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This morning (Saturday) they were
joined by the workmen of the port and
at 11 o'clock, in complete order, the sail
ors carrying the banner of St. George
and the workmen red flags, marched to
the barracks of the Brest regiment. The
officers of the regiment threatened to fire
on the mutineers, but General Neplueff.
a colonel and five other officers surrender
ed and were sent under escort to the ma
rine Drison.
Being reinforced by the rank and file of
the entire' rejrfment, the jnutineers and
workmen formed a procession, composed
of 10.0 M men. and marched. through the
city. At Novissi!ste3 place the proces
sion encountered several. companies of the
liie^qptpk regiment, with a machine gun
l»2t»£sjsp--The mutineers approached; 'their
Lands, '\tlaylr.g 'the national anthem, a"nd
the soldiers received the procession' with
lull military honors, "presenting arms and
exchanging cheers. Bui the Bielostok men
resisted the appeals of the mutineers to
Join them and, obeying the orders of Com
mander Schulm&a. marched off .toward
the road lea dins to Balaklava. The bat
tery, however, remained with the mutl
i;t*rs and ' participated in the meeting.
After the meeting the procession formed
again and went to the barracks of • the
Ittelostok regii&ctft, where there j were
other companies, but , these companies
also declined the invitation of j the muti
neers to Join them. \u0084 ...
In the afternoon the eailors from . the
barracks signaled their comrades aboard
the warships to join them and also. sent
a deputation to Vice. Admjral Chouknin
requesting him to come *o ,the j sailors'
barracks and hear their grievances. .: But
the admiral, in a short speech,. in which
he pointed out the madneES and crim
inality <jf their actions and^he dreadful
•jenaltics to which they had subjected
themselves, declined to accede to the re
The sailors thus far have . comported
themselves well. The city* is panic strick
en end the inhabitants are fleeing. This
evening the mutineers stopped the trains
In order to prevent tbc arrival;, of troops
from Simferopol . and many persons left
on - foot and in cabs, wagons or any
ether kind of vehicle available. .
«t j»an^ratiri»rti.
XOETH <<. ELUUEDGK. ..President
AL.LE.V GniFFITHS Cashier.- ... Assistant Cashier '
DIRECTORS:,. * " • '• •
AKTIirR HOLLAXO — Prest. United' CHA.V. UTEBB HOWARD—Prcst" r
Hailroads of San Francisco Spring:. Valley. Water -Worka ; '•-'
JOHN LLOYD— Ear-Prest. German jA h ¥Js S i^ti«i V rwr^. PeBt * - Col «n» h ;"
Savings and Loan Society . " an Ba nl king C omp ai ay
13 P. HIWX-RF -H-tton & .Co ciIARLES^ SLACK-Regent. Uni.
Bankers and Brokers, New York versity of California.
and San Francisco ALfcEX GRIFFITHS. Vice Presi-
WILLIAJI P. PLUM.MER— Manaser dent .
Drexler Estate v.: ZOETH S. ELUREDGE,' Prest— Late '
WILTEIt J. BART2VEIT. - Vice- Bank Commissioner and •. National "
Frcst. Vicc-Prest. and Gen.'Coun- Uank Exaininer- for. 1 Pacific States
sc! Western Pacific R. R. , and Territories ;
VolieitM tlie arcnunta uf Bnnkn snd . Banker*, .^lercantfle -l'lrnis.. Cor--
»oratiuu» and Individual* In the City and out of Town, and Is prepared to
furisish nil Much depo»l ton baslaess focllltlea In keepluK with their bal-
oacem and flnnndal \u25a0tnndlng. l "(IMBt lfa^-^g a^r * -
Safe DcDonit Vaultn on Grpoad Floor. . '
LOS ANGELES. Nov. 26.— Winged. by a
bullet from Detective Roberd's revolver,
Charles McDonald, an alleged horse thief,
dropped on San Pedro street to-day after
he bad engaged in a running fight with
three policemen in an effort to evade ar
rest. Eight or ten shots were exchanged
between the fugiti\ r e and the officers -as
the fight was kept up along Winston
street from Main to San Pedro, and Mc-
Donald was not brought to a. halt until
he had turned down San Pedro street
and was In a fair way to make his es
cape. The bullet struck, him in the hip.
The wound is not considered serious.
McDonald Is charged with the theft of
a horse, saddle and bridle from the Keno
stables, 1007 Los Angeles \u25a0 street. When
searched a dark lantern and other sus
picious articles were found in McDon
ald's pockets. He said he came from
Grand Rapids and has been working as a
general laborer.
The police believe the wounded prisoner
has been connected with several crimes,
and they are busy looking up his record.
McDonald would not talk, other than
stating that he did not take the horse
from the Keno stables and thafheknows
nothing whatever about the transaction.
EL PASO. Tex., Nov. 26.— 8y the un
earthing of a skeleton by graders work
ing in a suburb the mystery of the. dls-.
appearance of a former resident of El
PasoUs believedto have been solved.:. •
-, Fourteen years ago Stanislaus N. Ron
quillo went for a drive with a man- whom
be was suing to talk over the case. Ron
quillo was never seen after that day, and
at the trial, of the. suit referred to the
other 'party presented . a release" signed
by ' Ronquillo. The skeleton unearthed is
that \bf a man six feet tall. A wooden
gag was found In the mouth and a silver
.spoon by the side. Children of Ronquillo
positively identify, the spoon' as one al
ways carried by their father,- and, also
identify his teeth. The man .with whom
Ronquillo went on the drive is dead.
Carrinse Factory Burned.'
SANTA CRUZ, Nov. .26.— Cook's car
riage factory, a big frame building, was
burned last night. The building^ ad
joined Chinatown and for a tim«^ the
Chinese quarter was threatened." ' '-'\u25a0
a^HE , SAW - KKAN GISCO^CALL, ; MONDAY, i : 27,,.1905.
Special Dispatch to The Call.
i CHICAGO, -.Nov. 26.^-A unique event
in the history of the 'Roman Catholic
church in the West took place in the
Illinois State prison fat' Joilet "to-day,
when. Archbishop Quigley. bestowed the
eacrament of, confirmation upon ninety
seven convicts. • ; By the \u25a0 ceremony the
candidates' , become members of the
church spiritually and renew the prom
ises of faith .their- sponsors made, for
them \u0084 when., .they .v were ; baptized. .In
cases where, children ", have -had an op
portunity: for religious -training; they
are [ accorded the sacrament when
from 12 to 15 years of age; so. to-day's
ceremony was unusual both in that; it
was accorded, to felons in prison ' and
that the entire class was, adult- tv ;
While a number, of candidates in the
ceremony were baptized into the church
in infancy and strayed, from, it y ; when
children, the greater, number, represents
the work. of church missionaries within
the prison, having been converted to the
faith during their. imprisonment. .
"A large delgatiori from the ; Chicago
Central Council accompanied the Arch
bishop to Joliet to be. present' at the
ceremony, for whichV elaborate prepa
rations had been , made within .the
prison. , -.' v.v *
Special Dispatch to The Call.
. PITTSBURG,; Nov.; 26.— A brutal 'prize
fight was" witnessed ' at : an '-. early,.- hour
this morning by ,: fifteen millionaires.
\u0084of. Pittsburg, who -made up a purse of
51000. The fight, which \ was ; to be' ; to a
finish,, was between Frank Morgan and
Jimmy Frazler, two \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 middle-weights ; of
this icity. Bitter "feeling- exists between
the men and .a gory battle was , assured.'
The rich sports almost indulged in a free
forTallvmill of their own when the asser- ;
tlon was j made af ter^ the : fight ; : that \ Fra
zler had agreed'to take a beating for the:
sum of $700 promised him by ; some of the !
men whohad backed. Morgan heavily.'/,
"The; fight was "pulled toff" acrossJthe j
Allegheny- County line,' in Beaver County ,*\u25a0
just below; the ; grounds of the fashion-f
able Allegheny' Country Club, i Billy Coch
ran,, a; well-known \ local'-flght .promoter,";
had charge "of the affair,', while. Buck ;Cor- !
nelius, well?known>iriifistia clrcles;^acted j
as referee. The ring. was In* a barn owned
by one of the • wealthy ,' spectators".
utmost secrecy was : malntained.7 and moti not
a soul except 'the select ; few, who \u25a0 had
contributed •-. to : the purse was ' present.
', In the; middle \u25a0 of i the • eighth round"Ref
eree Cornelius j stopped -the- flght^and : gave
the decision^ to :, Morgan. * It is 'said,; that
$20,000 'changed "hands. After , the - battle
the millionaires ; went i to a the clubhouse at
Sewickley, > arriving I there 4 at' 4 ai\m.lThie^
Beaver, County "officials; co? far; have: been |
unable' to obtain the names of those pres
ent,-but they i expect to J get'them by. ar
resting the' principals. .: •;
LoulMlana i W eafrb f Lynched, v
NET/ ORLEANS,;; Nov.: 26.-f-Monsie
\u25a0VVilliains. :ta': negro, L..was \u25a0:' lynched; at
Taugipoha, La.; : for, connection- with,
the , attack j upon I Mrs. y George,^ an ; aged
white farmer's'Vlfe,'a;week ago. "i Will
lams* is; said Ud ; have Tconfessed..,;
\u25a0j .Special Dispatch to The Call.
. SEATTLE, "., Nov.: 26.-R. \ G. Phelps,
Archie, Cairns and « Frank Gcyer, three
San Francisco-sailors, who arrived in Ta
coma three weeks ago, - this - afternoon
leaped into the ' Sound a mile -off Alki
Point . f rom'i the British |bark| Scottish
Moor, on which -Uhey were being shang
haied for a -cruiser to Queenstown.- Phelps
and Cairns reached shore,* but Geyen was
captured and taken back to the ship, in a
small 'boat. Phelps and Cairns^ were
brought to Seattle to-night on- the Man
ette and are now aboard the revenue cut
ter j Grant. >^ j District Attorney Frye \u25a0-\u25a0 has
wired ithe customs authorities )at 'Port
Townsend, where «the Scottish, Moor must
call for 'clearance,'' to ihold her until an in
vestigation-can, be'rhade.' *'. ; ''. ' \u25a0 ,
Phelps and Cairns charge Dave Evan3, a
sailors' boarding-house , man at Tacoma,
and his runner, \u25a0."Billy'': Ryan, with the
crime of ..shahghfd. "-.\u25a0•.They say; these two
men took them aboard a launch at Ta
coma this'. morning.', telling' them ' they
were going * for a trip to Seattle, but in
stead ran alongside the Scottish Moor in
the "stream and delivered them aboard,
r Phelps and Cairns were exhausted when
they, reached the. beach after their, swim
and claim -that' on- turning ; their;; heads
they saw: Geyer struck ' on the head with
an oar by one of« the men; ln the small
boat. \u25a0-;•; \u25a0,•\u25a0.. " • '. :/\u25a0 '' "',\u25a0 - - U/\?
Continued 'from Page I,' Column,!."
out in terror of "the volce"Jand repeated
over ."and .over her vow .to .murder r her
baby girl.' 1 v .'.-""• v \u25a0\u25a0-'-\u25a0' "_. - >'. \u25a0-.'.'"
Louis 'de^aoli is still troubled .with the
presence of "spirlts/'^On; Saturday night
he -.could.'.ttot sleep '• he,vwas :trou-;
bled ' by", th'eae* nnseen'. •w'ltche's.'.' < >He' i still
belicveV^hat (lyf: did fright "in ; killing - his
sister-in'-iaw 'and triatvno ; harm can : come
to him. .y. During the day he ; prayed
most continually. !';,\u25a0/ *; ',' \u25a0 ,
i; Yesterday^afternoon .the funeral : of
Catherine dc':Paoli,<the murdered twoman,
was held. : "A< large ! crowd of friends gath
ered ; lo'pay-tHfeir, respects'to the • bereav-.
; family^ .vMrs." Catherine'; de ' Paoli \u25a0 was
buried , itt \u25a0 the Italian Cemetery.- \u25a0
See Picturesque. Old Mexico.
The" eionniioni train > leaving! San: Francisco
December 16 will ; , ba ..equipped ;, with baggage
car - dlnlr.'f; • car ' and Pullman;.vestlbuled^sleep
ers' 'Sixty days: time; will- allow ; for.; plenty iof
sight seems.-* $.So^^ round -.trip." "Optional return
via - ! Grand > Canyon. >• Illustrated h booklets ?of
Southern Pacific 'Agen*.iCl3: Market street. •
"On landing in ; Australia;; says\ a ; writer
in r; Nature :,",Notes;" tr our,v: hive Indus-,
.triouslj^V collected t quantities if^'of (|.*hone'y. £
Finding, 'however, J that i, there; was ] no^win
ter - such <ag \ittj have ; in \ England,^ it J gave
up* lay ing in * s tores'. S Its] morals ! are \ cor
\u25a0fupted;3 for Ait jls \ no' longer " "busy," : - and
leads 'a 7a 7 butterfly llf c.^ r : < -" * ;r . '''\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0; '-"- '-- : V"'
'.:v,.:i.-..v.-.,;vv;:x^->^O:,;. - -._ \u25a0\u25a0 ; ;
Continued from Page 1, Column 7.
ya, likens the situation to a hydra-headed
monster, which, no sooner than one of its
heads is cut off, grows two in its place,
adding that "unfortunately there is no
Hercules in sight." The only Immediate
measure the Government is known to
have decided upon is the enactment of a
drastic law to punish . persons guilty of
inciting strikes, -but this would only be
likely t6 inflame the socialists. The phy
sical impossibility of. holding elections in
many provinces owing to the prevalence
of agrarian disorders and the - generally
disturbed conditions, involving the
ponement of the meeting of the DounWi,
which is sure to be misinterpreted, con
stitutes another danger and adds weight
to the arguments fof. those who are urg
ing: on Count de, Witte that the only
chance of restoring comparative, tran
quillity Js to" induce Uhe Emperor to sign
a constitution guaranteeing the liberties
promised in, the manifesto. They, declare
that the choice lies between that - and \u25a0 a
dictatorship. . •-."•-. \-. -^. :-r : v*^'
Expatriated Prisoners Kill Two and
.\ Wound Five of Their Offlcor*
.LONDON. Nov. 26.— A dispatch toa
news : agency from Vladivostok, dated
November '2s, says: -
\u25a0 "A number; of Russian troops who
were, taken prisoners at . Port v Arthur
and .who -.were { recently " returned here
for. enrollment; in , . the." local garrison
revolted. tOTday, killing, two of their of
ficers. 1 arid' wounding five' others.-. .The
reasons ; for the reVolt are not known."
; MOSCOW, Nov. 26.-^-The strike here
is spreading. Crowds of strikers are
plundering: factories, private . houses
and State liquor shops. The: military is
working .the^telephones. The govern
ing committee of the Bourse met. to-day
and- passed a. resolution purging >Tthe
Government to take energetic measures
to* stop pillaging. . . In. several quarters
of the city; numbers of persons have
been . °i wounded. « by,,< shots ;'.^ from v the
crowds. The -attempts of the police to
restore: order are' Ineffective. ' The. cab
men : and 5000 \u25a0domestic servants have
Jolnedttheistrike; • v .
/.WARSAW, Russian Poland, Nov. 26.—
\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0\u0084 \u25a0 ', y ", Sunasy, November . 2B.
Stmr . Pulton, ' Panzer. : Eureka.
-'.'SEATTLE— SaiIed Nov S&— SUnr '- Portland, .
for.Valdez.-r-. •"\u25a0'.:.• \u25a0'\u25a0.-- ''\u25a0 . • "\u25a0 ~.\ ...
; :; OCEAN; STEAMERS/ v !; a,"*
': N'BtV'-J YORK— Arrived \u25a0\u25a0•: Nov 2^— Stm'r " N«i
politan \u25a0?. Prince, \u25a0•• from • Naples,- t Mesaslna . and
i Palermo; J stmr i Minneapolis,'.- from London.
|v ' Sailed Nov ; 28— Stmr i : Astoria," for ; Moville
i and Glasgow ; . stmr j California. 1 ; for \u25a0 Havre ' aiid
j Dunkirk, j- > r '•: -'-.t^-'; '. ."• \u25a0' • ' • -; \u25a0- \u25a0
\u25a0 r \i BOSTON— Arrrlved - Nov ,- 2&— Stmr \u25a0-. Winnl-'
! fredlan.v from Liverpool ; atmr ; Bulgarian, froui
I Hamburg. . for^ Baltimore. *:."..-\u25a0; \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0..•\u25a0.-. .±- ,- , ; \u0084
I .\u25a0 DOVER— Arrived 5 Nov4 26— Stmr GrafcWal
dersee, i from New York ' f or^ Hamburg:, and : pro
ceeded "without ": communication \u25a0 owing • to ; gal© '
?/. LIVERPOOL^-Salled Nov ' 25— Stmr Devo-"
nian,*- for -Boston, I and I passed \ X tnaale i Nov 20.^
j *\u25a0; Arrived <\u25a0 Nov.,26— Stmri Canadian, \u25a0; from . Bos
ton ;i stmr i.Vlctorlan, . from > New. York ""\u25a0- ;
\u25a0 . MOVlLLE— Arrived - - Nov \u25a0 ' 2(^^Stmr - --- Cale
donia," from : New ; York I for \u25a0 Glasgow ; . gtmr Tu
nisian; 1 from .. Montreal 4 for ! Li vt rpool. \u25a0 and : both t
proceeded. "... . ... -j . ', - ' ' .
vi NAPLES-^- Arrived \u25a0 Nov i 26— Stmr ' Franceses,"'
from -New ; . York fonVenlce/'etc." \u25a0 \u25a0 •
2* QUEENSTOWN— SaiIed t Nov i 26^-Stmr ; Unii'
tria.;from.X.lverpoor for: New :Yorfc*~ •
At 10 o'clock to-night two bombs were
thrown . through the windows of . the
Cafe of the Hotel Bristol. The ex
plosions: resulted" in the smashing of
furniturVe' and slight injuries to a few
persons. No one was killed, though
the cafe was crowded.
SARATOFF, Russia. Nov. 26.— A bomb
burst to-day in the lodgings of , a
student of the. name of Prbkofleff, de
molished part of the house and mortal
ly wounded Prokofieff.
Depot at lon Will B«ar , Zenutro De
mandi to the Premier. . V
MOSCOW, Nov. 26.— The Zemstvo
congress has resolved to. send a deputa
tion to Count, de Witte to present the
resolution passed bj* the congress con-
4 visit DR* JORDAN'S gre at? -^ • «•• i
of anatohy! Damiana Bitters
\ \CX V ~- tO>t MAKIKT ffT. kt-«tt*Ttt.iy.CaL ;J' S a, GREAT RESTORATIVE, IN VIGORA -
y. -,". va^' '-V^ nwUrmt A*u«ateal V«i««it«tl» \ I tor and Nervine. • . -; -•• "i.r ; "»-»
A . - ' - WorU- . -«r».kß<ia«c« jt . »ny «ytr»t<e4 A . xhe m«st wonderful arhrotllslac and Special-
f 188 Jl'wi pwiiiwij '"^ *' >» •'l* F Tonic for, the Sexual Organs, for both aex»s.
sV^IBI I ! SptsUU* «a Ue C«««t ZH.ityut. & The . Mexican Remedy for Diseases of the
k A WJS\ nR ' .JfIRDAH-DISEASES O^'MEN^ KUney» and Uladder. Sells on Its own merits.
? fi2Efi UR ' aU ""j, J , V NABEIi. ALFS & BKU.NE, Affents.
VF®E>3' CoßlllUlu! ' >n fr **,," a . lt h e , ? i«ii^> 323 Market st.. S. F.— (Send for- Circular.)
U Wt jxsrzs^~*&£Z'. ( i — \u25a0
??F *ii^^^ i r i !^*i?sr^f . yu. t mess, j
\ r'A »»h»->i.i»o« ««»«»-i „*L w -'§ Notary Public »n.l Attoraey-at-Uaw?^
* I>B.'JOBl>ANA«:»~HaiM«*»*=*jja^_T ; Tent h. Floor. Moom 10X5. Clau* SpreckeU bW«. .
---,"~^^-**-'*!fc.'«*^' | i^. %*\u25a0 "* .^'^..^ . • - .. ,- Telephone Maln>9B3.
-^— — -\u25a0-'--\u25a0-•;---_-.; . __. o Residence. 13C2 McAllister' at. l^"
WEEKLY CALL, $1.00 PEB YEAJa. Ruidanc* T«l«pbona Pu* oau
cerning Poland and to give the Pre
mier a detailed explanation of the de
mand. . •
MM. Stakovich. Krasovsky and Guch
koff * protested against the resolution
on the ground that the demands should
be -laid aside at this time of national
agitation and moved a vote of con
fidence in Premier de "Witte. At the^
same time It was suggested that a de- j
mind be made. for the immediate dis
missal of Minister of the Interior Dur
noyo. |J^*V.-v^
Financial Aid (or Railroad' .Men.
ST' PETERSBURG. Nov. 25.— The
Council of Ministers has approved a
proposal made by the Ministry of Way-t
and Communications for the grant of
$7,500,000 to ameliorate the condition
of railroad servants.

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