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The d&^^fete' News Than Any Other Paper Published in San IplislJ
? Forecast for February ». I§P6:
, San Francisco and vicinity— Showen
/vednesday; brisk southwest wind.
Local Forecaster,
~ VOLUME ?XIX— XO. 83.
Crimes of Which
Coloradans Are
Detective Alleges He
Has Proof Against
Harry Orchard Once Employed
by the Mine- Owners' •
DENVER, Feb. 20. — Detective James
McParland. who collected the evidence
resulting- in the arrest of President
Charles H. Mover, Secretary William
D. Haywood und G. A. Pettibone, a for
mer member or the executive committee
of the "Western Federation of Miners,
lor alleged complicity m the assassina
tion of former Governor Frank Steu
r.tr.bt.-b Oa Idaho, claims to have proof
that the men were concerned in the fol
lowing crimes:
April !•;•. i>'.K* — lilonlnjt up of the
ffSZTMX'W) mill of the Busker HUI-SulM
van 3HbXbj; rompasij ait \\ arenrr,
Dnrmbrr 27, 1801 — Murder of Man In
Glemson, nianasrer of the Wild Horse
mine la Cripple Creek. Gleaatoa viuu
;h>-pr,a duv a the uicr shaft.
Jnne 23, IUO1 — Murder of J. W. Bar
ney, bob-cbluu shift boss In Smnsglcr-
Ink'ii mine et Tellurlde. He nmi at
tacked la a livery stable and dragged
out by the murderers and lias never
brm seen since.
March 2, 1302 — Murder of Wesley -J.
frxnlth. noB-oaion shllt bo«s of Smug
t>r-i n;ua uiinr at Xellartde.
19VZ — M«*st;^r ; of Siaa^"
::»-. -r Aniiur 1.. C.llins of the Smnssler*
t xii-.-n jiaur at TeilnrMe. j Collins was !
•hot throosh a nteitovt at Us home.
Jnly r>. JSXJS — Pomr-fenaie of «olo
rr.<lo Sprlagrs Electric Company blown
tip. Buncllne work of dynamiters
Mr«l the lives of seventeen men.
September 1. 1903— Aced non-nnlon
carpenter "Banted Steirert, irorkfns at
Golden Cycle mine fn Cripple Creek,
beaten almost to death.
November 21, 1903— -Murder of Super
intendent MeCorraick and Foreman
Beck of Vindicator mine at Victor. In
fernal machine placed In mine shaft.
Jose 6, 19O4— Railroad depot at Inde
pendence, Cripple Creek district, blown
tip by dynasiltc fourteen non-union
men killed and many crippled.
December SO. 1905— Dynamiting- of
former Governor Prank at
£tla home In Caldwell, Idsho.
Detective McParland today made the
£o!!owlng rtatessert regarding the alleged
rchard confession
"Harry Orchard, the man first arrested
for the murder cf former Governor
eteurerberg, nay or may not have made
£ confession. I will not say whether or
pot he did make such a confession aa
fcttrfbuted to him. I \u25a0was compelled In
Jerking up my case to use some of his
statements as well a» the statements of
ptfcers. but I did not call upon him for
c confession Implicating Moyer. Haywood
fuifl Pettibone. Numerous efforts were
\u2666r.fi^e to Intimidate the znaa Into saying ;
thirds against himself, but I, refused to
nHotr this.
"TSUrty murders in all I charge to
£ke band I am now roundiny up. Every
Bp», Traether It tv In Colorado since
; {he la^or troubles began In Tellurifie le^s
- than Cve rears ago, or whether it fol-
Ie- tl in clter States the troubles in thU
f :tU, tr&s plazmed and executed by the
r.tr.ia at tbe head cf the organization."
Tie allered confession of Harry Orchard
ror.t&ir.s so n£ny sensational statements
that it was deemed best to investigate
them as far as possible before ordering
the extradition of President Moyer. Sec
f-et&ry Hay wood and former QxecutiTe
Cosunitteecnan Pettibone, and It was only
I ifter sucb lnreetlratloa, the Colorado *au
\u25a0 hcrltits state, that It decided to
! Cr.cr tbe rt qulrition of the Governor of
; £abo. Tbe tomb tiiat was intended to
Imi Lcthor U. Ooddard. Jurtloe of the
j tapreme Court of Colorado, it Is said.
TTas dug" vp l?st Thursday by Adjutant
EuikJty Weils and two detectives,
it beisf found at the exact spot, near the
front (rate to the Judge's residence, where
Orchard said it was placed last May.
The Times today says: „
"ZZlttt OrchiLnl, who is under arrest
pi Idaho charged with mwawrinnting for-*
tner Govtrrnor Stear.esberg. and who has
t^ade a confession charging the leaders
tt the Western Federation of Miners with
ineiisatlng a number of dynamite out
rages and srnrders, was In the employ
Cf tho Cripple Creek Mine Owners' Asso
ttsticn as a drteclivo duriixs: the groat
ftrike in the Cripple Creels district. This
tnest important fact will be used in; the
Cefenfs of the accused labor leaders when
they ere brought to trial in .the courts of
"Tfce foUowinK facts hare come to
the Tiznes from a most reliable ' source
cad her? been carefully rerlfled:
"Orchard was a member of ths West
ern r«-c*rat:oj- of Miners and employed
In the Cripple Creek district when the
faaoux ririk» was ordered. In Novem
ber. ISOS. he approached a conductor
tamed Jonas on the Florence and. Cripple
Creek Railroad, and introduced himself
£s a brother Mason. -
" 1 axn a xaetsber of the Miners' union,*
ccid Orchard, 'and l&et nlptit I heard
•otne of the members of the union plan
iPT.? to wreck a train oa this road.- I do
r?" believe in such methods and thought
2 would come to you and tell of the plot.
Cmmttuucd m P«c* 3, C«luu 1>
The San Francisco Call.
Paris Government Breaks Off Private Negor
tiations and Will Appeal to Nations.
PARIS, Feb. 30-— A. semi-official note was
issued today announcing France's inten
tion to 'discontinue- private; negotiations
with Germany and to carry the question
of the policing of Morocco before the full
and open conference. The note states that
It Is evidently the desire of Germany to
have the conference fall. '. . -
Notwithstanding the renewed strain in
Franco-German relations growing out of
the Moroccan question, public sentiment
here remains entirely calm. The journals
of this city; including: those In 'the Gov
ernment interest, bitterly, attack' Ger
many's course in the Algeciras confer
ence. They agree that Francs has reached
the limit of her conceeslons. However,
there is no recurrence of public .excite
ment over the possibility of war. Bven
the sensational newspapers make no allu
sion to war. La'L!b«Tie alone says:
"Whllo Franco wants peace, she does
not want the Government to show weak
ness before the inexplicable " and almost
humiliating pretensions of Germany."
The comparative steadiness of . the
Bourse to-day also lndloated a disposition
to philosophically ac«?t the events ! at
Aigeciras. .
ALOECIRAS. Spain. Feb. 20. —Effort* to
reach a private agreement . by - tha * <3«le
rates of France and Germany have failed.
France's and Qerm*&y** projects" fof me
creation of a stale hank lh Morocco were
submitted to toe conference to-aay. 6er
taany's proposal created even a worse
impression amon? the French and British
delegates than dla Jasi night's rejection
of th© French project relative to police.
Both the French and the British dele
rates consider that the German proposi
tion snows an absolute disregard —of
France's position as the largest and priv
ileged creditor of Morocco br giving
every power equal controlling capacity
of the administrative body without refer
ence to preferential claufis rotative to ex
isting loans.
Other pciats with re&ord, to control of
the finances of Morocoo £lEo.a^oUFe4 ob
jections. Count - yon Tattenbach, _' the
junior German delegate, has repeatt flly
expressed the rl#w that \ the * settlement
of th« bank question was merely delays^
by the necessity of flrsf flfallg/r xrtth thf
nolle*, and this vhasMed the French and
British delegates -to the; belief tha{ <Ut~
many -was willln*: tp effoct a compromise
on the financial controversy, In return
for French moderation regarding policy.
They eonsidor that France's consent . to
entertain Oennany's demand for the ad
mittance of a third power as the control
ling element In the police amply proves
her desire for th« success of the confer
ence, and. therefore;. the uneompromlsin*
nature of - the ' present : German proposel
is very disappointing - to . O»m. ! '< .
Many of tbe delegates of the other pow
ers ISso take a pesstoJjfae tlew^orthe
situation, bat Henry White. _the head of
S»e American delegation. ; b etifl lncUned
S beuS!Tti&t there ii a : p6»«lblliry : or
an eventual agr4*ment^ :-,- \u25a0/\u25a0 \u25a0'.':. \u25a0
Death of Drltl«h AAtnaraL
LONDOX, Feb. 20-— -Vice Admiral- gjr
Harry, Grenf ell died hexe yesterday He
was bom In 1845. ,
S AN : : FRANCISCO, I WEDNESDAY, \u25a0 i FEBRUARY 1 21/1900.
Groom Describes Bride
as "Best Pay Streak
He Ever Saw."
Special Dlepstcb to ', Th« Call.
BEATTLB, Ftb. 20.— William Eddy, dsp
uiy marshal at Nome," returned from Chi
cago today. - At , the. Arlington Hotel he
said he met "Billy" Mitner, who recently
married • il n. Charles T. Yefkes. > Billy
had with him an English valet and was
•needing money like a Prince. Ha declared
to Eddy: *\u25a0 • \u25a0 . :: - "0
"You talk about your Alaska pay
streaks and about pulling down so much
per pan, but," Eddy, honest, I'm on a d— n
sight bigger pay streak than Alaska »V»f
\u25a0te"' - - ' ::.-.-\u25a0;-\u25a0;- :\u25a0'-:;: -.
- Eddy was ' with Mixner . when ha met
young Yerkes at the (Chicago Xthletio
Club., Yerk«s\ called • "Billy" < a .seeker
after cheap ; advertising, and : for a time
trouble was \ threatened. ," M£& <\u25a0
\u25a0 MJ tner said tho English valet ' was a
present j from , his J wife;! and | was used . to
answer seen ted notes and euch like.
CHICAGO. Feb. 20.— Startling reports
bive reached the ears of ? Chicago ] 4nan-
Citrs that the reputed f15.000.000 estate of
the; las«; Charles ;T. .Yerkes is fictitious.
That it will not aggregate -more than M,
000,000 Is a " ; report credited ;by Chioago'
bankers who have \u25a0 had occasion to make
an investigation >f . the former traction
promoter's : holdlngs..li_ " -
That the estate of Mr. Yerkes could not
truthfully be quoted at %lt>,boo,m was ad
pitted last night . by Attorney, Clarence
Knight, who' represented Mt/xirkaa dur
ing the closing y^ars of his life and who
df*w the will dlstxwfng of his pxop^ty.
- DENVER, 1 : Feb.; JO.-Mrs.;Bsdlth "Bamms'
is in Dtnrer. :. This much is admitted by
her Jolk*, but whetteritheobjeotTof heT
hurried trip trom * Brooklyn *to i thlg 'city
li for purpose of -instituting action In the
oourt« for '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 breach^ 7 ; of i promise v against
Wilson Mien er, who < married Mrs. Charles
Yerkea, her relatives refuoe to , state, but
i t ; is learned from an ' au thorita tive 'source
hire ; that t papers *In * Mrs. B&suns' suit
hare be»n prepared, , > .
Two RicH Districts
Quietly Taken
Loss of .Manchurian
Territory Recouped
by the Czar. ,
Slav Troops Lra Garrisoning
Chinese Soil on Trans-
Baikal Frontier.
ST. PETERSBURG. Feb. 20.— Chinese
relations and the negotiations of Minis
ter Pokotlloff with the ; Peking Govern
ment are engrossing the ; attention of
Russian diplomacy, even : to ' the exclu
sion of the Alceciras .conference.. Minis
ter Pokotiloff is chiefly interested with
Manchuria and the preservation of Rus
sia's' special riphts there/; ; *-
-.'Apprehensions of an _ indefinite result
are voiced .in dispatches from Peking.
The negotiations are directed to securing
Russia in her favored ''position in Mon
golia. These apprehensions are rather
belated in view of Hhei fact, though this
is not . generally known/* that two of the
easterly provinces of Mongolia, Tsetsen
chan and Tuschetuchan, ; , were long eince
given ever to Russo-Chinese bank exploi
tation and are thus actually ;part of Rus
sia's sphere of iniiuerice under an agree
ment, the existence of i which, because "it
was made^ by V the bank 'and not; by the
Government,. even the Fdreigh Office now
affects to Ignore. Russian; troops, ' con
sisting of infantry, cavalry arid artillery,
have^bpen v introduced jatfyafious^ impor
tant center? ;-'for -the ."prqtection^ of Rtis^
Th*e*« .mlrtjno-i^'iSiiinosta
of,;,rbe- empire'" :h*ave \ b«£n. puslled,* for
ward' into Chinese territory.^ the" whole
Siberian and Central Asian frontier chain
extending , from Kcrulen In Eastern Mon
golia' through Urga, Ullassutaij * Tarba
gatai,' Urumtsi, Kuldja, Kashgar— and
Tarmand to Khotan, on the border- of
Tibet. >
The cat was . let out of the bag con
cerning the presence of a considerable
force at Urga, including infantry and
Cossacks arid several guns, by the incau
tious publication in an obscure provincial
paper of a casual account of a celebra
tion of the departure of one company of
the garrison and the arrival of another.
The two provinces given over \u25a0 to the
Russo-Chinese Bank cover the route of
the • proposed railroad from. Baikal \u25a0to
Peking, for "which a concession was ob
tained, but the money was wanting. The
Russo-Chinese Bank also has valuable
mining rights, Including gold..
| The Manchurian situation has given
rise -to a sharp difference of opinion in
the government,, one side urging a speedy
realization of the provisions of the
treaty of Portsmouth for the evacuation,
except'by railroad guards, and the com
plete abandonment" of the Manchurian
adventure, and the other side working
for delay, pleading in Justification of its
attitude the claim that the decision of
China to send several j corps to Man
churia is directed against Russia. A spe
cial session of the council for national
defense has been called to consider the
question. -. \ .>'. .
Flees Homeward iv Fear
That She Has Commit
ted Murder.
Special PUpatch to The Call.
CHICAGO, 1 eb. 20.— "You ought^otto
be out "at night alone. ; You have brought
this on yourself." .• " , ; » ; *
That-ls -what a masher said to Miss
Bertha' Plath, -In South Chicago.' ;aa he
selxed her; while -she ' was on her; way'
home last night. ." ;
.-Mlbs Plath let her ; right fist fly out
straight from ; the shoulder for a reply,
and \u25a0 her foot followed with a . muscular
klok. Down j went | the moralising masher
with a crash and a look of pained amaze
ment on his face. Then his punishment
continued. Miss Plath kicked him until
he was lnienslble and 5 then,; fearing, that
she . bad killed, him, « ran : home. . '&,-p r " 3
The girl today, reported the affair, to the
police, i timidly - asking if , they had . found
a man's body. . \. .; '.^.
Friends of Miss Plath say she is an ex
pert at the punching bag^ .. : pVv
DEATH OP- GIRL.; IW 'X: CAFQ -^ v^ : i^
Los Anareles Comml anloners Revoke the
\u25a0:> UacMei o( Tito -Hlsh-Class?
- LOSiANGELKS; Feb. ;20.~As a ~re
»ult :i of < the V*> Investigation , i Into J .the
death of Minnie' Blough;. who sustained
fatal* - injuries : -by falling ' off '. a table
oft which y she '„ was '{ dancing -'during ;>; a
wine \ in ; a ; private,i vate , room V at : the
Del "Monte'^Caf •, .the s Board ,. of .V police
Commissioners' summarily;; revoked , the
license of that. resort^ today.; '.-•-.-• "V k
i'i Th« license , "at H the Bisbee ;: Inn, ;, a
palatially,/ furnished ; place, recently
opened, , but 2 which soon . became nor
torlouflly bad,": was ". also revoked.'^ . ; .
Prince oa '.Way. From Ovtsmt." ". "
\u25a0 : ,VANCOUV»R, U B. tC^ Feb.-- Xo.— Prince
Arthur ;? of^ Ooßnaugrht, -j nephew of^the
Kin g, I will 'arrive \ here ) by \u25a0 the I Empress
of Japan - from 'l Yokohama', on : March; 28
and t:r. after* spending i a ;•;.; few h days „•- in
shootins;r»;and •" fishing-, will .;: leave :i for
Ottawa over the ; Pacific j Rail
road, remaining a;f ew days at the
ous tourist resorts of the Rockies. %
Mutual Reserve- Is
Under Investi
Grand Larceny and For
gery Indictments
Expected. V
New Graft )Kevea!ed by For
mer Employe of the
Special Dispatch to The Call.
NEW YORK. Feb. 20.— At least three In
dictments against high officers of j the
Mutual Reserve Life Insurance Company
are expected from the investigation which
was begun -by the Grand Jury today.
While some of these officers may be in^
dieted for grand larceny. It is said other
indictments may be brought for forgery,
based on false entries made in the books
of the-company to hide transactions com
plained of. - - '
Assistant - District Attorney Xott ap
peared.before the Grand Jury this morn
ing and caused fO" be brought before, that
body separately, many of the'ofneers and
several employes." nearly all of, whose
statements had beenobtained previously.
There • were j voluminous books and docu
ments as well, a!l belonging. to the com
pany, j which were taken . into the room
for inspection by the grand, Jurors.
- William- RnnjT _Jjrl, . formerly. 1 chief - of
Jerome's staff." was- on", hand to^protect
the interests ofthe'officlals of the Mutual
Reser\*e,'la"nd among the • officers of the
'"compariy^who^ appeared before -the Grand
i;jury. i=r wer* 5 p William »"P6fter,^cbntr oiler;'
George' W. 1 Harper.'- treasurer;^ El. >M.
Usher, assistant /treasurer^ -^Charles W.-
I Camp, secretar>*,"and E."A'.' Powers, au
i dltor. ; .; \. .r. r ;\u25a0- .^.:_ : :O' :-./.\u25a0"-:,\u25a0; : /. v
"One of the-complaints^on which',lndict
; ments will be asked for Is. by.' James; D.
Wells. V f ormerl y an "employe Jof ,the • com-
, p.iny,"*wh6 says "that ?, when ' some" of the
higher, officials. of the-company were sued
personally and settled the suits, the funds
of the. company were! diverted to .these
settlementsr~and that; in this manner the
policy holders . were' made losers. To.
cover these transactions, it is alleged,
the books ; of the-company were so ar
ranged that they, would not show that the
company had settled from Its own treas
ury the Judgments 'obtained against -Its
officials as individuals.
It Is likely that Frederick H. Burnham.
president of ' the company: his brother
George, and George D. Eldridge, who are
presidents, will be called upon to tell
the Grand Jury what they know of the
transactions. -
Members EeceiveAnonyinous
-Warnings to Leave City
of Omaha^
Special Diopatch to Th« Call.
OMAHA. Feb. 20.— Anonymous warnings
to leave the city .within thirty days have
been- received by members of the jury
which found Pat Crowe not~ guilty of
robber>% *the charges ."growing out. of , the
Cudahy kidnaping , caae. > The notice is
identical in each case and Is as follows:
"Having ; proven \u0084 yourself to he an
enemy of law and order and in sympathy
with: crime and. criminals, you are hereby
notified ; to ' leave this * community, city,
pounty and ' State within \ thirty days of
the receipt of -this notice. . ___
' The executive . committee ,of the : Com
mercial / Club, the : leading commercial
organization of ; the city, today adopted
rf solutions denouncing ' the : acquittal of
Crowe.*^ ' : "-i ,'\u25a0•"'' r ' r '-- \u25a0'' "~ ''
' Orowe was today released on a : bond
of 1500, signed by his brother. John Crowe,
and th* latter's. wife and Joseph NaseV
a wealthy farmer of this county.- Crowe's
trial on a charge of having held up street
ear crews has been put over until Maroh.
Cold Bath Has Jto^Effect
-x>n Man \With:Queer
-^ i Mania: .
Special ' Dispatch * to ; Th« CalL
ABEJRDBEN.WaJH.. Feb. 20-Falth was
strong | enough In", B." N-- Nash to lead him
to try to walk on the water, -and he made
the \u25a0 experiment^ several \ times . on the : Ho
qulam i River. feThe ! cold ; involuntary bath
did i hot prevent i him 1 repeating the tests,
but': hl« j fa|th 3 brought Ino I oork-llke prop
erties l io" the: sturdily ibullt f frame i of the
logger, "r Nash ? believes Ihe \ is ;' directed s by
God to walk on the ' surface -of the » wa ter.
His apparent mania first rfelsed him Sun
flay.-- He Ib supposed to -, have a .wife . and
family; In \u25a0 San- Francisco. • '--.\u25a0--•-',-
British »«Jd to B«re ; Suffered f Heary
. - - . i^ss Isi - Worthesrsj V : .
; \u25a0:'\u25a0\u25a0':- ;-.;'•;* lW««rla^ VV.-i .... ';\u25a0;*-'?;
: :. iIJONDON, .i. Feb."? JO.^An
dlßpatobT has i reached I the % GoTernment
reporting ', that , five ; iirlUah Tand
a ' company Jot »; natire'j troops i have] been
killed jbyi fanatics :^fnear;T; Sokoto.' In
Northern Nl#;«ria, s j A dispatoh from La
gos, Africa, reports jthat a: punitive . ex
pedlUon has been sent out. - T ., " ;
ALHAMBRA— "The Black Crook."
.ALCAZAR— 'There and Back."
CALIFORNIA— "Yankee Doodle Girls."
CE3JTRAI*— "Lost la New Tork."
CHUTES— Vaudeville. .; Matinee.
COLUMBIA— "Tbe County Chairman."
GRAND— "Around the Town.**
MAJESTIC— "Off the Road." Matinee
— GadsJcl.
ORPllEUM— Vaudeville. Matinee.
TTVOLI — 'The lale of Splee."
Two robbers espied Mr*. Hany \V. Keller's display of costly jewels in a
theater in this city Sunday night and followed her and her husband to
their home in Oakland. . ,. By. some mistake the burglars entered the
wrong house later in the night and a neighbor was made a victim of the
lure of Mrs. Keller's beautiful diamonds.
Follow Mrs. Keller From This City to Home in
Oakland, but Ransack the Wrong House.
I OAKLAND, Feb. 20.-X Mrs. . Harry W.
Keller had notified the police when nwo
ruffians, attracted, by her diamonds,"-fol
lowed her across _ the j bay. .the ; home of
Christopher Spinden probably : would j not
have been entered : byJL burglars Sunday
night and two trunks, rifled. - .
• Mrs. Keller is a handsome -woman, and
her husband,. who Is a commercial trav
eler, has given her: Jewels 'commensurate
with her personal charms. Sunday night
she came from , San;. Francisco with her
husband by the. K«y Route. On the boat,
and later on the v train, she observed two
ruffianly-looking; fellows . watching her.
She told: her husband, but he laughed at
her. fears. : , .:-: v : V. . ,
When they transferred \u25a0 at v Sixteenth
street and San ; Pablo : . avenue the, men
also changed cars," and when' she and .her
husband alighted at Market street the
supposed ruffians also alighted. • . It * was
only then ' that i Keller I took ; Interest in
what was happening, and he; started" to-,
ward tho strangers,' lntendlns; to ask them
their business. »,• As : heapproached, •" how
ever, they walked i hurriedly inran oppo
site dlrectlon.l and ! Mr." and Keller
proceeded "to. their home, ; at - 1353 •' Market
street. 1 •.'"-'.\u25a0»". :. :^ms~
Am - they *\u25a0 paased \u25a0': the •;\u25a0 home -, of , Alwln
Bprlnger. at 1385 Market street.; Mrs. Kel
ler stopped to tell Mrs." Springer, who was
talking to a milk, wagon driver,: about the
strange', men, and . as they ' talked ;the
skulking pair passed .on the" other, r side ; ot
the: street. f. Three : hours later, the" home
Of Christopher x Splndenv": at » 1387- Market
street, .was entered, by burglars. . ;;." »\
M^rs.- K"eller ,had^been:to a ,thee>t«r ; ln
San Francisco ) and wore several diamond
rings - and? 1 ; a diamond - sunburst ;. at:' h^r
throat. 'It * Is* supposed' \u25a0 that '; these t bril
liants were the thlevM' incentive to follow
Mre.-KelUf-home.^and'.that; when they,
came : back to , commit" b'urglan* they en
tered the wrong : house." They entered the
Spinden- home through the' front 'door by
means of ; aTskeleton : key,*; passed through
the? room 'where /Mr., and ;Mrs.* Spinden
were ' sleeping . and ; rifled ' two 5 trunks i that
were" In", the room' adjoining/ .\u25a0 They missed
a. purse. purse con tainlng • ISO,*- and \u25a0_ were : ttight
ened * away "by- D.* M.-; Bradley and AJwin
Springer,; who are j neighbors to ; the Spin-"
dens. }In -'speaking "of- the" men who H fol
lowed i her. home Mrs-'TCelleT said today: .>
'\u0084 "As soon ; as ' my < husband : and I wen t k on
the 1 boat iI p noticed i that * two ," men f were
>atchlng(me. - My, glove was "off and my
diamond" rlnri , were? ln [ plain i sight.'" My
diamond .was also in view. I',1 ', I ; wa»
frightened, ? but" my:; husband . laughed at
my , fears.>Tvijen!the.. fellows followed ua
to Sixteenth and Market streets, however,
my I hu sband "also became alarmed 'and I his
attempted i to'- intenrlew^: them, {.but p they
hurried away /\u25a0 I have no doubt,that: t th«se'
two men broke into the Spinden home and
that' they- mistook the house. As soon Taa
I reached! home; l took'all my jewelry, and
all our silver plate and hid It in an upper
room. \u25a0» 7 7-<v: '.•.' w \u25a0?**- f:-;i — '.. • .•-\u25a0.•;..•
.The police are still working oa the Bpla-
Quickly Mature When
Permeated With
the Fumes.
Br«eUl ZM>p»teh to Tt» Call
ITHACA, N.; V., Feb. ax^Cornell hortl
culturlsts believe they hay* made a dls
i covery which .will reVoluttonlxe the pres
ent methods of raising plants and Tegsta
bl«s. A series of successful
in- the past- frw' days show that. flowers
and vegetables can be drugged into exist
ence. ' They are put' into airtight " dens
filled ;with ether. for twenty-four or thirty
six hours, until they become so permeated
with' the fumes that they mature In about
one-naif tbe time it takes to develop nat
urally. • '\u25a0" •.! '
Lilies.', f or instance, will bloom at least
ten days sooner under this " treatment
than.whra they develop. naturally or by
the "means "of. forcing, as will
alsoazalea 3 and rhododendrons.
Easter- lilies In' twenty-four hours hay»
put firth . magnificent blooms with * the
help of warm acetylene light at night,
and - narcissus - plants : have doubled : th«
«!ze of their flowers after spending a ds#
and a half In the den.-
Will • Endeavor to ' Secure . the Trade •(
\ I the X«u»try Entirely for Them-J'
"LONDON, Febl : *• 21.— According-, ito
the correspondent In Peking "of ..the
Tribune, the Japanese have. determined
to" establish •* Japanese tariff ln> Kor nu
den -burglary, but so far have been un
able .to secure a clew. ? Detective Holland
today said he had no doubt that. the. two
men who followed Mrs. , Keller from San
Francisco.- attract.d by her jnamonds.
were the men who broke into- the llfllMli
home«'^BßMB '

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