse that
the reduction *of his present record is
only a question of having him in condi
tion when the trial is made. As he. se
cured * his mark in a hard fought racVl
it is within reason to expect him lo knock j
several seconds from it in a trial against
time. Should Mr.' Doble succeed in driv
ing him a mile in better than two min
utes, the' trotting .stallion record would,
again come back to a "California bred'
horse. Thee record for mares, and for
all trotters for that matter, is held by
Lou Dillon, l:s#-i. The record for trot- o
ting geldings .(I:j9 s i> Is at ta the"
credit of Major Delmar, whose sire .was,
bred in California at 'Palo Alto Farm.
Santa Rosa ,has been selected as the
•place to hold the August meeting of
the Trotting Horse Breeders' Association,
and the 16th, 17th. 18th and 19th of
that month have been fixed" as the dates.
This will.be the regular annual fall meet
ing oorf r this organization, at f which the
three and two year old divisions "Sf the
Pacific Breeders' Futurity Stakes are to
be trotted and paced. The $2030 stake
for 2:24 class trotters and the $1500 stake
for $2:20 class" pacers Will also be features
of this meeting. o • « .
The firsf meeting of the California cir
cuit will open at Los Angeles' next Mon
day. Everything points c to a successful
meeting, and it is more than probable
several 'State records will be broken.
o Harold D. the California pacer that has
been, making such, a good showing at
Denver, where he has. "won two races and
has been second "in another out of three
starts, now. holds a record of 2:ll*t, an.d
is' the fastest new pacer of the year^ He
never started In a race°BntiLhe reached
' Denver. \ Harold D was bred o by. A. B.
Spreckels' at Aptos Stock Farm and is
by the dead' sire Dexter Prince, his dam
Sunrise Second by Gossiper. He is ex
pected to set a mark of 2:07 or better be
fore the year is over. » ' °". ,
Secretary JVaiter J. Snyder of the De- 1
troit Driving Club/by^arranglng" the pro
gramme for. the c Blue RibDort meeting
week of July 24-2S,on the three heat plan,
has solved dhe -problem ot equalizing the
Northern and Southern trained .Horses.
The three heat, plan removes .all possi
bility of a long drawn out such
as are frequent— and which usualjy "re- !
suits In one or .more of the contestants,, ;
being put out of raciog commission for
a while, if indeed not for an entire' sea
son. When a horse starts *in one of
these races he need be ready for but
three beats. Should he, however, be just
a little short of work and annex two
heat?, he has won the larger amount of
the purse, and also the pool tickets are
his. The advantage the Southern train
ed horse had over the Northern* trained*
one in years pant Ib' now history. It has ;
often occurred that the Northern " horse
was really the best, but lack of condition
caused his defeat after he had won "two
heats and a record. Under the plan now
at Detroit the advantage of condition Js
equalized. • .
Australia Is fast becoming a market for
the American trotter. Charles W.
Wright of Crwensboro, Ky.. left New
York on June 13 on the British steamer".
Breiz Huel with four high bred ones for/
a trip of 16,000 miles of ocean travel for
Melbourne, Australia. The four animals
are Countess Todd, three-year-old filly, by
Todd, 2:l4U:' Blondie Grattan, four-year
old filly, by Grattan, 2:13; Edna Patch,
five-year-old mare, by Dan Patch, 1:56,
anfl Beatrice Master, six-year-old mare.
by Quartermaster, 2:21^4. Mr. Wright is a
competent tutor, as he has driven to rec
ord the following: Baby Ruth ' 2:06*4.
Parker S 2:O6Vs. Will Kerr 2:O7Vi. Lord
Clinton 2:08«4. and Henry F 2:09»4. He will
instruct the far Southerners how to ' train
and race the American trotter.
JCew Ordiaaacc Open In k Golden ' Gate
Park to Automobile* Goes Into
Effect To-Day.
The ordinance governing the opera-;
tionof teotor vehicles in Golden Gate
Park goes into effect to-day. For the
assistance of the members of the Auto
mobile Club of California and for the
benefit of - motorists generally the ex
ecutive commfttee of the club has is
sued & convenient folder, containing a
map of Golden Gate Park from the Ba
ker-street entrance to the Pacific Ocean
and a verbatim copy of the Park Com
missioners* regulations governing /the
operation of motor vehicles in the peo
ple's pleasure ground.
The south driveway and part of the
Great Highway, may be used by
motorists from 6a.m. to 11, p. m.. with
a speed limit of - fifteen miles, are
marked in red. The drives which are
open from 6 a, m. to 6 p. m. are shown
in green, the speed limit on these being
eight miles per hour. That- portion' of
the main drive which Is open from 6
a. m. to 6 p.m.. except on Sundays and
holidays, is marked in the yellow color
of the Quarantine flag.' The road to
Strawberry. Hill, the music - stand;; the
observatory.: tWe speedway, the North
Ridge driveway, and the panhandle are
set apart for the exclusive use of
equestrians and drivers of light carf
rlagxs. m^wß
. Xo instruction- may, be given to; be?
ginners on any driveway in the park or
on" the Great Highway. Motorists must
be skilled in the operation of motor
vehicles and must wear, the State badge
on their outer clothing,, in , a conspicu
ous place on the right breast, while en
gaged in operating a car. ; When;* a
horee becomes restive at' the approach
of a motor car. the operator must bring
his car to a full stop. Mufflers must be
kept dosefl. ' / '" ' ' ', /,:.'\u25a0
When j a park , officer ; raises . his hand
or sounds ; three blasts of a : .police
whistle the motorist' must bring his car
to, a full: stop.; When; equestrians, car
riages or. / other / automobiles are b met
the - operator, l must 1 keep . his \ car as ; faf
awey, a*', possible. .Two*or'*more*^ auto
mobiles must " not travel ?* side • by.' side,'
except when one is passing the other,
The mountain trout streams^ will lure
many sportsmen from" their, city ;iiaunts #
over the Independence .Day. -hbliQay. The
time available 0 permits of aH the , big
streams being reached; hence a host of
anglers will be putting both their skill
and their luck to the Jest" for the 'next;
few days. , »
Colonel C. G. Young, of the Fly Casting
Club, goes to". Boca early in the week for
the excellent fishing the- Truckee. affords
in .that vicinity. • \u0084 ,; / \u25a0 .*
Arthur Baxter; left for. Rogue River.
Oregon,: on -.Tuesday, where he_ expects
some great sport.
As an indication of the. variety .of .fish
in Ballards _Lake, .near :; Olivet, Lew
Ohieyer is credited with having taken; r« T
cently trout, carp,; catfish; /,'hardmouth,'*
black bass.* chub and shiners, all in "one;
day's catch. Some , of. these are" hardly
edible owing; to : the quantity of - bones in
them. • ' \u25a0 \u25a0;"/"-: '.
Jack Samml Is at Ballards Lake. The
fishing/ has ;' improved steadily 'since vine
moon began to wane. The blackbass are
taking the bucktail, fly,/ with white! wings
and red: body. There Is good bass fishing
in the Russian River near Guerneville
and also at Montrlo. " Louis .'Boutelllcr
and others are at ' the latter place. ;\J-
George Wcntworth and ; .Joe " Pincus
fished the White River, pool : ; at ; "Point
Reyes last Sunday with -. fair, luck:
Jeff Wells arid J.-j Fountain -are at the
Doctor's;' three miles . above . Boca/ where
the best fishing is to"be had on the Truc
kee' River. "v- '\u25a0-'.'- \u25a0.'•:' V l ;*.-*- / ; *-'' -\u25a0'.-\u25a0 '!:\u25a0!
More than ' forty striped ; bass r _were.
taken ton bait, last Sunday. "Among; the
well <known anglers who "were! successful
were Doc Watt. L. Daverkosen,,:' Charles
Breidenstein, ' Jltn Turner. Bill Turner,
Bert Spring and Joe Uri. ..;',: .
Up at San Pablo Joe Meyer took ; twelve'
striped bass '; on; Wedne sday, while* Moller,"
the boatman,'; took ; 19.-/ ' .;r-.> •/,/ \u25a0 -_
I Not ; Ready . to . Announce ' Promotion*.
I -It'hadbeen_expected that .Chief ;Dln
an would- .-announce'-* yesterday. ",the
n"ames of , the' slxi special duty/ men .who
are *to be . promoted' to ; the ; rank of -\u25a0 de£
tective : sergeant "at" slso "per} month* as
the fiscal: yeaT~ begins tbr.day. *> Butjthe
Chief explained "that \u25a0he (had .been -.too
busy; and it; might ibe'amontht'yetber
fore he 'took definite action, .;.:,/ .
It is believed .that Steve V.^Bunner.
Charles • H. 7 Taylor. ." James '; Regan/and
Harry' p.*- Bralg ;will " : shortly/ draw,' the
Increased ' pay;* but | there -'is* a wide 'dif
versity"*of opinion 'asi to. the other two.
Sergeant 12 Tobln. ..who has
charge ~~ytt .the ; prison,'' may be promoted
to the*" rank of : lieutenant /, . .-, *V : ;'
and .. then ;'only * for." such : , time as *is re
quired to"; pass: safely. ';NoJ motor ve
hicle! which "?does"" not /conform? to the
provision s^ of 'the il egislative/act* regu'r
latlng,£the^ operation", of ."automobiles ion 1
the] public ;. highways \wlll? be? permitted l
to - enter the » park ". 0r.'... txse*": the » Great
Highway. ; :
* - \ THE; S^'vl^l^iscjq -CaLL^SATC
Over; in "Marin. County athletic youths will strugglejto-dayjfor supremacy in tcanis. Ow
" ing tb.theV absence of' Char^ the .tournament
* • will succeed to the title which proclaims him the most expert player in the State. • , \u25a0%\u25a0
••\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0* : . \u25a0 - -\u25a0—\u25a0\u25a0: : ;.-v 1 -^ - "\u25a0'\u25a0;\u25a0'. . . \u25a0
Leashmen are, enthusiasiic "over . T.he
shotviiig. being made r on; the, field "'by this
season's grey.hounds." \u25a0 It proves - tho bfeed
is* Improving lanil-this condition -.will . alao
te'nd'/tp • perpetuate i\ \ the*-.' sport./ ' Young,
dqgs are being started each >, week ' for" ex
perience and"areZ showing -speed "and r all
the \ qualities which -go .' to" make, up \u25a0 the:
successful courser.. , ~ ' .. / . . -
T. J.- Cronin; : the vete:an follower. of the
game, -.who/ for ;th|rty/ycars. has always;
had • one or more 'stake .v/inners /in ..-his,
string." is v/eil represented /th-is* year/ by
Tralee's Best. This is" by. Wild Tralee-
Falr . Lily,* and rankrf .with the most pronW
isirig. Among/ Mr.'.'- Cionln's:' great'* doss'
have been v Skyball '-, Magnet. Wild* Tralee,
FairATraleei" Vandal • and .'Tralee/ Boy./:'
/.Fiery/Rock and Fiery Cross: by ' Rocke
r : Face are / also ~\ perf ormi*g V ' up'^to ;
their r breeding.; .- ; v; ; -Jv '\u25a0:/
"Lady Athlete 'and: the Roman by„;Ro
man "Athlete-Fiery ./Face . are. doing, all
that • is ". ask/d .of them. ?..': They 1 1 ace ; d 1-^
rectly back . to ' Emm; Pa.sha,\which ! . is? the*
sire" of Roman r Athlete;'-? Black Lady: and
Salipas ) Girl 5 also" have ; the i Etinln -* Pasha
blood; in^ their; veins,": as"; their . sire, y Black
Coon,' ; is :by(Emin- Pasha.",' ' •'\u25a0-'.-/ ' : :•. \u25a0 '. .;
'.-; Wild H. Mamie Is -expected "to prove .an
old-time/ stayer, las she : runs all--v dayj
with /flre"and'jlash: •" /-/\u25a0 \u25a0../'//- ;-, '•*-;; " /^
, Two ; . weU-bajanced I stakes will be ; de
cided ' 10-mbf rowjat . Unipn Coursing Park, \u25a0
eighty - trials In fall Ibelng /decided. • *
' The \u25a0 likely '.winners: •"•-:• ;.
. Claa3 reserve—^Silver: Heels, ;"\u25a0 Portions'.Gam
bit. ': Sea : L.!on," •. La; Rosa, "; Lord > Brazen,":.. Fair
Flying,': Friendless^ Boy,'? The s ßeferee,;: Aeolus,
• I'anoche," Tralce'» j Beat, - Pasha • Pleasant.^ I^ost
Chord, : r Choo \u25a0? Choo.v- Pr^gldlo >Boy,"j Amandan,*
Sampler, ..Gold* Chain, - ; Renegade . Apache.'S .~ •;.,
*\u25a0 Reserve staker^-Presto. A. Luxury, "- Muggsy,^
Sunnybrook.; Texas i Jil!,'\Vlna.'*D.R. i Lord s Sef- :
ton, 3-' lone -'HSll.'M lntruder, ; Race > King,.' .J H R,
Northern -Filer,- Palo 'Alto, ".Fiery .*Uock,"v Happy.
Lad,' j; Lady " Athlet e. .Colored ; Lady.TAngus ' Cls-
Busjvrd Ixiretta .*.'."' ;;:'..;'.;.;. ''\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0'.'. -..
: - The; meeting at jlnglesldej Ingleslde Park will [ cx^
tend '^ over.C two f 5 days" this : week, '. -.three",
stakes up jfor t , 'decision j to-day and
to-morrow. r The : likely.]!. winners: \u25a0./''/ ""\u25a0'-\u25a0-.
j" Open staite— Odd ' Eyes, Magic Stuff, LaWr-'
Ing . Boy A MJss i ROcklln, * Hazet ; B.i Lady.; Fair
fax.\Wi!d;Belle,lMlgo Queen, Lady. Kel|>,?Fair-"
mount>- Lass.T- Hosay,*' Capital "« liady.t-Idlswlse/;
Reckless Rose, Little ; Mercy ,: Equator, , Haughty]
Helen,"' 1 Brilliancy," Fortuna 5 Dawn,'? Royal ' Splr-j
it.% Lampre;Ee!,rßlac"k5 Slty,» Midnight Sun, 1 ; Joe
Hill,*?! Fiery fi Mald.t, Peerless " Beauty,'* Queen's
Beauty.' Young s Mountain. Belle./- . »
\u25a0•'-* R°e«erve v v ; stake-^-CieneralO? Fremont, J/-. Golden'
Feather/iJ Prometheus,";? Miss <t5 Brumniel,,' Real
Pasba,tGalveston,lCrazjir Jane,-,; Youngs Tommyj
R." Slroc,^ Runaway"* Actress,!! Lulu ? Girl,; Shot-', 1
gmu: Fontenoy.'J.E'H,'". Free From'Flaw,-*Hld
den • Hatred .l \u25a0\u25a0*--\u25a0/\u25a0 r /. -\u25a0/'>- \u25a0 : >.?•\u25a0 " :/ ; " " ' ;•; •- :\u25a0';- >.'"- - _ ;i" • - - '.:
:••* Class «' -\u25a0* : stake— -Icellus,'-.- -:i Miss : - Domestic,''
Queen's Motto.vi For & Gold.;- Lancashire gj Lad,|
Medea, 1 : False ? Alarm,"? Doc i Burns, a Butte \ City.-;
Reckless'" Acrobat,-' Secretive,*^ lodine," Oonroy, i
Eagle Bird.' Homer , Boy ,\ Tom King.
/ KOTAMA ; ."bIBCHARGEb^ r K:/Koyama./a
Japanese. % who/ ; wu «. waiting:^ trial sin >t Judge
Dunne's | court ! on ' two | charges tof .if murderi and i
a • charge of I assault sto » murder,T»was t Released
from I custody i yesterdayj by i order ; of i the i court,";
"Assistant^ District i Attorney ,s.Whitlngii admitted
that ) there was '-cot] sufficient ; evidence ' to | con
vict S the i defendant A aa % it % was \ apparent i 1 rom )
the : teetlmony ' of ; the at the I prelim
lnary examination that! he committed the deeds
in * §elf -defense. ' - ,
"Twenl^Six Attile||
..; Enter tHe Lfe||
' VvlirlUi:;:.; •
j 'The fifth anifual tennis tournament for
the men's fharapionship^of^the State: wills;
commence 1 to-day .* at San .-."Rafael. \ 'The •
t)ept twenty-six '• playe rs in the. bay ' coun- '.
lie? affixed 'their sisnaturcs to the entry I
list -and .the next, three Vhiys. wllh.be pro
ductive of. some interestins tennis, Drum
mond vMucGavin,- the; present champion,'
•will- not be here! to defend, his title, -which
.will go to the tournament winner.-
GariH wrqstcd the championship -from
Grant/S mith. ."last year. ' : Tly.i -latter '• tuc- |
c.t-eded , Geo.rge".' Whitney, ,; who held . sway.
{ for", two years. , •,'',\u25a0.-•".•;;'\u25a0*-..•..•• *'.. -,« ; "j
As "neither '/-Whitney, -Smith, nor Mac-
Gavin will participat(.',';a*ii£w ichampion
\u25a0will - be \u25a07devt;lo"ped. =- -;; Pt rcy ?. MurdocK r anU .
Carl; Gardner.' look* to^ be • the^ most: prom-*,
inent ; candiuatt s. : :; Murdock "is a veteran
'who: ; has • hejd-- sev'.rai •" minor, cnampioh-*.;
>hipj titles; 11^- won 'the ""tioubies 'enftm-'
i'pionshlp ' of : : Sout hern '/:• California* :, aboU t '-,'
iour "yv ai s \u25a0 ago • and; last - year* was * cliam- \u25a0
I pson':<jf • San \u25a0\u25a0 FrancliooTCottnty'^lle - his
I also held the" Aiameda- County .champion- .
1 sfilp.v; On -the ,'olher.'; hind; ; Gardhtr. has.'
j v."un I only,- one ; tournament ""s.nce/: he j took'
up the game several \ years", ago.- His tirSt '.
and {oniy.iA'Jctory came ;In I the^ San'; Fran-^
cisco championship ;tourriJrmGn ti held >it re'
last month. <; By doing this he leapeji-lnto ]
prominence/ with, a: single {bound. >;, Many,
figure .Murdock' was not his - best •. when'
he *; met i Gardner, ' while^i others :5 contend ;
'Gardner,:: wil) ;- again s takesMurdock'i*.lnto"-cainp.'"'r;MPlirducke 5 Murdock 'i*.Into"
cainp.'"'r;MPlirduck is *a; ? more' : showyi player?,
than •; Gardner;, and ,/ has a t; times I playe.d (\u25a0
higher^ clasi'j'tchnis ; tlian " the latter..,
Gardner^ ls;; extremely" steady : arid Is con
stantly;imprbyihg.£;x" .\u25a0/..././. .- •/; ; %-i-% -i-' a
.-'rMany ; . cf • : trie ' other ~i entrants are;;. very",
evenly, matched./ Most"pr6mineht;arc - FrVtl
Adams," George "\u25a0Jones,VHarry'[Roife, i ." Her- •
bc'rt '\u25a0 Schmidt,'/ \u25a0 Herbert 'yLbiig.-^ Dr.\ Bush '
and^'^ich",; Nicholson."^: The < last » named:
play< ri is \u25a0 an / old fllmer. and^ i f vhe -' plays ]
like/the/ game \u25a0 he juse'd i to \ Mur^*
I* dock "and i Gardner: will-- have/ 1 their 'hands •
full; beating, him. '" -"• / :;;^ -/ \u25a0"-_ \\ '-"^ *.;,V
'/... Fred v Adams \u25a0 is ; like.? Gard ner i In '; many ;
respects.; ;He 4 has been playingtfor/several;
yearjj.'^butvhasi been jglveninofconsldera-;
tion Vuritil ; the % last i month ?or'Z tv/6.l' He is
ytiot"; a f steady] player, but (at 'times '" plays:
tin , exoec dingly strong j game. \. : r; - > :: ;v; v %
George i Janes ?, is ~ : another .; young- player
whoTsiiould -not |b;^overlookcd ; in. figuring
out^a;; possible ''winner;; %^ . ; ' *;- ; ,5 v t:,
£i Another,-. "players who'i Is 1 ? likely jupsct
ca.lculationa Us j" Herbert T Schmldt.%j He > is
jn- splendid but":; is.; unreliable?
His] defeat .by|a* pbprj player^ or.' his] defeat
of . ! any]of j the btstiwould I not \ beTsurprls^
ing. - . . \u25a0.'. . . ' " ; . .- \u25a0
v^Harry^.RolfeV is/ playjrig;; better "tennis
than \u25a0': ever,,' before % and s can S be
, upon 111 1 q\u25a0 pi ayi a 3 good ft s teady'game. ; :,- ' /
\u25a0*/"fhe; good players] are" scattered;through
out ; three "I oorf r the I f ourjquartera. v jThe fonly!
rman \u25a0 the; tl rawing \ favors \ tojanyj extent j is
Gardhcr;/- He;dreWlnl the t top quarter] and
will have only ": Drolla \u25a0 and ; Nourse X s to
bcat;'/:-</.; :; /v; \u25a0:.\u25a0//>:-,..':'://;./.-\u25a0/. v:.. /\u25a0?/-./;\u25a0.
"Tr Murdock < drew jin -. Gardner! s , half;, but I in"
: the pother rquarterj he Jwlllj flrstshave r i to
! disposeXof|Pafr | arid \ will* tlren ';\ meet Uhe
*winnerlbf k Ctbe^chn3ldt}H.^l^ngrmatch.tf
olnltheTupP£Tj sectllnj of jthe|bottom^balf
Rolf e]and : v Dr,"| Bush
irseml-flnals.'^,Theliforurth|seml-flnal'|p'oBli r seml-flnals.'^,Theliforurth|seml-flnal'|p'o8l- >i '
tiom? lboksT to s be fi bet weerif Foley,^ JBusch
land "Nicholson. \u0084 . . ..,_.. r " V
*-"• — , ~ . * '*-'\u25a0 -\u25a0 - - - \u25a0 \u0084-'\u25a0•»\u25a0 \r — T,. \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0 , \u25a0 -----
, than ; that [ of ' carrying I off I the j honors:
• Plealizing; that; the "success of -a regatta
depend}? greatly- on? the ' •promptitude"; with*
wh!ch. tho ract 3 ;_are started, special ef
forfstwill:;be" ma°de,byvthe -offlciiils.Jn
charge "of the ' Fourth of 'July -regatta at
iLak* Morrittto Urins about thi3 desirable
•result:. The assistant clerks of : the cours«
j'.rn . Frank \u25a0 Shea ; and ; Frank ' Hunt,* who
.will Ditrol ;the lake ; : in \u25a0 outfigg'd \ skiffs
and'willhclp the cldrk of the course to
; perform: the duties cf his office in an til
ificlent* manner.' ' . \u25a0
; The^Oakland ..citizens"-;Fourlh/.of July
celebra tlori * committee"; has set aside $lt«jO
for. the afternoon and evening. programm»,
which ; consists "of, swimming .races, ,bcgin
niftgjat; l'p.'in./ en: the -lake: bicycle i and
. track \u25a0'events,'" beginning 'a t : 2 '\u25a0\u25a0 p.- m: ; ' the
boat - races/, the; first fof 2 which \u25a0 Is set down
f0r, 2:30 ; p. 1 - nY.,\anUa ; display of fireworks
on the'-lalie,'; beginning 'soon after S'p.Vm.
Tho \u25a0•'swimming - races. ': the bicycle and
track*. events." being .under, the- control;of
the ; Pacific -.Association/ of : the # Amateur
Athletic '*\u25a0 Union", r will i be . in ; charge " of^a
'dlsJinct-'Ect ." of-ofliclalsVand' can bo "on
simultaneouply - with the rowing ."- rac^s,"
.which are; under tho mauagenieru . of -tho
Pacific^ Association (of > Amateur Oars
rneii."j-;/: -;i;'. '\u25a0 -:/\u25a0'":'/ ..\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•'-. :._\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' .\u25a0*'"':' :' : \u25a0.'\u25a0-'\u25a0
1'i he South 15nd -Rowing .Club lias no ; en-^
tries/. either.'' ln :; the = single i tveiits or ' :: t he
bargti rccesfas ltpoise se? nl light racing
buat.s such<a3"those'o\viied by-otlier clul»m.
. liS \u25a0 representatives t would ' not " have; a 1 fair
chance : In'" old"" ' heavy^boats against :int n*
pullliiK .'the/ lightest , -craf th that can- be
.brought' withlnithc limitations -set by,- tho
/which '-\u25a0 remains f' iii> fores ;until'.the;new",as
.sociation 'shall ;have/ forrr.ulatcd . a .rule of
its 7 o wn.* :/,"• i^2^^^^e^^Ss^S^"SHßHßßi
; At' the, last meeting: of 'the delegates of
the . P-l A- .of A: ' O.^thare .'.was;' muchVdls-J
cuisslon' as' to vthej method .of .{determining
\u25a0 ( lhe/status!of an oarsman./ it 4 is,"' ho\vev ; er,'
clear that. <untilitheP.rA: of ?A:, Or estab-;
l'.shes;- rules, of ;. its ••/'own." regarding "^ the
standing,^ cf ' oarsmen, 1 - it must r'aolde l.by
\ thof classification"! already'^* existing :i or,; ; be
i ln ; i a? s tate'of j chaos.'. ' if i has. been", the "rule
' to'classif y jslnglejshell Imcn i Intwo" classes;
junior-.f outrigged skiff men; also
; as* ! seniors i and j Juniors ; \ the '["division
: lntoi senior," in terrnediate ': and I junbr.'^ob^
I talningsamong \u25a0> Bargemen 1- only. £m* *g single
shelliman oxfa' skiff man is a- JunlorJtill i he;
iwins^ajrace.'Jwhenf helbccomes\a«serii6rV
*Afmah j,wh9 •hassnever i ; been; In' a
• barge ! crew,;' is la '? junior ; ? one i who (.v?ins|a
'junior^ race/ Is7an i Intermediate.j'and "T one
i who iwins'ah^lnterraedlateXeventcbe comes
a senlqr.Yrßut v a"'sehi6r i barge:man'may.ibe
a ? junior X skiff : nianj q.rj'sihgleTshc llj man- if
•he-s has 'jnever^won (afisklff or Z shell trace;
ThcTstatus " of "aj barge man ; Is ' not [ a ff ec ted
: by/ his fperf grihances ;lri; shell ?pr] skiff ' and
r l vice*versa.W,Thiife;> A". V\V.^"Pape, of f 'the Dol£
of tAlbert ißlchdrd |Westphal,"ithe i rope- worker. 5
Lwho J' Jumped £ Into >i lalals ;\u25a0 Creekl and 2 drowned
( himself last S night, -^ was g recovered
iftarly; 4 yesterday "morning I; and taken -to :• the
:, Many/of 'the yachtsmen of San Fran
cis to and 'vicinity will take" advantage of
the holidays to>njoy. a long cruise.- Sev
«ral)vessels" of the ' San Francisco Yacht
Club's fleet, will sail to Napa City, start
. ing from tlie|r moorings at Sausallto
«ither on the morning's tide, which flood 3
at Fort Point until'll:*? o'clock, or oq the
h evening's tide, which turns from the ebb
at 4:M o'clock .at Fort , Point, they will
: rtach Vallejo this afternoon . or \u25a0 to-night
! ami- will drop anchor, there. Commodore
W. G. Morrow will crulseto Mare Island
Straits in his, sioop Challenger and will
leave her.; at -anchor -off the f Quarters of
I the' Vallejo , Yachting and Rowing Club,
! proceeding up the '\u25a0\u25a0 Napa Creek In , the
launch Rob Roy, which has been char
tered for-the -occasion from M. Langs,
her, owner. To-morrow morning, at 1')
u'ekick, captains of 'the \u25a0 yachts .will as
. seinble •": on . ; the • flagship to arrange the
details of. the '" rest » of the cruise. On
Monday the fleet will.be towed down from
Napa \u25a0 City by the •: launch and will -drop
anchor again at Vallejo. v On the Fourth
the'» fleet \u25a0 will return to Sausalito." "
The Corinthian fleet will start on^a*lon^
xfulse 'to-day, "proceeding -up to Army
Point, -where anchor ..will be dropped -to
night, thence: through Three-Mile Slough,
making sVallejo on \u25a0 the .evening ~of the 3d
inst., and \ mooring: In Tiburon Cove on
the" Fourth. Commodore T: Jennings will
have'fon the flagship Speedwell F. E.
Schober.lT." J- Kavanagh and; others; on
Vice .Commodore ?J. t. /Brlckell's sloop
Genesta 'will; be" the owner. \u25a0 P.I Lamb.
Stewart Middlcmas,: Harry- Cosgflff and
» A.. Mr Stringer. 'The cruise will be taken
by \u25a0; the* sloops Aeolus, ;\u25a0 Emma, Edna,
Prrsto and other yachts.
; Tho . California Yacht Club cruises _ to
Army. Point? to-night 'and ' to-morrow ; the
fleet. will sail through" Montezuma Slough.
On the v 3d /tnst. ; the rendezvous ;_wlll;-be
at .Vallejo'and on the Fourth the pleasure
eraf t wllf return . to moorings In" Oakland
Creek. !\u25a0' There will, be a large fleet of
yachts -i ln i Mare; Island Straits , on V, the
night ; of . the . 3d, a3 se V€ ral *• represehta
'tives of ;cach"of the ; three clubs will lie
at anchor. <\u25a0 "*"*'
' The", members ; of -: the '- South \ Bay Yacht
Club will * ho!d ' a "•' race ' to-morrow > for the
Sonnlkson-Cup for the j start
taking.' p!ace at 2 . p. ' m. ~ On the 9th inst.
thcyiwill havea' handicap race tor power
boats. '-.%' \u25a0'.' /;\u25a0•-;"'•" \u25a0 '
.; ..The-": Oakland. Canoe Club will : hold ; a
"smokevf < this evening, at Its quarters on
Sessions ; Basin. 1 Oakland Creek. '[\u25a0' On the
Fourth 'there 'will be "open, house" and
airace for. the Holiday cup/ ..
;K puringflthe past ; week or .; two the yawl
Tramontana; has-been 'Undergoing a ; gen-^
oral /overhauling: .it ;\u25a0 Is expected she \u25a0will
bo * ready : - to-morrow ": for =' the .first \u25a0 crui3e
of tho .season. . . : "
The reunion of, the Corinthian and ; Fam
ily, clubs at^Paradlse;.Cove last " Sunday,
was j enjoyed greatly, '. both i by '\u25a0 hosts
and the ' suests.;. The : baseball game wa3
declaredloff TonTaccountjofthe severe ac
rcldeht v that \ befell Dr r '- McMann, who
\u25a0wrenched" -his badly. ; Luckily ,- two
phys!c!an3;and ,an /abundant "supply -of
surgeon's | tape (supplied iby* Sydney,' Cayill
: "of ithe^ Olympic J Club.* skipper, of the i sloop
;Mlst)^were *' at .'hand i and 1 the? Hmb : was
bandaged 7- securely." McMann -was - then
\u25a0lald^bn-'a 'table fand- carried on * board the
yacht ?\u25a0 Fredar" The \u25a0 beans"*, and
other" refreshments; provided byyPort.Cap^
f tain;' John ir!.VKeefe'wefe r as excellent > as
Nistinl;fi • J Af terj luncheon_ : *• the ." organ . - was
"placerVJ.under. T the 'trees ,'some fine
' songsiwere*. rendered. \u25a0; On the i return . trip
\u25a0 the:> sloops % Speed well. < Nixie .and " Presto
had'aibrush^in which the flagship showed
Ito'-ladvantage. \ "
Wine AnHoelnt lon Will I vtite Bonds.
Tfie'iX'alif oriila, \V'ine Apsocfatioii will
vo t e~6n" atp f oritjjs 1 1 1 on . t o i ,ss u e . fl r s t mort f
\u25a0gVilKe.'t^o^4'>. DO Pi^ s-.s -.i t ' o /^v l 'h6.\"a.mbunt^'oC
$2.ooo;ooo,itol>t sfcirrd by all th"c prop
erty/ of \u25a0"tho/assoHatioii.'" 'A ..meeting e to
co"hsldor^thie:n»aitfcr i %vlll'bVheld in Jfer
\u25a0culcs^ContrirjCostiaklCdunty, loh^Auirust
; 2 * AlTh Is [does J not | meaVi' an i i ncreaseJoS
of itaeVfinances'" upon. a' permanent basis.
Many Take Part in Opening
Round for Handsome Cup
Given by Mrs. Crocker
Keen Competition Expected
To-Day on the Course of
Burlingame Country Club
__. .
Play begins at 19 o'clock this morning
on the links of the Burlingame Country
Club in the ladles' golf tournament, for
the cup presented by* Mrs. "Willian> - H."
Crocker.^ The semi-final matches will be
played on Monday, the 3d jnst., and the
final ; match on Tuesday the Fourth. "The
name of the winner and the date of- th«
tournament will be engraved on the cup.
which will become the property of th«
lady who first succeeds In achieving two
victories at the 4 tournaments to be held
each year during: the day
Golf among the ladies of San Francisco
and\the neighborhood, thanks almost
wholly to the enthusiasm created by the
tournaments of the California \Yor4an
Golfers* Association, has revived so vlg
orously that a large number of entries
and a keen contest may be expected.
The competition is open to any woman
member of a golf club in the United*
States. . •
So mans* of the members of, the San
Francisco Golf and Country Club will ba
playing on the Burlingame Country Club
links in the men's handicap tournament
for the C.-W*. Clark Cup on the Fourth
that no scheduled contest will be held on
the Eresidlo links, though an impromptu
handicap may be played \f a" 'sufficient
number of* members is. present. W&
The third handicap tournament of the
California Woman Golfers' Association
held at San Rafael oft Wednesday was
highly successful. Mrs. R. G. Brown,
who won the silver medal of the C- W.
G. A. and a cup presented by the ladies
of the San Rafael Golf. Club, was the
only; scratch player. Miss Chesebrough>
receiving 4 strokes. Mrs. J. R. Clark .5,"
Mrs. L. I. "Scott 6. Miss Ives 7 and. Miss
A. Hoffman 7. and the rest .of the players
greater handicaps.- Mrs. Brown .and
Mrs. Clark tied with 3 up and In the
play-off Mrs. Brown w"on. Mrs. Brown's
medal score was 47. 49, total . 96. ' tho.
ladles* bogey for the nine holes being 51.
Mrs. Clark'* medal score was 50. 53. total
103,'0r only one stroke worse than bogey.
The new Presidio Golf Club has effected
organization. Bernard Fayinorfvllle be
ing temporary president and F. Kellam
temporary secretary. . . "
'seaslders Will Play Asaln.it Alameda .
Tram To- .Morrow and Asain.it Pa- -
elfir .Men on Tuesday.
\u25a0xJt was -"expected that- four : cricket,
matches, ; threa for the 1905 championship
of the ' California; Cricket Association and
one an unscheduled game, would be play-"
td during the Independence .day - vaca-,
tton. It now seems : certain .that -only
two: will be played. . The proposed game,
between -the Pacific eleven and a* Marin
County team captained by George Hell
man has fallen through, it having been
found impossible to get" together a team
to ' represent Marin County. • * f
Of the three matches to be played at
Santa "Cruz the one set down for,to-day°
against tne San Francisco County Club
team will not take place -at this time. ,
as 'Harold B." Richardson, tne San Fran- # * :
Cisco captain, has not been able to gather
eleven members of Jais club who ' can
make the * journey to* Santa Cruz on a
week day.
It is. however, probable that arrange- 4
ments will be made to play the match on J
some open Sunday later in the season. '
The . Alameda eleven will play its
scheduled match to-morrow against the
Santa . Cruz eleven at Santa- Cruz. The
team will be captained by G; ' Harold •
Ward, its members being _ selected from
the following: F. J. Croll, S. M. FosteT,
G. I. Baugh. L. H. Wheatley. H- Bird. °
B. Bird. J. H. Saunders, F. A.-Stahl. C.
W. Irish.' V. Seebeck, J. Booth and H. W.
Brown. \* After the match some of the
visitors will remain at the- seaside town
until " the afternoon or evening of the
Fourth. ' \u25a0 , . ' . . \u25a0 5 ,
There will be no match, at Santa Crua
on Monday, the 3d instant, t»at_ on ttoa'
FourtlTthe scheduled match between the>
Pacific Cricket Club and the Santa Crua
team will^take place." The members of
the Pacific "eleven will reach their desti
nation' at various t»mes and in .'.various •
ways. C. P. Coles and L. Richards will,
proceed by train to Redwood City an*
thence will walk to Santa Cruz by way
of the coast road.' They started .at 7
o'clock this morning. E. H. Wllkes and
D.'^B. Jamleson will go down ; to-morrow,
and the Test of the team, on Monday. The
team.wiirbe picked from the following:
E. H . M. Lannowe (captain), E. H. .
W'lkesl'W. Petherick; A. W." Wilding. H.
R. Elliott. D. R Jamleson, Dr. O. N. Tay
lor/Charles B. HUI..J. J. Theobald. Nor
man Logan, C. \u25a0P. Coles and V. Sollom.
Bookmnken Held (or Trial.
ST. LOUIS, June 30— Eight men ar
rested - - last ' Saturday : at . Del mar race
track on ' charges of violating the anti
pool selling? law waived preliminary ex
amination ana .were bound over for
trial in the Circuit Court at Clayton on
September 13. Results of to-day**
races: * t
"First -race five frlongs— KUU won. Petet-
Nathaniel second. Floral Artist , third. Tims.
Second race/ six • fur'onss^ — Ed Early won,.
Kenton ' second." Joha Randolph third. Tim*.
1:15. y ;- . / J \u25a0 '1.
*\u25a0- Third race, one . mile and seventy 7*ri*-T
A the! rose »*m. '• Light - Opera second. Taan*
Heaven third. Time. 1 : IS.
Fourth' race, si* furlonx»— Matador won.
Lucullus second. 1 . Mayor Johnson third. ' Time.
; ' Fifth race', one mile— Footlights won, til
ret ta second. Brav«ry third.- : Time. I:*s.
: Sixth race, seven furlongs—^Tom Kltey won.
Broodier second. .' Gene Handlon third. Time.
1:34 i-s.
Joe Leaser Beata Spencer lna.
• . MEMPHis. June 3a— ilontsomery Park rac-
Inc results: ..-.'. „. -..«_\u25a0 ~ ' i '
First ; race." four • and :a ' halt . rurlonjs — lna
Gray \u25a0\u25a0 won, . Be*a Charley second. Bitter Hand
third. Time. :3^%. . _<\u25a0"
: Second race.', seven if urlongs— Echodale .won.
\u25a0 Ed" Sheridan second, Bonnie ;> Priac« Charlie
thirds Time.; I:2J"H.
?\u25a0 Third -. race. * five and . a .halt, furlongs — Dr.
Gcrdner.i ; won. Wes • second, . Watchful * third.
s" Fourth race, one , and a quarter, miles— Joe
Lesser won," Spencerlan second, "Andrew Mack
third. Tune,. 2:os. :
-Filth i race, stx ' furlongs — Dargin • won. Mor
della s9cond.""An"sta : thifv*. Time. 1 :15 U.
' *'Slxth race one mile — Yada :won.~ W. \u25a0 B.
Gates second, . Mable Slmma Tims,
IU3U-.' '"/-. / -:\u25a0. '"|" | \u25a0 \u25a0"' :\ '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0",:. ,
E>eputy .Treaauror Perkins began - the work ' of
redeeming -\ th<» flrst • series of • municipal bonda
aggresratinic $4a».00«>. ;. which • became . due yes
terday. i.The snm of $3C0.0U0 was paid to \u25a0wirl
ous holders -of the bonds, ; which \u25a0 also Included
a. -5 portion .: of ?. $75,000 due aa int«rest on , th»
portion- ot the .bond *; issue ; which : h'aa already
been sold.

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