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Coast Streams Run ninor Bank^i^h and but Few Fish! Will B^ Taken Tbmdfrdw
Paper Mill Creek.
• Will Attract
Many Men.
Only those ardent anglers' whoj feel the
'spell of the trout streams impelling •will
brave the elements tomorrow, "when the
reason opens. For seven months the game
and beautiful trout may be taken, and as
. -conditions axe unfavorable just now the
.majority of the anglers are willing to
a.wait clear weather, -which •will mean
clear streams. %
Thf #late rains and freshets has-e left the
| • majority of the streams bank high and
.rauddy and unfit for fishing just at this
.'time. A week of dry weather will work
. wonders, and every day after that will
fhow improvement in fishing conditions.
.In another month the fishing should be
grand, a? nature has acted as a. protector
of the fish and few trout have been taken
•illegally before the opening of t2ie season.
" Paper Mill Creek, in Marin Oounty, the
objective point of the majority of the an
1 Bjers from this city on opening day, is re
ported fairly teeming with fish. Next year
i here will be a division of the anglers.
.es the Ocean Shore Railway will open
'hundreds of small streams in San Mateo
and Santa Cruz counties to the men from
this city.
Flyfishing, "(he poetry of angling" it has
been called, "will not be in evidence until
the weather becomes warm and insect life
appears along the .banks of the streams.
The men who go out tomorrow will de
pend almost entirely on the lowly angle
' worm for results.
. Of the old guard, the members of which
never miss an opening day, who \u25a0will be on
the Paper Mill tomorrow are. James Watt,
John Butler, Jim Maynard, Sam "Wells,
• Bert Spring. Bert Harwood, William Hil
" legass, Joe Uri and Joe Pincus.
Frank Marcus, W. J. Street and Charles
Kaufmann will try their fortunes, on the
' Pieta River, near Ukiah.
Charles Leonhardt and a party will fish
the Purissima near Pescadero, where' they
liave had fine cport in other years.
Jules Weil will try one of the Santa
Cruz streams. \u25a0\u25a0;"\u25a0:\u25a0.
B. J. Kaplan and come friends will give
the waters a chance to clear and will go
. io the Pieta a week from, today.
A. M. Cummlng, who has a wider knowl
edge of the . trout streams of the- State
than any other angler, win make Klamath
Hot Springs the objective point of his first
fishing pilgrimage of the season. He will
be on the Klamath on April 20.
The Santa Cruz County Fish Hatchery
E.t Brookdale, for which Judge J. %£. I^.
gan has done so much, will t>e a big fac
tor hereafter In trout fishing. Under the
direction of its clever superintendent,
Frank A. Shebley, it has performed won
ders in the eleven months of Its exist
ence. Among the \u25a0 streams replenished
from its breeding troughs "are the San
• Lorenzo RJver, . Soquel, \u25a0 Bear, Boulder,
Zayante. Branctforte, Aptos,'; Corralitos.
Scott, Laguna, Uddell and Waddell
<Teeks. Many of the small streams of
.the county, and also In the State Park
have been stocked.
• The number of trout -. planted In each
stream ran from 6000 "to 200,000. There
was " also distributed 800,000 steelhead
trout; 1,000,000 Quinnot salmon, 60,000 sil
ver salmon and 8000 rainbow.. There are
about. I,soo.ooo' eggs on liand for this sea
' son's distribution.. These figures will
•give anglers an Idea of the sport in store
• for them when weather 'conditions make
'-a day on the stream J,a treat. This is
•the product of but one hatchery. The
Fish Commission ie replenishing every
available stream throughout the State
from its various hatcheries so there is !
"• no danger of the trout streams being de
populated. Game Warden C. A. '.Reed,
writing of the Santa Cruz streams, says:
There has been so much rain ' recently that'
•cood fishing caiuiot be hafl before May 1. A*
sooa as the streams clear a little an angler
.can have fair eport on the lower part of the
rtrcair-s. f Ther* has bet-n a splendid run of
etselheads this winter, the fish being of ex
. traonJinary Bize. Thejr range from seven to
twenty-two pounds, the average weight "being
about fifteen pounds. As there are a great
'cumber 'of thfse fi£h ! Etlll In the streams" the
early angler will, in* all probability, have some
lively sport.
When the streams run. down and become
clear Santa Cruz County, with Its trout hatch
•ery and. its 250 miles cf fishing.waler, will af-'
fovjj erand sport.
The Sacramento . River .is unusually,
high ard it will" be some weeks before
* there will be anything. but bait fishing
J rom Sims up , to Sisson. 4
The Truckee River is high and there is
still a great amount of snow on the sur
. rounding mountains to keep the water up.'
In(er*tiit«t A«nc»clation Will '• Repeat It «
Succensfal Affair of Last Year
at Xng-leKlde.
The bluerock shooting tournament of
the Interstate Association held at Ingle
side last September proved such, a
marked success that it will be repeat
ed this year. The dates will be Sep
tember 7, 8 and 9. The association will
add $1000. Elmer. E.Shaner, who.man
aged the last -one so welli will come
from the East to handle the tourna
ment. . , ;. * v \u25a0V \u25a0
The flrst of the big shoots' of the
season will be that of :tho Paciific Coast
Trapshooters' Association- at Vallejo On
May 2V2S. The best shots from all
over the coast will compete.
The California Wing Club/will •. hold
its regular shoot at live birds tomor
row at Ingleside. At 10 a. m. there .will
be a twelve-bird race. for :|7: |75 /and .'at
1 p. m. a. twelve-bird ;race for. medals. .:
The members of the Millwood Gun
Club will meet ; at/ a, banquet' next
Wednesday evening, when they will dis-^
cuss the events of the coming season.
They expect to secure their grounds
In Mill .Valley- in time to open; the last
Sunday In May.
The Empire Guii' Club. will hold two
shoots next month."" The^first will be
held on the second Sunday in the month
und the other on the 'last i The
latter is a postponed' event.
demn the entire, block bounded -by Twentieth"
Twenty-flrst. Connecticut • and Missouri streets
was v flled yesterday by . the ".Western »- Pacific
Railway Company. \u25a0 .^The company asserts that
..... V \u25a0 - ~~Z2
First Game of the Series
for: Higli School Cham
pionship Is On Today
The high school students are eagerly
awaiting the opening of 1 the | sub-league
schedule of the Academic Athletic League
today In baseball. /.The. teams have been
serlously/i handicapped by -/the ?illmited;
number,- of / practice /games "which i were;
played this spring. Games were arranged, 1
but in many instances the weather would
not permit the contests. ; /
The sub-league this year will : be com
posed 1 of ; Lick,^Wllmerding, Lowell , and!
Polytechnic, against seven iwhinh .com
posed the league last . spring.'; With | only,
four teams -entered.*, it is needless to s?ay'
the 6eason -will . not ;,be ' long; drawn out,
as »it was lnst year. \ \ - '
The J first/ game of the .schedule will be'
between the i-Wilmerding School of Hindus
trial Arts and Lowell;., The 'gamei will be
played this morning ' at ; the , Presidio Ath- 1
leticGrounds at 10. b* clock;,.^ - /
./ The Lick School team was also sched
uled torplay the^ Mission - t«am, : but? the
latter decided ,to default all. of, its games
this ; vear. V This -credits I : each% of , the\re
maining, four teams/ with a', game/ won.;
The -teams /will .line up;- today: \u25a0"/'.,. ;
/ WllmerQinr. 1 ; Positions. .; ; . .Lowell.
Vitt . . ..'....... . . ;'; Pitcher • .-. ... .;..'.. S. Sperry
Grlnsell.... Catcher •...*...•.... Sperbeck
Merchant. . • ... . . . First 8a5e : . . . ... . .Hamilton!
Geldermau ; . .*. . . . • Second Base f ?," . Richardson !
Chandler or Laug, Third Base. . r. .".Slnshelmer
Rowe. ... .-.*. . . ... . Shortstop.B.i Hamilton: (Cpt)i
Vezina; .'. . . . v. . . • • Left Field - : . ; .«. ..:.;. Moral!
Rlntoul : (Capt.) : . . Center Field - ; . : ." . ; . . : Hyer.
Griffith: . . . ... .V.7 Right Field y. r. . . . ; :.-.:BaeT;
; ;« The ' schedule 'i for the remainder of ; th e
season, follows: \u25a0///'/ / " - - \u25a0' -;. \u0084 • ;\u25a0 : .: \u25a0
'April '7— Lowell arid : Polytechnic: Licit
and Wllmerding.^ April 21^-Llck and Poly
technic; V ; Wllmerding ?i and \{ Mission ' (de-*
faulted). /April 28-^-Lick!and;Lbwell; Poly
technic:•;" and "-Mission i r (defaulted),:"Semi
i finallonthe sth'or"l2th of May. ; *• <J
Cardinal Supporters vv Look
for '^Victo^^^yiieii^j'.tiic
Eival Freshmen Meet
The freshman athletes of Stanford and
1 the University of California will 'meet
; in ihe Initial track contest of the first year
students tomorrow on ': the \ Berkeley ' oval.'
California has ' every right Ito expect \ vie- \u25a0
tory.* Whether the honor /will rest with
the blue and gold at- : the completion lof
thelast event is a ; question. Every car
dinal athlete, from \ Captain Rawlee, \u25a0 who
will take parti n J . five j events. ; to ' those
who are expected 'to -have -a \u25a0;. fighting 1
chance for third I ' places.- is nerved, up
to- the- highest pitGh/'r The Berkeley ath
letes: outnumber.'-their opponents two to
one and are ..generally, considered a host
of , star .performers. . x - • .
\u0084 W. M. Rawles,. who will . lead the - Stan
ford youngsters,', declares the meet should
go to Stanford by .the margin, of asingle
point and that' there / are" | '.'dark | horses"
who have riot been figured who "will prob
ably take some of the first 'places from
California! ' / '
In the , hundred-yard dash * Rawles and
Holman will repfes.ent" the "cardinal and
both are running in the same i time. VDad'
Moulton | expects to . place S both .sprinters
over the 'line ahead 'of the much* heralded
wonder, Stanton,".* of the \u25a0 blue/ arid .gold
contingent/ In/ the two 'hundred ; and
twenty yard dash Stanton ; looks ;a~ win
ner, with Rawles -and' Holman second
and "third. In the* quarter mile "Rawles j
is' picked for first.'/with a Berkeleyite sec
ond; and a struggle for * third : between
second-class : material. In ! the? half-mile
the. most optimistic of Stanford men
hardly look for more than a third place.,
Bradford Is billed •' for the: mile run, and.
MorellZ should ;:' take • points .In '-the /two
mile. 'ln tlie hurdles" Swickard; Is running,
we'.l'in the ;low;arid = Peasley ; iri the, high. ;
» ; Stanford, is , strong -•"; in the.' field J events,
with- the flxceotion |of the pole vault i and
high : jump.--^ ln > the'latter event \u25a0 Hall ; of
U. C. Is conceded'^- first place, while in
the "poleV. California >-\u25a0 has. several good
performers. * Rawles ; arid Stolz should
qualify for the first /two ; places in the
broad jump. Owen "is generally believed
to have an ' excellent chance to carry , off
the ' high - honors Sin % the ;, hammer ; throw
and Ford in "the >; shotput. : The 'cardinal
relay, team will be- comprised ofifast men,
\u25a0but will- undoubtedly,: have -;to /: put /up
their best pace, as, California* h,as several
speedy, runners : who c made . • records ;- for
themselves in / this event while in pre
paratory .schools.- '>\u25a0•\u25a0./••/. / ' .
• The track -men - are suffering
from a, slump due to the {continued ; wet
weather , 'experienced ;\u25a0; during ,- the ; present
month. Cope, Is /the speediest man; in
.the' sprints. :•\u25a0\u25a0'• ';',. --J- ".//\u25a0„'". '.\' -, ;-, d•\u25a0 '\u25a0' "\u25a0'.
'\u25a0 /Baseball and ' boating squads ar e . reach
ing , perfect f or.ni. . .The work .of-; the /crew,
is ? excellent. //Much ?qf \the •' training/ will
be. done ,at';Reuwood iCityJinUheffuture,'
as the period 1 of. acquiring .form] is largely:
past ; and "endurance ' is ; the , sough t-f or,
feature. 1 / \u25a0'/"'/ ;; ; . ' - *+ ' ..; ; .-. ; ; ; >
Fnlr Grounds Track In Slow.
NEW ORLEANS, , March - 30.— Fair Grounds
racing. results :>r i; T ' c v; .- : ' ; \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0"': 'v"-' T - '
; First- race, : six furlongs,- selling — Maureen
won, Hekate ; second. Dance Music third.* Time,'
,1:18 3-5/,.-,,.;: \u25a0»i\..\-=. .•-..>.-'•\u25a0.- - ; ••\u0084\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0• ?\u25a0-•:..\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•>\u25a0,-•, '
• :\u25a0, Second race, five ; and ; a half , furlongs, ; sell-
Jng-^-Globe ' Runner 'won/ Loretta: H' -second, 1
Skyte, third. ; .Time, 'l:lo. ' - < ' -\u25a0- • ;
Third; race, one mile,' seljlng— Claremont won/
Dapple : Gold -second, , -Verandah' third. :* Tlme,
1:45 2-5. >•• --\u25a0 \u0084.-,-: :".".-„:\u25a0\u25a0'/\u25a0- •\u25a0:.-,\u25a0'.:.: J \u0084..;
%% Fourth' raee.^four 7 i furlong*— Sal visa .. won/
Lucie Marie- seconds Black* Mate 'third: -'TimeJ
1:03.v.;'., - \u25a0;,\u25a0•- . ::-. - \ •-.;.;.-\u25a0 : .-; : .. - • .;"\u25a0.\u25a0 <\u25a0.:\u25a0:
'r Fifth ' race",', six {furlongs, i selling — Paul : won,*
Llmerick % seconid," ; Klng'« .< Gem ; third. -< Time,'
1:174-5.. >\u25a0 \u25a0:•\u25a0.•-->-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 "v.-/ ; '\u25a0;.-.'- -/\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0?<\u25a0 •\u25a0\u25a0:.; \u25a0--. \u25a0\u25a0;
:v Sixth race, ; one-mil<?. .celling-i-John -Mcßride
, won. -. Plautus - second. Lady ; Ray j third. •;' Time,"
\u25a0Xirt. '\u25a0,".:\u25a0;\u25a0••- v,.-.:;—"i' "\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0<-\u0084 / \u25a0\u25a0-•;
Eight Ariel and Six Dol
phin Men to Pull Bound
'[ Goat Island in Barges
The principal event that came up for
discussion at "the last meeting of the
Pacific Association of Amateur Oarsmen
was the coming race between crews of
the Dolphin Boating Club and the Ariel
Rowing i Club in big barges. It • was ori
ginally, proposed' and arranged to row
this race around -Angel -Island, starting
and -* f ; finishing in front of the Dolphin
boathouse, but \ it was represented that
if ,,the weather ; should :be rough, : ' it
would-; not" be possible f or jthe members
of the ..two clubs* to ; follow the racing
crews; through Raccoon "Straits. The
crews will, -therefore, race round : Goat
Island, starting from , the ';; Clay-street
wharf/ This .will enable club members
to follow the race in boats, ami except
during the time that the racing barges
are at : the back of Goat Island, they
will: be in :view of spectators all tlie
time. The .direction ; which 'will.', be"
taken 'around Goat; Island' will depend
upon the state of; the tide on Sunday,
April 14. the. date of the race. ,
.The Dolphin crew, will consist of six
men and a cockswain,; while the Ariel
barge will übe manned by eight oarsmen
and : a cockswain. . .'The Dolphins will
carry <four'offlclals, the judges, referee
and; marshal of the course, in their
barge, while the Ariels will have only
the. crew. The following officials were
selected : -R. R. l'Hommedieu and Arthur
Inkersley, judges; ; E. * B." Lenhardt,
starter ;;R. L." Goldberg, marshal of the
course.^ The start will be at 9:30 a. m.
and -the;; race will : take up about an
hour or. a little longer. The race was
originally, set for -April !' 1, i; but was post
poned ,; on.- account : ; of the ; inability *of.
Charles; Wilson,, captain ;of the- Ariel
Rowing ' Club, to get his crew together
on thatfdate. : %' i~:
-The Ariel Rowing Club-will hold ;a
ladies' \u25a0 day at their boathouse on some
Sunday in May. There will be four
races; t senior, and junior bargre, senior
and junior outfigged skiff. .'
-;-The Alameda Boating Club, after con
sideration tof J the^.prices of ; Eastern
boatbuilders.'v has*:dccided Zto \ : have " a
single shell-built by Al | Rogers of Ala- I
;meda VS6 .The>Alamedahs* hope to win the
single;*shell> championship at the " next
annual j regatta; oh . Lake Merritt. v ', Crews I
are, going; out; for, practice in -the creek
every / Sundays and the intermediate
barge crew has .been made .up, consist-
In >g ; : of W. :. Burn ham,': bow ; j Henry , Niel
son, c No. \u25a0 \u25a0 2 ; . jHenry. ; Hess, . '.*- No. 3,1 and
iF^enki Shay, stroke. \ There' are several
candidates-forithe honor ; of/represent
ing . the; club, in the' junior .barge and \
junior: outrigged skiff.-. .
.•/The ? South f End : Rowing, Club, after'
, sending, 1 in an;applicatlonjto the Pacific"
Association • of Oarsmen^ for
i membership," withdrew :l Iti through s the
Ipersuasion; of »T., I. Fitzpatrick,'-presi
dent {of l the v Pacific ; Association ; of ; the
: Amateur ; Athletic^Union.;. All, the row
ing -clubs; /except . the /Alameda'' Boating
•Club,* are < members; of the Pacific f Asso-;
iciationiof 'the JVmateur /Athletic 'Union;
but i do t . not <* admit ; the f- power . -of ";' that
body^; toY control : Tho 'Pacific
Association X of i Amateur Oarsmen \u25a0 isj a
imemberiof ithe,; National Association ,ot <
Amateur i Oarsmen ,'•; which J has Ithe " Dower
to sanction ; amateur./ rowing /regattas
and to /preserve /the j participants from
.the '/charge ; of * professionalism. :' / •- ? ;
PICKPOCKET^ AT -WORK.-rChris Peterson,*
an ' lnmate ; of "the i Sailors'" Home, reported '\u25a0 to
the police • yesterday -that : while he was stand
*ing at East and Sacramento streets on Thurs
day | afternoon t his i watch,'?, valued V at } $28, a and
V/lncolnlwere stolenfrom his pockets. •
Charles Foley Is Placed
First on the List of
the Eacket Wielders
Adams, Gardner, Janes, Grif
fin, Herbert Long, Melville
Long and Others Follow
The first, championship tennis , tourna
ment of the year having been completed
the tennis cracks are beginning to pre
pare for the San Francisco County cham
pionship : tournament. This event will
bring together practically the same play
ers who in the Alameda
County championship - event, with possi
bly a few otheri. It will be played on tr.e
California Club courts on May 3C.
The San Francisco championship, wh?ch
has become an annual fixture, was .in
augurated in IDOL The first event was
won by George -, F. Whltneyl He was
succeeded • by. Grant M. Smith in 3902.
In 1903 the Grant Cup was put up for the
event by Joseph D. Grant. Smith wss
required to play through the tournament,
but since that time the champni lea
stood out. : In 1903 Drummond MacGavin
won the championship and* his name is
the first on the cup. \He was succeeded
by Percy .Murdock In 1904. JJurdock, Jn
turn, . lost to Carl Gardner ' In laOs. .
A peculiar feature of the San Francisco
championship tournament is that no play
er has as yet won the title more than
once. Last year it looked like a certainty
Murdock would successfully def«nd^ his
title, but Gardner beat him out. It is
more than likely the , title will go to still
another ; player this year. Gardner will
defend and: has an excellent chance of
meeting with success, but it is probable
Charles Foley will wrest the tir.'e from
him. .4..: \u0084 ,
It should be a comparatively easy mat
ter to rank the. players in future. Many
championship tournaments will be played
each year, and as the cracks from Ifce
bay I counties compete in all of them It
will be easy to classify them. The play
ers, from the southern part of the State
could not , be included, as they compete
in but one tournament each year.
; Although it is customary to rank the
coast champion No. 1 it would not be
done in a ranking at the*, present time.
The No. 1 player would.be Charles Foley.
Second -position would probably 'go to
Percy Murdock; third to Fred Adams;
fourth to Carl Gardner; fifth to Clarence
Griffin; sixth to, George Janes; seventh
to Herbert Long;' eighth to Melville Long;
ninth to Harry Rolfe, and tenth to Her
bert Schmidt. For the year 1905 Cham
pion Janes would . be . placed in No. 1 po
sition, aa he undoubtedly played the best
; A ranking like the foregoing is merely
a matter of opinion. It is based to an
\u25a0extent on' past performances,* bulls 'more
properly a ranking of the players-at the
present time than for tjje year 1905. In
1905 Foley, and ] Murdock did not- play in
the coast championship tournament. Fo
ley was b"eaten " in* the Alameda and , State
championship events. His only victory. of
note -in ; 1905 was In the! .bay counties
event. _-•; So; he is hardly entitled to No. j 1
place *°r the year 1905. Foley was an
ordinary, player \u25a0 during the first six
months of the year, but at the close was
at the top.. .
;A class: singles; tournament will be
played -on the California Club courts to
morrow. Players of the Ifirst, third and
fourth 'classes will meet. The second
class was completed two weeks ago. The
en tries, to. date are:
Georgo Busch, Harold Gabriel, H. B.
Punnett, W. H. Murphy. H. R, Bur
roughs, B. Webster. Herbert Long. Mel
ville Long, Carl Gardner, H. S. Noble,
George Janes, N. Blaisdell and Daniel
The handicap singles tournament, . com
menced by the juveniles on the . park
courts two weeks ago, will be completed
today. One match was played last week
and resulted in the defeat of the juvenile
champion,, Maurice, McLoughlin. The
handicap players have been given un
usually large odds and the poorer players
will probably ;be - fighting it' "out in the
semi-finals and finals.
The final match of the first class, which
was not : completed ' last , Sunday, will be
played tomorrow on the park courts.
The contestants will be George Janes and
, Charles Foley. It will be up to them to
decide whether the entire' match shall be
, played' over or whether but one set shall
be played.- Four sets were * played last
Sunday, each contestant *>. winning two,
• In the Baker-Foley match I last Sunday
the; scorer caused quite, a surprise by
calling foot faults on the former. If all
the other rules of the game are broken
this one should be observed. "The serv
er's advantage Is as marked as that of
a pitcher . over a batsman in baseball,
and for this reason footf aults should be
called." Many T spectators would contend
that foot faults make but little difference.
A server, who makes foot faults and fol
lows iin Increases his natural advantage.
It permits him .to get. set at the net to
volley his^. opponent's return. Most of
the experts can volley, when set, but few
of them can do so when not set. It is
to be hoped the rule 'will be observed in
| all tournaments in; future.
Boxing Errnts Arranged-
-OAKLAND, March 30.— Matchmaker
Eddie Smith of the RelianceVAthletic
Club has arranged i two . good bouts ; as
the main events of the next regular
monthly boxing show of the club. Jack
Burke of Sacramento will;meet Young
McConnell, a clever boxer of this city.
Chris Hampton, the ; fast heavy-weight
of ; the Reliance Club, will battle with
Jackv Brock, who, recently ~fought< a
twenty-round "draw^ with; Kid ; Solomon
at- Fresno. The ; remainder : of the card
will be arranged later.*
Two Stakes • tor / Greyhounds.
:. Two stakes will be decided toniorro-wr
at » lngleside' Coursing * Park, the -total
entry.; being -seventy-two ' greyhounds.'
The likely .winners:
Champion stake^Carlow , Boy, Tom King. La
Rosa, Frank •C. - Lady : Leeds, Friendless Boy.
Freeport, i Lucy, Clair. Foxhunter,' Lord Sefton,
Bartagu9. ; Fiery. Baden.' ',- x \u25a0> ..;.';.. =
,:-- Class \u25a0 stake— Choo Choo,- Pasha . Pleasant,
Fairy -: Belle.V Boutonlere, Galveston, ' Reckless
Acrobat.* King V. Sangerman. 'Lady : Honesty.
L* L 'C. .John « Hooker,' Raby Aurora,' Muggsy,
Our Bessie. 0 Loose Character. Blue Bell?. Eagle
Bird. ' Russell J.-. Honest John \u25a0 , : r>an Flnnlgan
Thesßlval.". Pony. Capital, Fair Flying, Valley
Pride. , „ / .
Day. of Sports ' Postponed.
1 /The /unfavorable weather has "made
necessary/ a' postponement^ of the f day of
sports ; scheduled : for today.* at "• Francis
J.- .. Carolan's ' ' Crossways*. . Farm. The
programme i will i be/ carried - out -as ar
ranged V. next*. Saturday. , If/ the * weather
permits /the polo ! pony/" show,/ will 'be
heldvrnext; i Wednesday///at^Crossways. £
Paul* Clagstoriei the moving '* spirit' »in~
the'aff air," leaves ' for. the East 'the~ latter
part ?of TnextLweek;; hence the: desire' to
hold it -S3 -originally /scheduled.. •" -'" \u25a0**\u25a0» ;'
Xew- Yacht Club Will Have
150 Members on theKpll
When Charter Is Closed
Oakland Canoeists 'Expect
Series of Keen Contests
- for the Commodore's Cup
The newly formed Golden Gate Yacht
Club Is going Ahead. ' Tha float and
wharf for the clubhouse .to.be erected
on the Sausalito water* front two.hun
dred yards south of . the. San Francisco
Yacht Club quarters ale .complete. The
lumber for the building was taken over
to Sausalito on Wednesday and the con
tractors have undertaken ; to construct
the framework, with the exception of
the balcony. In. ten days-. The interior
will be finished later by the members,
several of whom did a great deal of
work on the assembly, hall of the ' San
Francisco Yacht Club. . ,-
There will be a meeting- of the mem
bers of. the Golden Gate Yacht Club on
Sunday. April . 8, for the purpose of
making arrangements for the opening
of the season, which will be in May,
though the precise date is not yet
settled. Inasmuch as the assembly hall
will not be finished for sometime, there*
will be no dance nor ladles* reception
on opening day, but there will be a sup
per and jinks for "the boys."
A meeting of yachtowners will ba
held on Monday night. April 2, in the
offices of Charles M. Rosseau & Son, the
architects who designed the "Golden
Gate Yacht Club hoase^for the purpose
| of preparing a programme of cruises
and other events for the season. The
Golden Gate Yacht Club has a double
set of officers, the one being headed by
a president and dealing with matters of
general interest to the members, by
whom they are elected, and the' other
set being headed by the commodore and
elected by the yachtowners. The nau
tical officers deal with all yachting
matters, such as regattas and cruises.
This double organization is In vogue in*
many of the yacht clubs in the Eastern
States and is said to work satisfactor
ily. It has the advantage of interesting
a larger number of officials in the wel
fare of the club and of providing a
greater number with offices and titles.
Application for "membership in the
Pacific Interclub Yacht Association "has
been made by the Golden Gate Yacht
Club and will, no doubt, be accepted at
the first meeting held by the associa
tion. There was a large attendance at
the meeting of members held last Sun
day in the Town Hall, Sausalito, -and
twenty-one applicants for membership
were elected. About 130 members "have
paid the whole or a part of their
annual dues and it is expected the roll
will have 150 names at the opening of
the season. The charter list* /will be
closed on April 15, and several members
are likely to come in before, that date.
One hundred and flftjf members are as .
many as; can be accommodated, in. the 1
clubhouse about to be erected. Aftey
that number has been reached, - it ' Is
likely an. initiation fee will be imposed
on applicants for , election; The club
has adopted flags for the commodore,
vice commodore and port captain. The
commodore's flag has a fouled anchor
surrounded by thirteen stars in white
on a blue ground; the vice commodore's
flag has a red field and the port cap
tain's a white one.
The Oakland Canoe Club. has several
new members and is looking forward
to the mo3t active and interesting sea
son it has ever had. Commodore
Charles Stewart has presented a hand
some silver trophy to be raced for in
a handicap event each month during the
season, the winner to receive points.
At the end of the season the craft hav
ing the greatest number of points to
Its credit will receive the cup. It is
a silver sphere cut off a little above
its meridian, set upon three feet.' and
having the Canoe Club burgee enameled
in colors on its front surface. The
handicapping in the contests for the
trophy will be done by the regatta com
mittee, consisting of S. A. Hackett, H.
G. Hinckley and R. J. Chapman. James
R. Kenna and RMJ. - Bain Jr. have sent
to a boat-building firm in St. Louis
for a centerboard boat of the swallow
type, 24 feet long. 7 feet wide and
drawing a few inches. These boats
foot fast and are so quick in stays that
In going about they may be swamped
if the man at the tiller does not mind
his eye.
The Oakland Canoeists will also have
the holiday cup to race. for on Decora
tion day and other public holidays. It
is • likely, too. that a series of events
in. conjunction with the Encinal Yacht
Club will be arranged. "The skipjack
Surprise has be»n chartered by T.
George and will ' be in excellent trim
at the opening of the season. . Commo- •
dore Charles Stewart will have th»i
sloop Beatrice as his flagship. , --M
/H'oodvrltch n Benntng* Winner.
"WASHINGTOX. March 30.— Bennln«» racing
. First race. \u25a0 Columbia course, live and a half
furlongs, » three-year-olds, selling- — Chieftain
won. Brush Vp second. - Bluecoat third. Time,
1:10. .
Second race, half mile, old course. mald#n
fllllee. two-year-old»— Woodwitch won. • Bata
Maria second, Havana third. Time. ' :31.- tr •
' Third race. • Columbia - ctrurse. six furiongw.
mares, three-year- olds and up— Bivouac won.
'Tickle second. Society Bud 'third. Tim*. 1:18.
•"I^mrth race." Columbia course, six and a half
furlongs. . ma|den three-year-olds— Optical won,
Hlwh Brush second. Radical third. Tim*. 1:2«.
\u25a0 Fifth race. Columbia course, seven furlongs.
three-year-olds and upward, selltng— Reedmora
won. Delphle second, JacK McKeon third.
Time. 1:30. -
Sixth race, Columbia course, one mile, han
dicap, three-year-old* and vp — Bill Curtis won.
Duke of. Kendal second. Sailor Boy third. Tlm»,
1 :44 1-5. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ~V; \
Suxsne Rockanore Rohm Third.
//NEW ORLEANS. March 3ai-Clty Park rac
ing- results: \u25a0:*
* First race, four furlongs — Lena won, King
'Leopold second. Moneymaker third.-* ' Time.
:502-3. *-\u25a0-\u25a0 \u25a0», :s>- r - - •* -V. :\u25a0\u25a0
. Second .race, one and an eighth miles, • selling
— Twopenny ; won. , . Dun?annon second. Swift
Wing third. Time, 1:58.
Third rac?. five and a half furlongs, selling —
Prestige won, \u25a0 Lord ' Diion second. Gold Monk
third, v Time,: 1:0©. . : .
\u25a0"\u25a0 Fourth race, one mile, selling — Creel won.
Ruth W. second. Kara third. Tims/ 1:43 3-5.
: Fifth " race, : one 'and a sixteenth m!les, r sell
ing — "Welsh won,' Fonaoluca second, Ekra third.
Time, "1:32 1-5. . .".. . ; - -. -
- Sixth race, seven furlongs, selling— Jim Beat
tie "won. Go Idle second, Suzzane ' Rocamor*
> Seventh race." five and a half furlongs, sell
ing — Ltd wlna won. Limerick Girl second. Mus
sulman third. Time, 1 :1O 2-5. ,
•Smith. * the ' aged \u25a0 contractor, tried \u25a0 for ranrder!
convicted :of \u25a0• murder \u25a0In the * second iteKrce by
a Jury In Judge Lawlor's court and - sentenced
,to ; serve - seventeen years -In . San • Quentin^ Is V
tired jof waiting •- for the result of an appeal J
to the Supreme Court. \u25a0 ,Yesterday h» Instruct- A.
Ed \the " Sheriff, to . have hi* commitment « serrfr^
to the County Jatl so that he could be . taken
to . San , Quentln ; either today or. Monday. . H*
shot and \u25a0 killed Joseph McGowan ln.^ a brtci
yard In. the Mission la November, 1901.

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