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t •: Supervisors to Verify State
ment of Receipts on Which
City Is Paid a Percentage
Works Board Authorized to
*. * Expend $58,275 to Eepaye
- Boadway on Valencia Street
1 The Supervisors' finance committee
' yesterday decided to make an examina
. tloa of the books and accounts of the
United Railroads In order to verify the
statement of the corporation that its
grass receipts during: the year 1904 on
lines paying: a percentage to the city
were 1,229,768 29, the city's portion be
ing: fixed at $25,114 SI.
The Board of Works was authorized
to enter Into a contract and expend
j $68,275 out of the proceeds of the bond
sale for the repavlng with asphalt of
Valencia street from Eighteenth to
Army streets.
• The roadways of Twenty-third street,
between Sanchez and Koe, Church be
tween Twenty-Blxth and Army, San
chez between Twenty-sixth and Army,
Jackson between Cherry and First av
enue, Minnesota street between Mari
posa and Eighteenth, Twenty-second
between Minnesota and Tennessee, and
fianchez between Twenty-fourth and
Twenty-fifth, were fully accepted.
The contract for three street-sweep
ing machines was awarded to the Hen
ahaw-Bulkeley Company for J2SS each.
The clerk was directed to advertise for
bids for three street-flushing machines.
The petition of the Southern Pacific
Company that a petition filed In Aug
ust, 1903, for the award of a franchise
across certain streets and on Its prop
erty la the vicinity of Islals Creek, be
re-referred to the Street Committee,
was granted.
The corporation states In Its com
munication that In view of its prior ap
plication the subsequent petition of the
Ocean Shore Railway Company should
not be taken up by the committee with
out it giving due consideration to the
application of the Southern Pacific
The petition of property owners that
the dumping of refuse on the property
fronting on Harrison street, between
Twenty-sixth and Army and on Army
street between Folsom and Alabama,
be prohibited, was referred to the
Street Committee.
The Board of Works was authorized
to oil the roadway of Fulton street
from First to Twelfth avenues at a cost
of Jl5OO.
Expert Williams reported that the
sum of JIS.S29 Si was expended during
the last fiscal year for the maintenance
of minors in non-sectarian Institutions,
though the appropriation was only
$12,000. The appropriation for 1905
1906 is $18,000 and demands are being
drawn at the rate of $2000 per month.
The offer of the Pacific Improvement
Company to sell for $4500 certain lands
for the straightening out of Brannan
and Tenth streets was accepted.
The request of the Board of Works
for authority to expend $3200 to
bituminize the westerly half of Baker
street, between Fell and Oak. in front
of the Park Panhandle, was referred to
the Street Committee. —_
The request of the Board of Works
for authority to remove the bluff at
Twentieth and Kentucky streets, to
repave Mission street from Fifth -to
Ninth, and to build approaches to the
Third Street bridge was referred to the
Street Committee.
The City Attorney advised the board
not to appeal from the Judgment for
damages obtained by the New York
Plate Glass Company for the destruc
tion of property during the hackmen's
L. H. Orrmljr Is Accused of Mia*
appropriation of Firm's
Lt. H. Grunlgr. formerly president of
the Cms oompany of which E. J. Smith,
the defaulting Tax Collector, waa the
largest owner, stands accused by hla
brother, Charles Grunig, of having mis
appropriated the funds of their drug
business at Pine and Kearny streets.
Charles filed suit yesterday for a dis
solution of the partnership, for an ac
counting and for an ecual division of
the proceeds of the sale of the busi
ness. He asks that a receiver be ap
pointed to care for the store during;
the pendency of the litigation. *
The plaintiff says that the business
Is being: ruined by. the conduct of his
brother. Defendant has taken money
from the firm's safe, says the plaintiff,
and has refused to return It: he has
also fougrht with the employes of the
•tore and cas cone so far as to strike
this plaintiff In the presenoe of cus
tomers, -which caused them to leave and
take their patronage elsewhere.
. Qrvnlg, the defendant. Is no longer
connected with the Smith Drug Com
pany, having left that place to go Into
partnership with his brother. This
partnership has now been disrupted.
Tke R«r. Emll G. lllrsch of Chicago
Will Preach at Temple
The Jewish community of San Fran
cisco will havo an opportunity within
the next tew days to pay its respects
to one of the most distinguished men
In American Israel, the Rev. Dr. Emil
O. Hlrsch of Chicago. Dr. Hlrsch has
been traveling in the Northwest and
delivered the . principal address before
the Congress of Religions at the Port
land Exposition last week.
Rev. Dr. Jacob Voorsanger of Tem
ple Emanu-El prevailed upon Dr.
Hlrsch to visit this dtr before return
in? hom^ 'which invitation was ac
cepted in a dispatch to Jacob Greene
bautn. president of Temple Emanu-El,
last week. Unfortunately Dr. Voor
ean?er was compelled to go south to
attend to matters connected with his
work. It is possible, however, that the
latter may return In time to welcome
his distinguished friend, who has never
before been in California. ;- - .:
Kothlngr intervening Dr. Hirsch will
occupy Dr. Voorsanyer's pulpit at the
Temple Emanu-El on Sutter street naxt
Saturday morning: during: the . usual
Sabbath services.
Wind* Up TnuteesMp.
S Henry W. Heath has Hl ed a petition
# ln the Superior Court for the final eot
*tlement of hip trusteeship over prop
erties placed in * his hands by Emma
Hf Conly and j other heirs of the Conly
estate. The petitioner states that he
has paid all of the debts of the estate
. \u25a0with the exception of a balance due the:
A. H. Crew ; estate. From the sale of
the lands placed In bis ' :r possession,
Heath says he secured $589,139 42. .. Ho
las allowed himself as compensation
for his labors $1 0,000 and a like sum
to his attorneys, M&stlck, Van Fleet &
Jury Selected and Visit Is
Made to Ruins of the
Building Which Collapsed
Vigorous Effort to Be Made
to Discover Responsibility
for Death of Workman
A Coroner's Jury began investigation
yesterday of the collapsing of the Ninth
street building' in an endeavor to fix the
blame for the death of Samuel L. Cowap,
who was killed on Saturday when the
four-story structure suddenly came tum
bling down. During the afternoon the
Jurymen, Coroner Leland, City Building
Inspector John P. Horgan, City Architect
W. D. Shea and I. Harris from the Dis
trict Attorney's " office visited the scene.
The following constitute the Coroner's
Jury: L. A. Gunn, 1202 Market street; A.
Newman. 1065 Market street; J. F. Gib
son. 1202 Market street; J. W. Henderson.
1310 Market street; H. L. Young, 1346
Market street; Leon Lemos, 1127 Market
street; F. W. Hammann, 1458 Market
street, H. B. Behrend, 1165 Market street;
N. I* Hansen, 1207 Market street;,' W.-F.'
Harris, 52 Ninth street, J. Nevraumont,
117 Ninth street, and S. X. Kast, 78
Eighth street _ ;
More man an hour was spent trying to
determine the cause of tho collapse, but
nothing definite was learned. The Inquest
will go on this morning at 10 o'clock,
when the contractors, carpenters, , plumb
ers and others who worked on the build
ing will be called to give testimony.
An effort was made to ascertain if. the
contractors had disobeyed the city's
building laws. Inspector Horgan ; stated
that ha visited the building on June 30
and found that the proper material was
being used and the regulations adhered
to. He was Inclined to believe that the
collapse resulted from the removal of
bracings on the first floor. The Board of
Public Works will order the mass ..of
wood removed at once, and lt then can
be better determined whether tho bracing
was at fault. $
Several carpenters who had been work
ing on the building during the morning
aided the Jurymen In their search for, the
cause of the disaster. Hiram Peterson,
foreman of the carpenters, declared that
the bracings were not at fault, and that
the permanent bracing had been in - for
a week. He said he believed that the
collapse was caused by the settling of the
ground on which the foundation was laid,
and the sudden jar caused the building
to topole Into the street.
mr^^ #*^^'
fflSffiv \u25a0 \u25a0 - r -.V \u25a0 r
9 Leaves Mondays and Thursdays at fe
g 6:30 a. m. Trlth Dlnrrs and Sleepers X
Other Santa F* Trains!
8:00 tH mil Tor Stockton. Fresno. Bakersflels.
8:30 a. m. J Merced. Hanford aad Vlsalla.
4:00 p. m. For Stockton.
7:^o a. m. I Direct connectlom for Tosemit*
8:30 a. m. (Valley and the Big Trees.
8:30 a. m. i For Kansas City, Grand Canyon
8:00 p. m. j; and Chicago.
8:80 a. ». {For Oakdale and points on Sierra
J Railway. . •
Ticket Offices— 663 Market st. and Ferry Depot,
Ban Francisco; also 1113 Broadway, Oak-
lanoU Cal.; also 27 South First. Saa Jo**.
Tiburon Ferry. Foot of Market Street.
WEEK DATS— 7:3O. 8.00, 9:00, 11:00 s-.m.;
12:55. 2:30, 4.00, 5:10^ 0:60. 0:80 and '11: M
P. m.
Saturdays — Extra trip at 1:30 p. m.
SUNDAYS— 7:3O. 8:00. 9:00,9:30. 11:00 a. m.;
1:30, 2:30, 8:40. S:10. 6:80. 7:23. 11:30 p.m.
WEEK DAYS— «:OB. 6:60. 7:33. . 7:00.- 8:20.
8:20. 11:13 a. m.; 12:30. T2:00,5:40, 0:00,
6:20, 6:28, 6:20 p. m. Saturdays — Extra
trip at 1:45 p. m. . \u25a0 . ...
SUNDAYS— 6:6O. 7:35. 8:20. 9:20. 11:15 a. m.;
1:45. S:4O, 4:50, 5:00. 6:20, 6:25. 6:20. 7:30.
7:89 p. m. tExcept Saturdays. .\u25a0 ; -_;.••
" Leave ~"ln Effect j Arrive
Ban Fraa. May 1, 1905. \ Ban Fran.
Week I - Sun- Destln*. I Bun- J Week
Pays. I days. - tlon. \ days. | Dsys.
7:30 a - t 7:43 a 7:45 a
T:SO& 8:00 a 8:40 a 8:40 a
fi:l*a 9:10 a
5:POs 9:80 a Ignacio. 10:20 a 10:20 a
2:30 p 2:30 p 6:00 P 6:20 p
4:00 p
t:10p S:10p . 6:20 p 7:20 p
7:20 p
\u25a0-\u25a0 ;\u25a0>•:\u25a0 -- 8:60 P
7:80 al 7:80 aj Napa. ) 0:10 al 9:10 a
4:00 p| 6:10 p[ I 6:20 p| 6:20 p
7:80 a 7:80 a 7:45 a 7:40 a
(5:00 a 8:00 a Novato. . 10:20 a 10:20 a
2:80 p 6:30 a Petalumsv 0:20 p 6:20 p
• :lCp *:80p and 7:20 p 7:20 p
C-.lOp Santa Rosa. 8:C0p . . :• -
7:60 a 7:30 a 10:20 a 10:20 a
8:00 a 8:03 a Fulton. 7:20 p 6:20 p
2:30 p 2:80 P 8:50 p 7:20 p
Windsor. - ' .
7:80 a 7:80 s Eealdaburg. 10:20 a 10:20 a
Lytton. -, . - - .
l^Op 2:30 p . Oygervllle. .7:20 p .7:20 p
it Clovrdale. - .-...\u25a0 \u25a0 .- " \u25a0
7:80 al 7:30 al Hopland 110:20 a 110:20 a
2:SOp|2:3op| aad falah. f 7:20 p| 7:20 p
"~~ I \u25a0\u25a0.. | .WllllU. - I \u25a0---.* .),;— .
7:80 al 7:30 al Bherwood. I 7:20 p| 7:20 p
F:ooa| 8:00 a| Ouernevllle and 110:20 a|10:2O a
2:30 p 1 2:-*sOj:! Cnmi> Vacation. | 8:50 p| 6:20 p
8:00a:8-00a • .» 8:40 a
6:10 p P:?.Oa Sonoma, : 6:00 p 6:20 p
( B:10p| Gl«n Ellen. ;B:Sop|-' \u25a0\u25a0
7:30 s< 7:80 a] ~ 10:20 a|10:20 a
2:20 p 2:80 p Bebastopol. 7:20 p 6:20 p
6:10 p> 8:10 p ' >\u25a0\u25a0:-\u25a0'?
KTAOES connect at Santa Rosa - for .Whit*
Bulphuf Bprings and Mark West Springs;-. st
Fulton for Burkes Sanitarium: . at Lytton for
Lytton Spring"; at - GeyMrvllle .-\u25a0 for., Skaggs
Bprings: at Cloverdale for the Ocysers, Boons-
Tills and Greenwood: at Hopland for Duncan
Springs. Highland Bprings. Kelseyvllle. Carli-
fead Spring!.- Soda Bay, Lakrport and Bartlett
Springs; l at Ukiah for Vichy Bprlngs. Saratoga
Springs. Blue Lakes Laurel Dell Lake, Wltts^
Bpring*. Upper Lake. . Pono. ~ Potter v Valley.
John Dt-r"*. Uerley-i, Hullvllle. ; Orr'i Hot
gprtngs, Halfway House,- Comptche, Hopkins
Mendocino CHr; Fort . Bragg. Westport, UsaT
at WllliU for Hearst and Sawyer; at Sherwood
for Westport. Canto. Covelo. Laytoavllls, Cuin-
mins. BeU's Bprlags, Harris. Olsens. Dyer
OarbervlUe. Pepperwood. Camp's, Scotia ir.a !
Eureka.-- .- \u25a0\u25a0:--\u25a0•\u25a0 .--. -."' -» -. - ..-\u25a0•-,-:,.--\u25a0.•-.-,-,_;.,
. Saturday to Monday round trip tickets at rs-
6uced rates. .-- \u25a0 -•:'--. - * \u25a0.- • -\u25a0..\u25a0-. -
. On Sundays— Round-trip tickets to all points'
fceyond Can Rafael at half rates. -. \u25a0. ,
Ticket ofnes, 650 Market street, : Chronicle
tmlHlng. • . > --.i. ,
Gen. Manager. Oen. Pass. Agt
tVIT.TAM alpais Railway-
„ -. 7:4sa^^S S3 11:3.iA 10:45 - j
©:SOa 8:45 a %KS«2V 1:O2p 2tßßp |
1:45p 1O:15a »:32p 6:23p
iitardiij' 12:45p ' yß%r 6:02p li'tiiriij"
Only' 2:lspUjil VHMidip 6:32p &Oaly . .
4;3Sp J3;4sp| lntaiiiTiw 8:32r 11:2B»
TICIR j 650 Market St.,( North Shore Railroad) •\u25a0
Of HOIS J tnd Sausauto Fsksv, Foot Market St.
Prints .' daily. ncv only more news^^^but more reliable and interestine ''news. than any San- Frandsco newspaper." ;. ,-'*.\u25a0
During the season it will have more information of what is going on at the Summer Resorts than any of its contemporaries. It will be, therefore, the most valuable medium
for advertising Summer Resort attractions. It will be found on f file at; the srcMortsrand-.wiU^be'sent by maU ;to. any address for aocents per, week or 75 cents per month.
.; Don't forget to order The Call before leaving for.yourgunMner^butmg..;/'^^ '"--.•• ', . ( ' r . J .• - ..\u25a0;•'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-'*\u25a0
The Gej^sers
Health and pleasure resort Is now » open to
guests, under same management " which , made
this famous resort so popular last year. The
hotel, cottages. : bath-houses and grounds are
lighted by electricity: a new dancing pavilion
has been erected, and good music • will be fur-
nished for dacing.' Several new 'cottages have
been erected . -to . accommodate the Increased
demand \u25a0 for \u25a0 rooms; - also a . tennis court \u25a0 has
! been built for lovers |of that sport. i
. Our best advertisement is our table, which j
cannot be -surpassed.- We have our own dairy.
hence we have plenty of fresh milk and cream.
\u25a0 Rates are'sl2,'*l4 and; sl6 per week;: bath
free to regular weekly guests.., • '•' . ';" '\u25a0, :
Postoffice "- and "- long distance telephone In
hotel For further particulars and booklet ad-
drees R. H. CURRY, proprietor, or PECK'S
BUREAU,; 11 \u25a0 Montgomery • st.
- Trains leave and are dos
to arrive at
\i<^^^^ / T * ou Jvy * a'1905-\&Z~%\ya ' 1905-
: - (Foot of Market Street.)
tun- MAIN LINE. -AJilvT
, 7-OOAKlmlrs, Vacarlllc, Winters, Ramgey 7.48P
7.00 a iticntmiTitl. Benlcls, Sacramento,
Suinun and T7ay Stttlocs 7-2&P
7-40aV»HcJo, Kapo, CallntOEa, Banta
Kota, Martinez, San Itamon .:... 6.OSP
7.4OAXHCS, PleHsncton, Ll v er m ore,
Tracy, Lnthrop, Stockton 7.28P
S.OOAEhestfi Exprefs — (Via D(ivl»),
vrilllsms, Trillows, tFruto, Red
Blaff, PortUcd, Tftcoma, Seattle. 7-48P
B.OOADftTI», TfooJland, Kulghts Landing, :
MarysTllle, 0r0v111c... .......... 7.48P
8.20 a Martinez, Antloch, Byron, Tracy,
. Stockton, -Newman, Los Banos,
Mendot»L Armona,- II anf ord, , . nB _
VJgalla, Portervtlle :............. \ fSSS
B-2DA Port Costa.. Laibrop. MerceJ, Mo- ' *-*°.p. p
; * -. deito,_ Kaymond, Fresno, -Han-
' ford, Visalla. BakereHeld ... 4-48P
8.40 a Kiles, San Jose, Llvermore, Stock-
ton (tMllton),. Valley Spring,
lone, Sacramento, Placervllle,
Colfax. Marysvllle. Red 81uff .... 4.08P
B.4oAOaVdale, Chinese, Jamestown, - \u25a0
Sonora, Tuolnmne and Angela... 4-08p
S.DOa AtlantlcExnrese— Ofrden and East. 4.28P
B.4oABlchmond, Port Coot a, Martinez . -
and >Vny. Stations (tConcord) ..... 6-48p
10.20 a Vsllejo; Dally. -. Kapa, Sunday only 7.48p
10.20a Log Angelc* Passenner— Port
Coita, Martinez, Ilyron, Tracy,
Lathrop, Stockton, Merced,
Bajmond, Frcsao, Goehen Junc-
tion, Hanford. Lcmoore, Vlsalla, "
. Bakersncld, Los Angeles. .....'.. \u25a0 7.08P
10-20A El Paso, Kansas City, St. Louis and s \u25a0
Ch1caK0..:...; .\u25a0........\u25a0.....: 7.08P
11.00 a The- Overland Limited— Omaha, -i"-/>
Chlcaco, Denver, Kansas City... B-48P
11.40A\1!e6, San Jose and Way Stations. 2.48p
ti .oop Sacramento River Steamers :...... til.OOp
3-40p Benlcla, Winters, Sacramento,
• \u25a0\u25a0 Woodland,,. Knlghti • Landing,
>\u25a0 llarysrllle and Orovllle .;....... 10.48 a
S.4op Hay ward, Nlles, and Way Stations 7.48P
4.oopVallcJo, i Martincz, Sen Ramon,
t Nopft, Cal istoea, Santa R0ja..... 9.28 a
4.oopNlles, Tracy, Stockton, L0d1....... 1028 a
4.4oPHaTward,'X!lei, Irvlngton, San) f9.48A
» Jose, Llvermorc...» ...:r...'} til. 4Ba
5-OOPThe Owl Limited — Newman, Los
\u25a0 Banos, Mondbtn, Fresno, Tulare,
I Bakersfleld, Los Ange1e5.....:... 8.48 a
S.OOp Chicago and St. Louis Special— El
Paso, Kansas City, St. Louis and ;
Chicago r.-...: .;........;.... 8.48 a
tB.2opHayward, Nllcs and San J05e...... 7.08 a -
.6.20p Vallejo. Port Costa, Benlcla, Sul-
> sun, Sacramento ........:.:...... 11.28 a
S.OOPEastcrn Kxpresß— Omaha, Chicago,
Denver,. Kansas City, St. Louis,
Martinez,' Stockton, Sacramento, -
Reno, Sparks, Montello. Ogden.. 12.4CP
f.2opHayward, Niles and San J05e...... 8.48 a
.OOP Reno Passenger— Port Costa, Be-
nlcia," Snlsan, Elmlra, Dlxon,
Darin, Sacramento, Sparks, Tono-
pah, Ooldfleld andKeeler... .... 708 a
;7.4oPPort Coita, Manlnez.Byron.Tracy,
J Modesto, Merced, Fresno... - 12.08P
|7.4oPTogemlte and Marlpofa Big Trees
i \u25a0- (via Raymond- Wawona Route).. 8.48 a
7-40pVa]leJo, Sunday only .............. 11.28 A
;I.2oPOrcgon & California Express— Sac- -
1 . | ramento. Marysvllle, Redding, \u25a0
. Portland, Puget Sound and East. -: 8.48 a
i.OOpHayward, Nlles and San Jose (Sun-
l day0n1y).......'. t11.48A
COAST LINE (Harrow Wangs).
\u0084 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;.\u25a0. (Foot of Market Street.)
\ 7.4sA Banta Cruz Excursion (Sunday \u25a0
» 0n1y).:..'.;.;...................... S.IBP
••IBANewark, Contervllle, San Jose,
Felton,"Bou!iler Creek,: Santa
Cruzsnd Way Stations;.....-..... . 8.85P
.tß.lßANewark, San Jose, Felton, Boulder •-\u25a0-*•*•\u25a0£?
t Creek, Santa Crnz.........;...... t7.89p
12.1BPN«wark,"Centervlllo,-6an Jose,
Kew Altnaden, Los Gatos. Felton,
\u25a0 Boulder ' Creek. Santa Cruz and -
principal Woy Stations ......:... 10.65 a
4-1 Bp Newark. ~: San Jose, Los Gatos, - - ->\u25a0
\ Wright. : . : v. . . . .:; . . . . .-. t8.56A
<6.lspSaturday and Sunday for Felton, . "
r .'.-. Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz....... ~ 08.66 A
COA ST' LINE: ( "road Uaugs). ,
\u25a0: CT"(Thlrd and Townsend Streets.) \u25a0 ;'. \u25a0
B.IOA San Joss and Way Stations;........ 630p
t/.OOAEan Jose and Way 5tati0n5......... 6.40P
7.15 a Monterey, Santa "Cruz -Excursion
- (Sunday only) \.-..\;.~.';.~.~.\...;;\; 10.10p
B.ooa New Almadcn (Tues., Fri., only)..- • 4.10P
8-OOa Tho Coaster— San Jose, Salinas,
San • Ardo, Paso , Robles, Santa
:. Margarita, K«n Luis Ob:«po,
- . pnadalnpe.-OaTlota,'Sants Bar- ;\u25a0/\u25a0,.
' cara. Ban Bnonaventara, Oxnard, \u25a0-
- Burbank, Los Angeles *...:;. '. 10.30P
B.ooA Gllroy, -Holllster, Castrorllle, Del -
. Monte, ; Pacific Q rove,; Surf, -••"-•
.- • . Lompoc-.. 1......-..'.:r.'..";..;...;\u25a0.;.1 ......-..'.:r.'..";. .;...;\u25a0.;. "lOJOp
B.OOASan Jose, Tres Plnos, Wateonvllle,
\u25a0 v Capltola,Saata-Cruz, Paciflo \u25a0 "
; Grove. Salinas, Ban Luis Oblspo -
and Principal.Way Stations 4.10P
tflOOALos Qatos, wrlght. Boulder Creek, -
via % Santa T - Clara and' Narrow
. G»nKo.-.;;..;...;r. .'.**./.*.;.....*.... t74op
1 030 a Ban Jose sod Way 5tati0n5 ......... 1 .20 p
11.30 a San Jose and "VTny Stations 7.40p
•Z-ISpSan Jose and Way Stations.......;. 8.36 a
t3-OQPDeI Monte Express— Santa Clara, "
San Jose, Wat lonvllle, Banta •
• Cruz,-i Del * Monte, . Monterey.
\u25a0Paciflo Grove .:t;:.:...-.v-.:-.:.v:. .t12.18p
f3oopLo» Gatoa. WrlehL Boulder Creek," . •':
\u25a0 Santa Crnz, via Santa Clara and \u25a0>;'» - -
Narrow Gauge.;.;.. r..v.."...:;;.;/ 1046 a'\u25a0
B.3opSouth Bau Francisco, San Jose, \u25a0
: Gllroy, - HolHster.TiTres * Plnos,
. WatsonvJll«,Capltola,Bant«Cru3,
- Salinas, Mod terey, Paciflo Grove. •\u25a0 1 0.45 a
\u25a0' 4-sQ p Ban Joi ° and Way feutlom .; .;;;..' t t7^5A ;
tß.OOpSantft Clara, San Jose, Los Gatos, - ,;
. -.-•.\u25a0-- Wright..:...; ;;;.;.;;;,;..... ..;.v. : •ff.oOA,
16.30P San Jose and Principal Way- Stations \u25a0 {9.40 a
645P Sunset Express— Redwood, San .'-.-•
-:\u25a0 Jose, Gfl roy, Salinas, Paso :. ". i^
I Robles, San Luis Oblspo, Santa
' ' Barbara, ' !••»• \u25a0 Angeles, , Demlng, "\u25a0- f
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 EtPsJo, New Orleans. .*."..;.".;. .;\u25a0?'.' 8.10 a:
MBpEI-Pmo,- Kansas City, St. Louis,
•. v, -.? Chtcag0.7.v..".v"..r:...;..r.v:r.".a,10450p
B.4BpP*Jal-o, _W atson vl 1 1 c, Capitols, 5 -*- ->->
\u25a0 Santa Crnz.- Cftstroville, Del J lIO.IOp
- Monte, Pacific Gr0Te,.....V..".7 f Tio.3op
' tS.IBpSan .: Mateo, Beresford,' Belmont, - :
San Carlos, Redwood, Fair Oaki,
. Menfo Pali. Pslo Alto ...;:..;.•;. t6.48A
6-50p San Jose and Way Stations. ..... ,v. «* 6.38 a'
' B.ooP Palo Alto sod Way Statloni ".;„?;. aIO-IBa
I 1 -30p Booth San Francisco, Millbrae, Bar- \u25a0 \u25a0
. ; ltngsme, ; Ssn \u25a0 Mateo, -Belmont,
. - San Carlos, Bedwood, Fair Oaks, '\u25a0>
Menlo Park and Pslo Alto ...:... * * BASP
li^OPfiaturdays only for Mayfleld, Moun- : •,- -'
. , : tain "View; Sunnyvale, Lawrence,:. \u25a0" \u25a0''•\u25a0-'
; ' Banta Clara and Saa Jowa \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.... t9.48p
\u25a0'•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- --..^ (Foot of Market St.) ;.' -
1 7.16 A.M. 8.00 a.m. 11.00 a.m.
A for Morning, --.t. », ..• P.for Afternoon.
: tSuoday excepted. -\u25a0"* tSunday only."?- ' . . ' • .'
- AMonday only.-- v,''.:-i,v' l ',..i.,:'j'- \u0084,-.:,.> \u25a0-..\u25a0. .:, ',
m - 4Dally, and stops at all stations on Sunday; ". . '
People go to -
either to rest or:, for
a good time. Dress
is of secondary im-,
Send for booklet. Aetna
Springs . Co., Napa Co., CaU :
UAAf £7170 COUNTT; only 4% hours
\u25a0 \u25a0 . - . : _ . 7T, ** from , : San \u25a0 ! Francisco - and \u25a0
m^m^mmm 'mmmmmmmmm^ but nine miles Staging:
waters noted for medicinal virtues; best natural \
hot mineral water batb In State; boating and
ewlmming in Warm Spring Creek; good- trout
streams; telephone,; telegraph, daily mail, ex-
press and San Francisco morning and evening
SERVICE;. both morning and afternoon stages,
round trip from San Francisco only $9 60. Take
Tiburon ferry dally at 7:80 a. m. or 2:30 p. m.
Rates $2 a day or $12 a week. References, any
guest -of \u25a0\u25a0 . the . past nine years. *' Patronage ot
1004 unprecedented Information at ' PECK' B
INFORMATION BUREAU, 11 Montgomery St.,
Bryan's Bureau. 30 Montgomery St., or of J. F.
MULGREW, Skaggs. Cal. - , -.^
Hot Soda and Sulphur Tub and Plunge'
. Baths. Pronounced - the best • mineral
springs In the State. : . Expert 1 Masseurs. ;
All Amusements.' Fine Hunting and Fish- >
Ing. Excellent - table and service.- i: Alt!--,
tude : 1-400 ; feet. -; Invigorating climate..;
Staife ; rceets \u25a0 train from San Francisco at \
J Soledad. Information and ; booklets ' from.
Bryan's Information Bureau," 30 Montgom-'
cry St.; Peck's. 11 Montgomery St., or of:
F. E. ROMIE. MANAGERJun ".'«*• ' " .?
\u25a0\* \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0"-.:\u25a0 . .. \u25a0.-.v.; t t..~atT':f..-^-.-V.
ts the place to take your family for a quiet vacation
outing. Fishing, swlmmlnK, golf and" all: sports.
•Low rates. Address: GEORGE H. COKDY, Man-
ager Hotel El Caxmolo, Paciflo Grove, California.-.
Is co beautiful that 30 guests are now sleep-
Ing out in the . open. Natural hot bath's 3 and
wonderful stomach waters. Swimming : pond;
Rates, $10 and $12 per week. Booklets /at
PECK'S. 11 Montgomery st.. " or H. H. Mc-
GOWAN. Selgler. Lake Co.. Cal. - ; .,/- - rr : z
Entirely renovated and " refurnished. • Mod-
erate rates. Reduction for , families. ? ..:
New Bath Houses.
" Finest sulphur water In the StateJ - Under
the manasement of MR. and MRS." , JOHN
SANDFORD. : \u25a0-^rX-'Xr-'i
-. ; Altitude 2000 ', ft. ; among ', the" pines; air . pure
and dry; fruit and milk in abundance; terms
moderate; • bowling alley,- hot • and cold - baths,
vegetable garden. . See HUGO SCHEUNERT,
13 - Mason . st., B. v F., "or write Goetsche' &
Henne, Angwln, Cal. "..':; - \
BYROIN *-\ : :-- :
can afford to fro to Byron Hot Springs. Sump-
tuous hotel; wonderful waters . Booklet. • week-j
end excursions, everything paid. $7 50. Byron
Hot Springs;P. O. '--\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 : -. —, \u25a0\u25a0 , .-. .
f|P F A W -A- 11^ : Cottages. '. Extensive ; grounds
W"-™ 1 '; overlooking .bathing beach., Perfect
l'l'll \u25a0 « \u25a0 sanitation. '..V New- dining-hall -' and
VILLA pother v lmprovements, "i High-class
- - service. New efficient management.
H fIT F I . OCEAN »-. VILLA ; CO^, '-> • ;
""'r 1 - ': \u25a0'•'\u25a0\u25a0: -. Santa :CruB.-Cal.",:-.
'•'\u25a0-':\u25a0' Grand ) location i : ; on Vcreek V. In'", Santa".! Crus
Mountains,* surrounded ' by - redwoods, • mineral
springs;- amusement., hall, " boating. --• bathing,
I ehuf no-board. \u25a0- etc. ; : phone ?' Terms, t. $8 to $10.
Send for f older.. H./W.' HAINES. Glenwood.Cal.
M. 8. K. K. . TOCALO/nA. Maria Cs.
Bertrand t Hotel ; ' flrst-class 1 accommodations ;
special : rates ' for * families -. and " parties; - fishing,
hunting. ' boating, bathing; . beautiful i drives \to
Bear Valley; i telephone. JOSEPH \u25a0V: BER-
TRAND. ;. or North Shore ; Ry. - of flee. "t 650 ; Mar-
ket i St.; i every ; Thursday; 2' to^4 ; p.;m.'? f ."^ v »J: ; ;
HIGH up ; in Santa Cruz Mountains.; Free i con-
:'": ' " veyance. :-.-. Reasonable . rates. • :AddreBs « MRS.
.-. : GRUNDELLrAIma.", Santa Clara Co.'.' Cal.' > \u25a0\u25a0> .
CHEAPEST "and ' best ; In America— The .Weekly
Call. ; 16 ' pages, sent to ; any; address In -the
\u25a0 ': United States or Canada one year. for $1. T:
\u25a0 To; SM fi^PAßi^
ROSS VALLEY,: \u25a0
;.^Vla Susjoilt* rerirr
\u25a0 buburbaX bkk vice standard oaugs.
'-.;• Depari s week - day s at 1 7 :0 ft' r 7 :«. ; B :».': OUU ?
8:60,' U:00 «.m:: 12:20. I:4S. SHIL^iW, 8:16,-
6 ! 60 6 : 30. 7 :18. 8 :00, 10 : 15 and 11 :80 p. m. '• -
m Depart *\u25a0 Sundays ; and 1 holidays lat 1 7 :1 B. 7:11, •
8:15.-8:45.B:1B. 9:45, 10:15. 10:46, U:10.1l!44
(•«£'-. 4 :18.'« 4:45,i5 :lft> 5 :45, > «:IB^ «;46V* T ill
*7^6,"8:15s for \u25a0> Sausallto only), 8:00. 10:15.
II :85 \u25a0• P." 1 ™. \u25a0 >-"' i - i ' V ' r ' •\u25a0'\u25bai"".rC'--"-' -•'>\u25a0\u25a0'. \u25a0."',- \u25a0>.. \u25a0\u25a0-*.«-..
V * yor -\u25a0 Fairfax, week i days— 7 :•» *. . m., : » :«
b v m., 5:15 pA m. Sundays and holidays—
t :45, 8 :4 V 0 'Mfl 10:15. -11 : 45 a. S3 1:15 p. /m.
, v^THROUOH i TRAINS. ?:^-;< ' « »-\u25a0
\u25a0 - 7:45 a. m. daily — Casadero and way stations.
. » :15 ' a. .; m. ; Sundays - \u25a0 and .- Holidays— Pomt '
: Beyes/etc fes-v \u25a0* \u25a0»\u25a0•/ v: ,-'.--;; "\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0, si .: --.';-v'-f;v
i 8:16 p. m-. dally (except Sunday)— For Caa*.
Aero, stc.v.-w "'*\u25a0\u25a0', '\u25a0<\u25a0. :-•-'\u25a0';.\u25a0•"-:»• ,:;-'-;• -v \u25a0 '.-*-?? ~--'Vi rat-***^
fi :15 p. m. dally; (except Sunday)— For Foiat
Keyes,"etC!i:'^<"-: '••'/\u25a0r- - \u25a0*' ; \u25a0\u25a0v.---:...--. '.; ; ?.'v-- ; t .-:--,
8 :15 p. m. Sundays and ' Holidays ' for , Cua. .
dero, :etc''-- v.-".:-v '.-"'.':-a r "..:;.~;~. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0•?\u25a0_;\u25a0 \u25a0:\u25a0;-:,\u25a0\u25a0'- -i, •»;"\u25a0•-.\u25a0.-\u25a0<;
.? ,t: TICKET,' OFFIOC— «SO • Market '\u25a0 st. : - •.i -
.;\u25a0-->, FERRY— Union Depot, foot ; of Market «t '
For re«t, - health : and - pleasure, Bcenery, * Bd
climate.-:. The nearest hot sulphur springs to j
San Francisco; sure cure for asthma, rheuma- i
tlsm,'. malaria,; kidney, liver and stomach com- !
plaints.- r Hot '«. plunge*, .\u25a0 tub i. baths . and the
largest I mineral water awlmmlng tank In the
State; all baths free to 'guests; trained mas-
seurs -. and v swimming teacher. VNo staging.
Rates, $12 « to $14 per week; ep*clal to fam-
Hleß. , v THEO. RICHARDS, Agu* Callente, So-
noma County, Cal., or PECK'S BUREAU, 11
Montcomery. st. \u25a0'-..- j '.' '..'.': -'
Get m your " auto " and come . to I the luxuri-
ous Hotel Vendome, tnrro«nded '.. by the
most glorious floral park in the City of Roses.
.'.'-. Garage far Automobile*
- '\u25a0\u25a0• Famous Veadomc Swimmiag Beta*
• Linda Vitta Golf Links
Indoor and Outdoor Ginoa .
. Cool, : restful ' days invite you to the Hotel
.Vendomej \u25a0 San Jose.
J.T. IROOKS, Mtßxn
jLarjcent and Best Equipped Bathing; Pa-
V P' I*1 '*- a Tlllon ..on t. the Pacific Slope.'/
'\u25a0*.* Best Beacti on the Coast. '
. New , Dining-room; ' Steam s Heat; Elevator
Service; -attractive: new lobby.-' - - /. \u25a0
. Fine . Tennis . Court; good Boating, • Bathing
and Fishing: beautiful. Drives; paid Orchestra.
\u25a0: HOTEL ST. GEORGE under the same man-
agement. • \u25a0/3.3.C. LEONARD, \u25a0 Prop. *
B'TVLflyr B^wTfi^jfj^^^i^^
-.\u25a0\u25a0';'BL"-U.E "'
Boating, " Bathing and all other amusements
free. Hot \u25a0 and cold sulphur baths. White sul- I
phur springs. *Send» for pamphlet. O. WEIS-
MAN, Mldlake P. 1 0..' Lake County. Cal.. or
call .on DR. HAPPERSBERGER.' 1104 Market
St., S. F.
V oan V Atir Uvo The ldeal spot -for
I\66P I Our, Ey 6 summer outlngr. Fur-
V \u0084.. .. . ....-..- nlshed houses to rent
A« DAI A if TA by THE J - J " MOR-
CO., Palo Alto, Cal.
. : - SANTA CRUZ ] MOUNTAINS. \u25a0
Reservations may bo made upon application to
WM. G.;. DODGE. Lessee, Ben Lomond, Cal.
? 8000 ft.' above sea l«v«l. . Trout : . fishing. -No
upstairs.' ' Tents . on \u25a0 board - floors. . Good . beds;
$8 -• per week, board : and . lodging. :• Rates for
rooms $10 and $12 per week. TREDWAT &
BASSETT, Proprietors, ; Glenbrook, Cal.
Santa iCrul .Mountains; • expert? cookery, -cozy
gasllt rooms, \u25a0: water.'i woods, scenery;, rates $10
and $12 ; write for booklet. GIFFORD > HALL
Patchln, : or PECK'S, - 11 j Montgomery et.
Klamath Hot Springs.
.Fishing.: hunting and health resort. 'Leave
train at Ager. Apply to Peck's Tourist Bureau.
11 - Montgomery \u25a0-•. St., ;•<\u25a0 S. — F.,' - or ' to • EDSON
BROS., Beswick." Slsklyou County;' for. booklet.
Saratoga springs
IB different . mineral '\u25a0• springs; . cure ; for , all.
Information I at - Peck's i Bureau.' \u25a0 11 - Montgomery
st.. or at J.". MARTEN'S. .Bachelor, P.: 0..' Lake
County. ; Cal." • • •".\u25a0•' . . .- " > ' .i. \u25a0' . \u0084- ..
\u0084 • In ; the mountains, . 12 miles from Napa, > ele-
vetton J lOOO 3 feet ; " home I place ; purs > air and
water;- own? milk,' cream.v fruit. "- vegetables;
$8 to Simper week. . Folders at Peck's, 11 Mont
ARNO. H. WILSON. ; Atlas." Napa : Co., Cal. ..
Napa Soda Spring^
»J Now open. '; The > most beautiful mountain
health ; and ; pleasure '; resort. -'- ICall1 Call ; Peck's.'* 11
Montgomery ' St.,": or address John Jacobs.* Prop.'
HAPEDIt'C In Pine MtsV, Calif ornla's chole-
llUDCnUO est climate; phone: bowling.
"•.;/.: \u25a0 'swimming,, croquet,"; :•. hunting,-
1 flt.hing ; I best . of • meals ; • the • place ' to enjoy ' th«
country; • $8 -s to \ $10 >\u25a0 week. '-.* No ,' sanitarium.
Round trip $0. ; Call at 11 Montgomery,, St., <or
MRS. v "M. ; HOBERG, s Lake , County. .
'-;->"- * OPi SONOMA" CO.'; -
Equable a climate ; t. lots ; $10 } iip ; * cottages % built
$50 up ;\u25a0 stores, l^ hotels 'post and phone; 1200 lots
sold ; 1 400 cottages built; San I Francisco . Agents,
ROWLEY i A I PACKARD,! 323 ; Montgomery, st.,'
or J M."5 C." MEEKER,'); Sonoma , County.; :• \u25a0-; '. . , ;_.,._.-
...'.. : STAGE \u25a0•LINE;:' v .-J-[^? : ;
Leaves ' Williams dally on arrival of northbound
train I for Bartlett.V Allen's, s Hough's . and Cook's
Bprtngs. : v Dally f " except 7: Sunday .= for Wilbur
Springs " and S Sulphur : Creek.""" 3 ' *'•.">- '^ -'.
. .Tr- -WILLIAM ;QUlGLET,^ Proprietor.
'\u25a0V vVI^Y^si^RINGS^V
VA Three miles : from Ukiah.' . Mendocino County.
Natural ;| electric a waters. 2. champagne v baths ;
lovely t, grounds ; 1 fishing l\ and :-, hunting ; i crystal
springs; > accommodations \u25a0 and s table • first • class.'
J. i-: Art? REDEMETER,% proprietor. I'MfflßMte
Under Management of
Albert Bettens
Capitola is now , connected with Banta
, Cruz '. by \u25a0 electric R. R. For hotel accom-
modations address California Hotel. San
Francisco; Hotel St. James. Ban Joss, or
Capitols. ' For ' cottaxes ' or . tent grounds
address FRANK REANIER, Capitola.
The Tucker Portable Cottage.
Home comforts, sanitary, hygienic, cheap.
Take your outing . in one. Lasts lifetime. Book-
let free. A. C. RULOFSON CO.. 83 New
Montgomery ot. , ' '
...\u25a0'--\u25a0,, i .
I \u25a0OLEMA I
"Write for Booklet. Nelson Hotel Co..
Inc. 7 Proprietors, Olema. Marln Co.. Cal.
The " New : Swimming ' Tank. th« Largest and
Best In Lake County. Is Finished.
Have cured more people of stomach, liver and
kidney diseases than all the springs In Cali-
fornia combined. Why experiment? Excellent
trout fishing. Send for Book of Testimonials.
DR. W. R. PRATHER. Proprietor.
The new. management has made' many Im-
provements^ new swimming tank, porcelain
bathtubs, . patent • sanitary plumbing; Installed
new features for the amusement and comfort of
guests; billiards, bowling. 'tennis, croquet, liv-
ery, hunting,. fishing, golf. links and excursions
to Clear Lake and other resorts.
\u25a0 Information at PECK'S. 11 Montgomery St..
or-W. V. BRYAN. 30 Montgomery st, or ad-
dress R. ROBERTSON. lessee and manager.
' LAUREL DEL. li."
15 kinds of Mineral , Water and Baths;
Bowling ' Alleys. ; Croquet. Marine Toboggan.
Livery., the best of Orchestras, under the man-
agement of Dr. Monroe Callender: first-class
Table;. Dining-room seating S0O.; •
Address EDGAR DURN AN. Proprietor, Lau-
rel Dell. Lake County, Cal. <also proprietor La
Trianon: Hotel), or Peck's; 11 st.
Horrrs menlo pack
A quiet summer resting place amid charming
surroundings, with ; perfect climate. The table
is* first class: 60 acres playground. Comfort,
recreation, society. \u25a0 a preDaratory school
Hoitt's cannot be surpassed. Circular on re-
quest. .. W. J. MEREDITH. Menlo Park.
American plan \u25a0 only. . Rates ;$3 per day up.
Stopovers allowed at Truckee on all overland
railroad \u25a0\u25a0 and: Pullman tickets. .
' Tenting on the beach at Lake Bide Park.
Furnished S tents on platforms - for camping. In
grove • near Str. pier: boats, livery, groceries
and supplies. Address :E. B. SMITH & CO..
Statellne. Cal. .'\u25a0 ' '
Lake Tahoe, . half mile east . of , Tallae, - on ' lake
shore.. Excellent table board," with nlcs outside
rooms. Rates *$2 per day or $10 per . week, with
good t livery and saddle horses. Boats , free to
all' guests. J. E.\ PARMETER. proprietor.'
Tallae P.; P.; i Cal. . :\u25a0--
DEER. PARK INK and cottages,- six
miles from Lake Tahoe. - Ideal place : for rest.'
Elevation 6507. Mineral springs. Information
ct office Bryan's Inf. ; Bureau. , 30 Montgomery
et..* or booklet. " J.- 8.- SCOTT, Deer Park Tnn;
Lake i. Tahoe.' Cal. .\u25a0...'\u25a0•..
Truckee^ Cal.' IThe ; leading ; hotel.' Headquar-
ters for tourists and commercial men. - Summer
and winter resort. Meal station for passengers.
Stage ." for Lakes r Independence ; and ' Webber,
Campbell Hot Springs and Sierraville. .:-
'; \u25a0:.:: \u25a0 ; , STEWART ; M'KAT,; Proprietor. \u0084
y, \u25a0..- CAMP.rVACATIOJr. / .
\u25a0 Hotel under canvas ", In the redwoods: ' boat-
ing, bathing, fishing and other amusements:
good table; tents. •\u25a0 Only < 3ta hours from San
Francisco via the California Northwestern Ry."
Secure accommodations. Address C. B. Cnoplus
Camp Vacation. "-, Vacation P. P.. Sonoma Co..Cal!
- \u25a0 \u25a0 SOLID COMFORT,; HOUE.
V. Extensively improved ; i 1000 feet; altitude; no
fog;, climate : delightful ; telephone ' connection;
view ..' unsurpassed ; -. hot." cold ; .. baths ; • spring
water; - cement i swimming tank. . 4OxSO. Rates
$7: week up; stags meets train.'- : SCHULER &
SCHEBEN.- Napa."- Cal. -
And cottages : In the mountains near Santa
Crus. 1 First-class table; gas; bath; phone: club-
room ; s.; dancing - " pavilion ; - swimming ' • tank •
bowling; 3 croquet: rates v s9-up.>\ Round trip
tickets >to Glenwood $4 25. including carrlaare
V TONY ' PHILLIPS.- Santa Cru»7 ? ';
Lake County. 1 Wonderful (curative properties
for stomach. ' ltver i and kidney . troubles ; 18 to
$10 \ Per ,\week. ; Round-trip \u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0 ticket * from -\u25a0 San
Francisco, $7. \u25a0 _Open June *to Pctober.- - New
buildings'.'-- Fins . -trout , fishing. \,' JPSHUA
, SPIERS. '. Prop. ; mall Tla Mlddletown. «
I \u25a0 i Thirty 1 -minutes' i ride - (Tlburon'" ferry). " NO
FOG.' NO WINDS. 5 NEW- ANNEX of 25 rooms.
For i particulars : address ' J.>W;, ALLEN. Mgr..
or Peck's iTourlsts'J Bureau Co.;" 11 Montgomery
st. Write for new ; booklet.:- : ..
ORANGE: CITY 1- STABLE S--^3p*eclal
I rates . to j drummers, hotel in ' connection. \u25a0 B tags
•to Geysers."- JOHN JUNE,"i Pr.. Cloverdale.- Cal."
Vacation 1905
Is Now Ready for Dlstrliatio]
. •'VACATION" Is issued annually
California Northwestern
.' \u25a0
and Is the standard publication
on the Pacific Coast for infor-
mation regarding tho
This year's edition. "VACATION
1905," contains 200 pages, beau-
tifully illustrated, and is com-
plete in its detailed informa-
tion as to location, accommoda-
tions, attractions, etc, with •
terms from 17.00 per week up.
To bo had at Ticket Offices. 630
Market street (Chronicle Building),
and Tihuron Ferry, foot of Market
''street: General Office. Mutual Llfo
Building, corner of Sanaome and Cali-
fornia streets, San Francisco.
Applications by Mall Will Receive Im-
mediate Response.
JAS. AGLEIt. Geni Manager.
R. X. RYAN. Geni Pass*r Agent.
The picturesque seaside resort; free military
band concerts, drills and parades; boating, fish-
ing; beautiful submarine gardens, glass bottom
boats; magnificent new bathing pavilion, surf
bathing; best salmon fishing on coast; lannca
pleasure excursions; most picturesque coast
drives in California; fine- hotels and cottages.
Terms moderate. Address Board of Trade.
Pacific Grove. CaL - - '
Telephone Main 540
STAGE LINE — Hopland to Bartlett
Springs, via Lakeport. carrying passengers for
Lakeport and Bartlett • Springs. Stages connect
with trains at Hopland. Leave Hopland at
12:30; arrive at Lakeport at 3:30; arrive at
Bartlett Springs at 7:30. New 6-horse U- pas-
senger tourist wagons, with all the most mod-
ern Improvements. Passengers tor Lakeport or
Bartlett " Springs, call for tickets by Bartlett
Springs Stage Line. Tickets can be purchased
at office of California N. W. Ry., 650 Market
St.. or •at Tiburon ferry. 'SRmmhMjmb
pretty Glen Ellen; 70 furnished and
partially furnished cottages, cabins,
tents and outfits to rent, from $10 up.
Round-trip tickets by the California
Northwestern and Southern Pacific R.
R.'s. $1.80; Catholic and Congrega-
tional churches. Riverside Hotel, min-~
- oral springs on the ranch, fishing, ell-
! mate unsurpassed. Apply to DR.-C C
O"DONNELL. 1021% Market St. bet.
6th and 7th Sts. Phone South 622.
Cal.— Most accessible springs to San Franciscor
round trip,' 7sc r*telephone connection; only 2 V,
hours- ride; S miles from Vallejo; ho:, cold
and plunge sulphur baths; wonderful cures of
rheumatism, neuralgia, eczema, kidney, liver
and stomach diseases. Beautiful grounds and
lake for boating and bathing. Danolng pavil-
ion, bowling alley - and shuffieboard. Rates.
$10 a week. Including baths. Address MAN-
UEL MADRID. .Vallejo. Cal.
REDWOOD RETREAT— -Built amonsr
beautiful groves. The finest location in Baata
Crua Mts. Cream and . fruit In abundance.
Home cooking. - Swimming tank, and other
amusements. Rates $7 and IS per week. Book-
let at Peck's Bureau or moiled. Phone or ad-
dress R. F. WARHAM. Gllroy. CaL (R. F.
D 23.)
Redwoods of Marln Co., lVi hours from Saa
Francisco. Good -accommodations. Cottages
and camp grounds. Boating, swimming ami
bowling. Rates. $10 to $14 per week; S2 to
92 BO per day. For particulars writo ADAM
BREHM.' Prop.. Camp Taylor. CaL
hllls'of th« Sierras. -10 miles from Chlco. Xo
grade, no dust. Famous for th» curs of rheu-
matism. •- gout, scrofula, stomach, liver and
kidney diseases. . New bath houses, porcelain
tuba; trout fishing; telephone; stage from Chico
daily. . J. H. RICHARDSON. Chlco. Cal.
• DE LA nos V RESORT— Nicest health-
ful ' place In . Santa Crux Mountains. \u25a0 - Best
home i cooking, solid comforts, fishing, dance
hall. gas. -etc. Board and rooms, $7 and up.
Cottages and tents for light housekeeping. Ex-
cursions to Big Trees. Santa" Crus beach, etc.
LISS <fe WAHREX. Gl^bs. CaL
1750 ft.: nearest springs to San Francisco; wa-
ter . unsurpassed for kidney and liver troubles;
plenty of milk, cream, butter and eggs; $10 per
wk. ; furnished housekpg." cottages to let: camp-
ing and • pasture; stage leaves Llvermore Tues..
Thur..Sat..U a.m. ,THOS.F. KELLY .Uvormora.
.WILLOW RANCH— Delightfully lo-
cated *to .redwoods." s '. miles from " Santa Crua.
Spring I water, fruit.' milk, excellent table;
dally j meal;: free conveyance: $7 week; phon*
Suburban - 87. : MRS. . \V. CRAXDELL. Santa
Cruz. : Cal. ,> , . /
UNION HOTEL. Sonoma. CaL— New
management ; the leading •' hotel •" first-class •
electric lights ; • rates for summer > boarders. $7
per 'week; special to families: bus to Hot
Sprlngs.% H. -< W. ; GOTTENBERQ. Prop.
—Near beach: 30 .acres beautiful grounds- spe-
cial ; rates to . families; write \u25a0 for booklet. F
BARSON.I Proprietor.- Santa .Crua. !; J-, '
l LAWRENCE VILLA, Sonoma— -Com-
pletely i, renovated. % Family . resort: swimming
tank; bus daily to Hot Springs; |3 wsek. H.

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