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Specials for Manday—Tuesday—Wednesday
ARRIVED— New Season's Congou (English Breakfast) Teas. Extra fancy
"Russian crop," choicest ever imported, $1.25 Ib. 5 Ib, canister $5,75
Tea —^Mandarin Nectar. res. 60c .45 OIIVCS— Queen No. U pt- «30
Crackers — Cream, reg. 30c .... tin .22 Yz A Spanish olive. qt. .45
Coffee— Pasha Brand. Ib. .30 Reg. 35c. 55c, <K»« Vz $*• -75
Regly 35c .2 lbs. .55 CatSUp— G. B. & Co.. pt. .15
Bird Pate— Reg'ly 25c can .20 Good qualify, regly 20e.
Franco-American sandwich paste PeaS-French. ......; tin .15
btarcn— 12 Ib. box 1 .20 Le Solid tres fins, reg'ly 20c.
Kingsford-s. reg'ly $I^s WaferS-Nabisco, >. . . can .25
mUSnrOOrnS — French d\J AIJ flavors reg. 30c
c "^ 25C ' " n An Ginger-Tropical.. . . % Ib. can .25
Frankfurters— Imp 6in can .4U Crystallized, reg'ly 30c."
• Regiy 45c-35c ; 4in«n .30 Mackerel— .5 ib. kit .95
Sardines — Boneless can .25 Norway fish, reg'ly $1.10
French fish regly 30c. Prunes— Italian, 34 lbs. .25
Ispa, very delicate, .3 cans .35 40 to 50 to a pound, reg'ly 10c. Ib.
Beef —Potted. f. a.; rcg. isc . . . ... .10 Bouillion Capsules— keg. 30c . . ,25
Peas— Yellow split. 2 Ib. pkg. .1 5 Herring— New AUtjcs. ...'.... 3 for ,25
New York State, reg. 20e. Season's delicacy— won't last long
Chutney — Imported pint ,30 Dates — Fard, reg. !2j£c 3 lbs. .25
Reg'ly 40c-60c quart .50 Moth Balls— Reg. 10c Ib 5 lbs. ,25
o^m HOUSEHOLD <ess*3s»
Lunch Sets— Reg. 25c ,15 Bath Brush— With strap, regiy 75c ,60
I Table cover — 12 doilies and napkins
Port— California Extra bot .40 Benedictine % pint ,50
Reg'ly 60c— 52.00 gal. 1 ,50 A popular cordial pints ,gO
Whiskey— Old Mellow Ry« 75 Reg'ly 65c- $1.00 -$2.00 . quart 1.75
Reg'ly $1.00 bot 3 bots. 2.00 Whiskey— Scotch, D.*C.L
Regly $4-00 gal gal- 3.00 King Geo.IV, Red Crown, reg. S .25
Kummel — Mampc, trial she 15 Killycroy 3.X Irish, reg. 51.25 1,10
Reg'ly 25c-SI.IO .quart .95 WineS-Vista del Valle. Analyzed and found
Water— Apollinaris plntS 1*55 P ure « Rtgularcasc Special case
Regly $1.65-52.25 dz. quarts 2.05 b
Soda & Sarsaparilla. 1.35 OVAL 3 6^ c $7 %> s & $ f 6O
Schwepp s, reg ly $1.50 doz. ROSE
Bitters — Angostura, reg'ly 80c ..bot ,70 5.00 6.00 4.00 4.80
Gin— D.CL quart bot .85 BURGUNDY—
Old Tom fr Dry. rcg. SI.OO 5.50 6.50 4.40 5.20
Demented Chinese Eesorts
to Fire Route and Life Is
Saved by Parting of Queue
Wong Lung, a Chinaman living at 903
Dupont street, last evening attempted to
burn himself alive by placing his head
over a lighted gas jet and kindling a
lire of shavings under his -feet. Lung is
undoubtedly crazy and this is the second
time he lias attempted self-destruction
by the fire route. He was discovered by
his uncle, Fook You, .who had a desperate
fight to prevent the destruction of life
planned by the incapacitated Celestial
It is but three weeks since Wong Lung
vras sent to the Detention Hospital for
insanity after having attempted death
by the same manner he sought last night.
All of the unfortunate heathen's hair is
bunted off the top of his head and the
once cherished queue is but a burned
and charred relic. But Lung- wots not.
His one desire since his gray matter
ceased working is to join his fellows in
the happy land where life is one long
fcmoke of the poppy extract.
As Lung twisted his queue arouqd the
gas pipe he tied a sailor's knot about the
Iron tube, struck a match and awaited
developments. When the hot flames be
gan to scar his face and head he uttered
an uncouth yell that reverberated
throughout the narrow alleys of the yel
lcw quarter and spent its force on the
car drums of a thousand terrified Chinese.
Lung's 4-year-old boy ran into the room
and clapped its little long nailed fingers
in- baby glee at the sight of papa Lung's
pyrotechnic queue.
Swarms of chattering Chinamen gath
ered about the hou?e. while others sought
cover in rat holes arid on roofs to escape
the stray .bulJrts cf what they divined
was the outoreak of another bloody tong
\u25a0war. Special Policeman William King
tore into the house with drawn revolver.
As he crossed the threshold Lung's queue
parted with a rasping sound and "the in
fane Chinaman fell groaning to the floor.
Dr. Kur Him was summoned and when
he finished swathing Lung with walrus
tooth oil and other peculiar dark-looking
infusions, the injured man was taken to
the Central Emergency Hospital, where
the white doctors took a hand in the
treatment, soothed the burns and lodged
Lung in a padded cell. His uncle. Fook
You. cays that he will swear to a com
pjaisit of insanity and hopes to have his
fire-loving relative transferred to a place
where people do not play with matches
or secure -means' for self-destruction.
Keeping' boarders is often the begin
ning of successful hotel management.
The man who has made money with
boarders, who has learned how to keep
the tables filled with guests — how to
advertise — has, learned more than half
of the art of hotel-keeping.
fauiciit Moallnsr Paprr*.
Rudolph Valrnzuela was arrested yes
terday morning near Golden Gale ave
nue and Larkin street with a bundle of
stolon newspapers under his arm. Most
of the papers were Calls. Subscribers
living in that district have complained
for soni«» time that their papers had
bern stolen for several days. Captain
Mooncy of the City Hall station detailed
Policeman Cornelius to watch for the
thief. Valenzuela was caught red-hand
ed. H* was booked on two charges of
petty larceny.
Chief Surgeon of Emergency
Service Consults With
Dr. Ward and Physicians
Chief Surgeon J. I. Stephen, of the
Emergency service, is still 'seeking to
compass his desire to eject the news
paper men permanently from the city hos
pitals. Using the words of the chief, the
newspaper men "see too much and know
too much for the good of the service."
During the last week Dr. Stephen, who
has been the prolific subject for many
newspaper stories, has been conducting a
general consultation bee. Each surgeon in
the service hag been asked to offer, his
opinion as to the restriction of the re
Dr. Ward, president of the Health
Board, is said by Stephen to stand "heart
and hand" with the elusive doctor's pro
position of excluslveness. If Stephen, wno
Hays he already has the backing of the
Board of Health, can get the co-operation
of Mayor Schmitz and Abe Ruef. the day
will soon come when he can run the
Emergency Service in his peculiar man
ner without fear of exposure 'in the
. Mayor Schmitz has already said that
he does not coincide with Stephen's views,
and under no circumstances will he allow
the taking of any such action as is con
templated by Stephen ar.d his "support"
in the Health Board. Although Stephen's
"support" in the Health Board is be
lieved to consist only of Dr. Jules Simon,
proprietor of the Maudsley Sanitarium,
Stephen says he has the co-operation of
the entire, board, with the Mayor and
Ruef included.
Not one of the surgeons who do the
work in the Emergency Service listened
favorably to the chiefs proposed plan
of secrecy, and none would commit him
self in the -slightest degree In favor of
such a move. One of the physicians in
the service said that Dr. Stephen had
instructed two nurses at the Central
Emergency Hospital, and one of the stu
dent nurses to "look after his interests"
and learn, if possible, just where the
newspaper men got their information re
garding him. The chiefs action in employ
ing spyfhg nurses is disliked and severely
censured by the rest of the attaches
about the hospitals. The nurses' who are
assisting In the drawing up of the chief's
code of. procedure to exclude the press,
are shunned as vipers by the doctors and
other attaches.
Ever since the night when two people
died, probably because the chief eurgeon
could not be /ound In the city. Stephen
has spent little time at the hospitals. His
orders are given in whispers to the head
nurse, Mrs. Cannon, who diffuses them
throughout the service. >.
Drs. Ward and Stephen, according to
the chief, held a long consultation on the
restriction bill Friday night, which Dr.
Stephen reports as having been very fav
orable to the ridding of the service of
the presence of newspaper men.
Artistic and tasteful, interesting and
attractive is the Mwllin's Food booth at
the Portland Exposition. Done in gold
and ivory. white — with walls of dark
green, covered with hundreds of colored
portraits of --healthy, happy babies —
Hectric lights — furniture in mahogany
—marble statuary — costly oil paintings,
and the Baby in tho Biogen; all in the
Mellin's Food booth. Agriculture build
ing, Lewis & Clark Exposition. •
Assault on Grocer
, Gook Garef ully
' .Planned.
Pieces of Lead Pipe
Used in Crime
OAKLAND. July 23.— Further investiga
tion of the assault on and, robbery of
Thomas \V. Cook of 1805 Fruitvale avenue
last night shows that it was one of the
most diabolical attempts at murder ever
perpetrated in Alameda County. The vic
tim, a portion of whose skull was
crushed. in by blows rained upon him by
the thugs, is lying unconscious at a sani
tarium in' Alameda, and death may. oc
j^ur at any moment.
w Sheriff JJarnett to-day took into cus
tody James Crowhurst, a clerk at 1192
East Twenty-first.. street, -and- is holding
him in the County Jail under suspicion
pf knowing- the perpetrators of the as
sault and robbery.. The Sheriff then went
to. San Francisco, where he had reason
to believe that the murderous ruffians
had fled. . Crowhurst protests that he
knows nothing of the affair. < .
Only for a brief moment since, he was
struck down by the men who beat him
into insensibility and robbed him has Cook
recovered sufficiently to say a few" words.
The robbers did their worklwith pieces of
lead pipe wrapped in clot:i, tied on with
stout cord. Last night one piece of pipe,
Si inches long, was found near the scene
of. the robbery. To^iay men employed by
Sheriff Frank Barnett found a similar
lilece of lead pipe, evidently a section- of
the other, and wrapped up precisely as
the first piece was, in a vacant lot within
Two hundred feet of the Cook home on
Fruitvale avenue.
Both pieces of pipe were covered with
blood stains, , the cloth otherwise being
white and clean, showing that they were
prepared specially for the dastardly deed
which was carried intu execution. It
is evident that the robbers had planned
exactly when and where to attack their
The victim •of the cruel crime is 20
years old. In the absence of Fred. B.
Cook, his brother, who is visiting in Can
ada, he has been In. charge of their'gro
cery at - 12S8 Twenty-third a.venue.
It has- been, his custom on Saturday
Rights'- to take all the week's receipts of
cash home in his pockets rather than
risk leaving it over Sunday in the store
safe. Evidently the robbers knew of this
practice. Young Cook has been im
mensely popular among his acquaint
ances, and he. became imbued with the
idea that nobody in the world would
do him any harm.
Last night he closed the store about 9
o'clock, placed $200 in gold and $50 in sil :
ver coin in his pockets, and started to
ro to his home on Fruitvale avenue, half
a niilG froni the store.
Along the highway known as the old
Redwood road the sidewalks are uneven,
trees at intervals cast shadows, lights are
few and it is altogether an ideal place,for
holdup men. ' But the thugs who beat
down young . Cook took no . chances of
detection. 'Jnjey attacked h:m from both
In front and behind. With pieces of
lead pipe as bludgeons they smashed in
his skull, struck him down within a
block of his home, robbed him and left
him, as they thought, deaa.
Dr. J. H. Callen, who has had charge
of young Cook's case, said to-night:
"Cook began to so into convulsions this
morning, and I had him taken to the Ala
meda ' Sanitarium, where an operation
v-as performed this afternoon by Dra.
Lum. Crosby and myself. We re
moved the clot that was upon the brain,
but the fracture of the skull is very bad,
and the chances for his recovery are
slight. There must have been several
blow 3 rained upon his head, and ; the
thieves must- have beaten him terribly.
There. is one great fracture across the
top of the head, and the skull is splin
tered and shattered around where the
blows centered. The thieves were evi
denfly not satisfied with one blow, but
beat him on the head in a horrible man
Miss I. E. Connor, milliner, of 13S Geary
street, has removed to 225 Post street. •
Places -Entered In Different .Parts of
City and Coin, Jevrelry and Other
Article* Stolen. /, ; ?: ;.;4: t
Several petty burglaries 'and thefts
were reported to the police yesterday.
Mrs. A. Curtain. 515 O'Farrell street,
said her room had- been entered on
Saturday afternoon and a gold ring set
with pearls valued, at $25 and $38 50
In coin were ' stolen. She had left the
door unlocked. She suspects a 6trange
man who was in 'the house at the time.
Patrick Pierson. 112 Fourth: street,
reported that his, room had been en
tered on Saturday night by forcing
open tho window. His silver watch,
overcoat, pair, of shoes and hat were
stolen." Their aggregate r value was
$30 50.
O. Loft, steward iat the Dorchester
Hotel, 1482 Sutter street, reported that
the" storeroom had been entered '" >on
Saturday morning by "prying open' the
window. A wire screen and several
packages of groceries were stolen. ;
W. Somers, clerk at the branch post
office, at Sixth avenue and Clement
street, reported that on Saturday aft
ernoon, while he was taking the .mail
bag from a Sixth avenue ear some one
stole a Salvation Army collection"*' box
containing about $1. • :
• T. O. Heydenfeldt, 1030 Post street,
reported that several .articles of crock
ery ware had been stolen from his' yard
on Saturday .night. He valued: them
at about $10. V :'.'."*•'' .: •:
An unoccupied shop at 606 Sixth
street was entered, on .Saturday night
by ; prying the,; lock . off the front door
and t4ie 'telephone box .was broken
open and the contents.rabout $1, stolen.
Frandsen,' t\C2v Sixty-second .street. -Oakland,
called iat th<? Morgue .yesterday and
that his brother. Otto ,T. Frandsen, a painter,
had be<*n mlwlng ever, since July 9." $ On I that
date Otto left the home of his brother, with the
lntej> tion of visiting \u25a0 friends ; In -. this :\u25a0 city." but
th«y had not seen, lilm.,'iHe:had-been-drlnk
ins for some days. He Is described as 32 years
c<t age, :.Hsht .oompl e xlf>n.-'sandy.,'halr." .smooth
thaven and about' s^ feet 9 14 Inches tall.: ••:
When one is afflicted. with'rheumatisrn.
to 1 obtain -relief .as speedily as possible is
the : first consideration ; - take Lash's > Kid
ney and Liver Bitters.' , \u2666; : _> *:--\
NORTH -SYDNEY. ;N.:S.,.: July 23.— The
Feary arctic- exploration- steamer Roosevelt
which left B3iv Harbor at •• midnight Wednes
day, reached here -to-day ; ; with - Commander
P^ary, his -. wifn ~ and i daughter < on , board. « Af
ter coaling,''. the^ Roosevelt \u25a0• will 'leave.lor the
Korth to-morrow, evening. *.- , \u25a0
Gambling and Drink Drive
; Robert McHugh" to Lowest
( Depths of Degradation
Sunk to the lowest depths of degrada
tion, Robert Mcllugh.once a young man
of promise, was arrested vy Policeman
Cornelius yesterday morning just as the
starving man was about to steal a can
of milk f/om a doorway. An inordinate
passion for gambling and drink lowered
him to the gutter.? . \u0084 ; , "
Like the Prodigal Son,". McHugh lived
on refuse for weeks while, slinking about,
tho city streets, ragged 'and, unkempt.
Garbage barrels f urnished»hlm.'e*nough r to
keep body and soul together. -'arid 'during
the nights he shivered-in - . lonesome door
ways.. \u25a0 :\u25a0.-.'' \u25a0'-' ' •"\u25a0 •*' \u25a0 ''V ' - >.)
McHugh Is 0n1y .^22 .years old. ; Before
drink and the gambling , fever ..'turned
his brain he was a surveyor. He. earned
marked praise for t work !he did ; In : gov
ernment service^ in 'Alaska./ Everything
promised him a brilliant career.
\u25a0 He came tb: thls ; city x several months
ago and the false glamour'of>the tender
loin stirred his blood;?: He found :plenty of
friends while his money lasted and his
course on the downward path was rapid.
The sum of . money : he had with 'him
rttelted. ... , * •-..-' '\u25a0'/
McHugh wakened one morning to find
himself penniless- and friendless. He felt
that ho could win back all that'hehad
lest. The luck' had to turn, he .thought.
Ho pawned what few. trinkets hehad, but
the pitiful sum with which' he. was to re :
coup his fortune at cards was- lost. ' ;
For days jhe i walked about jthe streets
too proud to beg and^ he : muttered to
himself firmly, too honest -to steal.-
Hunger / \u25a0 tortii'red him". /With slinking
gait and hanging head he wipuld - hurry,
past the restaurants; where the ;'sinell of
cooking food tantalized him. ,Qne night
he passed v a row of 'garbage 'cans over
which ; a pack •\u25a0 of hungry .; mongrel .'dogs
were .quarreling.' Famished, • McHugh
strode over, and .fighting: off the dogs
seized some of the scraps over which they
were snarling. On j another^ night ho re
turned to the same place and the?outcast
man ate ravenously like the outcast
beasts..' ;\u25a0-:\u25a0" - . ..;.:; \.'/i. > - ,\u25a0'..\u25a0; - \u25a0. \u25a0: ' -,;.
He was walking down Golden Gate
avenue yesterday -morning/ just, \ before
daybreak. He was sick and starved. ; He
saw a can of^milk lying on a doorstep
and he emptied . the /vessel 'at a gulo.
Policeman" Cornelius; caught -him- in the
act. The prisoner was taken to; the. City
Hallstation on a' charge of. petty larceny,
and there he -told his story. ' . '-;. ;.':\u25a0
"I have been a fool.V he said.'. "See what
,the liquor arid-gambling; have done to,
inc." . '. ..- . '.-';\u25a0\u25a0" '\u25a0' "''.. \u25a0" ."'. .-::\u25a0 -.::'\u25a0' ','\u25a0-)
His hollow. :' cheeks' and ' his fleshlesa
frame; prove the- truth; of ;his quick: de
scent' to the Slowest; depths/ i \u25a0. >*.' .- \u25a0'?\u25a0;;!>\u25a0?;
COMMISSIONER" KILBEY ,: . . '< %-?\u25a0\u25a0
Delivers Three; Addresaea to. Salvation
Afniy Adherents -and Their.' Many J
S?;?; '•-\u25a0''-V-: - "\u25a0 Friend*. v ";.'.: ;;'
Commissioners George JCilbey, of ; Chi
cago lectured three times yesterday be
fore] the' Salvation Army adherents and
thelf;friends.: ; :V ; ' • " v ; . ; : v;
iv'Atul o'clock c in. theimorning and at
8 1 o'clock'jn ~ t lies evening ':h: h c j addressed
large 'audiences 7 atV Congress [Hall.'* : 1271;
Mission streetr [On-: these 'occasions he
took for Vhis.subject,* "InVLlfe :We "Are
in Death. , y. ;,;.,;.'";.\u25a0';,
'In the afternoon -'*_ at *."«.; o'clock/he
spoke a t Lyric I Hall. - I lere he gave an
interesting; talk,", which *he called ; "With
theiSalvatioii;Ar'mV;inUhe;'Boer;;W«Vr.' 4 ';
Commissioner;, Kilbej- ', will -leave v thls
morning for; Los "Angele3/W^^^
. Burnett's . Extract lot vVanllla U \u25a0 the
etandard"everywhere.t. v Sol<l by!be«t grocers. •
Committee of United Labor
League . Deposes Sullivan
for Denouncing A. Ruef
\u25a0 • - ' \u25a0 > \u25a0
Nominations of delegates to the Re
publican municipal convention have been
made in many of the Assembly districts,
and assurance is given, that nearly all
of the league tickets will be ready to
night for riling. Citizens are manifesting
keen interest in the work of preparing
the lists. There are many indications that
the delegates proposed ' under the aus
pices of the San Francisco Republican
League will be chosen in a majority, of
the* districts.:; Recently -there have been
large- accessions .tOithe .membership of
the league.. \u25a0!:'
It is understood that the Ruef forces
will put; up .-"strong, fights against the or
ganization^ in. the. Thirty-ninth,. Fortieth.
Forty-second/. Forty-fourth and Forty
iifths Assembly districts. It is suspected
that Ruef will; detach forces from the La
bor party in "several of the districts for the
purpose of ' electfhg independent delega
tions composed of men who will take the
graft programme in the Republican nom
inating convention. ' The boss has no
thought of putting Mayor Schmitz before
the convention -for indorsement, but he
would :like\to 'see a weak' man placed at
the head of* the Republican column to
oppose Schmitz, who is.- slated for nom
ination by- the Union Labor ..party, j
In: the vForty-tlfth.. Assembly district
there • will |be a meeting* of " Republican
league forces at the' Washington Square
likn.- ;'- v '\u25a0 ' / - •- \u25a0\u25a0'-. ' "* ' \u0084;
'The --Union -Labor:.. County Committee
and ; a faction of the | executive committee
of the ; United Labor. League have adopt
ed '. ; comi»romise : measures with a .view to
restoring harmony: in': the labor camp. A
faction; of the; executive committee 'met
last^nlght..'at!"Ss; Eddy street* and deposed
Tim , Sullivan, .who vis the recognized
leader ""of -the 'fight Ruef in the
Labors 'party. "The /committee also de-"
nouncedjthe. Citizens'' Alliance. The reso
lutions; adopted by; the committee are
signed? by -H. ;M. Alexander,- president.
The; resolutions are as follows:
Resolved, --That' we ' deprecate and condemn
the -recent- agitation In . the league for a- dis
pute and decision. of. the. Union Labor party' af
th?.- ensoing primary election. We hereby
<I*clare against putting two union labor • tick
eta. In. the field. -We demand and inilstupon
unity > la cur ' ranks and united opposition to
the 'ticket and policies of the Citizens' AM
ance ;of *. San T Francisco. And we denounce
any. and all attempts to split the Vnlon- Labor
vote- Into- factions and ; , hostile camps by in
jsctlng therein • ctrife and disunion through
the medium of-, opposing primary -election tick
ets at : the 'ensuing election: and be It further *
• Rtsol veil. , That the. United Labor League will
not put; into the • field* nor will It authorize or
.countenance -putting.. Into the; field- a 'primary
election ticket In opposition to the ticket of the
;r*f?ular' Labor TTniqn:p»irty organization hut'
>. ill, join-, with"- the- County Committee. of th»
Union -lAbot /party in-thcprefentatlon of one
ticket of v delegates: in '. each Assembly., district
half 5 of.; whom \u25a0; shall be;, named ; under - the au
ppices'of^thls league "and half under : the; au
spices of the sUrilon Labor . County j Committee -
and belt:further ";'.•.:'. . . _\u25a0 •\u25a0 v •'. <•
\u0084 ' Resolved,- .That \u25a0 aJiy ! action - contrarj' -to tbft
spirit of -this' resolution by - any member •of
this - league- - will % be-:r reifard«''-l ias Inimical .to
.tlM"i.lnterest:bfsla.bor,'as treachery, to Its cause
and as j the ', probable result . of . th<» . corrupting
influence of Citizens" Alliance sold. \u25a0 •
. In 'a.st ring of wherease?. the committee
sets ; forth'; that 'Tim' Sullivan has been
acting, .without, the authority "of the execu
tive' committee 'and s in ' the interest .of: the
Citizens' V Alliance. ';. The Resolution depos
ing him 'reads:';
,'i ßesolved, : That" for- the reasons . arforesald
the \u25a0•\u25a0 position sof '^chairman • of .. this .'committee
now. occupied "- by. said - Tim * R." Sullivan b», r and
the , same 3 hereby ; Is • declared • vacant, " and said
Tim R. - Sullivan :Is hereby > deposed ' therefrom. I
Rudolph {* Valenzuela;; an ; errand ' boy £14 'years
of £ age.': was arrested about ; 6 o'clock ; yesterday
morning ion s Golden : Gate I avenue I by; Polic?man
:L: £ J.*»« Cornelius. r-'ir -'i The t boy .' had 6toJ*n '.' forty
nln« copies - of , The^CaU .• and: Examiner. \u25ba which
wer^s booked s aa ; evidence t against! him -on-two
'charges . of' petty ; larceny. '.., He .-km* sent ' to' Uie
detention. Home.-. .
Taffeta Silk Eton Suits with knife pleated trimming and silk gir-
dle to match] skirt box style and made extra full in the following
staple shades: Gun metal, Navy Blue and Black.
: : . Reduced to $22.50
Novelty Silk Suits, short effect, with the popular elbow sleeve,
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Blues, Blacks and Browns. . ......
SHk Shirt Waist, Suit*
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Tflilpr-Made Suits
Double-breasted blouse suits, collar trimmed with linen and taf-
-feta. This suit is made of a very good quality Serge, in Navy
Blue, Black and Brown.
Reduced to $22.50
Extra Large Size Suits
'.Eton Jacket and Blouse Suits in an extensive assortment of tnate-
' rials, in Blacks, .Blues, Browns and all the popular mixtures. This
? line .of suits -are mostly extra sizes. -'?/.*\u25a0 i
-w >: Boys'- vacation hose in wide or narrow rib. Made for du-
rability with double knees, spliced heels and toe; extra OC^»
long and fast black;, sizes 6to 10. Pair L*O\*
• Women's I'ght or -medium weight, Tlermsdorf dye, black Cot-
: \u25a0 ton Hose, extra long and elastic, double; soles, heels and OCs»
toes; special values. Pair !:..'............ faJC
SPECIAL--New lace hose, "Herrasdorf" fast in a va-
riety of .new patterns, lace ankle or all-over lace," extra C*l. f\f\
long,' double soles, heels and- toes; 50c values. 3 pairs. 4J1 # «wV/,
Special Novelty
100 dozen nov- &gU?t&IC^L4
city : wash stocks **> /f st
\u25a0in linen, lawn \L£ i?*<P-
•and pique, .with \^B^JT J f &ff?&&&Zr)
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0, long -tabs, pretti-. - lnile . i SJr niUm^'^7
ly .trimmed, with t* TABLIS ''^ C\i^^>->*%
embroidery, me- 1666 . \u0084i \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 T^tHT
dallion, button or .. W* v \u25a0\u25a0ii^J^/.
isiW| HI to 121 Post Strca""'^
25c Each j
Policeman . Takes Harry
LloycUto Hospital. Prob-~
; ably Tod Late.
Harry Lloyd, an aged man, was found
in a condition of acute starvation by
Policeman Bruce atthe corner of Tenth
and Mission r streets last night and
taken to the Central Emergency Hos
pital. At the hospital Dr. Herzog
found that Lloyd was suffering from a
general emaciation, induced by starva
tion. Lloyds chances for; recovery are
considered slim.. - .
At the hospital, the old man told a
pitiful tale of. sickness and starvation.
He said that 'for days he had wandered
the streets of the city-sick, unable to
procure work. All that he had to fill
his stomach was a few bits of bread
that he -begged at the kitchens of
restaurants. He slept in the gutters,
and sometimes .when passing pedes
trians were goodrhearted he managed
to get 5 or 10 cents, with which he
bought a. bed for the. night in one of
the cheap* lodging-: houses -that" abound
down by th<T Barbary Coast. Lloyd is
afflicted with heart trouble and his long
stage of starvation has , so , run him
down that he has reached the critical
period where life is but a question of
hours. V \u25a0'-* A -
Every care was extended tne suffer
ing man and under the motherly hand
of Mrs. Swett. the matron.' he was made
more comfortable than he had been
perhaps since he left his mother's care.
Tears came to tho unfortunate mans
eyes when the nurse .with soothing
hands smoothed out his pillow and gave
him food and drink. -. If Lloyd recovers
he will-be scnt^ to the' Almsnouse. .
John Tait will relinquish the manage
ment of Taifs cafe "on August 1. He
and his assistant. Gustav Mann, will en
ter into partnership with the owner of
a cafe in the. Emma Spreckels building,
on Market street.. Thecafg is tobe con
ducted on anambitlous scale. Mann has
already turned in his resignation.
: It is asserted that this action does not
mean that there has , been any friction
in the 'management of Tait's. Mann and
Tait believe that they can do as well; if
not better, in their new place as they
have done '.for -the of the Flood
building resort. . ' -
Buffalo. »** York and Return, at Little
X-:A personally conducted!, excursion, via
Grand Canyon of Arizona. Denver, Colo
rado Springs, "JManitou. Garden of the
Gods, Pikes Peak. Kansas City and Chi
cago;'' $5". "5" round' trip;to-!Buffalo^in
cluding trip to Grand Canyon; every May
a holiday: the grandest sight-seeing ex
cursion of the year. \u25a0 - . -
, F. of 'A. Attention ! This is your offi
cial route.- Reservations should be made
at'once..." • • Z « \u25a0 ; r>'i
v- For, further particulars ask at Xo. 653
Market; street,. Santa ;Fe= Office. •
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
The Busiest Music Store in To wn
Hlsh Heelat 'Cause Kail.
Hlsh-heeled shoes caused Miss Carria
Anderson to trip while running- to catch
a car on- Cole street yesterday. Her les
was broken by the 4 fall. Nobody hap
pened to be passing at the time and she
lay suffering: great pain until her cries
attracted help. She was taken to her
home and later, removed to the Central
Emergency Hospital, where Dr. Herzos
set the injured limb.
Given Away Free
' J^£j|^^ Them All
Our Beantiful
American Talking HacMne
Free to Everybody
Purchasing: our
Teas Coffees Spices
Crockery - Glassware
Greatest Offer of the Age
Xfip thb Coupon out, bring
J it to any of oar stores.
g Its value is
a $5.00 worth of Coupons
53 toward gsttinj yoa the
h Talking Machine Free
Boys, Girls, and Yonii? Ladies
tliis is Yonr Chance (_
Come and See 17s
Great American Importing Tea Ca.
Stores Everywhere
f. Perfect Fittinz j&&
EYE f\
$2.50 ?*
Broken Lenses re- I *
placed 50c •\u25a0'
V S42
VhaS. •:' NEWMAN* CO.. Props.
Convenient to alt car lines, places or amusa-
n «" a . n(l P ro . m »nent buildings, a hotel or un-
* xce led. service. European.. $1 p«r day up-
ward; -American. $£_per day Special
rat-s to famlUea. The famous Rum a la carte
dian«rs. •scflTlJ© ktablek tabIe is supplied witn prod-
Sn'.nl^n r -- Swraw'i rmofc.^ Mer-

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