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i f ; '^upiiiiinitrtnesses: . are. 'not. essentially
: ;.'^«'.i>erQulkl't*s.'iof;Bmart ' society.-. •';\u25a0'• l' : . \
""•-;;" vVAs.- J hive; of.t«B~ pointed out,.it Is the in- :
•\u25a0-; Ah.c ;«Jai?sV .that- te amenable
;t;v^;"<ais6ijssiqnl:.->y> -•.•'- \u25a0?A'-"-' : " : -; - • \u25a0'\u25a0
' \u25a0'\u25a0'- xßut J the; '\u25a0* Te£sqn\'thai';_. indlscrimiriatlng.
;. ••.writer*..- : ascrtbe- faults .to [the smart .-. set,"
.' ' \u25a0 -that yatelins't'eaa,- the- faults '\u25a0of. units of.
Is It;-; :ls:;: ls : ; p'rtrhairjiy .• the " smart- ;.ivet \u25a0
\u25a0 ' \u25a0.\u25a0.sti.'nds'iaV.the -IlraeHgijt:' and secondly, be
•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0t:-cau^.tfafe-:-wbriJl-- tnireajßoninsly . expects.
: .;^orW.offth<l«isUre class than qf the hus
:"tlins/cia'ss^-foirgetjting'-.that tbi* ; hustling-.
.\u25a0".'class'; has ffar-hiore'to help it keep to thf
....'•pa.tii..'4Jit;.Tectitude ; '.tcan '.jite unfortunate
; \u25a0.leiSßr.e.clAss. :.*For ; let- It not be forgot that
: cky:husiJiii|r'.'..€lass— which includes.
; ..; : - thp "JtrtlfitSi .'. ppetg,' /..writers'; 'and' \u25a0' philan
; , vth^pplc'/workefsV .as weU as the world's
': ' 1 fcommfcfciai agents^-rhas with .it. the' com^
'pass wherewith to ; keep to its "course; \u25a0 jr""-*
v.'....lAn4':..tke" ce'mpkss. records ;. work to. the
."-• eait;':V.*or.k. : >:t.a the" '.'nojrth.. work to ' file.'
. .. .isouthi.=: -asd" work-: to • the \u25a0 west. \u25a0 .':
:'-\u25a0:"\u25a0: '-\u25a0:"\u25a0 A : nd..it;:iB""work ifcat is th£ salvation of •
..:': soul/-;\;. tt V • *.: " ' V "' .•; \u25a0,"\u25a0 : . : '.: \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 - : '^: : .
•.".•..• : ; : Tli^v^art'set "'ttiay be truthfully and
: logically- 41 vifl€d'loto the. workers. and the
:\.: \. Ardhefi'/-:'- \u25a0">'\u25a0 -^:'. \u25a0 ; .'?-.V:-"-" '-'\u25a0'\u25a0" \u25a0\u25a0-.':'\u25a0\u25a0'
\u25a0:;.; .The.! workers; like their prototypes In the
.•"-. great':s.diciaUhst center at the animal world,
,-\u25a0. . are busy;. fullUling their special destinies.
;v;'lt )hay;.be in the. home.. In philanthropies,'
V; in ar^.- or. in the of humanity— ip
.\u25a0.\u25a0.•whichi'.let it! be known, social Intercourse
••\u25a0.is -an' elementary part- \u25a0 ; ' -, -\u25a0.-." ,'
.-;; Bat,', alae!.- there are the drones! • .-'..-• -
: : .Iticse- are .the excrescences of society.
.'.'\u25a0l^pney or . n'a :'money, • they are creatures'
". of arrested development, and. deserving
.of .the"- tenflerest : solicitation of every
•' ' whtrfesoin^ soul that is working out its
..': physical' existence, with the aid of th 9
'"\u25a0•*. dycamtcs of ambition within It.
.;:'•: If is this congregation of mindless $n
,. Ahrlduals of Ihe smart 6<et that has called
down" the' unreasoning wrath of preachers
airt writers- upon a phase of society
' falsely classified upon a money, basis. : ' : •
And It is thin sporadic arrestment of
\u25a0growth thJft makes of the- American lel«
.... .ure class the butt of European jests, and
. American jokes. . • •
Among the stupidities indulged in by. the
sponge-headed members of the -smart net
' — which, bear srou5 r ou well in mind. Is far
. from all of it— ere gathered .from observa
tion* oX the winter, to. wit: The affected "
"rookie"- walk, with a. pfairies-of- Dakota ".
stride, "head first,' my heels are o ,comlng";
the assumed Ignorance of ordinary things."
such as a knowledge of the laws of life
. atia the principle H involve*; the. assumed,
ignorance' of Cjianceir-wn'en convenient:
the boasting ignorance .of "derails, of th^
household and absence of a knowledge cf
.'the baby's need§; a lofty disregard for^tha
welfare of the' patient provider, bo long*
as the check book is handy, and' there
* isn't a big overdraft'; a lack of purpose in
" living. . save satisfying the requirements.
of the animal; and the thousand 'and one
little i pdccaaiilos .that fall'sh^rt of ems,
but that reflect the head-works of the In
. dividual, maid or matron; f"or! instance.
the wearing of 'ja. veil *at luncheen.
\u25a0 >• 'While a-r filter Is really a .nboessary ap
1 purtenance to a pantry. It cannot be ton
ceded by the most rabid micrbfeist that £
veil is necessary to 'arrest- the anlmal^cu
lae in soup— and yet o l have seen the trick
turned more-tTian once ln-Jhe Palace Palm j
Garden. And so* would you, if. ; you j
watched out, '« «c« c *!>! > . ''. A
Then there's the wearing ef ' a belt on '
; the garter— a delicately-tonfed .bell that
* comes to be known as the official " an- i
ncuncer of the fair* weara>. " All her J
friends come to*know her tinkle — even as I
the shepherd "does of bis shefep. "*_ j
Of coarse, the girl- whose perfumes "are
of ageresefve character, is hardly a ilov
'\u25a0illty. She prides herself upon ker indiviif-*
uality of perfume, and- her. presence \n
scented by It— rather. than by tlie" odor oft'
her personality.,
« And'apropbs to the new colony of smart
babies hereabout, *the "presentation bag" \u25a0
1& tbe.stupldist smartness.*
« • "A whatr* . • i
That's *waat I wanted to* know whe^
Jt was first hurled at me. ' - : „ .
Nothing: more nor less \u25a0 than a superb
envelope of pink # or blue ' etlk,* § mothered
In. lace, .ribbons.* sachet* InCo which a
poor little wriggling bit 'of protoplasm *is
bhov«d,- to bbee c exhibited* to t*h« :ecstat!c
relatives, 'even before It has sense enough
to holler.;. *"> \u25a0\u0084" .'*-. * * "* *
are Just a few of the^fool smart
things that . a salaried . chronicler r.uns.'
afoul of, now and .then. And 'the .ira-'
presslon Is emphasized * because the £00l
thiaes ar« not; the attributes, of Society
«... . . : V
' •\u25a0 WILL .TAKE ACTIVE PART IM SMART SET "DOINGS ••• • :^<-^*< W IHIS *.lDh,. AM» r WHO
j as a composite mass, but of mentally dead'
J individuals' of it .
]\u25a0"• • :•: • • •- \u2666 •\u25a0\u25a0•••\u25a0\u25a0.- ; '
j That". Captain iand * Mrs.. Wade L. Jolly,
(\u25a0of Mare Island 'will become eoclal ,luml
| nartes at' the poet assigned the jolly cap 7 ,
j. Cain ' in Manila is a- foregone conclusion.
I But that doesn't lessen the loss of them
\ to the Mare Island contloeent— which : is
stupid enough, even with a full comple
jnent of brilliant young women.
However, the ! island still ha^" Mrs. Wll
\u25a0llam Wlfder, wife of Commander Wilder;'
one of the most bea.uliful and most fas
cltiating women In the service. ;
\u2666 *:• ' •• \ ' • " .. -'
On the subject of beautiful women, one
of the '"stunnlneest" that has come
among us for many: moons is the bride
of Ernest Wlltsee, she who was Emily.
Taylor q¥ the local Tbornhill family and
(iauieriter of the, late Colonel Stuart
. Taylor, '' . • ' • -^T
A blonde of flne coloring and c a . svelte
And exQuisitel>' modeled figure, she ' pos
sesses that rarest ' of ' accomj>anlments—
style.. And— s*weet ti relate— srfe possesses
the gowns to. express It.' \u25a0 "-- > . \u25a0" /.' *
"Mrs. "Wlltaee. is. a guest; at ,t"he' Palace/
where' ehe will remain for spme^tlme. '"\u25a0
\u25a0*\u25a0 -'\u25a0'\u25a0 . •-' "-*•' • •.* *!* '.- .->\u25a0 v 'j •'• \u25a0
". BMlear* and .Mra. Millard ' are '-.
back - f rpm ; New* - York - next - month .- <&rt^
\u2666 . . -• '\u25a0\u25a0<.•'•.'.; •_ "\u25a0' v^*'-'-t
, a warm, •greeting awaits .them, "after 'an
absence "of a year. \u25a0
The Sequoia CJub, haying passed the
cub stage, has arrived at the point where
Its leaders may J have ; fun poked ! at* them
without a bunch' of .resignations rbeing
shoved under the nose' of President Aiken/
• Barnett- Franklin^ the humorist versi
fier, and | Maynard • Dlxon, "The * Cowboy
ArtlBt,":.'were the, instigators; of the"grill
ing, "' which .was ; - happily (seasoned dwith
hits • and" ; sallies /upon women . generally,
without* personalities.
-The dear ladies are so sensitive— Klon't
| you know/ : --^ :. . . .-.
\,;The playlet was aptly termed "An Ira
; pertinence." ;:\u25a0'/;-' ',\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0$}i:k^ i ';J ' -.\.\ :\u25a0'\u25a0 ' ::\u25a0'•»\u25a0
;'.i,The men of the cast, all. stars, of
course, donned> feminine ( garb^-smart. up
to-date evening garb-^— decollete and all
that ; sort! of ' thing. * My \rx But It? was
funny I ; .-You / should \u25a0 ' have - seen Allan
Dunql . He's ;\u25a0 the \u25a0; cutest •ever.'; : with ? the
coyest VGentle Arinle'" Bmile you 'fiver saw/ <
'fAnd 'as for; Joseph liGreenbaum-rwhy,;
he's as snug a ;flt^ inVcharacterJ as; any"! of
thfc | billboards'show, , and ; a" lo t be l l er than
some-T-whlch-! Is % no -. great -.\ I *
know. But; h{s part; was Tan r art. ,
.' And^Adolphuc'Graupnrfrf as j Miss "Slush- \u25a0
mush was t hi* essence 'of esthcticism^ and i
his tranecondehtallsm'in^his.greatipoem, i
•*"0 Thou N.avy-Blue' Moon,"/, was a gem,
Jn fact,' ev«ry.. character.. was sustained
In rattling good "shape, as follows;' Oliver
M. : Gale.. *L. Eugene- Lee, C P. Nellsrn;
.WiJl Sparks. Maynard sDlxon,s D1xon, Burnett'
. Fr:«nklln pnd Theodore Keahe. " " '\u25a0 •
Not- the least part of the show- was
! Mayneird Dixon's cartoons-rwhich:- ought
i to .become th.e 'permanent property of the
club, ro true' are they' in. caricature. . .
.--.".. . . \u2666 '•'*..'
John Adams .Tbajyr-, editor of Every
body's., who has'&crne south, was the hon-.
! orcd guest at many functions In town be
fore his dcpar<\ire/ or,e of the pleasantest
being the dinner given " ; . him by the
>Amouret! Club st*.. the Poodle Pog, at
;-\u25a0..-. . \u25a0 . \u25a0 . .-\u25a0 : : r \u25a0- _ : . I
.which; Charley Field was the presiding
genius. ._ [\u25a0\u25a0-'.'. \u25a0 '.- .-..".\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0 >\u25a0::_\u25a0;
'A' Joyous sense ol goodfellowship /w^s
engendered' by* Mr. . Thayer's : unqualified
praise of O'Hara Cosgraye,' WeU beloved
townsman and a fellow; bbhemlan— a trib
ute well deser\-c d, .but '\u25a0 of ttimeg * withheld;
and. for: obvious reasons. ' r
-\u25a0•Mr.'; Thayer goes back : to' New, York
loaded to the -guard: rails with air, art.
capabilities arid traditions.
\u25a0A.';';;;; . \\; " ."\u25a0><•; •- ", . .V, .. \u25a0; . \u25a0 ' {
"^Mrs; .-A. W. Scott ; will at^ home, on J
j-Fridays "during; .April. :\u25a0 Her Y experiences
during; the typhoon- in Tahiti^ aref tremen-f'
dously Interesting:, \u25a0anc'ner days at; home
will undoubtedly t» V 4 the form- of \ a con^
versazlohe upon -Kae : Gem ?of i' the South i\
Seas, and the 'things ; that > happen i to ; the !
I Gem'when.the demon. of/.the sea growsv
, wrathy. .' - - :- \u25a0\u25a0- - • \u25a0\u25a0. - • : \u25a0\u25a0 ; ";. ' • -.' \u25a0- . \u25a0 -> i
.• '-••'\u25a0' 'i:-.%-;--r.\ "-<-. •;•:: >'vV: "\u25a0•\u25a0•\u25a0 :- t ;r-' .- : ,\
'The rooms of the Oakland, Club j. were ;
fllltd Wednesday ; to hear; the; beautiful i
; version Tof .'Tennyson's H"LadyHof ? Sha- V r
; lott"^ presented", by* MisVi Eleanor " Con-^!
nell -; and ; nin.e ."attractive £vocalistB/\TheT
perfect; sprlng^dayjbrought ?out7all[ the *
l crifcp, > fresh browns ''with 1 their j'crown-i
Ing".*; 1 glories— flowered ; : head.gear,: ;;andl-
Mrs. v ,;i w. A/x Schrock,- hostess i~ of -.'.t;he )
«if ternooh, 1 ;. was ;<n ssis-ted *by '.Mrs. . Rich-/]
a'rd'Ccaft, I -.lrs. Gilbert Curtiss; Mrs. W; \u25a0'
H. Weilbye, Mrs. "A/ A." Dennis£n, : Mrs..
George HurbpSrey, Mrs.- B. W; de Leon.
Mrs.- Harry -East,. Mrs. Theodore West
.phaj; MiAs.' Marietta-Milton. Mrs. F. S.
Mickil,:> i MF>.f J. X: Allen. Mrs. ' C- S.
Chamberlain, Mrs. F. R. Chidwi<j'k. Miss
.Grace Trevor, Mrs: A. X>. Kroenke, Mrs.
W. W. Stindef brd,. Miss ; Lou ;\u25a0 Dennison,
•Mrs, Leon Hall. .Mis^ Ida at lackey,- '
•'. j The | poem,.' read ; by. John ' W. Qwilt,
wan ' heard to.' great* ad yaritage, \ the' in
.terprfltatloii- being draihatlc > an*, most
"sympathetic.. Other .numbers '. calling
forth, sincere admiration were a Grieg
selection by. Miss EHa Lowrfe. pianist;
\u25a0 "/fwo'r Sopga"J ( Schutt), by.. Mf ss. Tyler,
and an -air, ."False Phyllis" _(Ed Ger
man), by Miss Shannon, who has a very.
rich and. pleasing contralto. Altogether
the afternoon was a charming success.*
"The- Juvenile. Court has;a>worthy and
moat competent \u25a0'help'meejt- in. the iqew
Aid Society recently attaching Itself to
that; judicial', .body," Composed of ; ; -'a
score .of pur prominent and influential
womens . the 'society proposes to raise
funds for daily ,and permanent needs
'attending'' the- court which, combines,
charity with* Its administration of Jus
tlce.-.. '•; ;.--•- .'.: =\u0084• . -,- ••• ;V. r ; \', '
A fair will "be held on Saturday, April
•14, . at the California Club on Clay
street— a' fair 'to the entertainment
'both.of the Hftle people and their
ciders. Vaudeville sketches, dancing
and' other, forms of amusement will bo
indulged through; the afternoon and two
splendid prizes will gladden the- hearts of
the }ucky boy . and girl i who win them.
For the. f ormer is a 'fine automobile
wagon,' the gift of James D. Phelan; the,
little girl to be possessor of a lovely doll,
given by Joseph Rr Chamberlain.
" '-.'\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0 '.- ' v" '.- ' • "' " - ' *: '*' '
There is already an auxiliary to the Ju
v?nila Court presided over by Joseph S. To
bin,>with .Mrs. John F. Merrill as vice
president, an organization quite distinct
and apart. fiom the Aid Society,. though
/working much along- similar lines.' The
new, body has-ramong its, very earnest
members ! Mrs. 'Latham McMullin," Mrs.
James Follis, ; Mrs. • Morris .Davis,. Mrs.'
George Martin, Mrs. Alfred Butro, Mrs.
Harry., Goodwin, Miss : Sara >Drum, ' Miss
Edna . Hamilton^ and Miss j Ethel Tomp
kinB..'; \u0084 '. \u25a0.\u25a0 \u25a0--. . .:..'
The patronesses will include ~Mrs.
George- C. Boardman, Mrs. Harry Bab
cock, Mrs. cP.hlllp -King Brown, Mrs. Ay
lett'Cotton/,Mrs. Walter Dean,- Mrs. Ed
ward Eyre, Mrs. William .M. GwJn, Mrs.
Horace -Hill, ; Mrs. Alexander , Hamilton,
Mrs. J. i Downey : Harvey, Mrs. ' Charles
Josselyn, Mrs. Eleanor Martin, Mrs. KWII-"
Ham Prentice Morgan, Mrs. John _F. -Mer
rill, Mrs. Thurlow McMulkh. Mrs. H. M."
a; Miller,- Mrs. D.\T. : Murphy,' Mrs Henry
T. ; Scott, , Mrs: = Max Sloss, | Mrs. : Harry '
Sherman, Mrs. Oscar Sutro, Mrs.- Francis
J. Sulllvah, 1 ' Mrs.; Sigmund , Stern, .Mrs.
William Thomas, - Mrs. M. M.: Tompklns,'
Mrs. Joseph 8: '- Tobin, \u25a0 Madame-'Emllia
Tojetti, Mrs ;Ynez;Shorb .White and Mrs.
Lovell White. " \\;.
'.'--\u25a0•,\u25a0..\u25a0\u25a0••\u25a0 \u25a0 -•\u25a0 + \u25a0. • * •*,••" \' -'.
\u25a0':; An of brilllanbi and much" worth
to the *~ society .* and '•artistic ..%' world -Is
scheduled, for next Friday evening, April
6, at the ; ' Palace * Hotel. :*Frank ; PoUok,"
the fine tenor,* will; be heard in concert; a
privilege , to be ' appreciated as • the ; singer
has wont distinctions In "Europe and has
studied rigorously, tinder Jean de Reszke.'
y.The' Maple j room win be • filled :, with ill
the. -city's amuaict lovers,/ whfle. our.. most
prominent; folk to'act as j patrons , are: Mr.
an<J ' Mrs,.". William Babcock,'. Miss | Bourn,
Mrs.' ;-B: r Crockett,'; Mr. and Ml 3/ |
Horace Davis,': Mr." and :Mrs.' Norfls King j
| Davis; 1 Miss Sara Drum,', Frank Drum', Mr." j
I and ;. Mrs.*;.i J. n'A.% Folger, : Mr. U and / Mrs.
James ' Follis, - Mr/: and Mrs, I Mark \u25a0. Gerstlc, '
Mr. and Mrs. Horace. Hill," Mr. 'and "Mrs/ J.
Downey j Harvey,".' Dr. ' M. -Herzsteln, Mr.
! and Mrs. James' Hosburgh," Mr.: and Mrs,
Homer 1 King, : v Mr.'?'and "• Mrs. \y Jesse' W. i
\u25a0\u25a0 Lilienthalr Mr. , and; Mrs? Latham McMiil
;'leni i Dr.* and ' Mrs. Herbert . C.">Momtt.' Mrs^
- Eleanor, Martln^Mr/ and Mj-3. r . Walter Mc-
Gavin,' ! Mr.", and t Mrs.^- George ;H."sMendell.
Mr.", and '\u25a0 '\u25a0', Mrs. v KWalter^ Martin/,;' Mr. B and".
Mrs. -Horace Pillsbury, James' D." Phelah, '
Mr.T- and ?Mrs.' '-. Henry T. v Scott. \ Mr.* and r 1 '
Mrs. ;/Alfred / Siitro, "Dr." and ' Mrs % ? Grant \
Selffidge, ; Mr/ and; Mrs". James Ellis
er,\Mroarii3';Mrs;- George Whlttell. ' Mra.*
'.YnezyShorbi. White and ; Mr/'" and : Mrs.
Mountfprd'VWilabn.'," -."* .' "V
\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0 Skating has- reached such.'a' stags of en*;
thusfasmv'ln \u25a0 Oakland that ' many of s" the"
private homes are utilizing their spacious
attics or basements «for rinks. ..„„.,,
Those : who are ."fortunate. possessors of
sufficient room are bidding th« skaters for
home parties. \ and last Friday . evening
found the : jolUest sort j>t .-a
'neath tfie roof of the Ucfroe of Miss Caro
lyn an* Miss Anita Oliver. - * *
Mrs. Everts and Miss Plorlnne Brown,
aunts of ; the ydungr hostesses,* assisted
in receiving, and the large "top floor"
elm'ply buzzed with fun for many hours.
\u25a0\u25a0'.'• Supper ' was served •at the* other *X'
treme of the "house— below stalrs-^-and
a : happier, more 'disheveled .young: con
vention oerer was seen, .the guests
including the most prominent, of the
younger set from Both' -.aides' of the
» Miss "Elizabeth Downing: entertained
a score of maids at a. Jolly little tea. on
Friday In her home on Green strefet. at
whleji her engagement to E|r. Albert , E.
Truby. U: S.A., was announced. /
.• :\u25a0 -v \u25a0=•• .:\u2666 • *' ' i
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Calhoun were
the- honored luncheon ffucats of Mr. an«l
Mm. 'Laurance .Irvins .Scott tn their
Burlingame home on Friday.. .
\u25a0 \u2666 • ••'\u25a0\u25a0-.'\u25a0'
Severftl parties were made on Thurs
day to attend the Greek Theater sym-
... \u25a0 •**
phony, among, the' hosts being Profes
sor aryl Mrs.'.Chark-s Mills tjayley, who
entertained Mr. and. ilrs. Patrick Cal
houri. \u25a0 .
Mr. and Mrs. Wajter- Lonffbotham
gave n luncheon preceding the concert,
blddin&'as guests Mrs. -Xjurlen T.,Lan^-'
worthy} the singer, ami Mrs. Jki. G.
Snow, who" Is a tnember of the Kubelik
party. '
\ ,Mrs. Andrew. L.* Stone wap hostess In
her prttty ho.-ne. "Rose Crest." on Ver
non Heights, OaWland^ last Thursday.
Forty guests wore bidden'to meet Miss
.MgEwun of Chicago^ who is a visitor in ;
the Stone home, the afternoon ; being:
3pent at cards.'
\u25a0 \u25a0 .-\u25a0.•\u25a0 » • \u25a0
» A,' prettier concert has not b,een
Drought to view for many a day than
the "Invocation to Spring" given last
Monday at the Philomath Club by Its
members. . •
-The_ living presence of spring- -was
well verified in the abundance of
bloom thut greeted the eye everywhere,
from mural decoration to the blossoms on
all the new hats. /
A" graceful Greek dance was given by
Miss Alice Coleman. who, as goddess
of spring, was classically garbed and at
tended,by handmaidens.
The programme was • .entirely subserv
ient to spring and its issues, other songs
and-- papers being, most 1 entertainingly
given by the various', talented members,
these numbers as offerings: Paper, "The
Gladness of Spring." Mrs. Samuel Bauer;
spring song, Mendelssohn; " The Witch
ery of Spring" (Arthur Whiting), Mrs.
.William S. , Hochstadter: lyrics from
.Keats and Wordsworth,." Miss Mabel N.
Wise; /humorous caper, on -spring, Mrs.
Max C. Sloss ; ', spring song; Mrs. Joseph
Emanuel;" classic invocation: of !
spring. Miss , Alice Coleman; handmaiUens
—Mrs. Clarence R. \Valter, ! Mrs. Manfred .
Brandons te in, I Mrs.' Leon 1 8. Gre'eriebaum,' j
Mrs. Simon Kohn, Mrs. Isidor W. Cahen, |
Miss' Esberg, - Misa Nlckelsburg, Mlsa J
Newman. \u25a0: y \ \u25a0': j- j
Mr. 'and Mrs. Patrick Calhoun gave an- •
• other ' of their charming dinners last Tiics-.j
day, : when -their ; apartments ' at s the : Pal-^ .
ace. were embowered with beautiful flow-* •
e/s, J .The table glowfd with the luxuriant ,
| peony.; In its grafiatjon. of. shadee, with |
j dainty, candelabra; heightening the effect. ;
and those -who enjoyed, the pretty, scene '
wlth?Mr. and .Mrs., Calhoun were Mr. and '
Mrs. "James , Potter.^ Langhorne.'- Mr. and
Mrs. Silas: Palmer'/ Mr. and Mrs. Henry ,
T. " Scott, Jlr. "Davis -of New York and •
Thbrnwell Mull»lly.^gBs '
• • '-' \u25a0- - -a. .. J * -' .•'-;.'• -V :". . - i
' Miss Elsa Draper is to leave on Tues- J
daj* J for .;NeW;Tork;- where she will" re- ?
main several /.months* • In the "pursuit of I
pleasure.' Thß.she Is sure to find, there }
:beingjno,mfi.re; genuinely popular girl I
'; in '• San Francisco 'society, v i
" ;•-*;'. In , farewell .- several \u25a0 gatherings have
i taken v plac^" for, Miss Draper, a' very de
jlightful,'luncheon-taking place last
1 Saturday../ BMRifiraMBMBUM
*/: Miss 1 ; Q/rtruiJe .Russell .was hostess
.and •_bad« i bycr a score t»(} maids from
\u25a0 the^ two HtLyjcitifis to nieet "at the Clare
mont""Ccpritry Club. '\u25a0'-.
\u25a0"Returning ft to .-the western -shore of
our J bar, •\u25a0 the* same :evening saw "Miss '
.--\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 / BBBBHBIhBBb
Draper again surrounded by a dozenln
timates leathered at the home of Mtoa
Susan and Miss Mary Erta for a
ncr The Draper home will be fllletl
with friends between now and Tuesday,
all anxious to offer the message or
"bon voyage". to the young traveler.
«• \u25a0••\u25a0 *
Governor and Mrs. George C. Pardea
entertained at a large » at , h « r j n *Jf*V
evening-, those going from this section
fncludlng Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Scott.
Mr. and Mrs. " W.A. Schrock and Dr.
and Mrs. Frederick Morse.
• * •' •-
Mrs. Horace Hill entertained at a very
pleasant informal musicale last Sunday;
presenting* Frank PoUok*as her guest
of honor to a score of friends.
Mr. Pollok, who has a beautiful voice.
Is weil known in the music -world at Paris,
but- has been traveling, for some time,
through Southern California.
Mrs A-W. Scott will be at home' each
Friday of this month in her Buchanan
street - residence. # » ' '.: .'*\u25a0*
Mrs John J. Allen will entertain at
cards' next Friday afternoon at. her home
in Linda Vista. • *' : \
Mrs. Lduise .Elsey has issved cards_ for.
I Wednesday evening of th!a week for the
f marriage of her daughter, Charlotte &u
j san, to Cbaries William Heatl«-v. Tt:a' ,
| event will . take place at the Elsey homo
j on Eleventh street. Oakland, and win b»
witnessed by only the inttaate family
friends and relatives. . ,
Mr. and Mrs. ~\V. Parker- Lyon *of
Fresno arrived some days- ago. Mrs. Lyar» :
ia 'the- meantime having bad several
pleasant reunions with the friends of ht'r
girlhood, when she. as Clara Eleey. tt-3 ;\u25a0*;
I one of a> very jolly coterie of Snell;S«w-*
mary maids. , • ',
Mr. Lyon. who Is ' now * Mayor of
j Frtsno. was also one of the- popular
I young Oakland beaux and .the son'oC
j the widely known pioneer furniture .
n:«rchant of that city.'- '-„ ;
Immediately after the wedding Mr.,
Heatley .will take his bride on an extended
wedding tour, but will make a home 1n
Oakland. I£9HSpBHfiBESiI!B9BHH
• • • \u25a0
Mrs. Clarence Martin Mann will re
ceive on Thursday of this W;eek la hc^
,home, 3414 Washington street
Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Stebblns trill, be» >
at home Wednesday *'at the Balmoral.' '
1135 Stasonlc arvenue. .*• ' »
'• • • '•
Mr. .and Mrs. Har^y MillerJ who have
recently moved into their new home on
Adams Point. Oakland, will hold a bouse- .
warming tomorrow "evening, entertain- . •
Ing* at cards. ,-• - ' ";
The wedding of MissiEdn* Bumlllf?^
of Los> Angeles and Murray Sullivan qt',
Salt Lake City will take,, place* on
April 25. .*\u25a0'•.*. • ' :
M 13 3. Bumlller, .who Is the daughter
of Mrs. Bumiller-Hitfkey. has a number ;
of- friends in this city-, and \u25a0 Oakland.'
having attended school in the, Inttwr/
city. - The; marriage \u25a0•will Occuc at -thQ
home of Mrs. Hickey. 104». tflden *ave
nue, Los Angeles. , : "' . ,
. Alrsi: E, J. ' Dodge was hostess at .a \u25a0
Very delightful nf£i\ir on Thursday aft
ernoon.; entertaining a 'jolly crowd of
i maids in honor of Mjss Mabel Keci, the
'much-feted flance*. * •; . .'.',?\u25a0
A % "linen 'shower" - was tlie motif off
the day,, and ' Mrs, DodgVs pretty new •
home" in A!ame*da fairly rang with mer- ,
riment and happiness. *• :
• \u25a0 Miss -label Reed, who la soon* to become \u25a0>
-the bride of Harry Allen,, jfltertalned .&.
cozy llttla coterie of intimates at brld«»
in her home In Oakland last .Wednesday*.
among the T players being: "Mrs. Percy^
Walker. Miss Blanch Laymance. Mrs. Ed
ward' Hall Dodge. Miss Alice Britton.
Miss Elsey. Mi 33 Elva Reed and Mr*..
Rlchare Bahls. • ;?
Mrs. Whlpple Spear Halh (Ethel Crellln). * *
who has recently returned from »er wed
ding trip." was the honored guest at<a J 6i»
party, given by Mrs.'^^llaoi Hamilton *
.Morrison, in her "Oakland home Idst t
Wednesday.; '.;•' *« .
* About: thirtK of the younger set werp . I
bidden to greet Mrs. Halt., who bad '*.*..
delightful . reunion -with her bridal Catty *
and Intimate friends.
v Mr. ' and Mrs. Joseph B. Coryell ar« ;
leaving", tomorrow for their summer home*
at Fair; Oaks, having spent thfe winter at
the. Colonial. ~ • . '.* .
The quarters of ."Lieutenant Barber* at \ '
Fort Mason we're the scene of a Jolly tea A
la^t" Tuesday afternoon when Miss Strong
was yie guesb of honor." ' She •Is an East- ,
crn maid .visiting frifends' hereabouts and
enjoying- mu^jhf- attention, :i-». Lieutenant.
1 Barber is stationed with* the Engineer
Corj> * RBtfBBBM S!

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