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)Fonr 3!olokan fanner* from Eastern Siberia, who nrrlved here yesterdnV on the lfner. Siberia, will purchase' In
thin country, perhnjm In this city, 3*150,000 vrorth of agrrlculiural machtnery. Tlier'repT«»pnt fcn'asiioclatlbn" of
nnqtilan farmrrt nlio, by pursuins' modern mfthad«, have made thfiusrlven irealtby. ' Tliej- know -lltile of*' the
lale VIIU-, nnd'are not \u25a0worryt-os about revolution*. .'~ ; "^ : ." • . ; " "f ...
.s^: : ; U-isJ v ; -4 \ \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 '- \u25a0-\u25a0- -;-;- ; • \u25a0-; • 4.
Mblokan' Farmers From Czar's Dqmains,'; ; Passengers^ on
I \u25a0 | Siberia, . May Spend $150,000 in fl|i|iit^iii ||
3>esifni for an Annex to the
Institution Has Been
=. Drawn.
; — -
Plans have befen completed for the
proposed annex to. the Boys' and Girl*'
Aid Society building. Work will be be
tan as soon as the society can raise the
?10,000 needed for its construction. Su
perintendent Lewis believes that ; the
money will be donated by one. of . the
friends of the institution.
The building has become i crowded " of
late and the annex fs an absolute neces
«ity. It is to-contain a hall, a reading
room and additional dt»rmitories.* - Sub
scriptions to the building fund will be
received by Dudley C. Bates, treasurer
of the society, at his • efllce, 81 Nevada
tlock.. This is the first appeal that the
\u25a0society has made for help, in over twenty
years and those interested are confident
that their appeal will be promptly re
rponded to. The plans for the h«*w ennex
vere deslcnEd by McDougaid . Brother^
Want* .AoUele** Fourth oi July.
School Superintendent Roncovieri yes
ter.dajr took steps to carry out the sug
gestion of the California Club for a
-solt-eless Fourth of Juty. Roncoylerl
Issued a circular to principals and
teachers directing them to assign as a
special composition subject, for gram
mar grades on "The Best Method of
Celebrating the Fourth of July Without
Fireworks," £S the main feature. It la
Jioped that expressions of opinion from
the pupils will aid in formulating, a
plan • for patriotic celebrations which
-will be recognized by the whole coun
try »s a model to be followed.
•*v -Find a child with dimples
".ind chubby arms and legs.
. " and. you find a healthy child.
Find one with drawn face
\u25a0 • and poor, thin body and you
. see. one* that -needs Scott's
•- : Emulsion. Your doctor will
no doubt tell you the child/is
. fat-starved-- its food is not
• nourishing it. .
j Nothing helps these thin,.,
'pale children like Scott'^
Emulsion. It contains the
' very element of fat they need:
It supplies them with a per-
fect and quickly digested
nourishment. Scott's Emul-
sion brings dimples and
rounded limbs.
fCQTT &~ POWNE, 4051 Pearl Street, NewYoi*.}
There arrived here yesterday on the liner
Siberia four Russian farmers from East
ern Siberia, who have come to this coun
try with about $150,0QP'in real money with
•which to purchase- up-to-date American
farming: machinery. If they can get what
they want In this city they will go no far.
ther. but if the agencies here of the big
manufacturers cannot supply their needs
they will go East and do their marketing
at the factories. - \u25a0 .'.
Russia has just emerged from an expen
sive and disastrous, war. She Is now In the
throes of domestic collywobbles. ' But the
Czar's empire 1b large, and no. better evi
dence of Its vastnVssexistsjthan^the slm^
pie story of these.-prosperous 'Siberian,
agriculturists. They are Molokans. ; They.
know Russia has been^through a war,' but
only by hearsay*. * They .took.'rio' sh"Me in.
it and apparently little interest. They
know of the revolutions and unrest In .the
empire, but in .their .peip-jf pi. Siberian,
homes the internal, disorders of their land
had no disturbing effect^
While .Russia -was ..making; hijstory -'and
giving Japan a chance to win laurels ik
the worm's power class these farmers
plowed and powed flnd reaped, i-hfir-crbpij
were good and .were. wisely marketed, and
out of their surplus they are going to pro
vide themselves with; the bm implements
the world affords! ; * * \u25a0<•' ;
Wherever else he may- exist, the "man.
with the hoe", ls not one of' the. features
of rural life in 'Eastern 'Siberia. : Th€se
men who arrived -here yesterday .froni
"darkest" Russia, havebeen pursuing ,ag»
rlculture for years "along intelltg«nt lines
and with the aid of modern machinery.
They are bright-looking men and each is
Bald to be an expert in the application of
machinery to farming operations. They
are raemberg of a farmers' association,
and were selected by their brother agri
culturists to make this trip.
They speak no English, but are accom
panied by Constantino Krasilnikoff, a
shrewd young: Russian, who lived for ten
years in this city arid talks United States
like a native son. Krasilnikoff left here
three years ago and took up his residence
in Eastern Siberia. He can tell the quar
tet .nothing about agricultural machinery,
but he will act as interpreter and business
agent for the four Molokans.
Krasilnikoff says the farmers of Eastern
Siberia are very prosperous. Through
their association they are able to operate
on a large scale and to handle their pro
duce to the best advantage. They have
UM'd American -.machines and Implements
for years and keep In constant touch with
all improvements. - •
Alexander Primoganolli, Andre Gridneff.
Michel Leshtaeff and Vvlas Oskin, the
four Russian farmers who crossed the Pa
cific on the Siberia; are etrong-llmbed, in
telligent men tof independent bearing."
Their clothe 6 might cause some backward"
glances on Broadway, but as men they
typify the prosperous middle class,. which
in Eastern Siberia, according to the quar
tet's interpreter. Is large and growing.
Me.\T.<-Ma Annia " r Cohen. 1039 Howard
street, obtained a warrant (rom Police Judge
ShorUll yesterduif'for the arrest 'of Hyman
Cohen, her husband, < on a charge of felony
tn-bezzlement. She. sayg - B he gave-'.J>lrtb* to
twins in New York ont- December 12 last
Ha t^l **uu er ,*?- husband deserted 1 her
and took ivith him $2T5, money belon-fln-r to
which she- had ' entrusted to his
She^ dl-wovered -that be cam, . here and . was
working: in a tinshop under, an assumed name
She. arrived here with the; twin* and a« he
n^tlL 1 * Ih ? lUI "^or support .her and
the children she decided ito have htm an-Mted
f?r embezzlement,--- - - .•- - -.--/.,
General r Mfflin Is- to Be
' Equipped
and Burners.
Captain. W. C.. Wren.^assistant to the
chief, quartermaster of. -the Department
of California, , has been, ordered to Oak
land to inspect the alterations' to the
army tug General Mifflin. These changes
are now , being, made" under . contract at
Boole's shipyards: tThe alterations con
sist chlepy^ of equipping th« tug with
permanent oil." tanks < and' burners, with
the. view to using-bil Instead of -coal In
the -future. -The 'tug was equipped with
temporary t , burners some' months, ago to
determine ' the .'difference in cost between
oil.* and 'coal, andvas qll proved-most sat
lsfaptory. \u25a0jn evpiy vway it was * decided
Ur e^ruip' the" tug ; with; permanent tanks
and, burners. The, other,, axmy . tugn will
probably be converted 'into oil « burners
before many, months. - ' . \u25a0 \u0084 ' \u25a0
-.Col-jnel .- John *\u25a0 Ec- Clem,, chjef ; quarter
master.'of • the' Department of California
and- assistant.quartermaster ffeneral, *. has
been- granted a leave -of absence for one
month,- to take effect; aboul April 2, and
he •..•wlH'gor-Eastito visit friends and rel
atives". \u25a0,] During Colonel Clem's absence
Captajn W.?.0.--' Wren ;will act as chief
quartermaster of the department. '
Lieutenant Clarence Carrlgan, artillery
corps, now staticned at Fort Baker, .has
been granted a leave of absence for one
month, to take effect upon; April ,L
Twenty-nine • recruits j for the coast ar
tillery and twenty-two : ifor.v the Infantry
arrived at the Presidio yesterday morn
ing to be distributed among the com
panies stationed around the bay." \u0084 -
Former Snn Frandico Lawyer Will Be
Honored on Arrival From the j .
. The committee appointed iby ~ Mayor
Schmitz to arrange for, a public" recep
tion to JarnesF.Smith.'i Governor, Gen
eral of , the -Philippines, .met; In •, the-of-
Xice of the , Board of' Supervisors last
nigril.' It was'decldecl'fo ehtertaln Gen
eral Smith at the Palace'-' .and.'.' to'/hold
literary exercises in his .'honor In !the
rotunda- of, the v City.' Hall." No ; definite
date was sot, as it is not yet known on
what \u25a0 day. the .general ..will, arrive. 1 . .,' •
g The ; following i are' on the; committee
of l a r ran genients : ' Mayor . Schmitz,'
chairman; MaJor~Hugh\T. Sime.^secre-
tary; .Father McQuaid;/ Sheriff
Rudolph Herold.'J. Do'whey Harvey, Dr.
,W. McCarthy. Marc Anthdny.'and.^V.fH.
Leahy. -, Besides these' there ;ls 'a general
committee ~pf .fifty" prominent ;. citizens
appointeel ; by 'the , Mayor, f The commit-"
tee of arrangements ;wlll>meet?again at
the same place' on next j Wednesday.
night f . when « the ;heads ", of i all -the -com-:
merclal bodies. will bft.aske'd ;',to 'attend:'
Govorndr General;Smithil3 coming here'
oh* the Mo'ngojla': on ; a' short A'ScaUon.V'
-* DIES OF; APOPLEXY,— J.IA.'ibIs'en, a deck
hand, on one : of the : ferry-boata. .was;taken,to
the Southern -Paolflc \u25a0", Hospital ;- : in' an- uncon
pclous. condition : Thursday night • and - died • yet."
terday"" morning. .-Before iapsln-t.; Into, unoon*
sciousness \u25a0 ha : had 4 , complained :. of a headache.
The J bo4y \u25a0 wa» taken", toithe ; Morru*' and ' an
autppsy. made :; by; : Pr.:,Kuclch, : showed that
*.«tur wa, icafloed^by, apoplexy. ;-. . .
Government finally, ;Sur:
renders to Labor Party on
J the Traded Dispute "Bill
Appears Before House and
Announces That He. Will
: Support Pending Measure
LONDON, March SO.'^-The . Govern
ment-has s\jrren<lered to ' the Labor
party on- the trades disputes bill and
Premier Campbell-Bannerman: himself
said ln ; the House today that he would
support "the bill 1 introduced by the La
bor party "in: opposition, to the ; Govern
ment measures. He advised the House
to accept the bill of the Labor, party,
which oama,upifor.a aecpnd reading, .;
After some opposition and twitting
of the^Gpvernmept for, its "cowardly,
surrender to the. clamor of the Labor
party." the bill passed Us. second read-
Ing by 456 to ' 66 votes.
_It. provides Icomplete Immunity for
trade union funds, the clause relating
thereto, reading: . .
= "No' action- shall be brought •\u25a0against.
a trade unipn.,or other ,. association
aforesaid: for .the- recovery of damage?
sustained by, any person. or persons by
reason \u25a0pftheaqtlon of any. member or
members of such trade union, or. other
association,"..... , . .
.. Otherwise ;the bill is practically a
duplicate of the Government measure. .
. .The V Premier, explained that the ob-
Jeet of., the .Government, was to "place
the. rival powers,,' of capital and labor
on an equality so that In theevenf of
q. fight is should be a fair one." He
thought that. the great mass of public
opinion; recognized the beneficial ' ef
fects pf trade unions, especially in the
prevention' of The present
situation was created by a judge-made
la.w,. which .defeated the intentions of
Parliament. yV
Commissioners Will Visit
Eanch That May Become
Experimental Station.
Special Diipatch to Th« Call.
SANTA ROSA, March 30.— Governor
George; C-Fardee' and the other members
of the State -. Farm Commission are fo
niake an offioial visit to Sonoma tomorrow
for ihe purpose of inspecting the Wicker
sham ranch to ascertain Us availability
for use as a. State agricultural farm. Pres
ident A. W. Foster. -of the .Call fornia
Northwestern Railway and. one of the Re
gents of the University ',bf California, who
recently headed a movement for the pur
chase of the ranch for the purpose of pre
senting it to the State, wllU'/pln the cem-
mlssion;at Sonoma./ ; : -_ !. F ~ \u0084 - - -..\u25a0 \u25a0
The commission I will go direct to tliQ
ranch on the South* rn Pa«inc, where they
will be met 'by. a delegation 4 of ; citizens
from Sonoma and Sanjtft-tjRQ^fL. .'Aftegrtft
thorough inspection the \u25a0 whore Jparty, wifl
return to Sonoma; where they will be. the
guests of Jhe citizens at.a banquet. ? . ; .
Suburbanite.s Shovifing Great
Interest in Elections Sched-'
?, uled for Next Month.
Special Dispatch to Tits Call.
MILL. VALLEY. ' March g 30.— As the
School Trustee election on Saturday, A"pril
6, and the municipal, elegtlpn on the fol
lowing Monday approach, the' interest be
comes intense here. Ninety-three new
voters have registered (or the election.
The Citizens' party, which Is principally
composed of San JTranclsco business men,
generally known aa the lilll crowd, is
strongly urging the election of one ticket,
and> the People's League, composed prin
cipally of local business and npn-coraT
muters. is working, industriously in the
Interests of Its ticket.* '
Sensational; Iridictnients Es;l
pected From .Oregoii-s Fecl
-_V eral (>rand' ; Jury. ~
PORTLAND, March 30.— The Evening
Telegram today 'says 1 - that 'when the
United States Grand Jury, now In session
here makes Its final -report sensational In
dictments ln;connectlon with -the Oregon
land -frauds may'Sbe expected. It is
Stated, according to the Telegram, that
the testimony given "before that body goes
to show that frauds of a gigantic nature
have been perpetrated; in Southern Ore
gon," and that a score of indictments
charging subornation of perjury and other
crimes incident to fraudulent securing of
timber-lands are likely to be returned.
Great Diggings Unearthed a
Few Miles From
Beatty. >
> BBATTY, March > 80.— The most phe
nomenalgold discovery. ever made in Ne
vada has been made fifteen' miles north
east of ; Beatty. : Coarse goldi pannlngs
found at the depth of a foot assay $182.
Over 1 5200,000 has I been refused -for con
trol of the claim. Strikes have been made
at. other nearby^ points.. A stampede .has
started for -the place and: a townslte has
been located. Hundreds *of prospectors
are already on . the /ground. There will
probably be several thousand "people at
the scene. of the u^rike in; thirty days.
Manufacturers ' VAecept ' -'a J Fropo-inl iof
\u25a0 11 ! 1 * iMiDortaMce; Made" by\ the
\u25a0 .\u25a0\u25a0'.• •; .'\u25a0 I*acin«.v '. . , ' . ; .
.- : TACOM A, ; : '"March^; 3o.— Thai ",\u25a0 Pacific/
Coast ; Lumber .Manufacturers^ Associa
tion., in eesslqij at, SeattlO; today, select
cd. the Northern Paclflc'3 iproposar. -'for
'the: establishment of,. a i Pacific ' Coast
weighjng bureau on Puget Sound. y'All
the lumber,, shipments -will be '.weighed
before.a car. "lcavep, the; State, -and Pa
cific, weights' wlll?governvlniall.-jtrans|
continental lines \u25a0 to : Minnesota transfer
and , th§ ; Middlof.West; ; Xtr said^ itiwlll
saya. lumbermen .liaif . a s million; dollars
a? year'an'd Is pne,;of ; the?most' Imporr
tant concessions j granted to '\u25a0 the Jumber
Interest^..^ . . •„,; ..-.',, „.-.- ,r./-' .., ; : ... , ; ,:
Not • Guilty of "Arhon.
,: SAN f LUIS OBiaPO;/Macchf30.^After
brought in a verdict iofjnoti pulJty iln
the;. \ca>«v= pf <4.,/Sarsrcritl,: who; wa?;iacr!
cus'eQ v. of • ;. settjpg/ i fire to I , the. 4 Charles
falter; rro^rty.. - « - - >
starving Natives Kill Their
Loved Ones and Then Put
ah End to Their Own Lives
Terrible Story of Cannibal
ism and 'Destitution Comes
From Chukchis Peninsula
ST. PETERSBURG. March So—Horrible
accounts are reaehlpg St. Petersburg of
qannibaliani- and atarvatiQn among tribes
inhabiting the Arctic plain of the Chuk
ohis peninsula, at -the extremity of. Asia.
Most of the reindeer died of starvation
during the. winter of 1904-05, " leaving tha
Inhabitants without means of communi
cation or food. During ; the last * winter
whole tribes have died, and members of
the Omqlpns and Oloiya tribes, when
facing starvation, assembled in council
and decidied' that : nothins: remained but
death. They agreed tlrat each head of
a family should kill. his. wife and children
and then commit "suicide. \u25a0 The tribesmen
gathered on a plateau covered with snow
and ice, and in the darkness of the Arctic
winter the spartan decision was executed,
not a. single member r of the two tribes
surviving. ,' . '
More revolting still is the story of what
occurred |n a family of the Yukahir tribe.
A mother and nine of her- children died
of hunger,? the father, a -surviving daugh
ter and a nephew- lived upon the remains,
and when they were consumed, ; the father
murdered the nephew. A Russian named
Dolganoff, who went to the region to buy
furs, reported the situation at Yatkutsk,
Siberia, He entered a snow hut of a
Yukahir family while the latter were
eating a . murdered relative.
Note ;(jiven by Defendant in
. Hiirder Trial to Lawyers
Is Valid.
Special Dispatch^ t<> -Ths' Call.
SAN JOSE, . March "30.---JudgeJ Rhodes
today gave judgment for," theV defendants
in the action of C.F. Frattj against" B. A.
Herririgton : an<t ', Jst YD. "•; Thr
suit was . brought" by , Pratt i;to -Cancel a
notQ and mortgage given byt. him; to the
defendants, who are .well known attorneys
of this city.,' At%the time the^note was
executed Pratt: was: under \u25a0; arrest . ©n the
charga of murdering V Ferdinand < Bryan
near Gllroy and Herringtdn and;Crawford
.were his attorneys. •\u25a0'-Pratti,* maintained
that the. attorneys; made -fraudulent rep
resentations -to" secure * the 'mortgage on
his ranch while Herrlngton und Crawford
contended that the securities .were given
them as attorney's fees and to pay tha
expenses incidental to the murder trial. -
.Judg& Rhodes held . that, there was a
valuable consideration for the note • a~hd
the mortgage "and that no fraud was
practiced by the defendants.
Jury Decides Jt MustrEe
imburse Farmer for ;Loss
; • Dve t to Fiimes. v -*1
SUISUN, v March 30.— Tho damage . suit
of C. -B; Pemlnar, a Benicia farmer,
against; .the: Selby Smelting and Lead
Company came to a close this afternoon.
The - Jury awarded ; the ; plaintiff. 13000.
Demlng sued for $6500 damages for loss
of stock, \u25a0 hay and pasturage he " claimed
was due to the poisonous fumes from- the
Selby plant at Vallejo Junction, Numer
ous other Benicia farmers have filed dam
age suits against the smelting company.
The Demlng suit was made a test case
and* will, undoubtedly, be taken to the
Supremo Court. .
Southern Pacific Broadgaug
ing'Track in Santa Cruz
SANTA CRUZ. March 30.— The Southern
Pacific . has started a gang of j men' at
work laying out yards at Boulder Creek.
This means the extension of the Southern
Pacific broad-gauge brancluJlne which
now runs from Pajaro to Santa Cruss and
the running of trains through Santa Cruz
to Boulder Creek. A broad-gauge steel
bridge is being built at Felton and the
two tunners/ one here and the other at
Rincon, /as 1- well? Ast all -. tho track from
Santa Cruz to BBoulderr r Creek have' al
ready ' been broad-gauged.
Agreement " of Corporation to -Sell Itn
\ Bntlre Output to; Aasoclated Com
/ pnny liookcd on With Disfavor.
BAKKRSFIELD, March 30.— Two coK
tracts went on record today whereby
the Kern' River OH Company agrees to
sell all of the oil' that can be produced
on its property" in both. the Kern River
and : McKittrlcK 'fields , to the Associated
OH Company for the sum of 16 cents a
barrel. These contracts are ' not looked
Upon by oil men as perfectly legitlmatQ
transactions. It is said that it is" an
effort to affect the independents in mak
ing a new contract with' the agency.
However, the. effect will probably, ba
to- the contrary and'.wlll cause the in
dependents to . hold "out longer, -. Inas
much as today's proceedings give evi
dence that the stand taken by the* hide-,
pendents Is causing the Associated s,oma
worry,: ; J :}-': }-' ' - : "-' '. ."\u25a0'
3lnt r€)n» and . fluids ; of AV«>l»f oot State to
" Renew E«T«rtßto^ Secure Elec- ' *
"S£?J. tonil FranchUe. • .\u25a0 "
;'\ PORTLAND, March 30.-- With- the ar
rival in this city of i Rev. Anna Shaw
a nd "' Miss - Mary B. "Anthony," \ sister : of
the ! late • Susan B. -'Anthony, * a : -; strong
effort will be Initiated, by the Woman's
Suffrage Association of Oregon. to carry
at *; the >j polls, next? June- a -proposed
amendment -1 to : the v State constitution
extending ? the j. electoral \u25a0 : franchise - to
women.: ,- Several "attempts "have beeu
piade lit the.-paßtito v secure this amend
ment;: aridl tho 'move 'has t at. times, suc
ceeded-so far as^to receive .the'indorse
ment\6f, tho Lieglslature.^ When- sub-;
lnltted.to the -.vote »of . the people,- how
ever, the : \u25a0 proposition -has .invariably
been? defeated. ; . v •"\u25a0: > ; '.' ' \:' \
Expected .Prosecution o(, .Jinny Allowed
Crooked vt'ityiOmelal* Fn»M : "
'.-,-:: n 'J^'H^' \u25a0'/\u25a0' to j Materialiiic. ...\u25a0,'. \ ,-\'- *
.- \u25a0 RED .BLUFF, March 30.-r--Th'e Tehama
Grand; Jury. v ; adjourned % tonight,,;; Thosq
looking for. S€snsatio"n9jwere disappoint
ed,'as; the jury -returnedno Jndiotmenti
agalnstfcjty»offlclal3. . .. , \u0084 .
Witte Is About to
.Leave Russian.
'Cabindt- -
Hia r feaign^ion.:'in
* the Hands of >
Poor Health Given
as:> Reason for
BT. PETERSBURG. March »).-Slnce
the sitting of the. Council of the Empire
March 19, at which Premier Witte made
an- enigmatical statement which . was in
terpreted by many members of the coun
cil as a virtual declaration that his ca
reer as Premier was ended and that he
would be succeeded by. Privy* Councilor
JCokovsoff,'. former Minister of \u25a0 Finance,
the Premier, has not attended the session
of the council and. his continued absence
adds color »to \u25a0 the rumors -of his retire
ment at \u25a0an early date. The Associated
Press is positively informed that the Pre
mier's \u25a0 resignation; based on the ground
of ill-health, is before the Emperor. This,,
however,- is not admitted at the -Pre
mier's chancellory. The general belief in
high quarters Is thai if Count Witte re
tires }t will not be M.. Kokovsoff, but M.
Goremykln.- former Minister- of the In
terior,' or General " Count Ignatieff,' leader
of the 'reactionary party, who will suc
ceed'him. The combination of the reac
tionaries is understood to be M. Goremy
kin for. Premier and General Ignatieff for
Minister of . the Interior. In Moderate
Circles \W fall of Count Witte at" the
present juncture * would be regarded as a
catastrophe. -
Report That Jews In Southwestern ftus
. \u0084 '."ula Are .te 'Be Killed. .'•
ST. PETERSBURG; _ March SO.— The
League of Russian Writers has Issued an
appeal to the Russian people to unite in
the- name* of j their consciences ] and salfr
respect to prevent the Jewish massacres
which, they claim, are beyond doubt being
prepared in Southwestern Russia, for Eas
tertide. The' 7 appeal says it ,is not
fancy but fact that- the police and
gendarmes are arranging to let loose the
black- hundred upon the members of. the
poor, helpless ' race. It recalls - that the
Klshineff, Gomel apd Odessa anti- Jewish
outrages were committed at the instiga
tion of Minister of the Interior Plehve,
Chief of Police Neldhardt and Count Pod
gerichanie, Chief of • the Gendarmerie of
Gomel. >Just as in past times, St. Bar
tholomew days were arranged by agents
of the Government," the appeal ; declares,
thef recent proclamations \u25a0 emanating from
the printing* office of the police master, at
St.- 'Petersburg -and that of the military
staff *at> Odessa > leave -up dpubl that*- toe
authorities are privy to • the present pro
paganda: i.The- appeal farther ... declares
that rM**Kalsousky's*book warning . Jews
to leave Russia immediately- or be treated
as- the- Jews were .treated *by. the Span
iards in the middle ages was printed .and
distributed from the offices of the police
masters' of- St. Petersburg and Ekater
inoslav. The League of Writers -claims
to hold '\u25a0 proof that masacres -have been
planned to take place- at Alexandrovsk,
Minsk, Brest, Lltovsk, Rostof-on-Don and
Krementchug. It also points out that the
anti-Jewish . press is spreading insidious
rumors designed to excite i the j ignorant,
instancing specifically the* case of. the
Moscow day, wherein was printed an ar
ticle under the* caption,"' "The Jewish
Easter. is Coming— Take Care of Your
Children," containing the usual horrible
intimation of "blood atonement." i
The appeal asks" how long the Russian
people " will remain idle spectators of ah
Infamy which \u25a0 brings the shame of the
world upon the nation. "None of the non-
Russian peoples oppressed by the Govern
ment suffer so many bloody tragedies as
the Jews," 1 ' the appeal says."* "We know
how Armenians have btein massacred,
how students have been beaten and the
awful treatment to which the' intelligen
cia'arid all fighters "for ' liberty,' have~ been
subjected, but none that compares with
the hatred for Jews, who are perpetually
trembling before a blooay nightmare.
These Jews are Russian citizens, whose
destruction is our shame. ' Their fight for
their rights is our fight for our delivery.
Unite to 1 protect them. Lift up your voice
in the press, in society and In 'the streets.
Pillory the names of those, who would re
peat the infamies of the past."
Thieves at .Work in Dmisraalr.
REPDINO, March 30,^-Two .burglars
operated in. Dunimuir last: night, en
tering eight houses. The pair , took
eight - watches. A brakeman retiring
at 4 o'clock this morning.- surprised the
men at. work jln - hlq .roo.m. The thieves,
in- trying _to fell from a high:
porch. ;
16 <\ AllcocKSn
B&a I I 1 1 . -BH
\u25a0HI ftp i n \ as shpwn in illustration. It not 'B§M
IH\ ll 1©(! ' U I onl y relieves a ll pain but it streaigth-
iga\ />o :^S^-A \ ens the muscles and restores exhargy ,MS\
'' Colds, Coughs, Aching &
Kidneys, Weak Chests, Weak Jm
Backs, Rheumatism, Sciatica. Jwr
p3 \u0084 .v« For.Rfelid and' Cure oliCoris.arid.-Baniora "\u25a0'•'\u25a0Rl
fc ; <l hf ?.i!^ > ?!?- I |!f^* R *"f'[. „, .-' * - Afford A&solute Comttort
Decision in Eate Ose Arrives
Too Late to Affect the
Last Crop.
LO3 ANGELES, March 30. — According;
to the Express, the fruitgrowers <j{
Southern California thus" far have not
suffered by the recent decision of the.
United States Supreme Court, in favor
of the railroads, in routing: shipments,
I The ruling came too late to affect the
Eastern market crop of this season.
An investigation of the crop situation
by the Express today showa returns of
prices nearly 75 per cent in advance of
those of last year for citrus fruits. To
March 29, 13,334 cars of fruit were
shipped to the East. Of this amount
144$ cars were lemons. Of this season's;
crop 10,000 carloads of fruit remain to
be shipped, but prices show no change
so far as the Eastern market la con
cerned. •
\u25a0 Officials of the recently f ormed fruit
growers* combination today hinted that
railroad officials have promised to car
ry out the present programme of ad
vantageous routing- in favor of the cit
rus fruit men, pending a conference of
the league executives and railroad rep
Mad Flight of Frightened Horaea Is
, Stepped hy Bar at.l'i.ot of
. I ". " Monterey Street. • "" '
SAN LUIS OBISPO. March 30. — Wil
liam. Staniford and a half-dozen others
had a miraculous .escape from being
killed tonight. , Staniford^ who I*, as^at
for Wells. Fargo & Co.. was driving thi>
express team, when the horses' bolteit
He was thrown off the wagon, and the
wild animals dashed through the
streets, narrowly missing a number of
carriages. The team continued its mad
flight, finally running into the Yosemlte
saloon at the foot of Monterey street.
The doors of the saloon were demol
1 Victim of Delirium Tranens Palls From
Wound In Throat Stitches Put « "
In by Doctors*.
BAKERSFIELD. March SO.-— An un
known man, while suffering from an
attack of delirium tremens today at
Tehachapi, attempted suicide by cut
ting his throat. A severe wound was
Inflicted, and when. stitches were taken
in it the crazed man tore them out.. He
was brought to this city and taken to
the hospital. With difficulty the man
has been prevented from tearing away
the bandages covering tlia wound. Ha
is in a precarious condition.
Attorney Page, From Prison Cell la
Bakrrsllelil, Begins Habeas
Corp a* Proceedlnits.
BAKERSFIELJV March SO-j-Shermarj
Page, the Los Angeles attorney who is
now in jail because of his refusal to
pay a $5 fine inflicted upon him yester
day far contempt of court in a ease
now being tried • before Judge Mahon,
has applied to the Appellate Court for
a writ* of habeas corpus. \u25a0
.Arrest pi! on Felony Charge,
SACRAiIE^ru, . MArcrt 30. — waiter
Sutllff c was arrested here tonight ojt .
a complaint from Loa Angeles chars- A
ing him with felony. r^

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