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i For'."C«st . nviiu at Kan Francisco for j
! thirty hours ending midnight July t): >
Pan Francisco and vicinity — Fair
Thursday; cooler in the afternoon and
nislit; Usht north winds, changing to
j brisk westerly.
District Forecaster.
Miss Alice Roosevelt Rides Through the PM
Scores Injured by
Great Storm
in Texas.
Farm Houses* Swept
Away and Buildings
in Towns Wrecked.
Thunder and Lightning Add
to the Horror of
the Gale.
* FORT WORTH. Tex., July 5.— A tor
nado, which struck Texas in the upper
edge of Montague County, coming from
tlie northeast and swinging far to the
eoutheast this afternoon, caused the
loss, it is believed, of sixty lives, in
jured v. large number of people and did
untold damage to growing crops and
Fortunately the tornado missed the
small towns in the section through
\u25a0which it swept, but It zigzagged in
such a. way as to take in the homes of
many farmers and stock raisers in the
-•"oijpn. - , - ....... - „--.-
At JJigksboro fue force of -the * wind
was terrlnc. -"The Baptist church and"
twenty other buildings were blown off
taeir foundations and a number of
buildings totally destroyed.
Mrs. Travis Calhoun was seriously in
jured. Travis Calhoun. Mrs. Thomas
Horton and Henry Wesser and family
were also injured.
At Montague no lives were lost in the
town, but in the country great loss of
life is reported. The wires are down in
all directions and It Is difficult to get
particulars. Ten persons are known to
be dead In the neighborhood of Mon
tague. Most of the killed lived on Salt
Creek, along which the tornado swept
with special force.
At Nocona the tornado passed a few
miles to the south, where •it killed four
teen persons. A reliable man at Nocona,
who has been over the scene, saya that
reports were being received of the dead
when he left there and he places the
loss of life at sixty.
Owing to the widely separated homes
and the fact that in many instances whole
families were wiped out details and
names are difficult to secure.
NACONA, Tex., July 5.— A tornado
end thunderstorm passed a few miles
•west and south of here this afternoon,
killing fourteen persons and injuring
many others and destroying a number of
bouses. The latest reports from the
t-torcn-swept district give the following
The dead:
cf R. G. Shackleford.
MRS. S. L. TUiILENSON and three
children. -
MR& MARY LESTER and four chil
FRANK AIKEN, killed by lightning. \u25a0.
The injured: James Simpson; Miss
Alice Simpson; Moore, arm broken;
Hobbs, fatally; C. R. Christian and
family; J. H. Steward and family; C. H.
Williams, *le* broken; Miss Nannie Aus
tin, seriously: J. J. Woodson; Ftank
Woodeon, seriously; Mrs. Jesse; R. G.
Ehackleford and wife; C. S. Shackle
ford, injured t about head. Four of ' the
Ehackleford* children also received seri
ous injuries. ?A child of Mrs. Mary Les
ter Is believed to be fatally Injured:
Many faraifcouees were swept entirely
away. The: .Baptist and Methodist
churches vat Belcher were much dam
aged. The Methodist church at Mon
tague Is rf ported - to have been wrecked
and the' courthouse , damaged. Other
churches were also \u25a0 damaged. The Dixie
school house, six miles south, of here,
was ijlo-.vn away.
\u2666Reports of the work of the tornado are
Bti!l coming in. The number of killed
and Injured probably will reach sixty.
MONTAGUE, Texas, July s.— Ten
people were killed by a tornado, which
passed over this section. to-day. The
MISS fc.vDIE EARL, daughter of A.
P. Earl.
BURKE EARL, his son.
Baby of Lawrence Pillow.
Tomlinson family, consisting of hus
band, wife and four children.
CLAtBORNE WHITE, 45 years old..
J. F. Clark's drug store. D. Y. Lunn's
grocery and the offices of the . old bank
building:, occupied byG.L. AJcorn, a real
estate agent, the store of the Rowe Hard
ware Company and iifteen dwellings were
The tornado, lasted about thirty min
utes. Hundreds of head of stock in this
vicinity were killed outright by -the wind.
Boy In : Crljiplort for life
WHITTIER. July s.— Vernon Gallo
way,'aged 16 years, had. his right<arm
cut S off -at the elbow ' this : afternoon
while operating a" power wringer at -a
steam laundry.
The San Francisco Call.
Won to This Gity
by a FloraL
Next National Session
Will Be Held in
San Francisco, »
Golden Emblems of the State
Are Distributed Among
Special IMspatch to Th« . Call.
ASBURV PARK, X. J., July 5. San
Francisco wins the honor of entertnln
lukt the "schoolntariuV* inrtJ occasional
\u25a0cholmasters next year. Her delegates
came like Hie Greeks, brnrlns kIKs,
such as tlie Golden Gate knows hovr to
offer, and the trustees irer« overcome.
The claims of Chicago, Atlanta, St.
Louis, Denver and Minneapolis were
The. chairman of the California dele
gation,. Professor "Alexander '.Holmes
McQanald, . offered everything- the com
mittee demanded .and anything:; else It
could- think^uif.bttwlxt; this-, andinext
June/" He <-brought 'along «"a? carload' of
gorgeous silken yeilow > poppies,. the
State's , floral i emblem, which -Mrs/iMc-
Donald pinned. upon the, breasts of all
the women and stuck In the coats of
all the men. There are apparent to the
eye no delegates save those from the
Occident, a master stroke of diplomacy.
While these floral seductions were be-
In? resorted to. Professor W. H. Lang
don. City Superintendent of Schools of
San Francisco, concluded his heavy ar
guments and California won.
Electioneering was resumed v to-day.
"When Dr. Thompson,, president of the
University of Ohio, arrived In Ashbury
Park this morning he read in the news
papers that Professor Charles D. Mclvbr
of Greensborough,'N..a, had him beaten
for president of the association. He
straightway withdrew from the race, but
requested all his friends to support
Nathan' C. Shaefer of Harrlsburg, Pa,,
the vice president of the national council.
Tuesday at midnight Professor Mclvor
had pledged a, majority, of the directors.
Nothing daunted, the friends of Thomp
son and Shaefer set to work this morning
to undermine Mclvor and for a time it
looked sultry for the South, which for
twenty years has not been honored by the
presidency of the association. As night
drew on, the Mclvor forces announced
confidently that their man had retained
substantially his majority. .*
Never within the history of the associ
ation has practical politics played so
prominent a part as at this convention.
It is the West against the South. The
North and East are out of the running.
Uy many the fact that San Francisco
won the next convention is regarded as
an additional " reason' for Professor Mc-
Ivor's victory. Professor James .W.
Crabtree of Peru, Neb., declined this
afternoon to accept the treasureshlp for
another term and Dr.. John N. Wilkin
son of Emporla, Karis., was slated for
his place. The re-election of Professor
R. Irwln Shepard of Wlnona, Minn., to
the secretaryship Is assured, there being
no competitor - for the office.
Dowager Queen of x Italy
Hastens Preparations^ or
Her Journey. ,
Special Cabl*' to The Call and New York Her
ald. Copyright," 1905, by the New Tork Her
ald Publlslilnr Company.,
ROME, July -s.— The Dowager /Queen,
Uargherita, is hastening the preparations
for her journey to Japan. -This i ls;inter
preted as meaning^ that official news has
been received ', In ; high quarters that - the
conclusion of . peace Is \u25a0 near.
The Queen, who is an expert' chauffeur,^
Intends to spend several months in Japan
In an /automobile tour and then go -to
San " Francisco, cross the'Amerlcan con
tinent and return ; to Rome 7by way. ' of
New York and Genoa.
Engineer and Fireman Jump
From Caboose and Both
Are Injured;
MODESTO, July,/ 5.— A /northbound!
freig-ht train this evening s rushed-at,fullj|
speed'through an open switch! colliding)
with f reight . cars ; on : the '; switch,-- tele-,
scoping J several ! box ' cars,' disabling 1 the
engine - and seriously^ injuring ;the ven
ginecr and: fireman.: l.Wherij theyj^saw
th«y were on .the switch * the i engineer
threw; on. the'air.brakes. and,both'jump
ed/;' The . Owl was ; the* next! train/ to" ar- a
rive and had it run into. the switch there
would! have ! been a loss'bf ilifeTv'//. .
City 'S Guest Dines
at the Pacific
Union Club.
President's Daughter
(Entranced by
,- : Secretary Taf t and :' Miss Roofcevelt
were not i 'hampered j by. official tenter
tainments- yesterday. ;„\u25a0/ The Secretary
spent* the ; dayV^receivlng;. friends ' and
lun^hlng^lai'd^dlninlsJliif6rmailyVCwlt Q
relatives and'others.' . .././. .
; Miss ; Roosevelt, .with -her party, ' re
ceived visitors in the early portion of
the morning ; and in .•;/ the \u0084 afternoon
went out for an auto 5 ride * through /.the
park and' along, the 1 beach. She 'was
enthusiastic over her first view, of : the
Pacific ; Ocean. '- . .'
, Secretary Taf t . arose early yesterday
morning. and went. to breakfast; at the
St. Francis with. Governor Carter of
Honolulu.' • \u25a0./\u25a0.»'- *\u25a0 - / v, : \u25a0
At 1 o'clock he was the guest of Mr.
Schwerln' at; a luncheon , at, the Paclflo
Union Club.* ; The; private dining-room
in which , the feast .was / served was
decked with American flags '\u0084 in prof v-"
sion. The' ; round table at which the
party sat /was massed with the '; flags
of the. nation and > great clusters ; of
American Beauty' roses. Among, those
at the luncheon besides the guest of
honor and ' the host were John D."
Spreckels,' Colonel \C. R. Edwards, Wil
liam Babcock, Henry. Crocker, John- C.
Kirkpatrick, William Hood, . Captain
Payson, JTrank Carolan" and Charles
Webb: Howard. V ' 3' .. :
In. the evening;* Secretary Taft was
the guest of his cousin, \ Mrs. Charles
Blake of : 225 Piedmont' avenue, - Berke
ley, at dinner. Among, those present
were three other, cousins^ of ' Secretary
Taft, resident in Californlsi. these being
Mrs. Anson Blake, , ; Mrs. Edwin .\u25a0 Blake
and William Wood of San" Francisco. : :
Miss Roosevelt 'during her. auto : ride
yesterday was handsomely* attired ~. in a
gown of deep; red* cloth, .with auto coat
of the same ma terial; - Her . hat 'i was ; a
small affair, of -black, trinimed': with
tiny ostrich . tips.^ She '.- \] presented " v a
Jaunty. : and/ attractive^ appearance ;>• aa
. she passed 'through \u25a0; the : court •;, to -I the
entrance, -where : the 'auto wa« waiting
for'her.V'- ' '\u25a0 '.:;'," ' f ~"\\ '. -' : \u25a0 \u25a0 '\u25a0' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'. "^ \u25a0 \u25a0
In the evenlna she,dined In* the Pal
ace J court I with ' Mrs. Francis I. Q. V New-
I lands; Miss Boardman, Miss Macmlllan
and ColonelC.lt Edwards.-Mlss Roose
velt ' : is 1 looking '? forward - - within great
pleasure ' to -the' trip to the Redwoods
to-day, and; to \ the' trip { around!. the i bay!
to-raofrow. ,r, r She lls ,X, K especially \u25a0 fond of
army; life, and . is eagerly expecting; the
review of ; the -troops, to take place } at
the ' Presidio! on J morning. ;£ She
is very #. fond rof v dan cin g. and : the so^
clal \u25a0 functions of life, and naturally
Mrs.V Eleanor: Martin's '.ball'; on t Friday
greatl y\ appeals { to Sher^l : Here * she 'wiH
have ; an 3 opportunity,* of "\u25a0* meeting tpi San
Francisco's 400.^On;this(occasion <; Mrs.i
Martin has stretched. the 4 00. limit away
up : and f over. V She . has i sent 'out ! some
thing: like 600; invitations., . .".V ; ! ; ;•%'
v-,.-' Although i many,;/ of Ithe social { lead
ers ; are ; away'; from town v and ' In the'
country f or c the '<\u25a0 summer, ";\ no > r'erid : ' of
!them are \u25a0: coining * back $ especially, ; to
pay* their ' respects Ito \u25a0 the \ daughter 'of
the ; chief 'on: this i occasion. ; '
,-.• Several ? members '{ of -Taft % party ;
put {In; an • appearance ; yesterday. -.^They'
; Representative" Newton i Gilbert of
' Fort i : Wayne,'? Ind.T< Senator; Murphy PJ.~
. Fost er ; of New . lOr 1 cans, | L.a;;_ and - Sen -
ator. and iMrs. : Fred T.*Dubols.^ ; -'. ,'
:;j Charles > Clark, % editor^ of . : the ' Hart-;
ford t Courant, f* ticcoinpanied : by> ;Miss
; Clark ;"and*Repr»jBehtatlve and!Mrs. ; tEb^'
onezerVJ. jHllj.i came J Inflate 'Jast^rilght
in Mr/ Clark's private T car. - - *~ : ~jso%s
-.. rln'Secretaryj Taft's .immediate party'
are;the!following: j..", v ;".; v . -;-;.. '.":.\u25a0.
Z iSenatbrJand^ Mrs.';; Nathan ';."'\u25a0' B. ;\u25a0-;. Scottr
Representative \u25a0\u25a0::*, Nicholas 1; Longworth,'
Miss ''.'Allco^- '^Roosevelt, \:h Miss . - Mabel'
nel i C.l R;l Edwards, 1 * Major! Guyj I*% Ediei;
CaptainTj.^K.'jThompson,'! General tT.iH.'
"Bliss,; Captain Kelly/ Jr.'-I James
rA.'-;r A.'-; ; Leroy.^Fred; t W.f. Carpenter, '- W.V*R.'
Pedigo.^Willlam'' S.] Reyburn. .*
i^The [others \u25a0 of i the'eompany ; are : Sena
tor j; arid i Mrs.".; Fredj: r T."Jj Dubols,-* Senator.
\u25a0Murphy fi J.% Fof ter.'s Senator./ Chester.^ I."
Long," Senator^ arid Mrs/j Francis ;G.*i New^
; lands 4 Senator Thomas I Patterson,"? Sena?
tor { Francis i E.V^Warren,'" Representative
Contimne d ; oa v Pa« e-2, \u25a0 Coltuan 6.
Party Will Picnic To-
Day at Bohemian
Club Grounds.
D< \^ • - ' •' * - *~ '
Dinner follows lat the
Palace Hotel This
* This morning at 8 o'clock '(. Secretary
Taft and t some -of the members 'of ' his
party 'i will : go for .:\u25a0 a day's /outing .to 'the
Bohemian^Club'camp. '.--; ',\u25a0 '-~\ '•- ; ; \u25a0'.."- * '\u25a0'''- -..'-••
"A splendid 'luncheon will be served, and
music will enliven the proceedings. *-= Tha
party will \u25a0 return to town at' 4 o'clock: : !i
\ This evening at ; the ; Palace! Hotel '(the
commercial J organizations of San Fran
cisco; will -give avdlnner,; in. \ honor J. "of
Secretary Taft and . :hla i ipartyA' Andrea
Sbarboro," president of the* Manuf actuers'
and*. Producers ', Association of ; California,
will preside and Introduce thejspeakers. ; .
.Governor George'C. : P'ardee 'will respond
to i^the l .toast' '\ "The ir State ';'of.' -I Calif brhla/',;
Frank \u25a0J.VSymmes,":"presiderit; % of the ;\u25a0 Mer-,
chants' Association of San Francisco, will
speak for. the commercial organizations of
Sari^Francisco.; Judge -'..W. "VVWV^ Morrow'
the /.United :; States," j and \ Secretary Taft
will : respond. Addresses will be made by
Serend )!&/; Payne, chairman fof (the | Ways
arid Means Committee ' of •. the House of
Representatives : on "The Market of ; the
United States Should Be Open to Philip
pine' Products and Tariff Barriers Should
Be; Removed"; by United States'^ Senator
FrarikV p;z Flint ' on i^"The ] Interest j of ; the
Pacific Coast in ' the' Development . of tha
Philippines" ; - and ' by ) George iE, V Fobs,
chairman of the ' Naval Affairs ; Committee
of the House of Representatives on "The
American ; Navy. ";; . ' . \u25a0-".\u25a0•" ,'-" ; ; ; : / " ' \u25a0'- '
-There ; will be seated ; at the • tables i B6s
persons, f.Si lncluding?., the -3 distinguished
visitors ! from ;the i East; i;The \ bodies \ that
co-operated \to \u25a0 provide \u25a0. the ' dinner are I the
Manufacturers'^ and | J Producers^fAssocla
t!on;^.the/K San ,' Francisco v j| Chamber^of
Commerce,^ the ; Merchants '/Association^ r of
Sah^ Francisco, ; ; the 2 Board ij of |. Tradejof
San Francisco,; the ; Merchants'^ Exchange
and ' the ; Calff ornla \u25a0 State ; Board ; of^Trade.'
""; ..To-morrow's 7£ programme Swill ; include
Secretary lilTaft's Strip jtoijAngel^ Island
earlyj in the morning and a" review; of ithe
troops I now \ stationed 'at ; the^ Presidio Jat
9^ o'clock.Jf The} Secretary; and ?his)partyj
wlirgo*on i the:tug~Slocum.^Followlrig;the J
review lot f . thet troops ~at -: the i Presidio 'the '
Secretary;^will ; go ;to q Berkeley a to% takej
luncheon ; with S President iWheeler.f i- In! the
a f ternbori); at 'i half j past * t wo| he | will f adj
d ress [ tho \ students \ in Uhe J Greek \u25a0.TheatefTi
Here\ the \u25a0 public ! wililbe [admitted
X.O: the! extent ; of , tha seating J capacity^ _'of
Ihejbuilding. ' ' t ,
luncheon' at Berkeley;willib« served
In ; Hearst * Hall.'^ Here 1 Secretary t\will
:be^ presented i toUhe ] Board 1 of] Regents ' of
the ? university:.-* 5 - "\u25a0'*.?\u25a0 . : ~:';':~ : \^ '^y\, \'y:'^i: \u25a0-]
?, ¥At i 5 i. 'o'clock i the \ party ; will /return >: to'
the i Palacevf and \in Uhe •' evening \u25a0 they ; will
attend | the $ ball^ Blven t ; In \ hbnor'of i the
'distinguished Vyisitcfrs ; by HMrs.;: Maftlri2"ji3
Th e s review *of j the lUnlted I States i troops
at] the i Presldio,Vwhich7 4 wlll place! at
9 1 o'clock S to-morrow^ mbrnlrig,^wlil|be| a 1a 1
public \ affalr^S r Uridoubtedly f at large fnum -
berjof ) peoplejff rbm^town |wlllf ga^outito
avail J. themselves 1 of I seeing | the \ Secretary^
and J Miss-w|l6osevelt!ft The i review^ of I the
\u25a0troops iwUlSbe|in"Sfulldreßs|unlfonn:'?|lt
4 wlll ?, take J place TonTi the £ grounds * imme
diately; In » front -of ; the J general > hospltai."- *\u25a0
MfSi Eleanor M
way in Haiids;6fcthe^Dti
K- Tiß-morrow J night . the \u25a0 '. measure
Western beauty, .Western , ' elegance .' and
Western I hospitality twill t be p; taken ;<by
Alice, the ' President's daughter— she 'who
dwakens |to find herself > the > idol of the
people,; even as twasbrilllantiNellie. Grant
in i^the :, days % when r her^laughter|rang
through T the iWhite ; House,'; and" her^wish^
was ; law^ unto ; all Uhere;'^; i
'.'How^nice]lt mustlbe f tq'be la^Pfesl-'
dent's jdaughterl"^. sighed ?a '* little ; smart
set maid, as she sipped her demi-tasse
near Miss Roosevelt on Tuesday night, ln
the | Palm (Garden. 1 ; "And . to^ receive *\u25a0 such
attention v Just "£ because \u25a0 one / is : , aI- Presl-*
dent's -daughteriV. (' " -. II.T/^ '
rtTutSrt;: Tut! £"-You ;; little ; dunce, j Miss
Alice ' Is honored \ publicly '\u25a0 because ; she |is
the " President's \daughter, 'lit,: ls : true;: but
she^wouldT have \walked \u25a0 right % Into V ' the
hearts of ? people /on * her~ . own J account—^
on? the L- score ? of iher:; naturalness,"; yj; her^
spirit,^ her ', frankness, \ her; ; perspicacity;
heri intelligence * and % her, \ well-bred ; inde
peridericeTrall f of iwhich * can j be I traced \ to
the mental (qualities fof \ her^dlstinguished 1
father^andi tralts*| byithelway.iwblchihe
recognizes ~\ in I her j equipment,! arid T shapes
hls^f conduct '% toward y her/" accordingly.';
'?A But }: to • get ; back Uo I that /big S" Friday^
night t reception— the /hostess /of ..which, ;
Mrs.*.* Eleanor /Mar tin^; was ;" signally :hon-"
oredj by/. the jj sole -' acceixtance of f a \u25a0 social
entertainment;''-;// . .',';/] :^VKj ;".-\u25a0 :/ \u25a0'
SiWlthi memories iof the .ball given at -the
St?i? Francis/ last / winter j| tof, honor *i Miss"
*Anl tat Harveyy* comes ;lo) mind |orie^6f [the'
most Jirillian t \ affairs^ given \ in \ San > Fran-T
clscqj sinoe' the"; prodigal //days ?\u25a0£ of .ilthe
Comstock.'/v when i£ fortunes jSwere^ made
'overs night,* and '; money {came easily - and
wentVeasily.'V:"-* .'\u25a0 /..//<:JI-v- /-<•-. N*.>; . ',/.^.!
Sof *f the % ballroom >on
roses^massesjof.<them— flanked'^ by; ferns
ahd|palms.l/^That iithe/j- lame?^ general
•cheme will * be ' evolved % for * the . - recep-
tion Is believed,' as Mrs. - Martin !• - pro
verbially. fond lot - : tha •'Beauty.' ' ro**,- and
, uses -it 1 prodigally.' • /? - »
• ,The} one ; opportunity , t otj society folk .to
meet £the ; young * mlstresi '. of • the w ! nl , t *
House] is ; bringing ; back;;t6, :,town ' a tre
mendous « lot iof -people.*' .And/, aa -'.-:\ for
gowns, -there's % to? be Va^brave^ showing-^
and i the*; raid upon caf e-deposit vaults . for,
slumbering ; jewels I looks ; llke the \ prelim^,
lnary^weekiof^theioperaiseason. ~-''r
iSThet receiving i, party^ which i will -.assist
the . gracious • hostess of ; San \ Francisco tb
greet 5 her/slx * hundred^ Buests * is /com-!
posed of .; the t following named:
\u25a0-''\u25a0 Ml«b - Rooaavelt, ., Miss .' Bo«rdman . and ' Mies
McMillan. 'V\"a«hirffton. D. C.'JJ Mrs. ' Scott,
wife or Senator N. B. Scott of west Virginia;
Mra. Dubols, wlf« of Senator F. T. EHi bo la of
Idaho; .Mrs.* Payne, ; wife of ; Rapreacntatlv* > 8."
;E. > Payne <of * New ' Tork;'! Mrs. ;; Morrow; wife'
of U nl ted : . States ~ Circuit f Judge : Morrow of
: San Francisco; I Mrs. - Sumner, i wife ) of « General
Sutnner.. San Francisco; Mre. McCalla, wife
of Admiral . McCalla, * Mare ' Island ; M rs. Roose
1 veltA wtf • \u25a0 of i Captain J H ."^ L." Roosevelt.' U ."J S.* •
M.; - C.,' : ",'Wa«hlngton,r<D.:c;: iMlas Dolph.
, daughter of : Cyrua ; Dolph, t Oregon : I Mrs;'; Dow—
ney i Harvey, ' Mrs.-- Walter •S. s Martin ; and ; Ba
roness '.yon t Schroeder, ? San \u25a0 Francisco :
On •Saturday^rnornlrig'an- epitome^ of
."What; the, Taft Party>Thlnks:of .the San
Francisco' Smart ' Set" 'would ;be Interest^
!tatlons)dldh*tfsaylaiw6rd?aboutj i t*what
; toXwear,"^ as ' ; , they j did the"! Presl-*
'dent? himself 'was '•thelfhoiest: of itheTclty."
: rememberf^do ?2you Vi not?--^that
'iwalstcoats j and * white ' tie 3 .were
demandedTonHhe't invitations (to^,thcT big
r dinner?,Vl? always * wondered ; wny .'. they,
'didn't £suggest*the'}proprietyjof|a J « bath
'orrafcleanishaveJbefdreTattendlng.Vi;' .' i >
T3 But ? San* Francisco! isj lessjprovlnclal
h^wjthanlitfwas^threej years ; ago. It's
almost j knows i now, what ;to wear at ;a
reception,^ and \ how-to '. wear; itJg^HKSfl
That ;the 'reception twill j Hto : tn~iti»
ALCAZAR — "Up .York . State."
CENTRAL — "Chattanooga." ,
CHUTES— Vaudeville. . Matinee *
COLUMBlA— "Ranaon'a Folly."
GRAND-^."Tbe Belle of Richmond."
MAJESTIC— "Secr«t" Service." Matl
: nee. ' \u25a0" . _. \u25a0 .
ORPHEUM— Vaudeville. Matinee. [
: TIVOLI— ComIo opera.' • '
itezor fielder Cuts
Short Political
.... ' ' > ' '* \u25a0 TjjniTn
Bp*ctsl : Dtopateh'to^Tb« CaXL
I COLUMBUS,^OhIo, July ' *--r?* T©a
want . to i be' shaved, you . postpone your
conference. ' Thii U'n&y busy, day wdjl
can't « wait." , "-
"The speaker was John Fickerson, th«
Viilage : ? barber 'at ;Mary»ville, and
he was addressing Vice President Fair
banks, who was visiting at his boyhood
home . yesterday^and had *«ent]f for th«
barber to : come to his house and ' shay «
him. mfSS^&tttßtX
: •"-.When ; Flckef son "", arrived the . Vice
President I had entered S'~ Into \u0084 a % * polit
ical conference and 'wanted the barber
to.wait;but)the Vice President hustled
Into 4 chair and the conference waited.
He;OTll: Spend His Vacation
V His Wife at^ome
in Oakland.
CLBVEI^AND.T JuIy S.— Secretary .i Met
calf i left" the/ Pres.uentlal party, at Cleve
land to-day, to go;to Utica, N. S Y.. where
he Iwill /join • his ; wife and from . there ; gro
to Oakland,. Cal.', . by way , of , the ! Cana
dian Pacific.' for " a short .vacation. . : Z
Naval . Reserves ' Receive -Yew Cotter.
U SANTA July , s.— The ."Naval
Reserves "received v to-day /the/t hirty-:,
foot ; cutter : recently; built at « Mare Isl
and«for the training ship Intrepid./ It
was -given to. the;local company by the
authorities" at ? Washington. "T
annals ; of 'society Is a ; ;, safe
guess— Mrs. Martin never doe* things la
fractions. - "2;: 1

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