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- -\u25a0* .
Forecast far D«c»mb« 18. l»06:'
But . PVuielaoo tmi vicinity— Rain
Monday: fTMh southerly wind.
a. h. "wttibon.
Local Ferccaxtar. ,
Fate of Romanoff
Dynasty at
General Strike Order
Issued by Revolu
Government Invites Terrible
Reprisals by Arresting
COXSTAXTttrOPLE, Dec 17^-A dl«
patch receired here from Batoum, in
the Government of Kutal», Trans-
eavcasta, reports the outbreak of m.
revolution there. It says that the
•treets vrere barricaded and that fierce
fighting- took place. The military em
ployed artillery and many persons, In
cluding subjects of the Ottoman empire,
were killed. *In response to a request
made by the Turkish Consul, the Porte
1* now arransins for the dispatch of
vessels to Batoum to brine back
refuser*. The dispatch says that m sim
ilar state of affairs prevails la Potl, In
the same Government, and In the town
of Kutais.
ST. PETERSBURG. Doc. 17.— A shud
der of horror has convulsed Russia. The
Government claims it has given battle
only to the "red" revolutionists, but the
populace generally believes that the
"white terror" has returned. Already
the leaders of the proletariat agitation,
\u25a0*ch/> e.=f.ap«KJ .rsLpture.on-. Saturday night
a.t the Economic Society, and even men
of the tank of Professor Milukoff are'ln
hiding from the police, who are bunting
them down.
The Government evidently expects a
battle royal and has made its disposi
tions accordingly. It fully understands
that the proletariat will give blow for
blow In answer to the wholesale arrests.
The Workmen's Council and the League
of Leagues last night issued a declara
tion of a general strike, to be begun im
mediately, and consequently, by an Im
perial ukase published this morning, all
Governors General, Governors and pre
fects throughout the empire, wno are cut
off by telegraph, are clothed with almost
dictatorial powers, being authorized,
without consulting St. Petersburg, to de
clare a state of elege and, if necessary,
even martial law. As most of the pro
vincial authorities are reactionary offi
cials of the old regime, the advantage
they will take of such power to terrorize
the populace can easily be imagined,
they being In a position to become petty
tyrants and wage war each In his own
particular fashion against the revolution
The Novoe- Vremya was the only paper,
with the exception of the Official Mes
senger, to appear to-day and In the cen
ter of the first page is a half column of
blank paper, showing where the censor
had forbidden an article. The Novoe
Vremya seceded from the Publishers'
Union and was published under the pro
tection of the police and Cossacks.
The Slovo and the Novostl, two other
papers that have not suspended publi
cation, - were unable to appear, as the
printers walked out In obedience to an
order from the Council of Workmen, be
cause these papers refused to print the
manifesto of the proletariat organization.
In addition to the general strike it is
expected that the revolutionaries will
have recourse to the old methods of
fighting the Government. It Is stated
that terrorist organizations held a meet-
Ing In the Email hours of this morning.
Count de Witte's life Is considered to
be in danger and the annex of the palace,
where he Is residing. Is heavily guarded.
The most significant news comes from
Tfiarskoe-Selo, where. In view of the res
olution of the Government to put its foot
down* on the strike, a regular campaign
Is being conducted, with the purpose of
firing the loyalty of the guard regiments.
Each day a reriment from St. Peters
burg is reviewed and addressed by Em
peror Nicholas, and with much ceremony
his Majesty passes up" and down the lines
and f peaks personally to officers and
men. Grand Duke Nicholas is present at
these ceremonies.
On Saturday, after the review of the
Preobrajensky regiment Grand Duke
Nicholas and the " officers of the
regiment In turn on bended knees kissed
the Emperor's band, which called forth
an outburst of enthusiasm from the sol
d<ers. On Monday the Mailoveki regi
ment will ero to Tsarckoe-Selo. .. , -
The Government has chosen a desperate
mement to repress the proletariat, j It " Is
fighting for. its life in the Baltic region,
where. a revolt is admitted to be In full
fclast. with almost a practical certainty
that If it cannot be crushed its flames
will spread to -Poland. The -native popu
lation of the' ancient kingdom of, Lithua
nia is made up of a hardy and headstrong
people, who, having raised the banner of
revolt, will fight to the bitter end.
The Government to-day succeeded In re
storing; cable communication abroad, but
it Is utterly unable to guarantee how long
It will be able to keep the cables In opera
» Premier's Reslgraatlon' ls 'Expected at
* ' Anr Momrnt,
s 6T. PETERSBURG, Dec 17. 7:30 ', p. m.
A report that Count de Witte has re
signed; is 'in- circulation, but It Is", false.
It may, 'however, become true at any mo- :
Cos-ttmi ed oa ' Pasr« ?» Column '4."
Fresh Scandal In
volves Steel
Breach of Promise Suit
Against Packer
Causes Stir.
Name of a High Financier
May Be Dragged Into .
the Case.
Special Dispatch to The Call.
PITTSBURG, Dec 17.— Another scandal
Is bubbling and boiling here, involving a
number of United States Steel Corpora
tion and Carnegie Steel Company offi
cials, as the result of Mrs. Mary I. Vet
ter's suit against Gibson D. Packer for
$100,000 for alleged breach of promise. Aa
is usual in all cases' of wealthy . men in
Allegheny County, the papers in the suit
are not in their proper place in the office
of records, and the county officials are
using their official positions to keep the
entire scandal from becoming, public.
Love letters, diamonds and magnificent
presents will form -part of the evidence
offered by the plaintiff.
The Vettcr vs. Packer suit threatens to
bring Into prominence one of the biggest
men interested in the United States Steel
Corporation, for It is this big man who Is
alleged to have introduced Mrs. Vetter,to
Packer eight years ago. This big . man
is now fuming- and fretting because Pack
er did not settle the case with Mrs. Vet
ter. and he is said to have scored Packer
roundly for being 1 mean enough to endan
ger:. his 'poittton-rf or ' the - sake - *of JIOO.OOO:
when he bad-aided Packer in making mil
lions of dollars. *\u25a0.-.,
- Packer was a protege of Andrew. Car
negie and one of his young partners. An
drew Carnegie made him a' millionaire.
When the United States Steel Corpora
tion bought out the Carnegie Steel Com
pany Packer was attached to the law de
partment of . the Carnegie Steel Com
pany. He seldom if ever appeared in the
local courts, and is unknown to the mem
bers of the Allegheny County bar. He is
said 'to have received a princely salary as
head of the Carnegie Steel Company le
gal department.
It Is a fact known in Pittsburg that no
where In this country does there exist
such a nest of scandals as among the set
to which Andrew Carnegie refers as his
"young men."
Mrs. Vetter arrived here yesterday and
has been Indisposed at her hotel. When
asked about her suit against Packer she
said: •.';.. "
"Yes, I <have brought suit against Mr.
Packer for $100,000 damages for breach 1 ; of
promise. He has treated me shamefully.
I have known him for eight years. I.be
came engaged to Mr. Packer two years
ago while in Philadelphia. He had been
paying me attention a long time before
that. • Last February Mr. Packer broke
off the engagement without any apparent
reason, and he declined to marry me.
When he broke off «the engagement I
made a tour of Europe and on my return
lived In New York.; I am here to spend
the holidays and will return to New
York." V "': ._
A mi 1 TTT •
A Thousand Wyoming*
Men Are Pining for
Ep«clal Dispatch to Tit* Call.
MEETEETSE, .Wyo.*;. Dec. 17.— A call
for maidens has gone, out to the land. One
thousand are needed at once In Big Horn
country. According to the ; figures of the
State census, just completed, there are
1262 bachelors, mostly desirable, to a mere
handful of 118 maids : of voting age.
Among Ube excess of more than a thou
sand men, an organization has been form
ed, known as the Grey/ Bull i Club,; which
has undertaken to bring about \ a change
In the conditions in the shortest possible
tlme. } 2BHnBBSeB9r9BI
It Is believed. that .many young^women
who would make; desirable wives 'are; toil
ing twelve! hours a ' day In the factories
and stores of the big cities simply; because
they have no knowledge of the conditions
here. Articles truthfully depleting' the
real condition; socially .'and
with . the many opportunities [ f or^ employ
ment to be \u25a0 found. It ; is ' thought,^ would
certainly, attract . many to^ this < garden
epot'of'WyomJng. v ~"
':,'' A": fund ; is : being -. raised for advertising
In the... metropolitan .newspapers.: The
many attractive business openings for the
fair sex in Jthis county .will be \u25a0 recounted."
It'.wllr- be : made ; known .that { school dls*
tricts are seeking in .vain. for! teachers and
that business and professional men would
employ ' more ? of i this] class If 4 lt? could be
found. And In the ; advertisements ' 1 1 \will
ab>o \u25a0be J eetf forth "* that the: demand " for
sweethearts is the greatest of all. '
The San Francisco Call.
Platt and Odell
Driven From
Smaller Bosses A3one
Remain to Be
Republican Party to Be Purj
'of Politicians of -.-: the
'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0". Grafter Class.
Special Dispatch i to The' Call.
NEW YORK, Dec. 17.— The reorganiza
tion of the* Republican machine^ in New
York I State at the | hands of - President
Roosevelt arid Governor Hlggins has been
begun with much turmoil and bitterness.
Platt has been driven from the; field and
Odell has run-up the white flag, but, the
subordinates whom; they, made prominent
in the Repubjlcan councils— the represent
atives of corporate interests and ordinary
"grafters"— are still .holding out, banded
\u25a0together for.' mutual protection.
Of the ultimate l result, the President and
the Governor.on one side, backed by Hhe
\tremendous power of Federal and I State
patronage, and the minor ' bosses, "backed
by the forces of corruption, on the , other;
there is no real doubt that the party! will
be reorganized from top' to bottom. ; The
enly question: is: ,How long will the or;
ganlzation : hold j out? I That i the \u25a0 men - who
have loaded down the Republican ; machine
with their selfish schemes wiir= be [able to
make .trouble [before .they/are" -finally, re
tired L to private :life Is. ;cqnceded.;V ' ,;^;
i-'^ln^Now..-York,rKlnlgsiand'.Erie, : tbe-lar)J
est! three* counties'*. InV the \ Statfe,*?. the fight
Is already on. • In New; York County a co
terie, of leaders who; have been'uslng^the
local organization f for -, their }X own '- ends
until they.have destroyed itsinfiuence and
reduced it to a mere Instrument f or. : ob
taining petty places . for \ themselves V and
their friends; are opposing | the • ref ornis
proposed by Herbert Parsons and seeking
to bind his hands. ; • " ;.
Governor Higglns will make a statement
to-morrow of his position. in-the. fight for
the Speakership of the: Assembly. He has
already obtained control of , the ; party ma
chinery in the important counties of Mon
roe, Onondaga and Os wegor and prob
ably, of New York and Kings, with : Erie
to be added. • . .
Bereaved Father Pro
vides a Splendid v
Sc«clal DißDatch to The Call.*,
I PITTSBURG, Dec. 1 17.— Lying : in . a $3000
casket and dressed in a burial robe which
cost $1000, ; the '.; body- of little 7 Marie Bar
clay reposes- to-night : In state In 1 •>; the
humble v home,,' of her " father, % an' Italian
fruit ; dealer/ She^was fall.. the \world. to
him arid ; now.- that : / she ' is .dead ,he\u25a0 is
spending-* all '. liis ;wo*rldly possessions t in
givingher proper'- burial.^ vl*\ - .
' The ' magnificence,; of the - preparations
for : the '.funeral $ attracted so 5 much \u25a0?' a.t
tentlon lril the \u25a0 poor, neighborhood that the
house ".was ? thronged this ; afternoon , and
there was .'almost- a~ riot'; on .the, part; of
those who ; could hot Tget In. -'Police-re
serves, had \u25a0 toj bet called "c" c to • disperse vthe
crowd V and 'a^ strong • guard , of . police \u25a0 re{
mains "about Uhe: house ? to-night. >. " r
< The casket^ in Barclay's • , only
child -will'- be | buried i ls : covered [\u0084 with
baby-blue <velour";, silk -and i lined i.with
white) satin: ;^ The j company/; which :fur-^: fur-^
nished ') it agreed to • make ' no more of. the'
same ; kind. '.. ••'-.-'\u25a0. \u25a0 '\u25a0',--•\u25a0\u25a0.,' '.~k \u25a0'..,\'. -;
' The" burial robe . Is of _ blue ,«ljk , trimmed
with" poiriti lace. 4 * ; The", child's : stocking,
are of : blue silkr and "the : shoes of 'blue
kid. : There "will r be ! $500 ;,worth ; of j flowers"
and the 'i other.; expensesj will '-s the
cost' of the 5 funeral lup ] to ; 85000. V' - :. :\u25a0\u25a0.<
, ' Marie" died on . meningitis/
after : her^ f ather/Jiad | spent it thousands Jof
dollars In to '^cure* her. _;; HeA was
heartbroken ; -and, ; saying v^he 1 had ]) no
further i; use for " money k af ter: ; the| death :
of his child, { he f_ decided \to .'spend j. it ; all
on theTfuneral/vJ'^.^'-ji:-/.^. '"'•i^'-v
Commerolnl Men . of j the • Kaiser's- Cnpi
- tnl Urge" Better -Understanding • '-': r
:^BERLIN,; Dec.VI7.— A: meeting: of 2000
ml ty,'i was E held jat Hh-e \ Boerse , tb-dayl In
;favor/ofi ? Anglq^QermanVentente; >^Herr ]
;Klrschner t ;*Burgomaster ; .'. of I v ßerliri;
Jmariyf members i'tof Jthe/Reich"stagr?2| and
.\u25a0several savants -*pres
[ entJ^i Prince^ Schoenaich-Caroloth,^Pro "
t essor,^ Freiderlch '• Paulsenland ;3 others'
1 tente. resolutloh]ln*accordancelwithr
the ' views of ! the* 1 meeting; was adopted.
Three people were seriously injured last c^
A score more were: painful ly^h may lose their fcet_
as a'result of the "accident. . It;is\fearetohat thclad, :RuHolpr^;Wolfe, may not survive. \u25a0 Overcrowding of
cars and si ippcryjxails; together with 1 allegrd lax; methods were 'responsible for the smash-up.
The motorrhan i of one car says the; accident was caused by his slowing down to save the lives of two women \u25ba
who got on. the. track in frontof him. / ; 1 \u25a0"..-'.
Boy May Eose His liife, Two * Men Are
Permanently Maimed and -Score
oi Others Wounded:
H und red More Passengers lEscape Inj ury
Street Vehicles Crash
.Three people were danswooslr in
jured and a score mbre~painfully , hurt
last evening,' shortly 'after "i 5 o'clock? ln
a collision - between a . McAllister-street
cable car and a : Flllui'ore-street trolley
car. Full y 100 people miraculously es
caped injury. One of '', those ' seriously
hurt, a little boy, may not suriive his
injuries.. To the inanifer ' in which jthe
United Railroads \u25a0 elves , to \u25a0:, the
public, allowing 1 the overcrowding of its
vehicles, Is ; due : much . of . the blame' for
the .; accident.^ According j to., eye-wit
nesses, ; ,Motorinan Horton : of', the" Flllf
more-street line did i wrong In «tnrtiu>j
bis car ' across 'the ' tracks .before ' the
cable car hud been brought to a stop.' *a»
" ; L If the story ; of the lautorman ': is,cor
! rev(, two Hoincu, who - became "rattled"*
in front of lilm car and cnuNeil* him 'to
klott down, in order to save their 'lives,
are | responsible for the accident.'! It \u25a0 was
a question of killing themor taking a
chance! of > being; too- late; to clear 'the
McAllister-street car." he t nays.'; " " .
The tracks were slippery,' from f he. day's
rain.- Car No.' 272 of the McAllister-street
line, ; in \u25a0 charge of Gripmao D; Milan <and
Conductor J. ; Messner, '^* was "descending
the grade between SteinerV and ? Fillmbre
streets.V,The heavy vehicle, was Tcrpwded
so that passengers clungUo > all | thoVstan-^
,chions.'. ; A' small 1 fcoy/eoald' nothayo sand
*widhed.Jn t anywhere>^ r tidnjtho^«l)lefcar,
; was7abrt«t*aHhlrd r^f'a^ioCß:*i£wyiV,l rr l ll r
more,';.' Motorman? J. r l l2;.Hortbh> of ;\u25a0 Fill-*
more-street \u25a0\u25a0 car/ : No. 764; f south , bound;
started i across . the % tracks. '' He "C believed
he ; had/- time -, enough (\u25a0 to -clear the i cable
tracks: .; ; Hal f across \u25a0 the rails >"bf j the | in^
torsecUng: car -.tracks,?' Horton '".slowed
down j his 1 car •to prevent • running > down
two j, women;-, who became ; confused upon
the rails.,;H the;rapidlyvapproach- e^saw;
ing cable car and;reallzed#that a;collision
•rfas; imminent. ; He. had to think * quickly."
Should " he", run < dQWTi '\ the "women and
avoid ;a possible^collision; : or*. should he
r in? vthe ; females "out of his • path -and • take
chanceo'of \u25a0 the'-gripman on the .oncoming
car. seeinar/hls "predicament,* thus giving
him a chance. to throw on full speed and
clear the. tracks.; >v - l
Horton chose the : latter course. ; He
clanged his 1 bell frantically. As'he put it,'
''My*hairj«tood?oh; end;: my God, I was
powerless =to- do -better."^ When ; the wo
men"Jiad,cleared \ his "tracks ': he shot his
car ahead/with a -fullj current. .Gripman
Milan/ «?aw>the Jmpendirg collision ;and
threw^ on all brakes. , His } vehlcle wns too
heavily ; laden, -. though; to respond t to the
impediment intended to ; arrest its rapid
mshC-:y^: r: ii-y^:'.:! :-";-\u25a0 .\-.y >,\ '-;§:\u25a0 A
. There was a crash. 1 The cable car struck
the full in \ the /center,'^ careening
it and throwing it '; diagonally across the
tracks. The] screams of i ; frightened , wo
men;; mothers . crying, for j lost [ little ones,
crashing '* glass and the report \ of the -ter-:
rilic-impacti'cabeed a reign ; of 'terror: for
a few / moments, v- Policeman T Winters;
standing at". the < corner, saw the; collision
and \u25a0 ran ;10. succor the maimed?.: For ,'a.
moment men "..and I women I'stood t. stock
rtlll— the \u25a0 lull ; after." the crash? ! For. a mo
ment,; horror-stricken {onlookers i and V mi
ricul6usly,?saved'passengeranstunned ;by^
.thc/shhickj* allowed >picture3"of .awful dis-'
aster "to;, illt) through ? thelrj brains. --Then
caino the reactlon;;;>Villing i hands grasped
the Injured, and 'hurried, them 1 into near-by
stores. jv Policemen s : Bunner and: Harrell
and ; Sergeant " Griffin were [ soon , upon j the
scene i and- rendered- every; aid. "/Ambu
lances < \u25a0 and ' ' patrol - .wagons ;•-',' responded
promptly,'; and ; in % a comparatively;; short
space of i- time ? thpse ; most ; seriously^ hurt
were "at ' the \ Central • Emergency [ Hospl taL ;
KWhen \u25a0; the \ trolley ' car ) received \ the ';- force
'of collision 'lit; ; seemed; ;."as;, though? It
would.) turn i over. v- The \ J wet ; pavement
alone \u25a0 prevented : : this # ' accident 1 and 2 prob-;
ably , ' greater.*; injury *, to j the'S passengers.
The electric car/- turning rapidly : at i right
angles 5 to ]\ its ; own ? track, i sped
f or,- a : distance ? of , 150 feet > along, the Blip
\u25a0"p cry ; street, and then ran ' Into : the \u25a0 curb at
, the : sidew'alkSThree; who } f ell ; fromX their
places "*pnUh'el steps^were | run-down :by ; it.*
The heavy! wheels ground . the" 1 legs of , Ru
dolph -Wolfe. 3 a" 13-year-old >boy,\ of ; 1508
Turk .street •: to ;a ji pulp, v, Ed ward •Doyen,"
an fi upholsterer,: j of r, 325 , LangtonK street,"
I who j.was ; thrown ; off ,\was (caught . beneath
. theVs winging 1^ car,', ondv. both 1 ; his hankies
. were i badly>{ crushed,^ his^ ribs /fractured
and I he> was > genjerally^contused": and lace^
irated,- r asTwell as^ being cvt 1 by J flying I glass.'
iGustavel Frlt2, v ;'an 3 ironl worker,^; of 1 ; 2525
\u25a0Lombard f street J hurled as <\t rom s"a
: catapult and struck 1 the. Btoneslwlth^ awful
force. ; v While ;h; he t lay^there the"derailed
car " caught" his " legs ; and . tore . them ' fear
fully.:; :. V -'- '\u25a0:."\u25a0 '\u25a0-\u25a0'•'\u0084 \u25a0':. >^ : ".":
\ Fully \u25a0 i a 'score iof -. people ) were J 1 more .or
less I injured* > crying iih; search 'vof
' lost /children :" limped % about Vamqrig % the
(Wreckage^iwhlle Z many; made .; their % way
; painfully,-:: to itheirv homes their
names |could|bel* ascertained :%WolfeVahd
Fritz .were {carried j into^thej drug", store"; of
; Dr.'^ Evans^ at|? McAllister* arid I Fillmore
str^eetß.'Swherejheh^orrhaget was g stopped
andy wounds were w dressed.^ Do'yeh^was
' takehito 1 af nearby! saloon^ wheraVanfex
'clted i GermahVprbpriet6r|ref used_rto|even
a*tqwel • with] which ltdibind iup}the
'injured \ man's 'I*B*^*s ™L? b i of [ infuriated
'spectators! charged | the J saloon^and '\u25a0 in ?a"
momeriti towels' inTpfo fusion ywere ; at S hand
'forFdreßsirig.V^.Wolfe;^ Fritz g and >\ Doyen
.were * removed ito f the ; Central \ Emergency
,Hospital.'-i';'.,\u25a0'\u25a0-\u25a0:\u25a0;...;, Hospital. '-i'; ' ., \u25a0'\u25a0-\u25a0:\u25a0 ; ...; \, \u25a0'-,-.:^ '>'/'*-: '^ ; ' : ~ VSJjQri!
'if: Chief * 5 Surgeon \u25a0; Millar \u25a0 ; and} Dr."; Glover
f dld*herolclworkif< r Assrapidly|^s|possible
tho '\u25a0 Injured-, were \ attended to: Young '
',Wolfe'B-;rlght;les/-had i ;tO;be amputated; S
His ! ; left one, ' though > badly; torn, may be •\u25a0
sayea". > It Is, feared that the lad .„ ls -in- "
ternalljVirijured I and may not ; survive the •
shock. -Fritz' sustained -compound com
minuted fractures; of both ankles, also ex-.. -_
tensive lacerations. ; Doyen". r««»«v^ ?+•? V
wtx. '" '.z.i"Z'. \u25a0 '" ''iuominta a; compound
comminuted fracture . of . .the \u25a0 tibia and -
fibula of the left" leg, ; a "comminuted f rac- *
;ture iot .-. the ,- ankle.': lacerations, "of . the ,:
'chest, •- fractured" wrist" and \u25a0\u25a0 some \ broken \u25a0;
' Rudolph' .Wolfe," 13-year-old
boy, 1508 Turk streets.ampu
. tated tooti lacerated foot; ' may
'**••.;;>. \u25a0'\u25a0/ -~'s . ''\u25a0'•'\u25a0:- s'~'
\\: Ednard . Doyen, 525 • Langrton
street, upholsterer; serious lac
eration and fracture -of bones \u25a0
of both- feet, '.fractured ribs;
possible amsutatlon.- -
Gu stave Frits, 2525 Lombard '\u25a0'
street, : lronmolder 1 ' severe lac- *
eratlons and fractures of bones
of feet} possible : amputation. • •
Marcer Merke, . boy, 926 Fill
more , street 1 cuts on face ' and [
head. : " ' -\u25a0 ''\u25a0 '\u25a0 ' .' •
. Miss , Abbie , Leronx, 370 . Pre- "
cita - avenue 1 bands crushed.,
." William 11. Abendrotb, caval
ryman; sprain of knee. ' !
\u25a0 ; William A. Mundell, news
: paper man, 12S1 : Market street | '
' sprain ' of \u25a0 shoulder,, lacerations'
of hand and head.
Dr.' T.*;. J. "; Crowley, 665) Fill- .
more street; bruises.
Jeff - Lloyd, ;*1 023 Fillmore *
sticet; cut by flying: glass. * -;
Gcorjce Amendt, 673 McAllis
ter street 1 cuts and bruises. '..'.\u25a0\u25a0
: ' James Courtland,' 144 : Silver
avenue;* sprains of wrist and
shoulder. " . ''."
ribs'. VAUr three suffered from
; shock, v: \u25a0„:"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. \u25a0' ;•-,>\u25a0:,:; :\u25a0'-'. \u25a0\u25a0 ; •*..*'* . -' \u25a0 } : '^' :^
Drs. Mllla^and Glover, say that Deyen's
; f ootjprobabiy. ;*will I have' to ; be amputated,"
andfalß'oTentertalri J aTf eari t hat i like } pfo- r
i cedure|wlllf have 1 tbl be ;taken 1 irT^the ! case
' are] riot » amputated! the] surgeonsTsay,*; that
they^will |be stiff l and luseless^when ! healed.'
! Doyen\was 'I removed " to - the * St. - Francis
\u25a0Hospltal.' : :;;;-. I K;^^U^''ri' ".'' ''.-'\u25a0*-\u25a0', '\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0-v : :^^:
I mother, 1 of \u25a0 young «,Wolf e^went
to] her [s^onS lying I onWcbt ! at i thelCeritral
Emergency ; Hospital," 1 waiting : to 'enter I the
| - - THEjraE^f^RS. -
ALCAZAR— "Brown'i la Town." ~
ALHAiIBRA— "EMt Lynne.*? ' \
/CALIFORNIA— "The Thoroaghbrtd*."
CHUTES— Vaudevlll*. Ma tine*.
COLUMBIA— '"The College Widow. "
ORPHEtTM— Vaudeville.
.TTVOLI-^-Comlc Op«ra.
, operating-room, she . saw; the dripping
: blood r and the paled countenance of her
llttle c , son and -, nearly swooned. The lad
bore his injury bravely. He was -Just re
turning )from. the ; Alhambra Theater,
where he had secured tickets to the show.
; The coveted pasteboards lwere in the 'lad's
hand and he i clung ; tightly to | his treasure
'through .lt; all!*; "l; guess I won't be able
to ;go to the 'theater: now. mother," he
said, and his' little form gave* a "violent
twitch \u25a0as a" pang of pain pierced His torn
leg." . Though -most .seriously", hurt -of all.
the brave . boy." never j uttered ;' a . cry. but
took his lot like a little; man. 'Mrsl: Wolfe
is a nurse'at.the-Adler,Sanltarium;', ; '
: Others .who* were; not so 'badly ; injured
and who went" to their home's Iwere Marcel
'Merke, : bo>v 926 Fillmore street, r face and
! head v cut; ; Miss. Abbie L.eroux,"37o ; Preclta
avenue, •» both" s . Hands J jammed ; . William H."
'Abenroth,*: first * sergeant, , Troop J. Fourth
Cavalry/ sprain; of .knee," lacerations; Wil
liam va:', Mundell.v newspaper man, 1281
Market . street,; sprain- of . shoulder, c cut by
flying : glass"; \ Dr.t T. [' J." Crowley, ; 865 Fill
more street,'- bruises and shoe*; Jeff Lloyd,
1023 Fillmore street,- cuts by glass;' George
; "Amendt, v ; 673 •McAllister f street, cuts ; and
bruises; r James Courtland, , 144 Sliver ; ave-;
nue,"' sprains of wrlst-and shoulder.
-" Mariyof , those slightly, hurt vwent away
before t their iriariies ; ~ could'. ibe learned.'
Most ! of those" Injured : were riding on ' tha
Fillmbre-street i car. f//. v - •> ; , .-, . ' ' •
; Motorman- Horton i and gripman Milan
were \u25a0} arrested - ; andi- booked "at the ';. City
Hall 'station * for . battery. r They were ; rV
leased on J2O bail ' each.
Motorniari" Hofton's"'stbry 'follows":
"I had : Just ; started "across" the McAUls*
ter-street7tracks,S when ,two>women got
in my path. I ;; slowed down, < clanging
my beli 1 to warnUhem.MTheyj seemed con
fused. I ", sawj. the ' approaching 'cable car
and , realized {myjpredicament:f, Was ,1 \u25a0 to
run ? down ; the \ women,, or,; take ; chances ' of
a; collision? ; My) hair stood 'on i end, : ; I " had
to ! a.ct quickly.;. My God, I did only what
anyj man ; ! would % have , done," When the
women T got 6u C*>t Imy iway.V I \u25a0 threw , full
"speed '6n,\ but '> itl.was itoo i late. I 'did my
best;! but; this ] 1* ; awf ul.'v ""' :
? Horton '.was j affected *; by^ the ac
cident z distractedly... explained j how
he Iwas .1 not Ito J blame, "ii He": and Gripman
Milan '{.visited [loe j hospital • soon * after the
'accident/and r iwith > thei Injured,"
showiri 1 g 'sorrow [ a t ] r^ul t^of . the acci
dent foriwhlch^they fare ;held responsible.
Milan's * account of the r acci-'
dent is r as"- follows: '.
I VI -was ";7comlhK ..'down ,". the . erade . from
Steiner street^ My; carl,was : \u25a0>. crowded.
,"Wheri : « a- distance-! away. from;. the icross-^
In «•,'•*. l ', saw the', electric \u25a0 car < start i across
the V. tracks j and: : hesitate. ?I : released ' my.
"grip V and I applied -brakes 7 , to come '; to*
\u25a0afstopV*b'utithe'itracks|were^ too slippery.
;\V"e(slid{rlghtilntO;them~" J ;^. >
iiln,fdlrecti f ;coritradlctlon -.to Motormari
Horton's 1 storyi Is t that * of ;•" eyewitnesses.'
who say .1 that tithe i electric - car 'j did ; not
come TtoV a , stop \ before"] crossirigT McAllis
' ter*; street J}.Thl3 ;, Is .denied Jby the ' con
ductorjarid Vmotonnan, : whoV- say ; i they
stopped J] to -allow.; passengers "to .alight
Select Dinner Given in
vHonoi of French
V; Actress,
.NBwVoRK, Dec.' l7.-fiarah Bernhardt
dined \u25a0as the guest of honor of James
Hazen Hyde to-night, and ten men sur
rounded the French actres at Hyde's ta^.
ble. It was the express wish of Mme.
Bernhardt that no other woman be in
vited and also that there be only a taw
guests.^ Hyde achieved hli deab* to mak«
the Bernhardt dinner a gorgeous feast, and
the -ten: men present represented various
professions rather than .'.'society." aa th»
term is generally applied In New York. "X
Thl»':, is " the first i time the former vlc«
president of the Equitable LJfa Assuranc*
Society ' has acted as host since his ' cele
brated ' Irfiuis XIV , ball In Sherry's last
January, when Mmc: Kejane was present.
Simplicity marked « tha * Hyde dinner i to^
night. \\ There were no paid entertainers,
no music, ; no ; tlaraed leaders ' of fashion.
Sarah was j there to shine \u25a0 alone. \u25a0. She tooK
genuine' delight In being* the only woman
among > the I m«n. To '. meet . her w«r« ln«
vited Edmund -Ij. Bayllss, T Heinrich Con^
reld, v -Perry .'Bebnont. 4 -David . Belasco.
Kyrle Bellew, r Antonio Scottl, v Samuel
Untermeyer, ' M. : d« Max and J. : H. \u25a0 Mcla
; French was the r* language . spoken, and
Sarah ' ' queened ? things . from tha grapt
fruit 'to the cognac." She sat between her
host and Mr; Untermeyer. Hyde's lawyer.
Dinner Vwas : served at 8:15 o'clock, and
at . 11 r o'clock "divine " Sarah" murmured
her farewell and" was gone.
Reported J- That : the ,011 ' > King ! I Ha*
Pledged .Million Dollars for
.. the"; Purpose.
Dec. 17.-^develand i»
to 'have? 1 a 'new '"music ,-^hall -.to.", cost
Jl. ooo,ooo Jand.. John D.- : P.ockefeller. !:
is 'whispered among musicians, is " th«
man .who*, has pledged th« money. ' J " It j la
considered " probable'; that * Rockefeller's
house at Euclid and Case avenues will
be'razednoimako room for to« halL."

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