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General Committee Will
House Homeless.
All Meat in Butchertown to Be Free for
Relief of the Destitute.
.-'"The General Committee met In
\u25a0 Franklin Hall yesterday forenoon,
.. with Mayor' Schmitz in the chair. The
committee on destitute and hungry re
\ ported that there were 200,000 people
. in Golden Gate Park who were in need
.of food supplies. The Mayor an
nounced that supply stations had been
./.established at Page and Stanyan
• streets and the Life-Saving Station,
. where foodstuffs may be obtained, and
another station will be established at
'.the boathouse at once, and that the
• sanitary condition of the city is in the
Hands of the United States Govern
•/ment authorities; also that a plan of
-• organization will" be effected immedi
ately. The Southern Pacific Company
.-.••«:i]l be asked to construct a track to
'"remove ihe debris.
•. The Mayor stated that all the meat
/.In B.utchertown would be distributed
"frrc: .to the citizens.
. . The committee on the housing of the
\u25a0...". homeless reported that arrangements
...are being- made to build small houses.
Orders \rill be issued to open up all va
..;cant houses for the accommodation of
• those" w ithout homes. The people with
: .homes are appealed to to take in who
7>ver they can care for. School Direc
• tOF Boyle reported that the school
houFos left standing will be utilized for i
housing the homeless.
•' The Mayor said that he had received !
..• wor3 from Chief Engineer Schussler Of]
. -the Spring Valley Water Company that
• the people of the Mission would have
water at noon today, when ten or
• rwelve million gallons will be mad?
" ayaiable. but only for drinking. The
citizens are urged to use as little water
".••'•as possible. '. Troops, will be sent 'to
. protect Lake Merced.
Efforts will be made to light the city
• .as. soon as possible, in the interest of
v la-vy and order. Xo electricity will be
•'turned on, owing to its danger.- No
: fires are -allowed to be started in
houses until further orders.
• The auditing committee for the sign
ing of demands on the relief fund con
sists of William Cluff. William Haas,
Nathan Bibo, "Frank Tillmann Jr. and
Thomas E. Atkinson, with headquar
. ters at Franklin Hall.
.' . J. A. Cooper reported that twenty
five j wagonloads of staples had been
..taken from grocery houses, of which
•seven were sent to the Page and Stan
jan street station, three to the Pre
• sidio Hospital, three to . Columbia
' Square and four to the Park Lodge.
...The remainder will be sent to the boat
house station and life-saving station.
•• • Two bakeries are running and an
. • other will be opened at once. The
owner of Glen Park will care for the
homeless on the grounds, where there
\u0084aro supplies and water.
.A. R. S'prague, chairman of the Sac
.•- raemnto relief committee, said that
• 'owing to misunderstanding the steam
; . ers that brought supplies to this city
. returned without any refugees that
.wanted to get away from San Fran
cisco. The Mayor Ktid that any one
" who wanted to leave could go, as it
• would make it easier to. relieve the
; people left here. When Sprague an
nounced that "Sacramento could be
: commanded for the last drop of blood
• and dollar" he was given three rousing
. cheers.
.. . The Western Meat Company has
•500,000 pounds of canned meat, which
• * it. win give away to the hungry, and
arrangements will be made at once for
. the distribution of the meat.
It. was announced that headquarters
•. of the Red Cross Association for regis
;".• tration will be established at once at
\u25a0 -Oak and Ashbury streets. Other sta
.-. tior.s will be started throughout the
• . • Newspapers will be distributed free
• throughout Golden Gate Park for the
. dissemination of information.
Judge Hunt announced that there |
\ *\vas an immense lot of supplies at the
•home of Henry J. Crocker, at the cor- !
ncr of L3guna and Jackson streets, '.
and 'wagons will be sent there to get |
. the supplies.
The Mayor said that telephone com
. munieation had. been established from
•' FYanklin Hall to General Funston at
• Fort Mason, and from the ferry to j
Oakland, and a line will be run from
. Franklin Hall to the ferry. Vice Pres
ident Glass of the telephone company
announced that communication had
been established with San Bruno and
will be extended as fast as possible.
."• The Grand Parlor of the Native Sons
" has postponed its annual session from
April 23 to Monday, June 25, at Ven
tura, under an order issued by Grand
. President James L. Gallagher and
• Charles Turner, grand secretary. Gal
lagher appeals to ell members of the
i order thoughout the State to assist In
the oganizatlon of relief committees in
the various towns and to send provi
sions to the General Relief Committee
of San Francisco. The funds of the
Grand Parlor, to the amount of $15,000
and all the records of the Grand Par
lor have- been saved.
Grand First Vice President Walter
D." Wagner of, the. Native Sons stated
that Fixteen members of the • order. In
• Los Angeles had subscribed 53000 for
the relief of San Francisco and that
some $17,000 will follow. Hancock
Banning has placed' the steamer Ca
brillo at the disposal of the Los An
geles relief committee to bring sup
plies to the stricken district and to
take away any people that want '.to
leave San Francisco.
The Presidio Heights relief commit
tee has been organized by- James K.
Wilson, Charles S. Wheeler, Alpneus
Bull and H. J. Erandensteln, with
headquarters at Pacific avenue and
Baker street, in the Grant School. The
committee has an abundant rupply of
food on hand and is carefully looking
after the sanitary conditions of the
The Associated Charities has es
tablished temporary headquarters at
Franklin Hall, on Fillmore street, near
Sutter. All persons connected "with the
organization, or willing to help, will
please report at once to Miss Kather
ine Felton.
Citizens of Fresno have wired that
Fresno is prepared to house and feed
200 persons. A fund is being collected
to relieve the San Francisco sufferers.
The residents of Napa are also pre
pared to lend their aid to the home-
Jess and have established a supply
base and general camp.
Martinez is ready to look after the
sufferers. A relief committee has
made arrangements to establish a
base of supplies.
Relief is at hand for the hungry peo
ple crowded in the Presidio and along
North Beach. The steamer Leader,
commanded by Captain Jarvis, arrived
loaded with. provisions at 3 p. m. yes
terday. Many hands helped to un
load the cargo, consisting of blankets,
flour, beans, potatoes, mush, crackers,
canned meats and vegetables, cases of
eggs and shoes. In addition to this
there are fifteen carloads of provisions
that arrived in Oakland yesterday
that are being rushed to the city by.
the tugs Fortune, Dauntless, Slocum,
Sotoyome and the lighthouse tender
Madrone, Captain Anderson in com
On the wharf at the Presidio every
thing is being handled with military
precision. Civilians aid in landing the
foodstuffs. Hungry women and chil
dren stand in line awaiting their turn
to be served. *
Charles Loesch, manager of the CCa r
ifomia Baking Company and a mem
ber of the relief committee, has dis
tributed 20,000 loaves of bread to ap
plicants at the bakery rt Kddy and
Fillmore streets.
The headquarters of the Independ
ent Odd Fellows has been opened at
Geary and Stelner streets, where con
tributions will be thankfully received
and applications for . relief should be
The California Canneries Company
will begin on Monday morning to clear
away the debris at its office at Cal
ifornia and Front sts., and will have
temporary offices ready by the middle
of the week.
The Oakland Shorthand Institute
has established a free stenographers'
and typists' registration and employ
ment bureau at its offices in the Blake
block, 1065 Washington street, above
the Lace, House. Employers and firms
seeking their stenographers an \ sten
ographers desiring employment are
welcome to register. "Telephone Oak
land 3397.
NEW YORK, April 18.— Outside the
barred entrance to the building of the
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Children, at Twenty-third street and
Fourth avenue, a little dog shivered
and waited all last night. ;•
He was not much of a dog to look
at. Judging from bench-show stan^
dards. He was nondescript in breed,
dirty, lame in a hind leg, with a much
scarred ear, and undeniably yellow; 'n
fact, he fitted exactly the approved
description of a "tramp dog" — a canine
Ishmael, to be shunned and exter
Some public-spirited citizens, • after
the little dog had taken up his station
at the barred entrance in the early
afternoon^ tried to chase him away, but
in this they .were unsuccessful. The
imposing uniformed guard of the gate
ordered him away ceveral times in
tones that should have struck terror to
his heart, but. all he; got was a quick
glance from the sharp little eyes. .
One or two of the agents took
chance kicks at him, but they missed
and were rewarded with a gleam of
sharp little teeth. The small boys
took a hand and .it looked as if real
trouble were in store for the little dog
for a time, but they stopped as if Home
form of free- masonry had rendered
the little animal inviolate. Instead
there were scraps • f bread and even
a piece of meat for the watchrr.
Perhaps 'the explanation of. th«» con
duct of the boys lies ; in the fart that
he belonged to another small boy, who
was - detained ; upstairs \u25a0 in th« \ society
rooms. He is. a bad \u25a0 small boy, Hhefls
is no doubt of that , ; His; mother pro
nounces r Jacob Kenig, thirteen years
old, incorrigible. 'The police 'say -he* Is
an inveterate thief, j and '%- they, ? chase
him on" sight up around ' No. ; $09 ; First
avenue, t where '•; he lives. About;' the
only; living * thing j that" seems' toy find
good in him Is ] the little dog, an* ; his
Warns the People to Fight
Against Pestilence.
cMavof Poihis to Grrfbe
The following proclamation has been issued by- the Mayor:
All Citizens Will Observe the Following:
First— Do not be afraid of famine. There will be abundant food supplied. Do not
use any water except for drinking and cooking purposes. Do not light any fires in house
stoves or fireplaces. Do not use any house closets under any 'circumstances, but dig earth
closets in yards or vacant lots, using if possible chloride of lime or some other disinfectant.
This is of the greatest importance, as the water supply is only sufficient for drinking and
cooking. Do not allow any garbage to remain on the premises. Bury deep and cover im
mediately. Pestilence can only be avoided by complying with theseregulations.
:?Theidistrict covered by our committees is Kearny street, north to Bay; Van Ness
avenue west to First avenue; and it will^ be nightly patrolled by armed pickets, special po
lice or Federal authorities who are instructed to look out for fires; give information as to
the food supplies and to enforce the above regulations and to prevent looting. V,
You are particularly directed;not to enter any business^ house>or dwelling, except
your own, as you may* be mistaken for one of the looters '-and shot on sight as the orders
are not to arrest, but to shootdown any one caught stealing.
Men and boys are wanted ibytthe Relief Committee at Franklin Hall, Fillmore and
Bush streeto, to distribute circulars and to* act as messengers for thY committee. Volun
teers are earnestly requested to apply there. ;/\y
To the men | say again, use no intoxicating liquors_of any kiridiiiand wherever it is
found have some responsible" picket or officer notifiedin" order that h§~ may desti'oy^the
Be patient with those in authority; as everything is being done to provide ; for y^)ur
wants and your co-operation is not only needed, but asked for to be given cheerfully.
By order of V E. E. SCHMITZ.
Continued From Page 1, Columns 5; 6 and 7.
Mayor Schmitz, sustained by Claus Spreck els, John D. Spreckels, James
D. Phelan, Garret McEnerney, Cha^ S^>^
Wilson, the Law Brothers, the Hales, Fairfax Wheielan and many: other fore
most citizens, is devising systematic measure^ for
jventingpestilence and cleaning a
of money.; The amount of $1,000,000 appropriatedby the Fede^l Government
is already supplemented by private contributions approximating $400^000;
Splendid tributes are paid to General Funston ami "Mayor Sch^m itz) for
the prompt^actien taken to preserve order and teach a lesson to: looters; • ; The
vast wealth of coin in the sub-treasury estimated at $100,000,000 and all the
treasure in the vaults of the several banks are carefully^ guarded by the mili
tary. Today the bankers will meet and devise some plans for the cashing of
checks so that money for ordinary^ daily use may be placecl in local channels.
The sanitary experts, at the sug?estion of James X: Wilson and other citizens of the Pacific
Heights Association,^ are taking; steps to prevent^ pestilence by the use of disinfectants and for the di?
ging of trenches to accommodate the thousands of homeless how camped in the parks and Presidio
reservation The association will also distribute relief arid minister to the care of the aged arid infirm.
The President's prompt action in declaring martial law has had a wholesome effect, and every
|. where the people commend him for the celerity shown in refnforcing ths local police force and the
. National Guard of the state and the battalion of University* Cadets. .
name is Jakey, adopted when the two
gravitated together a year agoand-be
came inseparable.
Agents of the society have been
after the master for some time, be
cause they thought he might prove*to
be a valuable witness against a junk
dealer whom they suspected of receiv
ing stolen goods from him and his
friends. They went to his mother's
home, but she could give no further in-,
formation than to look for a boy- arid
a little yellow dog. They saw the
twain at Forty-sixth street and, First
.avenue, late Wednesday evening v at
about the same time the boy and the
dog espied them.,
; There was a chase.' * The boy and tho
dogjran'lntoia 1 tenement near by,. and,
darting into a strange fiat, hid under
a bed. The agents were close, behind
them v and they :; Haw the dog and boy
crouched = together in *a corner. V It goes
without saying -that before he - was
pulled out there was. a dlsplayof teeth
and a: tailor worked "yesterday'on ':th2
leg of at least one pair of J trousers. ;~j.
NEW; 'YORK, Aprils 18.— Mystery
surrounds the arrival at" Bellevue Hos
pital of a [woman who gives her' name
air. Mrs.' Violet de . May, of i vParis,
France, \u25a0 and - her six-year-old : daught»r
Violet. The Twoman was , so* hysterical
that it was impossible to : obtain any
iVlayor of the City and County ; bf San Francisco.
coherent description of her antecedents
from her, while . a well-dressed many
who is said to have accompanied V her
to the institution ' in a cab, disap
peared before he could be questioned/
. It was in the early evening that the
cab, which appeared to .belong to a
hotel service, drove up. to the receiving
ward of the hospital. V A well-dressed
man jumped out; : and, : ;tufnlngr,^ spoke
a , few. words, r after * which the, woman
appeared. . She v was very - expensively
gowned, and on her fingers and \u25a0in her
ears were diamonds, estimated *to 'be
worth 'several thousand Z dollars. ;•\u25a0 She
was crying, hysterically,: wringing her
hands and; muttering; incoherently.- Be
hind her came a ? child. also very; well
dressed, "who seemed -"to bj " the %only
calm one in the party. , ;\ \u25a0' ; '"\u25a0 \u0084-./
When the • orderlies "came, out, of ,th<?
receiving-room to assist, the'", woman
their ' attention * was 'distracted ; from
the man for a moment, and; when they
came : to look for him '• the"carriage ; was
.being * driven \u25a0; away. ; , There' was ' iio
number • on f the .vehicle and no way of
identifying /jit.;; !' \u0084 . : - ?. . :
In the reception-room the woman,
who i had , not ; ceased \u25a0crying,; refused \ _ to
answer \u25a0: any, : questions ..but \ at • last \ said
that she''. was >llrs.\ E>e May,; thirty-five
years - old, ; arid -that she j was - stopping
at the -Fifth Avenuel Hotel. .Because
of condition it' (was "thought '". best
not , to question her further, and she
was sent _to the alcoholic ward, .while
the child \u25a0 was sent to \u25a0 the infant ward.
It /was . explained" that Mrs.' De". May's
condition was not due to : Indulgence
in alcoholic stimulant, but the wardlto
which she was,: sent .is the. only^one
where she could be properly, treated, p
.Owing <6 a" slight^ mistake \u25a0- inTthe,
name itCwas at; first said at /the -Fifth
•Avenue Hotel that nothing] was \u25a0- known
of j the \u25a0 woman; . but .j later . It i was . found
she r had , ~ appeared there with? • her
daughter and \u25a0 '.ngaged aon apartment.
At , that ; time, she • registered In fa x very
fine ; handwriting as C ','Mrs.,VioletVi'i«
May,- j Paris, France." She . was cvi -
dently/a '\u25a0_ French womani according' to
the ; hotel men, ] and appeared .; to ;be ac
customed ,to \u25a0-. luxurj'. * - She . did not
reach: her apartment, they.; say, but
fainted at ': the foot ''of ; the elevator
shaft.; .;\u25a0 ' • \u25a0\u25a0,•;-.•:' /' -.v \u25a0:- : -:
. When she recovered • She }. was - hys
terical and It 4 was thought best "to have
her- removed to the New -York" Hos
pital. "\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. The ] hotel > men declare) that the
woman, had not : been! there after ; she
went ; to the hospital, but other v* em-{
ployes told a. -different story.
said that \u25a0 shel had .been taken \ from 'the
hotel i:^ to \u25a0 the hospital-;- by "Mike,". i a
driver, and : "Mike" : - had : gorie ; home
immediately .1 after}.? he t' had: performed
his /errand. His ; address could^noVbe
learned,' iV'v^.V'.V'^- :> - : ' : ] " r^:'';\: '-A-^'y
Detail of Soldiers Buries Inirty
Bodies in Trenches on
Hyde Street.
Park view Hotel seized tor use 01
: Sick and Injured.!
The records at the Presidio Military
Hospital show that few of those taken
to the army building have died of their
Injuries. • The r complete _'llst of dead. at
the; Presidio follows : ; '
Joseph U. Aebi, 534 kearny street.
Alberta de Saeghier.
Mary Miles, 7. months old: \u25a0'\u25a0
Miles, infant sister.
ir'Annie :M. PetHg, infant.
1 . Unknown. man. . v
The list of injured hangs upon the
outer wall of the Presidio Hospital and
covers four typewritten pages. Injured
soldiers are being brought in from time
:to time. The complete list to date fol
lows: . \ : -
Remhart Defilap, Catherine./ Gibson.
A: . B. phamber, , Mrs. Ada B. Lawless,
I Mrs." Cecil Shawbe, Mrs. May Cordoza,
MrsJ Mattle Baker, Mrs. H. S. Tulla,
Mrs. C. Jones, ; Miss Mary I> Perkins.
Miss Annie Coniea, Miss Catherine
Burn, Mrs. L. /\u25a0 H.; ' Curran, Arthur
Thompson, William E. \u25a0 Jones, George
Reenjohn, E. L. Buther, Bert Kennedy.
William Reinkenyer; William Young.
T. S. Gillick, Joseph Downing, William
C McLaughlin, J. C. Younglove. Virgil
Dlnwiddle, \u25a0 John,. Sharpe, Herman
Dane,* Philip ' Epstein," 1 - Charles Ander
son; :. : ] : '. ; .: ."v. j -.; < ' '\u25a0} ;•' t: ; ' ;.',- \u25a0
, Fred - Noonan, John Kidd, Lawrence
Wild, Anthony. Reet, Henry " Gleason,
Floyd, Johnson,' 'Patrick - Tully, ,oJhn
King,- Albert ;Feterson. John Hamilton,!
Peter Johnson, Jack Faure, Alfred
Meith, Lew Nicoli,. Daniel Kelly, Wll-
Haxn Reinsberser. . Mrs. •M. C. Mahan.
Mrs. Nellie Flint/Mrs. Henrietta. New
man, Mrs. ;G; I H. rWarflcld. ; Mrs.' . Lulu
Nof tagen, Mrs. Ceecil Westori, Mrs. F. ;
R. Hall; Mrs. Laura Hines. Mrs. M.
W. Hall, Mrsl: Born3teln, - Mrs. E. H.
LuphilU Mrsl, Fred Albrecht. Mrs.
Laura \u25a0\u25a0 M. Gullough, Mrs. Pauf Regan,
Mrs.^ E. ; J. Howard. ;•
H Mrs. P.. Murphy, Mrs, Caroline Bilk.
Mrs. Kernan.' -Mrs*. Bomboem; Miss
Jackson, -Mrs. M. Relnhardt, Mrs. , M.
Ware, "Miss Carver. Mrs. \ L.
Mrs. : . C. T Waller. Mrs. J. . Flynnl 'John
Cowley, ; three. Chinamen. Mrs. Bridget
Lynch,' U Mrs. ;Lixtte" Thomas,- Mrs.
Sarah Mahoney, Mrs. Jennie Anderson,
Mrs. James Latham, Mrsl -Mary Mull
iigan, ; Mrs." ;E. : ; Holland, Mrs. Selnw
Gulds/Miss Bessie Berringer. Miss Jo
sephine Berringer,' Miss -Beatrice Conk,
Mrs. Mary Hunie, Mary Cost-.. Rhilnd
hardt Defilap. ; !
'/Vera.* Steiner. Clarence Pryene, Mrs.
Jane Jufos. Mrs. : Mary Kecnan.' Mrs.
Sawsteby,; Mr-i.V Henrietta CoriTc. \Mrs.
i Ernestine Adler, -Mrs.' Jonathan Corley,
iMrs^PhebejGoiling., Mrs. -Marguerite
I Phlppes,,v Mrs.' J Mathilda \u0084 Diffenbach.
! Mrs. . Maria " Morse, Mrs. Julia Harris,
[ Adolph" Kornfield,^ C ' H." Stonlenbroush,
!c. C. Pratt, James Ennis, Mrs..McLean.
I S. : Halfaft, . Dr. Locke, Henry . I Lelly.
Reuben, Thomas Trum,- Mlch
'aeliTouran.- Tefrence McNalbV T; -. S.
;Grillich, George Levy. Joseph Hammell,
\u25a0John MuhelnvVJohn H. Calom. ? George
= W. i Frank, "; Samuel Harr l V Narsi U Rl
ben, Alfred Juhod.* Arnold jCnnler. Jor
gen .Jofgensen,: Hugh" Connelly. D. T.
j Sullivan, Amos StillweH : Samuel Davis,
"Albert *i Morrison;; Nathan Rheinstrom,
jWilllam Anderson, ; Charles Anderson,
Milton Ayers,' John "S. Twikhell. Wil
liam :O. Connor; Louis -Dillon. <Lunot
; Anten, Philipp > Deanben, , James T.
Bowfs, James C. Bowes. -
r , Mrs. Eldruth. Mrs. Grlffln, . Mrs.
Bloomington,' • " < Mrs. • : Forsyth. .* . Mrs.
Latham; Mrs.". Castle. Mrs. Lair, Mrs.
-Adams. Mrs. -Wyyell, Mrs. Wynne.
Mr*.' .Thompson; . Mrs. Burnhiam, Mrs.
Blake, Mrs.: Doyle. -Mrs. Wolf, Sal
iyidor Schwartx. ; Mrs. Glyden. Pat
! McLaih. : Mrs; "Reynolds. Jacob Mark,
: Mfsl- Roman.. Ward McAHiater. :! :Mrs.
Welnln. Alex , Andefsop,. Mrs. Koggan,
C. v Schmidt, F.f Albright, Mrs. " Powell.
Mrs: C. iyr.~ Elliott, ; Mrs. • Morttat. Mar
garet.; Holmes. .Mrs. -Money, ; Mrs. \ Fo- 4
Continued from Pagt I, Columns 3 and 4.
I : : Eaily J vesteniay morning ~the- gTcat -.Mission District fire was
out ami Ctlie v western career of > the fife north of Market /street had
been checked^ ;'at*- J Van : r Ness^avenue:; In the North' Beach District.
iwhicK \u25a0;sq\fafjf_Had been :spareci, r several fires were burning! r From
the j top ?of^^splK Hill five]cbuld be They a'diag-
er^ part? of avenue. One was licking the lower slopes
of^Tele^raph'Hill and -the wester nmost was sweeping over Rus-
' : , J?y S^^^"**!^ afternobn';the: latter fire had crested the
hill - andj.was ;threateninj» to 'cross "Van' Ness ; avenue and sweep
down ;-the ; Pacific: Heights. ; >Xhe stational at the mimici
j^l'headqt^ersf^hedJto the tpbim^rjth Regulars r and militia
™*™\ All^ abrcrbodied - men in the vicmity were impressed to tear
Mp^ l^^"^ cany^hose; Recalcitrants were shot at and im
pressed jritp the"; service
ram, Mrs. Richin. Mrs. E. Zellanbach
Mrs. Kaufman. Mrs. E. Carroll. Mra
' Mitchell. Mrs. Jurs Mrs. Spray, Mrs
Ellen G. Fletcher. Mrs. McGulre, Mrs
J. Conlan and babe. Mrs, Carpenten
Mrs. Brownston.
Mrs. Unda Luddington, Miss EffU
Reed. Mrs. EL Colton. Mrs. W. A. Dal
ton. Mrs. Nellie Smith, Mr3. Mary Col
lins. Mrs. Annie Korentz. Abe Korentz,
Mrs. Mary Jones. Charles L. Cetter-
Iund. R. Beintz, 1. Addiejo. C. Rom
merson, L. Woolworth. P. Peyran. Ot
to Dowth. John Hart. Charles Monk,
Mrs. A. . Ia Clifton. Chester Walton
Henry . Griffin.
Boicelli. Mrs. Annie David and babn
Hattle Michaels, George Gray. >R
Bentz. Mike Defalip. Henry Gribbin
Chester Walters. Thomas Fuerrtn. H
E. McKinney. J. BeichUer.L Barclay,
Sam Wong, Nora Donald. Mrs. Johns,
Terry- McNulty. Amos Stilwell, Le«
Levin. Louis Steker. Jalius Wallmer,
Augustus Doorse, Arthur Phyllss, R
H. Lander, George Cray. Mrs. Bell*
Kendall, William Anderson. James Bo
h'a'n. Charles R. Cetterlund. R. Beintz
Ignatio Addiejo, Clarena Robinsoa
Leon Woolworth. Philip Peyran, Ottc
Doruth. John Hart. Charles Monk
Mrs. A. L. Clifton. Chester Walton,
Henry Glbbin.
At the Park Hospital the last deathj
were a man named Duff and hia wifo
kilted by a falling 1 chimney at ch«
ocean beach. .
The Park View Hotel at Stanyar
and a streets was . seteed by, th4 1
military and converted into a hospital
The injured will *.e moved into the
building. . with the exception of thox
i able to spend the night in cots in th<
Yesterday a ; cordon of soldiers or
dered the relatives of many dead
mostly Italians, to deliver the bodies
to the military authorities for burial
Accordingly a large trench was dug on
Hyde street, a few blocks from th<
residence of A. A. Moore, and thlrtj
bodies were quickly interred there, the
Kpbt being a vacant lot not far from
one of the Ghirardelli buildings.
Twenty unidentified bodies . we«
buried in Portsmouth square ye3terdj.y
An unverified report is to the effect
that eight bodies transferred from th«e
Morgue to Washington square were
Relatives and Friends Are En
deavoring to Find Those Ab
sent, Among the Home
less Numbered,
John J. Sullivan, formerly, of 1450
Sacramento street, please . communi
cate at once with your son. Thomas B/
Sullivan, at the San Francisco CaU
headquarters, ISSI Fillmore street.
,E. S. Swarm is seeking information
of the whereabouts of his wife arid
two children, who disappeared from
the Imperial apartment house, , Sutter
and Jones streets. * Swanh.is at ITSi)
O'Farrell. street, where Sam Raphael
Mr. , and Mrs. John • W.* N. Clausen,
Misses * Maybelle and Irene Raphael
are located. \u25a0',_',
r.. Charles Graeb, 14 years of age. for
merly residing on Stanley street, near
Second. Is at ISSO Ellis street, with J.
D.v Ralph. .
.NEW'YORK, r?ril 20.-7-D. O. Mills
said last nijjht that it was his inten
tion to begin as soon as possible the
reconstruction of the Mills building in
San Francisco. *.

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