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The San Francisco Ca'l
1651-3 FHlmore St.
New York Capitalists Will Advance $1 00,000,000 for Rebuilding
Funds Are to Be Provided on a
Bond and Mortgage Basis.
Senator Newlands of Nevada Inter
\u25a0 ests Financiers of the East.
Relief GommUtee Decides --to AGcept
Foreign Contributions.
The Sret fieficlte proposition for supplying money on a large sca'.e 10
\u25a0 Eaa Francisco for the purpose of rebuilding some of the burned sections
vraa ra^de public yesterday, when it was announced that a syndicate of New
lork capitalists hc:d agreed to advance 51C0.000.C00.
fthe rews civ:? in a telegram received by W. F. Herrin, chief counsel
.for.thernathcra I'zciSc. from United States Senator Xewlands of Xevada.who
- had a large Interest in the burned Palace HoteL Senator Newlands said
that he had suln::tted the plan to the New York financiers and that they
had virtually consented to supply the money en a bond and' mortgage
.basis. The names of the New York people are not given.
Th« oner Is under discussion by the local finance committee.
f> Jt wss decided today that the citizens' committee would accept all ot
• -fers ; of aid from foreign countries. This decision was reached when a com
munication was received through Japanese official sources asking if the citi-
Sens would receive the contribution of 200.0C0 yen made by the Emperor of
Japan and declined by the United States Government. The finance commit
tee he!tl that, Ean Francirco be!n S essentially a cosmopolitan city, it was
obllg-ed -to care for many destitute fcreigmers and that it would be proper,
in these circumstances, to accept all outside tenders of assistance.
State Claims Against Govern
ment Yet Unpaid. .
: OAKLAND. May 1.-Governor Parde«- toWight sent "the following tele
rram to Senator Prrk'ns at Washington:
• \u25a0-.. \u25a0•-.\u25a0--..,\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0- . ,-. \u25a0.-.-. v;- • . \u25a0 -..•.-., -;^:.. \u25a0
"OAKLAND, May 1, 1906.
"Hen. G*c-s^ C. Perkins, "Senate Chamber, Washington, D. C.—
"Will Congrf-EK, In California's present great" need, pass our 5 per cent
public lands claim, amounting to about one million dollars? Also our war
•of rebellion claims, aggregating J4.0C0.000. Also our' Indian war
claims. originally $G6O.CtO? On account of destruction of three
hundred millions of San Francisro property, which, represents
one-fifth assessed valuation of entire State, our State funds, in
cluding schools and maintenance of asylums, penitentiaries and repairs of
public buildings injured and destroyed by earthquake will all be greatly
hampered unless Congress can see Its way clear to pass these claims, the
Justice of which has never been seriously questioned. Can you not assem
.ble entire California delegation and get matter under way? We are under
gTeat obligations to Cor.gress already, but we venture to ask for this fur
. ther aid. My regards to all the delegation.
'GEORGE C. PARDEE, Governor."
Two Maids and a
Matron Remem
ber Tots.
.Three kind hearted women of Grass
Valley, keeping in remembrance the
earthquake babies that are to arrive,
have donated a quantity of infants'
clothing to the Red Cross, and the gar
ments were" placed on exhibition yes
terday in the hospital at St. Paulua
Evangelical Lutheran Church, at the
corner of Gough and Eddy streets. Dr.
Louise C. Heilbron, superintendent of
nurses, said that at present there were
no <babies. In the hospital to wear the
dainty* gifts, but she had hopes thai
some would come soon. The donors of
the wardrobes are Birdie Zoff. Mabel
Chick and Mr." H. R- Condy, all of
Gnxss Valley.
Vr. Heilbron, ( superintendent <,f
nurses, has thirty trained nurses in
her «harge. most of them from the
French Hospital. She speaks flatter
ingly of their work.
The hospital Is In charge of Dr. J. j
H. Romig, Chief Commissary Dr. H.
M-- Beck and Chief Quartermaster Dr.
R. B. Smith. The pews have been re
moved from the church auditorium and
the floor cover<-d with beds for the pa
tients, of. whom there are elghty-flve.
Very few of them are suffering from j
injuries caused by the earthquake or
Mrs. Burke reports that there , js
pressing need, for small sizes of shoes
for women end children, the shoes on
hand ranging from Nos. 8 to 12.
Only four deaths have occurred In
this place since it was established, two
Cjus aXter the earthquake.
The San Francisco Call.
All Repairs Can Be
Made in Ten
In less than two weeks the garbage
question will be disposed of. An in
spection of the reduction works 'in the
Potrero was made on Monday and it
was discovered that outside of the fall
of 100 feet of tho tall chimney all re
pairs to the furnaces can be com
pleted in ten days.
Superintendent Judson set men to
work yesterday on the necessary re
pairs and soon there will be estab
lished a forced draught so as to in
sure rapid combustion. As soon las
this is completed all refuse will be in
cinerated as In the past
Railway Officials Praised.
Patrick Calhoun, president of the
United Railroads, Is in receipt of
the following telegram from New
"Patrick Calhoun, President United
Railroads of San Francisco, Turk and
Fillmore Streets, Sah • Francisco, Cal.:
. "Mullally's telegrams received; ha*
given great satisfaction to all parties
Interested, who desire to express their
great appreciation of the services re\i
deredV by Mr. Mullally : and ' railroad
staff In th« trying emergency, arid to
thank all for the capable management
and untiring diligence* shown in the I
Interest of the people of ; San Francis
co and [the owners of the property. We
are making transfer :; of \ $76,000 for
relief fund through Sub^Treasury to
morrow as requested.
CO.' >
Such Is Judgment
I of the General
Gorhrriittee. v
An extra 'session ! of the : Legislature
at the earliest- time possible is in the
judgment "of the general' committee im
peratively demanded. Views of Mayor
Schmitz.; James D. Phelan; Gavin Me--
Nab. John F. Davis. W. H. Metson.
A. Ruef, Charles S. Wheeler and
others were tersely expressed In the
session' of' the' committee yesterday.
Positive action of some kind will be
takenJ ' , " ' " '
• The committee. to be ". named , by the
Mayor will meet all tomorrow morn
ing, receive" reports and then call upon
Governor Pardee. .One of the most Im
portant things that will be asked of
the Legislature- will- be - thel extension
of leases from fifty ..to ninety-nine
ye ars. -^ It '< is j expected/; that this j will
give the smaller landowners a chance
to recoup their lost fortunes In a meas
ure. As all the committees are in favor
of this action it will probably be/mado
a strong issue. The committees /.will
also look over the charter of the city
and arrange it so__ that -nothing lr^ Its
statutes may . interfere with" the work
of the Legislature. . ." , ; " / „ ./ :
It seems that Governor Pardee can
not be pressed to hasty, action. He
wants to 'know before the call for the
extra session is issued something • defi
nite as to the subjects Yon which the
lawmakers will .. be called upon . to legis
late. John F. Davis, who, is regarded
as one of Governor Pardeo's most
trusted advisers, has been, of late at
tending the sessions of the committee
at Franklin HalL , Herald :to the citi
zens yesterday , that' the . Governor did
not want „nn ', abortive session. Judge
Davis suggested that , the charter of
San Francisco should be ; carefully
scanned to ascertain wherein legisla
tion now proposed would conflict with
existing provisions of the ; charter.
Mayor Schroltz appreciates the grav
ity of the : situation.- - He will - not be
pressed Into undue haste In /demanding
that the Legislature' shall do 'one thing
or another. He desires that .the^re
quirements of the metropolis in this
emergency should "be", reviewed by cap-.
able men. He announced a purpose
to name a committee" of forty men
who would comprise a sub-committee
on extra session.* V •-\u25a0 r
The. Judicial department of the gov
ernment has already taken steps to ad-,
vise the .Governor, as to jthe subjects
which should be embraced . In the call.
It is presumed that the sub-committee
will work ,in harmony - with i[ the - law
yers. TVhatover goes " to; the "Governor
as the Judgment : of ' San ' Francisco will
go ; in writing,'.' approved J by ': the ') Board
of , Supervisors , and the < advisory
mittee of forty. , .;,-:, '•_\u25a0 : \u25a0\u25a0;,'. '/- r \ : ":\u25a0;':\u25a0
Merchants and^business men of < the
Interior are -as i deeply concerned 4nUh<s
proposed extra session as the citizens of
San Francisco.; « In ," Fresno, / Stockton,''
Sacramento and other points , the* Judg
ment'."prevails-^that; the" extra /session
should be oonyened at an'^ early/ date; \u25a0: V'
The committee :on/fe^rationfef light
and power, Rudolph/ apreckeli ? chair-
man and A. ' M* :Hunt secretary, - con- j
eluded /its work : yesterday and "asked
to be \ discharged, as^the* municipal de
partment'of electricity, under, the'dlrec
tion of Mr.- Hewitt,* would be able
henceforth /to ; take ,catre of situa
tion. ; .The committee thanked for
its work and'granted : a discharge.
I '\u25a0-"' Gradually : the /business of 'conduct
ing'public affairs/will be transferred
to the 'several departments of ' the mu
nicipality. \u25a0 f ' ? - \u25a0"."'.\u25a0
. Many; members of the committee
seem to apprehend that Chief Engineer
Sehussler has" "not given 'to the public
sufficient information . concerning •_ tho
pipe , connections' .between the . great
storage reservoir in San Mateo and -the
San '\u25a0'. Francisco mains. 1 : There was a
suggestion fro ni the 1 Fife Department's
acting: . chief yesterday ' that : an .a rmed
soldier be Bent down the llne ; to Crys
tal ; Springs reservoir along 1 with .Alex- _
ander George, water expert of the Fire
Department. The Mayor? did 'not'ap
prove J of', such rdrastic measures, but !
suggested Hhat -Mr. v Dillman,<- chairman j
of the water, committee," should accom- '
pany" 1 - the; expert: Mayor's "sug
gestion was 'accepted and Mr Dillman
started at once .for San Mateo : with; the
expert; and: without military escort. '
: There, Is a,promlse to the/effect -that 1
water : for the;' high districts, of ;San v ;
Francisco, such as Presidio /Heights,
will be* supplied' within the next four
\u0084 Agitation : In favor /of the erection ' of
a Federal for use "of I all de
partments of the United States Gov
ernment in San Francisco was begun
yesterday. Julius Kahn is to wire the
California Congressional delegation Jon
the/ subject/ /The/duty, of | framing ; the }
telegram \ : was 'to Mayor
Schmitz and - Rufus ' Jennings.
trouble exists' and there' Is j trouble
ahead In connection, with the; handling j
of the Chinese,/: .The secretary ? of itho .
Chinese legation = Is , here from Wash
ington. According to Dr: Filbern,-'ths -
secretary Is/ riot '* In T «, happy/ 'f rameVo'f i
mind over ; the treatment " accorded ito \u25a0
his countrymen. \u25a0 The r subject elicited \u25a0
general discussion ,' at the "f committee
meeting yesterday. \ The fact
dentally'- disclosed'/ that /Seattle f and :
Portland with a' view "of securing} Ori-' [•
ental '.commerce .was asking the Chi
nese.to-leave'California. '. : "y. '\u25a0'-\u25a0\u25a0''' 1 \u25a0 .:.•
" .This . forenoon '; there will be a .-,
ference at \ 1931 Flllmore street ; to .- see '%
what can be" done to promote the com- :\u25a0
fort , of' homeless ; Chinese:': Mr.Cßnef f
said f\ the - subject would b« • treated \ : In i
si}. broad v minded • humane manner 'and 1
that" the/bearing also of commerce with;
the I Orient ? would > be/ considered. ' The "
Chinese situation^ was . aggrrayated bY
their I removal ; f rom I Fort • Mason to the :
grolf links of [the* Presidio and their, sub-" ;
sequent ". hasty j removal from ?the - links J>
to Fort Point: ; V • ' v *''''•'.'.',
Will',lnvestigate Earthquake/ Effects. .*
* An orderj has been Issued/^byy the
War] Department •'/\u25a0 directing^ Captain
John ' S.-Sewell,ycorps "of •engineers,''
to; proceed?,to * SanjFranclfTco? and /such.
other j places iailmayj De/'necessaryTon'
official_o builneis iAppertaining; jto ; an/; In
\u25bcestigatlori of the!effects of the •arth-
quak« and flr« on bulldtngt.
Mayor Schmitz Announces ' That; He
\u25a0- Will-, Remove' l the Time ~ Limit :
for Lights.
Gratification will be conveyed to
everybody in San Francisco by the
announcement. Mayor Sohmitz made
yesterday that a4l time; restrictions as
to ; the lighting fof /dwellings will be
removed today. ; •
/"Until electric lighting can be re T ;
sumed,". said - his Honor, "which, s I have
beeri"* assured, will ' be? before this .week
expires/; it would ; be \u25a0 well : f or -. the peo- ;
pie to burn candles . exclusively .•• for
Illuminating '\u25a0< purposes./ >' . .
?• r "The i use : of . petroleum .' should espe
cially ibe eschewed until . the, water
conditions are such aa to enable us to
fight ?flres."
Owner j of -.Team -Wanted.
•'-•-A -valuable \u25a0•-team -of ••horses,- with
silver-mounted - harness, ; and/a new
buggy ;fwere/; left with \ a livery-stable
keeper . named 1 Harris,: at Sunnyvale,
near ' Mount v View, : by a negro who bor
rowed ~ slo from *., Harris and has T not
yet/; returned' to f claim ' the team. It Is
thought -that i the i rig;, was .taken - from
San^Fraricieco on the morning of -the
earthquake. ;r»; r » - • -•
Harris /is not making extra ef^
fort to i find the owner.";;
Arrested, for {Looting Curio Shop.
; ; Roy JCamp/was arrested on .Monday
night fj>y?i Policeman goo I a
charge of looting a : curio shop 'at • 8122
Waihlngton \u25a0treet,
Is Not Authorized to Give
Gity Money.
Expja ins Disposal of the
Federal Fund.
WASHINGTON, May I.— The follow
ing telegraphic correspondence passed
between- • Chairman -Phelan • at - San
Francisco and Secretary Taft at New
Haven, via Washington:
• "SAN FRANCISCO, April 29, 1906.,
** "William H." Taft, Secretary of War,
Washington: "As the. funds appropri
ated by the Government are to be dH
bursed under your direction, the In
. formation " having come to us" directly
•from the President, -we would -respect-
fully req-uest ;_that you ; Inform us \u25a0to
what extent, if any,, the finance com
1 mittee :of the relief - arid v Red Cross
funds, which now has consolidated all
funds, may «xpect to handle the Govern
ment appropriation. We seek a concen
tration of funds and work for obvious
reasons and would be glad to serve in
this or any. other capacity. Dr. Devina
will keep you advised of our wVrk. Wo
now need money and' n«w; supplies.
.V:^/-.,; .VJAMES D.;PHELAN/\. ;
"Chairman ; Finarioe Cofnmittee of the
'; Relief arid Red Cross Furida." > • /• '
L: / "WASHINGTON,^ May 1;;19O8.
;.' "James D. Phelan, Chairman, : San
Francisco: .You and/your,,* committee
evidently misconceive {the';, nature and
legal/ limitations fof the '.Congressional
aid -/and 'do/' not '^-understand 'the fact*
Instantly \u25a0 on ; receipt of .{General v Fun-
Bton's, telegram of the 'extent ,of the
disaster and the pressing/- need \ot food
and :' shelter ; for more than ', 100,000 peo^
pie, although I was wjthoutt lawful : au
thority, to; do • so, )l : ordered fsentUo.Saa
Francisco rations costing $200,000, tent
age, blankets, cots arid • bedding 'costing
more than a million dollars, and rriedl
cal stores rebsting; $150,000, vto be > used
and ; distributed r for '. the . relief /of "the
sufferers. ' ,
"The transportation of these' supplies
cost \u25a0 than J150.000. I '/made* this \u25a0
order" anticipating that.CongresVwould
ratify" my/ action. 'Congress ; . did /so, : by
Joint _ resolution, -'authorizing me, to fur
nish ~ Bubsisterice, ; ; quartermaster, and
medicarstores for the relief of the?suf
ferers^'and; appropriated ysl,ooo.ooo> for;'
these "purposes ; to". be used In my .'discre-'
tjdn: -The President! advised Congress
that expensej hadlbeeh Incurred for the
purpose • aggregating ; 11,500,000 ; arid ; rei
ommended the appropriation, of $1,500,000
more, *•' or ; "' $2,500,000/ in"* all." / Congress
thereupon .• Increased tha ' appropriation *
ioj. $2,500,000 "in all and authorized irie
to >^use*lthls .amount "not only /for ,Hub-"
•istence, ' quartermaster -and ' medical j
op I
Tbe San Francisco Call ;
1016 Broadway '
Business OMco Phone: Oakland 10S3. "
Editorial Rooms. Phone. Oaklar.d 7*: a •
stores, but also for the transportation
of troops.
"On the recommendation of General
Greely and Mayor Schmitz, I ordered
2500 more troops •to San : Francisco",
which, with previous transportation for
same purposes, involves an expense of
$250,000. There Is left available of the
appropriation, therefore, ' not to exceed
$700,000. which, under the law, can only
be expended for .rations, quartermas
ter and medical supplies and transpor-
tation of troops; and which can only
be expended through the. lawful agents
of the War Department. .-. I have no
power or legal authority to turn over
the money appropriated by Congress
by your committee to be expended by
you or to expend for any but the spe
cific purposes stated in the Congres
sional resolutions. Should you think
that the supply of rations or quarter
master stores or medical supplies
ought to he increased, I shall be glad
to direct the purchase and forwardlnz
of them to the proper army officers" in
San Francisco for distribution, but I
cannot order, the payment of money out
of the Treasury of 'the" United State*
to your committee for any purpose.
My discretion Is to be exercised only
as to the amount to be expended for
ire specific purposes mentioned in the
Congressional resolutions and is thus
limited by.' law. As president of tho
Red Cross Society 1 have already'di
rected the remittance to you by tele
gram of $300,000 out of the f und 3 of
that society and am prepared to order
the remittance of more as you shall
need It , .
"It will aid us in taking proper ac
tion if you will advise me .of . the
amount of money you have on hand
and in general 'the purposes for which
you need more I infer from your tele
grams that you now have on hand, food
supplies, tehtagre. blankets and clothing
enough for present needs. \u25a0 ;
"Secretary of War and President Red
v Cross."
Relief Committee. Decides to Accept
Foreign Contributions.
Stores, . tents and medical supplies
can be « had ' from Congress, but no
money, according : to , a telegram from
Secretary - Taf t received yesterday by
Contlnutd on • Pago 2, .Column 1.

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